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MrGhost May 7th, 2010 3:01 PM

Pokemon: Height of Discord OOC Thread
~Pokemon: Height of Discord OOC Thread~



Welcome to the Pokemon: Height of Discord OOC Thread! This thread is for any non-post related discussion. This includes questions, comments, or any other kind of thread related discussion.


1- Filled by MrGhost (Me, Lento the slowpoke)

2- The Magus (Thread Moderator, Ping the farfetch'd)

3- Godrex2 (Reggie the charmander)

4- The Jewel of Life (Shelby the Mijumaru)

5- The Bringer (Terrance the Exeggcute)

6- Jenningzo (Phoenix the Trapinch)

7- The Bringer (Axis the Murkrow)

8- DoubleJ (Aegis the Shedinja)

9- NSM Eclipse (Riley the Teddiursa)

10- RainbowMunchies (Deirdre the Cubone)

Well, we finally have a group! I will remind you that the posting order works like this:

MrGhost (Me)

The Magus (Thread Admin)

The Bringer


The Jewel of Life



NSM Eclipse


Be sure to follow it.
The thread will start up some time within the next few days, although I'll be gone from Saturday to Wednesday (I'll be back on Thursday).
I WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERATE WHINING ABOUT WHEN WE'LL START. If you do this, then you will almost definitely be kicked out of the thread, or severely chided.

Thank you, and happy RPing!

godrex2 May 11th, 2010 4:48 PM

Name: Reggie
Species: Charmander
Appearance: Black Charmander, with a purple belly. Has a mahogany lightning bolt shaped scar over left eye.
Personality: Reggie is a dear hearted rebel.
Background and History: Reggie was abused as a child. His mother left him after seeing his discoloration, and his dad beat on him a lot. Reggie also lost one of his teeth because of this. After Reggie had, had enough he fled to the ruins of a human city. There he set up a home in a Pokemart. An evil hearted Zangoose attacked him but lost. Although the Zangoose lost Reggie suffered his hideous scar. Over the next few years Reggie learned he had a long lost brother Stone (a Charmeleon). He is currently living in the Purple Forest.Reggie has always been a rebel. He will push the rules, no matter what it was in. He pushed the limits of his father, wild Pokemon, life, and the length of a woman's hair band that he found laying under one of the shelfs in the Pokemart. This did not go over well. Now when ever he sees elastic objects he cautiously pokes them with a long stick. He once even wondered if the fact he was discolored meant that he can out live the average water span of a typical Charmander with it's tale in water.... after attempting this he almost died, if not for the kind heart of a local Slowking. Ever since he will not even go near water... little does he know his bed is a water fountain. Reggie loves to crack jokes with other Pokemon. Once he made a joke about how many Slakoths it would take to eat an entire oran berry.... this resulted in 13 Slakoths chasing him for the next several hours. He has tried to forget about his past, but thinking about it has made him do stupid thing(s) AKA putting his tail in the water.... He jokes as a hobby and hopes to make friends that may adopt him while he is still young.
Other: Reggie has a strange egg move, Close Combat. Reggie prefers melee but will use ranged if necessary.

The Jewel of Life May 13th, 2010 7:10 PM

1 Attachment(s)
No one has put up any response here in a while, but okay, I'll sign up.
P.S. I hope you don't mind me using a gen. V pokemon~


Mijumaru (female)

Shelby looks very similar to an ordinary Mijumaru. She has a white head with an orange nose, blue ears, and freckles. Her body is pale blue with white arms, blue legs, and a blue tail. In the center of Shelby's chest is a pale yellow seashell, however, unlike most Mijumaru her seashell has a few darker patches and speckles. Also, Shelby often puts a wreath made of different kinds of seaweed over hear head so that it rests just above her blue ears. Every few days, Shelby swims out in the ocean in search of some more seaweed so that she can build a fresh wreath. On one such swimmng trip, a piece of wire left over from the time when humans were around got caught around her left foot. Without opposable thumbs, Shelby was unable to remove said wire and it has remained twirled aroun her ankle ever since.

An ordinary Mijumaru picture is attached to this post for referance.

Shelby is very quiet and very shy. She doesn't often speak to others and she prefers to keep her emotions balled up inside. In tough situations, Shelby's first instinct is to flee, but because she wants to become stronger, she usually pushes to go on and continue fighting. Perhaps as a result of her skittishness, Shelby seems to have a good instinct of when danger is near, which has proven useful on a few isolated occasions. Once Shelby warms up to someone and stops being shy, she becomes a very loyal friend and will always be there for support, either physical or emotional.Finally, Shelby is very curious and likes to collect strange trinkets that she finds while diving or taking walks on the beach.

Background and History:
No one seems to know where Shelby's parents went, and since her species is very rare and almost never seen, many pokemon spread rumors that she magically appeared without parents. Maybe that is true, but all that is really known is that she was found asleep on the beachside as a baby and brought up by a pair of floatzel. Being similar to an otter in shape, and with their love of water, the couple made an excellent substitute for Shelby's real parents. All through her early childhood, Shelby spent most of the time at the beach and had very few freinds. From an early age she began collecting seashells- especially those that looked like the one on her chest -as well as bundles of seaweed that she used to make her crowns.

Once she was a little older, Shelby got involved with a group of pokemon that lived in the vicinities of the beach and held skirmishes on the sand. From the get-go Shelby was one of the weaker in the troop, but somehow she managed to pull through and eventually reached a decent strength. After losing too many times to a huge gastrodon, and being teased by some of the other pokemon, Shelby decided to leave the group and spent most of her time diving for human artifacts left in the bottom of the ocean.

During these lonely divers days, Shelby heard about everything that was going on with Giratina, and the corruption of the purple forest. At first the very idea of such things happening scared Shelby to death, but after going over it many times in her head, Shelby decided that she should stop being a coward and at least go investigate the corruption. After that, Shelby set out through the ocean, staying close to shore, until she was able to take a river inland and get as close to the purple forest as possible without leaving the waterside. Nervous to be away from the water, she made camp at that closest point and has been there ever since.

Other: While she can't learn any music moves, Shelby has a wonderful singing voice that earned her the childhood nickname of 'mermaid', since some early human folklore mentioned mermaids as being excellant singers and loving the water.

Meh, I'm too lazy to put in an RP sample now but I might add one later.

MrGhost May 14th, 2010 4:44 AM

Godrex and Jewel of life are both accepted.

Agent Clank May 14th, 2010 12:17 PM

Here is My Character:



Appearance:Zero is a Slightly Darker Colored Riolu but has a Sharp Bone Shaped Scar on His Shoulder.

Personality:Zero is Serious and Brave Person with Alot of Courage and a Kind Heart,He would never leave anyone behind.

Background and History:When He was Young His Father was Killed Which Forced His Mother to raise him alone.
The reason he is serious is cause His father died and He doesnt want that happening to anyone else.He got his scar trying
to help a young Pichu which was getting attacked by a Raging Snorelax,He saved the young Pichu but with a Price of
getting a Scar that will never go away. when He heard of the recent events He knew He had to make sure no one else gets hurt.
He has always loved to Fight and Train,Hoping to become a Strong Lucario that His Father was.
and He knows someday He will.

Other:He is very attached to His Mother due to the fact that she is the one that raised
Him and will make sure nothing happens to Her.

The Magus May 16th, 2010 5:50 AM

I'm sorry, Agent Clank, But Zero Is A Bit Of A Mary-Sue. Also, Your Habit Of Typing Like This Is Really Annoying. So please don't.
Agent Clank: Denied

Jenningzo May 16th, 2010 2:16 PM

I hope I can join :)

Name: Phoenix
Species: Trapinch

Appearance: Phoenix is a darkish orange colour all over its body except on its belly where it is white. Like most trapinch his head is way bigger than its body. hi entire head it extremely hard and it can crush rocks without too much recoil. he has very sharp teeth and a very big jaw. his eyes are mostly black but with a bright green pupil whoch looks like a semi-circle.
personality: Phoenix has always lives as sort of a lone wolf, he travels around and makes many friends by helping them with their problems. he is always cool and collected and usually jokes around when he probably should be serious but in times of danger he always gives it his all to make things right.

History: Phoenix grew up in a vast desert with many other species of Pokemon. His society consisted of many gangs and it was always survival of the fittest. His parents were not the smartest monsters in the pocket and they would leave him to go thrill seeking, bully others, and loot. Growing up in the bad neihboorhood, Phoenix learned to take care of himself and use what was around him. One day he got tired of his way of life and said to his parents "I'm leaving now" and they probably weren't paying attention so he just left. Phoenix has always had a thirst for knowledge and would live with many different species to learn about them and make himself stronger. One time he tried living with school of Seaking so he could learn how to swim, it didn't go over so well. He also tried to follow around a Ninjask to learn how to be a ninja. The Trapinch was once part of a band of travelers that would search out rumors or myths about wrongdoings and go try to help, after realizing his companions were only in it for the rewards he left to seek out the ever growing stories about the corruption.

Other: Phoenix has been in many brawls with many different enemies. He is not one who thinks highly of violence so that is way he always prefers to find peaceful resolutions to things.

The Bringer! May 16th, 2010 2:58 PM

Hm... Lemme give this a try =P

Name: Terrance
Species: Exeggcute

Appearance: Being quite decidedly an exeggcute, Terrence's appearance matches that of their species. They are bright pink, egg shaped seedlings with not much else detail. Terrance alwasys sticks together, and they can always find their way back to eachother when separated. As such, he is almost always seen as having six seeds, two of which are badly cracked from general wear and tear. After all, Terence is very fragile. Terrance's center seed is a bit larger than the other five, but besides that is only different in that it has a bit less cracks on it than the outer ones.

Personality: Terrance is a very zen pokemon. He rarely squabbles with himself, and even then it is never out loud, as he communicates with himself using telapathy. Although he can only firmly make himself get along, Terrance has the habit of trying to make everyone get along. They also use the term "we" rather than "I", which at first might confuse some pokemon. When Terrance talks, it's usually the center seed speaking, as they all first telepathically decide what to say. This method is efficient, but makes it so Terrance might have some lag time before commenting on a situation in which he takes a while to agree on what to say amongst himself. Since Terrance prefers it if everyone gets along, they try their best to be the "conflict resolver" in a group and are quite peaceful. However, if someone is a repeat offender, Terrance will rarely even converse with them, and views them as unneccessary to life in general. This sort of attitude can make him seem like a very calculating type of pokemon, which is quite correct. Terrance always examines a situation before acting, which he is good at because of the multiple outlooks he always gets on a situation. This can also be a flaw, however, as he isn't very good at making speedy decisions. They respect and like most people, although it's hard to tell whether this is sincere or not since they could just be doing it to get along and avoid arguments.

Background and History: Terrance grew up on the beach, with the sounds of the waves to sooth him whenever life was tough. Not that it really was, though. They grew up with about a hundred other exeggcute and around twenty exeggutor "guardians". There were no established seperate families, and they all lived in harmony to the tune of the ocean. Terrance was taught to avoid conflict and seek to bring all life into harmony since as long as they could remember. The good of the many was put before that of the individual in his colony, and no one was allowed to feed themselves. Instead, every exeggcute and exeggutor would be fed by one of their brothers or sisters. Terrance enjoyed their youth, and loved being with the sound of the ocean. However, about a month before the "corruption catastrophy", all the exeggutors gathered togteher, as their psychic powers allowed them to sense some sort of upcoming shattering of the balance of things. They were able to single out Terrance as the only exeggcute who had something that would make him a bringer of balance in the situation. Although Terrance had no idea what would make them, out of all the other exeggcutes, the ones to be chosen, they believed in their guardians' choice. Terrance had trouble leaving the beach, his home, behind, but did as he was told to prevent conflict. They arrived in the city a weak and inexperience exeggcute, with no idea what it was they would be able to put a stop to. It was awkward for Terrance being away from their family, and he was just about to return to the beach when he heard word of the strange happenings around the purple forest. With a great feeling of unease, Terrance still managed to make his way towards the woods. After several days of traveling, they reached their destination. This was what they were chosen to solve... right?

Other: Terrance has the item Light Clay, from his home by the beach. Its way of being able to be manipulated yet still remaining as one fascinated him.
...Also, it's gunna be hella fun rp-ing as a psychic type who's multiple pokemon xD

EDIT: Wow, I just read through all the other characters in this rp, and it looks like so far this group is gunna be just peachy with eachother, but where's the fun in that? I made Terrance thinking this was like other rps were the people/pokes don't fit together well xD
...Because of this, I might actually make a second character to stir things up and make the group have a bit more dynamics...

MrGhost May 16th, 2010 5:22 PM

The Bringer:
Accepted. It'll be very interesting having a Poke with multiple bodies on the team. And you're welcome to make a second character if you wish.

We are so far leaning toward accepting you, but it would be very helpful for you to add a small RP/Writing sample to your post, just so we can determine a bit more.
Anything greater than or equal to a paragraph should suffice.

Pokemon Girl May 16th, 2010 5:58 PM

She has large bunky legs, and her nose is a little more pale then the others. She has two slit like eyes, and one of them recently bruised. She has stubby arms, and her body is mostly a small lump.

She is very outgoing, she wont stop until she turns a stranger into her best friend. She finds the good in others, and smiles often. A little stubborn at times, when she gets angry her fire has out-bursts for a few hours.

Background and History:
She has watched many of her friends be almost completely corrupted. She lived in forests deep beyond the ruins of the humans, and she doesnt often explore out of their boundaries. Her parents are far away with many of the other pure pokemon to take care of the half corrupted. So they could be cured before completely corrupt-

RP sample:
Dean: "Good, good come in," *he lets you in and closes the door* "now, sit down. I noticed your intrests in the sciense of hybrids. I wanted to show you something I often played with as a boy. Dont get me wrong- its no toy."

The dean reveals a box that was draped in a green cloth.
He opens it and you see a small robotic toy.

Dean: *presses the button on its head* "insert a command of what different creatures you want it to be. It turns into them!" *inserts "dragon"*

The robot turns into a red metalic dragon and its mouth opens feebily and a slightly robotic type fire pours out.

Dean: "I love it, amazing?" *smiles* "I want you to have it. Now, I need Henry- I have something for him as well."


Jenningzo May 16th, 2010 8:19 PM

RP sample:

"Return the prototype snag machine at one!" screamed the enraged Cipher Admin. "You don't know what you're dealing with!"
"Why? So you can steal people's Pokemon and use them for your own criminal purposes. I would rather die than see you turn Pokemon into mindless fighting machines."
Kaiden stood atop the enormous Silph Co. building cornered by the Cipher Agent. He had no way to go but down, and was not ready to throw his life away just yet.

"So be it kid, I Choose you! Electabuzz... Use Shadow blitz now!"

"I can't let this be the end. Flygon, I hope you can hear me because I need your help."
As the shadow Pokemon drew closer to him, Kaiden prayed to himself that his old friend would swoop by anytime.

Sure enough the electubuzz was stopped in its tracks by a blast of sand. "Flygon! I knew you would come!" Kaiden hopped onto the Flygon. "Now, use dragon Claw!"

Flygon swooped down and struck a direct hit. "Now's our chance." kaiden powerd up the Snag Machine. "Go snag ball!"

In one swift motion the ball absorbed Electubuzz in a flash of red light while Flygon dashed by so Kaiden could grab the ball. Electubuzz was caught.

"Get back here kid....Darn, HQ isn't gonna like this." The Cipher agent took out a phone and dialed one number. "Yes, this is Flourence.......He has the Snag machine......yes sir...It's timeto excecute Plan B."

MrGhost May 17th, 2010 11:46 AM

Accepted. Fairly good RP sample, you should be fine.

Pokemon Girl:
I'm afraid you're Declined...
You see, your SU's background wasn't quite descriptive enough. Your personality could've used some backing up as well.
And here's the major thing: Your RP sample was script RPing.
It is stated in the PC RPing rules that no form of script RPing is allowed. You can read up on the rules for future reference here.
Please try to understand the rules before you post.

The Bringer! May 17th, 2010 4:29 PM

Alright, here be the signup for character numero uno I mean dos gawd I don't take Spanish kay aaaaaarg...

Name: "Axis" (not real name, but what he calls himself and introduces himself as)
Species: Murkrow

Appearance: Axis looks much like the others of his species. He's a pitch black avian with an extremely hooked, dullish off yellow beak. His tallons are the same color, except their tips are red. Also being red, is the band midway around his tail, which fans out in tufts past it. Over his head is a rimmed prong of three groups of feathers, resembling an old, worn down hat. Axis' eyes have deep, blood red pupils that are constantly shifting around in suspicion. That, or looking for the next thing to steal, as it's hard to tell Axis' true emotions.

Personality: Like most murkrows, Axis is a slight cleptomaniac. He loves to steal, and even more he loves to boast about it. This desire to let other pokemon know that he's a theif can have some bad after effects for Axis, but he loves the infamacy. He even brags about how in the far corners of the world he is a wanted master criminal, with many powerful enemies and even more powerful connections. However, Axis does has the habit of putting a spin on things, so whether or not this is true is up to debate. Often, Axis will boast about previous accomplishments, although most pokemon would deem these "accomplishments" as felonies. Axis just loves to talk about how great he is, and as such can come off self centered. However, it is hard to call someone self centered when they so quickly point out the falts in others and focus so much attention on how they aren't as good as him. However, Axis, for the most part, isn't much in a fight. He relies on intimidation (threats are a favorite of his) and his incredible luck to get past foes. This murkrow is willing to fight dirty, and then accuse the foe of this while acting like a noble fighter. Axis is also easily offended, and even the slightest things, whether intentional or not, can make him go into a rage. However, he is more subtle in his reactions, and prefers to sabatouge someone than to openly fight. Despite this, Axis has one redeeming quality, in that once someone earns his respect he "rarely" will work against them. However, rarely is a subjectional term, and to earn the respect of Axis one would have to do some pretty shady things. Still, all Axis really wants is to make a name for himself, although if only for the infamousy.

Background and History: No one knows where Axis came form, or when exactly he arrived in this part of the world. All they know is that he's been nothing but trouble, and spends most of his time telling other pokemon how he's on the run from several powerful pokemon he's wronged. However, it can be gathered that Axis did in fact come from a foreign land, as he has a slight accent. If one were to point this out, though, the murkrow would probably take offense. He has no connections to anyone, and little is known from his past except what he says. As such, even his real name is a mystery, and he's only know as Axis. Axis wants nothing to do with the shadowy changing of pokemon, although if anyone calls these pokemon "dark" he does become extremely offended. After all, he is a dark type. At the time, Axis is wandering through the purple woods. Lost travelers are always the best prey.

Other: Axis loves to steal, and loves shiny things, so his hold item is a Brightpowder that he has had ever since he arrived wherever this takes place. He is in fact foreign, but I don't think I'll be writing his dialogue with an accent unless I randomly actually decide which one he should have. Even then, it'd probably be pretty subtle. Also, his ability is super luck, so although I don't want a Gary Stu here, I will have a few things go against the odds in his favor, as well as misses on the opponents end due to brightpowder. Not that much, though xD, history is sort of lacking, but that's excusable since it's part of his character...

Pokemon Girl May 17th, 2010 4:38 PM

Ah, I see. Being new to these forums I probally havent grasped the RP rules completely yet.

I will sure to come back to fill out a more detailed form with a non-script based sample when I have reviewed the rules.

DoubleJ May 17th, 2010 6:15 PM

I'm new to this, and I'm making an attempt to bend the rules a bit, so please, please don't murder me. If I'm utterly wasting my time, tell me, so I can pull out my other character concept. (Which also might not be accepted but for differing reasons.)

Well, here goes nothing.

Name: Aegis
Species: Shedinja (No, really, I said please don't kill me! I swear he'll get OHKO'd regularly!)
Appearance: Aegis is the empty, dried-out shell of a former Nincada. His hollow carapace is brown and gray, and rather a bit more cracked and worn than others of his species. He has a gaping hole in his back. (Which doesn't actually steal people's souls, despite popular rumor.) A glowing halo in the shape of a crescent moon hangs above his head, and he himself floats effortlessly through the air, his body generally remaining stock still. He wears a tattered green scarf around his neck.
Personality: He is rather lonely and cautious, despite his nigh-invulnerability to many things. In fact, he's rather paranoid about anything that he is aware can actually hurt him. Especially birds. Like any other Shedinja, he has a very strong protective instinct, directed mostly towards the Ninjask he is associated with, and is very determined, especially where this instinct is concerned. He spends a long time deep in thought, but is nonetheless fairly sociable, on the whole.
Background and History: Naturally, Aegis does not remember anything before he came into being, during the evolution of a young Nincada named Aiolos, whose shed carapace rose from the ground after his transformation. Due in part to Aegis's strong need to protect him, Aiolos and Aegis became fast friends. Aiolos was a natural adventurer, and often would run off on adventures and thrust himself into danger, so Aegis was never far behind him, enjoying the endeavors more than he liked to admit. They spent a few years exploring anything that appeared to Aiolos to need exploring, and picked up many souvenirs that Aiolos felt needed picking up, including a bright green scarf he wrapped 'round his good friends neck.
However, one day, they were exploring the depths of a cave that meandered through a mountain. As Aiolos rushed about the cave, Aegis followed, lagging slightly behind. Suddenly a section of the cave collapsed, between the pair of insects. Aegis, fearing the falling, pointed rocks, rushed toward the end of the cave they had entered, but Aiolos zoomed forward, over-eager to explore the remainder of the cave. Panicking, it took Aegis several minutes to realize that the cave, which they had checked out once before, had another entrance. By the time he managed to get to the other end of the cave, on the other end of the mountain, and thoroughly check every nook and cranny of the cave, Aiolos was long gone.
Aegis has spent several months now searching for Aiolos, the protector feeling incomplete without the protectee. Noticing the dark scars in the sky, and the corruption of his fellow Pokemon, Aegis has decided to investigate and get to the bottom of it; he knows Aiolos could never resist such a great adventure, and wherever the mystery is is where his friend must be. Purple woods is as good a place as any to start.
Other: Aegis's hold item is, obviously, a Green Scarf. (I thought using a non-combat item might make up sorta-maybe-partially for his Wonder Guard.)

On another note, which is unimportant unless this is accepted which I realize it probably won't be: Is the weird shadowy Pokemon's weird shadowyness, and assumed weird shadowy energy attacks, Ghost-type, Dark-type, or untyped-weird-shadowy-type, and if the latter, does it still punch through Wonder Guard like tissue paper because plot? (Which is completely fine, just would like to know. If this gets accepted. Which it won't be.)

MrGhost May 18th, 2010 4:21 AM

The Bringer:
Second Char is accepted.
This guy'll really mix things up :D

A shedinja will probably be pretty interesting to RP with.
And about your wonder guard,
I'm thinking it could get dumbed down a bit.
Like for instance, a grass attack would do much much less damage instead of not effecting, and a fire type attack would do a LOT of damage instead of OHKOing...
I think that system should work okay...

perfectmonster May 18th, 2010 5:03 AM

Hey, this RP sounds good :) Gonna start on a sign up now

Kid Ghandi May 18th, 2010 6:26 AM

Name: Burbank
Species: Cacnea
Appearance: Burbank, like most cacnea, is green in color, except a little brownish. His "crown", however, rather than a gold-like color, is more silvery. The spikes on his head are very greenish, but on his "arms" they are more silvery, like his crown. His feet are red, possibly from walking hard.
Personality: At heart, not bad, but ever since he's left the desert, he doesn't trust very many other Pokemon. Don't get him angry.
History: The night giratina tore a hole in the sky, Burbank was born. This caused him to have a strange crown and thorn coloration. After four years, his parents left him to search the mist, and never returned. From there, he visited an old friend of his mother's and had began training. He then left after his death. Wandering for miles, he stumbled upon a human settlement (Lavaridge Town), and made his home near hot springs, as a quick source of hydration. Being in control of a source of water, he is usually attacked, and will often defeat anyone who crosses his path.
Other: At night, his crown will turn a blood red, at that point, he may use his hidden power attack

RP Sample:
An ekans walks toward him. "What do you want?" Burbank says. "What does it look like? I need water! Move ouut of the way before I am forced to attack you!" the ekans retaliated. "If you want my water so badly, why don't you fight me for it?" Burbank jumps upwards and uses a poison sting attack, doing little damage to the ekans. The ekans pulled back a little, and then lunged towards Burbank, but missing the attack. Burbank then dashes close to the ekans, and uses a needle arm attack. He then uses dynamic punch, fainting the ekans. Before it regains consciousness, he knocks it out (the following may be distrubing)
and drags it towards the warmest water in the springs, tied to a string, boiling it. He takes it from the springs, and skins the carcass, then splits it in half, and devours one half.

MrGhost May 18th, 2010 12:06 PM

Kid Ghandi:
Unfortunately, you are denied.
It appears you have not read the Synopsis, as your SU states that your character came upon Lavaridge town at one point. Because this story takes place a very long time (Hundreds of thousands of years) after humanity's demise, a town like Lavaridge would not exist anymore. Please try to have a good understanding of a story before you post in an RP.
Also, your RP sample was written in mixed tenses and generally sloppy.

And perfectmonster, I'll keep you in mind.

NSM Eclipse May 18th, 2010 1:16 PM

Name: Riley

Species: Teddiursa

Appearance: Riley is like most Teddiursa's, about two feet tall and twenty pounds. He's a dark brown, making the white crescent on his forehead stand out even more than usual. His most distinctive feature, however, are that his ears are much larger than most of his species. They're almost the size of his head, and the tops dip down a little, making him look a little like a dog.

Personality: Riley is a funny little Teddiursa, always making jokes and trying to play tricks on other pokemon. Usually he just jokes around and has a good time, but when he has to, he can get serious. When he does have to really fight, and not just play around, he is deceivingly rough for his size. He's not afraid of much and wouldn't hesitate to go into battle with a pokemon much bigger and stronger than he is.

Background and History: Riley was born with a small group of Teddiursa's and Ursaring's. They traveled around the land, not staying in one place for very long, and didn't see many dark pokemon. When they did, Riley's dad 'Brick' managed to hold them off, because for some reason, touching the dark pokemon didn't affect him.

One day, when the group was sitting in a clearing to rest for the night when the trees around them started cracking. It was an ambush of many dark pokemon, who were intent on turning them just because that was what they were made to do. 'Brick' tried to hold them off, but there were too many and the group fell, and almost all of them turned dark. In fact, all of them turned except for Riley.

Riley was off to the side of the clearing gathering some honey on it's paws when he heard the shouts of battle. He ran to the clearing and saw his father fall to the dark pokemon. Riley knew he would fall too, so he ran away from the clearing as fast as he could, not going anywhere in particular, just running.

And that's what Riley has been doing since that day. He forages for food and stops by lakes and streams to drink, and usually sleeps up in trees or in holes. He has learned a lot by living this lifestyle, mostly about surviving. He's managed to do a good job of it so far, and he doesn't plan on stopping now.

RP Sample: Riley finished off his last berry and looked up at the night sky through the leaves of the trees. The stars shined brightly and he sighed, wondering how long it was before his luck would finally run out. He sometimes wondered if it would just be easier to give in...

"But enough of that talk!" Riley said to himself as cheerily as he stood up and grabbed hold of the tree. Heaving himself up to a sturdy branch and settling in, he scratched his back and smiled. "Bet you'd be proud of me, pa..." he said, still in a cheery tone, and almost fell asleep before he heard a branch crack below him.

The Teddiursa's eyes shot open, but he didn't move. His giant ear's strained to listen for any other sounds, and he heard a clicking sound, like a bird climbing up a tree with it's feet. Riley waited until the sound was only a few feet below him, then tumbled off the branch towards the bird.

He collided with a dark Pidgey, and his weight brought both of them down to the ground. Riley stood up quickly and pounced on the Pidgey, who was still on the ground because the fall broke it's wing. He banged it on the head a couple of times, then stopped to take a deep breath and see if it was still conscious. It chirped shortly, so Riley reared his head back and slammed it forward above the Pidgey's beak on it's forehead.

The dark pokemon's muscles relaxed as it fainted, and Riley stood up, breathing heavily. "Taught you," he said, gave a small laugh and walked on, thinking now that he would walk through the night and sleep in the morning.

((Yup, that's it. I'll just be, er, moving on now... >.>))

MrGhost May 18th, 2010 1:46 PM

NSM Eclipse:
You're accepted.
Very nice RP sample by the way.


Pokemon Girl May 18th, 2010 4:11 PM

Ill be getting my new SU in very soon.
I have looked over the rules, and my RP sample will be in the correct format now :).
Thank you for warning me last time.

Poliwag (I have new ideas :p)
Her silk like eyes have the resemblance of bubbles, unlike most of the poliwag. Her tail is shaped crookedly- somewhat taking the appearance of a pikachu’s. Her body is most like a big tomato as the rest of the poliwags- and a slightly shown smile.
She is always trying not to feel sorry for others, but it is impossible for her. She is very outgoing, and try’s to be a problem solver in every single way possible. She is usually trying to peruse the others to help, come look, or follow me. Or whatever it takes to get a little bit of attention, though when she is worried she cannot help but want to help as soon as possible. She’s very hyper and wont stop until she’s tuckered herself out head to toe.
Background and History:
She lived in a small pool in water near the ruins of the distant pokemon center. The water was inhabited with many shady creatures. Her parents had once set off to help a bunch of the corrupted, and haven’t returned since. She encountered many beings that seamed to be trying to tell her something, but before she knew it, she was crying and pleading for them to live. She has had so many experiences; it is hard for her not to worry. She met a few other poliwags whose parents had not returned as well, and she is trying as hard as she can to protect them. Even if it costs her life.
She is holding a miracle seed; it appears not to have any special qualities to help her. However, she prays on it every day hoping something magical will happen.
RP sample:
“I can handle it from here,” she said vaguely, draping her long cloak along her back. She knew she could not Handel it, for this was more then anything she had ever “handled” before. However, she couldn’t let her little brother take him on. It would be too dangerous, he was only seven. He didn’t know anything of his true power now.
“No! I want to help,” the young charmander yipped, pulling on her cloak. He jumped and gave her those sad eyes he always used to get what he wanted.
“Leave me alone Fallon! I must go alone,” and with that the charizard vanished with a dance of flames.

Scales May 18th, 2010 5:58 PM

Well since there are still slots open. I thought why not?

Name: Cawdor

Species: Totodile

Appearance: While most Totodile are brightly colored blue with a red stripe, Cawdor is slightly different. His coloring is more leaned toward grey-ish blue with his red stripe being more dulled. Draped around his neck is a thin veil of yellow cloth. Almost like a scarf, a memento from a past experience and wanderer he made friends with and never saw again.

Personality: Most Totodiles being happy-go-lucky, Cawdor is slightly different. He puts on a visage of maturity to hide a sort of social awkwardness. The thought he is not exactly sane comes to mind while talking to him. He doesn't seem to have a very firm grasp of reality and tends to make inane jokes or one liners when the mood doesn't call for it. But also unlike most of his species Cawdor doesn't seem to like straight battles. Preferring to talk his way out of disagreements rather then attack.

If anything the main thing Cawdor desires is companionship, and someone to talk to. Which he often does naturally with inanimate objects and even himself.

Background and History: Cawdor grew up on his lonesome in an abandoned Pokemon museum. Looking and gazing at long deceased relics of creatures both recent and old.

The only companions he has ever had were usually drifting wanderer pokemon. Even then he found himself succumbing to loneliness and putting a social guise around himself to gain attention. This usually didn't work and failure only made him loose track of reality. Most of the time he spends around said museum. Yet he does find reasons to trek out to parts unknown from time to time.


RP sample:

The river was smiling at him.

Well not to say the river didn't usually smile. It was one of his favorite things to look at, that and the trees. The ones he had named around his home. Scraggly oak trees that had been there for centuries. Ones that reached out to the heavens and seemed to go beyond them. Cawdor found little pleasure in forests however, preferring to look at them from the riverbank.

Of course the river had a name too. It was called "Ryan" and was one of Cawdor's friends. The last Pokemon he had seen looked strangely at him when he mentioned it. Calling him "Not exactly there" and disappearing into the woods. He had always shrugged it off and continued to talk to the rapid body of water. Hoping to see another new friend if possible. The only Pokemon he had seen ride the river was a Crocodile, who called him a runt and pilfered his food stores. It was all well and good for Cawdor, he learned a new word. Which he still didn't fully understand the meaning of.

The smile faded from the river, and Cawdor felt sad once more. He turned around back toward the museum and saw the sun was starting to set.

Mr. Tabachi May 18th, 2010 6:20 PM

Species: Wooper
Name: Mr. Quiggles (or just Quiggles)
Appearance: Just a regular Wooper with some slight discrepancies: the spots on his tail are brown not black and the strips on his chest are lime green not purple and the twigs (I don't know what they really are) are also lime green instead of pink.
Personality: He's really happy all the time. If someone insults him he'll just ignore it completely but once in awhile it will get to him. He'll start crying then he'll get really really mad. He'll tackle his aggravator to the ground and then stop slapping him with his tall. It's more anointing than threatening. He's the overly optimistic 4-year-old of the group.
Background & History: There not much to tell. He's a 10 year old Wooper but acts like a 5 year-old. He's never done anything adventurous and he has amnesia, the main reason hes so happy.
Other: Wears a Soothe Ball attached to a white scarf as a headband.

So yea. There you go.

RainbowMunchies May 18th, 2010 8:23 PM

This sounds extremely interesting. There aren't many RPs that have the RPers as pokemon. I'm excited! Sorry my BG/History is so long (hence the spoiler tag), but I get really carried away with them. XD

Hope I'm accepted! Please tell me if there's anything you'd like changed or added. :3



She has the typical squat, tan body associated with cubone. Around the left horn of her skull, she wears a red checkered bandanna that her brother, Brennan, found, owned, and left to her before leaving to fight. On the right side of her skull is carved the image of a small, simple crown, signifying her brother, and if one were to find her brother, or at least his skull, he would have a matching carving on his left side, depicting a heart with one wing, signifying Deirdre. The left eyehole of Deirdre’s skull has a short jagged chip and scar from where her mother was attacked by the mightyena. Around her neck is a band of various items she’s found throughout her explorations with her brother, threaded together with twine and string, including a toy soldier, a plastic flower, a few colorful beads, a diamond ring, and a gold watch face (broken of course)—along with a dozen or so other things. The flower is large and pink with a yellow center, and always sits in the middle of her chest.

Deirdre used to be very kind, and she still is at rare times, but since the death of her parents, and most especially since the disappearance of her brother, she has become very cynical about the world around her, finding sarcasm a good wall between herself and any need for emotional interaction between others. That said, she is a horrible tsundere, falling in love easily with the first person to be nice to her (which doesn’t happen often thanks to her attitude) and being meanest to them in the end. The loss of her brother left a horrid gaping hole in Deirdre’s heart, and it is most likely because of this that Deirdre loves children in an almost stunningly passionate way. If a baby pokemon is in sight, she will immediately break down and go over to them, singing happy songs that bounce around the inside of her skull, mixing the noises into harmonies and lulling the child into a happy, calm state. She is also a connoisseur of random, human knick knacks, something that started when she and Brennan first ventured out to explore the woods. Most of the stuff left behind now is small, non-biodegradable stuff, such as rings and plastics, but Deirdre will store these items if and when she finds them, and will typically never let them go until something of equal or greater value comes into her sight.

and History:

Deirdre was hatched along with her brother, Brennan, to a kind female marowak named Cwen, and her mate—a quiet, serious looking marowak named Asa. The family of four lived quite happily in the deep woods, and everyday Brennan and Deirdre went out into the woods and explored the dilapidated buildings scattered throughout. There, they found lots of little items of interest, though never all at once. Sometimes they would have to search hard, looking under old, rotting chairs, couches, and sinks to find the shiny, colorful objects that truly drew their attention. They were each other’s best friends, as there weren’t many other pokemon around that were in the habit of leaving the trees high up above. The duo was still quite young when their mother told them that they weren’t meant to live in the forests. That something had happened, and that she and Asa had decided it would be best to move down from the mountains to hatch their eggs in the safety of the forests. This confused Brennan and Deirdre, but they didn’t question the logic of their wise parents, and anyways, they enjoyed the beauty and security of the forest, along with the houses, and weren’t about to argue about moving.

It wasn’t long, a about a year or so, before they had searched all the buildings in the surrounding area. It was around this time that the two started thinking about convincing their parents that maybe moving back into the mountains wouldn’t be such a bad idea—perhaps there would be new houses and items there. Sadly, they never got the chance. Unbeknownst to Brennan and Deirdre, their parents were not the only ones who’d become uneasy and decided that moving might be a good idea. When the scars in the sky became more frequent, other pokemon began getting nervous like Asa and Cwen, and started moving to newer locations, including the woods. These pokemon arrived scared and unsure of the area they were starting their new lives in, and it was a nervous, angry mother mightyena who killed Asa and Cwen, along with the help of her mate, after Asa had hit a young poochyena in self defense. By the time Deirdre and Brennan had arrived, their parents were dead. The siblings took the new skulls, sobbing, and placed them atop their heads.

After that, the duo thought that perhaps moving to the mountains would be safer than sticking around and waiting to get chomped to death by the beasts flowing into the forest. When they exited the woods, they were astounded to look up at the sky—something that had been for the most part hidden behind the foliage of the trees up until then. The scars fascinated them; even young ones who’d never properly viewed the sky before could tell the rips were sinister. Deirdre shivered, still crying for her dead parents, and the sound sent a hollow echo of noise up into the sky.

The mountain they ultimately decided their parents had ventured down from was actually quite close, as their parents evidently hadn’t wanted to travel far with two eggs. They struggled to the top, stopping only to sob and comfort each other now and then. It was two whole days of traveling without food (and only a small bit of water that they’d managed to find) before they passed out. Quite luckily, it was right in front of the den of a family of cleffable. The mother dragged them in, force feeding the two and fussing over them as the three children—one clefairy and two cleffa—stood watching. When the father returned (a large, jolly cleffable named Bidzill) he listened to their story and after half a moment’s consideration, welcomed the two into his house as family.

While they considered themselves truly welcomed, Deirdre and Brannan kept their distance from the family at first. They completed any chores Ady (the mother) requested of them, but for the most part, they spent their days sparring and training, hoping to avoid ever having happen to them what took the lives of their dear parents. After about two months of straight training, it seemed that of the two, Brannan was definitely the better of them in battle. Nevertheless, Deirdre was quite skilled as well, and worked hard to keep up with her brother. During the time, the two also tried their hardest to stay strong and positive—Brannan especially. He told Deirdre jokes to cheer her up, and did his best to do nice things for her and remind her of how happy their parents would be to see them alive and well and thriving on the mountainside. Deirdre was sensitive though, and while Brannan was better at hiding his emotions and focusing on training, she would oftentimes find herself angry and sad about her parents leaving them.

After these two months, the two began to come out of their shells—there was only so much training a young pokemon could do before the tears were fought out. Brannan found comfort in talking to Bidzill about the mountains, and about different moves that could be used in battle. Deirdre found comfort in talking to and helping Ady around the house, and playing with the children—the clefairy, Sener, and the two cleffa, Kaegen and Kaida. She would oftentimes show them parts of her necklace, telling the children the tales of how they were discovered and captured by Brennan and herself in the forest that had been their home. They became very fond of her, and loved her like their own sister.

But all was not well, and when Giratina created the tear that manifested the dark tower, the news spread quickly that an army was being erected to battle evil forces. Bidzill, not one to sit and let disaster come to him and his family, listened carefully before deciding that it was his time to help preserve good. Brannan insisted on coming as well, and while Bidzill didn’t argue, Deirdre fought with him tooth and nail about it. Before he left, Brannan gave his sister his prized possession—a bandanna they’d found while exploring the houses of the forests, which had been preserved for many many years within a plastic container of some sort. It was one of the few pieces of fabric the two had ever seen, and while faded, it was still something amazing to them. When he handed it to her, Deirdre broke down sobbing, and they stood hugging for a long time before he left, determined to keep his sister and his new family safe.

Deirdre hasn’t seen Brennan since that time. It feels a part of her has been ripped away, and everyone around her has noticed a change in her attitude. She is more moody, spends more time alone, and can often be heard crying out on the hills she and Brennan trained on. Most often she can be found either training passionately, crying alone somewhere on the mountains, or with Sener, Kaegan, and Kaida, whom she can’t stand to be mean to even in her worst of moods.

At one point, Deirdre managed to find a small, purple, nylon, child’s backpack, in which she carries anything she might need or find.

RP Sample:
Note: This was also my RP sample for The Elemental Stones, started by seal. If you’d prefer a battle RP sample, I can provide one I used for another SU, or make a new one if you’d rather.

In this sample, Kelani is a girl who lives in a kingdom that inhabits the sky and clouds (i.e. “Flying types”). The pokemon she is riding is a doduo, named Ionas and Colm.

-- Kelani screamed in pure ecstasy as the clouds flew past them. Letting go, she gripped tightly with her legs to the round, auburn body beneath her, hands coming up above her, and the feathers atop her head tickling her arms. The twin heads beneath her began to twist themselves downward, arching the body down in a chunky line towards the ground, which was now flying up at them at a breakneck speed.

“Duo!” she heard Ionas scream, but she wasn’t ready to stop.

“A little longer guys,” Kelani called into the sky, watching everything above her whip around behind her blond hair. The sun shone off her curls in varying rays, filtering through her goggles as sparkling lines of light.

The ground was nearing. She could feel it. For every inch, every centimeter she was separated from her designated place in the sky, she could feel her heart becoming heavier with the weight of the earth that surrounded her. It was close now—she felt the air being forced from her lungs.

A final glance up at the sky above, a final waving of her arms in the current that pulsed up from beneath her, and she gave the gentle squeezed with her bare feet that signaled flight to begin. There was a lurch, and the body beneath her evened out quickly, the front end jerking upward in an attempt to form the body into a rather lumpy line, parallel to the oncoming earth.

They evened out, and Kelani brought her arms down to grip the brown feathers. There was a whistling, and a strained cry as the doduo struggled to fly. These were the most terrifying moments of the freefall—the attempt to right one’s self. Kelani still couldn’t breathe, and she willed the pokemon beneath her to angle upward, beaks towards the sky. Their eyes clenched shut, the white feathers flipping wildly—almost violently—around their faces, and the clicking of Ionis’ jewels knocking together in the wind was all Kelani could hear for a long hollow moment.

Kelani gave one final push with her heart, and she felt them breaking free from the earth. They were tilted now, and Kelani had to lean forward to stay atop her steed. They screamed out in triumph.

“DOOOOOOO!” Colm boomed.

“DUOOOOOOO!” Ionas screeched.

Kelani just laughed loudly, letting the sensation of the sun and wind against her face drag her slowly back to the reality of the world. Her hair whipped around her, and she reached one hand up to readjust her headband above her goggles. She grinned wide, leaning in to hug her friend close to her for a long moment.

“Alright guys,” she called out, knowing they would hear her no matter where she directed her voice, “let’s head for mother and father’s home. They wanted us there by noon.”

They shot upwards, even higher, towards her home near the shrine of the legendary birds that served as their Kingdom’s capital. The weather was beautiful today—perfect for flying. Kelani was sure the mythical birds had heard her prayers and were blessing her with the warmth and strength of the day that had been laid out before her. It was, after all, her birthday, and she had wanted nothing more than the blessings of the gods she loved so dearly.

They reached a good height, and angled downward now, aiming for a small house hidden within the clouds, a mile or so west from the Great Temple. The closer they came to the capital, the stronger Kelani could feel herself becoming. She breathed in deep, and as the home came into view, she willed the clouds to form beneath them, mumbling a silent prayer to the gods of the sky. Ionas and Colm chirped softly as they glided down onto the soft “ground” and slowed to a stop.

They stood for a moment before Kelani slid down, stretching her legs as she lowered the goggles from her eyes. She smiled, and her younger sister darted out of the house, now golden from the rays of the morning sun, to tug Kelani by the arm. Kelani obliged, allowing the young girl to drag her into the house, where the party was already underway. Ionas and Colm followed happily, excited by the prospect of food and presents inside.

EDIT: Oh no! *just realized that about 4 SUs have been posted since the ONE SPOT LEFT was announced, and hers is the 4th*

Are you going to choose by who posted first? Or which one you like best? (please say the latter-- at least then i have a chance).

Either way, I still think it was a great idea. TTwTT

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