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Diho July 15th, 2010 1:38 AM

Creative Productions [Begging you to join]
Creative Productions
Yes, of course I need a banner.

Hello there,
I love working out ideas for hacks (Or improvements of games, as I'd rather call them), problem is I somehow suck at scripting and spriting.
So now I've once again worked out a storyline, worldmap etc. But I need a group of people to make it real, to make it a real, working hack.
This group of people should be creative, and open for ideas, as I am myself. And maybe, if all goes well, we might make some other hacks.

We'll be hacking FireRed, cuz I like the tileset and most tools are Firered compatible.


My Own Drawings

Niknaks Worldmap:

The region is an archipelago. I've got Niknaks working on the worldmap
The starter town will be Montiny Town, which is positioned at the foot of the highest mountain, in the north east corner of the biggest island.
I'll work this out in the next post. (I'll also give the 'route-etc'map). Done.


It all started with the battle between three legendary water type pokemon, each representing a sea. Frigis (which is latin for cold), the water-ice pokemon in the north, Ignis (which is latin for fire/warmth) the tropical sea in the south east and Aeteris (latin for eternity) in the ancient bay at the south west. Obviously these names can easily be improved, that's for later. They kept fighting eachother, and all creatures on the island were frightened. Untill a pokemon on the island got struck by lighting, and so received very strong electrical powers. He defeated the three water pokemon, and forced them in an eternal sleep(each in one of the smaller Islands on the map), by taking their powers and putting those in an orb (in the lake in the middle of the Island). Peace came to the region, and then humans came to live there. The region bloomed, cities were build. But with prosperity came evil. An evil pokemon, who was to weak for the water pokemon coz of his ground/dark type, knew this was his chance. And he did almost defeat the electric pokemon, but he was stopped by a alliance of the best trainers and the quickly awakened water pokemon. The evil pokemon was defeated and locked up under the highest mountain in the region, the water pokemon were brought back to sleep. The count (the ruler of the region) awarded the eight best of these trainers with a medal, and a shard. These eight shards are needed to (un)lock the prison of the evil pokemon. The eight trainers are now, as you might've guessed, the gym leaders.

Your story:

Your story starts when your mum says your grandfather is dying. Your grandfather was one of the trainers who stopped the pokemon, but he refused the honour of the shard and being a gymleader, he rather studied pokemon. You go to his house, which is in the direction of the source of the river, to the north of your hometown (Montiny town). You talk to him, he tells you about this history, he dies. On your way back, Prof maple bumps into you, he was on his way to your grandpa to talk about some serious stuff. When you tell him he’s dead, he discusses it with you. He tells you about a man who has recently moved to the region. This man is called Vladimir Trochowski, and he leads an organisation called Team Invictus. Nothing has happened so far, but somehow he has a bad feeling about all this.
And, besides that, he wants you to replace your grandfather and to help him with his research. He gives you a choice between 3 pokemon. (I don’t know whether this will be fakemon or not, depends on our spriters I guess) And so your adventure starts.

My goal is to make this hack pretty difficult to play, so with a lot of substories and riddles.

What is to be expected:

Team Invictus (A communist Russia like organisation, all with the comrad and stuff).
A lot of different scenery and climates.
Which I hope, nice Fakemon
A real leader of the region: A count with his countess and their Royal, capital city.
A father/son vs. Father/son battle with your rival.
Different kinds of people all over the region. (I want to introduce some Italians who constantly say ‘let’s make pizza’ and stuff. And just like nintendo, I think there’s no reason why coloured people shouldn’t be in pokemon games.)
Double gym challenges: First you have to beat the invictus executives, after you have beaten the whole invictus team, you have to beat the gym leaders to go to the league (we’ll figure out where to place it).

What I need to achieve this:
Experienced or talented (and I would prefer dedicated):

Scripters (XSE or pksvui, It doesn’t bother me)
Spriters + overworld editors.
Some mappers
Music inserters (I don’t have the slightest idea how that works)
Banner makers + graphics.

I don’t need any more storyliners, but as I said, creativity is never useless.

You want to join?

What position (obvious):
Past experience (I don't really care, but it's nice to know):
Proof of work (Most important, show me what you can and can't do):
Contact information (Naah, I'll see you around):

The Creative Productions Team
Diho - Mapper, Inmap-scripting, Storyline + Ideas, Founder.
Azoula - Title screen editer
JT123 - (Fusion-)spriter
HackDeoxys - Independent mapper

People who deserve my thanks for support:
Niknaks - The worldmap


azoula July 16th, 2010 3:10 AM

Why: Why not?
What position: Title screen maker
Past experience:None
Proof of work:
Contact information: PM/VM

If i am in just say me how would you like your title screen ,
I can work until today at 7 (i think)

Diho July 16th, 2010 3:30 AM

Yep, you're pretty good, definitely accepted.

But, since the hack is far from completion, atm I don't even know the name.
So, I think Ill Pm you when I know more, is that okay?

Coz there's not much response, and I was bored this afternoon, I worked out the region's details. Got all names now, except for one city, next to the lake. (This one deserves a special name.) And I have made blueprints for a large part of the storyline.

The north:

The Hometown region:

The centre:

The Bay:

The southeast:

Cascavel Island:

The eight gym cities are (in this order):

Seaside city (prob water) You're able to dive (useless till later on)
Vertigo city(open for suggestions)
Crossing town (open for suggestions)
Vieupoli Port (steel or ghost)
Pinar village (Grass, but could also turn out to be flying) Use Fly
Esolite city (Electric or ground) You now can use Strength
Lugano Port (Fighting)
Meaden City (Ice) You're able to surf

Storyline continues:
The Gyms
You travel to Seaside city on the southside of the river.
Route 1 crosses the river mouth, with a lot of bridges.
Here you beat the Team Invictus executive who took over the gym.
Sub stories for locations are made up later.
After that, you can't go to the north, because you have to cross the bridge there, and that requires proof of seven beaten gyms.
So you travel west until you reach the lake.
You can't go south, coz there are boulder blocking your way.
So you go the lake city. Here someone tells you the story about the three hidden orbs in the lake, which are required to wake up the three water legendaries.
You beat the executive and travel west to Crossing town.
You can't go into the desert, because you need special shoes (which you can buy, if you have the goggles) to stand the hot sand, and special goggles to stand the sandstorms.
Beat the gym, blabla.
Travel south to the ancient port city vieupoli port.
Something is told about the ancient bay, and legendary powers at the ancient Islands. Unfortunately you can't go there, because you need eight badges. (We might make the bay surfable, still, the only way to reach the Islands is over land.)
Next up is Pinar village, which is hidden deeply in the forest. A maze would work out perfectly here.
The people who live here are kind a like tree people, and their houses look like that. lots of trees and stuff.
You learn fly here.
When you return to crossing town, someone bumps into you, obviously a stupid invictus member, and drops something in haste. There are your goggles.
You go to Esolite city, after a long trip through the desert, beat the executive, learn strength and go to Lugano port. I hope this route turns out to be nice with the river and all.
There you collect your latest badge, now you're able to travel to the north, past the mountains. You can't go with a boat to Cascavel Island (maintenance or something better), and the same for the royal Highlands, because of the count's absence or something like that.
So you go back to seaside city, travel north, cross the river, go through the mountain pass or tunnel. When you're there, you see a canyon with a bridge. But, when you try to go ther, you hear a loud rumble. Team Invictus blew up the bridge. Now you have to take the route around the canyon, which is long and cold.
You beat the last executive, able to use surf now. But he tells you, you're too late.
They already have collected the eight shards, now they're able to release *evil pokemon* and try to beat *controlling electric type pokemon*. Dang I really need names.

Legendary plot:
Here comes the reason I want the secret agent scottlike guy to play a part in the game. We'll call him Raine of Caine or something. He'll be a lt..
He tells you that things are getting worse. You should come with him to see it. So you both fly to the lake city, where the two pokemon are fighting, even worse, the evil pokemon is winning. He tells you to get the orbs, wherever they might be in the lake. (Suddenly, you find a spot to dive in the lake, which leads you till under the waterfall, to a secret cave, where the orbs are). Now first you need to go to the Island of elaso.
You need to beat the three elders of the villages, to open the door inside the inactive, filled with a small lake, volcano. You use the orb, and awake Frigis. Next up is the Island Cascavel. Same Idea, beat the three elders, open the chamber in the mountains, where the source of the river is. And awake Ignis. And last, you have to solve a number of riddles at the ancient Islands, to finally come to the main Island, and repeat the awakening stuff. With Aeternis awakened, all three water pokemons rush to the lake. Then a wonderful fight, the three water pokemon defending the electric pokemon, and they defeat the evil pokemon.
Everything seems okey, and Team invictus has disappeared, you think.
Suddenly, Raine comes hurrying to you. He says that the Team invictus has kidnapped the count, and taken over his palace.
You rush to the palace. And you find the count's son, or daughter, depends, who has managed to escape. In possession of a lucario. Now you two team up, and beat the crap out of the intruders. When you end up with the boss, Trochowski, your partner is easily defeated.
Then comes your final battle.
Of course you defeat them, what would happen otherwise? I don't know.
Then everything is good, the count awards you.

We could add this:
Next thing could be done, not sure:
The gym leaders reappear in their gyms, and you have to beat them to go to the league, and to capture all legendary pokemon named in the storyline. And lucario who lives in the count's royal garden.
I would love all (legendary) pokemons to be catchable, we'll see.

Oh, and something to add, different regions means different kinds of the same pokemon, just like in D/P.

Wow, that's quite a lot.
Why was a team necessary again?

Diho July 17th, 2010 1:37 AM

So, I'm leaving for my holiday today, you all have got another month to think about joining and finishing the work I've done.
Seriously, why is nobody interested?

Preview of the worldmap:

But it will probably be divided in four different maps.


Diho July 17th, 2010 10:26 PM

Read all of the above. Interested? Sign up!

NikNaks July 18th, 2010 6:17 AM

I'm just going to hijack this thread temporarily to show how the region splitting will work. As it's so large, it'll be divided into four sections. This isn't the best diagram to show that, but it's the one I have, so there xD

If you want to see it without that psychedelic colouring on it, it's below.

Clearly, I haven't added any of the features yet, but you can hopefully get a clearer picture of the region as a whole.

EDIT: Well, I've been working on it, and, barring the addition of little markers for the desert and forests, here you go:

In sections here:

Diho August 5th, 2010 1:22 AM

Bump. Lol, I'm getting a nasty feeling that this project is speeding towards failure.
Come on, is seriously nobody interested?
I just need someone who can script to start with. That's everything for now.

And since there seems to be no further interest, I decided to brainstorm a bit:
I think it's nice to make the Professor a girl, just because.

I think I would like fakemon starters, if that turns out to be unsatisfying, I would prefer some edited existing pokemon, instead of usual starters.

An expansion of the usual trainer school. Because this one has got tournaments, once in a while. And, the counts daughter or son (depends on the gender the player is) goes to this school, and will become your rival/friend as the story goes on.

As a way to introduce other pokemon in the region, I came up with a kind of natural disaster in regions like kanto and johto, and, therefore, the reason to introduce new species in our archipelago.

The city at the lake will be called Vertigo city, after U2's song.

I would like the pirates to play a big part in this game. Mostly as a kind of distraction for Team Invictus' plans. So in the beginning, the Prof will be kidnapped by the pirates, and they'll continue doing Invictus' dirty jobs, untill mutiny is commited and you collaborate with the pirates to beat their captain, Ramón. The leader of the mutiny is, of course, the, soon to be, captain Jack.

I would love to do something with tides. Specially in the bay.
And, when thinking about that, I thought of something; maybe we could make some kind of shallow water near the shore, where you can walk through, just like grass, and let wild pokemon appear.

I hate the idea that there are no big amounts of evolution stones, so I thought of a beachcomber who trades junk you find on the beach for evolution stones.

I would like to have a 'zoo', which wants you to catch certain pokemon, just like the newspaperdudes in DPPt.

Cycling Road south of the lake, till Lugano port.

A lot of viewing points, throughout the island.

Different tribes living in the desert. They are, of course, Nomads.

And about the desert, I really want to make that a challenge, if possible:
- You'll need the liquid of a cactus, to keep your energy level high enough. (Otherwise you lose money and are returned to the entrance, or you wake up in a nomad tent.)
- You need to make sure you shelter (in caves, etc.), otherwise your shoes will not sustain the heat anymore, and you're not able to walk anymore.
- The nomads might be in a mood to help you out with drinks and shelter, but in exchange you must beat all the other nomad-tribes.

I'd love seasons ingame, but I guess that's kind off in possible.

And if it ís possible, I would like a script that makes Snorlax blocking a river, then a man comes who wakes him, then he jumps out of the river, altering the map (Now the river is flowing normal again), then the man gives you the flute, so you can battle snorlax, (not being able to leave the map) and after that, the man leaves the map to go home. Now that's a challenge?

O and referring to Niknaks worldmap Idea, is it even possible to make 4 different ingame-items, which all represent a map?

Diho August 6th, 2010 2:03 AM

I think I'll just keep on bumping.
Maybe somebody will notice.
Maybe I'll make the startertown, to convince people to join.

JT123 August 6th, 2010 3:07 AM

Proof of Work:look at my fusion sprites on my profile
Past Experience:none first hack
Contact info: [email protected]

Diho August 6th, 2010 4:22 AM

I think I can use your skills, specially when we won't do fakemons.
You are accepted.

Damn, that feels good.

And, why not get you busy right away.

First of all, I want a legendary electric pokemon.
It could look like a combination of luxray and suicune.
Main color: Dark blue (marine like),
Feet and face: 'Regular' blue,
Electric touch:Yyellow and white.

I would prefer the size of luxray, kind of small and swift.

Here, I made a crappy game banner with a crappy name.
But it's a start. More creative names are for later on.

dante1w August 12th, 2010 11:55 AM

What position : spriter and have some experince at mapping..oh yeah and overworlds too...
Past experience : i start hacking just 7 months now
Proof of work : i have some backspries, sprites and one overworld think in my profile
Contact information :my add if you want ([email protected]) or just pm me
and something im horrible at speeling so sorry for bad english

Diho August 13th, 2010 3:48 AM

Yea, you're battlesprites are decent.
You're accepted.

dante1w August 13th, 2010 4:43 AM

okay good to now thank you!!
when you want to from me to make some sprites or some overworlds than say it and what you want so i can make something

Diho August 13th, 2010 4:52 AM

Yea, make me a sprite for the bad guys.
Just a guy and a girl:
base colors: black and white
Red 'I' on the shirts

NikNaks August 13th, 2010 5:22 AM

You want banners? Here, try this for size!

SwirlyBirds August 13th, 2010 8:05 AM

Sign me up, ok? I'm a part time mapper, you've already seen my proof on Team Masterz.

dante1w August 13th, 2010 10:12 AM

here are the bad guys you wanted im not sure if you ike them when not im trying to improve them


but in my opinion the white color isnt so good in the pisc

if you cant see them so go to my gallery there they are too

okay if you want from me to make the sprite for the hero just say it i can try than

.........oh and add me in your thread as your team member as your spriter and overworlder

sorry for bad english

NikNaks August 13th, 2010 10:23 AM

Er... all you've done is change a few colours and filled an RSE or FRLG sprite with black and white. There's no shading whatsoever and it looks pretty bad, if I'm honest.

dante1w August 13th, 2010 10:56 AM

hey guys sorry but im have to quit coz im losing interest to rom hacking im so or so not very good at all this so i have to quit
sorry maybe when i start again to hack im gonna see this hack finished so bye for now and have fun hacking

Diho August 13th, 2010 11:57 PM

You are going to quit? That's a bummer. Well nevermind, Hackdeoxys, I'll put you on the team list.
As well as Niknaks, I like the simpleness of that banner, and indeed, that's the size I need, thanks!
Btw, I've got my storyline kicked into Mirage hacking productions, so I'll be able to find someone to do the scripting.
Hell yeah, victory at last.

Rickk12345 October 1st, 2010 12:58 PM


What position (obvious): Scripting!
Past experience (I don't really care, but it's nice to know): I'm in other teams too.
Proof of work (Most important, show me what you can and can't do): Well I can do applymovement on people and script tiles, level scripting for example. I guess that should tell you a bit where I'm at.
Contact information (Naah, I'll see you around): MSN, PM, VM

I'm not the best scripter, but I'm dedicated, online a lot and still learning!

I like the story alot! Very detailed and original.

coolcool9990 October 3rd, 2010 11:18 AM

1 Attachment(s)
What position (obvious):Mapping
Past experience (I don't really care, but it's nice to know):i've been mapping editing for about a year
Proof of work (Most important, show me what you can and can't do): i uploaded a picture of a map i did in 5 minutes
Contact information (Naah, I'll see you around)pm

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