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Pokeman298 August 8th, 2010 3:17 PM

Pokemon Elemental Encounters
Hello! I am working on a Pokemon Game using RPG Maker XP called Pokemon: Elemental Encounters. This game project is being led by me. Feel free to leave comments if you want. This game includes mixed graphics, all four regions, and a brand new one. This game is going to be in 4th gen style.


The Beggining

In the Heptic Region, theres a legend. There were two legendary Pokemon. One was good, while the other was bad. Plain and simple. Nothing misunderstood. It was just in their nature. Mystery, the bad one, caused chaos all over the Heptic Region, spiraling flames and stomping mini-earthquakes. Evident (the good one) tried making peace, despite its brother's intentions. But the town's folk all thought the brother was just as bad (they never gave it a chance), and started riots against it. Evident could have easily wiped them out, but its heart was too good for that. So, It fled away from the confused townsfolk. Meanwhile, Mystery caused so much chaos, that everyone from different regions all heard of its troubles. Trainers worldwide sought to defeat it, wanting glory for themselves, and no other. But they all failed hopelessly. Then, one trainer from the Kanto Region met the beast. The creature was creating one big Shadow Ball, when the trainer put his hand on the beast and said, "Its okay." There was a secret that the trainer knew about the creature. A dark one. But the reassurance made Mystery feel warm. It changed it behavior tremendously. The two were friends, and the Pokemon had no bad thoughts in mind. But all in that time, another trainer conspired against it. The trainer was enemies with the other one, and he thought that the Pokemon should be his. So, when he heard about its brother, he went looking for it. He convinced it to gather up all of the legendary Pokemon (excluding Mewtwo, Arceus, Palkia, and Dialga) , and defeat this menace that the Pokemon called it brother. Evident surprisingly agreed to this, because of all the years of being pushed around ( It didn't know about the transitioning). They all appeared at the town of Blacks-Peak. The rival, however, convinced the townsfolk to join. The townsfolk were tired of all of the pushing around, so they agreed quickly. The townsfolk never knew of the change either. So one day, the trainer got a battle request. It said to meet him at Blacks-Peak at 9:00. The legendary had never fought a Pokemon ever (When the trainers challenged him, he pushed them away without giving them a chance) so he decided to join the trainer to see the battle. At the stroke of 9:00, the trainer and the Pokemon met at the town, only to see that the townsfolk and every legendary (remember the excluded ones) waiting for him. The trainer instinctively got out his Pokemon encyclopedia, but saw his rival smiling. One look in the rival's eyes told him the whole story. The trainer tried to convince everyone that the Pokemon had a change of heart, but the townsfolk were too traumatized to believe any thing. They all charged for Mystery, but the trainer stood by the Pokemon. The poor Pokemon was clueless. He thought that this was a trainer's battle. Then, somebody, unknown to the public, did something terrible to the trainer, and it killed him. The last words that uttered out of his mouth was "Mystery". He smiled, then closed his eyes. The Legendary then knew that this wasn't a trainer's battle. He thought the trainer had fainted at first, but then, it hit him that the faithful companion was dead. The stranger that committed the bad deed ran off. He outran the cops, and to this day, no one knows the identity of the man, shrouded in the shadows. The rival didn't mean for this to happen. Terrified of what had happened, he also ran off, never to be seen again. The people and Pokemon were quiet. Then, Mystery lost it. He got the trainer, put him somewhere far from the area, teleported back, and with the pain of loss, he caused an explosion so huge, it scattered all of the legendaries to different regions, it trapped the brother in a cave, and completely obliterated the town. Then, the Pokemon flew away with tears in its eyes. The trainer's wound wasn't fatal, so he woke up to find someone nursing him. He ran out of the house he was in, then tried to search for the Pokemon, but never found it. As for the townsfolk, most of them were dead. The few that survived had run fast enough to escape the explosion, but left with an injury of some kind. They told their story far and wide, but only few believed it. The events in this story I told just now happened 50 years before Red goes on his first journey, and your story takes place 5 years after the events of DP.


2 years before the time traveling event (HG/SS) Giovanni went to the Heptic Region for a visit. He had heard the legend, and wanted to see if the story was true. So he searched the Region. No results came up. He was about to give up, when he saw a blocked up cave. With his Nidoqueen, the cave opened. He explored the vast cave for 2 days. On the third day, he found a lake. In the center of the lake, there laid the good Pokemon, Evident. Evident awoke the moment Giovanni touched the Pokemon's body. The Pokemon was overjoyed that someone had found him after all these years, and had made a commotion. Giovanni then captured the Pokemon unexpected with a master ball, and the cave began to crumble. Giovanni then took out Evident. Evident used teleport (without permission), and him and Giovanni had laid in the cave's opening. The cave then stopped crumbling. Giovanni figured out that the cave rumbled whenever he stepped in. Giovanni was so astonished at his findings. The he had a vision about the Celebi event. He then wrote on the Pokemon's skin,"The legend is real." He put Evident back inside of the master ball, and went back to the Team Rocket base. He told his crew about the events to be, then he sent 2 of his top men with the Poke-ball. He told them that when the time was right, find him and give him the ball. He then sent them to Pallet Town to hide in secret. There was more to the legend, but he wasn't telling.


Your in the Johto Region. Your friend is about to go on a Pokemon journey, and she tries to convince you to go. You refuse because you're scared of Pokemon. For some reason, the thought of them scared you deeply. Then, a stranger asks to speak to your friend. She's adventurous, so naturally, she walks up to him. He then kidnaps her, and hides her in the bushes. You see the events unfold before your eyes. Everyone else see's, but the guy had a walkie talkie on him, and they could tell that he could bring reinforcements any second. So, they decided to leave it alone because the police were out of town. You walk up to him and demand your friend back. He punches you in the face, and you fall on the ground. Then he tells you that she's going to the Heptic Region by accident (he's not to bright). Then, he kicks you in the stomach and walks off. Your vision gets red and blurry, and the only words in your head are "The Heptic Region..." You then pass out. But before you pass out, the vision in your head is of a blue headed person in white and black uniform. Next thing you know, you buy a plane ticket to the Heptic Region to save your friend (a pride/friendship thing). Your aunt conveniently lives there, but you spent all of your money on the plane ticket. After the plane lands, a beautiful maiden in a lab coat asks you if you've seen her Poke-ball that fell on the floor. You say no, and before she says anything else, a man in a black uniform much like the guy's uniform from before chases her for the Pokemon. She gets off the plane in time before the cops blocked the entrance. Then, you notice the Poke-ball. Its strange, because theres a big E on it. You go to return the Poke-ball, when the guy notices you. At first, he doesn't notice you, but the he see's the E and tries to get the Poke-ball. You panic and throw out the Pokemon, unsure if that was the right thing to do, and the rest you'll have to find out for yourself.


This game includes all Pokemon excluding fifth generation, and shall include 167 new ones. There will be five regions in my game, all with unique graphics. The battle system will be complete with battle animations, and new attacks and HMs as well.

New Heroes and Heroines

A New Region to explore
The vast and blooming Heptic Region is filled with new Pokemon, and new land to explore. This region is made up of one big land mass, and three islands with their own attributes. (not based off of the orange islands) This land is sure to amaze you with its beauty and wonder, shrouded in mystery.

In this game, you have the choice of changing clothes from within your bag. You will have 20 clothes for both sexes, leading to 40 outfits available. Some clothes will have to be bought, while others are necessary for the storyline, and will be worn regardless (TR, TM, TA, TG, ect.) .

New Storylines

After you complete the game, you will have the choice to go to whichever region you want. You will also get to pick who you play. You can choose to be the goody two shoes protagonist, the bad-ass rival, or apart of one of the four crime syndicates in whichever region you want.

Pokemon Help
You will have the choice of Pokemon following you, having them ride for you, and actually flying for you. You will be in control.

As you go more north, south, east, or west in the regions, your environment changes around you.


And more to come...
I can't do everything at once.



After Stories-0%
Music-depends if theres some good music or not.
Tilesets-60% (I'm taking it upon myself to try and make some tilesets, but I got some from others.)
Leader- Pokeman298
Fakemon Spriters- gallade234, Neo-Spriteman
Storyboard- Karel_Kazuki, TheLegendaryMew
Mappers- Wilcomon, gerronix12, carmaniac
OW Spriters-Liraxus
Music and SFX-AdverdakTrainer sprites and backs-Jameska


carmaniac for telling me about the resource area, and answering some questions for me.
Avatar for the sprite OWs.
gadesx for the region starter kit.
pkmn.master for the list of trainer names.
Anyone that was included in KingCharizard's resource kit.
ozumadrew for the support banner.
darkdragonn for the b&w tiles
boomxbig for the b&w tiles
.houndoomed for the map tut
spaceemotion for inside tiles
lark125 for inside tiles
cleystation for tiles

Positions Open

Spriter(trainer ows front and back sprites, fakemon backs)
scripter (really need)
optional:assistant mapper, composer

Support Banners
heres the code from ozumadrew
HTML Code:

HTML Code:


Pokeman298 August 10th, 2010 6:18 PM

hey pple, i want to know what graphics i should use. put the answer on the poll.

brokenxnote August 10th, 2010 7:19 PM

How would you use 5th gen when they haven't been released yet? 4th gen = only practical choice lol. It'd be odd with Ranger stuff...

Pokeman298 August 12th, 2010 3:24 PM

plz pple, dont just vote, tell me your thoughts on the matter

Rise August 12th, 2010 3:41 PM

When you post a poll, people will tend to use it instead of typing. Just a small fyi.

Anyway, I suggest you stick to 4th gen. 5th gen is nice, but the lack of resources will strain you and whoever decides to work along side you until the game itself is finally released to the public and resources become available. If the general public eventually converts, or the normal select group of PC developers switch their focus to 5th gen, your work will become slightly easier.

Games that are truely great however don't just complete overnight. OG took what was to the PC public years before an actual playable game was posted. To use 4th gen won't kill you, and it's fresh enough to keep peoples interest. If you decide to go along with 5th gen, by all means it's your game, but it'll come with it's hassle for the time being.

Regardless, good luck and happy coding ^^

StyxFTW September 10th, 2010 8:06 AM

If you want 5th Gen you'll have to work REALLY hard. Besides I like the 4th gen better. 5th gen seems a bit overdone. You could TRY to make 5th gen graphics. If you do Tell me lol.

Pokeman298 September 10th, 2010 2:03 PM

voting is done in 1 week, but i think ill stick to 4th gen

The Cynic September 10th, 2010 2:42 PM

:cer_love: I love your region map. I absoultely love it. :cer_love: Everything is spaced out as it should be in order to provide a challenging and exciting region and is very attractively made also.

I do think your screenshots are rather dull however. Try using brighter tiles and try looking at how other people map and how Nintendo map to pick up some tips there.

Your story is hectic... very hectic. I can't quite make sense of it. Maybe some "paragraphisation" could help there. It should really only be a summary. Besides, it's more fun to findo out the region's history within the game.

All in all, the game has potential. I wish you the very best of luck. :cer_smile:

Pokeman298 September 11th, 2010 7:13 AM

thnx, me and kazuki karel will work on the story

Gmack September 11th, 2010 9:07 AM

I've seen a lot of fan-games, but this is one of the better ones!
I totally agree with 4th generation graphics.
I think it just looks better.

twocows September 11th, 2010 2:19 PM

The content looks fine, but as a grammar fiend, there's one thing I can't let pass.

Its (possessive) a Poke'Dex (incorrect)! Its (possessive) a Poke'mon (incorrect) encyclopedia that...
As much as you may not think it's a big deal, there's little that can make any work look more unprofessional than obvious grammar mistakes. It's hard to describe what it feels like to the player, but it's similar to having a splinter stuck in your index finger on your writing hand: very, very annoying.
It's: contraction for "it is" (This apple, it is red == This apple, it's red)
Its: possessive (The apple's color is red == Its color is red)
And you should either use Pokemon or Pokémon; these are the accepted spellings. Here is how the corrected sentence might read:

It's a Pokedex, a Pokemon encyclopedia that...

Pokeman298 September 12th, 2010 10:40 AM

after im done with the tilesets, me and kazuki will work on the summary, so plz hold on... ^.^ and thanks for the helpful constructive criticism

Pokeman298 September 30th, 2010 3:05 PM

5th gen it is.........................

Pokeman298 October 17th, 2010 12:49 PM

the new hero is up, plz give constructive criticism so i can see what to work on.

storyline is being written and carefully drawn out, and new remodels of maps should be out soon so stick around.

Karel_Kazuki October 31st, 2010 1:51 PM

Sorry if I haven't logged on in a while,Life has been rough around the edges ^^;;
Anyway,my production should pick up soon.

Pokeman298 November 1st, 2010 3:12 PM

sounds good man, im working on 3 things at once (tiles, sprites, story) so its good to have a little help

GaXeL November 1st, 2010 3:18 PM

Not to be a pan in the butter, but the new hero doesn't have anything special about him... Maybe a bandana or a hat?

Pokeman298 November 1st, 2010 3:40 PM

yeah, thats just a rough cut out

The Heckler November 1st, 2010 4:05 PM

man, im really liking this game. it may be a little more work, but i think you should use the 5th gen pokemon.

Pokeman298 November 1st, 2010 4:14 PM

thank you, all pokemon will be in it along with a few fakes. but since we dont have a good spriter, for now im using johto starters

Will94 November 3rd, 2010 2:06 AM

That player sprite needs alot of work... Definately add a hat, or something!!! And it isn't even Pokemon style. I know it is just a draft copy, but definately work on that!!!

Pokeman298 November 20th, 2010 6:28 AM

a new maps section is up, if you want to see it. theres only one map, but it'll improve. any constructive criticism would be nice.

Pokeman298 November 28th, 2010 7:55 AM

The Maps Section has been updated.

Jameska December 5th, 2010 7:16 AM

I'd like to have a list of everything you need me to do, like different types of trainers, grunts, etc. I tend to work more efficiently when I have a lot to do. Pm's page wouldn't load so I posted here.

Pokeman298 December 22nd, 2010 8:44 AM

Hello. I have had very little time to work on my game lately, with school and whatnot. So I don't think that I can focus on this game right now. I am not giving up on this game, I am merely putting this on hold. So could a moderator lock this thread until I can start back working? To all members, I will pm you when I want to start back this project.

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