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Zamorak February 10th, 2011 2:38 PM

Plague [PG-16] OOC and SUs

The city of Balice, a large city, a city of some of the greatest advancements in all areas of science. A city with a thriving business sector, with millions of citizens and nearly as many tourist at any one time. A city that will be the setting for an event so historic, so mind-numbingly extraordinary that it will never cease to be talked about, not until the end of humanity as it is known.

The city of Balice has a plague.

The great city of Balice has been infested with a plague, it has spread quickly and many have already died from it. Yet their is hope for the dead, for they will stand once again, but as monsters hell-bent on converting all those around them into more of their kind. The city has been quarantined for the safety and happiness of the surrounding area.

The quarantine line is protected twenty-four seven by well-armed infantry as well as exciting new technology being implemented to prevent possibly infected individuals from leaving through teleportation, flying, tunneling, or otherwise subverting the quaratine boundaries.

The public has been told that the plague kills people and Pokemon, although this is not entirely true. Pokemon are completely immune and those who do die from the virus walk again not five minutes after succumbing to death's embrace. The public has also been told that the plague is natural, as well as being told that the virus can live without a host for an undefined length of time. These are both lies, the plague was originally manufactured to act as an immunizer for several different disease's. The part about the virus being able to live without a host is partially true, it cannot survive without a host but it can use the parts of itself the die to feed off, giving it a possible time of twenty years to live outside a body.

A report to the troops
Men, we ****ed up big time here. We will not be able to keep this virus from spreading, but we can at least keep people from figuring out it was us. Kill any who try to escape, keep it from spreading, by the time our defences fail we'll have found a patsy to take all the blame for us.

Helpful things to know:
Balice 'had' a Pokemon limit of one, meant to keep Pokemon related crime down before the outbreak, it has now left anyone inside the quarantine borders with only one Pokemon, now unable to be switched ever since power was lost to the city.
Two things attract the zombies, blood and sound. If you get a cut, prepare to run like hell or die. Any loud sound will attract the zombies, this is the main reason firearms are not advised, for what you gain in range you lose attracting more zombies to your location.
The quarantine line is absolute, it goes underground as well as just on the surface. Teleportation is blocked, supposedly by some advanced tech, into and out of the city[although you can still teleport to different areas within the city].
The skies are monitored with advanced radar datection making aerial escape an impossibility. The basic assessment is that we try and leave, they blow us into several pieces.

-No flaming, trolling, sexism, or racism
-No posting without an SU
-Max of 3 characters[Yes, you can have multiple characters ^_^]
-No godmodding
-No bunnying without permission[Exception below]
-A player is allowed to bunny without permission if their character is locked into a conversation/battle/similar with said person if it has been more then four days since the last persons post.[i.e. A starts conversation with B, B responds, locking self in conversation, A does not respond for a total of four real days, B is allowed to bunny A to exit the conversation.]
-These rules are subject to change, I will announce on the OOC forum if I do as such though

This is not story based, this is freeplay, you can be in groups, or you can go it alone, your only limit to what is allowed is your imagination[and the RP rating]
The only thing that may be considered story is events, in which i'll announce something of interest happening in the city, usually through a post from a characters POV[Point of View]
Mostly Events will just be used to keep interest, and they may or may not get linked together into a kind of mini-story.

You need one for each character[Max of three characters]

Personality: One paragraph minimum
Appearance*: One paragraph minimum
History*:[Brief, just how they ended up in Balice(Tourist? Live their? etc.)]
RP sample: Two paragraphs minimum, must be written about the character you are currently creating in the city [Like an introduction post, only really display your characters personality here]

Pokemon: [Max-One]

All field indicated with an * are required
You are not required to have a Pokemon[But if you then fill out the entire Pokemon part of the SU]
You must have either Personality or an RP sample

Notes: Alright, thats basically it, this is very free form, the story just lets you know why their are zombies and why you can't leave the city, the rest is up to you.
I may or may not have a half-baked story told through the events i've planned, but for the most part this is your game people, your story, run around, kill some zombies, form a fighting force, whatever, your choice on what to do, I won't stop you unless it comes to the point of godmodding or just complete and utter stupidity [Or if people are purposely bullying a single player]
If you kill off a character then that subtracts from your 3 character count, allowing you to create a new character[Which will require a new SU]
I hadn't seen this before so I stole a few things from a few RPs i've done before on other sites and thought it would be fun, so just go out and have fun ^_^

As soon as I accept your first SU you are allowed to start posting in the RP thread.

Archipelago February 12th, 2011 3:20 PM

Sorry, I guess I just didn't notice the SU thread over here! Anywho, I'll get that Sign-up ready soon. And of course, I'll keep the Transform on the down-low, only using it on Pokemon in the area, just as it would be in the games and such.

Zamorak February 12th, 2011 3:24 PM

Alright, and feel free to spam this thread a little, just a little though, to keep it high on the front page.

Archipelago February 12th, 2011 3:26 PM


Originally Posted by Zamorak (Post 6452895)
feel free to spam this thread a little

Is that a challenge or a request?

MichaelaTheUchiha February 12th, 2011 3:30 PM

(blinks at Zamorak)

OI! Don't tell someone to do something that could get them banned, especially if there is a mod lurking around (like me). XD for one single pokemon, I can help but be stuck between Bishamon or Nightmare...Well, that is if I'm actually going to join this RP. I have like six (?), seven (?) RPs I'm juggling right now and it's making my posting slower. (sighs) Well, I probably will anyways...

Zamorak February 12th, 2011 3:32 PM


Originally Posted by Archipelago (Post 6452904)
Is that a challenge or a request?

Neither, it was more meant to mean don't feel scared to talk about stuff that concerns the RP only partially.
That was really badly worded...
Sorry for the misunderstanding U^_^

Archipelago February 12th, 2011 3:36 PM

I was joking! (Unless you were actually being serious?)

And I've always preferred it when the OOC thread are made not just for the Roleplay, but to just have a general chat with fellow Roleplayers. It makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere. And don't worry Michaela, I wasn't actually going to spam and such...

Besides, it's not a crime if you don't get caught... *winks*

MichaelaTheUchiha February 12th, 2011 3:38 PM

LOL, I was just joking as well.

Actually, let me finish up the SU I haven't finished, and I'll get back to you on joining the RP. XD

Zamorak February 12th, 2011 3:41 PM

Whew, dodged a bullet their.
And yeah, thats what I meant Archipelago... i guess I just had trouble properly expressing that.

Swolligator February 12th, 2011 4:26 PM

Name: Cole Malice
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Cole has always been that silent child, the one that lurks in shadows, speaks softly and quietly, and who you would not recognize nor see unless you were looking for them specifically. Gifted with a slightly higher than the average IQ, Cole only talks when it is necessary, seeing chatter as meaningless and just plain noise. Because of his silence, many took him to be mute or dumb, yet his marks succeeded many of his classmates' marks. This reclusion is part of his anti-social behavior; a product of his constant depersonalization of himself from general humanity. However being anti-social does not mean that he is completely anti-social, he will from time to time talk with other people, preferably if their intelligence was close to his.

Cole also has a 'fight to the death' attitude, in any situation he would continue fighting until his opponent lay dead in front of him, or in the worst case scenario, he was at his adversaries' feet. This is complimented by a 'devil may care' attitude where, in Balice, he actively goes searching for zombies to fight, not caring how many there are nor how much noise he makes. He is not one to interfere in others fights, even if they seem to be losing, instead he will wait until they are dead before taking on their adversaries. Danger does not scare him, rather, in a way, he 'gets off' on being in danger, the adrenaline rush and fight for survival excites him much.

From top to bottom, Cole averages out to be about 5 foot 10 inches, weighing nothing more than 70 kilograms. His hair is a sandy blonde, cut short in a military crop style to keep it out of his eyes and away from his face. He has quite an angular face and a prominent jaw line. His eyes are quite a dark shade of green, almost appearing brown, but any light on them would allow the green to show up. He has no facial hair, he prefers to be clean shaven than any facial hair. However the thing that gets most people, are the twin, black blades that stretch from Cole's elbows, and down the outside of his arms, ending a few centimeters past his hands, a couple of centimeters out from his arms. (much like The Wink.) Black Japanese steel, they weigh very little and Cole has used the past ten years having them to get use to them and is fairly deadly in a fight with them. He has very little muscle mass, he is 'toned', more than 'ripped', which better suits him and his fighting style.

When it comes to clothing, Cole prefers simplicity over decoration; his military background also means that he wears a lot of dark colors; black, brown, khaki, as well as the military tan. Most commonly however he will wear a pair of khaki cargo pants, a pair of black, military issue boots and a black, short sleeved shirt. He wears no accessories as they get in the way when in a fight. He has a tattoo of a stylised eagle on his back, the head turned towards his left and a couple vertebrae down his spine. The wings have five levels, each one shorter than the last. The top being at his shoulders, and the bottom most and the bottom of his ribs. The tail fans out in 5 feathers down the rest of of his spine.

Cole escaped from the army only to find them literally at his doorstep. After his parents died is a military accident, the army decided to make the child into a 'ghost child', pronouncing him dead, and pushing him into their experimental facility where they quickly grafted twin, black Japanese steel blades along the outsides of each arm. At first he found it odd, and lashed out at anyone who came near him, but as much as he resented the military, he could not escape. So he learned. He soaked up all the training they gave him, becoming stronger until five years after the grafting he was able to escape.

For five years, he had lived like the military had, it had become second nature to him their lifestyle, so he still practiced most of this such as his militarily cropped hair. Of course, the military were not happy that he had escaped and as such did all that they could to catch him. For five years he was on constant run from the military, living on the outskirts of civilization and scavenging whatever food he could get his hands on, but he continued to train, his skills not waning, but getting even better.

His final solace came when Balice was quarantined and he was able to slip inside the city; anywhere the army feared to tread was where he would be most at home. For now, he lives on the top floor of one of the many high rise hotels that dot the city. Here his lone base is set, and every day he descends down the building to get necessities and food, not to mention to hone his skills and fight.

RP sample: Serious?

Species: Scyther
Name: Scyther
Gender: Female

Name: Hei Mikami
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Hei is that one person that likes to have fun, no matter what the situation. In the case of being in Balice, he loves setting traps for zombies as well as making big explosions and lots of noise. As long as he is having fun, he is happy. Kill joys are his ultimate enemy, any one that tries to stop him having fun he begins to grow a grudge for. But overall, he is a happy and friendly person. He loves making new friends and is always willing to join forces with other people to fight zombies or to survive, but most alliances often do not last long, being the kind of person he is.

As wild and out of control as Hei seems, he actually has a lot of maturity. He is kind to the ladies and overall very polite. He studies often as something to do when not killing zombies and training with Blade. He can be somewhat cold and calculating, which allows him to pull off stunts with near perfection. There is only one thing that barriers Hei from the rest of Balice; he cannot speak English. He was brought up speaking Japanese and came to Balice as a tourist, not knowing any English what so ever.

As Hei's name suggests, he is Asian, more specifically Japanese. He has the classic medium length black hair which he constantly styles everyday. At first his eyes seem to be blue, however due to the need to wear glasses, he wears contacts instead, these contacts changing color everyday, but are most often a light shade of blue. He measures in at five foot six inches, weighing less than sixty kilograms. His lifestyle of eating healthy food and light exercise means that he is lean and hardly muscular.

As far as clothing goes, Hei wears some ridiculous clothing. His current trend at the moment includes formal wear; a long sleeved black dress shirt buttoned at the wrist, a silver tie, a pair of dress pants, topped of with a pair of dress shoes, which he keeps clean and polishes every evening. Also on his left wrist is a gold analogue watch, placed there to make people think he is left handed.

As far as weaponry goes, he often carries around a 89式アサルトライフル: Howa Type 89 Assault Rifle, which he mostly uses from a safe distance. However this gun usually stays in his room, as he prefers to bring along his sixty centimeter Japanese Katana and his Haxorus Blade for easier movement and the chance to have some fun.

Hei quite simply is a bad tourist. He never wanted to visit Balice before, but on a spur of sporadic thinking, he picked up a brochure and brought a ticket to the city. With no knowledge of English, he entered the city as the infection started out, not knowing what the hell was going on. He chose a room in one of the tall, expensive hotels because he like the view of the city. He soon found out about the infection when the Army closed off the perimeter of the city the next day. Hei freaked for a couple of hours, before calming down and started setting up his base of operations in his room. Since then, he has been stock piling food and ammunition and anything that could help him survive. He has since blown up the staircase reaching from the floor below to his floor as well as cut the cords to the elevator as safety precautions. A rope now replaces the stairs.

RP sample: Serious?

Species: Haxorus/Ononokusu
Name: Blade
Gender: Male

Lilliana February 12th, 2011 8:33 PM

Name: Kiana Silver

Age: 16

Gender: female

Personality: Kiana can be cold at times, mainly in battles. when someone is being bullied, or when she just plain doesn't like someone, which is rare. She is a fan of people who are talkative because she's a quiet person and she can't stand people who are mean to others. Most people just stay away from her unless they know her and the people who do treat her fairly with respect. Kiana lives by the saying Treat others the way you want to be treated and unless she really dislikes someone she treats everyone with respect. In most situations she'll be the one to stay calm and together but if someone she cares about is hurt or in danger she'll act rashly not even bothering to think.

History: Kiana has just recently moved to Balice. The reason why was because her father was transferred resulting in their move from Pallet town in the Kanto Region to Balice. Shortly after moving here was when the Plague started quickly killing both of her parents leaving her with her mothers Vulpix who still doesn't really listen to her much.

Appearance: Kiana has dark colored skin with a face covered in pale freckles. Just to be different than everyone else her long straight hair is dyed a rich Purple. She stands tall for her age at 5"9' and weighs 167 lbs. Kiana always wears a red tube top, black skinny jeans and red sneakers so her three tattoos can be seen. On her left shoulder is a tattoo of a phoenix, her right arm a black rose surrounded by flames and on her upper back right between her shoulder blades is a tattoo of the legendary Pokemon Moltres. She has each of her ears pierced three times and has just recently gotten her lip pierced. She also carries a machete with her.

Pokemon: One
Species: Vulpix
Name: Ember
Gender: Male

Name: Blake Thomas
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Personality: Blake has been described as a very cold and very headstrong person. He'll put up with a group and easily like the people he's with but when it comes to those who are his enemies he is ruthless in his treatment of them. He'll rush headfirst into a situation without thinking and is glad that in most situations his friend Kiana is there to help him. He can be bold and cocky at times and in most occasions is a very loud person but due to the plague he's forcing himself to be near silent so as not to be caught by the zombies like his parents.
Appearance: Blake has dark skin and jet black hair. His hair is a little long going down to the end of his neck and framing his thin face. He stands at only 4'8 and weighs roughly 98lbs but don't underestimate his size. Blake is a strong kid for his age even though he doesn't look it. He dresses in a black t-shirt, ripped faded jeans, and on old pair of converse, and is seen carrying around a machete just like Kiana but he also has his fathers silenced pistol in his pocket just in case he needs it. Atop his head rests a black beret that his mother gave him for his tenth birthday, which oddly enough was the day the plague started.
History: Blake was born and raised in Balice and knows everyone there and every one knows him. Shortly before his tenth birthday he met Kiana Silver and quickly became friends with her. His parents and older sister were killed saving him from the Zombies that had broken into their home.

Pokemon: One
Species: Sneasel
Name: Slash
Gender: Female

MichaelaTheUchiha February 13th, 2011 1:45 PM

Name*: Miharu Mizushima

Age*: 19

Gender*: Female

Miharu is called very emotionless at times, due to the fact that she rarely shows emotions on her face aside from apathy, annoyance, and a blank mask. However, she only acts this way around other people; the only time she lets down her mask is when she around her pokemon, or her friends. She is very sarcastic and has a very sharp tongue, but whenever she says sarcasm, she usually does so with a straight face and even tone so others may believe that what she said was not sarcasm. She despises arrogance and will do whatever she can to beat it out of someone. If someone is in trouble, she may not help unless the situation is life-threatening since she believes that sort of experience can either break a person, or let them grow stronger. She will do whatever she can to help a pokemon though. Although she is taciturn, she does say things when there is something important at stake. She also will say whatever is on her mind as she is brutally honest.

Miharu has long, black hair which reaches to the middle of her back. She likes keeping it in a ponytail so it doesn't get into her eyes and she doesn't have any bangs. She also has purely black eyes which can unnerve people at times, she can use that to her advantage when she doesn't want to be bothered. She has a yellowish skin colour and has very definite muscles from the various martial arts training she has had. She is 5'7" and weighs about 121 pounds. She usually wears all black; a black t-shirt and long black slacks, but sometimes she would mix in a little blue as well. She doesn't own or wear any jewelry or any other accessories.

History*: Miharu is a tourist. Her reason for being there? Escaping the paparazzi after becoming the champion of Kanto.

Miharu had first started in the Sinnoh region, deciding that the last region she was going to conquer was her own region. In all four regions, she collected all eight gym badges along with getting all of the Battle Frontier Symbols, both Sinnoh and Hoenn. In the Sinnoh region, she made it to the top sixteen, but lost to another contender. After losing, she had gotten an invitation to the Battle Frontier in Sinnoh and beat all of the Frontier Brains. Afterwords, she had decided to go to Hoenn next. It was there where she made it to the semi-finals, but lost against the future winner of the Hoenn League. She had also gotten an invitation to the Battle Frontier there and beat all of the Frontier Brains. She then went to the Johto region, but after getting all eight gym badges she had decided to go straight to Kanto instead. It was after she had gotten all eight gym badges at the Indigo League where she had finally won the tournament, against the elite four, and became the champion of Kanto at the age of seventeen. During her "reign" as the champion, she had battled all of the other elite four and champions of the other regions. As such, she had a close friendship with many of the elite four members and the champions, but Cynthia in particular. She is not the champion of the Kanto region any longer after stepping down voluntarily.

RP sample: You already know how I RP. :P

Knows English, Japanese, Korean, Khmer, and French. Has an IQ of 200; she is pretty much one of those "born smart" geniuses who usually don't have to work hard in order to perfect anything that has to do with memorization and learning new things. She usually thinks things through, very quickly, before doing anything and she can usually get information by just reading people or picking up small context clues or hidden messages in the words. She has also very adapt in psychology and uses what she has learnt about the subject in battles. Has studied different martial arts and has incorporated most of them into her own fighting style. She can use practically anything around her as a weapon. She has seen every legendary pokemon in existence except for Arceus.


Species: Gengar
Name: Nightmare
Gender: Male
Notes: Shiny and can talk

The Last Sentinel February 13th, 2011 2:56 PM

Name*: Kellyn Wayland
Age*:19 going on 20
Personality: He is a kind teen who is considerably protective of his family, friends, and pokemon. Although he is kind and protective, he can be harsh to those who get on his bad side and cross the line. He is very romantic but rarely meets anyone he would like to date. He is a good sport and almost never gets depressed after losing a battle (Though it has happened before). He does get sleepy when using to much energy quickly.

He is quite adventurous, never staying in a place for too long besides the random occasions. He loves puzzles and can break most. He keeps some secrets from people until he's known them. When he gets nervous he will occasionally say a joke to lighten the mood. He has a supportive thought of most of the laws and will fight to protect . He'll brag to his rival('s) in order to show his achievements.

Appearance*: Kellyn is a very handsome Caucasian boy at the height of 6"0. He has black hair and bluish-green eyes with inner kindness behind them. Has an average build with muscles and abs. He is fairly skinny due to days of working and training hard. His hair is in a short, messy style and his arms have been scarred up from fights and accidents. His smile is bright with white teeth, that can get any girl to fall for him. He weighs 180 lbs.
Clothing: On most occasions, Kellyn wears an average t-shirt with a simple domino design. He mainly wears his blue zip-up hoody over it and blue jeans with several designer holes. He wears simple running shoes and has a basic backpack. He occasionally wears a baseball cap with his own design on it. He has a necklace with a fearless rune on it from his family. During the winter, he wears a long sleeve shirt with a skateboard design on it and a heavier sweatshirt. When it is sunny he will wear sunglasses. He has an AK47u strapped to him leg along with an M95 on his back.
History*:He was born in the city but at the age of 11 left for an adventure. He gone to each region, meeting many people and pokemon, including his Espeon, Bliss. He has captured many others and has defeated all the gyms in each region and the Hoenn Battle Frontier. While he was in Johto where he started, he and two other friends traveled each beating the gyms. He made it to the top 8 in this region but lost to a highly skilled battler. He then went to the Hoenn region where he became the champion for two years. After leaving Hoenn, he came to Kanto and lost at the league at the top 32. He entered Sinnoh and reached the top 4. He is currently in Balice while he waits to enter the region of Unova.
RP sample: You've seen me Rp but I'll post it if you want...

Name: Bliss
Gender: Female
Other: She was Kellyn's first pokemon

Name*: Genesis Wayland
Age*: 18
Gender*: Female
Personality: She is a smart, overprotective woman who loves her pokemon. She is easy to be friends with and she is considerably kind to strangers. Can be very romantic and loveable. She is confused on her sexuality...
Appearance*: She is a beautiful, averaged-height 18 year-old with shoulder length blonde hair with several brown streaks running down. She usually is seen wearing skinny jeans and a thin black shirt with a zip-up hoodie over it. She mainly wears converse shoes, but has running shoes. She wears a necklace with a fearless rune on it as her family crest. She carries pair M1911's on either thigh and a M16 on her back.
History*:She was born in the city and left on a journey at the age of 11 like her brother. She traveled through each region except Unova in which she was preparing for before the virus.

Pokemon: [Max-One]

Zamorak February 13th, 2011 3:04 PM

MichaelatheUchiha: Accepted
Lilliana: Accepted
Kellyn: Accepted

Name: Odessa Stocks

Age: 22[technically -3, but we'll get to that later]

Gender: Female

Personality: XXXXXXXXX

Appearance: Odessa is a little under six feet high and weighs about 140lb. She has black hair with bright blue highlights that falls a little above her shoulder. She has grey eyes, a thin scar running down her right arm from falling off a ladder when she was young. She also sticks to wearing a t-shirt, a knee-length skirt, running shoes, and earring, the one on her left ear being a small pink diamond hanging off a small gold loop and the other a small clear diamond hanging off a similar gold hoop.

History: Odessa is visiting Balice on personal business.

Odessa was born three years after the Balice incident, and was an only child to her father Josh Stocks[who changed his last name after becoming emancipated a year and a half after the Balice incident] and Alissa Stocks. Since then she has completed the Kanto gym challenge, as well as being partially responsible for the take-down of two criminal syndicates. She has been brought back in time by a friend to help protect her father who is in the city.

Odessa stared at the zombies, slowly shambling towards her, she walked quickly, two stumbled and fell lunging for her as she passed. She made it to where she was going faster then she expected, and their were no more zombies to try and catch her here. She saw who she was looking for, not really important to what she was supposed to be doing, but that wasn't the point. She walked up to him, "Hi" she said brightly, she really had to have this make an impression.

The man looked at her, "what the hell are you so cheery about" he yelled. "Good" thought Odessa, "Your going to die in a car crash seven years from now, but its ok because your an ass that no one will mourn" she yelled, same cheery tone in her voice. The man looked at her and backed away, very slowly. Odessa felt her back, she couldn't feel the scar anymore, it had worked, "messing with time is fun. He won't have that crash and I won't get that scar" she thought happily.

Species: Raichu
Name: Silva
Gender: Female
Notes: Grey eyes just like Odessa, is small for a Raichu[little larger then a pikachu] , and has a blue tail instead of yellow.


Name: Josh Stocks[Formerly Josh Cross]

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Personality: Josh is one who doesn't care very much for words and thus is a very blunt person. He is also someone who just can't leave something mostly finished, if he is close to the end he feels he must complete it, even if it would be easier and quicker to do it later. He is a socially inept person who prefers reading to other people and electronic exposure to human exposure. He is also a someone who has a deep interest in engineering and computers. He is also someone who is has trouble paying attention to others and often gets lost in conversations due to inattentiveness.

Josh also is also someone who is quickly angered by people who purposely make trouble, and those who don't take certain things as seriously as they should. Also he is someone who believes people are mostly good but that everyone but that people have to be careful around others to protect against those who would want to hurt them, making him seem only a bit paranoid. He has love only for his family, finding it hard to connect with others in any meaningful way outside of what he considers his family. Is also a good writer but prefers subjects with more tangible right and wrong[like arithmetic] then to the more philosophical subjects[less easily answered, where the lines of right and wrong are blurred or nonexistent].

History: Josh was visiting Balice on business, hoping to further his engineering career in the technically advanced city. His mother and sister died in a car crash when he was twelve due to a failed suicide attempt by his father. he left home and spent several years delivering packages anonymously for a vigilante group looking to decrease crime. afterwards he started studying as an engineer before later helping with an issue that endangered several peoples lives.


Species: Ninetales
Name: Nirvana
Gender: Female
Notes: All of its tails are tipped black, instead of the orange color of normal Ninetales.

Archipelago February 13th, 2011 3:05 PM

Here's my one then!


Name: Penelope “Penny” Abbott
Age: 14 (September the 13th)
Gender: Female

Personality: Penny's a some-what childish character in all honesty, not having experienced some of the more fearful aspects of ordinary life, or anything like the vicious zombies which now roam Balice. The girl's a fairly naïve character, and completely impractical, which are two odd qualities for a Pokemon trainer, and ones which really aren't useful. Still, this does leave her as a remarkably upbeat person, and rarely ever one to feel upset or depressed. Her straightforwardness often gets things done quickly, although it might occasionally sound like an insult if she's asking about something more personal, but it's not meant as that, and just her natural curiosity getting in the way of things.
Along with her childish nature, Penny seems to have a much more sideways look at the world rather than someone who is much more academic. A strong believer of Karma, Penny often tries to do the right thing, even if her lack of mental maturity may often cloud that thought. Her self-created beliefs may seem to be a little odd at times, but her only Pokemon have gotten used to that kind of behaviour, or at least pretend to have. While Penny does like to keep up a cheerful atmosphere around herself and the group, there are her times, - just like anyone – when she just can't manage to keep a cheerful grin. Of course, something truly horrific has to happen for her to break down, but when it does, she really takes it hard. But considering the current situation, it's surprising she hasn't already burst into tears. She can't help those emotions, but the occasional mood-swing can be a 'tad annoying.

Appearance: Standing at about 5'3”, which is just a little above average for a girl of her age, but still not hugely tall in general. Penelope's skin is also fairly pale due to being born and living in the somewhat colder region of Sinnoh, especially in the more northerly parts of it. Almost never seen without a great big grin on her face, her cheeks dimple slightly as she does so. The eyes of young Penny Abbott are a viciously deep green, and her hair is a strawberry blonde which reaches down to her shoulders and curls slightly at the end. Still being young, she keeps a rather immature figure, not exactly having curves of any sort.

Clothing-wise, Penelope wears a pair of blue jeans which fit comfortably while being less restricting in movement than extremely tight-fitting jeans. Black trainers are worn on her size four feet, which allow for running and easy travel, a habit that Penny picked up on her trip around Sinnoh, and one which should prove useful to some extent now that the Plague has hit Balice. White socks are worn underneath her shoes, although those aren't exactly noticeable. For her torso, Penelope wears a bright green T-shirt, of which the next, short sleeves and base have a thin white line around them. Finally, Penny wears a thin white jacket over the shirt which works wonders to keep her warm.

History: Penny was not born in the city of Balice, but instead in the town of Celestic in the Sinnoh region. In fact, this is the first time she's ever been to Balice, and what a great time she chose to go on holiday...

Spending her whole life living in Celestic Town, Penny grew up a rather uneventful life. There were very few dangers or worries in the ancient settlement other than the occasional passer by. It really was a far too quiet town for Penelope's liking, although it did give her the chance to gain a somewhat more cheerful outlook on life rather than an overly stressed one. Still, things were relatively boring in the tiny town since its population was barely over a thousand. So, Penny did what every ten year old of her age did at that time, began her Pokemon journey. Still, things weren't that easy as Penelope lacked a Pokemon, or any knowledge on the subject for that matter. Due to a rather lucky chain of events, Penny captured her first Pokemon.

Going to the west of Celestic Town simply for a walk, Penelope came across a rather rare sight. It was a Pokemon no doubt, but one which had not been seen since the beginning of time. Simply hovering in the air sat a Mesprit. Its tiny grey body, twin tails, bright pink headdress and all. It glanced at Penny before dashing off, leaving the girl to chase after the legendary Pokemon of emotion. The creature seemed to have forgotten about Penelope, and quite quickly let its guard down. Penny had brought along a quick-ball with her, just for this kind of situation. Throwing the Quick Ball, the Mesprit was enveloped in light, and was sucked into the capture device. She had finally caught a Pokemon, and a legendary at that! Penelope quickly ran home to tell her family the good news. Sending out the Pokemon again, Penelope was met with a slight sense of surprise and disappointment. “Ditto?” The creature that look the magnificent legendaries place was a tiny blob of purple goo, with beady eyes and a cheerful smile. A Ditto. Penelope's family deducted that it must have seen the engravings in the Celestic Ruins, and took the idea of the Emotion Pokemon to heart. Still, this Ditto – soon nicknamed Robin – became Penelope's first Pokemon, and she soon began to travel outside of her home town to pursue her knew goal as a Pokemon trainer at her eleventh birthday, battling gyms and capturing Pokemon along the way. The team of Pokemon were a much more unusual team, as Penelope took every chance she could to capture some of the most bizarre team members to keep in theme with the spontaneity of both herself and her first Pokemon. But of course, Penelope took some time to relax, and headed back to Celestic Town for some R&R back in her home town. Her family had managed to work up the money to by a few tickets to the city of Balice, meaning that Penelope, her parents and younger brother could spend a few weeks at the huge city.

Due to the laws of Balice saying that each person could only have one Pokemon on them at the time, so in an attempt to keep most of Penelope's team together over the trip (and considering none of the other family members had a Pokemon), they each took one of Penelope's Pokemon, and spent a few days having a great time. Of course, we all know the story of Balice doesn't end that easily. The Plague spread. And so, Penelope and Robin, separated from their family and Pokemon allies, have set it upon themselves to re-group with her family and Pokemon. Problem is, she has no idea whether any of them are still alive or not.

RP sample: [You know, you said to either have the Personality section filled out or this bit... so...]


Species: Ditto
Name: Rook
Gender: N/a, referred to as Male

Zamorak February 13th, 2011 3:12 PM

Archipelago: Accepted

Also, feel free to start posting in the main thread.
I have lots of ideas cooked up for events, for now though just mess around, kill some zombies, make a safehouse, clan, group, whatevs, but just go have some fun with this!!!

The Last Sentinel February 13th, 2011 3:14 PM

Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Grins* I'm in, I'm in!!!!

I'll be on in a sec...

Archipelago February 13th, 2011 3:19 PM

So hold on, lemme just get this right...

We've got a talking Gengar, an emotionless super-genius, a bright green Espeon, a Ditto with a habit of imitating legendaries, zombies, an engineer, a Raichu with a blue tail and a time-traveller? I assume that interesting would be an understatement?

Zamorak February 13th, 2011 3:21 PM


Originally Posted by Archipelago (Post 6454949)
So hold on, lemme just get this right...

We've got a talking Gengar, an emotionless super-genius, a bright green Espeon, a Ditto with a habit of imitating legendaries, zombies, an engineer, a Raichu with a blue tail and a time-traveller? I assume that interesting would be an understatement?

Yes, this is going to get very crazy and interesting.
I'm actually partially using this RP for character development that I can't do in other RPs I use the character in.
And I never said your pokemon couldn't be crazy strange.

The Last Sentinel February 13th, 2011 3:22 PM

From the sounds of it yes it is...

MichaelaTheUchiha February 13th, 2011 3:33 PM I feel like pulling out my immortal!Miharu. Who, by the way, has been alive since...the beginning of time. XD

The emotionless super genius, I guess, is Miharu? XD Well, she's not completely emotionless...she just pushes her feelings in the back of her mind and is very jaded due to things that have happened here and there. And especially MORE so if I really do pull out the immoral!Miharu. XD Well, actually, usually the immortal!Miharu is not emotionless at all, I'm not really sure how to explain her personality, I would say she's like a Yuko from xxxHolic. Especially the drinking part. Especially that. XD

The Last Sentinel February 13th, 2011 3:47 PM

XD, Michaela is that the Nightmare I'm thinking about?

MichaelaTheUchiha February 13th, 2011 3:52 PM

Yes, the violent, baseball bat hitting, drunken, cursing, awesome, nightmare, Nightmare.

(sighs) Zamorak logged off which means I won't get a response about the immortal!Miharu. Ah, well, I'm pretty sure he was going to say NO anyways...Unless I make another character an immortal. Then Miharu won't seem like a Mary-Sue. XD Although, the immortal!Miharu I use...I can't really explain her history (RUINS EVERYTHING), or her personality since she's..."unique". Well, she does act like Yuko so I guess not totally unique...I'm rambling. XD Alright, shutting up now. :P

The Last Sentinel February 13th, 2011 3:54 PM

XD, I wonder if I should add my other charrie...

Archipelago February 13th, 2011 4:04 PM


Originally Posted by MichaelaTheUchiha (Post 6454985)
Ah, well, I'm pretty sure he was going to say NO anyways...

I'm pretty sure an Immortal genius is verging on Mary-Sue. But then again, most super-villains manage to pull it off without any problem.


Originally Posted by The Final Watchman (Post 6454990)
XD, I wonder if I should add my other charrie...

If I would ever get round to creating a second character on this Roleplay, I'd probably create Penelope's younger brother, since he's probably still lost in the current cataclysm. Aww, he'd only be like eight or nine.

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