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imthemovie February 21st, 2011 10:18 PM

[Pre-Production]Pokemon 2
*Before I begin I'd just like to mention that this is merely a working title. The new title will be announced with the official release of the first demo.*

**This game takes place in the near-distant future of Pokemon Red and Blue; HOWEVER, the game takes place only a couple years after Ruby and Sapphire. I don't think Ruby and Sapphire ever specifically mentions a time (in relation to R/b); and if it does; then oh well. I'm making a plot hole.**


Hello I am imthemovie. I am fairly new to posting as you may have noticed; don't let that fool you. I am not just some new 12 year old kid looking to make yet another thread of empty promises. I am actually a 20 year old college student, who; after years of lurking have finally decided to create a new Pokemon experience for others to enjoy! I will be creating this game in RPG Maker XP. I will be using a "starter kit" for this project. I am still exploring my options and trying to decide which to use for now. If any experienced users have a suggestion as to which they like the best please do share! I hope to be able to figure my way through the project on my own as much as possible. That being said; if anyone would like to help me through road blocks as I reach them; please let me know! I'd really appreciate it! Enough about me; on to the game...


That's right! You will be playing as returning characters; May and Brendan. I will refer to them as Ruby and Sapphire though (PokeSpecial). You have completed your journey in the Hoenn Region a couple of years ago. Professor Oak meets with you and Professor Birch back in Littleroot Town and suggests you try your luck with the Kanto Pokemon League. Due to new Pokemon restrictions in Kanto (will be explained below), you are forced to start fresh in this new land. Professor Oak invites you to fly back with him to Pallet; where he will give you a Pokemon to start your journey with.


I really don't want to divulge too much information at this stage. I am not going to hand-out the story just yet. After-all it is still being developed as of now; but I suppose I will give you a general outline of the setting I have in mind so far.

*Please Note any and all of the following is subject to change at any point I see necessary*

I've already explained the Prologue of the game above. So I guess from there I have to tell you that this is not the same Kanto you are all familiar with from previous Pokemon games. This game is set in the near-distant future (I don't think setting the exact number of years is important, just know it's far enough in the future where things can be drastically different; while still not far enough where returning characters and such would be out of the question). Some cities have grown, others have shrunk and some are not at all how you remember them and have been re-named! For example: Viridian City. It has become one of the hottest place to be in Kanto! Shopping Malls, Resorts, and Corporate Buildings have all come here. Due to to rapidly growing population of Viridian City it was expanded; thus cutting down into Route 1; making it smaller. Also it left many buildings to be abandoned at Saffron because companies were leaving to go to Viridian City. Basically what I am trying to get across is, every change made will leave an impact on the Region somehow. All the new changes in the map should seem realistic enough. When you see A run-down Saffron City; it won't be for no reason. You will be told "yeah, everyone left here to go to Viridian". Hopefully I am making sense here. I have not figured everything out in regards to which cities have changed, shrunk/grown, or disappeared yet. And will not release it all at once either. Some changes will not be "officially" announced until after you are able to play that area for yourself. The game will officially be set 5 years after your journey in Hoenn( or 2-3 years after G/S). Some changes that I mentioned above will be hinted at. Some will actually be starting to occur while you play. If anyone has any specific ideas in mind for the "new" kanto;please do let me know!

With these changes; the Pokemon Worldwide Association has decided that some preservation must be made. And some rules have been placed world-wide. These rules are often Region Specific. Here are seem changes made to the Kanto Region:

- Several Pokemon Reservations are placed through out the region. Some of these Reservations are a "No-Capture" Zone. Which means you may not catch wild Pokemon in this area. If you are caught the Pokemon will be set free and you will be charged a hefty fine.

-In order to avoid an overpopulated Region like some other Regions have become; A ban has been placed on bringing foreign Pokemon into the Region. (Meaning only Gen I & II Pokemon will appear in this game)

- More too come...

**If you have any ideas, suggestions for new laws to be placed. Please Share!**

What is going to set this game apart from others? I'm mostly leaning on a well thought-out story to carry me in that department. No, there isn't 100 new Fakemon in this game. Here is a list of what i am hoping to include. Again this list is also subject to change.

- Although I don't have a whole new fakemon Pokedex; I am including two brand-new Pokemon into this game! They are apart of already existing evolution lines, so subscribe to this thread to keep up with updates for when I release them!
- Shadow Pokemon: As you begin your journey you will surely run into a few shadow Pokemon. As you progress further you will learn of how shadow Pokemon have found there way into Kanto; and hopefully be able to put an end to it!
- Snagging! Yep, you guessed it. Although you won't necessarily be able to snag Pokemon from just anyone. Snagging will appear in this game. Not going to reveal too much on this just yet though.
- Orre Region: For a brief while you will make way to the Orre Region. What for? You will have to wait to find out.
*Orre will only be accessible for a short while in the story. Once that point in the game is over. You cannot return
-Cameos by many familiar faces...
-8 gym challenges, Elite Four, and World Championship Tournament.
-More as it comes to me...

*some new artwork coming soon*
**Screenshots will come and continue to come as progress is made**

Creator/Director/Character Design/etc - imthemovie

Let me know what you guys think! And again, don't be afraid to submit some ideas if you'd like. And if anyone is interested in forming a team; Please do let me know.

Thank you!

Starrcasm February 22nd, 2011 11:41 AM

Wow, this is probably one of the more productive posts I've seen in the drawing board for a while, now xD

That being said, since it's still on the drawing board, there is always room to improve. So I hope you dont mind, I'm going to break down your first post and I'm going to give you some advice to help make this game awesome.

I think its important to note that before you start reading this, I REALLY like this game idea. Thus far. So if I come off as being...rude or anything, just know that I really like the game idea. So overall feeling on this is positive :D

I guess I'll start at the beginning. The title sucks. BUT you said you were going to make a new one, so that's that :)

Next, and I'm not sure where I've heard this, but I believe they have come up with timeframes for the first 4 generations. Though I have nothing to cite to back me up, what I've been told is that R/B/Y happened, then G/S/C happened 3 years later [which makes sense with the whole Giovanni thing] and then I've been told that R/S/E takes place at the same time that R/B/Y does, and D/P/Pt 3 years later. Again, nothing to cite backing me up, so you're still free to choose your own plot advancement, i suppose.

by the way, RPG Maker XP is definitely the way to go.

I like the costume change you made to Sapphire, it's very...stylish. ahaha im not sure if that's the right word, but I like it. Can't wait to see Ruby's new clothes.

AH and now onto your story bit. Ok, so it seems as though you want to change the outlook of making Viridian City a huge city. Why viridian? There's like nothing there xD. I'd understand Vermillion, because its a port city, and port cities are usually VERY populous [New York, Shanghai, Philadelphia...there are others xD] but i feel like Viridian has no reason to suddenly get HUGE. Then again this also depends on how far in the future you're planning this. If its 3 years then Kanto would look like it did in GSC/HGSS. Something tells me you want it to be different though.

I suppose that all depends on when you decide to set the game. Setting is key.

Now, what I'm not seeing is a PLOT. I mean, you have a background, and it's very...creative, but I don't see a plot. Is there an evil team? Is team rocket back? I have no idea. Maybe team Snagem or Cipher from Orre depending on what you have in store for the shadow pokemon? At this point I have no idea :P

Next point. Everyone knows fakemon are key to a successful game.

Just kidding ahahaha. Im looking forward to the two new species you'll be unveiling.

Ummm....I mean there's not much else I have to say. I'll definitely keep an eye on this, and hopefully it'll turn into something good. Good luck, sir :D

imthemovie February 22nd, 2011 3:04 PM

Thank you so much for you're feedback! Yes, the title will definitely be revamped once I can really come up with one that I feel is right for the project. So for now Pokemon 2 is it. As far as the timeline goes; you are probably right. What I really wanted to do was bring the familiar faces from Ruby/Sapphire to the Kanto Region. To give it some sense of continuity. Just because you finish the region you start in; who is to say that the hero doesn't go on to do more. I was going to say "Ef you" to the timeline and create plothole either way. Perhaps a better route to take would be to set it 5-6 years after R/S/E? That would mean it is 2-3 years after G/S/C. Perhaps this "bigger" future is better left for another day. I can hint towards these advancements/changes that will eventually become of Kanto. Yes; I think I will do that. PS. the reason I though Viridian would see such a growth is because it is right next to the Pokemon League and Close to Johto. But with Vermillion so close to Saffron it also wouldn't make much sense to "steal the spotlight" so to speak. This is why I'm here in this board though to get feedback and hear suggestions! So thank you.

So to recap so far; I've come to the conclusion that the overly drastic change to kanto will have to wait
..until Diamond and Pearl head over to kanto? :P one game at a time haha. The game will officially be set 3 years after G/S. I'll say roughly about 5 years after you complete your journey in Hoenn. There will be changes that will be hinting at further changes that will occur in Kanto. Some changes that I had in mind will be currently on-going as you play. Again I am unsure what EXACTLY is happening to each town anyways.

Thanks for encouraging the use of RMXP :P I've been keeping up on CrazyNinjaGuy's starter kit. The current version he is coming up with is almost an exact replica of HGSS. So that seems like my favorite choice thus far.

Thanks for complimenting Sapphire's attire. I am kinda going with the HGSS route of keeping it close to the original; but also freshening it up a bit too. and I should have Ruby's up by the end of this weekend hopefully. As well as artwork for one of the new Pokemon I am going to include. They are not going to be anything special. I just thought it'd be nice to include a few new guys. I'm going to say that If a new Pokemon idea comes up and it's design is good enough. I may decide to add it in. I will add anything less than extraordinary though.

The story isn't completely finished yet; which is why I haven't included it yet. Yes,Team Snagem (or a team similar) will be making an appearance. I will give away that part of the objective of the game is to put an end to this organization. Which is why you will head to Orre and take out this organization from the inside. With the inclusion of shadow Pokemon; part of your mission in the game will also be to help "cure" this "disease" and help with Purification research. I may include a "new" team rocket. I may not. I'm messiing around with the idea of including a form of neo-team Rocket. Not sure yet. I'm just trying to break the barrier of cliche Pokemon Fan-game and create something great for the community to enjoy.

Sorry for the wall of text haha. I really do appreciate you breaking everything down for me. So, thanks C:

imthemovie February 23rd, 2011 10:15 AM

Added Brendan/Ruby's Design (above). It's a little more sloppy than May/Sapphire's; but it will do for now. If anyone here is an experienced spriter and would like to sprite the trainer sprites and overworld sprites for these guys let me know! I'm not that experienced in Pokemon styled Sprites just yet.

I also just barely begun to map. I am currently mapping out Littleroot (where you will begin; before you transfer over to Pallet town).

This title will include your Pokemon following behind you; just as they did in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I am actually hoping to incorporate more features into this. Especially regarding the Shadow Pokemon.

And now for some eye-candy! The first new Pokemon to be revealed is...

Take a stab at who you think this guy is! Also, this design is subject to ( and most likely will) change.

More to come guys!

Starrcasm February 23rd, 2011 12:33 PM

The Ruby design is very nice, and as much as it looks like a simple color change [im not sure if it is or isnt], it flows very very well. So good job!

is it a...Lickitung prevo?

imthemovie February 23rd, 2011 12:55 PM

They're both merely minor edits. I like to think of them more as A "revisit" or "redux" if their original designs.

And yes, Lickitung Pre-evo. Name undecided as of yet.

Littleroot is nearly complete. I am going to create some custom tiles for the houses and Lab before I reveal it. Littleroot IS playable briefly during the opening minutes of the game.
Yes? No?

DForte February 23rd, 2011 7:23 PM

Im not that big of a fan when it comes to fakemon, but if its a good pre-evo or new evo, i like it. As for your Lickitung pre-evo.......I like lol.

I think you should make his name LickiLike or Lickimini....yes/no/idk. I've never named a fakemon before.

I cant really give my opinion on the map because I'm not a mapper, but the tiles in front of the doors do look a little weird to me. To me, they just don't flow.

imthemovie February 23rd, 2011 7:29 PM

Thanks I'll be waiting to decide on a name until something really pops out at me.

As for the tiles in front of the door. Yeah, I noticed that too when I did it; I'll most likely be removing them before the demo.

Thank you for the input! I am constantly waiting for some feedback; but I guess that will mostly come once the first demo is out.

Alternative February 23rd, 2011 8:24 PM

Mind if I post some cnc on your development so far?

It seems like a strong plot as in what's going to happen, in going back to have a go at the Kanto region's league, but one thing that bothers me is the shadow Pokemon. I mean what purpose do they serve? It seems as if you've just thrown them in there for filler or something. Is there an enemy team which want to cease control of these Shadow Pokemon, or use their power for their own needs? It just seems to me like you want to go back to the Kanto League because Professor Oak told you to.

imthemovie February 23rd, 2011 9:30 PM

Well actually; it's more of a personal choice as well. You have proven yourself in the Hoenn Region. You realize that you must take on new challenges to further yourself as a trainer.

I am almost done with a completed outline of the story. Some minor tweaks must be made; but I should have it up tomorrow morning.

SytheXP February 23rd, 2011 10:14 PM

You need to change the dirt tile in front of the doors the grass on the autotile is slightly darker than the grass on the tileset you are using. You could just make the bg color on the autotile (The darker green) transparent. Thats what I would do anyway. Also I use Poccil's kit simply due to I am more familiar with it and am against the dual screen. However CNG's kit looks good imo. I say test em all see what works best for you. I like the prevo makes me actually like that evo line a little.

imthemovie February 25th, 2011 8:28 AM

Yeah I removed them now. I haven't been mapping as much as I should have because work/school. But no worries I have been slowly getting stuff done. Got the rights to use someones design of a Pokemon that I absolutely love! So I'll post up pics for that soon. Also does anyone know any sprite artists who are looking for a project?

Xx1ncit3xX February 25th, 2011 8:46 AM

This sounds like it will be a good game! The story is strong and i like the idea of continuing on with the same character from R/S. Are you going to incorporate side missions for the Gen I and II Legendary Pokemon? I'm looking forward to seeing the demo of this game, it seems like it will be a lot better than some other fan made games.

imthemovie February 25th, 2011 9:41 AM

Thank You so much! I'd like to hope that this will be a stand-out amongst other fan-games!

And Yes; I'd like to include a decent amount of Legendary Pokemon. Haven't had any stand-out ideas as of yet. May incorporate Shadow Versions of the Legendary Birds. As always feel free to contribute any suggestions.

Xx1ncit3xX February 25th, 2011 10:06 AM

Maybe put in somewhere the villain/s are doing something with pokemon that is causing a strange effect, say, They attempt to clone certain Pokemon and in the process create a shadow version of said Pokemon, They grasp this opportunity at first and try to create shadow legendarys the same way but they cannot control them. So they must find a way to reverse the effects of cloning

Just a random idea lol. My imagination can get ahead of me sometimes :)

imthemovie February 25th, 2011 10:54 AM

Hmm, having the team trying to capture the three legendary birds would definitely be a good explanation for why they are in Kanto region in the first place.

I've decided to set an official date for the first demo. I figure that if I am working to reach a deadline then I will push to get more done, quicker. I have Currently mapped the following towns: Littleroot, Pallet, Viridian, Pewter. The only route I have done is Route 1. I probably won't post pictures until I map most everything out and have some events added in. While, the demo isn't out until May. I wil probably release the "prologue" as soon as it is finished. You know; to hook you all in. haha.

imthemovie March 3rd, 2011 10:05 PM

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Been swamped with work and school. Will have some progress posted up this weekend though. I got the rights to use someones fan pre-evo. I will reveal it this weekend.

EDIT: Erm: actually B/w is overtaking my weekend. After I'm done spending every waking minute doing this I'll work back up on this. Sorry guys.

imthemovie March 30th, 2011 4:46 AM

Hey guys! Just letting you know that I haven''t given up on this! I've beaten White already. I've just been swamped with work and school the past few weeks. Updates will be upcoming the next few days so hang tight guys!

Spellbound March 30th, 2011 4:55 AM

Lookin good! Liking the Littleroot map so far.

imthemovie March 30th, 2011 6:16 PM

Thank you! It's actually outdated. I'm working on custom tiles for Littleroot.

Yagerbomb March 30th, 2011 9:30 PM

Good Job so far, How 'bout this Idea for Shadow Pokemon: You(Your Trainer) has to purify the Shadow Pokemon. Just a Idea to throw out there

imthemovie March 31st, 2011 5:15 AM

Yes; that was the general idea. Sad to say I am STILL working out the story. I just really want this to be a great story!

LePoisson April 1st, 2011 12:42 PM

Loving the first map. Will probably be loving it even more when its finished :D

Echidna April 2nd, 2011 3:44 PM

genious idea here man !!! i can't wait to see some screen shots ?? gd luck btw !

imthemovie April 2nd, 2011 5:45 PM

Thank You sir! And yes; some screenshots will be coming shortly as well as a new Pokemon reveal!

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