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Nakuzami March 15th, 2011 12:53 PM

Worlds Collide OOC Thread
Yes, look no further, it sucked that bad.
And yes, I did that just for you, TFW ;P

PG-13 RP!

Main thread located here.

The Mayans were right, the world would end on the winter solstice of the year 2012 A.D. Not immediately though, and not indefinitely. If there was the slightest chance that you could save the world, would you?

The date is December 20th, 2012 - the day before the end of the world. You may be one of the nonbelievers, you may not be. Either way, you have been chosen to save the worlds. Yes, worlds. Your world is not the only one in danger of extinction.

Would you like to know the reason the world is ending? Well, I can tell you, but there will be no turning back. Once you read this there will be no turning back - read further at your own risk!

The reason the world is ending (last chance, turn back now!) is because the worlds are colliding. Whenever someone writes a story, makes a movie or videogame - whatever - they are playing with a power that they cannot understand. Every time a story is written, telivision show, movie or videogame produced, so is a new world. The only thing keeping these worlds from interacting are barriers. Mystic barriers that lie between dimensions.

On the winter solstice of the year 2012, these barriers will begin to shatter. When these barriers shatter, the worlds can freely interact. Besides the worlds interacting, they also begin to break down. As the worlds break down, their inhabitants my die, disappear, grow aggressive, among many, many more, more terrible things.

Do not fear, there is a chance that these worlds may be saved. There are a few individuals that will be selected to attempt to save the worlds and restore the barriers. The only way that they can do this is by interacting, and becoming part of other worlds. Would you like to know why I said that you may not turn back when you began to read? That is because you have just become one of those select individuals.

Extra Info:

The selected individuals must return the worlds to their natural state. How they must do this is unknown. They also have the power to travel between worlds through the books/movies/games/whatever that the world was created from. If your character has a Yu-Gi-Oh deck already, put the entire deck in a spoiler under the "Special Features" part of the SU. This deck must be relatively weak, meaning nothing like God cards.

Throughout the RP, more barriers will shatter and more worlds will be added. You may vote for these worlds in the OOC thread. Feel free to nominate any worlds you would like to be added.

On the note of Maximum Ride, you may have some sort of genetic mutation that you obtained when the worlds collided. These mutations are typically human genes mixed with animal genes. They can also just be enhanced senses and maybe your character will gain some special abilities through mutation. I will give your character the special abilities, it's your job to explain your genetic mutation. The most common would be Erasers: Human/Lupine hybrids that don't usually live very long, are very strong and bloodthirsty. Newer versions may even have [clumsy] wings grafted onto them. Another, one of the more successful genetic mutations is the Human/Avian hybrid. Not as common as Erasers and much more successful. It is unclear whether they live full lives or if they have an expiration date, but for now we assume they live long lives. They are lighter, taller, stronger, and faster than regular humans. One of their most distinguishing features is their wings.

The Worlds:

(see here for a list of Yu-Gi-Oh cards.)
(see here for a list of digimon.)
Maximum Ride

The Worlds Poll:
*Feel free to nominate a new world*
*Vote for your favorite five in order from 1 to 5. The most voted will be entered in the RP*

The Rulez:

-Keep it PG-13. So no extreme swearing, romance, or anything that is considered to be above a PG-13 level.
-Please have good spelling and grammar. It is nice to be able to read your posts.
-BE ACTIVE! We do not want a dead RP, so that means at least two or three posts a week.

-Mary Sues/Gary Stus will be burned at the stake.

-Be respectful of your fellow roleplayers.

-You may have two characters. Maybe three depending on how good your SUs are.

-You may not travel with another RPer. You may, however, meet up with them occasionally. This may change depending on how active you are.

-No bunnying/godmodding of another RPer's character.

-This RP contains more than just pokemon, so study up if needed. You will be required to use at least one other thing than pokemon.

-Note: I choose if you catch a pokemon/find an item. If you're catching a pokemon, end your post with the pokemon disappearing inside the pokeball. If you would like to find an item, end your post with your character seeing something that "caught their eye" or "looked interesting" or whatever. Also, pokemon will have levels and will know all moves that they may learn up until that level. I'll say what level your first pokemon is.

-All reservations will have 48 hours to get in their SUs.
-You are allowed up to six pokemon, one digimon, and three Yu-Gi-Oh decks. As more worlds are accepted, more info will be added here.

-I will not accept anyone until I get a fair amount of SUs, probably around the end of this week or next.

SU Sheet:
*Post all SU's in the OOC thread!*

Name: (First and Last. Nicknames if they apply.)
Gender: (Male, Female, Maybe both?)
Age: (13+)

Personality: (How does your character act? Be as detailed as possible. 1+ paragraph.)

Appearance: (What does your character look like? This includes skin color, ethnicity, hair, body features, clothing, etc. Be as detailed as possible. 2+ paragraphs.)

History: (What happened up until the 20th of December, 2012? Be as detailed as possible. 2+ paragraphs.)

"Special Features": (This is what "features" your character obtained when the worlds collided, this may include Yu-Gi-Oh cards; genetic enhancements; among many other things. You will gain more during the course of the RP.)

RP Sample: (Make this what happens on 12/20/12; the day before the worlds collide.)

Accepted RPers:


Kris Kollyns

"Special Features":
  • Avian/Human Hybrid
  • Can go invisible, but cannot move when he does so.
  • Pokemon Partner:
Typhlosion "Cinder"

Gender: Male
Moves: Flamethrower|Inferno|ExtremeSpeed|Blast Burn|Focus Blast|Solarbeam|Sunny Day|Foresight|Extrasensory|Smokescreen

Abilities: Blaze|Flash Fire
  • Digimon Partner: Falcomon
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Deck: TBA


Shizu Amaya

"Special Features":
  • Telepath
  • Pokemon:
Gallade "Bishamon"


Gender: Male

Moves: Teleport | Swords Dance | Leaf Blade | Psycho Cut | Night Slash | Brick Break | Earthquake | Psychic | Stone Edge | X-Scissor
Abilities: Steadfast | Justified


Moves: Shadow Ball | Energy Ball | Thunderbolt | Psyshock | Calm Mind | Teleport | Psychic | Wish | Heal Pulse | Double Team
Abilities: Synchronize | Trace | Telepathy

  • Digimon Partner: N/A

  • Yu-Gi-Oh Deck: N/A

The Final Watchman

Kellyn Wayland

"Special Features":

  • Avian/Human Hybrid
Super strength

Powers of seduction



Gender: Female


Abilities: Synchronize|Magic Bounce



Moves: Dragon Dance | Dragon Claw | Slash | Night Slash | Earthquake | Rock Slide | Flamethrower | Sky Attack | Free Fall | Surf

Abilities: Mold Breaker, Rivalry, Unnerve

Yu-Gi-Oh Deck: N/A



Zegan Zoma

"Special Features":
  • Can make swords from his shadow.
  • Pokemon Partner:


Gender: Male


Abilities: Defiant|Inner Focus|Pressure

  • Digimon Partner: N/A
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Deck: N/A


John Kamara

"Special Features":

  • Can manipulate the wind
  • Pokemon Partner: Lucario
  • Digimon Partner: Veemon
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Deck: N/A

MichaelaTheUchiha March 15th, 2011 1:40 PM


Only one? (sighs) Naruto then.

Reserve me~! =D

The Last Sentinel March 21st, 2011 4:52 PM

I really love the idea of this Rp, it has almost all my favorite things, (I'm guessing we start off with only one pokemon?)

Name: Kellyn Wayland
Gender: I'mma just say male...
Age: 17? (Might change depending on others ages)

Personality: He is a kind teen who is considerably protective of his family and friends. Although he is kind and protective, he can be harsh to those who get on his bad side and cross the line. He is very romantic but rarely meets anyone he would like to date. He is a good sport and almost never gets depressed after losing a game or fight. (Though it has happened before). He does get sleepy when using to much energy quickly.

He is quite adventurous, never staying in a place for too long besides the random occasions. He loves puzzles and can break most. He keeps some secrets from people until he's known them. When he gets nervous he will occasionally say a joke to lighten the mood. He loves to read and play sports, play music, and occasionally play video games. He may sometimes brag to friends about his achievements.

Kellyn is a very handsome caucasian boy at the height of 6"0. He has black hair and bluish-green eyes with inner kindness behind them. Has an average build with barely noticeable muscles and abs. He is fairly skinny due to days of working and training hard. His hair is in a short, messy style and his arms have been scarred up from fights and accidents. His smile is bright with white teeth, that can get any girl to fall for him. He weighs 180 lbs.

On most occasions, Kellyn wears an average t-shirt with a simple domino design. He mainly wears his blue zip-up hoody over it and blue jeans with several designer holes. He wears simple running shoes and has a basic backpack. He occasionally wears a baseball cap with his own design on it. He has a necklace with a fearless rune on it from his family. During the winter, he wears a long sleeve shirt with a skateboard design on it and a heavier sweatshirt. When it is sunny he will wear sunglasses.

History: Before all of the Mayan prophecy stuff started, Kellyn was a normal human being. His father and mother had gotten a divorce soon after his 5th birthday after years of fights and financial troubles. Even with these problems he grew up with a fairly good childhood. He tended to always live in New York City, only moving to a different street(and going between houses). He did well in school and was an incredible sport in football and soccer and has learned Tae Kwon Doe and kung fu. As he grew older he started to like many more things and he even got a job.

Fortunately, he never stopped playing pokemon or any of the other games or watching any of the shows. His favorite was always Naruto. He slowly got into art and music at the age of 15 and has been with it ever since. As the doomsday date got closer he started to get a bit more cautious, although he'll never admit it. He speaks both french and spanish, along with english, his birth language. He can speak little Japanese fluently, but knows the language. One thing he doesn't know, is that by liking all of these things, may just have been what prepared him for what is to come and what he will decide...

"Special Features": To Maximum Ride, Kellyn gained the Avian/Human mixed DNA and grew wings, along with this he gained the power to fly faster than most jets. (Yes, like Max) He received Agumon as his Digimon partner and also received Eevee has his Pokemon partner. (Still thinking up a Yu-Gi-Oh deck)

RP Sample:
Kellyn woke up early as the sun started to rise. He was greatly annoyed by all this Mayan prophecy stuff and he hated how people thought everyone was gonna die. Scientist have started saying how levels in different fields have risen. He started getting dressed, all of these thoughts still racing in his head. He walked down stairs to find his mom done making breakfast and he quickly said hi.

"Good morning sweety," she said, looking at the T.V. in the kitchen. Kellyn looked at it to find a special on CNN about everything happening.

"Why do you watch all of this stuff?" he asked, a piece of bacon in his mouth.

"Because all of it may be true," she said simply. "We need to know whats going on."

He stared for a minute or two, how can she believe all of this? he thought. He finished breakfast and walked out the door, waving bye to his mom. He slowly walked down the street, angry at the increasing boredom of the day. He thought he might as well visit his friends...


As the day wore on, the sky started to darken, much darker than it should get at this time of year. He was worried but he continued to push it to the back of his mind. He had spent time at the mall the rest of the day with his friends, looking at new things and getting food, etc. As him and his friends were leaving the food court, he saw on one of the Flat-screens what looked like a planet. He looked back at the caption at the bottom, 'Earth-Like planet blazing towards Earth!'. What the hell, he thought. He hurried to saying bye to his friends and headed home. If something happens, I need to be with family, he thought.


1. Naruto
2. Final Fantasy
3. Full metal Alchemist
4. Bleach (I know its not a choice but its a funn series)
5. Kingdom Hearts

pikakip March 30th, 2011 3:25 PM

I WOULD LOVE TO BE IN THIS RP. MAY I RESERVE A SPOT PLEASE? It's like all of my favorite things coming over to one!!!
I can see my character becoming some Epic Awesome overlord with too many powers from too many worlds. MUSTJOIN MUST JOIN!

Nakuzami April 8th, 2011 11:40 AM

Okay, in a pitiful attempt to see if I can get this going:

I think some of the problem about people not signing up is, besides pokemon, they don't like many of the other worlds. Do you not like any worlds in the poll either? Well, some people might have misunderstood when I said "Nominate," which I can understand why. When I said that, I meant you can vote for another world that isn't in the poll at all and i'll add it to the poll. Every time a new world enters the roleplay, it is taken out of the poll and the *Poll Points reset.

*Poll Points are how the next world that is entered in the RP is determined. When you vote, you can vote for up to five different worlds in the order of how much you want them to be in the RP. For example:

1. Final Fantasy + 5 Poll Points
2. Kingdom Hearts + 4 Poll Points
3. Naruto + 3 Poll Points
4. FullMetal Alchemist + 2 Poll Points
5. Bleach + 1 Poll Point

Please give me any [constructive] criticism that you might have for me that may help the RP become greater. You may also discuss plot with me over PM if you think you have some good plot ideas.


Michaela - You are Reserved still. Please get your SU in soon -.-

pikakip - You are still Reserved.

The Final Watchman - Just a few things I think need a little editing.

1) Not really needed, but could you try to make your History slightly longer? Like I said, it's not really needed, but it would be nice.

2) Let's talk about your "Special Features" over either PM or VM. We've already talked about the speed thing, but I guess we never really settled that. That would be one of the special abilities that you receive, which I determine. Though, you can tell me what you want and i'll try to work them in.

3) Could you make your RP Sample longer? I know I already know how you RP, but this is also so others whom haven't RPed with you can see, and it's also supposed to be all of the important stuff that happens the day before the end of the world.


I will post my SU if this little post gets a positive response and people actually decide to join. That way you can see a little of what i'm expecting/hoping for.

MichaelaTheUchiha April 11th, 2011 4:18 PM

No idea what is wrong with my SU (this is what happens when you copy and paste from Word -.-). BTW, you better be happy with it. It's totally crap. -.- I might make her actually posts First POV since that is how I wrote the story...I also lost the competition I put the story in. D= For those who don't know, Shizu is based is a character that wrote a story on. Miharu Mizushima, who some of you might know, was the inspiration for this character. XD She will sometimes slip into languages that no one knows, I'll be putting italics for that, since she has really accented English and still stumbles on English/Korean I stated in the notes. The accented English, I didn't. XD Anyways, so here is my SU, this is total crap. Hm, deja vu. -.-

1. Naruto
2. Harry Potter
3. Full Metal Alchemist
4. Nabari no Ou (nominate)
5. Inuyasha

Name: Amaya Shizu (Family, Given) "Silent Night Rain"

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Ethnicity: Japanese/Khmer, although she likes to use British (curse) words.

Personality: Shizu is called very emotionless at times, due to the fact that she rarely shows emotions on her face aside from apathy, annoyance, and a blank mask. She is very sarcastic and has a very sharp tongue, but whenever she says sarcasm, she usually does so with a straight face and even tone so others may believe that what she said was not sarcasm. She really hates humans and does not give out her trust easily. She also doesn’t give her love very easily. Although she is taciturn, she does say things when there is something important at stake. She also will say whatever is on her mind as she is brutally honest.


-Hair: Long black hair, reaches to the bottom of her back
-Eyes: Black eyes, small, almond shaped
-Skin Colour: Pale, almost white
-Weight: 82lbs
-Height: 5'2"
-Clothing: Wears all black clothing. What she wears depends on the temperature and seasons.
-Has several scars on her body, the most prominent are her burn scars on her back that go from the middle of her back to the base of her collar bone

History: Shizu was living with her mother when things went terribly wrong when she was six. Her father, her mother’s ex-husband, had decided to rid the world of his ex-wife and daughter. He came to their house and killed the mother. Scared and angry, Shizu took a knife and stabbed the father in the stomach and kept on stabbing him until he bled to death. It was named self-defense and she was given to her sister who had taken care of her until she was thirteen when her telekinesis powers overwhelmed her sister’s mind when she lost control and killed the sister. She fell into a traumatized coma until she broke out of it a year later with a help of someone very mysterious in her inner mind. In her coma, she was adopted by an American family and was neglected until the age of seventeen when she first had the dreams that allowed her to figure out what was wrong and had to kill herself in order to break free from the imaginary world. This allowed her to escape from the coma. She had just woken up the day before the worlds first collided.

"Special Features": Obtained a Gallade, her Telekinesis powers grew stronger, (if Naruto makes it, gained access to her chakra)

RP Sample:

Shizu blinked as hospital lights came into her view. So, she was right after all. That world with that family…she was in a coma and it was coming from her imagination. She glanced around and saw it was just bare. She made a mental map of herself and found herself skinner and shorter than she was in the coma. She could get information later, for right now she really needed to call a nurse.
She raised her arms with such strength that she shouldn’t have had. Not with being in a coma for a certain number of time. Perhaps what she did in the imaginary world transferred to here. She could think about that later. She pressed the nurse’s button on the bed. There was a slight pause before a hurried voice came to greet her.
“Hello? Is this the coma patient in room 301? Are you awake?” the nurse sounded excited.
“No, I am just calling Nurse-san and talking while asleep and decided to move to room 302,” replied Shizu sarcastically. She just had to stab herself in order to get out of a coma. She was pretty sure she was entitled to a crappy mood.
However, the nurse didn’t seem to care. “I’ll get your doctor to you right away!”
The nurse disconnected and Shizu sighed. It seemed like she would get her answers soon.
“You’ve been in a comatose state for a year now,” stated the doctor.
Shizu blinked in shock. “How old am I?” If she guessed correctly, then she would be…
Shizu groaned inwardly. She was seventeen in that other world, which means that she would have to go through three years of her life again.
“Now, your psychical seems fine and you haven’t sustained any muscle loss,” said the doctor, “which is a rarity in itself. All people, except for you now, that are in comas have had sufficient muscle loss. However, with your strange abilities…”
Shizu interrupted. “How did Sensei get this information?”
The doctor smiled. “It’s in your file after all.”
Shizu blinked. Those kinds of things are in files? Really?
“Anyways, we guessed that because of your strange abilities, you did not have any muscle loss. What a fascinating case…”
Shizu rolled her eyes slightly. It was barely noticeable; it was only seen by the most perceptive of people. “Since I seem to be fine, I shall be checking myself out.”
The doctor wagged his finger. “As a minor, only a guardian can check you out. Since you don’t have a guardian—”
Shizu winced. “That was harsh yaro.”
“—Only a doctor such as myself can allow you to leave.”
Shizu sighed. “Can I at least know what has happened the year I was in the coma?”
The doctor coughed before going into a long detail as to what has happened. Shizu had blocked his voice, except when he mentioned something important.
“Scientists have figured out that the world is going to end tomorrow—”
Shizu blinked before cursing in another language. Of course she had managed to get out of that world on the day before the world ended. Usually, Shizu wouldn’t believe such things as that, but Shizu did remember that…woman’s parting words. She was still wondering who she was if she wasn’t Shizu.
“You will need me soon little one. The fun is going to start…”
Well, at least I know what she means now.
She couldn’t help but think that she could hear a small giggle from the back of her mind. The doctor had already left with promises to come back. Shizu glanced at the door and back at her IV. Well, **** that. If the world was going to end tomorrow, she was going to spend her last day not in a hospital. She had enough nightmares of hospitals to last her for years(?), a year(?). Whatever it was, she had enough. She slowly took the IV out and walked out the door. She was getting out of this hospital no matter what.

Notes: Knows Khmer (first language), Japanese (second language), Korean (third language), and English (fourth language). Although she can speak all four fluently, she still messes up on her English and Korean. Is a telekinesis, can move objects with her mind, has brief flashes of the future, read people’s thoughts and emotions and erase and create memories. Has studied Tae Kwon Do and has a third degree black belt. Has an IQ of 198. Cannot speak in contractions, nor say the word “you”.

Nakuzami April 11th, 2011 4:31 PM

Okay, Michaela, as I said in the VM, your SU is a little vague, but i'll ACCEPT(ED) it for now. Now we just need pikakip, at the very least, and then we might be able to start. So...i'm going to go do some editings right nowz...

Edit: Also, The Final Watchman - You are ACCEPTED.

Edit2: Here is the beginnings of my SU.

Name: Kris Kollyns

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Kris isn't the best when it comes to people. He is pretty anti-social and/or shy when around people. When he is around those that he does not know that are older than him, even if just by a little bit, he will usually keep his mouth shut and his head down. Though he is pretty good with little children and babies. When he is around adults he knows, he is a little more himself and and quite outgoing compared to when he's near those he does not know. When around people his age he knows, he is almost completely himself but still has those few things he keeps to himself. Most kids also either considered him to weird or too much of an @$$hole. Kris is also sometimes very easy to anger, which is another reason people didn't really get along with him. When not showing any of these quirks he is actually very smart and friendly, while also sometimes seeming like an idiot.

Kris is caucasian and has semi-long, dirty blond hair. The bangs come to a point and either cover his right eye or hang just above it. He has hazel eyes and stands at about five feet seven inches while weighing about a hundred and fifteen pounds. He doesn't look very strong, but is pretty strong and very agile.

Kris sometimes wears a black beanie hat that only allows his bangs to show. He almost always wears a hoodie, usually his black and white checkered one that is lined with black faux fur. Concealed by his hoodie(s) is usually either a dark red or blue or jet black t-shirt. He normally wears dark black jeans and jet black sneakers with a white skull design and brown soles on them.


"Special Features":

  • Obtained large, dark wings. The wingspan is about fourteen feet and the feathers are dark blue at the top of his wings and continue to get darker until they are jet black at the very bottom feathers.
  • Obtained super senses.
  • Can go invisible, but cannot move when he does so.
  • Pokemon Partner: Typhlosion "Cinder"
  • Digimon Partner: Falcomon
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Deck: TBA
RP Sample:

MichaelaTheUchiha April 11th, 2011 5:21 PM

After I harassed asked Pikakip if he was still continuing...he said that he would have to pull out.

"ah crap. I forgot..... >.< I've been focusing on other things. including my own RP.... I don't really have the time to go into another RP. I barely have time for the one's I'm in! I'm going to have to pull out. Sorry." -pikakip

The Last Sentinel May 2nd, 2011 1:54 PM

*Checks date* Well it hasn't been a month... Since we're starting today or tomorrow I'mma be getting my decks ready.

Nakuzami May 2nd, 2011 2:09 PM


Originally Posted by The Final Watchman (Post 6620671)
*Checks date* Well it hasn't been a month... Since we're starting today or tomorrow I'mma be getting my decks ready.

Lulz, thank you for reminding me. I almost forgot.

I'll go get teh first post ready...and finish my SU =/ How did I never do that?

The Last Sentinel May 2nd, 2011 2:20 PM

xD. Well I'm glad I did, this does look like it will be a good RP.

Nakuzami May 2nd, 2011 2:26 PM

Hopefully. I just get this feeling something will go wrong. Oh wellz.

BTW, Digimon start as an egg. Naruto is now in the RP, which means everyone can start voting/nominating again, and...well, I think that's it =/

Edit: Also, no one has Naruto powers yet.

The Last Sentinel May 2nd, 2011 2:29 PM

So, will it be that we don't earn any of these powers or monsters till we get to that world?

Nakuzami May 2nd, 2011 3:40 PM

There's a satisfying first post, I think. It also answers your question too.

The Last Sentinel May 2nd, 2011 3:47 PM

Thanks, and I'm gonna epically fail because I'm going to try first person...

Nakuzami May 2nd, 2011 4:13 PM

Oh, it's not that bad. It's not too big of an adjustment. I think it can also sometimes be easier than third-person.

Edit: Also, both of you peoplez; guess a number one through ten. The Final Watchman, this is for that special pokemon that you were trying to guess ;)

The Last Sentinel May 2nd, 2011 4:35 PM

Well, I thought I had it but if its just random... (I'll tell you what I thought it was xD) Anyways, I'll choose 7.

jarchio May 2nd, 2011 4:35 PM

by pokemon as one of the worlds do you include pokemon mystery dungeon too?

Charzeon May 2nd, 2011 4:43 PM

This RP looks very interesting and I would love to join. Just two questions. One: is there still room to join? Two, can we come from/go to more than one world?

The Last Sentinel May 2nd, 2011 4:57 PM

xD, I told you they'd be coming!!

MichaelaTheUchiha May 2nd, 2011 5:26 PM

I'll choose three? What? XD

Yay, it started! =D

And I really really want Mi-Shizu to have chakra. XD Ugh, I'm going to slip into Miharu/Yue/Yui a lot I think. XD

First post starting, but probably won't finish (have to go to sleep for schoolz tomorrow)

Nakuzami May 2nd, 2011 5:35 PM


Originally Posted by jarchio (Post 6620928)
by pokemon as one of the worlds do you include pokemon mystery dungeon too?

No. I think it would conflict with the rest of the story.


Originally Posted by Charzeon (Post 6620945)
This RP looks very interesting and I would love to join. Just two questions. One: is there still room to join? Two, can we come from/go to more than one world?

1) There is still muuuuuch room to join.
2) We will be able to, but not just yet.

Also, @Michaela and TFW: Both of you are close to the number, but i'll wait to see if Charzeon joins/gets accepted so that she can guess too. I would give you a hint on how far off you guys are, but then Charzeon or somebody else would figure it out :3

Charzeon May 3rd, 2011 2:21 PM

Though this mostly won't affect my SU (which I hope to post soon) I guess I asked my second one because I noticed that The Final Watchmen had a few powers from different worlds. Just didn't know if he gets it all at once or gradully later or what. Again, just wondering, not complaining or anything like that. It really won't affect my SU much.

Nakuzami May 3rd, 2011 3:18 PM

We start with powers from all worlds that are already in the RP (excluding Naruto at the moment) though, not all of them are really powers, like the pokemon/digimon[egg]/Yu-Gi-Oh stuff.

Darkfox1525 May 4th, 2011 8:44 AM

Name: Zegan Zoma Nickname: Shadow Master
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Personality: A headstrong, smart, and very cunning teenager. Not afraid to going into a losing situation. Hates to lose. Loves's to play videogames, manily RPG's. He also loves to fight. He'll toy with opponent untill he has his fill, then will end the fight. Most of the day he would rather take a nap then study or fight though. Very sarcastic.

Appearance: Hair: Medium black hair, reaching to his spine.
Eyes: Light blue, medium, oval shaped.
Skin: Pale
Hight: 6'2"
Whight: 120lb
Cloths: Clothing style: Gothic
Neckless with a cross on it. A black shirt with, "It's on like Donkey Kong" on the front. Baggy jeans with a belt tied around it.
Face: Scar going through his left eye.

History: Zegan come's from a rich family. His father, Mike, was an actor, while his mother, Paige, is a fashion model. At 5 years old, Zegan got his frist game, Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow. They lived in a 2 story house. But they couldn't afford to put Zegan in priviate school. At the age of 7 he was already smarter then is classmates, and they dispised him for it. He never had friends, was always teased, and got into many, many fight. In one of the fight, a student slashed his left eye with a sharpened ruler. He was expelled from every school he ever went to. Then, Zegan's dad got a contract with an acting company, so he was tranferd to a privite school at the age of 11. Zegan finally made some friends, and was behacing better.
Everything was going great untill his 13th birthday, because his mom and dad had to go to South America, so Zegan went to live with his aunt, Chell, and her husband, Rick. For the last 3 years, he went back to public school, but things were alot different. He didn't get into any fights, took up boxxing and swordplay lessons, and get an allowance of 15$ per week, which he would spend on videogames, or manga's.and here he is today.

"Special Features": Optained Bisharp, able to make swords from his shadow, Yu-gi-OH deck is comprised of 1 level 7 monster card, 4 level 5 cards, 6 level 4 cards, 3 level 3 cards, 13 trap cards, and 13 spell cards.

RP Sample: Dingdingdingdingding went the school bell. It was 3 PM as Zegan got up to go home. But then, he suddenly got this feeling that something was about to happen. He couldn't shake the feeling as he walked out of the school, and towards his favorite convenience store. Why can't i shake this feeling? It doen't look like anyone else has this feeling. Am I the only one who has this? It feels like its warning me... he thought. Before he knew it, he was where he wanted to go, James Town Convenience Store. "Hey Joe," he said walking in, "Anything new happen today?" "Nope. Same boring day as always." said Joe the clerk. After grabing a bag of chips, he thought about asking Joe about this feeling. "Hey Joe..." "What?" said Joe. "Do you have a funny feeling about today?" asked Zegan, grabing a Dr. Pepper. "No. Why? Is something going to happen?" asked Joe. "I don't know. I feel like something is..." said Zegan, Walking to the counter, pulling out his wallet. "Well, tomorrow is the end of the world, from what the Mayan's say." said Joe, ringing up the items. To this, Zegan said sarcasticly, "Yes, and then i'll grow wings and fly to candyland to meet the lollypop princess." After paying for the food, he was about to leave the store, when Joe said, "Well, make sure to keep an umbrella with you!" "Nahhh, i'll just use a baseball bat." Zegan said.
It was 4 PM after walking away from the convenience store, so he headed home to finsh his homework and get some rest. When he could see his house, he saw that Rick was leaving for work. "Hey Rick!" yelled Zegan. "Oh, Hey there sport, how ya doing?" asked Rick. "Good, good. You?" Zegan said walking up to him. He wanted to ask about his feeling, but didn't want to worry Rick or Aunt Chell. "Better then ever. Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but i got to go to work. See ya at dinner!" Said Rick, walking to his car. After waving goodbye to Rick, he opened the door and steped inside his house. "Hey Aunt Chell!" Chell was watching some cooking class on the TV. "Oh, hi Zegan. Going to your room to finsh your homework?" she asked. "Yep, so i'll be in my room untill dinner." he said. It was 8 PM, after he finshed his homework and his dinner, laying on his bed, unable to sleep, thinking about why he had this feeling. Maybe a good look outside will help me sleep... he thought. After getting up, he looked out his window to see many Earth-like planets heading towards Earth! What the-?! thought Zegan. Seeing this, he fell over and fainted, not knowing what was going to happen next...

Is this good enough? And just so you know, i'm new to this kind of thing, so please tell me if i'm good or not.

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