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Meduza March 18th, 2011 11:45 PM

"Snivy Plays Hard to Catch" Review Thread
Pokémon: Black & White!
Episode: Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!
Airdate: March 19, 2011

The road toward Nacrene City and Ash’s second Gym Badge is sure to be full of surprises. The trip starts off with an unexpected encounter with a wild Snivy, which Ash wants to catch, of course! But this Snivy is no slouch—it shows extraordinary intelligence, as well as impressive speed. It looks like this Pokémon will put Ash’s Trainer skills to the test!

Bluerang1 March 19th, 2011 7:06 AM

Yay Snivy! This Snivy makes me feel alright about making mine female.

joacen March 19th, 2011 2:29 PM

Snivy surprised me with its strength. Ash's catching strategy wasn't the best, especially when three of his Pokemon fell under Attract. It was pretty funny when Ash brought out Pidove and it wasn't affected by Attract, then Cilan figured that Ash knew all along Pidove was a girl, Iris was impressed, then Ash was like "So, Pidove's a girl. Lucky break."

It looks like "What a kid" will be Iris's catchphrase for Ash (and that's not good, especially since it's very irritating whenever she says that; Ash is a much better trainer than Iris will ever be).

It's really nice that Team Rocket isn't after Pikachu anymore, unlike before, where they'd be planning a new strategy to capture it, then fail, every episode. It looks like they've got more important things to worry about. Thank goodness for that.

Lucario-Avantasia March 19th, 2011 4:01 PM

I loved this episode. Snivy was adorable, her English VA is perfect in my opinion...and Ash was a doofus for not knowing Pidove's Gender.

Overall good except for a few awkward the "I just wanna catch her more now!" from Ash after hearing that Snivy might have abandoned her last trainer... >.>

Personally, I'm hoping her backstory will be elaborated on more, even though it probably won't.

AshPikastar March 19th, 2011 7:10 PM

Still loving Dento voice This was a good episode. I love Snivy in this episode and how she was pwning all of Ash Pokemon but his Pidove. I'm starting to like Pidove now but at least Pidove had some of a spotlight. I also love how Ash didn't know that his Pidove was a girl at the end. That part made me laugh.

PearlShipper4Life March 19th, 2011 8:36 PM

This was a pretty good episode, made me like Ash more for not wanting to give up on catching a Pokemon. I liked Dento/Iris/Ash's interaction here, they have nice chemistry. My favorite part has to be when they found out the birds a girl, the music stops after Ash says "Its a girl, lucky break!" LOL Freakin funny.

Moto2014 March 19th, 2011 8:40 PM


Originally Posted by joacen (Post 6521117)
It looks like "What a kid" will be Iris's catchphrase for Ash (and that's not good, especially since it's very irritating whenever she says that; Ash is a much better trainer than Iris will ever be).

So true. I want to slap Iris every time she says that, and she seems to forget that Ash knows nothing about the Unova region so when he makes a stupid mistake, it's not because he's dumb, he just doesn't know anything about the pokemon he encounters.

masterquestmq March 20th, 2011 2:02 AM

I just started rewatching the anime since B/W debuted.
and now I find myself commenting on the episodes everyweek here on PC

that can only mean one thing...................................... I'm hooked.

I really like this saga soo far and this episode is very much decent.
I enjoyed the fact that Ash can preservere and keep moving forward in order to catch a Pokemon, and it really shows the reality on how hard catching a Pokemon can really be.

What I do find a lil strange is that we haven't reached 10 episodes yet and Ash already commands 5 Pokemon under his belt. That is a lil fast isn't it?

A lil fed up with Iris's just a kid line, but I beleive over time she will grow out of it cause if you notice she gains new found respect for Ash in each new episode.

A lil predictable that the male travel companion is "le gourmet chef". But since he did own a restaurant/gym I guess it does make sense.

What I enjoy the most is, this season Team Rocket no longer makes a pointless 3 min of face time per episode.
this time around they have a purpose here beside catching that old darn Pikachu. Would like to see how their storyline develops.

Still waiting for Pikachus first victory in Unova. wonder when we'll see it?
Snivy looks wicked cool, I guess she is the wise one of the 3 starters in Ash's posession. Maybe mite even be the Powerhouse member of the team
guess time will tell.

all and all 7/10 good job and keep em coming

now to observe a moment of silence for the horrific events in Japan, I do hope we all play some sort of role in helping relief efforts.

Roughsponge March 20th, 2011 2:43 AM

I quite liked this episode :) Snivy's voice was great, suited it perfectly! I also agree that the group has good chemistry between them, and I must say I'm prefering Cilan to Brock so far.

The only thing I didn't like was the animation style (a bit picky I know) because it just seemed a bit slow and made Ash look 6 feet tall but hey that's just my opinion :P

Get Weird March 20th, 2011 6:19 AM

I loved the episode :3, Am I the only one who thought Snivy's voice was a little to high, I mean I didn't expect it to sound like that u_u But it was great :D

Iris annoyed the hell out of me as usual u_u Cilan was amazing as usual n_n

I wonder how did Ash stay so clean after coming out of that swamp ;o;

Bluerang1 March 20th, 2011 10:58 AM

Snivy is awesome! So cool and cute and sly >=3

So that's where AK47 got that -_-; Iris face from xD

Pidove proved to be useful :)

I like the smile of approval Snivy gave Ash before it got caught.

Plasma know of Rocket :o

Anna March 24th, 2011 9:32 PM

> Anyone else think "Nacrene" sounds weird?
> "Cilan" still sounds odd :(
> Ash and Cilan stare blankly at nothing for a few seconds. :/
> Iris shut up you haven't tasted the amazingness that is Cilan-- I mean, Cilan's cooking. Yeah.
> "I'm so happy that you're enjoying it." Sounds awkward and slightly condescending.
> Backhanded complement is totally over Ash's head.
> Just noticed the shaking grass is reminiscent of the games.
> You know I'm not even gonna complain about the theme anymore. It isn't gonna change anytime soon. :/
> You know I just find it odd that people in-universe say "starter Pokemon". I mean so many people start off with like... Yorterrie and Chillarmy, I'm sure. Or even Yabukuron.
> Why the random "Awesome" thrown in the middle of a sentence?
> Cilan the encyclopedia.
> Snivy sounds super feminine. Makes me wonder about later things.
> "I wonder.... .... ... if it abandoned .... its trainer!" What's up with the massive pauses? :/
> "What does that mean?" ARE YOU FOR REAL?!
> Why do you laugh at the pain of Pokemon, Ash? D:
> James you just love to show off with your big words.
> "It's a Snivy! Yes!" ...Affirming your own statement?
> Slash? Looks a hell of a lot like fury swipes to me...
> Iris. He has a perfectly good reason for what he does. SHUT UP.
> That Pokemon is Snivy. <3
> This bgm. It is new.
> Your misplaced confidence is cute, Cilan.
> "Win the Unova League" just sounds awkward.

Wow. Lots of the dialogue sounds very awkward. And there are lots of random pauses.
Good news is Cilan's voice is getting better.

Meganium March 27th, 2011 7:28 AM

This episode was hilarious. I was able to hear Iris's catch phrase, I'll get used to it. Needs moar Oshawott though. Highlight moment of the episode:

Ash: "So Pidove's a girl. Lucky break".
*triple facepalm*

Jorah March 27th, 2011 9:47 AM

I enjoyed this episode, and Snivy got a good voice~ Much better than its male dub counterpart.

- Fruit is good as it is, Cilan...:S
- stfu Iris with this kid stuff
- Wait, wha, where did the thing about Snivy leaving it's trainer come from o_O
- Hehe, it's pretty funny when Ash finds out Pidove is a girl

rstevenson1976 April 2nd, 2011 11:22 PM

after seeing that little flashback in snivy's eyes and assuming it abandoned it's trainer, anyone else think it might be Tripp's from episode 1?

Anna April 5th, 2011 6:07 AM

Nah, it's not his- listen to the voices. Trip's Snivy sounds completely different.

Mew~ April 5th, 2011 6:33 AM


Originally Posted by TheSmartOne (Post 6557849)
Nah, it's not his- listen to the voices. Trip's Snivy sounds completely different.

Also you should take into consideration that
Snivy battles against Trips Snivy (That evolved into Servine) in a future episode so they are different pokémon for sure.

fenyx4 April 22nd, 2011 12:05 PM

Posting yet another aged review as well...I'M CATCHING UP, OKAY?! -.-

Review of BW007, Snivy Plays Hard To Catch!


-SNIVY PLAYS HARD TO CATCH! Slightly strange pun...oh well.


-NINJA IRIS returns with fruit! Exuberance!

-LOL...somehow, Cilan managed to take a table AND all those plates with him in such a little brown bag.

-OMG Iris's "Only a kid" statement is really getting on my nerves now. Ash didn't even do anything wrong! When you're hungry, you're hungry!

-Whoa. When Ash said "Cilan, uh, excuse me. I don't see any seconds here," he sounded...professional. 0_0

-Weren't these guys paying attention to their food...?


-OH GOSH that Snivy sounds so freaking cute when it's just MUNCHING. :3 Love the evolution music playing in the background.

-That IDIOT. Yes, that is in reference to Ash. Did he NOT learn from BW003? -_- WEAKEN a Pokemon before you throw a Poke Ball at it! My GOSH! I thought he was supposed to be seasoned at this!

-Geez; Snivy got smacked on the head by a Poke Ball while it was munching fruit and glared at Ash. That thing is going to be pissed if it escapes from the Poke Ball.

-LOL, Snivy just whacks the ball with its tail back to Ash.

-Pikachu Quick Attacks, Snivy hops to make him miss, and Pikachu slams into the ground. Ouch.

-It finishes eating like nothing happened, and GLARES at Ash. ;_; Liking the background music once again.

-LOL at Ash's Flat What when Iris told him that he was being made fun of by Snivy. XD

-Oh gosh now Pikachu's lovestruck with Snivy...

-OUCH! Now it's whipping poor Pikachu! 0_0 NOW ASH IS GETTING WHIPPED!

-And now Snivy does a dazzling Grass Mixer escape.

-Snivy can LEAVE/ABANDON their own Trainers? Smugleaf incarnate, indeed.

-Ash is like freaking trigger-happy with that darn Poke Ball-throwing pose.

-Pidove: FRESH AIR! GLORIOUS! XD That thing hasn't been out for episodes.

-Wow. Snivy, you're quite LOUD near Team Rocket.

-OMG now it AERIALLY-DODGES the Poke Ball! And Meowth missed with Fury Swipes! Man, Snivy darts around fast!

-I really like how Snivy is all prim when it walks.

-The music as Pidove spots Snivy is quite pretty.

-OSHAAAAA. WOTT. OMG the scene and the samurai-ish music behind that were HILARIOUS. I really wish I could get a GIF of that. XD There goes little Oshawott, raring to battle! Kudos to the voice actor making the "Osha" part super-cute, as that can't be reflected well with just "Wotter".


-LOL at Oshawott cheering Ash from atop his hat! XD And Ash and Pikachu get tired climbing while Oshawott's all pumped up!

-Aww...Oshawott becomes infatuated with Snivy right after preparing to use Razor Shell, then gets slapped by Vine Whip! Harsh!

-Woo! Who's That Pokemon? continues and it's Snivy! Loved the music as Snivy hopped from branch to branch.

-"Snivy is all mine!" -Ash
That sounds a bit selfish...

-Aww, too bad Ash couldn't continue the vine-swinging lifestyle. Take tips from Iris next time! ^^

-LOL, Snivy simply hops to safety.

-So that "suspenseful" music is identified as the Unova Pokemon League music, eh? Neat.

-LOL...even nearly sinking in mud won't stop Ash Ketchum from catchin' that thing. >_>

-That scene with Snivy washing her face by the river was very peaceful.
Snivy SMILES? 0_o Tepig's infatuated...three in one day, eh, Snivy? And now it taunts Ash again!.

-Geez, those Gusts look freaking powerful for a puny Pidove.

-*triumphant music plays in background*

Iris: That's pretty good - he's better than I figured...
Ash: Whaddya know, so Pidove's a GIRL! Some lucky break!
*music goes flat*
Pikachu: Pika! (falls on ground)
Iris: or not. *sweatdrops in facepalm-ish manner with Cilan*

XD Funniest scene in the whole episode. The Gym Leader Interior music theme dying out enhanced it perfectly. And Pidove just flies around nonchalantly. :cer_laugh: :cer_laugh: :cer_laugh:

-Loved how we transitioned into a serious, fast-paced battle theme!


-Loved how the music ended as the Poke Ball closed!

-Victory music, yay!

-Tepig's pose at the end was so weird - he should just stay quadrupedal as a Tepig!

5/5 Ash's Snivy lived up plenty to the Smugleaf moniker, and several funny moments were interspersed throughout the episode. Overall, an awesome episode.

Hikamaru October 21st, 2011 3:36 PM

This was a great episode, I loved Snivy's voice (Michele Knotz) and the plot.

Oshawott was pretty funny when he got hit by Attract lol.

At least Pidove got time to shine though.

Snivy knowing Attract was really creative what the writers did. Best BW episode so far despite me only watching it this morning.

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