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Diamond1304 May 11th, 2011 12:56 AM

Trackers: Avatar Operation [OOC/SU]

Trackers: Avatar Operation
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(Click image for RP theme song)


There once lived a young bright man by the name, Krylon Reagonite. He came from a wealthy family in Nimbasa City and many of his ancestors and relations were famous people, either being a prodigy or famous for contributing to humanity. Take his great-great-great-grandaunt for example, Marilyn Camerie, she discovered radioactivity and won 3 Nobel Prize awards- two in Chemistry and one in Physics. His grandfather’s cousin had a son, Marcus Zarkerburg, who created a popular social-networking site. Steven DeGrygon, founder of Leppa, was one of his maternal relations.

Krylon had a very promising future, obtaining his PhD degree for IT at the age of 26 and becoming CEO of the company 3 years later. He worked not only as a software engineer, but also an IT expert, computer scientist and a robotics inventor. But one day, he decided to have a break from what he was doing and wanted to try something new that he would like to do- teaching. Hence, he applied as a lecturer and professor at Castelia College and in less than a month, started teaching students on Computer Engineering, Advanced Mathematics and Robotics. His lessons were always fun, never boring and his pupils enjoyed learning from him.

However, Professor Krylon kept his past businesses a secret from his colleagues and students. Why? Let me tell you more. In the middle of the timeline of his ascension to success, he stumbled upon a group of hackers in cyberspace, codenamed “Porygon Z”. The hackers were trying to hack into governmental databases by creating avatars and using them to infiltrate firewalls and steal information, byte by byte. In a disguised effort to stop them, Krylon created a cyber-world for these avatars. These avatars were based on real-life creatures, also known as Pokemon. He tried to trap all the hackers’ avatars into the system he made, but to no avail. Founding out their enemy, the hackers seized control of his cyber-world. The next day, it was said in the headlines of the newspaper all over the Unova region that he had went missing. No one could track him or his whereabouts. It was as if he was gone from the face of the world.


You might be asking how you’re involved. You used to be one of Professor Krylon’s students and it has been 4 years after his disappearance. One day, a young lady came up to you after class and asked you to follow her to private place to talk. She brought you to a state-of-the-art lab whereby she presented to you her case. Valiana Harpénos, a fiancée of Krylon Reagonite, asked you if you would help out in solving the mystery of Professor Krylon’s disappearance. She strongly believed that he was alive and possibly in danger. She explained to you about the cyber-world Professor Krylon created, the avatars and Professor Krylon’s mission against those hackers. She gave you exactly 24 hours to think over the offer and hinted that a great reward will be in store of you if you accept. She also mentioned that teamwork and skills will be needed as you, along with 9 other students from your school, will be working to save Professor Krylon and also stop the hackers. Before you left, she said, “You have to come anyway……or else.” After that, you attended the end-of-summer college ball and for some reason or another, you woke up……as a Pokemon!


Avatars are digital versions of Pokemon and are controlled by their users. Like real Pokemon, they have levels. Higher-leveled avatars have more privileges than lower-leveled ones; they can access certain places in the system, have lesser restrictions etc. Your avatar can learn up to 8 moves at once. At the start, you will be Lv 10 and have an egg move. In this RP, avatars don’t ‘evolve’, they upgrade. (Scratch, Growl, Assist, Sand Attack, Foul Play) Skymin (Water Gun, Water Sport, Defog, Wing Attack, Steel Wing) (Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Charge, Double Kick) rustymenon (Psywave, Defense Curl, Lucky Chant, Yawn, Swift) (Tackle, Camouflage, Growl, Sand Attack, Double Kick, Synthesis) XxSweetDreamsxX (Pound, Astonish, Defense Curl, Mud Slap, Rollout) CrossJHero (Pound, Meditate, Detect, Knock Off) Ink Heart (Quick Attack, Leer, Wing Attack, Rock Throw, Double Team, Defog) (Scratch, Leer, Fury Cutter, Psycho Cut) Aura Lucario (Pound, Growl, Helping Hand, Tickle, Aqua Tail)


1. I’m the GM, what I say is law. I control NPCs and my own character.
2. All PC and RP rules apply. Read them if you have yet to do so.
3. This is rated PG-13. Keep it that way.
4. Treat other RPers with respect. If they make a mistake, tell them politely.
5. Romance between characters is allowed, but please keep it to kissing/hugging.
6. NO ONE-LINERS. Break this rule and you’re out, plus I’ll report you to my friend RHCP. XD
7. No godmodding, bunnying, power-playing etc unless I say so.
8. If you’re going to be inactive for over a week, do tell me or I’ll think that you have quit.

9. Password: XtYLYeWcOUhGMnolSogMyN. (Hint: Lowercase letters) If I don’t see it on the top of your SU, you’ll be declined immediately. It’s to ensure that you’ve read the rules.

Sign-Up Sheet

Name: Something your parents gave you.
Age: 15-19
Sex: Male/Female
Avatar: Choose from the 10 Pokemon.
Personality: How do you react in different situations? What makes you mad or irritated? Likes/dislikes? Attitude, nature etc? [At least 1 THICK paragraph]
History: Family background, childhood experiences etc? How was college life for you? Any school achievements to boast? [At least 2 THICK paragraphs]
RP Sample: Put it in a spoiler. Write about what happened between you and Miss Valiana in the lab. The post must be of adequate length.

I'll put mine up at a later time so as to prevent people from copying. And yes, this is a total rip-off from Tron. :P
Name: Evan Lentscotts
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Avatar: Minccino.
Personality: Somewhat of a rather crazy person, Evan isn’t a very sociable person. He is somewhat defiant, even to people of high authority and has an attitude that sometimes gets on people’s nerves. Known to get bored quickly, Evan mostly plunges his time into computer-related stuff and start on little projects that mostly die out fast.

He has an eye for beauty and art and loves overwhelming graphics. Genetically gifted, he is a Maths whiz and seldom needs a calculator to solve diagnostics. He is also attached to Biology, being able to digest every single fact of the human anatomy, sexual reproduction and the like. Like his father, Evan is a trivia buff and used to spend his childhood days watching the show Jeopardy!. He is also a fan of law books and mystery genres, reading those from authors like Agatha Christie and Jodi Picoult.

His parents work in somewhat prestigious positions but only generate enough income to sustain the family in tough times and provide Evan with a few privileges. His mother works as an accountant in Unova’s Overseas Bank and his father works as a cameraman for the local news network. When he was 5, his parents discovered how much a Maths genius he was when he could solve a 100-pieced puzzle in less than 10 minutes. However, they were also worried when he couldn’t seem to speak verbally and properly. Doctors thought he was autistic until he turned 7 and spoke normally.

It was 9 years old when Evan received a personal laptop from his parents and since then, he has been addicted to the things it brought to him. He learned what other 9 year olds at that time would not have learned of. Grown-up materials and stuff like IP tracking and HTML scripts, Evan had knowledge of them. He even mastered programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Autodesk Maya.

The school years before he entered Castelia College went pretty smooth without little problems. Evan had no difficulty blending into the atmosphere and always tried to stay away from trouble. It wasn’t that bullying was common; it was just that he had seen what happened when one lowers their guard and lands into trouble. Then, he met Professor Krylon, whose classes never once stop giving off its lively ambience. Things were great for Evan until news had it that his professor was gone and they had a senior teacher replaced his position. The teacher was utterly boring and Evan had even slept several times during class.

RP Sample:

Just after the bell sounded signaling the end of the school day, students made their way out of the classroom. As usual, Evan took his own time and mumbled a goodbye to the professor before sauntering out. Not long after he took a few strides, he heard his name being called. The echoes of high heels clattering against the corridor floor as Evan turned to face a young woman in a black gown with sharp facial features.

“Evan Lentscotts, no?” He nodded in reply, gulping his throat. What did he get himself into? He never got into trouble lately.

The lady led him off to a rarely-known part of the school compound; Evan estimated that they were moving within the northwest wings of Castelia College. Then, the black gown stopped streaming as its owner halted in her heels. Evan had to brake to avoid bumping into her, he wasn’t focused on the walking as the surroundings him left him awestruck. It seems that she had brought him to some special computer laboratory; everything in it looked very futuristic and exotic. He swore none of them were released or made public. This is a state-of-the-art technology! Oh my God, why am I here? And Evan had good reason to think that.

As if reading his mind, the lady broke the silence on cue, “Greetings, I’m not quite the one who introduces but I’ll do my best, my name is Valiana Harpénos, the fiancé of Professor Krylon Reagonite. You do recall him, yes?” Evan thought hard for a while until the bell tingled loudly in his mind. Yes, Professor Krylon! The only teacher Evan had that he treated with utmost respect and paid full attention to his Advanced Mathematics and Infocomm Technology classes. Observing his expression, the lady Valiana went on.

“I’m not sure whether you knew about this, but Professor Krylon kept it hidden from many people for the dangers it harbors. Before he left his previous company to join Castelia College, he had stumbled onto a malicious ring of hackers who went by the mask of ‘PorgyonZ’. These hackers were very clever and made avatars to pass firewalls and sap information. They had probed into governmental databases of the Unova region and of course, the professor tried to stop them. He invented a world in cyberspace as means to trap and imprison the hackers’ avatars. As you’ve already known and heard, he vanished mysteriously but my team and I have reasons to believe that Professor Krylon isn’t dead, but alive in danger.” Seeing Evan’s disbelieved face, she explained the definition of avatars and provided some visuals with a nearby hologram.

“I’m counting on you and 9 others from this school to go and save Professor Krylon.” He raised his left brow at that. “There will also be great rewards in store if you accomplish this mission.” Valiana Harpénos added with a hinting voice. Great rewards? It sounded really tempting to Evan and Valiana instructed him that only an exact full day will be given for him to consider. As she let out him out of the lab, Miss Harpénos said in a voice that sounded like it kept a secret, “You’ll have to come anyway…or else.” She added with a sly glint in her eyes.

Pikachu May 11th, 2011 1:53 AM

I'm not 100 % sure I can join... but it would be nice to not be the GM for a change ^^' Reserve me Ducklett for a day or two, please Dia :3

Diamond1304 May 11th, 2011 1:54 AM


Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers (Post 6635331)
I'm not 100 % sure I can join... but it would be nice to not be the GM for a change ^^' Reserve me Ducklett for a day or two, please Dia :3

Ok, anything for you RHCP. XD

PartiallyInsaneWhimsicott May 11th, 2011 4:36 PM

Please reserve me a spot for Purrloin. I was typing up an SU, but my stupid computer just wigged out on me and I lost everything; I was in the middle of my RP Sample! :cer_pissed:

I hate technology.

Aura Rift May 12th, 2011 9:13 AM

VERY nice idea I love the idea of this virtual pokemon world taken over by a group of hackers, reserve me a spot as blitzle plz I should have my SU up tommorowish ;)

CrossJHero May 12th, 2011 10:16 AM

Please save me a spot as Golett. Have a bio up on Saturday, have exams.

Diamond1304 May 12th, 2011 7:21 PM

Both are noted, good luck with RL! :)

Aura.Lucario May 12th, 2011 8:20 PM

okay, you're joining Roserade's so I'm joining yours :)

give me some time, so reserve a spot for me please xD

Pikachu May 14th, 2011 2:16 AM

Name: Markus Benoit (pronounced ben-oh-ah)
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Avatar: Ducklett

Personality: Markus likes being right. He knows a lot, since he's read a lot from books and the internet. He's a know-it-all above anything else, and gets really annoyed as soon as somebody is more knowledgeable in an area than he is. Especially when it's about Engineering, Advanced Mathematics and Robotics. He often frowns at others' ignorance, and he wrinkles his eyebrows way too often. He is decently polite and can laugh and make jokes, but he can easily get flustered and even angry. He never really gets sad, though. That's just not how he rolls. He's nowhere near naive, rather he's pretty sarcastic at times. He's not exactly selfish, rather he likes to help others... at least when he gets a chance to show his knowledge in the process.

History: Markus grew up in Castelia City in Unova and entered professor Krylon's school many years ago. When the professor disappeared, Markus kept studying on his own, and even lectured some of the younger students as good as he could.

At young age, Markus realized he wasn't too much into sports and physical activities. He rather liked reading and playing games, and was pretty fascinated with digital worlds and machines. He also liked literature and music a lot, and believes that people who can appreciate a good classical book or nice music are a liiiiittle better than everyone else. His parents have boring jobs, according to Markus. They work at different offices, as normal office employees. He wants to do something more in life than to sit behind an office all day. He wants to invent and discover things. And to know the most about everything, of course. It was probably his rather dull early years that spurred him to become like this.

At College, Markus wasn't really the popular guy, since he shunned sports of all kinds. But at the same time, he thought the other "geeks" were pretty dumb or stupid. Yeah, Markus is just like that. He still hangs with them though, since they're the ones who want to hang with him, and can stand his attitude of being superior to everybody else. He's pretty useful to have, though, since he gladly helps with any problem when he can show what he knows.

RP Sample: Put it in a spoiler. Write about what happened between you and Miss Valiana in the lab. The post must be of adequate length.

I've been planning this character for a few days and I think I got everything I wanted in there, but it sure does look a bit thin. xD Tell me if you want me to expand it ^^' I'll edit in the RP sample "prologue" later.

Uh, right... about the password. I didn't really understand the "hint" :/ did I do it right?

EDIT: mwah, I thought it was difficult >.<

Aura Rift May 14th, 2011 10:14 AM

Really sorry but I wont actually be able to this RP sorry! :(

CrossJHero May 15th, 2011 8:27 AM

Name: Thomas ‘Sonar’ Kiranos

Sonar is lonely, and he is cold and ruthless but he is a genius. He knows a lot, since he's researched a lot from books and the internet. He is a prodigy which comes along once in every ten years, and he is especially knowledgeable in Design Engineering, and Robotic Engineering, but he hates when he is shown up. Especially, when the topic is about Engineering, and Robotics. He finds everyone else to be behind him mentally, because he is an amazing strategist, and some of his strategies have been implemented in wars and battles. He is quiet and lonely, and he tries to act nice, but he still has a temper and comes off as cold and mean. He does not get sad, but he is lonely and sullen, he tries his best to be close to people but he has no social skills. He’s somewhat naïve, but he always tries to be as open as he can. He is somewhat greedy in the sense that he has close to no friends and wants plenty of friends.

Sonar grew up in Castelia City in Unova and entered professor Krylon's school a few years ago. When the professor disappeared, Sonar constantly spent time finishing some of Professor Krylon’s projects.

At a young age, Sonar found out that he was naturally good at sports and so lost interest in it quickly and found solace in books and information when people began ridiculing him out of jealousy. He also liked reading and playing games, and was pretty fascinated with virtual reality and robotic machines. He also liked poetry and music, and he has a certain level of respect for those who understand his taste. Sonar’s parents are divorced, and his father is fairly rich, but growing up with his mother because his father was in Hoenn, was very straining on his social skills and his interactions with people. Sonar has this compulsion to know everything about everything about one topic, and once he has fulfilled this compulsion, he will move on to another topic.

In college, Sonar wasn't really the popular guy, but he was more of the invisible guy due to the fact that most could not notice him. But he did find most of his mates dumb or stupid, due to the fact that he excelled in all the topics he tried to do, and well, they all had weak points. He doesn’t hang out with many people, and the people he hang with are very understanding and kind people, with the exception of those who want to exploit him for his knowledge. He is a very useful asset though due to the fact that.

RP Sample:
Put it in a spoiler. Write about what happened between you and Miss Valiana in the lab. The post must be of adequate length.

I’ll finish it soon……

Pikachu May 16th, 2011 4:14 AM

Aaaand guess what. I feel more like doing chapter RPs now, so I'll be focusing on The New Land instead of signing up for this. Sorry, Dia, but at least Keira is staying :D I like that character xD

Diamond1304 May 19th, 2011 1:53 AM

How's all the SUs coming along? I think I'll review those that have everything except the RP Sample up, you can post the prologue at a later time if you like to make the starting smooth. :3

CrossJHero is ACCEPTED. Nice personality you have there, an anti-social genius with a history to "back up". I hope you're ready for the 'download' as this RP might not start anytime soon.

We're still waiting for several SUs to be 'uploaded'. XD

PartiallyInsaneWhimsicott May 21st, 2011 2:10 PM

Sorry, you'll have to drop me from the RP. I think I've already got too much going on. Again, so sorry. Though it's mainly because my computer totally deleted my SU. It was in a word document, but somehow startup was mean to me. Anyway, you'll have to count me out. Sorry, again.

Aura.Lucario May 22nd, 2011 11:26 PM


Name: Aaron Spineas

Aaronge: 17

Sex: Male

Avatar: Pawniard

Personality: Altough Aaron has a passion for computer science, he isn’t really good at it. He is almost, mind you, almost the slowest learner in class, and this new teacher that’s replacing Krylon is very boring and dull. He is still interested in technology though, and is currently trying his best to catch up. He hates it when people tease him in class, since sometimes he acts rather nerdy, and he can’t help it, since he wears glasses. He’s allergic to contact lenses, so there’s no way to go around it.

He often finds programming rather irritating, but that doesn’t stop him from learning. He likes Krylon’s personality as Aaron himself is cheerful and understanding, not to mention clumsy. He often makes mistakes when he’s coding and programming, thus, making his progress slower than the average students, and the teacher scolds him a lot because of this. He faces the computer a lot, so he doesn’t really know much about life and communicating with others, especially communicating with girls. Despite facing the computer 24/7, he ain’t a computer wizard, and people don’t really consider him as a nerd, except for those pesky classmates of his.

If you’re bored, feel free to give Aaron a call. Since he stays home most of the time, he’ll be able to pick it up. Just remember that he doesn’t really know how to befriend people, and he can be really shy sometimes, so get ready. People may find it difficult to communicate with him at first, but when they’re familiar with Aaron, they’ll find it much easier to handle. He dislikes bullies, since they’re a total nuisance to him...

In class, no matter what subject it is (english, mathematics, physics etc), he can’t really catch up in class. He can’t understand the teachers’ words and meaning, and everytime the teachers say something horribly long he’ll scractch his head, confused, unable to understand it and say, “Come again?” Voila, his catch phrase. He has a short attention span, and maybe that’s the reason of why he can’t imprrove much nowadays.

History: Aaron has been interested in computers since he was four, and his ‘addiction’ made his parents rather frustrated. When Aaron was six, he said he wanted to learn more about computers, since he was really interested in the cyber world. But his parents didn’t agree to his request, afraid that he’ll be a computer geek when he grows up. Sad and disappointed by his parent’s decision, Aaron ran away from home for two years. His parents didn’t know his whereabouts in those two years, when he was six to eight years old. Aaron never told them.

Those two years were basically the happiest years in Aaron’s life. He escaped to his friend’s house and his friend’s parents allowed him to stay. Aaron’s friend had a new computer, with fast processing speed and large memory. Aaron’s friend saw him drooling on the computer, literally and told his father (which is a computer technician) to teach Aaron about the computer, teaching him how to do basic things with it. Without Aaron’s annoying parents around, he was able to do anything he wanted.

Finally it was time to go home, and A returned to his parents. He was eight by then, and his parents had changed their minds when he left. Seeing Aaron’s potential in computer science, they enrolled him into different computer classes, which helped him to improve slowly, bit by bit.

Given this advantage when he was younger, Aaron’s computer skills were above the average elementary students, but that didn’t last long. The others were catching up fast, and he started to fall behind in college. He didn’t know why, maybe he just doesn’t have the talent...

Secondary school life wasn’t paradise for the computer-devoted child. At first his computer knoledge was better than his classmates, but then after a few years they caught up in 10th Grade, therefore Aaron isn’t needed anymore. He has started to have short-sightedness since he’s in 7th Grade, and people have been calling him a nerd since then. In order to improve, he stayed in the computer room during recess and lunch time, but it didn’t help him much, as if he has reached his limit already.

University has given him a lot of problems. Firstly, he studied in boy schools, where there weren’t any girls in them. Girls are like aliens to him, as he seldom communicates with them since he stays home all day and doesn’t go out often unless he has to. Living under the well for years made him unfamiliar with things that are happening outside. Fortunately, his favourite teacher, Krylon, kept him on track, and taught him not only about computers, but logic and social living techniques. But one day, Krylon disappeared, and without Aaron’s favourite teacher around, Aaron is back to his old self - hiding at home like a turtle in its shell.

A turtle in its shell...before he receives Valiana Harpénos’s call.

is this good enough dia?

Diamond1304 May 22nd, 2011 11:38 PM

You are...........*drum rolls*


rustymenon May 31st, 2011 1:23 AM

Name: Jazz Trent
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Avatar: Blitzle
Personality: From an early age, Jazz has been very social. He always went up to people and started a conversation.He is very independent, able to take care of himself easily. He is good natured, sometimes rude but always means well. He loves to compete, participating in different hacking competitions. He is quite well mannered, although when he is angry he tends to go out of control. His love for his friends is very strong, and he values friendship above everything else. He hates the outdoors, and any kind of physical activity, deciding to rather stay indoors. He loves video games, and is the foremost expert on Pokemon.

History: Jazz had lost his parents at a young age. He then went on to live alone with the money his parents left him in Nuvema. There, he went to the cyber cafe everyday and learned programming from the clerk there. He proved to be a fast learner, learning everything about programming by the age of 5. He then went on to learn ethical hacking. After he had learned almost everything about computers, he went on to explore the region of Unova, not as a trainer, but as a regular adventurer.During this time, he worked as an editor for a famous computer magazine. He never attended school, working to learn only the skills he wanted. Later he returned to Castelia to study under Prof. Krylon, whose classes he loved due to the amount of interaction with the students. When Prof. Krylon disappeared, he actually got around to search for him, but could never find him.

That all changed when Valiana Harpénos came to meet him....

Password :technology

Diamond1304 June 1st, 2011 3:21 AM

rustymenon is ACCEPTED with Blitzle~ Welcome aboard the motherboard. X3

Skymin June 1st, 2011 11:25 AM

I'd like to reserve Purrloin please. It's currently 5:30am and I'm lying in bed but i'll write something when i get up in a few hours.


Name: Kerin Knight
Age: 18 and a half
Sex: Male
Avatar: Purrloin

Personality: Kerin has never been good at keeping his cool. He tries his hardest, he really does, but it doesn't take much for the guy to take a step forward and punch you in the face. He doesn't mind a few mindless jabs at his own personality or perhaps his clothing, but as soon as you even breathe a word about somebody else, consider yourself a painful, bloody lump. He acts as some kind of vigilante but he doesn't know why; he often regrets fighting after its all said and done. Despite this, he doesn't even hesitate to jump into a fight and usually ends up on top in most cases (three to one is usually his limit). A bloody nose, grazed knuckles or bruises are not considered unusual to him. Infact, lack of any sort of injury surprises him.

Other than that, Kerin can be easy to get along with. Too bad not many people see him that way; Kerin doesn't actually have any friends. If anyone was to show him any sort of kindness, he would probably get excited or try and figure out why. Kerin also has some kind gift in absorbing knowledge. Most of the time he doesn't look like it (usually dozing or just doodling in a sketchbook) but he somehow keeps up with his grades.

Fun fact: Kerin doesn't actually like Pokémon that much. He also plays Piano, Bass Guitar and sometimes goes by "Rin".

History: Kerin was raised in a small home with a big family. As far as he cares, his parents are dead and gone (or something) and his adopted father, Manuel Knight, a man of Arceus, lives and runs a small church in Lacunosa Town in Unova. Despite the income of the church, Manuel adopted four other orphans; Frederick (17), Nora (16), Axel (14) and Dana (9), Kerin being the oldest of them all. He had another sibling, Quinn, who died in a car accident involving another car and a few Tauros with Kerin at the wheel. He's never really forgiven himself for that yet.

When he was little, Kerin was a difficult child. Always angry or upset, when he started attending school Kerin would come home bruised or battered from some kind of fight. As he grew older, his attitude improved. Only slightly. People would tease him and his siblings about being adopted and Kerin never took any nonsense. His only talents he had was fighting, computers and gaming, which somehow scrounged him enough grades for high school and then, surprisingly, college with a scholarship to boot. He also squeezed a job out of himself, pulling apart computers at a junk shop. That's where it started. His interest in IT somehow stranded from his fighting as breaking through security networks and creating unsolvable mathematic password sequences was his way of fighting the computer; creating unbreakable boundaries and crushing anything in his path. He never did it for profit, only fun.

College is interesting for Kerin. Sure, he still gets into the odd fight but he gets through his classes and does just above average. He probably could do better, he just doesn't try that hard. He doesn't associate much with his fellow students either (either to avoid running into a fight or pushed into a fight) and doesn't talk to the boys in his dorm. Currently taking a course in Information Technology, majoring in security and minoring in network management, Kerin takes the Computer Engineering class as a part of the course.

RP Sample:

Kerin stretched his arms out and gave a loud yawn. The majority of the class had already left the room but Kerin enjoyed taking his sweet time. He slowly packed his laptop away, shoved his messy scrawl of notes in his bag and swung it over his shoulder and trudged his way down the stairs and towards the door. He mumbled a short thank you and goodbye to the professor and made his way to wherever he needed to go next.

"Excuse me, Kerin Knight?" a voice called out to him as he dawdled down the hall. Kerin lazily arched his head back to see where it was coming from. He found it, or her, a teacher of somekind probably, walking towards him with determination. With a dress like that, she looked important.

"Yeah?" Kerin blinked tiredly. What, was he in trouble? He probably punched someone last week. Probably.

"I need to discuss with you about your recent behaviour. Come with me please," She looked at him quite sternly. Okay, so she wasn't a dean, otherwise she would have said. School shrink? Cafeteria lady?

"Yeah, okay, sure. What did I do?" Kerin raised his eyebrows.

"Just follow me," she nodded curtly and headed in the opposite direction. Kerin shrugged a little and followed her. Behaviour? What behaviour? Okay, so maybe he might have given some guy on the baseball team a knuckle to the chest for talking crap about some kid on the chess team but those guys wouldn't go running to some teacher. That just seemed too girly for them.

She led him to a laboratory just off campus, a room filled with state of the art computers with presumably the best hardware and software. He took an open tower sprawled out over a desk. It looked like... like the latest. Stuff that hadn't been released yet as far as Kerin knew. Who was this woman?

"Sorry," she said, closing the door behind Kerin. "I lied." Kerin's heart skipped a beat. Oh god, she was going to kill him? What, why? And like she stood a chance. Kerin didn't get any time to react as she continued to talk. "My name is Valiana Harpénos and I am the fiancé of Krylon Reagonite. Do you remember him?"

"Reagonite?" Kerin quickly racked his brains. Oh yeah, his teacher for Computer Engineering. That was a fun class. Too bad he got transferred or whatever those x amount of years ago. "Yeah, I remember him. Dr. Reagonite. He was my teacher."

"Oh good, then I won't have to bother with specifics. Krylon disappeared four years ago after an incident with a team of hackers named "Porygon Z." Surely you heard about this?" she raised an eyebrow. Kerin never really cared, but this was news to him. He just remembered that one day he was teaching and the next he was gone the next. Kerin shook his head. She nodded. "Yes, it was quite a while ago."

She continued to tell him what exactly had happened those years ago, or what she thought had happened. Kerin didn't interrupt her, just replied to her rhetorical questions with a few yeahs and nods. Okay so apparently, he wasn't dead. Not like Kerin had ever doubted that. Okay, so he created... a world to trap these cyber hackers in. Wait, what? Avatars? Like, the movie or something? Wait, wait, wait. Wait, what? Who?

"Wait, so you're telling me that I... have to go save him? Why me?" Kerin furrowed his brow. He barely knew the guy, it was just his teacher. Not a relative. Not even his friend. Just... a guy. That he knew. That had slightly entertaining classes. Kerin could kind of understand that his financé would think these kinds of things, but out of all the smart people in this world, the non slacking kind of guys, why Kerin?

"You and seven others, yes," She nodded, completely ignoring his other question. "You have twenty-four hours to decide."

Kerin frowned a little as she opened the door, obviously a hint for him to leave. He shrugged again and stepped outside, quickly thinking over everything. If it was true, Kerin felt a kind of responsibility as a human being to save another. Dr. Reagonite was a cool guy, he didn't deserve to be killed, or be killed, or whatever. He sighed a little. As long as it was something that was possible by Kerin, as long as he didn't have to grow wings or develop some kind of magic power in the process, Kerin could do it. He was used to saving others. But usually in a more brutal way.

"You have to come anyway," she said as she closed the door, "or else." And with that, she slammed it in his face.

XxSweetDreamsxX June 1st, 2011 7:36 PM

Name: Alice Marie Stone

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Avatar: Deerling (I hope its ok if I switch)

Personality: Alice is a very quiet girl, and usually afraid to speak her mind around people. None the less, she is incredibly nice and smart. She feels most comfortable when talking to adults, and is often more open to older individuals rather than people her age. Alice also had a very mild temper, which means she can handle many small situations, but being irritated too much can set her off. When it comes to friendships and connections, Alice isn’t too close to most people, but is very loyal and protective.

She desires friends who will accept her for who she is, even is she isn’t the most perfect friend around. Eventually, Alice opens up to people who show her kindness and generosity. She tries her hardest to stay away from mean or more aggressive individuals, and if faced by someone with these qualities, usually keeps quiet or replies to them with short answers.

History: Alice was always the computer nerd in her former schools- always a bit different. She was abnormally quiet compared to other students and secretive, only talking to the very few friends she had. Even so, Alice would always have a hard time connecting with any of them, and soon enough they all left her too. Her homework would normally keep her busy, but she often depended on her parents for comfort, and Alice cherished them.

Her family was very small- only a few members, due to the fact many of them had already passed before Alice was born. Her family wasn’t very special, but her father was very experienced when it came to technology and engineering. He was a Computer Programmer, not a very fancy job, but a good one. Alice liked watching him work, although others who viewed his program codes saw it as boring. Yet, as a kid, she would search through all the numbers and letters, trying to figure out what they meant.

Due to her straight As, Alice was able to join Professor Krylon’s classes at Castelia College. Surprisingly, she felt more comfortable in the classes, and would chat non-stop to many of the other students. She was able to make friends with many of the members, and was delighted to find that many of them shared common interests with her. The atmosphere made Alice comfortable, and the teacher made the classes much more enjoyable than what she had originally expected. Alice soared through her homework with ease, and learned many new things.

When Professor Krylon disappeared, it was very obvious due to not only the news, but the replacement they hired. Classes were still educational, but the days had become slower, and Alice found herself becoming, once again, more cautious and nervous. Her friends still respected her, but she was less social. She tried to talk to them, but often it was hard to talk about anything other than Professor Krylon's disappearance. It was a huge topic among the class. However, many of the students had moved on by the first year, and soon so did Alice.

The next few years were a big change for Alice. She met more people, chatted more often, and was beginning to mature. Instead of always staying home, she would go for walks, bike rides, and be more active with her companions. It was a huge, positive change for the young girl. However, even till then she was shy towards people. It was part of her that would never change, and made it difficult for her to strengthen the bond between herself and others.

RP Sample:

Alice laughed, her friend sharing a humorous story of an event that happened in class. She wished her classes were more enjoyable, but most of the time everything was lifeless. Never the less, she was glad her friends could at least think more positively than her.

Smiling in reply to her friends, Alice's companions suddenly stared at her.

"Sorry, did I do something wrong...?" As her question was submitted, a tap on the shoulder caught her attention.

It was a lady, much older than her yet still looking young. Alice looked at her friends and then back at the woman.

"Excuse me, Alice. May I have a word with you?" she asked.

Alice didn't know what to say. She didn't know this person, but it wasn't as if she was afraid of her. She nodded, and in a polite manner, followed the woman into the school. Alice had forgotten to say goodbye to her friends, but didn't know it would truly be 'goodbye'.

The peculiar woman lead her into a separate room from the ones she had usually studied in. It was huge, and the atmosphere was un-settling, not to mention cold. The woman offered Alice a seat and she gladly took one. There was a rather small table in front of her, but when she touched it it was cold. She moved around in her seat, trying to find comfort and control.

"Pardon me for interrupting your conversation, but there are some things I must discuss with you. I am Valiana Harpenos, a fiancee of Krylon."

The mention of Professor Krylon stroke Alice's interest, but she kept quiet. In all honesty, she had no idea what to say. Why did Valiana want her?

"If you remember 4 years ago, he suddenly disappeared. It was a dramatic moment for everyone, and most were convinced he died a long time ago. I disagree. That is why I've called you here."

"I don't understand..." Alice murmured.

As the woman tried to explain, the words flew past Alice's mind. She tried to imagine the Professor alive, but no images came into her mind of where he could be.

"Will you help, Alice?"

Her focus shot back, and her mind tried searching for an answer. "C-can I think about it?"

Valiana nodded. She mentioned something about having 24 hours to think over it, but Alice's answer was already a no. Deep inside, she thought the woman was crazy. There was no logical answer to how he could have disappeared from existence, and there was no way she was going to find him after 4 years had already passed. She smiled at the woman, and exited from the room quietly. What a weird day.

Diamond1304 June 2nd, 2011 3:39 AM

Oh wow, yay!
Skymin is ACCEPTED!!~ Love your History, well-detailed and I can picture everything in my mind. Your RP Sample is great too.

XxSweetDreamsxX, so far so good. Just gimme a buzz once you're done. ;)

Skymin June 2nd, 2011 3:52 AM


Originally Posted by Diamond1304 (Post 6672780)
Oh wow, yay!
Skymin is ACCEPTED!!~ Love your History, well-detailed and I can picture everything in my mind. Your RP Sample is great too.

Thanks! its great how well kerin ties in with aura lucario's character, aaron. i suspect that if they've had any history, kerin would have punched someone for calling aaron names d:

Ink Heart June 4th, 2011 5:17 AM

To Kuya Dia.. ^_^

I'd like to reserve Mienfoo.. Please~

...I dunno if I'll have the SU right away since I just ate.. but whatever, haha. ^^"

Thanks po!

Diamond1304 June 4th, 2011 5:50 AM


Originally Posted by Ink Heart (Post 6676521)
To Kuya Dia.. ^_^

I'd like to reserve Mienfoo.. Please~

...I dunno if I'll have the SU right away since I just ate.. but whatever, haha. ^^"

Thanks po!

Mienfoo, it is then! Don't get indigestion though, take your time. Quality matters but don't take too long, you know me, I get bored easily. xD

EDIT: I've seen XxSweetDreamsxX's finished SU and you're accepted with Deerling. It's okay, since no one else's is taking it. :3

Ink Heart June 4th, 2011 11:32 PM

My SU's done!

By the way... Here's the password: Technology. xD

Name: Demetria Paige
Age: 15... and a half.
Sex: Female
Avatar: Mienfoo


Demetria, or often called Demi by friends, is the typical loner; Polite, respectful, dense, and often like to be alone. She is a very 'weird' person, as the bullies would say. She isn't the smartest in the class, but some people often ask her for help with any computer related topic. How does she do it? Well, it's obviously because she was interested to learn, if only that were true with the other subjects, like Maths. Even though some of the subjects were hard, she will still keep trying. She admires her teacher, Mr. Krylon, since he has made some subjects.. adequately interesting, even Maths. However, even though she tries, she still cannot get things as she would like: perfect. Some would call her a perfectionist, but she didn't care about what they thought about her.

When she is alone, she will often be seen near her personal laptop, or the family computer, either tinkering with it, or just playing around. Feel free to give her a call, a shout, whatever; As long as you start the conversation. She herself likes to socialize, but she's just too shy to ever talk to someone, making the computer a perfect excuse to suddenly stop the convo. The other gender, if talking to her, she may give an expressionless demeanor, since she has that small outlook of boys. Still, she believes that everyone deserves their chances. Demi's curiousity may get the best of her; Asking "Why?" everytime she's curious. She doesn't hesitate to ask if she doesn't understand something, as well. That's the point when she won't let shyness take over.

Mostly, she dislikes people that think of themselves as stupid, bad, or something that she believes that he/she is not. She also hates people that simply gives up on something that they've worked hard on. But all she can say to that, is a simple sigh, and turning away. She doesn't know what she will say. At times as well, she almost takes things too literally, and she would probably rethink her answer before stating it out. What she does like? Meditating. She's gotten to the habit of 30 minutes of meditating a day, and mumbling a simple chant right after. She also likes to jump, run, and kick, but she doesn't have enough stamina due to her asthma acting up. When she does some physical work too much, she may suddenly collapse, and take a small rest before going back to it.

When she does accept you as a friend, she can be very loyal, but still, not that much talkative. If she doesn't want to remember something, she'll give a nice little excuse of "What? I don't recall anything like that." But, if she did do something wrong, she'll regret it. Nonetheless, she's very friendly; She just doesn't show it.


When Demi was 2 years old, her parents let her play with the family computer, and bought her a toy mouse-ball to go along with it. That, my dears, started her addiction. Almost every year, she kept on learning new things, and at the age of 10, she 'accidentaly' hacked her internet router so that the family computer would recieve internet connection. Thankfully, it went well, and the only thing wrong she got out of it was a slight electrocution. She didn't know her father, and her mother said it was for the better anyways.

Elementary School was some sort of paradise for Demi. She didn't make lots of friends, but she learned highly advanced Computer Skills. Unfortunately, she forgot some processess, but she may remember certain fragments and piece them together. At times, she would be seen either reading a book about technology, or just meditating, sensing the air around her. Some may think of her as awkward since she doesn't hang out much, but she doesn't mind them at all.

Secondary school.. Not the best place for her. She doesn't seem confortable talking to people of the opposite gender, but she tries. Since there was the medical eye check, she learned she was slowly having blurred vision, and near-sighted ness. They say it's because she faces the computer too much, so as a result, almost everyday, she had to use a special medicine on her eyes; Demetria doesn't follow that medication, however.

University is probably a surprise to her, since her mother kept teasing and told her aunts that she won't go to college, due to her high computer intellect, and help in getting a job. Even though she knew it was a joke.. She took it too literally, like other things. Still, she didn't bother to talk to anyone, neither boys nor girls. She kept quiet, and listened to some teachers. Others, she didn't mind at all. Most subjects that she payed any attention, was the ones Sir Krylon was teaching.

She knew she had to try to change herself once Miss Valiana called.

RP Sample: (I'll make this as short as possible. >D)



The school bell. For some, it was the sound of freedom. Today, Demetria shared the same thought with these students. It has been 4 years since the teacher she had admired so much disappeared, yet she didn't bother to do a thing. All she could think about, was going back home. Slowly walking, as not to get her shoes dirty, a young lady walked up to her. Demi, didn't bother see her face, and just looked down on the ground, not uttering a word.

"Miss Paige, right?" The woman asked, crossing her arms. The sound of her last name made her eyes wander to her face, which doesn't seem to familiar, yet Demetria muttered with a barely audible voice


The woman, in turn nodded. "Please follow me to my office." She said, and kept walking forward, her heels were heard with every step. Shrugging, she slowly walked behind her, nearing a laboratory.

Inside, Demi's eyes widened. The whole lab was state of the art! She could see herself slightly smiling at the wonders of technology. <Oh.. my.. gosh!!! Some of these haven't even been released!> She thought, noticing the most awesome computer she has seen in her entire life. She was about to turn the computer on, when a voice interrupted.

"My name is Valiana Harpénos and I am the fiancé of Krylon Reagonite. Do you remember him?" It was the woman. Demetria slowly nodded.

"Yes, of course. He's my teacher." She responded, a normal tone this time.

"Good. Then you know that he disappeared 4 years ago during an incident with a team of hackers name Porygon Z." Oh? She didn't know about the cause of disappearance; she shook her head, slightly confused. The woman, Valiana nodded, and explained the what had happened those many years ago.

Her story wasn't believable to most students, but to Demetria, who's been literally living next to a computer all her life, she understood the situation, and actually believed it. <A highly advanced form of virtual reality-- Avatars> She thought in her head.

"...Let me guess. I have to go save him?" Demi said, a hint of seriousness, and excited tone in her voice.

"Along with 7 others, yes." She said. "Plus, you will have a great reward if you accept." She added.

The reward made Demi stare at the computer. <Maybe I can have at least one device here!> She thought to herself, nodding.


<Ehh?!> Demi thought, but before she could speak, she was abruptly pushed out of the lab.

"You have to come anyway... Or else!" The woman said her final words, and slammed the door shut tight.

<What the hell..>

Demi slowly walked back to her house, slightly confused on what had happened.


So.. Is it good enough? Or is it too short?

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