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jackblaze June 11th, 2011 11:58 AM

The Pokémon Trainer Academy (T) [Best Veteran 4Q '11]
The Pokémon Trainer Academy

Rated T

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All SUs belong in the OOC thread.

You are a young trainer who has just been accepted by the new and elite Pokémon Trainer Academy on a island close to Kanto containing pokemon from all the regions built by Professor Gary Oak to aid new trainers in the art of Pokémon.

One day you wake up and you have received your initiation package from the school with a letter attached reading:
Hello and Welcome to Pokémon Trainer School!

My Name is Professor Gary Oak, principal of this school. I started this school to help beginning Trainers to understand the unique qualities and specialties of all Pokémon. From Abra to Zubat our goal is for you to learn and master everything there is to learn in the ways of a being a great Pokémon trainer. Througout your time hear you will be groomed in the ways of battling, the health of your Pokémon down to what to feed them. I sincerely hope you enjoy your time here and feel accomplished by time you leave.
Yours Truly

Professor Oak

Although many see the trainer school as a wonderful idea and a way of making young trainers learn Prof. Oak sees it as a way of grooming young trainers for the impending battle between trainers and the members of team rocket who have world domination on their minds.

Yagerbomb June 12th, 2011 9:00 PM

Name: Dr. Jonas Applewood

Nickname: His students are to refer him as Dr.Applewood

Age: 52

Gender: Male

Dorm Allegiance: Suicune Dorm

Job: Dr. Applewood mainly teaches Pokemon Mythology, but also teaches a class about Items and their uses.

Appearance: Since a picture is worth a thousand words

Dr. Applewood is cold,stern and emotionless. Most see Dr.Applewood as a lifeless person. Dr. Applewood cares deeply
about his studies. Although many may not know it, Dr.Applewood wishes the best for his students. Dr.Applewood is
quick to judge and is very quiet around large groups of people. His students all say he is heartless and evil. In other
words, he is your average teacher.

Dr. Jonas Applewood was born in Cerulean City,Kanto. From an early age, Jonas took an interest in Pokemon Mythology. Jonas would research whatever he could on the subject and quite the knowledge on the subject. Jonas would go through school earning fantastic marks during the process. After graduating from Cerulean City High School, Jonas was accepted into Mossdeep University in Hoenn. During Jonas' time in Hoenn, he studied the legends of Hoenn and the so called " Legendary Pokemon" associated with them. Jonas spent seven years at Mossdeep University, earning a Doctorate in Archeology. After University, Jonas was hired at the Pewter City Museum. Jonas was a archeologist for the Museum, collecting multiple pieces of important data on "Legendary Pokemon". Jonas was Professor Oak's personal guide when it comes to Pokemon Legends. When Oak opened up the Academy, Professor Oak called on Dr.Applewood to teach.

Pokémon (Up to 4 Maximum No Legendaries or Shinies):
Species: Umbreon
Personality: Umbreon is very shy and quiet, but very loyal.
Lvl: 45
Bite-Double Team
Dark Pulse-Faint Attack
Quick Attack-Water Pulse
Species: Blastoise
Personality: Blastoise is very headstrong. Blastoise is always ready for a Challenge to prove itself.
Lvl: 49
Bite-Ice Beam
Aqua Tail-Flash Cannon
Species: Yanmega
Personality: The best way to describe Yanmega would be silent but deadly.
Lvl: 47
Bug Bite-Ancient Power
Detect-Sunny Day
Solarbeam-Shadow Ball.

Renege June 12th, 2011 9:07 PM

Wallace Briggs
Raikou Dorm
At first look he looks like someone who has been working all his life, which is the case. With shaggy brown hair, similar to a mop, stuck to his face. Peach fuzz, he rarely shaved but he decided to if he wanted a job. A ragged, brown shirt that was neatly tucked beneath his beyond faded brown shorts. His eyes, like the rest of him, were brown, it's almost eerie has brown reflects him. Good ole working boots support his feet, nothing could stop him from walking town to town with these bad boys. Weighing about 180, with his 5'9 structure, his arms were notably his best feature.
Appearance if put in with a certain cliche he would look like a farm boy who spent his entire life in the field which is what Wallace did.
Upon first look, glance, or even gaze, Wallace looks like a brute, someone who should be chopping wood or building houses. Despite his outer strength Wallace isn't too emotionally stable he tends to willow in self-pity. He often plays the "blame game", it's his fault his family isn't "rich" enough. Nothing is ever good enough for Wallace, this tends to anger him and causes temper-tantrums. Even though he is the age of fourteen, since he didn't have a childhood like most kids he unfortunately still acts like one.
Wallace tries to be the best trainer he can be after all he has a lot of potential but just doesn't know how to use it.

Wallace isn't very good with people as he never had to be around them for long periods of time. This doesn't mean he can't handle them it just that he prefers to observe them and get to know them from afar. Wallace isn't known for his conversation skills because he severely lacks them but that won't stop him from entering a conversation. Due to lack of skills he doesn't really know that someone shouldn't just enter a conversation any time they want. As his Pokemon have been his only companions for the past years he just doesn't want any harm to come to them. He doesn't do a lot of battling for this reason which is why his Pokemon lack real experience in battling and don't listen to him. Wallace is nervous that all the Trainers at The Academy will be better than him in everything.
Fresh out of a job, it was time to start scouring the cities for a new one, having to support the family somehow. That's all Wallace did was work, nothing was ever about his enjoyment. He had a family to support, a brother, a sister, a mother and a father, after all he was the eldest. His father was a wayward old man who couldn't even tend to the easiest of chores. He wanted to let his brother have a childhood, enjoy himself why he still could, the same for his sister.

Wallace tried city after city, Celadon, no work, Cerulean, no work, perhaps Saffron had some odd-end jobs. Maybe, just maybe, Wallace thought he should skip Saffron it felt too eerie to him. Fortunately, he remembered his needy family and how much they relied on him. Entering Saffron wasn't hard, asking around for an outsider was, he wasn't even familiar with this town enough. A arrogant, stern young man came up to him, perhaps the security of this town? Anyway, he stared at Wallace and declared that he would be going on a search party, what? Puzzled, the officer clued him in on what happened, Wallace couldn't go, he had family. Technically, this was work, wasn't it? Wallace made up his made, he would go search whatever happened, by now the details were all fuzzy anyhow. Finally some enjoyment for Wallace, that's all he ever wanted.
He had some fun there but his parents wanted him to become a true Pokemon Trainer instead of working all the time. The only way to shape him up to be one is to send him to The Academy.

If Wallace was to go to The Academy he would need himself some partners to go with him there and he would need to train them as well. Wallace went out got his Pokemon the only way he knew how, work. He worked for the Day-care center and they rewarded him with three precious eggs. A problem arose when Wallace acquired his partners he didn't want them to be hurt in battle. He withdrew from the Trainer world completely and just kept to himself. He did spend this time wisely by just training one-on-one with his Pokemon to teach them even more powerful moves then they had already had. He taught them how to battle together the only downside is that they've never actually gotten a chance to use it.
Floating Pokemon/Frillish
-Personality: Taiga is relaxed, mellow and kind of a "teacher's pet" Pokemon which probably makes her the favored one. She is always willing to listen to Wall even if that puts her in danger just for some brownie points. Not only is she the TP to Wall but to Lome as well going along with the various schemes she has cooked up. Taiga and Yana don't get along very well because they are complete opposite. Of course this is outside of battle in battle they are very synchronized if it happens to be a double, triple battle even.

- Absorb
- Night Shade
- Bubblebeam
- Recover
- Shadow Ball
- Will-o-wisp

Diapered Pokemon/Vullaby
-Personality: Lome is completely dismissive of Wall and any authority he seems to have over her. She thinks that she is Queen Bee and people and Pokemon alike should be honored to be in her presence. Lome has a bit of an attitude problem which causes a lot of fights between Yana and herself. She would be consider the leade-dictator of of the trio that gives her "authority" over the other two. Despite her dismissive attitude towards Wall in general she does well in battle when she listens to him.

-Lv.: 13
- Fury Attack
- Pluck
- Mean Look
- Toxic
- Aerial Ace
- Protect

Bounce Pokemon/Spoink
-Personality: Despite her being the "Bounce" Pokemon she isn't very "bouncy" instead Yana is more calm and collective. Despite Wall's commands Yana takes it upon herself to see what attack seems best and uses it. Being the intellect upon the three Pokemon Yana respect her Trainer but respects her health even more which is why she disobeys some of the time. Even though Yana isn't the "leader" of the three Pokemon she sure doesn't take any of Lome's attitude when she dishes it out. Yana hates being in her Pokeball and she's never caught in it unless necessary like non-interactive class time.

-Lv.: 14
- Psybeam
- Shock Wave
- Icy Wind
- Thunder Wave
- Psychic
- Rain Dance

curiousnathan June 12th, 2011 9:10 PM

May I reserve a spot please, I have participated in a similar roleplay and it's just went to quick and grew out of control.

Name: Nathan
Nickane: Nothing.
Age: 15
Class/Dorm: Suicune Dorm.
Nathan, a 15 year old boy, has dark brown hair and fair skin. He's fairly tall and his eye colour changes, so noone knows what colours is eyes are permanently. (Change from grey - blue - green - amber.) He usually wears suits (Like in signature) and is very professional looking. He wears a silver watch on his left hand as well as a silver bracelet he recieved from his Skarmory in which he left with his mother. He wears the respective pants to his suit and black shoes. He howevfer does not wear a top hat and his hair is 'accidentally on purpose' style. He wers a blue tie and variates this with red.

Nathan's personality is reserved and quiet. He is very intelligent, and often looks voe rhis opponent before a battle and constantly observes everyones behaviour. His fierce battle style enables him to lose few but his sometimes lack of judgement can lead him to loss. He passionately dislikes those who 'judge a book by it's cover' as many judge his pokemon quickly often thiking that they are weak just because they have not evolved. He loves proving them wrong especially with his variety of techniques.

Nathan can be quite humorous, but doesn't warm to people easily. He prefers to work by himself and with his pokemon rather than together with other trainers. He's a hard woprker and constantly improves his pokemon's preformances to enable him to reach even higher in his champion dream. He never gets angry with his pokemon nor does he treat them terribly, he often gives them treats and plays with them. His pokemon are on the bribnk of evolving, however, he needs a final win to do so. He is orgainsed and always has a counter attack up his sleeve and even more surprises in the other.

The history of this teen has been quite a sucessful one. He has competed in the Sinnoh and Johto Leagues both coming 2nd. His family have also too been sucessful and his mother used to be a top trainer back in her day winnig the Sinnho League and she even was the 4th member of the Elite Four, however this was way before the reigns of Flint, Cynthia etc. He coimes form a wealthy family, but does not flaunt it nor show off. His Father left whe he was young and he has no further contact with him. His idol is no-one except for his mother.
Pokemon: Chimchar.
Level and Gender: 15 Male
Species: Chimp Pokemon.
Personality: Chimchar, has an energetic persona, and often runs ahead and explores places that not many people would think to look, this has come in ahndy sometimes as Chimchar has often found valuable things in such places. It can become reckless in some situations when it becomes over excited. It's role in the team is the the backup for turwig.. more shall be revealed later... and is the second strongest of Nathan three party members.
- Mach Punch.
- Fire Punch.
- Sunny Day.
- Double Team.
- Swords Dance.
- Dig.
Pokemon: Piplup.
Level and Gender: 15, Female
Species: Penguin Pokemon
Personality: Piplup represents Nathan's personality well, and is calm, cool, quiet yet reserved like him. it often hides/situates itself on Nathan's shoulder or in the inside of his chest. It is a very caring pokemon and will often help Nathan recover and wash his injuries if has any. It is the least strongest of the party members, but don't be fooled by it's kind nature, it can be quite sneaky especially in batlle.
- Rain Dance
- Attract
- Aqua Ring
- Icy Wind
- Bubble Beam
- Double Team
Pokemon: Turtwig.
Level and Gender: 15, Male
Species: Tiny Leaf Pokemon.
Personality: Turtwig has a quircky character and is often eating, fiddling or hurts itsaelf because of it's quircky behaviour. It is the strongest of it's three friends and is considered the leader of the group. It was Nathan's first pokemon and has developed a close bond with him.
- Synthesis
- Solarbeam
- Light Screen
- Double Team
- Energy Ball
- Leech Seed

If so, will we be able to catch pokemon? Because I'd really like to catch a few more.. again, may we have 1 pokemon in the pc for later use, or no?
Additionaly, with my pokemon I made my pokemon as reralistic as possible since I don't think hydropump for example is suited for a level 15 piplup. I play strategically, not solemnly with brutal force/power.

Future team: _____ _____ ______ other three are mystery pokemon as will be discovered during roleplay.

Aura.Lucario June 12th, 2011 9:31 PM

May I reserve a spot please? What subjects can I teach? Since i want to be a teacher

Conjurer June 12th, 2011 9:44 PM

I'll make a reservation for a Suicune student, I'm actually half-done with my SU and will finish it tonight/tomorrow. ;P

jackblaze June 12th, 2011 10:54 PM

Yagerbomb spot reserved

Renege spot reserved

Curious. spot reserved

Aura.Lucario spot reserved-Any thing that you think would be taught at a school for pokemon trainers =Pokémon Battle Class, Pokémon Doctor's Class(for those who want to be like nurse joy),Pokémon Contests Class, Poffin mixing class, etc)

Conjurer spot reserved

Glad to see people interested

rustymenon June 13th, 2011 2:16 AM

Reserve me a spot for teacher, please.

Oh, and can be be an E4 or a gym leader for a teacher? Because they are quite experienced.

Aura.Lucario June 13th, 2011 3:56 AM

Name (First,and Last): Eugene Greenwich

Nickname: Green (created from his last name)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Dorm Allegiance: Raikou Dorms

Job: Steel and Electric type specialist, Battle Tactician (Battle Strategy)

Appearance: His appearance is based on Roark, but of course, he doesn’t have the helmet. His hair is about the same except for the colour, which is brownish-gold. Roark’s grey jacket is replaced with a similar dark blue one, and his trousers and boots are replaced with black baggy jeans and converse. The glasses stay though. (roark's appearance -

Personality: He’s twenty four, so he isn’t as strict and boring as those old teachers. He understands his student’s needs and often plays with them, Pokemon and non-Pokemon. The students love him because he doesn’t give much homework, and they love him because of his easy-going attitude. He tries to create a good bonding with his classmates, as he was a student in the same school once. He’s always on the students’ side, and some other teachers don’t approve of him, but Eugene doesn’t really care about it. He knows how students hate teachers, so he’s trying to change that thought.

History: Eugene was born in Unova, and not in Kanto. Despite that, his family brought him to Kanto when he was six, since the rents in Unova was just way too high. Eugene’s family settled in Pewter City and the teacher-to-be had a normal life. When he was ten, however, he was invited to join the Pokemon Trainer Academy, which was newly built at that time.

He was one of the first batch - the first bunch of students that studied there. He wasn’t an elite, so he was in Raikou Dorms - the dorm that he’s teaching in right now. When he was in the Pokemon Academy, his interest in Steel and Electric types started to grow, and a teacher named Dr. Jonas Applewood taught him everything he needed to know (to make it more interesting xD). He was in Raikou Dorms, but after all these years, he’s promoted to teach in Suicune.

When Eugene graduated, he didn’t leave school. He continued to roam around school as a volunteer, helping the needy students, answering their questions. When he was twenty three, he was allowed to teach in the Raikou dorm.

Main Pokémon: Excadrill

Other Pokemon: Magneton, Garvantula, Emolga

Personality: Excadrill likes showing off in a cool way, often burrowing into things he can, but he doesn’t admit it. He can be very demanding, and Eugene finds it difficult to provide him with his needs sometimes.

Lvl(Max 50): Excadrill - 50 Magneton - 35 Garvantula - 43 Emolga - 40


Excadrill - Drill Run, Earthquake, Metal Claw, Brick Break, Poison Jab, X-Scissor

Magneton - Zap Cannon, Gyro Ball, Tri Attack, Flash Cannon, Explosion

Garvantula - Bug bite, Electroweb, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Hyper beam, Sucker Punch

Emolga - Discharge, Acrobatics, Electro Ball, Double Team, U-turn, Wild Charge

Xlugon Pyro June 13th, 2011 4:04 AM

I'll reserve a spot in a Raikou Dorm as a trainer. Going to wait to see what others put up for their sign-ups before I work on mine.

Makbets June 13th, 2011 4:13 AM

Reserve Suicune dorm for me...

jackblaze June 13th, 2011 6:26 AM

rustymenon spot reservedthat means no more space for teachers.

Aura.Lucario you are Accepted

Xlugon Pyro spot reserved

Makbets spot reserved

Why does no one want to be in the Entei Dorm

Conjurer June 13th, 2011 7:13 AM

Name: Dimitri Lancer

Nickname: None.

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Dorm: Suicune Dorm

Appearance: Dimitri stands at five feet seven, making him quite a short adolescent. His face is a stumpy oval, with dark green eyes and a slightly flat nose. His build is rather scrawny, although you can see a little trace of muscle in his body. He has a pale complexion with several dark spots on his right arm, which looks like an old burn wound. A mass of spiky dark brown hair sits on top of his head, the tips pointing skywards. A big scar runs down from his left elbow, reaching all the way to his wrists. The cause for this is unknown.

Dimitri often wears a black sleeveless T-shirt and thinner-than-normal white cargoes. In some occasions, however, he prefers to wear a plain white shirt and simple jeans with slash pockets. No matter what he wears, though, he always covers it with a custom tailored white blazer with blue linings, which has a V-neck that extends all the way to just above his belly button. He wears a platinum necklace with a strange box pendant, and a black fingerless bracer on his left arm that hides the part of his scar that isn't covered by his blazer sleeve. He wears black leather shoes, which looks ragged and contrasts with his overall appearance.

On formal occasions, he wears mostly the same attire, though he does take off his bracers, covering the scar with a watch instead. He also takes off his necklace, which is replaced by a standard tie. His shabby shoes are also replaced by a dull brown one, though it's several sizes too big.

Personality: Dimitri is confident in his Pokemon. While this does make Pokemon friendlier to him than they would be initially, this trait is a double-edged sword. Dimitri doesn't know when to stop, and is far too proud of himself and his Pokemon to realize the foes that he can't beat. He believes that his skill stands above all others, is rather snobbish, though this is often veiled by his happy-go-lucky nature.

Dimitri is rather mischievous. It seems that he specializes in eavesdropping, and often threatens, with a chuckle no less, to reveal what he overheard, although most of the time this is a tease. In battle he is always optimistic that his Pokemon will win no matter what, and his Pokemon does tend to try its best to live up to Dimitri's expectations. Dimitri is almost never angry. He pouts a lot when someone annoys him, but it rarely ever goes beyond that border.

History: Dimitri was born to a rich couple in an exclusive area of the city he came from. His family has access to various resources, such as state-of-the-art laboratories, museums with a fantastic array of collections on Pokemon, and even a little spy network which his father uses for political purposes. Dimitri have received top-notch education in Pokemon, both academically and practically. As such, he was able to pass the exams to enter the Suicune Dorm, albeit barely.

Dimitri's father is a high-ranked and well-respected politician, and he doesn't show any interest in anything but work. It was thanks to that nature of his though, that the Lancer family is as wealthy as it is. His mother is a scientist specializing in biology that does it more because of hobby. She was the one that encouraged Dimitri to pursue the path of a trainer, and since his father was too busy to raise objections that's where Dimitri went.

He started off in a rather small school at the outskirts of Nimbasa City to learn the basics, though those concepts he grabbed so quickly that the school returned him to his parents, the reason being that he would gain nothing from staying there, as he already grasped the materials they haven't even touched, and they had to teach all the kids. So Dimitri's mother hired a private teacher to teach him, and that's how he's been living up until now. The private teacher encouraged Dimitri to go to Pokemon Academy when he received his package, as did his mother. Since Dimitri was pretty neutral about it, he had no problem with going.

Species: Squirtle (M)
Nickname: None.
Personality: Squirtle is very loyal to Dimitri, and acts like his bodyguard. Although Dimitri does appreciate that Squirtle cares about him, its overprotective nature often makes Dimitri want to back out of the nearest door. (Read: He can't stand it). He loves Dimitri as a trainer, though, so its Return will heavily damage its target.
Lvl: 15
Moveset: Fake Out, Return, Ice Beam, Surf, Toxic, Aqua Jet

Species: Combee (F)
Nickname: None.
Personality: Combee is, despite her size and looks, a leader figure. Both Squirtle and Flareon look up to Combee and listens to her.
Lvl: 14
Moveset: Tailwind, Swift, Air Cutter, Bug Bite, Ominous Wind, Endeavor

Species: Flareon (M) (You never said anything about second stage evolutions :P)
Nickname: None.
Personality: Flareon is energetic and upbeat. He enjoys the thrill of battle, though he's still learning the ropes.
Lvl: 15
Moveset: Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Quick Attack, Double Team, Wish, Protect

NightOfRemorse June 13th, 2011 8:37 AM

Name: Alice Martin
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Dorm: Suicune

Alice is slightly short for her age, standing at only five feet tall. Her skin is fair, but looks paler compared to her dark, ebony black hair. Her hair is shoulder length, with straight cut bangs covering her forehead. Her eyes are a hazel color, which blend toward a medium green. Alice can appear somewhat scrawny, but that shouldn't make anybody think she can't put up a fight. Alice likes to dress in what can be considered "formal attire", which are usually long wool coats, her favorite being the red and black plaid one. Alice always wears a large amount of bracelets on both arms, varying from the ones made out of string, to golden ones, to the cheap rainbow beaded ones.

Personality: Alice isn't too social or antisocial. She can tolerate people and talk to them when needed, but in general, they do not phase her. If someone seems interesting enough, Alice will be more than happy to strike up a conversation and try to be their friend. She holds grudges against very popular people, as the ones she had known before had proven to be very snobbish. She enjoys pranking them, although this usually results in hurting their feelings. Anybody who has the idea that they are better than everyone else annoys Alice, and so she reflects their own cockiness against them by acting the same way.

When Alice is faced with something she really doesn't want to do, she disregards it and pushes it aside, no matter how top priority it is. Alice tries to do something new everyday, because she feels that the possibilities of finding a new hobby are endless. One day, she could be obsessed with trying to accomplish difficult yo-yo tricks, and the next she could be reading up on poisonous mushrooms. Alice has trouble putting herself in the perspective of others, so she gets frustrated when she can't take a good guess as to whether someone is mad at her or simply tired. As a result of this, she likes to confuse people as much as possible, often doing reckless things that don't even make sense to her.

Alice analyzes things that are mysterious to her, and always attempts to figure them out in one way, shape or form. She is often viewed as awkwardly creative, since she can make up very bizarre stories on the spot. These stories are told to her teachers the most, because it helps distract them from the oh so boring lessons Alice already knows. Alice adores Pokémon and treats them more like pets than creatures born to fight one another. She hates it when people try to tell her how to raise her Pokémon and how to do certain things. Although she is a good student and gets her work done, she tends to goof off a lot during class, making it easy for teachers to resent her.

History: Alice has always lived in Saffron City with both her parents. She didn't get much attention from them since she has a little sister, Erica, with a condition called, "Osteogenesis Imperfecta", also known as, "Brittle bones". Alice was always taking care of Erica, preventing her from breaking anything, as she could barely run without snapping her leg like a twig. Her whole life, Alice wanted to get a proper education. Because she constantly begged her parents, she was sent to a local "elementary school" when she was nine. This school was for young kids who were planning to become trainers at a later age. Alice always put her little sister and studies first, so she did fairly well in school.

Even though she was good in terms of grades, she was constantly sent him with reports on how bad her behavior in class was, as she often pestered other students while the teacher's back was turned. Alice's parents thought that if she wasn't corrected soon, she would be kicked from class. No matter how much they talked to her about it, her behavior persisted. When Alice turned fourteen, her parents realized that maybe constantly caring for Erica was starting to make Alice feel less important, therefore she talked all she could at school. To correct this, her parent signed her up for "The Pokémon Trainer Academy" so that she could take a break from watching her sister and maybe feel less ignored.

Alice wasn't very fond of the idea, but she didn't argue, either. Leaving her sister at home scared her, but her parents assured her that Erica would be taken care of well. Alice went looking for Pokémon, despite not having a Pokémon of her own or any Pokéballs. She soon discovered a lone Vulpix, but she couldn't get near him as he would breathe fire when she tried to get near. Alice decided to take it slow, and so she would visit his area every day and feed him some berries. Eventually, Alice gained the Vulpix's trust and talked him into going with her. She bought five Pokéballs with the little allowance she had, and tossed one at the Vulpix, who she named Jem. The two became very close, and soon Alice was confident she would do well at an academy with a great friend like him. They battled many trainers together, sometimes losing, and sometimes winning. Along the way, Jem helped her capture her two other Pokémon. Bean, a Bulbasaur, and Savannah, an Absol.

Because Alice still wasn't officially in the Pokémon Trainer Academy, she had to continue attending the small school in her home town. There, she often showed off her Pokémon to the other students, mostly the arrogant kids. This easily made the conceited students very jealous, as none of their parents had allowed them to get a Pokémon until they completed this small school. Alice's parents wanted her to finish the school year at this school before transferring, but it couldn't be done. One of the more jealous students went over to Alice and poured ice cold water on her. This made her very angry, and she tackled the student to the ground. Before she could give the student a black eye like she wanted, they were separated by a teacher, and Alice was kicked from school. Nobody believed her when she said the other student started it, as she was already known for bad behavior. Alice was sent home, and her parents warned her that if she continued acting like this at the academy, she would be sent to boot camp. The rest of Alice's would be school year was spent doing what she liked best; caring for her Pokémon and for Erica.


Species: Vulpix
Nickname: Jem
Gender: Male
Personality: Jem is a calm and well-mannered Pokémon. He likes to sleep anywhere that is comfortable enough. He doesn't like to be touched by strangers, and will breathe fire on them without a second thought. Jem enjoys the company of other Pokémon and loves to play "chase" with them. Despite normally being calm, he can become fiery during battles and doesn't take any opponents lightly.
Level: 14
Moveset: Energy Ball, Sunny Day, Hypnosis, Will-o-wisp, Flare Blitz, Quick Attack

Species: Bulbasaur
Nickname: Bean
Gender: Male
Personality: Bean is feisty and doesn't like other people or Pokémon. He can be stubborn at times and hates it when people disrespect him for any reason. He doesn't like when his opinions or desires are questioned. Bean can be warm and a good companion when he trusts you and he feels you are good enough for him. Although hotheaded, his anger isn't something that can easily blind and immobilize him; he knows when to control his temper.
Level: 15
Moveset: Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Poisonpowder, Take Down, Skull Bash, Leaf Storm

Species: Absol
Nickname: Savannah
Gender: Female
Personality: Savannah can be described as confident and willing to do her best to battle well. She hates to lose but doesn't let that get to her. Savannah always wants to stay by her trainer's side, as she is loyal and cares about others. She hates when people stereotype her and assume she is bringing natural disasters, as Absol are known for being able to predict such things.
Level: 14
Moveset: Quick Attack, Thunder, Stone Edge, Faint Attack, Sucker Punch, Zen Headbutt

rustymenon June 13th, 2011 8:43 AM

Name :Kyle Walters

Nickname : None

Age :21

Gender :Male

Dorm Allegiance : Raikou Dorm

Job :Eggs 101, In Battle Expert

Appearance : He is the twin brother of Riley, the trainer in Sinnoh. The only difference between both of them is that Kyle has blue eyes and he wears a black hat instead of his Riley's blue.

Personality : He is a very calm and energetic person. He loves taking care of Eggs and baby Pokemon. He loves to battle as well. He is a very caring person, and loves to teach his students. He loves interaction between his students, and his previous students love him. He is a very easy going person as well, and learns from experiences. (I'll have his personality unfold in the RP)

History : Riley and Kyle grew up together in Iron Island. They both took care of each other, and loved each other. They both migrated to the main island when they were 12, and worked part time in the Daycare. There they used to take care of Pokemon Eggs. One day, the old man of the Daycare gave them an Riolu Egg because it had not been claimed by the Owner. That's when Kyle had an idea to travel around Sinnoh, to become the Champion.

Kyle was given three more Eggs, and then he hatched them and traveled around the region, winning all gym badges, and eventually becoming the Champion. He then resigned as the Champion, and then traveled to the Battle Frontier, where he and Riley had an unbeaten 70 streak in the Doubles Battle Tower.

Kyle then left Sinnoh and Riley after he saw the recruitment for a teacher in the Academy, and then traveled to the Academy, where he started teaching about Eggs, and how to react and battle when the students are battling.

Pokémon : Lucario
Nickname: Luke
Personality: Luke was Kyle's first Pokemon, whose Egg he had gotten from the Day Care Man. Luke and Kyle have been friends ever since Luke hatched into Riolu.
Lvl: 50
Moveset : Close Combat, Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Hyper Beam, Focus Blast, Dragon Pulse

Pokémon : Charizard
Nickname : Zed
Personality : Charizard was Kyle's second Pokemon. He is a very strong Pokemon in Kyle's team, and loves to fly.
Lvl: 49
Moveset : Fly, Flamethrower, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Mega Kick, Seismic Toss

Pokémon : Empoleon
Nickname : Iron
Personality : Empoleon was Kyle's third Pokemon. Empoleon loves to swim, and battle as well. He is a very strong battle Pokemon in his team.
Lvl: 48
Moveset : Surf, Flash Cannon, Drill Peck, Ice Beam, Grass Knot, Stealth Rock

Pokémon : Serperior
Nickname : Spike
Personality : Super was Kyle's fourth Pokemon. Ever since Super was a Snivy, he has loved to battle. Spike also likes to care of Eggs, and has always helped Kyle to take care of Eggs.
Lvl: 48
Moveset : Leaf Blade, Dragon Tail, Return, Giga Drain, Aerial Ace, Frenzy Plant

jackblaze June 13th, 2011 9:02 AM

Conjurer you have been accepted into the Suicune Dorm

NightOfRemorse you have also been accepted into the Suicune Dorm

rustymenon you have been accepted but you still have your moveset to fill in and the level of Serperior

Fuyu June 13th, 2011 10:36 AM

(May I? I've never tried one of these before.)

Name: Skye Odell

Nickname: N/A

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Dorm: Entei

Appearance: Skye has short, auburn hair frequently called windswept and sandy brown skin. His face is slightly freckled and his eyes are a muted shade of turquoise. He is slightly over five feet, having not quite hit his growth spurt yet. His limbs are long and lean from running from his brother and Zorua. Skye wears a thin grey long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans with frayed sleeve ends. His socks are usually black and Skye has white gym shoes to finish it off. Sometimes, if you look closely enough, you can see the crystal pendant around his neck.

Personality: Skye's a very strange sort of character. He appears very timid and does not like looking others in the eyes. He says very little to others and most of the time his words are half-finished or mumbled as he looks down at his feet. Perhaps it is because of his stutter. The more wound-up or emotional he gets, the worse it comes out. Yet when everyone else is in a panic or doesn't understand what's going on, he's actually quite calm. Skye rolls with the punches then and tries his best to help out, even if his struggle to speak messes with him.

Skye doesn't appreciate pity or any other emotion or the sort. He thinks it hurts more than any rude words. Skye loves his Pokemon because they don't always need his words to understand him. He works very hard but looks very despondent even when he's happy. Most of the time he just stays quiet and out of the way. It's not like people will want to talk to him anyhow, at least that's how it seems.

History: Skye was born in Unova, in Nacrene City. His mother was a trainer in the Gym for Lenora and his father was an artist who even had a few pieces of work sent ahead to Castelia. He had an older brother, who frequently chased him around the house for fun. However, he hasn't seen Cameron in three years, which makes him wonder where the boy went after his trainer journey started. He does know the young man became rather famous but that's it really. Skye has no idea why he stutters but doctors suspect it was due to the time his mother got mugged in an alley. They knocked herself and her son into a wall and he hit his head. He tries not to really think about why.

Nacrene was a tiny city, not exactly the best place to get an education on Pokemon. But Lenora was a smart person and regularly taught small classes in the library next door to the Gym. To encourage him to go, his parents gave him Ellie. He already liked Pokemon; he just didn't know he wanted to battle with them. At first, people made fun of him but because he never reacted, the teasing just faded away and turned into a strange sort of group. They weren't friends but they got along pretty well. It was during a lesson, a trip through Pinwheel Forest, that Skye literally ran into Zorua. The boy had thought he was another kid and tried to get him to come back with them, thinking he was a new student. But he got so tongue-tied trying to explain this that Zorua turned back, thinking he was having trouble breathing. He was, but not too much. Zorua decided to follow him back, make sure he didn't die. Then he decided not to leave.

His parents heard about the Pokemon Trainer Academy from Cameron, who had visited there at one point. Cameron gave Skye Larvesta as an egg and the idea to go. Skye wanted to: it wasn't like he couldn't do his speech therapy there. He knew none of the others would really miss him. When he took the exam, the written portion went excellently. Unfortunately the physical did not. It required shouted commands and he was not good at those.


Species: Eevee (Female)
Nickname: Ellie
Personality: Ellie is affectionate and loyal, an eternal friend. She's naive and curious, but prefers Skye's head to exploring. She's energetic, hates losing, and will endure just about anything, the attack aside. It's fun to watch her bounce around.
Lvl: 12
Moveset: Flail, Shadow Ball, Dig, Tackle

Species: Zorua (Male)
Nickname: Rama
Personality: Rama is not like some Zorua. Sure he likes a good prank once in a while, and always enjoys illusions, but most of the time, he trots mellowly by Skye's side, preferring his company. He's a calm fellow, a bit of a lazy one who likes cuddling. However, if you have angered him and you are in his general vicinity, run and don't look back. Or he will find you.
Lvl: 14
Moveset: Scratch, Pursuit, Dark Pulse, Return

Species: Larvesta (Male)
Nickname: Volca
Personality: Volca's a quiet Pokemon, not really saying or doing much of anything unless Skye asks him to fight. He hangs from the ceiling sometimes and drops down just to scare people. Surprisingly, it has never worked on Skye. He is usually a messenger or bodyguard outside Skye's room, crawling on the ceiling to pass notes across the academy. Yeah, he's weird.
Lvl: 15
Moveset: Zen Headbutt, Flamethrower, Leech Life, Acrobatics, Wild Charge, String Shot

jackblaze June 13th, 2011 11:12 AM

Fuyu you have been accepted into the Entei Dorm

Yagerbomb June 13th, 2011 3:23 PM

@ Jackblaze: I finished my SU. Tell me if anything is wrong. Also, why do Teachers have Dorm Allegiance?

jackblaze June 13th, 2011 3:31 PM

Yagerbomb you have been accepted as the final Teacher. Dorm Allegiance has to do with which dorm and students who you preside over outside of class and depending on your dorm allegiance you would give advice to people in your dorm things like that. You could say they dorm alliance means you are a guidance counselor or father figure for the people of that dorm but that doesn't mean you can't help people from other dorms.

Renege June 13th, 2011 10:34 PM

Done. Tell me if it needs some tweaks!

jackblaze June 13th, 2011 10:40 PM

Renege you have been accepted into the Raikou Dorm

curiousnathan June 13th, 2011 11:25 PM

Just to let you know I have completed my Sign Up form/character profile. :3

Makbets June 14th, 2011 4:40 AM

Name: Ace Star Black

Nickname: Dark

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Dorm: Suicune Dorm

Appearance: He has long Black Hair and Dark Blue eyes. He is usually wearing jeans, green T-shirt, gray jacket which is very thin, white trainers and also a yellow scarf around it's neck. On he's left shoulder is a tattoo of a Legendary Flame Pokemon. Sometimes he is also wearing a dark sunglasses. He's Height is 5'6 and he's Weight is 150 lbs.

Personality: He's very nice to his friends and Pokemon, but he hates his enemies and all bad people that hurts his friends, family or even Pokemon. Sometimes Ace acts arrongant and mean even to his friends and Pokemon.

His friends like to hang out with him when he isn't arrongant, but if he is acting like that, his friends aren't even talking to him much, and they most likely get in a fight.

History: His hometown is Snowpoint City, Sinnoh. Most of his friends are living in Snowpoint too. When Ace was 12 he met his Sneasel in Snowpoint and catched it with a Great Ball.

When Ace was 13 years old he started to go on a Pokemon journey, but he wasn't able to beat even first Gym Leader and he gave up, but he caught Lotad with evolved into Lombre later and he also got an egg which hatched into a Swablu. 2 months after he started his journey he came back and he was disspointed in himself, later he heard his friends talking about Pokemon Academy and he wanted to join it so he would become a better trainer.

Ace has a Mom, Dad and 2 Sisters, also Ace has his own pet, Growlithe, Growlithe's nickname is Growlie, Growlie is a Bad Doggy, he makes a lot of troubles just like Ace.

Gender: Female
Nickname: Cotton
Personality: Cotton loves cleanliness and is quick to wipe off any unclean surface with its cotton-like wings. Also Cotton loves to sing, but her singing makes everyone fall asleep.
Lvl: 15
-Dragon Rush
-Hyper Voice
Gender: Male
Nickname: Leafy
Personality: Leafy is a calm pokemom, but if somebody gets in fight, Leafy uses Water Gun on them. Also Leafy loves to dance.
Lvl: 15
-Giga Drain
-Water Gun
-Leech Seed
-Fury Swipes
-Nature Power
Gender: Male
Nickname: Ice
Personality: Ice is very confident and he likes to tease another Pokemon, but he isn't bad Pokemon. Also Ice just loves to battle and he also likes to get in fights, his also Ace's first Pokemon.
Lvl: 15
-Ice Punch
-Fake Out
-Crush Claw
-Faint Attack

jackblaze June 14th, 2011 10:03 AM

Curious. you have been accepted into the Suicune Dorm and you will be able to catch more pokemon and have pokemon in your box. And thank you for not giving your Piplup hydro pump I am a little disappointed that most people just gave their pokemon super strong moves that are unreasonable for a pokemon at that level.

Makbets you have been accepted into the Suicune Dorm. but you might need to change the pics for your pokemon.

My Sign Up
Name: Jack Jacobs

Nickname: JJ

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Dorm: Entei Dorm

Appearance :Jack has dark brown hair and wears a black t-shirt and brings around his Red Jacket a symbol of which dorm he is a part of. He is always seen in his Lugia pendant something that he sees symbolic of power and elegance. He also has a red headband.

Personality: Jack started out as a jovial person but after his failed attempt at the pokemon league. During he travels he saw many things which had an influence on why he behave the way he does now. Jack is usually very silent and keeps to himself but is in no way shy. Jack also has a strong sense of justice and can't stand bullying or the mistreatment of pokemon. Sometimes Jack can be perceived as some with a smug attitude and adults would usually see him as a rude and disrespectful(Your going to see alot of this). Jack says what he feels and doesn't keep things bottled up, if he thinks your an idiot he will tell you to your face. He is Uncensored but will always defend the little guy since they remind him off himself. Jack is sometimes lazy though and not one who loves the spotlight that's why he intentionally flunked his written exam and aced his practical so that he would be considered as regular and not as a slacker from the Raikou Dorm or one of the pricks from the Suicune Dorm who thinks they are better than everyone else.

History: Growing up like any kid his age Jack wanted to be a pokemon trainer and lived most of his life around and with pokemon. His mother and father being scientist and aids for the great Prof. G. Oak. The first pokemon Jack met and ever cared for was his now strongest pokemon Scyther. When it was time for Jack to go on his adventure he chose a Charmander and set off on his journey full of confidence and happiness. This quickly changed though and defeat after defeat had Jack wondering if it was even worth it anymore until the call came in about the trainer academy. Jack knew that if his dream was to ever come true this could really help and readily accepted.

Species: Scyther
Nicknam: Blade
Moveset:Quick Attack, Night Slash, Focus Energy, Leer, Vacuum Wave, Counter
Species: Charmander
Nicknam: Blaze
Moveset:Scratch, Flamethrower, Smokescreen, Dig, Focus Punch, Dragon Pulse
Species: Onix
Nicknam: Rocky
Moveset: Tackle, Bind, Screech, Rock Throw, Rock Polish, Rock Smash

By the way I'm thinking of starting sometime tonight.

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