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ChaosJester083 July 10th, 2011 2:27 PM

Let's Play Mariomon
Hello everyone I'm Chaos and you are probably asking what is Mariomon? Well good question Mariomon is a rom hack of fire red that I found on youtube a while back that to quote the creator "MarioMon is a pokemon Fire Red hack that completely replaces the original 150 pokemon and replaces them with Mario enemies and characters. Every pokemon has been completely changed including sprites, moves, evolutions, pokedex, spawning locations, etc." If you want it to play along with me here is the link to the youtube video which has the IPS download link in the description Also this is my first Screenshot LP(Video LP's are what I usually do) so I would like some feedback.

Wait that's not right

Forgot to get the screen of me picking new game.
Ok I think I know how to walk and talk by now.
I have buttons?
Gah! He came outa now where like a ninja!
Ok Mr. Oak ninja
Im sorry Mr. Professor Oak ninja

Missed the one that said "This world...
Really because I have the strangest urge to jump on it.
So we get to make them kill each other...AWESOME!
Go on
Cool Story Bro.
I like Waffles
Wait let me check... yep I'm a guy.
Well that's easy it's... Um... Give me a second...Oh yeah I remember
Five bucks to anyone who know where the name came from.
How much hair gell does he use?
Really now
You forgot again. Ok it is...
Za Warudo!(The World)((Get the reference now))
Yep he is senile.
Like a Present?!
Wow my room sucks
Hell yeah I have an invisible out of date game system
Im sorry but why are there two beds in here
Mom what have I told you about using the TV to raise me.
You mean the ninja
Sick Pad Bro
But it is rather empty.
Well let's blow this popsicle stand
I told you he is a ninja
Here comes Mr. Professor Oak McNinja
I'm a pretty good jumper I will be fine
Well I never say no to free stuff
I' not getting in your van
So Conga line?
I'll take that as a no
Calm down you hasty bastard
One more time he is senile.
I'm just gonna stay the silent protagonist
Yay free stuff
I know how to count... I think
Trying hard not to make an Inception joke here.
Like Seriously
How did you lose them?
I have problems with choices... and doors... and numbers... and toasters... and well you get the idea.
You're not important.
But I don't want to share

So who should we pick?
The grass with a mouth
The jumping fish
Or the walking flame?

So who should I pick and what should I name it?

bobandbill July 10th, 2011 6:58 PM

Jotaro... would that be from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure...?

I'm inclined to suggest the jumping fish just for the expression used. I wonder how other Pokemon are represented as Mario characters... Not a bad start btw, although I would watch out for small typos like say:

How did you loose them?
lose rather than loose

Your not important.
You're (you are) rather than your.

ChaosJester083 July 10th, 2011 7:09 PM

Thank you for the advice grammar is not my strong point and I was rather nervous while making this, but I'm glad to know that it was at least decent. Also I didn't think that someone would get the reference so soon.

ChaosJester083 July 12th, 2011 1:59 PM

This might be a long one but tell me what you think.

Part 2
I really think he is going senile
Yep it was backed by popular demand and by that I mean one person. :nervous:
Well it is a jumping fish
*Zelda receiving item sound*
Yes I would now let me think

I forgot to get the screen of what I named it :embarrass
I see what you did there
Hahahaha I don't know why I find that name funny.
Everyone say "Hello" to Bay Watch!
At least he is some what decent.
I'm not in to that stuff but I don't judge
Seriously how much gel do you use?
Hahahaha:laugh: That name gets me every time.
It's expected
Who told you that?:paranoid:
I like pit fights.
Oh so it's not to the death.
Well that's easy
Here comes the pain B@#$&!:badsmile:
Let's do this!
Hmm? What to use?:\
So I just spam tackle... I can do that.
Brute force is always the answer.:badsmile:
Bay Watch = K.O. Han
I was poisoned most of the battle and now it shows up but in your face you walking hedgehog.
Bay Watch aint no slouch.
Bay Watch has just harness the power of one of the most dangerous forces in the universe! :rambo:
I have it on video... and now it is on Youtube so the world can laugh at you.
No you just suck
Wait I get money for destroying this douches pride... HELL YEAH!
I try
So does that mean drugs are not an option?
Yeah have fun with that
God dammit I shower today!
Hopefully I will never have to see him again.
Team Chaos roll out.
I can't decided whether I want to hug it or punch it.
Fear the bubbles
Is that the Kanto equivalent of Walmart?
So Walmart.
Oh your just advertising.
Ah free stuff my one true weakness besides doors.
Must resist urge to jump on it.
Fear the Bubbles!
Why do I have an urge to jump on every thing I see?:paranoid:
Those are ledges I thought that they were just really bad fences.:shocked:
How is that scary? Explain it to me.
Cool Story Bro
Ah Viridian City the city of... What is it know for?
Well might as well go get some balls, what could possibly go wrong?
Hey the politically correct term is Mario's Pad!
You mean Mr. Professor Oak McNinja the 3rd?:bandit:
Do I look like a delivery boy or a character in a RPG?
It's full of shuriken and katanas
How do you know I'm not just gonna keep this for myself?
I have the strangest urge to light it on fire and worship it.:cer_confused:
Huzza! Free stuff.

Not shown me walking back to Mario's Pad.
Wait so Bay Watch is older than I am... He really is a pirate.:pirate:
Yeah he likes to jump at me.
Sure let's go with that.
Yeah your ninja stuff is here along with your Naruto Box set's.
Oh you should have told me to be discreet with your custom "Pokeball"
Oh dear burning shrub not him!:cer_pissed:
I always thought you like me more than him?
I will kill him now and succeed you your Ninjaship!
Wait let me put on my glasses... Oh that's what that is I always thought it was lobster.
I'm sorry you lost me at data.
Don't we already have one of those I believe it is called the Internet.
*Zelda Item get noise*
Well I'm half way blind so I can see where its coming from.
With Balls?
If I have to lasso them so help me god I will set the Jhen Morhan on this country.
*Zelda Noise*
So it's Open Season?:badsmile:
Maybe I should have played baseball.
I'm Irish so I think I'm good
Cool Dream Bro.
Was that before or after you became a ninja.
Your not to old just look at Joe Hokage
Oh I see how it is you just wanted me for my youth.
Well then k thx bai
Then I'm gonna need the White Chronicle.
You got this Bro!
Cool with me.
:tired: When will you shut up?
Then it's time to pillage and rape. :pirate:
That sounds like an invitation to me.
Not shown Dio Yelling "The World" in a very strange pose before completely disappearing.
I'm going in James Bond style.
Yeah the lazy old man/Ninja had me do an Item fetch quest.
Wait I'm going on an adventure? Since when?
:laugh: I don't listen to your little brother also.
Lets make like a tree and leaf.
Now that I've got the balls I will stuff you in them.
Bro fist anyone?
So that's how it works.
Well he seems like a Fun Guy.Dammit that was terrible.
It's to make him Legit.
What you know it fits.
:laugh: look at his nature totally contradicts the Pokedex.
Really want to jump on him.
That's just sad.:disappoin
Hahaha... What don't judge me.
The pimp hand don't like no sass.
Is he turtle enough for you?
:) Happy time.
You work for me now so go build a statue of me.
I was coming up with blanks so yeah.
Holy laser turrets Batman he a dragon.:surprised:
Let us go... WEST!
Ah a trickster I know how to deal with your type to the lava pits.
Because shes got Jungle Beat.
The F$#@ is that.
So it is a sadist.
You know you like it.
Where in the seven levels of hairy muffin did you come from?
I refuse
You don't know that
Guards please I've played MGS
Yeah their power level is over... you know what forget it.
Making some progress.
Now stall like you have never stalled before.
You did me proud
Let's do this Conga rip his leafs off.
Good try buddy.
:pirate: Owned
It's Because I'm Irish isn't it.
That doesn't sound healthy
Pull a Solid Snake
He yelled "The World" and disappeared again.
I will keep Conga for sure but is there anyone else you guys want to see me train?

Kenpokid July 12th, 2011 10:04 PM

Keep The Troop for sure, it might evolve into Bowser :o

ChaosJester083 July 13th, 2011 3:29 PM

This time is much shorter than last time just us getting through one area. Fun Fact Last part had over 180 screens.

Part 3
Still want to light it on fire and worship it.
I think I ran out of leaving jokes.:(
Da F@#$ is that?:O It scares me.
And now I'm just terrified.
Don't look directly at the Fuzzy Demon.
Ahh Molemen:cer_disbelief:
Just like a normal mole except they can you turrets.

I named him Simon and he is Dark/Ground.
Man that's some Heavy Rain.
Not shown me wetting myself after being scared by the lightning.
Why is there a squid in a forest?:cer_confused:
Mamas boy.
Teh squid is in da forest.
Now there's a living icicle. You know what I give up trying to make sense of this forest.
That's pretty sad.
I meant to name it Slider but messed up.
Come At Me Bro!
:\ I thought he was bug catcher not a fisher man.
Well what do you know Lulzsec uses Caterpie.
WHAT!:shocked: My plans for a party are ruined.
Yeah The Troop just walked all over you.:cool:
Totally just happened :rambo:
You want another one Come At Me Bro!
Dammit I don't have a Cardboard box.
I've never had a problem hitting little kids.
Bay Watch takes no prisoners :pirate:
Hahahaha Pillage and Rape it's gonna be a good morning.
Maybe I should have just named him Murderfish!
Flawless Victory
Oh my gosh I almost forgot what sunshine was like.
Yeah I went there.
So who out of here do you want to see on the team?

ChaosJester083 July 14th, 2011 7:50 AM

Last night I spent about an hour stealing emoticons from Red Chocobo and Zorak's let's plays because I always liked them... Don't judge me!

Part 4
My team after a little grinding.
Well then let's Rock!
Really now God it looks like the love child of a Geodude and a cube!
This scares me
Brock kinda like Rock.
I'm starting to sense a pattern.
Cool Story Bro!
Nah I'm just gonna pull a What Honor? Come At Me Bro! It's staring into my soul!
That is not Rock-Type! It must be eliminated!
You can't beat Bay Watch! He's a pirate.
No I'm just that good.
Wait all I get is a Badge!
Hahaha we need MOAR POWER! (couldn't find a picture with Tim Taylor to make the joke better.:( Sorry!)
"It's dangerous to go alone take this!"
*Zelda Item Get Noise*
Well that's pretty dumb
Of course I will...Not!
Yeah K Thx Bai Danger!
You were just standing there!
What did you get demoted to delivery boy?
*Zelda Item Get Noise* So let me get this straight I was wearing shoes and only now that I am wearing RUNNING SHOES I can run.
Well that was only minimally rage educing.
Well she always was bad at getting gifts.
Oh I totally don't remember you.

I just didn't feel like showing the battles today but I will show new pokemon.
Oh yeah channeling Snake.I went and battled him anyway.
And he had this ball of electric... stuff
Yeah yeah yeah
Evolution=Hat... Really?
I am staring at the wall!
I don't know why but I want to ride it.
I will not give in to your disease! I will purge the land of you and your kind!
I actually kinda like this one. Fine.
It's like I'm invisible
I feel like he will steal my eggs
What I don't know much about baseball.
Zubat replant? Check.
Every fiber in my body is telling me NO!
But I did it anyway.
It fits doesn't it.
I'm gonna throw you at something the first chance I get.
Anyone you guys want to see me train?

ChaosJester083 July 17th, 2011 11:14 AM

Today's part is brought to you by the Magikarp Salesman™. Ripping you off since 1996. Anyways the lack of updates is due to me needing to do some major level grinding for my video let's play seeing how I was under leveled for the elite four, but now that I have finished that I can start putting up parts again. One more thing I would love some feed back.

Part 5
What a great way to start my day.
Well at least there is free stuff so I'm happy.
I'm 15
He actually learned this by Lv up I didn't use the TM.
The Troop made sushi... The other trainer wasn't to happy about it.
I probably should have mentioned this earlier but you can find all of the starters in the wild so if people want me to use them I can. The other two are found around Cerulean City.
I keep seeing this word sentience in the pokedex so give me a second and I will get the definition. Ok I got it "Sentience is the ability to feel, or perceive, or be conscious, or have subjective experiences." So it hides the fact that it is alive... Great!
Yeah I gave him a cardboard box to practice his stealth but it didn't go to well.
I have the strangest urge to lick it... I don't know why.
Oh so it is a wanna be sun.
I don't know where I was going with this.
What great friends you must have.(I really need a sarcasm emot) They expect me to fight a ghost? How can you kill something that is already dead?! Double Lv up!
*Insert transformers joke here* Why is there a ladder in a mountain?
The Pokedex is not alowed to have an opinion. need a Solid Snake one.
Oh yay! He's a Pyro.
He can't handle the Beat.
Go back to the Ipod
He didn't have anything of interest just the normal bug catcher party.
*Zelda Item Get Noise*
He does have a thing for rocks.
That's what she said
This mouse is awesome.:bandit:
I know how to deal with the mafia.
Look it's Batman's familiar.
Well you aint OG.
Do his arms rotate 360 degrees?
We take no prisoners!
You die next.
Well then hold the presses!
Step 1:Revive fossils
Step 2:?????
Step 3: Profit
Oh UMad Bro?
Stop! Hammer Time!
"No you can't have they're mine!"
The F$#@ is that?
One Hit Crit FTW!
Karate Noises!
You want me to fight a giant bullet? OK.
Oh so now you want to reform
Anyways who do we pick?

Kenpokid July 17th, 2011 8:24 PM

Take the Helix fragment Fossil.

Yuoaman July 18th, 2011 9:44 AM

Take that Helix Fossil guy, it's so bad. Or something.

Also, the next thing you catch you should name THE HOFF, and it and Bay Watch will become inseparable partners. Hells yeah.

Tyranee July 18th, 2011 11:32 AM

^ I second this. Also Helix fossil FTW.

ChaosJester083 July 18th, 2011 11:38 AM

Part 6 is a little long with a little more than a hundred screens so enjoy.

Part 6
Well the people wanted it. Thank you.
*Zelda Item ge... You know what I think you get it already.
I never thought I would be so glad to feel vitamin C and UV rays
We talking Kamehameha or Hadouken?
What is this Poker?
Um... Ok.
I get it the only one apprentice thing.
This is totally going to Conga. What do you mean that Bay Watch is the who can use it?!? HE doesn't even have any arms!
I have the strangest feeling of deja vu.
Just smile and nod and maybe he wont hurt us.
Sure why not?
Hopefully one with feet.
After an hour of pure rage and destruction(I think I may have punched out something very large.) I finally make it to the next town.
After healing up I decide to go do some bartering.
Holy Monkey Tree Batman $4900!

I decided to go back to route 4 to catch some new... Mariomon I guess.
That is one large ladybug.
What?! I...I... I give up trying to make sense of this.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I do believe that this guy is in MT. Moon he is just really rare so we didn't see him there.
What Sky Guy's have kingdoms? Since when?
He has a mask.
This is where you can find one of the other starters.
Can you say bottom of the food chain.
You have to admit it is pretty good.
And how many have you sold?
Great this guy
What makes you think I'm struggling?
I can see why you think they're smart you haven't even learned how to tie your shoes.
Ok then let me get my pokedex out and oh you want to battle
Is it blind?
Way to go my little bone birdy.
I still can't help but laugh at that name. Take that you Sleep Spammer!
Really I've never heard of him.
I heard him shout "The World" and he was gone
Oh god dammit he came back.
I do not plod I was held up by the mafia.
What the hell is this! Seriously what is this!
That's it you have made yourself an enemy for the rest of your life!
Like I care.
Ya sure anymore comments about me you would like to make?
I have the strangest urge to yell the name of this bridge.
I like prizes
Let us fight!
The Troop was a little behind in the Lv department.
Oh so this is serious business?
Start a conga line everyone.
Yeah yeah what ever
You do know that I can just run straight back the pokemon center?
It is time for more Sushi

I'm missing some screens of her other pokemon but nothing major. Although...
Wait what

For some reason Photobucket missed a bunch of Screens.
Why are you yelling?
Now just imagine me holding it over my head glowing with music playing in the background.
What that fake mafia want to be, hell no!
So you use these things to commit crime... Wow.
Yeah no
I do believe so
Buddy I'm about to have Bay Watch go all over your face.
Really now... Fine whatever. I just want you to COME AT ME BRO
Skeleton bird beats Wannabe sun any day.
Also Bird > Bat
I will shiv you!
That's not creepy at all.
Conga's a Beast
Here you can find the Epic :bandit: mouse.
Yep total :bandit:
What I like that name for it.
You can also find the last starter here.
Who do you want to see on the team in the next part?

Atomic Pirate July 18th, 2011 4:39 PM

Raise Bandit, your Minimouser.

ChaosJester083 July 19th, 2011 8:28 AM

I'm not going to be able to put out a part tomorrow due to the fact that I am going to Google for the day tomorrow!


Originally Posted by Yuoaman (Post 6754384)
Also, the next thing you catch you should name THE HOFF, and it and Bay Watch will become inseparable partners. Hells yeah.

That is brilliant! To bad there wasn't anything new to catch this time.

Anyways this is going to be a rather short part today.

Part 7
After a little bit of grinding Bandit up to reasonable levels.
Why is it snowing? I swear we have the weirdest climate. Good for you I guess.
You can't beat Bay Watch!
Is that the only reason people actually come here?
I am finally seeing the uses of necromancy.
Oh so Bill is just a bonus?
Hell yeah Lasers!
TECHNICOLOR BEAM! (Is that copyright? Can I use it?) Invisible stuff FTW!
You are lucky that I can't use to get a Mew!
I shall eliminate this fuzzy menace!
That is how you introduce yourself?
Conga is like a Bullet Seed Machine Gun!
Apparently I am to.
I knew letting him watch One Piece was a good idea.
If he starts singing a Black Eyed Peas song I will shiv him.
I hate that Buster-B thing so much.
None can match the power of TECHNICOLOR BEAM!
I have reason to believe that this is in fact Bill's house.
Wait what?!?
Yeah I'm still confused.
Remind me not to get involved in anything science related! EVER!
Is it me or does my entire vocabulary is yes or no.
I just randomly taped the keys and then all of a sudden. He really is human!
Yeah I don't even know what I'm doing half the time.
You know the drill.
That's cool I guess Party like it's 1999!
Well if it aint nothing but a good time then how could I resist?
Well that's enought Si-Fi for one day.

ChaosJester083 July 21st, 2011 9:30 PM

I just have to say that Google is AMAZING! I so want to work there. Also the cheese cake was Mind Blowing!!!

Anyway today is a short update with a distinct lack of a new pokemon named The Hoff sadly.

Part 8
After glorious training montage.
I can see myself in this glass also I may have walked into it... How was I supposed to know it wasn't automatic
The hell man!
I sure as hell aint getting in the water.
I want to ride it.
TECHNICOLOR BEAM!!Yeah I'm over using it
I'm sorry I thought this was a Water type gym not random ass team gym
OK this is the last time! TECHNICOLOR BEAM!!
Hey I have standards... Usually.
Take that what ever the hell you are. Finally got to use those.
Well my policy is kill'em all
And now I am self conscious.
So a PP (Pro Passion)
Total Annihilation
Oh so you actually have some? NOT A WATER TYPE! You die slowly
What now clown
You know the drill
You can trade
Ah yes my greatest enemy knee high trees.
They why do you have this if you have no Water type pokemon
It is shiny enough to make my ADHD flare up.

Lord Varion July 22nd, 2011 12:48 AM


Lol xD
Your Let's play is actually funny. x3

ChaosJester083 July 22nd, 2011 6:30 AM


Originally Posted by Nintendork15 (Post 6760927)
Lol xD
Your Let's play is actually funny. x3

Thank you that means a lot to me.

Tyranee July 22nd, 2011 9:44 PM

Lol I love this I may do a video LP of this for LULz one day. Your LP is hilarious btw. Keep it up.

ChaosJester083 July 23rd, 2011 6:38 AM


Originally Posted by Tyranee (Post 6762105)
Lol I love this I may do a video LP of this for LULz one day. Your LP is hilarious btw. Keep it up.

I would love to see that and thank you very much.

Well another mildly short part but it makes it easier to do everyday.

Part 9
That's terrible but, do people really say heinous anymore?
I mean the explosions must be hard but they cant be any worse than Creepers.
Sir every time you yelled in that sentience you managed to spit in my face
Oh I just thought it was a new trend.
Well it explains the hole in the wall.
You need money just do what I do go beat up little kids pokemon then take their money after you beat them.... What do you mean that's not legal?!?!
Well then why don't you COME AT ME BRO!
Yeah you I'm calling you out.
Yeah and Chuck Norris was not born in a fiery explosion of awesomeness.
F&*% you ya God dam sleep spammer!
Oh no no no no no no no. YOU WILL BE PURGED!
Wait why are you giving it to me.
Hey you Get outta here... He knows what he did
It is in my hand take it God Dammit
No shown him running in slow motion near some water.
Really it can't be that bad... OH DEAR GOD PUT IT BACK ON!!!
+ 20 Glory points to Yuoaman
It seems that Bay Watch has taken a liking to The HOFF. This is after some off screen grinding.
I just realized... I'm Underground
They say if you look directly at it it will steal your soul.
Dream on Dream on Dream until you dreams come Trueueueue!
I really don't know where I was going with this.
This one actually looks pretty cool.
And then you read about it.
You the bird who is NOT A WATER TYPE
Dark magic carpet?... Oh you can't fly can you.
Just so I won't forget
Yeah just birds that are not water types
You were just staring at each other.
You don't Hassle The HOFF. You don't know how long I have been waiting to use that one liner.
Cool Story Broett The HOFF doesn't take anything from anyone
Why is he not racing?
Oh yeah that's right because he's Dead
At what my friend? My God it looks like it came out of Quartz Love ya Baro The world will be saved
Hey you walked over here to talk to me
I like the sound of that
I really don't know how to describe this one
Haven't seen Conga in a while so Conga line
Everyone! I Have arrived!
Do you guy's want to see me train any one new?
And if so who will we take out? Just remember Bay Watch and The HOFF are permanent party members.

ChaosJester083 July 26th, 2011 8:29 AM

Hey guys sorry about the wait I've just been busy this weekend and yesterday I was doing a bunch of recording for my other LPs, but I'm back now.

Part 10
Cool my na-
You just cut me off
Yeah I guess so
Um... Ok
Sure...What just happened?
Hey this is just a stick with a string attached to it.
And now I'm sure he is crazy. Might as well go test it out.
Well this is boring... Hey I got something!

After one Gyarados esc rampage I decided to talk to some of the townsfolk.
Cool Story Bro What is Tamping?
Seriously where did this fog come from?
When ever I'm in a cave I always feel like saying spelunking
This cave apparently has bats
Wait aren't bats supposed to be relatively blind so they use echolocation.
I believe that this some sort of Twilight joke or something
And of course I don't have it with me.
One trip back through the cave later
I never loved you as a child
Oh Dear God What the Hell is that!?!
And suddenly I want Hoopster back
It scares me.

After storing that thing in the box where I will hopefully never have to see it again I go and battle some trainers.

Sorry missed the screen of the first guy I battled challenging me.
I prefer WIN
Isn't that a song?
Ah yeah Conga's bustin some heads
I raised mine with Awesomeness!
Turtle beats crab every time
Does... Does it have rabies?
Thank you Conga
Your gonna be ripped to shreds like wrapping paper on Christmas
Conga's on a roll today.
... Ok
Well that sucks
Ok HOFF just don't get eaten Oh Dear God it is cute
But it didn't hassle The HOFF!
Yeah and I'm the best there is.
He went down faster than a sack of rocks thrown in to the river.
Because it looks like you just did
Sadly this was the only new Mariomon on the route
For some reason I want a Slip-N-Slide now
Viva La Revolution! He's French
Kinda you all look alike
Yay I like rewards
I have a feeling that I already know what it does
:cer_nod: Yay free stuff God Dammit only two short
Yeah yeah I'll be back
So anyone new you guys want me to train?
If so who should I take out?

#Emochu July 28th, 2011 4:45 AM

Your going on the ship next amiright?

Keep everyone except The Troop

His backsprite is really boring.

ChaosJester083 July 28th, 2011 8:59 AM


Originally Posted by #Emochu (Post 6771166)
Keep everyone except The Troop

His backsprite is really boring.

I would have taken him out for this part but I had already played through the S.S Anne so that is why he is still in there. Also If I take him out then I wont get to use this anymore

Anyways this one is a little long but I get the S.S Anne out of the way

Part 11
Well there goes the Solid Snake approach
Oh yeah I forgot I had that.
No my good sir thank you
I can see a truck out across the water
I thought this was a party ship

Apparently the people on board want to battle
Oh so you will have some exotic Mariomon right? Of Course
At least someone here is nice
Hey hey hey! I knocked!
Oh how dare you challenge me with these weak Mariomon
Must resist virginity joke
These ugly bastards?! I can manage them being near me but love them Hell NO!
*Zelda Item Get Noise*
Shouldn't that be classified?
The boat isn't even moving
I'm white I don't dance
I would have thought that sailors would have Mariomon from the sea not a baseball player and a bee
The Boat isn't even moving ya spineless pansy.
Then say good bye to it
No what do they say? Your not going to tell me arnt you
I need an adult
I could tell from the other sailors that challenged me
Really are you sure?
People still do that?
I have a feeling that I am going to regret this
There is no way that I am going to believe that those were fish
Just keep telling your self that
There was a party?!?

Forgot to get the screen of the other guy in the room but
What in the good name of North Dakota is that?!
Well it's dead so I don't have to look at it any more
Oh Come on! Why is he here and why is he speaking French?
I think I was
If it moves I catch it
Yeah well screw you
That's it no mercy!
TECHNICOLOR BEAM! When Bay Watch evolved he got spikes but yours just got feet.
You can't beat a pirate!
I have nothing to say about this one except Kill I Don't like Spiders!
Really now
And he is a captain of a boat
I want to cut you!
Once again I heard him shout "Za Warudo" and he vanished.
You've nearly filled that bucket
I did it out of pity for the old man
That is the only reason I came
Oh god dang it
Like this or this
You know the drill
Ah yes knee high trees my greatest foe
Thank you for totally telling me how to advance the plot.

#Emochu July 28th, 2011 11:41 AM

That didn't feel long o_O

Your LP is exactly like Zorak's and Redchocobo's, which is why I love it

I need to do a LP with pictures, videos take to much effort TT_TT

ChaosJester083 July 28th, 2011 11:50 AM


Originally Posted by #Emochu (Post 6771746)
That didn't feel long o_O

Your LP is exactly like Zorak's and Redchocobo's, which is why I love it

I need to do a LP with pictures, videos take to much effort TT_TT

They are exactly who I got my inspiration from and I kinda stole the emoticons they use so maybe that's why it seems familiar.

#Emochu July 28th, 2011 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by ChaosJester083 (Post 6771758)
They are exactly who I got my inspiration from and I kinda stole the emoticons they use so maybe that's why it seems familiar.

Yeah I know, I also stole their emoticons.I meant that you remonded me of them, not just cuz of the emoticons :PYour LP inspires me.

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