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SV August 1st, 2011 4:04 AM

Pokemon Odyssey 2: The Dark Tournament [OOC + SU]
The Pokemon Odyssey 2: The Dark Tournament [OOC/SU]
Rated: T for Violence, Blood, and Romance
Note: There are no humans in this RP. Also, all regions are made up, so none of the Pokemon regions are in here.
~A Platinum QuarterdeckTM Production~


It has been two years since the final battle that led to the destruction of the Order of Neoverse. The Alpha Alliance, with the aid of the Gold Tribe, has slowly been able to be rebuild. For the last two years, a general notion of peace has been across the land. Pokemon of the Alpha Alliance work together to restore their shattered homes, while the Gold Tribe, the solemn protectors of the Alpha Alliance, stand guard, ever alert.

Everything seems as it should be, until one day, a letter was sent to the Gold Tribe, requesting their participation in an event called the Dark Tournament, a glorified tournament of combating and skill, reputation and will. The event was to be held in an unknown and unexplored region called Argos. At first, the Gold Tribe think this as a petty tournament, until they discover what the prize is.

The Ultimate Power: An unknown force that was said to have been created by Arceus himself when it created their world. With it, a Pokemon is said to be able to do anything. Some say the power could grant you whatever wish you want. Others say the power has the ability to make you more powerful than anything else across the lands.

Whatever it is, the Gold Tribe understands one thing, it is dangerous, and if it falls into the wrong hands, it could be disastrous for the Alpha Alliance. Other nations/factions, ones the Alpha Alliance has never heard of or made contact with, have also joined to participate in it.

The Dark Tournament itself is not a conventional tournament. It is full of twists and turns. It is not a simple 1 on 1 fight. Every round is different. Some are 4 on 4 battles, others are tag team battles, and others are rounds with special bonuses and handicaps. The trick is to see how your character reacts to them.


In this RP, you can be apart of any of the 4 factions/nations.

Gold Tribe: As a member of the Gold Tribe, you have entered the tournament with your comrades to make sure the Ultimate Power doesn’t fall into the hands of the others. You must win the tournament for the Alpha Alliance, to make sure it is safe. Pokemon of the Gold Tribe are honorable, and fight first for the Alpha Alliance, never putting their needs above others.

Kingdom of Tollen: As an emissary of the Kingdom of Tollen, you understand what must be done. The King Reylas of Tollen has fallen ill to a mysterious disease, a life-threatening one. No known cure has been found, leading to the prince to send his best fighters to participate in the Tournament so they could acquire the Utlimate Power to cure the King. Pokemon of the Kingdom of Tollen are just and determined. They believe in their king, who has led them for many years, and will stop at any ends to acquire the Ultimate Power.

Region of Argos: You may be anyone from the region of Argos, where the Dark Tournament is being held. There, try-outs have been made and you are the result of those try-outs. The people of Argos are more liberal about their participation, letting any who deserves it to join. For that reason, the participants of Argos are of any background you want them to be. The only overlying factor: they are all strong.

Order of Alcantus: A mysterious faction that came out of the same place where the Order of Neoverse formerly resided. The Gold Tribe fear they are the remains of the Order of Neoverse…and their fears are correct. As a member participating under the Order of Alcantus, you want to claim the Ultimate Power to finish what the Order of Neoverse started. Pokemon of the Order of Alcantus tend to be more rash, malevolent, and unjust.


1. All PC and RP rules apply.
2. No godmodding or bunnying, unless given permission
3. This is rated T, so please be aware of the nature and content of the RP before joining. Cursing Romance and blood is allowed, but let’s keep it to a minimum. Nothing too graphic. Please be aware of all of the possible things that may or may not occur given the rating, especially if you are easily offended by those things.
4. You must be active and post decently often. If you do not without giving prior notice for it, you may be kicked out.
5. Have good grammar and spelling.
6. Absolutely no one-liners or short posts. Posts must be long enough to pass as acceptable according to the rules of RPing.
7. Reservations last one week, unless special circumstance is given.
8. Stay on track with the storyline. Adding your own bit of storyline is always nice, and is often encouraged, but going too far off course will result in you being kicked out.
9. Most importantly remember to have FUN! RPing is about enjoyment, entertainment. Please don’t make it more than that.

Slots Open

Gold Tribe: (x0) Roserade(Ambrosia Dusklore "Tactician"), Blaziken15(Toro Blaze "Bellator"), SilverRogue(Silver "Vesica Argentum"),-DeepImpact-(Replicus Decendas), Xilfer123(Vincent Paine "Stingfist"), angel(Genevieve "Lightheart")
Kingdom of Tollen: (x0) Diamond1304(Duchess Caitlyn Charporé), Aura Rift(Lorenzo "The speedster" Aria), Stingray(Shiro Jinkiro), XxSweetDreamsxX(Nova), angel (Annabell)
Region of Argos: (x0) -Nocturnal(Dylan Demetrius), Miss Doronjo(Tennille Nakumi), King!(Damian King)
Order of Alcantus: (x2) Xilfer123(Hydrulon "Hydra" Rex), Blayze~(Alvah Cavan),

[For now, you may only control one character (unless of a special circumstance), but that can change later. No NPCs may be used for now, unless, again, special circumstance be given.]

SU Format:

Gold Tribe (If you are a former member of the Original Pokemon Odyssey, you may add in your character from there, if you wish, or create a new one)
Title: (Something given to you went you first became a Gold Tribe member)
Age: (14+)
Appearance: (What do you look like?)
Pokemon Species:
Moveset: (6 max, 4 min moves)

Kingdom of Tollen
Age: (16+)
Pokemon Species:
Moveset: (6 max, 4 min moves)

Region of Argos
Age: (10+)
Pokemon Species:
Moveset: (6 max, 4 min moves)

Order of Alcantus(If you are a former member of the Original Pokemon Odyssey, and your character was apart of the Order of Neoverse and survived, you may add in your character from there, if you wish, or create a new one)
Age: (16+)
Pokemon Species:
Moveset: (6 max, 4 min)

My SU's

Gold Tribe
Name: Kent Reed
Gender: Male
Title: Kaiser
Age: 19
Appearance: Kent carries the emblem of the Gold Tribe on his shoulder, a golden insignia. His usual red markings on his eye and body are colored gold instead. Kent has a few notable battle scars, including a scar across his left eye, delivered in the conflict two years ago.

Bio: Kent was son of the former Leader of the Gold Tribe. However, when the Order of Neoverse attacked, he, along with most other Gold Tribe members, was killed. Although relatively young, he took up the position as new leader and vowed to return the Gold Tribe to its former glory, save the Alpha Alliance and defeat the Order of Neoverse. Thus he began searching for new members to add to the Gold Tribe, as well as his attempts to free captured towns, and push back Order of Neoverse forces. He recruited new members including Neptune, his new second in command.

After finding new members and enduring tough challenges at the hands of the Order of Neoverse, Kent defeated the Emperor and a lot of the remaining Order of Neoverse armies, and saw peace return finally in the Alpha Alliance. For two years, the Alpha Alliance rebuilt, with the Gold Tribe silently protecting them. But the land was in peril. They still weren’t fully rebuilt, and many refugees still roamed around, looking for a new home. There were also whispers of a new threat emerging from the Order of Neoverse’s ashes.

When the letter came around to the Alpha Alliance for their participating in the Dark Tournament, the Gold Tribe saw an opportunity to use the Ultimate Power to help protect the Alpha Alliance. Kent went to Argos, along with a few other Gold Tribe members, to help defend the Alpha Alliance.

Pokemon Species: Zangoose
Moveset: (6 max, 4 min moves) Slash, Thunder, Swords Dance, Close Combat, Aerial Ace, X-Scissor

Kingdom of Tollen
Name: Zachary Orthanius
Gender: Male
Age: (16+) 24
Appearance: Zachary is among the largest Skarmory of the Kingdom of Tollen. His Silver-Steel wings are much larger and broader than many others, being able to carry three times his own weight (which is already very large due to his body being made of steel). He also has with him a seal on his chest of the Kingdom of Tollen.

Personality: Zachary is a Pokemon of honor and dignity. He puts his role as a knight of Tollen above his own safety, and even sometimes above the safety of the common person. His loyalty to the dying king is unquestionable, and he would do anything to save his now ending life, even if that means killing. He will do what he must to win the Dark Tournament and save King Reylas.

Bio: Zachary was born in the capital of Tollen, Argime. He was raised by his father and mother, who were apart of the nobility of Tollen, and close associates with the royal family and the king. Zachary's father was under the impression that he would follow in his footsteps as a statesmen and senator, but Zachary was less interested in politics.

He had always loved his homeland growing up, and had made it his goal to become a knight of Tollen, to which he one day did. He was well liked among the others for his selfless dedication and his courage, but also his strength. He is now a veteran among the knights of Tollen, and a respected one at that. He was married soon, and has two children.

When the king became ill, and the prince asked for people to participate in the Dark Tournament that would be held in Argos, Zachary immediately enlisted.

Pokemon Species: Skarmory
Moveset: (6 max, 4 min moves) Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, Iron Defense, Flash Cannon

Region of Argos
Name: Derrick Onkai

Gender: Male

Age: (10+) 25

Appearance: Derrick appears as a Lucario would, except of his notable scar across his eye, which he had for a long time now. Because of it, his eye became inoperable, and is now a strange white color. Derrick no longer has vision in that eye.

Derrick also has a necklace made of bones that he wears. The necklace was said to be the bones of the many strong fighters he had taken out.

Personality: Derrick is a hard-ass to the core. You're as likely to get in a fight with him as a conversation. That being said, Derrick dislikes to fight without a cause, his mostly being money. He is, as many say, one of the most greediest Pokemon around. He would trade his brother's soul (if he had a brother) for a mountain of valuables: gold, priceless jewels, etc. He prefers to work solo, disliking large crowds. He also hates Pokemon who act tough, but aren't. In Derrick's case, Derrick acts tough, and is.

Besides that, Derrick is often quiet, and refuses to speak to anyone he doesn't know. He trusts no one.

Bio: Derrick was born in a small village in the region of Argos. Not much is notable about his poor life growing up in the slums of the village, other than the fact that he had a different name then. His parents abandoned him at a young age, and he was forced to fend for himself. He ran with a local group of younger Pokemon, who eventually turned to crime when things became tough. As they aged, this group of Pokemon became a local gang in that particular city. Derrick became that gang's leader, being it for quite some time. It was fun times, until one time when they were making a hostage situation, a big one, and things went wrong. The incident was planned and an ambush, one of his own selling out the others to the guards and police of the city. They were all killed or captured, except Derrick who came out with his life barely intact, but a giant scar across his eye, and blindness of it, was his price.

Giving up on that life, Derrick understood that the only way he could get things done was to run solo, so he made his way as a mercenary, under his new name of Derrick Onkai. He quickly garnered a reputation as a deadly mercenary, many companies, high profile politicians, and other often hiring him for security, or to get rid of "problems". Derrick would take on any job, no matter how deadly or dirty it gets, as long as the pay was good. In a matter of years, Derrick is known all across Argos as one of the best mercenaries there is.

When the offer came to join the Dark Tournament, Derrick accepted immediately. It was, after all, for the ultimate treasure, the Ultimate power.

Pokemon Species: Lucario
Moveset: (6 max, 4 min moves) Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Extremespeed, Swords Dance, Heal Pulse, Dark Pulse

Order of Alcantus
Name: Regigigas

Gender: None

Age: (16+) Unknown

Appearance: As a normal Regigigas would

Personality: Unkown

Bio: Not much is known about this behemoth's life, other than he controlled the three legendary golems that fell in the battle of Cape City two years ago. Regigigas survived the conflict between the Gold Tribe and the Order of Neoverse, only to rebuild the Order as the Order of Alcantus as one of it's three leaders.

Pokemon Species:Regigias
Moveset: (6 max, 4 min) Giga Impact, Crush Grip, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Zen Headbutt

Order of Alcantus
Name: Zion
Gender: Unknown
Age: (16+) Unknown
Appearance: He is relatively small in stature, standing between 5-6 feet tall. His body is covered by a black cloak and hood.
Personality: Not much is known about his personality, only time will tell.
Bio: The unknown third leader of the Order of Alcantus, Zion has helped recruit the survivors of the Order of Neoverse.
Pokemon Species: Unknown
Moveset: (6 max, 4 min)

Diamond1304 August 1st, 2011 4:26 AM

Reserve a spot for me, please! In Kingdom of Tollen~!

EDIT: First~!~! XD

-Nocturnal August 1st, 2011 4:27 AM


Region of Argos

Name: Dylan Demetrius (Deh-meh-tree-us)

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Appearance: Dylan’s tails are slightly longer than average Buizel(s), and his eyes are slightly larger, giving others a ‘cute’ impression. He often wears a blue fedora hat, so he can stand out from the others without making them confused. He sees the hat as a fashionable item. His orange fur is slightly tanner than most Buizel, and his air sac is larger. The fedora hat adds a good touch, in my opinion. His two ‘fins’ on his arms/wrists are silver in color, and they resemble shiny steel fin plates instead of blue soft once. It’s probably steel because of his Empoleon blood.


Dylan is eleven, and his personality is one of a eleven year old. He acts like a normal child, naive and happy-go-lucky, living life to his fullest. He is rather poor, however, as Oceania doesn’t have enough power to support the whole family, and being chased by loan sharks have made him rather sensitive when it comes to money...and sharks. But running and escaping from them did improve his reflexes, and now Dylan is a young but smart escape artist. Being born in a poor family, he knows how to save and spend less. Now the loans are almost cleared, thanks to his help in the delivery company. He has seen almost everything about life, except for love and some rather sensitive things.

He can be really stubborn, though, and that’s a rather common trait when it comes to eleven year olds. Sometimes when he’s in a bad mood, he doesn’t listen to anybody, and that can be a total pain. Oceania has trouble teaching him (sometimes) as he can’t sit still when he’s bored. Typical eleven year old, but despite that, since he’s fought and faced the loan sharks, he knows a bit more about life, and he knows how to solve most problems. When problems appear before him, however, he’d rather run because he doesn’t want to face them. His thinking: Better run away from them than to face them. On the bright side, he’s rather optimistic and often encourages his friends to try new things. He can be very shy when facing some problems, especially some problems that include romance, and problems that might embarrass him in front of his friends and relatives. In front of his friends (he has about 5) he acts like a leader and likes commanding the others, but well, the others aren’t convinced with his plans even though Dylan’s combat skills are better than any of them.

Bio: Dylan Demetrius has the blood of two different species. He has the Buizel/Floatzel bloodline, but he also has the Empoleon bloodline. There was once a strong heroic Empoleon named Triton, and he had fallen in love with two women. He was a strong fighter, but alas, he couldn’t resist the power of women. An Empoleon, his own kind, and a beautiful Buizel. He couldn’t possibly choose between them, and he decided to go with both. Both females didn’t know about his other girl, and they never did. The female Empoleon got pregnant, and after a short while, an egg was laid, and a Piplup was born. His name was Neptune, and his parents were proud of him. Triton didn’t have time to take care of him, however, as a strong evil force called the Order had blackmailed him, forcing him to leave his own son at the age of four.

Neptune’s mother died when he was six, and Neptune had to live on by himself, in a city named Poseida, in a region far, far away, a place Dylan had never been to. Triton’s other woman, named Oceania, was a beautiful Floatzel, and she was pregnant a couple of years after Neptune’s birth. Since the baby had to be the same race as his/her mother, the baby was a little Buizel, and Oceania named him Dylan. Dylan Demetrius, using Triton’s (and Neptune’s) last name (Yes, Neptune’s name is Neptune ‘Tidechanger’ Demetrius). When Dylan was born, however, his father was blackmailed by the order, and had to leave him as well. When Dylan was one months old, Neptune was five. Basically, Dylan is Neptune’s half brother. Unfortunately, being in two different regions, Dylan had never seen or heard of the name Neptune, as both families didn’t know a thing about each other. Dylan doesn’t even know he had a half brother, a dead half brother to be exact. A couple of years ago, there was a large war in another region, and Neptune had unfortunately passed away in the final fight. Triton, his father. had also died in the battle, by who’s hands? Dylan doesn’t know. He has no idea that his father had died in his half-brother’s hands. No idea at all. It was a different world, and to him, he has no brother, no sister, and his mother is his only family member left. Triton kept his secret well. Both sides have no idea about the other.

When Neptune A.K.A Tidechanger died, he had a golden Trident called the Neptunian Trident, which was once owned by his father, Triton. Being Triton’s first son, Neptune had the privilege to inherit it when his father died. Neptune had no choice but to kill his own father, as he was controlled by a chaos energy called Chaos Force, something invented by the order. And in the final fight, Neptune passed away as well. Commander and champion Kent Reed (Kaiser) decided to bring the Trident with him, to find someone capable of activating it once again. The Trident now is in shutdown mode, the three prongs shifted downwards. Now, it looks like a normal cane with two blunt sides, like those poles for monks. If someone tries to touch it, and isn’t good enough for the Trident, he will get shocked by a powerful electric current, and he will die in a couple of seconds. The Neptunian Trident contains Neptune’s soul, and is placed into a glass case, being transported where Kent goes. Neptunian is looking for a new owner, and right now, the one that has the highest possibility of activating it, is Dylan, Neptune’s unknown half-brother, with blood of two bloodlines.

With Triton gone, Dylan lives with his mother Oceania, and Oceania teaches him at home, so he doesn’t have to go to school. When Dylan was nine, he shocked his mother by turning the two blue fins on his paws into metal, a variation of Metal Claw, something a normal Buizel couldn’t do. With Empoleon blood flowing in him, he has the power to use minor steel moves. In order to help Oceania and her financial problems, Dylan works for the Moomoo milk company, delivering milk every morning to houses nearby. There are bandits nearby, but he hasn’t seen anything of them. When he was younger Oceania was threatened because of loan sharks, so Dylan is now working hard in order to gather more cash.

He lives in the Region of Argos now, and he’s an excellent fighter considering his age, but he’s rather depressed as he didn’t get an invitation to the Dark Tournament - a Tournament that he’s interested in. But invitation or not, he’s going to check it out anyway.

Pokemon Species: Buizel

Moveset (with Empoleon blood he can use a number of steel moves): Iron Tail, Aqua Jet, Whirlpool, Blizzard, Meteor Mash, Razor Wind (steel version),

Karma Police August 1st, 2011 4:27 AM

Reserve me a spot as a member of the Gold Tribe please! Yes yes yes! Reserved I hope xD

Miss Doronjo August 1st, 2011 4:27 AM

Reserve me please? :3 For Region of Argos?

I'll have my RP SU up very soon. ^^

Aura Rift August 1st, 2011 4:29 AM

Reserve me a spot for the kingdom of Tollen :P Ill start on my SU quick as a flash

SV August 1st, 2011 4:42 AM

@Diamond 1304- reserved

Nocturnal- I'm sorry, but you are denied. Nah, just kidding, accepted. :D

@-DeepImpact- reserved

Miss Doronjo- reserved

@Aura Rift- reserved

King! August 1st, 2011 5:32 AM

I'd like to reserve a Region of Argos spot, please. :3

XutaWoo August 1st, 2011 6:05 AM

I'm taking a lot of guesses, here, so tell me if there's anything wrong with this.

Gold Tribe





A bit of an anomoly, Genko is missing two arms.
...Well, I suppose that's more than a bit, isn't it? This isn't some sort of major injury or something akin to that, no; rather, its a birth defect, meaning the lower two arms are just gone. In addition to that, he's also white, long hachimaki tied around his head, upon which the Gold Tribe's emblem is firmly attached in the center. Well, not perfectly centered, but you get the idea.

Genko is, well, let's just say Spirit is an apt title for him.
In three words? Courageous and spirited. Now, while that's not all to him, that's a pretty large chunk of him. This is no exaggeration. What few fears he has never give any sort of reaction (in combat), and he is almost never found tired, which such great determination that he'll never give up.
No matter how many times he fails, he will continue to do a task until instructed to stop. No matter how daunting a thing is, he will atempt it with full vigor. No matter how many times he's knock down, he will just keep getting back up, until he is forced by something else to stop.
Which can be a problem sometimes, as his body isn't exactly made of what his will is.
And, of course, all of this lack of fear and determination leads him to be a very stubborn person. Getting him to change his mind is as about as difficult of a task as making a Magikarp move a mountain. Plus, with all that determination come a pretty large ego; there is very little he thinks he can't do, and even then he has a hard time admitting such things. Not that he doesn't deserve his ego, but still.
So, right now he seems like some sort of unstoppable jerk, huh? Well, not really. He is very respectful for those he does not dislike, and a fairly caring person as well. As prerequisite of such pure spirit, he also has the addition of a great sense of justice honor. He finds any sort of evil deed completely unforgivable, and strives to remove (with punches) anything of pure evil from the world. Going along with this, tricking him to do something bad is a very terrible idea, as as soon as he figures this out, he will soon seek probably completely overblown revenge.
Oh, and he's also fairly thick. He's fairly book smart, for whatever reason, but he's got about as much sense as a lemming. Actually, maybe less.

Far, far away, there lives a land secluded from the rest of the world. On this land, a great many amount of bug Pokemon live. A place of peace, where honor is such a large part of the culture that there are few crimes and fewer disputes. Despite this, this is also a land of a great many warriors, all honed in the skills of bare hands and feet.
Yes, many bug Pokemon lack both of those. It is a fairly silly place.
One clan of warriors, the Jirou, is composed completely of Ledians and their base form. Beliving that they were created to keep the world at peace, they train. They train. Oh boy, do they train. It's hard to believe they sleep and eat and such when they train so much. It's hardly possible to say that the training isn't extreme, as welll.
One boy of the latest generation was born, one of high standing in the clan, with a, um, rather peculiar birth defect. Namely, he was missing two whole arms. Or rather, both pairs of arms had fused sometime before hatching, giving him double the strength in exchange for half the arms (which, incidentily, actually does equate to breaking even). Still, his father distanced himself from the oddity and most of the clan also silently shunned him. This upset the child to no end, obviously. But what was he to do?
Indeed, he started training. And not just normally, either; he trained harder and longer than anyone else. Infact, not only did he manage that accomplishment, but he somehow manage to train so hard that /the rest of the clan's training paled in comparision./ With such passion and fearlessness, the boy would do what no other would do. Or even could do, in some cases. For a very good reason, he sometimes discovered first-hand. This all led to him being unnaturally strong for his species, much, much tougher than any other Ledian around.
However, while this warmed everyone up to him as a powerful warrior, they still stayed away from him, going into their houses to obviously stare at him from their windows. Convinced that simple training (way) past the average wasn't enough, he just straight-out left. It was time for him to make a great journey to reach understanding to solve this predicament. And great is right; despite the distance, the boy somehow ended up far, far away from his home. Indeed, he had been completely and utterly lost, simple travelling from place to place without knowing where to go.
This finally led him to a scene where he found two Pokemon double teaming another one-one with a golden emblem. Finding this completely dishonorable, the boy quickly socked one of the two Pokemon off the grounded one, stunning the other and giving the grounded Pokemon enough time to get up and gived the stunned one a piece of his mind. The boy himself would manage to get another strike in, but his opponent quickly knocked him to the ground. But he just got back up. Only to be pushed to the dirt again. Which was followed by him getting back up again. He was sent flying into a wall, flopping onto his stomache...but the boy just got back up.
Despite his injuries and the many times he was knocked down, the boy would always get back up and continue the fight. Eventually, the opponent's tricks could no longer protect him, and the boy punched him so hard his internal clock's cuckoo probably has a cuckoo. Impressed by the boy's complete ignorance of the words 'giving up,' the other Pokemon brought him the the Gold Tribe, and he soon joined the ranks of the tribe himself.
As for how he got included in the tournament selection? Well, it probably involved a lot of begging, a lot of determination, and a lot of finally giving up and letting the silly kid go with them. But that's just a probably, you hear?

Pokemon Species:

Comet Punch
Mach Punch
Brick Break
Dizzy Punch
Thunder Punch

SV August 1st, 2011 6:07 AM

@King! reserved. Region of Argos is now full (unless one of you don't get accepted :P)

Still accepting reservation for it nevertheless, if it comes to that.

-Nocturnal August 1st, 2011 6:09 AM

Hey vegeta told you angel's character would be in the region...anna, her second char for my Dylan

Blayze~ August 1st, 2011 6:10 AM

I'd like to reserve a spot on the Order of Alcantus , I should have my SU up later today

Xilfer August 1st, 2011 6:16 AM

If you don't reserve me for The Gold Tribe then I won't be your friend anymore.

I also should bring back my previous character Hydra from Odessey 1, so, that's a second reservation for Order Of Alcantus. :D

SV August 1st, 2011 6:28 AM

@Nocturnal. Oh yea, right. Dang. Well you can still ask her to reserve, and I'll see what I can do when everyone's SUs are coming in. If worst comes to worst, I'll make room for her.

@Blayze~ reserved

@xilfer123 reserved

@XutaWoo- accepted.Welcome to the Gold Tribe. I really liked your SU. :)

Diamond1304 August 1st, 2011 6:36 AM

Kingdom of Tollen
Name: Duchess Caitlyn Charporé

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance: Caitlyn always dresses classy and constantly maintains her fashion to fit modern trends. She is always seen with her white fluffy scarf sitting around her shoulders. Her tail is a tad longer than normal Cinccinos. Her ears are slightly smaller and rounder than the norm, and the insides are purple.

Personality: One word probably sums up what Caitlyn is- classy. Or if it’s two, add the word ‘aristocratic’. Being brought up in blue-blooded royalty, she is very well-mannered and knows the rigid rules and hostility of society. She is a perfectionist and always wants things to go the way which she thinks its prefect. Sometimes, her arrogance or desire may override her judgement of things and that causes downfalls. She dislikes unruly behaviour and won’t tolerate colloquial language.

Caitlyn can be quite sassy at times, acting in a persona very different from her serious dignified side. She is slightly cheeky and takes pleasure in taunting people. She often uses reverse psychology to coax others into doing what she wants them to, which shows her hidden dominance she has over her subjects. You might not want to ruffle her fur though, for as the saying goes “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. When she’s angry, her rage isn’t as what one would usually describe as wild and temperamental. She is very cold and ruthless and her sarcastic words are able to stab in deeply in her victims. All in all, like one of her philosophical relatives said, “Caitlyn’s like a storm. You never know when she’s fair and when she’s going to pour.”

Bio: Once the Kingdom of Tollen heard their beloved king had succumbed to one of the deadliest illnesses in the world, many were aghast and panicked. As the Duchess of Tollen, she was summoned by the Prince to be amongst the team of specially-picked fighters to participate in the Dark Tournament. The prize for winning the tournament was something so powerful and magnificent that could cure the sickly frail bed-ridden king.

When she was a little Minccino, the daughter of the Duke, her parents arranged a special combat tutor. It was first initiated as classes for self-defense as during that decade, the Kingdom of Tollen was on the verge of warring with another kingdom. Soon, Caitlyn took a more serious interest in battling and starting learning offensive tactics. As she matured both physically and mentally, elite males hailing from different backgrounds around Tollen started queuing up to be her suitor. She did not really have much to play, and her stern father acted as the intimidating matchmaker. Many of her suitors were sent away, most of them cowering with their tails between their legs. Her father passed away in a strange incident. Physicians said that he was poisoned, which meant some form of assassination. No one knew about the matter, only very close relatives to the family and of course, the royal palace. Caitlyn didn’t react much during her father’s death, her face was like a fixed mask of nonchalance.

Years past with her not remembering much about the incident, and Caitlyn had deftly maneuvered up her way through the rankings and politics of society. She was labeled as ‘cunning with an effeminate charisma and a little charm’ by critics and the press. Still, she held a strong reputation in Tollen and a good deal of respect.

Pokemon Species: Cinccino

Moveset: Aqua Tail, Sing, Wake Up Slap, Tail Slap, Bullet Seed and Attract.

Miss Doronjo August 1st, 2011 6:43 AM

Region of Argos

Name: Tennille Nakumi
Gender: Female
Age: 36

Like any other Kangaskhan, Tennille is colored brown with accentuations of cream on its horn-like ears and belly, with black on the helmet-like patch on its head. She have red irises, fangs protruding from its upper jaw, epaulette-like patches on its shoulders, and square patches on its legs. She also has various ridges and patches down its back and two spikes on its tail. Despite having Kangaskhan blood however, she does not carry a child on her pouch, thus, she is not a mother or parent. Sometimes, she wears a white scarf on her neck on which she tied her scarf around her neck, with both ends of the scarf sticking out. In other times, she can wear black sunglasses, a silver brace on her brown, strong tail, perhaps diamond earrings, or sometimes even a black bandanna on her head.

Tennille speaks with a accent that probably resembles she's from the south, or possibly a female rapper. She usually shows a fun side to her the most of all. She likes to joke around, be random, and sarcastic. She usually likes to joke around about her age; for sometimes she likes to joke around being more old than she is, to get her out of troubled situations. Her joking around also resembles her carefree side; for the account of she's not a mother yet. Despite this, however, she has another side to her that is her natural motherly side, that she is very compassionate, and caring towards others. This ends up her showing her mature side of her carefree personality. When it comes to combat, she's more hyped up. Her ego from her style of her being a pugilist means that she can be slightly arrogant at times; under estimating her opponents, and so on. The only thing that's bigger and better than her ego, is her combat skills.

"Ya'll can say what you wanna say about me; this sister's fightin' strong."

Bio: 36 years ago, Tennille was born right in the Region of Argos, in a small town, where she was raised by a single parent -- her mother Celeste. When she was a young Kangaskhan, she remembers her enjoyment on where she always used to ride on her mother's pouch. Tennille never really known about her father, however, other than the fact that one day, he disappeared, leaving Tennille, and her mother behind. Tennile and her mother however, wasn't exactly in a wealthy life. Thus, her mother was always known for always working. This wasn't a problem for Tennille, which it made her more independent each day.

When she was older; about 20 years old, her mother passed away, leaving Tennille to fend for herself. She was in job after job getting finances for herself, but, as she got older, she thought that she couldn't take on as many workload as she should. Five years later when she was 25, she became stronger and stronger, as she began combat training, which included weight lifting, and jogging. She was eventually well known in the area where she lived for the moves she was able to perform, more specifically, punches. She was eventually a boxer on where she would reign on her winning streak, undefeated. Her finances gotten better, and her attitude and personality lightened up a bit. She was now laid back, and carefree. However, despite this, she now had a side to her -- she wanted to be a mother someday. This was how her motherly side came about. In the present day, where she turned 36, she received an invitation for the Dark Tournament. She thought it was a weird-ass name at first; but then eventually, she called out:

"Hunnies, Tennille's gonna knock em' out."

Pokemon Species: Kangaskhan
Moveset: Dizzy Punch, Focus Energy, Fire Punch, Drain Punch, Counter, Bulk Up

Extra: This would be her "theme":

Aura Rift August 1st, 2011 6:46 AM

:3 I won't have my SU up today if thats alright, I'll have it tommorow though

angel August 1st, 2011 7:45 AM

Its ok, Dylan and Vegetta. I'll just reserve for King of Tollen. That'll be Anna's hometown, but as Dylan knows she was forcebly taken in by a group of bandits, so I'll just make her go to Agros. Oh, I'm also reserving for Genevieve. I'll have both up soon.

Blayze~ August 1st, 2011 7:50 AM

Here's my SU :)
Order of Alcantus(If you are a former member of the Original Pokemon Odyssey, and your character was apart of the Order of Neoverse and survived, you may add in your character from there, if you wish, or create a new one)

Name: Alvah Cavan

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: An oddly colored Roselia. She is a slightly darker green with a brighter yellow on her neck. Her arms and legs are white and the flower on her left hand is pink instead of red while the flower on her right hand is a lighter blue.

Personality: Alvah looks like a very innocent Pokemon when in fact she is diabolically evil. She takes pride in decieving her enemy with her innocent apperance. Making them think she is small and weak without an evil bone in her body when in fact that's all there is in her. She cares nothing about the safety of others or what happens to anyone even those on her side. She looks out for herself and no one else. She will follow the Order of Alcantus anywhere and is a loyal follower of Regigias. In fact Regigias is the only Pokemon she trusts not even trusting the other members of the Order. Alvah is very secritive and others often talk about her having her own plans with the Ultimate power she's that untrusting. She can be extremely rash at times though very rarely stopping to think something through. She cares nothing of justice and will do anything to win. She is extremely competitive too and never takes to a loss well.

Bio: Deep in the forests of the Alpha Alliance lived a clan of brave and loyal, and evil don't forget evil Bidew, Roselia, and Roserade's. This clan had been living isolated in the forest until one day the Order of Neoverse found it. Upon seeing the evil of the Order of Neoverse the clan elders made the decision to team up with them. Rasising their young teaching them the ways and beliefs of the great order. Many of the clan including Alvah's parents Jade Cavan and Onyx Caven both strong and loyal Roserade's perished in the battle of Cape City leaving a young Alvah orphaned in the clan with countless other orphaned budew.

After her parent's deaths Alvah got more into her training and evolved into a Roselia keeping her odd white color on her arms and legs. Thinking her odd coloring was a sign she would be a strong and powerful Pokemon the elders took her under their wing. Teaching her the ways of the Order of Neoverse even though at that time the order had been defeated. Despite this the clan still followed their beliefs and knew that someday the order would rise again. Over the next two years Alvah learned everything she could about teh Order of Neoverse as well as everything she'd need to know about leading the clan being in line to be in charge if and when the elders perished. Two years later word reached the clan that Regigias had formed a new order after the Order of Neoverse called the Order of Alcantus. Now sixteen years old Alvah journeyed from her clan and found Regigias joining this new order and being sent to Argos to compete in the tournament.

Pokemon Species: Roselia

Moveset: (6 max, 4 min) Petal Dance, Synthesis, GrassWhistle, Magical Leaf, Solar Beam, Grass Knot

Roserade August 1st, 2011 3:27 PM

I will also bring in my old character from Pokemon Odyssey, but later on as you said no NPC's. ^^

Gold Tribe, meng!
Name: Ambrosia Dusklore
Gender: Female
Title: Tactician
Age: 14 (explanation further down)

Appearance: Ambrosia is the smallest in Shine City, her hometown. She is slender and her backside is bright pink color. She had beautiful blue eyes, that of lake, that reflect any who look into them. The small wings on her head are tinted with a slight, gold glow which resemble that of a sunset. All in all, she is beautiful. Her underbody is pure white, that of snow. She is quite different from the other Dragonair, but that is a gift from her birth mother. The orb under her neck is pure gold, and is valued by quite a lot of treasure hunters, which leaves her in quite a bit of danger. The orbs on her tail match the unique scheme of the one on her neck. Her horn is long, which in comparison to her smaller body, leaves a strange impression on those who do not know her. Her curved body has one birthmark on the back of her head, a white halo of sorts, that nobody can comprehend. It is a mystery on why such a small spot is there, but it seems of upmost importance.

Personality: Shy. That is perhaps the perfect word to describe Ambrosia. A certain aptitude to hang in the shadows when others are socializing gives her the right to such a name. Yet she is quite strong and bold, never afraid to do the right or wrong thing, as long as the final outcome is of pure heart. Of course, she has the best of her father. Confidence, Ferocity, and Tactiction skills, which she uses to make up for her stature. She keeps to herself most of the time, but strongly hates when others are bullied. So, shefights for those who can't fight themselves. She lacks the patience to put up with such rude people which makes her a little hard-headed. From time to time, she may seem a bit...cold. But that is only to protect others from finding out more about who she really is. it maybe to stop anyone from getting too close to her?

Bio: Born into the capable arms of Alex Dusklore-er-the great Burstborn, Ambrosia had always dreamed of joining the Gold Tribe. She attended the HAS in Shine City, a school for those willing to join the Gold Tribe once old enough, but was soon kicked out when she began to grow at an accelerated pace. Even out of the school, she continued to be given lessons by her father and a friend Ambros. She became friends with Ambros' son, Melvix, who himself proved to be more intellectual rather than strong.

She became a Gold Tribe member as soon as she was able, at the age of fourteen. Still troubled by the mystery of who her mother is, she finds herself confused from time to time. The strangest thing about Ambrosia, is why she aged so quickly. She has only lived two years...yet for some reason, her body is that of a fourteen year old. Due to this confusion, she was actually denied from the Gold Tribe at first. Suddenly finding herself in a teenage world, she became alone and her friends lost forever. Without much encouragement, Ambrosia grew slightly bitter, but still manages to maintain her care for others. Secretly, she wants this ultimate power in order to stop her accelerated aging. This could prove to be trouble later on.

After some word put in by her father, she was allowed entry on the condition that she prove herself mature. Once in the Gold Tribe she was taken lightly, and not thought to one of the better fighters. It was conversation from her father that tipped her onto the tournament. She immediatly volunteered and, after days of begging...she was turned down. But, when one of the Gold Tribe members fell ill, and there were no other takers on the mission, she jumped at the chance. Her father disapproves of her choice, and sometimes resents her for it, but she knows there is nothing else she wants to do. Along with her father, she travels to Argos and vows to prove that she is as great as him, along as an invaluable addition to the Gold Tribe.

Pokemon Species: Dragonair

Moveset: Dragon Dance, Hyper Beam, Aqua Tail, Thunder Wave, Draco Meteor, Flamethrower

Silver Rogue August 1st, 2011 4:00 PM

Rogue is back! :) Well, good to have a good RP to write in again, and I hope this is a succesful RP!

Gold Tribe

Name: Silver

Gender: Male

Title: Vesica Argentum (Means Silver Blade from Latin)

Age: 18

Appearance: A slightly smaller than normal sized Absol at about 3.5 feet tall. Has many battle scars over his body, although most are covered by his thick coat. He has a long scar running down his face through his right eye and runs down to his chin. He also has a gold garchomp tooth on a string around his neck.

Personality: Somewhat mysterious and reluctant to share his ideas and opinions as a result of his memory being stolen in the war against the Neoverse two years ago. However, he is very loyal and perhaps too trusting in those close to him.

Bio: Silver came from an unknown reigon far away, and has been a rogue for quite a while, wandering from reigon to reigon until he met Gold Tribe. While fighting along side Gold Tribe and the Alpha Alliance, his memory got stolen in an espiounauge mission. He awoke in a pokemon center with no memory of his past at all. When he awoke, he rejoined the Gold Tribe, even though he had no memory, and continued to fight against the Neoverse until they were defeated. In the next two years, he searched for any evidence of his past he could find, but his search was unfruitful. When he got news of the letter for the Dark Tournament, he returned to Gold Tribe immediately. While he disagreed with participating, he went along anyway, hoping that he might get leads on his past life from the different reigons participants.

Pokemon Species: Absol

Moveset: Swords Dance, Slash, Dark Pulse, Bite, Psyco Cut, Razor Wind

XxSweetDreamsxX August 1st, 2011 4:18 PM

Aggh. I can't let this opportunity slide. Count me in~

Is a spot for Kingdom of Tollen still up? I'd like to reserve something there :3 But its ok if there are no spots left, of course.

Xilfer August 2nd, 2011 8:32 AM

Ok, I'll be bringing Hydra back from Odessey 1 as one of the three founders of the Order Of Alcantus, and I'll be making a new Gold Tribe character.

Order of Alcantus

Name: Hydrulon "Hydra" Rex

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Appearance: Because of previous events, Hydra has had his left head replaced with a mechanical head of his own design. Aside from that and the various battle scars located on his chest and shoulders, Hydra is a normal Hydreigon. The mechanical head was not coloured or designed to look fancy, but it was moulded into the shape of a Hydreigon head. It basically looks like a mechanical version of the head he lost.

Personality: Ruthless, merciless, just plain evil. There is nothing good about Hydra. Nothing. He will stop at nothing to have revenge on the Gold Tribe scum that destroyed the Order Of Neoverse those two years before. Hydra is a powerful battler, but does not overload himself with pride because of that, unlike his childhood rival, Saar.
A good leader, Hydra has all the qualities needed to lead an army. Determination, courage, ruthlessness, power, and inside knowledge of what happens within his ranks. He is often despised by various war advisors because of his "My way or no way" attitude. If things don't happen how he wants them to, then they don't happen at all.
He is, bossy and demanding. If his soldiers don't do what he asked, he often sees them punished. He is both feared and loved within his army, because of his harsh punishments and magnificent rewards.

Bio: Post-Odyssey, Hydra lingered in a cave deep within a mountain. Surviving off of the various fish such as Magikarp and Goldeen within the small stream that flowed in the cave. The Order Of Neoverse was destroyed, and there was nothing Hydra could do about it. So he lingered on while Neoverse's efforts were demolished. One year he lived in the cave, making a living out of it. Then, one day, he was discovered by the great Regigigas. Who took him back to the Order Of Neoverse homeland. Hydra was delighted to find that they had been rebuilding. Naming themselves "The Order Of Alcantus". Regigigas and the unknown other founder named him the third founder, and for the next year, Hydra devoted all his life to rebuilding the vast empire. His main position in rebuilding the empire was training the troops. Because of his disciplinary methods, Regigigas found him to be the perfect troop-trainer. The army would come out disciplined and powerful.

Then, the Dark Tournament began. Hydra knew that the ultimate power would be the very essence of the Order Of Alcantus. If they obtained it, the Order Of Neoverse's old goals would be achieved.

Pokemon Species: Hydreigon

Moveset: Dragon Rush, DragonBreath, Outrage, Draco Meteor, Work Up, Dragon Tail.

I'll make the GT member later, I still need to actually decide what species he should be :D

Aura Rift August 2nd, 2011 8:56 AM

Name: Lorenzo "The speedster" Aria

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Appearence:Lorenzo looks like any other emolga except for the fact that any yellow on him is blue instead and he wears a small gauntlet on one arm that bears the insignia of the kingdom of Tollen.

Lorenzo was given his nickname not just for his amazing battle speed but for his quick wit, he always seems to find the funny side of any situation. A group of muk attacking the kingdom? Lorenzo will complain about how he just had a bath. An Earthquake? Lorenzo will joke about how the whole situation "cracks" him up etc. etc. Some people find Lorenzos morbid sense humor annoying and distasteful, Lorenzo doesn't care. He has trained to become one of the Kingdom of Tollens Emmisarys for many years and had planned to join at the age of twenty, however the sickness of the king had driven him to join earlier than expexted. Lorenzo is quite good at debating a point, often using his quick tounge to overwhelm the opposition with points and statements, usually leaving them flustered and often leaving Lorenzo winning the argument. When alone Lorenzo enjoys thinking back to the years before his training, back when he lived in the Tollen countyside with his family. He'll often get slightly annoyed when he is disturbed however other than this situation he is quite placent, often being friendly and helpful to everyone he meets. When stressed he often enjoys inviting his friends to a glass of apple tea, which he says relaxes the body and mind, he often quotes how it got him through the harsher training portions of his life. When with others he will often become his witty and humerous self, making jokes about every little thing, he has many friends from the Tollen castle and the Tollen countryside and would drop everything in a heartbeat to defend them from any danger that might attack them. He is a bit of a romantic, often falling for any girl he finds attractive and putting his *ahem* charm, on them. He has met the king on numerous occasions and considers him a friend, thus why he left to join the Emmisarys early when he heard of his illness.

From an eary age Lorenzo never liked his name, he found it strange and prefered to be called by a nickname however none of the ones he came up with himself seemed to stick... Lightning, Thunder, Storm. None of them worked until one day at his ninth birthday party in the Tollen countryside him and his friends decided to have a race, now at this point due to a slightly late growth spurt in his wings, Lorenzo could not yet fly. So as his friends raced around he could barely keep up with his small legs. He began to flap his wings in frustration when suddenly he took off, he took to flying like a natural and zoomed past his friends, winning the race. His grandfather, an elderly darmanitan, upon seeing this came over to him and said.

"I always knew you'd be a little speedster!"

And the name stuck, from then on everyone other than his family called him speedster, before long, about two years later, Lorenzo, or should I say "Speedster", became interested in the different ways he could use his speed to his advantage, he became a courier, quickly delivering messages from one place to another, the job payed well but he just didn't feel like this was the job for him. One day Lorenzo was given the task of delivering a package to the king himself. Upon arriving there, an assasin appeared to kill the king! Lorenzo quickly jumped to the kings defense and defeated the assasin. Upon such time he realised he was also quite gifted in combat, The king recognised and promised him a position in his Emmisarys when he was older, should he wish it. Lorenzo loved the thrill he felt when fighting and readily accepted the offer. However Lorenzo realised that he would need to be much stronger than he is now to be worthy of the title of Emmisary, so two years later at the age of fourteen, Lorenzo left a note to his family telling them that he was going to train until he was ready but not to worry as he would visit often and so Lorenzo has been training ever since. He believed he would be perfectly ready to join when he reached the age of twenty. Now nineteen, Lorenzo heard about the kings illness from one of residents of the town around Tollen castle (he frquently went there when he needed a break from his training as he had grown addicted to their apple tea) upon hearing this Lorenzo realised that there was no longer any time to prepare, that he had to be ready now. So he went to the castle and got intigrated into the Kingdom of Tollens Emmisary. A few days later, the dark tournament was heard about. Originally the other Emmisarys did not want such a young member of their own to fight in the tournament but on special request from the king, Lorenzo was let come.

Pokemon Species: Emolga

Moveset: Volt Switch, Electro ball, Fly, Thunder, Extreme Speed, charm

Blaziken15 August 2nd, 2011 9:47 AM

Reserve me for The Gold Tribe.

Gold Tribe
Name: Toro Blaze
Gender: Male
Title: Bellator (Means Warrior in Latin)
Age: 21

Appearance: Toro has numerous scars all over his body. The most notable is two slashes that make an X on his right eye. His claws are larger than the average Blaziken because of his Zangoose blood line. His eyes are an orange color but glow a fiery red when angry and his claws glow with tiny flames when angry as well. He also wields a birthmark on his left forearm that is in the shape of a sword. He wears fingerless leather gloves on both hands and the feathery part of the back of his head is longer than the average Blaziken’s.

Personality: With the blood of both a Zangoose and a Blaziken, Toro is a natural born fighter. He has taught himself all moves that deal enormous damage on opponents because he has an obsession with defeating people who he sees as an enemy. He is usually calm, but when he is provoked to the point where he can’t take it anymore, it’s like looking a Primeape in the eye. He will beat the Pokemon who angered him within an inch of their life.

Bio: Born to a male Zangoose and a female Blaziken, Toro grew up around the Alpha Alliance as his parents were members of the nation. Toro lived around the Alpha Alliance until he was 15. He tried to join the Golden Tribe but was rejected based on his weak abilities. This broke him to the point where he no longer had enough courage or determination to do anything. So one day, being so fed up with his new attitude, he decided to use a tactic that proved helpful to others who have had themselves doubting there own abilities, self-imposed exile.

While in exile, Toro learn the ways of the Zangoose blood line. With him being part of the Zangoose lineage, it was time he learn the strength that was deep within him. He learn not just to use punches and his own fire-power, he was taught to use assets that all Blaziken’s had but weren’t used to there full potential, claws. Learning moves like Crush Claw and Slash really helped him in his travels. Not only was he taught about his Zangoose inherited abilities, he added on to his knowledge on his Blaziken fighting style, learning Blaze Kick and Sky Uppercut. Toro finally met a great warrior who saw great power in Toro’s soul and decided to teach him two moves that would help him immensely in battle, Dynamic Punch and Blast Burn.

As Toro’s travels continued, he learned that the sadistic Order of Neoverse had brutally attacked the Alpha Alliance. Toro rushed back to his former civilization to see if what he had heard was true, and it was. Toro couldn’t believe what had happened and was deeply grieved by what had taken place a year and a half ago. Toro followed the tracks left by the Order of Neoverse until he discovered the battle was over.

Toro met up with the Gold Tribe and asked about the survivors of his now destroyed civilization. They handed him a list of the casualties and much to Toro’s horror, his parents names were the first ones on the list. Toro joined the Gold Tribe, determined to stop all evil that remained in this world with his new found strength.

News of the tournament reached Toro’s ears and hearing of this “Ultimate Power” has got him intrigued. Like most members of the Gold Tribe, he wants it so he can protect the Alpha Alliance, but in memory of his late parents. But he doesn’t want it to be taken by the new Order of Alcantus who seems to have a connection with the Order of Neoverse. What lies ahead of Toro is clouded, but danger must be involved.

Pokemon Species: Blaziken
Moveset: Crush Claw, Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Slash, Dynamic Punch, Blast Burn (In dyer situations only)

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