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Fuyu August 18th, 2011 1:12 PM

Pokemon: Black Infection [OOC/SU]
Welcome to a new RP of mine.


The organization known as Cipher has risen again. Only this time, they have succeeded. They created a virus from their original Shadow Pokemon plans by mutating the formerly beneficial virus called Pokerus. Now it simply turns any Pokemon who gets sick with the virus into a Shadow type with no help to the Pokemon. The leader of Cipher, who even after all these years is still unknown to everyone, began to take over the regions in the year 2011.

The year is now 2023, almost twenty years after Red’s rise as the Kanto champion. The only regions not completely taken over are the joined Kanto and Johto, as well as Hoenn. However, Hoenn is suffering greatly, its isolation leaving it easy prey as Unova had been. Cities are fenced off to avoid Shadow Pokemon rampaging through the cities. You need a Trainer Card or a specific pass if you are not a trainer, to be given permission to pass through each Route. The Elite Four of Kanto and Johto have gone to assist Hoenn’s cause, leaving the Gym Leaders the only lines of defense for the two regions. But there is only so much they can do.


This is where you come in. You are a trainer living either in Kanto or Johto about to take a trainer’s journey. However, this Is not to become Champion. These eight badges will earn you the right to limb the perilous Mt. Silver and meet Red, the man who has supposedly been on Mt. Silver since he became a Champion all those years back. Apparently, he has one of the strongest Purification Stones in existence, not to mention the power he has could turn on Cipher and defeat them. What’s the catch? Well there’s two. The first is: Red will only come down if you beat him. The second is… you’re not alone on this journey. There are others and only one of you can take on Red himself. So guess what? You’re going to have to fight each other. Here’s who you could be:

You could simply be a regular trainer, searching for the chance to be considered a master or find a way to save your home from the Shadow Pokemon. If that means beating Red, you’re ready to give it a shot at least!

You could be a trainer who is looking to join Cipher. What better way to prove you have the skill than to end Red, the best of the best? You can also stamp out those other kids who could end the reign of this organization. And you can’t just let that happen.

Each of you have your reasons for taking on this quest but you all know this: you have to be strong and endure if you want to survive Mt. Silver.

Gym Leaders

The Gym Leader roster has changed over this nineteen year period. Don’t be surprised if you see them out of their buildings. They have to protect their cities after all, and their region. Keep on the lookout! For good or bad, meet your opponents.



Morris- He is the son of Brock’s first wife, who died in an accident when the boy was five. Serious, hard-working, and the spitting image of his brunette mother, Morris easily surpassed his father at thirteen, taking over the Gym and continuing the pursuit of Rock-type glory. His top Pokemon is his Carracosta, who he revived from a fossil in Unova during his first training journey. The TM he gives away is Smack Down.

Rei- Rei is a prodigy of the Water type, a twelve-year-old , redheaded girl who was found washed up on Cerulean Cape three years ago. It was perfect timing as far as the Association was concerned, Misty having been murdered by Cipher five years earlier. Rei is a quiet antisocial girl, who speaks more in battle than in casual conversation. Her top Pokemon is the Milotic she washed up with and the TM she gives away is Scald.

Lt. Surge- Atten-tion! Our Lightning American is as exuberant as ever. His electric type moves and military training continue to permeate Vermillion even today. He takes out any Cipher goons that dare invade his City with ease, making him the most dangerous on the Cipher Wanted list. Don’t be surprised if he’s both cheerful and violent at the same time; that’s his specialty! His top Pokemon is his ever loyal Raichu and he actually gives away the rare TM of Thunderbolt.

Erika- Our demure lady of Celadon hasn’t given up the ghost either. Other than the small boy at her side and the minor gym renovations, it’s as though time never passed. She is a natural at polite and indifferent behavior. Good luck seeing through her strategy! Her top Pokemon are Bellossom and Vileplume and she gives away the TM for Energy Ball.

Sabrina- Our Psychic mistress seems to have only grown stronger as the times grew darker, even though she sports a few gray hairs nowadays. Serious, undaunted, and one of the more menacing Gym Leaders to date, Sabrina and her abilities are nothing to scoff at. Her best Pokemon is her Alakazam, carefully raised from an Abra, and she gives away the TM for Psyshock.

Janine- Following the footsteps of her father, Janine takes being a Gym Leader as seriously as she does being a ninja. Her tricks and traps are worth fearing and despite the lack of “strength” she has, her tactics make her almost as fearsome as Sabrina. Don’t underestimate her Crobat and the TM she carries is Poison Jab.

Seth- He is the grandson of the original Karate Master of the Fighting Dojo. Blaine died of cancer and there was no one to take over the Fire-type Gym on Seafoam Islands. So Seth renovated it and created it as a Fighting-type Gym in memory of his father. The black-haired teen is cool, confident, but slightly hot-blooded, disliking backing down from any sort of challenge. His favorite Pokemon are his Lucario and Mienshao and he gives away the TM for Low Sweep. Oh and you better be ready to fight him too because he doesn’t accept a challenger who can’t take a punch.

Green- Red’s rival keeps his typical high standards even now. Cocky and aloof, he’s one of the Leaders that annoys all challengers, being absent from the Gym a majority of the time. And even if he is there, he won’t accept your challenge unless you have seven other badges from Kanto. You’ll still be looked down on, and don’t underestimate him, no matter what. You’ll lose easily. He has no favorite Pokemon, liking them all equally and he gives you the False Swipe TM.


Falkner-The Flying-type user has grown and surpassed even his own expectations, both as Leader and as a policeman. The young man is cool and focused, enjoying the sky and its beauty over almost everything. He still dresses formally and trains frequently. His favorite Pokemon is his Skarmory and he gives away the TM for Sky Drop.

Bugsy- This archaeologist hasn’t lost his love for his Bug types and is one of the few Gym Leaders to give Sabrina a challenge. He is an optimistic, studious person, who also teaches at the small public school in town. He never doubts his Heracross and his TM is U-turn.

Allison- Whitney went into a modeling career not too long ago and Allison was the one who passed the Gym exam. She is a blind, albino girl using the power of Dark-types. She is cheerful, outgoing, and her gym is pitch black. Her favorite Pokemon is her Absol and she gives away the old TM for Dark Pulse.

Eric-Meet Morty’s son, who cannot see things as his father can, but frequently attracts Ghosts to hang out with him. He took his father’s Gym after the man went hunting down Eusine, who had disappeared. Three years passed and his father was still gone. Eric tried not to let it get him down. Mellow, hard-working, and just as mysterious as the spirits he attracts. His favorite Pokemon is his Chandelure and he gives away the TM of Shadow Ball.

Chuck-This man will never quit, no matter how old he is. This Fighter keeps on going and trains more rigorously than even Green, his student. There is a reason Cianwood is second only to Vermillion in safety right about now. He is rarely seen without his Primeape and he gives away the TM for Focus Blast.

Jasmine- Jasmine considered herself a child back when she was first challenged by Gold. That shyness has not faded but her confidence and ease on the battlefield has surpassed it. She has a nearly unbreakable defense and few losses under her belt. She keeps her Steelix close and gives away the TM for Flash Cannon.

Nana-Pryce retired in 2017, leaving the Gym to his pupil Nana. He couldn’t have left it in better hands, the blond every inch an ice queen. She is a glacier herself, ready to take risks and prove herself worthy of protecting the badge she does. Her top Pokemon is her Glaceon and she gives away the TM for Frost Breath.

Clair- Clair has grown in these years, the blue-haired Dragon trainer. However, the Elder’s teachings are something she can’t quite get even now. She tries but changing from strength to heart takes more than simply time. Progress has been made though, with her favorite Dragonair becoming a Dragonite. She gives away the TM Dragon Tail.

Pokemon and the Virus

The Shadow Virus has been infecting Pokemon all over the regions since roughly 2012. Not all Pokemon are infected, due to the fact that some Pokemon are immune to the Pokerus that it was created from. However a fair amount of wild Pokemon are infected, including babies in their eggs. If an uninfected Pokemon is caught in a Pokeball, the virus cannot affect it, the same goes to those already captured. The only way it can occur is if they are taken to a Cipher Base and it is done the old-fashioned way.

Pokemon cannot be cured from the stone in Agate and Time Flutes are nowhere to be found in any region. Oddly, strange, glowing green stones called Purify Stones have been appearing all over the world of Pokemon. When a Pokemon's heart is completely purified, the Stone responds and cleanses the Virus. They are not always one-use, but sometimes they don't last long and others their power remains strong no matter how many times it is used. Most only work on one Pokemon at a time though.

Not all Pokemon have been infected, so not every Pokemon is a Shadow Pokemon. Pokemon that appear on the routes are the ones that are known to be there. However, there will be a message on the radio that warns of a random Swarm. It is advised to avoid these unless you believe your Pokemon can take it. The Swarm Pokemon are usually about four levels higher than expected.

Pokeballs of all kinds can be used to capture like always, however, do not simply use Master Balls each time. I won’t say whether you can capture your Pokemon but I will expect decent quality. Also, you will not be able to obtain a Snag Machine, such as the ones Cipher generally uses, until your fourth badge, even if you are working to be a part of Cipher. The agents won’t believe you either.


-All PC rules apply.

-This RP is rated T for language and violence. Keep the romance clean.

-Most of this Roleplay you’re on your own. Occasionally, you may get a PM from me for something important.

-Bunnying (Unless given permission) and godmodding are naturally forbidden as are short posts unless you are talking to another roleplayer but if you battle another roleplayer please joint post it.

-Please verify all Gym Leader Teams with me before you post their battles.

-Battles with ordinary wild Pokemon gain one level, Shadow Pokemon give you two (not all are Shadow so don't try), and trainer fights add two to the winner, one to the loser. If you use more than one, it depends on who won each one-on-one match.

-Purification of Shadow Pokemon comes with one Egg Move, which I decide once you show me the Pokemon and its experience points. Purification is not mandatory but it is recommended, even for Cipher Trainers, due to the fact that there is the likelihood of the Pokemon attacking your character and your limited moveset.

-Your first Pokemon is level ten.

-All sign-ups belong in this thread, anyone who posts their sheet in the main thread will not be accepted.

-You have two chances to break these rules. On the third, you are thrown out, end of discussion.
-Be active. Enjoy yourself!

Trainer Profile Sheet

Name: (First and Last, nicknames and middle names are optional.)
Age: (10+ please, unless your history and personality explain it well enough)
Gender: (Your choice)
Hometown: (City, Region. You can make one up if you don't want to use the regular ones or pick one from the anime.)
Ordinary Trainer or Cipher Trainer?

Appearance: (Pictures are allowed but I would like a description. What do they look like, can even be outlandish. Any disfigurements, scars, notable tattoos even? One paragraph minimum.)

Personality: (How do they behave alone? With Pokemon? With other human beings? Against the enemy? Two paragraphs minimum)

History: (How was their early life? Did they grow up with parents? Did they grow up alone? How was their interaction with Pokemon or possibly lack thereof? What made them decide to go to take their Pokemon journey to reach Mt Silver? Or why did they decide to become a member of Cipher? Two paragraphs minimum)

Other: (Any special abilities, little ones like good climbing to even untrained psychic abilities, any little quirks or hobbies we might be interested in?)

Starter Profile (1 only)

Species: (Unevolved and non Legendary.)
Nickname: (optional)
Infected?: (Was it infected and purified from the Virus? Or was it not infected?)
History: (When did you get them? How did they live before being captured, if they were?)
Personality: (How do they behave around their trainer? Regular humans? Other Pokemon, wild or under command of another trainer?)
Moves: Level Ten moves (along with one Egg Move and TM move of your choosing. Four moves limit.)
Other: (Any odd traits you'd like to share? Shininess does not count and will only be given to exemplary SUs)

My Character


Name: Naren Warren
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Hometown: Azalea Town, Johto
Ordinary Trainer or Cipher Trainer? Ordinary Trainer

Appearance: You shouldn't ask her that; she never gives a positive response. Naren thinks she looks plain, unappealing, or even downright disgusting. She's not but shh. Her hair is long and wavy, a golden brown that shines more in the sunlight. It falls down her body rather neatly when left alone but due to her parent's insistence, she reluctantly puts it up in a braid most of the time, with her bangs covering her forehead and sometimes one of her eyes. There is a red rose pinned in her hair. Her eyes are big, grey and usually directed toward the floor. She has a healthy skin tone and she is small in stature, looking three years younger than the other children, except her chest gives that away. As far as she's concerned, the only thing that makes her worse is the oval-shaped goggles she keeps strapped to her head, on Mama's orders of course, to counteract the issues that she doesn't have with her vision.

Naren doesn't wear nail polish or any makeup really, another smothering technique. It could make her sick... or something. She does have a bracelet on her right hand, black with white beads, and two silver loop earrings. It seems like something a rich jewelry store made but it was something her father had given her, something she never lets leave her presence. It makes up for the fact that she can't wear a flower crown. She wears a woolen black turtleneck almost all of the time, occasionally changing it for a grey tank top with a black jean jacket. Her pants are consistently grey jeans, except for the summer, where she sheds the jeans and long sleeves for blue shorts, much to the horror of her mother. Her shoes are either black sneakers or closed-toe sandals. She doesn't let anybody see her back, which has a long, ugly X-shaped scar over it.

Personality: Naren is pretty much bland. She does nothing exciting, never has. Telling herself that helps her sleep at night okay? She likes the idea of being ordinary, even though she's clearly not. She's a shy, modest girl with a soft voice Pokemon have to strain to hear when she's at her lowest emotional point. Naren is the resident wallflower, someone you know is there but soon forget about. She is terrible with interaction, except if they're younger. Yes she babysits. Call now. Is she bullied? Possibly, but no one can prove it and she doesn't notice. Naren is highly intelligent and bookish but she prefers drawing to writing. Plus she doesn't volunteer information. Yes, she's quite lonely, and it is worse when she's openly honest. It's more obvious in the presence of her well-to-do, overprotective mother, where she looks like a mouse.

By herself, or if she thinks she is, she's a little more confident, a bit more outspoken but with no one around, it doesn't quite go anywhere. With Pokemon, most of them anyway, she's downright excited, talking and playing, actually out of her shell. Don't be surprised if she forgets you're there when that happens. She will, inevitably. When it comes to bad situations or battling, she usually panics for a moment. Naren dislikes fighting. Then she gets her head in the game because, like her father told her, you do what you gotta do right? She hates Cipher, which is weird because nobody expects her to hate anybody.

History: Naren was originally born in the bustling Goldenrod. However, the excitement and never-ceasing life was overwhelming to her as a toddler, so the family moved to Azalea, which was instantly quieter. The daughter did not flourish but she at least would smile at others there. Her father was a quiet retired Trainer, his old Pokemon building the house they lived in. He joined Bugsy in his archaeological digs, not liking sitting around the house all day. Her mother was a model and usually spent her time in Goldenrod. Naren did not mind her mother’s absence as much as her father’s. The woman did not seem to like her very much. Naren thought it was due to her personality: it never occurred to her that she was seeing things out of the ordinary, at least not for many years. She did miss her father because he was the involved parent. But even then, it wasn’t as much as she should have. Kurt’s granddaughter and the woman’s son were enough family for her.

Naren’s sixth year of life was both her happiest and most depressing of her life. Having started school, she needed a Pokemon. She got her Cyndaquil as an egg, an infected baby. She wanted to please her parents so she worked hard and carefully with Elisha, being kind yet firm. Her teachers and peers did not understand the change but welcomed it when she spoke aloud. Yet soon it all went wrong. Naren’s father returned home to help the girl get a Purification Stone from Ilex Forest. It had all seemed fine until they reached the shrine. Taking the Stone prompted an ambush from a pack of Scyther. Her father could hold them off but he couldn’t beat them all. Naren was attacked while protecting Elisha and her back was torn up. The morning after, the Scyther were gone and there was a dead body. It took three days for them to find Naren and it was almost too late to fix up her open wound. Naren slept for a week, dreaming of the odd lights she had seen in the sky as her father died.

Her mother returned home two days before her daughter awoke. Naren’s whole life had changed in that instant. The woman still did not stay home for very long but regardless had immediately been given her goggles, her mother claiming both mental illness and sight impairment affected her daughter. The woman claimed her husband had hidden it, not wanting to believe his child was crazy. She was assigned a therapist and medication, also aiming to cure the possible effects of the trauma. Naren never took it and her doctors kept it a secret. Whenever her mother was home, the woman emotionally beat down the self-confidence and shine her daughter had begun to show, blaming her for the death of the man she loved. Naren was smothered with a mixture of overprotectiveness and hate, imagining the woman there even when she wasn’t. So she decided to leave her home.

Other: She can see the emotional aura of living creatures and can tell when there is a shadow Pokemon around. She can also see the dead and hear other odd things, which her mother is trying to fix. Also, Naren can redraw anything, mostly pictures and signs after seeing them a few times. Neither of these abilities is particularly useful in her opinion.

Starter Profile

Species: Cyndaquil
Nickname: Elisha
Infected?: Purified
Gender: Female
History: Elisha's egg was found in an infected Cyndaquil home. When she hatched, she was born infected and wild, almost too much for a little girl to handle. Surprisingly, Naren rose to the challenge and took well to it, with only burned hands as a result. After being cleansed, she was able to follow Naren everywhere and grew well. However, there was always an emotional barrier between the Pokemon and trainer since her purification, the Cyndaquil not knowing that her cleansing was the result of the death of Naren’s father.
Personality: Like most Cyndaquil, Elisha is timid and shy… except when fighting. She gets into the fight and she goes absolutely bold. She presses forward with everything she has, disliking the idea of embarrassing her trainer. She does not take well to losing and will train very hard to make up for mistakes. Otherwise, she struggles with social situations and really enjoys being hugged. Also she likes sniffing everything she can. She is scared of Naren’s mother.
Moves: Tackle, Ember, Extrasensory, Wild Charge
Other: Her eyes are green when she evolves and she really hates her Pokeball.


Ordinary Trainers
1.Taken by Fuyu (Naren Warren)
2.Taken by Nideous (Scott Burge)
3. Reserved by Roserade
5. Taken by GfPavel (Paul Wilder)
6. Reserved by Wolf in the Rain

Cipher Trainers
1. Taken by crebirk (Zack Avain)
2. Taken by Kiyoshi the Polar Bear (Dominique "Nique" Yonna)
3. Reserved for Flame Mistress
4. Reserved for CybeastSaber
5. Reserved by Strikit
6. Taken by Zapdos926

Nideous August 21st, 2011 9:19 AM

Could I please reserve a spot for an ordinary trainer?

Fuyu August 21st, 2011 9:25 AM

Of course! Nideous is reserved.

Roserade August 21st, 2011 9:57 AM

Rservation for Ordianry Trainer. I'll edit my SU in this post. ^^

Fuyu August 21st, 2011 10:01 AM

Okay! Roserade is reserved!

Nideous August 21st, 2011 10:30 AM

Name: Scott Burge (Wes and Micheal didn't actually have a last name, so I made one up for them.)
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Hometown: Krane's Lab, Orre. Now living in New Bark Town, Johto
Ordinary Trainer

Appearance: Scott is about average height and weight for his age. He has dark blue eyes that are very open and friendly. His hair is brown, with some slightly red highlights. It is also very spiky looking. He keeps it loose and lets it fall over his ears and forhead, but he keeps it trimmed so it doesn't fall in his eyes. He has a small scar just above his left eye that was from an accident several years ago.

His clothing is relatively simple. He wears a black pair of jeans and a red sleeveless shirt. He has a pair of black pair of running shoes. On top of his shirt he wears a long white coat. This coat reaches the ground, and has several emblems on it. It also has an intricate green pattern on the back that resembles an eagle.

Personality: Scott is friendly and easy going. He tends to not sweat the small stuff. He has a genuine interest in helping others, and is not afraid to step up and do what he thinks is right. He has a strong sense of justice, and does not like to stand by and let things get messed up. On the whole, he doesn't get angry very often. When he's alone, he has a tendancy to brood on what has happened to him and his family. He holds a grudge against Cipher, and will destroy them at every opportunity he can.

Around pokemon, Scott is even more friendly. He loves them with all his heart, especially his Eevee. He understands that most of the time they are just doing what they are told or acting on instinct, so he doesn't get mad at them if they attack him. He hates what Cipher has done to them, and will try his best to purify every shadow pokemon he can. He pushes his own pokemon to be the best that they can be, but is quick to rest with them, and even play with them.

History: Scott is the son of Micheal, the man who took down cipher the last ime. He lived in the Krane Reseach Lab with his father and Aunt Jovi until Cipher attacked them. Micheal gave his son an Eevee and sent him and Jovi to escape while he held Cipher off with his own fierce team. Jovi and Scott got on Micheal's old hover scooter and were chased by some of the Cipher peons. Scott fell off the Scooter and his head was sliced open when he landed on the ground. Scott got back up and battled the Cipher peon and beat him, then he made his way to Agate Village.

He hid there for a time, and when he heard nothing from his father and his aunt, he feared the worst. All too soon, Cipher tracked him down and he fled again. This time he knew of only one safe place. He had to get out of Orre. He went back to the Krane Lab, to find it in shambles. Luckily for him, his grandfather's hover-cycle was still in the basement where it had been. Scott started it up and took off to Kanto. Unfortunately, He was a teerrible driver and the bike was old, and he crashed it. The bike was totally destroyed and Scott was knock out from the crash. But he was found by Professor Elm and taken to New Bark Town to recover.

Elm told Scott what had been going on in the other regions. When Scott asked him what had happened to his family, Elm couldn't tell him. He didn't know what had become of them. Scott was saddened by this, but he also grew a resentment toward Cipher. They had taken everything from him. And he was going to stop them, just like his father and grandfather had. Armed with the Shadow Scouter and his Eevee (the Snag Machine that was attached to it had broken long ago), he set out to collect the badges and meet Red.

Other: Scott has the Shadow Scouter that Micheal had in Gale of Darkness.

Starter Profile (1 only)

Species: Eevee
Infected?: Not infected
Gender: Female
History: Eevee is descended from Micheal's eevee, who was presumably descended from Wes's Espeon and Umbreon. She was raised from an egg in the Krane Research Lab, where she met Scott and the two bonded instantly. Micheal didn't officiallygive her to Scott until Cipher attacked them, but they all knew she was going to stay with him.
Personality: Eevee is just as friendly as her trainer is. It doesn't matter whether you are a human or a pokemon. But she picks up on Scott's moods very well, and will become agressive and defensive if he is threatened.
Moves: Tackle, Sand Attack, Detect (Egg move), Shadow Ball (TM move)
Other: Eevee is shiny. :D

There! I finally got that done! It took me forever to do!

Edit: With the addition of Caelara to my team I decided to finally put my inventory here where it will be easier to find.



Celes (Eevee): level 16, Tackle, Sand Attack, Shadow Ball, Detect
Cadas (Gible): level 13, Tackle, Sand Attack, Iron Head, Dragon Rage.
Caelara (Luxio): level 16, Tackle, Spark, Charge, Shock Wave
Cobalt (Poochyena): level 14, Bite, Fire Fang, Howl, Sand Attack


Shadow Scouter
2 potions
2 pokeballs
1 Purification Stone
3400 Poke

Fuyu August 21st, 2011 10:50 AM

Nideous good work! You are accepted!

Nideous August 21st, 2011 10:53 AM


Originally Posted by Fuyu (Post 6814712)
Nideous good work! You are accepted!

Good work? Good enough for my Eevee to be shiny? :D Anyways, thanks for accepting me!

Fuyu August 21st, 2011 10:59 AM

If you want a shiny you may have a Shiny Eevee :D

Nideous August 21st, 2011 11:01 AM

Awesome! Thank you! :D I'm going to add that to my SU now.

Edit: I wonder... I wonder if we'll meet the awesome disco man with his Afro that was bigger than my Espeon in Gale of Darkness. Don't tell me if we will or not. I want to be surprised if we do!

Fuyu August 21st, 2011 11:09 AM

You got it! And I love Miror B! XD He was amazing in the first game.

Nideous August 21st, 2011 11:13 AM

He was awesome in the second one too! XD

Fuyu August 21st, 2011 11:18 AM

Yeah but his outfit wasn't as cool. XD But he was awesome. I think I should probably play a Cipher Trainer. That one doesn't seem like it's going to get many people. XD

Nideous August 21st, 2011 11:22 AM

His awesome music more than made up for his outfit. Except the big three inch heels he was wearing. I can never forgive him for that! XD

And I'm not sure very many people would play a Cipher trainer. Especially after what they do. Oh well. It's no problem for me if no one wants to be a Cipher trainer. XO

Fuyu August 21st, 2011 11:28 AM

That's true but I figured I would offer it.. I don't think anyone forgives the heels. But I do love his music

Nideous August 21st, 2011 11:39 AM

What gets me is how he is able to run and dance in them. XD

And yeah, I get what you're saying. Someone might want to be a villain and fight for Cipher. Eventually.

Fuyu August 21st, 2011 11:46 AM

The heels are magic!... Or something. And there could be all reasons you were in Cipher, aside from being a jerk. Probably.

crebirk August 21st, 2011 12:09 PM

Is it to late to sign up?

Nideous August 21st, 2011 12:16 PM

Hey Crebirk! Considering that there's only me and Fuyu, not counting the reserves that have reserved, I would think not.

And as for reasons for being in Cipher, well it would have to be a good one. Scott wouldn't take too kindly to people that just wanted to join them just to be contrary. Also, I was looking at your SU. Who is Nadia? You mention her several times in the SU, but you never say who she is. Or am I missing something and Nadia and Naren are the same person? I'm so confused! XO

Fuyu August 21st, 2011 12:16 PM

It just opened so nope! Come on in and sign up.

Edit: yeah that's Naren, but I originally called her Nadia. Thought I got them all. I'll fix it lol. It would have to be a good reason for sure.

crebirk August 21st, 2011 12:22 PM

oh! my bad I'll have the SU posted as an edit as soon as I'm done...

Edit:First of all I'm so sorry that i didn't respond immediately (I was mowing the lawn) second sorry for the bad SU I accidentally posted the unfinished copy instead of the final copy. I hope this one is better.(sorry about the random bolded words It wont let me fix it)

Name: Zack Avain
Age: 17
Gender: male
Hometown: Goldenrod city, Johto
Ordinary Trainer or Cipher Trainer? Cipher trainer

Appearance: Zack is oddly tall and very thin for his age. He has that rich city person look. He has light blond hair that he usually keeps short and has empty looking sky-blue eyes. Has a light tan.

Zack likes to be fancy and usually wears a black tuxedo and black jeans. He has a bright red tie. He wears a pair of black and gray running shoes.

Personality: When alone Zack is planning of ways to ruin others. He hates all Pokemon other than his own “beloved” Pokemon When around other he tries to win over confidence to make in easier to execute schemes later. He often plays cool around his enemies to agitate them.

History: Zack has a happy life growing up: his parents were rich and he could have anything he ever wanted. But this dream soon ended. At the age of nine as his parents got divorced due to a fight over money. Neither parent wanted to have the burden of a son so he was put on the street with no money and only his Ralts.

After this unfortunate event Zack had to survive by stealing food and money from other people. He got into many fights and lived in the Goldenrod tunnel for several years. He became cruel and twisted over the years and his thieving became more eventful. He was asked to join Team Cipher and promised lots of money in return. He gladly accepted the opportunity and joined.


Species: Ralts
Nickname: Railly
Infected?: Not infected
Gender: female

History: This ralts was bread for on reason and one only: To make Zack stop “bothering his parents” for one. The ralts has been with Zack since he was five. But in its later years was used to help steal, and win street fights.

Personality: Railly doesn’t care how you are or what you do she hates you and thinks you’re useless. She is cruel and over confident about her abilities and strength. The only person she cares about is her “loving trainer”.

Moves: Shadow sneak (Egg move), Psychic(TM move), Confusion, Double Team.

Nideous August 21st, 2011 1:06 PM

Yeah. Someone like the character above me would really push Scott into fighting him. Anyways, Naren or Nadia or whoever you are, I'm looking forward to starting this when we get more people.

Edit: Also, and this may sound like I'm trying to run your RP, but I'm trying to decide if I should have Michael alive and captured by Cipher, or simply dead. Jovi is alive, and I plan to use her in the future. Mostly just to give Scott the repaired Shadow Snag Machine (The one that Profeesor Krane and the others made that can only snag Shadow pokemon in Gale of Darkness). If you don't like this, then I won't do it. But I'm just trying to think of things I can do.

Fuyu August 21st, 2011 1:12 PM

Crebirk you are denied. Your SU has almost no detail and does not follow guidelines. Your grammar and spelling are also lacking. Please expand on your SU and try again if you still want to join.

Edit: It's fine Nodeous. Most of what happens in the RP is up to the players. ;) just be fair about when you give it to him.

Nideous August 21st, 2011 1:17 PM

Hmm... I figured that would happen. Anyways, Crebirk, I'm going to refer you to a pretty helpful guide on making a character. Here it is:

I used it a lot. Still do in fact. I recomend you read it and then try again, if you still want in. I will warn you, most GMs here expect a certain amount of quality from their RPers, so with SUs like that one, you probably won'y be accepted into very many RPs. That's the sad truth of the matter. :\

Edit: Don't worry. I was planning on waiting until about the fifth gym before he finally meets back up with Jovi. But I wonder if I should keep her doing that thing where she speaks in the third person all the time. :3

Fuyu August 21st, 2011 4:06 PM

Nideous that would be hilarious. And crebirk it's not the best but I'll give you a chance.for now accepted.

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