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Aura Rift August 28th, 2011 11:26 PM

Humanum Familiares [Best Rookie/Most Original Aug/Sep '11]
Humanum Familiares
Rated PG16 for Romance and Violence as well as mild language on occasion

The ancient texts quote the name of familiar as a living being, usually a magical creature, who is to be a mages life-long servant, however it also quotes familiars as having the power to unlock the true feelings of the mages who gain the title of their master. A true familiar is more friend then servant.

quoted from a history of magic, by prof. P. Awenston

You wake up with a smile on your face as you momentarily forget what today is, upon realising such you turn around and bury your head in your pillow, this is your second year at school at the Tristein Academy and today is the day you summon your familiar.

Your not the best student in school, you try your hardest but you just can't seem to get the hang of it, most of your classmates have mastered at least one of the four elements... you however have not and can barely cast a spell without blowing your classroom to bits. You know that if you mess up today it's permanent, you can't reverse what happens and if you summon something pathetic as your familiar that is what your stuck with... forever.

You see your small group of friends as you head down the spiral staircase, the only other kids in school who are as bad at magic as you are... you talk a bit and decide it will be less frightening if you walk down together.

You walk through the halllway and hear some of the more advanced students snickering and mocking you.

You leave the hallway and go outside to the grounds where your teacher waits with the rest of your class. You watch as your classmates summon wonderous creatures, slamanders, imps and even a dragon by one particularly talented boy.
Times up. Its you and your friends turn to summon, you ask to all do it at once and your request is accepted. You raise your wands and begin to chant the spell you have been taught to summon your familiar, whatever it may be.

Large explosions erupt from your wands leaving a large ammount of smoke, once its cleared you suddenly realise that sitting right in front of you and each of your friends a... commoner of the opposite gender! You and you friends have summoned commoners as your familiars..... this is worse than summoning toads. You grimace as everone around begins to lauch at you and the confused commoner looks around in terror, they're wearing strange clothes that don't look like something that even a commoner would wear, you glare at them with anger and desperately beg your teacher to allow you a second chance. He refuses, saying that that would be an insult to the ceremony and insists that you complete a contract with the commoner. You grimace and walk over to the commoner kneeling down and leaning over them. They look at you like your crazy and try to escape but you quickly jump in and kiss them completing the contract. You stand up and wipe your lips in disgust as the brand of the familiar is burned into the commoners hand and they scream in pain, eventually passing out. It is done, this commoner is your familiar, your magical servant for life, they would have to do whatever you wanted them to, everything from doing your washing to preparing your bed. Your friends it seems have had the same ammount of luck and in shame you bow your heads and drag your familiars back to your respective rooms.

A bed of hay rests by your bedside, you had prepared this for your familiar so it would have to do for now. You dump the body in the straw and wait for your new familiar to awaken. This was so strange this had never happened before. Were you so bad a mage that this... commoner showed up instead of the valiant creature you were expecting? You sigh, it had happened now and it was final, this thing was your familiar.

You wake up one morning and decide to go for a stroll, nothing out of the ordinary just a small walk, little did you know you weren't comming back... You say hello to the people who live in your neighbourhood on the way. There nice enough folk, never really been bad to you. You pass the school, *thank god its the weekend.* you think, you proceed on your way into the marketplace of your respective town or village and go to buy some groceries.
As you leave the market you see a large green oval shape before you. It pulses a wonderful pale green light over your surroundings, but the strange thing is nobody else seems to be able to see it.
You decide to investigate further but as soon as you take one step closer to the oval an invisible hand begins to drag you forward, you drop your groceries and cry for help but it's like no one knows your there.
You get closer and closer to the light and eventually you start going into it, you reach your hand out and let loose one final cry of dismay as your dragged through.
Suddenly you find yourself floating above a large cloud of smoke, you fall inside and land sitting down as the smoke clears.
You find yourself sitting in front of a person of the opposite gender whos pointing a wooden stick at you...
Suddenly the person glares at you and everyone around begins to laugh, you notice a few others in the same situation as you. You look around... you have no idea where you are. Suddenly after discussing something with an elderly man the person comes over and kneels in front of you, they suddenly lean forward and begin to move in for ...... a kiss? You panic and are about to pull away when the person gets you square on the lips you should have pushed them off you immediately but something takes control of you and you just take the kiss like nothing happened.
You suddenly feel a burning sensation in your hand, it starts off with just a sting but soon you find yourself screaming in pain, letters that look like some sort of ancient runes are appearing on your hand and by the time you finish you pass out to the sounds of mocking laughter.
You awaken to find yourself on a pile of straw, your hand still stings slighlty and you look around your surroundings, you see a bed to your left, a window on the far wall, a dresser and a chair beside said dresser which had the sleeping romantic assaulter from before sitting upon it.
You look to your left and see what you were looking for, a door. You attempt to open it but... drats its locked you hear shuffling behind you and turn around to see the person on the chair glaring at you with a mix of disapointment and anger.

A single man watches from the shadows, he sees the human familiars and smirks with delight, it would soon be the time for his plans to begin but... his interest was peaking, he wanted to see these mages struggle with their new familiars. Then he would begin his true plans, and the void clock would be set in motion.


You: You are either a mocked mage who summoned a non-magic commoner as your familiar or a hapless human from Earth who was sucked into a world where you don't belong and are then forced to be a magicians protector and slave, a familiar.


1: If you like you may join the RP with a partner as Mage and Familiar, however a word of advice, familiars are always the opposite gender of their masters.

2: If you come alone then you will be randomly matched with a partner.

3: Bunnying/ Godmodding is not aloud.

4: If your partner is not online for a certain ammount of time you may PM me and I will tell you the various options you have at that point.

5. There may or may not be more open slots available as the RP progresses it will all depend on the RPs popularity.

6:No Mary-sues or Gary-stues or wahtever they're called these days, in other words no perfect characters.

7: Mages will start off with very little/no abilities and will be basically humans with a wand. However you may learn new skills and spells as the RP progress'.

8: The five schools of magic are, Air, Earth, Fire, water and void. Players will be able to learn any of the first four through the progression of the RP, but not all at once and ue to its overpowered nature void cannot be learned, further detail below.

9: The main focus of this RP is the relationship and developement of Mage and Familiar. So go nuts, hate each other, love each other, romance, anger, your choice. Mages may be cruel and harsh towards their familiar or nice and sweet and everything in between. Familiars can either obey their masters with out question or flat out refuse to do what they're told and again everything in between so just mmake it up as you go along.

10: If a partner of the opposite gender cannot be found you may if you wish make your partner an NPC or simply wait for someone else to join.

11: Being as active as possible is very important in this kind of RP.

12:Whereas Mages have to learn their powers as they go, Familiars will automatically learn abilities as they are made familars how you discover you have thes abilities is up to you, further detail below.

13: Mages know what Earth is but regard it as an alternate reality or a fairytale world.

14: Familiars are still people and still have free will, they're just magically bonded to their masters. So they don't HAVE to follow their masters orders however this is not always ideal as.....

15: Should a familiar disobey orders mages are aloud to use whatever means neccesary to punish them. This can range from kicking them out of your room, to depriving them of a room, to downright attacking them with a whip or a sword or their magic, or anything they can think of. So if Familiars still want to disobey be my guest...

16: When a Familiar wants something, eg. a new weapon, then they must have their master buy t for them. How this is done is up to you. Note: At the beginning of the RP Familiars will recieve a basic weapon that will be given near the beginning of the RP.

17: Have Fun!


Character Abilities:
A mages magic:
Fire: The ability to control and create fire.
Wind: The ability to control and intensify wind.
Earth: The ability to manipulate solid Earth aswell as various metals and ores.
Water: The ability to manipulate and freeze water.
Void: Cannot be used by players, extreme power to engulf and destroy enemies in a blast of white light, very difficult and weakening to the user.

A Familiars skills:
Volo: Dramatically increased running speed and reflexes.
Robur: Enhanced strength in dire situations.
Nocte Radiis: enhanced agility and stength during the night
Perceptio: The ability to see an opponents weakness when engaged in combat.
Psychicae Nectunt: Allows you to sense when your master is in trouble and grants enhanced combat abilitys when fighting with them.
Remedium: Has the ability to heal themselves and others to a certain extent.


Karma Police August 30th, 2011 1:24 AM

Reserve me as a Mage please :)

-Nocturnal August 30th, 2011 1:26 AM

Reserve me as a familiar please :)

Godzil August 30th, 2011 3:50 AM


Name: Tobias "Toby" Tanic

Age: 16

History: Many people were surprised that Tobias came to summon a familiar. Despite being a second-year, his lack of skill and poor social ability meant few even nticed him. He spent most of his time practising magic, studying technique, or cleaning up a mess he had created. He uses the Wind element, but lacks the finesse or control usually associated with the element, and has yet to succesfully utilise it. He has managed to make a few "friends", mostly second years with a simlar amount of skill (which is to say, little to none). After the fiasco at the Summoning Ceremony, he doubts things will ever improve.

Before Tristein, he had a quiet, peaceful life. He had a brother, a year older than him, who kept an eye on him and helped him prepare for life. His parents watched him grow, taking a back seat and letting him learn for himself. He didn't have many friends, but was liked well enough by his peers. After his brother began training to be a soldier, Tobias joined Tristein hoping to become a great mage.

Personality: Tobias is focused, with a strong will, but lacks finesse. Despite being stubborn, the fact that he never gives up is one of his better qualities. He is a bit slow and literal minded, and has almost no srnse of humor. He tries to be nice to people, but isn't interested in them and doesn't spend much time talking. Toby gets annoyed quickly, and has little patience for bullies. He tries to avoid confrontation, but arguments usually end with violence. While he doesn't have many friends, he is actually quite protective of anything he cares about.

While he was initially annoyed that he had summoned a commoner, in a rare flash of insight he realized that now he has someone to talk to, someone to work his problems out with. He has decided to make the best of the situation, and hopes the girl isn't too difficult to deal with.

Appearance: Toby is of average height, but rather thin. He is pale-skinned, and doesn't get much sun even when he goes outside, due to his concealing clothing. He has black hair, which keeps cut short, and green eyes. His clothing is chosen more for function rather than looks, and he doesn't care. He wears some comfortable black slacks, held in place with a brown leather belt, and soft black shoes. He wears plain, monocolor shirts, usually grey or red, and an olive-green Western shirt.

Magic school: Wind

Amount of time spent RPing: Medium-High (I've done quite a bit of RPing, but have limited time when I can get online.)

Partner: Random

Draginja August 30th, 2011 3:52 AM

Hey there, everyone! One familiar, please!

Name: Kita Wahlgren

Age: 17

Apperance: Kita is a tall girl, an inch shy of 6 feet tall. She has an athelete's body, thin with light muscle, with a very slight tan. Her hair is light red, reaching her shoulders, and her eyes are blue. She wears light blue jeans and white running shoes, with a variety of shirts. This particular day she is wearing a black T-shirt with a purple Decepticon logo. She doesn't wear much in the decoration department, except for a red bead necklace and a pair of black kneepads.

History: As a child, Kita was the third child out of four. She had an older brother and sister, and a younger brother. She was a quiet girl, letting her more active siblings gather the attention of her parents. This led to her parents spending time with her when they needed to relax, and she enjoyed being a calming influence in a chaotic household. As she grew older, she wasn't as quiet as before, and had a few friends here and there. But she wasn't interested in a social life, and gradually became more of a recluse.

She did quite well in school, but still had few friends. She stayed in touch with her family, but was starting to distance herself from even them. She was quite content with her life, but wondered if there could be more to life. As she went for a trip to town, a glowing green portal answered her question.

Personality: Kita was quiet as a child, staying in the background and never making a scene. Her parents were grateful that she was so nice and easy to handle. She is very analytical, taking time to think through a situation, and as she grew she was less content to just hang back, becoming more active while still being quiet. Despite being nice to people and enjoying helping them, she sees little use for other people and stays away for the most part. She has her own interests, and doesn't like to discuss them with other people. If she has to be involved with others, Kita tries to be helpful and resolve the situation quickly.

Familiar ability: Perceptio

Ammount of time spent RPing: Medium

Partner: Random

-Nocturnal August 30th, 2011 5:58 AM

Lol your RP name reminds me Aurora Borealis...dunno why. strange names? xD oh and do we have to write the passwords in our su?

XxSweetDreamsxX August 30th, 2011 8:01 AM


Maka Key

Age: 15

Apperance: Maka is a very small gal; her limbs close to bones, though still strong and active, all of their shape coming from some muscle rather than fat. Her hair is pure blonde, cut down to the shoulders with small curves(parted to the side). With her blonde hair is also very light toned skin, including large blue eyes. She has many scars on her body from either fights or accidental cuts, all of which are either located on her knees or arms. For clothing, Maka wears many vibrant t-shirts with either shorts or jeans. Her favorite accessory is a chunky chain necklace, symbolizing something important to her. She never takes it off. The same chains are found on her wrists, said to be made of silver.

History: Growing up in a cozy environment, she was the first born in a family of 5; her parents, and her other 2 younger sisters. Being the oldest, she was normally more responsible than the other two, naturally becoming a "good example" for her siblings. However, Maka's life twisted as she reached first grade, as she was unable to relate to any of the students. The few friends Maka made were vulgar, bullying soon natural to the little girl. It also became so in her household, her sister's violence increasing with no way to counter it. Turning away from her family and 'friends', she stored away her feelings from others, too nervous to approach or socialize with anyone. Anyone who tried to talk to her end up finding her shy, something Maka wanted to change but couldn't.

As she grew, she advanced in school by herself, earning the respect of many students while parting from whoever did her wrong. This got her far, the girl becoming emotionally strong while hiding her vengeful feelings from the public. Although quiet, the friendly attitude she gave off assisted her heavily during class, as anyone who picked on her was shunned by other classmates. This worked well for her. However, even still Maka never made friends with anyone, causing her to believe now that bonds aren’t useful. She was on a walk when she got sucked into the new world, odd since she rarely ever bothered to go outside...

Personality: Maka has always been overly imaginative, her expanded creativity inspiring many. Having an overall kind nature, she is less than a threat in anyone's eyes, normally acting as a perfect angel. Quiet and normally caring, she is very mature, also very protective. With her friendship can come everlasting trust, a trust that should never be broken. She is not picky about where her friendship goes, normally lending some of it to anyone who shows kindness to her, though she doesn’t often find friends useful and will normally use any friends she makes for her own selfish needs. You will find that Maka opens up to her friends more after she's bonded with them. Jokes will soon become common with teasing, even if she means no harm in any of the fun.

However, Maka can be unpredictable, flipping her personality at will to a more negative side. With this flip, she can be rather nasty, including cruel to anyone she wishes actual harm. Though she rarely flips, she commonly does it when her temper sets off, or when she is irritated or upset about one thing or another. Most of the time, it is unleashed when the girl finds herself or her friends/family subjected to violence, alternative being forced to do something she doesn’t like as she is also stubborn and lazy. Her overall personality towards someone can alter depending on who she talks to, though Maka acts normal if given no reason to change. Same works for her moods, which can range greatly. Her actions all depend on you.

Familiar ability: Robur

Ammount of time spent RPing: High

Partner: Alexander Newton (-DeepImpact-)

Aura Rift August 30th, 2011 10:58 AM

Everyone so far is reserved and XxSweetDreamsxX is accepted!

I edited out the password thing

and c'mon people we need female mages! I plan to start when we have at least two people in every category and/or everybody has a partner. I will be doing the random matchups soon aswell. as soon as everyone has finished their SUs. So be ready to find out who your servant is!

Karma Police August 30th, 2011 2:55 PM


Name: Alexander 'Alex' Newton (eh, I couldn't think of any other name)

Age: 16

History: Alex's history in Tristein hasn't entirely been a pleasant one. He failed at performing most of the skills, and that made him a victim of bullying and teasing. Other children with good skills would come and tease him, and push him around, and he would try to fight back, but he had almost no power to counter them. His ability of harnessing the Fire element was noticed when one day he was being bullied, and managed to summon a fireball and toss it at the children. Since then, he hasn't been able to do that again. Alex had been able to make a lot of new friends in Tristein, but eventually he lost them one by one as they saw his failures, and in the end, when he summoned a commoner, all his friends abandoned him. None of his 'friends' bothered to talk to him even once, and he was left alone with nobody but his familiar.

Before Tristein, he was pretty much happy. He was an only child, and was always paid attention to. His parents always focused on him, helping him with everything he could do. He had some friends back then too, and they were ones who actually talked to him. He was adored by his friends, who looked up to him for solutions and answers. He pretty much felt loved then, ignore now.

Personality: Alex is a person who has some quick thinking skills. He is a rather quiet person, due to the high amount of bullying in school. He has a rather sarcastic sense of humor, and likes to crack jokes when he gets a chance. While he a rather polite person in general, he can often get extremely angry, resulting in some very insulting words. Alex doesn't have a short temper, often controlling it, but if a person keeps pushing him, then he can get rude. He, in general, hates violence, and rather than use his fists he uses words, as his words can often be really humiliating and insulting. While he doesn't have any friends, he is actually quite protective of whoever he cares about.

The fact that he summoned a commoner doesn't make Alex sad, or angry at all. He was actually quite happy at summoning a familiar, as he had felt he wouldn't be able to do that as well. He is also actually happy to have someone to talk to. While he wouldn't actually wouldn't hit the commoner, he feels it is a sick idea to actually try to control another human being, but he doesn't want to have his familiar know that, of course, in fears of losing her too.

Appearance: Alex is fairly tall for a 16 year old. He is of average weight though. He is quite fair, but has a bad tan due to excessive time in the sun. He has dark brown hair, which are kept unkempt most of the time. He has blue eyes. He has quite a few scars from the early years at Tristein, due to bullying. Due to him practicing with fire often, he has burns on his hands most of the time. He usually wears colorful clothes, sticking to blue the most. He has an old bracelet given to him by his mother, many years ago. He wears it in his left hand.

Magic school: Fire

Amount of time spent RPing: High

Partner: Maka Key (XxSweetDreamsxX)

-Nocturnal August 30th, 2011 8:15 PM

apparently we need more female mages xD *bump*

Scarf Blade August 30th, 2011 8:20 PM

I'd like to reserve a role as a Male Familiar, please! My SU will be up in a few

*** My SU ***

Name: Kiroku Morir (Kiro for short, if desired)

Age: 17

This is the reference for his head

When Kiroku was spirited away from Earth, he was wearing his basic clothing style: A heavy winter sweatshirt with elaborate patterns of black, gray, and darker gray, a green undershirt, simple blue jeans, socks and black shoes with neon blue laces.
As for his body, Kiroku is a pretty average build. At 5'8", he didn't tower over people, but his spiked hair gives him a few more inches of height to say he's working with. His hair's a deep black, and his eyes are a silver-like gray. His muscular tone is slightly enhanced from the natural average because there's some reward for carrying heavy books and avoiding aggressors for years. Disregarding his new archaic marking/branding, the only other mark on his skin is a large scar that travels from the top of his left shoulder to the bottom-right corner of his torso.

Before becoming a familiar, Kiroku lived an incredibly lackluster life. Having been bullied most of his life, he's grown defensive and rather satirical towards people. He has acquaintances, not friends or loved ones, whom love his wit and charisma, but as of late he has severed most of his personal ties. He hardly has family; he has numerous members in the group called family, but none of them ever act like it. They seem more like the bullies he has had the displeasure of knowing. It even seems like fate was against him. No matter what he did, good or bad, he was punished for his actions. Why bother to be nice when you're punished like the naughty?
Recently, his academic success has been called into question. He's a sharp individual, but maybe too smart. Numerous rumors had surfaced that Kiroku had been bribing teachers, or even going so far as to hack into the system and alter his grades. Obviously it wasn't true, but it was just for more fuel to everyone's fire. More and more people began turning on him or asking to have their own grades changed. To Kiroku, this was the ultimate form of betrayal. The only real good thing about his life was being degraded, and no one seemed to care that they were taking away what little he had to call his own.
In reality, he needed a chance to restart and find a new life. Maybe he was receiving a blessing in disguise...

Personality: If Kiroku was ever to be told that one day he was going to be swept off to another realm and be someone's companion/pet/combat slave, he'd be in serious denial over the mental sanity of the one whom told him this. If it came to light that this were to be truth and that it had happened, he'd be caught in between skeptical and hopeful. He'd want nothing more than to be away from his first life, but how real could it be? It could just be a dream that seems too good to be true...
All that aside, though, Kiroku isn't a bad person. He's cocky at times and won't be afraid to push authority if he thinks he can get away with it, and when he's not in the mood he can be a real downer, but there are at least some good qualities that makes him feel superior to most people he's had to deal with. He's loyal when he has to be (even if he doesn't want to be), he's a quick-witted individual on his best days, and he can be a real pushover and an overall nice person when he feels like he has a friendship with someone. This is doubly true if he's in loving hands.

Familiar ability: Psychicae Nectunt

Ammount of time spent RPing: High

Partner: Nope! All on my lonesome for now.

Aura Rift August 30th, 2011 10:47 PM

Scarf Blade + -DeepImpact- you are both (accepted!)

also because Im an idiot I forgot to add in an appearence to the SU... I hope you can understand because this is my first RP that anyone has taken interest in, so I would please ask the two who have completed their SUs to add it in. Again Im very sorry.

Another thing, Rusty, if you have preplanned with Lydia before choosing her as your partner thats fine, but if you haven't then I have to inform you that it will be picked randomly :3

Scarf Blade August 31st, 2011 2:08 AM

No problem, but you placed me under Mage instead of Familiar; just thought I'd let you know before there's a confusion

-- edit --

Thank you A. Rift ^ ^

Aura Rift August 31st, 2011 7:41 AM

kk edited that, should be fine now



Name: Joshua David Mist

Age: 17

Josh lived the life of a normal child for the beginning of his life, for his first ten years he fit in well with everyone he met and was nice to all the people he had met. He was happy bubbly and curious, he would wonder about so many different things. Why the world was round, why the water was wet, why others didn't also wonder these seemingly meenigless things that he found special. At the age of ten his parents told him why, due to a special splice of his parents genes that weren't matched his mind was different to other children. He had been granted wth a different way of perceiving the world. At first Josh didn't notice, but after awhile it began to sink in, the other kids couldn't grasp something he found so simple. He would be able to figure out maths for children years ahead of him, while his classmates had trouble with the maths they currently had. As Josh grew older, he began to realise that it wasn't just his classmates. Nobody he knew was the same as him, his mind worked on a different axis to those around him. He would think differently about things that others his age wouldn't even aknowledge. He slowly began to grow further apart from his family and friends while his brain began to comprehend its own individuality. He had become very distant from his family and friends by the age of fifteen he had let his auburn hair grow long and and he had developed the strangest way of surprising people with his mind, however despite his distance to others he hadn't become cold and dark in fact he had become just the opposite. He had grown to accept his own mind and the fact that he was different and he didn't care anymore. By the age of sixteen Josh had become an Enigma to many of the people he knew. He eventually fell in love with a young girl called Marine and was ready to devote himself to her. However the day before Josh had been sucked through the portal Manrine had brutally dumped him. His mind struggled to comprehend why, despite everything he knew he couldn't figure her out, he just didn't understand the female mind. He, in a strange trance like state made his way to the local shop for groceries the following morning. The only thing that had snapped him out of it was the portal which he was soon dragged into forcefully.

Josh often loses his track of though due to his minds strnge structure and his natural curiousity. He has trouble keeping his mind in one place and is often daydreaming. He is quite distant from people, but reversely he is extremely friendly when approached by them. He is very bright and often has solutions to problems that others didn't think about. When his intelegence is mocked he is personally insulted due to his strong sense of pride. He doesn't really take anything seriously but when he does, he really does, going to all lengths to succeed. He doesn't take failure well, often getting angry or depressed when it comes. He is however quite a good winner, always modest when he wins. He hasn't had nyone he has considered close to him in years other than his ex-girlfriend Marine and he would have fought fiercly to defend her. Due to them being one of the only things he doesn't understand girls greatly interest him (in more ways than one I might add). Josh has a very take it as it comes attitude and after the initial shock of comming to this strange new world he finds himself forced to accept it. He doesn't enjoy fulfilling his masters demands but he will begrudgingly accept them. His reaction to becomming a familiar was one of annoyance but eventual acceptance.

Appearence: Josh has glistening green eyes and long straight auburn hair, his nose is of average size and his mouth has medium sized pink lips with white teeth hidden behind, his ears are hidden by his hair. He wears an untidy wrinkled and often ruffled dress shirt which has the top button open and the rest of them usually uneven and mismatched. He wears a long black trenchcoat over this with four pockets, two on the outside near his waste and one hidden on the inside left. Inside each of the inside pockets he keeps his fathers gun and his own dagger for protection, he has always been questioned as to why but he simply replys that it never hurts to be safe. The coat itself stretches to just below his knees in order for it to still be a trench coat but at the same time not restricting movement speed. He wears black leather gloves on his hands. On his bottoms he wears black denim jeans and a dark grey leather belt that hangs loosely on his hips. He wears black boots with white trimmings on the buckels. His hair is always falling into his left eye and he is constantly troubled with moving and flicking it out. He wears a silver pendant around his neck given to him by his ex-girlfriend Marine. He bears a large scar across his left eye.

Familiar Ability: Psychicae Nectunt

Ammount of time spent RPing: High on weekends medium on weekdays.

Partner: Fire Heart

-Nocturnal September 1st, 2011 2:33 AM

Name: André West (pronounced on-drey)

Age: 17

Appearance: Andre has dark brown hair, and his eyes are dark aquablue in color. He has no scars or bruises or whatsoever as he’s always at home, protected. He is slightly tan, and he a little on the thin side due to healthy meals. When it comes to clothing he wears simple green t-shirts and short browning pants as he likes being casual instead of stylish.

History: Andre is an only child in his family, which is why he doesn’t have much time to socialize with people. Being an only child can be a bad thing, as most parents would spoil their children by giving them everything, but Andre’s parents know what to do. Since he was four, they’ve been awfully strict as they want to train him, to turn him into an independent boy instead of a lazy, dependant child that whimpers and whines about everything. All his requests were denied, and his complains were nothing to his parents. He had to eat healthy meals every day, and he had to sleep at nine, not to mention he had private teachers in every subject (even Physical Education) to ensure he knew enough. A lot of people envy his parents’ wealth, but all these were giving him no freedom at all, as he had to stay home everyday. He had no need to leave the house as the teachers would teach him everything, and he didn’t have to go to school because of that. When he said he wanted to go outside to play, his parents denied him.

When he was sixteen, he didn’t want to stay in his ‘prison’ anymore, so he grabbed some cash and left his home after leaving a short letter on a coffee table. Finally free from his parent’s grasps, he found himself lost in the outside world, and things that aren’t covered in science, language, biology, chemistry whatsoever, are confusing him, especially in the communication genre. He knows a lot, and he can achieve high grades in exams, but he lacks one thing - communication, and his parents had no idea about it. His parents are still looking for him till this very day, but have failed to find him. The amount of cash he had taken from his parents ain’t little, but who cares? His parents are rich. Finding a cheap but awfully old little apartment, he lives on his own, until the mysterious Vortex appears, sucking him in...

Personality: Being taught by private teachers in almost every subject allows him to learn a lot about things covered in textbooks, but being trapped at home for like 16 years have made him totally quiet, as he had no need to talk - everything was prepared for him by his parents. Food (which were healthy meals with less meat, more vegetables and fruits everyday.), everyday needs (clothes, books, games) etc are all available without the need to go outside. Thus he isn’t that sociable compared to other people his age, and he doesn’t like to speak too much as he doesn’t want to embarrass himself by saying something he shouldn’t in wrong situations.

Being at home also means that he doesn’t have many friends, which is why he is rather lonely living with his parents. But now that he’s living on his own, he has more chances to explore the outside world, to learn more about communicating and ‘hanging out’. He is overall friendly, as well, nobody taught him to be bad (and the benefits of being bad).

Familiar ability: Volo

Password: Protect

Amount of time spent RPing: Medium (max 3 posts per day. min 1)

Partner: ~Genevieve~

Aura Rift September 1st, 2011 7:48 AM

Godzil + -Nocturnal you are both


and bro I already told you, I got rid of the passwords :P

Edit: Alright everyone Xilfer has informed me before hand that due to his vacation ends on September 8th he will be posting his SU, if we can get everyone finished before that and maybe get a couple more femlae characters, we'll be ready to govery soon, so guys please get to workin on your SUs and try to get them done before the 8th

SylveonStar September 1st, 2011 11:24 AM


Name: Adria Marie Penrose

Age: 17

Gender: Female

History: Adria's life up to now has been anything but pleasant. Her mother died in childbirth causing her father to resent her. Her father was a man who was very successful with magic. He made her read various books and do various tasks as she grew up determined to make sure she was like he was with magic beating her when she failed.

This went on for years until finally Adria couldn't take it anymore. One day when she was 16 and her father was about to beat her Adria did the first thing that came to her mind and hit her father with a blast of water. Surprised, angry, and proud her father immedietly sent her to Tristan Academy not knowing she has yet to actually cast a working spell. The day came the next year for her to summon her familiar and instead of just being disappointed Adria was also afraid of her familiar.

Personality: Adria is a very shy and insecure person. She only talks to the few other students who are like her in ability but is still very shy around them. Most of her time she spends outside sitting under a tall tree reading fairy tales of Earth completely fascinated with it. She could never harm anyone and after she gets over her fear of her commoner she treats him as her best friend. She treats him fairly and shortly after getting used to him put another bed in her small room for him. She'll only ask him to do something for her if she can do something in return and hurting him is something she'd never do trusting her familiar with all her secrets even telling him about the abuse she had suffered.

Magic school: Water

Appearence: Adria stands 4'3 and weighs 85 lbs. Her eyes are a deep green in color and she has medium length Platinum Blonde hair and pale skin. Though most of the time she is in her school uniform when she is not she dresses in a dark pink top with long sleeves that doesn't cover her shoulders. With it she has a light brown belt, a dark brown skirt, and boots the same color as her shirt.

Ammount of time spent RPing: Medium (3-5 posts a day 1-2 min)

Partner: Nocturnal-

Aura Rift September 1st, 2011 12:00 PM

~Genevieve~ is (accepted!)

Hooray for more acceptance :3

Draginja September 1st, 2011 1:18 PM

Okay, we have another female with an SU. It's up there.

Aura Rift September 1st, 2011 1:32 PM


Now all we need is more femal mages! C'mon guys, get out there and show a little feminism for mages!

MichaelaTheUchiha September 1st, 2011 1:35 PM

I'm so sorry I'm late! DX I was away from the computer for the past couple of days and as such, I could not work on any of my SUs that I reserved on any RP. D= I'm so sorry! x_X If my SU is terrible, I've been sleep deprived. Just to warn you. =P


Name: Miharu Mizushima

Age: 18

Gender: Female

History: Miharu was born into an influential family. Her father was a kind man that treated his family and servants with a kind heart. Her mother was very pure and did not allow anyone to be hit in the household. Herself, the daughter, was very polite, but never spoke out of turn; the image of the perfect child.

Well, that was the image they showed in public. In reality, her father was mentally abusive; calling her worthless and weak, as well as telling her to stifle her emotions so she wouldn't embarrass him and the family name. Her mother was physically abusive; whenever her father didn't pay attention to the mother, or when things were complicated due to Miharu, her mother would strike her harshly.

Miharu snapped one day, running away from home at the age of twelve; living her life on the streets for three years until she was accepted into Tristein Academy at the age of fifteen. Her current name is an alias and she changed her appearance.

When she was accepted into Tristein Academy, she focused on studying; reading books in order learn about more information about anything and everything. She buried her troubles under studying, using it as an escape. However, in the practicals, she was still the worst in the class, no matter how much she studied. However, her written grades were so good that she still was able to go up with her year.

Personality: Miharu is very withdrawn; almost to the point of being a mute. She almost always has a blank face on, and she usually speaks in a monotone. She usually seems lifeless, although she is known to be fairly sarcastic at times. However, since she speaks in a monotone, her sarcasm is most likely taken to be true. She never lets anyone know when she is in pain; even if it could kill her if she doesn't. However, it is not because she is prideful; it is because she had been taught all her life to never complain about anything. She does have rather strong opinions though.

Sometimes, however, she snaps, usually by herself, and lets all of the emotions that she had repressed out. This usually happens once a month, although once she lasted a year before snapping. A few hours after "snapping", she is extremely exhausted. The next day, however, she would be back to her old self.

Miharu doesn't care about her familiar being a "commoner"; she believes that such degrading terms are wrong after spending three years on the streets. She could really care less on what her familiar could be.

Magic school:

Miharu has dark blue hair, almost black, that reaches up to her shoulder. It is fairly layered, but it is straight. She has no bangs. Her eyes are a light blue, almond shaped, and with double eyelids. She was around 5'7" and weighed about 110 pounds. She doesn't wear any jewelry, nor does she have any tattoos, although she does have several scars, mostly her mum.

When she is not wearing her uniform, she is most likely wearing something blue, black, white, or a mixture of the three.

Amount of time spent RPing:
...It's like a "as much as possible". It really depends on how much homework I have. I do check up on it every morning, so I guess it is a "medium". I have good days, and I have bad days. xD

Partner: N/A

Aura Rift September 1st, 2011 1:39 PM

yay female mage :D


-Nocturnal September 1st, 2011 11:14 PM


Aura Rift September 4th, 2011 4:55 AM

due to the nagging of a certain RPer *cough* DeepImpact *cough* I have decided to commence the random matchups and start the RP for those who are ready. Those who are reserved are still reserved and will be included in the matchups. If your not matched today then do not fear as you will be matched up as soon as someone new joins.

Note: I want to make this perfectly clear, I did these matchups COMPLETELY randomly by drawing names from a hat. So if you didn't get matched today then you were just unlucky

Edit: You may now begin posting. A mages first post should be them finding their familiar trying to leave while the familiarsshould be about their reaction to finding the strange person who kissed them glaring at them.

Fire Heart September 4th, 2011 9:21 AM


Name: Kenna Warren

Age: 16

History: Kenna's live in Tristein used to be great, she was sociable and would always make conversation with anyone arround her. However that all changed when she learned that her older brother died of a sudden illness. Ever since Kenna's parents were killed when she was young, her brother had took Kenna under his wing and looked after her like she was his own child. When she heard the news, she was filled with so much hatred and anger that her fire power practically took on a live on its own. Now Kenna is lucky if atleast one person talks to her.

Personality: Kenna is the kind of girl who hides in a book instead of dealing with the drama of life. She hides her emotions and tries not to let anyone bother her. She is very quiet and very shy, but she can also speak her mind when she needs too. She can be very smart when she chooses to be. Kenna is a strong dreamer who is filled with passion and desire but she is scared to go for the things she wants. When Kenna summoned a commoner, she was happy because she hopes that she is not as alone as she thought.

Magic school: Fire

Appearance: Kenna has long dark brown hair that is nearly the shade of black. She normally keeps her hair in a high ponytail. Her skin is very pale which makes hazel eyes, her full lips and the birth mark under her right eye really stand out. She is not quite tall but not that small, she is somewhere in the middle. She always has a small silver ring that her brother bought her for good luck not long before he died, she never takes it off and refuses to part with it.

Amount of time spent RPing: Medium on weekdays due to homework and course work, but high on weekends.

Partner: Aura Rift

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