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toptheworld August 30th, 2011 12:54 PM

[OOC/SU] Fight to the Finish (17+)
Roleplay Thread HERE

Basic Summary:

Humans and Pokemon have united in the most specific way possible; the Divine Connection. At the age of ten, a human receives their first and only Pokemon, which he/she is devoted to and must protect for five years straight. When the trainer turns fifteen, he or she is offered the chance of sealing their friendship with their Pokemon with the Divine Connection. If both parties agree, then the Pokemon and Human are united.

The Divine Connection unifies the two so that whatever one thinks, feels or senses, so does the other. They are one soul seperated into two bodies, together until death. And they always die together, because if one dies, so does the other.

That's why Pokemon training has been banned.

And that's why there's a new Police Squad - the Enforcers.

Choose a Side:

Do you find this form of battling dangerous, horrible? Do you want to be an Enforcer?

Or do you believe that everyone should have their own say, and that if one wants to be a Trainer, he may?

1. Adam Charlemagne/Charlie Locke w/ lvl 5. Sneasel : Scratch/Leer
2. Leya Hanketsu w/ lvl 5. Sandshrew : Scratch/Defense Curl
1. Miharu Mizushima w/ lvl 5. Growlithe : Bite/Roar
2. Jennifer "Jen" Atlantica w/ lvl 5. Zorua : Scratch/Pursuit
3. Kris Kollyns w/ lvl 5. Riolu : Quick Attack/Endure

SU Rules:

1. You must wait for my permission before starting to RP.
2. One SU per person.
3. Once one person chooses a Pokemon, that Pokemon is "unattainable", therefore if you wanted that Pokemon you have to choose another one.
4. You can on the other hand reserve a Pokemon before SUing. If so, then please SU right away.
5. In your SU, you will need to show an excerpt of your roleplaying skills, either from previous RP's or made-up on the spot. This will help in whether or not you will be accepted.
6. All Pokemon are level 5 when the RP begins.


Appearance: (1-2 paragraphs)
Personality: (2-3 paragraphs)
Pokemon: (Sandshrew = scratch/defense curl, Poochyena = tackle/howl, Shinx = tackle/leer, Sneasel = scratch/leer/taunt [pick two])
Excerpt; (2+ paragraphs)


Appearance: (1-2 paragraphs)
Personality: (2-3 paragraphs)
Pokemon: (Zorua = scratch/leer/pursuit [pick two], Skitty = fake out/growl/tail whip/tackle/foresight [pick two], Phanpy = odor sleuth/tackle/growl/defense curl [pick two], Growlithe = bite/roar, Riolu = quick attack/foresight/endure [pick two], Cubchoo = powder snow/growl
Excerpt: (2+ paragraphs)

Final Task:

At the very end, we will see who has last the longest, the ones with the government on their side, or the ones who believe freedom is a virtue.

MichaelaTheUchiha September 2nd, 2011 1:27 PM

Name: Miharu Mizushima

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Miharu has straight, black hair, reaching to her earlobes. She dislikes long hair; believes it easier for people to catch her and use her hair against her, and she does not want to be captured just because her hair was caught on some door, or something. She has narrowed, black eyes that are almond shaped with double lidded eyelids. She has pale skin, with an almost yellow tint due to being Japanese. She stands at around 5'7" and weighs around 110 pounds. Although fairly tall and lean, she walks with a certian strength about her and has fairly defined muscles and abs, due to her training in martial arts, even if her posture is horrible, complete with a slumping back.

She normally wears all black, considering it being her favorite colour, although she may mix in the occasional blue, light or dark. Her clothes are usually loose and easy to manuver around; especially in a fight. Although she is Japanese, she wears Chinese style flats that allow to her walk around silently and without a noise. Normally, she wears a t-shirt and cargo pants, almost always black, but her clothing may change depending on the weather outside. She does not wear any jewelry, nor does she have a tattoo, but she does have multiple, small scars running the length of her arms and her legs, and a fairly huge burn mark on her back.


Miharu is quite witty and sarcastic, often using a straight tone of voice and a straight face to go with the sarcasm and wit, allowing people to believe that what she said is really her opinion. At times, she may allow the sarcastic and dry tone to appear, but it is often rarely; she loves tricking people into thinking what they want to think and seeing their reaction when they realize that they were wrong all along. She loves anyone that is witty and sarcastic as well, often liking to go into sarcasm, verbal battles with another. It is one of her many enjoyments of life. She also, if it exists, holds a strange fasination of TV Tropes and allow the lingo to slip into her speech and thoughts at times. She espeically loves to taunt people, but never to the point in which they get so mad, they actually attack her.

Although mostly seen with a grin, Miharu can still pull off a complete blank mask if the situation arose for the need. She never shows that she is in pain and is actually quite stubborn with accepting help. She does know when to ask for it, but usually does so with a strange inner argument inside. She dislikes feeling like a burden to anyone; even to those who are perfectly willing. She especially hates pity.

Miharu is a master actor and manipulator, often putting on so many masks that she cannot remember who she truly is. Currently, she quite enjoys the sarcastic and wit that this masks brings, and as such, is keeping it as her "true" face. She is often so lost within deception and lies that she cannot remember who she actually is, although she can still keep all her lies straight and untangled. Miharu wonders if she has multiple-personality disorder, with her unable to remember the real her, but can completely keep all of her masks and stories together.

Although she may lie a lot, her honor would never allow her to retract on a promise; even if it is a promise of telling the entire truth. If anyone needed to know if she would keep something a secret, or to tell the truth about something, all they would have to do is force her to promise she would, and she would be honor bound to do so.

During battles, she is quite ingenious, able to think of tactics that are very off the wall and outside of the box. She usually goads her opponent to anger, allowing them weaknesses in their plots and tactics. Her wit becomes sharper, her sarcasm becomes greater, and she is increadibly focused on the battling. She thinks that she truly comes to life during battles, physical or pokemon.

Pokemon: Growlithe; Bite/Roar

Other: Carries multiple, hidden, weapons on her person (kinves and senbons). She is also trained in various martial arts and is a "black belt" in all of them.

Excerpt: Do I really need to do this? You've seen my RPing skillz in "Legendary Evolution".

Nideous September 4th, 2011 6:31 PM

Can I reserve Zorua? I'll get my SU done ASAP. It's finally done!

Name: Jennifer "Jen" Atlantica

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: (1-2 paragraphs):

Jen is fairly tall for her age. She has a slightly muscular build from years of training. Her hair is pure white and she keeps it in a very odd style. It goes about half way down her back and she ties it up in three ponytails. In the front she keeps a ink headband on her head to keep her hair out of her eyes. As for here eyes, they are a light teal color, the same as her Zorua, showing that the bond is beginning to form between the two of them. Her face is framed by a confident smile, and a slightly small nose.

For clothing, she wears a pair of pale blue jeans with several small holes in the legs. Her shirt is a sleeveless shirt of the same color. On top of that she wears a long, short sleeved, pink vest. In this vest she keeps various items and trinkets. She wears a stylish pair of pink rimmed glasses, as she is nearly blind without them. To finish off her look she has a pair of pink running shoes.

Personality: (2-3 paragraphs):

Jen is all about getting stronger and better than before. She believes that the only way to live is to be the best. She craves fame and recognition. She doesn't mind helping others, but will quickly get annoyed if they don't act properly grateful. And she doesn't go out of her way to help them unless she gains something from it. It could be as simple as a word of thenks, but if you expect her to take a lot of time and effort for you, then you had better have something good for her when she returns.

On the whole, she can come across as a bit full of herself, but that is merely confidence in her own abilities. She also has a major cruel streak in her, though she hides her sadistic qualities very well. Unless of course you hurt her Zorua, Dusk. Then she will take whatever action she thinks is required to get revenge. And she will not stop until she is satisfied with the results, which usually are a lot of pain.

Jen is a very calm person normally. This is due to the growing bond between her and the mild and caring Dusk. It is very difficult to provoke her, and even when she is angry, she never gets loses her stablity. She merely quietly plots and then carries out her revenge. Years of harsh training have prepared her for the long struggle she soon will face. She cares for pokemon with all her heart, and would risk evereything to protect them. Truly, pokemon may be the only thing she cares about, other than herself and her fixation with getting stronger.

She is a menace in battle, often weedling out her foes weakness and exploiting it without mercy. She will do anything to win, even things like flirting with her opponent to throw him (or her) off balance. This is another time where her cruelty often rises to the surface. For she rather enjoys watching her opponent squirm under the pressure of fighting her. And if she is losing, all the opponent will see is her calm, cool, and calous demeaner.

Pokemon: Zorua; Scratch, Pursuit

Excerpt: (2+ paragraphs): Taken from "What if they were Real?" It's just the end of a wild pokemon battle. And talking to another RP character.

John looked at Shea.
"Why should I help some idiot that keeps screaming at me? Shadow return. How the h*** was I supposed to know that Shaymin was yours? It's not like you told me that you had a Shaymin! Just keep pushing me, and see what happens. Keep pushing, I dare you," John said as he pulled out Shadow's pokeball and returned her. He'd much rather have picked her up with his own two hands. He knew she hated being in the pokeball. Oh well, he turned his attention back to Buster and the Metang.

Buster was still weak from the fight with Earl, and got hit hard with a Flash Cannon. He fainted. Well, at least there was something in this cave he wanted. Let's see here. John had Nida and Aquanis left. Nida was undamaged. Aquanis had Night Slash, but he was hurt from the fight earlier. John was kicking himself a little for not stopping at a pokemon center, but he would deal with it. He supposed sending a rock type out against the steel type had not been a good idea, but Buster had been the only pokemon in his hand at the time. He just grabbed and threw. This time he sent out Aquanis.

"Dewott! Dewott!" Aquanis yelled angrily at the Metang, who used Psybeam to shoot at him. The rainbow colored beam was deflected by Aquanis's shell, which was glowing with dark energy. He charged up to it and leapt into the air, twisting to dodge the arm that was swung at him and slashing down on Metang's head. Metang could take no more, and sank to the ground. Shadow, that male Zorua, and the Shaymin must have done some real damage to it. So what. John knew a good opportunity when he saw one. That thing was just as durable as Buster is! John smirked and tossed the pokeball at it and watched as it fell to the ground and began shaking. A moment later, the ball clicked and disappeared, as he had six pokemon on him already.
"Dewott! Dewott!" Aquanis yelled happily.
"I got mine, how about you?" John said with a smirk as he turned to the other guy.

Nox Masque September 5th, 2011 10:30 AM

No way has this got only 2 SUs, it looks amazing... Sign me up as an Enforcer.

Name: Adam Charlemagne/Charlie Locke
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Adam has a serious, harsh, almost frightening face that seems to not know how to smile, and if it does it would bring to mind the image of a fairly happy shark. Despite this, he looks fairly handsome, but not heartrendingly gorgeous. His eyes are a steely grey which melt into a brown around his pupil. His face is clean-shaven and his deathly-pale skin unmarked. His teeth are a healthy off-white. His hair is a very dark brown, almost black, and usually kept in a fairly neat combover, and it is quite short, but very thick.

He stands taller than most, and he moves with an air of pure majesty. He is not muscular, nor is he fat- he is fairly lean, with arms reaching down to just below his waist and elegant pianist's fingers. His legs are long but not gangly and his feet are proportionate to the rest of his body. He speaks with a voice of authority and strength, and it holds a silky upper-class British accent.

His favourite outfit consists of a plain white shirt and formal black trousers with a glossy black leather belt. He also likes to wear a black, silken tie. When it is colder, he will wear a grey reefer jacket along with black gloves and a scarf. Normally, however, he wears a black suit. He always wears shiny black loafers when the circumstances demand shoes. He occasionally wears a black fedora, simply because, as he says, "They look classy."

A classicalist to the extreme, you would think Adam had been born a century or two too late. He is painstakingly polite and courteous yet few hold him in high regard for other reasons. Despite this, when he starts speaking, only an idiot, or someone who doesn't know him, or of him, will not listen.

However, like all people, he is not perfect. He has a tendency to be intolerant of immaturity and people who break rules, which can be considered a good thing by some. He is very argumentative and strongly opinionated, and very proud- some would say arrogant. These, in conjunction with each other, make him very difficult to deal with unless you are of a similiar mind to him. He seems emotionless and detached, and his silky voice sometimes seems faraway and inattentive.

He has a truly savage side, as well. Perhaps brought about by his tragic childhood, he seems to truly enjoy the suffering of those who oppose him and his few friends. He is known for never showing mercy, and rumours amongst the Enforcers abound that one of their youngest recruits has a tendency for torture and even unauthorized execution- it is unknown whether these rumours are true. He does, however, have a morbid, even sadistic sense of humour, and he is a naturally intimidating person.

Even if they were, he would be unlikely to face a reprimand from higher-ups. He is a spectacular Enforcer, and his absolute loyalty to his cause, unwavering bravery, high intelligence and positive results- even though he's only been an Enforcer for little under a year. He does, however, have trouble getting on with his co-workers, and many outright refuse to work with him, claiming that he is too ruthless and callous. In truth, he is not accustomed to other people and has basically no friends save his beloved partner, Silk.

Pokemon: Sneasel, Scratch/Leer, Male, Silk

From "The Guardsman"
The bitter chill had frozen Gabriel to the very core. His every breath was like a shuddering cloud of winter expelling yet more warmth from his body. He thought he was going to die, but he still held on. He promised that he would rest, that he would lay down and die, if needs be, if only this final task would get done. He lifted his halberd high above his head and with the strength of a dead man it came crashing down on the head of his assailant. 'GABRIEL! HELP ME!' Gabriel's eyes scanned the hellish battlefield to find his friend, Ezekiel, being bared down upon by three demonic Hellhounds. Gabriel gathered in his will and released a bolt of light at the three beasts, who were sent scattering from the righteous power.

An hour later and the battle was nearly over. Gabriel, Marcus and Ezekiel stood as the last three of their regiment to survive, facing a Succubus, dressed scantily and twirling two daggers around her fingers. 'Come, come, now, mortals... We don't need to fight. There are alternative ways to find an agreement, aren't there?' her voice, seductive and enchanted, echoed across the destruction of the battlefield. Gabriel had resisted these temptations before, but Marcus was a mere recruit into the Golden Cross. He had never fought imps before, but now he had survived a full-scale assault of Hell and was now being set upon by a seductress. Ezekiel wheeled Marcus around and threw his Halberd with superhuman strength at the demonic witch, who screamed as it cleaved her in two. Marcus shook his head, gazed at the bodies of his friends, and his brothers, and the blood, and the death... And the newest Golden Knight took his head in his hands, and wept bitterly, his tears turning to ice before they ever hit the floor.

toptheworld September 5th, 2011 6:31 PM

Man I'm gone for like two days and this happens. Good. I'll try to start GMing as much as I can...despite y'know, high school starting D:

@michaela ~ MIHARU'S BACK? awwh yeah. I think I've fallen in love with her personality, I don't know, maybe cause she kind reminds me of me. Especially with the obsession of tvtropes. I completely understand, I've seen you're RPing skillz so that won't be an issue. Just try to SU as soon as possible, and things will work out just fine.

Growlithe is RESERVED for MichaelaTheUchiha.

@nideous ~ You're here too! That's awesome. Like I said to Michaela, just try to SU as soon as you can and things can get rolling.

Zorua is RESERVED for Nideous.

@nox masque ~ Welcome! And here I thought no one would want to be an Enforcer. Well this is good!

Sneasel is RESERVED for Nox Masque.
Adam Charlemagne/Charlie Locke has been ACCEPTED with Sneasel lvl. 5.

Nideous September 5th, 2011 6:40 PM

Yes, I'm here too. I spotted this and thought, 'No way this only has one SU!' So, I decided to join in. Hmm, I'll finish as soon as I can. Just having a bit of pause with Jen's personality. I'll have it done tomorrow at the latest. :D

MichaelaTheUchiha September 5th, 2011 7:29 PM

I've finished. Basically, since you enjoy it so much, her personality is the same as it is in Legendary Evolution. xD I just tried to explain it better than my personality being "completely blank faced" to RPing personality "sarcastic, witty, and loves to joke around". xD

Nox Masque September 6th, 2011 1:33 AM

Ah, good. Now we come to the unbearable slog of a wait... I hate being impatient.

Nideous September 6th, 2011 5:11 AM

You can stop being impatient with me, Nox. I'm done now! ^.^

toptheworld September 7th, 2011 12:01 PM

You could start ASAP, but I'm going to wait a little while for at least one more player. If it doesn't work out, I'll give you the getgo.

Nideous September 7th, 2011 12:08 PM

Sweet. I'm good to start whenever. :D

MichaelaTheUchiha September 7th, 2011 12:36 PM

I'll start whenever I'm done with school and get over this cold. Yuck, I hate tea...(so much for being Asian).

So, I'm guessing we're accepted? =P

One question, does TV Tropes exist in this world? =P

Nox Masque September 7th, 2011 12:55 PM

Good! I just got my exam results back and as such am hyped for anything. Ready and waiting for the go.

toptheworld September 7th, 2011 1:57 PM

I could've sworn I posted acceptance notes for both your characters. So yeah, they've both been accepted.

Now that school has started things have been pretty hectic for me too. But I think I might post my character as well (who will of course be a Trainer :D) but one more after that (hopefully another Enforcer) and we're good to go.

And yes, of COURSE. What kind of world would it be without TVTROPES??

Nakuzami September 7th, 2011 4:10 PM

Oh, interesting. This looks cool.
May I reserve Riolu? (One of the last good ones -.-') Lol, I'll have my SU up soon.

This entire thing, even the excerpt, was a complete copy&paste from Rockets Rising. Tell me if anything might need changing/updating...


Name: Kris Kollyns
Age: (Isn't this supposed to be like, set in stone?) 15

Kris has semi-long, dirty blonde hair. His bangs are rather long and either cover his right eye or hang just above it. He has bluish-grey eyes and stands at about six feet while weighing about a hundred and thirty pounds. He doesn't look very strong, but is pretty strong and very agile.

Kris sometimes wears a black beanie hat that only allows his bangs to show. He almost always wears a hoodie, usually his black and white checkerboard one that is lined with black faux fur. Concealed by his hoodie is usually either a dark red, blue or jet black t-shirt. He normally wears dark black jeans and jet black sneakers with a white skull design and brown soles on them.

Kris isn't the best when it comes to people. He is pretty anti-social and/or shy when around people. When he is around those that he does not know that are older than him, even if just by a little bit, he will usually keep his mouth shut and his head down. Though he is pretty good with little children and babies. When he is around adults he knows, he is a little more himself and and quite outgoing compared to when he's near those he does not know. When around people his age he knows, he is almost completely himself but still has those few things he keeps to himself.

He prefers pokemon over people and is very good with pokemon. Kris is also sometimes very easy to anger, which is another reason people didn't really get along with him. When not showing any of these quirks he is actually very smart and friendly, while also sometimes seeming like an idiot.

Pokemon: Riolu - Quick Attack | Endure


Kris Kollyns
Goldenrod City
Lookout, all around.


"Chinika is a traitor, she is part of Team Rocket." Came the voice from teh other end of the phone. A voice belonging to Lorelei of the Elite Four.

"Hm, I'm not all that surprised, really." I said as I tapped Torgen, signaling him to head back to Goldenrod City.

"She was just sighted at New Bark Town, be careful."

"Don't worry, I will be. After all, it is me your talking to." I said confidently. Well, if Chinika was just spotted outside of New Bark Town, then that meant she could get around fast. After all, she did have an Arcanine, if I was correct.

"Yes, I suppose it is. Good-bye Kristopher." She did not just call me Kristopher? Oh my god, I was going to kill her later.

"My name is not-" There was a click, signaling the call had been ended. "-Kristopher." I sighed, "Well, damn you, Lorelei. You won that time." I pocketed my phone and signaled for Torgen to use Extremespeed.


We were in Goldenrod in no time. I recalled Torgen and dropped him back off to his trainer. It was time for some... extreme measures, as one might call them.

I sprinted to the gym as fast as I could, so I was there in under a minute. "Amelia, maximize the cities security. It has been revealed that Ecruteak's gym leader, Chinika, is of Team Rocket."

Amelia turned to me, a look of confusion on her face for a moment. "A-all right." She pushed her glasses back so that they were actually on her face again, and she sped-walked out of the gym. I walked to the back of the gym and took the elevator to the roof. I walked to the lookout and watched as Amelia reported the news. In a matter of minutes, the gym trainers were running around, preparing.

"Chinika won't be getting by Goldenrod anytime soon." I said as I watched the whole town now. The gym trainers were taking up their positions all around Goldenrod's borders. There were twenty-one lookout towers in Goldenrod, including the one I was in now.

Once all of the trainers were at their lookout towers, they let out all of their Pokemon, creating a line all around the city. Some of the... braver citizens were helping out with their Pokemon. There were now also guards standing at the gates of the city, meaning there was no entry in or out of the city without secure I.D., I.D. that only belonged to citizens of Goldenrod and some more... important people, such as teh Elite Four.

"The town is now secure." I turned to see Amelia standing at the lookout's entrance.

"Good, I'm going to go to Ecruteak City. If Chinika shows up there, I'll be ready." With that, I walked out of the lookout tower and headed to Ecruteak.

Rocket Grunt Cali September 7th, 2011 4:39 PM

Do you guys have room for one more Enforcer? ^^;

Name: Leya Hanketsu
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Leya is small, only about five-foot-three, but manages to have an etremely intimidating air about her. She has icy blue eyes that are usually narrowed in distaste for whoever she's looking at, and curly blonde hair tied back in a severe ponytail. The only time she ever breaks her perpetually straight face and smiles is when she successfully captures an illegal Trainer, and even then it's downright sadistic. She wears a black blouse with a dark red scarf around her neck and a sleek, neat skirt of the same color as the scarf. At her waist is a bag filled with things like tasers and handcuffs to help catch those she and the law see as wrongdoers, and she wears classy but practical black flats. She could easily pass for an American businesswoman.

Personality: Leya is a classic Inspector Javert type, taking her job very seriously and knows the law to the letter. Even a small infraction can make her chase a percieved criminal to the death, and she won't rest until the criminal is either dead or brought to justice. She has a special hatred for Trainers and has made it her mission in life to track down every last one, despite her dark secret... her bond with her Sandshrew was made several years earlier when she was a Trainer herself.

Despite her almost insane fervor for destroying Pokemon Trainers and all they stand for as if to erase the sins of her past, Leya is actually fairly personable when she's not on the hunt. She has a very matter-of-fact way of speaking to her coworkers and is very knowledgable about the job, always willing to help a new recruit even if she does come across as a little bit condescending. Though she retains her serious, no-nonsense nature, her hatred is reserved for those who abuse Pokemon. Everyone else is treated with a great deal of calm, reserved respect.

Pokemon: Sandshrew = scratch/defense curl

(This is from a Disney RP I used to be on before it shut down- I played Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog. Hopefully it's okay that it's not Pokemon related, since I'm new to PC and don't really have anything from here, but it does showcase my writing ability.)

Deep in a dark, hellish dimension, a beaten and battered man knelt before a powerful diety that appeared in the form of a large voodoo mask. Dr. Facilier had been dragged down to the Other Side for an eternity of torment as a consequence of not paying off his debt to these horrific creatures... but he wasn't quite out for the count yet. "Friends," he said, trying vainly to keep his voice from shaking. He knew this was his one final chance at life, if even that, and he had to play his cards very carefully in order to keep from an eternity of suffering. Such was life when you sold your soul; he'd found that out the hard way. "I know I ain't been the most... reliable colleague for you, but what's one soul compared to all them I still gotta harvest? Wouldn't it be more to your benefit if I went back topside and finished off my plan to get ya'll the entire city of N'awlins?" The Loa grunted to show he was listening, which gave Facilier strength. "Just let me go back up there, get the froggy prince and his princess outta the way, and we'll be back in action, all the souls your dark little hearts desire." The Loa eyed him warily, then opened its mouth wide, revealing a portal back to the streets of New Orleans. "One more chance," it boomed ominously. The lanky witch doctor grabbed his cane, grinning widely. "Ya'll won't regret this, I promise!" And he bounded through the portal, a man given a new lease on life.

He breathed in the smell of frying food, realizing the Loa had deposited him exactly where he wanted to be-- the crown jewel of the Crescent City, Tiana's Palace. His shadow, the friend that had been sent to guard him and help the others get their souls, slithered up behind, grinning wickedly. "My friend," he said, smirking wickedly. "We are back in business."

MichaelaTheUchiha September 7th, 2011 4:40 PM


Originally Posted by Nakuzami (Post 6839974)
This entire thing, even the excerpt, was a complete copy&paste from Rockets Rising.

Dude, did that RP die? xD I'm not entirely that sure...

Nakuzami September 7th, 2011 4:57 PM


Originally Posted by MichaelaTheUchiha (Post 6840023)
Dude, did that RP die? xD I'm not entirely that sure...

Uh... I think so. I was thinking about asking Red if she was going to continue it since it hasn't been a complete month yet.

Now, just waiting to be accepted.
Or rejected.
Well, just waiting for word on my Sign Up.

EDIT: I'm also interested to see how our characters apparantly... die?

toptheworld September 7th, 2011 7:22 PM

Good, we now have 5 players. Therefore, yes, all of you have been accepted and can start roleplaying when you'd wish. I will be reserving Phanpy for myself as a Trainer, and should have my own SU up in due time, but have a lot on the line right now so I can't do it ASAP.

Now go RPers, bask in the glory that is POKEMON ROLEPLAYING. No seriously go.

XxSweetDreamsxX September 7th, 2011 8:07 PM

Can I reserve the shinx, please? ^^

toptheworld September 8th, 2011 1:34 PM

Reserved. Try to SU ASAP.

Nakuzami September 18th, 2011 1:34 PM

Lol, I was thinking about joining you two, Nideous and Michaela, in the forest, as Kris was technically in a forest so... sadly I was too busy doing other things to write a post. Perhaps I'll still stumble upon one of you, maybe have been watching youre interaction from afar or something.

MichaelaTheUchiha September 18th, 2011 1:38 PM


Originally Posted by Nakuzami (Post 6854167)
Lol, I was thinking about joining you two, Nideous and Michaela, in the forest, as Kris was technically in a forest so... sadly I was too busy doing other things to write a post. Perhaps I'll still stumble upon one of you, maybe have been watching youre interaction from afar or something.

Well, Jen just left, but you can always see Miharu and come up and talk to her. She's bored, as am I. ;~;

Nideous September 18th, 2011 1:39 PM

That's up to you. We never said where we were. And Jen is about to leave anyways. But sure, join up with the murderous chicks. XD

Nakuzami September 18th, 2011 1:40 PM


Originally Posted by MichaelaTheUchiha (Post 6854175)
Well, Jen just left, but you can always see Miharu and come up and talk to her. She's bored, as am I. ;~;

Will do then, lol :3
Time for some moar Kris/Miharu interaction :3
Except this time they won't know each other.
Because it's in a different world.

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