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SylveonStar September 24th, 2011 3:06 AM

Left Unsolved...[T] OOC/SU
Left Unsolved...[T]

Sign-Up's Open

All Su's go here as well as all OOC chat

On November 29th, 1991 a crime was committed, the first crime ever to have happened in Pallet Town. One of the wealthiest men in town a man by the name of Davies Parker was holding a huge dinner party inviting people from all over the Pokemon world to help raise money for the Pokemon researchers. During the party he was called out for a few minutes and right after he left the power went out and several screams were heard. When the power came back on Davies Parker was dead in the foyer and seven of the researchers best beneficiaries were missing. The murder and kidnappings were investigated for over two years but no evidence was found hinting who committed the crime.

It is now ten years later to the day and the murder victims daughter Penny has made the decision to throw a party as a memorial to her fathers death in the exact house where it happened. Many famous people were invited. Most of the gym leaders and the elite four and even Red showed up. But as the party started almost everyone noticed that their hostess was no where to be found. A small search was lead through the small house and at half past nine her body was found in the foyer. She had been killed the exact same way as her father had been at the exact same time, and seven people had disappeared. The chief of police has opened a new investigation to try to solve both crimes that had happened.

You are one of the detectives that have been assigned to this case. You were briefed by those that worked the first case but there was nothing to share. Your job is to investigate the large house for clues and to try to solve both the new case and the unsolved case. But as you get closer to the truth things get more dangerous and are bigger than they seem.

Rules: 1. No godmoding is allowed at all, bunnying is allowed but only to specified NPC’s

2. Follow all forum rules. Treat other rpers with respect and do not post one liners.

3. I’m not going to be easy on Sign ups. There will be no reserves simply post your Su’s and on October 9th I will judge them and the best will be chosen.

4. This RP is rated T for blood, violence, talk of murder, and possible death.

5. Don’t post to fast, We all live in different time zones and some people have school most of the day.

6. To show me that you have read the rules put the following phrase in your SU “All questions will be answered in time”

Name: (First and Last)

Age: (18-35)

Gender: (obvious)

Appearance: (1-2 paragraphs)

Personality: (2-3 paragraphs)

History: (1-2 paragraphs. Why did you become a cop? how was life growing up, etc.)

Pokemon (you may have one Pokemon your partner No Legendary’s)

Pokemon Name:




Moves: (up to six)

Spots open:
Chief of Police: ~Genevieve~ as Melody Johnson
1. Aura Rift as Layton Darning Orsburgh.
2. Nideous as Samuel Viscenti
3. Mick Fizz as Philip Nolan
5. Greiger as Jonathan Hughes

Aura Rift September 25th, 2011 3:40 AM

@ Blue Rose Oh right sorry, but seriously don't post in a thread just to backseat mod, thats not cool.

Anyways soz this is late heres my SU.


Name: My names Orsburgh, Layton Darning Orsburgh.

Age: I'm 21 currently.

Gender: Take a wild guess.... thats right, Male.

Appearence: Not bad eh?

Personality: I'm a nice guy honestly, I have a strong sense of justice and believe in my morals one hundred percent. Criminal scum just bug me and I prefer they get put away for life rather than whatever pitiful sentence the judge thinks up, when it comes to criminals who go as far as murdering others I would prefer they're put dow permanently, it's because of these reasons I became the detective I am today. In general I'm friendly enough but can become a bit of a jerk when I'm engaged in my work or some other matter, you see I'm furiously dedicated to finishing what I start and tend to snap at others when they interfere. However when I find myself without any pressing matter on my hands Im quite the friendly guy, I like to socialise, get to know people y'know? Plus most of the time I'm not just doing it to gather clues and evidence...

When alone I like to reflect, think about things that have happened so far in my life, everyone makes mistakes but not everyone looks back and tries to learn from them. Life makes you fail so that you learn, so why not study your work and get things done more efficiently next time? When with others I'm usually doing one of three things. Snapping, like I said I'm very serious about my work so I tend to go off on one when interupted. Talking, I'm a very chatty person, my Dad always told me that was a good trait for a detective to have and finnaly, Grilling for information, I'm notoriously "silver tounged" and usually get what I want when I ask, I can charm, threaten, blackmail and tick people into giving me the information I want quite easily so you may want to be careful around me at times.

History: I grew up on the rough side of Kanto, my father was a detective just like me and was one of the only things keeping the people who he served from falling apart. From a young age I admired him and he would always tell me how I had natural talent for getting dirt on people. I always remember how he would bring me home piplup shaped jellies every sunday as a treat for being good for the week. They were in the shape of piplups head and were cobalt blue, they tasted of blueberries. It's kinda sad that this is the fondest memory I have of my father but there you go. My father always got his man and never once in my memory failed a case, that is until he got hired along with other detectives to the case of Davies Parker. The sunday the case was closed my father forgot to bring me those piplup jellies I so fondly remember. All I got for my troubles was a quick sorry before my father locked himself in his study and began working on the case privately. A few weeks later he seemed to have come to a breakthrough and ran from the house muttering something about the answer to this cases question. He often used terms like that to describe hs cases. Howevr that was the last time I ever saw my father. He never came back that day and the next morning, Ernesto Delavia from the Almia region came and told me that my fathers body had been found. Ernesto was a family friend and since my mother had died giving birth to me, he took me in with his wife Chika. Ernesto homeschooled me and gave me special lessons on pokemon training, private investigating and even how to handle firearms.

When Ernesto took me in I was only eleven years old, I wasn't that upset over my fathers death. He had often told me that he mightn't come back so I took it quite well. When I reached the age of twelve Ernesto started me on my lessons and by the age of fifteen I met my partner Stratus, she was only a little swablu, barely two years old, after alot of training and hard work with Ernesto however she evolved into a beautiful Altaria. I became a detective for the Kanto police at eventeen and had to say goodbye to Ernesto and Chika as I was stationed in Pallet town, as a goodbye present Ernesto gave me my fathers gun, it was a basic 10 mil pistol, but the sentimental value made it worth more to me than anything in the entire world, I graciously acepted and left for pallet town with a wave of my hand. Me and Stratus have been living here for four years now, Stratus is now nine years old which means she's a healthy and hard working pokemon at the current time and I'm twenty-one still just stepping out into adulthood but at least now I'm considered mature by most people. Due to my fathers attempt to solve the murder I was invited to the part held by Miss Pennie Parker on the tenth anniverary of the original party and a week before the tenth anniversary of my fathers death. Little did I know what was waiting for me.


Name: My partners name is Stratus, like the cloud.

Age: She's nine years old.

Appearence: She's like any other altaria except her fluffy white wings are slightly grayish in colour.

Moveset: Her moves are Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance, Sky attack, Perish song, Mist and Refresh

Blue Rose September 25th, 2011 8:50 AM

@Aura Rift - Genevive says s/he's not going to accept reserves, and that your just going to have to turn in your SU at a certain date.

SylveonStar September 25th, 2011 9:47 AM

Oh Forgot to add in the date, you can post your sign ups at any time but they won't be judged until October 9th, kinda busy right now with preparations for Homecoming

Nideous September 25th, 2011 9:50 AM

I do believe I will sign up for this. :D

Name: Samuel Viscenti

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Appearance: Samuel is a tall man. He is roughly 6'1 and has a slim build, His body is well muscled from years of fighting. There are a great deal of scars on him, though they are mostly kept out of sight, with the exception of one scar that lies just below his right eye. Other than that scar, his face is fairly unremarkable, neither being extraordinarily handsom nor brutally ugly. His eyes are a striking blue, though they have a sunken, gaunt look about them. His lips are thin, and he has the look of a man that hasn't shaved in a few days. His hair is a dark brown, and no matter what he does, it looks rather unkempt. It falls in tangled curls to his neck.

Sam usually wears his policemens uniform. When not at work, he is in a comfortable and easy to move around in pair of blue jeans and blue T-shirt. He always keeps his badge with him, because there is no such thing as an off duty cop. He is never seen without his pokemon.

Personality: Sam is dedicated to finding the truth. He absolutely hates the rich, and always believes that they are schemeing things. Years on thee force have also taught him not to trust the poor either. In short, he doesn't trust anyone except fellow officers, and even then, he doesn't trust many of them. He has a very strict sense of right and wrong. He is a bulldog, never letting go once he has something. He never gives up the chase, not even caring about what rules he has to break to catch the bad guy.

Many years of hardships are beginning to catch up with him. At the age of 34, he is in rough shape. He resents the fact that he is not as strong or as fast as he was ten years ago. He used to be a heavy drinker, and nor that he has finally quit, he does his very best not to fall off the wagon and go back to the drink. He still has times where he was so blacked out that he can't remember what he did. In a fight, he uses every trick he can think of to win, after all, his opponent will be doing the same. There is no such thing as fair to him, only right and wrong. Fairness has no place when someone is trying to kill you.

Sam also poccesses a gruff and sarcastic manner. He may come off as unfriendly, and that is usually because he is. However, unless you do something to break the law, he will do his utmost to keep you safe. When by himself, he has a tendency to try and think everything to a conclusion. To try and solve everything in his own mind. When not alone, he will generally try to make himself alone, in as polite a manner as he can. He just doesn't feel the need to have anyone keep him company.

History: Sam grew up in Saffron City. He was a child during the Rocket take over, and his father worked at the Silph Co. The man was not the same afterwards. Sam's father turned down a dark path. He was fired from his job for stealing office supplies, and he turned to the bottle. When he was drunk he would get into fights with the teenage Sam. When Sam turned 17, he had had enough. He packed up his belongings and moved to Vermillion City. Once there, he enrolled and became a police officer.

When Sam turned twenty, he got into a fierce fight. As a result of that fight, the man he had been trying to arrest ended up dead, and he faced an Internal Affairs Investigation. Though he was soon cleared, as the man had pulled a gun on him, Sam was changed. He became depressed, and soon turned to the vice his father had used, alcohol. For the next ten years, he would live a very simple life. He would chase down all manner of scum and arrest them, and when he returned to his home he would get drunk and pass out. This went on until he met his partner.

When Sam was 31 yeears old, he came across an injured Houndour. Something within him yeilded, and he took the pup to his home and began to care for it. Soon, the Houndour got better, and the pup had captured Sam's heart. For the first time in years, he put the bottle down. Sam soon found out that this Houndour was a part of an investigation into illegal pokemon fighting. The pup had escaped from the operation, and gave Sam and the other officers a chance to go in and bust it up. Which thy promptly took, arresting everyone, including the Houndour's former owner. Rather than put him up for adoption, Sam took the Houndour as his own, and the two became partners. Over the next few years, they worked together and captured more criminals. Houndour got stronger and evolved, and Sam began to take better care of himself. He was promoted when he turned 34, and set out for his next case.

Pokemon (you may have one Pokemon your partner No Legendary’s)

Pokemon Name: Rosco

Species: Houndoom

Age: 5

Appearance: Rosco looks like an ordinary Houndoom. Though he has a great deal os scars as a result of his brutal start in life. Rosco also has a chipped Canine tooth. He has a badge of his own, certifying that he is a police pokemon. He wears said badge around his neck on his black collar.

Moves: Crunch, Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Overheat, Dig

OmegaPinkMan September 27th, 2011 3:16 PM

Name: Philip Nolan

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Appearance: Unlike other police officers, Philip always wears a dark blue pinstripe suit, and a wide brimmed hat of the same color of his suit. Another thing he’s usually seen wearing is a black shirt, black leather gloves and a purple tie. He has several "copies" of this outfit at his place, and he'll sometime wear some dark glasses to make him look more shady. His face, the only part of his body not covered in clothes, looks like this:

He keeps is badge and ID in one of the many pockets of his coat, and in another one he always keeps a pack or two of cigarettes -in fact, he is almost always seen smoking. In yet another pocket he carries two guns, which he'll only use when he finds it necessary.

Personality: Phil’s upbringing left him with resentment towards mankind, believing everyone is evil. This goes for fellow policemen, and because of this he managed to switch partners 7 times in less than a month. But because of this idea that’s stuck in his hard head, he will have no regret when it’s time for him to arrest someone, and will show no mercy at all.

Phil believes "the ends justify the means", as it has proved useful to him when he had to catch some Rocket runners or associates. This, added with some determination to get things done his way, can make him somewhat of a loose cannon. Many of those who have to be interrogated by him choose to say everything before he gets mad, as many people in the criminal underworld know about the way he is and consider him a "nutcase".

So, to sum up, you do not, and I repeat, you DO NOT want to get on Philip Nolan's wrong side. Never. Never Ever. If you see him and think there's something wrong with him, you haven't seen anything yet. He can get a whole lot worse. Trust me. Ask anoyone in the force, or any prisoner. Just don't do anything wrong or anything against the law and everything will be cool, he usually plays by the rules.

History: Phil was born in Goldenrod City, but spent his childhood in various cities, for example Celadon City, Neon Town, Cerulean City, and Viridian City. His father, Wayne, was an abusive drug dealer, and both him and his mom were junkies. Wayne would beat up his wife and kid just for being high on coke. Phil tried to run away many times, but was always found by some thug that worked with his dad and brought back to his parents. When he turned seven, his mother divorced his father and he went to live with her in Neon Town, a small town near Fuschia City. For years poor Phil had to struggle with being neglected by his mom, who was struggling to stop taking drugs, and getting teased at school for always being the “new kid”. The constant moving, teasing and neglection led him to start smoking and become a creep and an outcast.

Life kept hurting Phil hard, and when he was 15, he thought it couldn’t get any worse. But it did. His mother died of a heroin overdose and he was forced to live with his dad in Viridian City, who tortured him even more and left him some serious bruises. After three years of constant abuse, he was able to go away and stayed at a flophouse in Celadon City, eager to be as far away from his father’s as he could. In his new “home”, he made a living delivering goods to trainers. That was until he saw one of the thugs that worked with his father (and the one that usually brought him back when he tried to run away) stealing from the Dept. Store. He chased him down with his bike and beat him up, and if someone didn’t stop him, he would have killed him. The one who stopped him was a police officer in his forties named Randy Genzale, who, after arresting the thug, offered to take Phil under his wing and help him become a policeman. Phil saw it as an opportunity to take his dad and everyone he worked with down and agreed.

By the time he turned 21, he had arrested his dad’s “henchmen”, and was trying to go after his old man, now leading a gang. But the latter escaped to Hoenn, so Phil and Randy chased him there, but it didn’t end well as they thought. Although they managed to corner Wayne Nolan after a boat chase that ended at an abandoned ship, the gangster shot and killed Randy, and Phil was forced to kill his father before he ended up like his partner.

Depressed by Randy’s demise, Phil stayed in Hoenn for about a month. In this region, Phil befriended a Lotad after the Pokémon helped him get a thief that had stolen his wallet. The Lotad liked Phil immediately and decided to follow him in his travels. In fact, the Lotad helped him get over his partner’s death and come back to Kanto. Phil caught him in a Pokéball and named him “Fitz”, after his dead partner’s undercover name Johnny Fitzpatrick.

Since then, Fitz has evolved and adopted his human friend’s mannerisms, even wearing a pinstriped coat. Phil has moved to another apartment in Celadon, where he hangs out when off-duty.


Pokemon Name: Fitz

Species: Lombre

Age: 8

Appearance: Fitz, like his human partner, wears a long coat and walks like him instead of how usual Lombres walk. He also mimics Philip’s smoking by putting a twig in his mouth. Those things are the only things that make him different from other Lombres

Moves: Hydro Pump, Protect, Substitute, Solarbeam, Giga Drain, Ice Beam

Sir General Admiral Fancy Swank September 28th, 2011 11:45 AM

Actually I am dropping my Reservation so goodnight unto you all, tally ho :)

PS: I have never done that

chef30 September 29th, 2011 9:25 AM

I think I'll sign up for this :)

Status: Complete!

Start Date: Thursday, September 29, 2011. 12:55 P.M. End Date: Monday, October 10, 4:43.

Name: Jenifer Amealia Peters

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: (Tell me if pictures are okay)
Spoiler: (Try to imagine her without so much Sherlock Holmes detail)

Personality: Jenifer is a very kind person. She is always thinking of different ways to help someone out. She is also very curious and humorous. She usually never fails when she takes a case. Jenifer is very inteligent and factual. Jenifer is almost always serious. Sometimes she may come up with different and crazy conclusions. She is also a big fan of philosophy.

Jenifer is also very poetic. She has a photographic memory, so she will often remember all poems she reads, and recite them to people. She will always protect her clients, like they are family. Jenifer will always resort to giving her life for her loved ones if she has to. Due to her past experiences, Jenifer is very protective of anyone she meets. Jenifer has much potential. Jenifer won't get angry often, but when she does, it's very hard to stop her.

History: When Jenifer was little, she became very smart. Her parents were seeing signs of potential. Jenifer would always be the best in her class, but she never made any friends. While other kids spent their time hanging out and playing hand-helds, Jenifer would read. Jenifer has always been teased, even up to now. She was raised by Jerry and Bella Peters. When Jenifer turned five, she was abducted by robbers. There she was taught many bad things, but she never made a habbit out of any of them. But she would have to help in the robbers' crimes or else she would get whipped. Sometimes they would threaten to kill her. But this is where she met her best friend: A Zangoose named Zane. Jenifer found him trying to steal the food Jenifer had helped the robbers steal. Jenifer gave half the food to the pokemon. Luckily no one saw Zane. Jenifer has been taking care of Zane ever since.

When she turned ten, she was rescued and returned to her parents. However, the bandits got away. But Jenifer used her knowledge to track them down and put them in prison. This was her first case. Jenifer immidiately knew she was going to be a detective after this. Her and her family have been living very happy ever since. A little of what she was taught by the robbers has come in now. But not much at all, however, it is enough to make it obvious. Jenifer has hidden her bad actions from the world. Her parents are now beginning to think about getting a divorce, and because of this, Jenifer is doing slightly more bad things than before. And worst of all, the bandits are tracking Jenifer down now.


Pokemon Name: Zane

Species: Zangoose

Age: 18


Moves: Slash, Close Combat, Dig, Shadow Claw, Metal Claw, and X-scissor.

Greiger October 8th, 2011 9:14 PM

I'm still new to this so feel free to point out any mistakes I made.

Name: Jonathan Hughes

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jonathan looks like the average everyday man. He stands at 5'7" and has a small pot belly due to his 2 years of sitting behind a desk. He has brown hair, brown eyes, and sports a clean shaven face.

Jonathan dresses up for any occassion dealing with work and will usually wear a long sleeve white shirt, always tucked in, paired with a long sleeve black coat along with his black slacks and black shoes. In the left inner pocket of his coat he carries a child's drawing although he rarely shows it to anyone he doesn't trust. He carries his badge with him wherever he goes as well as a concealed handgun strapped to his left calf. The only things in his pockest are his cell phone, wallet, and the only pokeball he owns.

Personality: Jon tends to distrust men and women that sport tattoos or any other sign of gang-related activity and will tend to keep a watchful eye on them, even if there is no evidence of any wrong doing on their part. Around adults he tend to blunt and to the point, but not to a hostile degree unless they have earned it. Children are really the only ones that Jon will talk to with a genuine sense of a caring attitude.

The main issue plauging Jon is his being able to trust. He is very slow on building friendships and will make sure that he will be able to trust anyone 100% before he will call them a friend. This attitude has caused him to be considered a hermit by his neighbors and collegues as he will usually not socialize with them due to this.

Many times when Jon is under a great deal of stress he will often find it hard to sleep, even with Morpheus' help and so he will stay awake through the night. Whenever this happens Jon will tend to be aggressive and sarcastic throughout the day.

History: Jonathan was born and raised in Vermilion City. Growing up Jon had always wanted to become an officer of the law and when he finally became 18 he joined the Vermilion City police department. While he was an officer he took part in his share of petty crimes but it was when he agreed to work undercover in a drug operation and help bust it was when he was promoted in rank to detective.

As a detective Jon saw more than he bargained for. He was assigned to murder cases, rape cases, and many other gruesome things that lurked in his city. After two years of working cases the job had finally worn him down and he quit, instead starting his own small time detective agency to help solve petty crimes. It was only two months into the job when Jon was approached by a little girl for a job when his life was changed forever. Soon after the case Jon toughened up considerably and once again dived into crimes he could not stomach before, even working with the police to solve major cases. It was also during this time that Jon began to experience nightmares almost every night. The nightmares plagued him so much that he ended up taking sleeping pills to ease his sleep. One day he was found on his floor, having overdosed on his pills. He was hospitalized and sent to therapy to help him cope with his problems.

At his therapist's suggestion Jon sought out a pokemon to take him mind off of the nightmares. Jon bought a hypo and named him Morpheus. Morpheus helped Jon not only with his problems at night, but also became a sidekick to the detective helping him solve cases and even accompanying him to crime scenes. Morpheus is perhaps one of the very few beings that has truly gained Jon's trust thanks to their close bond.

Two years ago Jon left Vermilion City to set up his business in Pallet Town. After hearing about the mysterious murder and the history behind it Jon had decided to crack the case for his own personal reasons.


Pokemon Name: Morpheus

Species: Hypno

Age: 6

Appearance: Morpheus looks like the average hypno, albeit with a calm demeanor even in the face of danger.

Moves: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psychic, Confusion, Disable

All question will be answered in time.

xXJumboShrimpXx October 12th, 2011 2:59 AM

Even though the judging date was October 9th, I believe their are still spots open so I though I would make an SU. :D

Name: John Clark

Age: 27

Gender: Male

That's right, using an LA Noir character!

Personality: John is honest, smart, and takes things seriously. He takes every thing into consideration, no matter how small the detail. John doesn't have very much patience and can be a bit arrogant when he is stressed or not in a good mood. If he says something don't take it seriously because if you cross him the wrong way hey may say things he doesn't mean. Most of the time John tries to be polite and more formal than most people. John likes to be taken seriously and doesn't really mess around much. When John is busy investigating or working, we doesn't like to be bothered unless it has to do with the current crime. If you do he may get a bit irritable.

History: John was born in a small family, His father was a cop while his mother stayed home. He went to school like every other normal kid. Once on his way walking home from school he found a Pidgeotto that looked terribly sick. John thought the bird pokemon had been poisoned. John rushed to the Pidgeotto and lifted him up. John carried off the pokemon to the closest pokemon center and waited for hours until the Pidgeotto was nursed to health. John could release the pokemon just yet so he took the flying type home. His parents weren't sure of letting him keep the pokemon but after hours and hours of thinking they decided to allow John to keep him.

John and the Pidgeotto were great friends. After a few days John decided to give the bird pokemon a name, and that was Austin. John and Austin spent almost every minute of their day together. Austin has been very loyal to John for years. When John was younger he was bullied a lot. Since he had started 6th grade a bully had been all his classes and stopped him from doing anything. He stole John's money, stole his stuff, beat him up until one day. John and Austin where walking home and the bully had followed them. John had been having a bad day and didn't really need the bully to bother him now. But the bully was relentless, Austin saw the way John was acting and the Pidgeotto was furious. Austion charged a Wing attack and slashed at the bully. He was knocked down and quickly ran away. The bully then never bothered John again.

When John was 16 his father was doing his normal routine, a simple speeding stop. John's father, Tom, had gotten out of his cop car and walked to the window. Tom was doing the sam thing as any other stop, but the person in the car did not want a ticket. The person in the car pulled a gun on Tom and shot him in the chest, the person in the car speed off and escaped. John's father was found about a half an hour after the shots had been fired. John and his mother were alerted of what had happened a few hours later. John was devastated while his mother balled her eyes out. Tom was rushed to a hospital and was put into surgery for hours. About 3 hours of waiting Tom was pronounced dead. John from then on decided to follow in his dad's foot steps and become a cop.


Pokemon Name: Austin

Species: Pidgeotto

Age: 10

Appearance: Just like a normal Pidgeotto.

Moves:-Fly---Close Combat---Quick attack---Wing Attack-

“All questions will be answered in time”

SylveonStar October 12th, 2011 9:31 AM

Never got enough SU's for the judging but the people who made their Su's so far are accepted.

xXJumboShrimpXx October 12th, 2011 10:55 AM

Hehe, thats funny. six spots and six SUs. Perfect much?

SylveonStar October 12th, 2011 12:51 PM

Yeah, problem is I still don't have my own SU as the chief finished yet, I've got exams right now and have a doctors appointment tomorrow so this won't start til at least next week

xXJumboShrimpXx October 12th, 2011 1:27 PM

take your time, exams are more important than this RP. So, am I accepted? Yes, no, Maybe?

SylveonStar October 12th, 2011 2:13 PM

Yes I haven't finished editing yet

chef30 October 18th, 2011 4:36 PM

Thanks for accepting me. Don't worry about the RP. We can wait. I especially can since I'm in about 8 RPs :D

SylveonStar October 25th, 2011 2:44 PM

Wondering who all is still in this we are about to start finally, also sorry it took so long everyone. I haven't been in the best of health since August.

Here is my Character Melody Johnson Chief of Police

Name: Melody (Mel) Johnson

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Appearance: Melody is very petite and small for someone who is a chief of police. Most people under estimate her strength and ability but for her small size she has a lot of strength and agility. Her skin is a light tan and she dresses in tight black jeans, a grey tank top, and has a gun holster clearly visible on her right arm. Her hair is a light Auburn in color and is nearly always up in a bun.

Personality: Melody is a very stern woman, she won’t take no for an answer and has been known to bend the rules a bit to get the answers she needs. Growing up in around cops she sees the members of her squad as her family and would give her life to protect them from harm. Melody believes strongly that those who commit crimes must pay for them and the case of the Parkers murders is the one she is the most passionate about having been severally affected when her mother was taken and years later her father died still trying to solve that case.

Now that is has happened again Melody rarely smiles and is completely serious. She can’t believe it repeated right under her nose and she has vowed to find who is behind the crime. She believes to this day her mother is still alive somewhere and when she finds who is responsible for taking away her parents she will probably have to be held back to keep from killing whoever is responsible.

History: Melody was born into a family of cops. Her father was the chief of police, her Mother a leading forensic researcher and her seven older brothers had joined the force. From the age of 13 Melody was trained in martial arts, and learned how to fire a gun graduating from the police academy with top honors. Shortly after graduating Melody joined the police force in Pallet town working under her father. At this time she was 22 and was invited to the Parker house along with her parents. Her mother there as a guest being one of Parkers best beneficiaries and her father there as security. When the murder happened everything turned to chaos and among the seven missing was her mother. Melody’s father worked the case until he was killed and at that time Melody took over being Chief days before the second crime exactly ten years later.

Pokemon (you may have one Pokemon your partner No Legendary’s)

Pokemon Name: Bolt

Species: Pikachu

Age: 15

Appearance: Looks like a normal Pikachu

Moves: Thunderbolt, volt tackle, Thundershock, cut, Thunder wave, Thunder

Greiger October 25th, 2011 2:58 PM

I'm still in and ready to go!

SylveonStar October 25th, 2011 3:04 PM

Alright :) I know Nideous is in and I'm just about to post on the others walls

SylveonStar October 31st, 2011 4:01 AM

So far only three people have posted, I'll give it a few days before I just post again

SylveonStar November 5th, 2011 2:32 AM

Chef30 has been dropped for inactivity

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Name: Shadow Lightwood

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Shadow is 5’9”, making her almost as tall as the guys she works with. She has hair as black and glossy as a Murkrow’s wing that goes down to her hips. She has snow white skin. She has a distinctive Dragonair tattoo on her right shoulder. She is often times wearing faded blue jeans and a black shirt. On work days, she wears her uniform which is almost exactly like an Officer Jenny uniform, save that Shadow’s is black.

Personality: Shadow is what many people would call anti-social. Shadow has a royal quality that often puts people off. She’s not someone you want against you. Her temper is as famous as her fashion sense. Some people have called her ‘The Dragon Mistress’. Others say she is Clair of Blackthorn City’s arch rival, due to her ability to easily train dragon types. Shadow simply shrugs this off.

Shadow is a companionate, loving person normally. However she hides this side of her due to her line of work. The side that she shows when she’s working is a woman who is cold, dedicated, loyal, silent, and not likely to take any crap or give second chances. She doesn't have very many friends as a result of her attitude, except her partner Skydancer. Shadow does enjoy music and often times plays the piano in her family's home, much to the delight of her parents.

History: Shadow was born into a wealthy family in Pewter City. She always got whatever it is she wanted, however she rarely asked for anything if she didn’t earn it. When she was 13 years old, she saw an Officer Jenny taking a criminal into custody. Since then she’d become fascinated by the idea of becoming a police officer. Her parents gave her a Dratini for her 16th birthday. Shadow named the Dratini Skydancer. Shadow became a detective at the young age of 18. She was the star of her class, always giving 120% no matter what the task. Skydancer evolved into a Dragonair when Shadow was 19. “All questions will be answered in time”

Pokemon (you may have one Pokemon your partner No Legendary’s)

Pokemon Name: Skydancer

Species: Dragonair


Appearance: A normal colored Dragonair who wears a black scarf

Moves: Draco Meteor/ Dragon Rage/ Dragon Claw/ Ice Beam/ Agility/ Dragon Pulse

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