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AceOfChance September 29th, 2011 10:27 PM

A Pokémon Journey: The Road to Victory [OOC]

[This is the OOC Thread.
Visit the In Character (IC) Thread to Role-Play.]
RATED: T (PG-13)
>> The Road to Victory [OOC]
"Is just a few steps out your door."

Welcome. This is the Thread where you Read the Rules, Sing-Up, and Chat about the Role-Play. No IC posts are allowed within this thread. If you need further help or don't quite understand the concept please contact AceOfChance by Private Message (PM).

>> The Rules

I know, we all despise them.
They are still necessary.

Please read and understand all the rules before submitting a SU.

  • Follow all PokéCommunity Rules.
  • This Role-Play is rated T for Mild Violence, Minor Coarse Language, and Minor Suggestive Adult Themes. I ask that you please keep any romance clean.
  • No 'bunnying', unless permission is granted. I will not accept 'godmodding'. Keep battles in check with reality and if you battle another player wait for their response.
  • This RP will follow a "Chapter" based system. All instructions will be posted by AceOfChance - detailed with minimum and maximum amount of posts, wild Pokémon available to encounter, Gym/NCP Trainer Battles, and etc.
  • If you wish to catch a Wild Pokémon, you must end your post with the Pokéball rocking on the ground. I will then decide whether you catch it or not.
  • Not all Battles are hard, and not all are easy. Keep that in mind.
  • One Character per Person.

>> The Sign-Up Sheet

There a currently 0 Spots Open. The amount of spots total is 6. You are allowed to reserve - which lasts 24 hours.


  • Name:
  • Nickname: (optional)
  • Age: (from 15-17 please)
  • Place of Birth:
  • Appearance: (I require at least 2 paragraphs)
  • Personality: (I require at least 2 paragraphs)
  • History: (I require at least 2 paragraphs)
  • Extra Information:
  • Role-Play Sample: (optional but preferred!)

>> The Accepted Trainers

Nate_Dawg with Thomas Lakeland.
Niriate with Alexandra "Lexia" Huntis.
miley810 with Sapphire Duskwood
PsychoJigglypuff with Elise Bryant
eveelution with Nicholas Lorren
Discordant Harmony with William Garret

>> Current Role-Play Information

Nothing new as of yet.

Hello, young trainer.
My name is Bastion, and I have come to offer you a choice. We have been watching you for a while. Finally after so long we think you are ready. Ready for a grand adventure. One with great challenges but with also with great consequences should you fail.

I am offering you a chance at your Pokémon Journey. One you have been denied time and time again. Should you accept I will prepare you with a Pokémon and some equipment you will need.

Be wary though for this is unlike any other Journey.

I require something very special of you - very special indeed. You are to deliver a package to me. Not yet! No, we must wait. I will only ask for this package when the time is right. So for now you must carry it with you on your Journey.

Also, what I ask of you is that you must never give in to the temptations of the watchful eyes that follow you even at this moment. There is a force out there who will stop at nothing to keep your from your destiny and from delivering this package.

You must meet at the start of Route 1, just outside Pallet Town. There will be something special waiting for you there. If you choose to walk down this road then it is only just a few steps out your door.

Never give up! All I can tell you is that the Balance is in your hands.

Until we speak again,

- Bastion

(P.S. It is very crucial that you never let the Ice touch you!)

[>> You]

You are an aspiring Trainer, who has been denied their chance at a Pokémon Journey. Finally at last you get a chance from a very mysterious Bastion - who leaves you a strange and obscure note.

This same note was sent to five others.
Six people in total have been contacted.

You, living in the lovely Region of Kanto, must take your first steps onto Route 1 where your Pokémon, supplies, and a Package for each Trainer will be waiting. All those contacted will be here.

Along with another mint green envelope containing your next instructions.

Finally at last your Journey has begun . . . but it will be far different than what you had ever imagined.

Are you ready?

{Swan} September 30th, 2011 12:10 PM

May I reserve a spot please?

Nate_Dawg September 30th, 2011 1:40 PM

I am intrigued by the curiously vague plot. I would like to reserve a spot. I'll try to have the sign-up done by tonight.

Niriate September 30th, 2011 3:05 PM

Reserve a spot for me please, I need to think of certain things before posting my SU.

AceOfChance September 30th, 2011 3:28 PM

{Swan}, Nate_Dawg, and Niriate your spots have been Reserved. I can't wait to see your SUs! ^^

Ethan Gold September 30th, 2011 6:03 PM

Reservation please! Don't have time to write it for now.

Nate_Dawg September 30th, 2011 10:22 PM

Name: Thomas Bartholomew Lakeland

Nickname: Shades

Age: 17

Place of Birth: We will just say Vermilion City

Appearance: The boy is a well built and well-developed youth with dark skin and an overall demeanor of “leave me alone.” Thick, well kempt dreadlocks fall in a graceful frame (except on the rare occasion a tie binds them helplessly behind the boy’s head) around the dark skinned youth’s facial feature, covering up his rather large ears in the process. Dark, deep-set eyes stare uncomfortably at the world that passes them, moving it a timid manner that is odd for the young man’s overall size. Purposely, the outside world is not given opportunity to view what those dark eyes might hold due to a rather dark pair of cheap sunglasses propped upon a flat nose with a tendency to flare when place in a socially situation. White teeth and a fantastic smile hide timidly behind nervous lips. A strong jaw and chin finish out an otherwise handsome face if not for the uncomfortable demeanor that holds it together.

The boy’s body is that of one who has spent a good deal of time lifting and moving things. A thick neck attached to thick shoulders attached to thick arms attached to etc. He is a thick individual. Standing only 5’7”, Thomas’s body is very compact and possesses a lot of strength. Rough hands in continuous motion can be seen moving in various places on the boy’s body: running through his hair, entering and leaving the saw-dusty jean pockets, or fidgeting with the top button of his thick, red button up shirt whose sleeves are usually rolled up to the elbows. A simple brown belt holds up the jeans that cover the boy’s short of strong legs. Worn brown work boots cover the callous feet and dirty brown socks of someone who would rather spend his time in a workshop than on the road. An old, dirty brown backpack is thrown over his right shoulder when traveling. The only items of interest carried in his bag are a fiddle (which can be seen sticking out of the top of the bag), some replacement strings, and some simple carving tools.

Personality: Thomas is a young man of very few words. He speaks few words because words are overused and misused far too often by people seeking to lie, cheat, flattery, steal, hurt, or to simple get a laugh at the expense of someone else. Yes, words have a tendency to cut without intention or reveal secretes that didn’t even exist. And the damned tongue does nothing to aid in this ongoing disaster. Sly and slippery, the tongue is completely untamable by man. Thomas decided a long time ago that it would be best to just keep the beast in its cage as often as possible. When he does speak, however, Thomas tends to show wisdom far beyond his age. Many would consider this a wonderful thing. The many would be correct if it weren’t for the fact that Thomas was absolutely terrified of any group larger than 1. The poor guy is probably one of the most socially awkward people you will ever meet. This tends to cause Thomas to shy away from situations that involve…well, people. That would not be completely correct. Thomas loves helping people…just as long as they don’t know about it or give him any credit.

For all of his strength, Thomas is an extremely gentle young man. His muscles have never been used for anything other than creating. Thomas has never gotten into a fight. In fact, he has never even been in a position where fighting was an option. So, it is probably impossible to actually know how the young man would handle himself in a fistfight (I think he would do well). Thomas is very slow to anger. Insults tend to be too petty and weak to warrant a response, and physical attacks rarely hold the power to put a dent in the solid young man. The only real way to get a rise out of the young man would be to hurt a woman in his presence, though that is just a speculation (I wouldn’t take the risk of trying to find out what would happen though).

Thomas spends a lot of time in his own mind. Probably a little too much time. He tends to forget things easily and unintentionally ignore people who are trying to talk to him. Whether working in a workshop or just walking from place to place, Thomas is constantly engrossed in the wonders of the world and life in general. A poet at heart, Thomas spend much of his free time reading books of every variety, carving different items from spare piece of wood, or playing his fiddle. Thomas’s main reason for wishing to begin his pokemon journey is the same reason that has caused men throughout history to do things, a woman. More particularly, he wants to collect as many pokemon as he can so he can show her all the amazing creatures there are in the world. It is a simple desire, but work just fine for a simple young man.

History: Thomas lost both of his parents when he was only six years old. Seeing that statement, one would obviously assume that both of his parents had passed away in some way or another. While no life had left their bodies, they might as well been dead for all that their son saw of them. Both of his parents (Wolfgang Lakeland and Alexis Freemont) were extremely talented pokemon trainers. They had met during their travels, continued traveling together, fell in love, married, settled down, and had a healthy boy. What else could you want? Apparently something that could not be found with your son. Thomas was left in the care or his elderly grandmother as his lovingy parents went off to enjoy more of their adventures without the burden of a child. So you might have to excuse Thomas if he didn’t particularly enjoy the thought of going off on his own little adventure any time soon, abandoning his life and responsibilities….not to mention love. Oh sure, his parents wrote letter and kept in contact as often as possible. They would talk about all the amazing adventure they were having and all the wonderful sights they were seeing and how much they loved him. There was even a time that the boy lived for those calls and letters. That changed when they broke their promise to come back. Eventually the letters stopped coming. The phone no longer contained their voices. Thomas was 9 at the time, almost ten. That was 7 years ago.

There is more you need to know to completely under why Thomas hated the idea of having his own pokemon. Not long after his parents stopped contacting him, the boy’s grandmother became sick. The doctor’s did not think it was very serious. “She’ll be better in no time,” they said. Surprise, surprise….they were wrong. Not being old enough to take care of himself and with his parents nowhere to be found, the boy was to be sent to an orphanage in one of the larger cities nearby. (You might be wondering where Thomas lives about now. Well, considering that the dark skinned youth does not like to tell….anyone really, I struggle to see why you should know. But I guess some would consider it important, so I will tell you that it was a little town called Libdon that is found not too far outside of Vermilion City. Anyways back to the history.) Thankfully, before that could happen, the local carpenter/contractor stepped up and offered to give the boy a place to live. The man’s name was Barsidious Donaldson, and he had been a long time good friend of Thomas’s father. It would later be revealed that the man was actually his guardian, but that isn’t important now. The man gave Thomas a place to focus his anger at his parents for leaving him. He gave him something to do. He tried multiple times to speak to the boy about why his parents left, but Thomas would have nothing of it, though he would eventually learn that they had been killed on their way back home 7 years ago. The desire to find out why still exist in the young man, but he hasn’t decided to pursue the knowledge yet.

As time past, Thomas became a part of the Donaldson family. Mary, the wife, was hesitant at first, but as time went by Thomas proved to be a much needed help to Barsidious. The boy picked up Barsidious’s craft rather quickly and was on the fast track to taking up the business himself one day. And it wasn’t just the mother that was warming up to the boy. Meagan Donaldson, who was a year younger than the boy, and Thomas had taken quite a liking to each other. Barsidious had even taken up the habit of asking when the wedding was going to be (joking of course, but he was quite aware that it was a possibility). Yes, everything was going well. So well in fact that when the time came for Thomas to choose whether to go on his pokemon adventure, the young man decided against it. He was needed at home. He wanted to be at home.

Unfortunately, things have a tendency to fall a part. I would love to tell you what changed in between Thomas decision to not go on his journey at 13 and receiving a letter from Bastion 5 days ago. I would love to tell you but I won’t. It isn’t my place to tell you. If you truly want to know, you are going to have to pry it out of Thomas. Approach the topic is caution though. Let’s just say he is doing it for a girl. That gives you more than you need, but not enough to do any damage. Regardless, Thomas now finds himself far from home with little knowledge of what is in store from him. Even worse, he doesn’t know much about pokemon. His resolve, however, is stronger than ever.

Extra Information: Thomas is going for the typical guy pokemon collection. Mostly, anything that is fluffy and cute…wait…what?

Roleplaying Sample

Obadiah Samuel Woodsworth

“Raphael!” The sight of the small pink Munna bouncing across the ground after taking such a vicious strike from the sneaky mole-like pokemon caused both rage and fear to swell to overflowing levels in the young trainer. There was no struggle to get up, no squeals of pain, and no hope for the small creature to continue the fight. The attack had succeeded in knocking the Munna out cold. For the first time since receiving the creature, Obadiah held up the creature’s pokeball. With a simple command, “Raphael return,” a beam of red light gulfed the defeated pokemon, sending her to a safe haven until she could receive medical attention. Getting to a place where medical attention could be given was going to be a bit more difficult than making a flash of red light. The young trainer was going to have to figure out how to deal with the rather angry mole pokemon that was glaring at him in a rather unfriendly way. The situation was only made worse by the fact that the dark skinned trainer’s only remaining pokemon was still clinging rather tightly to his jeans. There wasn’t going to be any fight out of the timid Buneary this day. Escape was going to be their only option. The mole-like pokemon didn’t look like he was interested in just letting them walk away though. At least not until the creature got what it wanted.

“Anna,” Obadiah said with a clam but stern voice. “I’m going to need you to drop the food on the ground. We can find you something else to eat, but we need to get out of here right now. Just put the food on the ground, we will back up slowly. Is that understood?” The young trainer risked losing sight of their attacker and took a look down at the long eared pokemon. The creature was undeniably scared but managed to nod her head with a very soft, “Buneary,” in response to the young man. Very slowly, the Buneary lowered the food in her arms to the ground. Not wanting to put her through anything else, Obadiah reached down and pulled the terrified Buneary into his arms and started to back up. Appearing to not be completely sure what was happening, Thing One slowly took steps towards the food.

After taking three very slow steps backwards, Obadiah had a very good feeling that his plan was going to work. Anna was content on staying in his arms and the mole pokemon was not showing any threat of attacking. Everything was going to be alright. He would make to the next town and get Raphael some help, all without putting Anna in the position of having to fight anything. “Well played good sir,” the young trainer mumbled to himself with a hint of satisfaction. “Very well pla…Ahhh!”

A beak striking him in the middle of his back brought forth a cry of pain from the young trainer as he stumbled forward from the impact. One step…a second step…and then he was falling. It took a lot of effort, but Obadiah was able to twist his body enough to keep from landing with all his weight on Anna. The food she had just laid down as a peace offering to Thing One was not as lucky. The young man could feel it crushing beneath him and he connected with the ground. More than slightly confused, Obadiah had little chance to figure out what had just happened. Feeling the vibrations of feet striking earth getting quickly closer, Obadiah rolled swiftly to his right, avoiding a pair of claws striking where his head had been moments before. Scrambling to his feet in a less than graceful manner, the young man desperately tried to get a handle on the situation. The movement of a flying feathery figure to his right forced him to abandon the thought as he ducked to avoid a beak to the face. The distraction was enough for him to forget about Thing One for a moment too long. The short but sturdy pokemon slammed into the dark skinned youth’s chest (technically his arms which were currently being used to hold Anna close to his chest). Having lost his balance from avoiding whatever else was attacking him, the young man was sent toppling backwards. Obadiah ended up on his back, Anna still clutched in his arms, with Thing One on top of him. The angry pokemon raised its arms in the air ready to strike at the helpless man below him. Not having another option, the boy shouted the only thing he could think of to avoid the attack, “Anna, Pound him in the face with your ears!”

Now to be honest, Obadiah was less than confidant that his desperate plan would work in the long run. The Buneary had not been exactly brave so far when it came to facing the mole-like creature. On the other hand, the Buneary had yet to disobey whenever the young man had asked her to do something. For whatever reason, the long eared pokemon seemed to completely trust Obadiah even though she had only been with the young man for a short period of time. Whatever the reason for this trust, Obadiah prayed that the blind obedience would extend to fighting as well, something the timid pokemon seemed (at least up until this point) inclined away from doing.

As the claws came down, two fluffy ears extend. With nothing to block the attack, Thing One was force to take the attack directly to the face. The attack lacked power, but it was enough to disorient the creature. Seeing his opportunity, Obadiah released his hold on Anna and used his hands to throw the mole pokemon off of him to the right. Pulling himself up, the young man was finally able to figure out what was going on. Searching the area, the only other living thing to be seen was a single Spearow sitting on the branch of a nearby tree, surveying the scene below it with an ominous glare. It appeared to be just another random pokemon until the young man caught sight of its left side. The creature’s wing looked odd. The wing didn’t look broken, but it was almost like someone had kicked the… “You have got to be kidding me…”

It was same bird from the day before: the one that Obadiah had kicked after Raphael had defeated it. “I should have kicked the damn thing harder,” the annoyed trainer cursed to himself as he glared hatefully at the creature in the tree. The sound of movement on the ground behind him brought a panic to the young trainer. Crap! I’m still in the middle of a battle. “Anna, Curl up in Defense,” Obadiah shouted without actually seeing what was happening. Turning back around, the scene that greeted the young trainer was one of Thing One landing a rather painful scratch on a curled up Anna. The force of the hit sent the Buneary rolling backwards. Obadiah was already two steps into his sprint to reach his pokemon when something surprising happened. After rolling head over heels about three times, the Buneary gained a sudden control over herself. Pushing lightly off the ground with her foot, Anna managed to perform a stunning backflip, landing softly on top of a medium sized boulder. What was even more surprising, however, was the large smile that was on the creatures face. The fear and trembling that had handicapped the Buneary only minutes before were gone. Strangely enough, the Buneary actually looked like she was having fun. Obadiah found it difficult not to smile and laugh at the change of events.

“Haha, that’s my girl. Now let’s show these two reject what we’re made of.” Finishing his run, Obadiah took a stand behind the Buneary so that he could see both of their attackers…attacker. “Damnit, where’d that bird go?” Obadiah had his answer a second later when caught sight of the Spearow diving from the left in an attempt to attack the newly confidant Buneary’s flank. “Get in the air and Pound that thing to the ground with one of your ears,” the young trainer ordered to Anna while trying to think of a plan that would take out both of the attacking pokemon. Ears curled tightly, the Buneary launched herself into the air with a just enough force to clear the diving bird’s beak. Rotating her body into a front flip, the long eared pokemon unleashed one of her ears down towards the Spearow streaking below. The attack would have been deadly, but the bird pokemon was too fast, avoiding the attack by rolling to the right. Having missed her target, Anna was now in danger of being hit herself. Thing One was sprinting to where the Buneary was about to land. There was no way that the long eared pokemon was going to be able to land and jump again in time to avoid the attack…unless

“Anna, Pound the ground!” Right as the Buneary reached the ground she quickly uncoiled her other ear and struck the earth beneath. The force of her ear hitting the ground was just strong enough to lift Anna back into the air just as Thing One reached where she had been with its claws. Not expecting to miss, the mole-like pokemon had put all of its weight behind the attack resulting in a loss of balance when it connected with nothing but air. Seeing the opening, Obadiah jumped to action. “Now’s your chance, hit it will another Pound." Curling her ears back to her head, the Buneary unleashed both of her ears into the back of the creatures head. Already off balance, the strike sent the mole pokemon stumbling forward towards a nearby boulder. Obadiah knew that he could not let the creature regain its composure. “Anna, get in close and finish it off with another Pound.” The Buneary, face covered with excited smile, covered the distance to Thing One in a single hop, adding a flip to make it interesting. Just as she was about to attack however, Obadiah saw his feathery friend dive once again from the sky. Crap, it’s just going to keep using that damn mole as a distraction. I got to take one of them out. The idea came quickly, and the young trainer spoke as quickly as he thought. “Jump over the mole thing and Pound it in the face!”

“Bun bun, Buneary,” Anna exclaimed as she leapt forward and over the mole-like pokemon. Upside down in the air and staring with a smile at her confused opponent, the happy Buneary fiercely unraveled her ears into the face of her attacker. Dizzy, confused, and in pain, Thing One stumbled back two steps into the path of an attacking Spearow. The Spearow, unable to avoid its new target, was force to follow through with its attack, slamming its beak into the unfortunate pokemon and sending it to the ground. “One down and one to go, Anna. You’re doing amazing. Keep it up.” The Buneary, now bouncing up and down on the boulder, seemed to be enjoying herself. “Bun bun, Buneary. Bun bun, Buneary,” the creature sang as she waited for her next command. Turning his focus to the sky, Obadiah search and located the Spearow circling overhead. The bird seemed content to just lazily soar along, waiting for an opening to strike.

“Damn bird thinks it owns the sky. I think it’s gotten a bit full of himself, Anna.” The Buneary did a backflip in agreement. Obadiah was starting to like the creature new attitude. Ever since she took that first hit, it is almost like the Buneary had realized that things were not as scary as she had made them out to be. Almost like a kid getting a shot. The actual shot is never as bad as what the kid makes it out to be in their mind. “Alright then, let’s show that waste of feathers that it isn’t the only pokemon here who can fly. Jump up there and give it a nice Pound With a smile, the Buneary bent her legs and launched herself into the air up at a very surprise Spearow. Surprised as it was, the bird was still able to avoid the thrusting ears of the Buneary. It’s just too fast. Anna’s never going to hit it at this rate. As the Buneary began her decent, Obadiah noticed a more serious problem than accuracy. The Spearow had gathered itself and was on the attack. It was going to try and hit Anna right as she reached the ground. Obadiah knew he needed to figure out a way to end this fight quickly.

“Anna, use Foresight to even the playing field” Still falling from the sky, the Buneary closed her eyes and seemed to enter a strange state of meditation (well, as much as you can when you’re falling out of the sky). She also entered into a serious of front flips. The next few moments were going to take amazing timing, and Obadiah knew it. Taking a deep breath, the young trainer unleashed his plan right as Anna was about to reach the ground and be hit by the diving Spearow. Pound the ground and push yourself in the same direction as the bird then finish it off.” Ears connected with earth as the Buneary gave herself a little boast into the air to avoid the incoming Spearow and position herself directly above where the bird pokemon was going. Looking up, the Spearow was greeted by a smile and a cheerful, “Buneary,” follow quickly by two ears to the face. As the Spearow slammed into the ground, Anna finished a graceful flip and stuck a perfect landing. Two down. The next moment, she was being tossed back into the air by a pair of thick arms.

“Yeah! You were awesome!” The attention was almost too much for the Buneary to take. Though Obadiah could not tell, the long eared pokemon was blushing as much as it was possible for the pokemon to blush. Catching the Buneary as she came back down, the young trainer continued his praise. “And to think you were scared of leaves this morning. Ha, I can barely believe it.” Setting the creature back on the ground, Obadiah began to calm just a bit. He was less embarrassed about his outburst than he would normally be because no one was around to see it. Regardless, it wasn’t something he wanted to make a habit out of. Still, he could not help but be proud of the timid creature at his feet. He would have to get her something nice in town.

“Alright Anna, let’s get to town so we can get Raphael some help. She took some nasty hits in that battle.” Patting the Buneary on the head, Obadiah set off down the path at a quickened pace. Not liking birds or things that attack him, the young trainer left all three pokemon knock-out in the field. A cheerful Buneary hopped along happily behind him as he went.

OOC: The sample is from one of my favorite characters. A young man who hates pokemon being force into a journey with a Munna and a Buneary. It was so much for to write.

Niriate October 1st, 2011 4:28 AM

Okay, here's my shot at it.

Name: Alexandra "Lexia" Huntis

Nickname: Lone Wolf

Age: 15

Place of Birth: Fuchsia City, Kanto

Alexandra is tall, very tall, almost disturbingly tall for her age. Standing at a good 6'3" and having a figure to match her length, many have misjudged her age by a good 3-4 years. Her pure white hair flows along her back to reach down to her waistline, that is, if she's not got it bound together in the usual ponytail that she wears.
Her skin is a similar tone to her townsmen, a healthy fleshy-pink color with hints of brown in it. While her homeplace isn't the ideal place to get a tan, Lexia loves being outdoors so the hours in the open have had their effect on her.
If one would describe her in one word, most would come up with lanky or athletic. The build of someone that spends her days running for miles or swimming for hours in nearby lakes.

Alexandra is usually seen wearing a pair of cut-off, baggy jeans with lots of grass stains and rips in them. Her t-shirt is usually tied into a knot just above her midriff, it as well being smudged and stained. However, this is just the look that she lets people see, since they make her daily routine a lot easier.
The black backpack she has on her back contains a spare set of clothes that are almost always squeaky clean, a survivalist guide and several bottles of water and healing potion. Like everything she seems to wear, the backpack is ragged and well-worn, though still very functional.

Alexandra is a very outgoing, carefree girl on the outside that loves to spend time outdoors, but that is only part of the story. On the inside, she's very uncertain about her future and often hesitant to make important decisions. While she loves to chat, most of the topics she likes to talk about are not concerning Pokemon, but more about nature, food or even just the weather.

Alexandra spends nearly all her time outdoor thus has very little social differentiation, she treats everyone equal no matter their age or experiences in life, much to the infuriation of her parents, which see it as a lack of respect towards the elderly. While Alexandra has a good deal of respect for the elders, she just lacks the right ways to show that.
While other kids are busy training their Pokemon, she's busy training herself through shadowboxing or meditation.
There are even rumors that she's been spotted sparring with a teenage Kangaskhan, but she just laughs when people bring it up and waves it away.

Fuchsia City, the town of Poison Pokemon. Where every kid that ever learnt to train Pokemon started with an Ekans, a Weedle or a Venonat. Because that's what was needed to fulfill the dreams of the youngsters.. become a member in Koga and Janine's Gym.
But for Alexandra, that wasn't the way to fight. On her 10th birthday, her parents gave her the -in her opinion- worst birthday gift ever, a choice between three Poison-type starter Pokemon. The young girl had seen how Poison Pokemon fought and it wasn't how she wanted to fight.

Her parents misunderstood her unwillingness to pick a Pokemon as her being ungrateful to them for their gift and snuffed her for it. "If you want to be rebel, fine.. but you're not getting a Pokemon until you grow up then" is what her mom said to her. For Alexandra, this wasn't a big deal anyway, rather not have a Pokemon then have a Poison type was her own reasoning for it.
It also didn't help that at that age, she was scared, terrified infact of Bug Pokemon. And since most Poison types available in the nearly woods were also Bug-types, it only enforced her unwillingness to start her journey.

In the years following, Alexandra slowly got over her fear of Bugs, though she's still adamant in her personal ban on Poison types. Over the years, the nearby Safari Zone has been the place where she could out her frustrations with her not-understanding parents and the sneering remarks she'd get from Trainers.
It was only because the Safari Zone at that time didn't contain any Pokemon suitable for a starting Trainer that she was still Pokemon-less.

But now, with the mysterious letter from Bastion, the road is finally open for her to start the journey she's always wanted to make, with a Pokemon she doesn't dislike... hopefully...

Additional Information:
As stated in her History, Alexandra has a deep disliking of Poison-type Pokemon. In her eyes, Trainers that use them are weaker then others, who have to rely on the cheap tactic of poisoning their enemy. This can lead to her underestimating opponents who use them.

If she faces a Trainer who uses a Poison-type, she aims to finish the battle as soon as possible, causing her to make reckless moves.

Roleplay sample:

OOC: This sample is from an RP on a different forum, regarding an insane asylum. If you want me to provide a different sample, I will have to think up a new idea myself.

Would one be considered insane if he looked in the mirror and saw three different reflections staring back? Most likely, yet.. Jackie was perfectly sane, atleast.. according to herself.

"Oh, stop the damn act already. You're as sane as everyone else in this hellhole." The reflection over her left shoulder snarled. While the girl looked exactly the same as the other two, there was a certain disgust or hatred in the way she leant against the heating.

"Now, now sweety.. that's no way to treat our sister." The second reflection giggled softly as she peered into the make-up cupboard. "It's not dear little Jackie's fault that we're so... hard to control. Is it?
The third, and probably the most normal of the three sighed loudly.
"You two are driving me completely up the wall, you know that.. Wish I could just make sure neither of you ever existed to begin with."

Hillary laughed, a mocking gesture. "Yea, you'd wish indeed. We're both just parts of your mind, Jackie. You can't erase us without losing yourself in the process." She wrapped the towel around her shoulders. "We've been a part of you for more then 22 years, can't we have some time outside for a change?"

"Not if it means getting me locked up, like last time!" The second reflection, that called herself Sandy, laughed heartily at that comment. "Now that she mentions it, that was pretty uncalled for..."
"Oh please, don't get me started on your whorish behaviour." Jackie glared over her shoulder. Her voice rose to a mocking tone. "Ohhh, please **** me Nurse Stewart.. please!"
"Hey! It's not my fault that you were such a wallflower and a virgin for 19 years!" The colour in Sandy's cheeks rose, she hated being mocked for doing what she enjoyed.

"Ugh.. can you two please just shut up... otherwise you'll get us all tranq'd and locked up... Not like that wouldn't amuse me, but still.." Hillary grinned as she stepped out of the bathroom, leaving the two others behind in the mirror, grinding their teeth in frustration. With Hillary outside, it was only a matter of time before the fuse would burn up.

The insane are, on occasion, not without their charms.
They make for great observation targets.
But one like Jackie, one would never know what to expect.
What part of the three would seize control, and which were left behind.

Greiger October 1st, 2011 12:11 PM

May I have a reservation as well? This will be my first time roleplaying online so for the role-play example will I have to make something up or would it be okay for me not to include it?

AceOfChance October 1st, 2011 12:55 PM

Niriate and Nate_Dawg you Sign-Ups have been accepted! You are free to visit the IC forum and post 1 Post either Before, During, or After receiving the note from Bastion (or all three!). Then it is a waiting game until all slots have been filled and all introductory posts have been made.

Greiger a spot has been reserved for you. I would really appreciate a Role-Play sample, however you are free to leave it out of the SU. ^^

PsychoJigglypuff October 1st, 2011 1:20 PM

I would like to reserve a spot please!

Greiger October 1st, 2011 2:23 PM

So here’s my first everprofile for this kind of game, hope I got it right!

Name: Mark Liman

Age: 16

Place of Birth: CeladonCity


Mark is 5’7”, has bleachwhite skin along with short brown hair that tends to curl up when it grows toolong. Due to the training of his mindover his body, Mark is very weak and can’t even take a playful shove withoutfalling down. Mark is unique in hisfamily in that he is the only one with sky blue eyes that tend to turn aPikachu yellow whenever he is channeling his psychic energy.

Despite Mark’s awkwardappearance he enjoys wearing relaxing such as sweats. His favorite color is blue and so he oftenhas his blue sweater with him wherever he goes. While he places personal hygiene on the top of his list he will oftenwear his clothes more than once a week and is often seen in his blue jacket andblack sweats.

Mark dons a blue backpackwhenever he goes out hiking to carry: any books he might have time to readwhile on the road, a set of picture cards, and a pair of silver spoons he hopesto one day be able to bend with his mind.


Mark used to be anoutgoing guy as he hung out with many kids at his school and had a reputationfor being a kind and sincere person, but ever since his psychic powersmanifested he has taken to being shunned by the community and his formerfriends. Due to this he will not revealthat he is a psychic to anyone who he thinks has a possibility of becoming hisfriend.

Mark enjoys order andwill do whatever he can to maintain order in his life from writing a precisetime based schedule to sticking labels on his possessions. While Mark is not able to consciously wieldhis psychic powers, whenever he becomes enraged, saddened, or terrified to a really great extent he will unleash allof his power at whatever is aggravating him often causing himself to faint inthe process as well as injuring any nearby individuals.


Mark’s life was normaluntil he turned 12. While he was at hisschool’s cafeteria two school bullies approached him and verbally tauntedhim. While Mark was used to it and ableto ignore it he could not ignore when one of the kids called his mother a*****. Mark felt great anger and then…he blacked out. It was at the hospitalwhere Mark was told that the cafeteria had all but been destroyed. Windows had been smashed out, walls hadchunks missing, and all the evidence said Mark had done it.

He was shortly visited bya representative from Saffron City who tested Mark and found that he was apowerful psychic who had no control over his powers. The representative agreed to teach Markvarious tricks to control his emotions and his psychic abilities to a greaterextent.

While the communityviewed him as a danger, his parents still loved him and gave them his fullsupport when he told them that he was going to be a pokemon trainer. However due to his meltdown at the schoolbeing jotted down in his permanent record he was rejected repeatedly until oneday he found a letter addressed to him from a person called Bastion…

Extra Information:

Mark enjoys the presenceof psychic pokemon as he can more easily relate to them. The reason Mark carries picture cards withhim is to test his psychic abilities by attempting to identify the picture onthe other side; currently he can correctly identify three cards out of thetwenty-five card stack per session.

Role-Play Sample:

(Just something I made upon the spot J)

“So you’re sure that theywon’t see us, because you see I’m very scared right now and when I’m scared Itend to use run on sentences, and I just keep talking, and talking, and…”

Tyler grabbed Amytightly, “And they will hear us if you continue to spazz out! Close your eyes and count to three, it’salways worked for me.” He whispered. Amylet out a shakey sigh and closed her eyes, “One…two…”

A high pitched cracklereverberated throughout the mansion as both trainers froze in fear, “Okay, weneed to find somewhere to hide and fast!” Tyler whispered. Taking a quick look around he spied acloset. Judging the size, it wouldbarely be able to hold both trainers, but it would have to do. Grabbing his friend Tyler sprinted towardtheir only salvation and slowly closed the door. Amy still had her eyes shut but her breathinghad steady increased to a heavy panting.

“Amy hang in there just alittle longer.” Tyler said comfortingly as he hugged her. Another howl of laughter pierced Tyler’seardrums as he gritted his teeth. Okay, Tyler thought, just need to wait another minute or two,then run down the stairs and out the door and we’re home free. Nothing else cango wrong! A minute slowly crept past and the two heard no more laughter. Now! Without warning Tyler grabbed Amyand charged out of the closet. “Don’t stop for anything!” he shouted.

The two ran as fast asthey could, practically jumping down the stairs when they got to them. “The door!”, Tyler shouted. Amy began to sob in relief as Tyler grabbedthe handle and wrenched the door open! … or not. When Tyler had attempted to wrench the dooropen it had not budged forcing Tyler to stagger back. “Wait, what!” Tyler gasped. Amy gulped, “…glue...”.


“G-glue!” Amy cried.

Looking at the door moreclosely and saw that some kind was cased between the doors, sealing them shut.

“No…” Tyler whispered.

AceOfChance October 1st, 2011 2:46 PM

Greiger - Sorry to say this but your SU has been rejected. My reasons are on the grounds of a possible Mary-Sue character, grammar (spacing) problems, and unrealistic supernatural abilities. I am not looking for this sort of character for my Role-Play. Also in the future I would ask that you please check over your post before submitting to find the spacing errors or any grammar problems. Thank you so much for trying though and you are somewhat on the right track! Sorry to reject but I am afraid that Mark won't work here. ^^

- A spot has been reserved for you!

miley810 October 1st, 2011 9:39 PM

  • Name: Sapphire Duskwood
  • Nickname: Sapph
  • Age: 15
  • Place of Birth: Cerulon City (Incase I didn't spell that right, the place where Misty's gym is)
  • Appearance:
Sapphire has light brown hair and emrald green eyes. Her bangs covor her right eye. Her skin is 'golden colored'. She is fairly skinny, and weighs three pounds less than she should. Sapphire stands 5"11.

Sapphire wears a brandeis blue thickish strapped tank top looking shirt. The straps are black. She wears white capris For shoes she wears blue jean material sneakers and white socks. Sapphire wears a royal blue thin headband, with a small bow. She wears two dodger blue thick braclets. She carries a dark brown leather decent sized messanger style bag, that she keeps cloths, supplies, and other stuff in.
  • Personality:
Sapphire is cheerful, but not annoyingly cheerful. She can become sad or disappointed easily though. Sapphire has gone through a lot in her life (veiw history for more information) but she keeps her chin up. She always tries to help, and it breaks her heart to see one of her friends sad.

Sapphire always feels the need to be helping someone. She usually helps around her hometown. No matter how sad she feels, she'll help anyone who needs it. She could be considered a 'goody goody', and she's been called it before, but she just ignores it when she is called a GG. She is very forgiving.
  • History:
Sapphire's parents got shot when she was five, and she was put up for adoption. She was adopted by a young couple, who took good care of her. Sense Sapphire is 'weak' and emotional, she was bullied around a lot at school. She ignored it for the most part, but once when a kid slammed her into a wall she had to go to the nurse. She forgave the kid when they sincerly apalogised, she is very forgiving.

Sapphire has some friends, but some people are really rude. When she asked to be friends with them, they'd reply with something like 'I don't want to be known as a girl who's friends with GG." which kind of disappointed Sapphire. She is kind of good at recovoring fairly quickly when sad, disappointed, or emotionaly hurt. Sapphire usually didn't fight back when being bullied.

  • Extra Information:
  • Role-Play Sample: From: My RP Legendary Rebels
Adriane sat on a big tree stump. She sighed. Her parents were captured by the legendaries yesterday, but she was able to hide. But to her dismay, she had to hide inside the toilet, with the lid closed. The legendaries didn't think of looking in there, like she figured. She'd rather sit inside of a toliet for a couple of minutes than be captured by the evil legendaries. The whole town was vancent. Everyone had been kidnapped, and the legendaries were too busy capturing people in other towns to make sure this one was vanent. A tear welled up in her eye.

She sniffled. She was lonely, and missed her parents and friends. She heard a unnatural woosh of wind and her heart stopped. She shot up and went to run for her house, but she was too late. In front of her was a pink pokemon. It was about two feet tall, and totally pink, except for of course it's eyes. She reconised it as mew, a legendary pokemon.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. I've been watching you. I've been looking for someone to trust, and to help us."A girl voice, sounding a bit young, filled her head.

"Us?"Adriane asked.

"The legendary rebels. Me, Azelf, Uxie, Mesprit, Latias, and Latios. We don't agree with killing all of the humans. We want to help free them, and if possible not have to hurt the other legendaries in the process."Mew explained."Will you help us?"

Adriane took a deep breath and swallowed, than nodded.

"Yes, I'll help you."Adriane said weakly.

"We need to leave here."Mew said.

"Can I gather some stuff?"Adriane asked.

"Yes."Mew said.

Adriane walked to her house with Mew fallowing. She was being as quiet as possible, incase a bad legendary could some how here her. She walked to her room. She picked up her dark purple backpack. She put in a change of cloths and a small jar of gum, in case she got hungry and didn't want to eat down her food suplise, because gum got rid of her hunger usually. She put her black camera, along with her cell phone. She put in her hair brush, and her journal. She put in a folder full of paper, a couple of penciels, and a couple of pens. She put in her sleeping bag. She put her MP3 in a side pocket, and her wallet, why she didn't know. She put on her black belt and hooked the six pokeballs on it that had been sitting on the nightstand. She walked to the kitchen. She fixed a metal thurmas in the waterbottle compartment of her backpack. Than she put in ten cans of different foods, and a spoon and fork, and manual can opener. She put in a extra bottle of water, and zipped up her backpack.

"Well, thats all I can fit. Hopefully it'll last...if I only eat as much as I have to. And we'll probably find some fruit and stuff in the wild."Adriane said putting on her backpack.

Suddenly, she glowed slightly purple. She felt odd power surging threw her.

"Now you may use my powers."Mew said.

"Awesome."Adriane said softly.

I hope its good enough now. Sometimes my posts are that big, it depends on whats going on in the RP, my mood, my awakeness, and my sqedual.

AceOfChance October 1st, 2011 9:54 PM

miley810 - Hey there! I am glad to see you are interested in my Role-Play. However, I see that your SU isn't quite the quality I am seeking. I am going to have to ask that you provide a RP sample for me before I decide if you would please? I don't want to judge on a bias due to your SU. I want to make this decision based on your ability to write - and I am looking for a similarity to the people I have already accepted. I want to keep this RP as to where the level of writing is in the same spectrum for each Trainer. So as that one person doesn't give someone a single paragraph post while the other responds with a giant, multi-paragraph post. Does that make sense? ^^ My decision will ultimately be based on you sample. Thank you!

miley810 October 1st, 2011 9:59 PM

Haha, I was just about to add a RP sample. I had to do some stuff before I went to sleep anyways. Oh gosh, hopefully I'll make it in...that was the best I could find atm. Sometimes my posts are that big, bigger, shorter.

AceOfChance October 1st, 2011 11:28 PM

miley810 - Well, I am going to accept you because I think you could bring something interesting to this RP. I only ask though that you please always check your posts before submitting, refrain from any Mary-Sue character qualities, and keep a nice and consistent quality (and quantity too) to your posts. That actually applies to all those who wish to RP here so no just you ha ha. Other than that you are accepted. You are now free to visit the IC forum and post 1 Post either Before, During, or After receiving the note from Bastion (or all three!). Then it is a waiting game until all slots have been filled and all introductory posts have been made. (:

miley810 October 2nd, 2011 6:09 AM

Thanks! Yeah, I've been trying to self check, spell check, and re-self check my posts lately. You know, re-self check to make sure I didn't do something like put 'your' when the correct one is 'you're'. I'll work hard to make sure I make good posts. And I was wondering if I could do all three, haha.

PsychoJigglypuff October 2nd, 2011 8:19 AM

Name: Elise Bryant

Age: 16

Place of Birth: Saffron City

Appearance: Elise stands around 5'5", and has a medium body build. Her skin is a bit pale from not enough sun exposure, and can burn very easily. She has thin, dark brown hair. It is about shoulder length, but she typically keeps it up in a tight bun. Her eyes are close-set and hazel, with rectangular glasses framing them. Her eyesight is very poor, so she is essentially blind without her glasses.

Elise's fashion sense is much more suited to city life than travel. Her typical attire consists of white jeans, and a nice purple blouse. Her shoes are simple, black flats. She doesn't have any piercings, not even in her ears, and doesn't wear any other jewelry either. She does wear a silver watch on her right wrist, so she can keep track of time. A large, black purse is kept safely on her shoulder at all times. It contains a simple t-shirt and blue jeans in case she needs an extra set of clothes, a daily planner, a stain remover pen, a bottle of painkiller pills, bandaids, hand sanitizer, as well as her valuables.

Personality: Elise is a very responsible, hard-working girl. She always feels the need to assist people who need it. As a result, she tends to take on more than she can handle, and overwork herself. Even so, she always feels the need to care for other people and their problems. Her own wants and desires are kept to herself.

In any new environment, she feels very nervous. Around people she just met, she is very reserved. She is always wary of trying different things, and would much rather stick with something she knows is safe. When she's with close friends and family, she is much calmer and relaxed.

Elise tries to be prepared for anything that may happen, which is why she brings so many things with her. She writes down everything she is going to do or needs to know, just to make sure she won't forget it. She also tends to be a neat-freak when it comes to her appearance or home. Everything has to look tidy and presentable. She doesn't understand sloppy people, but she does envy their care-free lifestyle.

History: As a child, Elise was very ambitious. She wanted to become the greatest Pokémon trainer who ever lived, just like her mother. Of course, her mother wasn't actually "the greatest", but she was a huge role model for her daughter. She was very kind and nurturing, but strict when she needed to be. She also told fantastic stories of her days as a trainer, which Elise and her younger siblings would listen to in awe.

When Elise was 10, the year she was planning on becoming a Pokémon trainer, her mother fell terribly ill. Although her father took time off of work to care for her, she still would not recover. She was hospitalized for quite a while, but she never made it. Since her father couldn't look after the children himself, it was up to Elise to take care of her three younger siblings. Despite her strong desire to become a trainer, she simply could not leave her family at this sensitive time.

Six years have past since then. The sting of her mother's passing has long since left the family, and instead they fondly regard their memories of her from time to time. Elise still acts as the caretaker for her siblings, but they are much older now, and could probably take care of themselves. Still, she feels responsible for them, and doesn't want to leave them without a constant guardian.

However, one day she received a mysterious letter. One that awoke her dormant desires and aspirations…

Role-Play Sample:

It was an unnaturally cold day in Snowpoint. Of course, to some people, Snowpoint was always unnaturally cold. Still, it was cooler than usual for this time of year. Crissy shivered as a chilling breeze blew past. She chose the wrong day to leave her jacket at home. "Sheesh, is it autumn already? It was much warmer a few days ago," she grumbled.

Crissy hiked up through Acuity Lakefront. A big group of her friends were going to meet up at the lake, and search for the rumored legendary Pokémon. Looking for some excitement, she was very eager to go, but she ended up being delayed by her grandmother. The old woman was warning her not to, claiming she had a "bad premonition." Crissy thought that she was acting senile again, but didn't want to upset her, so she waited until her grandmother was taking a nap to leave.

When she finally arrived at Lake Acuity, she was surprised to find that no one was around. She expected the other teens to begin searching without her, but there was practically no trace of them. "They're probably just farther down," she convinced herself. "I should find them in no time."

Still, after searching around most of the lake, she didn't see or hear anyone. The more she searched, the worse her mood became. It didn't help that she was freezing her butt off. "Where did those guys go? If they are trying to pull something on me, I swear…"

Her monologue was interrupted when she stepped in a pile of old snow. It sent a chill up through her entire body. She quickly stepped out of it and onto dryer ground. Looking around, she saw that this area of the lake still had some unmelted snow from the night before. Upon further observation, she noticed several sets of footprints in the snow patches. "That proves it! They must have been here!"

(I hope this is okay! If not, I'll try to fix it to the best of my ability!)

AceOfChance October 2nd, 2011 12:05 PM

PsychoJigglypuff - You Sign-Up sheet has been accepted! You are now free to visit the IC forum and post 1 Post either Before, During, or After receiving the note from Bastion (or all three!). Then it is a waiting game until all slots have been filled and all introductory posts have been made. ^^

Nate_Dawg October 3rd, 2011 11:45 AM

I have a question for you Ace. How are you intending on handling battles outside the wild pokemon encounters. Battles at gyms, other pokemon trainers, or even amongst ourselves. I believe most GMs just handle it with action/reaction posts with the success of the action/reaction being determined by the GM. Or would you prefer us to type out a full battle and determine the winner based off quality, creativity, and trueness to character personalities. Or would you prefer another style. Not a question of huge importance, but I figured I would already ask so the information was out there.

AceOfChance October 3rd, 2011 12:07 PM

Nate_Dawg - I have been debating this for a little while, actually. I was thinking of giving your guys the opportunity to create the battle, but following the guidelines I place (for Gym and NPC Batles).

For example: You are to go up against Trainer Mario, and he has so-and-so Pokémon with this-and-that moveset. He isn't the most experience out there, and a lot of his tactics are different and confusing. However, he is an intelligent man so this battle won't be your easiest. He will send out (insert Pokémon) first, then use (insert Pokémon) if you beat the first one.

Based on that information - a little more detailed, and organized in the Real RP - you guys can form your own battle. I trust you guys to decide if you win or lose. Start to know your character's limits and use them wisely!

However, sometimes I will clearly state that your character will lose in a certain battle. There won't be a lot of those where I decide but there will be some.

I find it a nice way to start to develop a character and really show your creativity and writing ability. Also it gives some loose reins for the Role-Players so the GM isn't in total control.

For Battles amongst yourself I expect that the person responding to a battle is the first to go. An Action/Reaction response will be taken here. I suppose I shall decide on the winner of the battle based on certain things such as Creativity, Quality, Character, and such.

Does that sound good to you all? ^^

EDIT: Super excited guys. I have Part 1 to Chapter 1 all written and formatted - ready to post when we get two more people! If you know anyone who possibly might want to join please send them this way. When we have found our last Trainers and they post their Introductions we will officially start off this RP.

Since we are so far unable to find 2 more members for this RP, I am going to go a head and post the first part to Chapter One. So that we can move on with the plot. The post will be up shortly.

PsychoJigglypuff October 5th, 2011 2:46 PM

I'll get started on my post soon!

Also, I will be away from the computer this weekend, in case you wanted to know. o3o

eveelution October 5th, 2011 3:54 PM

Can I still join? I can post my SU in a few hours and have a first post ready.

AceOfChance October 5th, 2011 3:57 PM

PsychoJigglypuff - Can't wait to see it. ^^ And thank you very much for telling me! I really appreciate it.

eveelution - Sure thing! Just get your SU in and if/when it is accepted I will add your assigned Pokémon into the Chapter 1; Part 1 post and you can get started ~

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