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Fuyu October 2nd, 2011 4:51 PM

Digimon: Synchro Awakening (M) [IC]
Sorry about the shortness but you guys know the drill! I just kick it off a little, you guys do the rest. Oh and whoever wants to have been the one Day smacked into, you know what to do. ^^

Episode One: A New World Awaits! Awaken the Bonds!

It was a Monday morning, sunny with a chance of clouds of cotton candy. Okay there were no pink clouds but you get the point. That alone should have tipped X off, despite his obliviousness to anything that didn’t involve his friends, track, or the creature that was currently sleeping on top of him like a badly sprawled blanket. Looking back on it, he seriously should have known better. Mondays were typically low on the good-day spectrum. However, you had to forgive him this once. X, known as Xavier Shay to the idiotic populace, woke up to the smell of bacon and a cheese omelet and a happy person greeting him. He grinned and rolled over, reaching with a tan arm to muss the odd, multicolored haired head.

“Hey sis,” he greeted happily. “Dream anything good?” They weren’t related, thank God. X loved Day, practically doted on the little ball of fluffy energy, but he did not wish to share any type of DNA that made your hair that random. Plus she was a damn pixie. If anybody was related to a mythical creature in this group, it was VI.

Day beamed at him, somehow suppressing the endless energy and light that ran through her body and practically blinded anyone who so much as breathed in her direction. As always she was more than happy, there were no words for what Day was. “I dreamed of the sky again,” she told him, smiling happily and practically twirling in place. “It was such a pretty blue! The clouds were all fluffy too, like teddy bear fluff!” She handed him the plate and spun. “Ivy and I flew everywhere!”

“Did you now?” he asked before scarfing down his food at speeds that were likely not logical. Day watched this with wide eyes and a tilted head. The red-head only stopped his inhaling of food at the sound of a snort. It was trying desperately to sound male but failed impressively.

“Are you even breathing X?” scoffed the girl, tossing her own lavender hair back a little. It was still wet, so it was down and lanky. X thought it made her uglier than normal.

“Alex,” Day cheered, tackling her in a hug. The young woman ,a high school freshman blessed by the charms of puberty, couldn’t stop herself from wincing. You learned to accept affection from Day. She was awfully physical… and oblivious to personal space. And at the end of the day, everyone there appreciated the cheerfulness of Day.

X smiled coldly at the newcomer. “Morning! Did you finally pick a gender?” It would be an understatement to say the two of them hated each other. Alex thought X was a poser and X just thought she was such a fake little tomboy.

“Get bent,” she replied without missing a beat and nudging Day’s head away from her. She was a heck of a lot taller than the girl hugging her, almost as tall as X himself. “And get your orange, argumentative rear end out of the bed. The commander wants you before school.” He hummed coolly. She simmered. “Like now tin can!”

“I take offense to that,” a raspy voice muttered. X snorted as Day stared between them, creasing her slacks under her fingers. She had no clue what was going on.

“You should head off,” Alex told her quietly and Day jumped in surprise. She smiled and nodded.

“Okay! Bye X bye Alex! See you at school!” She ran out excitedly, shouting down the hallways excitedly. She was calling for VI by the sound of it. Alex chuckled before glaring at X. Honestly, she was going to kill him one of these days.


“You wanted to see me Boss?” X drawled at him humorously, red-silver hair dangling over his face. He was not wearing his school uniform of course. He was much too cool for that, truly. Besides, it made his hair look awful. He was currently trying to go for the sarcastic mood, maybe get his commander to do his once in a blue moon laugh.

Naturally, his lame joking did not work on the stoic man. “We’re predicting an Emergence,” came the succinct reply, the man not looking up from the computer.

“There hasn’t been one in half a year,” the male protested, glaring at nothing. “The computer’s just blipped up again, like it always does these days.” There was a soft snicker before a low “eep” as something clanked on the table nearby. There was then a crash and a yelp. X didn’t even turn, knowing their idiot newcomer had broken another glass.

Commander Wilson didn’t glance up either, the burly, fierce military man scowling instead at the high-school junior in front of him. Of course X was too chill to be afraid. “The computer doesn’t “blip”,” the man commented dryly. “VI’s the one who designed it and you know how well she works on these devices.”

X scowled. He did. So… “Fine,” he conceded. “So what’s it looking like?”

“Considering the projected reactions the school has been telling me about,” Wilson mused. “It’s looking like a level two projected violet.”

X scowled. “Seriously? Where’s the bloody emergence point then?”

“Take a guess,” Alex commented dryly, spinning a device around her fingers.

X didn’t have to.



“Erm… are you okay Day?”

VI’s voice startled her from the odd little moans she was making. Her D-Syn kept vibrating on her leg and it felt weird. “Yeah…” she said a minute later. “But he’s all upset for some reason! I dunno why…”

"Maybe something will happen today," she offered softly. SHe didn't want something to, VI was not a fighter after all.

“And just why are you two standing around? You are blocking the hallway, Mr. Shay, Miss. Wisteria.” VI jumped and turned. Day let out a yelp and grabbed Ivy’s hand. A tall, white-haired man stared down at them, glaring with mean eyes.

“Run!” she cried. “It’s mean old Mr Alistar!” She took off running, dragging VI with her. She didn’t really like that old codger. He kept calling her a boy! Day was giggling excitedly though and VI was gasping for breath in hopes of keeping up with her.

Eyes closed, Day didn’t realize she was about to hit someone until she smacked into their chest and fell back, VI almost doing the same. Instead she stopped and paled.

“S-Sorry!” Day was too dazed to say anything.

Scarf Blade October 2nd, 2011 6:34 PM

Haru sighed as he took his seat for homeroom. He was a half hour early, as he usually was when he decided to go to school that day, so not many people were around the school just yet. That was fine by him; too many people would just annoy him. Usually they would just annoy him with their talking and he'd walk out of the room to find a quieter place to be. That was usually why he was marked tardy so many times. He didn't care. School was boring; just a place to get out of the house. He had other places for that one purpose, too.

The boy reached into his pocket and pulled out the console that held his virtual pet. Man, did this thing know how to make him feel better. Just as he pulled it out, a message appeared on the screen: "Morning, Haru!! <3" Yes, that heart was even in the message. This had become commonplace after... when was it again? Oh, right, fifty-four percent. Granted he was now in the sixties when it came to percent closeness now, but it was significant because that was around the time the pet started acting against it's normal programming parameters. It was supposed to be interactive, but Haru's pet took a dramatic turn when he got over the half-way mark.

In fact, a lot of things were funny with this pet. It seemed to really be alive at times. It laughed at his sarcasm, showed signs of sympathy when he told it something depressing, and obviously started wishing him a good morning. There hadn't been a "good morning" in forever, but the boy couldn't find the heart to tell the pet that. Which was within itself funny; it was just a virtual pet. It shouldn't even be taken that seriously if it was just a program. And yet, Haru did take it seriously. Very seriously. It was unclear why, but this pet seemed... different from many of the other pets that were circulated throughout the school. Maybe it was just defective? Either way, the fact that it made him feel better made him want to take care of it more. He really got it to the level he felt close with it. It even got to the point where he was protective of it; the school could always provide him with another one, but this one was special to Haru. It was like a part of him now. If this virtual pet were to get lost to destroyed--

"A word with you," a stern voice sounded from behind the boy. Haru turned his head slightly to see the school's guidance councilor for the senior class from his peripheral vision. He wanted to ignore her, as he knew she was only going to scold him or something, but he decided that it'd be quicker to get her out of his hair.

"Yeah?" Haru asked, his scarlet red eyes (he decided to wear that color contacts today; it reflected the anger he was feeling that morning) now staring directly at the woman, "Is there a problem?"

"I just received word that you're now failing Spanish class, too," the councilor said, fixing her glasses as she glared back, "You told me you were going to try harder, Haru."

"I'm trying harder," Haru said before yawning. He dragged it out as long as he could. "but no one would help me with the notes. Can't exactly do better when students don't listen to your requests."

"That isn't the point, Haru! You should have taken those notes when they were presented to you!" the woman critiqued, catching his slight frown, "It's important that you graduate! Don't you want to go on to college?"

"This is college. I could just go on to my second year of college at a regular one with all that I learned at this school," Haru protested, turning back around to see to his vitrual pet, "Besides, I don't have the cash for it."

"There are scholarships! And loans! You can't let your past get the better of you!" the woman said angrily, forcing the boy to turn and look at her, "You're going to be eighteen, get over yourself!" Haru frowned as he looked away from the councilor. This was the attitude that really got him fired up.

"... The past influences the person you are today. And that person influences the person you will be tomorrow," Haru murmured, casually throwing the woman's arms of his shoulders, "Maybe if your uppity school got their acts straight and actually worked to fix mine, I'd care a little bit more. But no; they deemed I wasn't important enough. The fact that I even came to school today is proof that I wanted to put the effort in. But now we'll see if I make it through to the end of the day in school." With that, he turned back around as he grabbed his virtual pet once more. She seemed to want to slap him, but something about his attitude made her stop. She knew his case well; they did turn him down for evaluation when he openly signed up for it.

"I don't know what to do with you sometimes, Haru," the woman said, hoping for a final response. She turned away and walked out of the room (leaving Haru completely alone in the room when she did) once she did get it.

"Talk with my father and join the conspiracy; I heard he was wondering where a good place would be to leave my corpse. He'd love your help more than I do."

Nakuzami October 2nd, 2011 6:35 PM

Samuel Pearsynn
At School
Day; Not a good start to the day


I was walking down the hall, in a rather bad mood already. I had woken up this morning in a sour mood. After that, I couldn't find my uniform; it somehow managed to fall to the floor and get itself wedged under my bed. After that, I had gone down to breakfast and the food was mediocre. It's like the cook forgot everything that I had ever told her. I nearly fired her, but I decided that I would be generous and let her keep her job. One more slip up though and she'd be out the door faster than she could say "oops". Beyond that I managed to step in some dog crap on the way to school; who let's their dog take a dump in the middle of the sidewalk, in front of MY house? God, people these days. They were so insignificant; I hated them all.

While I was on my way to school, my stupid virtual pet started to act up again. I didn't feel like dealing with it, so I let its worthlessness continue on. Once I got to school, one of the teachers actually had the nerve to ask me if I had completed my homework, and if I hadn't he was going to try and fail me. Idiot. I was smarter than him, and his filth didn't need to be anywhere near me. Needless to say I was going to have him fired.

As I walked down the hall, I felt something slam into me. I stumbled backwards about half a foot before I looked at the disgusting mass that rammed into me. It was a girl around the age of fifteen. "Well, why don't you watch where you're going, you stupid little brat!" I glared at the girl with as much intensity that I felt I could muster, which, seeing as how the day was going, was very, very intense. "Now get out of my way!" I pushed the girl to the side and continued walking. I walked by another person that looked to be a girl in a male uniform, weird, people like that just needed to be gone. I REALLY hated people.

Skymin October 2nd, 2011 9:29 PM

Sammy Bridgevale
Episode One: A New World Awaits! Awaken the Bonds!

Sammy stamped his hand on his alarm and sat up slowly. He had been awake for a little, but he just liked to wait for his alarm. It was like a competition every day, to see who would wake up first. Would it be the alarm, or would it be Sammy? And today, he had prevailed. Like he usually did. No clock was going to outdo Sammy! And then, right on cue, a chorus of beeps from the little virtual pet that 'slept' next to the alarm clock. It went off every morning, usually just after Sammy got up and today was no different. It was so cute, just to see the little guy welcoming him into the day. Did the virtual pet have a sensor bar or detect motion or something? Whatever it was, it was just plain cool. Plain cool.

So, after Sammy had quickly fed the pet and did whatever to get its fun and hunger stats back up to full, he did what he had to do to get ready; have a shower, pull on his uniform, eat his own breakfast, clean his teeth, give his hair a rough brush and play a game mindlessly on his PSP until Winifred decided to wake up. Which didn't take long on account of she had to leave to go back to her own home or start work early or something or other. Whatever, Sammy just followed her to the car as she blabbed on about something that happened to her at the service station and how she was sick of getting hit on by some guy at a cafe. He just nodded and added "yep"s when he could, his attention far too focused on his game.

He got to school surprisingly early thanks to his sister's reckless driving (which Sammy didn't really pay much attention to anyway). He put his PSP away, as school rules forbade him or something, and wandered the halls aimlessly until he found a fellow friend.

"Hey, Rylie!" Sammy smiled brightly at his English partner. The girl returned the smile and with a flick of her blonde hair, gave Sammy a wave and joined him. "What's going on?"

"Not much, not much indeed. My dorm's a bit of a mess and my roommate was being crabby about it so I decided to run down here and kind of just chill," she nodded, looking back occasionally at Sammy with her dark brown eyes. "What's up with you?"

"Loitering the halls, being a public nuisance, etcetera, etcetera," he shrugged, then pulled his virtual pet out of his pocket to check on it. Yep, the fun had gone down just a little. "Gonna keep my little guy in good shape or whatever. He's so cool, just beeping at me all the time. I'd rather hang out with him then do a whole bunch of exams."

"Yeah, see, I don't really like this assignment. I left mine in my dorm since it gets a little annoying. It's a little weird, don't you think?" Rylie screwed up her nose and shook her head. "I mean, if they wanted to teach us about animal cruelty, why didn't we just go to a pound or have a class parrot or something?" Sammy shrugged back at her again.

"I like my little guy."

"Well, mine gets really annoying sometimes and-- oh, look at that!" Rylie pointed to the students up ahead, the slight shouting was a clear sign something was up. Being a senior and feeling it was his responsibility to help (that and it was just the right thing to do), he approached the group rather than avoided it. Rylie hesitantly followed. Sammy wasn't sure what happened, only that a boy walked away with a sour look on his face as a girl spluttered out a small sorry. The girl in question was a girl with crazy, multi-coloured hair on the ground. Sammy smiled a little; he had seen around the halls before but never caught word of her name. She looked to be interesting enough.

"Are you okay?" Rylie asked the girl. Sammy looked back at the boy with a slight frown.

"Hey guy, be cool. She said she was sorry," Sammy said to him. The boy was dressed in his perfect uniform and wore his snooty attitude. What a funny kid. Sammy shrugged offered a hand to the girl on the ground with his signature dorky smile. "Yeah, are you okay? My name's Sammy!"
(OOC: just introduced them because yeah, d: )

Nideous October 3rd, 2011 2:17 AM

Lucy awoke to the sound of his clock's annoying buzzing. He quickly shut it off. After many years of being allowed to wake up when he pleased, he had not quite gotten used to the clock. Not yet. Still, it was better than oversleeping and having to talk to some teacher for being late. Lucy yawned and reached for his glasses. His hand brushed the little toy with his virtual pet, knocking the thing to the floor. He didn't much mind. It's not like it was real anyways. He found his glasses and slipped them on when the pet began to buzz angrily at him.

"Well good morning to you too," Lucy mumbled in a small voice. He picked the device up and looked at his virtual pet, who was in a really foul mood this morning. It acted mad at him, like it almost always was. Lucy didn't quite understand why it was mad at him. Could it be because he had knocked it to the ground on accident? No, it was just a toy. It couldn't understand things like that. Lucy clicked the feed button, only for the food to be promtly ignored. He clicked the play button only to get the same response. Hm...

"I'm sorry. OK?" Lucy said quietly, feeling stupid about saying sorry to a toy. Somehow, that did the trick. The pet began eating, and Lucy checked the compatiblity. 10% The same thing it had been when she got this thing. Hm... He'd have to pull it up at least 5% more, or he'd probably get told off by one of the teachers. But it was difficult. Lucy was a very shy and withdrawn person. If he had trouble opening up to areal, flesh and blood person, how could he try to do the same to a program? It wasn't even real! Eh, he'd think of something. Lucy slipped into his uniform and ate a bowl of cereal. Then he gathered his books and threw them into the bag. He hoisted the bag up and began to walk out the door, only to be stopped by another round of beeps from his pet. The pet he had been about to walk out the door and forget.

"Oops... No wonder you don't like me. I'm sorry. I almost forgot you," Lucy said quietly as he turned back and grabbed the thing. He clicked play a few times, and then shoved it in his pocket. Where it would likely remain until it beeped and buzzed angrily at him and he pulled it out to feed it. Hm... Maybe he should try a little bit harder with this toy. It seemed to have a real personality. Maybe the point wasn't just to take care of it, but to get to know the programed in personality or something... Well, needless to say, that was going to be very hard. But, Lucy was stuck. And he had to get to class. Maybe he could try after class was done. Lucy slipped out of his dorm room and out the building. He headed for the main campus. Despite being 14, the age of a highschool freshman, Lucy was classified as an eighth grader. It made sense, as he was so far behind, it probably would have been safe to put him with the seventh graders. But that was changing as well. Last year, before he had come here, he had shot up a few grade levels. Mikey and Janna, his foster parents, had then decided to dump him here. Hm... Well, nothing he could do about that now. Nothing except what he was doing, ignoring their phone calls and throwing away the letters they sent him. He had nothing to say to them, those people that supposedly cared for him and then tossed him aside. Like everyone else had. As soon as he got in the door, he was greeted by a small arguement.

"..." Lucy stood there, watching the students. He turned and tried to slip away down a different hallway. Sure, it would take longer, but he really didn't want to go past them and risk being talked to. He only hoped no one had noticed him before he could slip away.

Miss Doronjo October 3rd, 2011 6:27 AM

Katharina von Kurnase
D A Y one

The halls of the academy were brimming with light shined off the bright morning sun as the students of the school started to walk in, doing their daily activities. The students passed each other through those halls, some were nice, some were down right pushy. Meanwhile, the science lab not too far from the school's enterence was indeed busy. The students who were working there were busy conducting a lab experiment dealing with non-toxic materials, such as yeast, fruit juice, and butter; it was a protein experiment.

As well as you could see students performing experiments, you can also see a girl with her trademark lab-coat outfit on as she too, calmly performed her science work. the girl swiftly moved her long, brown hair out of her face, and tied it to a pony tail as she didn't want renements of her hair falling down one of her test tubes, and contaminating the experiment. She also took a lot of notes down on her small notebook, with her fluffy-top pen. She suddenly put on her pen, and looked up on the celing, completating about her own life, and the mysterious she as yet to discovered. She let loose a long sigh as she went back to work. A student right beside her heard her sighed, and concerened, he turned to her.

"Uh...hey Kathy?" the sudent tried to conversize, however, Kathy did not turned back to him; she had her eyes glued on her lab work. The student gave her a awkward face realizing that Kathy wasn't exactly as chiper as she was when it comes to science. "Is...everything okay with you? I haven't heard a peep out of you all morning yet."

"...What is z'ere to talk about?" Kathy asked rhetorically, still focusing on her work. However, that just gotten her in the mood to create a topic of discussion. "You know what, let me ask you something, Herr student; do you like science?"

"O-of course I do!" the student replied with gusto; while it was true, there was no reason to perform anythingw ithout a clear sense of passion. "Why, the very foundations of life are found within science! Why, even so, we can discover all that is not bound to reality! To the depths of the universe itself--"

"Impossible," Kathy interuppted, as she finally turned her full attention to wards the student. She peered at him with her pale blue eyes as the student wondered what was wrong, and what was this 'impossiblity' that Kathy spoke of. "Z'ere is no such thing as a fantasy. Z'ere is only reality."

"Nothing is impossible, Kathy!" the student pointed out. "You should know that! Hey, what's gotten into you, lately?"

"Herr student, I am a lady of science," Kathy explained, now seemingly more uninterested in the ongoing conversation. She then took out a small device from out of her lab coat pocket. It was her virtual pet device; the one that the academy introduced not so long ago. "I believe in only science. Why do you think I agreed to caring for you say...virtual program? So that one day, I can take it apart, and learn the dephs of its meaning. For you see Herr student, science has infinite possibilites. however, I now realize that those possibilites can not be proven if it is proven untrue by our senses."

"Our...senses?" the student wondered, listening to Kathy's logic. "How do you mean? Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, and Smell?"

"No. I mean the ability to recongize bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and the stupid Homer Simpson; of COURSE those senses!" Kathy said, rolling her eyes. "I'm afraid that science is bound to only those five senses of ours. Its a pity really; energy can not be created, nor destroyed. So...where has my energy as a von Kurnaze gone? Z'at is wht I am come here to do! Z'at is why I am here in this school! For the love of all things that are bound to the barriers of science! For the love of Count E. Chocola, AND IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE, I SHALL FIND THOSE ANSWERS! I SHALL FIND OUT FOR THE WORLD: WHY DOES TOAST WITH BUTTER LAND FACE-SIDE UP WHEN IT IS DROPPED? I SHALL FIND OUT: WHY AM I ONLY LEFT WITH THE CRUST OF THE PIZZA OF DESPAIR? AND WHYYYYYY DO PEOPLE THINK 2 PLUS 2 EQUAL TO 4? WHY NOT 5? ISN'T THAT A POSSIBILITY?!"

"Well, not technically, I mean--"

"Z'AT'S NOT IMPORTANT!" Kathy interruppted, as she then gathered her things. "Excuse me, Herr-waht's-your-name; seriously, you should introduce yourself before talking to someone. I shall return with those answeres! Until then! Keep on sciencing!!!"

Kathy then bolted off the front door, leaving the students inside behind, as they took a couple of seconds to get used to Kathy's wild behavior, and then they gotten back to work. Katharina was then found dashing through the halls of the academy.

What was she up to? You might regret to ask.

Game Over1375 October 3rd, 2011 9:38 AM

Wesley James Stevens
Day One:

"Just shoot for the stars. If it feels right, then aim for my heart. If you feel like, and take me away, make it okay. I swear I'll behave."

"You wanted control, so we waited. I put on a show. Now I make it. You say I'm a kid. My ego is big. I don't give a-"

The song stopped blaring from the iTouch connected to some speakers when a hand landed, briefly pressing fast forward for a second and then pausing the song. With sunlight streaming on his face, a black-haired young man woke up with a loud yawn and an oh-so-good stretch. Smacking his lips a little, he turned to his virtual pet, which was beeping. However, the beeping was in time with the song that had been playing from the speakers.

"Huh... Didn't know you were a fan of Maroon 5," said Wes, a hint of a southern accent being heard by just him. He had already gotten use to the random beeping that came from the strange device. Honestly, technology these days. Wes then grabbed the virtual pet and pressed the feed command. Instantly, the little thing stopped beeping and began eating. While it was eating, Wes got ready, putting his uniform on and making sure his short curly hair looked just right.

"It's gonna be a good day today my little digital friend," said Wes happily as he picked up his virtual pet and iTouch, grabbing some earbuds as he plugged them to the iTouch and pressed play, the song coming back on. He turned down the volume a little as the Virtual Pet beeped a few times. Looking at it, Wes rocked his head to the music as he read the message.

"I agree. :)" was what was on the screen briefly. The pet then came back on the screen, looking happy as Wes pressed the play feature.

"I swear, sometimes I think you're real."

Walking out of his dorm, Wes immediately began heading to homeroom. At sixteen, he was a junior at this school, and a well-known one. Not many knew his name, but everyone recognized him as that one cool dude who would help any person that needed it. While walking, he made sure to notice the sunlight streaming through the windows. Now normally, he wouldn't care for school in the morning, but today was different. He was excited, but for what he couldn't figure out. Deciding to try and figure it out later, he became lost in the music, paying no attention to anything at all.

"Maybe it's hard, when you feel like you're broken and scarred. Nothing feels right, but when you're with me, I make you believe. That I've got the key."

"So get in the car. We can ride it wherever you want. Get inside it. And you want to steer, but I'm shifting gears. I'll take it from here. And it goes like-"

"Maybe I shouldn't space out in the hallway," said Wes, now on the ground. He had bumped into someone, and evidently rather hard as he rubbed his back while getting up.

"Sorry 'bout that... I really should- Oh hey Kathy!" said Wes, recongnizing his German friend in the white lab coat. They shared a few classes together, mainly the science classes, where both would occasionally partner up from time to time. When he first met her, Wes had thought she was odd, but he quickly got over that when he saw her natural curiosity and eccentricness.

"Need a hand there Kathy?" asked Wes as he bent down to the ground, trying to help his friend with her stuff.

Miss Doronjo October 3rd, 2011 10:00 AM

Katharina von Kuranse
Day One =Da Mon


SMACK! Katharina bumped into a familiar face; a face that she recognized from her classes, however, she didn't look up to see whom she bumped into; she was rubbing her nose to ease the pain.

"Ugh...I tink my node id broken..." she mumbled, as she rubbed her nose gently. She then finally looked up to see that familiar face; it was someone on whom Kathy thought was too lazy and laid back for his own good at first, but she then saw he was just as successful and hard working as her. Very admirable indeed, she thought. Her friend bent down to give her a hand, but, Kathy lightly chuckled as she was able to stand up on her own. She greeted him with a warm smile, followed with a sudden quirk.

"Thanks anyway, Herr Wesley," Kathy thanked, as she brushed off her lab coat to wipe off all the dust. Then she gave him a weird, cocky look. "Why, Herr Wesley! It is this early in the morning and you've still got your, how you say -- pants on! To what do I owe this rare occasion?" Of course, it was second nature for Katharina to joke with people about their quirks. She then took out her virtual pet to see if it was damaged in anyway. She let out a "Phew" after that she saw that luckily, there was not of a single scratch on it, just a little dust, on which she wiped it off.

"...This reminds me of a theory of mine," Kathy started to say. "The most sudden bumps in life are triggered by our most sense of collaborative planning. So, I assume that this bump I have had with you... IS THE KEY TO UNDERSTAND ARTIFICIAL STANDING! I MUST WRITE THIS DOWN!" She then quickly took out her notepad, along with her fluffy pen, and wrote down jot notes at a breakneck speed on the lined paper.

Game Over1375 October 3rd, 2011 10:28 AM

Wesley James Stevens
Day One: Act I: Scene II:

Wes just shook his head at Kathy as he handed her her stuff, wiping the dust off of his uniform as he laughed at her little joke. He heard his virtual pet beep a few times while he laughed. Taking it out of his pocket, it appeared that his digital friend was laughing too. Wiping the dust off of it, he placed it back in his pocket and shrugged afterwards

"First of all, please just call me Wes. Wesley sounds too formal for my tastes," said Wes, turning the music coming from his iTouch off and taking the earbuds out of his ears. "And my pants are usually on thank you. I just like them a little baggy. Makes me comfy, unlike these stupid dress pants they make use boys wear. Ugh I hate them."

Wes then ran his hands through his hair as he saw some people who recognized him walk by. Some waved at him. Others said "hey" or "What's up homefry?" as Wes just waved at them. He then looked back at Kathy with a smile.

"Besides, one would think such a nerd like you would even take off that darn lab coat every once in a while. Honestly girl... Science isn't everything," said Wes playfully, except for that part about science. "I think you should stop and smell the roses every once in a while.

With a laugh, Wes checked his iTouch for the time. Yep, still had plenty of time before he had to go to homeroom. Why not hang a bit?

"Say, I'm heading towards the cafeteria to get some grub. Would you like to join me? Or is there an experiment more important than me?" asked Wes playfully as he pointed with his thumb down the hallway, still smiling.

Fuyu October 3rd, 2011 12:26 PM

VI, or Ivy Wisteria( god that name was terrible, it attracted so much attention), trembled at the glare she had gotten instead of Day. This was a terrible start to the day, especially with the commander's warning toward them that morning. Ivy really wondered why she was required to protect people that disdainful. Day was helped up by another male, who looked to be a senior. Ivy blinked. Even to her, he seemed a bit of a dork.

"Yep," Day said slowly, dazedly, replying to Sammy. Then she shook her head and beamed. "I am okay! Thanks! Ivy is okay too right?" she asked, looking at her friend worriedly.

Ivy jumped and nodded. "I'm okay," she whispered, looking where that surly boy was leaving.

Something registered in Day's mind at her tone and expression. Her eyes traveled toward the exiting male and narrowed. "Hey!" she shouted, tricolored hair nearly obscuring her vision. Thankfully she had no skirt to swish because by now it'd be flying due to her aura deciding to explode. "You come back here you big jerk! Apologize to Ivy right now!" She was furious. It had been her fault, not Ivy's. You didn't have to glare at her.

"Day, what's with the shouting?" X had strolled in at this, looking confused. His red-silver spikes were drooping all over the place, having been in the shower before he left.

"Xavier," she cried, instantly forgetting her anger and hugging him. He let out an "oof" of breath.

"Jeez Andrea," he quipped with a grin. "You just saw me!"

"But I missed you, she replied cheerily. X snorted and grinned at Sammy. He knew this kid by sight from class but since Xavier was a bit too lazy to interact he never talked to him.

"Sorry, my sister's weird," he said with an eye roll. So said he with odd dyed hair. He hated this coverup. They didn't look alike at all. "This is Day and that's Ivy."

"Hi!" Day cried at Sammy happily as Ivy nodded shyly.

Eucliffe October 3rd, 2011 1:24 PM

Akira Hinata

Ironically, the person playing him loves math.

Math. The abstract science of number, quantity, and space. Many jobs revolved around being able to understand the most basic concepts of math. Some took more complex formulae under their wing. Then there was the life of a shrine maiden or guardian. All one really had to do was deal with counting how much he or she spent or gained. That kind of math was taught in elementary school, and it was reason enough for why Akira Hinata was now lying under a tree, device in hand. He was talking with the virtual pet he had received.

"Math is a very important subject; you may not see a need to learn it for what you claim to be 'destined' for, but even counting cash can be made simple if you learn the more complex formulae. And besides, you don't want to repeat a grade, do you?"

Akira sighed. Class hadn't even started five minutes ago and already his pet was getting on his case.

"Why bother learning something so complex when there's already a less complicated way? And even if the simpler way is longer, one should live slowly and enjoy the time they have. People are too speedy nowadays." Akira shook his hand back and forth as if to emphasize how much he didn't care. The pet seemed to grow angry.

"Knowledge is only gained through education and experience, particularly the former. Imagine what would happen if your children came to you asking for help with math you didn't learn. How would you feel knowing that your children knew more than you did? You'd be humiliated, I'm sure--" At that point Akira had crammed the pet back into his bag and took out his prized fan.

"If there's anything I miss about the mountain, it's how cool it is no matter what season we're in," he muttered, swaying the fan back and forth to catch what cool air was left.

Time passed quickly, and before Akira knew it it was time for his next class. In his case, it was biology. At least that didn't have a lot of math in it. Not only that, but the results of the experiments Akira performed during class always left him inquisitive and wondering how the scientific world really worked. After all, he had grown up in an environment where science was looked down upon and the "supernatural" praised. Of course, in the current world he was living in, the two were reversed. Science was well-received while the paranormal mocked. Akira was biased toward anything "spiritual" and was thus revolted by how most people felt. Even the pet he owned seemed to believe more in science than the supernatural.

"Many scientific discoveries can be proven with hard evidence. Most supernatural phenomena cannot. It is likely whatever 'paranormal activity' one experiences is just in their mind." the pet had said to Akira when asked how she felt about spirits. She had even believed that Akira's "profession" was worthless in today's society. This pet really was an intellectual of the world around him.

An intellectual virtual pet.

At first, the creature had started off with simple commands, such as "Feed me!" or "I went potty..." But over time the thing seemed to...develop. It gained real feelings, a gender, real world knowledge... It seemed like she was no different that a human, with the exception of two things: Physical appearance and species and personal names. Akira had been fairly lax about giving her a name, and he certainly didn't want to insult her. After all, despite how they disagreed on practically everything, she was still Akira's only friend. Even though Akira tried to attend every party that someone like him was allowed to attend, he never made any friends. Just acquaintances. Of course, Akira kept quiet that this pet was his only friend, even though he didn't particularly care about what others thought of him.

Most of the class was spent daydreaming. There was no experiment today, only a lecture and a PowerPoint. Akira wondered how the concept of technology was so interesting yet something like a slideshow was so boring. It made absolutely no sense.

Next was English. Or, in Akira's case, another "free" period. In addition to math, Akira didn't care for reading. He didn't like having to think a lot. Which caused problems every now and then. But that was part of who Akira was, and he had no plans on changing this aspect.

As he approached the tree, Akira took the virtual pet back out. She still seemed a little angry about earlier.

"About TIME. Don't tell me you're skipping another class." Akira ignored her.

"Hey, do you have a name I can call you by?" he asked. Though he couldn't tell, he had a feeling the creature was looking at him with curiosity.

"I don't. Why?"

Akira shrugged. "It feels kind of weird not being able to call you by something. You can call me 'Akira', but what can I call you?"

A pause. "I've never thought about giving myself a name. I am even currently unaware of what species I am. It's a bit shameful, if I do say so myself."

"Then, how about I give you a personal name? We can decide on your 'species' later."

"That would be nice, Akira. What do you propose?"

Akira thought for a moment. "How about Akemi? That way both our names mean 'bright'."

"'Akemi' sounds fine. I will take you up on your suggestion."

"Akemi it is, then! I hope you like it, 'cause the only way I'll stop calling you by that is if you come to like your species name more!"

"That will be fine..." It was like talking with a real human. Only so much more interesting. Akira wondered what his pet--what Akemi--would sound like if she were real and right next to him. But something virtual like her, becoming real? That could never happen, right?

Legendarian Mistress October 3rd, 2011 3:08 PM

Day 1

A sandy-brown haired teen, known as Hiroshi, had previously been introduced to the rest of the students in Hallbrook Academy. Hiroshi had been listening in on Wes and Sammy’s not-so-quiet conversation and snickering, when he heard Haru mutter to himself, so he glanced over. The boy was playing with his virtual pet and had a frown on his face. Hiroshi recognized it as the disappointed expression that came from the pet’s refusal to eat the food given to it. He hastily stole a peek at the clock on the wall; it read 8:49 AM, which meant the first class wasn’t due to start for another ten minutes roughly.

Satisfied with the amount of time he had, he swiftly stared at his own virtual pet, knowing his bond with it was at eighty-three percent. But what he didn’t know was that a glitch would occur in the systems of his and Haru’s pets that would bring them down to thirty-nine percent. “My bond is higher than yours,” he hissed casually in Haru’s direction. The other boy cautiously glanced at him, seeing and recognizing Hiroshi as the one who wrote the note. Hiroshi was prepared to say more, but then two things happened simultaneously.

The English teacher’s footsteps were heard in the hallway and the sound of beeping rippled through the classroom. One of the other students hissed for whoever it was to turn the sound off on the virtual pet, but then Haru moaned quietly. “Thirty-nine percent…”

Hiroshi quickly glanced at his again and muffled a “****! Not mine, too.”

Skymin October 3rd, 2011 3:26 PM

Sammy Bridgevale
Episode One: A New World Awaits! Awaken the Bonds!

"Hi Day! Hi Ivy! Hi Xavier! Your sister's not weird," Sammy said with a laugh. True, this girl, Day, as she had been introduced as, had her quirks but weird meant that drooled down her shirt and had spiders coming out of her hair. Or... something. But yeah, Sammy knew this guy from his classes. Though he couldn't recall which one (maybe History? Maths?), his name was pretty cool, so Sammy remembered it. Plus, this Day girl had just said it. So that made it doubly easy to remember. "This is Rylie!"

"Hi," she said with a nod. "I think you're in my Science class, Xavier. And English too, with Sammy as well, I think."

"Awesome. Small school, yeah?" Sammy nodded with Rylie. He wasn't sure what else to talk about. There was the weather, but that was kind of lame. Maybe some kind of sports? Politics? Then, as if the little guy could hear what Sammy was thinking, beeped restlessly in his pocket. Thanks, little dude. You always know what to do.

"Hah, the little guy needs some love," Sammy pulled out his virtual pet and checked the stats. Dang, he was hungry and his fun was down too. Sammy quickly changed that. "He's so cool, don't you think?" Rylie shook her head in disappointment, as if Sammy was some little kid who thought that this was like a real dog or baby or something.

Scarf Blade October 3rd, 2011 3:31 PM

"What did you do, Hiroshi?!" Haru asked a little furiously. Now wasn't the best time for this. All that hard work was now gone. Nothing but high-thirty percent remained. "Did you bug my device or something?! Not cool!"

"Haru, trust me, I don't need to mess your device up to beat you. ****! Not mine, too!" Hiroshi said, watching as his own device shrank in percentage, too. Haru wanted to laugh, but it wasn't worth it. He yawned and then sighed at almost the same time.

"I guess we're both incredibly unlucky..." Haru sighed as the teacher walked in.

"Sit down, everyone! It's time for the test!" the English teacher said as he walked through the doorway.

"Well I see that the janitors still forget to lock this door. Good for me," Haru thought out loud to himself as he walked over to a create and jumped on top of it. He yawned to himself as his virtual pet began buzzing in his pocket. Taking it out, the boy could see that it contacted him. "Food, please!" it seemed to chime, the boy obliging its request and started to feed it. It had been a little while since he tried to feed it (or her, as the device tried to tell him. It could have a gender?) at the start of the day. Now that a class was about to end, it was about time to go to the next class: Science. For once Haru liked a class, there were two people he could call acquaintances in that one, but he was going to take a bit of personal time before actually entering. It seemed to be a ritual. First he'd show up in English class, then disappear for the roof until Science (one of his acquaintances greeting him while the other tells him off for arriving late every time), then go to Math and then lunch, Spanish was after, skipping that one too if he could, then Sociology, and then finally end the day with gym. After school was where the fun really began; he decided what to do before walking home. Usually it was the arcade, a not very well-known pizza parlor (but the food there was awesome; he never got why they didn't get so much business...) or the riverside to relax. There was certainly a methodology to the madness.

"Now you want to eat? You usually never have a problem with eating in the morning before school starts," Haru talked with his virtual pet. Usually it would look odd, but the pet would message him back. In fact, it was responding now.

"I wasn't hungry, Haru. Are you not in class right now?"

"No, I'm resting up a bit before science. I don't think Kathy's day is ever complete if she can't have the chance to scold me for arriving late," Haru explained, yawning in between sentences.

"You've been arriving later and skipping school more often, Haru. What's on your mind, now?" the pet asked, Haru frowning to himself.

"It's nothing; just three more weeks before my birthday. I haven't reminded anyone, so it's very unlikely-- close to impossible-- that anyone would know," Haru sighed, looking up at the sky. It was a little darker today... he'd know; he was up on the roof everyday.

"You could always tell them," the pet replied simply.

"Not going to; I just don't want anyone to know right now. It's likely that I won't make it after the twenty-seventh, so I just want them to think I dropped out or something. No one's going to think otherwise, anyway," Haru said gravely, yawning as he looked down to stare at the little eight-bit creature in the device, "I'll make sure I give you to Wes the day before; I don't think I trust Kathy with you--"

"DANGER!! DANGER!! Haru, it's not safe to be on the roof!!" a sudden series of beeping sounded from the device. It was a new sound Haru never heard before, but it was so annoying.

"What? What could be dangerous about--" Haru tried to ask, but got cut off as the beeping got louder. Gritting his teeth and bracing himself, the boy gave in and started for the door. He shook the device as he marched down the stairs. "Okay, okay!! I'm not on the roof anymore! You can stop now!"

Haru sighed as he walked through the corridors and headed for Science class. It was a bit earlier than normal, but he very well couldn't go back up with the virtual pet being up and arms against the idea. Oh well, maybe Kathy would be less prompted to scold him if he showed up a little earlier...

Playing with the virtual pet as he walked down the hall, Haru frowned to himself as he saw that the percent didn't change one bit. It was still thirty-nine percent. Now they were back a whole bunch of steps!! Perhaps it was just him, but the pet seemed a little less rebellious to his nurturing than it had the last couple of days. Did it feel bad? Sure, Haru was exhibiting a bit of extreme angst, but it wasn't like the pet hadn't heard it before. In fact, the last time he did the pet grew six percent closer to him in the same hour. That was when Haru first thought that the pet was acting odd. It seemed to want to console him, but it had no way of doing so. Maybe that was why it rebelled in the first place? Either way, Haru was curious.

"Hey, er, little... girl-program?" Haru asked, confused as he turned a corner, "What are you feeling?" This seemed crazy; even for Haru. Even if it developed oddly over the last few weeks, it was still a defecting device. It was just going to act confused then asked to play. Or... not.

"Program is a sad girl. D:" the pet messaged him, including the frown-face, then added, "Haru's always nice to Program, but Program can't help right now. Program wants to make Haru better."

"Uhh... sorry?" Haru asked, not at all sure if what he was reading was a malfunction or not, "It's nothing you have to concern yourself over; that's just how it is. Forget that happened, okay?"

"Program can't forget! She wants to save Haru!" the virtual pet messaged with a small sound of sad beeping.

"Eh?! Don't cry! I'm sure you can find a way!" the boy exclaimed before the closeness meter jumped up to forty... and then back down to thirty-nine. Well, that was odd. Odder, though, was that Haru stopped dead in his tracks without warning.

Indeed, he instinctively stopped walking before he bumped into Kathy. Taking a step back, it took a second for Haru to register that it really was Kathy. And Wes was with her, too! "Well, you two aren't in class. That's unusual," Haru said, a blank tone devoid of expression being used as he addressed the two acquaintances, "Usually I get scolded for it." That sentence ended with a yawn.

Miss Doronjo October 3rd, 2011 3:37 PM

Katharina von Kuranse
Day One =Da Mon


"First of all, please just call me Wes. Wesley sounds too formal for my tastes," said Wes, turning the music coming from his iTouch off and taking the earbuds out of his ears. "And my pants are usually on thank you. I just like them a little baggy. Makes me comfy, unlike these stupid dress pants they make use boys wear. Ugh I hate them."

Katharina let out a sigh. "Right...I forgot that people in this country like to, how they say: 'Look Fly', as well as give such short-stature names," Katharina bowled, as she returned her notepad back into her lab coat. "Do not worry, I suppose we have that in Germany too. Well, I am sure we do anyhow. Anyways, I shall respect your wishes, Herr 'Wes'."

"Besides, one would think such a nerd like you would even take off that darn lab coat every once in a while. Honestly girl... Science isn't everything," said Wes playfully, except for that part about science. Katharina then gave him a more, serious look. "I think you should stop and smell the roses every once in a while.

"...Herr Wes, Are you asserting that science does not involve a hands-on approach? Because my dear bagged-happy friend, you are quite misinformed," Katharina said meekly. "Science is everything. In fact, do you know that you are made out of tiny little particles called atoms? Z'at, Herr Wes, is science. Science is absolute; anyone who shall think otherwise, needs to be put on a rack, and made fun of, and be called horrendous, hideous, and other alliterations that begin with the letter 'h', names repeatedly."

Katharina then fixed up on wearing her lab coat, as she soon saw Wes walking away. "Say, I'm heading towards the cafeteria to get some grub. Would you like to join me? Or is there an experiment more important than me?" he asked playfully as he pointed with his thumb down the hallway, still smiling.

"Hmmm..." Kathrina mumbled in deep thought. "I have two possibilities. One, to continue my quest to find the ultimate answer of the question of two plus two, observing the outer lengths of this universe, all the way to the deepest of organisums...or to consume disaccharides along with lipase and protein, thus providing myself with energy and the building blocks for my metabolisum... eating building blocks with a friend that wears baggy pants...Hm. Very well, Herr Wes. I shall accept your offer. Shall we go?" Katharina, with a small smile on her face, then followed Wes though the hallway, on the way to the cafeteria.

Fuyu October 3rd, 2011 6:45 PM

Xavier grinned. "That's cause you don't live with her," he told Sammy proudly, letting his sister down. He leaned over to see Sammy's pet. "It's such an awesome project dude," he said cheerily. "I love this sort of thing. Real animals wouldn't survive our house. There's too much stuff in it and I'm not allowed to go on ebay."

Ivy suddenly let out a soft cry. "Day we need to go." She frowned and then grinned.

"Okay Ivy! Bye everybody!" She sped down the hall gleefully. Xavier sighed as Ivy tried to hurry after her. Skirts made running humiliating and difficult.

"And people wonder why I claim the stork got the wrong bundle of hyper," he muttered before smiling at Rylie and Sammy. "We should get goin'. The teacher will be ticked if we're late." He felt a soft vibration in his pant pocket and frowned, saying nothing about it.

Meanwhile Day was running the shortcut. It was time for band class! And that meant one thing... stabbing somebody with her flute! Well, actually it meant something else, but her fellows agreed that was the most entertaining part of the class. There was someone just ahead of her, shuffling quickly. DAy was curious. Who was that? Time to find out.

Day sped up and leapt into the air, tackling the mystery person into the nearby classroom. "HI!"

Nideous October 3rd, 2011 7:00 PM

Lucy slipped down another hallway. He was not having an easy time of it at all. He looked up at the number of the next room. 221. Great. He was on the wrong side of the building. He began walking again. He heard someone running down the hall and sped his steps up. He really didn't want to have to talk with anyone. This was the worng move, as whoever was behind him sped up after him. A scant second later, and Lucy was wondering why he couldn't hear this person running him down anymore. Less than a second after that thought had formed Lucy was tackled into from behind. His glasses went flying off and his books went flying everywhere. He hit the ground, hard, and his digital pet went boucning on the floor.

"Oof! Ow..." Lucy groaned. He blinked and tried to look up at the person that was now on his back. Crushing the life out of him too. And his long hair was trapped painfully under this person. But without his glasses, everything was a blur. A headache inducing blur. Lucy could hear his digital pet buzzing and beeping furiously at him. She really did not like getting tossed about like that. Hm... When had Lucy begun thinking of that thing as a she? Didn't matter. All that mattered was getting this very heavy person off of his back.

"Ugh... My back... You're breaking it!" Lucy managed to gasp out. He felt around for his glasses, but they weren't in reach.

Fuyu October 3rd, 2011 7:07 PM

The girl frowned at him as she got up, uninjured. What was with this kid, aside from being blind? "I am not," she protested merrily. "You're just weak. Day gets tackled like that every day. " She placed the other's glasses in his hand and regathered his books nearby. At the sight of the virtual pet, she was immediately distracted, cooing, funnily enough. "Wow," she said, somehow seeing some form from the pixels. "She's so cute! What's her name? Wait, what's yours?"

Ivy had caught up and saw the mess. Seeing the boy on the ground she panicked. "Oh gosh I'm sorry! Duh-Day!" she cried. "Come and help! You could have killed him!"

"Nuh-uh," the purple girl said stubbornly. "He didn't hit the drum set."

"That's still bad," Ivy said miserably, reaching to help the boy up.

Skymin October 4th, 2011 4:10 AM

Sammy Bridgevale
Episode One: A New World Awaits! Awaken the Bonds!

"We should get goin'. The teacher will be ticked if we're late," Xavier said to the other two seniors. Rylie nodded at him, grabbed Sammy's arm and led him and Xavier towards their first class; English. One of the only classes that Sammy was actually decent that. That and Maths. His other classes, like Science, History, Art and Computing? Yeah, he wasn't that great, but enough to grab a B or something.

"Good idea," Sammy said, letting the arm guide his legs. The class wasn't too far away, thank god. It was quite a big school, walking to the other side of it wasn't something he enjoyed doing. So, a short walk took them to Room something or other and luckily, the bell hadn't rung yet. So the teacher wasn't in yet. Sammy walked in, took his spot next to Rylie and smiled at the other sitting next to him.

"Hey, Gracey!" Sammy grinned back at the red head. "How was your night?"

"Very much lame. I just studied all night. You should have totally been there. Rylie was!" Grace looked over at her classmate with a smile, who gave a wave back. "Why couldn't you?"

"My sisters came over. Both of them, which is pretty rare. Winifred usually works when Francis has her nights off, so it was really awesome. It was like a family night!" Sammy shrugged. "We watched Scott Pilgrim for the thousandth time but mum fell asleep. Have you see that?"

"Nope. Is it good?"

"Amazing! It's amazing," Sammy turned back to the front of the class as the bell went off and the teacher entered the class, thudding her bag and books on the desk. She looked a little tired for the first class. Oh boy, she was probably not in a fantastic mood at all.

Nideous October 4th, 2011 5:04 AM

Lucy felt the person get off of him and someone put his glasses in his hands. He hastily shoved them on his face. He moved over and snatched up his virtual pet, who was still beeping angrily. He glanced down and saw a few choice words about the person that had tackled him and began to blush a little.

"It's ok. I'm fine, you're fine. It's fine. Calm down little program," Lucy muttered to himself and the toy. That seemed to do the trick, as the little girl calmed down. Lucy cocked an eyebrow when the compatiblity raised to 11% Great, all it took was being run into. He looked nerbously at te two that were in the room. Great, they clearly wanted to talk. He didn't want to.

"I'm Lucy... I need to get to class," Lucy said quietly as he made his way toward the door as quickly as he could without being rude.

Game Over1375 October 4th, 2011 9:07 AM


Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo (Post 6873739)
Katharina von Kuranse
Day One =Da Mon


"First of all, please just call me Wes. Wesley sounds too formal for my tastes," said Wes, turning the music coming from his iTouch off and taking the earbuds out of his ears. "And my pants are usually on thank you. I just like them a little baggy. Makes me comfy, unlike these stupid dress pants they make use boys wear. Ugh I hate them."

Katharina let out a sigh. "Right...I forgot that people in this country like to, how they say: 'Look Fly', as well as give such short-stature names," Katharina bowled, as she returned her notepad back into her lab coat. "Do not worry, I suppose we have that in Germany too. Well, I am sure we do anyhow. Anyways, I shall respect your wishes, Herr 'Wes'."

"Besides, one would think such a nerd like you would even take off that darn lab coat every once in a while. Honestly girl... Science isn't everything," said Wes playfully, except for that part about science. Katharina then gave him a more, serious look. "I think you should stop and smell the roses every once in a while.

"...Herr Wes, Are you asserting that science does not involve a hands-on approach? Because my dear bagged-happy friend, you are quite misinformed," Katharina said meekly. "Science is everything. In fact, do you know that you are made out of tiny little particles called atoms? Z'at, Herr Wes, is science. Science is absolute; anyone who shall think otherwise, needs to be put on a rack, and made fun of, and be called horrendous, hideous, and other alliterations that begin with the letter 'h', names repeatedly."

Katharina then fixed up on wearing her lab coat, as she soon saw Wes walking away. "Say, I'm heading towards the cafeteria to get some grub. Would you like to join me? Or is there an experiment more important than me?" he asked playfully as he pointed with his thumb down the hallway, still smiling.

"Hmmm..." Kathrina mumbled in deep thought. "I have two possibilities. One, to continue my quest to find the ultimate answer of the question of two plus two, observing the outer lengths of this universe, all the way to the deepest of organisums...or to consume disaccharides along with lipase and protein, thus providing myself with energy and the building blocks for my metabolisum... eating building blocks with a friend that wears baggy pants...Hm. Very well, Herr Wes. I shall accept your offer. Shall we go?" Katharina, with a small smile on her face, then followed Wes though the hallway, on the way to the cafeteria.

Wesley James Stevens
Day One: Act I: Scene III:

"It isn't so much about "looking fly" as it is being comfy for me. Honestly, I could care less if I looked fly or not, " said Wes as he walked through the halls to the cafeteria with Kathy. "And I know I'm made out of atoms, but honestly, I would rather not think about it too much. I agree with you that science is cool. Neat things are always happening, and even I would like to learn more them. But you see, there are other things to think about, like food. Especially now, because I'm hungry!"

Several shouts were then heard as some of the jocks that Wes knew walked by him, shaking his hand, calling him a bro, asking what he was doing with that "nerd girl." Wes just shrugged at the last bit. "She's a friend."

The jocks simply walked away as Wes continued walking, as if nothing had happened at all. Honestly, he was kinda use to it by now.

"I wonder what they have to eat today for breakfast... Hopefully something good, and thanks for coming along. Been a while since someone actually sat down and ate with m-"

The beeping of Wes' virtual pet was loud, and it caused Wes to stop in his tracks. Taking it out again, he saw a message.

"You've got those moves like Jagger playa. ;)"

"Oh you have GOT to be kidding me!" said a rather surprised Wes, pressing the play button and immediately putting the virtual pet back in his pocket, blushing as he did so. "I swear... Sometimes I think that thing is alive."

Miss Doronjo October 4th, 2011 1:24 PM

Katharina von Kuranse
Day One =Da Mon


Coming through the halls, Katharina and her friend past up a few jocks, as well as some new faces; one, that she saw a person that was really angry as he pushed and shoved through other people. Katharina didn't think of him too much, however; instead, she especially payed attention to what her friend pointed out: That sometimes he thinks that his virtual pet was still alive. Katharina made a small chuckle.

"Sure, and someday, you'll sprout wings, wear high heels, and become one you say, a 'porn' star. Come now, Herr Wes. A virtual pet alive? Z'at's impossible you know," Katharina pointed out as she took out her own virtual pet. "However, with this topic, I must add that this, my own virtual pet, does intrigue me. One day, I was speaking with another, and then out of the blue, it too, made a message I have never seen of was something you say...'DON'T WHAT ME?'...or something."

Her virtual pet beeped again, as Katharina played with the buttons until she got to the message page. "WATCH OUT FOR THOSE SPIDERS! STEP ON EM' INSECTS IF YOU SEE ONE!" it messaged. It was more like a warning, surprisingly.

Katharina surveyed around the halls of the school, searching for any eight-legged fiends. However, she saw none. "...But... I do not see any arachnids..." Katharina sighed, turning back to her virtual pet. "And to confuse the fact that arachnids are mere insects ... This thing must be broken, I assume. That, or my virtual pet needs some serious virtual medication, should there be such a thing. THIS GIVES ME AN IDEA FOR MY SCIENTIFIC QUEST! I'll call it: KATHARINA: Cyber Health Woes! From your Head, to your Toes!"

Fuyu October 4th, 2011 1:43 PM

Ivy frowned at the name but didn't think too much of it, dragging Day away to the class room. Day was cheerfully oblivious to the obvious harm she had caused. "Bye Lucy!" she called after the other. "See you later!" Ivy suppressed a groan. She had the spazziest friend ever. Day twisted around to walk and giggled innocently at her friend. "That guy sure was silly," she stated, going to take her seat in the back. Flutes had been in the back since they had been here. They needed more room.

Ivy shook her head and sat down a few seats away. They were in the same row due to the pure size of the band. She grabbed her clarinet and assembled it, playing a few notes. Nearby, she heard DAy doing the same, looking actually focused. She sighed with relief. Day was the teacher's problem... for now. THere was a soft buzz and a beep from her pocket. She shivered. Ivy was scared. She hoped everything worked out.


Xavier glanced at the chatting seniors and away. Why couldn't he talk about those sorts of things? Sometimes he'd like to... oh wait, it was because he had no friends. Wilson warned against them, said they were a hinderance on the mind if they weren't on their team. X hated those sorts of statements but he commander was the big cheese. Nothing he could do. Besides, the group, his bloody family, did do those things, did talk about movies and study together. It was just so much less often.

He decided to let out a snort towards Sammy's group as the teacher walked in. "Study? You out of your mind? Trust me dude, I am too cool for that."

Game Over1375 October 4th, 2011 1:54 PM

Wesley James Stevens
Day One: Act I: Scene IV:

Facepalming himself after what his pal had said about him becoming a porn star, Wes just shook his head in dismay. "Man... She needs help," were his thoughts as more and more people began shuffling past him and Kathy.

"Don't you think I know that Kathy? It's just so odd how it responds to things sometimes... I mean, this morning it beeped part of the song Moves Like Jagger. Tell me, do you know of any school programs that can do that?"

Wes then tilted his head in thought, listening to what Kathy had said about her own virtual pet. Becoming surprised, he took his out again. The little pet was there, just looking content... Until it began dancing on the screen, beeping a few times. That didn't look right at all...

"Yours too huh? Meh, technology nowadays... It amazes me," said Wes, becoming curious about this new development. He then placed the virtual pet back in his pocket, reminding himself to look into it later.

And then Kathy went on about ANOTHER experiment. This caused Wes to facepalm again as he walked up to the cafeteria.

"C'mon. Let's get something to eat before you blow something up."

Scarf Blade October 4th, 2011 2:29 PM

"Dack!!" Haru blurted as he felt himself be shoved out of the way and hit the lockers with a resounding metallic crash. When the jocks came to talk with Wes, they threw Haru off to the side before either Kathy or Wes could see that he was there. When they all left, the boy could see that both of them had walked off without wondering what caused the noise. "Not cool..."

Getting up, Haru charged for the cafeteria and caught them before they entered the cafeteria. "Hey guys..." Haru said a little more irritatedly.

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