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Swolligator October 8th, 2011 11:06 PM

Focus Shift: A New Awakening [R-16]
Focus Shift: A New Awakening [R-16]

“I let my focus shift, that’s all there is to it. Now you try.”

For background information, go here.
For In Character thread, go here.


The world burned before my very eyes. The Pokemon and Human civilization that has stood for so many years had been wiped clean off of the face of the Earth; nothing remained. Wounded, I surveyed my surroundings to find the barren mountain top littered with the bodies of my comrades. Next to me, Harley lay motionless, not even a breath of air escaped nor entered her lips, her Catalyst lying only a couple of meters away; their fingers just barely touching. Miharu and her Espeon lay at the foot of the altar; their bodies twined and barely recognisable from the onslaught they had so bravely fought against. Josh was nowhere to be seen amongst the slaughter, a vague memory of him being flung off of Mount Coronet with Odessa spread through my mind like wild fire. Raike lay just behind Miharu; he along with his Catalyst Raven had been the first to die at the hands of the traitor, a sword wound slicing deep into his side from protecting his Umbreon from being hit. I tried not to look at Kris’ mangled body; his was by far the worst.

Tears now flowed freely from my eyes as I pulled myself along the stone plateau towards the dying body of my faithful Houndoom. My left arm lay limp against the ground, caked in blood, sweat and dirt; the tendons and muscles long since severed beyond repair. She whimpered quietly, looking at me with those dark and foreboding, yet caring eyes. Her body was in far worse condition than my own; and I inwardly cursed myself for letting her get like this. I should have saved her when I had the chance; I should have realised the most obvious fact before my eyes before I lead them into this trap. Now as the only one alive, I felt incredibly guilty for leading them like lambs to the slaughter.

I felt a sharp pain as an old blade cut through my back, severing parts of my spine and ripping open organs as it passed through my body. I was now paralysed and dying slowly as I watched the world die and our enemy make his way into my field of vision. Kneeling on his knees, Kellyn lifted up my head so I could look into those cold, dark eyes of his; the same eyes that had help so much promise when I first met him. In the background, a corrupted Arceus lay dead atop the altar and a bloodied Giratina in Origin Forme floating menacingly above it.

It wasn’t his fault; Kellyn was not born to be evil, he had been corrupted, his actions not of his own doing but that of the puppet master whom carefully controlled and manipulated him. I should have noticed, I should have realised at the start but I was too caught up in my ‘save the world’ mind set to realise something small and insignificant that would be our downfall.

The light faded from my eyes and I slipped from the burnt husk of a world I had previously inhabited and fought for. I watched as the images of my friends and comrades dying burned into my skull; my very last memory of them and of everything.

Sweat beaded itself down my forehead as I lay in sweat soaked sheets. Pitch lay beside my bed, head raised and fur bristling searching for signs of trouble. The dream felt all too real; I could still feel the blade in my back and my arm hanging limply by my side and the images of my friends dying one by one playing in my head like a movie reel. I realised for the first time in my life how important I actually was. Throwing on clothes and a satchel of supplies, I headed outside into the crisp, early morning air. The sun rose before my very eyes; the same sun that had set on the world I had lived in my dreams. I was determined not to let my dreams come into fruition. But knowing what was going to happen now means the rules have changed and the people I once knew may not be the same. Even I have changed in ways vastly different to my previous self. Perhaps now I could prevent the end of the world.


Only select species of Pokémon have the chance to be a catalyst and even within those species, it is very rare for a Catalyst to exist. Like their Human counterparts, Catalysts cannot shift between the Contemporary Realm and the Aether Realm but it is heavily suspected that they live in both Realms simultaneously. They essentially act as the fulcrum for their Human counterparts to both enter and exit the Aether Realm. Catalyst are said to be the ‘other half’ of a Shifter’s soul, and as such it is by this connection that Shifters and Catalysts can find each other. Catalysts are often very loyal and very protective of their Shifter and will do anything to protect them. Catalysts are usually born at the same time as their Shifter but sometimes no more than one day before or after.

This is the act where a select person (called a Shifter) uses his/her Pokémon (called a Catalyst) as a fulcrum to essentially shift from the Contemporary Realm into the Aether Realm and back. When shifting, a Shifter’s consciousness is moved from the Contemporary Realm where it would otherwise permanently exist, to the Aether Realm. In the Aether Realm, normal people are seen as ghostly images, speculated as ‘souls’ whilst a Shifter sees their body and other Shifters’ bodies as what they would be like in the Contemporary Realm. Shifting is seen as the only way (currently) to get from one realm to the other, excluding the portal to the Distortion World in Turnback Cave, Sinnoh.

Shifters are people, who with the help of a Pokémon know as a “Catalyst”, can shift between the Contemporary Realm and the Aether Realm. They are very rare and make up less than 1% of the world’s total population. Shifters usually become aware of their powers at the age of fifteen, and this usually involves a shift into the Aether Realm with their Catalyst. Sifters are usually born at the same time as their Catalyst but no more than one day before or after. Unlike Catalysts, Shifters only exist in the one realm, using their shifting abilities to jump from one realm to the other.

Calling/The Call:
The Call; or the act of Calling is the instance where a Shifter sends a message through the Aether Realm to other Shifters out there. The Call can be received in the Aether Realm and in the Contemporary Realm but can only be sent from the Aether Realm. If not directed specifically to someone (by visualising them with the Shifters mind whilst sending them call), it ends up spreading throughout the Aether Realm (much like ripples on a lake when a stone is dropped in the water). Catalysts are usually the ones who catch the signal transmission due to their simultaneous existence in both realms, and act as transceivers; catching the signal of the call and transmitting it to their human through the bond that they share. This transmitting is usually done through both Catalyst and Shifter locking eyes. The Call can come in different forms; for most it is a series of images relating to the message, but for some individuals I can be different.

The Origin Blade:
A weapon of myth suggested to be crafted from pieces of the elemental plates of Arceus; it retains to ability to severely injure legendary Pokemon, not to the point of death, but to a state where they are close to dying. Only a single Shifter possess’ the ability to wield this object at any given time. A mythic weapons such as this is lost to the annals of history; its location unknown to even the most powerful of Pokemon. Myths also state that after it was created and used, it was split apart into seventeen pieces that were scattered across the world in time and space.

Death Walking:
An ability only available to one Shifter at a time, it allows the possessor to walk where no other Shifter can; Death. Very difficult to master, yet incredibly powerful, the user can walk through the Death Realm without having previously died and without harm to themselves or their Catalyst. The ability itself requires immense amounts of power from the user, meaning that this ability can take a huge toll on that person; something that shouldn’t be done often. Despite this fact, the Death Walker is perhaps one of the most important Shifters.

Dual Vision:
Another ability that can only be possessed by one Shifter at any given time, it allows the possessor the ability to looking into both the Contemporary and Aether Realm simultaneously. Gained as if by accident but entirely coincidental; the ability can drive people mad. By concentrating through one eye, the user can see through either realm depending on which eye is in which, however if not concentrating the user can see both at the same time, more often than not causing problems in movement and sight.


Aether Realm:
This realm exists close to our conscious Contemporary Realm. It mostly exists as a grey, hazy world where buildings and nature become transparent and shimmering, ghostly images of people and Pokémon appear; this is speculated to be their Spirit, hence the name of the realm. There is no weather in the Aether Realm, this includes wind. Pokémon known as Catalysts are said to live in both the Contemporary Realm and Aether Realm simultaneous but this too is highly speculated. When moving from the Human Realm to the Aether Realm, Shifters take their bodies with them meaning that when they Shift out of the Aether Realm into the Human Realm, they effectively teleport somewhere else. There is no sound in the Aether Realm however it has been noted that both Pokémon and humans can talk in this realm through some sort of telekinesis. It has been speculated that in some cases, people have been able to converse with their Pokémon, however there is no evidence to back this theory up. It is sometimes confused with the Distortion World of Giratina, due to its oddly different environment, but it is something completely different.

Contemporary Realm:
The realm that we see around us; this realm holds our consciousness’ as well as our physical bodies. Here is where humanity and Pokémon have flourished and lived. Most people here are not able to shift between the realms; possibly even less than 1% of the world’s population can ‘shift’ into other dimensions or possesses knowledge of other existing dimensions. The Contemporary Realm is where our physical bodies exist, whereas the Aether Realm is said to be where our ‘souls’ exist, moving in relation to where our physical bodies move. When travelling to the Aether Realm, a Shifter’s body is thought to go into some sort of ‘Limbo”, waiting for the Shifter to reappear which is effectively teleportation.

Death Realm:
A dark and lonely realm that is only accessible to the dead and Death Walker is where both Pokemon and Human souls come to rest. Shrouded in thick pitch blackness with no light to speak of, the realm is home to millions of dead souls that wander the endless emptiness. Only a Death Walker may come to this realm and ultimately return, but their soul is a beacon for those lost souls wandering aimlessly so swiftness is essential. If a Death Walker stays down here for too long, they will wear the penalty upon returning to the Contemporary Realm.


• All Pokecommunity RP Forum rules apply to this RP.
• Being active is a big part of it; no activity = dead RP.
• Descriptive passages makes for better reading. This includes length; nothing is too long.
• Proper structure is a must; again it makes for better reading.
• Bunnying or Godmodding or anything like that not permitted unless the other person has agreed and I am notified.
• Proper grammar is much appreciated; spell check is a part of Microsoft Word for a reason.
• Remember this is my RP, if you are inactive without reason for a long period of time, you will be booted out. The same goes for disregarding of the rules. I am God of this RP.
• Following on, inactivity of more than one week without notification will result in dismissal; however you may be welcomed back if you have a good excuse.

>Name: (Full name please)
>Age: (Between 15 and 21)
>Gender: (Male/Female)
Physical: 1+ paragraph (What their basic features are: hair, weight, height, ethnicity, etc.)
Clothing: 1+ paragraph (What do they wear on most occasions?)
>Personality: 2+ paragraphs (how they act, what they are like, etc.)
>History: 2+ paragraphs (Just remember, this is what has happened up until now.)
>RP Sample: (Anything goes; I just want to see your skills.)

>Name: (entirely optional)
>Gender: (Male/Female)
>Species: (Choose one: Espeon/ Umbreon/ Houndoom/ Mightyena/Zoroark)
>Personality: 1+ paragraph (just a quick paragraph on what they are like, how they act, etc.)

MichaelaTheUchiha October 10th, 2011 9:02 PM

Oh. My. Kami-sama. <3 We need to get Zamorak to start RPing again so we could (quite possibly) get the whole group.

Name: Miharu Mizushima

Age: 18

Gender: Female


Physical: Miharu has straight, black hair that reaches up to her shoulders. How she wears her hair depends on the situation; down for casual, in a ponytail for sports/walking, and held up in a bun with chopsticks for battling (physically or pokemonwise). Miharu also has black, almond shaped eyes which turn into slits when she grins heavily. She weighs about 110lbs and is about 5'6". She is Japanese and looks like it too, obviously. Miharu has fairly developed muscles from traveling around and practicing martial arts. She does have quite a number of scars though, the worst on her back which is a multitude of small cuts. She does not have any tattoos, however.

Clothing: What Miharu wears is usually dependant to the weather/season. She usually wears a plain, black t-shirt and a black cargo pant, as black is her favourite colour. However, she can mix in the occasional blue and sometimes even red. She usually does not wear any skirts or dresses, not because she hates them when in fact she actually doesn't mind them, it is because it usually hard to maneuver in a dress/skirt and because if she kicked someone, she could very well flash them. She also wears black, Chinese styled flats that are easy to maneuver around in, like the rest of her clothes. It also helps her to walk silently. She does not wear any jewelry.


Miharu is usually a jokester at heart, almost always seen with a grin on her face. However, she is completely sarcastic and snarky to extremes, which can allow her to gain friends or enemies. However, she is a fairly good liar and manipulator.

She had an interest of psychology at a young age and tried to read other people along her journey. However, she can only get a basic idea of their personality, and it may not always be correct.

She usually doesn’t like to show weakness and will, most likely, not accept help unless she is dying. And even then, she’s hesitant. It isn’t because she’s prideful; it’s just because she doesn’t want to feel like a burden to anyone.

If the situation calls for it, she can be completely straight faced and not crack any jokes. This usually only happens under RARE occasions.

During battles, she is quite ingenious, able to think of tactics that most people feel that are "out of the box". Sometimes, she taunts her opponent to anger, which makes them sloppy and rash. During battles of any sort, her wit becomes sharper, her sarcasm becomes greater, her jokes (and amazingly lame puns) appear more often, and she is usually only focused on the battling. She feels that she truly comes to live during battles, physical or pokemon.

However, due to her martial arts training, she will never try to strike an opponent first. Sure, she may annoy someone to the point of them being murderous, but she will never throw the first punch. Due to this, she can keep her temper. Well, unless human stupidity and ignorance shows itself. She also has quite the addiction of TV Tropes and the lingo sometimes, most of the time, will appear in her dialogue. She also likes to make references to some books, movies, and TV Shows. She usually likes to make references to Psych and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

She is also quite neutral on everything and really doesn't care about much. She's more of a "go with the flow" type of person. However, she will state her opinions if she feels that everyone else's is wack and it is going to get people killed.


Miharu was born in the town of Pallet (xD) in Kanto to a single mum. Her father ran out of the family before she was even born and when Miharu found him...well, let's say that he's lying in a ditch somewhere and leave it at that. Her mother was the greatest mum Miharu could ever wish for. She was supportive, loving, kind, and taught Miharu well...until she died when Miharu was ten. Having an Espeon hang with her since birth, Miharu left to go on her pokemon journey to the farthest region out there; Unova.

Unova was quite strange to her. Although she had glanced at maps before (and as such, knew where to go), she had never seen any pictures and such. Being born in a fairly small town, seeing all of the large cities, at first, made her extremely disoriented as she kept trying to remember everything and to take in everything. It gave her a huge headache, but soon she got used to the cities. Capturing quite a few pokemon (understatement), Miharu defeated all the gyms in Unova. When she made it to the tournament afterward, she managed to get in the top thirty-two, good for her age of eleven.

After this, she moved onto Sinnoh. Sinnoh was Miharu's favorite region to go through as she met Cynthia. Between her seventh and eighth badge, she managed to chance a meeting upon Cynthia, the champion of Sinnoh. They sparred, and, obviously, Cynthia won. However, they became close friends after that, still talking to each other and sparring occasionally. She went on to the tournament. She managed to make it to the top sixteen, but lost to another trainer.

Hearing of her achievements and her friendship with Cynthia, she received an invitation to a tournament in the Almia region. She accepted and battled her way through tough eliminations. She managed to make it through to the finals, having to face Cynthia. However, the night before, a terror struck the tournament. An army of Rotoms were causing mayhem and destruction. Miharu managed to stumble upon their leader, a shiny Gengar (Nightmare). They fought immediately. Most of Miharu's pokemon were at the Pokemon Center, the only one with her was Toxicroak, but it wasn't a really good match-up. Nightmare had super-effective attacks, while Toxicroak's best attacks were easily dodged. Nightmare, charging up for a Shadow Ball, suddenly aimed towards Miharu. Toxicroak was quick and was able to take the blow instead, but slamming into Miharu and making them hit parts of the walls that got tear up from the fight, which is where the multitudes of the scars on her back are from. Somehow, a master ball Miharu got from Cynthia managed to clip out of her belt and rolled over to the gleeful Nightmare. Nightmare, too happy in his win, didn't see the master ball until it clicked onto his feet and captured him. Both Miharu and Toxicroak were losing blood fast. Miharu, remaining consciousness, was able to call Cynthia who teleported to where they were, using one of her pokemon. Seeing what happened, Cynthia quickly took everyone to the pokemon center/hospital. As both Toxicroak and Miharu were recovering from their injuries, the finals were postponed. Miharu got better, but it took Toxicroak a longer time for healing. Miharu left for to battle in the finals. Due to pain that Miharu had, she didn’t manage to knock off any of Cynthia’s Pokemon, which is worse than her usual knocking down two of Cynthia’s Pokemon during sparring. Cynthia frowned, then noticing that something was off with Miharu. It ended up that her stitches were torn and she had to go back to the hospital. Cynthia visited Miharu and told Miharu that Miharu would have done better if she was in full health. Miharu shook her head, disagreeing. Cynthia shrugged, and left. After Toxicroak fully healed, Miharu left for Hoenn.

Hoenn was pretty much the region where Miharu tried to be the best trainer she could be to Nightmare. They had quite a lot of wacky adventures together, getting into weird situations (having models attack them, accidentally stumbling onto dead bodies more than once, etc.). Miharu went and beat all of the gym leaders, but decided not to go to the tournament at the end of the league. Instead, she went to the Battle Frontier and proceeded to beat all of the Brains there. After that, she decided to go to Johto.

Johto was only one region away from home; and the two regions were connected. Johto was a bit more rural than Kanto, but it still felt reminiscent to home. This was also when she found out about Nightmare's life. Nightmare was originally a shiny, due to being “special”. He was also one of the weakest Gastlys. However, that changed when a team of scientists captured the whole pack of Gasltys and Haunters. They were all experimented on, trying to get them to evolve into the next level without leveling up, or without trading, as well as giving them the ability to talk. However, Nightmare was the only one that survived out of all of the Gastlys and Haunters captured. When he was a Gengar, he managed to learn Hyper Beam, which allowed him to break through the cage and escape. Nightmare, before escaping, was able to destroy the machines, but apparently not kill any of the people. He laid low for a few days, before heading off to Almia, where he lived before being captured by the scientists. Then Nightmare battled Miharu and got captured. During Johto, they got wind of a group of scientists doing the same experiment. Nightmare, enraged, went to the compound. Miharu followed. It ended up being the same team of scientists that experimented on Nightmare before. They were both captured as the rest of Miharu’s pokemon were at the pokemon center at the time and were going to be experimented on, when Bishamon realized that he was unable to get in contact with Miharu. Bishamon managed to track Miharu down psychically, along with the other four of her pokemon, and they launched attacks on the lab. As one of their attacks hit the power source that powered Nightmare’s and Miharu’s cages, Nightmare was able to phase through the bars of the cage and broke Miharu out. The head scientist, enraged that his experiment was going to fail again, tried to kill them. However, Nightmare killed the head scientist. They were able to fight their way out and accidentally exploded the building, killing everyone who was inside and destroying the equipment. However, after this, she decided not to do the Indigo League. She decided to save it for after Kanto.

Kanto was the region in which she met her only legendary; Mewtwo. Mewtwo she met in the Cerulean Cave. After defeating Misty for her second Kanto gym badge, Miharu went on to travel the Cerulean Cave. She managed to make it through to the end when she saw Mewtwo. Mewtwo immediately attacked, knocking Miharu into a wall where she managed to slam her head to the wall and passed out. She woke up to dripping water and remembered what had happened, She quickly got up, ignoring the throb of her head, and checked the surroundings. Mewtwo was gone. Still having some free time before the Indigo League, Miharu traveled a bit throughout Kanto. She had managed to take down an uprising criminal group that had slowly becoming amongst the likes of Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Galactic, and Team Plasma. However, she managed to miss the leader. The leader, enraged, sent an assassin after Miharu with the projects they were working on. The assassin tracked Miharu down to Mt. Silver in where they battled it out. The assassin used normal pokemon that Miharu was able to defeat with ease...Until the assassin brought out mind controlled Salamance and Garchomp that could not feel any pain. Miharu was losing, and losing badly. Soon, it was just Nightmare, Miharu, and Sei left. Miharu fought the assassin head on, physically, while Sei fought off Garchomp and Nightmare fought off Salamance. Miharu noticed that Salamance and Garchomp didn't respond as well when the assassin was distracted and pushed her advantage. However, the assassin managed to get in a good blow that stopped Miharu for a few seconds, allowing the assassin to pin Miharu to the ground and put a knife to her throat, deciding against using the knife, and started to choke her. Seeing Miharu in trouble, Nightmare was able to defeat Salamance with a well-placed, good luck, Metronome, while Sei still fought off Garchomp. Nightmare Shadow Balled the assassin off of Miharu. The assassin, seeing that the Shadow Ball would kill her if she was still on Miharu, stopped choking Miharu and was able to dodge the Shadow Ball. As Miharu tried to breath, she managed to notice two black jewels on one of the assassin's earrings. She managed to rasp out an order; Nightmare to start attacking Garchomp so Sei would be able to take and give the two black stones to her. They both followed their orders well, and the two black jewels were in Miharu's hand. She smashed them before the assassin could stop her, and Garchomp suddenly ran away from Nightmare and sliced the assassin as Salamance ripped the assassin with his claws. The two black jewels were the project; like how Kyogre and Groundon were controlled by the Red and Blue jewel, the two black jewels would be able to help them to control Garchomp and Salamance, except in a fact that they could not feel pain. However, since they could feel pain now, the Garchomp and Salamance immediately passed out after killing the assassin. Miharu managed to contact Bishamon and then Miharu was sent to the hospital, her Pokemon, as well as the Garchomp and Salamance, were sent to a pokemon center, and after an overnight stay, she was allowed to leave. After this was when Miharu shifted for the first time at the age of fifteen. Miharu had this weird feeling, although she, at first, thought it was just something she ate, but it ended up being the telltale signs of her shifting to the Aether Realm. When she got there, both Sei and her figured out that they could hear each other telepathically and that her pokeballs were gone. Not trusting the new place, Miharu stayed in one spot before having the feeling again and coming back to the place she left. This time, she put her pokemon in the PC box, aside from Sei, and tried to get the feeling again. It worked, and she was sent back to the Aether Realm. This time, she went exploring. When they finally came out, instead of being in Kanto, she was in Unova. Scowling at the trouble, she contacted Bishamon telepathically (which she can do with only her psychic pokemon, but not Sei) and asked to be teleported back to Kanto. Two weeks after that was the Indigo League. Miharu managed to win the tournament, and then proceeded to go against the Elite Four and the Champion. She beat the Elite Four with ease and then it came down to the Champion VS Miharu. Each of them had one pokemon left, Sei and Venusaur, starter VS starter. Sei, however, after defeating three of the champion’s Pokemon on her own, was too tired to defeat Venusaur, and as such, Miharu lost.

After this defeat, she has been training on Mt. Silver for the past two years. She had managed to see Red once, but they didn’t really talk to each other.

RP Sample: (Taken from Humanum Familiares; Just realized I forgot this, lol.)

"...However I'm unsure how they recognised our precense already...They could only have realised that if something was approaching from the air..." Emil shot a sneering glance at Miharu.

Miharu rolled her eyes as ice needles appeared in her hands. "Dude, we were barely off the ground. We were a few INCHES off the ground. Kaida's just amazing like that. Plus, they probably knew that people would be coming after the princess. She is the princess after all."

However, Emil could not respond as the soldiers were right on them. Miharu threw her ice needles with startling accuracy, each of them hitting pressure points that would cause them to lose conciseness. A few attempted to surround her before they fell to the ground from the scary aim of her ice needles. Then, a barrage of arrows came and hit a dragon and quite a few of the guards. However, by the time that the arrows came, all of the guards that had tried to attack her, thinking her of the weakest link, were all on the ground, to be knocked out for eight hours.

Miharu nodded, smirking. She noticed a movement out of the corner of her eye and saw that it was a kid. It also seemed that "Mist" saw it as well and shot the kid in the leg. Miharu winced. Didn't anyone knew that one at least took a second to assess the "threat" before shooting?

Like "Mist", Miharu's blood boiled at the obvious mistreatment. She growled at Emil who offered to kill the boy. It was the first time that she had lost her temper, ever. Although it would usually be cute on girls, it was just ferocious and slightly scary on Miharu.

She walked closely to Kiroku, inspecting him for injuries. She noticed a few scratches, but it seemed that that was all the injuries that Kiroku sustained. When they reached the cave, as others started the fire, she dragged Kiroku a bit away.

"Let me bandage those scratches," Miharu stated.

Kiroku looked ready to argue, but with a look from Miharu, he did not say anything.

Miharu grabbed some bandages from her pocket and tied it around his scratches.

"I am not sure what affect potions would have on you," she murmured softly, "so I would rather not try to give you potions if that is alright with you. We should probably test this later with the school nurse."

Kiroku nodded and soon, Miharu was done with the bandages.

Kiroku whistled appreciatively at the bindings. "How'd you get so good?"

Miharu shrugged. "Sometimes potions were hard to come by. Bandages were the best I could come up with at some times." It would be bad for the family image if they had to buy so many potions for their daughter, after all. Plus, when she lived on the streets, potions were much too expensive to buy for the smallest injuries, so she learned how to tie bandages well pretty fast.

They both came close the campfire as the secretary gave her name. They both listened fairly quietly, until Emil asked, "What do you make of this...boy?"

Miharu hmmed. "Why the pause before boy? Really, you nobles are such arseholes." Never mind the fact that she was still technically a noble, but still... "I am quite stuck between that he could be a spy, or that he could really just be a mistreated child. Since I really would not like to mistreat children, I would just say that we should probably not talk about our plans around him, but still keep him around and keep a watch on him. If he does seem to be a spy...Well, we should probably incapacitate him. Not kill him, but make him knocked out for about eight hours, which is something I can do with pressure points. However, we should probably treat that gunshot wound so it does not become infected. The cave will not help matters anyways."

Miharu stood up and knelt to the kid, Ben. She was glad that he was asleep, then he would not have to feel the pain. She checked his leg carefully. Luckily, there was an exit wound, so she wouldn't have to take out the bullet. It also didn't seem to hit a huge artery and with his age, he probably would not bleed to death due to the fact that the vein probably clotted already. All the same, he could be infected and that would be terrible. Miharu cleaned the wound and bandaged it, making sure that he would not wake up. When she was done, she went back to the "circle" around the campfire.


Name: Sei

Gender: Female

Species: Espeon

Personality: Sei is the serious one out of the two. She is extremely logical and sane, as with Miharu, you can either join her in her level of insanity, or go really sane. She really doesn't like to think of the impossible, believing things that cannot be explained by scientifc reasons should not exist. However, she has become more open due to hanging out with Miharu for all of her life and the fact of the two realms.

Swolligator October 10th, 2011 11:02 PM

I'm sorry Michaela, but this is Denied.

It looks like I am going to have to clear some things up.

1) Your Catalyst is your ONLY Pokemon.
2) Your Catalyst knows all the moves a Pokemon of its species would know normally, its not restricted to four.
3) Also include in your history your characters first travel to the Aether Realm, around the age of fifteen, and their if/if not subsequent travels there.
Also, your Catalyst would be your first Pokemon, being born around the same time as you as well as being around you a short time after.

Nakuzami October 11th, 2011 12:22 PM

Whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! OMG, YOU DID REMAKE IT!!!
...Although, I couldn't help but see that Kris was the most mangled of all... hurtful ;~; Lol, I'm kidding (Kinda) ;3

Reserve me for Kris and Dusk (Umbreon) again please! I'll begin my SU as soon as possible!

EDIT: Also, Ichiro, would we be able to put other Pokemon in our History, but not actually use them? It'd make more sense... History wise I guess.

@Michaela - Pfft, how'd you forget all of this already? ;P

Oh, and would I be able to break the fourth wall again? X3 Lulz

MichaelaTheUchiha October 11th, 2011 1:22 PM


Originally Posted by Nakuzami (Post 6884874)

@Michaela - Pfft, how'd you forget all of this already? ;P

I didn't, lol. I just accidentally made her younger when she shifted (thirteen instead of fifteen). And I did put that Sei was with Miharu since birth. Sometimes, you gotta read the fine print.

I shall edit it, Ichiro!

Fixed, I shall assume. And assume I shall.

Skymin October 11th, 2011 2:30 PM

Well then!! Definitely coming back to this!! <:


>Name: Harley Evita Belward
>Age: Nineteen and a half
>Gender: Female
Physical: Harley is shorter and skinnier than the average pre-teen, standing at 162cm and weighing 49kg. Her hair, recently cut, is a dark brown and brushed towards the right, with her fringe sitting just above her eyes (she despises any kind of hair in front of her eyes; it's far too distracting) and just reaching her shoulder blades. Sometimes, it can be pinned up in a ponytail, but most of the time it's pulled out and just hanging naturally off her head. Her skin is not a ghost white, just rather pale since the sun seems to be some kind of mysterious being to her. She is fairly flat chested and quite weak when it comes to any kind of physical confrontation. She is diagnosed with anemia, a iron deficiency disease, and because of this tends to bruise easily and be a little short of breath (ergo her weakness and dislike of any exercise). Her favourite feature of her entire body though is her eyes, which reflect her Heterochromia;her left eye being a murky, bottle green and her right eye a chocolate brown.

Clothing: Harley likes to dress differently compared to her average post-teen and does not follow (or has no idea of) the latest trends. Her clothes are quite simple in style, yet are rather unique and original, as making her own clothes has been somewhat of a hobby for her. Her favourite hoodie is one she fashioned herself, using bits of material she found from all sorts of clothing she discovered in the bin of a second hand shop. The main base is black and the arms have been cut off (at different lengths) and replaced with teal and white horizontally striped material. The the inside of the hood is a light, aqua, bluey-green colour. Under that, she has a short, grey, summer-like dress with a belt of string under her bust and below, her jeans are quite rugged from overuse. She won't go anywhere without a pair of boots or converse shoes on, but usually boots is her preferred pick.
Harley cannot stand to be alone, though she barely acts like it. She's snippy, bores easy, talks back, a little selfish, arrogant, quite an attention seeker but she needs to have somebody next to her, Somebody to depend on and protect her since she has next to no self confidence to do it herself. When it comes to helping others, she either will try with extreme hesitation or just won't at all. When the going gets tough, she doesn't try to fight back. Instead, she abandons her introverted personality and sour attitude and clings to the closest person who might help her, despite the fact they need help themselves. Harley is seen as distant, often stopping herself in conversation when there's no point to her input and adds a snide or sarcastic remark when the conversation falls off her. She won't openly thank you for helping her but there is a heart under her attitude. She has a fear of independence or some kind of fear of failing to do things right on her own. It's probably why she hasn't left her Zoroark's side since they found each other.

Harley's never had a lot of friends, maybe just the two or three to get her though high school, but she hasn't spoken to any of them in a while. Because she has her Zoroark, she tends to keep to herself now, silently drawing in a corner somewhere. She's a self taught artist and not a particularly bad one either. If there's one thing she loves in this world, it's drawing, her Pokémon that keeps her safe and the history of the world. When she's left alone to do her thing, she's the happiest she can be.
Harley's early life is not one that anyone would find very interesting; not to her anyway. She was born to a young couple (about 18 or 19 at the time), one with limited money and experience. Her mother and father were both aspiring trainers but not particularly good ones, hence the shortages of cash. To raise her properly and pay for a decent house, her parents had to have a job each which often had them both being away for extended lengths of time, sometimes not being back before the daycare closed. But being so young, she did not understand what her parents were doing. In fact, the only thing that interested her was the Zorua that watched her everyday from the other side of the gate while she was at daycare. Then one day, when a few weeks after she turned five, the Zorua followed her home.

At first, her parents thought the Zorua was dangerous but then it gave them a wonderful idea, one that would save them money and time. Both ex-trainers still had their Pokémon and using them as babysitters would help them raise Harley without spending ridiculous amounts of money on daycare. So, for a few years, her father's Raichu and Kangaskhan and her mother's Furret plus her own Zorua raised her lovingly. Then, when they thought she was old enough, it was just her and Ceri (pronouced "Kerry". Apparently it meant "dark-haired" in some foreign language according to the local librarian) who spent all their time together, even while Harley was at school. If the teacher requested that she asked her Pokémon to leave, Harley would cry. She could not bear to have her Zorua leave her.

Harley's first shift was in her tenth grade, just before her 15th birthday. She was in her room, supposedly studying (instead sketching an enormous Suicune across the back pages of her maths textbook) and concentrating intensely. Ceri (now a Zoroark) tapped her on her shoulder and her focus shifted. She then found herself in a mysterious world, where everything was dark and a haze. The vision only lasted a few seconds but she could not pass it by as simple eye trickery. When she tried to replicate the scene, nothing happened. As she grew up, her visions followed her around but Harley never was able to master the ability with a technique. Instead, it only happened by chance or when Ceri willed it to happen.

Harley, now nineteen, lives with her parents in Olivine City, Ceri her guardian.


>Name: Ceri
>Gender: Male
>Species: Zoroark
Ceri is Harley's bodyguard and best friend. Because she is so dependent on people, she is often seen holding his hand on being carried by him. He's extremely loyal to her and would put his life on the line if it meant saving hers. He defends her, sides with her and makes sure she doesn't get hurt. When he and Harley are alone, he often shape shifts into legendary Pokémon found in books for her. He never reaches their full size or demeanor and his illusions have lasted at best for 15 minutes. He also also enjoys the fact that Harley can't stand to be completely alone; it gives him an excuse to stay around her all the time. He is her perfect friend.

Niriate October 11th, 2011 2:32 PM

If possible I'd like to reserve a spot, unless you already have people targeted to play characters.

Nakuzami October 11th, 2011 3:20 PM

"I just let my Focus Shift" - Sign Up

> Name: Kris Kollyns
> Age: 15
> Gender: Male
> Appearance:
Kris has semi-long, dirty blonde hair. His bangs are rather long and either cover his right eye or hang just above it. He has bluish-grey eyes and stands at about six feet while weighing about a hundred and thirty pounds. He doesn't look very strong, but is pretty strong and very agile.

Kris sometimes wears a black beanie hat that only allows his bangs to show. He almost always wears a hoodie, usually his black and white checkerboard one that is lined with black faux fur. Concealed by his hoodie is usually either a dark red, blue or jet black t-shirt. He normally wears dark black jeans and jet black sneakers with a white skull design and brown soles on them.

> Personality:
Kris is a rather quiet person. When other people are around, especially people that he does not know very well, Kris tends to keep silent. In these cases, when Kris must talk, he tends to mumble very softly, so most people can't understand him then anyways. The exception to this is when Kris is in a very good mood, or if he can somehow relate to the person, which doesn't happen very often. He's somewhere in between immature and mature, depending on the situation, so this enables him to converse with those older and younger than him rather well, if he actually feels like talking.

Kris prefers Pokemon to people, as people can be annoying and hard to be around, but there are those that he doesn't mind. Depending on the day, Kris can sometimes be easily irritated. Kris is pretty good at keeping his emotions bottled up, but there are times when he either can't, or just doesn't care to. Kris also has a very high pain tolerance, and he'll usually keep the pain to himself. He pulls off looking healthy when he's actually dying inside pretty good.
> History:
Kris was born in Nuvema Town, Unova. He grew up with his older sister, Krystal, and best friends, Dustin and Sierra. A little while after Kris was born, a litter of Eevee was birthed to an Umbreon and Espeon on a Pokemon Breeder's Ranch in the small town. Kris's parents took him to the ranch soon after he was born, they had decided to find him a Pokemon partner that would grow up with him. It would seem to be a coincidence that the first Pokemon to take a liking to Kris, and the first Pokemon Kris took a liking to, was a small Eevee. As fate would have it, Kris's parents got that Eevee for him and brought it home.

As Kris grew up, he would always stick by Dusk. Even the school eventually allowed him to have Dusk by his side all day long. At school, Kris was a very bright student, though a bit bad at getting his homework done on time, especially projects. Despite that, Kris almost always managed to get straight A's, and never anything below a B. He also studied Pokemon as much as possible during his spare time. Outside of school, Kris, Sierra, and Dustin would venture out to Route 1 and play with the wild Pokemon. Dusk would always run off and play with the wild Lillipup and Patrat, and Kris eventually decided that he wanted to become a Pokemon Trainer, more specifically, a Normal-Type Pokemon Master. He would use other types too, though.

Once Kris turned ten, he started his journey to become a Pokemon Master. Professor Juniper provided him with the essentials in becoming a Pokemon Trainer, and Kris, along with Dustin and Sierra, began traveling the Unova region. As soon as he had reached Route 1, Kris caught a Patrat, Lillipup, and Audino. When Kris reached Striaton, he came across a group of monkeys that had been pulling pranks and stealing things all over town. The triplet gym leaders of Striaton had been pursuing them for a few weeks now, so Kris joined in the chase.

Kris cornered the three monkeys in the Dreamyard, where they had angered the local Musharna. The Musharna then made the monkeys' nightmares come to life, and Kris was forced to knock out the Musharna. He did remember to explain to the Musharna his reasonings though. After that, he turned and captured all three of the monkeys. Kris then challenged the Striaton Gym using the three monkeys, matching each gym leader. Monierba, Kris's Pansage, defeated Cilan's Pansage; Monuego, Kris's Pansear, defeated Chili's Pansear; and Monagua, Kris's Panpour, was defeated by Cress's Panpour. With two out of three gym leaders defeated, Kris walked away with a shiny new gym badge.

When Kris reached the Pokemon daycare on Route 3, he discovered a Lickitung that had been abandoned by its owner. The daycare couple left the Lickitung in his care, but only after a barrage of questions to see if he was a good person to leave the Lickitung with. Kris then deposited the three monkeys and continued his journey. When he reached Nacrene City, Kris challenged the gym leader, Lenora. He was unsuccesful on his first attempt, but he trained his Pokemon, evolving Watchman, the Patrat, and strengthening all of his other Pokemon. On his second try, Kris triumphed over Lenora, earning his second gym badge. After witnessing this, one of the Museum's helper Pokemon, a Minccino that would keep the Museum tidy with its siblings, decided to join Kris. With that, Kris had six Normal-Type Pokemon to travel Unova with.

After getting lost in Pinwheel Forest, Kris and Dusk wanted to go through a maze rather than an easy path, which was a mistake, Kris and Dusk met a strange Pokemon. Kris recognized this Pokemon from his studies, it was Virizion, the legendary Pokemon that was said to reside in Pinwheel Forest's Rumination Field, and almost never showed itself to humans. Virizion escorted Kris and Dusk out of the confusing maze of Pinwheel Forest and to the exit near Skyarrow Bridge. The Virizion then promptly disappeared; they never saw it again.

After exploring all of the wonders that Castelia City had to hold, Kris defeated Burgh and got his third gym badge. He continued north to Route 4, and decided to explore the Desert Resort. He went to the Relic Castle and met a hiker at the entrance. The Hiker was from Johto and had been carrying a few Ragecandybars, waking up the Darmanitan "statues" and getting himself attacked. Kris helped to fight off the statues, along with a Volcarona that had sensed the statues' awakening and had emerged from the buried castle. After this, the Hiker gave Kris a Togepi egg as thanks for helping him.

Kris proceeded to Nimbasa City and defeated Elesa, whom was eventually going to be Kris's sister's mentor. After that, he went to Lostlorn Forest and found a pack of Zorua. When he tried to approach the Zorua, two Zoroark attacked him. They had caught Kris and Dusk off guard, and they immediately injured Dusk severely. Kris fled and had Dusk taken care of at the Nimbasa Pokemon Center. Kris and Dusk later went back to Lostlorn Forest for a little revenge. After a long battle, Dusk was nearly done for again, but when things seemed that they could get no better, Dusk evolved into an Umbreon. With his newfound power, Dusk defeated the two Zoroark.

Soon after, Kris and Dusk easily defeated Clay. They stopped by the season research center on their way to Chargestone Cave, and they gave all they knew about the Deerling and their forms, which was quite a lot seeing as Deerling was a Normal-Type. They continued through Chargestone Cave and to Mistralton City, where they defeated Skyla. After their battle, Skyla was called away on an emergency to Celestial Tower. Kris followed and discovered what the emergency was; an injured Tornadus. They helped the Tornadus up and nursed it back to health. Its Thundurus friend showed up not long after as he had been searching for the Tornadus. The two then flew off, making their usual laps around Unova.

Kris and Dusk continued to Twist Mountain, and at the time it was winter. Inside Twist Mountain Kris found Sierra, whom was stuck in the lowest point of Twist Mountain, near the Ice Rock, and the entrance was blocked by an avalanche. Kris had to get Monuego out of the PC, and they melted the snow to free Sierra. That was when Kris and Sierra's relationship started, but let's not go on about that. Kris returned Monuego to the PC and he and Sierra continued to Iccirus City. Kris ended up finding need for Monuego again as he challenged Brycen and lost. He and Monuego then defeated Brycen on their second try, even though Sierra, another Ice-Type master, defeated Brycen on her first try.

Kris and Sierra continued to Opelucid City, and Sierra had no problem defeating Drayden with her Ice-Types. It took Kris multiple tries and multiple evolutions from his Pokemon, but he eventually defeated Drayden. They then proceeded to the Pokemon League, where Kris, Sierra, Dustin, Krystal, and all of their friends competed for the title of Pokemon League Champion. Kris was defeated by Alder in the Champion League after Kris had managed to defeat Krystal in the finals. By now, Kris was twelve and already a rather strong trainer.

After being defeated by Alder, Kris continued to the other four regions. At the Indigo League, Kris was defeated by Dustin in the semi-finals, and Dustin lost in the finals. That was when Kris was fourteen. Kris then proceeded to the Hoenn League. There, he was fifteen, and he experianced his first moment of shifting, during the middle of a Pokemon League battle. He lost the battle because of that, but that didn't upset him. What did upset him was what he had just experianced. He was in... another world. The only one there besides Kris was Dusk, whom was also the Pokemon Kris had been using in the battle. Kris couldn't believe the other world he had seen, he had no words for it, so he decided to leave it unspoken, even when others asked him what had happened during the battle.

Kris continued to Sinnoh, trying to ignore what he had just experianced. Due to all of his training in all four regions, Kris managed to defeat eight Sinnoh gyms in just under two months. He proceeded to the Lily of the Valley Conference, where he defeated a trainer with a Shaymin in the finals. He was defeated by Cynthia, once again coming so close but not close enough. That's where Kris's life currently resides; just after his defeat at the hands of Cynthia.
> RP Sample: (From RHCP's Rockets Rising)

Kris Kollyns
Goldenrod City
Lookout, all around.


"Chinika is a traitor, she is part of Team Rocket." Came the voice from teh other end of the phone. A voice belonging to Lorelei of the Elite Four.

"Hm, I'm not all that surprised, really." I said as I tapped Torgen, signaling him to head back to Goldenrod City.

"She was just sighted at New Bark Town, be careful."

"Don't worry, I will be. After all, it is me your talking to." I said confidently. Well, if Chinika was just spotted outside of New Bark Town, then that meant she could get around fast. After all, she did have an Arcanine, if I was correct.

"Yes, I suppose it is. Good-bye Kristopher." She did not just call me Kristopher? Oh my god, I was going to kill her later.

"My name is not-" There was a click, signaling the call had been ended. "-Kristopher." I sighed, "Well, damn you, Lorelei. You won that time." I pocketed my phone and signaled for Torgen to use Extremespeed.


We were in Goldenrod in no time. I recalled Torgen and dropped him back off to his trainer. It was time for some... extreme measures, as one might call them.

I sprinted to the gym as fast as I could, so I was there in under a minute. "Amelia, maximize the cities security. It has been revealed that Ecruteak's gym leader, Chinika, is of Team Rocket."

Amelia turned to me, a look of confusion on her face for a moment. "A-all right." She pushed her glasses back so that they were actually on her face again, and she sped-walked out of the gym. I walked to the back of the gym and took the elevator to the roof. I walked to the lookout and watched as Amelia reported the news. In a matter of minutes, the gym trainers were running around, preparing.

"Chinika won't be getting by Goldenrod anytime soon." I said as I watched the whole town now. The gym trainers were taking up their positions all around Goldenrod's borders. There were twenty-one lookout towers in Goldenrod, including the one I was in now.

Once all of the trainers were at their lookout towers, they let out all of their Pokemon, creating a line all around the city. Some of the... braver citizens were helping out with their Pokemon. There were now also guards standing at the gates of the city, meaning there was no entry in or out of the city without secure I.D., I.D. that only belonged to citizens of Goldenrod and some more... important people, such as teh Elite Four.

"The town is now secure." I turned to see Amelia standing at the lookout's entrance.

"Good, I'm going to go to Ecruteak City. If Chinika shows up there, I'll be ready." With that, I walked out of the lookout tower and headed to Ecruteak.

> Name: Dusk
> Gender: Male
> Species: Umbreon
> Personality: Dusk is an extremely playful soul. He doesn't take too much seriously, and he has a rather childlike innocence that can be extremely adorable, but at times rather annoying. He hates to see someone in a bad mood, so he'll try to cheer them up as much as possible, and he's rather good at it. Although it wouldn't seem like it, Dusk is also very intelligent, on and off the battlefield. He knows his way around the battlefield and many tricks that go along with it.

pokemongarnet October 11th, 2011 3:38 PM

I remember looking at the original Focus Shift, and I'd love to type up an SU... but I don't know if I'd have the time to fit this in with the rest of my life, and wouldn't want to drag it down... I'll think about this.

Legend October 11th, 2011 3:49 PM

If you could squeeze me in, that would be great. Working on a SU now. Just have to write up a decent history X___X

SkyisUmbreon October 11th, 2011 4:13 PM

Dude pleaaaase waiit, I got an SU comin up. I shall add to my old one, and throw some new stuff in there
Basically it will be new, reeeaaaallly newww

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@Skymin: Looking good, just waiting for the rest of it.
@Nakuzami: The appearance is a little short, but ACCEPTED.

>Name: Anthony Stagg
>Age: 21
>Gender: Male

Physical: From top to bottom, Anthony sits at around six foot two inches, just a little above average. He is quite well built, weighing something close to ninety kilograms, however this weight is largely muscle mass from constant training, what little fat he has left is minuscule. He has an angular face, defined more so by the short beard lining his jaw, coming down from his side burns and ending in a point on his chin. His hair is jet black, yet is cropped military style in a disliking of long hair stretching back to when he was a child. His eyes are a deep, ice-cold blue that look deep, but at the same time menacing and piercing. His white teeth make his smile look wider on the odd occasions that he does smile. His skin is a fairly toned white, having spent most of his life outside, training and exploring.

Clothing:Anthony's wardrobe is not one full of many colourful clothes. Partially due to his slight inability to see the full spectrum of colours, but also due to the fact that black, white and grey are the easiest colours to blend together, his wardrobe consists of many clothes in these shades. As far as shirts go, Anthony wears a plain dark grey long-sleeved shirt beneath a buttoned black shirt. Many of his clothes contain no brands, slogans or pictures, since Anthony prefers the plain colours which allow him to blend in more. Over top of his grey shirt is an unbuttoned black shirt that has long sleeves as well and a thin hood which he let's sit over top of the black leather jacket he wears often. When it gets cold, Anthony will button up his shirt then zip up his leather jacket, but never does he pull up the hood of his shirt - a little quirk he has.

Due to the paleness of his legs when contrasted to the rest of his body, Anthony prefers to wear pants. On quite formal occasions, he will wear a pair of straight cut jeans, and in casual occasions, his jeans are boot cut. His preference for these two sizes being that he can move his legs more, in case the time for defence was needed, or so he could run away. On a more personal side, he dislikes the comfort and feel of 'tighter' cut jeans. Apart from jeans, he does possess several pairs of black pants as well as black work pants alongside a couple of pairs of cargo pants, however these pare mostly in varying shades of grey. He also has a pair of black parachute pants, something he does not wear often, yet still likes to wear.

As far as shoes go, he wears a pair of black leather work shoes, which he finds annoying and uncomfortable, however they are part of the uniform for his work. When not working, he wears either a dark brown pair or black pair of cross trekkers, all dependant on what he his wearing at the time. To suit the colour scheme, all his socks are either white, black or grey.

As far as accessories go, Anthony wears a silver analogue watch on his right hand, despite being right handed. A pointed labret piercing points out from below his lip in the centre; his one and only piercing.

Knowing what has happened and that the events that have transpired in an Alternate Version of the Earth has changed Anthony in many ways and now he is quite different to the Anthony that allowed the world to burn. Seeing his friends and comrades die before his very eyes has made Anthony much more protective of those he holds close to his heart and considers friends. The team that he hopes to build up this time he intends to keep together and in one piece; the split that had happened before had led to their downfall and make sure that they don’t end up the way they had.

The one thing that lets Anthony down is his low tolerance for people who anger him. For an unknown reason, he dislikes greatly people whom act sarcastic towards him and try to take the mickey out of him. Possibly stemming from what he has seen and experienced, he takes things a lot more seriously that what his Alternate counterpart has. His supposed sense of humour has seemed to be replaced by a more serious side to him.

However because of what he has seen, he has more regard for life and safety. Because of the danger of their current situation, Anthony likes to make sure they have at least a little fun on their travels and some time to relax to actually enjoy life; however short it might be for them. Despite the gravity of their situation, having some time to relax means that they will be able to do a better job than what has previously happened.

In the face of adversity, Anthony’s main habit is to make sure that his friends and companions get to safety first and then flee rather than stand and fight. The last time they had stood to fight they had not been prepared and had lost everything. Preparation, logical thinking and planning take precedence over haste and direness in Anthony’s mind. Although they do have a limited time to save the world, Anthony would rather take a little longer to be prepared and win, than to run in half prepared and lose.

Anthony is also very dedicated towards achieving his goal. The fact that he has failed has not only angered Anthony, but spurred him to do better than what was done last time. Failure is something that Anthony does not take likely, and even though it is not this Anthony has failed, he still feels responsible for failing as it was another version of himself. Since a young child, he has beaten himself up about even small things that he has failed at; something as big as saving the world is one thing he could not live down.


>Name: Pitch
>Gender: Female
>Species: Houndoom

>Personality: Pitch is incredibly faithful and protective of Anthony. Sharing a connection with Anthony, she understands from their emotional link together that Shifter and Catalyst possess about the severity of the situation. She has always looked out for Anthony, ever since they met when he was barely crawling, and has gone from being a mother to him, to an elder sister and now the equivalent of a partner. She would fight beside him to the end, and no matter what he said, would never leave his side willingly.

Legend October 11th, 2011 7:55 PM

I take it that this means Atlantis Arising is dead in the water? Or is that still happening in the near future? X___X

Also a few questions:
1) Is our Cataylst our only Pokemon or did we get more than one if we want it?
2) Will one of us be the Death Walker and the one with Dual Vision or will those be NPCs?
^ New to Focus Shift so pardon the newbness

Anyway, here is the newest version of Lyle Murphy. This is 3.0 and my favorite one so far, but I may make some changes as I finished this rather late in my local time. Enjoy. I'll change anything if I need to.

EDIT: RP Sample is in there. Not my greatest work, but it is the most recent.

Name: Lyle Dunne Murphy
Age: 21
Gender: Male

->Physical: Lyle is of Caucasian descent and his qualities seem to match rather well, all things considered. Lyle's skin is rather pale, with very minimal tanning on his arms and lower legs. Lyle is rather tall standing at around 6 feet tall and has a well rounded athletic build with a defined but not physically intimidating muscular structure which puts at a modest 175 pounds. The muscle development is complete with each group of muscles featuring solid development and flexibility.

Lyle has long wavy unkempt brown hair that reaches his shoulders with the bangs brushing across his face. While he usually keeps his hair out of his face, he has grown increasingly lazy about the whole ordeal and lets it fall naturally as a means of covering a scar right above his left eye that stretches from his hairline down through his eyebrow, barely missing the eye itself. His eyes, while rather small, are a warm blue and are quite inviting. He keeps himself clean-shaven as much as possible and as such maintains a youthful face, making him appear younger than he really is and possibly more attractive (if that is your kind of thing). The most noticeable trait is that Lyle's nose appears of have been broken several times in the past and never healed properly, leaving the bridge of his nose more prominent and larger than most. He has several wounds on his face, in which he has bandaged to the best of his ability. A piece of tape lies the across his nose and another piece of medical tape lies on his right cheek.

->Clothing: Lyle's style is fairly typical of poor young adult seeking employment. Lyle has never bothered to ask anyone for money to buy new clothing from the local store. As such, much of Lyle's wardrobe is old and faded but manages to maintain some degree of style. In general, he wears dark colored shirts, usually dark blue, black and green, with abstract designs such as logos or even video game references. He is also fond of button down shirts of lighter colors to compliment his darker t-shirts. Lyle is never seen without a pair of old faded blue jeans with several rips to add "character" to his otherwise normal pair of pants. Lyle is also found of wearing boots, usually of the Timberland brand of various shades of gray, as they are useful for numerous purposes. Usually a leather belt is present to keep them from falling as well, but he has failed to purchase a stylish buckle. Lyle often wears a black motorcycle racing jacket with white and red accents over his shirts, merely for style as he believes it makes him look badass.

Lyle has a few notable accessories. A avid boxer, Lyle has his hands taped with white tape out of habit in case any random moments to "train" come up. Old earbuds can be frequently seen playing some indie rock song out of his hand me down Mp3 player. The most sacred and unique accessory is a silver locket hanging around his neck. With a floral design on its cover, inside a picture of a young beautiful blonde woman with serene blue eyes that match Lyle's own warm eyes.

Personality: Lyle can be best described as someone who is apathetic, aloof, selfish and above all self centered. In his mind, he is first and last and caring for himself is the most important priority. As such, Lyle carries himself as detached from the world, only concerning himself with things that directly affect him in some way or form. Lyle is uncaring in the way that if his needs are taken care of, then the day was successful. He does not see a problem with his as he firmly believes in the notion of the survival of the fittest and that everyone else is as self concerned as him. Because of this warped world view, Lyle is overwhelmingly pessimistic seeing the worst in the world and people together. To him, there is no bright side to any problem. He keeps himself distant and separated from the outside world, believing his detachment keeps him from caring for anyone and experience the pain of betrayal.

Another side to Lyle's pessimism is that he is slow to trust others to the point that is virtually impossible. Lyle receives people poorly and converses with the verbal skills of a wall. Being socially awkward, Lyle is slow to make friends (if such a feat is possible). This is primarily because Lyle is not a natural speaker and often "turns off" people with his morbid, bitter speech and overall lack of confidence. What Lyle considers humor is raw sarcasm. What he considers honesty is bitterness. What Lyle considers an innocent greeting is "What do you want?". What Lyle considers chit chat is a demand of one's purpose of speaking to him. He much rather to the point than invest in small talk. He handles conversations with objectivity, as he views time as a valuable resource. To those who can stand him and actually break the wall he builds separating the outside world and himself, Lyle opens to them and trusts them completely. He becomes fiercely loyal and protective of his loved ones.

However, Lyle lacks confidence in many areas. He continually compares himself to others and develops the notion he will never quite be good enough, whatever this may imply. This is further supported by his inferiority complex in comparison to his brother, who his parents heralded as perfect. Lyle, regardless of this complex, has some shred of confidence, selling himself short. He is adept critical thinker with exceptional skill in problem solving. He is intelligent, even if he claims otherwise. In this regard, Lyle is humble.

Lyle values independence and freedom; though this can be interpreted as childish rebelliousness. Since leaving his childhood home at the age of 18 (and returning only for the occasional visit), Lyle has enjoyed the ability to live on his own terms. These terms are typical of that of a young adult: Selfish, irresponsible, carefree, chaotic and without any sense of inhibition. Lyle actively smokes, drinks and experiments with anything that piques his interest. He enjoys trying new things, especially new types of food being glutinous to a fault. This indirectly leads to him greedy as he desires money to invest in his new interests.

Lyle suffers from two great faults. The first of these faults is short temper. Small things irk him greatly and he finds himself blowing up of out anger all too commonplace. These outbursts rarely turn violent, though on occasion he has knocked a man out. His second great fault is his "Daddy issues." Lyle's relationship with his dad is terrible at best and has left him with a unrequited issues. The problems are more complex than a simple "I hate my father" kind of thing and have sunk deeper into a general dislike for authority and refusal to accept guidance from male figures. He responds better to women and their opinions likely because of a positive association with female figures and a negative one with males.

History: Lyle was born to a young lower middle class family from the city of Icirrus in Unova in the heart of the winter. His mother's name was Elizabeth and his father's name was Charles, or Charlie as his friends called him. They were a young couple, no older than 25 when Lyle was born and they thought it was the beginning of a great life together. Lyle has a perfect synthesis of the two, with his father's hair and sharp features and his mother's deep blue eyes and warm smile. However, reality struck Charlie hard and in the matter of a few weeks he abruptly left Elizabeth alone with her child. She would learn later that Charlie quickly found himself a new room in the Castelian City Jail. This sudden shift in her husband's demeanor shocked the young mother but accepted life's new challenge and took on the responsibility of raising Lyle all by herself.

They moved to the city of Driftveil where Elizabeth accepted a number of jobs when she was able. The people know she was a single working mother and offered aid whenever possible, but she rejected them every time hopeful that when Charlie was released she would return to the family. Elizabeth worked as many as 3 jobs at a single time doing them with incredible diligence while raising Lyle with unrivaled love and care. Even when exhausted she would tell him stories with the masterful skill of an author or draw with him like an artist. Some asked where she got the time and energy to do this. She only smiled.

5 years had passed. Charlie found himself in jail after a failed parole attempt, once again leaving Elizabeth alone. It seemed though that time was not on their side this time. Elizabeth began to slow down and while her beautiful features remained, her energy seemed to disappear. Her smile was timeless, but there was much effort spent to do so. Her health entered a steep decline. She spread herself quite thin, working multiple jobs to pay the bills, live a safe part of the city and tend to her precious child. In the matter of a few weeks, she went from dancing her toddler to lying in a hospital bed. She died with a smile, living her life with no regrets.

Custody of Lyle was turned over to Elizabeth's older brother, Raymond. He was a self made man, owning a business in Nimbasa City. He lived in the suburbs of Castelia City with his pregnant wife, Lucy, and his only son Neil who was about 2 years older than Lyle. A daughter, Arya, was born shortly later Lyle's introduction but despite this sudden turn of events for Raymond's family he was received well. For him, he moved from one loving family to another, though with a eerie and depressing funeral in between. Lyle was not completely ignorant to the reality that his dear mother had passed away, over the course of the next few years up until his age of maturity he realized his mother died for his benefit. For that, he loved her more than anything in the world.

As mentioned before, Lyle's new home welcomed him with warm open arms. He considered Raymond and Lucy loving guardians and called Neil and Arya his brother and sister. He played various games with Neil frequently until they began attending school and even began to raise an Eevee together, though it immediately clung to Lyle more for unknown reasons, forcing Raymond to get another Pokemon for Neil some time later. Lyle, despite being a child, also helped in the raising of Arya (more so than his brother, in fact) though he was guilty of dropping her a few times by mistake causing Lucy to giggle before kissing Arya's wounds. The bonds between them grew strong and it was truly as if Lyle was a child of Lucy and Raymond.

Bonds, however, can be broken or at the very least weakened by the force of time. As the "siblings" grew up and attended classes in middle school, gaps grew between them for various reasons. Neil grew into an ambitious overachiever, earning high marks in all his classes and even evolving into quite the athlete. Arya became a frail sickly young girl that needed constant attention and eventually needed to be home schooled by various tutors. Lyle became lost in shuffle and suffered from middle child syndrome, often being forgotten due to Neil's accomplishments and Arya's needs. Neglect became a common hobby of his "parents" even if it was not intentional. It did not help that Lyle's social awkwardness and overall pessimistic, buzkill personality did not earn many friends to the point that was never truly a point in which Lyle had a best friend outside of his family or Jewel, his Eevee. Neil did his best to maintain a good relationship with Lyle if he found the time to do so. Though it was around this time an throughout most of highschool that Lyle developed a closer bond with Jewel, his Eevee he got many years back and Arya, his little sister. Lyle found himself helping Arya whenever possible as she seemed genuinely happy whenever Lyle was around, never treating him like an outsider. They would go to the park or to the mall in their free time and waste hours simply talking. Jewel, the Eevee, always came on these trips appearing to keep an eye on the two like a guard dog.

While the combined efforts of Jewel and Arya subdued Lyle's behavior a fair deal, it would not stop him from acting out completely. Yearning for attention in his high school days, Lyle found himself becoming increasingly rebellious. It started off innocent enough. The occasional outburst at a teacher, a scuffle during gym class, and the publicized argument with his peers. Then it involved into accusations of stealing, smoking on campus and fights with his fellow students. Unable to reason with Lyle effectively, Raymond decided to attempt to reason Lyle the best he could giving the boy more responsibilities and attention. It was only a band-aid.

When Lyle was 15, he experienced his first shift. It was a few months following his birthday and only a few days after Jewel had evolved into an Espeon during one of their morning runs through the woods fighting off wild Pokemon. The dream was odd in every way, as if Lyle was teleported to another world. It was immersive, yet frightening. Unique yet eerie. Exciting yet daunting. Lyle could not rid himself of the imagery of the dream and shared with his family. He was immediately deemed insane.

Lucy was not ready to send Lyle to a mental hospital as Raymond quickly deduced was the best option for Lyle's health, believing he was once again yearning for some sort of attention. She listened to Lyle and tried to act as a mother, practically acknowledging the unintentional and spotty neglect. The two grew closer and spent many days with Arya together, while Raymond played favoritism with Neil his favorite hobby.

One year later, Lyle was to meet his father for the first time in many years. Charlie and Lyle's relationship was strained to say the least. Lucy had fed Lyle a fair amount of propaganda (for lack of a better word) that his father was a terrible man for the most part. A failure of a Pokemon trainer in his youth and a struggling self promoter in his young adulthood, Charlie had always been on the wrong side of the law. Following Lyle's birth, he sunk back into his old habits and turned back to drugs, alcohol and crime as a coping mechanism for the newfound stress of being a parent. Lyle had visited Charlie several times with Raymond and Lucy always at his side and Charlie would always attempt to make small talk to reestablish a relationship as if to atone for Elizabeth's death. It was readily apparent he had blamed himself for her death but as Lyle grew older and more judgmental (as well as more aware of the circumstances of his childhood and parentage), the visits became more scarce as he grew tired of his father's failures as an individual and his excuses for his actions. Charlie forced this one meeting upon hearing of his son's struggles in his "coming of age."

(OOC: I would write the dialogue here, but I think I'll save that for later. Maybe a flashback.)

The meeting did not go well for the most part, but it was apparent that Charlie got the monkey of his back and was ready to assume the role as a father following the acquisition of a stable job and home. He taught the lessons he never had the chance to teach and gave Lyle a present; the one that would become his most prized possession: the locket with a picture of his mother; his hero.

Regardless if he wanted to admit it or not, his father's words reached him. Lyle knew what he wanted to do above all else. Even if he couldn't find a career or a calling, he didn't want to be his father. That was the goal. School become more important as he focused on his studies with greater diligence. The grades that were Cs and low Bs, became high Bs and low As. He got involved in more sports to take up his time. Lyle joined a gym and took up boxing as a new hobby. Lyle, of course, continued to be a nurturing brother to Arya as it gave him solace like nothing else.

When Lyle turned 18 and later graduated from high school, he decided to set out on a journey of self discovery. Not entirely sure what to do with his life and still seeking a purpose, Lyle left his comfortable home on good terms and wandered the country of Unova on his bicycle taking up random jobs to teach himself the human experience. Along the way, he battled some trainers, befriended some Pokemon and "experimented" in questionable ways. Everything was worth trying once, Lyle told himself. Little did he know, it was only the beginning.

RP Sample:
"So, this is Sinnoh. Can't say I am too impressed. Kanto has just as much to offer."

Leon's uneducated opinion notwithstanding, he entered the city limits of Sunnyshore city with some level of anticipation. Not only was it his first time in Sinnoh, the next location on his world tour but he was a competitor in the "Stars of Sinnoh" tournament. He had no idea what it was, what is was about, nothing at all for that matter. Nonetheless, he graciously accepted. Leon thought he accepted some invitation to some minor competition where he would crush a bunch of 10 years old dreams like a mother handing out broccoli on Halloween. Short, simple, sweet and then proceed to travel Sinnoh in order to enter the Pokemon League and finally win a real tournament. He already had to drop out of Unovian League because of some unnecessary drama clouding his judgement. His team was more than powerful enough, but alas one cannot change the past so there is no point on dwelling on it. Leon toured Sunnyshore for a period of time. He guessed it was a vacation spot of sorts, with a few resorts and an absolutely gorgeous beach. If he had a significant other, he figured he would take her here for the honeymoon. Then again, he hated the idea of commitment, at least for now.

He stopped at a small local restaurant on the door, picking up some food as the journey from Unova to Sinnoh was quite daunting and tiring. It was a fine burger, probably made from some Johto cattle. It was perfect in every way with enough extra toppings that half the burger crashed onto his plate, narrowly missing his expensive pants. Fortunately in his bag, he carried a few extra pairs for just such an occasion. Having recovered some of his strength, Leon continued to scour the streets. It seemed his fame had not reached Sinnoh as few people begged for his autograph as if selling it would obtain riches beyond wildest imaginations. He did get two requests which he obliged to accept.

"Hey kids. I am looking for Stars of Sinnoh thing. Any idea where its at?" He asked as he finished signing a picture of his in his signature thumbs up pose.

"How do you not know?" The older one jeered. "Aren't you in it?"

"Well, yeah. But I really didn't pay much attention. And don't tell anyone, but Unova is a bit slow to get the news sometimes."

The kids laughed at his joke, before answering his question: "It's over there!" They said it in unison, pointing in the distance. There was a large stadium, stabbing the sky with a cool blue blade. It was a spectacle to be sure, even at the distance Leon was at.

"You've got to be kidding me…that's the stadium? What did I get myself into?"

"What do you mean, Mr. Leon?" The younger child asked innocently.

"Ha! Nevermind. Don't worry. Be sure to watch me alright? Then again, I might win this thing so quickly, you'll miss it!" Leon roared with laughter. Suddenly this detour from his Champion aspirations became far more interesting. A tournament in that monstrosity of a stadium had to be big news. And the fame that winner would get would be immense. Leon had to win. Anything other fate would not be accepted.

Leon bolted over towards the stadium, using it as a compass to navigate the city streets. His hobby of parkour aided him greatly, blazing through the obstacles with ease. In due time and several damaged stands later, Leon reached the stadium courtyard. A sea of people stood in his way. Young, old, ugly and beautiful. The only thing Leon had seen in comparison was the crowds at Pokemon League championships he entered. Leon squeezed his way through the crowds, ducking his head down to avoid attention. He had this gut feeling he was late and couldn't afford many more delays. The registration desk was in sight and Leon perched himself there.

"Name, please," the young women requested.

"Leonard. Leonard Radcliff."

The woman nodded and scanned the sheet: "Ah, there you are. You are late, Mr. Radcliff."

"And you are beautiful and married, but you don't see me complaining," He replied in a coy manner.

"How did you…?"

"Intuition, my dear. And the ring on your finger is hard to miss. Now where am I going?"

"Oh..right. You are in Black group. You can look at the draw board there if you are curious about the rest of the competition. Housing is provided for you. Just check out the housing center when you have the time."

"Ah, good. Won't have to crash in the Pokemon Center then. Is there a PC nearby?"

"There should be a PC on the first floor where you are staying."

"Great. Thank you. Well, see ya then."

"Good luck with the rest of the stars!"

Heh, I won't need it, Leon thought to himself. He stuck his hands in his pockets as he looked at the other competitors. None of the names really stood out, though a few from Yellow group bore some resemblance to people he may have known. Especially Brandon. Can't be the Brandon I am thinking of, could it?

Leon shrugged his shoulders and moved on. "Free housing, eh? Let's check it out."

Name: Jewel
Gender: Female
Species: Espeon
Personality: One could call Jewel the mother figure that Lyle only wish he had. She is nurturing, protective and loving. She comforts Lyle in his times of need and protects him in times of danger. Her compulsive need to protect Lyle has lead her to be overbearing in this endeavor. She is slow to trust others, even less so than Lyle and continually questions others in her own way. She is terribly judgmental, does not hand out second chances easily and is known to be stern all too frequently. Nevertheless, she is reliable, trustworthy and takes honor to the next degree. Like, Lyle she trains herself regularly and is capable of taking care of herself. She is the more responsible of the two and takes better care of herself it seems. Jewel is strong in both moral convictions and raw power, making her a reliable companion and an excellent foil to Lyle's more fleeting desires.

Niriate October 12th, 2011 2:07 AM

Updating as the day goes, like Sky.

Name: Vick Joshua "Josh" Chasten
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Physical: There is very little out of the ordinary about Josh's physical appearance, he's 6 feet tall, weighs about 150 pounds and has dark brown to black hair that is neatly trimmed to rim around his ears and neck. He has dark blue eyes that often match well with the clothes he likes to wear.
There are however a couple of details that betray Josh's specialty. Though he doesn't show them often, his legs are very well trained, muscular and very powerful. Josh is a semi-professional long distance runner specializing in near marathon-long distances, which gives him a remarkable amount of stamina. He's not the fastest person around, but he can go for long times.

Clothing: While mostly seen wearing running gear, Josh usually wears clothes that match his rather ordinary stature. Jeans, one-color shirts, sneakers or trainers, stuff like that. The colorscheme is very thought out though, nearly every piece of clothing matches with another one or a part of Josh's figure. He's definitely not the most fashion sensitive or cognizant, but it would be hard to consider his style of clothing out of place.

In his running gear, Josh wears either a dark-blue shirt, knee-length moss-green short with black trainers. In colder times and climates, he wears a matching set of black and red streaked jogging jacket and pants over the usual shirt.
Josh almost always has earplugs stuck in his ear with a Pokégear in his pocket, tuned in to one of the many radio shows around the region.

Personality: Josh is a very thoughtful person, often not immediately responding to being adressed. He's not absentminded, but a little mistrusting at the start of a coversation which can lead to people getting a wrong impression of him. Once you get to know him, Josh is a very reliable and friendly guy, but it can take some time for him to open up to you.
Josh puts a lot of weight behind his own words, if he says he trusts you, then he really trusts you. It is why Josh takes very badly to people that abuse his trust in them, it leads to him resenting the person for a long time.

Josh is a fairly carefree person as a result of growing up outside of the bustling city without many worries as a child. This combined with his passion for running is the reason he spends a lot of time outside, be that helping his parents, training together with Odessa or raising the young Pokemon that his family takes care of.

He has a mild form of hyperactivity, which he usually solves with his jogging practice, but it can happen that the energy just builds up in his body making him really restless and very eager to get moving, just to get the energy out of his system.

Background: Joshua, though he hates the name himself, grew up with his parents who ran a Pokemon kindergarden on the outskirts of Celadon City, Kanto. The business was an idea of his father who wanted to expose children with Pokemon at an earlier age then was customary around the region, and also to give him a chance to show off his prize winning Mightyenas. Even when still a young boy, Josh would spend hours grooming, feeding and playing with the several Eevee, Poochyena, Skitty and even his mother's beloved Aipom that would roam freely in his family's large gardens and associated buildings.

But Josh's favourite companion of them all was Odessa. From the day that the boy could walk, something had drawn him to the little Poochyena. Maybe it was her scent, maybe her eyes or maybe because she was the runt of the litter that was born on exactly the same day as Josh himself. Years later, when asked why he chose her, Josh would simply reply with "We knew we would match, no special reason, just a gut-feeling."
From the day that they met, Josh and Odessa were almost inseparable. She would sleep in his bed, or he would sleep with the cubs, as long as they were together.

Over the following years, Josh spent many hours a day training together with Odessa. School was a hard task for the very energetic and mildly hyperactive Josh, thus he would often come home bursting with energy and would expend all that energy in training together with Odessa.
While his father asked many times, Josh would never let Odessa enter his father's racing team of Mightyena, especially not after she evolved into one the day before his 10th birthday. Until that time, Josh had never spent much though about going on a Pokemon journey; though he loved spending time outdoors and was very curious about the world of Pokemon, he was content with staying at home and help his parents.

On the day before his 16th birthday, Josh experienced his first Shift, which literally shifted his view. He had been spending hours in trying to get his high school homework done, when he looked up from his notebook and the entire room had changed. The scene had been morphed into a kind of underwater black-and-white movie, everything still looked the same, but it was all distorted and incorporeal. The Shift only lasted for maybe 15 seconds and he hadn't moved in location, but it was more then enough for Josh to realize something was wrong with him.
When two more, though very brief, Shifts happened to him within a timespan of merely a week, he decided that he needed answers. Since his parents or anyone else he knew wouldn't know what it was, it was clear to Josh that he needed to go somewhere else to find someone with more answers.

He told his parents that he was going to make the journey that he had been delaying for the past six years and shortly left afterwards, taking only his camping gear and his life-long friend Odessa with him.

RP sample:
(Taken from an RP based around the animé Wolf's Rain)

It was the year 35 ATN (After The Nuke). The once lush forests of Siberia had turned into icy deserts where blizzards and hailstorms had free reign. Cities were few and far between, often millions of people hiding away in the cold underground slums trying to forget the reason that they were there.

The white-grey wolf spoke to herself as the blizzard raged around her, even for an animal as hardy and weatherproof as her, this blizzard was especially fierce. Still, she had to continue, she knew there was a city nearby, so she had no other choice.
To anyone that would've watched her, she would've looked like a normal human girl. Around 25 years old, about 6 foot tall, Caucasian or Asian heritage with a long, black ponytail riding down her back. They would watch the girl plow through the storm wearing only casual clothing, jeans and a shirt.
Had there actually been anyone around in this blizzard.

They consider us extinct.. things of legends. They tell each other that our species perished during the First Winter, just like so many others. How wrong they are. We never vanished.. we never even left, we only proved once more, that the animal kingdom is always one step ahead of humanity.

The lights of the outskirts started to penetrate through the blizzard, causing the wolf to grin widely and let out a howl in victory.
Destination reached She purred to herself Now.. to find who I am looking for.


"Remember, my dear Alissa. There is a tribe of our people, the oldest known to our history. They have provided needy refuges with a home, food and companions since the dawns of time."

"Where are they then.. and now can I know it's one of them?"

"In every city you will find at least one of them, for the needy are many and spread around the world. And do not worry about finding them... they will find you first."

She walked around the guardhouse, keeping to the shadows cast by the thousands of buildings made from stone and iron. Even in the relative protection of the city's deserted outskirts the blizzard was still in firm control.

Temperatures barely ever reached above freezing, hurricane winds whipping up massive snowstorms that could last for days. Humans barely ever surfaced again once the full effects of the war had settled in.

The wolf sniffed the air as she felt the winds lessening the further she walked into the city. The snow was still drifting down, but it was far more comfortable without the streaks of wind in her face.

She knew that there had to be one of them in this city.. The fabled Den Keepers.

Name: Odessa
Gender: Female
Species: Mightyena
Personality: Odessa is highly protective of Josh ever since their first journey into the Aether Realm a few months ago. She doesn't hesitate to give everything she has and then some in order to make her Trainer happy. However, because of their near life-long connection, training and friendship, Odessa trusts Josh at his word which gives her a much friendlier look then others of her kind.
Because of her age, she isn't the fastest Mightyena around anymore, but more then makes up with her experience and rigorous training.
Odessa does have a playful side, since she likes to put Josh in his place from time to time with a nibble at his hamstrings. She also frequently joins him on his practice runs through the forests and city, to keep her cardio up to speed.

Swolligator October 12th, 2011 2:18 AM

Atlantis Rising is still alive, im writing the first post for it alongside writing Anthony's SU.
Your Catalyst will be your only Pokemon during the RP, but you may have had previous Pokemon in your SU.
The Death Walker and Dual Visionist are chosen by me, and they will be RPer's, but there are other things like that...such as the wielder of the Origin Blade, etc, I just have to find what I wrote down nearly half a year ago.

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Okay, I'm going on a little holiday so I will be away for the weekend and won't be back for at least a couple of days. I will start both Focus Shift: A New Awakening and Atlantis Arising then.

Happy RPing guys. :)

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I'm rereading Focus Shift ('cause I feel nostalgic) and man, did we create short posts. I mean, one/two liners every single time...

And Gallade was called "Satoshi", instead of "Bishamon". And, ah, the crush between Raike and Miharu...As well the slight love triangle between Raike, Miharu, and Josh...

And Harley was so awkward...And Kris just ended up making it worse...

Skymin October 16th, 2011 3:50 PM

I was rereading the other day too. And I was like "DAMN IT'S A GOOD THING IT'S OVER OTHERWISE I'D HAVE TO KILL THIS THING."

We were so bad. XD

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Originally Posted by Skymin (Post 6892028)
I was rereading the other day too. And I was like "DAMN IT'S A GOOD THING IT'S OVER OTHERWISE I'D HAVE TO KILL THIS THING."

We were so bad. XD

I know right? Now I can see why Ichiro/Harley kind of got annoyed by Miharu. Although, that Nightmare does seem to be more in character. xD

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Original Focus Shift, bad? Kris making it worse? Wat? Unbelievable(the bad part, not the Kris making it worse X3)! I must go and read it! I'll do that later, lol, too much to do now.

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...Oh god. At least we're (hopefully) all better now X3

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Thanks Nakazumi, you're cool >.> jk lol but yeah maybe I did. I think Focus Shift was my first RP I joined here anyway, so I know I was bad there lol


>Name: Raike Destan
>Age: 19
>Gender: Male
>Appearance:((It's kinda blended, is that okay?))
Raike wears a white jacket, which is lined with black. This
lining shows up around his collar, and at the cuffs of the sleeves, as well as the base of the jacket. His hair is colored jet black, and messy, so that it covers his left eye. His left eye is colored red, while the right is colored a deep purple. He has no facial hair, and his skin color is a light tan.
His baggy jeans are colored a dark blue, but a bit faded in the knees,
with a steel chain that is attached to his belt loops. He wears black steel toed boots, and metal plated on the bottom. His shirt is red striped black, and short sleeved. On his left and right hands, he wears special gloves that allow him to touch certain hazards such as fire or electricity without harm.

Raike's personality can be very hard to understand at sometimes. He doesn't like hanging around others, be them Shifters, Regulars, or whatever very much, but will if he feels the need to. He can be very isolated at times, running off without telling others, and then returning as if nothing happened. He is also very unpredictable, doing the most unlikely thing in any type of situation. He is not the best conversationalist, so he will also seem sort of awkward at times.
He also can be seen to posses a knowledge far ahead of his time, but
can't always put it into words. Once he meets a certain group of people that he "likes" it is possible that he will open up to the group, being more free with words and expressions. But normally, if you see him, he will hide behind an emotionless mask.

>History: 2+ paragraphs (Just remember, this is what has happened up until now.)
>RP Sample:
-Raike nodded as he leaned against the doorframe of his house, listening to the soldiers explaining the event that was taking place today. When they told him that he had to go to the election seremony, he refused quite solidly, shutting the door in the faces of the two soldiers. As he ignored the banging on the door behind him, he walked up the steps, skipping two at a time, sighing. When the soldiers had come, Raike had been sleeping, so he had basically answered the door in his boxers, but he didn't really care. As he pulled on his black baggy jeans, he scowled at being woken up so early, well for him at least.

"They'll probably pick me, since they want to be rid of me oh soo badly." Thought Raike as he slipped on his red and black striped shirt, and his jacket over it. "Well, I don't feel like it, so they are going to have to tranquilize me or something, cuz' I'm getting outta here." he murmered under his breath as he slipped on his gloves, and then his boots soon after. He strapped his hunting knife to his belt, somewhat hastily, hearing the now splintery sound of the front door breaking.

As he opened the window, he felt the cool breeze hit his face, and he smiled slightly, looking back at the room. The house wasn't necessarily his, taking into consideration that the owners had gone hunting in the woods a few years ago, but had never returned. Raike had needed a place to stay, so where better then an already paid for house? He climbed out of the window and pushed off the wall, jumping to get a grip on the ledge of the neighboring house, and repeating between the two until he reached the ground. Dusting himself off, he began to run in the opposite direction, dodging patrols that were gathering other teens, who seemed somewhat happy to go.

Raike shook his head looking at them, they didn't know what they were doing. He had spied on the "game" once before, and saw what happened to the people there, and he wanted no part in it. He was almost out of the danger zone when he made one false move, he had stepped on a twig, and his metal plated boots had snapped it easily. The soldiers in the Human district were pretty alert, nothing Raike couldn't handle depending on the number of them, but there were too many this time. It took about 17 of them to restrain him, and make him join the line going towards the reaping.

Scowling, he glared at all the people around him; this was not good.-


-Raike stood, scowling and glaring at everyone around him. Everyone just thought that he took space in the village, and even was a bit of a theif. Yeah, he would be "elected" alright, and there was no way he would be getting out of this. He watched Statia Mania, the town's mayor for 11 warily as she went on with the speach that talked about the glory of the "game" and how great of an honor it was to be in the fight. When she stopped speaking, she silenced the cheers of the crowd, and began to announce something, and Raike cursed silently.-

"Now, before we allow voulenteers, there has been a spot reserved, for none other than our Raike Destan!"

-At this Raike cursed a bit louder, and the people began to grumble about why Raike, the worst of them all was getting the chance compete. Raike walked up to the platform, avoiding the gaze of the crowd, and mayor, and staring off into the distance. He zoned out as the other names were called, but came back when it was boarding time. Raike had no one to say goodbye to, and so he walked silently down the steps to the underground subway to catch the train. The crowed filled up the room after the other 3 condenders had walked down the steps, and entered the train.

All of the crowd was cheering, partly because Raike was leaving, and also because they wanted the rest of the humans to bring back victory to their district. Raike decided to leave the people something to remember himself by, so he looked around and spotted a windex can. Luckily, there was still some of the liquid left, so Raike sprayed it all over one large window. He then proceeded to write "F all you jankbots." jank being his own made up curse word. He then flipped them all off as the train pulled out of the station, ignoring the angry shouts and curses.-
>Name: Raven
>Gender: Female
>Species: Umbreon
>Personality: Raven isn't the most vocal Umbreon around, and mostly only relays her thoughts and emotions to Raike. Like most shifters, Raike and Raven both share a very unique bond, possibly even stronger than the one that is formed between a trainer and their first pokemon, and of course, Raven was his first. She can be a bit of a nag, always fussing whenever Raike does anything risky, and usually is right in doing so, because he usually hurts himself doing things like that. In battle, she is a fierce foe, often being called a "fierce black ball of blind fury" by Raike, who often gets scratched for calling her that.

History will go up tomorrow probably....

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