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Nakuzami October 11th, 2011 3:30 PM

[OOC/SU] Plague


Rated PG-16 for cursing, violence, perhaps romance
GMs: MichaelaTheUchiha; Nakuzami
A remake of Zamorak's Role-Play; Plague
Sign-Ups are CLOSED


You’re pretty much screwed. For some reason, you came to the beautiful vacation spot of Balice City in Kanto, most likely for vacation. However, a strange virus appeared and quickly spread from one person to another until the whole city was cast aside, quarantined. Your job is to live, to escape, and not be affected by the virus. Thankfully, objects that are not alive cannot carry this virus, so even if you touch a wall and then put your hands on your face, the virus will not be transmitted.

What is this virus?

Known as the “Zombie" Plague, anyone who is affected by this virus loses everything that makes them human, as if their soul is no more, and are therefore known as zombies. The humans affected by the virus become brain dead, and their only instinct is to attack and infect until there is no one else left in the city that is not infected. There is really no change in appearance, aside from the fact that they may become gaunt as they cannot eat or drink. In fact, they can’t even think. All they can do is destroy.

Where did it come from?

No human knows. However, there has been much talk among the Pokemon that a certain legendary Pokemon caused it. Which legendary Pokemon is this? No one, not even Arceus, knows.

If you have not become a zombie, it could mean that you are immune to it, or are just lucky enough to have avoided it. Although, if you are immune to it, you may still carry it and have the ability to pass it on to others. If you're immune, you are home free.

Or, are you?


-Please be active. We understand life and how it can be, so if you are going to disappear for awhile, please notify one of us first. We will also notify you all if either of us disappear ourselves and may allow someone to take over briefly.
-On that note, if you disappear for more than a week without notification, you will be issued a warning. Three warnings and you are out. Warnings may be issued for various reasons, so be careful.
-Please follow all PC rules.
-No OOC posts in the IC thread unless followed by an IC post.
-To make sure that you all have read the rules, even though it’s pretty much the standard stuff, put “Jerkbending” somewhere in your SU. Yeah, an Avatar: The Last Airbender reference. You read that correctly.
-Pokemon can have up to ten moves, even though we’ll probably not NEED that much as this isn’t really a tournament RP (or is it?). Also, make the amount of Pokemon you have realistic to your character.
-No legendary Pokemon
-You may have up to 3 characters. No more.
-Have fun! If you don’t, I will hunt you down and-

Sign Up Sheet:

Name: (If there are aliases, please put the real name as well.)
Age: (Duh. Just don't make your character too young.)
Gender: (Male, Female, Both, whatever)
Legendary: (There is a purpose for this, but it won't appear right away. It can be any legendary, even Arceus. You may not have the same legendary as another person. Also, only ONE of your characters may have this.)

Appearance: (At least eight sentences in total; for body and clothes)

Personality: (At least ten sentences)

History: (At least two fair sized paragraphs, although we would really really love to see more)

Weapon Preferences: (You may have multiple weapons, but nothing too extreme, please.)
Pokemon: (Team and PC; people can have portable PCs that work at anytime, so no worries on that. No legendary Pokemon.)

The Survivors(Accepted):
MichaelaTheUchiha as Miharu Mizushima; Neal Samson
Nakuzami as Destiny Saviouer; Brent Xiore
-DeepImpact- as Jack Spark
Stingray as Magnus Kabrinski
xXJumboShrimpXx as Scott McClain
Zamorak as Jason Wells
かずき Kazuki as Kazuki Silver
SkyIsUmbreon as Raike Destan
James In Flames as Lorelei "Lorie" Grazini
Scarf Blade as Dontae Windrock; Cerise Wavecrest
The Final Watchman as Genesis Abercrombie

Possible Survivors(Reserved):

If you guys have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact either of us.

Karma Police October 12th, 2011 7:29 AM

[SIZE="a"]FINALLY A DAMN GOOD ZOMBIE RP!!!! Reserve me, Miharu/ Nkzm :P

If you don't get ready to get spammed with FRIDAY

Anyways, I'm not on my comp, it broke ;~; so if I'm late, you can terminate my reservation. ;([/SIZE]

Stingray October 12th, 2011 9:17 AM

Please reserve me as well I'll start working on a SU tonight.

Nakuzami October 12th, 2011 11:08 AM

Finally, Skymin accepted it at like 4 a.m., was it? Evil mod.
@-DeepImpact- : Nope, now you can't join, because you mentioned it. JK, you are reserved ;3
You too are reserved, Stingray.

And, I forgot to add something to the SU section. I'll go add that now, it's only something minor that applies if you have multiple characters.

MichaelaTheUchiha October 12th, 2011 1:46 PM

Deepimpact, you don't get a reservation. You called me Miharu.

JK. ;)

I, myself, will post my SU as soon as I get to my laptop.

xXJumboShrimpXx October 12th, 2011 2:01 PM

Im always up for a zombie RP, ill get an SU up asap.

lol, the plot reminds me of the game 'Dead Island'

MichaelaTheUchiha October 12th, 2011 2:09 PM

JumboShrimp (is it okay if I just forgo the Xs?) is reserved!

Nakuzami October 12th, 2011 2:18 PM


Originally Posted by xXJumboShrimpXx (Post 6886418)
Im always up for a zombie RP, ill get an SU up asap.

lol, the plot reminds me of the game 'Dead Island'

But I believe Plague was around before Dead Island. If not, THEN SCREW YOUR ISLAND OF DEAD! Lol ;3
I reserve you now :D
Also, my SU should be up later too. Although, I have three characters, so it'll be slightly longer for the other two.

MichaelaTheUchiha October 12th, 2011 2:20 PM

(just realizes that I should probably work on my other two)


Wow, I don't even have a multitude of character to fall back on like Nakuzami.

...Wow, I'm screwed.

Here is Miharu:


Name: Miharu Mizushima

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Legendary: Mewtwo

Appearance: Miharu has straight, black hair that reaches to her shoulders. When she truly gets serious, either in a Pokemon battle or a fist fight, she usually ties up her hair using chopsticks. She has blank, black eyes that are almond shaped and small, and they truly come alive during a Pokemon battle. She is about 5'8 and weighs around 110 pounds. She has fairly developed muscles and abdomen, due to traveling and her martial arts training. She is Japanese/Korean and has the skin tone of a Japanese person (and there IS a difference).

Miharu usually wears all black, since it is her favorite colour, but she may mix in the occasional blue or even red every now and then. Her clothes are usually loose and easy to maneuver in. She also wears Chinese style flats that allow her to walk around silently and are comfortable to fight and run in. She usually wears a t-shirt and cargo pants, although it depends on the weather and the seasons. She does not wear any jewelry, nor does she have any tattoos, but she does have several scars running through the length of her arms and legs, as well as a huge multitude of scars on her back.

Personality: Miharu is hyper observant with a photogenic memory and a high level of intelligence that allows her to put together “clues” in order to come up with conclusions. However, this does come with a price; due to this, Miharu’s mind is always working at an extremely fast past and usually can’t focus (unless in a life or death situation) on just one thing. When this happens, she usually bounces from one topic to another, often causing her strange looks as she switches topics without a bat of an eyelash. She also banters with Nightmare, Bishamon, or internally in high pressure situation, due to not being able to focus on the danger. This isn’t to say that she doesn’t know the situation she is in is dangerous, she just can’t focus on it that well. Unless, as stated in parenthesis, in a life or death situation. She can also get sensory overload and is usually useless whenever this happens. When this hits, even the smallest noise is like a bomb going off next to her ear and even the dullest of lights could be like a flashlight in her eyes, the lightest of touches could feel like a ton of weight pressing on her, the smallest of smells can override her, and she can usually taste everything that she has had for the past two weeks. She can get migraines during sensory overloads, which makes the hearing and eyesight even worse, but can also get it regularly about every month or so.

Miharu is usually a jokester at heart, almost always seen with a grin on her face. However, she is completely sarcastic and snarky to extremes, which can allow her to gain friends or enemies with just about everyone. However, she is a fairly good liar and manipulator.

She usually doesn’t like to show weakness and will, most likely, not accept help unless she is dying. And even then, she’s hesitant. It isn’t because she’s prideful; it’s just because she doesn’t want to feel like a burden to anyone.

If the situation calls for it, she can be completely straight faced and not crack any jokes. This usually only happens under RARE occasions.

During battles, she is quite ingenious, able to think of tactics that most people feel that are "out of the box". Sometimes, she taunts her opponent to anger, which makes them sloppy and rash. During battles of any sort, her wit becomes sharper, her sarcasm becomes greater, her jokes (and amazingly lame puns) appear more often, and she is usually only focused on the battling. She feels that she truly comes to live during battles, physical or Pokemon.

However, due to her martial arts training, she will never try to strike an opponent first. Sure, she may annoy someone to the point of them being murderous, but she will never throw the first punch. Due to this, she can keep her temper. Well, unless human stupidity and ignorance shows itself. She also has quite the addiction of TV Tropes and the lingo sometimes, most of the time, will appear in her dialogue. She also likes to make references to some books, movies, and TV Shows. She usually likes to make references to Psych and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

History: (Taken from It Begins and Ends in the Stadium, because, quite honestly, this is the best history I have ever written.)

Miharu was born in the town of Pallet (xD) in Kanto to a single mum. Her father ran out of the family before she was even born and when Miharu found him...well, let's say that he's lying in a ditch somewhere and leave it at that. Her mother was the greatest mum Miharu could ever wish for. She was supportive, loving, kind, and taught Miharu well...until she died when Miharu was ten. Having saved a Ralts from an abusive trainer five years before, Miharu left to go on her pokemon journey to the farthest region out there; Unova.

Unova was quite strange to her. Although she had glanced at maps before (and as such, knew where to go), she had never seen any pictures and such. Being born in a fairly small town, seeing all of the large cities, at first, made her have sensory information overload. When that happened, she was disoriented as she kept capturing everything and remembering it. It gave her a huge headache, but soon she got used to the cities, she managed to filter the information so it wouldn't give her a headache. Capturing quite a few pokemon (understatement), Miharu defeated all the gyms in Unova. When she made it to the tournament afterward, she managed to get in the top thirty-two, good for her age of eleven.

After this, she moved onto Sinnoh. Sinnoh was Miharu's favorite region to go through. Along her journey, she managed to chance a meeting upon Cynthia, the champion of Sinnoh. They sparred, and, obviously, Cynthia won. However, they became close friends after that, still talking to each other and sparring occasionally. This was also the first region where she saw her first legendary pokemon. After beating all eight of the gym leaders, Cynthia asked Miharu to go check on the Turnback Cave; Cynthia was too busy preparing for the oncoming tournament and she needed someone to get check the cave out as there were many reports of disappearances from Turnback Cave. Not turning a favour down from Cynthia, Miharu went there. She managed to go through the maze, using her hyper intelligence and deductive reasoning skills. She managed to reach the end of the cave to find a portal of a sort. Miharu went in. She managed to make it to the Reverse World. As soon as she walked in, the portal closed behind her. Using her deductive reasoning skills, she concluded that she was screwed and needed to find another way out of the Reverse World. Somehow, she managed to get through and find another portal. Just as soon as she was about to go through it, Giratina appeared. Miharu tried to reason with Giratina first, but was attacked. She would have to fight a legendary pokemon to get out of there. Somehow, one of Toxicroak's Poison Jab managed to hit Giratina and sent her down for a few seconds. The few seconds was all Miharu needed and she ran out of the portal. Miharu reported this incident to Cynthia and they both, sadly, agreed that the people who disappeared were dead. After this, she went on to the tournament. She managed to make it to the semi-finals (battling a legendary pokemon is such good training), but lost, which meant that she was fourth place.

Hearing of her achievements and her friendship with Cynthia, she received an invitation to a tournament in the Almia region. She accepted and battled her way through tough eliminations, including battling Lance (the champion of Johto) and Wallace (the champion of Hoenn). She managed to make it through to the finals, having to face Cynthia. However, the night before, a terror struck the tournament. An army of Rotoms were causing mayhem and destruction. Miharu managed to stumble upon their leader, a shiny Gengar (Nightmare). They fought immediately. Most of Miharu's pokemon were at the Pokemon Center, the only one with her was Toxicroak, but it wasn't a really good match-up. Nightmare had super-effective attacks, while Toxicroak's best attacks were easily dodged. Nightmare, charging up for a Shadow Ball, suddenly aimed towards Miharu. Toxicroak was quick and was able to take the blow instead, but slamming into Miharu and making them hit parts of the walls that got tear up from the fight, which is where the multitudes of the scars on her back are from. Somehow, a master ball Miharu got from Cynthia managed to clip out of her belt and rolled over to the gleeful Nightmare. Nightmare, too happy in his win, didn't see the master ball until it clicked onto his feet and captured him. Both Miharu and Toxicroak were losing blood fast. Miharu, remaining consciousness, was able to call Cynthia who teleported to where they were, using one of her pokemon. Seeing what happened, Cynthia quickly took everyone to the pokemon center/hospital. As both Toxicroak and Miharu were recovering from their injuries, the finals were postponed. Miharu got better, but it took Toxicroak a longer time for healing. Miharu left for to battle in the finals. It was close, each of them only had one pokemon left, but when the pain suddenly grew too much, Miharu was unable to command Bishamon correctly and they were defeated by Cynthia's Garchomp. Miharu smiled through the pain and congratulated Cynthia. Cynthia frowned, then noticing that something was off with Miharu. It ended up that her stitches were torn and she had to go back to the hospital. Cynthia visited Miharu and told Miharu that Miharu would have won if she was in full health. Miharu shook her head, disagreeing. Cynthia shrugged, and left. After Toxicroak fully healed, Miharu left for Hoenn.

Hoenn was pretty much the region where Miharu tried to be the best trainer she could be to Nightmare. They had quite a lot of wacky adventures together. It was also in Hoenn when Miharu had "time-traveled" for the first time. In their room at the Pokecenter, Nightmare noticed two glowing orbs. Miharu, who was reading, hadn't notice Nightmare grabbing them until a bright light flashed and they were sent to an alternate universe where Miharu died the night Nightmare was captured, Nightmare had been killed by Cynthia, who was enraged that her friend had died. They met up with Cynthia, who had attacked them at first. However, they managed to prove that they were the real Nightmare and Miharu. Miharu wondered why they were sent there, but it was all clear when a Rotom suddenly attacked Cynthia. The Rotoms under Nightmare control had gone insane without their leader, attacking and killing everyone in sight. With Nightmare's ability to control Rotoms, they all calmed down and they were immediately sent back to their own universe. Miharu went and beat all of the gym leaders, but decided not to go to the tournament at the end of the league. Instead, she went to the Battle Frontier and proceeded to beat all of the Brains there. After that, she decided to go to Johto.

Johto was only one region away from home; and the two regions were connected. Johto was a bit more rural than Kanto, but it still felt reminiscent to home. This was also when she found out about Nightmare's life. The details of that shall remain hidden, if only to allow Nightmare some mystery. This is also where she saw Celebi. After defeating all the gyms, she was walking through Ilex Forest. Suddenly, Celebi flies in front of her, injured. A Houndoom following short after. Miharu spent a second to think of what to do, before tearing after Houndoom and Celebi. She managed to defeat the Houndoom when the Houndoom's trainer came. He was a Pokemon Hunter, and one of the best. Miharu remembered seeing him from a Most Wanted poster. Celebi, sensing the danger, sent both her (Celebi) and Miharu to the past. This time, Miharu found herself in Pallet Town, instead of Ilex Forest. It was there she met a younger Professor Oak, her mother, alive, and her father. Her mother and her father, at that time boyfriend and girlfriend, became friends with Miharu. However, her mother was kidnapped and Miharu quickly went on a rescue mission, her father coming along. Her father got injured during the battle between the kidnapper and Miharu. Miharu realized then that the reason she was there was because she needed to defeat the kidnapper. Miharu won, and her mother and father were reunited. When her father was in the hospital and her mother was by her bedside, she walked into the forest. Celebi came out and sent them back to the right time. This time, Miharu recognized the Pokemon Hunter as the person who had kidnapped her mother. She was able to beat him easy and gave him to the police. Celebi thanked Miharu, before traveling to another time. However, after this, she decided not to do the Indigo League. She decided to save it for after Kanto.

Kanto was definitely the region in which she met the most legendaries; Mewtwo, Mew, Dialga, and Palkia. Mewtwo she met in the Cerulean Cave. After defeating Misty for her second Kanto gym badge, Miharu went on to travel the Cerulean Cave. She managed to make it through to the end when she saw Mewtwo. Mewtwo immediately attacked, knocking Miharu into a wall where she managed to slam her head to the wall and passed out. She woke up to dripping water and remembered what had happened, she quickly got up, ignoring the throb of her head, and checked the surroundings. Mewtwo was gone. She met Dialga and Palkia at the same time. After winning her eighth badge, the two suddenly took her from the Pokemon Center, using a portal Palkia made. They both wanted to test Miharu for reasons that she still doesn't know. Miharu rolled her eyes and agreed. They sent her to an alternate universe where her father had never left. Miharu found that her alternate self was worse off. That Miharu, when her mother died, had been abused by her alcoholic father. Miharu, after changing her appearance, gathered evidence and proof. When Miharu told that Miharu of what she had gathered and that she could be free, that Miharu smiled. The next morning, that Miharu was dead. As soon as Miharu saw that Miharu's body, she shot herself, Palkia and Dialga brought her back to her universe and time. They told her that she had to kill her father. She still didn't know the reasons, but after seeing that, she didn't mind it at all. She managed to hunt her father down and kill him. She wasn't distraught over the loss, nor with the fact that she killed her own father. Her father wasn't a father to her; he was practically a stranger. Still, she mourned for her mother's boyfriend that had tried so hard to rescue her mother and wondered where it all went wrong. Still having some free time before the Indigo League, Miharu traveled a bit throughout Kanto. She had managed to take down an uprising criminal group that had slowly becoming amongst the likes of Team Rocket, Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Galactic, and Team Plasma. However, she managed to miss the leader. The leader, enraged, sent an assassin after Miharu with the projects they were working on. The assassin tracked Miharu down to Mt. Silver in where they battled it out. The assassin used normal pokemon that Miharu was able to defeat with ease...Until the assassin brought out mind controlled Mewtwo and Mew. Miharu was losing, and losing badly. Against one legendary, she probably could have held her own, but against two of the strongest...Well, it wasn't possibly. Soon, it was just Nightmare, Miharu, and Bishamon left. Miharu fought the assassin head on, physically, while Bishamon fought off Mewtwo and Nightmare fought off Mew. Miharu noticed that Mewtwo and Mew didn't respond as well when the assassin was distracted and pushed her advantage. However, the assassin managed to get in a good blow that stopped Miharu for a few seconds, allowing the assassin to pin Miharu to the ground and put a knife to her throat, deciding against using the knife, and started to choke her. Seeing Miharu in trouble, Nightmare was able to defeat Mew with a well-placed, good luck, Metronome, while Bishamon still fought off Mewtwo. Nightmare Shadow Balled the assassin off of Miharu. The assassin, seeing that the Shadow Ball would kill her if she was still on Miharu, stopped choking Miharu and was able to dodge the Shadow Ball. As Miharu tried to breath, she managed to notice two pink jewels on one of the assassin's earrings. She managed to rasp out an order; Nightmare to start attacking Mewtwo so Bishamon would be able to teleport the two pink stones to her. They both followed their orders well, and the two pink jewels were in Miharu's hand. She smashed them before the assassin could stop her, and Mewtwo suddenly teleported away from Nightmare and locked the assassin psychically. The two pink jewels were the project; like how Kyogre and Groundon were controlled by the Red and Blue jewel, the two pink jewels would be able to help them to control Mewtwo and Mew. Mewtwo killed the assassin and thanked Miharu for saving himself and Mew. Miharu nodded as Mewtwo stated that he would keep in touch and Mewtwo teleported himself and the still passed out Mew away. Miharu was sent to the hospital, her pokemon were sent to a pokemon center, and after an overnight stay, she was allowed to leave. Two weeks after that was the Indigo League. Miharu managed to win the tournament, and then proceeded to go against the Elite Four and the Champion. She beat the Elite Four with ease and then it came down to the Champion VS Miharu. Each of them had one pokemon left, Bishamon and Venusaur, starter VS starter. Bishamon managed to clinch the win for Miharu and Miharu was to be the champion. However, when awarded with the champion title, she stated that she didn't want to be the champion. The champion was able to gain his title back. However, the Pokemon League begged Miharu to reconsider. Miharu stated that, if they still wanted her, after three years being the gym leader of Pallet Town, she would defeat the current champion at that time and would become the champion. They agreed. She was sixteen at the time.

Having been a gym leader for two years now, Miharu is very on her way close to the end of her deal.

Weapon Preferences: Two dozen hidden knives, four dozen senbons (two of those dozens with poisons; one of those dozens with fatal, the other with paralyzing/sleeping agents), and a katana.



Jolteon “Nari” Female
Ability: Volt Absorb
Moves: Thunder Bolt, Thunder Wave, Dig, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power (Grass), Toxic

Gallade “Bishamon” Male
Ability: Steadfast
Moves: Teleport, Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Psychic, Brick Break, Earthquake

Gengar “Nightmare” Male
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Poison Jab, Metronome

Dragonite “Kaida” Female
Ability: Inner Focus
Moves: Dragon Dance, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Fly, Stone Edge

Lapras “Haku” Female
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Ice Beam, Surf, Hail, Thunder Bolt, Bulldoze, Sing

Houndoom "Kuro" Male
Ability: Flash Fire
Moves: Thunder Fang, Faint Attack, Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Dark Pulse

PC: Well, let’s say that it’s a LOT of Pokemon and leave it at that. I STILL haven’t finished the Can’t Break Me, Won’t Shake Me list…

Here is Neal Samson:


Name: Neal Samson

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Appearance: Neal has shaggy blond hair that is usually uncombed and very messy. He usually doesn’t even try to keep it neat, but it makes him look better. He also has emerald eyes. He is tall, standing about 6’4” and weighing about 150lbs. He is fairly muscular, not to the point with muscles bulging, but to a point in which if someone were to grab his muscles, they would feel very firm. Although he has no jewelry, he does have a small tattoo on his right shoulder of a crescent moon and star. On his left shoulder is a tattoo of a sun and fire.

Neal wears casual clothing, hating suits and ties. If he is invited to a black tie event, he usually would not go unless it is of a wedding or a party of a very close friend, which is fairly sad since he looks so well in a tuxedo. He wears a red t-shirt with the same moon, star, sun, and fire design (sun and fire on the front, moon and star on the back) as his tattoos. He wears comfortable blue jeans. He has been called handsome by many people and knows it.

Personality: Arrogant of his looks, but still fairly down to Earth, Neal has been known as a lady killer. He flashes a bright white smile and the ladies swoon. He knows that he is handsome and uses this to his advantage to picking up ladies. He is also a very smooth talker and can sometimes get the hardest to get women to fall for him. However, all he really does is flirt with women. If someone catches his eye, he may go on a few dates with the women, but has been disappointed with his relationships so far. He is a romantic at heart and the reason why he flirts with so many women is to try to find the perfect one. In his mind, the perfect one is the one who won’t fall so easily for his charms.

As a smooth talker, he is well versed in psychology, seeing the right buttons to push in order to get women to fall for him. It has been said amongst his friends that he could talk a killer to stop killing with his smooth talking skills around all genders.

Neal does not like to fight, preferring to stay away from battles and the like. He loves contests though and wants everyone to see the beauty in pokemon, not just to duke it out in rough housing. However, just because he doesn’t like to fight doesn’t mean that he can’t. Even with disliking fighting, he is a brilliant fighter, knowing the weak spots of pokemon, just as he knows the weak spots of women, and is able to hit them hard. All of his pokemon are good for contests and battling, just in case.

He is known to be slightly irresponsible with his own image, but he always makes sure that his pokemon look amazing for contests. He knows how to sew clothes for people and know how to mend his own clothing when it gets ripped. He always carries around his sewing kit. Always.

He dislikes beer, but is a huge fan of wine. He knows all of the best brands, and owns them as well.

When he has to battle, his face turns fierce and harsh, unlike the casual and flirting smile that he usually wears. His mind becomes sharper as he is able to pinpoint pokemon’s weak spots, not to mention the fact that he grew up battling and training. He is, however, ashamed of his appearance and does not battle unless it is really necessary, and only if there is no one paying attention to him. Due to this, he is really fast, being able to out run some pokemon, since he always tries to run rather than battle.

History: Neal was born into a rich family in Lilycove City and this sometimes shows in the way he talks as well as his body language. He had multiple servants waiting on his hand and feet, as well as the ability to get whatever he wants. His father managed to get him three very rare pokemon for his eighth birthday; an Anorith, a Feebas, and a Togepi. Neal grew up training with these pokemon as his father used to be a former champion when he was younger. He was very good at battling due to his early training.

However, when he was ten, Neal was not paying attention as he let Anorith and Togepi battle each other. He was training one on one with Feebas when he heard a scream. He turned. His mother had went for a walk and when Togepi dodged a move that was aimed towards him, his mother, who was right behind Togepi, got hit instead. Although she recovered, she remained paralyzed from the waist down, due to the attack hitting on her spine. Neal has never forgiven himself for that and that is the reason why he went off battling.

When he was twelve, Neal started on his journey. He went to Littleroot first and managed to help Professor Birch escape from the Mightyena that was chasing him. Professor Birch was so thankful that he gave Neal a Torchic. Neal thanked the professor and went off to the next town.

Odelle Town was a small town and he didn’t stay there long. He did, however, find a Ralts on Route 102. A few days after starting his journey and he already had all six of his pokemon! Neal had decided then that these were the perfect contest pokemon. He wouldn’t need anymore pokemon ever. These were already perfect; he had a smart pokemon, a beautiful pokemon, a cool pokemon, a tough pokemon, and a cute pokemon. It was perfect!

Petalburg City was next. He all but skipped the gym, he had no interest in battling, when a trainer named Scott stopped him. Scott took one look at Neal and said that he had potential, but he was afraid to use it and that he should challenge Roxanne’s gym. Shocked at how Scott read him and angered by his suggestion to go back into battling, Neal needed to get off some stress. He battled a trainer and beat the trainer easily. However, Neal didn’t know, Scott was watching him battle. After the battle, Neal went through the Petalburg Forest.

In the Petalburg Forest, he kept on getting all of these challenges from Bug Catchers. However, Neal politely declined and went on his way through. However, while he camped in the Petalburg Forest, his Feebas was stolen by a pokemon hunter. Mad, Neal went after the hunter. He beat the hunter and managed to get his Feebas back before the night was over. Neal left the hunter, passed out, tied up, either for someone else to find him and notify the authorities, or for easy prey for the wild pokemon. Either way, Neal never heard from the hunter again.

Rustboro City was next. Remembering Scott’s suggestion in Petalburg City, Neal guessed that it wouldn’t hurt to check out the gym, but not battle. He watched the battles and frowned at the way that the trainers who tried for the gym badge fought. They were obviously beginners, having not seen the weakness of Roxanne’s pokemon. After the last challenger left, Roxanne finally noticed Neal who had been watching the entire time. Roxanne asked Neal if he was a challenger and he said no. Roxanne nodded and asked Neal to leave. Neal did so, but not without winking slyly at Roxanne and stating the weaknesses of Roxanne’s pokemon. As Roxanne gaped after him, Neal left. He stayed in the pokemon center overnight and left the following morning.

As Rusturf Tunnel was open, Neal went through that way in order to get to Vendurf Town, the first place for contests. Neal managed to win in all five categories easily, each of them earning a ribbon in their category. With this, Neal went to sleep at the pokemon center again, before heading out.

Hoenn continued on along this pace until Neal managed to gather all of the ribbons and get each of his pokemon to have all five sets of ribbons. This took two years, causing Neal to be fourteen before moving onto Sinnoh where other contests were being held.

Sinnoh also went along with this pace, him traveling and winning ribbons until all of his pokemon got all five sets of ribbons each. This took three years, meaning he was seventeen when this was done, especially since he took awhile to visit everything..

Due to his efficiency in contests, Neal was invited to a top Coordinator festival. He managed to get to the finals where he had to go against Wallace in a Contest/Battle. The earlier parts were just performances, but when Neal heard about the battling part, his interest in winning the top prize as best Coordinator fell. Although he was brilliant in the contest aspect, he fell apart in the battling part. Wallace, the champion of Hoenn and his opponent, noticed that something was off. Due to Neal’s horrid performance in battling, he lost. However, afterward, Neal got attacked by a man in a mask. Neal, seeing no one was around, beat the person in the mask easily and took off the person’s mask. To his astonishment, it was Wallace. Wallace stated he knew that something was off and wanted to find answers. Neal wouldn’t have actually been hurt. Neal, upset that he had been founded out, was also angry, until Wallace offered to train Neal in order to balance both contests and battles. Neal agreed, although he did warn Wallace of his distaste for battles. Neal trained under Wallace until he was twenty-two, in which they went their separate ways. Neal traveled around in order to flirt with the ladies, before moving to Balice City at the age of twenty-seven. He lived there for a year before the plague hit.

Weapon Preferences: A small handgun, given to him by Wallace.


Gardevoir Female
Ability: Synchronize
Moves: Calm Mind, Psychic, Magical Leaf, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Heal Pulse
Primary: Smart
Secondary: Beauty

Milotic Female
Ability: Marvel Scale
Moves: Toxic, Surf, Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Attract, Hidden Power (Dragon)
Primary: Beauty
Secondary: Cute

Blaziken Male
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Brick Break, Blaze Kick, Bulk Up, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Shadow Claw
Primary: Tough
Secondary: Cool

Armaldo Male
Ability: Battle Armor
Moves: Crush Claw, X-Scissor, Stone Edge, Hone Claws, Aerial Ace, Brick Break
Primary: Cool
Secondary: Tough

Togekiss Female
Ability: Serene Grace
Moves: Aura Sphere, Metronome, Return, Grass Knot, Shadow Ball, Air Slash
Primary: Cute
Secondary: Smart

I think I'm only going to have two characters. I might make one more later, not sure.

SylveonStar October 12th, 2011 2:59 PM


Name: Jasmine Smith
Age: 16
Gender: female
Legendary: Suicune

Appearance: Jasmine is of average height for her age around 5'3, 5'4 and weighs about 115lbs. Her hair is long and straight and is a rich brown in color with light sky blue highlights in it. Most of the time she styles it down but her bangs sometimes tend to get in her eyes. Jasmine has a paler skin color that makes the freckles dotting her face stand out even more under her dark green eyes.

She dresses in a pink long sleeved shirt that has black lace at the end of the sleeves and at the collar. Over that she wears a light blue t-shirt with black lace at the sleeves and collar as well. She wears a skirt that has a pink band at the top with black lace and a black bow, the bottom part of the skirt is light blue and polka dotted. On her feet she wears thigh high black socks with the same black lace at the top and on her feet she wears pink and black loafers. Her accessories include a black bow in her hair, pink necklace, bracelets, and anklet, and a small black purse.

Personality: Jasmine has a very split personality. Around her friends and other humans or Pokemon she is very friendly and kind seeming like a normal average 16 year old girl. With those she trusts Jasmine is very protective having lost people she cared about before. To do so again would shatter her. Her temper brings out her other side. If angered or in a battle with the enemy Jasmine is fierce and violent. Her anger makes her ruthless and she holds a deep grudge against the zombies and will not hesitate to kill one if it crosses her path. Her hatred for the Zombies and the virus is stronger than her hatred for anything else. Jasmine has vowed to help as many people as she can survive. As well as herself and to find the cause of the virus to make them pay.

History: Jasmine was born and raised in Balice City. Her father Jacob Smith was the CEO of one of the leading company's Aero Corp which earned millions of dollars making airplane's and machinery. Her mother Louisa Smith was co-president of the neighborhood garden club and spent all her time either gardening or teaching Jasmine ballet as she grew up. When she was little Jasmine was kind and respectful her mother being more like a best friend and her father being a stranger. Life was good but on her thirteenth birthday everything changed. While waiting at her school for her mother to pick her up a limo pulled up and it was her father. He had a somber expression and Jasmine soon found out that her mother had perished in a tragic car accident not long before. Devastated Jasmine dropped out of her public school staying home and teaching herself but she also changed in more ways as well.

The shock of her mothers death had caused Jasmine to shut out others including her father and stay alone at all hours of the day reading, writing, or going down to the families Archery range to practice. In the next three years her voice was rarely heard and then it happened. The virus was released and her father became infected. Before he could turn un-dead he begged Jasmine to kill him and then burn his body. Terrified and crying she did as he asked killing him with a clean arrow to the neck letting him die painlessly before she burned the body. In tears she took his ashes and placed them in an urn next to her mothers grave speaking for the first time in years vowing to survive and get revenge.

Weapon Preferences: Just a simple bow and arrows.
Pokemon: Jasmine has one Pokemon. A Liepard by the name of Shade knowing the moves: Night Slash, Sucker Punch, Hone Claws, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Faint Attack


Zamorak October 12th, 2011 4:45 PM

Name: Jason Wells
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Legendary: Articuno

Appearance: Jason is just a little under 6ft tall and he is a little heavier then 170lbs. He has dark green eyes and black hair that is, under normal circumstances is kept short, but due to the abnormal circumstances of a zombie plague has grown and often falls over his eyes. Jason has no tattoos or scars, and usually has a pretty clear complexion, but once again zombie plague steps in, the stress of which has caused him to break out pretty badly. As well as suffering from acne and annoying hair in the eyes, he has a series of bruises and cuts from various measures necessary to keep him from becoming zombie food.

Jason prefers wearing short sleeve shirts, because they're comfortable and they don't restrict movement very much. He also wears loose-fit denim jeans for much the same reasons as short sleeved shirts, as well as keeping the blood from downed zombies off his legs. He also wears running shoes for the purpose of running from the zombie, which is sometimes the only solution for dealing with them. He also doesn't wear hats, glasses, rings, or gloves of any kind, he will sometimes wear a necklace though.

Personality: (At least ten sentences)
Jason isn't the most talkative person there is, preferring his own thoughts much of the time, but is still trying to become a more verbal person. He is also straightforward, not liking to have to dance around a topic or not being able to deal with something as soon as humanly possible. His way of thinking also makes him prone to missing the easiest solution, although he normally ends up with a solution that works, even if it's not the easiest and most effective one. He also has problems trusting others as anything more than just acquaintances, which has kept him from making any really close friends. Jason is also kind, if not trusting, towards other people since he wants to be liked by others even if he is unwilling to trust them.

Jason is also someone who sees a lot of problems with the world and is able to accept it as a necessary part of the human condition, although not happily. He also has trouble staying with any one thing for any major length of time, jumping from one thing to the next fairly quickly. Jason also has a history of making fairly bad decisions that somehow pan out[exmp. he moved to a city where he knew nobody and had no friends and ended up with a place and a job]. He also cannot just leave something be, if something looks out of place he feels like he must examine it, something which is probably not very good in a zombie-filled time such as this. He also isn't very good at explaining how he does things, more often then not the only explanation he can think of is that it just made sense when he did it.

History: Jason lived with his parents as an only child for most of his life, moving around a lot but mostly spending his childhood in southern part of Hoenn. Moving around a lot he never had a good chance to make any close friends, and more often then not was shunned just because he was the 'new' kid, and he became a fairly quiet and passive person to help avoid any teasing that came with the label "new kid". Eventually his family settled in Mauville city, but he wasn't able to make any good friends, always under the impression that it was just another temporary place and they would be gone soon enough. Eventually he grew out of his silence, although he wasn't able to make any close friends he became fairly well liked around where he lived.

Eventually once he became old enough to move out from his parents he tried staying in Oldale for awhile, which is where he caught his Linoone whom he nicknamed Sasha, but eventually Oldale begin to have the feeling of "been there, done that" he'd been feeling most of his life living in southern Hoenn. After about a year he decided he had to go somewhere completely new, and ended up in Balice city, working in a deli nearby his apartment in the south side of Balice. Although he feels like he could be doing better but he isn't unhappy with where he is at the moment. He was saving money to hopefully take some college courses in business and economics in the hopes of starting a successfu business of his own.

Weapon Preferences: He has a pistol he got off a dead officer's body and a heavy metal rod he found on a construction site. He hasn't found any extra ammo for the pistol so he mostly uses the rod.

Pokemon: Linoone [None in PC]

Finished =D

Nakuzami October 12th, 2011 4:55 PM

@Zamorak - *GASP* You're back in teh RP Corner! I guess you couldn't resist the remake of your RP ;) It's gonna be a bit different, though X3
You are reserved!

MichaelaTheUchiha October 12th, 2011 5:10 PM


Originally Posted by Nakuzami (Post 6886683)
@Zamorak - *GASP* You're back in teh RP Corner! I guess you couldn't resist the remake of your RP ;) It's gonna be a bit different, though X3
You are reserved!

I told him about it. Didn't you? LOL?

xXJumboShrimpXx October 12th, 2011 5:39 PM


Originally Posted by Nakuzami (Post 6886448)

But I believe Plague was around before Dead Island. If not, THEN SCREW YOUR ISLAND OF DEAD! Lol ;3
I reserve you now :D
Also, my SU should be up later too. Although, I have three characters, so it'll be slightly longer for the other two.

lol, Im not saying its stolen but it just sounds exactly the same.

@MichaelaTheUchiha yeah you can leave out the X's, most people call me Jumbo any ways.

Ill have my SU up maybe tomorrow.

Stingray October 12th, 2011 6:53 PM

Thought I'd ask just to make sure... its ok to make a mini profile for my character's Pokemon as well right? :D

Sorry Its a little thing I like to do in RPs since the Pokemon themselves have a history and a personality. Also it will mean it will take me a little longer to make a SU, but it should be worth it :p

xXJumboShrimpXx October 12th, 2011 7:05 PM

I've been working non-stop on my SU cause I don't have a life and Im done. Now Im not good with SU's so bear with me if it... well.. sucks. :P

Also If I do get accepted, can I has 12 Gauge?

Name: Scott McClain
Age: 16 (and 3 quarters!)
Gender: Hmm, Male?
Legendary: LUGIA!!

Appearance: Scott stands at about 6'5" and weighs the average for his age. He has long black hair that reach down to his eye brows. He has dark blue eyes with a basic eye shape. Scott wears a pair of jeans and a plain white T-shirt. He also has a one strapped back pack that carries his equipment, supplies, Etc. He wears a pair of white and black sneakers. Scott also wears black fingerless gloves with great grip. Scott has a pair of sunglasses that he usually wears during the day. Scott has a black Bandana that he uses to cover his mouth. Scott has a black jacket that he will usually were during the night.

Personality: Scott likes to joke and have fun and can often be heard "Trash talking" while killing zombies. He takes it more like a sport than survival. He doesn't like to avoid zombies, if he sees em he gets em. He kinda likes to taunt them, people consider him the "bully of zombies". The thing Scott likes to do the most besides killing zombies is just relaxing on the beach. Sure the beaches are full of zombies but he doesn't really care. Scott is fearless and brave, Scott is fairly determined to stay alive. He is kind of "The man with the plan". Scott is a great leader because he is great under pressure, knows the situation, and the enemy.

History: Scott was born in the Sinnoh region in Twinleaf. Scott is an only child, and lived with his parents his whole life. He had never thought about going to have an adventure as it never crossed his mind. He was never worried about anything like that. The only thing he was worried about was his mixed martial arts classes. That was everything to him, even at school he was on the wrestling team. All of his focus was on his training. Scott's life was a dull one, even as popular he was at school he felt like something was missing. Even with all the things he had, he still felt odd. Every day on his walks Scott saw all the trainers, battle and training. Then it hit him, he had never had a partner, He didn't have any pokemon to accompany him through life. He then went on a search for a friend. It didn't happen right away but he finally found a match. It was a rainy day, Scott was walking home from school. A Squirtle had followed him home. Scott was surprised the small water pokemon had followed him, Scott had taken the pokemon into his home and took care of it.

This year Scott was invited to Balice City in the Kanto Region for a Martial Arts tournament. Unfortunately Scott's family couldn't attend with him since the School was flying him there to represent their school. Scott was staying at a nice hotel and had his own room. Scott and his Squirtle went down to the beach every day. The tournament would last a few weeks, but Scott had no concern for how long he would be there. He wanted to spend the rest of his life there if he could. He was surrounded by the beautiful oceans and city. Scott had a great first day in the tournament, so far he was 2-1. He held third place so far, so he wasn't disappointed. After a great first day Scott found a spot on the beach were him and his squirtle could relax. The next day scott had a bad run in the tournament, he had a current score of 3-3. He was now in fourth place, and wasn't happy about it, so again he went to the same spot that he went to the day before and laid down to relax, but little did he know his day would only get worse.

Weapon Preferences: Wakizashi and a Colt M1911

Pokemon: Squirtle:--Spin shell--water pulse--bubble beam--water cannon--

Julius Caesar October 12th, 2011 7:14 PM

Can I has a reservation? Just thought I'd ask....

MichaelaTheUchiha October 12th, 2011 7:26 PM

@Stingray: Go ahead! I would very much enjoy it. It also gives you a better chance of being accepted.
@Jumbo: I have no idea what that is. o.O
@Elite Killer: You are reserved! But not on the first post until Nakuzami comes back online...probably tomorrow. xD

Also, just to let you all know, people are NOT going to be accepted right away. When we believe that we have enough SUs (or SUs stop coming), Nakuzami and I will talk about which people are accepted. It is NOT first come, first serve. So, if you find that I or Nakuzami are ignoring your finished SUs, we've read it (I've read it), but we have to wait for others before letting people know if they are accepted or not.

Zamorak October 12th, 2011 7:34 PM


Originally Posted by Nakuzami (Post 6886683)
@Zamorak - *GASP* You're back in teh RP Corner! I guess you couldn't resist the remake of your RP ;) It's gonna be a bit different, though X3
You are reserved!

I've been meaning to get back here awhile, but I've been so distracted with minecraft and team fortress that I haven't really put effort in until now.
And I expect it to be different because it got.... just.... crazy with the original[Mostly because I was making it up as it went along]

xXJumboShrimpXx October 12th, 2011 9:47 PM


Originally Posted by MichaelaTheUchiha (Post 6886883)
@Jumbo: I have no idea what that is. o.O

Ill simplify, its a Shot gun. 12 Gauge is a type of shotgun ammunition. So I want a Shotgun with 12 Gauge shotgun shells. Ill stop being technical,

Basically for one of my weapons can I have a Shotgun?

luigimario84 October 12th, 2011 10:24 PM

Can I reserve a spot please?

MichaelaTheUchiha October 13th, 2011 3:52 AM

@Jumbo: I don't see how it's a problem, but I'll have to consult with Nakuzami. =P
@luigimario: You are reserved! Just not on the first post until Nakuzami comes back on.

Nakuzami October 13th, 2011 12:22 PM

@Zamorak - Well, at least you were doing meaningful things in MineCraft and TF. That is good. And yeah... I guess that would be a fatal error, I've done it too X3 Well this time, we have most of it planned out.
@xXJumboShrimpXx - That should be okay, one of my own characters is going to have a shotgun. ;P
@EK & luigimario84 - You two are now officially reserved :D

I have one of my characters done, but I'll post it in a little while (in the meantime, I'll work on my other characters) justa let yall know :D

MichaelaTheUchiha October 13th, 2011 1:00 PM


Originally Posted by Nakuzami (Post 6887648)
@Zamorak - Well, at least you were doing meaningful things in MineCraft and TF. That is good. And yeah... I guess that would be a fatal error, I've done it too X3 Well this time, we have most of it planned out.

I have one of my characters done, but I'll post it in a little while (in the meantime, I'll work on my other characters) justa let yall know :D

We do? =P Well, we have the basics, at least.

Alright, Nakuzami.

...Did you add Neal on the first post? Like, MichaelaTheUchiha: Miharu Mizushima, Neal Samson. ;)

Nakuzami October 13th, 2011 1:38 PM


Name: Destiny Saviouer
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Legendary: Giratina

Destiny is Caucasian, stands at about six feet and weighs about one hundred twenty pounds. She has long, black hair that almost reaches her waist and has deep blue eyes. She is very physically fit and she's very fast and strong; very few obstacles get in her way. She can be considered pretty, or beautiful, but that doesn't matter to her.

She usually wears a somewhat rust-red tank top and sometimes wears black and red striped fingerless gloves that go halfway up to her elbow. When it's cold, she wears a rust-red hoodie with black faux fur on the inside. She wears dark blue jeans, a black studded belt, and black boots. Around her neck she wears a locket that contains a picture of her brother, Hope, holding her as a baby. She also carries a pair of extremely black sunglasses that she occasionally wears. On occasion she will also tie up her hair with a rust-red string of silk. She also has some multicolored, mainly black, dark red, and dark blue, bracelets on her right wrist.
Strapped to her belt on the right side is an M16 assault rifle. Strapped to her belt on the left side is her katana. On her back she has her PSG1 sniper rifle and on either side of her belt is a magnum pistol.

Destiny is a complete loner. She hates being around people and tries to avoid any situation where she might have to be around them. The only people she willingly hangs around are her parents, her one friend, Krystal, and her boyfriend, Dimitri. She seems to hate everything, but that's because she keeps any and all emotions inside herself. She is always pretty calm, and it's hard to tell if she is happy or angry, or something completely different. All emotions are accompanied by the same blank face. The only way someone would know if she was angry is if they woke up, not remembering having fallen asleep, and they woke up sore. Destiny is also very intelligent, especially when it comes to something like battling, whether with guns or with Pokemon. She knows how people think and act, and so she is very good at reading people. Although you may not be able to tell if Destiny likes you, she tends to make it pretty clear if she does not like you.

Destiny was born in Nuvema Town, Unova. She was born into a rather poor family, and she had an older brother, Hope. When Destiny was born, Hope had been five years old. He was excited to have a little sister, so he would always play with Destiny when they were children. Destiny grew up with her best friends being her brother, Krystal Kollyns, and Dimitri Zraen. Destiny was a very loving child, and very intelligent. Her grades in school were impeccable.

Destiny, Krystal, Dimitri, and Hope would often go out to Route 1, along with Krystal's little brother and his friends, to see the Pokemon and nature. They all found a love in Pokemon, some more than others, and they all wanted to become Pokemon trainers when they grew up. Hope was older, so he was already eligible to become a Pokemon Trainer. He did so, starting his journey off with a Pidove, which he named Valiant. This was when Destiny was eight, and Hope had been thirteen. Destiny decided that in two years, she would also become a Pokemon Trainer, and be just as good as her brother. She also decided that she would use types such as Dark, Ghost, Psychic, and Poison.

Sadly, a year later, her hopes were shattered.

When Destiny was nine, Hope had come back to Nuvema for a visit. By then, he had five gym badges and four Pokemon. Valiant was still a cute little Pidove, though. During his visit, Destiny, Dimitri, Krystal, and Hope were all out on Route 1, just like they always used to do. Not long after Krystal had run off to fetch a few berries in the forest with alocal Audino, a shady group of about three people showed up. They were thieves, and they did not care who or what got in their way, and they would get what they wanted, no matter what.

The men attacked Hope, who fought back using Valiant. He was quickly defeated, and once Hope tried to resist even further, one of the men pulled a gun on him and shot him. Hope collapsed, bleeding to death. Destiny tried to run forward to help him, but one of the men restrained her. Once they threatened to do... things to Destiny, Dimitri tried to intervene. The man that had shot Hope hit Dimitri on the back of the head with his pistol, hard. Dimitri fell to the ground, unconscious, with a hit that would give him short-term memory loss. The men then proceeded to take all of Hope's belongings, except Valiant, whom they deemed too weak to be worth taking. After they were done taking Hope's things, they took Destiny's things which, while it wasn't much, seemed like a stab in the face to Destiny.

The men fled with all of their belongings, and by the time Krystal returned and saw them, then decided to go get help, it was too late for Hope. Hope died in Destiny's arms. She sat there, crying. A few moments later, Mew appeared to Destiny, and Krystal ended up stopping in her tracks. Mew offered Destiny a deal; Mew could revive Hope, but there would be consequences. Destiny took up the offer, not caring what happened, she just wanted her brother back. Hope woke up, coughing up blood. Mew disappeared after giving a simple warning that the consequences would be bad.

And they were definitely bad.

Although Hope was alive again, he was a different person, someone that Destiny could not recognize. Hope had changed, and not for the better. He ended up leaving abruptly, and when he was gone, he did all sorts of evil things. Hope was no more, all that was left was an evil inside his body. Destiny hated him, but not Hope, she hated what he had become; what she had made him. Destiny was also never the same after that. She was no longer the cheerful little girl she had been, she was almost completely emotionless. Dimitri became a bit of a mute; he was too afraid to talk, afraid he might say something wrong due tohis short-term memory loss. Krystal was left unchanged due to thefact she hadn't been there during the robbery, and Destiny never actually told her everything that had happened.

Destiny started her Pokemon journey three years later, with a new goal. She was going to get her brother back. All she had left of him was alocket that held a picture of him holding her as a baby, smiling. She cherished the picture, and she would often reflect on it at night, shedding a single tear whenever she did. This new goal allowed her to become an extremely strong Pokemon Trainer. She learned everything about battling, and she began to collect gym badges. She traveled with Hope's Pidove, Valiant, whom he had left behind. Destiny would not enter a Pokemon League Conference until she had obtained eight gym badges from every region. She started with Unova, where Kris ended up becoming champion three years later. She then moved on to Hoenn, then Johto, then Kanto. By the time she reached Kanto, she was sixteen. The final gym that she battled there was Miharu Mizushima's gym in Pallet Town. Although Miharu was the strongest gym leader shehad battled so far, she posed no threat to Destiny. Destiny had toomuch to lose to lose to Miharu. She still hadn't found her brother, but she had been following rumors and leads for years, and she knew she had to be getting close.

The final region that Destiny traveled to was Sinnoh. The entire time she wasin Sinnoh, she followed lead after lead that would hopefully get herto her brother, while still collecting gym badges. She finally learned that he planned to pull a major heist at the Lily of theValley Conference, which obviously forced Destiny to enter. She battled her way all the way to the finals, where she met Hope in battle. There was evil behind his eyes, and it drenched his soul. During their battle, there was an explosion, and all of Hope's henchmen, if you will, flooded the Sinnoh Pokemon League and started to attack all of the trainers. They stole Pokemon and items, and even mortally wounded a few people. Hope even pulled a gun on Destiny, and he attempted to shoot her. Valiant clawed at Hope's face as hefired, leaving a scar across his eye, and also causing the bullet to go off course, hitting Destiny in the shoulder. Hope retreated holding his bleeding face.

Cynthia herself had been fighting off Hope's lackeys, and she managed todrive most of them off herself. She was also the one that helped Destiny off of the battlefield. She brought Destiny to the infirmary and talked with her. They talked for a while, and only a little of it was about Hope, as Destiny preferred to avoid the subject. She and Cynthia became good friends that day, and she eventually challenged Cynthia to a battle, since Hope's little episode counted as a forfeit in Cynthia's eyes. Destiny lost, but just barely. Cynthia's Garchomp was able to hold on to consciousness for a mere two seconds after Valiant collapsed. By now Destiny was eighteen, and it was nearing the present day.

Destiny gotanother lead, from Cynthia, which sent her to Balice City. Cynthiaoffered to come along, but Destiny turned her down, preferring to doit on her own. Destiny ended up going with Kris, since Kris hadplanned to go there for vacation anyways.

Then the zombies came, and it was time to fight, either that, or die.

WeaponPreferences: M16 Assault Rifle; PSG1 Sniper Rifle; Two MagnumPistols; Katana


Personal Computer:

Unfezant “Valiant” (M) Ability: Big Pecks Moves: SkyAttack | Tailwind | Razor Wind | Air Slash | Detect | Roost | SteelWind | Fly | Sunny Day | Morning Sun
Absol “Wrath” (M) Ability: Super Luck Moves: Night Slash |Swords Dance | Psycho Cut | Razor Wind | Slash | Double Team | FireBlast | Thunder | Shadow Ball | Blizzard
Gothitelle “Gothema” (F) Ability: Shadow Tag Moves: Psychic |Psyshock | Psybeam | Dark Pulse | Future Sight | Heal Block | Uproar| Miracle Eye | Mean Look | Faint Attack
Scolipede *Shiny* “Impede” or “Imp” (M) Ability:Swarm Moves: Steamroller | Agility | Venoshock | Toxic | Megahorn |Protect | Spikes | Rock Slide | Giga Impact | Solarbeam
Toxicroak “Toxy” (F) Ability: Poison Touch Moves: Dynamicpunch| Bullet Punch | Sucker Punch | Poison Jab | Revenge | Faint Attack |Swords Dance | Stone Edge | Protect | Earthquake
Krookodile “Krooked” (M) Ability: Moxie Moves: Dig | Foul Play| Earthquake | Crunch | Outrage | Shadow Claw | Stone Edge | DoubleTeam | Substitute | Hone Claws

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