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Truality October 24th, 2011 6:48 PM

Pokémon Azure Horizons! V2
Original thread

This is a repost of my LP for one of the best pokemon hacks ever made, Azure horizons, with Frostbite being the author.

It's a screenshot LP, as I prefer it from videos. I'm just reposting the first two parts for now, and planning to post the third one soon. Besides, I really need a good answer on my 2nd part's 'choose your own pun'.

There is a 'choose your own pun' system on this LP.
At the end of each part, a choice is provided to the readers, and depending on the majority of the votes, the winning choice defines the puns on the upcoming update.

Part 1: Benevolent Malevolence

That's a great Titlescreen. I really hope I got some kind of outdated version, or I WANT THAT SUICUNE BACK FROM VACATION.
I'm going to skip this bot's introduction, something that greatly pleases me.
I repeat, he's a bot.
So I decided to be a girl.
On second thought...
Classy, eh? well some people say it IS a girl's name.
And it's your turn.
What's your name?
I spy with my little eye...
A Scyther? I sure want to get one.
Better get going downstairs, now then... I assigned to some sort of emergency organization?
That's what I thought when they asked me to name my rival.
...later on, he left for that emergency.
He's my rival, not my friend, duh. what's with all of you bending these two roles?
I bet he's a nutcase, though. Pft, emergency organizations...

Let's go out, now then:
Just joking. it's Greenwood Town, something about seeds.
Does he have a Scyther?
Let's not mention his name-
Hey, we're rivals. I'm supposed to be trouble for him.

anyway, I should be leaving now. I bet no one's guarding the exit.
Awesome. Here we g--
Now i need to run and get away before--
Huh, he must be a ninja.
....I shouldn't be going out without a...tan?

Anyway, what do you want?
It was the script! The script made me do it!
You're a scientist. What happened to your insight?
Oh wait, you're a ninja.
You assembled three pokemon for two people? For a scientist, you suck at math.
Oh wait, you're a ninja.
Hell no. I want the type advantage.
See? rivals have rights, too!
Hey, are you by any chance having a dual personality?
Like, Bee and noo?
Nevermind. I can beat you with my eyes closed.
I'm going to pick now...
I guess it's going to be a fiery choice...

Part 2: Let's get mild!

I'll take you. I'll squish you when it's dark and you'll spit fireballs.
And the name is...
It's a boy, for God's sake, not a chick.
So I herd u liek...
...that thing.
My pokemon haz ballz of fire. Beat that.

I gotta go ask ninja boy to also give me Treecko. It's gonna stay here if I don't act anyway, so...
RUN! Run for your pants!
Pant...pant...I think I need to get
H-HEY! my legs won't move!
I...I feel someone approaching...
D-don't tell me it's...
T-Those footsteps behind me... must be a Rattata...yeah...
...good rodent...
AARGH! This tension is killing me! and I can't turn around! I'm so paralyzed!

Oh, it's you.
...I preferred a Rattata.
Yes, you're right, forgot about that.
PITCHBOY, this might hurt a bit, but it's for your own g--

Oh, you meant that...?
Wait, we didn't use to have a Pokemon back then.
This isn't about that candy I stole from you, right?
I won't marry you.
Pft, so cynical. Alright, let's do this.
Yes, yes, now stop delaying my victory.
Wait, I thought you were new at this, too...
It's all there, black and white, clear as crystal. I'm better.

Scratch? Why the heck scratch? what do you scratch with?
Off-topic: this question goes to
That's Mudkip's line, I guess. You're weird.
This can't be true...
For people with stiff minds; I'm not calling out my rival.
Leave me alone. I want to press "NEW GAME".
There you go again, how come you're not a newbie at this?
You mean grind? Forget about it.
I already have something in mind for PITCHBOY:
Yes, losing is awesome.
Nononono, Bennnoooo. Not a chance.
Is that some kind of ninja scroll document?

PITCHBOY is programmed to heal itself.
Take that.
Let's see where the road leads me to.
The farther from Alder, the better.
Here I am. Rock you like a hurricane.
Wait, something smells bad.
You know what? you're so right. That's what I was telling my rival a while ago.
He lost to me, of course. That wimp. He can't take care of his pokemon at all.
You must be the one producing that bad smell, right?
No thanks.

Believe me, if it WAS in my will, PITCHBOY would be chewing your toes off right now.
Thank God for errands. Bye.
!@^&##@$GSWT#%@ gymbattlepitchboylevelupbadgeprestigewomanizerhmrivalsucks
Can you do that?
Then how do people get fired?
Your owner must be proud.
...stubborn, yeah, I know.
But you don't have to block the road, too, moron.

Anyway, I better go check out the Mart, I need to buy stuff so I won't lose again.
Do you ask that to every single customer coming in?
No. But I already know I'm forced to, so I'll pass.
Whoever thanks God for errands is stupid~
So, what do we do now?
a) Open the parcel (do not choose if parcel is ticking)
b) Deliver it to that creepy Alder
c) Throw it away and play poker

Have fun rereading!

Blue October 25th, 2011 4:17 AM

I'll be the first to say this is a great walkthrough! You've chose a great game I love Azure Horizons looking forward to seeing more.

C) Throw it away and play poker

Zeffy October 31st, 2011 5:58 AM

CJ, go deliver that parcel and have a new update. I want to see. c:

bobandbill October 31st, 2011 6:21 AM

I won't marry you.
Probably the funniest part for myself thus far!

I like it so far - the small text for the addition comments of ninjas and whatnot work well, and bonus points for interesting names/nicknames thus far as well. BENNNNOOOOO The hack itself seems... okay thus far although rather copy-paste from FR/LG with events thus far to me; otherwise the layout of routes/etc look decent so I guess I'll see what this hack offers later on.

And by popular demand, c. (But who would he play poker with? That should be sorted out beforehand! And maybe the parcel has poker chips...? Even ninjas play poker.)

Truality November 4th, 2011 6:41 PM

Part 3: Runaway Faraway

There is a 'choose your own pun' system on this LP.
At the end of each part, a choice is provided to the readers, and depending on the majority of the votes, the winning choice defines the puns on the upcoming update.

Meh, I guess i'll just toss this box and play poker with the lady over there.
What? No toss option? NO! LET ME TOSS IT!

Tch. I guess ninjalder is lucky. We're now leaving...
Remember when I said that something smelled bad? Well, now we know it's a town custom.
And you're still here, lazy bum. Rats.
Some grinding later, my little snitch learned to focus.

And runrun, we're all the way back to him...
Yes, it's the spicy pizza your ordered, apparently.
Memory cards? Pokedex? are those edible?
I think I heard someone greeting me behind my back.
Silly ninjalder. Ah, now he's ignoring me.
About time you explained your evil ninja plot.
Uh-huh... so it's a scout 'n' slavery business.
Sweet muffins, have I no say in that?
Ooh, now that's something interesting! What do you have?
Screwdriver? Pliers? Maybe a few wrenches?
Lies all lies. You got assassinations to take on, right?
Yes, I'll be sure to give it a good spanning.
The more, the less.
Knock yourself out, dimbo.
Who cares.

Let's visit our beloved little older brother, while we're at it...
X-ray eyes? Are you superman?
X-ray contacts? REALLY?
So I was barefoot until now? I didn't notice.

Back to the town that smells, some more grinding, some nursery.
I hate you.
At least that dufus and his slowpoke are gone, so let's advance!
Oh? I thought my PITCHBOY gained exp from eating protein bars.
Heck no. I'm a pro. Here, I'll show you.
Prepare to lose instantly. You won't even believe it.
See what I mean?
Except for you. You have been stigmatized now.
Oh, you'll regret it. Poor you and your poor pokemon...

Making my way through the route, I come across a disdainfully familiar face:
What are you doing here, blocking my way through the holeway?
No, you're in the way, moron.
I only see one weirdo here.
It is a problem if one is not a weirdo. So, yeah.
Here goes nothing!
Whoo-hoo! I'm shaking it!

So, this is a cave? Hmm, wait, don't I hate caves for some reason...?
Wild reason appeared.
What's this guy doing here? I bet he's one of those weirdos.
Tough luck, weirdo. I shake it hard. Now go away and let me through.
CURSES! I shake it too hard.
... shake it some more, right?
I could wait, then.
So, what do we do now?

a) Wait for the weirdo and his machop to clear the way
b) Take the long way around
c) steal the machop and run

Kenpokid November 4th, 2011 7:39 PM

c and a
...Not nessicarily in that order. :P

bobandbill November 5th, 2011 5:24 AM

Have to agree with the above.

Sure looks rather like RSE's maps were used there now, huh.

I bet that guy with the slowpoke went to play poker.

Truality November 6th, 2011 12:49 AM


Originally Posted by Kenpokid (Post 6916494)
c and a
...Not nessicarily in that order. :P


Originally Posted by bobandbill (Post 6916889)
Have to agree with the above.

You guys should only pick one option... anyway yeah. Seems like part 3 didn't have the funny tone the previous two had, though I was going for it. Expect part 4 within the week.

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