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Elite Overlord LeSabre™ October 28th, 2011 9:00 AM

Pokemon Leaf Green! [Videos]
Well, since I started a new Leaf Green game file, I decided, why not do a Let's Play for it. Videos will only be provided for major boss battles, and updates will probably be weekly (as that's when I can get to uploading gameplay videos on YouTube).

Note: For this game, my character is named "Lisa" and the rival is "Red." And yes, I did name him "Red" out of spite (and because it actually is one of his default names for the Leaf Green version). Also, I will be using traded items such as Premier and Luxury Balls (because capturing all my Pokemon in regular 'ol Pokeballs just isn't my style).


Pallet Town

Well, today's the day. Time to begin my journey into the vast world of Kanto. So I pick up a Potion that is mysteriously in my PC storage despite never having a Pokemon to use it on. I head downstairs, say bye to my mom, the head toward Professor Oak's lab. I'm still unsure what university he teaches at, if any, but when I get there, I'm in for a rude awakening. Oak's not here, just his punk grandson Red who always has a few choice words (usually in the form of snide remarks) for me. So I head north out of town, and finally the old guy shows up. Back at his lab (which sadly doesn't resemble a mad scientist's evil lab in the least - that would have at least been cool), he has me and Red pick some of his Pokemon to start with. I pick Squirtle, not the best Pokemon out there, but certainly the best of Oak's meager selection. Red picks Bulbasaur, then promptly challenges me to throw down.

Too bad Bowser the Squirtle has no problem pounding him into the ground. Afterward, I leave boring old Pallet Town and head north, defeating any Pidgey or Rattata that dare stand in my way.

Viridian City

Arriving in Viridian City, I visit the Pokemon Center (which are currently embroiled in a legal battle with Red Roof Inn over, well, the red roof) and then the Mart.

At the store, I grudingly get recruited as an errand girl, as the shopkeeper shoves a package into my arms that I gotta take back to Oak. People are so lazy these days...

Back at Oak's place, I give him the goods,and in exchange I get a Pokedex... this Pokemon data device that I'm supposed to fill because, once again, people are so lazy these days. I also get five Pokeballs so I can start capturing Pokemon instead of merely killing 'em. So I explore a bit, on Route 1 and 22 west of Viridian, making a few captures, the most notable of those being Craig the Pidgey. And just for the heck of it, I decide to cream Red again.

Viridian Forest

After sending him packing, it's off to Viridian Forest, a miserable place teeming with weak bugs, even weaker electric rodents, and idiot Bug Catchers who think the bugs will actually lead them to victory. Still, I take one of each bug for myself and level them up till they evolve... Speaking of evolving, I also make sure both Bowser and Craig evolve before leaving the forest.

Pewter City

Finally making my way out of the forest, I enter Pewter City. After taking a tour of the museum, I decide it's time to pay the Gym a little visit, and what transpires between me and Leader Brock is documented below:

Lisa vs. Brock


Elite Overlord LeSabre™ November 4th, 2011 4:37 AM

After creaming Brock, I head east only to be stopped by one of Oak's employees. Fortunately, he comes bearing good news and a gift... Running Shoes. Though, (a) they don't look any different from my standard issue shoes, and (b) what's to keep me fromm running in my regular shoes? It's not like they're a $500 pair of six-inch high heels or anything...

Well, putting that puzzling conundrum aside (and being grateful that I can travel faster now. Still not Buick Roadmaster-type speed, comfort, and luxury, but it'll do, I guess), I proceed onto Route 3. What a crew of trainers here. The Youngsters sing the praises of shorts (skirts are still better, just not on them lol) and this one Lass accuses me of touching her even though she walks over to ME to initiate battle. Go figure. While here, I do have one important capture for my team... Howard the Nidoran. After some bit of leveling up, I proceed into Mount Moon.

Mt. Moon

Things are actually pretty quiet in here, aside from the scattered members of Team Rocket stirring up trouble. Well, actually, they don't seem to be causing others in the cave problems, but boy, do they like to jump down my throat when I approach. It's funny, though. The news programs make these guys out to be terrifying and armed to the teeth with strong Pokemon, but when I battled the crew in here, they were pretty much pushovers. Hmm. Maybe these are just the greenhorn members. In any event, I really wasn't all that impressed with them. Anyway, at the end of the cave, I have to teach this random nerd a lesson in sharing. Not that I really wanted the fossils that he was trying to hoard, but hey, whatever. He was the one who jumped me, so why not take some victory spoils, am I right?

After leaving Mount Moon, it's a pretty straight shot to the next town.

Cerulean City

The Gym's in plain sight, and I could bust in and take on the Gym Leader now. But a little voice inside my head told me to head to the bridge north of town. So, after healing my Pokemon at the Red Roof Inn Pokemon Center, I head north.

And I see a familiar, if unfriendly face. It's Red! Well, he's certainly not here to chat, so I bust out my Pokeballs and prepare to battle him.

Sadly, I do have to wonder what goes on inside his head sometimes. He sends out an Abra who can't do anything to attack, It just keeps trying to Teleport away... or, at least it did till it got a face full of Howard's (now a Nidorino) Horn Attack. And his starter Bulbasaur isn't even evolved yet, even though it should be. Well, whatever. Once he goes down, he gives me this device called the Fame Checker (but of course can't resist taunting me even as he does) and takes off. Yeah, "smell ya later" indeed, Homes.

Next up is Nugget Bridge, which apparently has been taken over by Team Rocket... who are now recruiting kids. Since I plowed through all five of the kids, I guess that means I'm worthy of joining Team Rocket, at least according to the last guy in line. Well, the Team Rocket agents I met in Mount Moon really didn't inspire confidence as far as how successful their enterprise seemed to be, so I had to respectfully decline the offer. Too bad they didn't like that answer, because then that last guy challenges me. Not that he's any tougher than his cohorts, mind you. At least I get a Nugget out of the deal.

With the trash taken out, I proceed up to the cape, and get quite a surprise when a Pokemon inside the little house on the cape begins talking to me. Turns out this is the famous "Bill the Pokemaniac" that everyone and their uncle in Cerulean is talking about, and his current state is due to some freak lab accident. So, it falls onto my shoulders to return Bill to his human self, and I get a ticket to the luxurious SS Anne in exchange. Too bad I don't have time to go get a fancy dress for the party. They'll have to take me as I am.

Returning to Cerulean, I decide it's high time to go at the local Gym Leader.

Lisa vs. Misty


Elite Overlord LeSabre™ November 11th, 2011 6:29 AM

With Misty dealt with, I head south to Route 5, after dealing with an "innocent bystander" standing suspiciously in some poor burglary victim's backyard. A pivotal team member is found here... Lisa the Meowth (yes, I do realize she shares my name, that's completely intentional). She's going to be my key to riches, once she gets Pay Day. Plus her evolved form Persian is perfectly fitting for my elegant style. With her in tow, I make my way down a mysterious underground route that eventually leads to Vermilion City. More trainers await my challenge, and that makes this area a good place to get Lisa in line level wise with the rest of my team, as well as evolve a few of my other Pokemon. Solely for kicks, here is a random battle I fought along the way:


Vermilion City

Once in Vermilion, I have some business to take care of... getting a bike voucher (though a Buick Electra Estate Wagon Voucher would have been even better), collecting the best invention since the Pokeball - the Vs. Seeker, and take care of the trainers east of town. There's also a Pokemon trade to be done, and an Old Rod to be had... not that it's much use, but whatever. East of town serves a similar purpose as Route 6 directly north... leveling up Lisa and getting a few more Pokemon evolved solely for Pokedex purposes.

With that settled, it's time to board the SS Anne. The Gym's not an option yet since it's blocked off by a tree. Hopefully the key to getting rid of it is on board.

S.S. Anne

Hmmm... no party going on, but the boat's still here. Folks on board are getting impatient, and when they get impatient they want to battle. Of course, I'm more than willing to oblige. So I visit cabin by cabin, getting some advice that the Captain may hold the key to getting access to the Gym. Might as well make my way to his chambers. The party must not have been that fancy, since outside of a few Gentlemen, the folks who want to throw down are mostly kids, Sailors, and Fishermen. Though this one lady mistakes me for a waitress and I sneak around the kitchen to gather some choice items. There's apparently also a police investigator on board tracking Team Rocket. Sadly I haven't seen a trace of them on board. I'm always ready to rough those clowns up a bit.

Well, well, well, look who's waiting for me on the way to the captain's quarters... it's Red. Talk about people who shouldn't be invited to fancy parties. Really? He has 40 in his Pokedex? Too bad, 'cause I have 41. So take that, fool. See, all that extra time spent leveling up random Pokemon I have no intention of using DID pay off.

The sad part is, not only do I have more entries in my Pokedex, my Pokemon's levels tower over his as well. Wait, what's this? Somebody illegally evolved their Raticate, not that it matters. He's still no match for me. At least his starter's finally evolved and Kadabra can actually do something... or at least it would if Lisa the Persian hadn't creamed it in one hit. But yeah, those eight levels or so I have over him make a HUGE difference... just the way I like it!

With him out of the way, I meet with the captain, help him recover his wits, and get the HM Cut... which is the key to getting in that Gym. With that, I leave the ship and it takes off. Now to tackle the local Gym Leader. Sorry, Lt. Surge, no amount of hiding behind a Cut bush or your little electrical fences is gonna keep you from feeling the combined wrath of Lisa and Howard!

Lisa vs. Lt. Surge


Elite Overlord LeSabre™ November 18th, 2011 7:41 AM

Well, with Surge dealt with, it's time for a few errands. I make my way through Diglett's Cave and back, stopping in Pewter to sneak into the museum and get my hands on some Old Amber, and also to get the HM Flash, useless as it is in battle. Next stop is Cerulean to pick up a bike (not the best way to get around, but the best available to me, I guess...) Okay, I'm ready to make my way to Rock Tunnel, picking up my next team member on Route 10. Its name is Vince the Voltorb, and once it learns Spark it'll provide me with some badly-needed Electric-type attack options.

Rock Tunnel

Using Flash to light up my path, the Rock Tunnel spreads out before me... It can be a rough place for newly captured Voltorb such as Vince, as many of the Geodude here are at the level where they know Magnitude. Still, I can switch it out for Bowser and he'll handle the Rock-types in short order. Besides, Vince still has a field day with the myraid Zubat flying about.

Finally making my way out of that annoying place, I make my way south to the next town...

Lavender Town

Well, the first obvious landmark is the massive Pokemon Tower. Seems like a good place to start... or maybe not, since my old nemesis Red is there. Oh well, experience is experience, even if it does come from a complete jerk.

Ooh, Gyarados... scary... well, actually, Vince (who's now an Electrode) says no and finishes off the beast in short order. The rest of Red's team is cake as well, and I guess Raticate's illegal evolution must've done it more harm than good since it's no longer here. Wonder if that artifical evolution had death as an unexpected side effect. Oh well, not my problem. Red takes off, though somehow convinced he's doing better than me. As if.

I'm warned that the ghosts in the upper floors are keeping all visitors out. With no other options, I leave Lavender to the west. This route contains the usual assortment of trainers who stand little chance against me (though the nerd with the Muk is pretty good for experience). So I decide to stick around and use the Vs. Seeker a bit before making my way to the next town...

Celadon City

Ah, Kanto's biggest city. Looks like I'm gonna be spending some time here taking in the sights. The big department store is a nice place to start, especially since they sell my favorite drinks, Lemonade. The old lady in the Celadon Mansion has some tea for me, which isn't as tasty as Lemonade but hey, I'm not gonna turn down free stuff.

Speaking of free stuff, the penthouse atop the mansion has another freebie for me... Eevee! A few more errands in town involve securing a Coin case from a man who's giving up his gambling habit. of course, I don't intend on gambling... I'll just buy the coins for whatever I need outright. And I'm almost up to the amount of money I need, thanks to Lisa's Pay Day.

Sounds like a good time to hit the Gym. The leader has a veritable army surrounding her, including one sharing the name "Lisa" with me and my Persian. So, when I, Lisa, used my Persian, Lisa, against Lass Lisa, it made for a pretty confusing battle, to say the least.


Anyway, next I meet Erika, wake her up from her snooze (really, there are Quality Inns if you're that sleepy) and proceed to lay the smackdown. Erika's a master of annoyance, using a variety of status inflictions. Can I, using raw power alone, overcome? Check out the video below to see.

Lisa vs. Erika


Elite Overlord LeSabre™ November 25th, 2011 7:55 AM

After defeating Erika, I head to the Game Corner. Crap, still not quite enough money to get what I want. Oh wait, who's that shady guy in black standing on the back wall? Let's rough him up.

Team Rocket Hideout

Okay, when a suspicious guy in black tells you not to mess with a poster, what do you think I'm going to do? Well, looks like I've stumbled upon a criminal operation here. This place is armed to the teeth with Rocket agents, too bad none of them are armed with particularly strong Pokemon... After fighting my way through waves of unimpressive Grunts, I finally reach the bottom floor and this guy in a spiffy-looking suit. He introduces himself as Giovanni and then says he'll introduce me to a world of pain.

Lisa vs. Giovanni

Wow, that "world" of pain wasn't that painful at all... Well, I'm done here, and with Silph Scope in hand, I head back to Pokemon Tower to unravel some of the mysteries there... but not yet.

First stop is the counter at the Game Corner. Now I have enough money to add my next team member... Ashley the Dratini. I'll use her heavily inside the Tower, battling old ladies with speech impediments and defeating all manner of Gastly. Nearing the top, I find out the source for the trouble... Marowak hasn't moved on to the afterlife and is stirring up trouble here. Well, there's no better method to help it pass on than to beat it into submission. Afterward, more Rocket fun, fwee. Then I meet up with old man Fuji and escort him out of the place. In return he gives me the Poke Flute, so it's west of Celadon for me.

Saffron City

But wait! That Tea I got from the old lady allows me access to Saffron City at long last... only to find the entire city overrun with Team Rocket agents. They're blocking many city buildings, but not the Fighting Dojo. Since I'm already here, why not...


After clearing the place out and claiming my Hitmonlee, I decide to move on... I'll have to deal with the Rockets later. West of Celadon, I find my way blocked by a big sleeping Pokemon. Fortunately, I now have the means to get it out of the way. So, I use the Poke Flute, wake up Snorlax, and catch the big lummox. Then it's on to Cycling Road, where I help the locals by clearing out the rather big pack of biker rogues who hang out here like they own the place. I make my way down the long hill and into Fuschia, where the next Gym awaits.

Fuschia City

But first, I'm going to take a detour into the Safari Zone, where I pick up Sadie the Exeggcute who will round out my squad. I also find someone's disgusting false teeth as well as the HM Surf. Finally! And it turns out that those teeth belong to the warden of the Safari Zone, so I give them to him to score the Strength HM. I can't help to think that the old guy's running a scam with this Safari Zone business. I mean, catching Pokemon in that place is such a pain and the methodology just plain doesn't work.

Next goal is the stretch of routes between Fuschia and Lavender, which provides little except a whole bunch of trainers to beat for fun, profit, and experience. Oh, and I also get the Super Rod from a nice fisherman along the way and the Exp Share from another unlucky sap on Oak's payroll.

Okay, back to Fuschia and my showdown against Koga. I make my way around the invisible wall and school his students, then get ready for the gym's head ninja himself.

Lisa vs. Koga


Elite Overlord LeSabre™ December 3rd, 2011 9:55 AM

With Koga defeated, I can now Surf. There's a few things I need to take care of first, like a random trainer outside Cerulean Cave, as well as the Power Plant. At the end lies the mighty Zapdos, who isn't coming with me easily, Fortunately, I came prepared for it, and with some perseverance, Zapdos is convinced it's better off with me. Okay, now it's time to bring the pain to Team Rocket back in Saffron.

Silph Co.

The impressive Silph Co. highrise is loaded with Team Rocket grunts, as well as a few disgruntled scientists and a random Juggler, who need to be ejected. To my dismay, these guys are scarcely any tougher than they were before, and certainly no match for my Pokemon who are now past level 47 thanks to Koga. One renegade scientist shares his tale of woe of being shipped off to Silph's Tiksi Branch out in Russia. I would have felt sorry for the guy if he hadn't unleashed his Pokemon on me first. Regardless, it does cause me to wonder what Silph could possibly be doing that requires a branch location in Siberia...

Nearing the end of the place, I run into another unfriendly face... Red. And apparently, he infiltrated the base not to try to stop Team Rocket's scheme, but to ambush me. Okay, first, that's just plain stalking. Second, his priorities are awfully messed up. So I take great pleasure in beating him down once again. Once he's take care of, the next guy I meet actually has good news... he gives me a free Lapras just for doing something I was gonna do anyway. Hey, I'm not gonna say no. Finally I come to my old buddy Giovanni. He doesn't seem too pleased that I've interrupted his business meeting. Not that I care.

Lisa vs. Giovanni


Wow, once again Giovanni fails to impress. He makes a few more empty threats about how he'll return stronger than ever, then vanishes. Afterward, all the Rockets take off, and the Gym is ready for me to enter and challenge. After warping around and beating quite a few underlings, I finally reach the leader of the facility, Sabrina!

Lisa vs. Sabrina


Elite Overlord LeSabre™ December 10th, 2011 11:44 AM

Sabrina's been dealt with, so I fly home to Pallet, say hi to my ma, then proceed to Surf south to Cinnabar Island, taking care of trainers along the way. Once in Cinnabar, I take flight again, this time to Fuschia. I Surf south from there to get myself on Seafoam Island. There's a certain Pokemon here that has my name on it, even if it doesn't realize it yet :) With some time and a fair number of Ultra Balls, I nab Articuno. Now it's time to tackle Cinnabar Island proper.

Cinnabar Island

After getting my fossils turned into Kabuto and Aerodactyl, it's time to check out the mysterious old mansion to the northwest. A mansion that is in dire need of maintenance and renovation, I might add. Oh well. After searching the place, reading up on some Pokemon experiments, and taking a few burglars down, I finally find the key for the Gym next door. How people challenged the gym with the key in this place, I'll never know.

This gym is a pretty funky place too, with doors that are deactivated by answering riddles, and easy ones at that. Supposedly you don't have to battle the assistant trainers if you answer correctly, but I just decide to pound them into the ground anyway :) onward to Blaine, who actually looks pretty cool with his sunglasses and lab coat. Old scientist guys are always awesome. Okay, enoght talk, on to battle!

Lisa vs. Blaine


With Blaine taken care of, I head out to meet... Bill of all people. He invites me to head with him to this chain of islands out who knows where. Now, normally a young girl should be very wary of a middle-aged guy telling her to go with him to some place she's never heard of, but hey, this is Pokemon :) So I say, why not, and we take this surprisingly modern-looking boat out there. There, he introduces me to his buddy who's working on this big machine in the Pokemon Center. This guy's known as Celio and asks me to run an errand for him while he stays with Bill to fix the machine. I also get a pass to explore some of the local islands.

But first, I decide to explore the rest of the island I'm on. After a quick jaunt south to collect a few items, I head north toward that looming volcano in the distance. After making my way through trainers and a hot spring with lots of old people in it, I reach the place known as Mt. Ember. From there I make my way to the top where another birdie is waiting for me... Moltres! capturing the fiery one is a bit easier since I can use the fact that it uses Endure to conveniently get it down to a single hit point, which simplifies matters for me.

With Moltres now with me, I head for Two Island to deliver the Meteorite I'm supposed to hand over. But wait. This guy's too distracted by his missing daughter to accept it. And since I haven't seen a single police officer (or Crown Vic police cruiser, for that matter) it looks like this is another errand for this errand girl... And just when I think I'm done, a Biker comes barging into the place... Definitely not a good thing.

On Three Island, first thing I notice is a woman being harassed by a pair of Bikers... my instincts were correct. Heading into the settlement, there's a pretty big pack of the ne'er-do-wells... time to take out the trash. Once they're finished, I receive a tip that the lost girl is up ahead, in a place called Berry Forest. Sounds like a lead to me, so I proceed through the path to the dark forest, battling a few scattered trainers along the way. I make my way to the farthest corner of the forest where I spot the girl... being harassed by a Lv30 Hypno. Of course it's no problem for my Pokemon, so I defeat it, then we are whisked back to Two Island to reunite her with her father who now takes the Meteorite off my hands. Now, I return to One Island, report the mission as complete, and head back to the mainland.

Only one gym left to conquer and it's the one in Viridian City that was locked earlier. Now it's unlocked, and looky at who the leader is... my old buddy Giovanni! Time to throw down one last time.

Lisa vs. Giovanni


Elite Overlord LeSabre™ December 18th, 2011 11:45 AM

Now that Giovanni's taken off (man, three fights and he STILL hasn't gotten much better) it's off to the Pokemon. After throwing down once more against Red (who STILL hasn't evolved his Growlithe or his new Rhyhorn - just like Giovanni) the path is clear to Victory Road.

Victory Road/Pokemon League

Not sure why this place is called a road since it's a cave, but... whatever. Also not sure why the Pokemon aren't all that stronger than elsewhere... Mt. Ember was actually a better place to train because the Pokemon who give good experience appear more often there. Anyway, the place is packed with some pretty decent trainers (none a match for me though) and a lot of rocks I have to shove onto switches using Strength. Well after that fun time, I finally arrive at the building that houses the Pokemon League. Time to get set to take the championship by storm!

First is Lorelei, who uses Ice-types. I actually think she's pretty cool (no pun intended) but as an opponent I still have to go all out against her.

Lisa vs. Lorelei


Next up after Lorelei is this really buff looking dude with no shirt and no shoes. Obviously he wouldn't be allowed in any store or restaurant dressed like that.

Lisa vs. Bruno


Now I come across who is perhaps the oldest trainer I've faced thus far. Agatha has a bit of a haunting vibe about her, somehow.

Lisa vs. Agatha


Now it's time for the caped wonder, the one they call Lance! Supposedly he's the last of the Elite Four, and his dragons could be tough... except that I'm packing Ice Beam :)

Lisa vs. Lance


So much for "virtually indestructible", huh? But I'm not done yet. And of course my old nemesis Red's made it here first. Of course, he's not spending time properly training his Pokemon, so I'm hardly surprised by this. Still, our region needs a far more respectable champion than this idiot, and I think I'm qualified for the job. Time to prove it by pounding him into the ground.

Lisa vs. Rival (Red)


Not too bad, if I do say so myself. Now Oak shows up (uninvited I might add), babbles a bit, then goes to put me and my team in the Hall of Fame.


Afterward I get some much needed rest at home, then head back to the islands to get a Network Machine working, assist Lorelei in kicking some poachers out of her home town, shut down the rogue remnants of Team Rocket, and just do some island exploring. Then it's back to the Elite Four to beat their stronger teams (I was around Lv71-72).

And that about does it. Hope you enjoyed my Let's Play of Pokemon Leaf Green!

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