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MasterLink742 November 25th, 2011 8:43 PM

A War on Magic [PG-16]
(This is not quite a sequel to “Lost Memories”, but rather, a reboot (Sort of. I’m not sure how to describe it.)

This is rated PG-16 for violence, minor blood, and minor romance (Kissing is as far as it can go.)

A War on Magic

There is land that exists in a parallel universe to our own. In this land, memories are cast aside. If you manage to end up here, you will lose nearly all memories of your previous life. These memories are re-obtainable, but hardly anyone knows how to. The subject of magic is an extremely controversial topic in the clan based society.

Recent History:
20 years ago, a group of about 10 people were sent here. No one knew them, but they were rather important. They were supposed to prevent this war. But for some reason, known to no one, they simply faded out of existence. Neither dying nor going back to their world, they just stopped existing.

This war, The Great War of Magic, has begun its twentieth year. The Heims clan of the north has recently staged a coup de tat of its allies to the east, the Autunno clan, and has dispatched them with ease. They have shown that they are more technologically advanced, showing off their new invention of the semi-automatic rifle. The snowy climate of their homeland has seemed to have been… following them.

The two clans to the south and west, Aestiva and Scattare, respectively are struggling to hold their ground against the growing Heims clan.

Today has been odd. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but something about the day just seems off. All day, you have been forgetting things. Such as forgetting what you were just about to say or what the name of that one restaurant you ate at the other day. You dismiss it as “sleep deprivation” or something like that. You lay down to sleep, and as you drift off, you have a dream that you are falling, like the ones that jar you awake…

…Except you actually are falling. The land around you is covered in snow, but beneath you is water. Something tells you that that water is going to be cold.

And it is. It’s freezing. You almost get the breath knocked out of you when you hit. Some mysterious power allows you to survive in this water, and you make your way to the snowy beach nearby.

You’re clothes are soaked, and you are shivering. Across the beach, there are some chests, filled with equipment, weapons, a new set of clothes, and a note. All of it seems so… right. As if it belongs. No matter how foreign it may actually be.

After getting everything out of the chest, you turn your attention to the note. It is in bad shape, and is torn in many places. Some parts are unreadable. The parts that are readable say:

Young Warriors,

The war on magic has gone on for too long. The last group to arrive here failed their task, and now this war has claimed many lives. I believe that you have the ability to stop it. I need you to end this war as soon as possible. I do not care how you accomplish this, as long as it is done.

You likely have many questions. I do not have the time or the ability to answer them at this time, for I am not there, and cannot anticipate the questions. I can, however, point you to someone who can answer your questions. The nearby town is neutral in this war, and I have an agent who can help you. Go to the inn, and rent the attic room.

In return for completing this task, I will return your memories, and return you to your home.

The letter isn’t signed.

You think: Return my memories? What? Then you notice that you only remember your name, and... and... someone else. You can't quite put your finger on it though...

The technology of this world has progressed quite differently than that of the other world. Weapons have not progressed very far, with the creation of muskets being rather recent. Other things have progressed quite quickly, such as communication and transportation. There are telephones, cars, trains, and elevators, but planes are not yet available.

The geography for this world was quite simple, in which it reflected the seasons. The lands of the North, and now the east, belong to the Hiems clan. The land is a perpetual winter. The settlements are larger, but fewer and far between, and there always seems to be a snowstorm. These people are much more technologically advanced than their opponents. They are anti mage.

To the South is the Aestiva Clan. This land reflects the Summer season. The land is fully of beautiful green trees and rolling plains. The settlements are small, but common.
The West belongs to the Scattare Clan. The land reflects Spring and all the trees are blooming, and the grass is fresh. The land is similar to the East when it comes to settlements. The South and the Wast are allies and are pro mage.

There is a small area in the middle of the land in which there are no hostilities. This place, called Crepusculi, is where diplomacy occurs.

You are allowed up to two characters. The two will not count towards the max limit of 7 people. (As in, there could be seven people, with three of them having two characters.)
Name: (First name required.)
Age: (17-25)
Gender: (Self-explanatory)
Specialization: (Melee, ranged, or magic*)
Weapons: (**)
Personality: (What are you like? 2 paragraphs)
Appearance: (what do you look like? 2 paragraphs)
Additional Information: (Anything else?)
Who do you remember?: (one person. Name and role can be given (i.e. bob, best friend in school) but is not remembered by character.)
What memento do you have from this person?: (What is something physical that reminds you of this person?)

*Melee: hand to hand combat, and weapons such as (but not limited to) swords, daggers, and spears.
Ranged: Bows, guns (flintlock, musket, etc. NO MODERN GUNS.), crossbows, etc.
Magic: Staff along with magical abilities. Few spells are known at beginning. More learned later on.
Please do not mix specializations.
**Melee: One main weapon, (i.e. broadsword) and one secondary weapon (i.e. dagger). Dual wielding allowed.
Ranged: One ranged weapon (i.e. Longbow) and one melee weapon (i.e. short sword).
Magic: Staff or shortsword. One weapon. Optional: pick a magic tree to specialize in. Magic is not "bound" to the staff. (you don't have to use or have your weapon to use magic.) Magic is similar to Final Fantasy magic.
*** History is to be learned as the RP progresses.
(You are not required to think pro-mage or anti-mage. Please don't all gravitate towards one side.)

1. No godmodding or bunnying.
2. Post a minumum of 2 paragraphs. (Some exceptions will be given.)
3. Respect other Rpers.
4. Absolutey NO one-liners.
5. Check grammar and spelling before posting.
6. Have fun.
7. If you have a problem, PM me.
8. Only refer to things that your character would know about. (i.e. things your character sees, not something from someone's Sign Up.)

1. Bai Kong/Rubi Boudreau (MichaelaTheUchiha)
2. Lucas Taylor (IDoLikeMudkip)
3. Jennifer "Jenny" Reoth (MasterLink742)
4. Lucius Xavier Addams XI (SeekerOfDarkness)
1. RyanRoksXD

RyanRoksXD November 27th, 2011 12:50 PM

Reserve a spot for me as a mage?

MichaelaTheUchiha November 27th, 2011 4:17 PM

Name: Bai Kong (空白/Blank)
This is the name she remembers, but it's not her actual name. Her real name is Lan Baoshi (蓝宝石/Sapphire).




Fu Tao (钩/Hook Swords)
If you've watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, the swords what Jet uses is what I'm talking about. More information found here:
Hudie Shuang Dao (蝴蝶双刀/Butterfly Sword)
More information found here:
Pan Long Gun (蟠龍棍/Coiling Dragon Staff or Three-sectional staff)
In Bleach, the character Ikkaku Madarame used one with a blade on the end. More information found here:

Her shoes has a hidden blade.

Bai is the perfect Chinese girl; only listens, never speaks. She is very quiet to the point of being introverted and only speaks unless spoken to. She is generally docile and listens to whoever is in charge without any complaints. She cooks and cleans well and always listens to her elders and "betters". She takes the punishments given to her without a bat of an eyelash. Her expression is always a neutral one, but always seem to exclude humbleness. She will do what she is told without any questions asked. However, this is only a mask that she uses that is so ingrained in her that even though she hasn't a clue as to who she is, it still sticks.

Bai, truly, is a very sarcastic girl. Although she likes the quiet, she generally loves bantering with others and always let her opinion be known. She feels that respect is earned and not given. She also knows that elders can be wrong and disobeys orders. She doesn't mind acting violent, smacking people on the shoulder when they're not paying attention or cuffing people when they're being idiotic, but generally uses weaker power than she could actually use. She is a pretty good liar, manipulator, and actor. She hates people being mistreated with a passion, but finds herself hardened to death, even by her own hands. Of course, she has no idea why or how. She is rather cynical and generally hates being touched. She hates alcohol with a passion, for some strange reason. She is also rather intelligent and observant, yet she usually keeps things to herself. She can also think up tactics on the fly and can be a good combat planner. She only lets her true personality out when she is with someone that she can trust. Trust doesn't come easy to her, though. However, she may lower her guard a tad if her instincts tell her someone is alright. She generally listens to her instincts as they are usually correct in their analysis. She also has heightened senses.

Bai has straight, black hair that reaches up to the middle of her back. However, she ties it up into a messy ponytail using two chopsticks. She also has narrowed, light blue eyes. Her skin colour is basic for Chinese people, a light colour with just a tint of yellow. She is 5'9 and weighs 120lbs, but most of her weight comes from her developed muscles. She looks to be younger, with her skinny physique, even with her height, which she uses to her advantage. She has quite a lot of scars, the worst being centralized on her shoulder blade. Without looking at her scars, she could be known as attractive, but not being the prettiest girl around.

Bai wears a black, Chinese style shirt which sleeves reaches up to her wrists. However, the ends of the sleeves are wide, allowing her to store her Hudie Shuang Dao in the sleeves. She also wears baggy, black long pants that allow her to maneuver around in well. They reach up to her ankles, not touching the ground. She also wears black, Chinese style flats that allow her to move around quietly. However, her shoes also hide a hidden blade which can be used for sneak attacks. She generally doesn't wear any jewelry except for emerald and sapphire necklace.

Her face:
Her clothes:
Her shoes:

Additional Information:
Bai speaks both Chinese and English, however, she will end up mixing the two up and not notice that she is doing so. (Don't worry, I'll be putting up English translations, but, remember, you guys don't understand it unless you are/speak Chinese as well), she is also ambidextrous.

Who do you remember?:
Lu Baoshi, mother (绿宝石/Emerald)

What memento do you have from this person?:
Her emerald and sapphire necklace

RyanRoksXD November 27th, 2011 5:07 PM

Name: Ryan

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Specialization: Magic

Weapons: Dual Shortswords that can merge into a metal staff, Staff only needed for intense, powerful Magic.

Personality: Ryan is very down to earth and peaceful. He believes that everyone has good qualities, even if there are none to be found. Ryan is a huge people person, but strangely does not have many friends. His friends that are few are extremely close and he is fiercely protective of them. Ryan is Irish and is very proud of his culture. Speaks fluent Gaelic.

Appearance: Ryan has a stereotypical Irish complexion. Pale white skin, Short dark brown hair that spikes up in front, almost like a faux hawk. Bright Green- Blue eyes that change color depending on what color hes wearing. Ryan has a slight muscular build, but he isnt huge. He's toned from working all of his life.

Ryan usually wears earthen colors, like green and brown and tan. He wears lightweight deep brown armor and although it looks flimsy, is incredibly effective at protecting him. His staff is handcrafted, separating in the middle creating two sharp dual shortswords.

Additional Information: Ryan's go to tree of magic is Life/Earthen magic. He can do numerous amounts of spells but these are his main ones. The powerful spells are usually recited in Gaelic, because they have to do with the Celtic Tree of Life. Ryan falls under the category of Battle Mage, he can fight and use magic.

Who do you remember?: Caitlin, Sister

What memento do you have from this person?: Celtic Tree of Life Amulet

MichaelaTheUchiha November 27th, 2011 6:04 PM


MasterLink742 November 27th, 2011 7:22 PM

@Michaela An amazing SU. You are definitely accepted!

@Ryan Though it is a good SU, I feel it could be longer. The weapon is also a bit iffy...

I will have my SU(s) up, soon. I was almost done, but my computer crashed and now I have to start over D:

My SU is here!
I think it is alright. It's definitely not the best, but it isn't the worst either.
I particularly hate appearance sections. (This one is subject to change, if I can figure how to do so. Right now, that was, literally, the only way I could think to describe the clothing >.>)

Name: Jennifer “Jenny” Reoth
Age: 22.
Gender: Female
Specialization: Magic. Specifically Geomancy
Weapons: Staff. A wooden staff with steel casings on each end. One Water Rune and one Frost Rune are inscribed in the wood.
Personality: Jenny is definitely not a quiet person. She almost never stops talking, and will always make sure her thoughts are heard. She is extremely curious and will almost always butt into conversations, and will ask a hundred questions. Other than that though, she is a very polite person, and will try to let everyone else’s opinion be heard (After hers of course.)

Jenny is not much of a leader, but she enjoys it when people follow her. She is very stubborn, and will not let hardly anyone change her mind. She tries to make people feel accepted; Trying to include them in a group, making friends with them, etc.

She is often victim to bouts of depression, in which she becomes apathetic towards most things, and finds it hard to sum up any amount of anger or frustration. This also happens if she goes too long without sleep. At this point in time, she is a complete different person. She is no longer loud or curious, and has no desire to lead anyone.

Appearance: Jenny has long, dark brown hair that normally goes down to the middle of her back, but is usually put into a ponytail. Her face is rather average, except for her eyes, which are a beautiful shade of green. She is on the shorter side at 5 feet, 6 inches tall, and weighs about 150lbs. She has a decent tan. For the most part, Jenny is a rather average woman.

Jenny wears a black jacket that is slightly too big, over a dark green tee shirt. She wears black jeans, and prefers not to wear shoes, opting instead for just socks, but, if need be, she has been known to wear tennis shoes. She prefers to wear simple clothes, such as a tee shirt, unless it is beyond freezing. Being as she has been in the cold all her life, she has a higher tolerance of the cold.
Additional Information: Jenny is left-handed.
Who do you remember?: John, her best friend since preschool.
What memento do you have from this person?: A silver necklace she got from John on her 17th birthday.

As of right now, I have plans for a second character, but that might change by tomorrow.
So... yeah.
It seemed so much longer in Word... Darn PC... making SU's seem shorter...

MichaelaTheUchiha November 28th, 2011 1:26 PM

It took me quite a while to do. XD I researched and tried to find everything. I just felt that because I had done so poorly on the last RP (barely posting) that I wanted to put an effort into this one. XD

Plus, this is a completely unique character. I can count on my hand a time where I had not used the name (or personality) of "Miharu Mizushima". Not only that, but this is the first time I decided to do a Chinese person instead of a Japanese person (who could be half Korean or Cambodian).

Freddy Fazbear November 28th, 2011 2:13 PM

So it's just me, Michaela and Link from the original that are returning, huh?

I should get a SU posted relatively soon. That is, unless Skymin declines my RP and I have to retype the whole thing. Silly me, I didn't save it as a Word Document first. DX

MasterLink742 November 28th, 2011 10:05 PM

I only asked the people who were active at the end, and and somewhat active altogether.

@Michaela Don't blame yourself for that... That was my fault, I put no effort into keeping a steady flow of posts.

This is a pretty unique character for me. Its the first time I haven't had a shy/quiet character.

I'm still debating on whether or not to add another character....
I think I will.

MichaelaTheUchiha November 29th, 2011 2:35 PM

I feel like I want to make another one as well. xD French-Canadian...Oooh, maybe I'll use Rubi from my novel. xD

IDoLikeMudkip November 30th, 2011 9:03 AM

Seeker your not quite correct. I'm coming back too. Reserve a spot for me, I think I'll go ranger this time. SU should be up late tonight or tomorrow evening.

Freddy Fazbear November 30th, 2011 3:13 PM

*Gasp* Mudkip is with us! XD

By the way, Link, I have an important question. You said it's been 20 years in the magic world. Does time flow the same in the real world? Like, when it's been 20 years in the magic world, has it only been like 5 for the real world?

MasterLink742 November 30th, 2011 7:02 PM

@Mudkip Good to see you again!

It will be twenty years in the real world as well.

@Michaela You could make a seconds character. You are allowed to.

IDoLikeMudkip November 30th, 2011 9:08 PM

Not my best work, but here is it.

Name: Lucas Taylor
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Specialization: Melee
Weapons: Dual Ninjatos

Personality: Luke is a typical "that guy". You know, the kind that just kinda fades into the background of the social hierarchy. He has enough strange hobbies that he is alienated from the "cool kids", but he isn't quite nerdy enough to run with that crowd. He met his fate kindly and with a smiling face. Luke doesn't have many friends, rather he likes to spend his time alone. The only reason his fate doesn't bother him is he feels it brings him closer to the object of his fascination, the Ninja. Because of the hand fate has dealt him Luke is quite socially awkward and quite shy. He would rather spend his time thinking that socializing. He has a very ordered mind, and doesn't like to go running into situations without at least half a plan, which he usually comes up with himself.

Luke isn't the type of person that creates waves. He will follow rules, if only to avoid creating said waves. And for this very reason Luke has never been in any sort of a fight, but he like to think he knows how to. If he ever does do something wrong, even if he doesn't get caught he feels extremely guilty.

Appearance: At 5'11" Luke's 150lb body lends him into the average category. He has an athletic build which is strong but not bulging. He has medium brown hair that he keeps short so that it doesn't get into his eyes which are shade of hazel. He always keeps his face clean shaven, which makes him look a couple years younger than he really is.

Luke can usually be found wearing his favorite black sweatpants, and all sorts of tee's, most of which belong to the plain primary colors. He prefers to wear his black tennis shoes, and when he is out running, or practicing his parkour he has been known to wear a black hoodie.

Additional Information: practitioner of parkour

Who do you remember?: Trish, Luke's closest friend

What memento do you have from this person?: ornamental dagger

MichaelaTheUchiha December 1st, 2011 8:57 AM

I'm currently at school right now, lol. No spell check, for some reason, so if I have too many misspellings, that's why. Finished it at school too. Heh.

Name: Rubi Boudreau

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Specialization: Ranged

Weapons: Crossbow (with 50 arrows), Throwing Knives (20), Combat Knife (2)

Personality: Rubi, quite like her hair, is quite fiery. She has a violent temperament and many things set her off. She is quite violent and acts boyish, always rough-housing and giving people claps on the back. However, she does like to take care of her appearance and generally likes to be complimented as she suffers from self-esteem issues due to being bullied from a very young age. She acts tough in order to convince herself that she is tough. Sometimes, she even believes in it.

She is a huge sympathetic crier, always crying when someone else is crying. Although she acts tough, she is sympathetic to emotions and hopes that everyone could have a happier life. She is also optimestic and always tries to look on the good side of things. However, she does know how to be realistic. She wants to help everyone, but she doesn't feel like she can. She generally isn't hardened at all by her bullying, even though it hurt her, and is quite an innocent person. She blushes quite easily when complimented and soaks up attention like a sponge, even if she may not go for it. She generally likes to hang out with males or other females that act like males. However, she does want to be a role model for someone who seems fragile, even though she is also fragile. If she feels that she can help someone, it would be a huge accomplishment for her.

She is also a huge curser.

Appearance: Rubi's looks are quite unfamiliar. She has bright red hair that reaches up to her shoulders, slightly curled at the end. She has wide, bright blue eyes. She is 5'6" and weighs 100lbs. She is underweight for her age, but she doesn't let it get to her. As such, people may think that she is weak, but she is anything but. She doesn't have any scars, but she does wear two diamond earrings that are studs. The only other jewlery she has on her is a red promise ring. Her skin colour is a creamy white.

Rubi wears light clothing; she doesn't like anything wearing her down and dislikes uncomfortable clothing. Her clothes are always soft, but versitle, allowing her to do whatever in her clothing. She wears a deep red sweater and black jeans. For her shoes, she wears black combat boots. She generally dresses warm, due to coming from such a cold climate. However, she can get hot rather easily due to always being in a constant cold temperature. When it is fair outside, she sheds her deep red sweater and replaces it with a t-shirt of the same colour.

Additional Information: Rubi is French-Canadian and as such, she speaks both French and English. She may mix up her French and English at times (don't worry, I'll put translations...again, lol). She is left handed.

Who do you remember?: Daniel "Danny" Avery, boyfriend

What memento do you have from this person?: Diamond earrings; stud, promise ring (red).

MasterLink742 December 1st, 2011 4:31 PM

@Mudkip you are Accepted!

@Michaela you are Accepted!... Again...

Maybe I will actually type my second SU now...

I forgot to accept myself Dx
I think I am going to edit my first SU... Namely the appearance section. 'Tis horrid.

:o You can almost see my signature on the newest theme...

IDoLikeMudkip December 1st, 2011 5:04 PM

If you look at the screen from a low angle you can see it a lot easier.

Freddy Fazbear December 5th, 2011 2:43 PM

Sorry this took so long!

SU: Warning: This gets a bit... graphic, so just be prepared. Nothing innapropriate, just kinda scary.

Name: Lucius Xavier Addams XI (aka Lex)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Specialization: Melee

Weapon: (argh I reeeaally wanna say katana again, but I'll refrain myself) Scythe

Personality: As a young boy, Lucius Xavier, or as his mother called him, Lex, was seen often as a kind and gentle spirit. He delighted in playing in the forest, often pretending to converse with animals or trees. Occasionally the boy would bring home a butterfly on his finger, or a swallow on his shoulder. He loved the plants and animals, and would mourn whenever he saw a tree being cut down, quietly crying by himself in a corner. He never had a father figure, for according to his mother, Lex's father had died long ago, and would never return.

Lex soon learned that this wasn't true. After school on the boy's 14th birthday, Lex returned home to find pools of blood on his living room floor. In a panic, Lex ran up the stairs to his mother's room. When he opened the door, he found his mother, lying in bed, badly beaten and abused. Her eyes were glazed over, and they stared at the message written on the wall with blood: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEX LOVE DAD". Lex read the horrifying words, then fell to the floor screaming that it wasn't real. In an animal-like fear, Lex got up and rushed to the last safe place for him that existed in the world: the forest. Lex pushed through the gray trees, tears still streaming down his face, until he reached his "secret clearing" in the center of the woods. To Lex's surprise, a man in a black leather jacket stood in the clearing, with his back to Lex. After a few seconds of awful silence, Lex began to believe that this man was his father. In a senseless fury, Lex picked up a large, sharp stick from the ground and proceeded to impale this man through the back with all his strength. The man fell to his knees, unable to draw enough breath to even to speak. Lex began to walk in circles around the dying man, like a vulture circling its prey, waiting for it to die. It was not long until the leather jacketed man fell forward, finally dead. Seeing the man's blood seep onto the forest floor horrified Lex, who suddenly realized what he had done. The boy slowly backed away from the corpse before turning around, too shocked and sick to scream or cry. Lex never returned to his old home, and he only returned to the forest once more to set it ablaze.

Lex then left the United States forever. He stowed away on an airplane to India, and lived as a hermit and an inkeeper high up in the Himalayan mountains. Ever since that horrific day, he has not once smiled, he does not cry, and he does not speak, at least with his voice. He communicates through drawings in the snow or dirt. The image of his dead mother still haunts him, and every birthday, Lex goes and secretly releases the twelve vicious hounds that he stole on an innocent village.

Appearance: Standing 6' 5", and weighing in at 165 pounds, Lex is quite formidable. Lex has very well defined muscles, due to the fact that he excercises frequently. His hair is long, reaching well past his shoulders, and is a very distinct blond. His beard is very rough and thick, as he has been unable to shave since arriving in India. He has wild, green eyes, but they are usually hidden beneath his hat.

He wears a heavy, brown leather coat, with a green sweater underneath. His pants are of the same color and material as his jacket, and his boots are also leather, but of a much darker brown than his pants and coat. On top of his head he wears a brown hat that he found on a frozen body in the mountains. He has black gloves that he recieved from a guest at his inn in the mountains, which was an abandoned house that Lex dug out of the snow.

Additional info: Lex is rumored to be the descendant of another boy whose mother was unjustly killed, and who was speechless. Lex has always wanted to learn more about this particular fellow.

Also, Lex has never been certain whether the man he killed in the forest was really his father or not.

Who do you remember?: His mother, Amber Addams.

What memento do you have from this person?: A heart-shaped locket, with a picture of Amber holding baby Lex.

MasterLink742 December 6th, 2011 8:36 PM

@Seeker looks good, you are Accepted!

Sorry for being inactive... I have been in the process of switching to a new computer and transferring files over. So far so good...

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