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Lostworld November 26th, 2011 9:36 PM

The Whirl Cup (T)

The Johto Region at present.
The Johto Region - serene and mysterious even to this day. Many years have passed since the days when it was a common sight to see youngsters starting off on their Pokemon journeys. Once a tradition that every young adult experienced, it slowly waned in popularity with the rise of the many hundreds of other job options the current generation now have.

Many of the region's professors who specialised in aspects of Pokemon began to close their doors to promising hopefuls who were still caught by the idea of travelling the region with faithful partners. It has become extremely difficult for beginning trainers to carry out their dreams, many families not even being able to afford to attend the now pretigious Pokemon Academies located in the region, these schools now being the only place where a formal Pokemon battling technique and training education can be received.

Despite this fall of Pokemon training in the region, someone, somewhere, finally decided to take charge. Posters and flyers began to litter the ground and walls in every city, at first only here and there but now in an abundance. They outlined a competition that would be taking place in several months time, a competition that would surely bring about a rise in Pokemon journeying once more.

Where do you fit into all of this?
You are a young teenager, living out your life somewhere in the Johto region, who hears about this competition that is going to take place. It is the words Whirl Cup which spark your interest. The Whirl Cup, set up in honour of the famous Whirl Islands near Cianwood City, used to be a tournament for water type Pokemon trainers. This revived version is for all types, a competition only found in the Johto region which is aimed at helping bring about a rise in Pokemon training once more.

In order to participate in the competition, trainer hopefulls must begin with a Pokemon given to them from one of the Professors who are acting as the overseers of the competition. The Professor you will be visiting is Ginevra Woods. In par with the competition's conditions, you travel to Olivine City where the registration will take place. From there, those chosen who are gifted with a starter Pokemon will then travel the Johto region.

Only after collecting five badges from any of the eight gyms in the region who have opened their doors once more, will those chosen be eligible to compete in the Whirl Cup. The Whirl Cup will be unlike any competition Johto has ever seen before, with the chosen trainers battling against not only each other but against seasoned trainers, the small number of them who still have battling skills, in an effort to fight for the top prize.

The only conditions to register are that participants must be between the ages of fifteen and nineteen and have an interest in Pokemon.

Finding the time to stand up against them.
As within every region these days, deadly forces plot against the good, most significantly tearing apart the relationship between human beings and wild Pokemon. Whilst evil forces continue to hunt and steal Pokemon, the trust of the wild Pokemon with humans has been left falling apart. As trainers, you must catch wild Pokemon to add to your team. This will be increasingly difficult unless these deadly forces can be stopped.

Throughout the RP, there will be options for trainers to attempt to do things such as stop hunters and poachers or save a wild Pokemon herd from being rounded up and used in experiments. It is optional for trainers to attempt these acts but as long as these acts are ignored, the harder it will be to find and capture wild Pokemon to add to your team for the Whirl Cup.

Partners in crime.
There are six Pokemon for six participants. (Two of each of the official starters of Johto. Please be aware of the differing genders of the pairs)

*Note: Reserves will last for 24 hours. If your SU is not up to the standard I'm asking for, the Pokemon will be up for grabs. I'm not being harsh, I just want the best writers for this RP. :) It doesn't take much to put a little effort into your descriptions!

Wanting to get started? > Find the word!
1. As Game Master (GM), I have a final say on everything.
2. When battling a wild Pokemon in an attempt to capture it, you must end the post with the ball rolling around. The quality of your posts will determine whether or not you capture the Pokemon and its statistics.
3. This is a chaptered RPG. Pokemon will not have levels, instead they can advance and evolve depending on the number of battles/scenarios they are involved in and, again, the quality of your posts. The more creative you are, the more likely it is that your Pokemon will be one step closer to evolving.
4. This also counts for attacks! Eventually, your Pokemon will have an unlimited number of attacks at their disposal. To start with however, they will be limited. With more battles and experiences, they will gain attacks. You can also RP a training post which will help a Pokemon learn a new move. The moves your Pokemon will be able to use to begin with will be determined upon your character receiving the Pokemon from Professor Woods.
5. Battles: The outcome of the battle will be determined by the GM, depending on the quality of your battle posts and your creativity. Type matchups will have some effect but if you are a good writer, it is possible, for example, for a Water type to emerge victorious against an Electric type. Include the name 'Poliwhirl' at the beginning of your SU.
6. Remember to be active and post!
7. All PC rules apply.
8. No bunnying/godmodding/powermodding.
9. RP is rated T, remember that!

Let’s go!
Name: (First and Last)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Age: (Between fifteen and nineteen)

History: (Lengthy paragraphs please! Where did you come from, what were you doing before deciding to enter? Actually, what made you enter the comp? Do you have knowledge of Pokemon or from a family who cannot afford who send their children to a Pokemon Tech? That kind of thing.)

Personality: (Who you are as a person, how you react to experiences/events)

Appearance: (What you look like! Detailed descriptions please! Simply a picture on its own will not suffice.)

Starter Species: (Your choice of starter)
Nickname: (If any)

RP Sample: (For this, I'm asking you to write a post. This means a post of quality, something equal to what you'd normally write like if you participated in this RP. You must outline what went on before you received your first Pokemon from Professor Woods. You were hand chosen for this competition and you received a letter of acceptance from the Professor herself which outlined all the information. How did you get to Olivine? Were your parents for or against you participating in the Whirl Cup? Play it out however you wish and then end the post with your character finding him/herself at Professor Woods' laboratory. The lab is situated on the outskirts of Olivine, only a couple of minutes from the beach as Professor Woods' primary focus is Water type Pokemon.)

If you have any questions/queries, please feel free to VM/PM me. I've got many of the chapters written already and for that reason I'm excited to try and keep this RP going!

Palcks November 27th, 2011 6:39 AM

Can I reserve a spot for one of the female Chikorita, please? (:

Also, what do you mean by a 'chaptered rpg'? Does each post need to be really long, or just the size of a normal/decent rpg post?

Fuyu November 27th, 2011 7:06 AM

I'd like to reserve a male Cyndaquil please.

Subsonic November 27th, 2011 7:40 AM

I'd like to reserve a spot for the other female Chikorita.

Lostworld November 27th, 2011 11:13 AM

Reserves for:
Palcks - Female Chikorita
Fuyu - Male Cyndaquil
First Snow - Female Chikorita

@Palcks: What I mean by 'chaptered' is that the events of the roleplay will come in chapters, essentially. For example, in the first chapter of a roleplay like this, events may include things such as characters receiving their Pokemon and heading out onto the first route to catch a Pokemon. Your posts only have to be the length of a decent rp post. Hope that clears things up!

Palcks November 27th, 2011 11:20 AM

Ohhh, okay. Thank makes sense, thanks! (: I'll work on my sign-up later today!

Godzil November 27th, 2011 11:31 AM

Would you kindly reserve me the Male Totodile?

Lostworld November 27th, 2011 11:46 AM

Reserves for:
Palcks - Female Chikorita
Fuyu - Male Cyndaquil
First Snow - Female Chikorita
Godzil - Male Totodile

I can't wait to see the SU's! :)

Pikachu November 27th, 2011 12:32 PM

Alright, I can't take it. I want to do a trainer RP :3 Reserve me for male Cyndaquil?

RyanRoksXD November 27th, 2011 12:44 PM

Reserve me for a female totodile? I'm writing my SU starting now :D

Pikachu November 27th, 2011 1:40 PM

I did read the rules xD I just forgot that. Little. Part. poliwhuuuuuuurl. eh, Poliwhirl.

Name: Simon Silvester

Gender: Male

Age: Sixteen

History: Simon was born in Olivine, in a family with two office workers for parents and an older sister who dreamed bigger. The whole family was set on jobs from the new wave of opportunities that had quelled pokémon training. Simon's sister, Cecil, grew up wanting to become a manager at some big company and their parents were proud of her but didn't have much time to show it as they were home quite little. Therefore Cecil, being 5 years older than Simon, became the one to take care of her little brother more or less reluctantly as he grew up.

The lack of attention from his parents might have been what first triggered his rebellious ways. He always wore his hair bushy, like he'd just gotten out of bed, and he pierced his ear and got a tattoo on his back without telling his parents beforehand. When Cecil tried to set him straight, he wouldn't listen. All Simon would do was make sarcastic remarks. And dream... Cecil knew that he would be a good kid in school if he just made an effort. She had seen him solve mathematical problems or crosswords in magazines with ease, he just didn't show any of that in school. He didn't want people to think he was a dork. Cecil blamed her parents for not taking better care of Simon's skills. She had never had an easy time doing maths or writing. But he could, he just didn't want to.

When he became a teenager, Simon started hanging with bad crowds, but for some reason he was never involved in the really bad stuff. He didn't touch drugs or alcohol and never really did any criminal things, even though his "friends" did. He always managed to avert the attention from him or talk his way out of doing that. Cecil noticed this and confronted him about it. Wasn't he a "real" bad boy? That was one of the few times Simon had broken down in front of his sister. He told her everything about how he felt. He couldn't do those things the people in his gang did, because it was just... stupid. They were stupid.

Cecil realized now that Simon really was more intelligent than the average human. He had just not gotten any opportunity to show it. And if he stayed here, he wouldn't really gain a chance either, having the friends he did... Having heard about the Whirl Cup the other day, Cecil immediately signed her brother up for it. She didn't tell him until she had gotten a response saying that he was in. He was shocked and a bit angry with her for doing something like that. But he soon realized what an opportunity it would be. He had never thought a lot about pokémon since he had rarely met them, but he had seen many movies on TV with pokémon battles and he had played with pokémon toys when he was younger. Cecil convinced him that with his wits, he could make it. If he didn't give up already. He didn't.

Personality: Simon acts like a nonchalant, sarcastic guy that doesn't care about you unless you can make him smile or be useful to him in any way. But that is mostly when there are other people around. Since he told his sister everything about how he'd felt the last few years, it's like some kind of barrier has broken down. When he is alone with someone, he can be more mature and some of his intelligence can shine through his messy appearance. People don't know that he used to be part of a slightly criminal teenage gang in Olivine that surely would take any chance to beat him up if they ran into him now. He has never really agreed on the stuff they were doing; his intelligence simply told him to hang with them to look cool and gain some sense of safety towards other people who might want to judge him differently.

Now, he will realize that this intelligence will prove useful when learning how to train a pokémon. His sister have always felt that he was meant for something more, even though he thought she was crazy to think such things. But perhaps this is it. Perhaps he is meant to become a great pokémon trainer? He is already starting to focus on the competition part. He hasn't yet realized that pokémon aren't merely tools... they can even become great friends. Something he surely would need.

He has never really traveled out of town. However strange that may sound, it wasn't uncommon for kids in his age with parents with similar, underpaid, jobs. They simply didn't have enough time to take their families out on camping tours or travels to other cities. Thus, Simon doesn't know much about what the other cities and the landscape is like. Only what he's learned in school and through magazines and TV.

Appearance: He isn't overly muscular, rather he's pretty thin and light. He has sandy blond hair that is rather fluffy and spiky and in a permanent out-of-bed look since he never bothers to do anything about it. His smile is wide when he chooses to bless someone with it and his skin always seem to have a slight tan. In his left ear, he wears a single silver ring that maybe makes him look a bit strange, but he thinks it's cool. He put it there even before he was a teenager, against his sister's wishes. On his back, he has a tattoo that is a relief of the legendary pokémon Ho-oh. He put it there without telling his parents when he had just become a teenager.

When going on the journey, Simon has decided to wear a red and black headband to look cool. He wears slim, bright jeans and black boots with brown laces. Normally, at home, he wears white sneakers but his sister figures it'll be better to have sturdy boots on the journey, and forced him to wear them. He wears t-shirts in simple colors like black, white or gray, and a dark red jacket on top of that. His bag is a dark grey backpack where he fits a very packable sleeping back, some extra clothes, food, pokéballs, a map and other important items.

Starter Species: Cyndaquil, male
Nickname: Cinder

RP Sample: Simon left the house before dawn. Even before his parents had gone off to work. He had left a note on the kitchen table. A classic. Cecil had said that he had better tell them properly... or else, she would. Simon had shrugged and walked out from the conversation. He was not going to tell them. They would not notice that he was gone anyways.

As the sun tenderly rose, the blonde boy sat on a bench by the sea, watching the light from the east reflect in the slow waves. He ate some breakfast that he had brought, since he did not want to linger at home for longer than necessary. He had, however, stopped at his sister's doorway for a moment, watching her sleep peacefully. He would miss her. But she was the one who had signed him up for this. She had only herself to blame if she started missing him too.

The gang would not find him here this early. They never left bed before noon, unless they really had to go to school for some reason. Simon had been the only one of them that went to school on almost every lesson, even though he often spaced out in the classroom or annoyed others. He wanted to listen, because some part of him was eager to learn things. To fill his brain up with facts and numbers. Pictures. Not that he would ever show on a test that he had actually learned something. That was why he never really did what he was supposed to do in school. That just was not his way.

Not before. But maybe now? He threw away the empty papers, in which he had stuffed a sandwich, and took a sip from his water bottle. Nobody could say he was not well prepared. At least not when it came to equipment. But maybe mentally... of course, he did not know what awaited him, so he would not know how to prepare himself, really.

When the sun was up, people started moving around Olivine. Simon got up as well. He should go find professor Woods. The letter she had sent to Cecil, accepting Simon into the Whirl Cup competition, lay folded in the pocket of his dark red jacket. But he did not need that to know where to go. Everybody who had lived in Olivine City knew where Ginevra Woods' lab was. Just a couple of minutes from the beach on foot.

The great house towered before him. This was where he was going to get a pokémon of his own. Completely free... if he had told his "friends" about this competition, they would surely have signed up themselves, hoping to get a spot just to get a pokémon and then quit the game without even leaving Olivine. Dumb bastards. They did not see what Cecil had seen... for Simon could not help but agree; the Whirl Cup might just be the biggest opportunity that had crossed his path, ever. Taking a deep breath... and then putting on his usual relaxed, somewhat nonchalant smile, he walked up to the entrance to the lab.

(this is a bit shorter than my usual posts in these kinds of RPs, but since he is already in Olivine, I did not really know what to write about except ramblings from his thoughts xD)

RyanRoksXD November 27th, 2011 2:04 PM


Name: Ryan Blake

Gender: Male

Age: 15

History: Ryan grew up on a small farm on the outskirts of Ecruteak City, smack dab in the middle of many open fields in the middle of nowhere. He has worked since he was 7 years old, milking the Milktanks, cultivating the crops, sheering the Mareep and getting shocked, all in a days work. Ryan's parents were both former trainers, successful enough to reach the Pokemon League, where they met. Neither of them won, though, so they got married and settled down in Johto, where Ryan was born. Ever since he was a baby, his parents told him stories of them receiving their first pokemon, their journey, how excited they were and how much fun they had with their friends. Ryan was so excited to become a trainer that some nights he just didn't sleep because he was thinking about it so much.

Then, new careers began to sprout up all over the region, and the term "trainer" was scarcely ever heard anymore. The day Ryan turned 11, he took a trip straight to receive his Starter Pokemon. Ryan was so excited to start, but Professor Elm shut his doors on him saying "He had no more Pokemon to supply". Ryan went back home, crushed. He didn't leave his room for days. One day, he mustered up enough energy to push all of his feelings down, and start working on the farm, which was a good thing because the farm began to go into debt. For a while, he actually believed he didn't want to be a trainer. He worked away all his troubles, and he was quite good at it. Inside, though, he had lost all hope. Until the Whirl Cup was announced. He was going to win. For his parents. For the Farm. For himself.

Personality: Ryan is a very excitable, balanced kid. He is always looking for the best qualities in everyone, even if there are no good qualities to be found. He is very friendly, and never judges anyone simply by who they appear to be. He's quite nervous around people he doesn't know, simply because he's only really known his parents and the pokemon on the farm for his whole life. He's been to town, but doesn't like to spend much time there because he feels so out of place. All of the other kids want to be managers of companies and tycoons.Ryan has never really had any friends, and that's partly why he wants a pokemon so badly, so he can bond with something other than his parents and the pokemon on his farm.

Ryan hates being the center of attention. Ryan is quite attractive, and every so often a girl comes up to the farm and tries to win him over, which he absolutely hates. He has a secret rebellious side that he hasn't ever let take control because theres nothing really rebellious to do on his small farm. Ryan is incredibly worried about his future and his destiny, and he hopes to be more than just a simple farmhand on a a farm in the middle of nowhere. A nobody. Well he wants to accomplish something before becoming that

Appearance: Ryan has short brown hair that all sort of spikes up in the front. A sort of faux hawk. He has Blue-Green eyes that change depending upon what colors he's wearing. They've been described as "mesmerizing". He wears a red vest with a white shirt and jeans. Simple travel wear. He has a muscular build from working on his farm ever since he was little, and is about 5"8. He wears an out dated Poke Etch watch, from about 4 years ago. His parents bought it for him for his birthday as preparation for his Journey, which obviously didnt work out.

Starter Species: Totodile
Nickname: Sometimes Toto, but usually just Totodile

RP Sample: The clock struck 5:30 in the morning. How did Ryan know this? Well quite frankly it was because every morning he would jump at the most unattractive sound ever heard by the face of the earth emitted by his fathers Honchcrow. Ryan stretched, fixed his hair quickly, and got dressed. He yawned as he opened the door, a gust of cool early morning air kissing his face.

"Hey old girl" he said, quickly petting the face of one of three of his families Milktank's. He opened the pasture for all of their farm animals to roam in, acting as shepherd to make sure none of them tried to bolt. He closed the gate, and proceeded to take care of his every day chores. He milked the Milktanks, sheared the Mareep whose coats were ready, and then prepared them for sale at the local shop.

Ryan rolled out his bike, packed on all the supplies on the back, and hopped on, riding it down to the town center. Shortly after he arrived, and not a moment too soon. There was a representative in the store for something, but Ryan had no idea what yet.

"Morning Mirabelle, here's the milk and wool you ordered" Ryan said, staring at the man. He looked like he was from a city, like Ecruteak or Olivine.

"Here he is, Geoffrey, this is Ryan" Mirabelle said, taking the wool and milk.

"Whats going on Mirabelle?" Ryan asked, a little apprehensive.

"Well, Ryan. I think I'm the person to answer that question for you." The man in a lab coat said, coming towards Ryan. "I represent Pokemon Professor Wood. As you have probably noticed, the Pokemon League is diminishing as a result of all of the other new fields spouting. You had gone to Professor Elm to start your Pokemon Journey, correct?" the man asked.

"Well yes, but he closed his doors on me, he had no Pokemon to distribute" Ryan said, downtrodden. It felt like this man was trying to make him feel bad.

"Well, this is your chance to start your journey, albeit a tad bit late. All Pokemon Professors are holding The Whirl Cup together, in an attempt to make the job of Pokemon Trainer popular again. You have been hand chosen to take this journey. Are you up for the challenge?" The Professors Aid said, smirking.

Ryan thought for a minute. "Is this still what I want? I have a very fulfilling life on the farm.................. No. This is what I want. Hell I've been waiting since I was 11!". "Yes! I want this!" Ryan exclaimed excitedly.

"Excellent" The aid picked a flyer out of his bag. "Now make your way to Olivine City, and to Professor Woods lab, that is where you can pick up your pokemon. Good Luck" He said, leaving.

Ryan quickly grabbed the money from Mirabelle and biked home as fast as he could. "Mom! Dad! Look at this letter!" he said, handing it to them

"Ryan! Go! Don't worry about us! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity staring at you in the face!" His dad said, smiling.

Ryan grabbed his pack, already stuffed with everything he would ever need for his journey, as he had been preparing for a moment like this ever since that fateful day at the Lab, and left the farm. He picked up rides from stranger, walked, and within two days he reached Olivine. He stood outside of Professor Woods lab.

"Finally" A broad smile appeared on his face, and he ran inside.

drunk ¬_¬ November 27th, 2011 5:13 PM

Cool concept Breezy! :D
I'd like to reserve the last Cyndaquil if possible :3

… I'll start working on a SU in about 30-45 seconds. x)

Fuyu November 27th, 2011 7:13 PM


Name: I am called Coryn Eliade Williams the Third. But call me Ryn or Elly if you must call me anything. Formal titles are quite silly really, even by Father's standards.

Gender: I am most certainly a boy. I will even strip to prove it if I must. It is very uncouth of you to place the idea in my head however and you have lowered my impression of you.

Age: I am sixteen years of age. Do I look it? People have told me so.

History: I was originally born in Violet City to an ordinary family. That was my first three years of life, with a pair of parents who had no clue on what to do with such a quiet, odd child. I was repeatedly taken to the doctors, who eventually diagnosed me with Asperger's Syndrome. My parents were unable to pay for the therapies and medication I would need. So... I am quite sorry, the story was told to me by my adoptive father Henry, who was rather shaky on the precise details of everything. I also remember his anger over it. I believe... I believe he said I was abandoned at Bellsprout Tower. I was too young to remember so I do not fuss over it or how he knows these details. I do know he took me away from the possible monk training to his home. No one stops mentioning that. It was a rather minor detail to me.

Once there, in a mansion outside of Cherrygrove (It truly is not that large, we are right by the City), I was formally adopted and put under the care of his wife, a member of the psychiatric field. She introduced me to Mrs Clarence, or Ophelia as she has preferred to be called. That woman became an aunt so to speak, helping me through all of my therapies as well as my medicines. The therapies were made easier with Pokemon by my side. They were easy to be interested in, to focus on. Because of them, I almost was able to go to a normal Pokemon Technical School.

However, there was no possibility of that occurrence. There was too much noise and movement. I was sent to a smaller school, where the conditions were quieter and there were other children with issues on noise. We were all supposed to get a Pokemon at twelve. However, the professors had stopped giving them out for trainers and I simply used the rental Pokemon for classes. I never forgot that feeling... that strange loss in my chest. I wanted a Pokemon ever since. Ophelia knew of this and showed me the tournament. I was leery of the possibility, not sure of the noise. The chance was quite too good to pass up however and I signed up. I did not expect such a positive response. This was kept a secret from my adoptive parents. I did not want to see their panic, as they are people, like Ophelia, who I have grown affection for.

Personality: People have called me quiet, intense, aloof, and even a bad boy. I agree with the quiet part, as speech is a difficulty of mine. I dislike talking immensely, most of my sentences sounding unfinished and improper in casual conversation. Even in parties and social affairs with my adoptive parents, I am quiet. When I speak fully, I am proper to the point of annoyance. It is a roundabout way of getting people to ignore me. It's that or I am constantly surrounded by noise. I am sensitive to changes in noise and appearance and despite the usefulness, it bothers me. I am usually rather expressionless and it takes a lot of effort for me to smile.

I know a lot about Pokemon, particularly battling them. I am commonly considered a know-it-all on the subject of the creatures to the few people who speak to me. I interact with them on a daily basis and have an, oh what is the term the doctor uses, intense fascination with them. Do I love them? Perhaps. Their habitats do not have unnecessary chatter and that makes it ever so much better. I am commonly considered intelligent for my knowledge but in truth I know very little on the broader scope of the world, a fact I will freely admit to. I know basic information, but Pokemon, baking, photography, and playing the violin are the only things I claim to expertise on. I can show my talents with them for hours at a time if I choose to. But most of the time I do not, having had multiple failures at social interactions in the past. It is lonely.

Appearance: I am a boy with the utmost care given to my appearance, hair thin and wavy, the color of wheat stalks and reaching down to my shoulders. My skin is a light tan created by occasional weeks in the sun. I have the build of someone with just enough muscle to be able to fend for myself if need be. My eyes are of the deepest lapis lazuli, almond-shaped and called soul-searching. No one tells me I look like my parents. They know better.

I would normally wear a suit hand-tailored. However I insisted otherwise. Money does not protect your skin as a hardy shirt does. So my shirt is a pristine white, protected by the fabrics of my red jacket lined with Mareep wool. I would quite like a Mareep, they are very polite creatures. Moving on, my jeans are of a fabric supposedly the best money can buy but I am quite certain they are simply ordinary jeans. I will not waste time over such trivialities or on the plainess of my shoes. It's nice to be in nice, yet ordinary clothing again. Also, there is a scar on the back of my hand. I do not know how it got there but it is as much a casual flaw as the birthmark on my back. That mark is a small swirl. My skin also has fading stretch marks from a growth spurt. I used to be quite short. I am still quite clumsy however.

I carry a backpack and a violin case. My violin is my most precious possession and I truly cannot bear to be parted from it. In my bag are trainer necessities and a cellular phone for reasons I do not understand. THe necessities I am well aware of their importance as a trainer. As for the phone... I am not sure why Ophelia packed it. There is a note in here as well. How odd...

Starter Species: I would enjoy the company of a male Cyndaquil, if you please, to see the blaze of glory my dear friend's Houndoom once had.
Nickname: He will be called Tory, a name for the elegant.

RP Sample:

"Oh Lia, darling how are you?" I heard my mother's voice ring through the halls with the echoes of bells. Her brown hair swished as she reached to kiss her good friend on the cheek. Mother was beautiful, people said, suited more for the models instead of the mentally hurt. I disagreed; she made people smile. Looks were necessary for that, were they not? Ophelia looked more the part, people told me, this I was still uncertain of. Looks always puzzled me but I would solve it someday. Ophelia hugged my mother.

"Oh wonderful," my therapist told her with the charming smile that made people seem to glow. "I am proud to say my Rapidash is still going strong."

"Beautiful," my mother told her with a hug, glancing at me fondly. I attempted a smile, managing a tug at the corners of my mouth. Like Ophelia, Mother was pleased with this and stepped away, silent communication occurring between the two females at that moment. Ophelia nodded at the end and walked to me, gently patting my head as she passed. Ophelia did not hug very much while working, which I did not understand either. She led me to my room in silence, our long set routine.

Shutting the door behind us, the redhead gave me a serious look. "Elly," she began quietly, what appeared to be a smile quirking at the corners of her lips. "You're in."

The statement slowly sunk in and I tried to process its meaning. Then I remembered sending that letter to the Whirl Cup, as she had asked me to. I had forgotten, the bustle of classes distracting me from the hope and possibility of such an opportunity.

The Whirl Cup.

It was supposedly a not so subtle attempt to gather favor for Pokemon training. Whether you won or lost did not matter; you were going to be remembered. You had to be at least decent to be in of course, earn five badges before the tournament. It would be full of noise, of people and there incessant cries for attention. But there would be Pokemon as well, each able to hopefully keep their humans in line.

"Of course," she said quietly. "If you're still in." She observed me with those calculating green eyes, ones that seemed to know all.

I nodded without hesitation. "Yes...I am."

Ophelia squeezed my shoulder. "That's my good lad," she stated both with pride and business-like affection, as I believed they were identified. "Now pack. I will tell your parents."

"Yes ma'am." Their reaction would be ever so strange. I am their child in a sense, yet I am not. They love me yet want me to grow. Ah, the conundrum of adulthood.

Lostworld November 27th, 2011 10:06 PM

Important: Some people need to read the rules .. hint hint .. :D

@Fuyu: Brilliant SU, you are PENDING conditional on the completion of the RP sample.

@drunk: All of the Pokemon have been reserved at this point, if one of the others fails to post an SU by tomorrow then please feel free to try for one of the other Pokemon but at this point, I think both the Cyndaquil are taken. Sorry!

@Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers: I love the idea of your character! You just need to read the rules and finish off the RP Sample and we should be good. PENDING!

@ryanrocksXD: Also a great SU but please read the rules and finish off your RP sample. PENDING!

drunk ¬_¬ November 28th, 2011 12:26 AM

Shaaaaady… this is why I personally hate the concept of reserving spots, but oh well :disappoin

Could I maybe turn in a SU anyways and take someone else's spot since I'm such a better RPer? :pirate:

Lol, just kidding, but seriously, if I make a better SU would you consider it?

Lostworld November 28th, 2011 12:37 AM


Originally Posted by drunk ¬_¬ (Post 6945630)
Shaaaaady… this is why I personally hate the concept of reserving spots, but oh well :disappoin

Could I maybe turn in a SU anyways and take someone else's spot since I'm such a better RPer? :pirate:

Lol, just kidding, but seriously, if I make a better SU would you consider it?

Oh yes I'm sure your skills are just super :D But I'm working on a first come, first served basis here. I want to give everyone a fair chance. If someone doesn't have what it takes (the plot line does have a lot of extra stuff to do and if someone can't write, well then it will just stuff it all up), then you are welcome to give it a shot.

Godzil November 28th, 2011 1:45 AM

Go ahead and give my spot to drunk. I'm officially dropping out.

Enjoy your male Totodile, drunk. I would have named him Lieutenant Crunch.

Fuyu November 28th, 2011 3:59 AM

I finished the sign up! Hoo Coryn is gonna be fun!

Pikachu November 28th, 2011 8:26 AM

mmmkay, I finished the sign up with a rather tiny RP sample :p

Lostworld November 28th, 2011 12:48 PM

@Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers & Fuyu: Accepted! Yay!

Palcks November 28th, 2011 1:15 PM


(hopes this is all okay :3)

Name: Aldous Wells

Gender: Male

Age: Sixteen

History: As a child, Aldous had quite a nice life. His parents raised him, his older brother, and younger sister in a nice home close to the outskirts of Blackthorn City. His father was a local Pokémon Breeder, and was paid decent money for the Dratini he bred. His wife, Aldous’s mother, did not need a job since her husband was able to provide for them all, and simply volunteered at the Pokémon Center. His brother Avery was three years older than him while his sister Agatha was two years younger. All three of them were taught from a young age about proper Pokémon care from their parents – who were both well-educated – and also picked up a few things on breeding as well. They were a family of five, living a normal life in one of Johto’s most beautiful and ancient cities.

As the region slowly regressed, the family started to fall apart. Not as many people could afford the Pokémon that Aldous’s father sold. His mother had to pick up a job working at the PokéMart, something she detested. Fights between his parents happened more and more often. Avery became distant, and often disappeared for days at a time. This drove his mother mad, and caused her to become extremely overprotective of Aldous and Agatha. It was becoming harder and harder for the family to function. It became too much for Avery. He stole an egg laid by his father’s Dragonite and left for good. The note he left for his family tore them apart, and drove both his parents over the edge.

His father uprooted them and forced everyone to move to Ecruteak. The new house was small, crowded, and didn’t help any of their constantly depressing moods. Aldous was ten and Agatha was eight, and the world around them was getting worse each day. Both of their parents remained jobless, so the only money they had was the leftover savings from Blackthorn. When it began to run out, Aldous’s father sold one of the Dragonite just to be able to get by. With the other, he traded it for a local woman’s Gengar. He began to breed them, which slowly earned the family money, however both Aldous’s parents continued to fight. Neither Aldous nor Agatha could remain at home, so they stole what money they could and left. Agatha was determined to find her other brother, and left Aldous with most of the money, only taking along a spare Gastly egg from her father.

Alone, Aldous wandered around until he heard about the new Whirl Cup. It was then that he decided to go to Olivine and enter, and begin what he hoped would be a better time in his life.

Personality: Being a child that grew up with decent parents in the beginning of his life, Aldous managed to learn basic values and morals that he follows. He knows right from wrong, and understands that it’s not his parents’ fault that their family became ruined – it was because of the failing region that drove them to madness, that made his brother leave and his sister follow a few years later. His mother’s overprotective-ness didn’t allow him to go out and make friends, which is something he has been used to. He doesn’t understand how to act around other people, though he is very friendly towards Pokémon; on his travels alone, they were the only comforts he could sometimes find when he was alone in the middle of the night. Now he hopes to enter the competition and find some way to fit in with everyone else.

Aldous has never felt accepted, which has been a driving force in his life. He never went to any type of Academy and only has the knowledge his parents taught him earlier in life. He’s heard of stories where trainers go from nothing and become some of the best out there. He knows he can do it too, as long as he is given the chance. He is shy, but wants to be able to stand out against others.

Appearance: Ever since he was young, his reddish-brown hair was always pointed out as odd. It stood out against his sister’s gorgeous red mane and his brother’s sandy brown hair. It always bothered Aldous that it was such an odd color, so as a child he would have it cut short; recently, without the chance to get it cut, it has become a little messy and covers his ears. Because it stands out so much already, he tries his best to keep it clean and neat when he goes out in public. Thankfully he’s not pale like his mother or tall like his father. His skin tanned while he pretty much lived in forests around Johto, and he never grew taller than five and a half feet tall, thankfully keeping him average looking for when he does have to traverse through cities and towns.

The total amount of clothes he has amassed after being alone for three years is one maroon t-shirt, a dark blue one, and two pairs of somewhat worn-out jeans. Everything he owns has either been stolen from a store or another person, this way it doesn’t look too old or disgusting. He is always wearing one shirt or the other, and doesn’t try to find anything else – it wouldn’t fit in his small, tan backpack he acquired one late night in Violet City.

Despite his kind of tattered clothes, he is quite good-looking. Living in the wilderness gained him some muscle and toned him enough. His jaw and legs were always the most defined for some reason. He has always seen his eyes as dark and brooding, which fits with his loner personality.

Starter Species: Chikorita
Nickname: Naya

RP Sample: Why did I hate Goldenrod? The people, of course.

So many of them had driven the city to nothing more than boredom. Visiting as a child always brought out excitement inside me from who knows where. The city’s streets were dazzling and felt like streets of – appropriately – gold. Everyone always used to bustle through the city with some kind of fun event ahead. My mother particularly enjoyed the slots while my father was always fascinated by the Radio Tower. Both were such trivial things, but enjoyment nonetheless.

Me? I enjoyed the tunnel that lead from one part of the city to the next. While my brother followed my mother to try their chances at luck (something that I figured would eventually run out in our lives) and my sister sat with my dad at the tower to answer the silly questions they aired, I would find the nearest entrance underground and explore. The nice barbers always gave me free haircuts. I think they thought I was some runaway child.

Either way, it’s true now, and they were still happy that I showed up. Of course, being sixteen instead of a small, awkward child required me to pay for a haircut now. At least they were still friendly and kept the price low for me as long as I didn’t ask them to do much. Once I got more money I’d have to remember to come back and get it properly chopped away.

But now… now Goldenrod had changed to some kind of factory line. All the people woke up early in the morning, dressed in their dull suits and ugly ties, and basically filed through the streets – now dull and thoroughly hideous – to whatever boring jobs they ran. The slots were overtaken by some cheap, frustrating Voltorb game that didn’t provide the same thrill as watching a few slots spin round and round. Don’t get me started on the atrocity that became the Radio Tower.

Despite my strong dislike for the city, it was my own grave I chose. Being on the run and on my own, I had no address for the Whirl Cup officials to send my acceptance/rejection letter. Thinking I would enjoy being back in the city I had so previously enjoyed, I wrote down an address I had memorized when I was younger of a brilliant little house close to the Goldenrod Tunnel’s one entrance. Of course the house was now dilapidated and overrun with the obvious effects the current state of Johto, but either way I had to wait in the alley nearby until the letter arrived so I could take it before the current owner went to get her mail – thankfully, however, it was an old woman that enjoyed her occasional drink, and didn’t wake up to check the mail until hours after it arrived.

And here I sit, behind the stained – but thankfully empty – dumpster, watching the mailman slip the mail into the box. After he’s done I wait for him to do the next few houses and turn the corner, and then I casually stroll over to the box. As always, there are all her various coupons and weekly subscriptions, but today I can already feel something different in the small stack of mail. One envelope is a little larger than the rest, and printed with much nicer materials I pick it out and place everything back inside her mailbox. I can hardly contain myself, but I manage and get back to my beloved dumpster before I tear it open.

I let the torn pieces of the envelope fall to the ground and drift away in the breeze while I read all the words thoroughly.



It wasn’t the most fun trip in the world to make, but once I passed the cities entrance, I didn’t care. Olivine managed to remain one of the nicer cities in the region. Nice, clean streets and buildings are such a nice change from most of the usual setting in the other cities and towns.

It was with probably the most exciting feeling he’s ever felt since leaving home that he wandered the city to find the destination printed in the letter.

And once he found it, he knew. Everything starts here.

Subsonic November 28th, 2011 3:40 PM

I am satisfied with my SU at the moment. I think I hit... not gold... but... silver with this one? I was originally going to make my character a lot darker, but it didn't seem to work because of the many holes I found. Anyways I hope you like this one... Oh I mention Pokemon death... Just to let you know... Oh and uhh... Poliwhirl? XD

Name: Tristan Taylor (Guess where I stole this from :P )

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Tristan isn’t a stranger to Pokemon Training. In fact, he use to be a trainer himself when he was twelve. He grew up with a happy gay couple in a candy shop they owned in Violet City. He grew up with people running in and out of a store with candy, kids whining by the curb because he or she couldn’t have any, and kids running in and using their allowance to buy candy. As a child, he grew up around candy and soon he grew to love the creation of candy and then that turned into creation of food in general. As a child, he always had a passion for Pokemon. He wanted to become the greatest trainer he could be as well as being a great master chef.

When he was twelve he began his journey with a Meowth, Swipes. Tristan traveled to many places in the Johto region and managed to get himself five badges before the tragic event that caused him to come running home.

He was returning from Cianwood City to Olivine. Tristan decided that he wasn’t ready to face a steel type gym leader and left to challenge Chuck. When he arrived he and the rest of the passengers on board were attacked by a group of terrorist. After fending off the terrorists, Tristan and many of the passengers realized that Olivine was being overrun by terrorists. Tristan and many of the trainers fought against the terrorist and helped the ones that were already fighting against them. Tristan had fought and rendered many incapable of doing much damage and he rushed on ahead, a mistake he later regretted. His Pokemon didn’t seem to mind as they wanted to free the city as well.

They met their match when they faced the group’s leader. Tristan’s pokemon were tired, but the whole team thought that they could face the leader all by themselves. They were horribly wrong. The leader showed no mercy as he beat every single one of Tristan’s pokemon and took all their lives away. Tristan had put up a good fight and managed to tire many of the leader’s pokemon so he was easily defeated by the gym leader, Jasmine. Even though they managed to win in the end, Tristan was distraught after the death of all his pokemon. The next day, Tristain fled from Olivine City and went home to Violet City.

He never told anyone how he lost all of his Pokemon or even why he returned. The only people who knew why he returned were his two fathers, but they didn’t know how it had happened. After returning, he became depressed. There were times he would just break down, have panic attacks, and live like an empty shell. Even after the panic attacks and break downs more symptoms rose such as the need to stuff his face with food, the fear of getting close to people and causing death to others around him, and the lack of sleep. His fathers tried to send him to therapy, but it didn’t help at all. They tried many things, but nothing seemed to work until one day they saw a flyer about the Whirl Cup. They had contacted Prof. Wood and they made an arrangement in hopes that Tristan would get over his depression.

Tristan use to be a very happy child. He was very social, chatted animatedly, and had this very gentle smile that lit the spirits of many. However, ever since he had come home from Olivine City his personality changed. He threw himself into work at the store, he lack much needed amount of sleep, and he began distancing himself from the people around him. Tristan feels guilty for the death of all of his Pokemon and no matter how much time has passed he hasn’t been able to move on.

Since he came back, Tristan became very afraid of forming bonds with others. He also became deathly afraid of causing the death of his loved ones and innocents and so began distancing himself from them in hopes that they would not share the same horrible fate his Pokemon did because of his stupidity. He became very quiet and only talks when needed to.

Most, due to depression, would stop eating, but the opposite happened to Tristan. He began to stuff himself with food, trying to fill the emptiness and to banish the guilt he felt. If his parents didn’t constantly stop him from eating to the point where his belly would explode, monitored how much he ate, and convinced him to exercise he would be a very short and obese boy.

He became very quiet and distant. Hard working he became, but that was just to keep his mind off of his morbid thoughts once he couldn’t stuff himself like he usually did. He became unwilling to become closer to others and he became afraid of causing the deaths of all the people he gets close to.

Tristan wears a brown Teddiursa beanie on his head, with a white t-shirt, khakis, brown vans, and white socks. There is a chain that is attached from the outside edges of his pockets up to his belt. On this chain there are five grey pokeballs. These pokeballs are of his dead team. He couldn’t stand to bury their bodies under the ground where bacteria and other decomposers are left to do what they will so he keeps them on a chain in their pokeballs. He also wears a pair of black thick rimmed glasses and highly refuses to wear contacts.

Due to his over eating, Tristain has a BMI of about 26 at a height of five foot five. He use to be obese during his time of depression, but ever since his parents had noticed that he was eating more and gaining much more weight they discovered that he was trying to eat his depression away. Worried, they cut back on how much they gave him and got him to exercise. This lowered his BMI. He has bags around his brown eyes and he is bald under his Teddiursa beanie. Once he had come back from Olivine the first thing he did was shave his head and put it under a beanie.
Starter Species: Chikorita

Nickname: None until he gets over the fear of getting close to others.

RP Sample:
I haven’t been to Olivine City in a long time. I dreaded it actually. I don’t think I am ready to walk into a city where my pokemon met their last moments.

I wiped my eyes to stop the tears that were threatening to spill. I shouldn’t be thinking about this now.

My uncle and aunt in the front eyed the rearview mirror noticing that I had wiped my eyes. They raised their eyebrows as if they were trying to say: “Are you all right?”

I nod my head in response and they went back to driving.

I was being sent on a delivery by both of my fathers. They had a client that lived in Olivine and they needed me to bring the client some of our store’s most popular candy. They would usually send it through their messenger Noctowl, but it had fallen sick and they didn’t trust me with the store anymore, so I couldn’t watch it for them. My aunt and uncle happened to be in town and had offered to take me since they lived in Olivine.

And here I was, in the back of their beat up looking jeep going to a city that still haunts my dreams.

“What was the address again?” My uncle asked as he drove.

I had pulled out the address my parents had written on a post-it note and positioned it near the path of the mirror. My uncle took a quick look at it before making a sharp turn to the right. The harbor was in the view of the window and I could hear the water pokemon that inhabited the ocean wail. Many children were playing in the sand, many were building sun castles, a few people set up nets to play volleyball, and there were a few people trying to catch the sun on their skin.

The jeep made an abrupt stop, making my face smash against the back of my uncle’s seat. I had raised my eyebrow at him wondering about the abrupt start.

“We’re here,” My uncle answered my eyebrow as he pointed.

It was a little cottage. It was cozy, made from wood, probably imported. It stood on a little wooden porch that was elevated off from the ground. There were windows that faced the ocean, giving whoever walked by them the glimpse of the shimmering water and the sunrise and set.

I got out of the car and my uncle rolled down the window. He was searching for something in his pocket before he handed it to me. It was a crumpled up envelope, probably what my parents gave him before he smashed it into his jeans pocket.

“Give this to him too,” My uncle said, “Don’t look at what is inside.”

He had glared at me as he said the second part of the sentence. He was serious and I decided to take him seriously.

I nodded.

“You remember where our house is right?” My uncle asked, “Just go there when you’re done with your business.”

They drove off. I walked up the little steps of the porch and raised my fisted hand on the door. I knocked.

Lostworld November 28th, 2011 5:40 PM

@Palcks: I love your character! Accepted!

@First Snow: You need to.. read the rules.. hint hint :D Other than that, Tristan seems like a really intriguing character. I like his beanie :D Pending for now. Accepted!

If I ever make another RP, I'm not using the stupid word in rules thing .. D:

drunk ¬_¬ November 28th, 2011 8:15 PM

Thanks Godzil! :)

This is still a work in process, but let me know what you think :D

Name: Leon Reed

Gender: Male

Age: 19

History: Leon was born in Cianwood City, Johto. His father worked as a Lab Assistant with the local professor, Prof. Bowen* and studied the Pokémon of the Safari Zone. As a result, Leon managed to visit the Safari Zone plenty of times, and grew very fond and knowledgeable of the rare species of Pokémon. As he approached his tenth year, Prof. Bowen sent a letter to Prof. Elm asking that he may allow Leon a starter Pokémon and Pokémon Trainer license. Prof. Elm, however, turned down the request, claiming that his government grants had been cut in half since the surge of "modern jobs" and that therefore he wouldn't have a Pokémon or PokéDex for Leon. Later that year, they would come to learn the true magnitude of this statement, as former government investors shut down their own research.

*(Named after a genus of Cycads :P).

Out of a job, Leon's father turned to fishing, and at first he did okay. He only had to worry about feeding one kid, his wife and himself, but pretty soon there were more fishermen than buyers in the Cianwood coast, and with declining tourism Leon's family decided to move, to the capital of "modernism", Goldenrod City. There, both of his parents were forced to take up office jobs, and Leon found himself alone a lot of the time. Before, he'd been used to learning math in the morning with his dad, spending the rest of the day with his mom, going to the beach to "hunt for Krabbys" or to hang out with his friends. Then he would spend the weekends at the Safari Zone with his dad, and sometimes Uncle Bowen too; but now…

He didn't know anyone in Goldenrod. He lived in a poor neighborhood, and not being a particularly physical specimen, he was intimidated by many of the hood's kids. He thought he'd make friends when school started, his dad had said he'd enroll him in a Pokémon Academy, but the city was so expensive to live in, that that soon stopped being a possibility. As such, he found his only refuge from danger or loneliness in the local library. He could become so engrossed in books sometimes, that he'd spend the entire day there; then again, he was always home before dark. He particularly liked reading mythology; any mythology really, Pokémon myths as well as ancient and foreign myths. He always thought of the monsters in Classical Greek mythology as fantastical foreign Pokémon that he just yearned to one day see.

At the age of sixteen he decided to get a job in the library, started saving up some money for himself, and rotting every day in the same damn building. He became frail, he became absent-minded, his usually tanned skin had turned completely pale, and as he grew, he grew thinner and thinner. Although his parents were always home at night, and they had dinner together as a family, he grew distant, and his parents seemed almost strangers. Books, that was his only escape from his miserable life, to awe at the power of the gods of mythology, to cast himself to be the protagonist of a novel, or the hero of an epic. He read of legendary Pokémon masters who made a name for themselves by saving the regions from a given predicament, and yearned that one day they could write a book of him. He wished that he could make a name for himself as a Trainer and become a Pokémon Master… how sweet that would be. And then one day, his opportunity was there. He held up the poster he'd been asked to post on the library door, and saw it… The Whirl Cup!

Personality: Even when young, Leon has always been very intelligent, however, he never went to a formal school, being homeschooled in math and versed in Pokémon by his dad. As a young boy in Cianwood City, Leon was always a very cheerful kid, he very rarely got into arguments with his mom, and absolutely idolized his dad, as well as Prof. Bowen for how much they knew about Pokémon. He had an easy time making friends and was also athletic, but most of that changed after moving to Goldenrod City. Leon's family lives in a rather poor neighborhood due to his father's lack of wallet size in an inflating economy, and the kids there aren't quite as nice as the Cianwood islanders, or even the tourists. Aware that there are several gangs in the area, and absolutely petrified of them due to his small frame, Leon always keep a low profile, and doesn't loiter in the street for too long. However, even though he's become highly introverted, and physically weak and frail, the new-found possibility of becoming a Pokémon trainer has given him the determination that he can make his life worthy of a book!

Appearance: Leon's most characteristic trait is that he's redheaded. Well, his hair color is actually more of a strawberry blonde color, but he won't be the one to tell you that! His eyes are amber-colored, and he has light freckles on his nose. Since he spends most of his time reading, his lack of physical activity and contact with the sun have turned him prone to disease, physically weak, and of very pale skin color. Leon is also very skinny; although he stands at 5'10" he scarcely lifts the scale to 150 pounds. Thus, he finds himself wearing thick long-sleeved shirts almost year long, since he's pretty damn sensitive to the cold.

Starter Species: Totodile
Nickname: Typhon

RP Sample: (For this, I'm asking you to write a post. This means a post of quality, something equal to what you'd normally write like if you participated in this RP. You must outline what went on before you received your first Pokemon from Professor Woods. You were hand chosen for this competition and you received a letter of acceptance from the Professor herself which outlined all the information. How did you get to Olivine? Were your parents for or against you participating in the Whirl Cup? Play it out however you wish and then end the post with your character finding him/herself at Professor Woods' laboratory. The lab is situated on the outskirts of Olivine, only a couple of minutes from the beach as Professor Woods' primary focus is Water type Pokemon.)

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