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miley810 December 7th, 2011 3:37 PM

Legendary Rebels II: The Human's War
Legendary Rebels 2

The Human's War



Its been exactly a year sense Adriane, Valorie, and Spike saved the human race from the legendaries. Sense then, the legendaries, pokemon, and humans all lived in harmony. Most of the pokemon-abusing trainers stopped abusing their pokemon, either appreciating them more, or scared to death that Mewtwo will get them. But a few months ago, a huge change happened that will change this.

But things have changed. The humans have found anger when they think about the event. They believe they need to take charge, show the legendaries they need to pay for what they did. Its a long process, trying to plan out their attack, but a week from now is the human's planned out attack! Will the world be saved again? Or will both pokemon and humans be killed out in the long run? How can they save the world? And is there really a 'they' to save it?

The legendary rebels have united again. The other legendaries don't know about whats going on. Most of the legendary rebels' kids got killed by the legendaries in the previous war, so its a search all over again! Will they be able to come up with a plan, or will they fail? Can they find these humans in time, at all? Hopefully, or they'll be no one left to worry!



1.All PC rules apply
2.Its rated PG-14, keep it that way.
3.Romance is allowed, but nothing past kissing.
4.No Godmodding, Bunnying, whatever you want to call it.
5.No cussing. There is really no need to cuss.
6.Remember, Jarachi is asleep,so tecnicly its minus seven, but one isn't doing anything at all in the situation.
7.The trainers can't know each other, UNLESS you are PKMN trainer yellow (Valorie), Miley810 (Adriane, or ShinyDiamond (Spike) from the original Legendary Rebels rp. We all meet at somepoint though
8.You can only pick from the list below
9.You can only have six pokemon total, and you can take pokemon from the PC box IF YOU ASK PROMISSION FROM ME TELLING ME WHAT POKEMON AND STUFF!!!!
10.We're not catching the legendaries.
11.And obviously, only one person per legendary, and one legendary per person.
12.Only one eevee or eevee evolution per team, so that means if you had a Glaceon, you can't have a eevee or another evolution, (If you read all of the rules put 'magical squiral' somewhere in your sign up, I want to see if people read it though) if you have a eevee, its the only eevee you can have and you can't have any of its evolutions, but you can evolve your eevee. But you don't have to have a eevee or eevee evolution.
13.No using text talk. (Examples: "Are u a trusted trainer 2?" or "Maria sk8ed to the labratory.")
14.If you need to do a OOC, or Out Of Charecter part, than put (Ooc: ) Example: (OOC:I was out of ideas on what to post.)
15.Let me know before your going to be gone for longer than two days.
16.Be active. If I don't see at least a post every three days, your inactive. But if you let me know your going to be gone, than you won't be marked inactive.
17.A pokemon can only be used once. By that I mean,if someone signs up with say beedrill, than you can't sign up with it. That rule doesn't apply for eevee, but does for its evolutions.
18.Reserves last two days,but please try to gets your sign ups in as soon as you can.
19.If you break any of the rules you'll start off with a warning and be asked to change your post, if you don't change your post you will be banned, if you break the rules a second time you will be asked asked again, and if you don't you will be banned, and if you break the rules a third time you will be banned. (If your read all of the rules put 'chewing gum' somewhere in your sign up)
20. Only one charecter per user (except for non-important charecters)

Sign up:


Name: (First and last required)
Age: (14-16)
Pokemon Team: (Up to six)
Legendary: (Your legendary Pokemon)
Appearance: (Hair, eyes, skin tone, height, cloths. A good picture will work, and a recap of the picture would help, and help your likelyness of getting accepted)
History: (optional)
Personality: (what your charecter is like, their personality)
Other: (Anything else not mentioned belongs here)


1. Mew- Adriane- Miley810
2. Latias- Spike- ShinyDiamond
3. Latios- Alan- Mick Fizz
4. Azelf- Deceased
5. Mesprit- Valorie- PKMN Trainer Yellow
6. Uxie- Gad- Mick Fizz (Used to be Wymsical)


Name: Adriane Cole Jewel


Team: Glaceon, Ninetails, Teddiursa, Marril, Ivysaur, Plusle




Adriane has died her hair raven black, and now it goes four inches below her shoulders, and she still has bangs. She had dark green contacts now, and her skin is medium. She wears a dark green shirt with a black cloth vest. She wears black jeans, and a black jacket with fur around the hood rim. She wears black leather fingureless gloves. She wears black hiking boots. (about a inch and a half from calf high) (she wears a black hat like that.)


Adriane will stand up for anybody, as long as they arn't enemies. She will use violence when she feels violence needs to be used, but she doesn't just always feel like it needs to be used. She doesn't "judge a book by its cover" either. She gives second chances to people,or pokemon, she feels like deserve second chances. She will help if somebody needs helping.
She is very caring towards her pokemon, and is completly against abuse towards them, or basicly any kind of abuse period. She isn't anti-social, but people don't really try to become friends with her, which she assumes is due to her appearance.

Other: She likes singing and writing..not that it really matters in this roleplay. Now days Adriane's heart yearns to find her true love. The last boyfriend she had was the total oppisate.

Other: She likes singing and writing..not that it really matters in this roleplay.

RP Charecters:

Miley810- Adriane Cole Jewel- Mew- Glaceon, Ninetails, Teddiursa, Marril, Ivysaur, Plusle
PkMnTrainer Yellow- Valorie Ryder- Mesprit- Dragonite, Mamoswine, Haxorus, Flygon, Sawsbuck, Kingdra
ShinyDiamond- Spike Roller Ishiwata- Latias- Leafeon, Blaziken, Gengar, Magmar, Kirlia, Minun
Wymsical- Gad Sylvanhart- Uxie- Breloom, Blaziken, Poliwrath, Haxorus, Weavile, Spheal
~Genevieve~- Nora Jhonson- Blaziken, Kirlia, Beautifly, Absol, Azurill, Altaria
Mick Fizz- Alan Crane- Grovyle, Shelgon, Omanyte, Dusclops


My first post:

Adriane was walking through town, her mew flying beside her, Glaceon walking beside her. She hummed 'Bulavard of broken dreams' as she walked, slightly smiling. She didn't notice the large crowd gathering for a minute, but when she did she froze. All of the people in town were used to her and mew by now, what exactly was going on here?

"Um...hello."Adriane said.

"Get them!"A man yelled, and before they knew what was happening, the people charged towards her.

She returned glaceon and sprung into the air, hovering over even shoulder-sitting reach of the croud.

"What's going on here?"Adriane asked.

"Get the Mew! We'll worry about the girl later!"A man yelled.

Adriane and Mew teleported to her house. Adriane stuffed 30 cans of food into a bag, 10 water bottles, 10 bottles of soda, a jar of gum, a blanket, her cell phone charger, and her camera into her black backpack. Her pokeballs were on her belt, so she grabbed her phone and her and Mew teleported to the Legendary Rebels hideout.

"This place hasn't all."Adriane said, observing plusle and minun's footprints from where they had played in here.

Adriane dialed Valorie and Spike's numbers, merged the calls, and waited for them to answer.

"Please pick up...pleeaaaase pick up."Adriane said.

When neither picked up, it gave her the option to leave a voicemail. She left a voicemail on both of their phones.

"Valorie, Spike, help! A huge group of people attacked us in town, I think it has something to do about that 'Legendary attack plan' I told you about. Please, call me back as soon as you can. I'm hiding in the Legendary Rebels hide out."Adriane said and hung up,

"Mew, what are we gonna do?"Adriane asked.

"We'll figure something out. Even if we're apart, us, Latios, Mespirt, Spike, and Valorie, we're still a team."Mew said.

Adriane nodded, then held her phone, looking at it."Please call back soon...I hope you two are ok..."Adriane said softly."Please be ok..."


OK, I know its short, but it works. Anyways, your post needs to include you being attacked by towns-people, how you escape, ect. So yeah, please post quickly, because once all five of yall have posted once, everyone can post freely.

OmegaPinkMan December 9th, 2011 6:32 AM

Alan was lying on his bed in fetal position. There were some bags with all his clothes, and all his stuff. He was definitely going away from home, but one could easily tell it was against his will. "Th-they c-c-can't do this to me..." he whispered as some tears fell down his cheek.

"Alan!" a voice said from downstairs, "The bus is here! Come down, quick!"

He shook his head and got up from bed. He used his blankets to wipe the tears off his face. His eyes were reddish, like right after a breakdown, but he didn't bother to cover it. His parents were going to send him away from everyone.

"Alan. You're finally here. Now let's go, the bus isn't gonna be waiting for you here all day!" his mother said as the miserable kid went down the stairs. He looked at her, and she could see that he had been crying. "Oh, I'm sorry, honey, but you know it's for the best."

"It's just not fair!" Alan cried, "It wasn't my fault that I'm this way!"

"I know, Alan..." his mother said, "That was a tough time...for all of us...". She looked down. "Your father and I suffered because of the legendaries as well. But we were able to move on, but you couldn't." Alan looked down as he headed for the door. "Trust me, honey, they will help you get over your problems and move on..."

Then she hugged him and kissed him goodbye. "I'm gonna miss you, Alan..." she said, but the boy didn't say a word and just walked out of his house. His mother was watching him as he got one step closer and closer to the bus, when, all of a sudden...

"Whoa! What's...Help!" Alan cried as something invisible moving at high speeds took him away.

"Alan!" his mother said. "It must be the work of those Legendaries!"


After a while, whatever took Alan away from the bus stopped moving and became visible, revealing to be Latios. He put Alan back on the floor, and the boy stared at him in fear. "'re a l-legendary..." he said, and backed away, "L-legendaries t-tried to kill me..."

"I won't hurt you, kid." Latios said via telepathy.

"W-why d-d-did you take me?" Alan cried as he fell on his back, "Wh-what are you gonna do to me?"

"Well, I-" Latios said but was interrupted by a group of people that spotted them.

"Isn't that the legendary Pokémon Latios?"
"I think so! Let's get him!"
"What about the kid? He seems to be with Latios..."

"Quick, get on my back." Latios said. "We must get out of here."
"B-but...What about..." Alan replied timidly, in a low voice.
"I will explain everything later. We must disappear before they get us."
The boy hopped on Latios, realising he had no other choice but to trust the Legendary Pokémon for the time being.

"He's definitely with Latios!"
"He's a traitor! Let's get him as well!"

The Latios then became invisible again and flew away from there at very high speeds.

"Mew. Latios here. I'm on my way to the hideout. I found a kid." he said via telepathy to Mew while Alan held on to Latios tight, terribly afraid he'd fall down and die.

SylveonStar December 9th, 2011 9:26 AM

Nora smirked to herself walking down the street. She had the 'I'm better than all of you' look in her eyes and in her opinion it was true. The small town she lived in barely had any people it was so small but back before the human race were saved from the Legendaries they had treated their Pokemon horribly more like slaves than friends. Nora was the exception and because of that she knew she was indeed better than everyone else. She rounded a corner and casually ignored a boy her age who tried to say hi to her and kept walking.

After a bit as she was getting closer to her house she felt a presence behind her and whirled around "Okay what do you.." she began but froze. For floating behind her was Azelf. "W-what this can't be happening can it?" she said.

"It's real just trust me I'm a friend" Azelf spoke to her telepathically.

Nora looked unsure for a moment before she smiled and nodded "sure I trust you. I don't think you Legendaries are as bad as everyone says."

Suddenly she heard voices shouting behind her "Hey that girls with a Legendary, get them!" and she turned to see a group of townspeople running towards her.

"Do you trust me" Azelf said holding out a paw to her.

Nora looked from the mob to the legendary before she nodded "I trust you" she said taking the Pokemon's hand and she found herself in a dark hallway. "Where am I?"

"That will be explained don't worry" Azelf told her before closing his eyes. "Mew I'm at the Legendary Rebels Hideout, I have a girl with me" he sent to mew.

Wymsical December 9th, 2011 11:16 AM

Gad Sylvanhart
My Uncle Turns Out To Be A Pokemon

I'd always heard about the Legendary Rebels, apparently they thought people weren't being nice enough to Pokemon or something. Really, I never anticipated I'd become part of their fight. I mean, I can anticipate a lot of stuff, like my toothbrush being eaten by my friend's dog, or my friend eating my toothbrush, but I never would have been able to anticipate what was gonna happen. So, you want to know what happened? Fine. I have no idea why I'm telling you this, I mean, it's not like you'll have much to do with this information. You'll just forget it along with all the other useless stuff in your head. I'm not trying to sound mean here, but seriously, why am I telling you this? Maybe I shouldn't be, it's pretty confidential. But what the heck? I need to let it out. Are you listening, because you'll need to get REAL comfy to process what I'm gonna say.


If I remember right, my day started out pretty normal. I got up from bed to find out my toothbrush had been stolen, (Yes, that is normal) so I skipped brushing my teeth and got right down to breakfast. "Yo, bro." came a voice from behind me. Two hands shook me, and then I was fully awake. I realized I was in the Pokemon Center, still. I'd been travelling with my friend Sam for a while now, although he wasn't really a trainer, he was company. We'd been friends since seventh grade, when he'd accused me of being an overachiever and then stolen my sandwich. I suppose you're wondering, how the heck does that make us friends? I took my sandwich back afterwards and knocked him off his chair. He came up to me and said "You're alright." and we've been friends ever since. I know, weird. Sam is pretty obnoxious and brutal, kinda stupid too. Don't tell him I said that. He usually doesn't hurt me, but he has no problem beating up anybody else. Yeah, and he eats my toothbrush. It's sorta replacement for the sandwich that day. Weird, I know, but it works. Anyway, I'm getting off the subject. "Ready to head out?" Sam said. "I'm still in my PJ's and we're in our hotel room, no, I'm not ready." I explained to him. (Don't worry, we had separate beds) "Ah. Well, I'm gonna go take a shower, you be ready by the time I get back or I'll drag you out." Sam said. He closed the door of the little bathroom and left me to eat my bowl of corn flakes, which had now spilled over my PJ's because of him shaking me. (Yes, this was normal too) I groaned and took the shirt off, ready to get back into my regular outfit.


Before I knew it, I was outside the Pokemon center. We were in Sandgem Town. For some odd reason, we had been travelling Sinnoh for the past two weeks now. Sam had run off to play at the beach with his one and only Pokemon: Slakoth. Who didn't do much. I rolled my eyes as he ran toward the beach, Slakoth in hand and toothbrush in mouth. (As you've probably guessed by now, I buy new toothbrushes every day.) Meanwhile, I decided to check my email on my phone while I went to train Spheal some more. That was a bad move. The worst, in fact. I walked out of Sandgem and found myself in a large patch of tall grass. Perfect. A wild Bidoof appeared in no time, and I sent Spheal and Weavile out. Spheal for practice, and Weavile for back up if Spheal failed. Meanwhile, I deactivated the security barrier on my phone by clicking to specific buttons at once, pretty nifty if viruses tried to get in, and opened my email. "You have one message." it said. I was about to open the mail when the wild Bidoof started going all crazy on Spheal. "Hey, Spheal, snap out of it." I told Spheal, but it wouldn't listen. Then it occurred to me that the wild Pokemon had used Attract. "Oh, you gotta be kidding me." I complained. What kind of living being could fall in love with something that ugly, I thought to myself. And I stand by what I said-or thought. Blegh! Anyway, that's when Weavile went and used Slash on the Bidoof, knocking it out right away. "Thank you." I said to Weavile, returning it and Spheal to their Pokeballs. "Well, that was uneventful." I said to myself, as I turned my attention back to my phone. I hesitated for a moment, sure that this message wasn't going to be so great. Now I know why. I opened it, and it said just one word, one word that scared the crap outta me: it said "RUN". "What the-" before I could finish my sentence, something shot at me from behind. It narrowly missed my head, and rocked the tree it hit so hard I thought it might fall on me. I immediately looked behind me to see Sam with a bunch of poacher-like men. "Sorry, bro." he said. With him and the men were two Houndooms and an Infernape. "What the hell are you doing, Sam?!" I shouted. All my instincts told me to run, but I wanted to know what was going on. I just HAD to be curious, didn't I? "Poliwrath, come out!" I said, Poliwrath came out from its Pokeball, ready to defend me against the three fire Pokemon. "Wrath, Poli!" it shouted at them. One of the Houndooms seemed a little intimidated, but the rest held their ground.

All of them, Sam and Hunter alike, approached me slowly. It was quite a scary sight to behold. Scared out of my shoes, I ran for my life as all their Pokemon started shooting beams of fire at me. One of the beams hit the grass, and it easily set on fire. I avoided all the running Pokemon, running away from the fire, and kept my focus on Sam. What the hell was he doing? I didn't have time to think, though. Poliwrath was protecting me from some of the beams as I ran, but there was no escaping these guys. Until finally, just in front of the entrance to Jubilife City, a man appeared. Of all the people in the world, I least expected HIM to be there. He came in front of me and released three Pokeballs. From them came Blaziken, Swampert and Sceptile. The starter Pokemon of the Hoenn region. Then, as quick as lightning, he cried "BLAZIKENUSEBLAZEKICKSCEPTILEUSELEAFBLADESWAMPERTUSEWATERFALL" I could hardly understand what he'd just said, but from what I could gather he'd just ordered his Pokemon to attack Sam and the poachers. The Pokemon did so very fast, and before you knew it they were all, Sam included, lying on the floor, knocked out. The man turned to face me, and I clearly recognized him as my uncle Eixu. What was he doing here?! I asked that very same question to my uncle, and he replied "I am not your uncle. I never have been." in a strange, squeaky voice. "What? Who-who are you then?" I stuttered, ready to believe that this was not my uncle after what had just happened. "My name is Uxie. I am the Pokemon of Knowledge, and I have come to take you away." my uncle-or Uxie-said. Then, all of a sudden, I realized his mouth hadn't moved when he said this. He was speaking telepathically. "You're-you're WHAT?!" I cried, now I was ready to believe this was some sort of sick joke. Then, my uncle started glowing. He glowed red, then blue, then yellow, and then the glow faded. "I am Eixu, or Uxie." he said in that squeaky voice. When the glow disappeared, my uncle was gone. I could only see a small, pixie-like Pokemon that I recognized from ancient drawings as Uxie. Then, I realized something phenomenal. Eixu was Uxie spelled backwards. Maybe this wasn't a sick joke, I thought to myself. "Come on!" Uxie said. "When I told you to run, I bloody well meant it!" Uxie started. Now its squeaky voice had been replaced by an English accent and a woman's voice. So my uncle was a Pokemon. And worse than that, he was the legendary Uxie. What to do about that? "I see you kept the clothes I gave you." Uxie said. "They have a special power when I am near them. Watch this." she said, she neared me, and all of a sudden, everything went black.

"Mew, I'm here with a boy about fifteen, a bunch of people were chasing after him. I'm bringing him to the HQ. See you there."

ShinyDiamond December 9th, 2011 12:33 PM

"Well, things have turned for the worse." Spike, along with Kirlia by his side, was standing in the middle of Spear Pillar in the middle of Sinnoh. He was waiting for someone to come with a certain clothing. Apparently he lost his shirt somewhere in the caves while on his way here. Pretty stupid if you think about it. Spike then heard footsteps. A girl appeared wearing a purple shirt & a pink skirt, holding something. "Did you get it?" Asked Spike.

"I do." Answered the mysterious girl, walking over to Spike & handing him his green shirt. However, instead of putting it on he tied it around his waist. No way he's losing this again. "Why not just put it on?" Asked the girl who giggled.

"You know I only wear it when needed!" Spike chuckled. He then started eyeing the girl. "Why are you still in disguise? Their's no one here."

The girl looked around for a moment, then sighed. She started glowing. She was changing form. She was no ordinary human. She was a Pokemon, & not just a Pokemon. She was the legendary Latias.

"It just feels safer so no one finds me." Answered Latias. Spike only chuckled.

"Well, we got what we needed, so we can go now." Latias squealed in excitement, but something was still bothering her.

"Great! But...why did we come to the Spear Pillar again?"

"Why not? It's a pretty cool place"

"We could've just flown here or teleported y'know."

"You know I hate flying! & warping here would just take the fun out of it."

Kirlia was smiling at their conversation. It was nice to have a trainer like Spike around. He nudged at his short. "Can we go now?" He asked.

Spike looked down at Kirlia. "Sure. Latias, warp us." Spike turned to Latias waiting for what's gonna happen next.

"Can do!" The next thing he knew, Spike was at the Legendary Rebel's hideout. It's good to see this place again. Mew! Latias was currently telepathically contacting Mew. Me & Spike have arrived at the hideout! We will await the other legendaries.

miley810 December 9th, 2011 7:47 PM

(OOC: No more waiting on yellow, I need to post >_<)

Adriane and Mew got the signals from the other legendaries.

"Everyone meet in the room C-3."Adriane said.

Spike was already there, and Adriane was eager to see her friend again. She and Mew flew down the halls and finally into room C-3. She saw Spike and Latias. Spike had changed a resonable bit, then again so had she.

"Hello."Adriane said."Long time no see. Its pretty horrible we've gotta meet under these circumstances. It was insane, being chased by those towns people."

"Hi Latias."Mew said.

Adriane wondered how long it would take for the others to get there, expecially Valorie. She didn't know the three new people, so this would be interesting.

"This world just can't stay out of trouble can it?"Adriane said.

Adriane remembered the entire battle they had a year ago. Dragonair evolving, her being smashed into the wall, them thinking Valorie was eatten by Rayquaza...she still had nightmares about that one.

PkMnTrainer Yellow December 9th, 2011 8:05 PM

Valorie gazed out upon the world stretched out before her. A chilly breeze steadily blew past her, causing her to shiver. Right now she was reminiscing about the start of her journey as a pokemon trainer. You see, she was in Iccirus City, the place where it had all started. Or rather... she was near it. You see, Valorie was currently sitting atop Dragonspiral Tower, a place she had always watched from a distance when she was younger. Now that she had pokemon, she could actually visit it. Of course, she had yet to attempt going inside. None of her pokemon were actually currently out of their pokeballs. She had wanted to be alone up here. Was she ever really alone though? She had her pokemon. Valorie vainly attempted to convince herself that she was not lonely, that she didn't have problems getting along with others. Why then, was she mere minutes away from her hometown where her childhood friends lived, alone? A feeling of depression washed over her, her confidence in herself shaken. She immediately began recalling a less happy memory, one of the words she and Mesprit had shared just after they had saved the human race, right after the young group of heroes had split up. Cue flashback.

Mesprit: "...You should reach out more, you know."

Valorie had glanced at Mesprit, mildly put off by the suggestion. What, she wasn't social enough?

Valorie: "..."

Mesprit: "I know you don't want to hear it, but I know how you feel. I know what you desire. You pursue it with such intensity... Yet... In your ambition I fear that you will get what you want, but at a terrible cost."

Valorie's face contorted into one of irritation. She hated being read like a book like that, having her most private emotions laid out in front of someone.

Mesprit: "Valorie... The two things you want most. I don't believe you can have them both... I'm sorry."

Valorie actually sent Mesprit a chilling /glare/. The legendary psychic pokemon could feel the resentment emanating from her. The two fell silent for a time, neither leaving the other. All of the others had already stepped out. Yet they delayed momentarily. Valorie turned her gaze away and refused to look at Mesprit. In her frustration and anxiety she was not willing to hear the pokemon out. Meanwhile, Mesprit watched Valorie silently, aware that she had gone too far.

Mesprit: "... I will ... be around."

And with that, Mesprit had left Valorie. Valorie had watched Mesprit float away, leaving her there. That had hit her hard, like a blow to the gut. For some reason she had expected Mesprit to become a part of her team, to stick with her. To... be her friend...

Valorie snapped out of the flashback, shaking her head. A fresh wave of angst washed over her. Why? Why had Mesprit said what she had said. Why had she done what she had done? Valorie had thought that having something as big as saving the world under her belt and to her name would've made her a happier person, and yet she wasn't. In fact, she was overall angrier and angstier than she had been before the ordeal had started... and she knew it. Mesprit had come to visit her every so often, but had declined to talk about what had happened back there.

As if on cue, Valorie noticed the abrupt appearance of a figure out of the corner of her eyes and looked up to notice Mesprit floating there. She sure hoped she wasn't being spied on or something, though it seemed unlikely. It wasn't like it was rare for her to dwell on that particular moment. It was probably just coincidence.

Valorie: "Hi..."

Mesprit: "Greetings. What're you doing up here..?"

Mesprit sounded mildly curious. Valorie just sort of glanced at her before diverting her attention down at the world below again without responding. She wasn't in the mood. Several minutes of silence later, Valorie released her dragonite, hopping onto Dragonite's back and allowing the rather huge pokemon to carry her down to the ground. Dragonite was rather large, even for her species, at around eleven or twelve feet tall. Regardless, Mesprit followed her as she rode Dragonite down to the ground, sliding off and returning her pokemon before continuing on back down towards Iccirus town. However, upon arriving in the town Valorie found people staring at her. She didn't know why they were doing that, but it definitely made her uncomfortable. What did they think they were doing? I mean really, being impressed by the presence of a legendary pokemon was one thing but people were just /staring/.

Trying to ignore it Valorie headed back towards her house, only to recieve a rather urgent telepathic message from Mesprit.

Mesprit: "Something isn't right... We should leave."

Valorie just sort of gave Mesprit a confused glance. The idea that she could be in danger in her own hometown was appalling to her. Ignoring the warning, though it was on her mind, she continued, only to find two boys and a girl all around her age approaching from nearby. It caught Valorie's attention because they were heading directly into her path. She stopped and turned to look directly at them, only to notice they had pokeballs in their hand. One of the boys spoke up.

Boy: "My parents said--"

The boy received quick nudge and a shush from the girl next to him and he looked over at her confusedly as the girl spoke up instead.

Girl: "That pokemon is /evil/!"

Valorie's eyes just widened a bit at the accusation. For a moment the children and Mesprit just sort of stared at eachother before the children finally got that Mesprit wasn't going to start the fight. They all sent out their pokemon. Valorie was rather unimpressed. They hadn't done anywhere near the training Valorie had, and their pokemon were rather weak. She doubted Mesprit even needed her help. Yet, she felt the need anyway. Perhaps it was because of what they had said. Valorie released her haxorus, which quickly and powerfully ravaged the other kids' pokemon, almost slapping one with her tail who had been way too close to their pokemon when it had been attacked. The children all freaked out almost simultaneously, running away. Valorie found herself frowning despite the display of strength. Normally she would've loved creaming another trainer, but... Those were her friends, even if she hadn't been particularly close to them. It still felt... wrong seeing them run away like that.

Peace did not last long, as Valorie abruptly felt a numbing cold force strike her from behind. Something had just attacked her! She heard Haxorus cry out in pain, though she could no longer see her as she fell forwards, hitting the ground. Valorie slowly rolled onto her back, just in time to feel the ground shake as Haxorus collapsed next to her. She didn't feel well at all, very stiff actually. Above her loomed a man wielding a Vanilluxe. It was then Valorie realized something. Most of her body from the hips up and the stomach down was frozen solid! She let out a sort of horrified whimper upon realizing this. She bend to get up, and more adults were coming to the scene. They were the townspeople..! Valorie couldn't believe what was happening! A sense of betrayal washed over her. Considering where she was, most of them probably had ice pokemon too. Valorie was in way over her head... at least until Mesprit reached down and touched her on the cheek. The ice abruptly shattered under psychic force. Valorie heard a man yell for them to stop her before she was whisked away via teleport by Mesprit.

Valorie could see the sky. They were outside, but something felt ... odd? She couldn't quite place her finger on it. As she tried to steady her breath she looked to her side and it slowly dawned on her where they were... atop Dragonspiral Tower. It must've been the first thing that had come to mind for Mesprit to get away.

Mesprit: "Are you alright..?"

Valorie slowly sat up, a bit of snow falling off of her. She still didn't feel well. Being frozen didn't feel great at all.

Valorie: "What, you can't read that too..?"

Mesprit: "Emotions tell many things. Your physical condition is not one of them."

Valorie didn't respond to that. She would be fine. Or at least... physically. Her day was pretty much ruined. Great. Were her /parents/ in on this? What did she do? People weren't supposed to attack other people! That was /wrong/! Valorie pulled out her phone, shivering, and began to check through it for her parents numbers. Yet... something caught her eye as she did this. A message. Hesitating a moment to consider whether she cared to check her messages at the moment she decided to go on ahead and do it, only to be surprised at the sender. Adriane..? A mix of odd feelings went through her reading the name. She was... somehow happy to hear from her, and yet was concerned at the same time. Mesprit tried to peak at the screen, but Valorie tilted it away, raising an eyebrow at the emotion pokemon. At least her phone was private.

Listening to the message, Valorie was filled with new information that helped her understand what had gone on a bit better. More interesting however was the... very concerned tone in which Adriane spoke. Valorie knew exactly why, but somehow it... reminded her that at least someone still cared besides her pokemon. Valorie shook the thought from her head. Ugh! Why did she have to be so pessimistic? Her pokemon were fine company. It was then she realized that Mesprit was probably aware of exactly what she had just experienced. She sent Mesprit a look, waiting for the pokemon to say something along the lines of 'Denial is not just a river in egypt' or something else like that which would just annoy her.

Mesprit: "It was a friend..?"

Valorie was mildly surprised nothing was said about her feelings, but decided to accept it.

Valorie: "Yeah... Adriane... She got attacked too... She wanted me to call her back."

Valorie was already moving to call back Adriane as she spoke. Yet, Mesprit spoke up and stopped her.

Mesprit: "Wait... I believe I know where they are."

Valorie hesitated and looked up at Mesprit, still freezing cold.

Mesprit: "We can go to them."

Valorie just sort of stared at Mesprit for a moment before putting her phone away.

Valorie: "Alright..."

And with that, Mesprit floated own and touched Valorie's cheek again, once again teleporting them off. This time, Valorie found herself at an unfamiliar place. It was a building of some sort. She got up and brushed some snow off of her, though some of it still littered her golden hair. Mesprit promptly sent a telepathic message to Mew, informing Mew of their presence.

Mesprit: "Please, follow me."

Valorie watched for a moment as Mesprit floated onward, leading her on. Valorie remembered when the two had first met, how Mesprit had lead her in a similar fashion. It had wound up taking her through a rather cramped dirt tunnel and her breaking into a laboratory. She pushed the thought from her mind and followed along as Mesprit lead her towards the others.

OmegaPinkMan December 10th, 2011 2:55 PM

In a very short time, Latios reached the hideout, with Alan's eyes closed. "S-Slow down, s-slow down, please!" he screamed as he felt he would fall off anytime. But then he felt Latios wasn't moving, and opened his eyes, very frightened. He was surprised to find himself in a cave. Not sure if it was safe, he continued to hold on to Latios.

"Calm down, boy. You are safe now." Latios said calmly via telepathy. "There is nothing to worry about."

Alan nodded, still scared, and carefully got off the Eon Pokémon. He had this nervous, confused look in his eye. "Wh-where are we? Wh-why did you take me here? Wh-what's going on?"

"One question at a time." Latios said. "First, we are in a safe spot, where nobody can find us. Second, I brought you here because I need your help. I need you to help us stop something that is about to happen. Something really bad."

"S-Something bad? I-I don't like this." Alan said, nowhere near calm, "I-I don't wanna die..." Then his eyes widened. "And who do you m-mean by us?"

"Follow me." Latios said. Alan walked behind him as Latios moved somewhere. He wasn't sure of where the Legendary was taking him, but, then again, he had no choice. Soon Latios reached a small room where Latias and Mew were waiting for him, along with a boy and a girl. Alan panicked again as she saw them.

"M-more legendaries?" the stressed boy said, "Y-you said nobody c-could find us here..." Then everything turned blurry to him. "I-I knew it, I-I'm gon-na..." he said, his voice fading as he passed out. Latios sighed. "Sorry." he said, "This kid seems to be a bit...unstable. But I am sure he will be helpful once I get to explain everything to him."

SylveonStar December 10th, 2011 3:33 PM

Nora crossed her arms and sighed "When will that explanation come then Azelf?" she asked looking around at the place. It seemed like they were in a cave of sorts that's what she could tell through the dark.

"just follow me, and what's your name?" Azelf asked leading her through the cave.

"I'm Nora" she answered looking around "Why did you bring me here?"

"I brought you here because we need your help" Azelf said as they reached a door "the other Legendaries and a few more human's are in here more will be explained.

Nora nodded and entered the room. First she saw a boy on the floor with Latios near him. She also saw another boy and a girl all around her age standing there near Latias and Mew. Nora walked over to the boy and girl and said "Hi I'm Nora. Do you know why we're here?"

Wymsical December 10th, 2011 3:40 PM

Gad Sylvanhart
Curiosity Killed The Gad

Well, figuratively speaking. It didn't KILL me, otherwise I wouldn't be here talking to you now. But it certainly bruised me, youch! I'm not very talkative, so we should probably go on with the story now.


When I woke up, I was in a totally different place. My head was spinning, and the room was dark. I tried to fix my eyes on a specific object, but it wouldn't work. Poliwrath was gone, appeared to be back in his Pokeball, and me 'uncle' was gone too. I thought maybe it was all a dream and this was really a stupid joke being played on me by Sam. If it was, is would've explained A LOT. I got up, half expecting my head to hit a low ceiling for some odd reason. Luckily, there was no such ceiling, and I managed to get up with only minor difficulty, considering I felt like I'd just been hit by a car. I felt like I was ready to throw up. I'm still amazed I didn't, frankly. I extended my arms and tried to feel my surroundings. Before I knew it, my hand had already knocked over something glass, as I heard it shatter on the ground. I decided to explore away from where I had heard it shatter, as I would most likely step on the glass. My feet brought me to wall after wall, and that's when an idea struck me. Why not attempt to feel where every wall was, to get a good idea of the room's size and shape. When I finished, I had knocked over about five more glass objects, but I had still not been able to deduce where I was.

Suddenly, a blinding light turned on. It blinded me for a moment, and then I looked around. I was in a relatively large room, and was a large table in the middle. Suddenly, a door opened and a boy came through, with..a Latias? Impossible. Then, came a girl...with a Mew? This was just getting less realistic by the second. Then, another boy came with a Latios, but he seemed scared out of his mind, and passed out soon enough. Nobody could see me because I was in a corner with a desk, atop which sat a vase, behind me. I hate that vase from this day forward, I swear. I backed up, also frightened at all these legendaries in one place. The guy with the Latias and the girl with the Mew started talking. What was this? Perhaps we had all been kidnapped by legendaries? Maybe they were scheming against the human race once more. I was confused, and slightly scared, so I backed up a little. Finally, I gathered the courage to speak, and interrupt the two other kids' chat. Also, that was another peculiar thing, the only people there were no older than I. "Hey! You people!" I shouted, directing it at both the chatting kids and the legends near them. "Where the heck am I?!" I backed up a little more. Just then, my back touched the desk behind me, and the vase I spoke about fell on top of my head. "Ah!" I shouted, but just then, my foot slipped, and I fell down on the ground, my face landed flat on the hard surface. I felt like my nose had been broken. For a few moments, I was motionless, until I groaned and got back up. "Ugh..." I rubbed my nose a little before staring at these legendaries again. Now, either I had just been abducted by legendaries for their secret plot, or I had just embarrassed myself terribly.

ShinyDiamond December 10th, 2011 5:33 PM

(OoC: :3 Note that Spike isn't wearing his shirt but tied around his waist.)

Wouldn't you know it Adriane was here too, along with Mew too. "Hello." Adriane said. "Long time no see. It's pretty horrible we've gotta meet under these circumstances. It was insane, being chased by those towns people."

"You're telling me." Spike commented back. "Of course, I wasn't spotted at all." He smirked at his luck & skill. No one had caught him. He was just too good. Latias waved hello to Mew, happy to see her friend. Kirlia felt someone was coming, motioning to one of the cave holes. Spike noticed Kirlia & looked at the direction he was looking. A boy & a Latios entered...the boy was freaking out for some reason, & passed out. Spike only shook his head in disappointment.

"Latios~!" Latias flew around Latios in joy. "It's good to see you!" She was happy to see Latios again. Someonne else came. It was a girl & Azelf. At least she wasn't freaking out.

"I'll just make it short. The humans want revenge on the legendaries for locking them up a year ago, end of story." Wow, that was short... Then someone else came, shouting something Spike didn't wanna bother. A boy & Uxie. Where was Valorie & Mesprit? Surely she would come too. The boy...was being clumsy. The vase fell on him & he slipped to the ground. That just put a weirded face on Spike just looking at the embarressment. Again he shook his head. "How weird..." He said to the boy that then got up as he continued. "You must be one of the newcomers. This is the legendary rebel hideout." He walked back to Adriane as she was the only one Spike knew, also a friend.

OmegaPinkMan December 11th, 2011 8:33 AM

"Good to see you too, Latias!" Latios said and hugged Latias, "How have you been?". The eon Pokémon glanced at the fainted kid. He was feeling a little embarassed, he picked someone who was very damaged to help him save the world from an unnecessary war. But he was sure he would be able to help this kid get over...well...whatever was wrong with him. He used his Psychic powers to move the kid to his back, where he'd be much more comfortable than on the floor.

"Well, I think we need to come up with a plan to stop this." the Eon Pokémon said as he let go of Latias, "I was almost attacked by an angry mob on my way here when I was about to explain this kid what was going on."

Meanwhile, Alan moved his head a bit, and seemed to be about to wake up again.

miley810 December 11th, 2011 12:20 PM

Adriane just stared with wide eyes at the new-comers.

" he passed out..."Adriane said, pointing at the kid.

She looked at the girl who seemed calm.

"Congrats, your the calmest newcomer."Adriane said.

Adriane nodded at Spike's explination.

"Pretty much."

"Hi Latios, hi Azelf, Uxie."Mew said."Oh!

Mew flew out of the room, and a second later came back with three devices. The same type of devices that Adriane, Spike, and Valorie had that allowed them to talk to their non-legendary pokemon. She handed one to the girl, then the un-passed out boy, then one to Latios to give to the boy when he came around. Glaceon's pokeball wiggled, so she let her out. Glaceon seemed to smile at Spike.

"Hello!"She said.

Wymsical December 11th, 2011 3:29 PM

Gad Sylvanhart
Legendary Rebel Meetings Are Such A Hassle

It's true. This was only the first of many, but it was the weirdest one by far. The Legendary Rebels all may look nice, but being their ally really isn't that easy. They make you prevent wars and such, without you really wanting to. At least, that's the impression I got from the first crisis. I'm not too fond of legendaries, even now. Funny to find out my uncle was one. Anyway, on with the story.


I sighed and got back up, forcing myself to calm down a little. I looked at the other people there with me. like I said before, a boy had passed out with Latios, and the girl with the Mew and the boy with the Latias were referring to me and the passed-out boy as 'newcomers'. Then there was also another girl with an Azelf, I believe. She was the calmest of us all, at least at the time. I would've been calmer myself had my instincts not kicked in. Agh, I hate it when that happens. Anyway, when I got up, the boy with his Latias said "You must be one of the newcomers. This is the legendary rebel hideout." in a rather gruff voice. Frankly, I took an instant dislike to this guy, he seemed to have no compassion for the state I was in, even though he should have since he'd probably been in the same situation himself. "Legendary Rebels..." I mulled. I was in such a state of shock and confusion that I blocked out everything else that was being said. Then when I had finished thinking and figured it out, or at least thought I had, I said "Legendary Rebels. Oh, god, not you guys." I rolled my eyes. My state of calm had been restored, but I was slightly more angry than usual. The girl's Mew flew away for a moment, then came back with three electronic devices I did not recognize. It handed one to me, and I examined it, unsure what to do. "Here, let me." a voice came, it was Uncle Eixu, or rather, Uxie. Uxie floated up to me and took the device, she then attached it to me appropriately. "Good, now I don't have to use telepathy to talk to you." Uxie said, mouth moving this time. "Ack!" I backed away, I had never seen a Pokemon talk before, and you better hope you never do either. It looks weird. Like it's just not meant to be.

I decided to ignore Uxie, and walked up to the boy I disliked, at least for now. "So forget where, why are we here?" I asked him, interrupting any conversation he might have been having. "I mean, I'm out training my Pokemon, and from nowhere, my friend and a buncha townspeople came and attacked me, then, that," I pointed to Uxie, "comes outta nowhere looking like my uncle and teleports me here, where I'm left in a dark room until you guys show up and the lights come on." I finished. Uxie crossed its-or her, considering it had a feminine voice-arms. "And I'm pretty sure all of us, especially that guy," I started, pointing to the guy with the Latios, "have our own stories." I said. Finally, I added, "Sounds a lot like kidnapping to me." I looked at the other legendaries in the room, still convinced that they were plotting something.

SylveonStar December 11th, 2011 3:52 PM

Nora nodded as the girl told her she was the calmest "I was never afraid of the Legendaries, and I actually thought what you guys did was the right thing" she said before she was handed a device by Mew. She put it on and looked at Azelf "What is this thing?"

Azelf smiled and waved at Mew before turning to Nora "Call out one of your Pokemon then you'll see".

Nora nodded and grabbed one of her Pokeballs calling out Kirlia "Okay, now what" she said.

Azelf smiled "Say something to her"

Nora looked at her Kirlia "What do you mean?"

Kirlia smiled and looked at Nora "Where is this place?"

Nora froze "W-Wait I can understand pokemon now?" she said.

"Yupp that device lets you understand pokemon" Azelf said and Nora smiled looking around.

OmegaPinkMan December 11th, 2011 4:41 PM

Alan slowly regained consciousness, and found himself on top of Latios. He shook his head. "Wh-what happened?" he asked clumsily, still looking tense but not as tense as the wreck he was when he first came in.

"You passed out. And you seemed to be very stressed." Latios said, "Anyway, put this on." He put Alan back on the floor carefully and handed over the device to him. The boy carefully examined it. "Wh-what is this thing?" he whispered.

"This allows you to understand what Pokémon say. And before you say anything, it is completely safe to use it." Latios said, and Alan put the device on, still not sure of what he was doing. "By the way, kid," the eon Pokémon said, "what's your name?"

"A-Alan..." the boy said timidly while staring at the floor, "A-Alan Crane...". Then he looked up at Latios. "Y-You still haven't told me why am I here, or what's going on, or wh-what do I have to do..." the boy then added, nowhere near calm. Latios rolled his eyes.

"You passed out before I could...Oh, well." he said, "I'll explain now. Do you remember when you, along with almost all humans, were held captive by Mewtwo and the other legendary Pokémon?"

"C-course I do..." Alan said, nodding. And of course he remembered it, that was what scarred him for life, and left him so stressed.

"Well, to make a long story short, Mew, Latias, Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie and I, with the help of Adriane, Valorie and Spike." he said, pointing at them, or at least, those who were there, as he spoke, "managed to set them free. But now, most of those we saved hold a grudge against the Legendary Pokémon and want to strike them. That explains why we were attacked before we came here."

Alan nodded, shaking like a leaf. "A-a-and we have to stop them?"

"Yes." Latios said. "And for that, believe it or not, we need your help, Alan."

miley810 December 11th, 2011 5:41 PM

Adriane's blood boiled at the kidnapping remark. She stomped towards him.

"First of all it has a name, Uxie. Second of all this isnt kidnapping, it's needing your help which you obviously are unwilling to provide."She half yelled.

She had half a mind to pycicaly pick him up. She turned to Nora.

"At least we have one sane newbie. Darn it where's Valorie?"

(OOC:sorry about the short post I'm on my almost dead phone on a 5 hour trip home.)

ShinyDiamond December 11th, 2011 7:25 PM

"How have you been?" Asked Latios.

"I've been doing well." Latias answered to Latios, hugging him back. Latios let go of Latias afterward.

"Well, I think we need to come up with a plan to stop this. I was almost attacked by an angry mob on my way here when I was about to explain this kid what was going on." Latias was a bit surprised. Latios was almost hurt by the humans. This wasn't good. Mew went somewhere & came back with some devices, giving them to the newcomers. They'll be surprised about it.

Adriane took out Glaceon. The ice Pokemon looked at Spike with a smile. "Hello!" She said to him. He put up a hand at Glaceon as his way of saying hello.

"Legendary Rebels. Oh, god, not you guys." The guy slipped & got hit by a vase from earlier finally woke up. He walked up to Spike, not liking him. Adriane talked back at him for the kidnapping part. This was gonna be a weird adventure.

Where is Valorie? Shouldn't she be here by now? Spike was curious where Valorie would be. She could be a tad late like this. Spike walked over to Alan after hearing his name as Kirlia followed, looking at the girl's Kirlia. "I'm Spike. You know, fainting really isn't nice to strangers you meet. It can show what kind of person you are."

OmegaPinkMan December 12th, 2011 6:25 AM

Alan heard Adriane say something like "At least we have one sane newbie.". This made him feel really bad, considering his mother was going to send him away to an asylum.

"I'm Spike. You know, fainting really isn't nice to strangers you meet. It can show what kind of person you are." Spike then said to Alan, making him look down in embarassment. He knew passing out wasn't exactly a way to say hi, but, then again, Alan was way damaged. And according to what Latios told him, that Spike kid wasn't captured by the Mewtwo and his crew, like he did.

"Y-you d-don't understand..." Alan said in a barely audible voice. He waited for a moment when nobody was paying attention to him to make himself scarce, but he couldn't take it any more and just ran out of the room.

"Alan! What are you doing?" Latios said as he chased after Alan, "Come back here!"

When the Eon Pokémon finally caught up to Alan, he was curled up in a ball, against one of the walls in an empty room. The boy noticed the Eon Pokémon was with him, "Y-you sh-should have never p-picked me up..." the boy cried in a low voice.

Wymsical December 12th, 2011 8:17 AM

(OOC: Guys, Gad never fainted. Never posted him doing so, he just fell.)

Gad Sylvanhart
I Play Catch With Uxie

Well, metaphorically speaking. It was playing catch with a translation device, but meh. Same thing.


"First of all it has a name, Uxie. Second of all this isnt kidnapping, it's needing your help which you obviously are unwilling to provide." the girl next to the boy came and shouted in my face. Despite her terrible tone, I could not help but agree with one thing. "You're right, I'm NOT willing to help. Especially not the Pokemon who captured hundreds of people, just because you saw one guy be mean to a Pokemon." I retorted in my defense. I calmed down slightly before continuing. "Look, I have no problem with any of you guys, but I won't help legendaries after what they did. You know, instead of randomly teleporting me away, 'Uxie' could've just introduced herself and explained everything calmly." I explained. "Ah, but you forgot the part where you were being chased by angry townspeople, and I saved you." Uxie said in her defense, in that sophisticated feminine voice with an English accent. For a moment I was speechless, but then I said "Still. As much as I appreciate being saved, I equally do not appreciate being brought here randomly. What do you want from me anyway?" I turned to face Uxie, and handed my device to her. "Here, I don't need it, I'm outta here." I said, walking towards the door. Before I knew it, Uxie threw the device back at me. I caught it. "Yes, but WE need YOU!" Uxie said telepathically, she was starting to get agitated as well.

And so, Uxie and I threw the device to one another continually as if we were playing catch-the-ball, hence the name for this chapter, while we argued. Finally, when I threw it back to Uxie, we decided to both calm down.

"What IS going on? Just tell me already." I said, still slightly agitated.

"I do not believe I am the right person-or Pokemon-to tell you that, Gad Sylvanhart. Adriane, do you mind explaining what is going on? I do apologize for the child's behavior, he was never really a supporter of the Legendary Rebels, but I brought him for his intellectual skill." Uxie said, turning to the girl who had shouted in my face, Adriane, apparently. She then turned to me, and handed me the device once more. I attached it the way I remember Uxie doing so. "C--h--m-e---now? Can you hear me now?" Uxie said a few times. "Yeah. I can hear you." I said, not very enthusiastically. "Good. Listen, I apologize for everything. But this is much bigger than you or I. You must simply listen." Uxie explained. So, I turned to Adriane, calmer. "Alright. What's going on?"

PkMnTrainer Yellow December 12th, 2011 9:17 AM

And as if on cue Mesprit casually floated into the room, Valorie not far behind, looking as if she had been in a snow storm not long ago, mainly due to the dusting of snow that still clung to her hair. Valorie slowed to a stop as she entered the room, taking in the sight of there being more people than just Adriane or even Adriane and Spike. Huh. One of them appeared to be having a heated conversation. Mesprit floated forward in the general direction of Azelf and Uxie, coming to a rest nearby silently. A few moments later Valorie caught up with her, looking around as she moved before turning her attention to Adriane, whom she suspected might have the answers to the questions she was asking herself.


Valorie had finally spoken up, smiling very lightly. Her tone was gentle a bit quiet. She normally forced herself to be more bold, but for whatever reason she didn't seem all that bold right then. Perhaps it had something to do with the conflict nearby. It would explain Valorie's brief greeting anyway.

miley810 December 12th, 2011 12:45 PM

Adriane sighed. Her temper was three steps ahead of her.

"Ok. First, these legendaries, Latias, Latios, Mew, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, they are 'the Legendary Rebels' for a reason. They rebeled against the legendaries that captured all of us, well minus six humans. They hated the idea that Mewtwo had, and they made their own allience, and they found six trustable humans, and we attacked Mewtwo's team. And we won, well the three of us who servived, Spike, Valorie, and I. But now the humans want revenge, and its our job,"She paused and motioned to everybody."To stop it. I know you didn't exactly raise your hand and ask to help, none of did. But please, we really need your help, all of our help. You don't want to see everybody you know and love destroyed along with everybody else, do you?"

Her eyes showed a very slight sign of tears because she remembered how scared she was last time when she thought her family might be dead.

"I have three sisters, a 17 year old sister Serena, a 2 year old sister Emily, and a 3 month old sister Erica. I don't want to see them die."Adriane said."And I won't let them, even if it puts me in danger."

Adriane hadn't heard Valorie, but she saw her out of the corner of her eye and smiled.

"Hi Valorie!"She said.

OmegaPinkMan December 12th, 2011 2:43 PM

"Come on. Don't be that way." Latios said as he flew over to the kid. He knew something was going on back where Mew and the others were, but he was sure they'd tell everything to him later. He had to get Alan back to them, but first he had to know why he ran away from them like that.

"G-g-go get another k-kid..." Alan said, tears still falling, "Somebody sane, like they want."

"Calm down, Alan." Latios said calmly, "If there's something wrong, you should tell me about it. Then maybe we can cut a deal with the others."

"F-forget it, I-I'm not h-helping them." the boy replied, a hint of anger in his voice, "Th-they don't need me, I don't need them. E-everybody wins..."

"You are wrong. They need you." Latios said, "Now let me tell you something. I picked you because you're strong. Very strong. And also very kind to Pokémon. That's why I picked you..."

Alan looked at the Pokéballs on his belt and then up at Latios. "Listen, Alan. Feel free to talk to me about whatever troubles you anytime." the blue Pokémon said "But we must go back if we want to save the world." The boy then got up and wiped the tears off his face. "F-fine..." Alan whispered, "B-but n-next time I'm outta here." Then he sent out his four Pokémon: Grovyle, Dusclops, Omastar and Shelgon. Latios smiled and led Alan back to where the other were. And this time, the boy looked very upset instead of scared as hell. He had this look in the eyes that said advised everyone not to bother him, and not in a polite way. His Pokémon marched behind him.

miley810 December 12th, 2011 3:17 PM

When the kid didn't answer Adriane decided to take care of the next matter at hand, the other kid who had ran out of the room. She didn't know if he stopped or not, so she had to fly, her fastest way to look around. She flew through the way he ran, and finally found him and Latios. She furrowed her brows after she landed.

"Whats wrong? Did I say something?"Adriane asked, truely confused.

Mew flew in after her, and Glaceon ran in as well.

"We need everyone you know. Its up to us to keep everyone from getting killed in war. You don't want to let the world down do you? But remember, you don't have to worry, Latios, he's your partner. Latias, Mew, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Spike, the other newbies, we're all a team. And our pokemon, they're our friends, and our team mates. Together, we should be able to save everyone."Adriane said.

"When did I become a modivational speaker..."Adriane thought.

Adriane kind of knew it was something she'd done that upset him, but she didn't know what, and she felt bad about it.

OmegaPinkMan December 12th, 2011 3:47 PM

"Whats wrong? Did I say something?" Adriane asked Alan, and she sounded confused. Alan looked at her, still looking upset. He was offended by what she had said, about there being one sane newbie, so in a way she had told him he was crazy. He wanted to snap and let all that anger that was coming to his mind out, but decided against it. He remained silent as she spoke again.

"We need everyone you know. Its up to us to keep everyone from getting killed in war. You don't want to let the world down do you? But remember, you don't have to worry, Latios, he's your partner. Latias, Mew, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Spike, the other newbies, we're all a team. And our pokemon, they're our friends, and our team mates. Together, we should be able to save everyone." Adriane said, and Alan finally opened his mouth.

"L-listen, L-Latios already convinced me of helping you..." he said, "B-but be nice to me o-or I'm out. And th-that goes for the r-rest." Then the boy felt like about to tell everything about his past and why he was that way, but, again, decided to keep it to himself.

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