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MrKyurem January 3rd, 2012 3:56 AM

Experimental [PG-14]
The last you can remember was a chamber. It was aweful. It was dark and wet, you were treated as a useless test subject. Infact, you were a useless test subject. You saw others through small gaps. There was Pokemon, too.
Then they came, and they took you by force. They threw you into a metal cage. There was no gaps or windows what so ever, and it was impossible to get out. Now the gas came. You tried to held your breath, but they kept you in for too long. In the end, you had to inhale. And you felt like you were going to die. You collapse, and felt your whole body completely change in a strong transformation. Like the others, you were unique in this transformation.
Next was the needles. Hundreds and thousands of needles and injections must have been injected to you, and each one was worse then the one before. They said they were all for your own good, but it was as if they used them to kill you.
And finally, you were revealed why you where here. You was a test tube baby, and you had been raised here all your life. They had changed your DNA to infuse you with Pokemon DNA, to create super soldiers that would change life as they know it. Some of the mutants trusted the men, and joined forces. Others rebeled, and escaped, trying to show that it was not right for this to happen. Now, it's time for your decision.

Plot: In a nutshell, you're a test-tube baby which was made to become a super-soldier via morphing with Pokemon to "settle wars" in the future of Unova, and have either joined forces with the people who made you or escaped and gone against them.

1: The usual rules of a role play. No godmodding, no bunnying etc.
2: No legendary morphs unless required by the storyline, in which I will state.
3: If there are any vital rules that should be added, please alert me.

Notes DO READ:
1: Evolution DOES happen. It is painful, however, so remember that. Evolution is optional.
2: Evolution happens for the same reason, so you'll be a Lucario once something has happened that has made you extreamly happy in the day. If you're a Scyther, you'll evolve into Scizor by changing forces while wearing armour.


Age: (10-16. Note that you are trained to be super soliders, you've been trained and fighting is in your blood, so even at 10 you can put up a good fight.)
Gender: (Obvious)
Pokemon DNA/Gas infused: (Stage one or two pokemon, depending on age and pokemon.)
Appearence: (What you look like.)
Personality: (Another one I forgot.)
History: (This is a very hard one for how the storyline goes, so I'll make it optional.)
Weaponary: (Do you carry a shotgun around with you, or do you throw in frags?)
Ability: (Not all of us have obtained abilitys, but ones with an ability that makes the pokemon who they are (Like Shedinja with Wonder Guard) will get transported through.)
Moves: (Unlimited, just name the most important ones/ ones which cannot be forgot (eg, Sawsbuck with Horn Leech.))
Rebel?: (Simple, are you with your creators or against?)
Other: (Optional)

Name: Unamed due to the fact that they thought he wouldn't be strong enough for the transformation. Has many nicknames, but most call him Beyblade.
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Pokemon DNA/Gas infused: Ferrothorn. The company that produced him demanded that they didn't use a useless pokemon because he was going to die, so they put in Ferroseed. However, he was unable to do almost anything at that stage, so they forced him to evolve into Ferrothorn.
Appearence: Remove bottom half and pokeballs. Isert Ferrothorn body without eyes where the waist was. Legs are the whip thingys.
Personality: Serious and somewhat a little "don't give a damn" in some moments, others he's a little more cheerful.
History: X
Weaponary: Likes to carry guns which have good ammo and shoot quick. He carrys an assult rifle whenever possible and shoots from high places.
Ability: Due to the fact that he was forced to evolve he lost his ability, but the spikes still hurt, but not as much.
Moves: Gyro Ball, Power Whip, Spikes, Steath Rock.
Rebel?: Yes
Other: Fighting him in a cave is like going to Chuck Norris and saying he sucks.

Black Hawk January 21st, 2012 12:08 PM

[SIZE="a"]Name: Char
Age: 11
Gender: female
Pokemon DNA/Gas infused: Charmander
Appearence: she was a Charmander, but she was forced to evolve in to a charizard. She has a long charizard tail, wings and muzzle. Her Chest is an iron plate.
Personality: strong, caring, sometimes irritable
History: umm... Well she was found as a child and tested on.
Weaponary: swords, whips, anything is good.
Ability: She lost her ability when she evolved, but she is still a wicked cool fire type :D
Moves: Flame thrower, Bite, and eruption
Rebel?: yup
Other: ooc: I can't come on when I have school. Srry.[/SIZE]


Raveness January 21st, 2012 1:09 PM

Name. Toki
Age. 14
Pokemon DNA/gas enfused. Togitic
Personality. Toki has a way of making people happy. She can always bring joy to sad situation. With a beautiful voice she sings all of the time. Even though she is a test subject she is happy for her life. If Treated cruelly she can be vishous.
Gender. Female
History. X
Rebel. YES!
Weapons. A sword. Wips. Mostly swords.....,
Other. She is single. IDK

[SIZE="a"]Name. Toki
Age. 14
Pokemon DNA/gas enfused. Togitic
Personality. Toki has a way of making people happy. She can always bring joy to sad situation. With a beautiful voice she sings all of the time. Even though she is a test subject she is happy for her life. If Treated cruelly she can be vishous.
Gender. Female
History. X
Rebel. YES!
Weapons. A sword. Wips. Mostly swords.....,
Moves. Fly. Aerial ace. Acrobatics. Water gun. Flame thrower.
Ability. Cute charm
Other. She is single. IDK[/SIZE]

gusfromholland January 22nd, 2012 12:45 AM

This sounds cool!

Name: Most pokémon call her Kara

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Pokemon DNA/Gas infused: Umbreon

Appearence: Since she was forced to evolve into Umbreon from Eevee, and something went clearly wrong, she still has as much fur as Eevee but has the colours of Umbreon. Unlike other Umbreon, she has blue eyes with a bit of green in it. Her ears are gigantic and fluffy, but without the rings. The only ring she has, the one on her head, shines a bright blue. She also has awesomely great fangs, which she can perform wicked bites with.

Personality: Kara is kind but easily scared and not very brave. Her intense fear often results in executing great attacks with power. Kara takes pride in her unique appearance, unless others make bad remarks about it. She then becomes very sad and doesn't want anything. She has created the ability to run extremely fast and loves to do so.

Weaponary: She uses her fangs

Ability: Run Away

Moves: (Unlimited, just name the most important ones/ ones which cannot be forgot (eg, Sawsbuck with Horn Leech.))

Rebel?: Yes! But because she's scared so easily, she often forgets she is.

MrKyurem January 22nd, 2012 3:05 AM

(Black Hawk, it has to be an ability which the pokemon can have. Other wise, your accepted.
Raveness, accepted. Horray for making clones without meaning too!
gusfromholland, you forgot your moves...
We have starteth!)

The Ferrothorn settled in a large cave after being on the run for a week or two. Zubats flew past, possibly having a pink Crobat as it's leader. He continued walking through, Geodudes and Boldores being hidden in the ground. He found a room which glowed a vibrant blue, so he settled in there, hanged from the ceiling, and got his gun ready.

gusfromholland January 22nd, 2012 3:10 AM

(OOPS! Here are the moves for Kara:
- Night Shade
- Hypnosis
- Shadow Ball
- Extremespeed)

(By the way, how do we have to start?)

MrKyurem January 22nd, 2012 4:23 AM

(Basically, it's been a week or two since the morphs escaped. You're one of them, it's just basically start of by finding a territory of some sort.)

gusfromholland January 22nd, 2012 5:46 AM

(Thanks! Let me start ^^)

Kara looks up to the sky. It's light. What was the first time she saw real sunlight, actually? It was a week ago. And it hurted her terribly. Maybe because she's Umbreon. Or half-Umbreon, or... well, whatever she is, she thinks it's because of what she is. A bit lost, she wanders into a large forest and takes a look around. She can take shelter in that little, dark cave over there, or hide in the large bushes, full of juicy berries. She makes her decision without even hesitating and runs to the bushes. She immediately begins to snack on the aspear berries and with a full stomach, she falls asleep in a pile of leaves that lie on the ground.

After a little while, she wakes up from a growling sound and opens her eyes. An Ursaring with the size of the cave she just saw and her baby Teddiursa look her in the eye. Kara screams and attacks the Ursaring without hesitation with Night Shade. The Ursaring is down in one hit and the Teddiursa yelps in fear. "D-Don't hurt me!" it squeaks. "I wasn't planning on doing so!" Kara sobs and runs away. This outside world is terrible...

MrKyurem January 22nd, 2012 6:26 AM

The Ferothorn was woken up by a scream, and then the fall of an Ursaring followed by a intimidated Teddiursa. The Zubat clan were sleeping in the same room at the time, and they were woken up. Usually, they'd be peacfully sleeping. But the scream woke them up, and they were mad. They saw the girl with a black fur, and without hesitation went for her. He wouldn't let someone innocent get hurt.
A massive grey Gyro Ball flew through the flock, knocking them down like pins at a bowling alley. Strike.

gusfromholland January 22nd, 2012 6:52 AM

Kara yelps again by the sight of the Gyro Ball and speeds up. "Leave me alone!" she screams. With quick and agile movements, she manages to hide herself. She disappears into a hole in the ground that's probably habitated by Buneary, but she absolutely doesn't care at all now. She just wants to be safe, to be alone for a moment, to get a change to live. By the way, who fired that Gyro Ball? Was it an enemy or is she able to trust them? Her mind is spinning like a dog chasing after its tail. Still a bit frightened, she crawls out of the hole and takes a look around. She sees nothing but a pile of knocked out Zubat lying on the ground. "What on earth?" she squeaks.

MrKyurem January 22nd, 2012 6:55 AM

The Crobat squirmed a little on the floor, and then became fully K.O'd. She saw the girl with the black coat on (He doesn't know she's a morph yet) look at the fallen lot, confused. The Ferrothorn moved out of sight, he doesn't want to reveal himself.

gusfromholland January 22nd, 2012 6:59 AM

Kara looks him in the eye. "Who's there?" she hisses with fear. "I know you're there, reveal yourself and now." She hides her intense fear but trembles instead. "I'm a very strong pokémon, I know you're there, I'm going to search you out if you don't come out for yourself now." she squeaks. She looks around, but can't find the Ferrothorn. She starts shuddering and trembling again, and raises her shoulders in nerve. She stares directly at the ground, waiting for Beyblade to come out. But what if he doesn't?

MrKyurem January 22nd, 2012 7:10 AM

(Lol carried away. You forgot you don't have mind powers lol.)
He found a small opening in a wall too smooth to climb and went through, finding a small room(?) in there.He'd rather not have a friend then have his identity known. But, what if she could climb well?

gusfromholland January 22nd, 2012 7:20 AM

(Teehee I can do that too, and I'm no psychic!)

Kara hears some movement. She yelps and waits for a second, whimpering. Nothing happens. "He's gone." she sighs in relief. She turns around and sneaks away again, her tail between her hind legs. She then starts running, faster and faster, just to get away. If they decide to come after her, it's just a matter of time before they find her, so the best thing she can do is run. Why is this outside world so cruel and scary? If she'd knew that, it'd take away her complete confusion.

"Hey! You!!!" Ursaring yells. "Mom, don't do that! She's way too strong!" Teddiursa cries. "Honey, I'd better take that thing down before she hurts you!" Ursaring growls. "Okay mommy..." Teddiursa squeaks. Kara hears the Ursaring storming for her, yelps and leaps off. Ursaring slowly catches up, and when Kara trips over due to the pain in her neck, the Ursaring grabs and lifts her. Kara starts whimpering before letting out a frightened scream. "KYAAAAAA!!!"

MrKyurem January 22nd, 2012 7:34 AM

...get someone killed, or get me killed.... He waited for a moment, and then made his mind up. Oh, screw it. He jumped out and threw a Gyro Ball.
"Get out of the way!" He then went forward and then used a Power Whip. " Get of that girl!" the Ursaring went completely mad. The beast dropped the girl and leapt forward, letting out a powerful Slash. He set up Stealth Rock and Spikes, and then leapt back. "Get out of the way!"

gusfromholland January 22nd, 2012 7:41 AM

"What on earth are you?!" Kara shrieks. She looks around. "Are you going to be fine?" Without waiting for an answer, she does something that she'd never do out of herself. If she won't, Ursaring will kill her rescuer. She bolts towards the Teddiursa, grabs it, and holds her claw against the poor baby's throat. "Ursaring!" she shouts. "Calm down, otherwise this youngster is done for." she is trembling. "Honey!" Ursaring cries out. Her muscles tighten. "Let my baby go!" "No, calm down first." Kara growls. "O-okay... But let Honey go then!" Ursaring whimpers. "Okay." Kara removes her claw from the baby's throat. The toddler immediately rushes towards his mother. "I'm going to take revenge on you, you little *****."
"Whoa," Kara spreads her eyes out wide, "that's a wide vocabulary. Thank you, ehm... What's your name?"

Black Hawk January 22nd, 2012 7:53 AM

[FONT="a"][COLOR="a"][SIZE="a"](OOC: If I can join, since I edited my SU, this would be my first post)

Char flew over the forest. Her wings ached from the long flight. She had to find a place to stay, a place to hide. Then, out of nowhere, she heard a scream. "KYAAAAAAA!" That scream caused her to crash into a tree. "Darn it!" Char started running towards the yelp.

A few minuets later, she came across a Urisang holding what seemed to be a eevee... Or was it an Umbreon? Whatever it was, she was not to let it die. With a puff of smoke she said, "You leave it alone, and battle me ok?"Then, what seemed to be a ferroseed leaped out. "What the-?" She just stared. The the other Umbreon creature grabbed the teddiusa, and held a claw to its neck. She just stood watching.

gusfromholland January 22nd, 2012 7:56 AM

(Ehm, Ursaring was already gone)

MrKyurem January 22nd, 2012 7:58 AM

"Thanks fo- OH ***-"
A blast of fire suddenly came from the sky, probably accidently thrown by a Charizard, but he managed to dodge it. That thing better not come closer, I know Rock slide. "Stupid mutilated dinosaur."

Black Hawk January 22nd, 2012 8:02 AM

[SIZE="a"]"HEY! Don't call me that! It's mean..."
Char looked angrily at the mutants. "Who are you? Why did you call me that? I was trying to help little miss Umbreon, here." Then she turned around to the girl. "Are you ok?"[/SIZE]

MrKyurem January 22nd, 2012 8:04 AM

"Hey, I was the one who just risked my life here! And I can call you what I want." He knew he was gonna find his rival straight away. This ****ing dragon.

gusfromholland January 22nd, 2012 8:06 AM

Kara shrieks and leaps up. "What on earth was that?!" she shouts. She spots Char and bolts off in fear. "It's a Charizard!" she cries out. She's very afraid of those species of pokémon and runs and speeds up. She makes a sliding stop when she discovers that she completely went the wrong way, back to the testing lab. She gasps and runs back.

Black Hawk January 22nd, 2012 8:08 AM

[SIZE="a"]"I don't WANT to be your enemy, honestly. You do look pretty weak." What a ****. Thought Char. "When Pokemon look weak, others want to see how weak. That causes battles."
She smiled a toothy smile. Her teeth were razor sharp.[/SIZE]

MrKyurem January 22nd, 2012 8:09 AM

"Hey, I got a good one for ya. Knock knock?"

gusfromholland January 22nd, 2012 8:12 AM

Kara returns and upon seeing Char's large fangst, she yelps and her muscles tighten. "T-Teeth!" she whimpers. She SERIOUSLY doesn't want to get involved into a battle. That could end in a disaster. But she's seriously scared as well and that often results into her attacking any threat around her. Maybe that's why others tend to call her the 'fighting machine', but she doesn't care now. She must stop this before it really grows out of hand.

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