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miley810 January 26th, 2012 6:57 PM

Pokemon: The Zivito Region [PG-14]
Thanks Skymin!


The Zivito Region, a region that was found by a wealthy young man by the age 32 named Justin Zivito. Justin kept the island to himself, not wanting any one to know. Mr. Zivito didn't want anybody to explore it before him, but when he told someone he thought was his best friend, he leaked it to Team RoseCrystal, the newest evil allience. Mr. Zivito only realized someone else was there a month after Team RoseCrystal moved into a underground cave there. He didn't know what to do, if he called the police they may have to tell other people for detective reasons. Justin knew he couldn't hide the region any more, so he had gyms, pokemon centers, pokemarts, and many other buildings built through out it. After seven years, the region was ready, and Team RoseCrystal hadn't done anything to harm, as far as they could see anyways.

Mr. Zivito released the news to the world about his region, which contained pokemon from all of the regions found so far, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. Mr. Zivito only left his house for interviews and things of that sort. He stayed at his hidden island-home for five months, and after that, that's when trouble stirred up. Team RoseCrystal began trying to steal pokemon from him and several of the trainers in the region. They robbed pokemarts and innocent people's houses. They sucessfully stole over 200 pokemon from a pokemon center. Mr. Zivito felt helpless, no one's hard-earned pokemon would have been taken away if he hadn't released the region to the public. He did what he had to do.

Mr. Zivito shut down the Zivito reigion, not planning to open it again. He paid each trainer $1000 dollers to cover some of the fees they paid to the pokemarts, restraunts, and other places. he made sure everyone had there pokemon, unless they had been stolen. Mr. Zivito wasn't pleased with the fact his region was poluted with villans. He, quite frankly, was furious with Team RoseCrystal. He vowed his revenge against TRC the moment the last trainer was off the island, leaving him all alone considering the works and trainers were all gone. He wouldn't leave his island, he felt if his island was going down, he would act like a sailor and fallow suit. (Team RoseCrystal)

After two long years of waiting on Team RoseCrystal, Mr. Zivito became impatient. Nothing at all from Team RoseCrystal, nothing from his own house stolen, and as far as he knew nothing from the empty stores. He searched the region with the help of his pokemon, he found no trace of them any where. He began to wonder if they had left along with the trainers, figuring there was nothing left to steal. But he was wrong. About a month after the search the Team RoseCrystal leader came to Mr. Zivito, who wasn't at home. He said if he didn't hand over the region, Mr. Zivito would be in serious trouble. Mr. Zivito escaped to his island, and he called the police. But yet again, Team RoseCrystal disappeared without a trace. Mr Zivito made up his mind. He was going to let trainers come back to the island. But he was going to have six trainers be chosen to spy around, and guard everywhere they went.

These six trainers would be given a 'starter pokemon', there would be six different ones where each would have a different one where workers and the police would reconize them, and they wouldn't be starters like the others trainers got in any region, and not the three from this region either. (Poliwag, Caterpie, and Magby) They would know about their 'mission', but they'd fallow a journey as well where Team RoseCrystal wouldn't know. Although that doesn't mean Team RoseCrystal try to steal their pokemon like they attempted other trainers' anyways.

Free Spots:


Chosen Trainers:


1. Amber Robertson- miley810
2. William Botus- Kiklion
3. Rafael Acosta- Rafael p
4. Jade Jean Stone "Jj"- Star_struck_baka
5. Benjamin Livingston- TheAmazingAipom

Team RoseCrystal:


1. Tamari Violets- miley810
2. Neo Bloome- Mick Fizz
3. Nathaniel Ashner- TheAmazingAipom
4. Zora Kai- Rafael p
5. Cody Duncan- Kiklion
6. Jayden Deans- Star_struck_baka
7. ~Reserved by Quicksand

Gym Leaders: (All of these don't have to be filled before we start)


1. Marisol Halls- Ice Type- miley810
2. Bran Evonil- Dark Type- Duel Blade
3. Thunder King "Tk"-Electric Type- Star_struck_baka
4. Chris Leaf- Grass Type- gunnerpow7

List of Chosen Kid Starters:


Growlithe- Amber Robertson- miley810
Bonsley- Jade Jean Stone "Jj"- Star_struck_baka
Sewaddle- Rafeel Acosta- Rafeal p
Houndour- William Botus- Kiklion
Ponyta~ Benjamin Livingston- TheAmazingAipom

Team RoseCrystal Positions:



1. Marisol Halls- miley810
2. Nathaniel Ashner- TheAmazingAipom


1. Neo Bloome- Mick Fizz
2. ~Reserved by Quicksand

Closest Grunts:

1. Jayden Deans- Star_struck_baka
2. Zora Kai- Rafael p
3. Coby Duncan- Kiklion


1. No Godmodding or Bunnying without permission from either me or the user your doing it to/with.
2. Please no cussing, I don't like it, and it's really not nessary.
3. Trainers can start with 3 pokemon.
4. No fighting over a pokemon, first come first serve. If someone signs up for say Vulpix, and you want Vulpix and posts before I accept them, I'll see they posted first and accept them for Vulpix and request that you change yours.
5. Keep romance to normal kissing please.
6. If you fight somebody I'll choose who wins by post quality.
7. If you try to catch a pokemon, when you throw the pokeball leave the pokeball rocking at the end of the post and I'll declare weither or not you capture it. I'm fair, but you've gotta have a good post.
8. I'll be playing three positions to show people examples of each type of person.
9. If you read all the rules put 'Diet Dr. Pepper' as your SU post name (if you don't know how just put it somewhere in your SU)
10. Reserves last 3 days. If I'm not on, it still means from when you posted your reserve message.
11. Be fair. Your hit 80% of the time, missed 20%. No always dodging.
12. Our pokedex looks like a pokeball (Kind of like a bigger version of the PokeWalker)
13. I'll be playing Mr. Justin/Zivito (even though I'm a girl)
14. No perfect people.
15. No one paragrah-ers.
16. Have fun! No use being here if your not having fun.
17. Be fair and respect all other players.
18. If you break one rule I PM you a warning, and you fix it. Second time you get another warning. Third time you get kicked out.
19. Gym Level Ratio: 1st Gym 14-22, 2nd Gym 18-28, 3rd gym 24-32, 4th gym 28-38, 5th gym 36-42, 6th 40-48, 7th gym 46-54, 8th gym 50-58
20. If it seems like a pokemon should be able to use the attack but according to the show and games they can't, you may let them use it. But only if it's likely. (Like Nidoran and poison powder, or Growlithe and cut.)

Sign Up forms:


Chosen Kids:

Name: (First and Last required, Middle is optional)
Age: (14-18)
Gender: (Male or Female, no brainer)
Starter: (One of the chosen kid starters listed, no acceptions. these can be from level `10-15)
Team: (Up to three for chosen kids, including starter.)

Species: (The Pokemon)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Nickname: (Optional.)
Level: (10-20 for chosen kids)
Attacks: (Up to 6. TM and egg moves aloud.)

Appearance: (What your charecter looks like. At least two decent paragraphs. Hair color & length, eye color, skin tone, height, and cloths required, anything else optional.)
Personality: (Your charecter's personality. Two decent paragraphs minimum.)
History: (Just at least one fair sized paragraph, I hate writing Histories. Just a bit about their past.)
Other: (Anything else we should know goes here.)

Team RoseCrystal:


Name: (First and Last required, Middle is optional)
Age: (14-18)
Gender: (Male or Female, no brainer)
Position: (Leader, Co-leader, Closest Grunts)
Team: (Leaders have 3-6, Co-ldeaders 2-4, Closest Grunts 1-3)

Species: (The Pokemon)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Nickname: (Optional)
Level: (10-30)
Attacks: (Up to 6. TM and egg moves aloud.)

Appearance: (What your charecter looks like. At least two decent paragraphs. Hair color & length, eye color, skin tone, height, and cloths required, anything else optional.)
Personality: (Your charecter's personality. Two decent paragraphs minimum.)
History: (Just at least one fair sized paragraph, I hate writing Histories. Just a bit about their past.)
Other: (Anything else we should know goes here.)

Gym Leaders:


Name: (First and Last required, Middle is optional)
Age: (16-20)
Gender: (Male or Female, no brainer)
Gym Type: (A gym that focuses on one type of pokemon. Like Ice, Bug, Water, ect)
Team: (Up to four.)

Species: (The Pokemon)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Nickname: (Optional.)
Level: (Depends on which gym you are. View the rules for this.)
Attacks: (Up to 6. TM and egg moves aloud.)

Appearance: (What your charecter looks like. At least two decent paragraphs. Hair color & length, eye color, skin tone, height, and cloths required, anything else optional.)
Personality: (Your charecter's personality. Two decent paragraphs minimum.)
History: (Just at least one fair sized paragraph, I hate writing Histories. Just a bit about their past.)
Other: (Anything else we should know goes here.)


This will be added tommarow, not enough time tonight.

Catchable Pokemon:

This will added tommarow, I don't have time to do it tonight. It will have the available pokemon for each type of charecter (Team RoseCrystal people and Chosen Kid people) for the first few places we'll be.

My Sign Ups:


Chosen Kid-


Name: Amber Robertson
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Starter: Growlithe

Species: Growlithe
Gender: Male
Level: 15
Attacks: Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Bite, Ember, Tackle, Dig

Species: Nidoran
Gender: Female
Nickname: Cece
Level: 18
Attacks: Poision spike, bite, tackle, poison powder

Species: Pachirisu
Gender: Female
Nickname: Princess
Level: 14
Attacks: Quick Attack, thunderbolt, thundershock, Iron Tail


Amber has dark aburn (slightly more on the brown side) hair that goes just a few inches under her armpits. She has light brown eyes that her emotions can clearly be seen through. Amber has a fair skin tone. She has light freckles across the bridge of her nose and tops of her cheaks. She stands about 5'6.

Amber wears a spike brown t-shirt with a dark brown leather jacket. She wears black jean shorts that go to her fingure tips. She wears spice brown wedge flip flops. Hanging from both ears are small gold hoops, and around her neck is a gold necklace with a black sun charm.


When Amber doesn't know somebody, she can be pretty shy. She will be found being deeply quiet and taking deep breaths occasionaly. Bring up something she loves though, she'll be talkitive. She isn't one to start conversations with people she doesn't know. So if someone who doesn't, or barely, knows her wishes to talk to her, your going to have to start the conversation. But if Amber starts talking, usually she'll keep the converstaion going.

If Amber does know you, she can be fairly bold, not overly bold, and not shy. She loves being around her friends, she feels safer. Amber also writes songs and plays music, but she won't show anyone, not even her closest friend. She often sneaks away from her group, if she's with one, and will practice her songs, even though she doesn't have her guitar. Her passion is music.


Amber grew up all over Johto, her family moving all the time, which explains her bad socialization skills, she never had over a year to live where one of her friends did. Amber grew close to her brother Austin, but when he got frustratited with the moving and left for his journey, Amber felt all alone. She decided to fallow his footsteps and go on her journey. When her parents denied her of going, she snuck away.

Amber grew up putting her emotions into songs, never having someone outside the family to talk to due to her homeschooling. Amber didn't know what it was like to have someone to talk to untill she was 10 and traveled with her best friends Paige and Sapphire. Amber still puts most of her emotion into songs. And she 'has the voice of a angel'. (Not to say she's perfect, everyone has they're talents) She was overheard by the runners of the Grand Cup in Sinnoh, so she sang there before, during, and right after the Grand Cup. She was surprised at the huge applauses.

Other: Nothing really.

Team RoseCrystal:


Name: Temmari Violets
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Position: Leader

Species: Vileplum
Gender: Female
Nickname: Callie
Level: 24
Attacks: Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Tackle, Vine Whip, Solar Beam, Razor Leaf

Species: Misdreavus
Gender: Female
Nickname: Carmon
Level: 30
Attacks: Hex, Shadow Ball, Psybeam, Confuse Ray, Astonish, Thunder bolt

Species: Espeon
Gender: Female
Nickname: Violet
Level: 23
Attacks: Psybeam, Tackle, Quick Attack, COnfusion, Swift, Psyshock

Species: Umbreon
Gender: Male
Nickname: Jackson
Level: 23
Attacks: Pursuit, Confuse Ray, Hyper Beam, Shadow Ball, Rain Dance, Dig

Species: Charmeleon
Gender: Male
Nickname: Rex
Level: 24
Attacks: Flame thrower, Fire Spin, Tackle, Fury Swipes, Bite, Dragon Claw

Species: Marill
Gender: Female
Nickname: Amarillis
Level: 19
Attacks: Water Gun, Surf, Bubble Beam, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Blizzard


Tamari has dirty blonde hair to her midback that goes in two low pony tails, pony tails being dark green camoflouge. She has mysterious green eyes that's not too dark or too light. She has dark complected skin as well. She stands about 5"7 and weighs a pound less than she should. Tamari's nails are always kept long and painted dark green with black french tips.

Tamari wears a dark green shirt with a single strap that went from one side, around/behind her kneck, to the other side. She also wears black bell-bottom jeans. Tamari wears black cloth fingureless gloves. She wears a dark green headset all the time, which she can here through, although when she misses something she was suppost to hear for serious reasons her headset 'blocked it out'. She wears a gold necklace and small gold hoop earrings. As for shoes she wears green camoflouge sneakers.


Tamari is quite a trickster. She uses her tricking to her advantage, like pretending to be a friendly traveler, shakes someone's hand, tightens her grip, and minipulates them to give her her pokemon. Or pretending to be a beat-up trainer, and steals the person pokemon when be helped stand up. Tamari is quite 'devious' that way, she's always coming up with master plans for the team. This is one way she became one of the leaders.

With Tamari it's her way or no way. She always has to be right. Like when the other leader is talking and she doesn't notice, when they recall it and she can't answer she'll usually eventually give up and say her headset blocked it out. Though most know her headset isn't sound-blocking. Tamari hates being proved wrong, that's one of her weaknesses. Despite all of her evil behaviour, she does truely love her pokemon.


Tamari comes from Hearthrome City, Sinnoh. She was 'quite a rebelious child', never listening to her parents or care takers. There was only one person she ever listened to, her brother Tori. She loved him (as a brother) more than any one or anything in the world. And when she was 9, he was attacked by wild Staravia, and they killed him. Tamari felt like the only thing important in the world was taken away from her.

As a result, Tori turned 'evil'. She fled to the forest, where she was eventually found by a Team RoseCrystal member that had been 'visting' Sinnoh. She took her captive and brought her to the Zivitio region, and she was recruited, which she did not refuse, finding it a large honner due to her evil-ness. She worked as hard as she possibly could, and she built her way up. She eventually was declared one of the two leaders of Team RoseCrystal, the secret Zivito region team.

Other: She truely loves her pokemon.

Gym Leader:


Name: Marisol Halls
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Gym Type: Ice

Species: Dewgong
Gender: Male
Nickname: Dewey
Level: 18
Attacks: Headbutt, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, Waterfall, Frost Breath

Species: Glaceon
Gender: Female
Nickname: Gabriella
Level: 22
Attacks: Ice Beam, Blizzard, Quick Attack, Ice Fang, Shadow Ball (Check Bulbapedia, it says so.), Hail

Species: Castform
Gender: Male
Nickname: Dustin
Level: 17
Attacks: Tackle, Water Gun, Ice Beam, Solar Beam,

Species: Cubchoo
Gender: Male
Nickname: Kris
Level: 20
Attacks: Powder Snow, Fury Swipes, Ice Beam, Dig, Frost Breath, Surf


Marisol has wavy auburn hair to her waist, more on the brown side. She has bangs that go to the bottom of her eye-brow. She has dark green eyes. Marisol has dark complected skin, plus a slight tan. Marisol stands about 5"9. Marisol is fairly skinny and her parents say she has the body of a model, but she denies it, being a modest person.

. She wears a navy blue t-shirt with a blue jean jacket. She wears dark blue jeans with bell bottoms, not huge bell bottoms, but bell bottoms. She wears black leather combat boots under those, which you can't barely see. She wears six black banglets on her left arm, six ice-looking ones on her right. She wears a gold chained necklace with a heart that looks like it's made of ice.


Marisol is modest about her looks. But her battle skills are a whole different story. When it comes to battling, She is cocky and sarcastic on both the battle feild and normal life. But on the battle feild, she isn't modest. She believes herself to be one of the best pokemon battles in the Zivito region, which technicly she is sense she's a gym leader.

Outside of battling, Marisol is friendly, but she's not peppy. She is still sarcastic and a bit cocky. She makes a lot of jokes though, and she is very encouraging. When her mind is set it's set, she won't take no for a answer when she wants a yes, but she's not one of those 'her way or no way' people, most the time anyways.


Marisol was born in Cerulean City, Kanto. Marisol grew up around water pokemon, which she thought was her favorite type of pokemon. Until a trainer showed her her entire team of ice pokemon when she was six years old. Marisol fell in love with ice pokemon, and she won't let a single person say a bad word about them. She feels like she belongs in the water, weither its with water pokemon or ice pokemon.

Other: She's good with human to human fights (like punching, kicking, non-pokemon related fights) and she's a good singer, and guitar player.

TheAmazingAipom January 29th, 2012 7:40 PM

Im the first person :3 Can i reserve ponyta please?

DualBlade January 30th, 2012 2:45 AM

I wanna be a gym leader please.

Name: Bran Evonil.
Age: 18.
Gender: Male.
Gym Type: Specialty in Dark Type.

Species: Umbreon
Gender: Male
Level: 27
Attacks: Pursuit, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Dig, Toxic and Quick Attack.

Species: Absol
Gender: Female
Level: 25
Attacks: Swords Dance, Ice Beam, Aerial Ace, Zen Headbutt and Thunder Wave.

Species: Murkrow
Gender: Male
Level: 22
Attacks: Night Shade, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray and Calm Mind.

Appearance: Kinda looks like N, with a cap but with Red colored hair, the cap is blue colored with an umbreon mark(the umbreon yellow/blue colored ones).My eye color is black in colour and i also have a fair skin tone.

i wear a jacket that is dark blue in color, and a shirt inside that is black colored.I wear black jeans and also some dark blue sneakers.I also wear a watch that looks like a pokeball, i also wear a sky blue necklace.

Personality:Whenever i challenge somebody, i use the nicest way to talk to em.Whenever i get in a real fight i just say "I want peace, Fighting is not for us" to them.I respect my elders and my pokemon as well.But whenever i hear a bad civilization team is doing some chaos, i always check out the case.Whenever i challenge a bad civilization member, i use all my force to defeat them, whenever i lose, i say to myself "Losing is not an option, The most important thing is to have fun."I also like to play the guitar whenever i have free time.

History:When i was 8, I always saw my big brother challenging somebody.I felt so exciting.One day i asked my brother, "Hey, i want to be a Pokemon Trainer too!"! When my brother heard that my brother gave me his Eevee.I loved it.Another day, I was training my Eevee at night, but all of a sudden.It glowed, And it evolved into an Umbreon.

My brother was shocked, evolve that fast.Its only 4 Days.But actually, when he checked his Pokedex, Eevee evolve into Umbreon when it is night time, so from that say onwards i prepared a Dark-Type team and one day ill make a Dark-Type Gym for the Trainers to challenge!When i was 15, I started my gym.I thought making a gym was just piece of cake.But no, but my brother helped me alot in my gym though!I hired Trainers, and even a welcomer!3 Years passed, and i became a good gym leader.All the trainers liked me.

Others: Diet Dr.Pepper :)

Aura Vitae January 30th, 2012 5:12 AM

Can I reserve the chosen kid with a Vulpix.

Rafael p January 30th, 2012 8:12 AM

[SPOILER][/SPOILER]'Diet dr pepper
Name: Rafael Acosta

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Starter: Sewaddle Lvl:12

Team: Pichu Lvl: 5,

Species: Sewaddle

Gender: Female

Level: 12

Attacks: String shot,Tackle, Bug bite, Energy ball, Toxic, Razor leaf

Species: Pichu

Level: 5

Attacks: Thunder shock, Quick attack, Return, Volt tackle.

Appearance: Rafael isabout 5 feet and four inches tall. His light blue eyes match the color of theocean exactly. The blonde hair he has on his head is almost the color of thesun. The blonde hair sometimes covers his eyes and reaches his shoulders. Theboy has a fairly light skin tone that is a little darker than a whiteboard.

You can see Rafael usually wears a pair of light blue pantsto bring out the color of his eyes more. When it is really warm outside he willput on a pair of black shorts that reach down to his knees. Usually he wears agrey long sleeve shirt because he loves the color grey. When it is hot outthough he wears a white short sleeve shirt with the words, You Only Live Once, onit

Personality: Rafaelis one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet. He is the kind of boy that ifhe likes you he will find flowers just to give them to you. But he rarely everstarts liking anybody unless he knows them. He is also very nice and tries tomake a good impression on anybody he meets.

But if you happen to get him angry he will probably punchyou in the face unless you’re a girl of course. He might also walk away slowlyand sit alone by the nearest tree. He tries not to be the violent type ofperson. He dislikes a couple things, Fighting unless necessary, Heights, and Spiders.

History: When he was 2 his dad left his mom inorder to try and become the Pokémon master. Rafael and his mom got worried whena year passed and they didn’t see the dad. At the age of 13 Rafael’s dad finallycame home after being kicked out of the Zivito region. About 2 years later on Rafael’sbirthday he got a letter saying he was invited to the Zivito region.

OmegaPinkMan January 30th, 2012 12:26 PM

Diet Dr. Pepper
Hmm...It's been a while since I last played a villain, but I'll give it another shot. Please reserve me a spot for Team RoseCrystal. I'll finish my SU as soon as possible.

Name: Neo Bloome
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Position: Co-Leader

Species: Magmar
Gender: Male
Level: 26
Attacks: Toxic, Protect, Flamethrower, Psychic, Focus Blast, Double Team.

Species: Metang
Gender: None
Level: 25
Attacks: Rock Polish, Hone Claws, Earthquake, Iron Head, Aerial Ace, Metal Claw

Appearance: Neo stands at 6 feet and one inch tall. He keeps his black hair slicked, and sometimes he wears a wide brimmed black hat over it. His eyes are maroon and seem to always be looking at everyone at the same time. He is quite pale, which, coupled with his eyes, give him a ghostly appearance and makes some people afraid of him.
Now to clothes. Neo is well groomed, and is never seen wearing anything that isn't a suit. Said suit is usually a black pinstriped one, with a maroon or white shirt and a tie that is either red or blue. His shoes are black and polished, and he wears a gold ring on his right hand's ring finger. Sometimes he wears a dark grey long coat over his suit.
Personality: Neo is...quiet. Very quiet. He rarely speaks beside giving commands to his Pokemon and underlings. He also doesn't know any particular emotions and is serious basically all the time. Nobody has seen him smile, as he does not do that very often. There is a very misterious aura around him. Like if there was something ghostly hanging around him.
Neo is also very ruthless in batle, brutally attacking the opponents Pokemon without seeming to care if he goes too far or not. He will not stop a battle until it is over, an will carry on a fight no matter how hurt his Pokemon are.
History: Not much is known about Neo's past. It is said that he was a quiet shy boy who grew sick of being bullied and ran away from home at age 10. He joined Team RoseCrystal soon after and in 6 years he was already one of the most important members. The, when he turned 18, he became one of the team's co-leaders.

Lostworld January 31st, 2012 4:13 PM

Can I reserve Houndour please?

Star_struck_baka February 3rd, 2012 8:15 AM

Name: Jade Jean Stone "Jj"
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Starter: Bonsley
Team: Eevee, Eevee, Bonsley

Species: Bonsley
Gender: Female)
Nickname: Bon Bon
Level: 10
Attacks: low kick, flail, fake tears, copy cat

Species: Eevee
Gender: female
Nickname: Nana
Level: 12
Tail whip, tackle , helping hand, hidden power (tm)

Species: Eevee
Gender: Male
Nickname: Jojo
Level: 11
Tail whip, tackle, helping hand, Shadow ball (tm)

Appearance: She is roughly 4' 8". She has long ebony hair that she keeps in two neat pigtails. Green eyes with long eyelashes which most consider a gift from god. She has a birthmark on her left hip bone in the shape of a hip. She got attacked by a pokemon when she was younger and she has a large scar on her hand.
She usually dresses in a black collared shirt. She wears a green tie and poofy skirt. She always has leggings on under her skirt of course. She wears combat boots and black and green belt to hold her pokeballs for easy access. She always has finger less gloves on to cover her scar on her hand.

History: Jj's parents are pokemon breeders. They breed pokemon and give the eggs too trainers who seem worthy. So from a young age she has always loved pokemon. When she was eight she got attacked by her mothers newly traded Ryhorn. The Ryhorn was Acquired for breeding purposes seeing as though they had a female one and needed a male one. But this Ryhorn didn't like people and was very aggressive. She was trying to feed it and when she stuck her hand in the food bowl to give the pokemon food he quickly let out a flame thrower burning her hand. After that the Ryhorn was isolated and her father was the only one who made contact with it. Jj developed a Phobia of ryhorn's rhydon's as well as Rhyperior. She freaks out when ever she see's them.
As Jj got older her parents trusted her in helping them hatch eggs. she often was left in-charge of small pokemon. In fact the reason she aquired her two Eevee's was because her mothers prized vaporeon and her fathers prized flareon had mated and they produced theese two eggs. Jj was left to hatch them and when they hatched they were going to be given too two different trainers. But the two eevee's had a deep connection with each other and couldn't be seperated with out becoming extremly depressed. Also the two had some what bonded with Jj and taken on some of her personality qualities. So she kept them and the three of them became best friends.
Personality: Jj is really cheerful, but not when she gets depressed which happens from time to time. When she is deppressed she distances herself from the people around her.When she feels challenged she will become very aggressive and impulsive this impulsivness often gets her into trouble. She is under no circumstance a sore loser when she loses she will often try to become stronger. When she's put down she will prove you prong. She's extremly stubborn and never gives up.
Other: She is extremly cheerful.
and she wants to eventually becoem a pokemon breeder.

miley810 February 3rd, 2012 5:59 PM

Before I accept/denie/pend anybody I just want to say I am so so so so so so so sorry I was gone for so long. I was really really sick, we thought I was going to have to go to the hospitel. Don't worry, it doesn't happen often, every once in a while my body 'attacks itself' and-well you guys are here for RPing not a medical lesson that you'll probably never have to use sense a 'case' such as mine is rare. (Just read my About Me if you really wanna know) Anyways onto the accepting/dening/pending

TheAmazingAipom you are reserved which last 3 days (from today, so Feb. 6th).

DuelBlade you are pending. It's really good, but your appearance is just a little too short to be overlooked. Add a little more and I should be able to accept you, besides that you're good, good to see a gym leader!

roen56 you are reserved. Reserves last 3 days (So it also ends on Feb. 6th.)

Rafael p you are accepted! Things looked a bit thin, but they met requirements, and I did probably over-ask as usual. *sweatdrop*

Mick Fizz you are reserved untill Feb 6th! Good to see a fellow Legendary Rebel. :P

Breezy you are reserved untill Feb 6th.

Star_struck_baka you are pending. You didn't put Personality. Usually I'd object to two eevees on one team, but I always think of breeders (or people who want to be breeders) having eevees, so...yeah. You are pending!

Thanks guys! Time to update!

Star_struck_baka February 3rd, 2012 6:29 PM

haha okay sorry i typed out the sheet and missed the personality haha, i just edited it i hope i can be aproved :3

OmegaPinkMan February 4th, 2012 10:44 AM

SU completed. Let me know if it is okay.

EDIT: Tomorrow I'm going on a holiday and because of that I won't be able to log in often until February, 11th.

TheAmazingAipom February 4th, 2012 12:59 PM

Okay, I have to finish my SU later but here it is so far.

Name: Benjamin Livingston

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Starter: Ponyta


Species: Ponyta

Gender: Female

Nickname: Dash

Level: 10

Attacks: Ember, Flame Wheel, Quick Attack, and Sunny Day

Species: Sandshrew

Gender: Male

Nickname: Leo

Level: 12

Attacks: Cut, Dig, Rock Smash, Earthquake, and Sand Attack

Ben has short black hair. His hair is extremely short and he is nearly bald. He usually wears a backwards Hoenn cap all the time. His eyes are light blue, but they seem to get darker or brighter depending on his mood . He has fairly tan skin. Ben is 4”10’ and weighs around 80 lbs. He is extremely small for his size. He has a dark complexion and always has bags under his eyes, even if he had a good sleep.
His older brother bought him brand new clothes to bring to the region. He wears white sneakers , and long black socks. He likes to wear baggy blue sweatpants, and a red hoodie. He carries around a black backpack. On his waist is a belt for attaching pokeballs to. He has really bad teeth and doesn’t like to smile.

Ben may never seem happy, but he is most of the time. He is very self-conscious about a lot of things. His biggest thing is his horrible teeth. Ben used to have braces, but he pulled them out of his mouth because he couldn’t bare the pain. He gets easily bored with most things, and he is very impatient. When he battles, his main strategy is all out attack (similar to Misty.) However, he knows how to strategize, and he can do it very well.


Ben was born in Johto in Goldenrod City. His family was extremely poor and unfortunately had to give him away. He was adopted by a rich family that lived in Kanto. They were the Livingstons. Mr.Livingston owned a huge company that produced TMs, while Mrs.Livingston stayed home and cared for Ben and his older brother Jason. Jason was much older than Ben, around ten years older actually. Jason didnt go on his journey when he turned ten because he wanted to get to know his new younger brother. They were instantly best friends, and they were inseperable. Jason went on his journey the next year and Ben grew up lonely. When Ben was seven his father returned from work with a peculiar sandshrew. They were testing out a new TM on the little pokemon, and there was an odd malfunction in the TM effect. The TM made the sandshrew's personality completely change. It became much more aggresive and it gained an extreme amount of power. However, when it was fed a berry, it calmed down and became a lovable and adorable pokemon.

That night, Ben stole a bunch of berries from the kitchen, and befriended the sandshrew. They became best friends. When Mr.Livingston saw the bond that they shared, he let Ben keep the sandshrew. Ben and his sandshrew trained hard. They desperately wanted to start thier journey and travel around Kanto. By the time Ben turned ten, he was ready to begin his journey. He was just about to leave his house, but his parents called him back inside. They wanted him to go to a special pokemon trainer private school with Leo (his sandshrew.) He refused to go but they forced him. He wwent to the school for four long and grueling years. He learned alot, and so did Leo. They were ready to go on thier journey. Right after they graduated from the school, they got a letter to Zivito. They were thrilled to go to a brand new region and explore new places.

Other: His favorite drink is Diet Dr.Pepper.

miley810 February 6th, 2012 1:10 PM

Hey guys, at least I was quicker than last time!

Star_struck_baka you are accepted! Good job!

Mick Fizz you are accepted! You love playing quiet guys don'tcha?

TheAmazingAipom you are pending. I know your still working on it and your doing GREAT I just wanted to go ahead and 'pend' you. Like I said, doing awesome! Arn't histories the worst?

Well guys, I updated the list. If I looked-over any one or messed up on anything just lemme know!

Star_struck_baka February 6th, 2012 1:16 PM

woahoa~ thankies cant wait to fricken start~

miley810 February 6th, 2012 2:39 PM

I know right. We've got four empty spots and 3 reserves to wait on. Well, I've gotta complete one of those reserves, and a different one, and my gym one, but I'mma work on that now so yeah. HURRIES PEOPLE! lol

Star_struck_baka February 6th, 2012 2:49 PM

can i make one of the gym leaders????
totally have an electric gymleader obsession <3

( i also have an obsession with names that can be shortened to two letters)
Name: Thunder King "Tk"
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Gym Type: electric

species: Jolteon
Gender: Female
Nickname: Jole
Level: 32
Thunder bolt, Thunder Fang, Charge beam, pin missile, double kick, helping hand.

species: Electivire.
Gender: female
Nickname: Ellie
Level: 30
Thunder bolt, Thunder punch, Electro ball, volt switch, light screen , low kick

species: Raichu
Gender: Female
Nickname: Chika
Level: 28
Thunder bolt, thunder fang, Thunder punch, Discharge, Quick attack, Agility

Species: Blitzle
Gender: Female
Nickname: Blitz
Level: 24
Wild charge, Shock wave, Spark, Thunder wave, Flame Charge, Stomp

Appearance: Tk is tall around 5'11" with a small build. He has blonde shaggy hair and sports a small blonde beard on his face. He has bright blue eyes. His skin color is slightly tanned due to intense training all the time.
He dresses in Baggy sweat pants and a tank top all the time with bright yellow shoes and a baggy hoodie. He never looks professional, to say the least. One thing he always wears is a necklace and if you look closely you'll see its actually a chip off a thunder stone.( that cant be used cause its so small) But he never takes his necklace off.
Personality: He seems lethargic and lazy at first. Its quite the opposite, see Tk is like a light-bulb he turns off and on. In normal day time when he's not training or battling he's "off" . This makes him come across as completely un-serious and basically a push over. But once he clicks the pokeball open its like he's a whole new man. He enters on mode and his energy levels switch. Because of this small personality glitch people think winning against him will be easy, well they are wrong he's a very gym leader and very good in battle.
History: He grew up in the sevii Islands where he received his first pokemon. It was a small female eevee he named Jole. Soon they became fast friends on their journey. One day he was given theese two fire stones by this weird man. and he was about to allow his Eevee evolve but then some girls grabbed him. She asked him if he wanted to trade his fire stones for her two thunderstones since she wanted to evolve her eevee into a flareon. Reluctantly he said yes only because Jole seemed eager about the idea. Then he was about to evolve Jole again when the first thunder stone broke into pieces. He then took the other and evolved Jole. He decided to keep a piece of the broken thunder stone. Ever since then he was only able to train Electric pokemon successfully. but eventually he became a powerful trainer and soon was asked to be a gym leader.

will fill soon <3

miley810 February 6th, 2012 3:42 PM

Of course!

Star_struck_baka you are accepted! Great job.

As for me I just put my SU for Team RoseCrystal for any one who wants to see that. So yeah.

Atention all Gym Leader- people!:

Gym Leaders will do a little more than the battling for badges. They can interact with dayily life, each other, ect. I don't want any one to feel like if they're a gym leader they're only aloud to use a awesome charecter for a short time. But you don't have to do this either, it's optional. I will probably get you guys to do important things later on, but yeah. So that's that.

TheAmazingAipom February 6th, 2012 7:51 PM

Ok i finished my SU! I hope its good enough :)

miley810 February 7th, 2012 4:12 AM

TheAmazingAipom you are accepted! Great job! Just keep his teeth away from me. :P Joking! I don't care about appearance really, I'm one of those people who think it's heart that counts.

TheAmazingAipom February 14th, 2012 5:31 PM

Im really pumped to start! Do you need more people to be in Team RoseCrystal? I will be willing to make an extra person if needed :)

miley810 February 15th, 2012 8:01 AM

Yeah, we need 1 more leader, 1 more co-leader, and both of the Closest Grunts. Then we need 2 more chosen kids, I'm debating on letting people have 2 chosen kids to get this thing started, this is my best RP, and it will start.

Star_struck_baka February 17th, 2012 7:04 AM

i could make a grunt if you would like.

miley810 February 17th, 2012 1:30 PM

That'd be great. I want this RP to start asap! I worked hard for like, four hours making the plot and stuff, it took some well-planned out thinking. And I've still gotta add the first town and stuff, woo-hoo. Anyways, that'd be great if you would. Breezy canceled their reserve, so I've gotta edit that.

Rafael p February 17th, 2012 1:38 PM

Can I reserve one of the closest grunts I'll get my S.u later today or tomorrow.,:P

TheAmazingAipom February 17th, 2012 2:36 PM

Okay ill make a leader for Team RC. I really really want this to start i am soooo excited :)

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