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Quto February 4th, 2012 9:37 AM

Earth and Sky: OOC

Earth and Sky: Pokemon Battle Royale is a RP based on the main idea of survival out in the wilderness in multiple environments. Any trainer that qualified by a recruiter to participate in this yearly contest would have to brave the countless environments and tackle mother nature while earning the pieces to assemble their badge. With 15 badge pieces to obtain and gamble, along with a league of thieves, organizations and every other type of trainer in existence, the fight for the finals will not be an easy feat. The prize for coming out on top and defeating the elite is 1 wish to be fulfilled at the request of the trainer, whatever he or she desires. With a prize like such, it would draw trainers from around the world to gather in the new region, Lethia.

Note: The wish can be for anything! Bring back a departed loved one, create a new pokemon and bring it into the world, conquer the world, save it, destroy it, travel back in time and forward, etc. The league upholds its promise and grants any desired wish to the victor, one way or another, even if they have to visit Grimor or drag Palkia and Dialga from their dimensions to do it.


Lethia is a massive island containing only 1 new Pokemon, specifically for this regiona nd this region alone. Its named Grimor, a pokemon with a legend that states it could create life out of nothing in the darkest hour of times with a power that rivals Arcues and that it is located right underneath Lethia, carrying the region on its back slowly moving underneath the cold waters. It is also said that this pokemon is impossible to catch since no human has ever gone under the region to make the attempt.

Lethia use to be massively populated by tourists and citizens together, when the league kicked in and came into existence by the elites, the island depopulated itself slowly until there were only few people left, all trainers. The only reason why there is one town in Lethia is because the environment out in the region is just deadly! There are pokemon on the island with territory issues ranging from bugs to fire types all over! While few ignore humans unless provoked, other Pokemon will attack on sight if a trainer enters their territory and it can get hectic. The weather also acts as another factor in this region with few weeks being heavy rainstorms while dust storms and blizzards bury the other two portions of the region. That aside, the pokemon found in Lethia is a mix of Hoen, Kanto, Unova and Jhoto containing all types.

Lethia is Divided into 3 main environmental territories, Forest, Mountain and Desert. Each of these large territory environments include sub-environments such as plains, lakes, plateaus, swamps and so on. These places accomedate for the different elements of pokemon and different place settings you can find them in Lethia.

Rules For Bio Setup, Updated Feb 16th 2012 [Pokemon team], March 16th, 2013[Move Set].

1. If you made your profile before the rule update on this topic, its approved.

2. You can have one legendary on your Pokemon team.

3. you can have up to 3-4 Evolved Pokemon on your starting team.

4. The evolved Pokemon in your starting team must be Stage 2 or LOWER! (Exampls, Haunter, Raichu, Quilava, Golbat, Arcainine, Charmeleon, Metapod.)

5. Each Pokemon in your team can/must have at least 4 moves to use in the RP whether to fight or perform tasks for survival. Such as lighting a fire with Ember or Flame Thrower. Or maybe to use Dig for shelter. You can't expand beyond 5 moves, even while in IC; You may however combine 2 or more of the moves to generate new ones. I.E. Water Gun + Ice beam = Giant Hurling Spear of Ice.

6. Rule 4 and 5 can be ignored if you made your profile before this update since its the original posters fault [that's me] for not including the rules for setup when he made the OOC Topic.

Updated March 16th 2013

From now on, besides the RP topic containing the beginning BIOS of the first few contestants, this topic will accept new recruits into the RP and survival contest.

Trainer Setup
Apperance: [optional]

B.Types are listed Further Below.

Pokemon Team Setup
Name: [Nickname, or just call them by their species, either one is fine]
Sex: [Optional, recommended though.]
Pokemon Move Set: [*Note]

[*Pokemon Moves Note]
Think about your moves carefully.
There is a reason you can only have 4 moves.
The RP is basically survival; having 4 moves at all times adds challenge and will push the players joining in to put thought into their actions. The challenges I will present will be hard and become more brutal as the seasons change IC. You are free to use TM's or other methods to swap out and learn other moves.

Need Help Starting Your First Post?
If you plan to start from the very beginning and get to Lethia this way; There is a test each trainer must pass to join E&S which is basically a battle.
A trainer in a brown tattered cloak wearing orange sunglasses approaches you. Taking a picture of yourself and running the picture through a trainer database through a computer on his hip, the figure points at you and cries "I CHALLENGE YOU TO A POKEMON BATTLE, 1 ON 1, DO YOU ACCEPT!?" The figure has a pokeball ready in his other hand.

Respond to this template to get yourself started. Just be sure to also add in that you received a badge case containing one badge component and a brochure to the league itself.

Here is the Brochure

-Earth and Sky!-
Are you tired of gyms? Want a challenge that will really put your metal to the test? Do you truly want to stand out above all the trainers on the solid earth you stand on? Take part in the Earth and Sky League: BATTLE ROYALE!

If you’re reading this, then you have completed the first step in participating in our yearly tournament that ends in every winter. The objective is simple, Along with this brochure, you will have a map of approved battle areas for the components to your badge which you will need to qualify for the finals! You should also have a badge case containing your first badge component! Gamble it in a fight during your battles and win enough components to complete your badge! Only then will it reveal to you where to go to fight the devastating elite!

Grand Prize:
1 wish
2nd Prize:
$200,000,000 Cash
Runner Up:
A complete badge for next year’s contest!

Battle Type:

Looking at all of the pokemon games, from old to new and fighting a few people online over nintendo wi-fi, I took notice
That each trainer from young to old has their own preference in how they fight. Some teach their pokemon to use confusion
to gain their attack edge while others change the field with Sunny Day or Rain Dance and even then, I found people who were
willing to use sword dance and sand attack a few turns to take me down.
In a sense, its our behavior in how we fight or Battle Behavior, so I decided to try my best to see if I could divide those behaviors
into different roles that suited everyone out there who has either played the game or been in RP's. If you haven't noticed yet,
you may want to think about how you fight and see if anything I mentioned matches up with the roles listed below and see what
battle type or b.type you are.

Rave - Attacking without thought with brutal speed and strength.
Meta - Deceiving others with deception and causing confusion.
Ruin - Stand strong and survive ones weakness, overcome it and fight back.
Tera - Use of the world to the trainers advantage.
Rouge - Adaptable in all Roles.
Rust - Using stat altering abilities to level the playing field.

RULES for the RP

1- I DO NOT TOLERATE TROLLS what-so-ever. If you are caught being a troll, the RP will continue without you and you will be branded as an outcast from this topic unless I can get an admin to boot you, providing you decide to be one.
2- Be fair in combat, this league is based on survival, so take into account your health and your team's health when making posts.
3- If you have any questions, PM me or post them, Ill update this first post as frequent as I get information.
4- I will be playing the role of NPC's, as well as the elite 4 within this brutal combat league.

Trainers Left in Lethia:
Active: In the RP and moving along
Floating: Somewhat active, have been posting
Abandoned: Left the RP without either saying good bye or warning
Banned, Parole: Slap on the wrist, banned from posting from 1 week-1 month in real time
Banned, Permanently: Game Over, no reset, no restarts, no re-entry
Depart: Left with reason, saying good-bye or letting GM know he or she was leaving.

Shadoan [Quto]: Active B: 6
Max [Maxew555]: Active B: 1
Xavier [heretostay123]: Active B:1
Kiba [WolfOfEve]: Active
Klaus [trotz59]: Active B:1
Silver [Typh]: Active B:0

Nath [Crimson0191]: Depart B:2
Rina Arias [SummerSkies]: Depart B:1 - Hope you come back soon!
Julia [PkMnTrainer Yellow]: Depart B:16 - E&S Veteran
Jack [Geiger]: Depart B: 4 - E&S Veteran, Starting Member; Special Kudos! We'll miss ya man!
Jimmy [-Sam]: Depart B:1 - PMed me at last, Recognized as E&S Veteran.

Serenade [Lightning Shy]: Abandoned B:2
MrKyurem: Abandoned <-[I thank you for RISING MY RP FROM THE GRAVE! SPECIAL KUDOS!]
Starforce23: Banned, Permanently, RP page 3, top post
Aluminum76: Abandoned
zapdos926: Abandoned
juniebug910: Abandoned
mzmingle: Abandoned
d4rka8isz: Abandoned
j102ede: Abandoned

Star_struck_baka February 7th, 2012 8:45 PM

Name: Jade Jean Stone "Jj"

Age: 16
Sex: Female
Apperance: Black hair held in two pigtails and green eyes. She's small very petite standing at 4'7" most people think she's a over developed 12 year old. She has a scars all over her body because she tends to really get involbed in her pokemon battle often standing right next to her pokemon or protecting them from wild pokemon. She usually wears a black longsleeved colared shirt with green buttons and a green tie and a pair of ripped and tatered jeans with tights underneath. She alwayys has combat boots on they are the only thing taht can withstil her training she packs light a simple phanny pack that hold her pokemon team and her pokemon supplies.
Pokemon Team:

Plusle, male
name: Lucky
level: 27
Attacks: Thunder bolt Helping hand quick attack volt tackle.
Jolteon, female
name: Jole
level: 28
Attacks: thunder bolt pinmissle Quick attack volt tackle
Leafeon, male
name: Lesley
level: 29
Attacks: Leaf blade, magical leaf, Quick attack, solar beam
Arcanine, female
name: Ara
level: 30
Attacks: Flame thrower, over heat, Heat tack , Sunny day
froslas , female
name: Frezea
level: 35
Attacks: Astonish, icy wind, blizzard, ominous wind
Typhlosion , Male
name: Cynders
level: 40
Attacks: flame charge flame thrower, brick break smokescreen.

Bio: She grew up in the Jhotto reason. As a child her father alwasy kept her by his side in his travels. He was a great trainer and she learned many survival and battle skills from him. She was also a nature freak living more like a pokemon than a human she can basically survive in any element. When she was ten she received her fist pokemon A cynderquil which had been the product of her father and mothers Typhlosions of the opposite genders. She was happy with this Her and her cynderquil soon went on their own journey in which she made many pokemon friends. She's visited all the regions meeting many pokemon. She often fought more wild pokemon than actual trainers always getting involved in the battles from taking a hyper fang from a raticate to a a dragonites dragonclaw. She would do anything for her pokemon. When she heard about the lethia region she knew she had to go there and take on the challenge. It was her element surviving in nature. She hoped on the next ferry out there and arrived soon after ready to take on the challenge.

Quto February 16th, 2012 1:31 AM

Error: Stage 2 evolutionary pokemon and lower.
Your entire team fits the bill (Mostly Eevee's in stage 2 evo, which I allow) except Typhlosion, he needs to be a quilava..... However......
I forgot to port the rules over to this topic. -_-;
Your approved, on the fact its my screw up and I am willing to live with it. XD
Enter the world when your ready.

Welcome to Lethia!

Sorry for the late response, after posting 4 times here in the lounge, I thought my topics got turned down because I was accepting profiles in the main RP.

Greiger March 5th, 2012 5:34 PM

Guys I'm really sorry but I'm going to have drop this RP. I really have tried to write my next post for this RP but I just have pushed all of my creativity into the other RP's I'm in that I'm really dried up for how to write about Jack. Again, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to drop this RP. Maybe when I get some new ideas for Jack or find a new character idea I'll come back but for now I have pretty much drained my creativity, all I can say now is good luck on the RP.

juniebug910 March 6th, 2012 2:15 AM

Name: Tsuki no megami

Age: 15

Sex: Female

Apperance: Tsuki wears a long, blue dress with yellow moons on each edge. Her hair is long and black, while her eyes are a dark blue. She wears blue shoes with a full moon yellow jewel on the tips. Tsuki also wears a pendent with blue beads, but the main charm is in the middle-a Pokeball with a blue top and a black bottom, a moon design on the top.

Pokemon Team:

Name- Ora
Species- Lucario
Gender- Female

Name- Suta
Species- Cressalia
Gender- N/A

Name- Kenshi
Species- Gallade
Gender- Male

Bio: Tsuki was young when she first got a Riolu, since her ancestor was Sir Aaron himself. She would always go out and train it, and was learning to use aura herself. One day, Tsuki was training when she heard a loud cry. When she found the source, it was a hurt Cressalia surrounded by Ursaring. Quickly, Tsuki and Riolu used a double aura attack to save the legendary. In return, Cressalia joined Tsuki. A week after that is when she caught a Ralts, which later evolved into a Kirlia, then a Gallade. 5 weeks after Kirlia's evolution, Tsuki and her pokemon heard of Lethia and their challange, and decided to take it up.

Greiger March 6th, 2012 9:21 AM

Actually I'm gonna try getting back in this again. I've talked it over with Quto and I'm going to see if I can try roleplaying Jack again. Anyway sorry to see you go Starforce but I can see where Quto was going, especially since you were not compiling with the GM's requests and taking charge of his RP.

Quto March 6th, 2012 10:10 AM

Starforce23 has been dropped and banned.

Juniebug910, Your profile has been approved.
Welcome to Lethia!

Satan.EXE March 9th, 2012 10:19 AM

黒心 キバ


Kurokokoro, Kiba (Last, First)
(Pronounced Koo-loh koh-koh-loh, kee-ba. The L's sound like rolling R's.)

Kiba (Plain Name)
Kiba-san (Polite)
Kiba-kun (Only friends call him this)
Fang (Literal English Translation)

17 (Though he looks and acts like he could be 20)


Kiba has jet black hair, medium-long, and parts it over the right half of his face. The back of his hair has a white strap, leaving a ponytail that goes down to about his mid-back area. He usually wears formal Kimono, or Yukata in the summer. For footwear, he almost always wears wooden geta. His left eye is deep emerald green, while his right eye is a pale ice-blue. His heterochromic eyes are one of his most outstanding features, and he enjoys the individuality.

Pokemon Team:
Species: Arcanine
Name: Flare
Gender: Male
Experience: Highly Experienced (Flare was Kiba's first friend)
Personality: Calm, powerful, and friendly, much like Kiba himself.

Species: Melloetta
Name: Mello
Gender: Female
Experience: Moderate (Kiba's second friend)
Personality: Gentle, loving, with a mild temper toward pokemon that hit on her.

Species: ??? (Egg)
Name: ???
Gender: ???
Experience: None (Has not hatched, and is not very close)
Personality: ???

Kiba tends not to talk much about his past. In fact, he isn't very conversational at all; unless he is spoken to. He almost never starts a conversation unless very important, but he does enjoy when people try to speak with him. He is very close to pokemon, and can understand them (Not literally, but he can understand their body language and facial expressions). He can also do this with people, thought he doesn't often feel a need to. He never uses pokeballs (he instead tries to befriend wild pokemon if he wants them as an ally) and his pokemon follow him anywhere. He is calm and collected, but some subjects will set off a temper. In addition to that, he can hold a grudge with someone for longer than most people. Though he tries to be kind, he follows a simple rule: "Do unto others as you would want done unto yourself". He treats most how they treat him. He is a mysterious loner of sorts, and it is rumored that he has some... Abilities.


mzmingle March 9th, 2012 12:57 PM

Name: Zoey Caar
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Appearance: She has long brown wavy hair, halfway down her back. She almost always wears her black hairband showing a bow covered in sequins. She is tall for her age. Her skin is lightly tanned, with a few freckles dotted here and there.
She has pierced ears, with diamond dangling earrings. Her eyes are a leafy green, one being more 'blue-ish' than the other.
Pokemon Team:

(Moves will be showed in RP)

(same as above)

(same as above)

Bio: Will be done by tomorrow.

juniebug910 March 10th, 2012 11:10 AM

I saw a RPG thread for this. Can I post in that one?

Greiger March 10th, 2012 11:28 AM

@juniebug910 Yes, the thread in the roleplay corner is where you will post whenever you are acting in character (a.k.a. participating in the roleplay.) This is the OOC thread where players will sign up for the roelplay and can talk about issues outside of the roleplay such as if you are unable to continue roleplaying or if you want to coordinate a battle with another player and decide who the winner will be.

Anything your character does will be posted in the other thread and anything relating to real life (RL for short) can be posted here.

Quto March 10th, 2012 6:59 PM

@Zerin, your profile has been approved. Read pages 1 or 2 if you want to know how to kick things off or learn about the rules to the battle royale.

@mzmingle, Your profile has been approaved, but I would like to see a bio when you can.

Until then, both of you, Welcome to Lethia!

ScottishNutcase March 10th, 2012 7:22 PM

Name: Stuart Charter
Sex: Male
Apperance: Brown hair, blue eyes, dark green cap, white shirt underneath a green sweater vest and blue jeans.
Pokemon Team:

Nickname: Charlie
Species: Charmelion
Sex: Male
Wearing: Orange bowtie

Nickname: Lily
Species: Lotad
Sex: Female
Wearing: Flower

Nickname: Odysseus
Species: Oshawott
Wearing: Sunglasses

Bio: Stuart had nothing wrong with his childhood, no real issues. He has been fasinated by Pokemon all his life, hardly seeing them as he was hardly outside, he wants to see the world and hopes this will help.

Satan.EXE March 10th, 2012 8:17 PM

I posted my intro. If anyone would like to see the person surfing to Lethia, please pull me into the story. Thanks!

mzmingle March 11th, 2012 1:54 AM

Bio: Zoey is usually shy, but if she finds someone she likes the look of, that will go away. She is very kind and loves her pokemon. She does get angry pretty easily, so people must watch out for her!

(If you need more, tell me)

Satan.EXE March 11th, 2012 8:39 PM

There, I posted. If anyone would like to have their character run into mine, now would be a good time.

d4rka8isz March 11th, 2012 8:55 PM

I completely overlooked this thread and posted my sign-up in the RP, but now I noticed it so here goes.
Name: Kyleia Isin

Age: Around 15

Sex: Female

Appearance: Kyleia never cared much about how she looked. She usually wears a jacket around her waist and ties the sleeves together on the side of her waist. She always wears a white t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes, she wears a scarf and when it gets sunny, she wears a pair of sunglasses. For some odd reason, she always has a long piece of string wrapped around her left hand and arm. She has a shock of bright white hair tied back in a ponytail and her eyes are a earthy brown color. One eye has a slight sliver of black in it.

Pokemon Team(pretty long):
Luna the Kirlia
Shadow Ball

Luna has been Kyleia's faithful companion since Kyleia was nine. As a Ralts, Luna had always been watching Kyleia when she danced. One day, Luna evolved into Kirlia and now, they both dance together from time to time. Luna has been one of Kyleia's main battlers since she evolved.

Jace the Lombre
Male/Swift Swim
Leech Seed
Nature Power
Zen Headbutt
Hydro Pump

Jace was just a Lotad when he bumped into Luna. He had been running along when Luna jumped in his way when trying to dance. They got in a fight, but it was resolved and they became best friends. He followed her to Kyleia's home and after a couple weeks of this, Kyleia finally decided to capture him.

Snail the Slugma
Male/Flame Body
Rock Slide
Earth Power

Snail was a worker on the family's bakery when Kyleia first saw him. Despite being a worker, he had not been captured yet and was just helping out. When Kyleia saw him, she said, "Snail!" and her parents told her that he was a Slugma, but she kept insisting on him being a snail. So the name stuck. A few years later, she came back and captured him.

Spike the Cacnea
Male/Sand Veil
Needle Arm
Destiny Bond
Sucker Punch

Spike wandered into Kyleia's room when she was twelve. He was seriously injured and was far from the desert. Kyleia quickly healed him and gave him some of her water. After drinking up the three bottles in her room, she took Spike to the kitchen and let him drink from the sink. They quickly bonded and Spike became Kyleia's main battler. Spike is, however, also a troublemaker and leaves spikes everywhere.

Slyce the Skarmory
Steel Wing
Night Slash
Swords Dance

Slyce was a present from Kyleia's uncle. Kyleia's uncle couldn't make it to Kyleia's birthday party so he sent Slyce over with a letter that said she could have her. At this point, Kyleia was very good friends with Slyce because she would go to her uncle's house almost every day. Slyce was her uncle's best fighter, but her uncle wouldn't battle anymore so he gave her away.

Christie the Vibrava
Signal Beam
Earth Power

Christie was Spike's friend. She was searching for him when she came upon Kyleia playing with Spike. Immediately, she attacked and it took Spike and Jace's combined force to calm her down. After Spike explained everything to her, she agreed to let herself get captured by Kyleia. However, she is still wary of Kyleia.

Bio: Kyleia was raised in Verdanturf Town of the Hoenn region. She has always lived in the Hoenn region and has never been outside of it. Kyleia is usually shy and reserved so she doesn't have that many friends, but she is trying to change and is talking to many more people now. When she was 14, she traveled around the Hoenn region with her parents and met many people and now she knows the region like the back of her hand due to being able to fly on Slyce. Winona had given her father the badge after her father defeated her and he, in turn, gave it to her. She now wants to have an adventure of her own to meet new friends and new Pokemon.

One of my first times so correct me if I got anything wrong.

Quto March 12th, 2012 10:23 AM

d4rka8isz, your profile has been approved.

Welcome to Lethia.

Greiger March 12th, 2012 3:34 PM

@Zerin I have set the stage for you to run into Quto and I, if you wish that is.

Satan.EXE March 12th, 2012 5:13 PM

And I did! You may respond whenever.

Quto March 13th, 2012 1:04 AM


sorry for the wait, you have been approaved.

Satan.EXE March 13th, 2012 4:35 PM

@Quto & @Greiger:
Could you both please list your pokemon for me, by Species, Name, Sex, Age, and Personality? It would help me to be involved in the group to know everyone. Maybe a quick appearance summary of your characters? It would help me quite a bit. Also, perhaps our Pokemon could talk to one another?

Greiger March 13th, 2012 4:42 PM

I'm good with having our pokemon talk. I've been in some RP's where I've had to do that. As for our pokemon both of our SUs are listed on the first page of the thread in the RP Corner but here's mine for convenience sake.

Pokemon Team:

Alpha (Hypno/Male)
Dream Eater
Calm Mind

Being Jack's first pokemon Alpha considers himself the cream of the crop. He tends to act as a leader among his fellow pokemon and becomes annoyed with any who dare to challenge his position.

Bravo (Banette/Female)
Shadow Sneak
Shadow Ball

Bravo likes tricks. Despite Jack's best efforts all he could do was curb Beta's behavior so that he or his other pokemon are not the targets of Bravo's pranks.

Charlie (Kadabra/Male)

Charlie is as uptight as a pokemon can get. Beliving that psychic pokemon are of a superior type he will refuse to speak to any non-psychic pokemon. It took a while but Jack was eventually able to get Charlie to start socializing with the rest of his pokemon, but that's was as far as Charlie would go. Outside of Jack's pokemon non-psychic types won't get so much as a glance from Charlie.

Delta (Gastly/Male)
Confuse Ray
Night Shade

Delta shares many characteristics of Bravo. Both enjoy pulling pranks on others and while Delta has more control over his tendencies there will be times that Bravo can rope Delta into helping her with one of her projects.

Echo (Sneasel/Female)
Icy Wind
Faint Attack

Echo is the shy one of the group. She will show her wild side in battle, but outside of the battlefield she will clam up around strangers and will stay near Charlie as his attitude will usually drive away other pokemon.

Foxtrot (Sableye/Male)
Night Shade
Faint Attack
Shadow Claw

Being part ghost Foxtrot too feels a need to pull pranks but thanks to Jack's strict discipline the sableye no longer feels those cravings and instead focuses his time on training. He is considered Jack's secret weapon due to him having no weaknesses against another type.

Edit 1: Forgot my appearance, lol:
Jack stands at 5'3". He has brown hair and eyes and wears a white shirt with blue jeans. Whenever he travels he carries a backpack to hold all of his supplies.

Quto March 13th, 2012 4:53 PM

Sure, and Im fine with it.

Avaith is a Quilava, Male
Ulla is a Wingull, Female
Jav is a Heracross, Male
Light is a Umbreon, Male
Stella is a Eevee, Female

Satan.EXE March 16th, 2012 4:24 AM

Is anyone else posting to this RP other than us 3?

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