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-Grayscale- February 10th, 2012 5:26 AM

|~ Disease Deoxys - [T] ~| (OOC)

“An alien virus that fell to earth on a meteor underwent a DNA mutation to become this Pokémon”


[T Rated RP]


Before you know what this RP is about, you might want to pay attention to a special news report...


NEWS REPORT - ONE WEEK AGO: Kanto; the original, largest, and to some the greatest region of the Pokemon World has now been sent into a new, catastrophic state of fear. An otherworldly virus that was thought to have left the planet a century ago has now come back stronger than ever, and the alien effects of this comeback is spreading anxiety across the world. Although Deoxys’ arrival was unknown at first, large disappearances of wild pokemon made it clear a problem was arising.

A group of five lone pokemon rangers set out with their companions had searched throughout Mt. Moon last night to find the source causing the lack of pokemon. It was then reported by one of those five trainers the true, horrifying discovery of what they found. A gathering of powerful, mutated, psychic pokemon within the cave.

“The moment my counterparts, human and pokemon alike spotted them, blood was already being shed. Each creature in the cave had large, glowing white eyes with mutated bodies resembling the alien Deoxys, which I originally thought was just a myth told to scare people. I watched my pokemon shoot reckless, desperate attacks out to stop them, but… I-I was useless. Each were struck down- they weren’t strong enough. None of us were. I still cannot recall how I managed to escape… but they let me go. I don’t know why. It’s as if they wanted me to spread the news… about their arrival…” said a devastated witness.

Trainers have already begun to take action one way or another, from completely avoiding the mountainous area to forming into groups for battle. Only time will tell where these actions will take us...

W H A T - N O W ?

Unable to control the sudden outbreak of mutated pokemon, both humans and pokemon were forced to flee when the infection began to spread to Cerulean City, many trainers losing their friends in the process. Lead by two separate Deoxys, an army had invaded the city without warning. This was the event that caused the most worry among the regions, especially Kanto citizens. However, no official organization was formed until individual infected pokemon were found spread across Kanto. This caused more distress, and soon enough, an organization was formed to go against these aliens- the Valoran Army. Trainers from all over the pokemon world have gathered together for a meeting on the possible actions that can be taken to prevent the loss of another city, or the loss of any more lives for that matter.


As an RPer, you can be -
- A Human General of the Valoran Army, with uninfected Pokemon and people at your command. You have a communicator that can translate all Pokemon speech. Only one can be this character, and the RPer that is the Human General will also play as the legendary Deoxys, to have full control of the battlefield. So basically, only ONE Rper will be human. Others are Pokemon.

- A Normal Pokemon of the Valoran Army, fighting the Infected with your uninfected allies under the General's command. You can also be a 'loner'. A loner Pokemon means that you aren't helping any Army, but you are also secretly against the Infected in the shadows If you are a Pokemon of the Valoran Army, you can have a little human weapon or armor to help you (example: dagger, armor plates, bows). It gives you an advantage if you have armor, as the disease passes through blood...

- A Stage-One Infected Pokemon. In this stage, the pokemon's appearance will change in color, resembling Deoxys. In a half-Deoxys state, you will find yourself unable to fight against strong, important commands, but you can still think, tell what's right and wrong, and control yourself with strong willpower. Your emotions are all still intact. However, if you are infected for a long period of time, you might slowly 'evolve' into Stage-Two. You will also have another psychic move, given by Deoxys. Example of an infected pokemon Click here for an example of an infected First Stage Pokemon. If it's second stage you should resemble Deoxys even more.

- A Stage-Two Infected Pokemon. In stage two, you'll look like Stage-One Pokemon with a gem grown on your body somewhere to mark you. You CANNOT control your own thoughts. As a Full-Deoxys state, your psychic powers will be multiplied, and your power will be increased. More zombie-like, you will be forced to obey the actions, and become more bloodthirsty and distrustful of regular pokemon/humans. Some Pokemon just do it without trying to struggle, totally hypnotized by their master. Even if you have strong willpower, it is almost impossible for you to break free.

General - You will have to command and use your army of Uninfected Pokemon. You'll have to plan out what to do, and how to drive the Infected away. You have an arsenal of Pokemon at your command, but remember...Deoxys has his minions as well.

Normal Pokemon - If you are a Loner, you should, and would, hide in the shadows, probably in alleys, abandoned places, under bridges or even dark forests. Stay away from the Infected, and if you are strong enough, take them down when you can. A Loner is usually a strong, independent Pokemon that can take care of himself. If you are in the Valoran Army, help the General and listen to his orders. Together with allies, strike the enemies down.

Infected Pokemon - No matter if you're Stage-One or Stage-Two, you will have to listen to Deoxys via telepathy. Kill or infect the Unfected, and help your master in attempt to take over. Stage-Twos, you are generally stronger than Stage-Ones, and more reckless. Stage-Ones, you are slightly weaker due to the half-Deoxys state and not the Full state, but you still have a chance of breaking free if you still can...


According to another news article, this is how the Disease is spread.


The Infected Pokemon will always have Deoxys Venom inside them. Depending on the pokemon, some has them on their claws, some has them on their wings, tails or spikes. When an Infected Pokemon severely hurts an Uninfected one, and that the Infected is able to use mix its 'venom' with the Uninfected's blood, it passes to the Pokemon. Similar to STDs, in transfers through blood.





Human Age:

Appearance (Go in detail if you are infected, as you have different colors now):


Personality(1-2 paragraphs):

Background Story/History(1-2 paragraphs):

*Human Weapons (For those who are in the Valoran Army):

Moveset (4 Original, 1 extra psychic move for Infected):


- Normal RPing Rules Apply Here...whatever they are ^^

- No Bunnying is allowed, unless permitted by the RPer. God modding is also not allowed.

- Stay Active. Don't join and poof.

- No Flaming or bashing others please!

- This an RP made by me and my friend Equinox! So she's the GM as well!

- Each member has about three warnings if these rules are broken. Strike three, you're out.


Valoran Army Human General (one only - full):
  • Greigar - Benny Larson

Valoran Army Pokemon:
  • Fortworth96 - Sirva Flash [Charizard]

    NightOfRemorse - Felicie "Number" Schäfer [Nidorina]

    Silver Rogue - Blaze Ghretz [Arcanine]

    Sir Bastian- Splash [Wartortle]

Uninfected Loner Pokemon:
  • Sir Bastian- Axel [Raichu]

    Megaman765- Snype [Sableye]

    FinalMaster- Ness [Espeon]

    Cardinal- Risto [Delibird]

Stage One Infected Pokemon:
  • |Equinox| - Elysa Flight [Emolga]

    Rowigrath - Raiou [Raichu]

Stage Two Infected Pokemon:
  • Greiger - Somnus [Hypno]

    -Grayscale- - Gale Witt [Scizor]

    FinalMaster - Summer [Ninetales]

The one and only Deoxys -
  • RP'd by Greiger

|Equinox| February 15th, 2012 4:10 AM

All new forms and discussion will be held here! Anyway...

I have another RP in mind, which will probably be launched in march. It's called Pokemon Reversal, inspired by the 'Russian Reversal' meme. you see, when people say something like, "At lunch, you eat food", and they'll be like "In Soviet Russia, the food eats YOU"

So right now? "Humans catch Pokemon." I guess you can think what's going to happen next.

In future Sinnoh, Pokemon has taken over the region, and Humans are forced to live in Jubilife or in the woods (Or tall grass where they make shelter like outcasts), nowhere else. Still in plotting phase etc. the reason I've posted this idea is because I want people to give me ideas and give me help, since that will be rather messy. IN FUTURE SINNOH, POKEMON CATCHES YOU! I think the humans should have the elemental powers as well :3 Grass, Elec etc to fight for their 'masters', the Pokemon. the future, Pokemon's gonna overthrow Humans and rise with power, forcing the people to live in Jubilife City, nowhere else. Some humans escape and live in 'camps', located in forests and less obvious places, hence the possibility of 'A WILD HUMAN HAS APPEARED!'.

A Pokemon can have two humans max instead of five. They'll also be captured into Pokeballs, slightly modified for humans only. And because of that, the humans will gain power of a single element when being captured into the ball for the first time. So basically, if Andy, a nobody guy, gets sucked into a Pokeball, he'll gain a power...let's see...okay, for example, he'll have Water. When he is summoned by the Pokemon, his master, he has to do what Pokemon normally does - serve, fight, and be loyal. It's the other way around. So with the water elements, the HUMANS fight for the POKEMON.

At the end, the humans are smart enough to convert the balls back to their normal versions, and they suck the pokemon back in, taking over once more. but that's the very very end~ Need more plotting and ideas and such but I have a month! )

Sir Bastian February 15th, 2012 5:18 AM

Huzzah, an OOC thread at last! \o/ And it does sound like a really interesting setting for an RP, but I don't know how it'd work. Like, how would the Pokémon take over? What happened to the trainers? There'd also be Pokémon opposed to capturing people, I would guess. How would the Pokémon convey orders to the humans? Would the humans run around saying their own names? XD

Just some food for thought!

|Equinox| February 15th, 2012 5:22 AM


What happened to the trainers?
Thrown over by Pokemon! All humans are now in Jubilife, or in camps, hiding in the shadows! The Pokemon will be able to talk to their Humons (Human-monsters ^^) through telepathy. And the name calling thing? you can if you want! xD

Sir Bastian February 15th, 2012 5:30 AM

"Sebastian! Bastian ba!"
"What's that? Timmy fell down the well?"

No, but seriously though, how did the Pokémon overthrow them I mean? some of these trainers are pretty badass, and their Pokémon really strong.

Oh, and... someone's already using this idea. Just wanting to let you know :P It's called Planet of Pokémon I think.

|Equinox| February 15th, 2012 5:31 AM

Not here though. :3 and we can improve the idea. any suggestions? Anyway, how can they not? Pokemon?? They got powers! I don't think a human can fight against 6 Pokemon if they all go against him.

Sir Bastian February 15th, 2012 5:44 AM

True enough, but the trainers would still have their own Pokémon, and they'd obviously be loyal to said trainers. I mean, there's a reason they haven't taken over yet XD

The other idea for this had Mewtwo as a badguy, and I think that, to rally all of the Pokémon to go against the humans -would- have to take some sort of leader type. Not neccesarily a legendary, but perhaps a human organization that controls the leaders of the pokémon in secrecy or summing.

I'm just throwing ideas out there :P

|Equinox| February 15th, 2012 5:49 AM

Wow! That's a great idea! Leader of all Pokemon, captured all this time to prevent his 'minions' to overthrow humans! Brilliant! But we need a plotline. I mean, humans are now 'pokemon' with single elemental powers. then what? But now I'm worried about Planet of Pokemon. Similar plot, but there's proof that I've got this idea before it's accepted, so there's no plagiarism.

Sir Bastian February 15th, 2012 5:59 AM

Well... hmh. I'm not really sure. As soon as the Pokémon had started to win, I would suspect some people would go underground (Only sometimes literally) and hide away. Start a rebellion of some sort, with someone like Lance in front.

Obviously, there'd both be Pokémon happy for this, and also some that were reluctant to give up their current lifestyle. And once more, some that just went with it, and didn't want internal struggles.

So I suppose Pokémon could have taken over houses, and have altered everyday appliances to better fit their needs. The baddies could easily be someone like Giovanni or the like. Or perhaps a part of the Elite Four or hell, even Gary whose gotten sick and tired of all of this crap.

Once more, just throwing stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks xD

|Equinox| February 15th, 2012 6:03 AM

well most should be happy. Finally chance for payback! ^^ right? and if that happens it's too much like DD. Rebels again?

Sir Bastian February 15th, 2012 6:06 AM

Hrmh, true enough. I'm just talking from a realistic standpoint, but you do have a good point there.

|Equinox| February 15th, 2012 6:14 AM

any other kinda plotline? no rebels.

Sir Bastian February 15th, 2012 6:39 AM

Sorry, I just can't think of any kind of plot with this : \ I'll need more time to think up something.

|Equinox| February 15th, 2012 6:44 AM

we have one month to come up with everything ^^ let's make this happen~

Sir Bastian February 15th, 2012 7:02 AM

On a different note, this:
made me sad :(

|Equinox| February 15th, 2012 3:39 PM


ShadowTheDarkrai February 15th, 2012 4:37 PM

I signed up this thread via PM with Equinox to avoid clutter on the thread. (I change my mind a lot XD) I was accepted and now I'm just posting this so no one gets confused.

Name: Neco

Gender: male

Species: Pokemon/ Pawniard (yes I like dark types...)

Human Age: 13

Appearance (Go in detail if you are infected, as you have different colors now): His right arm is now blue-green with his left being orange. The same for his legs except the opposite. The blade on his body have become slightly curved like scythes. His torso retains same color.(black) His eyes are now a glowing light green. His face remains the same but the top of his helmet is orange.

Side/Type: Stage one infected

Personality(1-2 paragraphs): He is often hopeless and lost, but he just needs a little motivation to get going. He likes to fix electronics or at least try to. He doesn't fight much unless others also are.

He usually finds himself in trouble for losing items or getting lost. He is a bit more powerful than the average pawniard but unfortunately he lost most of his hope after getting infected.

Background Story/History(1-2 paragraphs): Neco was captured by a pokeon trainer about a year ago. The trainer saw Neco's strength and entered him in battle tournaments. Neco did good but was starting to feel depressed because of him not actually caring how well he did and the tournaments taking up most of his free time.

The trainer saw this and decided to teach Neco how to fix and use technology due to the looks Neco gives at technology. After a couple of weeks Neco knew how to place the pieces in the right places and what wires go together. One day, Neco was at a tournament and got slashed by an odd looking pokemon. (infected) Neco and his trainer went home and in the morning Neco discovered he had changed and in confusion and distress Neco ran away. Eventually he got to Dexoy's army and was forced to remain there.

*Human Weapons (For those who are in the Valoran Army): N/A

Moveset (4 Original, 1 extra psychic move for Infected): Swords Dance, Guillotine, Slash, Agillity and (dexoys move) Pysoshock

Anyways, glad to see an OCC thread for this, I watched the video... kinda weird and maybe the leader of the pokemon revolution for the new thread could be a mis-treated pokemon who developed a hate for humanity.

|Equinox| February 15th, 2012 8:53 PM

accepted! Welcome to the roleplay. finally xd

Rafael p February 15th, 2012 9:24 PM

Name: Rafael

Gender: Male

Species: Espeon

Human Age: 14

Appearance: Like an Espeon

Side/Type: Loner

Personality: Rafael is an upbeat pokemon, and although he is simple minded at times, he has a strong sense of justice. Rafael has matured over a year's time, for instance, when battling enemies he seems to have a more serious expression on his face. Rafael is confident and takes charge of his group. He is also quite caring and reassuring to his friends and family. Rafael seems to unintentionally show somewhat of disrespect towards people of higher authority than him upon meeting them. He possesses a strong sense of justice and an unrelenting heart. At times he is impulsive and quick to anger when defending his friends, but he is always sincere about what he says and does. Rafael seems to have a remarkable capacity to forgive, even to his sworn enemies. Though he is far from stupid, Rafael has often seen to be highly gullible and oblivious to what should be obvious. Rafael is often quick to anger whenever he's confused, and is quite childish at times. He can also be seen as quite impulsive, as he tends to jump into things without thinking them through beforehand. While simple-minded and naive at times, he has a strong sense of justice. He is the kind of Pokemon that if you lie to him once he might not forgive you completly. He is a shy, insecure Pokemon who fears rejection by his peers.He is a trickster who exploits the needs and emotions of others to get what he wants:

Background Story/History: He was in Cerulean when Deoxys attacked it. He barely escaped but was seperated from his family and friends. Now he is roaming around wanting revenge on Deoxys for seperating him from his family. He always had a psychic shield up so that nobody can get to him and change him into an infected Pokemon. His worst fear is finding out that his family is dead or infected

Moveset:Psychic, Psybeam, Dig, Detect

Sir Bastian February 15th, 2012 9:57 PM

Poor Neco :( He's just getting beat around.
Also, I wish Four would come back D: I miss RP'ing with you guys!
Good to see that RP's moving forward none the less, though!

|Equinox| February 16th, 2012 2:15 AM

Rafael is also accepted! good to see more and more RPers joining the fray! ^^ and yes the RP is still going strong! and I think at the right pace!

Sir Bastian February 16th, 2012 2:18 AM

Definitely. And welcome along Rafael!

|Equinox| February 16th, 2012 2:33 AM

Where are you right now in the RP? We're having fun here XD Oh, and is Axel gonna join Flight? She'll come soon. Hopefully she'll come out safe and hidden from that crazy Typhlosion! She still has to rally and save Sho!

Sir Bastian February 16th, 2012 2:37 AM

Axel -may- join! As you've noticed, he can be a bit of a cowardly lion :P But as I've said before, I've got some ideas for him that may turn things around. All depends on what happens IC'ly!

And right now, Axel is held by Somnus, in Mt. Moon, on his way to Deoxys, which is why I really can't post anything until Four emotes something as Deoxys.

|Equinox| February 16th, 2012 2:39 AM

What ideas? As GM I wanna know! ^^

Are you with sho?

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