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aspie3000 April 6th, 2012 1:50 PM

New World Order (Rated M for violence)
New World Order

I'm going to try something new. This RP is taking the idea of Pokemon (pitting monsters against each other for sport) and pumping it up to the ultra violent adult level. This is NOT a Pokemon RP. It is an RP for collecting, battling, and evolving monsters.


It is January first, 12:00 A.M. The year is the year 3000. The world has changed. Technology has evolved. Things once thought possible only in science fiction stories have become a reality. The fusion reactor, the Tesla coil, teleportation, materializing food and water from air molecules, cures for all known diseases, storing objects in pocket dimensions, flying cars, taming wild beasts with an injection, and cloaking devices are all real. But the biggest change to the world is its life forms. When the organization known as the illuminati finally stepped out of the shadows and took over the world in 2226 they set their sights on building a Utopia. Guided by a mysterious extra dimensional being known only as the enlightened one they brought forth the new technologies mentioned above. Because of this, they first seemed like a godsend... until the purges started. One of the goals of the illuminati was to thin the world's population. At random they picked hundreds of millions of innocent citizens and forced them into labor camps. At the camps they built temples to the enlightened one. one hundred fifty years, and seven hundred billion casualties later the temples were complete. In 2390 the illuminati announced to the world the temple's true purposes. The temples were in fact able to open up portals to the enlightened one's world. They wanted the "Utopia" that they had created to be complete, and only the enlightened one claimed to have the ability to bring it. In the year 2400 they enacted their plan as portals opened up around the world at the temples. At first their plan seemed to be working until the fusion reactors went critical and the portals started to expand too rapidly. They tried to shut it down but couldn't. Things then began to come through the portals. Some resembled creatures from mythology and folklore. Others looked like things never seen before.

Finally the people in charge of the portal project pushed the button that sent the fusion reactors to a pocket dimension closing the portals. However, something else besides the creatures got through. A foreign virus entered the planet that mutated every complex biological life form into something superior. The animals mutated into fierce durable creatures that had almost supernatural powers. The plants turned into bigger lusher super plants with different strange abilities. Humans became stronger, faster, smarter, gained the ability to live up to five hundred years, and became more varied in hair and eye color.

Fast forward to the year 3000. Citizens have grown displeased with the New World Order. Rebel groups have formed to fight the tyrannical government. They've banded together to create the FRA (freedom resistance army.) Using the tactics of the Roman Emperor Nero, the illuminati has taken the public's mind off of their human rights violations by creating a sport that pits the wild monsters against each other in battle. Monster tamers travel around the world, and catch and train monsters to battle each other with. Whoever wipes out the opponents team of six monsters first is the winner of the battle. These monster battles are often bloody in nature, and in a free world would be considered inhumane.


You are a monster tamer with the goal of becoming the MFC (Monster fighting championship) champion. You start the RP as a beginning tamer in the United States of America. Your goal is to collect the ten codes from the ten stadium leaders and make it to the final tournament. Whoever wins the tournament faces the champion. Stadium leaders will each have an element that determines the type of monsters that they use. Other troubles that you'll face in this world is of course the illuminate. They are still hell bent on bringing forth their leader, the enlightened one to Earth. Also, be careful of the FRA, they might not be what they seem

Elemental Types

Each monster is of one ten elemental types. These types determine their strengths and weaknesses. The types are.

Fire- Monsters that use fire as a weapon. Usually weak to Water.

Water- Aquatic type monsters. Usually weak to fire.

Thunder- Monsters equated with thunder. Usually weak to wind.

Wind- Monsters that fly or use wind as a weapon. Usually weak to thunder.

Earth- Monsters of the ground that use earth as a weapon. Usually weak to Metal.

Metal- monsters that are cyborg or associated with metal. Usually weak to Earth.

Ice- Monsters that live in the cold or use the cold as a weapon. Usually weak to Wood.

Wood- Plant type monsters. Usually weak to ice.

Light- Holy beasts associated with light. Usually weak to darkness.

Darkness- Demon, ghost, or undead monsters associated with darkness. Usually weak to light.


This RP will test your creativity. In this future the monsters are so varied that no one has any idea how many types there are. The people in the RP will create the monsters as they go along. Every monster that is created will be stored in a Dex in the lounge. Each monster has four stages of evolution no exceptions. Since this is an M rated RP I expect the monsters to be fierce looking. Please do not copy the style of the Pokemon monsters. Every monster will have its own unique attacks and weaknesses. Levels go from 1 to 99. Everyone will start out with a level 5 monster. That's pretty much what I have to say about this.

Tamer Band

A tamer band is the most important tool to a monster tamer. It's a small computer attached to a band that fits around the arm. It shows information holographically. The band shows information that the computer collects from every monster the tamer meets. It can also fire black hole balls which are balls of energy that are used to capture the monster, tame it, and send it to the pocket dimension to await use.


Plants will have various uses in the RP that will be talked about later.




Appearance: (remember there are strange hair and eye colors in this future)



Starting monster: (Just create what ever monster you want to use. You can even take it from Mythology. Must be first stage.)

Monster's appearance: (Be descriptive)

Type and Weakness:

Attacks: (up to six attacks. Do not rip off Pokemon. Be sure to list the attack's type.)


1. All PC rules apply.
2. No Bunnying or Godmodding unless I say so.
3. This is rated M so violence is expected.
4. I am the GM, what I say goes.
5. Have fun.

Accepted RPers
aspie3000 (GM)
Kyoshi the Polar Bear
Game Over1375

Monster DEX

aspie3000 April 9th, 2012 12:25 PM


Name: Christian Williams

Age: 20 (very young in this future.)

Appearance: Christian has long blonde hair and blood red eyes. His face is handsome and usually alternates between a cocky smirk, an ice cold stare, a carefree look, or an emotionless expression. He stands at 5'11 and weighs about 180 pounds. His build is skinny but muscular. His usual attire is a t-shirt with a death's head insignia from an ancient comic book that he wears over a long sleeved black shirt during the winter. For pants he either wears long blue jeans in the winter or short beige shorts in the summer. For shoes he wears white shoes with a logo from a company from the year 3000.

Personality: From first appearance Christian would look like what in the the old world was called a "skater punk." He isn't but he can have a somewhat rebellious nature. He lives by the rules of logic and his God and no one and nothing else can supersede the authority of these two things in Christian's mind. Virtues that he would possess are knowledge, intelligence, justice, and faith. He is an incredibly smart deep thinker who's come to every belief he has based on logic. His knowledge of different subjects is also great ranging from the technology of his time to the wildlife of his era. His sense of justice is strong, and he believes in the literal definition of justice which is paying back every action with an equal punishment or reward. His faith in God is strong believing every last verse of the Bible to be literal truth.

If he had three fatal vices they would be pride, wrath, and lust. Because he's lived a genuinely decent life in his eyes and has above average logical reasoning skills, he sometimes thinks of himself as better than other people. This can cause him to be cocky and down right arrogant in many cases. His second vice is lust. He has a weakness for beautiful women, and can easily be influenced by them. He can also be a very dark and vengeful person making it very hard on his enemies.

Christian is also somewhat of a bad arse. He's been trained in Krav Maga and has freakish above average strength. He also has no qualms about torture and execution. He will kill someone if he thinks that they deserve it. He also has a smart mouth and won't hesitate to hurt someone's feelings. Sometimes he can be downright verbally abusive so watch out. His cynical attitude toward mankind causes him to believe that a true Utopia is unachievable and that causes him to favor the FRA.

Hometown: Charleston South Carolina, USA.

Starting Monster: Demon Hyena Cub

Type: Darkness

Weakness: Light

Starting Monster's appearance: It’s about the size of a normal Hyena. It has the pattern of a spotted hyena, and has blood red eyes. Looks like the average hyena except sleeker, more muscular, and fiercer, like something from hell. Also has a black, upright, horse like mane going from its neck down it's back. It also has four metallic claws coming from each paw. Special abilities include moving through the shadows and the darkness and being able to bite through diamond like butter. Laugh also has a slight fear inducing quality. Doesn't have the ability to talk yet. Just to laugh creepily.

Attacks (will learn more as it levels up.)

1. Demon's Laughter- A darkness type move where the user laughs and fires a dark energy blast that damages the foe and ups their fear level.

2. Metal slash- A metal type move in which the user slashes it's opponent with its metal claws.

3. Hyena Bite- A Darkness type attack where the Demon Hyena bites the opponent with extreme force.

Rest of evolution line

Demon Hyena Warrior- The size of a big lion making it face its arch enemy head on. It's laughter now causes slight disorientation on the unfocused mind.

Demon Were Hyena- A nine foot bipedal were hyena. It's both sleek and muscular. Laugh can now cause slight panic attacks. Can speak whatever the tongue of the area it's based in speaks.

Beelzebub Hyena- A towering twenty foot giant were hyena with a wingspan of 30 ft. Has two prominent demon ram horns that protrude from his head. Laugh can now cause opponents to experience their worst fears. Can speak any language

They have the loyalty of a dog to their tamer. They can manipulate darkness and shadow to do their bidding as they grow. Their bite strength is only matched by one other monster (one I'll reveal later.) Uses fear as a weapon. The Beelzebub Hyena is one of the most powerful demons in the RP. They are vicious, merciless, and blood thirsty.

They are vicious merciless and blood thirsty. That means that once they fight, they aren't satisfied until they kill something and taste it's blood. If they aren't satisfied, they could be hard to control. They're weak to light as darkness usually is. Being a demon, it has evil tendencies.

Arcaray April 9th, 2012 12:59 PM

Wow, this looks intense! Can I get reserved please, Aspie?

aspie3000 April 9th, 2012 1:01 PM

Absolutely Arcaray, you are reserved.

TornZero April 9th, 2012 1:18 PM

Reserve me, too, please. I've got horrifying beasts in mind.

aspie3000 April 9th, 2012 1:22 PM

Wouldn't have it any other way TornZero, you're reserved!

Arcaray April 9th, 2012 2:49 PM

And alas, Adrianne and her accompanying beast are done!

Name: Adrianne Zander

Age: 22

Appearance: Adrianne stands at 5’10’’, and her slender build only accentuates her height. Her ruby-coloured hair is cut in a jagged, angular style which does not reach her shoulders, and her eyes are quite literally sky blue. Her skin is naturally fair, despite the time she spends outdoors. Her smile is broad and welcoming, a look not often reflected in her eyes.

Adrianne does not oft wear make-up, but can be swayed if the situation arises. She is most regularly seen to be wearing short green shorts with a sloping orange belt. She wears an orange vest, and will occasionally don a brown leather bomber jacket if the weather calls for it. On her feet she wears hard-wearing high-top orange trainers, and on her right leg above the shoe she has a small tattoo of an ancient symbol associated with her family.

Personality: To the untrained eye, Adrianne is a gentle, meek and unassuming young woman who has no business in taming monsters. This first impression is the precise reason why a book should never be judged by its cover, as Adrianne can be as ruthless as they come. Adrianne will stick to her guns to every extent, and her determination and motivation to become MFC Champion drives her very existence. Stopping at nothing to become Champion, Adrianne will lose sight of all morals when she sees an opportunity to get ahead, and can become dangerously unattached to her emotions. Even though Adrianne is confident, pleasant and easy to be around, she is detached from those who consider her an ally and wouldn’t double-think harming them for personal gain.

Adrianne has no faith, and believes in logic and logic alone. Although she prides herself on her intelligence, Adrianne does not showcase it unnecessarily. She would rather use her intelligence in secrecy, to appear weaker, and therefore less of a threat, in the eyes of her opponents. Adrianne is most intelligent when she manipulates others without their knowledge.

Adrianne does not recognise her weakness herself, but her one-track mind causes her to burn more bridges than she builds. She fails to understand the value of an ally, which will possibly be her downfall. By being detached from her emotions, Adrianne can feel empty even after victory, which will always lead her wanting more. She is easily carried away, to the point where she is a danger to more than just monsters.

Adrianne’s femininity is the greatest weapon in her arsenal, as she is often underestimated by her opponents. She is not afraid to exploit her femininity to overcome obstacles, and is flirtatious when the moment requires her to be.

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Starting Monster: A previously unnamed relation to the dragon formation of a Chimera

Monster Name: Tryad.

Type: Fire

Weakness: Water

Monster Appearance: In its first evolutionary state, Tryad has only one head – that of a lion. Its eyes glint a fiery red colour, and its fur is a dark orange. At this stage, the mane is short and of similar colour to the fur. The front paws are that of a lion, whereas the back paws are that of a goat. At its midriff, two large, brown skeletal-looking wings protrude. The tail is distinctively reptilian, and harnesses a blue-black flame on its tip. In between its strong jaws lies a row of long, sharp teeth. In this stage, the only fire available to Tryad is via its tail, but its strong quarters and even stronger jaw are more than a match for most. At this point, Tryad's body is the size of an average lion.

Combustion Whip (fire) – The monster whips its fiery tail to burn the foe. The foe’s defence is lowered.

Maul (dark) – The monster uses its claws and teeth to rip the foe in a brutal physical attack.

Air strike (wind) – The monster takes to the skies and drops unexpectedly on the foe with great speed and force.

Second evolutionary stage:
Tryad will develop another head to the right of its lion head – that of a dragon. This head is black and scaled, with two horns protruding from its forehead. The eyes are a deep, glittering black, and its fangs protrude out of the jaw. At this stage, the tail is darker in colour and the lion’s mane is more prominent, now a distinctive brown in comparison to the orange fur. The dragon’s head breathes a blistering black fire, and has a forked tongue.

Third evolutionary stage:
Tryad will now develop a goat’s head on the left of the lion. Its fur appears slimy and wet, and is a dark blue colour. The muscles of the goat neck seem atrophic, as the head droops uncontrollably. The eyes of the goat glow a fierce, demonic red, and do not blink. The rear legs of Tryad are now more prominent and forceful, and the monster can attack with much darker moves. The goat’s head seems to be possessed and demonic, and can instil fear into its opponents. It rarely makes a noise, but it is rumoured that when the goat bleats, the opponent will die within the next 14 days.

Fourth evolutionary stage:
Tryad is far larger at this stage, measuring at 14ft from head to toe. The wings are now a jet black, and the fur is a much darker brown-black colour. The flame on its tail has been replaced with the flat head of a pure black snake, which hosts a paralytic venom. If immediate treatment isn't sought after being bitten, a human may lose a limb, become comatose or even suffer a fatality. The snake itself is blind as its eyes are milky white. The claws, teeth, hooves and horns of the beast are much stronger, larger and more lethal in this stage, and the lion's mane is alight with a bright orange flame. At this stage, the beast can communicate via the Dragon or Lion heads, but the snake and goat heads are not of a similar intellect. The eyes of the Dragon and Lion heads glow ruby red, and the beast is far more corrupt and violent as a whole.

Misc. Information: Tryad is related to the mythological Chimera. It is corrupt and will seek out confrontation for pleasure. There are few creatures of Tryad’s breed, as the monster will usually either kill a potential partner or the live young. Those which do survive are often killed by townspeople in the best interest of the community. These creatures are moderately intelligent, and will prey on the weak. These beasts have never been known to be tamed successfully in their adult form, but they are smart enough to recognise loyalty at a young age. Those who are willing to risk taming these beasts believe that they will remember and respect that the tamer helped them in their youth. This has never been seen to happen in practice, as in the rare occasion that a tamer will find and choose this breed, it will grow to kill them for pleasure or food. In any other circumstances, the beast will rarely make it past the second evolutionary stage before the public murder it in what can only be justified as a ‘mercy killing’. Sightings of a third evolutionary stage are extremely rare, and nobody is certain as to whether there is a fourth evolution.

TornZero April 9th, 2012 3:37 PM

Alright, it's not finished yet, of course, but I got the monster all down. Fear my starting monster! |D

Name: Zane Alef

Age: 20

Appearance: He's about five feet and nine inches tall, weighs in within the 150-lb range, and has a lively Caucasian skin tone. Zane has wide white eyes, and multi-colored hair that fringes out just around his shoulders, the bangs typically being held at the sides of his forehead or over one eye. (Colors consist of multiple shades of blonde, some black near the roots, and scarlet near the tips.) Zane's also well-built, though he's pretty far from being a bodybuilder. Just a bit of evident muscle on his arms and legs, a toned chest, and flat abs is enough for him. Normally he wears Hawaiian shirts, wide-legged blue jeans (with a belt), monochrome street sneakers, and a fleece hoodie. In the colder seasons, Zane changes out his jeans for cargos and his sneakers for some light boots.

Personality: Normally, Zane is calm, collected, intelligent, and tactful (and sometimes a comic, if the perfect moment arises). His voice reflects this, being smooth and relaxing to hear. His voice, complementing his look, can get him almost anywhere he wants without trouble. However, he's also an offensive person at times; he'll point out things he sees, good or bad, without any remorse, using a more solid voice than usual. At least he doesn't resort to physical violence, right? Wrong! When it comes to getting what he wants, Zane's ruthless, but he /does/ think things through. Don't expect him to charge head-first into a fight. Combined with a desire to become the Monster Fighting Champion, Zane's plans don't include failure.

He's fully aware of his issues-- namely a lack of conversational skills, a high sense of self because of his intelligence, he sometimes comes off as condescending with the way he talks, his lack of religious faith, and the way he can't resist something cute, among other things-- and he can end up offended easily when someone else points it out. It's not because they're pointing it out, it's because he already knows it. He just doesn't want to bother fixing it.

Hometown: Hell, Michigan


Starting Monster: The Bunny of Evil. (T-BOE)

Monster's Appearance: Really, this little dude is just an unassuming rabbit in his first stage. Fluffy white fur, a poofy cottontail, big floppy ears, and wide bunny eyes. Normally, T-BOE'll be hanging out on Zane's shoulder, since he doesn't exactly enjoy being in a pocket dimension.

Type: Earth

Weakness: Light

Death by Adorable (Dark) - Only available to his first stage (and disappearing upon evolution), The Bunny of Evil is able to concentrate all his ungodly cuteness into entrancing his opponents, who attack themselves out of just THINKING of hurting something so cute!
Earth Blast (Earth) - T-BOE is able to fire rocks and pillars out of the ground. It's used for both attacks and assisting in his jumps.
Killer Bite (Dark) - With extraordinary speed, T-BOE leaps at his opponent, dragging along a set of ethereal teeth. His best offense against incorporeal monsters, it's an otherwise normal attack.

aspie3000 April 9th, 2012 4:03 PM

Alright, cool. I like what I'm seeing so far. Although I should add one thing. When coming up with attacks be sure to list the elemental type that the attack is. Sorry for not being clearer.

Collector Elwood April 9th, 2012 5:15 PM

I gotta bite off a piece of this. I've always been into bloody, intense writing, and being able to create our own monsters is a wonderful idea.

Reserve me please, Mr. Aspie! :3

Yagerbomb April 9th, 2012 5:16 PM

Creating your own monsters? Count me in. Also, if I get accepted, can I post my starting monsters full evolution line?

Name: Arro Malthesis

Age: 23

Arro is a very tall and muscular man, which makes him adept at handling dangerous monsters. Arro measures up at six feet, five inches tall, which is tall even in the future. Arro weighs in at a very large two-hundred and forty nine pounds, most of which is muscle. Arro has a very worn and chiseled face, with many a sharp features. Arro has bright,clear,defined green eyes, which shine under sunlight. Arro has a slightly tanned skin tone, which is the result of being outside often. Arro is the bearer of short brown hair, which is kept clean and combed. Arro often wears a black flat-brim hat, with a MFC logo on the front. For clothes, Arro wears a plain black t-shirt, covered by a black MFC sport-coat if it is cold outside. Arro dons a pair of dark blue,baggy jeans, or surfer shorts in the summer. For shoes, he wears white low-tops with a 3000's era logo on it.

Arro is the definition of a friendly giant, for despite his enormous stature, he is one of the more nicer people. Arro is calm, honest and caring. He is considered "a good friend" due to those qualities, and is know as an all-around nice guy. Arro is willing to stand up for his friends and allies, that is why he is know to be associated with the FRA, although he has know formal connection to the group. Arro is quite intelligent when compared to most, something you don't see when you meet him. Although Arro is known as a nice-guy, he does have that snap in him that turns him into a six-foot-five bull in a china shop. Arro is a goal-oriented man, his life plan based on setting goals and meeting them. Arro is an industrious person, believing that hard work is the way to success. Arro is honest, not believing in cheating instead working hard towards his accomplishments because to Arro, he feels better about a small accomplishment that he earned than a big accomplishment he didn't earn.

Arro also has that drive for speed, based on him wanting to race when he was younger, before he found taming. Arro's need for speed sometimes makes him run towards a place instead of walk, drive fast instead of slow, and so forth. Arro carries many concepts from racing into his monster battling tactics, such as giving a little ground to put yourself in a better spot, and being willing to make a strategy change to enhance success. Although Arro is no dad or family man, he is able to get along with the younger generation, sacrificing his own time to make a kid, or anyone for that matter, smile. Arro has a witty sense of humour, cracking jokes with ease yet not using a joke that hurts someone's feelings.

Arro is a tactical genius, stringing together smart moves and brute power. Arro, due to his size, carries an aura of intimidation with him, something that has its ups and downs. Arro is a calming voice of reason when it comes to most disputes and issues. Arro is built to be tough, both physically and emotionally. Arro is a meditator, often meditating with his monsters. Arro is a believer in Zen, which aids him when problems arise, but causes him to be a bit timid. Arro's calm nature often goes against him as he waits patiently for the right chance more often than not.

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Starting monster: Drateel

Monster's appearance:
Drateel is a small, yet fierce monster. it's viciousness is a detail of what it could be in later evolutions. It has about an ten inch snake-like metallic body. Drateel has two metal covered wings that reach out to a wingspan of one foot. Drateel is a four-legged terror, being able to quickly move on the ground as well as the air. Drateel has a sharp whip-like tail, although the tamer has to regularly sharpen the tail for maximum effectiveness. Drateel's wings, which have a one foot wingspan, are sleek and sharp, and can do damage if used correctly. Drateel's head is smooth and metallic, with two horn-like structure starting to bump out of the skull at the beak, and creates a ridge that goes over the eyes, while staying joined to the skull, and pointing back over the skull. When a Drateel opens its mouth, row after row of sharp metal teeth are found, with these teeth being able to rip apart cement like cotton. Drateel are armed with four talon on each foot, with each talonbeing honed for maximum cutting power, being able to slice through the hardest of materials. Drateel have red, piercing eyes which instill fear all on their own.

Drateel are not able to talk, only shriek, growl and yelp, although they are quiet intelligent.

Type and Weakness: Metal weakness is fire

Attacks: Will learn more.

1. Airborne Fury (Wind)- The Monster using this move flies high up into the air, then divebombs down at the opposing monster at a high speed. This move, which has a low accuracy rate, hurts the user regardless if it hits.

2. Lock-On(Metal)- The Monster using this move uses Cyborg technology to lock-on to the opposing monster, raising the user's accuracy.

3. Sword Slash(Metal)- The Monster using this move uses a sharp object of its, either a tail, claw or fin, and slashes its opponent.

4. Claw Swipe(Metal)- The Monster using this move swipes it's claw at its opponent.

Evolutions of Drateel:


Name: Stacor
Type: Metal
Weakness: Fire
Stacor are similar in appearance to Drateel, except of a few things. First of all, Stacor are larger. A Stacor, when measured head to tail, is five feet long. Also, A Stacor wingspan reaches sixty-two inches. Stacor also have longer talons than Drateel, with Stacor talons measuring at five inches apiece. Stacor also start developing the underbite that is present in further evolutions. Also to be noted, Stacor sport small metal knobs on its back, which in later evolutions become full spikes. Stacor are able to speak, although they only have a limited vocabulary and attention span.


Name: Allugon
Type: Metal
Weakness: Fire
The Differences between Allugon and its predecessors are enormous. Allugon grows in size, growing up to fifty-five feet long, when measured from head to tail. Allugon has a very large wingspan, the wingspan measuring sixty-one feet. Allugon also become bulkier than Stacor, but still have the thin, whip-like tail. Mind you, the tail becomes much harder to sharpen now that it is eighteen feet long. Allugon has four foot spikes protruding from its spine, these spines used for both offense and defense. Allugon's talons grow up to five feet long, each talon being able to cut through diamonds. The standard metallic coat on the Stacor and Drateel darkens once the monster evolves into Allugon, revealing a midnight black finish, yet still having a steel-coloured underbelly. Allugon's mouth holds thirty-four rows of six-foot long teeth, each one being able to rip and shred through nearly anything. Allugon's horns are similar to it's predecessors, but the horns stretch back over Allugon's skull. Allugon are able to communicate with humans and other monsters. Allugon begin the habit of hoarding shiny objects. It is possible for any human to ride an Allugon.


Name: Titanah
Type: Metal
Weakness: Fire
Titanah are purely massive creatures. Measuring from head to tail at ninety-two feet, they are one of the larger monsters around. Titanah's wingspan clocks in at one hundred feet across. Titanah's talons grow up to fourteen feet each. Titanah's back spikes are measuring in at nineteen feet each. Titanah have fifty-seven rows of unimaginably sharp teeth, each one measuring in at about twelve feet long. Titanah have a different facial structure then its predecessors, Titanah replacing the face-shield horn of Drateel, Stacor and Allugon with more traditional dragon horns, each one being forty-one feet long. Titanah have a large underbite which exposes it's two front teeth, which are twenty feet long, instead of the regular twelve feet long. Titanah are bulkier than Allugon, but still have the long, whip-like tail. Titanah are able to breath fire and ice. Titanah are able to talk any language fluently, Titanah are more intelligent than most humans. Titanah are able of flying at speed of two-thousand miles per hour, and are able to fly in space.

aspie3000 April 9th, 2012 5:33 PM

Kyoshi is reserved and Yagerbomb accepted. Monsters can only have one type though.

TornZero April 9th, 2012 5:35 PM

Alright, my SU is finished, just edited into this post.

aspie3000 April 9th, 2012 5:39 PM

Alright, TornZero is accepted.

TornZero April 9th, 2012 5:44 PM

*Captain Falcon pose* YES!

Fear my evil Bunny of Evil (and Adorable)! >|D

aspie3000 April 9th, 2012 6:34 PM

Also to answer Yagerbomb's question, yes you may post your monster's whole evolution line. In fact it's encouraged. I'll now do mine.

Nideous April 9th, 2012 7:01 PM

I would like to reserve, if I'm not already. This looks interesting.

TornZero April 9th, 2012 7:03 PM

I already have T-BOE's final evolutionary stage thought out, I just need to think of the second and third. I'll come up with it as I go along. XD

Also, what should we expect to need in our first posts when the IC thread is submitted? (Just for forethought.)

Game Over1375 April 9th, 2012 7:58 PM

Aspie, you know I want a reservation. XD
Name: Michael Zacrius Benevolentia

Age: 20

Appearance: Michael is small for his age, standing at 4'11". His small stature, however, belies a compactly muscular build that, in addition to his naturally high energy level and endurance, fuels his considerable strength and agility. He wears his white as snow hair long and straight, usually tied in a braid that hangs down to his shoulders, but sometimes forgoing the braid for a simpler ponytail. He has bangs that hang down, sometimes over his eyes, which have purple irises. During formal occasions, he will slick back his hair and braid it. His skin is lightly tanned, thanks to Michael liking to hike, walk, and even participating in free running. When just hanging around, expect Michael to wear a white t-shirt with a random graphic on it, black trousers, and a pair of black boots that allow Michael to use his feet as if they were bare-footed, allowing him to run that much faster while making sure his feet aren't harmed by Mother Nature. A black leather overcoat and gloves can be seen being worn by him during winter. During formal occasions, he appears rather partial to the three-piece black suit and tie, coupled with polished dress shoes and the previously mentioned black leather overcoat and black leather gloves. He keeps this suit and numerous other things in a brown leather backpack.

Personality: Michael is an extremely curious, kindhearted, notably compassionate, loyal (to those he trusts), and patient (almost to a fault) individual. He usually keeps to himself unless spoken to. It is only then that he'll talk to someone. He is very mature for his age and has a wisdom beyond his years. While he is incredibly intelligent, he has trouble with words, sometimes not being able to say what he means. This usually ends with people taking what he said in the wrong way, and him being yelled at. While Michael usually takes the results with a smile, there are times he will walk out of the room to somewhere private. If someone were to check on him, they would usually see him with his face covered, mumbling something.

Michael also seems to be fearless. You can put just about ANYTHING in front of him, and he will not flinch. Truth be told, this is usually more out of curiosity than actual fear, but even if he isn't curious about it, he'll stand right where he's at, probably wondering why everyone is running from the hundred story tall monster. Hell, he'll probably think the monster is cute. Couple this with his other qualities, and you might be able to see why he'll make a great Tamer. Heck, he's the son of two great Tamers already! He does worry about the pressure though, among other things. You see, Michael hides his temper really well, and keeps a number of problems he has bottled up. It makes one wonder when that bomb will go off...

In battle, he is an exceptional tactician, often exploiting weaknesses or even creating traps. He likes to gather information on various monsters, usually after he sees a certain creature for the first time. Thanks to this, he has a wide knowledge about various monsters. Add to the fact that he has a damn good work ethic, expect someone not only able, but willing, to command six different monsters as a (compassionate) general would command his soldiers, and do a damn good job at it. He sees monster as beings that should be treated with respect and honor, as he knows that an angry monster can easily equal death to any person. He doesn't really have an opinion on the Illuminate or the FRA. He just tries to not get involved with them too much.

Hometown: Asheville, NC, USA

Starting Monster: White Manticore Cub (Male)

Monster's Name: Gabriel

Monster's Appearance: The White Manticore Cub looks to be a lion cub with the wings of an eagle. Both the wings and the body of this cub are white as snow while the eyes are a glowing sky blue. While it does have a wingspan of five feet, the White Manticore Cub cannot fly yet, due to its wings not being developed enough. Since that is the case, expect for its wings to stay still and not open up. Do not let the cute appearance fool you. This little cub is as powerful as a full-grown male lion and not afraid to take its enemies down, especially if it comes across a Demon Hyena, which is the White Manticore's mortal enemy. Also keep in mind that this species is very prideful and intelligent, so don't be surprised if your White Manticore doesn't listen to you. If the White Manticore is a cub, however, it will listen regardless. Hope and pray that it stays that way as the cub transforms.

Type and Weakness: The White Manticore species is of the Wind-type, and they are extremely weak to electricity. They also show a sensitivity to darkness.

Roar of Winds (Wind): A roar is let loose from the user's mouth, sending out a wind. The stronger the user, the greater the wind. (For example, Gabriel's Roar of Winds only reaches ten miles per hour. As the RP goes on, it will become stronger when Michael transforms.)

Sonic Claw (Wind): The user strikes quickly and silently with its claws.

Wind Fang (Wind): As quick as the wind, the user jumps at its foe and bites down as hard as it can.

Future Forms:
White Manticore Adolescent (Wings are developed enough that it can fly, although not far. Wingspan is ten feet. The wings are able to use wind techniques now. Roar is twice as powerful as before, clocking in at twenty miles per hour. Half the size of your usual lion/lioness. Males of the species start growing white manes. Able to shoot out small embers. Can talk, but it sounds like gibberish most of the time.)
-> White Manticore Adult (Wings are developed to the point where they can fly wherever they want, hardly ever needing a break. The wingspan of this creature is now twenty feet. Roar unleashes a wind that goes up to fifty miles per hour. Also able to breathe fire and now shows the ability to use a few light techniques. Manes are fully grown and still white for the males. Size of a full grown lion/lioness. Now able to speak one language, usually the native language of the area. Most members of this species usually stop here, as it takes a lot of work to become a Holy Manticore.)
-> Holy Manticore (Twice the size of the usual lion/lioness. The manes of the males now have streaks of gold and the eyes have gone from a sky blue to glowing silver. Claws are now golden while the body is covered in numerous golden runes. The wings of this creature now have gold, silver, and white feathers. Wingspan is fifty feet. Shows absolute mastery over wind. Able to breathe flames hot enough to melt solid steel and rock. Now shows a solid grasp on light techniques. Its roar is arguably more powerful than its claws or bite now, as the roar can reach two hundred miles per hour. Legend says this species was known to be fierce hunters of demons. It is said that the males of this species can be HUGE, weighing more than a thousand pounds while being more than twenty-three feet long in length, tail included. At shoulder height, males are usually recorded at being a little more than eight feet tall. Able to speak ANY language. Hasn't been seen in fifty years, making some believe that White Manticores are no longer able to become Holy Manticores.)
Will finish everything soon! Promise! FINISHED!

Yagerbomb April 9th, 2012 9:04 PM

Thanks for accepting me, I added my full evolutionary line and added a new move. Tell me if anything is wrong.

aspie3000 April 10th, 2012 6:16 AM

Nideous and Game you know were reserved yesterday! Nothing's wrong with your monster Yagerbomb, it's actually really cool. Tornzero, the start of a new year is the start of the MFC season. Basically there's a ceremony where new tamers gather in New Orleans Louisiana to hear from the champion. At least, that's what I got planned right now. It is subject to change.

Yagerbomb April 10th, 2012 6:33 AM


Originally Posted by aspie3000 (Post 7124245)
Nideous and Game you know were reserved yesterday! Nothing's wrong with your monster Yagerbomb, it's actually really cool. Tornzero, the start of a new year is the start of the MFC season. Basically there's a ceremony where new tamers gather in New Orleans Louisiana to hear from the champion. At least, that's what I got planned right now. It is subject to change.

Yaaaaa! My monster's cool! Derp! And I don't have to travel anywhere to get to the ceremony! Yaaaaa!

Seriously though, I'm darn excited.

Arcaray April 10th, 2012 3:47 PM

My SU is finished, it's completed in my original post.

I hope it's alright - if you want things in more detail or you think I need to change anything, let me know and I'll get right on it!

aspie3000 April 10th, 2012 4:09 PM

Alright cool Arcaray, you're accepted. Just know that each monster has four stages in its metamorphosis. You will be required to add a fourth stage later.

Collector Elwood April 10th, 2012 5:55 PM

(Mononym, last name constantly changes.)

Approx. 22

She tends to favor this one for its looks and charm, but it changes. (See below for details.)

About 5"7, 120 lbs.

Ave is a very blissful and mysterious person. Nothing really bothers Ave all that much- kind of stoic in a sense. Her eyes are a little lowered as if she were in a daze all the time, and she can often be found randomly dancing and singing to herself. To anyone, she is seen as rather a tad bit off or completely off her rocker. She always has a tiny smile on her face and giggles often. She seems to be trapped in a state of bliss, not that that bother her. She’s never really flustered or angered. She’s very outspoken, preferring to think everything aloud rather than just keep it to herself. She constantly spurts out what she wants in innocence (never really saying anything in spite even if it can be taken as an insult) and doesn’t really pay attention to what others say to her. She likes basking in the situation around her, leaving a lot of real action to be taken by her main partner, Endringhal. She’s pretty nice.

There’s also something else about this girl that’s off – not just about her personality, but about her in general. No one knows where she really came from. She tends to keep the name Ave but constantly switches out her middle and last names, and her body seems…. to be made of mist. Not like you can see anything under her skin, but like her body, if you look just close enough, isn’t real. That’s because it’s not. When she starting using Endringhal, she used him to grant her every desire, which he humbly did so with his illusion powers. Her usual appearance is actually a girl she once saw in a painting once, who she thought was extremely beautiful, and wanted to look like. Hence the name “Ave,” the name of the girl in the painting. But she constantly switches out her appearances to her whim, changing names as well to fit them. Her actual looks and name have been long forgotten to her, and this constant use of illusion has made her the way she is today. If you touch her, you still feel her real body, but you also feel the cold chill of the illusion mist around her.

Finally, she’s for hire. Do you need something, sweetie? Let me get it for you. Would you like minimal or maximum casualties? Yep. She’s one of those crazies. She’s very on task for her air-headed personality; and she’s not afraid to break a few limbs to ensure that she gets what she wants. Ave gets very…. unpredictable if she stops getting what she wants. Pretty amoral.

Hometown: Unknown, but if asked, she will say: “A cute little farmhouse in the south.”

Starting monster:

(Light, Lv. 5; Weak to Dark.)

About 2"1, Weightless.

This being mainly focuses on illusionary attacks; attack the opponent’s mind rather than straight up physically. This little fella is the reason why Ave is shrouded in so much mystery and illusionary effects, morphing anything around Ave into what she desires.


Cloud Shroud (Light)
Endringhal floods the area with steam that flows from its pours; causing its surroundings to be thick with smoke and rather hazy. This creates a small pocket world where Endringhal can tweak the background, appearances of people/creatures, etc. Illusionary effects are highly convincing and take on physical attributes (meaning, in this shroud, an illusion will also feel real and is convincing to the touch.) However, the mist dissipates after a while if not constantly being supplied.

(Weak) Telekinesis (Light)
Endringhal focuses his mind and moves small to medium sized objects mid-air for a short time. This is his main way of moving things. He can use this to his advantage to throw things at a foe and cause minor damage or just for casual purposes. In a panic situation, this technique may be weaker than usual since he can’t focus as intensely.

Faux Rain (Water)
Endringhal creates fake, illusionary rain in the area around him. It feels just like real rain and stings creatures that have a weakness to water. It also makes the surrounding area cloudy, creating shadows for future sneak attacks.

Astral Projectile (Light)
Endringhal flings an astral projection of himself at the foe, scaring them and doing decent damage. His main offensive attack.

*Endringhal's four-stage evolution system:


Second Stage
Endringhal grew taller, now standing at 5”4. His fur is now similar to that of porcupine quills, and his claws have becomes longer and stronger. The eyes on his chest have become more developed, being able to see hazily into the future. His muscle mass is probably the most predominant feature, and he now prefers to physically attack things. Endringhal has also sprouted a black, slimy tail, which drags snail-like goo wherever he goes. When he holds this tail, his Light powers increase. There seems to be little tribal markings appearing naturally on his now lighter blue fur.

Third Stage
Endringhal exploded in mass. He’s now 9”1 or so, and his width is about the size of a bus. He’s a big boy. Not only has he become more protective, loyal, and physically stronger, his fur has become more disheveled, lighter blue, and sharper. The slimy black tail is also bigger has rough skin, so Endringhal can use it similar to a flail and hit opponents. His muscles are very well defined, and his jaw has stretched out longer and is more bold; equipped with fearsome teeth. He speaks now, but in loud, ferocious roars. The eyes on his chest are now perfectly developed and can foresee the future crystal clear. His fur has large, strange markings embedded in it that mean something.

Fourth Stage
Endringhal is a great way to get around with now. He’s slightly bigger than his last stage and can be rode on, and his face eyes have opened to expose beady, angry black eyes. His body, for some reason, has formed open scar wounds from which miniature slimy black tail-like structures can spring out and grab foes with on his command. His roars are ear-piercing and intimidating, and his muscles are unbelievably tough and inconceivably mighty. His body also does this weird, decomposing-in-mushy-glob-structures thing that doesn’t seem to affect his health or body mass. There are huge, strange symbols all over Endringhal, and touching one taps into different powers he has.

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