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FinalMaster April 23rd, 2012 2:30 AM

Truth and Ideals [T]

The world isn’t as it used to be. Peace is a thing of the past… fear reigns in the hearts of everyone. It all started when a brave youth stood up to an army of dangerous ‘pokemon liberators’ known as Team Plasma. In a final showdown, the heroes of Truth and Ideals squared off… and Ideals won.

The hero of Ideals, Champion of Unova, N, stood atop his mighty castle and declared that all should release their pokémon, for they wished to be free. And so it was outlawed to possess a pokémon, fierce competitive battles relegated to illegal street fights. Pokémon were kidnapped by Team Plasma, brought to their Lord N, who made daily appearances from the balcony of the castle with his pokémon to remind everyone of the punishment that was to follow for any who dared keep their pokémon in slavery. He declared all laws and vetoed old ones, and it soon became that this was to be the most dreaded part of any day. It was broadcasted over TV across all TV stations, thanks to Team Plasma’s tech personnel.

Until one day, months later, when it all got even worse.

It was the middle of Lord N’s daily broadcast. He stood with Zekrom by his side, forever allies.
“…And that is all I have to say for today. Everyone, return to your lives. Today’s broadcast is over.”

“Now wait just one second!” Another voice rang out. Its owner quickly strode onto the scene. A tall figure clad in castle-like robes, with long green hair and an electronic device fitted over one eye.

“Attention, region of Unova!” The figure said. “I am Ghetsis, one of Team Plasma’s seven sages. And as of today, I am your new leader!”

He withdrew an arm from his robes. In his hand was an object many had forgotten over the past few months. A pokéball.

“Guards!” Ghetsis said. “Restrain N!”

“Y-you can’t do this!” Said N, struggling against the Team Plasma grunts he had until now been leading. “Zekrom, annihilate this man!”

Ghetsis had other plans. He threw his pokéball, and from within exploded a dark beast; A dragon with 3 heads.

“Hydreigon,” Ghetsis said smugly. “Kill his pokémon. Oh, and N? I can do this. I’ve been planning it since before you could even walk.”
In a single day N’s reign of simple pokémon freedom was shattered - and in its place rose a freakish dystopia. A world of havoc, wherein anyone you did anything against Ghetsis’s will was punishable by slavery or death. And everything was against Ghetsis’s will.

Construction on the desert road was halted. The lighthouse in Driftveil torn was down. The Mistralton airports were closed. Anything that could even slightly compromise Ghetsis’s rule was destroyed. The gym leaders and Elite 4 were imprisoned deep within Team Plasma’s castle.

But he forgot one place.

The Battle Subway - home to the last stragglers of society, human and pokémon. The only place in the entire region Team Plasma cannot reach. But their numbers are low, not enough for rebellion. With the rest of Unova enslaved or murdered, and thousands of Team Plasma members, numbers growing, there is no way to survive.

Alas, they are not the only ones planning rebellion. What few wild pokémon that remain are…changing. They are getting stronger. Overwhelmingly powerful – and vicious. They operate only on instinct, and they have only one aim: Bloodshed. And the worst part?

If a pokémon somehow survives the brutal strength of these beasts, all it takes is one scratch. One scratch - and they turn.

The wild pokémon’s numbers are growing. Countless dead, Team Plasma’s pokémon turned…

Unova is at war.

And society is caught in the crossfire.

Your Role

Team Plasma
You are a Team Plasma recruit. Your mission is to neutralize the Wild threat and stamp out any resistance among the People of the Ghetsis Republic. You are armed with a team of trained pokémon who may or may not agree with you. OR you could be one of these pokémon, just doing your job. Resentment and hatred abound among pokémon, and it will not surprise you to find some Pokémon within Plasma planning rebellion. There are multiple jobs for humans within Plasma:

Grunt: Your basic footsoldier. Thousands of these are employed, and as of Ghetsis’s rule, all are now armed with highly dangerous pokémon.

Espionage: A Plasma spy that hides among society, reporting back to higher ups. Armed with only one or two pokémon, so as not to arouse suspicion.

Admin: An elite member who oversees operations. Spies report back to them, and both spies and grunts take orders from them.

The Wild
You are a wild Pokémon, whether a new ‘recruit’ who still holds on to their being or a high-level Wild with absolutely nothing left except rage and rudimentary pack hunting skills. Your mission is to destroy or corrupt everything not Wild, and reclaim the region. Leaving humans alive is utterly unacceptable. The transition of mental and physical state is slow, agonising and painful.

You are last of humanity uncaptured by Plasma… or perhaps an uncorrupted pokémon not owned by them. Your mission is to survive - and try to bring an end to this long, bitter war. So far, the two opposing sides show no signs of stopping, so keeping out of their way would be good for a start.

1- Be polite to other roleplayers.

2- No godmodding or powerplaying (automatically assuming you dodge every enemy attack, beating the opponent without any drama, directly taking control of another’s character, etc.) . Minor bunnying is allowed only with permission.

3- Be active! Remember, if you are inactive for more than a week at a time others can bunny you until you return. Admittedly, I am in a bit of a tight spot with school work, so by the time we begin I will choose at least 1 co-GM based on the quality of their signup.

4- Have fun!

5- Even though this is a pretty small selection of rules, I’m going to do this anyway. Put this phrase in your signup somewhere or you will not be accepted, full stop. The password is “yrotS evaC”.

6- Please, be literate. I have no clue how many RP’s I’ve dismissed due to 1337speak, but I know it has been a fair few.



Allegiance: (Plasma or survivor)

Class: (Only applies to Team Plasma, obviously. Classes are Spy, Grunt and Admin. Admin spaces will be limited.)



Appearance: (People can be very unique. Be descriptive here. 1-2 paragraphs.)

Species: (Human or any non-legendary pokémon. Pseudo-legendaries are tricky business; I’ll handle them on a case by case basis)

Personality: (1-2 paragraphs please)

History: (2 or more paragraphs)

RP Sample: (A nice big sample of your writing. Make it about your character if you can. Note: Not strictly necessary but will boost your chances of getting in)

Notes: (Anything else)

Humans also have mini-signups for their pokémon if they have any.

Trainer Pokémon:


Personality: (I’m a bit more lax with trainer pokémon’s personalities, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be comprehensive!)

History: (Just basic stuff like how they became involved with Plasma/their current trainer)



Allegiance: (Wild or Survivor)


Age: (Human years)

Species: (Any non-legendary pokémon. Pseudo-legendaries are fair game for Wilds, but will be handled with care for Plasma pokémon and are right out for Survivors.)

Appearance: (Not strictly necessary but remember that

Personality: (1-2 paragraphs please, note that you may have to do a “before” and an “after” if your pokémon is Wild.)

History: (2 or more paragraphs)


RP Sample: (A nice big sample of your writing. Make it about your character if you can. Note: Not strictly necessary but will boost your chances of getting in)

Notes: (Anything else)


True Epicness as Turnip
Strikit as Mara Henning

Aaannd unless I’ve forgotten anything, that’s it! Oh yeah, as the GM, I’ll also control Ghetsis and any legendaries we encounter along the way. So will the other GM, when they're chosen.

FinalMaster April 30th, 2012 3:32 AM

This is what happens when your RP isn't authorised until a week after it's posted. C'mon! Let's get this thing rolling!

Name: Axis

Allegiance: Survivor

Gender: Technically genderless, but for everyone’s convenience, refers to itself as male.

Age: 17

Species: Porygon-Z

Appearance: Axis is an ordinary Porygon-Z in appearance.

Personality: Before evolution, Axis was a relatively mundane example of his species. He followed his programming, and therefore his orders, to the letter. He did so in a polite, calm manner, rarely if ever displaying emotions. He was an oft-cited example of Silph Co’s success in digitally distributing his kind. Personality in a Porygon wasn’t a sign of success; it was a critical bug to be corrected.

But when Team Plasma took over, he was stolen away. Evolution was forced upon him – twice. And while a Porygon2 would develop ordinarily if raised at a steady rate, the abrupt change into the already-bugged Porygon-Z changed the way he saw life forever.

He is still polite, well-spoken and calm… but definitely not emotionless.

Now cruel, twisted, manipulative and sadistic, he sees himself as a force that aligns with no-one and revels in chaos. He will not hesitate to strike if the opportunity arises, so long as said opportunity does not endanger himself. He exists, in his own twisted little world, simply to cause as much damage as he can to as many things as he can before he is taken out… like a supernova.

History: Axis was a fairly standard Porygon unit for most of his life. He was owned by an accountant that lived in Castelia City, who saw him as little more than an autonomous calculator. True, Porygon are little more than autonomous calculators, but that’s beside the point. His master did see the potential in artificial intelligence, but could never actually afford an Upgrade to evolve him. They lived a simple life, and nothing much happened - until Team Plasma came.

It was back when they had just secured Unova, and needed more recruits for an adequate peacekeeping force. They offered Axis’s master a place amongst their force, but when he declined, they stormed the house. Everything valuable was taken – including Axis.

Team Plasma saw the benefits of taking what was essentially the world’s most violent computer program, and they took them. Axis was forced to evolve twice, an event which stripped him of his sanity. There he waits, obeying missions, following orders… looking for openings.

Moveset: Tri-attack, Dark Pulse, Psychic and Nasty Plot

RP Sample: None for now. Keep in mind, though, that I did write the plot.

Notes: yrotS evaC.

Kurui May 19th, 2012 10:52 PM

Name: Selen D. Geeste

Allegiance: Plasma

Class: I'm not sure yet.....I'll edit once I make my decision. I want to be as close to Ghetsis character as possible. So I presume I need to be somewhere that I can report.

Gender: Female

Age: 37

Appearance: Selen being a stickler about her health and appearance, she strives to keep herself in as best shape as she can. A very mature looking woman, she is quite developed having a full, thick figure that she often complains about as being "too fat". She has a medium stature and dresses in flamboyant attire, often dark or pseudo-gothic in style. Her signature outfit contains web-lace bunched pantyhose stuffed into moderately adorned (with vibrant onyx and amethyst stone) cutlets, a silk with velvet fringe shaw, sleeveless shimmer velvet top with black lace, and a myriad of jewelry.

Her hair is usually kept up in a spiral spiked ponytail that is set high atop her head. Two bangs in the front are iron-board straight and dangle nearly to her waistline, cropping her face on either side. A third bang points down her nose, but stops halfway down the bridge. Her hair is an ashy blond, almost mistaken to be grey. Selen often wonders if she should dye her hair in a darker tone, as she is self-conscious that the colour will be mistaken for old-age greyness.

Every fingernail on her delicate hands are kept long, except for the pinky fingers, which have the nails clipped.

Selen's face is round and pale, almost noh-ish. Her almond shaped eyes have dark onyx irises. Both her nose and lips are relatively small, and she uses piles of make-up to plump her lips in juicy red. Her colour scheme is almost that of a traditional Geisha, although she prefers to wear a full set of lip colour. Most say that she cakes her face with make-up to hide any stray flaws, such as wrinkles or blemishes.

Species: Human

Personality: Fiercely loyal, Selen would give her very life to protect Ghetsis and his cause. She is adamant about her goals and convictions; It is often said that she is 'stubborn' or 'not easily swayed', not even by cold, hard reason or common sense. Despite her rather outlandish appearance, she is very intelligent and is one of the region's scientific geniuses. She, much like Ghetsis, views Pokemon as tools to be used to enforce ideals or to sway a situation in her favour.

Although she is a bookworm and a computer whiz, Selen can be somewhat of a Ditz when it comes to common tasks. She often forgets important things such as where she was going at the moment. Selen is also extremely superficial. Appearance is everything and she tends to take matters over the top (not only in appearance but also in other matters). She is terrified of growing old, and quick tempered if someone makes a smart comment about her age.

Besides towards Ghetsis, she appears to have no compassion towards life, in general. This does not mean that she is emotionless, as she is very dramatic in her actions and reactions; It only serves the fact that 'care' is not a common feeling she possesses. Selen also seems to appreciate the arts, and anything beautiful for that matter, including war. She has the mentality that when nothing is going on, it is "boring". She's also known to be a decent artist, and Ghetsis the subject of her studies in artistic form. She has a bit of an obsession and is rumoured to have romantic feelings for him, oblivious that he likely only has her around because she bends to his every whim and demand.

History: I'm trying to work it out. Not sure what rank I want it to be >_< What's best rank for her?

RP Sample: Coming soon as I figure out her ranking.

Notes: Unfinished, will finish sometime soon. Also: yrotS evaC

Humans also have mini-signups for their pokémon if they have any.
(Not sure if I want her to have a Pokemon)

FinalMaster May 19th, 2012 11:50 PM

Hooray, someone's interested in my work!

Alright then, first things first: I'd recommend going with the Admin role if you want to be in contact with Ghetsis. Spies would probably just report to them, and the overlord of Unova wants nothing to do with some lousy grunt.

And second: No wonder noone joined this before. The first post is incredibly uninviting. I need to pretty it up a little.

gusfromholland May 20th, 2012 7:49 AM

Name: Melrose Katia Avalon

Allegiance: Survivor (yrotS evaC)

Gender: female

Age: 14

Species: Eevee

Appearance: A picture speaks more than a thousand words, so here it is. I know Melrose doesn't look like an Eevee, but she's one of my main OC's.

Personality: Melrose does not know mercy. She can be kind, but only if it concerns another pokémon in need. She always goes straight for the kill and doesn't want to think over her actions. This puts her into trouble a lot. She despises humans, each and every one of them, and once somebody attacks her or even takes it under consideration, she doesn't hesitate to become violent. Before Team Plasma took over, she was quite a lovable Eevee. But the war made her cruel, sometimes others even consider her evil. There is no turning back for her, and she will do whatever it takes to get the Unova Region back on the right track.

Her determined way of living has made her skilled in almost everything she attempts to do. She wants to protect the ones she loves with all her might. The only time she ever felt bad for killing somebody was when she kidnapped and murdered a Combusken who invaded her territory. The pokémon had a little sister to take care of and went to find some medication. Melrose really feels guilty about that.

History: Melrose was born in Unova, close to Nuevema Town, and lived there under the name of Sabrina Avalon. However, she had to change her name when the war started, all for the sake of her own. Once Team Plasma took over, she became determined to get the region back in safe hands, even if it meant killing each and every person who would get in the way. She didn't care anymore.

Soon, even her own family was under attack, and her sister Chii and mother Mylo were taken hostage to N's Castle. Her father, while trying to protect them from further harm, was killed in the assault. Melrose had to take care of herself now. She learned swordsfighting and standing on two legs. It became her favourite way to run and walk. She was taught not to trust anybody and simply liberate all the captive pokémon in N's Castle. She became convinced it was her destiny.

Moveset: Bite, Shadow Ball, Scratch, Tackle

RP Sample: Melrose was leaping from tree to tree in the large and outstretching forests. She was disguised as a member from Team Plasma. Too bad she had to kill a grunt for that. She simply pulled on the clothes and made sure nobody would see her. Of course, that was a stupid decision, she had to rely on her skills too much in these woods and if she would be discovered, she'd be done for. She wish she could just close her eyes for a moment and open them again, only to find that this had all ceased. That's when a sudden sound from below caught her attention.
"Amelia, what are you doing up there?"
Melrose looked down with one yank of her head, spotting another grunt, staring at her as if she were standing on lava. She gulped and turned her head away again. Making an unintelligible sound, she tried to flee from the forests. She tore off the disguise swiftly and ran as if there was no tomorrow.
The grunt went after her immediately.
Without any warning, Melrose made a swift turn on her right foot, drew her sword and pierced it right through the grunt's stomach. Melrose pulled the blade out and cleaned it up with the suit of the dead grunt. Fresh blood would attract predators, so the best thing she could do now was getting the heck out of there. She ran away again, until she was sure that all the danger was gone.

A few hours later, Melrose looked around the corner of a cave closeby. She rested a little more and then went on her way again. Onward to the Pokémon League Building.

Notes: In addition to the attacks she normally uses, Melrose prefers using human weapons and she even has her own sword

Turnip February 7th, 2013 2:14 PM

I'll have a go at signing up, why not :P
Very interesting, even if I haven't played the 5th gen games. Hopefully that won't be too bad, I mean, I know quite a few of the Pokémon anyway...

Name: Turnip (Yes, Turnip. I'm serious.)

Allegiance: Survivor

Gender: Male, he assumes.

Age: Probably late teens / early twenties. He can't tell.

Appearance: He wears something like a hooded trench coat, brown, with like some kind of light armour underneath, with metal knee and elbow pads, boots and gloves. He wears an odd metal helmet, with a one-way visor. It can be pretty annoying, since it can't be taken off, but it has some helpful aspects. He carries various equipment with him, most of which he managed to wake up with - A knife on his left, a Desert Eagle on his right, and a strap on his back for just about anything he may have happened to pick up.

Species: Human. Again, an assumption.

Personality: Generally not really loving, Turnip will form friendships quite well, but may ask to kill someone every once in a while. Thankfully he asks, to which the usual answer is "No.". Despite this, and an obvious love of sarcasm, Turnip is actually really moral, and has a strong sense of logic - aside from the occasional mention of wanting to cheat at what is, to everyone else, real life... He is prone to changes in mood, but none of them are particularly violent.

History: Turnip has... pretty much no memory. It seems that Turnip has the momentary consciousness of a Pokémon player - leading to his use of game-like terminology and belief in organised game logic, and probably his high use of sarcasm, too. This also makes him a specifically organised Pokémon trainer, as he has a database-like knowledge of Pokémon and their abilities and stats, etc. - this meant it was really annoying when he found out that Pokémon training was outlawed. Never-the-less, he'd already caught Beldum/Metang, and frankly he didn't really agree with the whole thing. It was the Beldum's choice, anyway. Essentially, he's just starting life, but he already knows, uh, things.
The story behind Turnip's name is kind of simple, although it is co-incidentally how he met Beldum, who then grew into a Metang. Since he didn't really have a name - and any name he did have was forgotten - after awaking in a field of some sort, he was awoken by the question "Are you a turnip?"
His immediate answer was "Yes.", to which he then corrected himself. It was too late, though, and the name stuck - mainly due to him not having an alternate name anyway. He never really questioned what a Beldum was doing in a field - I guess they just got on with it, and the Beldum seemed happy enough with going along with the amnesiac.

RP Sample: Eh, I reckon I've written enough. If you want, I'll tell a joke instead!
Knock Knock!
Who's there?
I'm bad at jokes! Punchline!

Notes: So, uh, what's the significance of Cave Story backwards? :p Yeah, I read the thing.

Trainer Pokémon: Metang

Name: No nickname. Turnip was feeling uncreative at the time.

Gender: Genderless, but referred to as male.

Personality: Metang is very intelligent due to being a psychic type - and as such is very calculating and thoughtful. Telepathy helps a bunch, too. In truth, he is probably quite a bit more moral / generally nicer than Turnip, mostly in the sense that he doesn't want to kill anyone. Still, he deeply wishes to end Plasma's reign and return the World to the utopian society he had heard so much about.

Moveset: Zen Headbutt, Brick Break, Bullet Punch, Miracle Eye.

History: Beldum didn't really like being around the wild Pokémon. Well, strictly speaking, the new wild Pokémon. The field presented itself as a sort of "Safe Haven" for those who weren't feral - the ground generally having a lot of cover, and the earth being generally softer, soft enough for Beldum to bury himself if need be.
He hadn't been around for long, but he was already quite a knowledgeable and capable Beldum. He'd even managed to learn Zen Headbutt at quite an early age. Despite this knowledge, he still wanted to know more - and living in danger and hiding wasn't really too nice either - and so when he saw Turnip, who looked like one of those Pokémon trainers there used to be, he took the chance.

Strikit February 8th, 2013 4:21 PM

Mara is from a past RP, but I didn't get to use her much so I want to recycle her and use her here if that's not a problem. Also, if we demonstrate the ability to keep up with the roleplay and there are any extra spaces are we allowed to have more than one character?

EDIT: Oh! Almost forgot! yrotS evaC

Name: Mara Henning

Allegiance: Plasma

Class: Admin

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Personality: Mara's personality has been described as harsh and egocentric in the past, and there is certainly truth to those allegations. When owning Pokemon was still legal, she was known to drive her Pokemon to the point of exhaustion. There were even some casualties in her team as a result of her relentless techniques. In a sense, she's the very kind of person that N was trying to defend Pokemon from. Mara is actually very charismatic and many people like her when they first meet her. However, as they realize her sociopathic tendencies, it drives people who would otherwise be friends away. Pokemon tend to recognize her as a threat immediately and she finds it difficult if not impossible to gain any Pokemon's trust. Even the Pokemon of other trainers show her fear and aggression.

For these reasons Mara seeks out younger, naive individuals for companionship. They're easier to manipulate into following her orders and accepting her ways. At times she even coerces them into giving her Pokemon she wants, their money, or their items. By most authority figures she's considered a bad influence and dangerous. In a way that makes her perfect as a follower of Ghetsis. The right to sate her vicious urges and to keep her Pokemon close at hand was the only provocation she needed.

Species: Human

Appearance: Tall for a woman, Mara stands at five feet and nine inches. As such she can be a bit intimidating as she towers over those shorter than her. Mara is certainly pretty. Her hair is long, reaching down to her shoulder blades, and is an eye-catching shade of red. There isn't much wave to speak of in it. It's styled in a side-part on the left side. Her face is soft, gentle, and completely opposite her personality. Mara's lips are full and inviting, and often curved into an alluring smirk. Observant brown eyes peer at new people, Pokemon, and places. They are lined lightly to bring out the color and to make them appear softer. Her complexion is strangely fair for the amount of time she spends outside, but a slight pattern of freckles covers her nose and her cheekbones.

Mara is not voluptuous, but she is also not flat. There is the faintest hourglass shape to her body. Her breasts are small but proportionate, her legs are long and toned, and it is clear that she is in good shape. At the tips of her fingers are well manicured sharp nails.

She wears well fitting jeans most of the time, not too tight, not too loose. They allow her to showcase her body and ensnare male attention without getting in her way while she's out on the field. On her feet she wears thick soled boots to protect her soles from rough terrain. They're a bit worn as they're the same ones she wore in Johto, but they're still functional. Generally she wears form-fitting tees under a denim vest, on the inside of which she has her Pokeballs attached. It sports several patches and pins she's earned along her way, many of which are from the street gang she used to run with. She prizes that vest more than anything she owns. Of course, she'll shed even the vest for her Admin uniform.

On Mara's right hip, she's tattooed the symbol of the street gang she used to run with: three interlocking Pokeballs in a triangular pattern with a stylized skull in the middle. It's done in intricate color with excellent workmanship, but when questioned about it she changes the subject quickly.

History: Mara was born in Goldenrod, Johto. To say her parents "raised" her is a bit of an exaggeration. They mostly kept her from starving to death as a young child. At the age of seven she started hanging out with a few rough kids who battled Pokemon in the street. Their methods were arguably cruel. Luckily for the Pokemon involved they were all weak and low level, so fatalities and grievous injuries were few and far between. However as the group grew older the Pokemon they caught were stronger, and the fights got rougher. Mara was one of the best fighters, but also the most brutal. She pushed her Pokemon to their limits and sometimes when the battle was particularly emotional she wasn't afraid to throw herself into the fray. There was no question about it; when Mara turned sixteen she went to New Bark Town for a trainers' license. Beginning there, she captured as many Pokemon as she could. Her hard-headed battling strategy led to many injuries and the occasional fatality on both sides. Often she was criticized for the way she treated her Pokemon. Never did she care.

Mara made it all the way to Blackthorn before anti-battling activists brought her training there to a screeching halt. They barred the way out of the city for trainers. Law enforcement there tried to dissipate the mob but not before they stole all of Mara's Pokemon and set them free. The Pokemon weren't stupid; they weren't about to go back to their abusive trainer. They escaped into the wild and left Mara to return to Goldenrod, angry at the world. There wasn't much to do but move back in with her neglectful parents. She moped around Goldenrod for a while after that. She didn't care to get a job, and even if she'd wanted to train under crybaby Whitney, which she didn't, she wouldn't allow Mara to join her gym. She remembered how Mara trained and disapproved greatly of it. In a way, perhaps it was a good thing Mara lost most of her Pokemon the way she had. Looking to rebuild her team, Mara stole a newly caught Vulpix from a kid in Goldenrod and kept it a secret. Not long after that N gained enough power to order all trainers to release their Pokemon. Naturally Mara did not listen. She managed to keep her Vulpix hidden through house-to-house searches and the occasional civilian who was willing to sell someone else out in exchange for being able to keep a beloved partner. Under the cover of nightfall she reunited with her street gang and battled with stolen and smuggled Pokemon. The battles had to be short and held in carefully secluded areas, but all laws can be broken.

Mara evolved the Vulpix, called Alpha, with a fire stone she won in a battle. As Pokemon became harder and harder to come by, the gang leader decided all battles should be "pink slip" battles, or for ownership of Pokemon. Winner chooses one from the loser's team. That was very good for Mara. She quickly assembled a team of three, due to her ability to know when to fold and refuse a battle. She's lucky she did, because many eyes were on Alpha and she would be loathe to lose him.

As N was vanquished and Ghetsis took over, Mara saw her chance. She went straight to him, her Pokemon walking next to her in a show of honesty and straightforwardness. She begged him to make him a member of her squad in return for being allowed to keep her Pokemon out in the open. Only after grueling tests of skill and obedience did he comply. Quickly she rose through the ranks as she showed the ability to follow orders and get the job done. As an Admin under Ghetsis, she has found her true calling. She stomps down any uprising she comes across, extinguishes hope among the masses, and refuses to embrace failure.

RP Sample:
This was the third day Mara had spent on the S.S. Augustine. While she was eager to begin her career anew in a new region she had to admit the time to relax had been nice. As the ship began to dock she stood near the gangplank with her backpack slung over her back. The crowd attempting to get off the ship was thick, and it took a little while before Mara was able to get through and onto the dock. There were a good number of them that she noticed were carrying Pokemon. Perhaps they were trainers. She hoped so. There would just be that many more opponents for her to annihilate.

Mara breathed a sigh as her feet touched dry, steady land. She didn't have a problem with seasickness but it was at least nice not to feel like her world was constantly swaying underneath her. There was an exaggerated strut to her step and a sway to her hips as she walked, eyes scanning her surroundings in search of a hint to where she should go. She didn't have to look far; not far from the harbor was a large sign pointing the way to the laboratory. A faint smile curved her lips as she turned to follow the arrow. She was just that much closer to getting back into the profession she loved. Now that she knew where she was going she allowed her mind to wander and take in the scenery. Lilycove was a fairly good sized city, though it was nothing compared to what she was used to back home. The closer she got to the lab, the thicker sidewalk traffic got. She supposed it would be safe to assume that a lot of these people were heading to the laboratory as well. Naturally she began sizing up the competition. Many of them looked far too young to pose any threat to her. They would be easy to demolish and their losses would only contribute to her strength. However, there were also many older trainers, some her age, some even older. They must have decided to come to Hoenn later in their careers, like she had. She wondered if they were any good. They would probably pose quite a challenge, and she couldn't wait to face that challenge. The thrill of an imminent battle made her feet move faster.

That thrill would have to wait. Mara got caught up a few feet away from the door to the lab. At first she couldn't figure out what the problem was, but then she realized it was the line to get a trainers' license and a starter. She frowned and crossed her arms. Patience was not a virtue she possessed, and this was clearly going to take a while.

The minute hand on her watch had moved five times before the line began to move. It was another five before it moved again. The snail pace was driving Mara insane. Why did it have to take so long? She'd been hoping to start travelling today but with the way this was going, she wasn't sure if she would be able to go before dark. An hour had gone by when the line started moving much more quickly. The people coming out of the lab didn't seem to have a starter, however. That concerned her a little. She didn't think they were refusing to take a starter. Did that mean that the lab had run out? That seemed ridiculous. She would have thought a lab in a city where there was so much traffic would be well prepared for that. Still, she noticed a murmur rising up from the crowd. Word was spreading back through the line that they were in fact out of starter Pokemon. Apparently Professor Cypress had not been anticipating the sheer number of new trainers that would filter through her doors. At this news many of the prospective trainers in line grumbled and stepped aside. Mara raised an eyebrow at them, but had no problem stepping up to take their place. It did irritate her that she wouldn't be getting her Pokemon and her license as she had planned, but she could at least get the license. Perhaps Cypress would let her in first thing in the morning to get one. That, or she'd find something she wanted elsewhere.

In what seemed like no time at all Mara stepped into the clean, organized interior of the lab. She was greeted by a frazzled looking woman with glasses and dark emerald hair. "Good evening," she said with a weary smile. "I am Professor Cypress. What is your name and your place of origin?"

She poised herself next to a large monitor, her fingers hovering over the keyboard. Mara answered, "My name is Mara Henning. I'm from Goldenrod, Johto."

Cypress nodded and asked, "Have you at any point been registered in the Johto league? If so did you receive any badges there?"

"I was registered," she answered. "I received all of the badges up to Clair."

The machine made a series of clicking and whirring noises, and a freshly printed identification card popped out. "Alright, here you are. I trust you've heard by now that I currently do not have any Pokemon to give."

Mara gave her a charming smile. "That's alright, ma'am. I'm sure I can find one some way or another."

Cypress breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed as though other starting trainers hadn't been so understanding. "I'll still give you your five Pokeballs and everything else, and if you'll just come back in the morning I'll have a Pokemon to give you."

"That'll be fine." She accepted the five balls and attached each of them to the inside of her vest. The Pokedex, she placed in her vest pocket, and the identification card went safely into a pocket of her backpack. "Thank you very much for your time, Professor. I'll be returning tomorrow." She stepped forward to shake Cypress's hand. The older woman smiled softly.

"I look forward to seeing you."

Mara left then, already formulating how to get her starter. She wasn't about to wait until morning. It was only two; there was so much she could still get done today. First and foremost, she was hungry. So she went into the first restaurant she found and seated herself.

Her eyes flitted back and forth across the patrons as she rested her head in her hand and relaxed. Many of the people here were the young trainers she'd seen at the lab. Most of them were enjoying their newfound status as trainer and had their Pokemon in their laps, in the chair next to them, or on the table. The booth nearest her seated a young boy and a scruffy looking Vulpix. There was just something about it that caught her eye, so she began discreetly watching them. As far as she could tell, the Vulpix had no interest at all in the boy. On the contrary, it seemed to be trying to find a way to sneak off.

As the waitress came and take her order she kept half an eye on the boy at all times. Her food arrived and she ate and drank slowly. This was no longer about filling her stomach; it was about filling her first Pokeball. The boy finished before she did and he waited for his check, so now was the time to take action. Swiftly she reached into her bag and extracted a small metal cylinder with a tiny button on the end. These had come in handy in Johto and she knew they would come in handy now. Adrenaline began to pump through her body as she waited for the path to the door to clear; she wouldn't be able to see the way in a moment. At just the right second she pressed the button and tossed the cylinder away from herself. A few beats later it began emitting foul-smelling, vision-obscuring black smoke. Mara jumped to her feet and ran expertly to the boy's booth, snatched up a furry bundle that she could assume was the Vulpix, and then sprinted toward the door in the path she had planned. She left the coughing and confused people behind and darted into a nearby alley to catch her breath. As she did she grasped the Vulpix by the scruff and encapsulated it in a Pokeball. All of the evidence of what she'd just done was now eradicated. Still, she would be glad to get some distance between herself and the scene of the crime. She slipped back onto the sidewalk and strolled away at a leisurely pace. Behind her she could hear the commotion and she turned to look like a curious bypasser. But, again like a mere bypasser, she continued on. Whatever was going on back there had nothing to do with her.

It wasn't until she was near the city limits that she slowed. There was a cocky smile on her lips as she reached into her vest and pulled out her only filled ball. She seated herself at a bench underneath the shade of several trees and pressed the button to release her ill-gotten starter.

"You must be confused," she said authoritatively. It seated itself on its haunches and tilted its head in affirmation. "That boy hadn't the slightest clue how to bring you to your full potential. I know just what you need and I can make you better than you ever imagined. I can do this with or without your cooperation, but I'd much rather know we're on the same page. Do you think we can manage that?"

The Vulpix studied her with distrusting amber eyes. It seemed that it didn't quite know what to think of her. Mara wasn't going to wait for it to decide. She knelt down next to it and grabbed its scruff. That incapacitated it while she checked in its ears, eyes, mouth, and under its tail. She felt of its bone structure and muscling and its paws. She placed a hand over its chest so she could feel the heat of its flame sac. As far as all of these things went, it was in excellent health. The scruffy quality of its fur could be fixed with high quality food and brushing. After this examination she could tell it was male and fairly young, so he was likely to be prideful, high-strung, and energetic. That was just fine. Mara knew exactly how to work with that. "You will be referred to as Alpha. Respond to that. You will either be great, or you will be nothing but a thorn in my side. Keep in mind how you act toward me is in direct proportion to how I treat you."

Alpha growled low, but it wasn't necessarily a threat. It was more as if to say, 'The same goes for you.'

That was good enough for Mara. She dug around in her bag and extracted a long chain leash. There was a ring at the end she could put the leash through to create a collar. With a serious expression, she showed Alpha the leash.

"You will be walking out of the ball with me," she informed him. "If you can't follow me on your own, I'm putting this on you. I know you're smarter than that, so let's make this an enjoyable walk, shall we?"

Mara rose to her feet and motioned for Alpha to follow her. She wanted to start on her way to the next town, but the problem with that was she hadn't stocked up on all of the supplies she would need yet, preoccupied as she was with stealing a Vulpix. That meant she would have to go back into Lilycove. Granted, there was a chance the Vulpix's actual owner would see her and get her into trouble but she knew just what to do in that situation and she was confident she could shut that little brat up quickly. She smiled coldly to herself as she reentered the city limits with Alpha trotting along next to her. The pace seemed to be a little fast for him, but the only way to get him to the physical shape she wanted from him was to push him. Soon he would be able to pass her easily, but he would know better than to disrespect her like that. She would see to it.

As the buildings swallowed her once more she heard a growling sound in an alley between two buildings. She and Alpha stopped simultaneously and listened. It was worth checking out, so the pair quietly slipped into the alley, their eyes peeled. Alpha noticed it before she did; a Snubbul glaring at the both of them from against a wall, its teeth bared. The pink cutesy Pokemon was not one that Mara would generally choose to train, but for now it would do fine. She did need the occasional expendable, after all. There were always Pokemon on her team that she was willing to sacrifice for a win. This one could fill that role.

"You're up, Alpha." Mara's voice was unusually calm and stoic. Alpha stepped up with his ears flat against his head, meeting the Snubbul's aggression. Instead of offering further instruction she waited to see what it would do next. The Snubbul snarled all the more furiously and raised its hackles. It was a clear and direct threat. Alpha did not back down from it, though, and that impressed her. She didn't give him the slightest bit of instruction until she saw tiny wisps of flame flit between Snubbul's teeth.With the experience she had she knew what to expect, so she waited impatiently for the pink canine to react. It had finally had enough of being cornered and it propelled itself toward Alpha with surprising speed to sink flaming teeth into his flank. Alpha cried out and jerked himself out of its grip. Mara frowned; that was something she would have to train out of him later. Pulling away from an enemy when held in claws or teeth could result in more grievous injury. Alpha would have to be taught to tolerate pain better.

For the time being things were going exactly as she'd expected. She was aware of the Flash Fire ability Vulpix possessed, and it was brought into effect now. "Execute Tail Whip and follow up with Heat Wave. Quickly."

Perhaps it was the no nonsense tone in her voice that made Alpha respond so promptly. He battered Snubbul with his six tails, then jumped back, braced his legs, and formed a ball of orange flame in his mouth. Instead of exhaling flame he breathed out sharply, sending a gust of searing wind at the Snubbul. It howled in agony and tried to leap out of the way, but Alpha kept it trapped. Mara smiled faintly. She would have to remember to praise him for that.

"Alright, Alpha. Stand down," she said when she thought he couldn't keep it going anymore. Just before the barrage stopped she threw a Pokeball. It sucked the Snubbul in and shook feebly a few times before laying still.

"Excellent." Mara knelt down and stroked Alpha between the ears. "You are every bit as good as I expected. We have some training to do, but I'm still very impressed by you."

He looked up at her smugly. She did not reward the proud behavior, instead rising to her feet, retrieving the ball, and attaching it to the inside of her jacket.

"It shall be referred to as Beta. That means any order I give, you must follow; and order you give, it must follow, and so on down the line. The chain may change at any given time. Do you understand?"

Alpha dipped his head in answer. That was good enough, so she went back out onto the street and headed for the Mart again. She was pleased to note that although there were several puncture wounds in Alpha's side from the Fire Fang he didn't even limp. That showed strength and tenacity. So far he seemed as if he'd be one of those Pokemon that she would easily sacrifice another to keep. If she was going to be keeping his health in order she would have to make a trip to the Center as well. She only hoped there weren't signs up at the Center that denoted a missing Vulpix, because she was not about to give him back.

Notes: If we are allowed to have multiple characters I'll be bringing in a member of the gang she was close to, but make him a Survivor instead. Assuming Mara gets accepted, of course.

Trainer Pokemon:
Name: Alpha

Species: Ninetales

Gender: Male

Personality: Alpha is much like Mara. He is a magnificent battler with no pity or regard for his opponents. Any sympathy he may have had was squashed long ago by the harsh training her received from Mara. He is now obedient and respectful, but only to her. Mara's battling strategy is to have her team work almost like a succession of soldiers. The Pokemon are referred to as letters of the Greek alphabet, from Alpha to Zeta. These names are all changeable and refer to the Pokemon's position in her battling line. Her best battler would be Alpha, with her worst and most expendable Pokemon being Zeta. It's desperately important to Alpha that he not lose his place, and so he works at all times to be the best second in command. In essence, that is exactly what he is. Alpha answers to Mara, and all of the rest of her Pokemon answer to all Pokemon above them in the order and may give orders to those underneath them. Alpha would hate to have to take orders from anyone but Mara, so he makes sure that he doesn't slip.

History: Mara stole Alpha from a kid in Goldenrod as a Vulpix. Since then he participated in many bloody, grueling battles with Pokemon as hardened as he's become. After his evolution he became more vicious. When Mara joined Team Plasma he followed, of course. Now he relishes in his job and enjoys it perhaps more than he should.


Name: Beta

Species: Kirlia

Gender: Female

Personality: Beta had the most trouble getting into Mara's style of battling. Being a Kirlia, she's more in tune with people's emotions and therefore better understood the pain and anguish she caused. However, over time her sensitivity has been dulled and she's slowly acclimating to Mara's ways. She and Alpha are an excellent team, but they don't particularly like one another. Alpha doesn't like anyone who challenges him, and Beta is certainly a threat to his position.

History: Beta was won in a "pink slip" battle. In her short time with Mara she's become an excellent battler as her true potential has been brought out. She doesn't truly like being employed by Plasma, but in her mind that's better than being taken away by them or thrown into the wild with those frightening Pokemon.


Name: Gamma

Species: Marowak

Gender: Male

Personality: Gamma is tenacious and he tries very hard, but somehow he just doesn't shine as hard as the other two. Perhaps it is his intelligence, perhaps it is his reflexes, but whatever the case he knows that if Mara gets another Pokemon he'll move down along the chain. That just can't happen. He viciously attacks any Pokemon that she could take on and while it does make her like him less, it also makes it so that his place in the team is not taken. As a Team Plasma Admin's Pokemon, he has to be ready for anything. He isn't quite smart enough for that, but that doesn't mean he doesn't try anyway.

History: Like Beta, Gamma was won in a pink slip battle. He adjusted well to Mara and her battling style, but he's shunned a little by his own teammates for his lack of skill and dexterity. He doesn't mind being part of Team Plasma, though he is a little afraid that someday Ghetsis will give Mara a Pokemon to replace him.

Chaos Fork February 13th, 2013 1:39 PM

Fun RP looks fun
Name: Flare

Allegiance: Survivor

Gender: male

Age: 13

Species: Larvesta

Appearance: Same as a normal Larvesta, but his fur is darker, the red areas of his body are a brighter shade and his eyes are green

Personality: Flare is very intelligent for his species. He is mischiveous and used both that and his brains to make traps before the reign of Ghetsis. His traps gave him an edge during the reign. However, he has a timid nature, making it hard to make a team

History: Flare lived with his father, a Volcarona, who taught him very powerful moves. He was very protective for Flare and they lived happily. Volcarona sometimes brought Flare to the forest to teach him how to survive in the wild, if the time came. Flare became more powerful each time.
When Ghetsis took over, a group of Plasma Grunts captured Volcarona and tranquilized him. They took Volcarona back to their base. They then tried to capture Flare. They, however, did not know about his power, and unleashed a powerful Overheat and killed them.
Then he knew he had to run and don't look back. After about a few hours, he found signs leading to a safe zone (battle subway). He almost didn't make it until a Trainer picked him up and brought him to battle subway. Obviously, he was on to him at the start, but he sensed that he was not evil. The trainer asked Flare to join his party to knock Ghetsis off the throne. He accepted, at a cost. He asked to help him find his father during the process.
And Flare didn't care who got hurt as long as the family was reunited.

Moveset: Overheat, Acrobatics, Wild Charge, Giga Drain


Notes: none

O yea. yrotS evaC.
This text is completely useless and is here because the text limit is too short. Also it'll make me look stupid if it's too short and I'm good at typing.

FinalMaster February 14th, 2013 1:59 AM

...Wow. I never expected anything like this to happen. It's been what, 3 quarters of a year since this thread last saw the light of day? I'd completely given up on it for a long, long time.
So, I take a moment to thank True for his ignorance of the age of this RP. It sounds insulting, the way I've said it, but at least it's better than having a dead game.
Now, to business!

True Epicness, you are Accepted, and I must mention that amnesia is an interesting idea for someone who is surviving the collapse of civilisation.

Strikit, you are also Accepted, and I think I'll wait a day or two before I decide on allowing secondary characters.

Chaos Fork, I regret to inform you that your application has been declined. It is overall quite sparse, with only around four sentences where I specified a decent sized paragraph. On top of this, your character appears to be fairly overpowered.

As for the two who applied before we travelled through time, I will try and contact them and hopefully get them back in the game.

Turnip February 14th, 2013 9:24 AM


Originally Posted by FinalMaster (Post 7538300)
amnesia is an interesting idea for someone who is surviving the collapse of civilisation.

Heh, that and partial insanity, yes.
I believe it was Homer Simpson who once said: "In a world gone mad, only a lunatic is truly insane."

Chaos Fork February 14th, 2013 2:17 PM

Never actually thought about that.
Any chance of me trying again? Y'know, with a less OP character?

Turnip February 17th, 2013 1:49 PM


Originally Posted by Chaos Fork (Post 7538928)
Any chance of me trying again? Y'know, with a less OP character?

Just because it's been a few days, I'm going to go ahead and say yes, almost definitely. In general you're allowed to sign up for more as many as you like, within reason - unless specified otherwise...

Anyway, @FinalMaster, any luck with getting the two pre-time-travel sign-uppers?
P.S. Maybe we should all start using the OOC thread more. To be honest this post should probably be on there... ah, heck.

Just an added thought, can Metang be shiny? It's just I've recently realised that the Beldum line looks AWESOME in shiny form.

flygonstorm March 3rd, 2013 4:14 PM

Hi umm well Im interested in this rp so do I post my question and sign up here or the ooc?

Turnip March 5th, 2013 10:47 AM


Originally Posted by flygonstorm (Post 7563598)
Hi umm well Im interested in this rp so do I post my question and sign up here or the ooc?

I would go to the OOC, but to be honest I'm not sure it really matters :)
The only thing is, There hasn't been much activity from FinalMaster lately. No harm in signing up anyway though, I guess.

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