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SylveonStar June 11th, 2012 6:30 PM

~Celestial League~ T
Celestial League

Three Spots Open

OOC Thread

Here's an Etherpad for the RP, we'll use it to keep track of teams, badges, and where everyone is though I'll still keep track here.

The Celestia region, a new region discovered one year ago by Professor Janice Solaria. This island region is just getting ready to open up for travelers. Cities and towns have been built, and the Celestial League was formed. The Celestia region is full of Pokemon from every region, there have even been rumors of legendary Pokemon being spotted throughout the region. Sightings of the Legendary Beasts have been reported. The people who have made a home of the Celestia Region have vowed to leave the traveling legends in peace, but trouble is brewing in Celestia. A new evil team called Team Lunara has been formed by a group of people who want to capture the legendary beasts to use their power to take over first the Celestia Region and then the world. Professor Solaria has decided to get the trainers that come to Celestia to challenge the league and hopefully along the way stop Team Lunara before it's to late.

You are one of the trainers who have either traveled from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Unova to the Celestia Region or moved to Celestia the year before. You could have either placed in a league before or want to start in a new place. Your ultimate goal is to challenge all eight gyms of the Celestial League, catching new Pokemon along the way, seeing sightings of the three legendary beasts and trying to put a stop to team Lunara's plans to take over. (note, if you want to have placed in a league in another region already, you must have a really good sign up.)


Towns and Cities:
1. Aurora Town: The starting town in Celestia. This is where your journey starts. This small port-town holds a Pokemon Center, a Poke-mart, several houses, as well as Professor Solaria's lab.

2. Mercury City: This is the first major city you encounter in Celestia. Like everywhere else Comet City has a Poke-mart and a Pokemon Center as well as countless shops. This city also has the Trainer School and most importantly the first gym. The Rock type gym with it's leader Hermes.

3. Ellipse Town: Ellipse Town is a small town but is full of flowers and berries. This town has a Pokemon Center, a Poke-mart, and is home to a cave full of strange runes and Pokemon.

4. Venus City: Venus city is home to the xtransceiver/poketch company. Venus City also has one of Celestia's department stores. The second gym is also located here. Fire types under the leader Elissa.

5.Equinox Town: Equinox Town is home to the East side of the Regions radio tower, as well as the Pokemon Tower.

6. Terra City: Terra City is home to the museum in Celestia. It also has several cafes, and places where you can buy homemade Pokemon Food. Also located in Terra City are several battlefields for small tournaments held daily. Terra City is home to the third gym, grass types under the leader Mione

7. Mars City: Mars City is home to the game corner, and the Pokemon fan club. It also rests right next to Luna Lake the largest lake in Celestia. Mars City is home to the electric type gym under Storm.

8. Eclipse Town: Eclipse Town is home to the Western side of Celestia's radio tower. Also located just outside of Eclipse town is the Safari Zone.

9. Nova Town: Nova Town is a small town not far from the water. It's less than a five minute walk from the beach and Nova town is most known for being the home of the day care.

10. Jupiter City: Jupiter City is home to the second of three department stores in Celestia. Jupiter City is also home to the ice gym under Nerina.

11. Saturn City: Saturn City is home to a known haunted house believed to be run over by ghost and dark type Pokemon. Saturn City holds the sixth gym, the dark/ghost type under Shade.

12. Zenith Town: Zenith Town is right outside an entrance to Meteorite Mountain. Zenith town is a rest stop like place for hikers and explorers in the mountain.

13. Ura City: Ura City is home to the seventh Gym, the Dragon Type gym under Hydra. Ura city is also home to a statue made in honor of the three legendary beasts and is rumored to be the city where Team Lunara was formed.

14. Neptune City: Neptune City is home the eighth and final gym. Neptune city like Nova Town is right on the water. It also holds the ferry to Star Island where the Pokemon League is. The final gym is the water type gym under the trainer Percy.

15. Star Island: The home to the Celestial League, the elite four. Maya, Bruce, Ally, and Bryon. And the Champion Rosalyn.


Route 1: Unmarked on the map, a small route between Aurora Town and Mercury City. Takes about a half a day to travel

16. Route 2: Goes between Mercury City and Ellipse Town. In this route first you pass through Mercury Forest which takes about a day to travel through. After that the rest of the route will take about another half day to travel.

17. Route 3: Goes between Ellipse Town and Venus City. This Route takes about two days to travel. Along this route you will go along Gravity Lake when almost to Venus City.

18. Route 4: Goes between Venus City and Equinox Town. This Route takes a day and a half to travel as long as you don't get lost. First you pass by Gravity Lake again and make your way towards Meteorite Mountain where you pass by a small section of it before you reach Equinox Town.

19. Route 5: Goes between Equinox Town and Terra City. This route goes along Luna Lake and takes about a day to travel.

20. Route 6: Goes between Terra City and Mars City. This route takes you more around Luna Lake and takes about a day and a half to travel.

21. Route 7: Goes Between Mars City and Eclipse Town. This takes you by part of Luna Lake again and takes half a day to travel.

22. Route 8: Goes between Eclipse Town and Nova Town. Takes about two days to travel.

23. Route 9: Goes between Nova City and Jupiter City. This route passes by Umbra Lake. Takes about a day to travel.

After Getting the badge in Jupiter City travel back to Nova City, takes a day and then head back up Route 8 takes another day. About halfway to Eclipse town there is an entrance to Meteorite Mountain. Travel through the mountain about half a day to Saturn City.

After you get that badge travel more to the east in Meteorite Mountain to Zenith Town. Takes half a day. Then keep going to to Ura City takes about a day. When your done go back the way you cam to Eclipse Town. If you don't take breaks the total trip should take four days to get there and three days to get back to Eclipse Town.

24. Route 10: Goes between Eclipse Town and Neptune City. This Route takes about a day to travel.

25. Route 11: Route Between Neptune City and Star Island the ferry takes about Two days to travel.

26. Route 12: Goes between Zenith town and Ura City. Takes about a day.

Mercury Forest: The forest right outside of Mercury City.

Meteorite Mountain: A large Mountain full of caves, in the middle of Celestia. (marked 28. on the map)

Gravity Lake: A small lake on route three near Venus City.

Crater Lake: A small lake in Terra City.

Luna Lake: The largest Lake in Celestia located in Mars City. (marked 29 on the map)

Umbra Lake: A small lake on Route 9. (marked 30 on map)

Comet Lake: Second largest lake in Celestia. Located on Route 12 (marked 31 on map)

1. follow all pc rules.
2. This rp is rated T for teen, only for language and slight violent situations/injury. Romance is okay but must be kept at a kid friendly level.
3. If you have any problem with another rper bring it up to me privately.
4. We will not be traveling in a group, but there will be times we meet up
5. If you battle another rper the two of you must decide who wins the battle.
5. If you battle an NPC end your post with both pokemon weak I will decide who wins.
6. you may catch Pokemon at your own pace, but can only carry six with you at a time.
7. Leveling rules:
1. for every Pokemon wild or not a Pokemon faces it gains one level. 2. If a Pokemon faints it gains one extra level on top of that. 3. Happiness Evolution's can be done at will. 4. If your Pokemon needs a stone to evolve, once you reach Meteorite Mountain the stones can be found. 5. Trade Evolution's will be done at level 35.

8. Make sure to post often, but no two people can spam a page
9. If your interacting with someone and they don't post for two day you have permission to just move on
10. If you don't post for a week you get a 24 hour warning, if you don't post after the warning your out of the rp.
11. Be active.
12. Posts must be a minimum of 8 lines
13. I control all NPC's (Aka Team Lunara, Professor Etc.). You may control the gym leaders Elite Four, and the Champion when you face them.
14. Only one person can challenge the gym leader at a time, so if someone else is fighting the gym just do something else until they are done.
15: Rules on Catching Pokemon:
1. as character get to each route I will post what Pokemon are found on that route and what the levels are between. ex. (Lvls 10-15). 2. You choose when you catch a Pokemon. 3. After you catch a Pokemon I will decide what gender it is as well as the level, the better your post the higher the level. 4. The longer the route the more Pokemon found

1. Evangeline Jasmine Celine (me)
2. Fallow Walker (Kay11190)
3. Tekina Hoseki Shinseina ( juniebug910)
4. Lauren Linda Noir (Mick Fizz)
5. John-David Porter (WestsideConnection)
6. Casimiro Issac Bianchi (FlyingHatTrick)
7. Helix Valestone (Pokemonmaster_draco)
8. Lillian Stone (romdinner)
9. Trent Rift (heretostay123)
(may add more later)

Pokemon Professor and Gym Leaders:
Professor Solaria and her Swellow

Hermes and his Roggenrola
Spoiler: Hermes team: He has two Pokemon, Roggenrola and one unknown, both Pokemon are between the levels of ten and fifteen.

Elissa and her Vulpix:
Spoiler: Elissa's Team: She has two Pokemon, Vulpix and one unknown; both Pokemon are between the levels of 20 and 25.

Mione and her Leafeon:
Spoiler: Mione's Team: She has three Pokemon, Leafeon and two unknown; all three of her Pokemon are between the levels of 30 and 35.

Storm and his Jolitk:
Spoiler: Storm's Team: He has three Pokemon, Joltik and two unknown; all three of his Pokemon are between the levels of 35 and 40.

Nerina and her Glaceon:
Spoiler: Nerina's Team: Nerina has four Pokemon, Glaceon and three unknown; all four of her Pokemon are between the levels of 45 and 50.

Shade and his Haunter:
Spoiler: Shade's Team: Shade has four Pokemon, Haunter and three unknown; all of his Pokemon are between the levels of 50 and 55.

Hydra and her Deino:
Spoiler: Hydra's Team: Hydra has five Pokemon, Deino and four unknown; all of her Pokemon are between the levels of 55 and 60.

Percy and his Poliwhirl:
Spoiler: Percy's Team: Percy has six Pokemon, Poliwhirl and five unknown; all of his Pokemon are between the levels of 60 and 65.

Celestial League Elite Four
Maya and her Skorupi:
Spoiler: has six Pokemon Skorupi and five unknown her Pokemon are between the levels of 70 and 75

Bruce and his Swak:
Spoiler: has six Pokemon Swak and five unknown his pokemon are between the levels of 70 and 75

Ally and her Munna:
Spoiler: has six Pokemon Munna ad five unknown her pokemon are between the levels of 70 and 80

Bryon and his Fearow:
Spoiler: has six Pokemon, Fearow and five unknown his Pokemon are between the levels of 70 and 80

Celestial League Champion
Rosalyn and her Eevee:
Spoiler: has six Pokemon, Eevee an five unknown, her Pokemon are between the levels of 70 and 85.

Team Lunara
Spoiler: by Mick Fizz, this logo is on the shirt of every Team Lunara Member.

Female Grunt:
Spoiler: the female Grunts look like this but each have different Hair Colors, each female grunt has either a Magmar or an Electabuzz and one unknown Pokemon, Level's depend on where you are when one shows up

Male Grunt:
Spoiler: the male Grunts look like this but each have different Hair Colors, each male grunt has either a Magmar or an Electabuzz and one unknown Pokemon, Level's depend on where you are when one shows up.



Character Teams and Badges:

Pokemon can now know up to six moves, all starters should have five moves, any Pokemon caught at the moment should have between three and six, as a Pokemon learns moves as it levels up or gets a TM it only has to forget a move if it knows six
Evangeline Jasmine Celine (~Genevieve~)
Lvl: 13
Ability: Static
Moves: Thundershock, Charm, Thunder Wave, Volt Tackle, Tail Whip, Sweet Kiss

Lvl: 13
Ability: Static
Moves: Quick Attack, Charge, Iron Tail, Spark, Tail Whip, Thundershock

Lauren Linda Noir (Mick Fizz)
Lvl: 14
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Scratch, Growl, Smokescreen, Ember, Metal Claw

Lvl: 14
Ability: Torrent
Moves: Tackle, Water Gun, Ice Ball


Fallow Walker (kay11190)
Lvl: 13
Ability: Overgrow
Moves: Pound, Leer, Absorb, Leaf Storm, Quick Attack

Lvl: 15
Ability: Gluttony
Moves: Scratch, Water Gun, Low Kick, Fury Swipes, Lick
Lvl: 14
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Tackle, Ember, Quick Attack

Helix Valestone (Pokemonmaster_draco)
Lvl: 13
Ability: Guts
Moves: Tackle, Helping Hand, Fake Out, Hi Jump Kick, Foresight

Lvl: 15
Ability: Overgrow
Moves: Tackle, Vine Whip, Giga Drain, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Take Down

Casimiro Issac Bianchi (FlyingHatTrick)
Lvl: 13
Ability: Mold Breaker
Moves: Scratch, Assurance, Dragon Rage, Iron Tail, Leer, Dual Chop
Lvl: 12
Ability: Keen Eye
Moves:Tackle, Wing Attack, Steel Wing

Trent Rift (heretostay123)
Lvl: 15
Ability: Swarm
Silver Wind,Bug Bite,Tackle,String Shot, Razor Leaf

Lvl: 13
Ability: Sand Veil
Moveset: Dig, Sand Tomb, Sand Attack, Magnitude, Scratch, Sandstorm

Jonathan Requiescat Drent (Vato)
Lovey Dovey
Lvl: 13
Ability: Super Luck
Moveset: Gust, Growl, Leer, Steel Wing, Quick Attack

Lvl: 15
Ability: Static
Moveset: Thundershock, Tail Whip, Slam, Rain Dance, Toxic, Charge Beam


Wild Pokemon:
Route 1.
All between the levels of 10 and 15. You catch the Pokemon at your pace, so you do not have to catch Pokemon, you can simply fight wild Pokemon for experience, but if you do catch a Pokemon try not to do so ever route. I will determine the Gender, ability, and level. (if you want a certain Gender and or ability PM me but I won't do it every time). It's up to you whether or not you want to catch a Pokemon. The better the post the higher the level. When you battle the Pokemon it will know three moves, two moves it learns by leveling and one egg move. Once you catch it I will decide the level and give it any additional moves it gets.

Moves: Scratch, Vine Whip, Leaf Storm
Moves: Scratch, Incinerate, Fire Punch
Moves: Scratch, Water Gun, Low Kick
Moves: Quick Attack, Charge, Iron Tail
Moves: Tackle, Vine Whip, Giga Drain
Moves: Tackle, Ember, Quick Attack
Moves: Tackle, Water Gun, Ice Ball
Moves:Tackle, Wing Attack, Steel Wing


First Post: Your first post will be about getting to Aurora Town in Celestia. For those that have recently moved to Celestia your post will be of you going to Professor Solaria's lab ftom your home. For the others start off with on the boat docking in Aurora and heading to the lab where professor Solaria is currently not there. After everyone posts once interact a little bit with the other trainers, and then I will have Professor Solaria show up


Evangeline "Eva" Jasmine Celine
Aurora Town

Evangeline smiled to herself as she stood at the front of the ship looking over at the water as land got closer and closer. There was a slight breeze blowing through her blond hair and she straighted out her hat looking up at the sky. The sky was a mix of light blue, red, orange, and yellow and the sun could be seen rising on the horizen. If she had to guess it was probably around seven in the morning. As Evangeline looked at the water she smiled to herself. "What a great day to start my journey, I hope any other trainers I meet are nice, and that my first Pokemon likes me" she thought as the ship came to a stop at a long dock.

Making sure she had her bag the fifteen year old girl ran off the ship and down the dock coming to a stop at a path leading to the entrance to Aurora Town. Taking a breath she walked at a slow pace taking a look around. The path was dirt and there was grass and flowers all around. Houses and what looked like a small restaurant and a cafe lined the single path on both sides. Aurora was a small town she had heard. All the buildings looked to have a building style similar to what she had seen on Village Bridge back in Unova. After a moment she saw the familiar red roof of the Pokemon Center and entered the building going right to one of the video phones and dialing home waiting for an answer as she looked at the screen.

"Hello" a male voice said before a smiling face appeared on the screen. The man had the same dark skin that Evangeline has but his hair was black instead of blonde. "Eva, I see you made it alright, your mother isn't home but I'll be sure to tell her you called"

"Thanks papa, and yeah the boat ride here was a peace of cake, only two days on a boat" Evangeline smiled happily.

"that's great Eva. Have you gotten your Pokemon yet?"

"Not yet Papa, from what I heard on the boat she'll have ten Pokemon each one a different type. If there's an electric type I'm gonna chose that"

"Well that's great, I'll have to tell Elesa next time I see her, she didn't know you were leaving, she got a little worried"

Evangeline shook her head and sighed. "do tell her, and remind her that what happened wasn't her fault. It was eight years ago, she's more than made up for it. Plus if it hadn't happened I wouldn't be able to understand Pokemon. But Papa I have to go, I'll call you when I reach the next town okay"

"alright Eva. Stay safe I love you"

"I love you too Papa, bye" Evangeline said and hung up the phone before leaving the Pokemon Center. Walking a few feet down the road she spotted the large white windowed building of the lab. The building was surrounded by plant-life and had a hedge fence around it without a gate. Walking up to the doors she tried to open it only to find it was locked. "Oh Well I'll just wait" she thought before sitting on the ground leaning against the wall and pulling out her sketchbook and charcoal pencil before continuing work on her charcoal drawing of Elesa's Emolga.

OmegaPinkMan June 15th, 2012 4:47 PM

Lauren Linda Noir
Aurora Town

The sun rose as the boat approached the docks of Aurora Town. On said boat there were a lot of people that had come to see the relatively newly-discovered Celestia region. Some of those people were there to get a Pokémon from Professor Janice Solara and begin their Pokémon Journey across Celestia. And as the boat was about to dock, one would expect those people to be at the deck, looking at the sun rising, and admiring the beauty of the landscape, savoring every moment of the beginning of their Pokémon Journey.

But, inside a cabin of this boat, there was a girl who was an exception. She was lying on a bed, with her hair all messed up, in some kind of fetal position where her right leg was stretched and her arms were holding on to the part of the sheets that were covering her while the rest of them poured on the cabin floor like a waterfall. She had the look that she had a rough night, that nightmares might have been haunting her while she tried to sleep. She shivered and pulled the sheets to try to get them to cover more of her body, when, all of a sudden...

"We have arrived in Aurora Town." a voice over the intercom said, "We hope you sail with us again."

The high volume of the voice made the girl's eyes open wide and startled her so much she fell off her bed, all tangled with the sheets.

"Ow! D-Darn it!" she said, struggling against the sheets, "What was that for?"

She broke free of them and stood up, rubbing her head. Then she realised what was going on. The boat had arrived at Aurora Town! And if she didn't move it, she would be late and miss her chance at getting a Pokémon! She would basically be stranded all alone in a region completely unknown to her! She shook her head violently and snapped out of her sleepy stupor.

"Oh, right! I gotta get my first Pokémon!" she exclaimed, "I got no time to lose!" Smirking, she grabbed her black bag and dashed out of the cabin, almost tripping over the sheets and not bothering to pick them up. She pushed a couple tourists away and kept running towards the entrance of Aurora Town.

By the time she reached it, however, she was unable to keep on running. She stood aside, leaning against a wall, to catch her breath. It had been a long time since she had run like that. However, each time she gasped increased the anxiety inside her, and her mind forced her to trudge along the dirt path with flowers on the side. A normal person would have stopped to admire the beautiful sight: the houses, with the dirt path and the flowers, and all that coupled with the sunrise...It would be like living many of the stories one was told as a child.

However, the girl was unfazed by the scenery. All that was in her mind was her first Pokémon. She spotted a white building that stood out from the rest of the town and figured it was the lab, so she used the little energy she had left in her body and made one last run for it. As she neared the place, she could see that someone was already there. A dark-skinned blond girl, who looked like she was drawing something. She paid no attention to her and stopped before the door, smiling while gasping.

"I...I made it...yeah..."

But, to her dismay, she found out the doors were locked. Professor Solara was away, apparently. She groaned and sat down on the floor, grabbing her head. Well, at least she was early. And she would have some time to rest before her journey began...

romdinner June 16th, 2012 8:19 AM

The sun was slowly creeping from behind the see over the peaceful town of Aurora. Its rays made their way through the window into the comfy hotel room and started climbing up towards the bed. However our protagonist had already gotten up a few minutes ago, so the sun’s plan to wake her up had utterly failed. The girl was in the bathroom and was just finishing brushing her hair, then putting her hair into two ponytail, as she usually does. After that she came out of the bathroom and went for the tiny coffee table and sat down. She had left an envelope with a piece of blank paper and a pen the night before. The girl managed to get on a faster cruise ship and managed to arrive yesterday, a day earlier than she had to and by the time she checked in the hotel she was too tired to write the letter she intended to and decided to leave it for today. Picking the pen up, she got the paper out of the envelope and started writing her thought:

Dear mom and dad,

I arrived in Aurora town one day earlier and went to a hotel to spend the night. Since I’m not an official pokemon trainer her I can’t get a room t a Pokemon Center yet, but that’ll all change today. The cruise was nice and to my surprise not very crowded. I’m all good and very anxious to see what starter I will get. We’ll have to cut it short as I just heard the horn from the ships reaching the dock so I should get going. I can’t say where I’ll be next but I’ll call you from time to time.

Future pokemon league champion,

Lily “

After finishing with it she put the letter carefully in the envelope and sealed it, then she wrote the address to where she was sending it and made sure she didn’t make any mistake. With a sigh she got up and took her bag, where all her stuff was packed, and went for the door. Before closing the door she scanned the room and made sure she didn’t forget anything. Shutting the door behind her she went down the stairs, holding the letter in her hand, and made her way to the front desk. She rang the bell twice as the receptionist was sorting some letter a few feet away from the girl, with her back turned.

“ How may I help you miss?” the receptionist asked coming to the desk.

“ I’m taking my leave now so I would like to pay my stay. “
Lily said putting the sum needed to pay for her stay and the key to her room on the counter.

“ We hope you enjoyed your stay. “ the woman said with a smile on her face.

“Oh and if you’re kind enough could you mail this letter to the written address?”

“Why of course. I’ll send it with the batch from the hotel this evening.”

“Thank you. Goodbye miss.” She said then turned and walked towards the exit.

“Goodbye. Thanks for choosing our hotel.”

Lily went outside and took a deep breath. The town was very simple yet charming at the same time. All the houses were mostly in the same rustic style. The maid dirt path is enveloped from both sides by patches of flowers which draw your attention as soon as you’re outside. Yet the thing that peeked Lily’s attention was what was placed behind the flowers opposite of her. It was a cafe that today and only today had a 50 % off sale on pastries. Lily didn’t have anything for breakfast, it was morning, she loved pastries……you do the math. She walked towards the building, but just as she reached the middle of the path a brown haired girl, about her age, dashed right behind her nearly knocking Lily’s off balance and covering her all in dust as she sprinted away. She didn’t even bother to yell at the girl, it was meaningless at this point, she just brushed the dust off and entered the café where she got a cherry filled croissant.

“ Ok time to head to the lab.” She said then took a bite from her treat.

She walked slowly towards the lab, enjoying the scenery and her breakfast with each step she took. Lily really wanted to get the most off this journey so since she is just at the start there’s no need to rush it. After ten minutes or so she finally managed to reach the large white building that cloaked her vision with its wide windows. She went past the front gate and walked along the lush plant life that filled the garden. As she approached the main door of building she spotted two girls. One had blonde hair that was pulled back who looked like was drawing something on the sketchbook she was holding. The other one was the girl that dashed behind Lily earlier that day. She was also sitting down but on the floor next to the entrance.

“ Guess this was where she was hurrying to. I just live it at that, don’t want to ruin my day with and argument.” She was thinking as she was making her to the building. “ Seems that the professor isn’t here yet, if she was here these two would be inside. “ Lily thought as she reached the building. She looked at the two girls and nodded politely then went and leaned on the left wall to the door and pulled out a book from her bag and started reading, waiting anxiously to get her first pokemon.

juniebug910 June 16th, 2012 12:34 PM

The Story of a Guardian
Arrival in Aurora Town

The region of Celestia slowly came into view. Many were excited, trying to push past the other to get a better look. Most of the time, the person they pushed would just move.

Not Tekina. No matter how much people pushed her, the young woman simply looked on. Eventually, everyone just found their own spot. Tekina didn't even notice. She wasn't just here for the league. But that will be mentioned later.

A large smile formed on her face. "Finally!"

Once the boat docked, Tekina slowly walked off. Her necklace glowed white. She sighed and whispered "Not here. Thank goodness." Tekina knew that the necklace would glow red when 'the spot' was near. Bit this was for later. Right now, she needed to head to the lab.

Once she got there, Tekina noticed three other girls sitting outside the lab, like they were waiting. Guess the professor isn't here right now. Might as well make conversation. Or something else, I don't know. I guess I'll read my book.

Tekina then sat down next to a normal toned girl with blue hair, and reached into her bag. She pulled out a book of legends and a glazed cinnamon roll. Tekina opened the book to her favorite legend, "Time, Space, Distortion, and Creation: The Beginning of the World." She started to read as she bit into the roll, her favorite treat.

Rafael p June 16th, 2012 1:17 PM

Rafael heard a slight ringing and ignored it for a few minutes until it had gotten louder. It was then he realized what day it was. He slightly rolled over and fell onto the floor while trying to rush and get up. He laughed slightly and stood up and got his light blue shirt and dark blue jeans out of the closet. He slowly approached the bathroom and took a shower for about half an hour then brushed his teeth. He tried to be sneaky when leaving but his mom was one step ahead of him and was standing by the front door with a green book bag. He didn't recognize the book bag but he gladly took it anyways. He took a step out of the door and smiled while noticing that the sun was rising.

" The boat already arrived I hope I'm not late " Rafael had said to himself with a small groan. In the distance he saw a figure trying to open the professors door but to no avail. He slowly walked forward and towards the lab until he had remembered that he forgot his lucky charms. He ran back to his house and up the stairs. He searched his room until he found what he was looking for. A single Pokeball. He smiled and has a mini flashback.

(Flashback) "Here Rafael it's my last Pokeball" Said Alisha and I smiled and took it slowly while she was smiling. After I took the Pokeball we promised to never forget each other and we handed each other friendship rings. I sighed and hugged her before going to the ship to the Celestia Region.

I sighed and walked towards the professors lab and saw that there was four other people there. He was shy so he didn't really say anything to anyone.

Pokemonmaster_draco June 17th, 2012 12:31 PM

Aurora Town
"Helix's Adventure Begins"

"....the meadow filled up with the 9 coloured rainbows, as pigeottoes from around the world, head towards the east. Veil captured the glorious view and so did his Gabite next to him. They prolonge thei...."

"Dear passengers" a clear voice addressed as it interepted Helix from his casual day reading "we have reached Celestia Region, we thank you one more for choosing 'Vaticant Blue' for you destination travel". It's finally time. As the south wind whistled in Helix hair, he closed he book, stood up from the deck of the ship and admired the unravelled rising sun. It was an absolute beauty and would be a great start for Helix's adventure to begin.

"So we're finally arrive" exclaimed Helix "Celestia Region". The view from the ship was gorgeous, the heightened mountain tops, staggering blue sea and the green beauty of the island sparkled up as the sun's ray interacted. Helix was excited but he hid his feelings and straightened up as he walked up slowly to the exit of the ship. Onboard was outrageously full with teenagers, explorers, business man, families and also gym leaders from other region, which Helix guessed was on holiday or was preparing for an adventure like himself.

As he stood in line, Helix thought of his parents back home and their doings. They must be missing him very much and good thing they gave Helix a poke-ketch, which would keep them in contact. Helix was overly anticipated by the excitment that was filling his body up and he just kept thinking what pokemon he'd choose as his starter. Though it didn't matter, as long as it was a healthy pokemon.

Helix finally made it out of the ship and he landed his first footstep on the grounds of Celestia. It was pleasurable and Helix tightened his bagpack to make his way to the professor's lab. On the way, Helix came across a small shop and quickly jumped in to buy a fresh ice cold soda.

It was not too far from the docks to professor Janice's lab. Make it a fifteen minute walk and you're there. Helix made his way gently up the path as he gladly drink his soda. He was faascinated by the obviously quiet and peaceful atmosphere the neighborhood presented and it all seemed quite nice. The pathway was alligned up by grass at the sides and also fences optimizing the spaces the houses was provided in.

Finally, Helix made it to the professor's lab as he quickly recognized the aura red rooftop as it was showed up in one of the brochures on the ship. The house war nice and it was quite spacy. The lawn was sharply and skillfully cut and some plants were attached to the house itself magnificently giving the house a presence of pure natural beauty. Helix walked up to the small front yard entrance to found five children with no interests in interacting with each other. They must be here to begin their journdy too. Helix found it quite rude though, not even a small chat was going on and from the looks of it, it seemed as the professor was out for the moment.

Helix tilted his head to the right thus trying to acknowledge a girl that was actually sleeping out on this glorious morning. Well who knows, she must be tired of some sort. Helix kept acknowleging those youngsters while not even realising that he was still standing in the pathway seperating the lawn. Well, it was time he lightened things up a bit.

"Ladies..., Gentlemen" Helix pronounced "Goodmorning. So i'm expecting you're all here to aquire your first pokemon to travel with, am i right?, now what might your name be young lady?". Helix turned his attention to the girl leaning with the house and was some what drawing with 'charcoal' next to the door. He wasn't too good with interacting with girls but he had to put in some friendly faces on, wel at least for this one day.

Pkmn Trainer Butthead June 17th, 2012 1:31 PM

J.D Porter - Eclipse Town

J.D saw a glimpse of Aurora Town from on top of his Uncle Michael's Skarmory. They had been travelling for a few hours now, and Aurora Town was just in sight. The Skarmory began to slowly descend towards Aurora Town, as J.D and Michael held on. They descended into Aurora Town, and landed right in front of Professor Solaria's Labratory, which had a distinct warming feel to it. J.D dismounted off the Skarmory and was handed his bag, courtesy of Uncle Michael. J.D slung the strap of the bag over his shoulder, and sighed. Aurora Town was a small town, even smaller than Eclipse Town, but Aurora Town had a cheery feel to it. J.D felt oddly, at peace amongst this. Finally, for once he would be free to make his own decisions. Michael patted J.D's shoulder and said,

" Well J.D, it seems you are here. The start of a new Journey for you. The world is your oyster kid, so get out there and get things done."

" Yes, yes it is," J.D Replied.

" You know, when I was around your age, I went on a Pokemon Journey too," Uncle Michael informed,

" Never completed it, and it still haunts me."

" Yep, never give up J.D, when the going gets tough," Michael began,

" The tough get going," J.D interrupted.

" Oh yes, J.D, when you get to Mercury City, I want you to talk to an old friend of mine, he runs a Cafe in the Southern part of the city," Michael began as he reached for a piece of paper in his pocket.

" I want you to stop in, ask for Darryl, and tell him you know me" Uncle Michael continued,

" The Cafe is called the Gailieo."

J.D grabbed the paper and placed it inside his pocket.

" Thanks Uncle Michael, I'll talk to him if I have the time," J.D thanked.

" Well, I better go get my Pokemon and start my Journey," J.D continued,

" Bye Uncle Michael, I'll see you when I stop by Eclipse Town, and I'll talk to Darryl when I can," J.D said.

" Best of luck to you J.D," Michael replied, and flew off onboard his Skarmory.

J.D exhaled, and slowly walked up to the lab. The door was locked, and six people were waiting in front of the lab. A dark-skinned blonde girl who was drawing, another girl sitting on the floor, a couple of others reading, one person standing, and a person trying to strike up a conversation. The conversationalist seemed like the type to get on J.D's nerves, so J.D found a tree in the excellently cared for lawn, and sat down under it, trying to avoid the others. J.D examined the house, it was quaint yet nice. J.D observed the beauty of the rising sun, as he dreamt up battle strategies, training methods and more. J.D also determined that he would want a water type as his first Pokemon.

Kay11190 June 18th, 2012 11:36 AM

The Prologue: Part 1

It was a lovely day out in the beautiful region of Celestia. Pokemon could be seen scurrying all throughout route one as our trainer made his way to Professor Solaria’s lab to start his new journey. The brown skin boy was followed by a close companion of his. It was a dog pokemon that had a duel colored coat. The underside of the dog was colored gray, with the top more dense fur being black in color. The mightyena was the boy’s first ever pokemon he received from his parent when he went on his first journey years ago. It was accompanying his for the short trip to ward of any wild pokemon that may threaten them. As the two continued down the road they saw the small town of Aurora in the distance. It would probably take the two only several minutes to arrive. The boy looked down at his pokemon, his hazel eyes meeting that of the pokemon. The expressions of each partner expressing the sadness and happiness of what was about to happen.

“Alright Ringo, it’s about time I sent you back to the house” Said the young trainer kneeling next to his dog as it let out a small whimper as if asking for him not to leave. “You know I would love to take you with me, but mom needs you more than I do. And who knows I may be back sooner than you know it, then we can journey together again.” The dog let out a small bark, before licking it’s trainer on the cheek before receiving a big hug from the trainer. The boy then secured the mightyena’s pokeball around its neck via a small rope. With that the pokemon set off in the opposite direction.

The Trainer let out a sigh, stood up and quickly ran his hand through his dreadlocks. Nervously he then entered the town and headed toward the lab. The town was familiar to the black haired boy as this was the town he first arrived in when he initially moved to Celestia. It hadn’t changed at all in two years, with the exception of a small café that had opened up. The town still had the old rustic feel, mostly due to the style the buildings were constructed, and colored. He also took note of the flowers that lined the dirt path toward the lab. It comforted him to see some natural beauty, he hadn’t had much of that living in the city.

In a short while the trainer came upon a group of kids who were spread out in front of what looked like the Professor’s lab. He arrived in enough time to overhear a boy who was wearing a blue jacket with black shorts inquire if this was everyone’s first pokemon for travel. The boy didn’t seem to get a response, at least not right away. Our trainer quickly headed over. Once he was close enough he wrapped his arm around the boy’s neck as if they were old friends.

“You know when you introduce yourself to new people you short probably start with your name.” said the boy jokingly, his dreadlocks swaying slightly from the sudden quick movement. “Anyway I’m Fallow, and I’m assuming the professor is not in from how you addressed everyone” Fallow then took a quick glance around taking in the activities of each of the trainers there before returning his attention to the boy, and the girl that sat in front of him. She had lovely brown skin, with blonde hair that would make you notice her in a big crowd. She was sketching something with charcoal pencil. From where he was standing he couldn’t make out what she was drawing. Slowly Fallowed moved his arm from around the boy’s shoulder and smiled casually at him and the girl waiting for their responses.

SylveonStar June 18th, 2012 12:54 PM

Evangeline "Eva" Jasmine Celine
Aurora Town

Evangeline was so concentrated on her drawing she didn't notice three girls show up. She just had to finish this. It was what she had been working on before she left home and she wanted it to be done so she would be free to start her next drawing. As she moved the charcoal pencil delicately across the page she smiled to herself as the picture became more and more lifelike even in just black and white.

The Emolga in the drawing looking like it was swooping down surrounded in lightning bolts, a reminder of the day the accident happened in her childhood. But she wanted to draw it. In some ways she was thankful that accident had happened. She could have died but instead she can understand all Pokemon.

With a final few marks with the pencil she finally finished the drawing and signed her initials in the bottom right corner. She always did that. By signing her initials it made it clear that this was her work and no one could steal it though occasionally if she had to on her journey if she was low on money she'd sell drawings if she had too. After she finished the drawing she looked around and saw a few girls sitting down reading and a boy looking shy. But what really caught her attention was a boy introducing himself as Fallow. Looking in that direction she saw a boy about her age with pale skin and brown hair dressed in blue and black. Next to him was a boy about a year older than her with light brown skin and dreadlocks and she blushed in embarrassment when she noticed he had been watching her drawing. "Nice to meet you, I'm Evangeline" she said standing up being careful not to drop her sketchbook.

FlyingHatTrick June 18th, 2012 5:53 PM

Casimiro - Aurora Town - Morning

Mmmm, he sighed as he saw the giant expanse of snow stretching out before him. It was the tallest, and the hardest run in the Snowpoint Mountains. And also his favorite run too. He looked up, seeing the clear blue sky one could only get when they were above the clouds, and strapped his other foot onto his snowboard. Feeling the lightheadedness of the high altitudes, the boy kicked off, and shot down the near vertical face, barely landing before he hit a steady incline that was packed with fluffy snow. He grinned, happy, and made long loops, before finally plunging down into the next cliff face. These mountains would always be his one place that he would return to, and nothing could tear him away from it. Now if only that ringing would stop...

"CAS! WAKE UP!" A bellow jolted Casimiro awake just as the alarm clock stopped ringing. A narrow ray of light hit him in the face and he ducked back under the covers. Today was the first day of his journey as a Pokemon trainer. And for some reason, the young trainer wasn't looking forward to it.

"Ugggh... go away, Dad." He groaned and rolled over, smushing his face into the pillow. Why did he always have to wake him up like this in the mornings? It was annoying, and Cas was always one for sleeping. A glance at the alarm clock told him that it was only seven in the morning. "I'll be down in a few minutes."

"You better be... I'm counting the time on you." The upbeat voice of his father irked him, and Cas breathed a sigh of relief as he heard his father descend the stairs. With another groan, he stuck out a foot and rolled straight off his bed into a heap of blankets. It took him a few minutes to untangle himself from the blankets until he finally got up onto his feet and opened the curtains wide. The rising sun lit up his room like a beacon, throwing into detail the neatness of everything. Blinking, Cas threw on his traveling clothes and jumped down the stairs, tugging his backpack off the rail as he walked towards the kitchen table.

As always, his mother was busy cooking up a delicious breakfast. She smiled at Cas as she sprinkled a few berries on the stacks of pancakes. "Well, ready for your first day, hon?" She asked as she set three plates down at the table.

"Probably. It's not like the world's going to end today." He said as he dug in. The pancakes were delicious, and the starting trainer was thankful he had an amazing mother like this. "Thanks for the breakfast mom."

A hand ruffled his forehead. "Come on son, we're about to go. You can take the pancake with you." With a roll of his eyes, Cas followed his father out of the house to where a large Arcanine waited. It ducked down to let Cas get on behind his father and growled. "Hold on tight, Cas! It's going to be rough!" With a laugh, the Pokemon shot down the streets of Mercury City out into Route 1. On the back of Arcanine, a half-day's journey would be shortened to just simply a hour's ride. Cas tried to care about the scenery as it rushed by, but it was hard enough just holding on. Before he knew it, they were right next to the town's gate.

"Here's where I have to drop you off, Cas. Have fun on your journey, and call us everyday! We love ya, son! And don't forget to bring a few of your friends by if you get to Mercury City!" With a grin and salute, Cas' father left him on his own in Aurora Town. Cas returned the salute, watching his father leave, and then turned to the town. The mail he got from the professor said to meet her in the lab, but where was the lab? Well, walking around would get him somewhere hopefully. There wasn't much in the town, and as he got closer to the center, it was easier to see which building was the lab. Several soon-to-be trainers were gathered around the door, introducing themselves. People... he didn't really like being around strangers. Especially since they tended to tick him off a lot.

Well, Cas, you have to do it sooner or later. Better now than never. Cas thought to himself, and then gave a half-hearted wave. "'ey. I'm Casimiro. Is this the lab or something?"

Kay11190 June 22nd, 2012 7:58 PM

Fallow watched as the girl stood up. She wore short black shorts with a pink shirt, and matching shoes, jacket and even hat. It was clear that she had some sense of style to her that set her apart from all of the other trainers here. After the girl was standing fully upright, sketchbook secured in her hands, she blushed slightly before revealing her name. Fallow did his best not to react to such a cute gesture, and manage to simply let out a small smile.

“Evangeline huh?” the boy said questioningly. It was clear something about the name didn’t resonate completely. “By any chance do you have a nickname I can call you? I have a little trouble remembering long names, though it may be hard to forget yours since you kinda stand out.” Fallow now had a large smile on his face as he rubbed the back of his head in semi-embarrassment. It wasn’t very often he found himself in conversations with people. The only time he really spent around many people was when he was out on his travels but it had been quite some time since then.

“Anyway I take it that you’re an artist the way you hold your sketchbook.” said the black haired boy, his voice holding slightly more confidence as he regained his composure. “Also you don’t see too many people using a charcoal pencil to draw, in fact I’ve only seen one of those a couple of time in my life. But then again I’m kind of a country boy so I’m not really exposed to those things too much.” The trainer stated as he let out a small laugh. In the background he could hear another person introducing himself. He turned around briefly to observe the new arrival. It was a boy, and from the looks of it, it was another prospective trainer, and not the professor. The boy wore mostly black and had spikey black hair with blonde streaks to compliment his outfit. Without too much more thought Fallow shifted his attention back to Evangeline.

“Sorry to bombard you with questions but I have just one more thing to ask. Are you from Celestia, or do you come from another region?” asked Fallow, finally fully confident in the conversation that was at hand.

SylveonStar June 22nd, 2012 8:42 PM

OOC: Okay guys, KoboraX has been kicked for inactivity, and we are going to move on. I've brought in Professor Solaria and she is one of the NPC's only I control so after each person interacts with the professor I will make a post as just the Professor, and until I have Professor Solaria respond to one person just interact with the other rpers until it is your turn to get your starter. I've randomly chosen the first person to interact with the Professor to start us off. After that it's whoever posts first after he is done getting his starter.

The first person to interact with Professor Solaria is...


Evangeline "Eva" Jasmine Celine
Aurora Town

Evangeline's blush didn't fade as Fallow asked her if she had a nickname he could call her as he rubbed the back of his head. Before she could answer though he commented on her being and artist and she giggled softly. She saw another boy say something but didn't hear what was said as Fallow asked if she was from Celestia or somewhere else.

"w-well, most people call me Eva" she smiled at him her blush starting to fade as she absentmindedly brushed a strand of her hair out of her face. She looked down at her sketchbook again and smiled before looking back up. This wasn't the only drawing she had in it and she drew in things other than charcoal, though the main things she used where charcoal and watercolor pencils.

"and thanks, I've always loved to draw, charcoal pencils is actually what I use most, second to watercolor pencils though I dabble in the other things as well" she smiled looking back at him. "as for where I'm from I'm from Nimbasa City spent way to much time at the gym though" she said getting a slightly sad far away look in her eyes for just a moment. Most would think it was due to homesickness but it was really because even though she was thankful for the the ability she was given from the accident it was a painful topic to think of in ways. She was about to say something when all of the sudden a shiny swellow landed in front of the doors and a grey haired woman wearing black and green and a white lab coat got off it.

"I see you all made it" the woman smiled at the assembled group of children. "I am Professor Janice Solaria, founder and Pokemon Professor of the Celestia Region. I'd like to welcome you all and I hope the trip here wasn't to bad."

Evangeline smiled at the woman and grew more excited as the professor continued to speak. "you all can just follow me inside, I have a few things to give you other than your starter Pokemon"

Pkmn Trainer Butthead June 22nd, 2012 9:50 PM

J.D. Porter - Aurora Town

J.D. waited impatiently as he wondered when Professor Solaria would show up, and if she would even bother. J.D. looked around at the others, not being impressed by any of them. Some of them were silent, some were talking to each other but either way, J.D wanted no part of it. J.D. was almost ready to leave when a Swellow landed in front of the lab. J.D. stood up and looked at the Swellow, placing a flattened hand over his eyes in order to block the sun as he peered at the Swellow. A grey haired woman wearing a lab coat dismounted from the Swellow and began walking towards the lab. J.D. assumed that this woman was Professor Solaria.

" I see you all made it," Solaria began, beaming a smile at the youngsters.

"I am Professor Janice Solaria, founder and Pokemon Professor of the Celestia Region. I'd like to welcome you all and I hope the trip here wasn't to bad," Solaria introduced, continuing on her talking as she approached the building. Solaria began to unlock the door, and motioned the youngsters to follow her inside.

"You all can just follow me inside, I have a few things to give you other than your starter Pokemon," Professor Solaria suggested in a calming tone.

Solaria seemed like a nice enough lady to J.D., as he followed her inside the lab. No matter how nice she may be, J.D still wanted to get out of here once he had his stuff. J.D. walked up to Professor Solaria and asked,

" Hello Professor Solaria, my name is John-David, or J.D. Porter, nice to meet you. Anyways, I am here to get the necessary supplies in order to begin a Pokemon Journey."

OmegaPinkMan June 23rd, 2012 6:35 AM

Lauren Linda Noir
Aurora Town

Compleletely unaware of what was going on around her, the honey-haired girl was sitting on the ground, dreaming of getting her first Pokémon. Her head swayed a bit, and at one point it stopped, making her face face the ground, and one could clearly see she had fallen asleep. What nobody knew is that she was also unaware of this.

"Mmmph. I" she mumbled, and for a brief moment her head bolted upwards, only to move back down in order for her face to face the ground.

All of a sudden, something then landed in front of her, and the sound of the impact made her head bolt upwards again, this time opening her eyes wide in confusion.

"What? Whe--" she said, before realizing that she had fallen asleep without even noticing. "..."

In front of her was a woman with an oddly colored Swellow. She had grey hair and was wearing a lab coat. Wait, that meant that this woman could be... Is this...the Professor? the girl thought, before her thoughts were confirmed by the woman's words. The girl couldn't help but blush in embarrassment.

"You all can just follow me inside, I have a few things to give you other than your starter Pokemon." the Professor added.

The girl stood up, brushed some dirt off her legs and shorts, and followed the Professor inside, not saying a word. Her blush however, faded away.

SylveonStar June 23rd, 2012 7:01 AM

Professor Janice Solaria

Janice Solaria smiled at the group of kids that followed her into the lab. She was glad that they all had arrived okay and checking her watch she determined she wasn't horribly late. Late yes, but horribly Entering the lab she stood by a table that held ten Pokeballs and turned back to the group as a tall boy with black hair and blue eyes walked up to her. " Hello Professor Solaria, my name is John-David, or J.D. Porter, nice to meet you. Anyways, I am here to get the necessary supplies in order to begin a Pokemon Journey."

"it's nice to meet you J.D., first things first we have your Trainer ID." she smiled handing him his ID card with his name and trainer number on it. "this will let you have free use of the Pokemon Centers facilities including a room for the night, battle grounds, and healing your Pokemon. Next is your Pokedex" the Professor smiled handing J.D. a small blue device. "this has the information of all the Pokemon found here in Celestia in it a very useful tool for a trainer. I also have five Pokeballs for you as well. Like everywhere else you can only carry six Pokemon at a time" she then handed him the five Pokeballs before gesturing to the table.

"now for your starter, after that you can have your pick from several different colored gym badge cases" Professor Solaria looked at J.D. and then back at the table that held ten Pokeballs and now noticeable ten differently colored gym badge cases. "here are the starters. The farthest to the left holds Piplup, next to Piplup is Charmander, then Treecko, Pichu, Eevee, Tyrouge, Pidove, Gothita, Axew, and then at the farthest Right we have Sewaddle" she pointed to each Pokeball as she said the Pokemon's name. "make your choice"

Pokemonmaster_draco June 23rd, 2012 7:18 AM

Aurora Town
Helix's Adventure Begins
There was a slight moment of silence and then Helix gave off a small smile as the girl glanced up. She saw Helix but wasn't quite interested in having a conversation. Without a second noticing, a hand rounded up around Helix's neck and a young boy's voice was clearing introduced.

"You know, before actually starting a conversation, you should introduce yourself first" the young male voice informed after letting of a small laugh "Hi, i'm Fallow....", and the rest went blank in Helix's head. The boy had a point. Helix forgot his manners but he wasn't so surprised, besides, it happened sometimes. Before Helix could even respond back, the young girl, that was drawing with charcoal, stood up and introduced herself to the boy that introduced as Fallow. The two teens prologue their conversation with Helix stuck in the middle. In a way, Helix felt happy, he had accomplished in starting a conversation. Well, not exactly with him in it but, he did help in starting it.

Helix flowed out of the conversation of the two and looked out in the open little garden. Now that Helix noticed, he found that two new personalities had jumped in to expand the group of kids that was around. It was getting crowded up and Helix enjoyed watching the girl sleeping by side the house. Helix couldn't help uttering a small laugh after hearing a distance snoring coming from her. Though Helix was interrupted by one of the newcomers that introduced himself.

"Hi, im Cas, is this the lab?" the young boy asked.

"Why yes it is. I'm Helix, nice to meet you" Helix gently replied. The small weathery town of Aurora became quite bright as the sun was fully set up in the vastful of the blue sky. Helix admired the beauty and his heart constantly filled up with pleasure. He turned back to face the door and then actually noticed that the boy that had rounded his hand around his neck earlier actually had dreadlocks. It felt strange that he hadn't recognized that much earlier. Oh well, this showed that he was a stylish type of boy or maybe as they say, 'a reggae boy'.. Helix fantasized a little bit about him having dreadlocks, it might be a change in style, but it was unthinkable.

Suddenly, Helix came back to the real world in reason to a beautiful landing of a majestic Swellow. Helix was fascinated. The Swellow looked brave and that was the type of Pokemon that Helix prefered. Upon descending came a lady with a white lab coat which had gray hair.

"Hello, im professor Solaria founder of..." and Helix zapped out. He already knew professor Solaria which casually shows up in tv programmes about Pokemons. The professor leaded her speech of introduction until she eventually invited the lot inside. A boy that was standing under a tree followed in first and Helix heard that he was called J.D something after he introduced himself to the professor. Helix followed in, after the unseemable sleeping girl that actually awoke and followed in, while he kept on imagining what type of pokemon he should choose.

"Um...., hi, i'm Helix" Helix introduced after he entered the house. This takes him one step up on starting his first true Pokemon adventure.

1ninjadude1701 June 23rd, 2012 11:48 AM

Chapter 1 Part 1

The end of onejourney but a start for another.

It was around noon when the ship docked itself in AuroraTown. Everyone was getting super excited and antsy to see the new Celestialregion. This was the first shipment to see it after all. Asper is a 15 year old teenager who lookedcompletely out of place as far as attitudes go. Asper wasn’t excited aboutvisiting the Celestial region at all; in fact he still doesn’t know why heagreed to come in the first place. He was a hero back home and now he is anobody. As Aurora Town came closer intoview some of its most notable features came into view. The Flowers along thesides of the buildings were beautiful though the buildings looked rather boringto him. It was the same structure, color, designs everything! It was the plainestsight he had ever seen in his life. The dirt road ahead of him seemed to onlygo North. Asper was here for one reasononly; to get his first Pokémon. The Townseemed to go on forever with the same building every time. This would almost make you think you weren’twalking to begin with. After about an hour of feeling miserable Asper finallyhad one cheering thought; at least I canbe with Pokémon now. This single thought brought out the happiest person inthe world. Asper could not help but love Pokémon. He knew most everything aboutPokémon and even things that advanced trainers wouldn’t know. He strode alongthe dirt path with a new spring in his step and arrived at the lab in what feltlike mere seconds. The lab had plenty of plant life both meant for beauty andsome meant for science experiments. Asper walked around the hedge fencecircling the lab and walked onto the doors threshold. He was about to knock onthe door whenAsper noticed that other people were there too. He saw a blonde haired girl drawing with charcoal, and a few guys.Asper started to get a little nervous. Asper sat down at the foot of the steps waiting for the Professor to arrive. Every second of sitting there in uncertainity was agonizing for him.

Pkmn Trainer Butthead June 25th, 2012 8:48 PM

[h1]J.D. Porter - Aurora Town[h1]

"It's nice to meet you J.D., first things first we have your Trainer ID," Professor Solaria smiled handing him his ID card with his name and trainer number on it,

"This will let you have free use of the Pokemon Centers facilities including a room for the night, battle grounds, and healing your Pokemon. Next is your Pokedex," the Professor smiled handing J.D. a small blue device.

"This has the information of all the Pokemon found here in Celestia in it a very useful tool for a trainer. I also have five Pokeballs for you as well. Like everywhere else you can only carry six Pokemon at a time," Professor Solaria then handed J.D. the five Pokeballs before gesturing to the table.

"Now for your starter, after that you can have your pick from several different colored gym badge cases," Professor Solaria looked at J.D. and then back at the table that held ten Pokeballs and now noticeable ten differently colored gym badge cases.

"Here are the starters. The farthest to the left holds Piplup, next to Piplup is Charmander, then Treecko, Pichu, Eevee, Tyrouge, Pidove, Gothita, Axew, and then at the farthest Right we have Sewaddle," Professor Solaria pointed to each Pokeball as she said the Pokemon's name.

"make your choice."

J.D. examined the collection of Pokeballs, and thought of his choice for starter pokemon. He thought about each choice, not sure what to do. Eventually, after staring at the collection of Pokeballs for a good thirty seconds, J.D. walked over to the Eevee Pokeball, and picked it up. J.D. thought about the Eevee, and then he remembered about evolution stones, and that it would take a while to find one. J.D. returned the Eevee pokeball and picked up the Piplup Pokeball. Holding the Piplup Pokeball, J.D. walked over to Professor Solaria.

" Professor, I have made my choice. I am choosing Piplup as my first Pokemon," J.D excitedly stated to Professor Solaria while gently tossing the Pokeball up and down into his hand.

J.D. could only feel the excitement that will come with the memories, experiences and triumphs that come with Pokemon training.

SylveonStar June 26th, 2012 6:44 AM

@WestsideConnection: J.D. has recieved his Trainer ID, Pokedex, Five Pokeballs, a gym badge case, and his Starter Piplup. You can go ahead and head to Route 1.
Professor Janice Solaria

Professor Solaria smiled at J.D. "Piplup is a great choice" she said smiling at the boys obvious excitement. "you can go ahead and choose a gym badge case, and then you are free to start your journey." Professor Solaria smiled softly. "I wish you luck on your gym challenge and I hope you have fun too and stay safe" she looked away from J.D. and looked at the other children. "One Pokemon has already been taken, who's next?" she asked.

Evangeline "Eva" Jasmine Celine
Aurora Town

Evangeline walked up to Professor Solaria. "Good morning Professor, I'm Evangeline Celine" she smiled and shook Professor Solaria's hand.

"Nice to meet you Evangeline, first things first we have your Trainer ID," Professor Solaria said she planned on repeating the same basic things to each teen. She handed Evangeline her trainer ID and the girl muttered a small thank you.

"This will let you have free use of the Pokemon Centers facilities including a room for the night, battle grounds, and healing your Pokemon. Next is your Pokedex," Professor Solaria handed Evangeline a Pokedex just like she had with J.D. but this Pokedex was pink in color.

As Evangeline put her ID and Pokedex in her bag Professor Solaria continued talking. "This has the information of all the Pokemon found here in Celestia in it a very useful tool for a trainer. I also have five Pokeballs for you as well. Like everywhere else you can only carry six Pokemon at a time," she handed the girl the five Pokeballs before looking at the table.

"We have nine starters left. Piplup was already taken so I hope you didn't have your sights set on Piplup."

Evangeline shook her head. "I didn't Professor"

"Great" Professor Solaria grinned, "we have Charmander at the farthest left, then Treecko, Pichu, Eevee, Tyrouge, Pidove, Gothita, Axew, and then at the farthest Right we have Sewaddle," Professor Solaria pointed to each Pokeball as she said the Pokemon's name.

"make your choice."

Evangeline thought for a minute and her eyes lit up as she made her choice, she reached and grabbed Pichu's Pokeball. "I choose Pichu Professor." she smiled happily.

"Fine choice, I hope you have a fun and safe Journey, you can choose a gym badge case at the end of the table." Professor Solaria said.

Evangeline smiled and walked to the end of the table spotting a gym badge case in her favorite color, Lavender and she picked it off the table putting it in her bag. She took a few steps away from the table going back towards the others and called her Pichu out. "Hi there" she smiled. "I'm your new Trainer, what do you think of the name Melody?" she asked and to anyone listening she probably sounded crazy talking to her Pokemon like that.

"I like it" Melody smiled jumping up and down. "what's your name?"

"My name's Evangeline, but people call me Eva" Evangeline smiled happily "do you want to stay in your Pokeball Melody?"

Melody shook her head. "not really" she said jumping onto Evangeline's shoulder.

"Great" Evangeline smiled standing up and putting Melody's Pokeball into her bag. "lets go" she smiled giving a small wave to Fallow before she walked out of the lab.
(OOC: just to clarify Evangeline can talk to Pokemon)

Pkmn Trainer Butthead June 26th, 2012 3:34 PM

J.D. Porter - Aurora Town

" Piplup is a great choice," Professor smiled at J.D.

" You can go ahead and choose a gym badge case, and then you are free to start your journey," Professor Solaria informed J.D.

J.D. nodded and walked over to the table of Gym badge cases, scanning the colours.

" I wish you luck on your gym challenge and I hope you have fun too and stay safe," Professor Solaria wished.

She looked away from J.D. and looked at the other children. J.D. found a gold coloured gym badge case, and upon inspection, found it to be suitable. J.D. exited the lab, and took the first steps towards a new Journey. J.D.'s first move would be to head to Mercury City, where the first Gym is. J.D. heard the gym leader of Mercury City is a rock type user, which would make it easier for J.D. and his Piplup. Which reminded J.D., he needs to name his Piplup. J.D. released the Pokemon from its ball, and stared at the Pokemon. Piplup looked around the town curiously then looked upon J.D.

" Your a water type, and... Vatten is Swedish for water, I am naming you Vatten," J.D. exclaimed, providing reasoning for his name choice for some reason.

Vatten happily nodded, and was returned to its pokeball. J.D. exhaled, and walked towards Route one, which was the first step in his Journey, and the beginning of a new life for J.D. and a chance to remove his demons. J.D. observed the natural beauty as he stepped onto the trail of Route one. Route one was a short route, and is estimated to take half a day to travel through. J.D. examined the landscape, and observed the grassy lands nearby the trail, and a couple of small brooks flowing through the grasslands. J.D. released Vatten out of his Pokeball, wanting someone to walk with. J.D. noticed he was ahead of the rest of the trainers at the lab, which J.D. took in stride. J.D. began to slowly jog along the path, and Vatten closely followed. The two jogged for about an hour, and then stopped alongside a small creek to rest. Vatten was drinking out of a stream, and J.D. was sitting on a large rock. J.D. was staring into the sky, thinking about the travel so far. J.D. got up off the rock, and walked down to the river. He was about to usher Vatten in continuing travelling, but J.D. saw a Mudkip down the creek, about ten metres away. J.D. had to recollect what moves Vatten could perform, and made his decision.

" Vatten, use Pound," J.D. commanded, pointing at the Mudkip.

Vatten charged at the Mudkip, catching Mudkip by suprise. Vatten pounded the Mudkip, knocking the Mudkip back. The Mudkip brushed itself off, and stared down Vatten with anger. The Mudkip ran at Vatten, and tackled Vatten to the ground. Vatten struggled to get up, but once Vatten became upright, Vatten looked at J.D. for orders.

" Vatten, use Pound," J.D. ordered, once again pointing his index finger at the wild Mudkip.

Vatten smacked the Mudkip straight on, knocking the Mudkip down and leaving it vulnerable. J.D. grabbed one of the empty Pokeballs, and threw it at the Mudkip. The Pokeball enclosed the Mudkip, and the Mudkip resisted. One shake, two shakes, three shakes, J.D. was getting nervous. The fourth shake happened, and the Pokeball locked the Mudkip. J.D. had successfully caught his first Pokemon by himself! J.D. rushed over to the Pokeball with a burst of excitement, and carefully picked up the Pokeball that contained Mudkip. J.D. had to think of a name for his new Pokemon, but he saw dark clouds coming his way, and continued onwards with Vatten and his new friend with him. J.D. had taken the first steps in becoming a great Pokemon trainer.

OmegaPinkMan June 26th, 2012 4:36 PM

Lauren Linda Noir
Aurora Town - Pokémon Lab

Professor Solaria explained what she would give to those who came to the lab. It was a Pokédex, some Pokéballs and a Trainer ID apart from the starter. As she showed the boy who would get to pick first, the honey-haired girl paid close attention to which were the starter. Her heart pounded with excitement as the one she wanted to pick was mentioned by the Professor. She crossed her fingers and wished that the boy wouldn't take it away from her. Luckily for her, he chose Piplup, another Pokémon.

"Phew...that was close..." she said to herself.

Then another girl came to make her first pick, which made the honey-haired girl cross her fingers again and wish for something almost the same as before. And, once again, she sighed in relief after the girl picked a Pichu. She stared at her for a while as she talked to her Pokémon, like if that Pichu was speaking in human language. How in Arceus' name could she do something like that?

Then, her mind went back to the Pokéballs on the table, the ones that contained the starters. Unwilling to be nervous about which Pokémon would the next one pick, she stepped forward.

"...I'm up!" she exclaimed, and walked up to the table.

She stared at the Pokéball that lay right next to the one where the one containing Piplup once was, which was the one on the farthest left. she pointed at it and triumphantly exclaimed, "I, Laurie Noir, choose Charmander!"

After that, all she heard was silence. Although it was brief, it was enough to make her feel embarassed and a bit regretful of shouting like that. But she also felt it was completely necessary, she just couldn't hold that excitement in any longer and had to let it out sooner or later.

SylveonStar June 26th, 2012 4:43 PM

@Mick Fizz: Laurie has recieved her Trainer ID, Pokedex, Five Pokeballs, a gym badge case, and her Starter Charmander. You can go ahead and head to Route 1.

@WestsideConnection: Congratulations. J.D. has caught a Mudkip. Male Level 13, Ability Torrent.

Vatten has gained 1 Level and is now level 11. Vatten can forget a move to learn Water Sport

Also, Mick Fizz is going to decide the gender, level and ability of any Pokemon I catch
Professor Janice Solaria

Professor Solaria chuckled slightly with a smile at the girl who came up and exclaimed that she wanted Charmander. "it's great to see some enthusiasm." she smiled and handed Laurie the Pokeball containing Charmander.

"I also have your Trainer ID, Pokedex, and five Pokeballs, You've already heard me say it to two others so I don't need to repeat myself" Professor Solaria handed Laurie the items. "go ahead and choose a gym badge case. Good luck, stay safe, and most importantly have fun" Professor Solaria grinned at Laurie and then looked at the other kids.

"Alright who's next? Piplup, Charmander, and Pichu have already been Chosen" she announced.

Evangeline "Eva" Jasmine Celine
Route 1

Evangeline smiled to herself as she reached the entrance to Route 1. This was it, one step and she would officially be on her journey. She couldn't wait and was excited. This was the first time there were kids on their journeys here in the Celestia and Evangeline couldn't wait to see what Pokemon she found on the first route. "ready Melody?"

Melody smiled and nodded. "I am"

Evangeline smiled more and took her first few steps onto Route 1. Like places back home there were trees around and tall grass. The sky was a deep blue in color and there wasn't a single cloud. The sun was getting higher and there was a slight breeze rustling the leaves on trees and the grass. It was beautiful. As Evangeline walked more into the route she spotted a boy fighting and catching a Mudkip and recognized him as the boy who left right before she had but she kept walking on the path. As she looked around she spotted several Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour climbing the trees and a flock of Starly flying in the sky.

"are we going to fight something?" Melody asked looking around.

"of course we are Melody, I just don't know what to catch yet" Evangeline responded looking around when something caught her eye. She spotted a wild Emolga fly down from a tree and land on the path staring at her. "Look it's an Emolga" Evangeline smiled and pulled out her Pokedex aiming it at the Emolga.

Right as she did that the electronic voice spoke. "Emolga the Sky Squirrel Pokémon. Emolga lives in trees and uses its cape-like membrane to glide through the air." Evangeline smiled though she already knew that. Melody hopped off her shoulder landing on the ground in front of her trainer.

"Alright Melody use Thundershock" Evangeline smiled crossing her arms. Melody took a breath and her body sparked and she sent a yellow bolt of electricity at Emolga. The attack hit and right away the Emolga glared at Melody. Emolga jumped in the air and glided toward Melody it's tail turning silver. Emolga swung it's tail at Melody and hit her making the Pichu skid back.

"it's okay Melody, now use Volt Tackle"

Melody ran forward on all four legs and electricity crackled in the air an surrounded her. Melody slammed into Emolga and the wild Pokemon whimpered and let out a small growl. Emolga moved quickly and slammed into Melody with Quick Attack. "Use Charm then Thundershock." Melody looked at Emolga, her eyes went wide and she put a paw at her mouth looking cutely at Emolga who faltered for a minute. The next second Melody's body sparked and a bolt of electricity hit Emolga paralyzing it.

Seeing her chance Evangeline threw a Pokeball at the Emolga. The ball shook once...then twice...three times before it clicked shut. "Yes!" Evangeline yelled excitedly. "We did it Melody!" Evangeline smiled happily and picked up Emolga's Pokeball. "now what to call you?" she asked herself.

OmegaPinkMan June 26th, 2012 5:21 PM

@Gen: Evangeline has caught an Emolga. Gender: Male, Level 13, Ability Static. Moves: Iron Tail, Charge, Quick Attack, Spark
Melody has gained one level, now level 11. No new moves learned.


Lauren Linda Noir
Aurora Town - Pokémon Lab

Professor Solaria's response to Laurie's attitude came as a complete surprise for her. She thought that shouting like that would have got her in trouble, like being forced to pick last, or maybe even not getting to pick. But the Professor liked that enthusiasm that Laurie had, and handed over the Pokéball containing Charmander to her. The honey-haired girl said nothing, and stared at the Pokéball in astonishment and awe.

I did it...It's finally mine... she thought, I finally have my own Pokémon!

She placed the Pokéball on her belt, and then got the Pokédex, Trainer ID and Pokéballs from Professor Solaria. Being the first two the most important and invaluable items, she put them in one of her shorts' pockets, while she put away the five Pokéballs in her bag. But that was not it, as there was a variety of Badge cases for her to pick. She picked a black one, and put it away in her bag as well. Then she heard Solaria's last words, wishing her good luck.

"Thanks." Laurie said and walked out of the lab.

Kay11190 June 26th, 2012 5:54 PM

The Prologue: Part 3

Fallow smiled when he Evangeline gave him her nickname. This was perhaps the easiest time he had making in friend in a long time. As the girl continued to answer his question, particularly about what region she was from he could tell that something was bothering her a bit. Before he could question her any further a grey haired woman approached introducing herself as professor Solaria. Fallow could not believe it, well mostly the fact that even though she had grey hair she looked fairly young in age. Without further though he followed the professor and the other prospective trainers inside to receive their starting gear.

The first trainer to approach was a trainer who was named John-Davis Porter. From his appearance Fallow gathered he was a rather tough individual. He wore a rather clean outfit, a long black-sleeve shirt, and a pair of pants that matched his jacket that matched it perfectly. His hair was jet black and was kept fairly short but still had a somewhat shagginess to it. The expression on the boy’s face was rather serious as well. Fallow kept watch on the boy as he received his starter Pinplup and all of the needed gear to start his travel. Overall from his interactions vocally with the professor Fallow surmised that this person was not very people oriented, but in the end it probably wouldn’t make too much of a difference.

The next trainer up was Evangeline. Fallow watched her interaction with the professor, and it wasn’t surprising that it was a lot more pleasant than the last. The girl put on the same smile she had previously while receiving her Pichu and gear. After receiving her pokemon however she seemed to speak to it. This puzzled Fallow a bit because it wasn’t in the usual sense, she seemed to completely understand the pokemon’s words, that or she was really good at reading the body language and tone of the pokemon’s voice. As she walked out of the lab Fallow dismissed his thoughts of her, knowing he would have a chance to ask her eventually.

Now Fallow instead placed his focus on the third trainer. This trainer seemed at least upon first glace to be a rather nice person. She wore short green shorts, a black t-shirt that stopped a few inches above her navel, and a matching color jacket. Not only that but it matched her gloves shoes and headband. Her entire outfit coordinated perfectly and also did a good job at accenting her dirty blonde hair and somewhat innocent face. The girl then quickly chose her pokemon, the fire type charmander, and received her gear.

The professor then looked onto the crowd of remaining trainers. Including Fallow there were now seven trainers left to receive pokemon. "Alright who's next? Piplup, Charmander, and Pichu have already been chosen" called the professor a smile on her face.
“I’ll go” stated Fallow quickly. “I want to pick while I still have a few options. Or at least it will make my method of choosing a bit more random.” The boy shot the professor an embarrassed smile with his last sentence. “Oh, I’m sorry I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Fallow Walker from Mercury city, with my hometown being in Hoenn.” With the pleasantries out of the way Fallow took a coin out of his pocket. He flipped it three times, twice it landing on heads, and once on tails. “Okay it looks like I choose to pokeball farthest to the left, with charmander gone now that makes it Treecko” Fallow then slowly walked over and picked the pokeball up from its spot and released the pokemon from the ball. In a flash of white light a small green reptile pokemon, green in color stood roughly knee height next to Fallow. The trainer gave the pokemon a quick once over and was overall satisfied with his random choice. It also reassured him that his starter was one from his original birthplace which may give him a small advantage raising wise.

SylveonStar June 26th, 2012 6:30 PM

@Kay11190: Fallow has recieved his Trainer ID, Pokedex, Five Pokeballs, a gym badge case, and his Starter Treecko. You can go ahead and head to Route 1.

Professor Janice Solaria

Professor Solaria smiled at Fallow. "nice to meet you Fallow, very interesting name you've got there, I also hope you've enjoyed living here in Celestia, Mercury City is a great place isn't it?". She watched as Fallow flipped a coin three times and then said he wanted Treecko and called the Pokemon out of his Pokeball. "Great choice Fallow" she smiled more finding it ironic that when he chose randomly he had chosen the starter from his home region.

"just let me give you what I gave the others and you can be on your way, I'm sure you can catch up to your new friend on Route 1." Professor Solaria spoke remembering when she arrived she had seen Fallow talking to Evangeline. Turing away for a minute she grabbed the items and turned back handing him his trainer ID, Pokedex, and five Pokeballs. "you can also choose from the gym badge cases, I'm sure you'll find a color you like" she smiled at him. "and good luck, have fun and stay safe on your Journey"

Professor Solaria looked back at the remaining six teens. "alright, who's next, there are only six Pokemon left and six of you"

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