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Necrum June 12th, 2012 6:08 PM

The Ultimate Monotype Challenge
The Ultimate
Monotype Challenge

Welcome, one and all, to the Ultimate Monotype Challenge! The Monotype Challenge is among the main challenges that can be played in Pokemon, and is one that has probably been done for far longer than the existence of the term "Challenge" in Pokemon. Simply put, a Monotype Challenge is a play through of any give Pokemon game, where you use Pokemon who share one of their types with each other. This may seem simple, but when you get a Badge or two in, you start to realize that your team will be vulnerable to certain teams in the game if you don't play carefully.

Now here's where things get interesting. Some of you may opt to accept the Ultimate Monotype Challenge. This means that you will play though at least one game of any give region in the main Pokemon franchise. A long and arduous path awaits those who accept the Ultimate Monotype Challenge. But the greater the challenge, the greater the reward!

Now then, let's get started, shall we?

1. All Pokemon on your team must share at least one type with each other. Your team must comprise of at least 2 Pokemon. Each Pokemon should theoretically be within 10 levels of each other by the end. Also, if all your Pokemon share 2 types, it will still only be counted as the type you sign up for. No stacking type completion.

2. Until you find a Pokemon of your chosen type, you must only use your starter.

3. Pokemon who evolve into a Pokemon of your chosen type are allowed, as long as you evolve them at your earliest convenience. However, Pokemon of your type who evolve into a different type altogether are not allowed to perform the evolution in question. Mega Evolution is banned.

4. A Pokemon of your type should be caught before challenging the 3rd gym. If a Pokemon of your type cannot be found before the 3rd gym, you may trade/hack in a single low level Pokemon or egg that belongs to your region's Pokedex, as long as it is not RNG abused or bred for Egg moves/Hidden Abilities. Otherwise, do not hack any Pokemon in. For a list games you can hack/trade in, see below. Event obtained Pokemon are also banned, even if obtained with a game you are running your challenge on.

5. HM slaves are allowed. If they do not match your type, you may not use them in battle, unless absolutely necessary for double/triple/rotation battles when you don't have enough Pokemon in your team.

6. No Legendary Pokemon, even if they match your chosen type.

7. Hacked ROMs are acceptable for this challenge. However, total hacks (Brown Version, Light Platinum, etc) are only acceptable for Single Challenges. Hacks that feature existing regions, whether they are remakes or complete Pokedex hacks (Blaze Black, Skeetendo's Christmas Hack, LiquidCrystal, etc), are acceptable for the Ultimate Challenge, as long as it corresponds to a region you have not completed.

8. You may use hacks or cheats for the purpose of evolving a Pokemon if you are incapable of doing so otherwise. For example, using an evolution editor to make evolution of Kadabra into Alakazam possible without trading. This does not apply to Pokemon that evolve outside of your region's Pokedex. Like Seadra and Golbat in FireRed and LeafGreen. If the Pokemon requires an item with the trade, then you must obtain the item in game before evolving the Pokemon.

9. Your adventure ends when the Champion of the region has been defeated. This is defined differently for each game:
R/B/G/Y/FR/LG: Blue (Your Rival)
G/S/C/HG/SS: Red (At Mt Silver)
R/S: Steven
E: Wallace
D/P/Pt: Cynthia
B/W: Alder
B2/W2: Iris
X/Y: ???

10. You may trade in Pokemon of your type that is not available in your game as long as it is part of your regional Pokedex. It must also be no higher in level than your weakest Pokemon in your team, or be an egg (the prefered option). This allows you to play with Pokemon that would normally be exclusive to the opposite game. Like Stunky and Glameow in Diamond and Pearl respectively.

11. You may use external sources such as the Pokewalker, Dream World, and Dream Radar to obtain Pokemon for your challenge, as long as it is connected to that challenge's Trainer ID. Pokemon Bank is not included in this rule and may not be used to obtain Pokemon unless by rule 4.

12. Pokemon Amie is banned due to the extremely game breaking buffs it provides. This rule may be circumvented for the purpose of raising a Sylveon. Exp Share in X and Y is also banned, as it provides a lot of extra experience for each battle, essentially tripling (and then some) your total experience gain with a full team.

13. Dark Monotype is exempt from Kanto, and Steel is optional if anyone wants to play FRLG with just the Magnemite family. Fairy is excluded from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova. As such, Fairy cannot have an Ultimate Challenge until such time that we get more games with Fairy type in them.

Ultimate Challenge
In order to qualify as an Ultimate Champion, you must complete the challenge in one game of each region using the same type. Here is a list of games by region.
1. Kanto :
-Green (Japanese)

2. Johto:

3. Hoenn:

4. Sinnoh:

5. Unova:
-Black 2
-White 2

6. Kalos:
Pokemon X
Pokemon Y

These games do not need to be played in chronological order.

Sign-up Form
In order to participate, you must fill out this form:

Challenge: (Single or Ultimate)

Username: Necrum Warrior
Type: Bug
Challenge: Ultimate
Game(s): LG, HG, R, Pt, B

First Encounters
This is a comprehensive list of first Pokemon available for each type in every main game. If I missed something earlier in the games than this, feel free to message me.
Starter is first Pokemon in all games except Yellow: Oddish (Route 24) Charmander (Route 24) Magikarp (Route 4 Pokemon Center)
R/B/Y/FR/LG - Rattata (Route 1)
G/S/C/HG/SS - Sentret (Route 29)
R/S/E - Zigzagoon (Route 101)
D/P/Pt - Bidoof (Route 201)
B/W - Lillipup (Route 1)
B2/W2 - Patrat (Route 19)
X/Y - Bunnelby (Route 2)
R/B/FR/LG - Pikachu (Viridian Forest)
Y - Pikachu (Starter)
G/S/HG/SS - Mareep (Route 32)
C - Pichu (Odd Egg from Day Care Man)
R/S/E - Electrike (Route 110)
D/P/Pt - Shinx (Route 202
B/W - Blitzle (Route 3)
B2/W2 - Mareep (Floccesy Ranch)
X/Y - Pikachu (Santalune Forest)
R/B/Y/FR/LG - None before 3rd gym
G/S - None before 3rd gym
C - Smoochum (Odd Egg from Day Care Man)
HG/SS - Smoochum (Dim Cave Pokewalker Route*)
R/S/E - None before 3rd gym
D/P - None before 3rd gym
Pt - Eevee (Hearthome City from Bebe)
B/W/B2/W2 - Swinub (Icy Cave DW Area*)
X/Y - Amaura (Fossil revival)
R - Mankey (Route 5)
B - None before 3rd gym
Y/FR/LG - Mankey (Route 22)
G/S/HG/SS - Poliwag (Violet City with Old Rod)
C - Poliwag (Route 30)
R/S/E - Torchic (Starter)
D/P/Pt - Chimchar (Starter)
B/W/B2/W2 - Tepig (Starter)
X/Y - Chespin (Starter)
R/B/FR/LG - Charmander (Starter)
Y - Pidgey (Route 1)
G/S/C/HG/SS - Hoothoot (Route 29)
R/S/E - Wingull (Route 103)
D/P/Pt - Starly (Route 201)
B/W - Pidove (Route 3)
B2/W2 - Pidove (Route 20)
X/Y - Fletchling (Route 2)
R - Weedle (Route 2)
B - Caterpie (Route 2)
Y - Caterpie (Viridian Forest)
FR/LG - Weedle (Route 2)
G/HG - Spinarak (Route 30)
S/SS - Ledyba (Route 30)
C - Caterpie (Route 30)
R/S/E - Wurmple (Route 101)
D/P - Kricketot (Route 202)
Pt - Kricketot (Route 201)
B/W - Sewaddle (Pinwheel Forest)
B2/W2 - Sewaddle (Route 20)
X/Y - Scatterbug (Route 2)
R/B/FR/LG - Bulbasaur (Starter)
Y - Nidoran (Route 22)
G/HG - Spinarak (Route 30)
S/C/SS - Weedle (Route 30)
R/S/E - Wurmple (Route 101)
D/P/Pt - Budew (Route 204)
B/W - Venipede (Pinwheel Forest)
B2/W2 - Venipede (Route 20)
X/Y - Weedle (Route 2)
R/B/Y - Nidoran (Route 22)
FR/LG - Nidoran (Route 3)
G/S/HG/SS - Geodude (Route 46)
C - Phanpy (Route 46)
R/S/E - Mudkip (Starter)
D/P/Pt - Turtwig (Starter)
B/W - Drilbur (Wellspring Cave)
B2/W2 - Sandile (Route 3)
X/Y - Bunnelby (Route 2)
R/B/Y/FR/LG - Geodude (Mt. Moon)
G/S/C/HG/SS - Geodude (Route 46)
R/S/E - Aron (Granite Cave)
D/P/Pt - Geodude (Oreburgh Gate)
B/W - Roggenrola (Wellspring Cave)
B2/W2 - Roggenrola (Relic Passage)
X/Y - Rhyhorn (Glittering Cave)
G/S/C/HG/SS - Onix (Union Cave)
R/S/E - Aron (Granite Cave)
D/P/Pt - Piplup (Starter)
B/W - Drilbur (Wellspring Cave)
B2/W2 - Riolu (Floccesy Ranch)
X/Y - Burmy (Route 3)
R/B/Y/FR/LG - Abra (Route 24)
G/S/C/HG/SS - Slowpoke (Slowpoke Well)
R/S/E - Ralts (Route 102)
D/P/Pt - Abra (Route 203)
B/W - Munna (Dream Yard)
B2/W2 - Woobat (Relic Passage)
X/Y - Fennekin (Starter)
G/S/C - None before 3rd gym
HG/SS - Murkrow (Suburban Area Pokewalker Route*)
R/S/E - Poochyena (Route 101)
D - Murkrow (Eterna Forest)
P - None before 3rd gym
Pt - Eevee (Hearthome City from Bebe)
B/W - Purrloin (Route 2)
B2/W2 - Purrloin (Route 20)
X/Y - Froakie (Starter)
R/B/Y/FR/LG - None before 3rd gym
G/S/C/HG/SS - Gastly (Sprout Tower)
R/S/E - Nincada (Route 116)
D/P/Pt - Drifloon (Valley Windworks on Friday)
B/W - Misdreavus (Spooky Manor DW area*)
B2/W2 - Drifloon (Dream Radar*)
X/Y - Honedge (Route 6)
R/B/Y/FR/LG - None before 3rd gym
G/S/HG/SS - Dratini (Goldenrod Game Corner)
C - None before 3rd gym
R/S/E - None before 3rd gym
D/P - None before 3rd gym
Pt - Gible (Wayward Cave)
B/W - Trapinch (Rugged Mountain DW area*)
B2/W2 - Swablu (Dream Radar*)
X/Y - Axew (Connecting Cave)
X/Y - Azurill (Route 3)

* Pokemon that require outside means are not required. If you don't have access to a Pokewalker, Dream World, or Dream Radar, you may hack or trade in these games.

Single Challengers
These participants are challenging a single game. Please don't post asking me to add you to the list. I update weekly so I will get to you when I can.
-Griffinbane: FireRed 7/8 SoulSilver 8/16 Platinum 1/8

-Sovereign.: FireRed 2/8

-razor8771: HeartGold 4/16

-90210/johnny18: White 2/8

-Twihiki_Amias: FireRed 1/8

-Mac: Black2 6/8

-Dullstar: Blue 3/8, Gold 0/16, Emerald 0/8

-Sammy_Poké: Platinum 0/8 Black2

-Skapocalypse: White2 8/8

-Puppeteer Mask: Emerald 5/8

-BLockwood: Red 4/8

-roosterman: Diamond 2/8

-WhirlWind: Emerald 1/8

-IWND46 FireRed 4/8

-Thescourgex2: FireRed 2/8

-Sukisu: FireRed 0/8

-Cirno: Silver 6/16

-Mr. Whiscash: White2 0/8

-jarekasd: Ruby 1/8

-PKMN trainer Sean: Black 2/8

-lineofdeath: Black 3/8

-Markinatorz: Ruby 6/8

-Punnagg: LeafGreen 4/8

-Shiny Electivire: FireRed 1/8

-TrollShammy80: YinBlack 6/8

-Dyl-icious: SoulSilver 0/16

-Jays53: Platinum 0/8

-PokeNerd22: Emerald 0/8, Red 0/8, Diamond 0/8

-PokeLordAndrew: VoltWhite2 1/8

-Bugsy555: FireRed 0/8

-LegitRed: Sapphire 0/8 Ruby 0/8

-ゲンガー: Black2 0/8

-rodygo: Platinum 1/8

-Dragenrder: FireRed 0/8

-dango989: Ruby 7/8

-qw13: Red 3/8 Yellow 0/8

-Happy Smiley Yum Yum: FireRed 1/8

-TopleyBird: Emerald 2/8

-Callandor: Emerald 0/8

-Chocolat: Blue 0/8

-PokeBound98: Ruby 0/8

-warship: Platinum 2/8

-Zorogami: VoltWhite 3/8

-Timmetje: VoltWhite 4/8

-Em1ltje: FireRedOmega 0/8

-Giant Magikarp: Platinum 0/8

-KeyDrop: Emerald 2/8

-Infersaime: Platinum 2/8

-theoblivinator: SoulSilver 0/16

-lmcde22: Emerald 4/8

-GameMaster0015: VoltWhite 0/8

-Express999: Emerald 0/8

-Pikayosh:4 Platinum 0/8

-Gary Muzza Fuzzin Oak: Emerald 0/8

-Tide: SoulSilver 3/16

-Sindrie: SoulSilver 8/16 SoulSilver 4/16 SoulSilver 5/16 X 1/8

-Akihiko123: Emerald 5/8

-Blaziken153: FireRed 0/8

-TheYellowPixel: LeafGreen 0/8

-diamondmutt1111: Diamond 0/8

-Splintey: Black2 0/8

-Seaborg: White 0/8

-ClumzyTrainR13: Platinum 0/8

-Mononoke Hime: Platinum 3/8 FireRed 3/8

-HaiImNate: Emerald 0/8

-Pokeuser7878: HeartGold 3/16

-TheDawningGlaceon: Emerald 0/8

-The_epic_Sammy: Diamond 0/16

-DKgopackgo: Emerald 0/8

-Lowstah: SoulSilver 2/16

-USD: Black 0/8

-Clemstar: White 8/8

-Awes@: Sapphire 0/8

-Holodif: Ruby 3/8

-Dr. Koga: BlazeBlack 1/8

-physi1: HeartGold 1/16

-Porygon Z: Platinum 0/8

-Zylas: Platinum 1/8

-AoTora: RandomFireRed 0/8 LeafGreen 0/8

-atif: BlazeBlack2 0/8

-kosuke: Emerald 0/8

-NUFCbenARFA: FireRed 2/8

-TimThePinoy: Diamond 1/8

-TrainerMusaddiq: FireRed 0/8

-mason385: Platinum 0/8

-nitemate: FireRed 0/8

-TeKan56: Sapphire 0/8

-ivlegitvi: Sapphire 2/8


-Bladewing: FalseRed 7/8

-GreenMachien: Platinum 0/8

-pikachu6780: FireRed 0/8 Sapphire 0/8

-Janp: FireRed 3/8

-Ari Niko Red 4/8

-AnimeNinja621: SoulSilver 0/16

-DaNewbInTown: Y 2/8

-Kinger556: Y 0/8

-Porygon Z: Y 0/8

-Gummy: Y 0/8

-GolemLover: Y 0/8

-Pave Low: Emerald 0/8

-MonsterP1g: Emerald 0/8

-Fenneking: Y 0/8

-braixen: Y 0/8

-TheHatterOfMad: FireRedOmega 0/8

-PhoenixWright77: BlazeBlack2 0/8

-MC_Riccy: SoulSilver 0/16

-Dragon_Trainer_: Emerald 3/8

-Adventure: SoulSilver 0/16

-AngelicPikachu: Red151 0/8

-KillerCroCohen: SacredGold 8/16

-Harmonious Fusion: Gold 0/16 Emerald 2/8

-ShadeDraco: Emerald 0/8

-SnailCandy: FireRed 0/8

-ShadyVXKuriboh5: White 0/8

-Kabutopsian: Black 0/8

-Leonmachar: Emerald 0/8

-Fayble: Y 0/8

-iCode: FireRed 8/8

-LilJz1234: Gold 0/16

-Natnew: Pearl 7/8

-ScubaDouch3: Y 5/8

-No Chance Without Zekrom: Platinum 7/8

-Slaying Moon: BlazeBlack2 0/8

-BaroNight: Black2 1/8

-River Ramirez: FireRed 3/8

-Eat me.: LeafGreen 2/8

-Jespoke: FireRed 0/8

Ultimate Challengers
These participants are challenging the entire Pokemon History. Please don't post asking me to add you to the list. I update weekly so I will get to you when I can. Good luck...

you're gonna need it...
-Necrum Warrior: LeafGreen, Silberne 4/16 Blue, Silver 6/16 White 7/8 White2 4/8 White 3/8

-8bitSilence: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Platinum 3/8 FireRed, Crystal 0/16

-Ninjagon: FireRed, Silver, Emerald 0/8

-KoboraX: Kanto, Johto, Emerald, Pearl, White2 3/8 Emerald 5/8 Ruby, Gold 2/16

-bizebest: LeafGreen, Crystal, Emerald

-vaporeon7: Red, Gold, Ruby, Diamond, XD Gale of Darkness

-InfernoRogue: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn Kanto, Johto, Hoenn

-Quickster: Red, Silver, Sapphire, Pearl 0/8

-James901: Red, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, BlazeBlack 0/8 Blue, Crystal, Emerald, Pearl, VoltWhite 0/8 LeafGreen, SoulSilver, Emerald 0/8 LeafGreen, SoulSilver 12/16, Emerald 0/8 5th Gen Champ, Y 5/8

-Asuf: Red

-Elektrossfan: LeafGreen, HeartGold 0/16

-Jespoke: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, White2 0/8

-Huggermugger: FireRed, Sapphire, HeartGold

-Lt. Col. Fantastic: FireRed, HeartGold, Emerald, Diamond, Black 0/8 Emerald

-viccuh: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh

-imevil: FireRed, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, Black 0/8

-joeyk: FireRed, HeartGold 8/16

-ScaryDodge: Red, Crystal, Emerald 6/8

-niallmuz: Red, HeartGold, Ruby Pearl 0/8 Blue

-ThisOrTheApocalypse: Kanto, Gold, Ruby 2/8

-AoiFushigisou: LeafGreen, Gold 0/16

-ScubaDouch3: FireRed, HeartGold, Emerald, Platinum 0/8 Crystal, Emerald Crystal, Emerald, Platinum 0/8 Yellow, Crystal, Emerald Yellow, Crystal, Emerald Yellow, Crystal 0/16

-WarriorCat: Red, Ruby, SoulSilver X 0/8 Black2 0/8

-someduderic: LeafGreen, Crystal, Emerald 0/8

-Brodioh: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Platinum 0/8 Kanto FireRed 0/8

-JollyRoger25: HeartGold, Emerald, Platinum 1/8

-Heracles4: LeafGreen, LiquidCrystal 2/16

-Lockdown: LeafGreen, Emerald, HeartGold (On Hold), Pearl 0/8

-Dr. Slavic: Red 4/8

-TrollShammy80: FireRed 1/8

-Zerkon: Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum 1/8

-Pave Low: FireRed 8/8 LeafGreen, Emerald

-Umbreon3055: Black, Platinum White2

-serithanz: FireRed 6/8

-ShinyHoundoom: FireRed, White2 4/8

-Njiram: Red 1/8

-Jleggy12: Blue, Gold, Emerald 2/8

-mamoswineftw: Red, Crystal 2/16

-razzbat: Blue, Silver, Sapphire 5/8

-kirax7: Blue, Crystal, Ruby, Platinum

-rave of shaggy: Yellow, HeartGold 3/16

-Mama-Mamo: Yellow, HeartGold 0/16

-Fenneking: Red, Crystal 0/16

-Crackin355: LeafGreen 4/8, HeartGold 6/16, Sapphire 3/8, Platinum 3/8, Black 4/8, Black2 3/8

-Pekin: LeafGreen, SoulSilver, Platinum, Emerald 4/8 Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, White 8/8 Blue, Emerald, LeafGreen 6/8

-masaru3: FireRed, Platinum 6/8

-waveguidebuizel: FireRed, HeartGold, Emerald 4/8, Platinum 4/8

-The Sceptile King: Kanto x/8, Soul Silver 0/16 Kanto,

-Feraligatr13: LeafGreen Yellow

-Tyranitar042: FireRed 7/8 Red, Crystal 2/16

-KagamiChan: LeafGreen, Emerald,Crystal 3/16, Black 8/8 Red, Crystal, Ruby 2/8

-DementedMankey: FireRed StormSilver 1/16

-liam7199: FireRed, HeartGold 0/16

-Febbe: FireRed, HeartGold, Emerald, Platinum 8/8 FireRed, Crystal Emerald

-Mr. Whiscash: White2

-Blaziken153: FireRed 3/8

-Ðelta: Yellow, Crystal Blue, Silver, Sapphire 0/8

-jaydezzal: FireRed, Gold 8/16

-RideTheHydreigon2: HeartGold Sapphire 7/8

-Harmonixer3500: FireRed, SoulSilver 16/16

-Buggles: FireRed 3/8

-Pyromaniac45: FireRed 8/8, HeartGold 3/16

-trotz59: LeafGreen 8/8, HeartGold 4/16

-Da_Man32: LeafGreen, Crystal 0/16

-Monogito: Blue 0/8


-Kitori: FireRed 0/8

-derrick95: FireRed 7/8

-Goku9000: FireRed 1/8

-simon_van09: LeafGreen 3/8

-stitch626fluffy: LeafGreen 1/8

-Bestwaffles: FireRed, Crystal, Sapphire 6/8

-Zorua4Ever: Emerald 3/8, Platinum 7/8

-TheOperaGhost: Red 1/8


-EmperorRBG LeafGreen 3/8



-qw13: Yellow, Crystal, Emerald 0/8

-miltankRancher: LeafGreen, SoulSilver 8/16

-kosuke: LeafGreen

-Suicune™: Yellow 4/8

-HollywoodDream: FireRed, Gold, Sapphire, Platinum 2/8 LeafGreen 3/8

-Charblade111: FireRed, Crystal, Sapphire, Diamond 0/8

-Darkest Shade of Light: Platinum 0/8

-Black Ninetales: Emerald 2/8 Platinum, HeartGold 16/16 HeartGold 0/16 Black 0/8 Platinum 0/8 White2 0/8

-Lukesk1: FireRed, HeartGold 11/16

-lacoste: FireRed 4/8

-Zelo: FireRed 0/8

-edwardo999: Red 8/8

-Thebeast21799: Blue Blue 0/8

-BrakeNeck: FireRed

-SubVirus: LiquidCrystal 1/16 FireRed, SoulSilver, ExpertEmerald 0/8, Blaze Black 6/8

-hisalness56: LeafGreen 5/8

-PekoponTAS: Platinum, HeartGold 8/16

-DKgopackgo: Crystal 10/16, Sapphire 2/8

-Dyl-icious: FireRed 3/8


-Rikk Steves: SoulSilver 2/16

-thewafflmaster: Emerald, Black, FireRed 7/8

-Leonmachar: LeafGreen, HeartGold 1/16

-Pokehelp: SoulSilver 3/16

-SetheKing: FireRed 8/8

-Luke: LeafGreen, Emerald, HeartGold 8/16

-Sonago: FireRed 0/8

-amerininja: Black FireRed 0/8

-Omicron: HeartGold 4/16

-Simple Concept: FireRed 0/8

-idlephantom: Red



-Crystalanachrony: Crystal 4/16, Black2 2/8

-Spitfire93: FireRed, HeartGold, Emerald, Platinum, White 2/8

-Ganondorf92: LeafGreen 4/8

-BubbleBeams: LeafGreen, Emerald, Platinum 5/8


-TrainerMusaddiq: Gold 8/16


-Zapdos_Rider: FireRed 3/8

-atie: Platinum 1/8

-Kraydl: Emerald 7/8

-M4ttSydal: RandomizedSoulSilver, Black2 3/8

-monsterhair005: FireRed 3/8



-Dark Leader Adam: Gold, Emerald, LeafGreen 0/8, Platinum 0/8


-epic hydreigon:

-Kirky: Yellow Blue, Gold 6/8

-CanadianBaconX: Red

-Porygon Z:

-Helio: Emerald, SoulSilver

-Serperion: Emerald, Red, Crystal 7/16

-Byrdy7: FireRed

-UKS: X 1/8


-Totodilemaster: LeafGreen 1/8


-David-: SoulSilver 0/16

-MuchaHawlucha: Red, Gold 0/16


-slasherJDC: Red, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum 0/8


-Naxus_Darkstar: FireRed 2/8

-Fsteak: LeafGreen, Sapphire 4/8

-LoudSilence: Gold 0/16

-BTR Blazin: FireRed

-Harmonious Fusion: Emerald 3/8, LeafGreen 3/8

-dave88: FireRed 3/8

-Blaki': LeafGreen, HeartGold 1/16

-thomas0comer: SoulSilver 1/16, Platinum 2/8LeafGreen, Emerald

-ohsnoes: FireRed 5/8

-Deku: Black2, Ruby 2/8 Blue, Gold, Emerald, Diamond 5/8, Black2 4/8 Yellow, Silver

-Ramsie: LeafGreen, Crystal 3/16

-A Dyl To Remember Y, Platinum 7/8


-RefinedHornet: Blue, Crystal 8/16

-Lowvyr: LeafGreen 3/8

-harkein: Yellow 0/8

-Meppy: Sapphire 3/8

-GawenStarTeller: FireRed 0/8

Single Champions
These individuals have conquered a region. Please don't post asking me to add you to the list. I update weekly so I will get to you when I can.







rave of shaggy







LMFAO. Word up.



Porygon Z







Mr. Whiscash






ɯɐǝq ɹǝpʎɥ






Pave Low

Dark leader Adam










Necrum Warrior

Ultimate Champions
These individuals have conquered every region with the same type. Please don't post asking me to add you to the list. I update weekly so I will get to you when I can.

Gen V Champs
These players completed the challenge under the standards of the fifth generation of Pokemon





Queen of Poison















Gen VI Champs
These players completed the challenge under the sixth gen standard

Here's some userbars I made. The old ones were outdated and some of them didn't match.

8bitSilence June 12th, 2012 6:41 PM

EDIT: Completed the Hoenn section of my Fire UMC.

It's nice to see someone try to make the thread more organized. :)

Previous Progress Form
Username: 8bitSilence
Challenge: Fire
Completed: I, II, III

All the progress I've made in this challenge is in the past 2 pages of the old thread.

Final Hoenn Update
-Grinded my Pokemon in Victory Road for a few hours.
-Used the Elite Four for money-making.
-Used money to buy Revives and Full Restores
-Defeated the Elite Four using Revives and Full Restores
-1HKO'd all of Steven's Pokemon (except Armaldo and Claydol) Lvl.66
-Blaze Kick
-Sky Uppercut
-Aerial Ace Lvl.54
-Rock Slide
-Eruption Lvl.63
-Body Slam
-Iron Defense
-Amnesia Lvl.62
-Rock Slide

I'm really loving this challenge. :)
Moving on to Sinnoh.
Wish me luck!

SmashMaster24 June 12th, 2012 8:03 PM

Seriously, why the hell was the other thread locked?

Username: SmashMaster24
Challenge 1: Dark
Completed 1: I, II, III, IV, V
Challenge 2 : Ghost
Completed 2: I, II, III

For Dark I did Kanto on LeafGreen and hacked in Dark-type pokemon which was allowed on the OTHER THREAD

jdthebud June 12th, 2012 8:34 PM

Well, I'm glad to see a new thread, as the old one wasn't getting updated.

I've done Psychic, Poison, Rock, Fire, and Water through Sinnoh, and I've also done Flying, Normal, Fighting, Ground, Grass, Electric, Ice, Bug, Dark, Dragon, Steel, and Ghost through Unova.

By the way, you should make sure you mention a few things:
1) Dark and Steel are not in Gen I, so they don't need to be included in a Ultimate challenge (i.e. you start with a Johto game). Single game ones are fine of course.
2) You should probably indicate a minumum team number of 2, unless there are no other pokemon available.
3) When hacking in a beginning Pokemon, only ones that are found in the wild before the end of the challenge should be allowed (i.e. no hacking in a Smoochum in Sinnoh, as it's not found in the wild until after the E4).

Just my two cents.

Also, there were some great userbars in the old thread, maybe you should bring those over here too :).

And finally, you might want to talk to Myrrhman about possibly transferring some records over here from the old thread, as I know he compiled some kind of updated Champions list.

Illuminaughty June 12th, 2012 9:20 PM

Hey everyone! I made updates.

Jdthebud, I am sure there are other rules I forgot too! There are just so many hypothetical situations that need some type of guideline, but thanks for helping me with quite a few of them ;)

Smashmaster, the old thread hadn't been updated in over a year, no further explanation is needed.

8bit, glad to see you are enjoying yourself :)

Ninjagon June 13th, 2012 2:00 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Username: Ninjagon
Single or Ultimate: Single
Game(s): Pearl
Monotype: Psychic
Team: Slowbro, Chimecho ,Medicham, Starmie, Bronzong and Alakazam

I signed up in the other thread and i will update my challenge more this week.

Current Team:

Grinded Wizard up to 22 about to vs 2nd gym.

Kadabra (Wizard) Lv. 22

phonastik June 13th, 2012 2:07 AM

I guess it's understandable to lock the old thread so I'll re-sign up here for my single-game Bug-type challenge on Ruby. Feeling a bit wussy but I'm so sick of Kanto games that I can't be bothered to do an Ultimate.

I managed to beat Flannery since my last update in the other thread, thanks to more Parafusion and Mothra's Bubblebeam. She was still a Surskit at the time of her single-handed victory, I might add. I got the Claw fossil and revived it.
I also beat Norman and bypassed Winona to get to the Safari zone in order to catch a Pinsir which took forever. I'm currently stuck at Brendan's freaking Swellow, which loves to spam Double Team.

My current team is:
Lacero/Pinsir level 27
Hamlet/Volbeat level 29
Claude/Anorith level 28
Luna/Dustox level 29
Helio/Beautifly level 28
Mothra/Masquerain level 32

8bitSilence June 13th, 2012 11:19 AM

Fire UMC
Sinnoh Update #1

-Started with a Chimchar, nicknamed it 8bit.
-Evolved Chimchar and beat Roark.
-Almost made it to Eterna City before remembering that Ponyta were available to catch north of Oreburgh.
-Spent a good twenty five minutes hunting for a female Ponyta.
-Defeated Gardenia with Ponyta.
-Finished Galactic building.
-At Mt. Coronet. Lvl.28
-Flame Wheel
-Mach Punch Lvl.24
-Fire Spin
-Flame Wheel

I can't wait to get a Houndour.

Ninjagon June 14th, 2012 2:11 AM

Update #2

- Beat Gardenia after Wizard reached Lv. 25
- Beat Jupiter
- Got egg
- Boxed it
- Grinded Wizard up to Lv. 34
- Traded him to SS
- Wizard evolved into Alakazam
- Traded him back
- Grinded some more
- Went to Hearthome
- Left Hearthome and reached Veilstone, Wizard is now Lv. 38
- Beat everything in gym (OHKO's)
- Went to Pastoria
- Beat Rival
- Saved,s:0,i:146

Wizard the Docile Alakazam

Vsjester13 June 14th, 2012 2:18 AM

might aswell give this a shot
Username: Vsjester13
Single or Ultimate: Single
Game(s): White
Monotype: Water
Team: Samurott, Simipour, Seismitoad, Carracosta, Swanna and Jellicent.

8bitSilence June 14th, 2012 11:07 AM

Sinnoh Update 2
Sinnoh Update 2
I haven't been making much progress in my challenge lately, mainly due to the fact that Sinnoh is probably my least favorite region.

Started June 12, 2012. Time: 6:40
-Got through Mt. Coronet
-Did Hearthome City stuff
-Currently in Fantina's Gym. Lvl.29
-Flame Wheel
-Mach Punch Lvl.26
-Fire Spin
-Flame Wheel

KoboraX June 14th, 2012 11:17 AM

Username: KoboraX
Challenge 1: Normal
Completed 1: I, II

bizebest June 14th, 2012 11:31 AM

Hi Everybody,

Username: bizebest
Single or Ultimate: Ultimate
Game(s): LG-> D -> ? -> ? -> ?
Monotype: Water
Team: Vaporeon, Poliwrath, Gyarados, Slowbro, Starmie (Pidgey HM slave)

Basically I was to lazy to update the end of my Kanto water type monotype run.
I only had to finish the Elite 4.
here's the finishing pic
Does this count? :D

Illuminaughty June 14th, 2012 11:39 AM

Update Grass Monotype Pokemon Blue

Objectives Completed:
- Selected Bulbasaur
- Defeated Brock
- Evolved Bulbasaur into Ivysaur.
- Caught Paras
- Caught Bellsprout
- Defeated Misty
- Evolved Paras into Parasect.
- Defeated Lt.Surge
- Evolved Bellsprout into Weepinbell
- Evolved Ivysaur into Venusaur
- Defeated Erika
-Evolved Weebinbell into Victreebel
- Obtained Silph Scope
- Obtained Poke Flute
- Defeated Team Rocket in Saphron.

lv. 47
Body Slam
Razor Leaf
Vine Whip
lv. 49
Razor Leaf
lv. 47
Swords Dance
Mega Drain


Originally Posted by bizebest (Post 7214256)
Hi Everybody,

Username: bizebest
Single or Ultimate: Ultimate
Game(s): LG-> D -> ? -> ? -> ?
Monotype: Water
Team: Vaporeon, Poliwrath, Gyarados, Slowbro, Starmie (Pidgey HM slave)

Basically I was to lazy to update the end of my Kanto water type monotype run.
I only had to finish the Elite 4.
Does this count? :D

It's fine, just make sure that the next game you play is either Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart Gold, or Soul Silver rather than Diamond ;)

Gliese June 14th, 2012 12:02 PM

Username: Gliese
Single or Ultimate: Single
Game(s): Emerald
Monotype: Psychic
Team: (Are we required to predetermine our teams, or do we update as we go along?)

bizebest June 14th, 2012 8:27 PM


Originally Posted by Illuminaughty (Post 7214264)
It's fine, just make sure that the next game you play is either Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heart Gold, or Soul Silver rather than Diamond ;)

Username: Bizebest
Challengec: Water
Completed : I
Team: Vaporeon, Poliwrath, Gyarados, Slowbro, Starmie (Pidgey HM slave)
Kanto (completed)

So today, I just started Crystal.
Progress so far:
Got Totodile from Elm,
Went to Violet Town,
Belsprout Tower was ANNOYING since all I had was Totodile...
Falkner was a joke with Lv 16 Totodile.
Went down Route 32
Got the old rod at the Pokecenter
Caught a Tentacool
Night fell so...
Caught a Wooper and a Poliwag.
went into Union cave and breezed through all the rock types.
Exited the cave and saved.

Current Team
Croconaw Lv18 / Wooper Lv13 / Tentacool Lv10 / Poliwag Lv4 (not sure I'll train it...)

Feraligatr13 June 15th, 2012 6:42 AM

Rejoining :)
I am rejoining my UMC in Fighting.

Previous Progress form:

Challenge 1: Fighting
Completed 1: I, II, III, IV

Still working on Unova.

EDIT: Hey jdthebud! Glad to see you're still around. It's ok if I recommend your next Unova challenge, right? I recommend you do Water. :) my favorite type.

StormyNight55 June 15th, 2012 7:39 AM

Alright, well, I've done a considerable amount since my update on the old thread, so I'm going to give a REALLY rough update before I start posting regularly.

Challenge: Ultimate Monotype.
Version: FireRed.
Type: Normal.
  • Pewter Gym, defeated.
  • Cerulean Gym, defeated.
  • Vermillion Gym, defeated.
  • S.S. Anne, done.
  • Celadon Rocket Hideout, defeated.
  • Celadon Gym, defeated.
  • Lavender Tower, done.
  • Saffron Silph. Co., done.
  • Saffron Gym, defeated.
Phew. Current team::

Tempest: male persian, lv. 41.
Monsoon: male pidgeot, lv. 41.
Twister: female raticate, lv. 39.
Quake: female fearow, lv. 29.
Flood: female jigglypuff, lv. 28.
Ch'ding: male farfetch'd, lv. 25.

Boxed team includes Avalanche, a male rattata, Gamma, a female pidgey, and my original starter, Squirtle, who hasn't been used since Monsoon was caught.

By the way, how is everyone getting those sprites in their posts? I wanted to use some in my team description, but didn't know how.

8bitSilence June 15th, 2012 1:19 PM


Originally Posted by StormyNight55 (Post 7215027)
By the way, how is everyone getting those sprites in their posts? I wanted to use some in my team description, but didn't know how.

With at least 15 posts.
[IMG](image url goes here)[/IMG]

I also think you can simply copy and paste sprites if you're using IE. I might be wrong, though.
I get the sprites from Bulbapedia.

Anyways, I'm still working on my Fire UMC in Sinnoh. Will update later. Still in Fantina's gym lol. I haven't made much progress.


XxHarryxX June 15th, 2012 4:39 PM

Username: XxHarryxX
Challenge 1: Ground
Completed 1: I, II, III (Yellow, Soul Silver, Emerald)

Emerald is now complete! Here's how the rest of that challenge went down:

- Ventured around the sea routes and accessed all of the areas that I had passed before with Surf. Along the way, Trapinch evolved into Vibrava, and Baltoy into Claydol.
- Went up to Fortree City, beating Team Aqua at the Weather Institute and then May along the way.
- Beat Winona - Swampert's Ice Beam and Camerupt's Rock Slide worked wonders.
- Powered on, hitting up Mt. Pyre, the Magma Hideout, and the Aqua Hideout along the way.
- Surfed across the ocean to Mossdeep City. Defeated Tate & Liza with my Flygon's (now evolved) Crunch and some sweet Surfin' from Swampert.
- Beat the Magmas at the Space Center, and progressed to the Seafloor Cavern and beat the Aquas.
- Did the whole Kyogre/Groudon fighting thing, and Rayquaza to the rescue.
- Battled Juan. I figured it would be a preview of Wallace for the Elite Four... but my Pokemon were about 10 levels up, so it wasn't tough at all. Some well-placed Earthquakes and other powerful moves did the job.
- Wandered around Hoenn, beating all sorts of trainers in rematches and getting my team prepared for the Elite Four.
- Went through Victory Road; then grinded everyone up to Level 57.

Time for the Elite Four! Here's how things went down:

Sidney: Piece of cake. Flygon was quite useful, as Dragonbreath and Flamethrower worked wonders. Camerupt even threw in an Earthquake on Crawdaunt to help out.
Phoebe: Pretty easy too. Flygon's Crunch was useful, and Swampert and Camerupt came in with Surf and Earthquake to help out.
Glacia: A bit more challenging, due to the water-typed Sealeo and Walrein. Camerupt took down the first Sealeo (got lucky with a flinching Rock Slide), and then Swampert used Bide to take down Walrein. From there, things were smooth sailing - Camerupt took care of both Glalies, and Swampert finished off the last Sealeo.
Drake: He was surprisingly easy. Claydol threw up a Light Screen, and took out Shelgon with an Ice Beam. Then, Flygon took down Kingdra with Dragonbreath, and Claydol's Ice Beam laid rest to Flygon and Salamence. Just for fun, Camerupt came in against Altaria and Rock Slided away.
Wallace: This one was... a ridiculously hard battle, and took several tries. Here's how it eventually went down:

- Claydol threw up Light Screen against Wailord. This attack was critical to my success in the game. Claydol won out with Psychics, and coaxed a Full Restore out of Wallace at one point.
- Tentacruel was next, and it went down to a Swampert Earthquake.
- Ludicolo. I HATE THIS THING with a passion. Double Team... yeah... So, Claydol went out first and restored the Light Screen, and then I stalled for a while to get Claydol to faint after I threw up yet another Screen. Then, Flygon came in here, and used a Dragonbreath to paralyze Ludicolo, and then Strength'ed away for the victory. Definitely got lucky here...
- Milotic was next, and this one required some creativity too. With some clever Reviving and Light Screening, Swampert eventually took down Milotic with Bide.
- Here came Whiscash. Camerupt tried to Amnesia up and beat it, but Earthquake got the better of it. Flygon came in and worked it down to just over 1/4 health with Dragonbreath, and then a critical hit with Strength finished it off.
- Gyarados was last, and he was easier than expected. Flygon got a nice CH with Dragonbreath, and Gyarados was stupid with trying to use Earthquake. Hyper Beam finished Flygon off, so it was all up to Swampert. Ice Beam finished Gyarados off, and I became the champ!

So, Emerald is done! On to Platinum!!

Couple of things I learned that I'd like to share:
- Never underestimate Light Screen/Reflect. They're great moves to have in your back pocket, especially when you can get a mildly fast Pokemon out to throw them up.
- Bide is useful too, especially when combined with a screening move.
- 4x weaknesses suck, especially in a champion battle...

EDIT: Should probably include my final team!

Claydol Lv 58 - Light Screen/Reflect/Ice Beam/Psychic
Camerupt Lv 58 - Amnesia/Rock Slide/Flamethrower/Earthquake
Swampert Lv 58 - Bide/Ice Beam/Surf/Earthquake
Flygon Lv 59 - Dragonbreath/Crunch/Strength/Flamethrower

Also, one more lesson: In a monotype challenge, STAB isn't always critical - I've had several ground-types without ground-type moves, and they've done just fine.

Gliese June 15th, 2012 6:35 PM

Just a quick question. If the first Pokemon of your type available is not able to level up on its' own, due to no offensive attacks at the level it's caught at, can you use your starter to level it up until it learns a damaging move?

8bitSilence June 15th, 2012 8:33 PM


Originally Posted by Gliese (Post 7215521)
Just a quick question. If the first Pokemon of your type available is not able to level up on its' own, due to no offensive attacks at the level it's caught at, can you use your starter to level it up until it learns a damaging move?

I'm pretty sure you can use your starter to train it until it can fight for itself. Or at least you could in the old thread, I'm not sure about this one. But I think you can.

bizebest June 15th, 2012 8:46 PM

Username: Bizebest
Challengec: Water
Completed : I
Current : II

Update #2
Progress :
Got to Azalea
Went through Slowpoke well without too much trouble
Defeated Bugsy easily
Got my behind handed to me by Silver's Bayleef (once)
Leveled Tentacool a bit
Defeated Silver
went across Ilex forest easily
Got to Goldenrod
Got bike (thank god!)
Went to national park to get Dig for my new Quagsire
going to the Normal gym and saving.

Current Team : Croconaw Lv21 / Quagsire Lv 22 / Tentacool Lv 17

vaporeon7 June 16th, 2012 5:53 AM

I'm deciding I'm continuing on my Ultimate Flying monotype from almost 2 years ago on Black.
Username: vaporeon7
Single or Ultimate: Ultimate
Game(s): Red (complete) > Gold (complete) > Ruby (complete) > (XD GoD) (complete) > Diamond (complete) > Black
Monotype: Flying
Team: Unfezant, Swanna, Mandibuzz, Emolga, Archeops, Sigilyph.

bizebest June 16th, 2012 1:40 PM

Username: Bizebest
Challengec: Water
Completed : I
Current : II

Update #3

Defeated Whitney with the Dig strategy :D
got the sprinkle bottle
trekked to Ecruteak
Defeated Silver cleanly (this time :P )
went to awaken the legendary beasts
fought Morty's team of ghosts (Gengar Lv 25!!! that was a pain, I had to use three awakenings before Hypnosis FINALLY missed) Croconaw's Bite made a decent job of all the ghosties.
Trekked to Olivine
got the Good Rod
Gonna catch me a Chinchou next... Saving.

Current team : Tentacool Lv24 / Quagsire Lv 24 / Croconaw Lv 27 / Sanshrew (Cut HM slave)

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