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{Swan} June 13th, 2012 4:05 PM

Pokémon: Desperate Times... [T]
Pokémon: Desperate Times...

Rated T for violence, death and gore.
Open Spots: 0
IC found here.

[ The Take-over ]

It happened very quickly four years ago. When Sinnoh’s Team Galactic had been quiet or even entire rooted out for years, a new group rose out of nothing. Without attracting any attention to themselves prior to the big move the group, calling themselves Division, took over the Elite 4 with an unorthodox combination of Pokémon and fire weaponry. They were entirely unprepared and Division emerged out of the bloodbath victorious.

It took a year for them to establish their power in Sinnoh. They oppressed any attempts at rebellion, which there were plenty, and showed themselves to be ruthless, unforgiving and entirely unafraid to use violence. Some might say they were even overly keen to use their arms. General Charles King, the leader of Division, took the position of president of Sinnoh although most of the time no one really knew where he was or what he was up to. Rumors went that he was looking for Arceus, the God of all Pokémon, because surely powerful men would always be looking for legendary Pokémon? It had always been that way in the past.

Contrary to popular belief Charles King had actually been planning the take-over of his next target, Hoenn. Hoenn wasn’t a region with a large armed force, they were completely overrun by King’s well-trained army of recruits. Where his take-over of Sinnoh had relied mostly on surprise, King had taken his time to make sure he had the man-power to add Hoenn to his territory and so he did.

Johto and Kanto, together, formed another large obstacle. Kanto did have a substantial army, especially after it figured out that Charles King wasn’t a man to be content with only half of the world. King, however, was a very smart man. While he was visibly busy drilling both volunteer and less-volunteer recruits into soldiers he actually sent in spies into the Kantonese government. He knew that Johto mostly relied on Kanto for anything and that any army from there would be situated in Kanto itself. It took two years of careful planning and infiltration before Project Sleeper was set in motion. On September 23rd all spies, at the same time, pulled the trigger on all most of Kanto’s highest-ranking men, including the president. In the chaos that followed Division troops invaded both Kanto and Johto who had no defenses.

Well, they conquered almost everything. Cianwood Island held its own, because of the surrounding sea and its small size it was easily defendable. What King didn’t account for was that Johto might hold its own troops back. When the final battle of Septermber 23rd took place Kanto’s forces fought against Division and lost, while most of Johto’s remaining army was pushed back and chose the island as their last stronghold. And it held.

As for Unova, word has it they’ve trained nuclear missiles at King’s headquarters in Sinnoh. If he makes a move towards them they’ll blow him and the continent sky-high. It’s a stale mate for they know that the whole Division army will head towards them if they try, but King can’t attempt to get to them first or he’ll be sure to get blown to bits. Still there is no help to be expected from Unova.

[ The Conditions ]

Conditions are tough in the regions under Division control. Each region was left under control of one of King’s closest men, with special mayors in each city to see to their control. Johto’s acting president is Coronel Marcus Grey who is not a man to be provoked. Besides the major players the whole region was also populated with Division soldiers, most of them all too happy to act at any kind of disturbance, as they’ve been ordered.

Division soldiers draw about a 50-50 line of volunteers and people who were forced to participate, though you shouldn’t expect sympathy, as sympathy costs these soldiers much themselves. The soldiers go through a rigorous training program resulting in most of them being quite good at what they do. Most of all, the vast majority of them are mean, vindictive and plain bastards. They’re known to be incredibly loyal, but they also have a reputation of lashing out to the local population if only out of boredom.

Most of the world lives in recession now. War takes its toll, and this one has taken it’s due share. People are in a general poor and miserable condition besides the ones that openly support Devision, King and Grey. Division goes by a “if you’re not for us, you’re against us” principle and acts accordingly, and misbehavior towards them gets punished severely. The shooting squads have been generously used.

[ The Rebels ]

Those are the general conditions of the regions under suppression. It hasn’t been much better at Cianwood island. The first challenge had been to simply sustain themselves. Cianwood was not a farming community, most of the island relied on shipments of food from the mainland. They went through a period of tight food rationing and even near-starvation before they’d figured out a system to feed themselves by a combination of fishing and farming. There is no other meat in Cianwood besides fish, and that there is aplenty.

The next challenge was the population. They did have a portion of the Johto army behind them, but most had been stationed in Kanto and a lot had fallen while trying to hold Cianwood. In fact the only reason Division hadn’t tried to re-take them was by clever deception. They pretended to have far more men than they did by parading every man they had. A lot of the rebel’s quarters was built underground so it was easy to pretend they had more than they did by stationing all of the soldiers above ground and making it look like there was a lot going on underground. There was a natural cave on Cianwood where locals had been mining for centuries, they’d managed to craft it into make-shift soldier’s quarters and headquarters. It was air-bombing-proof which was all they needed, even if it was humid, cold and crudely lit by electric lamps. They solved this problem by making secret night-time trips to the mainland to gather recruits. There were many frustrated locals to be found and making use of contacts in the major cities they had been able to gain a good amount of recruits to train back at their headquarters.

The last challenge was the biggest one yet, arms. The only way to get arms was to raid Division arms factories and warehouses. Each major city had one or two arms storages, though they were heavily guarded. Carefully planned raids were prepared to get hands on weaponry, but the toll was heavy in terms of men. Lately they’d also made contacts with a lot of forced workers at the weapons factories to smugly weapons, small parts at a time. Even now they’re still under-armed.

Most of all the condition at the rebels was just a little better than on the mainland, only in the way that they were free. In essence at least.

[ And Now ]

Now the rebels were ready to take a more active stance. After months of just trying to keep themselves alive they were finally ready to get into action. Over the months of oppression lots of small, local rebel factions had been popping up over Johto. People who couldn’t get to the Island or people who preferred to thwart Division in their own ways. They were mostly impulsive and un-organized. The Cianwood Rebels’ plan was to send young but trained soldiers to the parts of the largest rebel centers with orders to help the rebels as much as they can, but to still obey orders only directly from Cianwood. Anything they do that would compromise the Island would not be tolerated.

You are one of these soldiers. You will have either been a Cianwood local or someone who’s escaped from the mainland and reached the island. You’ll have been trained by the rebels in stealth, weapon use and Pokémon use all for the purpose of this mission. You will be sent to a part in Johto and given missions from both the Island and your respective rebel’s faction. This is step one in the big plan of the rebels and, make no mistake of it, the plan all leads up to the death of Coronel Marcus Grey.

You will be provided with a Pokémon and the means to catch more, as Pokémon are an integral part of combat. However the ownership of Pokémon is forbidden in the conquered regions so you will have to be very careful to keep them hidden.

[ Dramatis Personae ]

-General Charles King is the leader of Division and therefore the leader of Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto and Kanto. He pulls the strings of the whole organization, is a brilliant man and the one with the big ideas. He’s also extremely paranoid and rarely shows himself in public, letting his puppets do the talking for him. General Charles King is in his mid-fifties but looks older, which deep lines in his face and white military-style hair. His eyes are deep black and can look warm when he want them too and cold as ice when it suits him.

-Coronel Marcus Grey is such a puppet. He’s the acting president of Johto which means he basically rules it, except when it comes to direct orders from King. His headquarters are situated in Goldenrod City which is heavily guarded. You don’t get into Goldenrod without a very good reason, and a very good reason written on official documents. The Coronel is a man in his late fourties with dark brown hair streaked with grey and blue eyes. He’s a bit fat but makes up for it by being a great shot, sharpshooter and quite trigger-happy.

-Natalie Pierce is one of the rebel leaders and the one in charge of recruits. She can be a very soft woman, almost motherly, but there’s no mistake she’s been in a fight and she’s killed people. Natalie’s very skilled with a gun and personally teaches all her recruits the skills they need to know. She’s in her early thirties, has dark brown hair that’s always pulled tightly back into a long ponytail and blue eyes. Her body is also marked with scars, many of the scratch and knife-wounds, a broken nose and one big bullet-scar on her shoulder. She was a decorated officer in the army before becoming part of the rebels.

-Major Rolfe Gains is another leader of the rebels and in charge of the actual troops. While Natalie sticks to her recruits and young rebel soldiers, Gains is the one in charge of the actual remains of the Johto National Army. Fitting, because he was the one who lead them in the first place. While most of the others abandoned their ranks, Major Gains clings to it. He tends to be ruthless and unsympathetic, but he gets the job done. He’s in his late-fourties, has graying straw hair and he, too, has many scars to prove his status.

-Romana Kiev was a local of Cianwood before joining the rebels. She’s not a fighter, although they taught her how to shoot a gun. Romana has gained her high position by basically keeping everyone alive. She was the one who solved the food question, she’s in charge of fishing and food production. She’s often found in her greenhouse tending to the plants along with other rebels who weren’t fit to be soldiers. She’s a kind woman with a practical side, she’s good with numbers and eeps close tabs on food rationing while making sure everyone stays well-fed.

-Giorgio is often in charge of raids and he’s also in charge of teaching the flight squat. Originally from Olivine he escaped to Cainwood about a week after take-over on a make-shift raft pulled by his Finneon. He got his position in the leadership board by sheer respect. From arriving on the island on the last log of his badly-built raft to always volunteering for raids and attempting the gutsiest maneuvers. Call him reckless or brave, one thing’s for certain, Giorgio has balls of steel. It was soon apparent that the man was leadership material and he started heading the raids. He was the first one to pull off a weapons raid in his hometown of Olivine, where he successfully flew in his Helicopter, loaded a wooden box full of weaponry and flying back, leaving the guards tied to a pole in their underwear in an empty warehouse. It was legendary, they said you could hear Coronel Grey’s shouts all the way from Goldenrod. He’s never told anyone his last name on the account of it being too embarrassing to bear. Giorgio has olive skin, black hair shaved in checkers on one side and a goatee. A day when Giorgio isn’t grinning is a day you know you’re in serious ****. Now he fills in the position of raid supervisor.

[ Rules ]

- Standard PC rules apply

-This is rated [T] for violence. There will be quite a bit of it in this roleplay, as your characters will have to fight and eliminate enemy soldiers while the enemy soldiers would like nothing more than to vaporize them. I would like to implore you not to make your descriptions all too graphic however. There’s a difference between stating that someone gets stabbed in the stomach or describing actually how the organs react to the sudden stabbage. Capiche?

- As the GM, my word is final, there might be some things you disagree with, and I invite you to question me and ask things, but I shall always have the final say.

- This roleplay will go in chaptered-mission form, which most missions being individual to each roleplayer. This means I will spent a lot of time creating an individual story-line for you, and therefore your active participation will be greatly appreciated.

- When catching Pokémon, end your post with the ball shacking. I will label the wild Pokémon with their rarity, and unless it’s labeled as “very rare” I will likely not refuse the capture.

- However, the better your post is, the higher the lever, or perhaps it will receive an egg-move or useful item. Also please check with me first before attempting a shiny-capture.

- Though battles do feature in the roleplay, they’re not the main feature. I don’t want you to write long detailed battle posts, instead think practical. Your Pokémon level up by involving them into the story regardless of battles.

- Reservations lasts for 24 hours.

- Have fun, this is a rule.

[ The Companions ]

Houndour [Taken]
Gender: Female
Type: Dark/Fire
Ability: Unnerve
Moves: Ember, Smog, Howl, Roar

Chatot [Reserved]
Gender: Male
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye
Moves: Agility, Peck, Sing

Joltik [Taken]
Gender: Female
Type: Bug/Electric
Ability: Compoundeyes
Moves: Disable, Spider Web, Leech Life, Thunder Wavee

Zorua [Reserved]
Gender: Male
Type: Dark
Ability: Illusion
Moves: Captivate, Scratch, Leer, Fake Tears

[ [Sign-Up] ]


Appearance: (General appearance, the rebels have simple uniforms consisting of camo pants, beige tanktops and green army jackets for day mission and navy pants and long-sleeve navy shirts for night-time missions, though your character will still need casual clothes for in-cognito missions. Be aware that clothing will most likely be dirty and worn for most of the Johto populace)


History: (How did your character get to Cianwood Island? Or join the rebels? How did their family fare during the war? Are they still in occupied Johto? How was their training? Etc.)

romdinner June 15th, 2012 6:46 AM

Name: Amber Primrose



Picture of Amber --->

Amber is a very gorgeous young lady envied by some, even if she doesn’t realize her good looks. Her beautiful long red hair is usually kept in a ponytail leaving some bangs on the side of her face. The most striking feature of her face are her amber red eyes that simply warm your hearth and are matched by a pair of rosy cheeks ( this was the reason why her parents named her Amber ). She is fit for her age being neither too tall or to short, at about 5 feet and 81 inch, with a frail and gentle body that has a colour between Caucasian white and light pink.

When speaking about her clothes, Amber usually used to dress with what was appropriate for the occasion or weather. However that’s long gone since Project Sleeper was launched. After her arrival on Cianwood Island, her clothes were all ripped and mostly covered dirt as she had hurried to get on the boat to get to this island, so after a very tiny meal she was escorted to a room where she picked some clothes. Now she wears a beige tank top that is hidden during her mission by a thin black vest. Going down you can see that she has a pair of very short camo shorts and a pair of long camo stocking. The stocking were a gift she got from a superior that just came back from a mission and found them while performing his task. On her feet she has some long black boots. The only thing that she kept was a lavender scarf that she wears around her neck and was given by her mother when she was sent here on Cianwood Island.

However, when Amber is required to go on an undercover mission she switches to some more causal and not so obvious clothes. The beige tank top is replaced by a white one and the vest is replaced with one of the same colour but longer, going down to her hips, and has some golden button on both side of it. Amber lower clothes are mainly the same, only the colours changed: the shorts are grey instead of camo, her stockings are white and her boots are grey as well. Her lavender scarf is left untouched and always around her neck as a reminder of her family.

Amber is a very bold person which is not afraid to speak her mind and do what she thinks is best, despite being very well mannered and elegant. Due to this Amber was always admired by her friends and people around her to the extent that they follow her word, but as her personality is, that fact doesn’t really matter to her. She is the type of girl who doesn’t give a dime on what others think and will always be herself. Amber is very smart, and is quick to react but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get things wrong sometimes….she’s not a smartass that’s for sure. This is mostly due to the fact that she is very determined in what she does and doesn’t stop until what she has on her mind is done.
One trait that she developed since she came here on the island and started training is being very sly and devious. Being a girl in an army isn’t easy so she thought that she has to exploit all her strong points. So her enemies soon found out that her smooth talk and cunning words were only used to get close to them and then strike them hard and fast. And why not? She believes that if her looks can help the mission she will play her cards right. However this side of her has only been seen by her enemies, who only fall in her trap and regret it later.

Even if she looks fragile, she is very powerful and packs a punch which will make you see stars. All in all, in a few words, you could say Amber is a mixture of bold with elegance, some drops of intelligence and determination and a sprinkle of power and cunning nature . Just your normal 18 year girl, who has to live in these treacherous times, knows what she wants and tries to get it.

History: The best way to understand everything is to start from the beginning, so here we go. Amber and her family were settled in the peaceful and refreshing town of Olivine, in a two level house near the sea. She is the daughter of Eveline and Victor Primrose who are humble people which have a small family business in which they offer boat rides around the Whirl Islands for tourists who visit the town, and the sister of Vincent Primrose who was born five years earlier than her, making him the big brother. The four members of the family got along well and were living a happy life, enjoying the bad and happy moment. A quarrel from time to time help people tighten bonds.

Before the havoc started Amber was enjoying her life in the costal town helping her parents with their business. Most of her days started with her waking up at 8 am and heading out to the main office that was just a few minutes away from her house, on the beach near the port, where she would sit down at her desk and welcome all the people who were intending on taking a boat trip and schedule their ride then let her father or mother take notice of the new sail he had to do. In her free time you could find Amber in two places.

One would be with her dad or mother that now deemed her worthy of learning how to sail a ship and were encouraging her, as they did since she was little, to learn all the tricks and things she had to know to run the business. Her parents had high hopes that she would follow in their steps and take over the company as their sons had other dreams. The second was in town, more specific at the Gym, where she would often sneak when she was on her breaks to watch the gym leader and her battles. She liked how trainer and pokemon had to be in sync and were helping each other overcome the hardship of their battles , striving to become better and better. Going on a pokemon journey was her hidden secret, her most unobtainable dream, that only her brother knew. Vincent would always try to convince her sister to tell their parents her wishes and follow her dream but the girl would always say no as she knew how bad they wanted her to follow in their steps since her big brother didn’t. Vincent, even if he was also encouraged to work in the family business, felt that that wasn’t his true vocation. Having a very sensible and good way of thinking and also begin very diplomatic and having the aura of a leader was what determined him to follow a political path. So after going through high school and college, always being the ones to be place among those with top scores in their exams he easily got a job as a consultant for the prime minister in Johto.

Two days before Project Sleeper was launched, Amber and Vincent had a quarrel over Amber telling her parents her true desire for her future and after that left for work, in Goldenrod, still bitter from their dispute. That was the last that Amber, and her parents, would hear or see of Vincent Primrose. During the attack, he was also killed as he was starting to become popular among the region for his very well thought and beneficial laws and projects. The news of him being dead struck the family hard, however they didn’t have any time to grieve over their loss or even retrieve the corpse of their son. The city was attacked and they took all they could carry and headed for the ships and left towards Cianwood Island, looking behind at the happy life they were living just a few days ago. They managed to reach the island without any interference and were greeted by Romana Kiev and were taken into a safe house for the time being for shelter.

Sever weeks passed and it seemed like nothing was turning for the better. Amber was devastated after losing her brother, she felt horrible that they had argued before he left and that she couldn’t even say a goodbye. At that time recruits started to be scouted to join the rebels and the army that was holding its ground against the pressing power. On an evening Amber went outside and walked along the beach and after a while sat on a log that drifted on the beach. She gazed at the sun with the image of her brother in her mind. She got up and yelled as loud as she could at the ocean, asking the world why did this have to happen. An answer came from behind her from a woman with long dark hair kept in a ponytail. She told Amber that the cause of this are the greed and one sided thinking of some people and that they can’t change the past but they can change the future. Amber was impressed by the woman who gazed at the sun with sad eyes as she sad those words. That was the spark that drove Amber to joining the rebels.

However her parents rejected the idea as soon as Amber told them and demanded that she would not speak even one word about that ever again. They had just lost one of their children and didn’t want to lose another one. But Amber was determined, she told her parent that her dream had been had been to become a pokemon trainer but kept it to her just to make them happy, but now was the time to do what she wanted. She couldn’t sit still while others were under the reign of those fools, she had to do something to change the current state of their region and more than that join the rebels in order to avenge her brother’s death.

Starter: Joltik

Scarf Blade June 15th, 2012 12:46 PM

CURSE YOU I WANTED THAT JOLTIK!!!! May I reserve a spot please? I'll take the Houndour as a companion and have my SU up some point today :3

Name: Seth Trublade
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: Seth in no way looks like a soldier. His natural muscle tone and gentle glance makes him look even more like a downtrodden citizen. His amber eyes are his most striking feature; anyone that's seen them once would probably notice them the second time (third time for sure). He also has a long scar running across his back, but it is covered entirely by his clothes. Other than that, though, he looks rather ordinary. His black hair is slightly spiked out in the front and gets more orderly in the back. His stature is average an standing at 5'8" with a medium build.

In addition to his standard issues, Seth is always wearing a black neckband when he's not out on a mission. During a mission, though, the neckband is traded for a white mask adorned with thin, blue scar designs; one for each eye. He often lets his work clothes get tattered and dirty. Other than those, he takes care of his own clothes. His casual clothes are dirty and slightly ripped, but it can be noted that they may not be as tattered as the ones on everyone else. He also wears a simple green undershirt, a black sweatshirt, blue jeans and white-and-black sneakers.

Personality: Outside of a mission Seth is very shy and naive. While he knows better, he can be very careless by taking walks or relaxing out in the open to kill some time. He can even be in the sights of enemy soldiers without realizing it until they attack. He's not dense, but there are times when other silly mistakes occur (spoiler alert: most of his "day missions" involve staying away). Naturally passive and tranquil, he's an easy person to get along with. He is okay with being around people, and even able to tolerate some of the crudest mannerisms. However, contradicting this trend, his sense of humor can be very dark; he's more likely to laugh in times when they aren't appropriate.

Although, he gets more serious and focused when on a mission or attacked. He becomes very calm and calculating; thinking moves out before they're even called for. It'd be easy for someone to be confused by his sudden change. His sense of strategy is rather keen, and he can incapacitate enemies before they knew he was even there. He's even willing to share some witty banter in time-sensitive or sticky situations (though his sense of humor doesn't change a d**n bit). Even so, he's unwilling to kill a target unless one is specifically instructed. It'd be difficult for Seth being the one to assassinate someone, even if it was a direct order. Unless he's angry, he can't bring himself to fully finish someone off.

History: Having been born in Hoenn, it struck Seth hard when he learned that the home he left was assaulted by the new gang. He had been training in Unova when it happened, but it didn't stop him from returning to Hoenn to check the state of his home town of Lavaridge. However, the occupying forces did manage to make him turn-tail and run before he even made it to Mauville. With little hope and options, Seth escaped to Johto while Kanto prepared for the worst. But then the 23rd happened, and once again the boy found himself running away.

But then something happened; a burning rage boiled from within and consumed Seth as he became fed up with just running. The best news he heard throughout the entire escapade was the news of a main rebel branch forming in Cianwood. Instead of planing to head for Unova like many people wanted to, he plotted to make his way over and add his name to the cause. Naturally members of Division came to confiscate his Pokemon, but he did something that no one appeared to see coming; playing right into their hand until the final moment. In Olivine City, he was confronted by soldiers and demanded to turn in his Pokemon. With regret he turned in five of his six Pokemon... but the Hydreigon he started with left with him. Launching a mini-insurrection on the spot, Seth summoned his Dragon-type and cut across the ocean to the rebel base. Along the way, Seth and his Hydreigon met with an air battle taking place over the whirlpool islands. As if treating it like an initiation, the two entered the fray and aided the rebels in scrambling the soldiers' patterns. They were distracted by anger; losing his other companions out of necessity and not knowing what happened to his friends and family made Seth act out of character. He let his Hydreigon's wild nature take over and killed even the Flying-types that carried the soldiers. The brutality was not like him, and it seemed that the forces that were wanted him to pay for it. A rogue shot (though not that rogue; it was easy to see coming if they hadn't been so reckless) knocked the two out of the air and into the ocean below after an hour of enraged combat.

Hours later, Seth's living body washed onto the shores of Cianwood. Rebel members found him clinging desperately to the corpse of his partner that he mournfully used for survival, and was later recognized as the brash kid that came out of nowhere. They interrogated him, but nothing escaped his lips as he mourned the loss of everything. They were about to order him to be executed, but then one of the flyers spoke up. She claimed him to be the hero of the battle, and it earned Seth a few days of life to train under the rebels and prove his use to them. Days turned into what seemed like weeks, and he was still alive. He had seemed to impress them enough with his stealth skills, as hard as it is to believe. Instead of regular weapons, they gave him a tranquilizer gun and a back-up pistol to work as one of the spies. Seth preferred this; after only one day of slaughter he had enough of it.

To this day, he works with the intelligence branch of the rebel forces. It is his hope that he may recover some hint of what happened to Lavaridge, and if anyone he knew had survived.


TurkishDelight June 15th, 2012 4:06 PM

Since both Joltik and Houndour have been taken, I'd like to reserve Zorua please. SU will be up tomorrow.

{Swan} June 16th, 2012 12:08 PM

@Romdinner - You're accepted, though bear in mind that shorts might not be the most sensible thing to wear when missions might include navigating through a forest or skirting a barbed-wire fence.

@Scarf Blade - I would like you to add a bit more to the personality section, it's a bit thin. Once you do that you'll be accepted.

@Turkish Delight - Right-o, please submit your sign-up within 24 hours.

romdinner June 16th, 2012 12:24 PM

Well I was thinking the opposite thing: pants might get caught into barbed-wire or a bush or something, this way she'll get only some scratches. So having shorts fits Amber perfectly as she likes to be swift and agile in her moves ( just like driving a ship ).

Scarf Blade June 16th, 2012 3:04 PM

I believe I've added enough details now; if not I'll go back and try again XD

TurkishDelight June 16th, 2012 3:31 PM

Name: Kelvin Jones

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kelvin is a tall, relatively bulky male. He is very proud of his body as he has put a lot of time into working on his muscles and strength. He has piercing green eyes, that are a light shade of the colour, and his nose is long and broad. His hair is cropped short, and his ears do not stick out too much. His lips are a pale pink colour and his jaw is squared off. His eyebrows are thick and bushy. He stands at 6'2" and weighs in at just over 212 pounds. His muscles are incredibly defined on both his arms and his legs.

While free of work, Kelvin often wears a tight-fitting black t-shirt, with dirt and stains emblazed on the material which was visibly worn. He also wears a pair of jeans that have rips in both knees, and are also stained mainly with grass and mud. He usually wears a pair of mid-shin-high black boots which his jeans are tucked into. His uniform for the Rebels consists of a beige tank top and a pair of camouflage trousers. Both of these appendages are also dirty as there is very little means to clean clothes on the island of Cianwood. He also wears his usual black boots which are a symbol of Kelvin as he has always worn a pair similar to these. No matter if he's in his casual wear of his rebels uniform, Kelvin always wears a golden locket with a picture with him and his parents inside. He also wears a bracelet on his left wrist made of black beads. On his right wrist he has a white sweatband.

Personality: Kelvin appears to be an emotionless character. He rarely shows any signs of response to anything and his face appears to be set in a cold, dark expression. He thoroughly hates discussing his past as it makes him think of his parents. Kelvin tries to avoid contact with fellow human beings as much as possible, as he as a result of his bitterness, as he has become a socially awkward character. He suffers from crippling shyness and he finds it very hard to express himself, the way he is feeling or his views to anyone. He desperately feels a burning passion to extract his revenge on 'Division.'

However, below the emotional shell that Kelvin projects around himself, he is a very trusting person and is quick to grow bonds with people. When he shows his true colours, he has proven to be a very capable leader, and also very willing to put himself on the line to save others, showing his bravery. In recent times since joining the Rebels he has become his true self more and more as he is gaining confidence and making 'friends,' well at least that's what he calls his partners, his peers, his comrades. He believes and has faith in them, and mainly in the more established members of the Rebels. While not on a mission, Kelvin remains his shy self and rarely communicates with any of the other members as to not embarrass himself in front of them. He keeps himself to himself and avoids others. However on missions, he is very vocal. He is always encouraging his team mates and often gives them advice. He doesn't want to see any harm fall upon anyone other than those who truly deserve it. He always defends his team mates and will often go out of his way to try and save them, a primary image when his naivety comes into question. The higher reps of the Rebels have spotted Kelvin's potential and see his passion as a key factor in his suitability for the Rebels.

History: Kelvin was born and raised by his parents in Olivine city, the closest city to Cianwood island. Kelvin was very sheltered as a child, and as a result spent most, if not all, of his time with his parents. As a result he was very close to both his father and his mother. His mother was his safety net for whatever he did, she was always there to help him and if he were to make any mistakes, which was unlikely due to his mothers guidance, she was there to fix things for him. Kelvin and his mother also spent much of their time playing with the Pokémon that belonged to Kelvin's father. Kelvin's dad was his role model. His father was seen as a highly skilled trainer and was greatly respected throughout both Johto and Kanto, and even defeated three of the Elite Four before being defeated by Karen. When Kelvin got older, it was his dream to be as great a Pokémon trainer as his father and he thought he could achieve them with his father as his mentor. Kelvin grew up as an intelligent, confident young child.

When he turned fifteen, Division began their invasion in the Sinnoh region. The attack sent shockwaves throughout the Johto region, but Kelvin's parents believed that they would be stopped before they could invade Johto, especially when Kanto and Johto combined forces. When Division finally arrived in Johto, and more specifically Olivine, Kelvin and his family took refuge on the beach. Once the members of Division began to attack them, Kelvin's father released his Tentacruel into the sea and ordered it to take Kelvin to Cianwood, knowing there would be a haven there. Kelvin didn't want to leave his parents but Tentacruel obeyed its trainer and grabbed Kelvin with its tentacles and pinned it to its upper body and began to set off for its destination. Kelvin roared for the water type to set it free and before the pair were out of ear shot, Kelvin heard a blood curdling screech. It came from his mother, and Kelvin knew that Division were putting her under immense pain. Kelvin then heard his father roar at the Division members, before letting out a shout filled with pain. Kelvin came to the fairly obvious conclusion that both his parents were murdered by the Division members.

Upon arriving at Cianwood, Tentacruel left Kelvin down on the island before heading back into the sea. Kelvin was left on his own for the first time in his life, and didn't cease crying for his first three days on the island. However on the fourth day his hunger overwhelmed him and he went in search of food. It was then that he found the Rebels. Once he found out their aims, he joined with no questions. Ever since he has tried his hardest to help out the team and take down Division. (How did your character get to Cianwood Island? Or join the rebels? How did their family fare during the war? Are they still in occupied Johto? How was their training? Etc.)

Starter: Zorua

Kikpanther June 16th, 2012 4:22 PM

Oo! This sounds so fun. X) I'm going to join.

I'll reserve Chatot (being the only one left) and I'll do my best to have my sample up today!

{Swan} June 17th, 2012 12:16 AM

@Scarf Blade - Alright, you're completely up to par now, you're accepted C:

@Turkish Delight - Oooh, so far so good, I really quite like your character. Now I'm curious about his past!

@Kiklion - Right-o, please submit your sign-up within 24 hours!

Kikpanther June 17th, 2012 12:55 AM

Name: Josie McQueene
Age: 19

Appearance: Josie is not an impressive looking person. He stands five feet and seven inches off the ground (no longer growing) and and has very pale skin. It's not paste-y, but it's very close. He is not well-built, on the account that he doesn't actively attempt body building. Instead has a moderately slim body (closer to the thinner side) and unimpressive looking, but long, arms. Josie has a broad chest and, being somewhat underweight, he has a thin middle. The effect gives him a thin look from the front, but a wider one from the side. Josie has deep, blue eyes, and wild black hair which grows short, but thickly, on his head. He has sideburns, which are just as wild, that end at the base of his ears. Only his eyebrows look tame.

Josie, since the rationing of supplies, sticks to wearing plain, white t-shirts. Being relatively easy to clean and abundant (by today's standard's), it made a good pick, even though it was ripped on the left sleeve and dirty on the torso (as well as other places). Josie doesn't care much what his shirt looks like, because he wears a gray, pull over hoodie over it. It, of course, has holes from wear and tear on the hood and on the front pocket, sleeve... Well, you get the point. He wears cheap, standard blue jeans which had been dirty since he got them, and faded, as well as long-worn and old, white sneakers. When dry socks are available, he wears socks, but if not he'll gladly go without. On his left ear, Josie wears a square-shaped studded earring that he absolutely never takes off.

And of course, Josie wears his rebel-issued uniform.

Personality: Josie is a determined citizen. When he decides to do something, be sure he's going to do it. Nothing short of a direct order will make him change his mind, especially if it has something to do with stopping the Division, who effectively ruined his and lots of other people's lives. On the subject, he can get very hot-tempered and very ready to fight. Family, is also very important to him. Not only his own, but others. These sort of issues, when brought to him, reach his sympathies, and he gladly gives away his time to help. This sort of unity, in times like these, make him feel the happiest. However, Josie is not the type who wants to help every person in need. Not every hand that needs help gets his attention, and often he looks over them for his own interests, and, if need be, cause some more to get his job done.

Josie is not the best when it comes to strategy. He's not good at thinking up his own master plans, he's hardly good at deciding the right move. "Improvisation" is what Josie finds himself doing when he has no idea what to do. When it comes to survival and evading enemies, he has it memorized from all his training, but for those tricky moves or those gamble situations, he could fall apart. Loneliness isn't a problem for Josie. He is the type who can easily make friendships or at least be one the good side of people. Even if none are present, he has his Pokemon which he has made happy acquaintance with. In groups, Josie is very good at keeping up morale, encouraging his comrades and keeping them enthused when on a mission. However, as a leader, he is not the best. Telling people what to do is not his strong point, and as an already indecisive person, the job doesn't exactly suit him. While he is good at thinking up ideas, he's not good at making good ideas, so he isn't the best advice guy. Even though he's not the strongest, Josie is perfectly content with doing heavy-lifting or any other field work.

After being teased by his family members when he was younger, Josie stopped introducing himself by his real name and simply stuck with Joseph.

History: Josie was born on Cianwood Island with his brother, mother, and father. Of his entire family, the four of them were the only ones that lived outside of Johto. They lived rather peacefully in their little home, parents going to work, children going to school. Josie's brother, Gabriel, was about five years older than him. As the older brother, Gabriel always looked out for his little brother Josie, teasing him when he could and going on little adventures around the town. Things were perfect for them up until the Division came along.

The campaign of taking region after region had the family frightened for themselves and their families. It was expected and yet shocking when Johto fell along with Kanto and then even the more scary when Unova threatened the coming threat with missiles. Hearing about the oppression on the news, Josie's family began to sneak their way in and out of Johto, smuggling out family members to a better freedom. However, they were only able to do this but a few times. It was on their fifth time out, to retrieve cousins, that things went wrong. It was Josie, Gabriel, and their father who were there, since their mother never came on these trips. It was on their way back to their boat that soldiers of the Division had found them. It ended up in a chase, of course, with the whole group (six in all), running for their lives and trying to get rid of them. It didn't end well. The group only managed to escape with everyone but Gabriel and one of the three cousins. The trip back home was quiet and the welcome home wasn't as cheery. They stopped returning to Johto after that, Josie wanting to go back, arguing for it even when his parents tried to reason with him. It took a long time to get Josie to quiet down on the subject, to stop trying to go save his brother. While he never made a fuss over it, the problem was always on his mind. Josie could never look across the shores the same way, though.

It was during his period of frustration over the loss of his brother than Josie was recruited into the rebellion. It was spontaneous, really. He put no thought into it, just did it out of impulse, out of anger. He was walking around Cianwood, having the whole ordeal on his mind. And, just like normal, he would see the soldiers places here and there sparsely over the area. They were normal in the scenery by now, going about their duties as they normally did. Instead of ignoring them, Josie approached a group, his mind sour. Without a single introduction, he simply asked. How does he help? How does he get in? It was with the help of these soldiers that he joined the force.

Of course, training was hard. He didn't expect it as he did, still in the haze, even days after, of his frustrated decision. Josie was not used to being ordered, not used to the sir's and ma'am's, and most definitely not used to what was required of him to survive. Before this, Josie had never had a Pokemon, event though he was well into his teenaged years. The Chatot, issued to him because he lacked his own Pokemon, was his very first and learning to communicate with him was his absolute hardest task. Using a weapon seemed easy to him, but using his Pokemon as both a companion for situations of isolation and as a tool was alien. He was glad at least, when he learned more about his Chatot, that he had ended up with it even though it didn't seem as cool or useful as the other Pokemon. His could learn to talk, if he were stuck by himself, instead of hearing him chirp his name, he could actually have a conversation. Yes, Josie tried to teach his Pokemon to have a conversation. He focused a little more on it than the actually important parts of his training. Josie taught his Chatot all the words he knew to remember to tell him. Though Chatot's dictionary is full of verbs and adjectives and predicates, he still fails to use them correctly.

Starter: Chatot

Sorry about this. x.x I had to do this whole bio today, so it's a little rushed and some of my ideas were strained. I can't really work on it tomorrow (or later today), so I did my best for right now. If it needs to be expanded or more detail needs to be added, I'll try to put it in when I can.

{Swan} June 17th, 2012 6:29 AM

@Kiklion - Wow, I really, really like Josie. However, as useable Pokémon are quite scarse on Cianwood your character would receive it only very shortly before leaving the island. Besides that, however, you're entirely accepted.

Kikpanther June 17th, 2012 7:48 AM

Oh, alright. I wasn't too sure about how they got the Pokemon. I'll edit that right now.

And thanks, can't wait until this thing starts!

My posts will be scarce over the course of this week, but after next Sunday I'll be able to pick it up again. :)

TurkishDelight June 17th, 2012 3:30 PM

SU completed, tell me if you need anything extra :D

{Swan} June 18th, 2012 4:59 AM

@Turkish Delight - You're very accepted! Which means we can start this, so look forward to the first mission sometime soon.

EDIT: The first mission's posted, so let's get this show on the road guys! Also every "official" mission will be structured like this, the official mission statement in the border and the scenario underneath. Official missions only come from Cianwood, unofficial missions come from your respective resistance factions themselves. If any of you have an idea for a mission based on your characters please let me know.

Also you do not need to do the whole mission in one post. You may do it in however few or many post you'd like.

Scarf Blade June 18th, 2012 2:05 PM

Sounds straight-forward enough; I suppose as long as we don't RP our characters finding a million bullets, three legendary Pokemon and Ramboing through the whole city we'll be golden ;b

I also love how Seth's stationed at Olivine XD

{Swan} June 18th, 2012 2:12 PM

Not doing that would be stellar haha. I'm allowing you quite a bit of freedom in this roleplay because I think it's a fun setting that you'll be able to do a lot with. I only ask that big thins are run by me, as well as actual missions since I like to create a bit of a scenario for you. Don't want it to be too easy on your characters xD

And good, he'll be there for a while yet. Let's just hope he doesn't run into his old Division pals (or let's do, that should be quite interesting...)

TurkishDelight June 18th, 2012 4:14 PM

I'm very intrigued by my mission, it seems very challenging and exciting so I can't wait to respond!

However, it will have to wait for tomorrow as I'm submitting my SU for Pangea Region, sorry for the inconvenience.

Scarf Blade June 18th, 2012 5:16 PM

I'm sure that would be a fun scenario. I just had a sudden thought to have Seth cap an extra shot into one for revenge (just can't be a kill shot, though...)

I feel like I'm really going to M9 MSG this thing; sure he'll kill some people down the road, but if he just injures them there's going to be a build up of people in the hospital... could be an interesting plot development though.

{Swan} June 19th, 2012 12:49 AM

@Turk - I do think your scenaro's the toughest and also forces \Kelvin to make a tough decission, I wonder how he'll handle it, shy as he is.

@Scarf - So Seth's going non-lethal? I'm looking forward to seeing how his adventure continues. But yes it would be, especially since he might not know that the Lighthouse caters to Division as well.
As for the reference I'm not sure what you're talking about (Metal Gear Solid comes to mind? and the M9's the baretta pistol?)

Scarf Blade June 19th, 2012 1:04 AM


kinda makes me want to make terribly silly allusions to Metal Gear at random intervals during this RP, but for the sake of not beating the joke to death it'll probably be on special occasions :B

romdinner June 21st, 2012 2:56 AM

Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I won’t be able to post until Tuesday as I will be on a trip with some friends. Hope this won’t be an inconvenience for the rest of you. As soon as I get back I’ll get down to writing. See you soon! :)

{Swan} June 21st, 2012 3:26 AM

@Scarf - I've not played Metal Gear Solid so they'd be wasted on me D:

@Romdinner - That's fine, I know you can catch up. c:

Kikpanther June 24th, 2012 2:00 PM

Everything I have to do this week is now FINISHED! :D

I've already started my post, so I'll finish it either today or tomorrow, hopefully.

Edit: Post up!

I hope I didn't portray Natalie too incorrectly. X(

{Swan} June 25th, 2012 12:51 AM

You didn't, you portrayed her prefectly, don't worry about that c:

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