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TurkishDelight June 17th, 2012 6:58 PM

Pokémon: Kanto's Rebirth (OOC+SU)
Pokémon: Kanto's Rebirth [T]
IC thead found here.


I wanna be the very best,
Like no one ever was.
To catch them is my real test,
To train them is my cause.

Kanto is seen as the original region throughout the Pokémon world. It is here that the art of Pokémon training began. Pokémon battling was always very popular in the region, and the tradition lasts to this day with young people from all over the globe idolizing and watching their favourite Pokémon trainers on their journey.

Over the years, very little has changed about the region geographically. Kanto still has its very luscious, green landscape that appeals to many making it a popular tourist destination. Celadon city and Saffron city both remain as the most urban areas found in the region. However as rare Pokémon were being found in foreign countries, many species were brought into the region over time. These Pokémon are mainly few and far between, however there are some species that are in plentiful supply. Also, many of the Gym leaders have either been replaced or have been removed completely and moved to other towns and cities. The Elite Four has experienced two changes, with both Koga and Karen have both left and been replaced by those who were seen as the most suitable replacements. Also Pokéathalons and Pokémon Contests have been introduced to the region to the excitement of many non-battlers.
Pokémon are used for many reasons in the region; battling, pets, workers, actors, travelling companions and many more. Obviously, the first option is the most popular with many trainers striving to be the strongest and one day become champion, but the a lot of Pokémon are used for more than the obvious choice, especially with the introduction of Pokémon Contests and Pokéathalons.

It has been widely reported that Team Rocket has returned yet again, along with their leader Giovanni. The last two revivals occurred without their original leader and they weren’t the force they used to be without a recognized leader. It seems that Team Rocket are a pain in the backside for Kanto as they just won’t seem to leave their region alone, much to the dismay of the Kantonians. However, they seem to be their usual selves as they aren’t any more discreet than they were during their previous attacks on Kanto, often leaving clues to any missions they carry out, which often was their downfall in previous attempts to take over Kanto.


I will travel across the land,
Searching far and wide.
Each Pokémon to understand,
The power that's inside.

Every year, Professor Oak sends out a letter to three young people aged between ten and sixteen throughout the region of Kanto who he believes has great potential to become a successful Pokémon trainer. Each year, he gives each of these trainers a Pokémon to raise and care for, as well as a Pokédex to fill out info on the many Pokémon in the world. He keeps in contact with each of the young people he gave a Pokémon to and stays up to date with their adventure. Every so often he sends one of his Aides to give something of use to each trainer. Throughout the region he is seen as one of the kindest men to grace the world.

However, this year with thanks to Professor Juniper, Oak has six Pokémon to give out to people with potential to make it as great Pokémon trainers. You are one of the six trainers selected by Professor Oak, and have made your way to Pallet town to thank the Professor as well as receive your very own partner Pokémon along with a state of the art Pokédex! You then begin your journey around the region of Kanto, visiting all areas of the region on your way to obtaining all eight badges and competing in the famous Indigo Plateau competition! On your journey you may meet up with, and even travel with your fellow players, encounter some very powerful trainers (including an Elite Four member of your choice) and maybe even venture to the Sevii Isles if you guys think it’s a good idea!


Pokemon! It's you and me,
I know it's my destiny.
Pokemon! Oh you're my best friend,
In a world we must defend.

Bulbasaur - Taken by Century
Charmander - Taken by Manganum
Squirtle - Taken by Royal
Snivy - Taken by The Noob Hacker
Tepig - Taken by Starsprite
Oshawott - Taken by Fuyu
Pikachu - Taken by Red's Hawt Chibi Pellippers


You teach me and I'll teach you,
Pokemon! gotta catch'em all!

1) Follow all existing PC roleplaying rules.
2) Please, don't god-mod.
3) Let us know if you'll be inactive.
4) Make your reply as long as you possibly can.
5) I will decide if you capture the pokemon or not, leave the ball rocking at the end of your comment.
6) You can decide whether the opponent does or does not faint when facing an NPC (which you can battle at any time).
7) When battling another player, please come to a conclusion of who is to win between yourselves. You can even let the match end in a draw. If you cannot come to a decision, I will decide on the winner based on who's posts are more descriptive.
8) This roleplay will take place in chapters. You do not need to keep up with everyone else, or be in the right chapter. However it is advised as if you're not you may miss important events.
9) This roleplay is not based on levels, therefore you can let your Pokémon learn moves at any time, however try not to be unrealistic. However, I will inform you when your Pokémon is able to evolve, then it is your decision if your Pokémon will evolve or not. Once I've let you know your Pokémon can evolve, you can do so at any time.
10) You may carry around as many Pokémon as you wish to, similar to in the Manga. If you decide you don't want to carry around certain Pokémon, you can store them in the 'box' which is accessible at every Pokémon Center.
11) Reserves last 48 hours.

The Sign Up Sheet;

Every challenge along the way,
With courage I will face.

Name: (Self-explanatory really)
Age: (10-16)
Gender: (Male/Female)
Appearance: (What your character looks like)
Personality: (How your character acts)
History: (Your character’s back story, tell us about how they grew up and where, things they’ve experienced etc.)

Accepted Characters;

'A heart so true.
Our courage will pull us through.
You teach me and I'll teach you.

Alyss Redford (Fuyu)

Rayne Recluse (Royal)

Bennet Prassara (The Noob Hacker)

Jett Minks (Starsprite)

Chris Dillinger (Century)

Hunter Martell (Manganum)

Ford Knox (Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers)

Oranje June 23rd, 2012 9:25 AM

I am not sure if you are doing reservations or not but if you are I would like to reserve bulbasaur. If not I an letting you know I am interested and will post my character in a few days.

pokeman10000 June 23rd, 2012 11:39 AM

reserve meh please, need this!

TurkishDelight June 24th, 2012 9:01 AM

Oranje and pokeman10000, you are both reserved. I will be looking forward to reading your SU's.

Royal June 24th, 2012 9:05 AM

May I please reserve Squirtle? My favorite Kanto starter. :>

I'll have my sign-up for you tonight.

TurkishDelight June 24th, 2012 9:36 AM

Royal your spot has been reserved.

Starsprite June 24th, 2012 10:41 AM

May I reserve Tepig please? I'll have my SU done quick as possible~

TurkishDelight June 24th, 2012 1:57 PM

Starsprite, you've been reserved. You have 48 hours to get your SU up.

Fuyu June 24th, 2012 2:10 PM

I'd like to sign up! :D Let me know if I need to change anything.

Name: Alyss Redford
Age: 13
Gender: Female

Personality: Alyss is incredibly introverted. She's naturally shy and quiet. It isn't aloof in the slightest, merely a lack of social confidence. She blushes a lot, more than usual due to sudden occurrence of hormones in her body. Alyss has trouble speaking properly, saying um and hm or the entirely wrong word all together. Sometimes the girl will actually stutter or mumble to herself. Even when she gets used to someone she is not a chatterbox. Because of her quiet nature, she frequently gets underestimated and overlooked. She doesn't mind this as much; it means she is able to surprise others. It does make her upset when she wants to say something. Expect some pouting or at least tugging on the shirt sleeve over it. She will also turn pink in the face. Easily.

Alyss is not aggressive, not at all. Confrontation flatout scares her and no one is quite sure she'll be able to battle when the time comes. She enjoys photography and one day wants to be a professional... if she can ever get the courage to sign up. Alyss usually second-guesses herself, sometimes worrying she hasn't thought about something enough. When you don't talk you think a lot. The girl is currently being affected by fluctuating hormones, causing her to have trouble speaking to just about anybody due to how odd her body feels and the emotions shifting in her head. So don't expect a look in the eyes from her, even if she was fine. It also means she might be suddenly touchy-feely. There is a guy who she may have feelings for but she's not entirely sure about much of anything. It's one of the reasons she's here; to clear her head and hopefully figure out just how to handle herself.

Appearance: Alyss is short and thin, just starting puberty if you want the truth of it. She doesn't have much of a bust and probably never will. It's not exactly the most important part of her life. Is she healthy? Yes she most certainly is. You wouldn't guess since her skin is naturally cream-colored. Her hair is black, the shade of a Blitzle's fur and long, reaching down her shoulders and a white bow on the left side of her head. Her eyes are a watery blue, the cheeks below them nearly constantly flushed from nervousness. Her skin in general is darted with freckles. Are there a couple zits? Perhaps.

Alyss was raised rather differently and even now, in an attempt to boost her confidence, the idea of having her skin uncovered anywhere other than her hands and face in public is rather discomforting. So she wears a white shirt and black leggings, each featureless as neither is seen that much. Over this is a grey pocketed sweater and long white skirt respectively. On her feet are black socks and grey loafers. None of these are her favorite colors(except white, which reminds her of snow) but she isn't allowed to wear a white dress anymore, except for special occasions. On her belt is a fanny pack which has her camera. Around her right wrist is also a bell, a Soothe Bell given as a joke since it hasn't rung in years. The story is it will ring when the person needs the sounds the most. She isn't quite sure if she believes that.

History: Alyss was born to a family nearing divorce as it was in Veilstone. Up until the age of five, she was raised to be a formal, modest little girl despite disagreements on both sides. On her sixth birthday she was sent to live with her guardian's family while her parents tried to sort out their relationship as it fell apart.

Her guardian's family was in Celestic and there were more people there than she thought. One of these was an odd dark-skinned boy who called himself Zor. He happily kept an eye on her over the years, becoming the oddest big brother figure she would ever meet, especially when she met his Kanto penpal. It took a long time for them to understand each other since Zor couldn't speak the same language as she could. Yet she really liked them and her friend Adam, who was more of a crybaby than her.

She blames them for bringing her into a love of photography, taking her to every site in the Celestic area at least three times in five years and teaching her how to use a camera. She saved up for months to earn her camera at various shops and focused on getting scenery. She couldn't exactly ask people for their pictures, being still shy despite being in such a tiny town. This lack of confidence worried her, but not so much as her friends. So they took action. For her thirteenth birthday she was given a ticket to the Kanto region to get a starter from Professor Oak. For the first few days before the boat trip Alyss resisted heavily. Eventually though, she was thrown on the boat anyway. There was no choice then but to go. She had no other way to earn money for a ticket back right?

Starter: Oshawott

TurkishDelight June 24th, 2012 2:35 PM

Fuyu, you have been accepted. Your character was a great read and I anticipate reading about Alyss's adventure! Welcome to the roleplay :D

Fuyu June 24th, 2012 2:39 PM

:D Thanks! Can't wait to see everyone else's signups.

TurkishDelight June 24th, 2012 3:50 PM

Me neither, can't wait for this to get started!

1ninjadude1701 June 24th, 2012 4:00 PM

Can I reserve Charmander? Should have SU done at least by the end of today.

TurkishDelight June 24th, 2012 4:07 PM

1ninjadude1701, your spot has been reserved. You have 48 hours to complete your SU.

Royal June 24th, 2012 5:37 PM

Name: Rayne Recluse

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rayne looks much older than just plain sixteen – with long flowing black hair that makes its way down to the middle of her back, vibrant green eyes, and body structure, she looks she could pull off the age of twenty-two very well. She has always looked older than she really is, and has the mentality of something that way as well. She stands at a whopping height of 5’ 11” already, being one of the tallest girls at her age. Though standing at that height, Rayne has great body structure and weighs in at only about one hundred and fifty pounds. She is muscled, but not much, which allows her for a flexible and apt time when working out or doing work.

She usually wears extremely colorful but complexly designed blouses, tops, scarves, and different types of pants which include skinny or flared jeans, plain black pants, or even patterned bleached jeans. She will put on hats and sunglasses on extremely sunny days. But rainy days don’t seem to phase her – she will wear her regular outfits even on cold, rainy days.

Personality: Rayne is a difficult character to read. For years, she has been unable to begin a journey because of a severe head injury when she was eight years old. During those eight years, Rayne studied Pokemon and Pokemon battling as much as she could handle the time she was recovering from her head injury. At ten, she was still recovering and was upset when she couldn’t begin a journey, but her parents felt for her and decided to teach her things she needed to know as a trainer by allowing her to command some of their own Pokemon on their farm outside of Fuchsia City.

Over the years of studying with her parents, and learning their apt ways of battling, she became a very smart girl who knew a lot about Pokemon before she even began a trainer. For years, she always knew she wanted to pursue battling in gym matches, also hoping to enter the Indigo Plateau in the future.

Because of her knowledge, she knows how to turn battles her way, even when her Pokemon is at a type disadvantage. And even when she is at an advantage, she knows how to keep it her side with not just strength on her side but with strategy, defense, and having a good bond with one’s Pokemon. She always wears a poker face, which makes it difficult for an opponent to read her expression, making it difficult to find out what emotion she is feeling.

Another thing most people don't know, including her parents, is that Rayne can understand Pokemon. Because of her head injury, she was hit hard enough (and she isn’t even able to understand why) that when she woke up, she was able to understand Pokemon clearly. It scared her at first, but she quickly grew happy about it. She never sees herself as a freak with this ability, and doesn’t want people to see her as one either, so that is why she keeps it from people.

History: Rayne was born in Celadon City during an outing to a Pokemon tournament for her father. She was born in the Celadon City hospital to joyful parents, and after the tournament, was taken home with a clean bill of health. She grew up normally on her parents’ ranch, surrounded by many different kinds of Pokemon For years she grew up normally, but it was during a day she was out scavenging with one of her parents’ Pokemon that she was attacked by a flock of Spearow, rolling her down a hill and hitting her head against the base of a tree, which caused a very serious head injury. She was only able to be saved by the quick work of her parents’ Pokemon, and she was rushed to the hospital.

Rayne woke up three weeks later in critical care at the hospital, and had no recollection of her life for a long time. Only after being in the hospital for a few months was she able to remember who she was, who her parents were, and what her life was like. She remembered the attack and remembered the Spearows, which has caused her an intense fear of that Pokemon. And only a little while later did Rayne realize that she could understand Pokemon (while in the hospital she could talk to the Pokemon but she thought everyone could understand them).

As the years went on, Rayne continued her studying in school and learned about Professor Oak’s research and how he handed out three beginner Pokemon to new trainers every year. When she saw the pictures of the starters, she immediately chose ‘Squirtle’ in her head. She has always had a fondness for Squirtle and there was never one or any of its evolutions on the farm where her parents were, so that was the Pokemon she wanted to begin with.

But when she went for her monthly doctor’s appointment right around her tenth birthday, Rayne was told she wouldn’t be able to become a trainer because she was still recovering from the injury and it would be too dangerous for her to be out there traveling by herself. Rayne was disappointed, but has been training with her parents ever since, hoping one day she would begin a trainer.

For six years she was trained and learned many things, and only after the doctor’s appointment that rolled around after she turned sixteen, the doctor said she would be able to get her trainer ID. She and her parents were overjoyed and quickly got her the license, as well as contacted Professor Oak to see if Rayne could receive a Pokemon. Rayne was then flown to Pallet Town where she stayed with a friend’s family, excited for the day after when she’d become a trainer, for real this time.

Starter: Squirtle

TurkishDelight June 24th, 2012 5:57 PM

Royal, that was a great SU and a great read, you're definitely accepted.

1ninjadude1701 June 24th, 2012 6:00 PM

My SU.

Name: Curt Moore

Age: 14

Gender: Male


Curt basically looks like a football player . He has huge muscles in his arms but his is legs are very small compared to his upper body. Curt is starting to develop facial hair and has to shave about twice a week. His bright green athlete’s shirt is usually covered up by his maroon sweater. His jeans have a few rips at the knees and sides and are a tad bit tight. He wears blue and white Nike shoes. The shoe itself is white but the sole and tip of his shoes are blue. He also wears green anckle socks. He wears his black hat everywhere and only takes it off when he sleeps revealing short black hair and a decent size birth mark on his scalp. He has high cheek bones which makes him look native american. His skin tone is more brown than anything else and has sharp blue eyes that make you think he is watching your every move and along with that he also has a slightly crooked nose.


Curt is a team player and loves to joke around. Curt actually tends to joke around too much and gets into trouble.Though Curt’s jokes can be very crude, and maybe even a little disturbing, they tend to very funny, or very lousy, there really isn’t any middle ground. Curt though he says and jokes about these things would never do them ever. He is very kind and compassionate and someone who does the right thing because it is right not because of any physical reward. Curt is also shy around large groups of people but is very comfortable around individuals. He seeks feedback as to how to improve in various things and makes an effort to apply this feedback into his life. Curt is not easily offended and is very easy going. When he is offended, howver, he tends to get very defensive and if needed resorts to pysical force to solve his problems. Curt likes to work slowly on things and take his time to make sure he everything the right way the first time. Curt is very laid back when it comes to hobbys and really just likes to sleep when he can. He HATES having to wait for things and wants everything right that instant.Through all of his laziness in hobbys when it comes to pokemon he is determined to win every battle possible and will not give up on anything he wants done. Overall Curt can be agressive when insulted badly but is very caring about other people and pokemon as well.


Curt has lived in Pallet Town all his life and absolutely loves it there. Though he loves Pallet Town, he also has the dream of becoming a Pokémon Master and beating the Elite 4. At the age of 4 he started taking private lessons with Professor Oak in order to prepare him for the day he receives his Pokémon. Though the lessons ended quickly because he started to fool around and not take Pokémon seriously at around 6 he still took pokemon into his heart and dedicated himself to learning more about pokemon. Some of these attempts were near fatal though. When he was eight years old he wanted to see how far a pokemon's patience would last so he decided to pis a pokemon off. As a result the pokemon attacked rendering Curt unconsious on the path. For this reason while his friends all received Pokémon at ten he has had to wait four years extra to receive his Pokémon and start to make his dream a reality. Every year since his tenth birthday has seemed to go slowly and painfully. Year after year of making friends just to see them leave and accomplish their dreams while he was stuck not even the beginning. Now he is fourteen and is finally eligible for his Pokémon. He has already decided which one he has wanted since he was twelve, Charmander.

TurkishDelight June 24th, 2012 7:19 PM

1ninjadude1701 you are currently pending. I would appreciate if you could expand on your appearance, personality and history.

1ninjadude1701 June 24th, 2012 7:43 PM

Edited post, better attempt?

The Noob Hacker June 24th, 2012 8:49 PM

Name: Bennet Prassara
Age: 13
Gender: Male

Appearance: Bennet, young as he is, always seems to appear younger to people. Though he is of average height for his age, Bennet is rather thin and lanky with no exceptional muscle mass. Straight blond hair tops the boy's head and extends down his forehead, though does not cover his youthful blue eyes. His light skin is clear.

Bennet usually wears a purple tee-shirt with no distict features about it, which is covered by a light hooded jacket, black in color, for cold weather or rain. Most of the time, this jacket is not zipped. Secured to the boy's waist by a black belt are light blue jeans, loose around the legs. For his journey, Bennet wears a dark green backpack so that he may hold all of the things he may need. Around his neck is a simple necklace, a small yet finely detailed Ponyta head hangs from it.

Personality: If there was one word to describe Bennet, it would probably be eccentric. He is very talkative and social, his high amount of energy leading him to be restless, even somewhat annoying. He tries to get to know people quickly, and doesn't seem to quite understand when someone doesn't want to talk, be friends, or want him to go away. Even if he doesn't have the time to have a conversation with someone, he will often extend some sort of courtesy towards them, such as a 'hello' or the like. He rarely ever assumes someone is mean or unfriendly, in fact, he usually tends to think that people are just as social and generally good-natured, whih isn't always true. If he does run into people who aren't quite so nice, he can usually handle them with some degree of aptitude. Bennet responds well to most things, even if those things are insults, as he is usually somewhat oblivious to a person's attempt to demoralize him. However, if a person is clearly being mean to someone else, person or Pokemon, Bennet doesn't respond well. He doesn't like it when people try to put others down or otherwise be mean, even sticking up for someone if they are being treated unfairly, whether or not he knows or is friends with them.

Bennet looks at the world with a nearly childlike form of romanticism. He has a general sense of wonder and fascination with most things, especially Pokemon. He is always eager to try new things, go new places, or meet new people. He loves to laugh and find humor in things, to look on the brighter side of life. Rarely is Bennet the brooding or glum type, as he is able to see so many good things in the world that he finds it hard to focus on the negative. Though his youthful sense of wonder, and his tendency to be easily distracted, make him see somewhat air-headed, Bennet doesn't really take notice. He wants to experience life to the fullest, and hopes that people around him can share in his merriment.

History: Adopted while still a baby by a family unable to produce children of their own, Bennet lived most of his life in Fushia City. Who his real parents are or why they were unable to take care of Bennet is a mystery. That doesn't really matter to Bennet, though, the family that adopted him always tre ated him like blood and Bennet has always thought of them as his parents, and always reffered to them as his parents.

Bennet's adotive parents were closely connect to both the Safari Zone, his mother a biologist and his father a veterinarian. Bennet, constantly surrounded by various exotic Pokemon, grew to share the love for Pokemon his parent's have. Somewhat bold as a child, his favorite thing to do was to accompany his parents at their work, from his mother studying species of Pokemon, mainly to check yearly patterns such as population growth or decline, to his father's work which mainly consisted of caring for sick and injured Pokemon. His willingness and want to be with his parents at work erased the distance that the two's constant and often demanding lines of work would create.

Bennet's parents themselves were always somewhat irregular as far as parents go. They were very happy for Bennet's interest in their work, and often encouraged him to go with them. When their son is with them, they tend to push the science behind their work upon him, somewhat heavy-handidly. They hope that one day an interest in science will spark within Bennet and lead him to a line of work similar to theirs. Bennet doesn't mind this but he is taken aback at times due to the thouroughness of his parent's explanations of even the basic routines of their work, often going into subjects far beyond the teachings of his science class in school and his own comprehension. The two always encourage Bennet to be bold and experimentive, a few times to the point where his personal safety is at risk, such as the time that his father simly insisted that he pet the wild Tauros that was, at the time, within his care. Being that their jobs could sometimes have very long days, they didn't often have the time to have traditional family times such as homecooked meals, instead laughing and yawning over a heated frozen dinner or at a resturaunt late at night, often with Bennet, and certainly far past a normal bedtime.

When Bennet's family was contacted with the invitation for Bennet to go on a Pokemon jorney, his parent's were overjoyed. Both of his parents had, at one point, been trainers, their own journies with Pokemon sparking their interest in studying them, which eventually lead them to each other, and they do hope and believe that the same would happen for their son. Where most parents would probably be somewhat worried of their child leaving home, even preventing them from doing so, Bennet's parents practically shoved him out the front door with a backpack strapped on. Bennet, of course, is just as thrilled to be invited for this journey, and is excited to set out. Though, perhaps he still doesn't qute realize the scope of an adventure, that he can't simply go out and be a trainer and then come back home for dinner. Perhaps he still doesn't realize that there will be hardships to face, some that he may have to face almost entirely alone.

Starter: Snivy

TurkishDelight June 25th, 2012 6:58 AM

1ninjadude1701 that's a somewhat better attempt, you are accepted. and The Noob Hacker you too are accepted.

Starsprite June 25th, 2012 9:23 AM

I would be happy to change anything and everything if needed. I really hope this is up to par, and that my character isn't too riddled with cliches and assorted badness.

Name: Jett Minks
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Short, with a little pudge here and there, Jett doesn't look anything more or less than fifteen. He has dark blue eyes that blend in more than stand out, and his hair is short and black, though just long enough to be messy and get in his eyes at inconvenient times. Naturally he's pale, but from his time in Vermillion City has developed a light tan.

Jett, never the most fashionable of people, likes to stick with the typical, comfortable, t-shirt and jeans. Although they vary in coulours, he almost never wears anything different. He does wear a pullover jacket in appropriate weather (and sometimes slightly inappropriate), dark purple with a faint black pattern up the side of one of the sleeves. He carries a backpack, small and white, a strange contrast to the rest of his ensemble.

Personality: Jett can be difficult to deal with. Over-emotional, he shifts between a quiet, timid nature and being outwardly confrontational, making for terrible first impressions all around. That said, Jett has calmed quite a bit in the past few years. He is shy, prickly outer nature showing up as some self defense tactic gone terribly wrong, and it all starts to crumble, slowly but surely, the moment someone someone expresses the slightest interest in him.

Pokemon are an entirely different story. Jett connects with pokemon. Treating them kindly and respectfully right from the start, it comes as quite a shock. Because of this, he forms close bonds with the creatures and should be able to display excellent teamwork.

Jett is analytical, good and watching and figuring out, but has difficulty keeping his composure. He bends under pressure, finding it hard to think critically as a situation intensifies. As against his nature as it is, it seems he can keep calm better in the presence of someone else, assuming they're in the same situation he is.

History: Jett was born in Olivine City to two highly incompatible people, as shown by the disappearance of his mother when he was two years old. He lived with his father, the owner of a seaside restaurant that had been in and out of debt for years. Jett was a lonely kid, with an absent mother and a father who was constantly working. He was shy, and had trouble talking to people his age, even if they approached him.

He found his comfort in pokemon, going to the route to the north or down to the beach to play with them. Even as he grew older he would go, maybe not to play, but to just be in their presence. Finding that he could make friends with the wild pokemon lead him to a strong desire to begin training pokemon.
But training turned out to be the last thing he should be worried about as his father's restaurant crept closer and closer to failure. His father's mood became worse and worse under the stress of the failing business, and the few encounters he had with his son were unpleasant, with fighting or yelling almost every time.

Jett was ten when the restaurant finally went bankrupt. His father was forced to sell the place, leaving them without a home. Jett was sent to live with his grandparents in Vermillion City then, his father staying behind in Olivine for reasons they did not discuss.
In Vermillion City he found his grandparents to be kind people, and in the five years of living there his angry personality calmed a great deal. He worked at their shop, and went to visit the pokemon of the surrounding area just like in Olivine, again showing a great interest in training. Seeing this, his grandparents decided on a surprise for him. His evident love for pokemon, they said, made them think he was ready to go on his own journey. They had gotten in touch with Professor Oak, and were sending him to Pallet Town to receive a pokemon of his very own.

: The flaming pig, please~

Pokemonmaster_draco June 25th, 2012 10:28 AM

Is there a way in which i could join this rp please. I just read this thing yesterday and now today, nearly all the spots taken. Is there a way i could fit in please please ;~;!!??

TurkishDelight June 25th, 2012 2:14 PM

Starsprite, you're accepted, great SU.

Pokemonmaster_draco, I suppose I could let you join with Pikachu as your starter if you provide an exceptional SU.

Century June 25th, 2012 7:59 PM

Chris ‘Century’ Dillinger



Century is handsome in the way that could draw you in, for better or for worse. He stands in at 5’11, not extremely tall for his age, but not short either. He feels rather tall, even thought many people are a bit taller than him, but he doesn’t mind. He has jet black hair, which smoothly comes over his left eye as all his hair that comes down onto his forehead is pushed to his left, creating a bit of a fringe effect. He has sharp blue eyes, which can seemingly see right through people who fake themselves, as Century has a bit of a knack for that. Underneath his right eye, a deep scar is embedded into the semi-tanned flesh of Century. His five o’clock shadow is evident, making him look older than he really is.

Judging by his average build, you would think he would be on a pokemon adventure, as his average build would make him seem like a good candidate for an adventure. However, his build is rarely seem, as Century is usually seen in a black leather jacket, with a right breast pocket. Underneath his jacket is a shirt of his choosing, usually something in white, so it makes his outfit look more co-ordinated. He usually carries a black backpack which is slung over both of his shoulders full of supplies and food for both him and his pokemon. Over his shirt, a silver chain is visible. A plastic pendant in the shape and color of a Boulder Badge hangs from it, something with some significant meaning to it to Century. On the inside left side of his coat are holsters for his pokeballs. His pants are usually always ripped acid washed blue jeans, with large tears in the knees and a small tear on the right hamstring. His pair of black sneakers finish his outfit, worn with time.

Century isn’t one for too many words. He will certainly carry on a conversation, but he will never let on about himself without persuasion. He knows when enough is enough, and tries to stay away from talking about himself, as he doesn’t want to be figured out. He goes under the moniker ‘Century’ to keep people from finding out about him. Whenever conversation drifts about him and his past, he will always steer it in another direction.

He is very caring for the ones he is close to, as he is quick to form emotional bonds with certain people that attempt to break the surface with him in the right way. He cares deeply for his pokemon, and tries his very hardest to keep them in tip top shape, priding in his care of his pokemon. If he had to, he would give his own food and starve if it meant that his pokemon would be happy and fed. In battle, Century uses strategy and tries not to be rash, planning out the best moves possible so the battle goes in his favor. He will also show mercy on his opponents, not wanting to damage his opponents pokemon, trying to be as caring as possible. His commands seem calm as a slight breeze on a sunny day, never straining too much, and when he’s losing, he never lets it show. However, he can show some cockiness when the battle is going in his favor, but he tries not to rub it in. Century’s favorite type of pokemon is rock type, as he grew up in Pewter City, before starting the Kanto journey.

Century was raised in Pewter City in the region of Kanto looking up to the local Gym Leader Brock, who was more or less his idol. Century was amazed with the way Brock would handle opponents with ease and show great pride in caring for his pokemon. A trait that Century wanted. However, he had no pokemon to do so with. Century was often seen at the gym, watching the gym battles against trainers who have travelled far and wide to challenge him. At age 14, Brock noticed him as a mainstay, and one day, offered to train Century. He was ecstatic. He went home to ask his parents if he could get trained by Brock, and they said no.

Century begged and begged and begged, but they wouldn’t budge. This enraged Century, who wanted this opportunity so bad, but his parents said no because they thought pokemon ‘promoted violence’. Through Brock, an invitation came that gave Century the first chance to handle his own pokemon in Professor Oak’s annual pokemon giveaway. Century was going to take this chance and make himself known in the pokemon world.


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