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Mana June 29th, 2012 8:11 AM

Danger on the S.S. Anne [IC]

Danger on the S.S. Anne

Sign ups can be found here.
Rating: T

Two mysterious characters have been handing out luxury cruise tickets, for free! Trainers from all over the Kanto region have been invited onboard the cruise liner, S.S. Anne, for a month of battling, good food and a well deserved holiday. The liner will make occasional stops, serving both as a means of day trips around Kanto (and allows for late passengers to board!). This will also provide a change to capture new Pokémon, as the variety at sea isn't that diverse.

Unfortunately, if you recall the anime, this trip may not go as smoothly as expected. A troublesome group are on board, who will stop at nothing to steal the relaxing trainers’ Pokémon. Unfortunately it looks like they have have infiltrated your ranks, enjoying themselves around you and learning your habits and weaknesses. Things are about to get dangerous on the S.S. Anne

The Trainers:
Giselle O'Brien (~Genevieve~)
Items: Pokéball x2, Potion.
Nickname: Jet ♂
Level: 36
Ability: Shell Armor
Moveset: Tackle, Tailwhip, Razor Shell, Aqua Jet, Fury Cutter, Water Pledge.

Nickname: Flara ♀
Level: 27
Ability: Blaze
Moveset: Tackle, Tailwhip, Defense Curl, Heat Crash, Flame Charge, Rollout, Fire Pledge.

Nickname: Rosie ♀
Level: 33
Ability: Overgrow
Moveset: Tackle, Leer, Slam, Leaf Blade, Leaf Tornado, Mega Drain, Grass Pledge.

Nickname: Draco ♂
Level: 28
Ability: Shed Skin
Moveset: Leer, Thunder Wave, Twister, Slam, Agility.

Sarah Reyes (Greiger)
Items: Pokéball x3, Potion.
Nickname: Blaze ♂
Level: 38
Ability: Blaze
Moveset: Pound, Bulk Up, Blaze Kick, Flamethrower, Double Kick.

Nickname: Tim ♂
Level: 27
Ability: Iron Fist
Moveset: Mach Punch, Agility, Bulk Up, Double Team.

Nickname: Yipper ♂
Level: 29
Ability: Vital Spirit
Moveset: Scratch, Pound, Bulk Up, Seismic Toss, Rage, Karate Chop.

Nickname: Julia ♀
Level: 26
Ability: Guts
Moveset: Tackle, Leer, Horn Attack, Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Endure.

Nickname: Dewer ♂
Level: 27
Ability: Damp
Moveset: Bubble, Hypnosis, Body Slam, Rain Dance, Bubblebeam.

Ayame Akiko (PinkSapphire)
Items: Pokéball x3, Potion.
Nickname: Hikari ♀
Level: 25
Ability: Runaway
Moveset: Tackle, Bite, Chrunch, Thunder Fang.

Nickname: Mizuko ♂
Level: 26
Ability: Torrent
Moveset: Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Mud Shot, Bide, Mud Slap.

Nickname: Obilivio ♂
Level: 32
Ability: Inner Focus
Moveset: Dark Pulse, Metal Claw, Force Palm, Bone Rush.

Eve Murphy (NightOfRemorse)
Items: Pokéball x3, Potion.
Nickname: Achilles ♂
Level: 34
Ability: Keen Eye
Moveset: Scratch, Leer, Faint Attack, Icy Wind, Ice Beam, Payback.

Nickname: Elaine ♀
Level: 33
Ability: Sniper
Moveset: Leer, Focus Energy, Bubblebeam, Agility, Dragon Rage.

Nickname: Rio ♂
Level: 20
Ability: Stench
Moveset: Pound, Mud-slap, Sludge, Thunderbolt, Shadow Sneak.

Nickname: Felix ♂
Level: 29
Ability: Swarm
Moveset: Leer, Quick Attack, Slash, Wing Attack, Vacuum Wave.

Caydee Mint (Meganium90)
Items: Pokéball x3, Potion, TM: Energy Ball.
Nickname: <None> ♂
Level: 26
Ability: Flash Fire
Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Growl, Flame Burst, Fire Spin, Will-o-Wisp, Confuse Ray.

Nickname: Hydro ♂
Level: 28
Ability: Torrent
Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Aqua Tail, Rapid Spin, Protect, Water Pulse.

Nickname: Thunder ♀
Level: 29
Ability: Volt Absorb
Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Thunder Bolt, Thunder Wave, Double Team, Charge Beam.

Nickname: <Currently Un-Named> ♀
Level: 21
Ability: Keen Eye
Moveset: Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust, Whirlwind, Quick Attack.

Dorian Dammer (Mick Fizz)
Items: Pokéball x3, Potion.
Nickname: Neon ♂
Level: 26
Ability: Adaptability
Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick Attack, Bite, Return, Take Down.

Nickname: Queenie ♀
Level: 24
Ability: Compound Eyes
Moveset: Tackle, Psybeam, Sleep Powder, Attract, Bug Bite.

Nickname: Marc ♂
Level: 30
Ability: Overgrow
Moveset: Pound, Leer, Quick Attack, Absorb, Leaf Blade, Brick Break.

Nickname: <Currently Unnamed> ♀
Level: 26
Ability: Hydration
Moveset: Water Gun, Water Pulse, Tickle, Amnesia, Zen Headbutt.

Johnny Tran (FirstSnow)
Items: Pokéball x3, Potion.
Nickname: Lucy ♀
Level: 37
Ability: Flash Fire
Moveset: Flame Burst, Energy Ball, Hex, Confuse Ray.

Nickname: Twitch ♂
Level: 34
Ability: Chlorophyll
Moveset: Tackle, Growl, Sunny Day, Vine Whip, Petal Dance, Sleep Powder.

Nickname: Jamie ♂
Level: 34
Ability: Tangled Feet
Moveset: Tackle, Quick Attack, Hidden Power Ice, Gust, Twister.

Link Hunter (Baker's Bulbasaur)
Items: Pokéball x3, Potion.
Nickname: - ♀
Level: 35
Ability: Insomnia
Moveset: Peck, Perish Song, Double Team, Faint Attack, Wing Attack.

Nickname: - ♂
Level: 31
Ability: Sand Veil
Moveset: Cut, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Sandstorm.

Nickname: - ♂
Level: 33
Ability: Intimidate
Moveset: Leer, Crunch, Dig, Thunder Fang, Toxic.

Lucas Harding (FinalMaster)
Items: Pokéball x2, Potion.
Nickname: Atlus ♀
Level: 26
Ability: Natural Cure
Moveset: Peck, Growl, Sing, Fury Attack, Roost, Safeguard.

Nickname: Swish ♂
Level: 22
Ability: Skill Link
Moveset: Dig, Swift, Encore, and Doubleslap.

Nickname: <Currently Un-Named> ♀
Level: 22
Ability: Skill Link
Moveset: Tackle, Withdraw, Leer, Supersonic, Icicle Spear, Protect, <Blank>

Waver Cato (SilverExorcist)
Items: Pokéball x3, Potion, TM: Thunderbolt
Nickname: Risa
Level: 33
Ability: Natural Cure
Moveset: Rapid Spin, Camouflage, Bubble Beam, Recover, Swift.

Nickname: Sylvester ♂
Level: 30
Ability: Colour Change
Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Scratch, Shadow Sneak, Bind, Slash, Fury swipes.

Nickname: Integra ♂
Level: 30
Ability: Speed Boost
Moveset: Scratch, Harden, Swords Dance, Aerial Ace, Bug Bite, Leech Life.

Melody Rainwater (CrumbledCandyPaper)
Items: Pokéball x3, Potion.
Nickname: Vanity ♀
Level: 38
Ability: Cute Charm
Moveset: Wrap, Confuse Ray, Protect, Hydro Pump, Aqua Tail.

Nickname: Aroma ♀
Level: 34
Ability: Natural Cure
Moveset: Growth, Magical Leaf, Energy Ball, Mega Drain, Aromatherapy.

Nickname: Jewel ♀
Level: 28
Ability: Levitate
Moveset: Growl, Psywave, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, Psybeam.

Orenji (PkmnRangerJ)
Items: Pokéball x3, Potion, TM: Venoshock.
Nickname: Maytec
Level: 30
Ability: Levitate
Moveset: Will-O-Wisp, Hydro Pump, Thunderbolt, Volt Switch.

Nickname: Troll ♂
Level: 25
Ability: Prankster
Moveset: Scratch, Leer, Trick, Toxic, Confuse Ray, Taunt.

Nickname: Angel ♀
Level: 41
Ability: Serene Grace
Moveset: Growl, Aura Sphere, Air Slash, Roost, Heal Bell.

Nickname: Wolfsbane ♂
Level: 30
Ability: Rivalry
Moveset: Peck, Leer, Double Kick, Horn Attack, Focus Energy, Hone Claws.

Hogan Jules (Zagan)
Items: Pokéball x3, Potion.
Nickname: Chieftain ♂
Level: 40
Ability: Keen Eye
Moveset: Leer, Sky drop, Slash, Wing Attack, Hone Claws.

Nickname: Nudge ♀
Level: 30
Ability: Flame Body
Moveset: Flame Burst, Smog, Confuse Ray, Heat Wave.

Nickname: Surf ♂
Level: 36
Ability: Torrent
Moveset: Scratch, Leer, Scald, Bite, Acrobatics, Aqua Tail.

Nickname: Hazard ♂
Level: 32
Ability: Wonder Skin
Moveset: Tackle, Confusion, Gust, Sleep Powder, Supersonic.

George Leggingsteele (Mr. Mammoth)
Items: Pokéball x3, Potion.
Nickname: Penumbra ♂
Level: 28
Ability: Syncronize
Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Confuse Ray, Faint Attack, Quick Attack, Assurance.

Nickname: Eliza ♀
Level: 25
Ability: Sturdy
Moveset: Peck, Leer, Sand Attack, Feint, Fury Attack, <BLANK>.

Nickname: Jarvis ♂
Level: 22
Ability: Levitate
Moveset: Leer, Disable, Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak, Night Shade.

Ortzi Aidyn (Fuyu)
Items: Pokéball x3, Potion.
Nickname: Eliade ♀
Level: 36
Ability: Water Absorb
Moveset: Tackle, Leer, Bite, Quick Attack, Water Pulse, Ice Beam.

Nickname: Alystar ♂
Level: 39
Ability: Serene Grace
Moveset: Growl, Magical Leaf, Air Slash, Aura Sphere, Extrasensory.

Nickname: Drystan ♂
Level: 35
Ability: Early Bird
Moveset: Leer, Howl, Thunder Fang, Smog, Flamethrower, Faint Attack.

The S.S. Anne Staff:
You may interact with these characters, as long as you are confident that you are staying true to their character. NPCs are best used if (a) nobody else is around to talk to your character, (b) your character need healing (Angie), (c) your character wants to ask something about the ship (Carla). If you wish to battle Angie you may do so, but I recommend making the battle conclude within one post so that there are not discrepancies with other people needing to visit the Nurse. Battlebot is my means of relaying battle results, and will not reply to characters should they try talking to it.

Captain Sean Rogers has been a seafarer for decades, and has been put in command of the great S.S. Anne. He spends most of his life at sea, or at the boat yard of Slateport City, where he renovates all kinds of boats, from small yachts to huge tankers. All in all he has spent years out on the ocean, and has navigated some of the hardest currents across the world's seas. He tends to be alone whilst sailing, only accompanied by his Chatot, as he prefers his own company to others. He rarely leaves his quarters, staying away from the flurry of Pokémon trainers on his ship.

Carla Raines is the hostess of the S.S. Anne, Captain Rogers has assigned her to deal with anything and everything to do with the trainers - from organising events to supplying catering and healthcare. Carla is a bubbly woman, who loves to interact her clients and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. Her favourite Pokémon is Butterfree, which is reflected by her Butterfree hairpin. She can often be seen watching battles and cheering the contestants on.

Angie Silvers is the ship's Nurse. Although young, she has studied under many Nurse Joys and is very experienced in healing Pokémon battle wounds. However, unlike her teachers, Angie is also a Pokémon trainer. Having competed in the Johto Pokémon League, her personal Pokémon are tough to crack - especially since she specialises in preventing and healing damage whilst stalling her opponents.Along with her brigade of Chansey and Audino, Angie will be able to heal up any damage over night.
Nickname: Lucky ♀
Level: 40
Ability: Serene Grace
Moveset: Pound, Growl, Soft Boiled, Fire Punch, Take Down, Sing.

Nickname: Puff ♂
Level: 35
Ability: Levitate
Moveset: Tackle, Smokescreen, Sludge Bomb, Selfdestruct, Toxic.

Nickname: Libra ♂
Level: 34
Ability: Healer
Moveset: Pound, Growl, Double Slap, Secret Power, Entrainment, Wild Charge

Battlebot R is(are) the machine(s) responsible for managing and reviewing the battles on board the S.S. Anne. A strange technology, Battlebot decides the winners and losers. The robot responds to nothing else, and often ignores people who try to overrule it's results or try asking it questions. With extendable arms with grabbing claws the Battlebot is ready to step in should any illegal attacks be made. The machine also has a mysterious 'R' on it, which is supposedly indicative of it's model. There are many on board the S.S. Anne, to allow for many battles to happen at onces.

S.S. Anne Rooms:
[FX] indicates the floor level, to give you a good idea of the layout. Stairs and elevators connect all floors, except F4 - the stairway has a locked door.
  • F1- Cabins for each of the characters (and many more) act as resting spots. Minor damage can be healed from resting here. The cabins are found below deck, each has a small window which is just above sea-level.
  • F2- The Nurses' Room is where you would go if any of your Pokémon end up fainting, or with a status condition. You can also go to the Nurses' room if your chaacter is unwell or injured in the crossfire. It is found in the middle of the ship by a door from the main battle arena.
  • F2- The Trading Room is similar to that of the anime, trades are controlled by a machine to make sure there is no foul play. Prior to trading all a Pokémon's details are showed on the monitor so the trainer can see exactly what is on offer.
  • F2/F3- Battle Arenas are scattered around the boat, each battle system is fixed with an automated umpire, which makes sure all the fights are fair. The arena on Floor 2 has easy access to the nurses office, but there is another on deck.
  • F3- The Food Aisle is filled to the brim with buffet food, breakfast/lunch/dinner is all available here. It is up to you to use this area, whenever you feel your character needs a snack, and is a good place for conversation. With large glass doors the food aisle opens up on to the deck.
  • F3- Out on Deck is the only place you can hope to find wild Pokémon. Each stretch of the ocean will have a different array of Pokémon, however these are mostly limited to water and flying types. To catch water-based Pokémon a rod can be loaned from Carla.
  • F4- The Captain's Quarters is out of bounds to players, but can be seen above the food aisle when out on deck.

Mana July 3rd, 2012 1:19 AM

The ship bellowed as it swung into position. Kanto’s greatest ocean liner had docked for the first time, for its premier cruise.

“All set, sir,” buzzed the radio. The Captain gave a smile of relief as he climbed out of his chair and made his way off board. Winds lapped the ocean up, pushing against the ship’s hull in a steady rocking motion. Even inside, the Captain could feel the oceans call. His seasickness pills were wearing off.

Carla Raines, chief of hospitality, was waiting for him on the dock. She greeted him with a huge smile and an overenthusiastic wave – they had spent so much time together the last few weeks that Rogers was used to her eccentricity.

“Amazing landing, Cap’in!” She winked, holding out a clipboard, rather than a hand, as he departed the ship and met her. “These are the supplies we need,” pointing erratically at the page before them, “We need cups, flowers, definitely some more Pokéballs, a whole load of food...” the list went on, Rogers just nodded along in time to her ramblings, "Overall there have been over 500 tickets given out, to the best trainers around. Wait, maybe we need more-"

“Yes, yes that’s all fine, Carla. Just send the list off to Celadon and we’ll have all the supplies ready in no time.” The Hostess, satisfied she would get everything she wanted onboard, quickly left the Captain alone, chasing after the nearest boat-hand to double, no – triple, brief them. After such extensive retail experience all over Hoenn she was a natural borne sales person, which is exactly why Rogers hired her. She could be the face of the S.S. Anne whilst he had peace and quiet.

“Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes,” boomed a voice from across the dock, an old acquaintance of the Captain, “Finally thought you’d come back to my city, eh?” The large, blond man strode forward. In no time at all he was in front of Rogers, extending his hand.

“I don’t quite remember it being your city, Surge,” replied the Captain, in jest. The two men had met many years ago, when the Lieutenant first moved to Kanto, but had lost touch over the years. “Shame you’ve been stuck here while I cruised the world, you’re starting to look old,” Rogers smirked.

Lt. Surge threw back his head, letting out a thunderous laugh, “You wouldn’t see me on one of these tin cans! Although I have to admit, this is a step up from that wreck, Flounder, you sailed. Much better company too," the Gym Leader's eyes shifted to the young Carla as she ran frantically from crate to crate.

"Hah, go home Surge. You're old enough to be her father, for Arceus sake!" This time they both laughed, their relationship had always been light-hearted. It's only true friends you can bully, after all. "Anyway, enough formalities. Let's go grab some grub, I've got a few hours until we depart at least."

"Carla! Be ready to welcome to guests, they'll be arriving from six!" Captain Rogers yelled across the loading chaos. From somewhere behind the piles of equipment he heard a high pitched "Yes sir!" which was unmistakably his associate. With that the two men left, heading towards their old haunt - The Jilted Tentacool.

* * *

Rush rush rush. Carla was a mess as boxes, balls and food were thrown from one corner to another. "People! Please!" She pleaded as the sailors lugged everything on board, without taking much care.

Standing on top of the gangplank, she looked overboard at the busy dock below. In only an hour most of the supplies had been brought up and piled into their storage chambers below deck, but she was still waiting for news from Celadon about the extras ordered. Everything was taking so long, much longer than intended. Carla held her face in her hands, mentally compiling a 'to do' list, however she was quickly interrupted.

"Er, Miss Raines?" A young man asked the distraught hostess. He was the technician she had hired to install and check the battling system, "The Battlebot should be ready for use now." Carla looked up from her hands, with her smile restored. Things are finally looking up!

"Thank so so much, Jameson!" She squealed, pulling him in to a bear hug to show her appreciation. Although professional around the Captain, Carla found it hard to enforce her authority over the crew who were practically her age. "You are my hero," she teased, ruffling his choppy blue hair.

"No problem," blushed the boy, "I'll run some final checks before we depart." The pair were separated by an entourage of boxes as more sailors piled in, but Carla made sure to yell her thanks once more. With everything off the dock, the gangplank was finally clear and ready for the passengers. The remaining supplies would arrive later by air, Celadon was famous for its delivery Pigeots. Grabbing her clipboard and checklist, she hurried down to welcome the crowd that had gathered.

Another crew member, Nurse Angie Silvers, was already there waiting. She had already overseen the packing of the gift bags for the passengers and was introducing herself to the eager trainers. As Carla caught up to her, Angie passed the megaphone.

"Welcome!" Carla's voice rung out across Vermilion docks, "The S.S. Anne awaits you all here today! My name is Carla Raines, and I'll be the hostess for your journey. Any trouble, I'm here to help," she gave a cheesy thumbs up to the crowd.

"If you'd like to form a line, then you can collect a gift bag and board! Inside we've decided to give you a few treats, and trust me - there's a lot more to come!"

Your First Post:
  • Make sure to avoid God-modding or Bunnying
  • This is an introduction to your character, so try to make your post is as detailed as possible.
  • You may want to acknowledge other characters who board before you, and you may interact with other players once on board. I would recommend delaying any battles for your second post.
  • You may include how you got your ticket, originally the tickets have been dispersed by mysterious salesmen - but they could have been bought and given as gifts, etc.
  • You may make up identities to other passengers on board. Remember, since there are 500+ trainers around areas are likely to be busy during the day time.
  • Your first post must end with you on the S.S. Anne, however it can start a day before, a week before or even be a flashback to childhood.
After completing your first post, and receiving your gift bag, you obtain:
  • A Cabin Key
  • A Potion
  • 3 Pokéballs
  • Organic Pokétreats [Cures PokéSea-Sickness pretty well!]
Further items can be obtained as post rewards, or from marts in the stop locations.

*Note* Nobody will be given a Pokédex, but you may bring your own.
After your first post you are free to explore the ship, talk to other characters or battle (whether it's other RP characters, or NPCs which you have created). You may not battle Angie, as she is off-ship greeting others still. Please remember, when battling, that nobody should win every battle - it may be necessary to take the highroad and write your defeat. If I feel you are being too much of a perfect Mary Sue/Gary Stu then you'll hear from me.

There is no battling wild until the ship departs.

Once everyone has boarded the S.S. Anne the Captain shall return and we are off!

Greiger July 3rd, 2012 6:15 AM

Sarah Reyes

Sarah patiently waited on one of the benches near the dock. When she had first arrived she had thought that it had been something special, that this cruise would have only been for a few individual trainers. She had been dead wrong. As she glanced around she noticed that so many of them were young and energetic. Don't get her wrong, she was energetic and anxious to get on board as well, but she was more.... subtle with it she would say. She wasn't getting up and talking to the other trainers. From the few experiences she had on the road most young trainers didn't want to have an adult ruining their fun.... well, unless that adult was battling them. She looked down at the mirror she carried around and brushed a few strands of hair away from her face and looked over her make up. She wasn't searching for a man anymore, but it still didn't hurt for her to look her best. She put the mirror back in her purse and began to tap her foot. She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up and smiled at Blaze, her Blaziken. "I know! Aren't you anxious?"

The Blaziken just shrugged and crossed his arms once more. That was just like Blaze, always trying to calm her down. She couldn't help that she was anxious to start! Many times throughout her journey it had actually been thanks to Blaze that she had gone a step further. Just a month after starting her journey she had wanted to head back home to Stuart. She had given numerous reasons: The kids would eventually return home for a few days, Stuart still needed help around the house with the cleaning and cooking, etc. Blaze had been the one to talk her out of it.... well.... not really talk, more along the lines of being too stubborn to leave with her and forcing her to continue and battle more trainers to re lite her fire. Sarah was about to get out her book to continue reading when Blaze tapped her shoulder. She looked up and smiled as the ship came into port. Now they could finally start their journey! She got up to head over, but saw two men leaving the boat. Just by his dress code alone Sarah could see that one of the men was the captain. Well, the ship wouldn't be leaving yet then.

On top of that various sailors hauled boxes of supplies onto the ship and she sat back down. "We'll just wait for now Blaze." She said. She fished her book back out and continued reading for a bit. An hour slowly passed before the last of the supplies had been loaded and two of the crew were asking for the trainers to line up. A gift bag didn't sound too bad to Sarah and it would likely have a souvenir that she could give to Stuart once she returned home. She walked up and got in the line with Blaze next to her and holding onto the two bags of luggage she had brought. Despite their weight Blaze showed no discomfort. Having fighting types with you really helped when you had a lot of stuff that needed carrying, Sarah thought with a smile. She walked along with the line and gave her thanks as she was handed a gift basket and she finally walked onto the deck of the ship. Already the other trainers were heading around and talking to each other. She smiled at Blaze, "Well... time to claim our room." The Blaziken just nodded in response.

It took some exploring but Sarah finally found where the rooms were and found her own room. She used the key she had gotten in her gift basket and smiled as she looked around the room. It had a series of bunk beds and a small bathroom with a table, a microwave, and a small fridge. She pointed over to the corner and Blaze set down her bags. She looked through the rest of the bag and happily put the three extra pokeballs in her purse as well as the potion in as well. She really didn't know where to put the seatreats so she just put them in the small fridge she had. She lay down on the bed and giggled, "It's about time I get pampered!" Blaze smiled and lay down on another bed. Sarah smiled, "Enough beds for both Yipper and Tim. I wonder what kinds of pokemon we'll see?"

Blaze just shrugged in response. Sarah spent some time laying on the bed before she got back up, "Right! We aren't going to have any fun down here!" She picked up her purse and Blaze got out as she locked the room back up and followed her up to where the rest of the trainers were out on deck. She found a bench and sat down and pulled out her book and read once more as Blaze stood near her with his arms crossed.

SylveonStar July 3rd, 2012 8:07 AM

Giselle crossed her arms leaning against the wall. Here she was in Vermilion City in the Kanto region. She stayed at the back of the crowd not wanting to interact with the other trainers. But she could hear the chatter around her and it was starting to get on her nerves. Vermilion City was a big change from Undella Town. Where she lived it was small and quiet most of the year only in the Summer time was it extremely busy. Giselle just shrugged before looking down at Jet who was looking at her with his head tilted. "Don't get me wrong Jet, I'm excited to be here, it's just...different than back home, much bigger and there is a lot more people here" she gently patted the Dewott on his head.

Glancing back at the ship she took in the size of it, the ship was huge, and there was movement everywhere. Trainers were moving around on the dock talking to each other and there were sailors loading crates of supplies onto the ship. It seems they were still getting ready so Giselle sat down and closed her eyes thinking back to when she got the invitation.


Giselle panted wiping sweat from her forehead as she stopped hitting the punching bag. "H-How was that dad?" she asked catching the bottle of water that was tossed to her and taking a long drink out of it.

"Great Giselle, you've gotten faster at getting more punches and kicks in" her father smiled his brown eyes an exact replica of her own, the only difference being that he had brown hair and not blonde. "go shower and change and you can spend the rest of the day doing whatever you want"

Giselle nodded putting her palms together and doing a small bow. "yes dad, thank you" she smiled running out of the training room. Fifteen minutes later she was out of her karate uniform, clean, and dressed in her normal outfit, Her hair perfectly done as usual. She called out to her dad saying she'd see him later and then ran out of the house toward the beach. Once she got there she called out Jet, Flara and Rosie and sat down on the sand taking off her shoes. "We have the rest of the day to ourselves guys, done training with dad for the day" she smiled looking up at the clear blue skies and the clouds. It was a beautiful day out, not to hot and there was a slight breeze. She could hear the sounds of children playing in the sand a ways down the beach and smiled to herself. People were busy getting ready for the summer when it gets busy. After a few minutes a shadow covered her and Giselle narrowed her eyes. "do you mind, your blocking the sun" she snapped.

The shadow moved and Giselle looked to see a blonde man in a dark outfit, even with dark sunglasses so she couldn't see his face. "a-are you Giselle O'Brien?"

"Yeah, what's it to ya" she stood up and looked at the man.

"I've been sent to give you this." he said handing her an envelope. "because of how you did in the Unova League" the man then ran off not even waiting for an answer.

"weirdo" Giselle muttered under her breath before opening the envelope, inside was an invitation to the S.S. Anne a luxury Trainer Cruise in the Kanto region. Giselle smiled to herself and ran back towards her house her three Pokemon following.

*End Flashback*

After that it was simple, her father had agreed right away saying it was a great opportunity she couldn't pass up and Giselle had agreed with him. She had traveled to Mistralton City were she managed to get passage on a cargo plane heading for Olivine City in the Johto region. Once she reached Olivine City it was just taking the ferry the S.S. Aqua and she had reached Vermilion City the day before the S.S. Anne was to leave. Hearing a voice call out over a megaphone Giselle opened her eyes to listen. "Welcome!" a woman's voice rang out "The S.S. Anne awaits you all here today! My name is Carla Raines, and I'll be the hostess for your journey. Any trouble, I'm here to help, If you'd like to form a line, then you can collect a gift bag and board! Inside we've decided to give you a few treats, and trust me - there's a lot more to come!"

Giselle stood up and looked at Jet. "Do you wanna stay out of your Pokeball?" she asked grabbing the handle of her suitcase glad she had gotten one with wheels. When the Dewott nodded Giselle smiled softly "alright lets go". Once Giselle got to the front of the line she was handed a gift basket and boarded the ship. It took a few minutes but she found her room right next to a room that an older woman with brown hair was leaving followed by a Blaziken but Giselle paid them no mind. Unlocking her room she entered it and looked around. There were a few bunk beds. Enough for her and her three Pokemon. The room had a mini fridge, a table, and a microwave as well as a small bathroom attached to it. "Finally, I get my own bathroom" Giselle said to herself as she set her suitcase down on one of the beds. She opened her suitcase and took out a small pink shoulder bag her father had bought her and put the three empty Pokéballs in it, as well as the Potion, and the Pokétreats. She then took Jet, Flara, and Rosie's Pokeball's out of her pocket and put them in the bag before leaving the room locking it and putting the key to her cabin in it before making her way to the deck and sitting down leaning against the wall.

Subsonic July 3rd, 2012 9:50 AM


It was eight thirty inside the pokemon center of Vermillion City and most people were barely getting out of bed. In the pokemon center people, mainly trainers were free to check in and out of the center as if it was a hotel and the greatest part of it was that the place provided food. Most people were inside the pokemon center to wait for their injured pokemon to be as good as new and to relax before and after training.

However, there was one trainer who wasn’t all that relaxed at the moment. Johnny was having a hectic morning. Fifteen minutes earlier he was explaining to a girl why her phone was dismantled and why it was left in the toilet; the courtesy of Twitch, his venasaur, who was now lounging around watching very bad soap operas, who stole her phone and dismantled it in the bathroom only to get bored of it once he saw something else more interesting. There was a rumor going around the center that the janitors closet was haunted (especially since one quit at eight). Johnny really didn’t want to explain that it was his litwik, Lucy, scaring all these poor janitors and did not want to explain why she had this fascination with hiding in the closet. And this morning, people were up a bit earlier than usual because they heard squawking. What they didn’t know was it was that the squawking came from Jamie, Johnny’s pidgeotto, who was now surfing the internet, squawking every once in a while to call for help.

With all these events combined, Johnny was sure having one hectic morning and all he was trying to do was pack for goodness sakes. It didn’t help that he had backtracked all the way to Vermillion instead of staying in Cinnibar Island and it was all because of a free ticket to the S.S. Anne he had gotten off of someone. His day would have been a little bit better if it hadn’t been in Vermillion City. The past two days he was trying his hardest to avoid Lt. Surge because the last time they had met, Johnny was reduced to a bumbling, stuttering, and blushing mess and for some reason Lt. Surge found it very hilarious that once Johnny got a look at him he would stutter, blush, bumble, and apparently make weird faces. He got an entire kick out of it too and because of Johnny’s problem he barely won against Lt. Surge, thank goodness for confuse ray. However, Lt. Surge continued to haunt him. He had told all of the other gym leaders and Johnny had developed a pity party, except for Janine, who had laughed and tried to win her battle by showing a picture of Lt. Surge on the beach to him.

Let’s just say she almost won. It wasn’t like Johnny could help it, he liked blond men.

While packing he came across two books. One was "A Single Dad’s Dummy Guide to Raising a Baby" and the other was "Top 100 Baby Names for both Boys and Girls". It really brought him to reality and the fact that he had about three months left. Three months left until his baby boy or girl was born, three months left till the start of fatherhood, and three months to finish the Kanto gym circuit to gain enough money to support him and his child and to earn a full ride scholarship to a school of his choosing. No pressure.

Yes Johnny, a gay teenager, managed to get a girl pregnant. It was a really out of this world for him as he could never imagine getting a girl pregnant or even having a child. He had managed to convince his parents to let him keep the baby and so he was on a ninth month long journey to gain enough money to support the both of them. To this day, he still blamed his older brother for dragging him to a party where he got intoxicated off of the unknowingly spiked punch.

Seeing those two books, he messed up his luggage to put them at the very bottom before piling up everything into his suitcase. Once everything was packed he returned his pokemon into their pokeballs and left his room. He gave his key to Nurse Joy by the front desk and exited the pokemon center. Vermillion was known for its harbor and for being a seaside town. Many ships docked and left and at the moment, Johnny’s feet took him to the harbor.

There was a long line from the harbor to the large ship Johnny assumed was the S.S. Anne. People in the line, most likely trainers, were off whispering to each other about how great the S.S. Anne would be. Johnny listened in a little bit before a feminine voice rang throughout the harbor, “Welcome! The S.S. Anne awaits you all here today! My name is Carla Raines, and I'll be the hostess for your journey. Any trouble, I'm here to help. If you'd like to form a line, then you can collect a gift bag and board! Inside we've decided to give you a few treats, and trust me - there's a lot more to come!"

The line moved forward quickly ever since the announcement. One by one, each trainer showed their ticket and went inside with a gift basket. Soon, Johnny was in front of the line and he flashed his ticket. He then received his gift basket and was inside the S.S. Anne. He observed the contents of the basket.

A key to my room, three poke’balls, a potion, and organic poke treats. Let my one month on this ship begin.

Mystical Mermaid July 3rd, 2012 10:05 AM
Skylar Weathers

Vermillion City. It hadn't changed since the last time Skylar had been hereo. Of course, that was only a few weeks ago. As both a native of neighboring Saffron City and a traveling performer, the young male had been to Vermillion frequently for the people bustling back and forth. Each day new faces passed through the town, making it a great place to do a good few performances and make some cash before moving on.

This trip to the port town had started with another simple visit to entertain the masses with some Pokemon comedy, but quickly made a turn for the extraordinary. Skylar still couldn't believe that he had received a free ticket for a cruise about the luxury ship S.S. Anne. Going by the smiling faces of other Trainers and their Pokemon gathering at the docks, it seems he wasn't the only one... and that worried him. There just had to be a catch to all of this, though he couldn't possibly surmise what. Even his psychic Pokemon partner was somewhat baffled, but just as willing to go along with it, having convinced her Trainer that he needed a vacation. The young male started down at the ticket as he recalled the strange events from just the day before.

"Thank you! I'm Skylar Weathers, and this is my assistant Anna the Gardevoir." Skylar and Anna took a bow as they finished their performance. Some of the audience members were still giggling as the duo began packing up their props. "This was our third show today. You're not tired?," the green-haired Pokemon spoke calmly to her Trainer. No heads were turning at Anna's ability anymore. The show had made it quite apparent that she was capable of human speech.

"Nah... I'm fine!," Skylar answered, grinning sheepishly. It was apparent from the tone in his voice and the sweat on his clothes that wasn't entirely true. Sure, they made it look easy, but standing up in front of a crowd telling jokes and doing stunts really took a lot out of someone. The Embrace Pokemon narrowed her gaze at her Trainer and best friend. "Okay, okay, I am a little tired... but it's mostly just the heat, I swear!" Anna just kept staring as she levitated a rubber Torchic, a paper fan, among other props and piled them into a backpack. "Fine... let's go rest and grab some dinner." Anna smiled and gave a sigh. Skylar had psychic blood in him all right, always wanting to overexert himself, even if he didn't have any powers of his own.

"Hey hey hey!" came a spunky female voice quickly growing in volume as the source approached the comedy team. There were two of them, teenagers by the looks of it, dressed as cheerleaders. "That was like, a totally radical performance!," the taller of the two spoke cheerfully. "Which means you're our lucky winner!"

"Uh... I am?," Sky responded casually. This was... strange to say the least. Of course, he wasn't just going to walk away without finding out exactly what he'd won. "Cool!," chirped the shorter girl, taking out a small slip of paper and passing it to the boy.

"This is... a ticket on the S.S. Anne?!," Skylar replied in shock. "I don't remember entering a contest... are you sure I really won this?" Something seemed fishy in the back of his mind. The boy recalled a video game from some years back in which the main character had won a mansion in a contest he didn't enter, only for it to be full of ghosts. Of course, that was just a game, but something still seemed off. Anna patted her Trainer's shoulder casually. "Just take it," she replied happily. "Look at how hard we've been working lately... You really could use a vacation."

"Th... thanks!," Skylar said as he placed a hand sheepishly behind his head. The tall girl continued, "The ship departs tomorrow, so like don't be late! We'll see you there!" The shorter female only responded with another "Cool!" before they both winked their eyes and darted off. There was no arguing with Anna- she was right of course, but there just had to be a catch.

End Flashback__________________________________

"I guess we weren't the only ones who 'won,' eh?," Skylar asked Anna. The Gardevoir looked around at all the other Trainers waiting to board the cruise liner. "And none of them seem worried about anything fishy," she answered sternly. "Relax and we'll both have a good time. Just don't let Kame-sama out of his Pokeball until we're away from the crowd and we'll be fine." Skylar nodded. His other Pokemon, a Wartortle, was quite the prankster and was constantly getting him in trouble, both on and off the stage. There was also the matter of the egg he had found on the beach the other day. It was probably close to hatching by the way it jiggled occasionally, but it still had some time to go. There was a good likelihood that it would hatch while on the ship.

After some waiting, a woman's voice finally boomed over a megaphone, welcoming Trainers aboard the ship. The line slowly began moving. Skylar flashed his ticket to the officials and was granted passage, being handed a gift basket as he boarded. "Let's take our bags to our room, shall we?," Skylar mumbled, wheeling his rolling suitcase behind him. Anna following, levitating another back which held all sorts of comic props among essential items. Finding the cabin wasn't hard, but neither the boy nor the Gardevoir wanted to spend time unpacking. Skylar pocketed the three Pokeballs and the sea treats and the duo made their way back to the main deck, where other Trainers were gathering.

Anna's eyes flashed white for a moment before speaking to her Trainer. You know... I can sense that those sea treats are chocolate flavored. Smiling, Skylar immediately took one out and unwrapped it. "Hey, it may be made for Pokemom, but who can't resist chocolate," he replied happily before taking a hefty bite."

Clamping his mouth shut, the male's eyes widenend. As a very foul taste filled his mouth he quickly rushed to the railing, spitting the treat into the ocean. "Yuck!," he screamed before looking at the candy's wrapper. In large blue letters it read, "Pokemon Sea Treat: Kelpsy Berry Flavor." His eyes narrowed at the Gardevoir, who had a rather large grin plastered to her face. "Why you little..... Ah ha ha ha ha!!!!" He had fallen for Anna's joke hook, line, and stinker. In seconds the two were laughing together, smiling.

drunk ¬_¬ July 3rd, 2012 12:57 PM

Ureshii Wagyu: Welcome Back Old Friend

Ureshii arrived to Vermillion City in a cab. He had been here before, more than sixty years prior to today, and would soon find out just how much a city could change in that amount of time.

When the young Ureshii had first set foot on the town, it all looked so different…

Back then, the greatest port city in Kanto was Fuschia City, not Vermillion Port. That's right, even the name had changed since. The roads were made of dirt, and there were only a few bars and cantinas here and there. At the time, the city didn't even have a Gym Leader, but it was a renowned town due to the criminals who frequented the place. Even the police force was known to be crooked in this Wild West world.

Ureshii arrived wearing a yellow-colored, thick wool shirt, jeans, and assless chaps made from Miltank hide (what? It was chic at the time… a lot classier than your damn "fitted" baseball hats). Anyways, the sixteen-year-old Ureshii had been a no-name Trainer, failing to even beat the Gym Leader challenge in Johto. However, here, he would evolve into the greatest trainer he'd ever be. Two Poké Ball holsters hung onto his belt held his two faithful companions, Hasha and… Musha.

A single tear dropped from Ureshii's eye as the taxicab went over a speed bump. "Mime?" Caretaker asked worried, sitting in the back seat next to his new trainer. Mr. Mime, you see, being a Psychic-type, could communicate telepathically with Ureshii, by both sending and receiving his trainer's memories.

Musha, like Hasha, had been a ridiculously strong Pokémon, and one that by no means should've been in Kanto or Johto at the time. This is because Musha was a Bouffalant. And despite being both a rival and a friend to Hasha, he would never see another Pokémon of his species again. To be honest, Ureshii never even knew how Bouffalant had managed to reach "the old continent", but he remembered having promised to at one point bring him back home. He failed. However, he always hoped that despite never managing to find Musha's home, he had at least made a second home for him, and out of all the places they'd been, Musha had seemed to like Vermillion Port the most…

"We're here." The cab driver said as he stopped at the local Pokémon Center. Getting out of the cab quickly, the cab driver opened the door next to Ureshii. "Do you need help with your luggage Mr. Wagyu?"

"Oh, that's quite alright young man. Caretaker here will take care of me now. Thank you for the ride, here is the agreed-upon amount." As Ureshii handed the driver a wad of cash, the old man almost expected to get jumped from the get-go. When that didn't happen, he found himself almost let down. The world had turned so… bland.

"Thank you sir." The cab driver stated as Caretaker, now "holding" Mr. Wagyu's luggage with his Confusion power, came up from behind and took Ureshii's hand. Together, both trainer and Pokémon walked into the Pokémon Center. However, the long drive here from Happy Town had taken its toll on old Ureshii, who was now clutching his lower back with a look of agonizing pain on his face.

Nurse Joy was the first person to notice this, and realizing that he'd walked in with a Pokémon, Mr. Mime, she was quick to lead him upstairs to one of the still empty dormitories. "Please, stay here" she said, "a physical therapist will be up here shortly to help you with your back."

Ureshii hated being treated like a cripple, however, there wasn't much he could do once the therapist arrived and the massage commenced.



Waking up from his massage-induced torpor, Ureshii, admittedly, felt like a new man. Thanking the Nurse Joy on his way out, he proceeded to stop for some coffee at Staryubuck's before arriving at the harbor. There, he noticed that a line had already started to form, so he was quick to follow suit, with Caretaker, as always, close behind him.

Ureshii received a key, a Potion, three Poké Balls and some organic Poké treats… " I wonder what those are.", and immediately, he chose to stay up on the deck, where he would surely find other people with whom to…

"Yuck!" a kid screamed as he practically jumped off the boat's rail, spitting out what seemed to be one of those organic Poké treats. Ureshii shook his head at the sight, and almost cried. "Can you believe it Caretaker? When I was a boy ALL of our candy was organic. For god's sake, all we had was chocolates and sugarcoated berries. Now it seems they only put the label "organic" to anything with wheatgrass on it, or something else equally disgusting…" Letting out a sigh, he left the kid to his vomiting and went on in his way. "What's this world coming to Caretaker, you should know… you're Psychic after all."


"I thought so."

Baker's Bulbasaur July 3rd, 2012 1:26 PM

Link Hunter
''An Irritating Start...''

‘’What do you mean you’re not coming?...’’

Link Hunter, a young man of twenty-two was led on his bed at the Pokemon Center in Vermillion City. Wearing black jeans and a white vest, his back resting against the headboard of his bed, his legs stretched out, with his Pokenav in his right hand, while his left hand continuously threw a Pokeball into the air, before catching it effortlessly without looking.

‘’You promised you would be here!’’

On the screen of the Pokenav was Link’s brother Michael, a man of thirty, possessing dashing good looks that mirrored Links, the only differences being their hair, Michaels shining blonde and tied back in a neat bun, to Links black, shorter but still long, but very scruffy with a fringe dangling in front of his left eye, with an air that suggested a severe lack of care towards his appearance, this wasn’t to say that Link a dirty person, he showered every day, brushed his teeth and spent a good amount of time looking in the mirror, but it was almost like he was trying hard to make it look like he hadn’t put in any effort. The only other difference between the brothers besides the obvious maturity that comes of being eight years older; was their eyes, Michael’s cool, calming blue, Link’s almost envy green. Michael staring into his own Pokenav from somewhere in the pokemon world frowned slightly

‘’I know I did Link, but you’ve got to understand, the Unova league is starting in 5 weeks, I thought I’d have time to go on the cruise and be back in time, but I have too much preparation to do, besides, if there were delays in getting back to Kanto on the ship, I may not have time to get back here before the league...’’

‘’You can do your preparation on the ship, there are bound to be hundreds of pathetic trainers just waiting for a beat down!’’

Links mouth stretched into a closed lip smirk, the corner of the right side of his lips rising slightly in an arrogant way as his tossing of the Pokeball into the air becomes gradually higher

‘’I’m sure...’’

Michael spoke with a similar tone of higher intelligence, but not in the arrogant way that that came and in hand with his brother link, Michaels tone was calming and smooth, but demanded attention and came with the sense of a man who had a great deal of experience and mature intelligence under his wing

‘’I’m sure that if they were pathetic trainers then they wouldn’t have been invited to the ship in the first place, or is that the category of people you want to put yourself into LJ?’’

‘’Don’t call me that...’’

Link snapped back through gritted teeth. LJ stood for Link James, his first and second name, and was a nickname that Michael had used for his younger brother his whole life, who never used to have a problem with it, until about six years ago, when the incident occurred...

‘’Whatever’’ Michael said dismissively. ‘’the fact remains that I know I promised I’d be there, but I just can’t risk missing this tournament, you must understand?...’’


Link spoke sharply and within another second had hung up on his brother. He put the Pokenav on the bed next to him and ran his right hand tightly through his rough hair, leaning on his hand between the back of his head, and the headboard of the bed. He threw the Pokeball in his left hand even higher into the air before catching it, and suddenly springing to life, letting out a huge roar of anger, threw the ball across the room where it crashed into the door of his small Pokemon Center room, and opened in a pool of blinding red light which soared into the air, before coming back down to the floor and sketching out the figure of a small bird pokemon, the red light quickly turning to the black fur of a Murkrow.

The Pokemon stood still for a moment before stretching out its neck and lifting its wings up and then down again with a sense of grace and the feel of a pokemon longing for attention, before turnings it’s head to face it’s master who stared into it’s big black eyes for a moment before jumping off of the bed, and walking across the room to pick up the Pokeball.

‘’Back inside you go...’’

He spoke without a care in the world without even looking at the flying dark type, merely holding the ball up between his index finger and his thumb. The Murkrow attempted to meet his eyes, before sighing deeply, and evaporating into the red light produced by the ball, and back inside.

Link clipped the ball back onto his belt, grabbed his white jumper, tossing it quickly over his head and lifting the hood over his black hair. He grabbed his Pokenav off of the bed, tossing it into his pull string bag which also contained his Pokedex, wallet, and a few everyday pokemon trainer items, which he slung over his shoulder, as well as picking up his suitcase in preparation for the month long trip on the S.S Anne before briskly opening the door and leaving the room, slamming it behind him without bothering to make the bed, turn off the light, or generally clean up his mess.

Link had arrived in Vermillion city only the day before, he had arrived late having walked all the way from his home in Lavender Town., and was already in a bad mood having been woken at the crack of dawn by the frustrating sounds of squawking that could only have come from a pokemon inside the center, which undoubtedly meant it had a trainer, some people just had no control over their pokemon, it was pathetic...

He walked at a fast pace through the Pokemon Center, purposely looking down at the floor so as to make sure anyone in his path would get out of his way, after all, if they thought that Link hadn’t seen them, they’d have no choice but to move for him.

He walked up to the desk behind which Nurse Joy was leaning over some paperwork writing things down, she looked up to Link straight away with a smile, but the bags under her eyes suggested she was stressed and probably hadn’t had a full night’s sleep in a few days.

‘’Ahh hello dear, you’ll be pleased to know your pokemon are feeling fully refreshed!’’ She spoke while picking up a tray behind her holding two Pokeballs and placing it on the desk in front of her. Link without a words picked them up and clipped them to his belt.

‘’Are you on your way to the S.S Anne?’’ she said with a smile

‘’Yeah, thanks...’’ Link muttered before turning without another word and heading straight towards the exit, leaving Nurse Joy looking quite shocked.

As Link left the Pokemon Center his eyes met hundreds of pokemon trainers of all ages rushing around, many with their pokemon following them, Link gave a snarl, he never approved of trainers keeping their pokemon out of their Pokeballs outside of battles. Ignoring the desire to stop and slap every trainer he passed with a pokemon outside of it's proper place, he made his way towards the dock where most of the trainers were starting to assemble, a voice booming over a megaphone became gradually louder

"Welcome!" the voice rung out across Vermilion docks,
"The S.S. Anne awaits you all here today! My name is Carla Raines, and I'll be the hostess for your journey. Any trouble, I'm here to help,"[/COLOR] she gave a cheesy thumbs up to the crowd.

"If you'd like to form a line, then you can collect a gift bag and board! Inside we've decided to give you a few treats, and trust me - there's a lot more to come!

Link began shoving his way past various people, noticing that some of them stopped abruptly to give him a look which he ignored and continued to make his way to as near the front of the queue as possible. He waited in line, moving slowly forward and unclipped one of his Pokeballs, impatiently throwing it into the air and catching again, which was something of a habit he picked up for when feeling particularly irritated or impatient. Finally, he reached the front of the line and was handed a small basket by a lady who smiled at him. He grabbed it without so much as a look and made his way on board.

''So...this is the S.S Anne''

NightOfRemorse July 3rd, 2012 2:46 PM

Eve Murphy

"…And that is why I just LOVE Rapidash and Fearow! Don't you just LOVE Rapidash and Fearow?!" the old man asked enthusiastically. A moment of silence followed and the black haired girl with mismatched blue and brown eyes said nothing. The Sneasel perched on the back of her head yawned a huge yawn, and roughly licked her hair. "U-uh, yeah," Eve responded, not able to hold in her nervous chuckle. "I think you shou-"

"Of course you do! Who doesn't just LOVE Rapidash and Fearow? I know I do!" The old man adjusted his black hat and lowered his dark sunglasses to get a better look at Eve. Eve's eyes widened slightly and she forced a smile. "So do I, really!" she told him, anxious to leave the Pokémon Fan Club. This is why I really shouldn't have come in here… I bet the S.S. Anne is going to leave without me. "Want to see photos I took of Rapidash and Fearow? They're marvelous, utterly marvelous! I just LOVE them!" the old man exclaimed joyfully.

"I'm sorry sir, but I really must go," Eve said quietly, not wanting to hurt his feelings. "No, you must stay here and see my photos!" the old man said again, completely oblivious to the fact that Eve's patience was running out. "I said NO, thank you, I must go," Eve stood up from her chair. "Thank you for that very... detailed story about Rapidash and Fearow," she turned and walked away from the old man and stuck her tongue out in annoyance and disgust at how anyone could possibly talk for so long about something so boring. "Please stay longer! I'll give you a bike voucher!" the old man pointed his cane in Eve's direction as if doing so would stop her from leaving. Eve opened the door and ran out, slamming it behind her. "Children these days just do not appreciate the beauty of Rapidash and Fearow… I just LOVE them."

As Eve and her Sneasel, Achilles, made it toward the huge crowd gathered around the dock, she noticed that a line was forming, and it was a long one. She knew she should have come earlier, but she was greatly interested in checking out the Pokémon Fan Club. Keyword: was. She learned her lesson, and she would never go back in that cursed building again.

Eve looked around at all the unique and unfamiliar faces with a grin as she put her earphones in her ears and turned her music up. She noticed a boy who was pushing his way through the line to get in. It was so manic out here due to all the excited tourists and trainers alike, that nobody seemed to bother to try and stop him from forcing himself in first.

Eve walked over to the line and waited for her turn to go in the S.S. Anne. When she finally did, she received a gift bag with items inside, but she did not feel like looking to see what was in it. Most likely brochures of the cruise or something like that. She would check it later.

Eve pushed through the crowds and made it out to the deck, where she sat down and continued to look around at everybody who was on board. Achilles yawned again. "Shut up Achilles, it'll get more exciting once we start to sail," Eve told him. She paused for a while as she continued to look around, noticing an old man who seemed to be conversing with his Mr. Mime. "If you start to drool I will throw you overboard," Eve said in a monotone voice. Achilles always had to yawn and drool on Eve's head as his way of telling her he was extremely bored. He couldn't just complain, he just had to be disgusting.

Meganium July 3rd, 2012 5:02 PM

Caydee Mint - Vermilion Dock, Ship Cabin

Breezy, cool, and sunny on the Vermilion Dock. Wingulls were flying around the area, and a large crowd of passengers were about to board on what would be the greatest cruise line in all over the Pokemon World: The S.S. Anne. The majority of the crowd were Pokemon trainers. Young, as well as old. For Caydee Mint, she can say she's just average... not too young nor old. She walked towards the dock with a suitcase, a messenger bag where she keeps her Pokemon supplies, and a Ninetales right beside her. Ninetales was also feeling the breeze coming right towards him. He was also excited about aboarding the ship with Caydee. It was a new adventure for him, as well as for Caydee. She knew where to go, as she was born and raised here in Vermilion City. She has seen a few ships and boats dock here in this platform, but nothing compares to the S.S. Anne.

She looked around the crowd, many with amazing Pokemon...even with Pokemon she hasn't seen before, ever. Caydee was awed, but was also feeling a bit intimidated how strong they may look. Ninetales didn't mind, really. He walked one step ahead of her and stopped. Caydee then remembered her ticket to board the ship...she got her messenger bag and took out her PokeDex, which also had her ticket stuck inside. She opened the dex and takes out the ticket carefully.

“This is the ticket to paradise, Ninetales.” Caydee said. “I can't believe mom and dad actually bought this for us.”

“Niiine!” Ninetales smiled and exclaimed.

Flashing back to about a few days ago...

Caydee had just graduated from Pokemon Trainer's School. She was in her black cap & gown, with a golden tassel with the number 2012 in front. The ceremony was emotional, and as it had ended, she immediately approached to her mother and father. Ninetales was still a Vulpix at the time, and he had become Caydee's “side” Pokemon.

She was already gifted the Fire Stone from the strong trainer she battled at school, formerly the number one battler at school. Due to Caydee beating her, she became the new #1 battler, which made her, as well as her family of competitive battlers proud.

Caydee gave both her mother and father a huge hug tight, with tears falling down from her eyes after concluding a vigorous time at the Trainer's School. “I love you guys so much!”

“We love you too Caydee.” Her mother said, as Caydee lets go. “I'm so proud of you. You're a great battler and you did it!”

Her father glanced at her. “Caydee, sweetheart...we have something for you and for your Pokemon.”

Caydee tries to wipe her tears away, and picks up her Vulpix. “Yes, daddy?”

“We bought you this special cruise line ticket.” Caydee's mother gives her a shiny ticket with a boat pictured in the front, with the words S. S. ANNE - ADMIT ONE. Her eyes sparkled and widened as she saw the ticket, and slowly takes it. “You've been battling and training so much in the past few months, and like your brothers, we think you deserve to go out and explore the Pokemon world as you wish.”

“As long as you keep in touch with us back here in Vermilion,” her father smiled and concludes, “you are welcome to go off on an adventure with your Pokemon.”

“Squeeee!” Caydee was so excited her emotions were all over the place. “This is amazing! I love you guys so much!” She then hugs both of her parents once more, thanking them repeatedly for the ticket.

A slightly strong breeze blew Ninetales's long fur on his head, as well as Caydee's blue hair. She had it long, and she didn't feel like tying it up. They were already close to the front of the entrance, as the majority of the cruise passengers have already entered the ship. As Caydee kept remembering her Graduation day, she couldn't take her excitement, as she felt a tear coming down from her eye. The passenger crowd was shrinking as the majority of the passengers have already entered the ship. Caydee was getting closer and closer, and until she was at the front. There was a guard right beside the boarding gate, as passengers flashed their tickets to them, granting access to the ship. Caydee was finally at the front, and flashed her ticket to the guard. “Go on in, miss. Welcome aboard.” he greeted.

Caydee, with her bags and with Ninetales, she passed by the guard and walked right in. Then, one of the ship's crew members gives Caydee a gift basket containing many useful items. She didn't get the chance to check what was inside, as she currently has her hands full. She was also given a cabin key, hanging right outside of the basket, and it can be easily removed. It didn't take too much to look for the room, as other passengers were also getting inside the rooms.

She looked up and saw the cabin's number: “204. I guess that's it.” She slid the key inside the keyhole, turns the knob to the right, and crack. It opened. Caydee slowly opened the door. It was a small room, with a large queen-sized bed, a loveseat, cupboards, as well as a private bathroom. Ninetales was wowed at the quality and the luxury the room had.

“This room....IS AMAZING.” She exclaimed as she dropped her items, then she jumped forward, landing on her new bed. “I love this ship already. This is the best gift ever!” She felt the soft, cushiony blanket made of wool and cotton, red as a rose. Caydee felt a sudden wave of exhaustion as she laid there, slowly closing her eyes to sleep. But Ninetales pawed at Caydee's face and woke her up quick.

“Nine.” he said.

“Sorry, I...was tired. It felt like I traveled from afar but in reality I traveled from a few miles away.” Caydee said as she sat up. She quickly looked around the room, glancing at the lights, the decorations, even the plasma television. Ninetales poked at the gift basket with his nose, sniffing inside, immediately she took out a bag of treats, and gives them to Caydee.

“PokeTreats, eh?” Caydee stared at the bag. “Didn't you just eat breakfast this morning?”

“Niiiiiiine.” Ninetaled grumbled, signaling that he indeed wants the treats.

“Okay then. Just because you've been very good lately.” She then opened the bag of treats and gives one to Ninetales by mouth. As Ninetales chewed the treat once...he swallowed slowly. He then made a disgust face, not liking the taste of the treats.


Caydee read the label of the treats. “Organic PokeTreats, great cure for seasickness for Pokemon. Hey, save these for Thunder. She's not used to boat riding, ya know.”

Realizing that she had left the door open, Caydee got up and stepped out of her cabin. Ninetales followed her. She stood by the ship's railing, staring at the passengers still trying to get in the ship. “Look at those people, Ninetales. Would it be amazing that some of these passengers could be awesome trainers like myself? I can't wait to challenge them.”

Ninetales nodded, sitting down next to Caydee as she glances at the same thing she's looking at. His fur blowing away once again.

“The S.S. Anne, Ninetales. We're going to have so much fun on this amazing ship.”

FinalMaster July 3rd, 2012 5:21 PM

“Lucas?” Called a voice from below, resonating all the way up the stairs to the rooftop floor of the Celadon Condominiums. It sounded… enthusiastic. And although the voice had been somewhat jolly over the past few months, it hadn’t produced real enthusiasm for ages.

The boy standing at the top of the building was genuinely curious as to why his father would take such a tone. He stood there, confused, still staring through his binoculars at a bird arcing through the sky.

“Lucas!” This time it seemed more assertive.

“What is it?” The boy, Lucas Harding, shouted back. He lowered his binoculars.

His father, rapidly growing impatient with him, yelled back, “Just come downstairs and see!”

“Fine,” Lucas moaned. He raised his binoculars again for a second, pinpointing the bird he was monitoring moments before. Making sure he was directly in line with it, he whistled sharply. The bird made a sharp turn and streaked straight for him, before landing on his outstretched arm.

“Blu,” it chirped. Lucas pulled a red-and-white sphere out from his pocket and pressed the center button. It emitted a harsh red light, recalling his Swablu.

When he turned to go back down the stairs, he came face-to-face with… someone. They were tall, blonde and dressed in thick black clothes, thick enough that Lucas could tell absolutely nothing about them. Pitch-black sunglasses obscured his face, so no dice there either.

“Are you Lucas Harding?” The shady person asked.

“Yeah,” Lucas responded. “Any particular reason you’re wearing such a thick coat on a sunny day like today?”

The shadowy person paused a second before responding. “It’s none of your business.” Pulling an envelope out from under his coat, they continued, “I’ve been sent to give you this.”

Lucas carefully reached forward and retrieved the envelope from their hand, making sure it wasn’t rigged or anything. He opened it, and inside was… a ticket to the S.S. Anne.

“You’re awfully nice for a shadily-dressed stranger. How do I know these tickets aren’t rigged to explode?”

But when he looked up from the ticket, the person was gone.
“…and that’s how I got this ticket to the S.S. Anne,” Lucas finished. “Hey, you asked.” His Swablu, Atlus, was pecking at a bowl of some mysterious food courtesy of the café chef. His Minccino refused it on principle, and was currently sulking in a corner. It wasn’t often both left their pokéballs at the same time.

He glanced at his pokénav. Barely more than a keepsake from his Hoenn days, but at least it still told time. Speaking of which, wasn't he running --

“Late!” he blurted, recalling his pokémon. He exited the café, breaking into a sprint and heading straight for the Celadon condos.

He was exhausted by the time he got there. He burst through the door, panting, before resuming walking pace up the stairs. Thankfully, he and his father lived on the third floor, so he didn’t have to wait for the lift. He hastily unlocked the door to the apartment (Dad was out, it seemed), grabbing his backpack of stuff he’d prepared the night before. He practically leapt down the stairs on his way back, breaking into a run. He was determined to make it to the cruise in time.
He only just made it. No sooner had the docks of Vermillion City come into view than a woman’s voice filled the air, megaphone making her audible from hundreds of meters away.

“Welcome! The S.S. Anne awaits you all here today! My name is Carla Raines, and I'll be the hostess for your journey. Any trouble, I'm here to help. If you'd like to form a line, then you can collect a gift bag and board! Inside we've decided to give you a few treats, and trust me - there's a lot more to come!"

He was exhausted, but nonetheless Lucas grinned. He’d made it, just in time too by the look of things. Lucas never wanted to run that hard again. And the crowding in Saffron was atrocious. He worked his way over to the back of the line. He extracted a pokéball from the mess that was his pocket, and summoned Atlus. She immediately fluttered up and settled down on his head.

He sighed, exasperated, as the line progressed until he hit the front. He thanked whoever it was that handed him the gift bag, before ascending to the interior of the grand ship.

It was here he opened his gift bag. In it was a set of 3 pokéballs, a potion, 3 ‘organic pokétreats’ and a cabin key. It was labelled #345.

“That’s what I get for being late, I suppose,” he muttered to himself as he began the long trek towards his cabin. The fact that Atlus falling asleep on his head was attracting looks from other people wasn’t helping much.

King! July 3rd, 2012 8:05 PM

‘The pair sat on the edge of the long pier, their legs hanging over the edge, a slight breeze rippling through the waves in the ocean. This was their usual spot after a long day of play; this was where they always came when the two ten year olds were finally tired out, but not quite ready to return to their homes. They seldom had a chance to just sit and think, being ten and having the attention spans of a pair of Rattata. But tonight, there was a certain feel in the air…something that made them feel centuries older than they were, something that made time itself slow down.

“So, Nellie…” Henry said, glancing at her through the corner of his eye.

“Hm?” she replied, still focused on the infinite body of water stretching out around them.

“I…I dunno.” It was quiet for another few moments, as Henry struggled with what to say. “I guess…do you ever think about what’s out there? Away from this place?” He gestured to the sea, to the sun setting in the sky.

“Sometimes.” This was a lie, of course. Nadia thought about the world outside of Lilycove more than was probably healthy.

“Oh…well…” A Pokemon cried out somewhere across the ocean, barely audible over the crashing of the waves. “You know, Nellie… I don’t know about me. But I know you…you’ll make it. You’ll get out of here.” Henry faced her now, and this time, she looked back. He grinned.

“You’ll see the world someday.”’

I. Beginning

‘I am unwritten, can’t read my mind, I’m undefined, I’m just beginning, the pen’s in my hand, ending unplanned,’

Nadia stepped onto the concrete, Rose close behind her, and took a deep breath. Finally, she was here. They had arrived in Vermillion City at last. After three days travelling by train, plane, and foot, it was a relief to have reached her destination. She stopped, the sandy path leading to the woods behind her, and took everything in. She was used to the hustle and bustle of the port city, having spent her whole life in one, but there was something…different here. Something in the air, in the way the people moved. It was all so new, a breath of fresh air.

A large horn blared, and Nadia jumped, broken from her trance. Rose giggled next to her and took her hand, leading Nadia forward into the city.

‘Reaching for something in the distance, so close you can almost taste it, release your inhibitions, feel the rain on your skin,’

The two had some time to kill before the ship was to set sail in approximately two hours. Instead of choosing to board early, they roamed the city, viewing the sights and making it clearly visible to everyone around them that they were tourists. Her parents, being somewhat-famous, had no shortage of money, and were eager to lend Nadia plenty in hopes that she would somehow become magically transformed into a superstar battler while travelling on the S.S. Anne. Nadia knew this would never happen, but chose to keep her mouth shut about the matter, knowing the money would help out quite a bit.

They browsed all sorts of little shops, sometimes just looking through the window, others, actually going in and looking around. Although she saw lots of things she liked that weren’t available in Lilycove, Nadia didn’t want to go overboard – before she even got on the ship!

In the end, she purchased a thick green journal from a gift shop, a package of cute little pens, and a dozen pastries from Staryubucks for Rose and her to munch on while they walked around. The journal, she figured, would be good for writing down any possible songs that came to her mind, as well as any her thoughts while on the cruise. She planned to write to Henry a few times, too…

“Henry…” Nadia muttered, her mind travelling back home. While she hadn’t spent much time missing or even thinking of home, she thought of Henry every so often. The fact that she missed him was almost as unexpected as his gift to her the night before her departure.

The gift was packed away safely in a side pocket of her duffel bag, surrounded by socks in case it was something fragile. Although she was dying to know what was inside the tiny cube, she kept her promise to Henry and didn’t open it.

‘Drench yourself in words unspoken, live your life with arms wide open, today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten,’

After about an hour or so, the pair decided it was time to start heading for the ship. Bags in hands, they headed towards the crowd of people that seemed to be going in the direction of the dock.

A few minutes into the crowd, Rose tapped Nadia on the shoulder and gestured forward, giggling. A few paces ahead of them, a boy was walking towards the ship. Even though only his back showed, Nadia could see that he was attractive: brown, tussled hair fell across his neck, and his muscles were shown through his tight black tee shirt. Rose continued to giggle and nudge Nadia with her elbow as she stared at the guy.

“Would you quit?” Nadia joked, beginning to laugh herself. She was half distracted, though, as she had begun to imagine what he looked like from the front. Eyes a golden brown color…smile…the muscles of his chest…

Unfortunately, Nadia’s ponderings were interrupted by a sudden cement curb, which latched onto her foot and sent her sprawling forward onto the ground, bags flying everywhere.


Rose rushed over to her trainer’s side, but her laughing had become so uncontrollable that she wasn’t much help. Her fall had also caught the attention of several nearby pedestrians – including, of course, the boy who had unknowingly caused the fall.

Rose stepped aside as he rushed forward to aid the fallen Nadia. “Are you alright?” he questioned, reaching out a hand to help her up. Nadia took it, and looked up at her helper. His eyes were green, and the front of his hair much matched the back. It was messily spiked at the front, a matching green stripe flashing across a few locks of hair. Good enough.

“Oh, um, yeah…” Nadia sputtered out, regaining her balance. “Thanks…” The boy chuckled, and handed her the duffel bag she’d dropped.

“No problem,” he replied. Nadia stared for another moment, unsure of what to say. After more awkward silence, she grabbed Rose’s hand and hurried away.

‘Staring at the blank page before you, open up the dirty window, let the sun illuminate the words that you could not find,’

“I’m such an idiooooot,” Nadia groaned, dragging Rose behind her as she approached the ship. The Pokemon said nothing, but a faint smirk still remained on her lips. “Seriously…of all the things I could have said…I just left!”

With the S.S. Anne still in view, Nadia picked up the pace, fueled by her anger at herself and her eagerness to see what the ship was like on the inside.

“Welcome!” A voice cried out through the crowd of people boarding the ship. “The S.S. Anne awaits you all here today! My name is Carla Raines, and I’ll be the hostess for your journey.”
Nadia navigated her way to the back of the lines of boarders, and her anger and embarrassment began to fade away, replaced by excitement instead.

“Inside we’ve decided to give you a few treats – and trust me, there’s a lot more to come!” Finally, her and Rose reached the head of the line, and were given their gift bag. They then made their way inside the huge cruise ship that, for the next month, would be their home.

‘Drench yourself in words unspoken, live your life with arms wide open, today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten, the rest is still unwritten,’

“Enjoy your stay!” a member of the crew exclaimed, placing the last of Nadia’s bags on her bed. Nadia nodded and smiled, choosing to stay quiet after her LAST encounter with a boy her age. The sailor made his way out of the room, closing the cabin door behind him.

Nadia turned to Rose and grinned. “Well, if we know one thing about the ship already – it’s that there’s definitely no shortage of cute guys!” Rose laughed and plopped down on the bed for the first time in what was sure to be many.

‘The rest is still unwritten~’

((OOC: The song is Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten". I don't think I'll have a song for every post, but a select few I think I'd like to try to do like this :) I hope it's okay!))

jackblaze July 4th, 2012 9:33 AM

Rajay Murdock

"This ship has been waiting for trainer like me" Rajay's voice was just overflowing with confidence as he set his eyes on the ship infront of him and as he pierced through the crowd of onlookers to reach closer to the ship. Who would have imagined that just a few days earlier he was being beaten by Janine in 3 consecutive battles with relative ease."The opponents Heracross is unable to battle" The look on Jay's face was clear he had heard the referee say these words at least 2 times before this moment and he knew exactly what was coming next "Janine and Ariados are the winners" Rajay had to suck up another lose and return his pokemon to their pokeball and leave without a gym badge once again. This time he didn’t even want to hear any of Janine’s so called wise words or advice for the battle, he just wanted to go to the pokemon center heal his pokemon and come back and try and win again.

Jay took a seat after getting his pokemon quickly healed up, he threw down his pokeballs unto the table and in his usual fashion began reminiscing about his finer moments in the fight. "Uggh when Ace hit her Weezing with flamethrower that was great" but failed to mention the sludge bomb that knocked out Ace moments later. "Hahaha" Jay began to hear laughing from a nearby table before turning around in curiosity.

“You just don’t learn do you young man” The mysterious man's word had found their way straight to Rajay's ears prompting him to jump up quickly and walk towards his table. "What did you just say?" Obvious anger in Rajay's voice was followed by him slamming his hand on the desk wanting the man to look up from the paper he was reading. "Hey look at me!!!!" The pokemon center was almost empty and Rajay's voice was the only one that could be heard.

The man sighed and looked up at Rajay slowly. "Young people, so ignorant and stupid" The man obviously seemed to know how to push Rajay's buttons and chuckled a bit as his comment had Rajay's nostrils flaring in anger "Oh stop giving me that look, you look like a Taurus using tackle" Rajay was more than ready to shout and attack him but the man was quick to shush him. "Here you go" The man left a ticket on the table and walked away he was the first person to ever keep Rajay quiet even for a second and added to the mystery that he brought forward he just left a ticket to Arceus knows where.......

.........And now the S.S. Anne was where the ticket led him to. Rajay was in no mood for waiting and quickly made his way to the front of the line skipping as many people as possible without regard for the time they spent waiting. Flashing the ticket and walking unto the boat receiving a gift bag upon entry dropping it into his own bag without even checking it.

There were many trainers already on board, with mostly girls catching his eyes, but he made his move to the front of the boat, to the edge looking to the see ahead of him. Although Rajay wouldn't be thinking about the possibilities of what could happen, S.S. Anne could be the start of something new, different and great but only if Jay could open his eyes.........

Miss Doronjo July 4th, 2012 10:38 AM

Gloria Robertson

Gloria, along with her trademark electric guitar, already had her luggage taken away by "a very smart man", she thought. The people of Vermillion deserved entertainment; as well as the great pinnacle of rock n' rolla. Well, at least, that's at least what Gloria thought. Even when she got her invitation to board the S.S. Anne for vacation, and as she waited on the dock, all she could think about was rock n' roll.

"I've told you this once before, can't control me
If you try to take me down you're gonna break
I feel you're every nothing that you're doing for me
I'm thinking, you oughta make your own waaaaay..."

"Aha! I thought I recognized that voice!" a voice said, coming from behind. Gloria turned around.. only to see her very untalented rock rival - Trisha. Gloria chuckled as Trish became all, like, serious. What a stuffy. "I wonder if your mediocre signing will seriously arm the people of this cruise." Gloria smirked.

"Yes, yes, I know how jealous you are of my stunning and breathtaking talent. It's embarrassing, you know. And believe me, I'm embarrassed with you," Gloria explained. "You see, the reason why you are embarrassed, is the main stream of uninteresting, untalented, and mediocre performances that people are forced to cheer you for! And its no wonder they're not cheering! They can careless for every idiot that comes in through that band -- especially THIS idiot standing right beside me."

"You little--" Trisha began. "You know what?! Fine, I can see that you are as stupid and egotistical as ever. I am NOT about to lose to you again! We'll settle this in the BOAT!"

"And how, pray tell, are you going to do that?" Gloria said with a cheeky smile.

"I'll... I'll!! I'll challenge you to something music-related, and WHEN you lose, I'll PUSH YOU OVER THE BOAT!"

"...Push me over the boat."

"Yes, OVER THE BOAT!" Trisha shouted with a smirk. "Don't rock the boat baby, don't rock the boat!" Gloria sighed with pity. Trisha made this all too easy.

"Welcome!" Came a voice rung out across Vermilion docks. It was a lady - she looked like one of the staff. "The S.S. Anne awaits you all here today! My name is Carla Raines, and I'll be the hostess for your journey. Any trouble, I'm here to help."

Gloria the smiled wider upon hearing this announcement; the excitment grew. She then turned meekly towards Trisha as she then stuck out her tongue playfully. The ultimate taunt.


On board the S.S. Anne, Gloria and Trisha made their separate ways (at least for now) leaving Gloria to view the ship by herself. The sea onword was breathtaking - it was like a rock song that had a touch of viewtiful harmony...

"Someone said I am such a foolish girl
Whooooo cares? It's better than without a light
Sometimes I need someone to hold me tight
Explain to me what is justice what is riiiiiight.."

She then stopped, as she carefully gazed out upon the sea. Her goal was set.

"When you think of a new millennium, you think of an event SOOOOO gigantic, that it changes the course of THINK of the dawning of a new era!" Gloria started to explain. "And of course, a NEW era... of KANTO! A new era, that this once proud, region needs! What was once the most highlighted pinnacle of entertainment, as now become the pinnacle of a clichéd -- and let's be honest: BORING, region I, GLORIA, have a dream: I HAVE COME TO SAAAAAVE YOU ALL FROM THAT ICKY-BICKY-WICKY-PICKY-UICKY-ZIKY-ONOMONOKONOICKY DEMON THAT IS CALLED BOREDOM!"

"Um, excuse me..." one person from a crowd of ten who came up to ask her. "You are very loud - Who are you talking to?"

"You'll see," Gloria explained. "Just be sure to record your video devices later, mmkay?"


NightOfRemorse July 5th, 2012 10:29 AM

Eve Murphy

Achilles smirked down at Eve as she continued analyzing the faces out on the deck. Man with a mustache. Man with no mustache. Woman with red hair. Woman with no hair. Eve looked completely lost on this ship, as if she didn't even belong here and had somehow managed to sneak on and was now looking around for a place to hide and blend in. What time was it, anyway? And how long would it be before the S.S. Anne started the journey? Not that Eve was impatient or anything, she was just curious since those short ten minutes felt like hours to her.

The air that blew through Eve's hair smelled of Magikarp. Ocean Pokémon were amazing to her, and Eve had always had a large interest in the legendary ocean Pokémon Kyogre. She'd seen many pictures of it in books. Well, not pictures as in photographs, but pictures as in drawings made by artists who wanted to show what their interpretation of Kyogre was.

Eve herself had drawn Kyogre a couple of times as well. Maybe I should draw something to look busy. She pulled out a medium sized drawing pad from the black backpack she was carrying around. Achilles climbed down Eve's arm and poked at the pocket of her green jeans.

"What?" Eve asked, turning her head and glancing at Achilles and then her pocket. She reached in and pulled out her crumpled S.S. Anne ticket that she received a few weeks ago. "This?" she asked just as Achilles snatched it. Eve made an annoyed face at him and looked down at her sketchpad. "What do you want with it?" she asked him.

Achilles just stared at her with the ticket in hand. He wasn't a very vocal Sneasel, and mostly communicated with facial expressions and body language. Eve turned to him with a frown. "Ugh." She snatched the ticket back from Achilles and pulled out her earphones, punk music blasting out of them. She stuffed the ticket back in her pocket. The crowd on the deck was growing more and more excited, and their voices rose higher and higher.

"I have come to saaaaave you all from that icky-bicky… ONOMONOKO…. BOREDOM!" a feminine voice shouted some distance away. She must have been really loud, to be able to overpower all the other voices on this ship. Eve turned to Achilles, her confusion right on her face.

"You heard that right?" she asked before turning to continue scrutinizing the crowd, forgetting that she was about to draw. She saw a girl with curly blond hair and a pink tanktop sitting alone with her arms crossed. She didn't seem to be very happy to be here. Maybe she was just lonely?

Eve put her sketchpad back in her backpack and gave Achilles a look. The Sneasel quickly perched on her head again. Eve stood up and walked over to the girl, sitting next to her. Eve glanced back and forth between the floor and the girl before wetting her lips and speaking. "Hi there. I'm Eve! It's a nice day out isn't it?" Eve said, admiring the sky to reinforce that it was nice enough to look at. What a cliché conversation starter.

SylveonStar July 5th, 2012 10:51 AM

Giselle sat quietly looking up at the sky. She just wanted the ship to leave port already to officially start this cruise. She closed her eyes for a second to relax and was thinking of calling Jet and her other two Pokemon back out when something made her snap her eyes open. "I have come to saaaaave you all from that icky-bicky… ONOMONOKO…. BOREDOM!" Giselle frowned and looked over to see a girl with blonde hair looking very much like one of those rock-stars who are always in the news.

"I hate Rock Music" she muttered sending a glare at the girl who was to loud for her own good. Though she was glad someone else had told the girl she was loud before she could. Though it didn't seem like today was her day, just as she was about to close her eyes another girl came and sat next to her.

"Hi there. I'm Eve! It's a nice day out isn't it?" the girl said looking at the sky. Looking at the girl Giselle could tell that even sitting down she was short. She had black hair that was straight and shaggy and was dressed in a black t-shirt that said something Giselle couldn't read and a pair of green jeans that in her opinion were way to bright.

Giselle looked back up at the sky and sighed "I'm Giselle" she said not showing any emotion in her voice at the moment. "and it is, though there are better ways to start a conversation" Giselle still wasn't showing any emotion and wasn't even looking at Eve. She was remembering what her father had taught her, and wasn't going to make friends unless Eve could impress her, be it with Pokemon, a talent, or something else.

Baker's Bulbasaur July 5th, 2012 3:04 PM

Link Hunter
''Boarding The Ship''

‘’So, this is the S.S Anne...’’

Link, hands in his jumper pockets, his body lazily slouched over, stood at the front of the ship. Behind him, people were still showing their tickets to ship staff, and receiving their complimentary gift baskets before making their way onto the ship’s deck. In front, the deck ran a long way forward, this ship was truly huge, and the whole thing was sparkling as if it had been built yesterday, obviously that wasn’t the case, but it had sure been kept in good condition, every inch of the captains pride had obviously been well scrubbed and cared for the way a mother would groom her child.


Link turned his eyes to meet the back of young guy who was spitting something overboard, a Gardevoir which was assumedly his was cackling it’s head off, Link immediately felt sick, a Pokemon laughing at its trainer? Disgusting...

This sickening feeling was only enhanced by the trainer turning to face the Gardevoir and laughing himself. Link turned away to notice an old man accompanied by a Mr. Mime also surveying the sight with a disgusted look on his face, perhaps he felt the same? Maybe this ship wasn’t completely filled with losers, just losers and old men that should be sitting at home with their pipe and slippers.

Link raised his hands to pull his hood down a bit further so that it was nearly completely covering his eyes, before reaching into the basket he had received on entry to the ship, he looked inside and found three Pokeballs, a potion, and some sort of organic Poke treats. Well, his Pokemon certainly wouldn’t be getting them. He picked up the Poke treats and carelessly tossed them overboard, before slipping the Pokeballs and potion into his draw string bag. Lastly he retrieved a key from the basket which he inspected closely

‘’Room 106...’’

He pocketed the key and dropped the basket on the floor, despite the fact that a bin was clearly about 2 feet away from him, that’s why the ship hires cleaners after all. He then picked up his suitcase which was resting on the floor next to him and proceeded to walk down the long deck of the ship. There were tons of people already on board, trainers and their Pokemon, as well as ship staff all dressed accordingly to alert people to the fact that they were working on the ship. Lots of trainers were admiring the ship, whilst others were playing with their Pokemon, and others clearly lost, probably trying to find their way to their rooms. Suddenly Link let out a cry of pain


Managing to barely keep his balance, Link watched as a Raticate stormed past him having barged into his leg on the way.

‘’I do apologise young man!’’

Link turned to see yet another old man standing there, he was obviously rich, dressed in a very smart black suit complete with a cane and top hat, on his arm stood a just as well dressed beautiful woman.

‘’Raticate here is just excited to be on the ship! He never meant you no harm!’’

Link looked up at the man with a scowl.

‘’If you can’t control your Pokemon, may I suggest a leash?’’

Link then stormed off muttering under his breath ‘’Stupid Rat...’’

As he continued down the ship there seemed to be dramas going on everywhere, he noticed a young girl with a Sneasel on her shoulder which had just snatched away her S.S. Anne ticket, followed by the scream of a nearby blonde girl

‘’I have come to saaaaave you all from that icky-bicky...ONOMONOKO...boredom!’’

She looked like she was trying to impersonate the lead singer from the ‘Rocking Roggenrolas’ a rock band from the Unova region...what a wannabe.
Further down the ship were even more assortments of Pokemon; there was a young boy with two people that were assumedly his mother and father who was rolling around the floor with a Persion, a teenager girl feeding treats to a Houndour, and an older woman sitting on a bench reading a book with a Blaziken stood next to her. Link sneered to himself, you come all the way to a cruise on the S.S. Anne to read a book...pathetic...

Further along was a pretty young girl accompanied by an equally beautiful Ninetales, Link overheard her as she walked by
“Look at those people, Ninetales. Would it be amazing that some of these passengers could be awesome trainers like myself? I can't wait to challenge them.”

Link made a mental note to demonstrate to her what a real ‘awesome’ trainer was like at some point during the voyage, if of course there was someone actually worth battling.
Link then made his way to the interior of the ship, the plan was to find his room, and wait for the ship to set sail.
as he made his way down a corridor he turned his head as a young man with binoculars round his neck, and a Swablu on top of his head hurried by. That just topped it off, Pokemon out of their Pokeballs was bad enough, but on top of the kids head?!


Link muttered to himself, as he turned his head back to the direction he was headed, a male of around 16 with his head down was racing down the corridor straight towards Link who dashed out of the way just in time


Link roared right in the ear of the passing boy who was also carrying books, an whom in apparent shock at being yelled at fell crashing to the floor, his books falling out of his arms, and a pair of glasses falling off of his head.

''Don't you ever watch where you're going?!'' Link snapped at the boy who was frantically moving his hands around the floor next to him to find his glasses which he soon found and placed back on his nose, staring up at Link, his cheeks bright red.

''I...I...I'm sorry! I..''

''Save it!'' Link snapped once again, kicking his foot out from underneath one of the books that had landed on top of it, before storming off down the end of the coridoor and turning into what looked like the rooms marked to be staring with ''1''

''PA-THETIC'' Link said to himself as he pulled his hood down off of his face. if the way this trip was starting was a sign of things to come, perhaps he should have stayed well away. He began looking at the room numbers on the doors

''103...105...ahhhh 106''

Link pulled his key out of his pocket and put it into the keyhole below the handle.

NightOfRemorse July 5th, 2012 6:42 PM

Eve Murphy

The blond girl looked up at the sky as well and sighed as if she had been asked this same question for the millionth time today. "I'm Giselle," Giselle said without any sign of emotion in her voice, seemingly bored or upset at something. Eve would have asked what was the matter, but that's not exactly a very polite thing to ask a stranger. Plus, when you're sad it usually makes you sadder when another person happens to notice and question you.

Eve continued staring at the sky and saw a cloud that was somewhat shaped like a Charmander. A rounder cloud appeared from a cluster of clouds and started to float toward the stationary Charmander. Oh! A cloud trainer is going to catch it! "And it is, though there are better ways to start a conversation," Giselle said as if reading Eve's mind. Eve raised an eyebrow and looked at Giselle, though the girl wasn't even looking back at her. It was obvious that she had no interest in meeting her, but it didn't matter. Eve didn't give up so easily.

"Ohhh?" she said in amusement. "Do you have any pro tips for me? The only conversation starters I have are 'Isn't the weather nice today?' and 'What would you like to be like when you're an old geezer?' but the weather is very pretty today and you're not a male," Eve said in a serious tone.

Achilles stared challengingly at Giselle from atop Eve's head with his glassy red eyes. Something about Giselle made Achilles think she must have been a very haughty person, yet Eve was apparently too dumb to see that and was treating her as kindly as she usually did with unfamiliar people. The Sneasel was well aware that his trainer was too much of a pushover, and if not that, just plain oblivious.

Mystical Mermaid July 5th, 2012 6:46 PM
Skylar Weathers

Skylar spit out the crumbs of that awful PokeTreat as he laughed whatever was left of it down. He'd get back at Anna for that later, when she was off guard and not expecting him to still have the incident in his mind. Of course, being a psychic Pokemon she'd be hard to fool, but not impossible. Now wasn't the time for pulling pranks.

However, it seemed that their antics had garnered the attention of some of the other passangers on the deck. An older male shook his head in disgust at the gesture, while an elderly gentleman rambled on to his Mr. Mime about how the candies in his youth. Skylar sighed- the fellow was probably right. Sugar-coated berries and old-fashioned chocolate bars contained natural ingredients, free of the processed chemicals and artificial flavors that most of today's sweets held. And they probably tasted better too. Nowadays, 'organic' food tended to be associated with high-fiber snacks that tasted like cardboard. If anything, they'd give your insides a good cleaning, and in the case of these, help with seasickness. Skylar regained his relaxed disposition; there would be plenty of opportunities to be funny while putting on a show later. Perhaps he'd speak to that Carla woman at some point about booking his comedy act.

The boat was starting to get more and more crowded with Trainers and their Pokemon excited for a month of cruising, battling, and relaxation. The bustling noises of the crowd were then broken by a loud and somewhat familiar voice, exclaiming that she had come to save everyone from boredom. Skylar looked a few yards ahead of him, and there she was, the leader of that band.... Gozzy or something like that. Skylar remembered that her name was Gloria, but that was about it other than her loud voice. They had performed at the same events in the past, though he never really took interest in meeting her.

Anna, on the other hand was more than delighted, the Gardevoir's face lighting up with glee. "Eep! It's Gloria from Gozzy!," the Embrace Pokemon yelped loud enough to be heard across the whole deck. A few more heads turn, making the realization that a talking Pokemon was among them- not something unheard of but still rather rare. Anna had been enchanted by Gozzy's music the first time she saw them on stage, though her Trainer had taken less interest. He had sung a verse from one of Gloria's songs during a show once, while playing a ukulele rather badly and tossing Pokeballs back and forth with Anna. And he only picked it because it fit the rythym of the juggling. The boy returned his gaze to his Pokemon partner. "If you're so happy to see her, why don't you go introduce yourself?"

The Gardevoir let out a sigh, her moth drooping into a frustrated frown. "But... she won't care about us... would she?," Anna asked solemnly. "Besides, she'll be heartbroken to realize her number one fan isn't even human." Skylar wasn't going to push Anna into introducing herself. True, this woman was a fellow performer and probably shared experiences with him, but he really wasn't interested in an all girl band, unless he could get some ideas for his own act.

Rose Quartz July 6th, 2012 6:04 AM

Ayame sighed as she and Dorian almost arrived in Vermilion City. She glanced once again, with her aqua blue eyes, up at her best friend who she had known since her childhood while brushing trough her long, straigh black hair. Hikari, Ayame's Poochyena, travelled together with them sitting on her shoulder. Normally Obilivio would be outside his pokeball too but this time he stayed inside for an unknown reason.

As Dorian and Ayame kept walking on to the City Ayame remembered how he once protected her from this bully, thanks to him she had started to show expressions.


"hey Snowqueen! when will the snow arrive?" a boy said to a little girl around 4 years old, sitting on the playground of the kinderfarten. She ignored him and kept staring at the floor with her cold looking eyes. "stop ignoring me, weirdo!" the boy kicked her leg, the girl flinched as he did this but kept ignoring him. "Hey Ayame-wierdo-IceQueen, he asked you something." another boy walked up to them and smirked down at the 4 years old Ayamee, ofcourse she didn't like this, but she didn't want to pick up a fight with them either.

"Hey! Leave her alone!" before Ayame knew it a boy stood forward her with his arms wide. "Who are you?" the bully asked him. "hahaha! the Snowqueen has a guardian ridder!" the other boy laughed. "Leave her alone!" the boy who stood forward Ayame repeated. "or what? will you smash us with your paper sword?" the bullies laughed, but their laughter was gone quick when the boy started to move and smashed them two times, Ayame watched with widened eyes as this event happened.

The bullies ran away crying, back inside the kindergarten. "are you okay?" The boy asked Ayame who only glanced at him. He reached out to her as he showed her a soft smile. "My name is Dorian, what's yours?" He asked her. "i'm... Ayame..." Ayame answered quietly. "that's a beautiful name!" Dorian grasped her hand and brought her back on her feet. "t-thanks..." Ayame smiled as she was slightly blushing, showing a expression for the first time.

*Flashback end*

Ayame smiled at Dorian as she remembered that day, it was the day they became friends. "(Ayame? are you alright?)" Hikari asked her as she saw how Ayame suddenly started smiling. "yes, don't worry." Ayame answered her Poochyena. Ayame could understand what pokemon said and understand them, it was pretty much a suprise for herself when she found out she could understand her friends.

Ayame always played in the forest with all kinds of Pokemon, even when she became friends with Dorian she kept visiting them, this probely is the reason she can understand them.

Ayame blushed a little as she glanced at Dorian again, just little, not noticeble, she remembered the night of the movie, back when they were still young teenagers.

the night? it went a little like this. Ayame's father wasn't home, so Ayame invited Dorian to watch a movie together with her because she knew he also liked that movie. Nothing was wrong, both had alot of fun... untill both had fallen asleep at the end of the movie, they woke up, holding each other and cuddling. This was the very moment Ayame's feelings were awaken, her feelings for him.

Suddenly a red beam appeared forward both of them coming out Ayame's bag. "we're almost there?" Obilivio had come out to take a look around. "almost." Ayame said.

They were on their way to the S.S Anne, a ship in Vermilion City, Dorian got tickets from a contest and offered one to her.

It didn't take long before they reached the City and reached the harbor. "here it is! S.S Anne." Ayame said.

OmegaPinkMan July 6th, 2012 2:21 PM

Dorian Dammer

After a somewhat long journey, Dorian and his best friend Ayame finally reached Vermillion City, where the S. S. Anne was docked. Dee Dee had won two tickets from a radio contest, and decided that he would go with Ayame. He glanced at her and smiled, in a happy yet awkward way. In although the majestic ship was before him, it was not what was in his mind. He was wondering...if while he was on the ship he would be able to finally tell his bestie how he truly felt about her. The thought of it brought a faint blush to the boy's cheeks.

5 Years Ago...

The sky was gray, and looked like it was about to rain. It was a quite unpleasant Thursday afternoon in Viridian City, where a thirteen-year-old boy with dark hair was inside his house, watching a show on TV. All of a sudden, a newsflash pushed away the show temporarily, and the boy quickly lost interest and turned away from the TV. However, his attention was drawn back to the box after hearing his last name: Dammer. There was an old-looking picture of a man the boy recognised as his father, then the picture was replaced by the picture of a bald, unshaven man with a scar on his right cheek and an eyepatch. The teenager's ears then tuned in to hear the news anchor.

"...known for the murder of car salesman Robert Dammer, thirteen years ago, and shop owner Tom Sloane, not long after..."

After finally processing those words, the boy was disconnected from the world. He felt his heart sink and slowly get dissolved in an ocean of darkness, as he knew that his dream, the one he had for years, the one about finally meeting his father, would never come true. Robert Dammer was a goner, and had been practically since the teenage boy's birth. The boy's mother, in tears, slowly approached him and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Dorian...I-It's know the truth." she said with a shaky voice.

Days passed after that incident. Dorian was in bed, curled up in a ball, with his childhood friend Ayame next to him. Her hand was on his shoulder as the boy cried inconsolably, and she stroked his back. She told him not to be sad, in spite of all of that. That, no matter what, he still had and would always have her. After her words, Dorian uncurled himself and gave Ayame a tight hug.

"Thank you Ayame...Th-thank you for everything." he whimpered, "You're the b-best friend anyone could ever have...I...I love you."

He smiled faintly as he hugged his best friend, thankful for the fact that she was there for him. However, since that day things would change forever, never to go back to the way they used to be. Not only because Dorian would find another goal in life, but because his feelings would also change. His love for Ayame would grow, and he would start to see her in a different way...not just as a friend...

Present day...

Dee Dee's thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Ayame's voice. "Here it is! S.S Anne." she said, and the boy turned to her.

"Yup. Finally." he said, his blush slowly wearing off, "Now let's get on board!"

He gently but awkwardly grabbed her right hand with his left one, and blushed lightly as he did. With his other hand he grabbed the ticket from his pockets and looked at them so as to try to focus on something else.

"So, um, here we go!" he said, and walked with her towards the ship, ready to flash his ticket so that they could get in. His Grovyle, Marc, was standing behind the two of them, looking around frantically ready to attack any human being who could be a threat to him.

Meganium July 6th, 2012 2:26 PM

Caydee Mint - F1 (Cabin), F3 (Deck)

Sunglasses on, hair up in a ponytail, flip-flops on her feet. Caydee and Ninetales closed the cabin door with her key. She places her room key inside her bag, and walks away from it. It was a long path towards the deck. Many of the cabins were open, there were either empty or still had passengers inside.

“There's going to be a ton of people here! More than many of the boat rides I've been to, Ninetales.” She said, walking straight with her head up. She then saw a few Wingulls standing on the railings of the ship, then they all flew away as Caydee passed by. “Anyways, we need to go find the deck, we'd get a much better view of the sea there.”

“Niiiiiiine.” Ninetales responded with a smile.

So, they both walked around, looking for the deck...around and around. Around to the point they realize...they've been walking in circles. Caydee scratched her head, she saw that she ended up at her cabin once again. Passengers went by her cabin, walking by...without saying anything. Caydee noticed that one of the passengers she saw had a map of the ship on hand. Where did she get that? She doesn't remember seeing that inside the gift basket she got earlier. It was probably dropped on the floor without notice.

“I'm...going to ask them where they got the map---no Wait. Ugh!” Caydee said, and left Ninetales by the cabin door. She ran towards the two girl trainers, both twins with light brown hair, and both had blue flower sundresses and sandals. One of the twins do have the map on hand. Caydee, without hesitating, poked at one of the twins on the shoulder. Immediately, she turned around, and so did her twin sister.

“Hmm?” she responded.

“Sorry um...” Caydee paused for a second feeling a bit of anxiety inside of her...heart begins to beat a bit quicker. “Where did you get that map?”

“There's one in every single cabin. You should have one.” The twin holding the map said.

“It's inside the drawer.” The other twin added.

“Oh...well, can you at least point me where the deck is?” Caydee asked again, fixing her sunglasses.

“Gurl, just get the map. You'll find it there...” The other twin blurted out, but the twin holding the map elbowed her on her left side. “Ow!”

The twin holding the map smiled and shows it to Caydee. It was unrolled and flashes it to her. “You're right here in the decks. You'd either have to take the elevator or the stairs to F3, which is the deck. The majority of the passengers are going to be there once the ship sets sail, if I recall correctly.”

“You know, Kara...” The other twin said, “She still could have gotten--” She was interrupted by yet another elbow hit by her twin.

“Ehehe, don't mind my sister. She's rude to strangers.”

Caydee went a bit expressionless after that hit. “No worries. Well, I can just...go get the map back at my cabin. Thank you for the help, by the way. Very much appreciated.”

“We'll be over there anyways, so we'll see ya there!” Kara said, then she holds her snotty twin sister by the arm. “Let's go Tara.” Then they both walk away.

Caydee walks back to the cabin, taking out her key once again...and opening the cabin door for another time. Ninetales was still sitting there, patiently waiting for Caydee to get ready. About two minutes later, Caydee comes back out finally...this time with the map in her hand. “Got the map, we don't have to be lost anymore.”

Ninetales lets out a sigh. “Niiiiiine niiiiine.”

She closes the door once again, leaves the key inside the bag, and starts walking again. The map was unrolled to see the parts of the ship, the same she saw when one of the twins showed her. She became impressed that the ship has its very own battling and trading decks, as well as a food deck. “Oh my god.. all-you-can-eat buffet.” Ninetales's mouth starts to water, as they both find the stairs leading towards the outside deck. Tons and tons of passengers were walking up and down the stairs, leading towards the outside deck. As she walked up the stairs, loud voices, as the volume rises up when going up the stairs, can be heard. Caydee can many trainers are up there.

“Once I'm up there, I won't believe the view I'm going to see.” Caydee said to herself, smiling and taking a deep breath as she climbs up the final step towards the deck.

King! July 9th, 2012 8:49 PM

‘”Come on, Nadia!” her father cheered from the sidelines, although the tone of his voice was far from cheerful. Nadia wiped the sweat from her brow and sighed, trying to think. Her Pokemon was in a tough situation, here… trapped underground, the opponent’s Pokemon looming above, the attack it was charging growing more and more powerful by the second. She glanced sideways at her father, but didn’t read the expression on his face.

“Um…well…” She knew that the longer Lairon stayed underground, the stronger her opponent grew. But she couldn’t see a way to break through the earth up to the Pokemon above. “I…don’t…” Her father shook his head in frustration; Nadia wished to melt into the ground herself.

Finally, it was too late. The Golbat’s attack was fully charged, and in a flash, it released the Hyper Beam, sending a powerful burst of energy down to the ground. It was over. Her father walked out of the room without another word.

Later, Nadia sat in Henry’s room, keeping away from her family for as long as she could. “He was just so…disappointed. I could see it on his face, Henry. He left! Without…without even. I don’t know. I don’t know what to do.” With that, Nadia buried her face in her hands and began to cry.

“Hey, don’t worry, Nellie. You’ll get the hang of it soon, I’m sure. You’ll make them all proud of you! Just wait…”'

2. Knockout

“So, where do we begin?” Nadia asked her partner, after changing into a more formidable party outfit. Rose had cleaned up quite nicely herself, in hopes that there would be as many nice Pokemon as there were trainers. However, there seemed to be something clouding her mind. She was jumpier than usual, and kept glancing over to the corner the bed was in. “What is it?” she chuckled, noticing her Pokemon’s behavior. Rose bounced over to the bed and gestured to the pile of bags, squealing with glee.

“Oh!” Nadia exclaimed, hurrying over to where Rose had begun to bounce up and down. “How could I have forgotten!? Henry’s package!” She reached her hand into the front pocket where she had placed the tiny gift…but found it empty. “Hmmm…” Maybe she’d put it in another pocket?

After the both of them had extensively dug through each in every one of the bags, it was clear that the gift was…gone. “How!? I had it when we arrived…but then…” Suddenly, it dawned on her. And as soon as she reached her realization, a sudden shout from outside startled the two girls.

“GET BACK HERE! THAT ISN’T YOURS!!” the boy shouted, and his quick footsteps could be heard running down the hallway as well. Nadia instantly recognized the voice: it was the guy who had helped her up after she’d fallen in the road on their way to the ship. The guy who, hopefully, and if she was correct, was now in possession of her package from Henry.

Rose had also recognized the voice, and wasn’t surprised when Nadia ran out into the hall to give chase. “WAIT UP!” she cried out, struggling to catch up with the boy, as he was equally determined to catch the person HE was chasing.

The chase continued throughout the halls of the cabin floor, Rose chasing Nadia chasing the boy chasing…whatever HE was after, until finally, the four were stopped by a dead end. Now that she had caught up, Nadia could see that the boy had been chasing ANOTHER boy about their age. He had a sinister air to him, with dark eyes and pointed features, a smirk on his face. And in his hand…was a familiar little box, wrapped neatly with a bow. Nadia’s gift from Henry.

The Ratman’s grin spread even wider when he saw Nadia standing at the end of the hall, Rose beside her. “Oh…is this your little girlfriend you were talking about, Henry?” Nadia was confused at this remark…Henry? How could he have known about Henry all the way back in Lilycove? Unless…

Rose and Nadia exchanged sideways glances, and Nadia could tell the Wigglytuff was just as confused as she was. Could this guy really be named Henry, too?

“Give it back…” Possible-Henry-Number-Two growled, taking another step forward.

“Or what?” Ratman barked, stepping forward as well. “You gonna take it from me, pretty boy? I’d like to see you try.” PHNT snapped – and lunged at Ratface with all the force he had. However, the target had been expecting this, and swiftly withdrew a pokeball, tossing it into the air before being pinned against the wall.

The pokeball landed, and with a burst of light, a serpentine creature was revealed from within. “Sssssevipersssss” it hissed, rearing back and preparing to lunge. The two boys had now taken their brawl to the ground, rolling around and throwing punches, not aware of where they were aiming.

Nadia knew she needed to help out, and fast. But as the gears in her mind started spinning…they began to fog up as well. ‘No, no…I can’t choke this time…I need to…to think. Come on, Nadia, think…’ As if a light had been switched on in her mind, an idea appeared.

“Rosie!” she cried. “Change up the gravity, quick!” It was risky, that was for sure. Although Rose’s Gravity attack had been well polished for its use in performing, it hadn’t ever been used in a situation like THIS before. Nonetheless, the Pokemon obeyed, eyes turning a bright blue color. Abruptly, there was a shift in the hallway: and everything rose up to the ceiling, people, Pokemon, and furniture included.

What happened next was a blur: a mix between an action movie scene and a misty vision. The two boys broke apart, spiraling through the air. Nadia hit the ceiling hard, momentarily losing vision. The Seviper squirmed in the air, turning to face Wigglytuff, who seemed to be the only thing with any control in the room, floating gracefully towards the ceiling like a big balloon.

The Other Henry (whose name Nadia had, in fact, heard correctly), watched as the neatly wrapped box flew through the air, as if it were in slow motion. He struggled to gain composure and reached out for the box, but was stopped by a hand wrapped firmly around his ankle. At the same time, the Seviper dashed as quickly as possible through the anti-gravitized zone towards Rose, who, in shock, lost focus and control of the situation.

Almost as suddenly as it had stopped, gravity was regained in the hallway: sending everything and everyone back down to the ground with a large THUD. Thankfully, the ceiling in this particularly hallway wasn’t that high, and the fall, though alarming, was fairly harmless.

Unfortunately, after landing on her behind, Nadia was hit in the head by another falling piece of furniture. A sharp pain crackled through her head, and she was knocked out cold.


The Other Henry sat beside the hospital bed, staring down at the tiny square in his hands. “So she’ll be okay then, right?” he questioned, not looking up at the nurse.

“Oh yes, she’ll be fine,” Angie Silvers replied, scribbling something down on her clipboard. “Just a few days rest and she’ll be up and running again in no time!” Henry sighed with relief, and glanced over at Nadia, who lay in the bed beside him.

“Good….thanks,” he replied, his gaze now not leaving Nadia. The nurse nodded and left the room, leaving Henry and Rose by themselves.

“Well,” Henry said, placing the box on the table and rising from his seat. “Now…we wait.”

Mana July 10th, 2012 11:11 AM

Part 2: Goodbye Vermilion City

Day 1: Evening
July 10th - July 20th

Sighing, as the last passenger boarded, Carla readied herself to back up the welcoming stands and head back on board. Angie was already piling the extra goody-bags into a spare box.

"Sean is sure taking his time..." The young nurse commented, looking back along the dock towards the city, the Captain had promised he'd be back in time to depart - if he was much later the passengers could get agitated.

"He'll be back," Carla replied, optimistic, "could you just put those boxes out the way? I'm sure you could use the spare potions anyway." Angie nodded, lifting the box and slowly walking it up the gangplank. The ship was bustling with trainers and the busy staff who tended to them were running around, helping to iron out any teething problems. Nurse Silvers span from one side of the corridor to another, manoevering around the crammed space as best she could. A flurry of activity up ahead caught her attention.

"Rosie, change up the gravity, quick!" Cried a girl, so far down the hallway she was barely visible. Suddenly the atmosphere changed, a blue glow followed as the world flipped upside down, with Angie and the other passengers being thrown into the air. The box split open, potions and PokéTreats and other goods spilling out and floating away.

What even?! The young nurse thought, noticing some released Pokémon further down the corridor, "This- this is not the place!" She attempted to yell, only to be drowned out by the panic around her. Luckily, just as she reached for a Pokéball, the gravity was restored and everyone fell back to the floor.

Jumping back up, quickly assessing the trainers around her, she found nobody to be hurt - but a worrying "Wiggly!" cry from further along drew her attention. On the ground, next to the worried Wigglytuff was the girl from before - sporting a nasty knock to the head. A young boy was sat over her, attempting to wake her back up but to no avail.

"Stand clear please, I'm a nurse," Angie announced calmly, releasing her Blissey, Lucky, from her Pokéball. "Looks like we've got a concussion here, Lucky, do what you can." The experienced healer Pokémon set to work, checking the young girl's vitals and bandaging up her head.

"Bliss, bliss, bliss-bliss," she chimed back to Nurse Silvers, who nodded along.

"Would you lend a hand?" Angie asked the young boy, as she released another of her Pokéballs. "Puff acts as a great stretcher if we can just lift her on," the Weezing moped around the injured girl, nudging at her feet. Between them, Angie and Henry managed to lift the girl, who she was informed was called Nadia, on top of the levitating Puff.

"To the Nurse's Office!"

* * *

Looking repeatedly from her silver watch to the distant city, Carla Raines waited for her boss to return. Finally, in the distance she spotted the large frame of the Vermilion Gym-leader and the smaller outline of Captain Rogers.

"The Captain's returning!" She yelled across to one of her subordinates, "Get the ship ready for departure, we'll be off as soon as he's on board." Carla herself also made some last minute preparations, running the last remaining box into a storage cupboard before hastily rushing to the entrance to the S.S. Anne.

"Sir!" She said, as the Captain boarded (leaving Lt. Surge at the dock below) and marched towards his private quarters, Carla followed closely, "The ship is ready to roll-er-depart, whenever you are."

"Yes, Raines, I know," the displeasure in his voice was apparent, even beneath the backdrop of cheering from the surrounding trainers.

Carla struggled to keep up with him, as they approached the Captain's private elevator, "What else do you need me-" the Captain was lost to her, behind the steel doors. She watched him give a sigh of relief just as they closed between them. Something had happened this afternoon, not that the pair usually got on - they were just a lot more civil. Carla began to worried, but was yet again cut off - this time by the overhead speakers.

"The S.S. Anne will now depart, please stay safe and be careful on board. We will be arriving at Fuchsia City at noon tomorrow, I hope you all have a pleasant evening," Captain Roger's voice was dull and solemn, but soon enough the ship juddered to life and the excitement on board rose once again.

Un-clipping her customised speaker from her hip, Carla added to the Captain's brief speech, "All battlebots are now online! Enjoy the ride folks!"

The Rules:
  • Make sure to avoid God-modding or Bunnying.
  • For the sake of argument, this leg of the trip encompasses: Evening, Night, Morning.
  • You may want to acknowledge other player's characters, but you are equally able to create your own NPCs to talk to.
  • You may continue to include flashbacks to flesh out your characters, if you wish.
  • You may battle players or NPCs.
  • You may battle and attempt to capture a Wild Pokémon (see below).
  • You cannot leave the ship.
Wild Pokémon:

On Deck/In Water

Remember to end your post as you throw the Pokéball, and allow me to specify the outcome (and the subsequent details of the Pokémon). These Pokémon may know any normal moves that they would have learnt up to, and including, lv. 30.

Rarity affects the likelyhood of capture. For example, a 'common' Pokémon has a 5/6 chance of capture, whilst a 'very rare' Pokémon has a 2/6 capture rate. Hover over the above sprites to find out their rarity, which increases from left to right.

There are no NPCs looking to trade at the moment.
You may battle Angie Silvers, but do check nobody is in the middle of interacting with her directly. In the case of Nadia she can be assumed to be being looked after by Chansey, etc. whilst Angie is not in the Nurse's office.

If battling a fellow character, please make sure to be considerate and it might be best to write your battle together in PMs. You may also organise double battles with other players, preferably against a made up NPC team.

* * *


Skylar has won a special prize draw! Carla is looking for you out on deck, and would like to reward you with a Premier Ball. This special Pokéball offers a perfect* capture effect and allows you to assign one egg move or TM move to any Pokémon caught by it. You may use this now, or save it for later.
*Perfect capture rate only applies to Non-Legendary Pokémon.

Nadia's Wigglytuff, Rose, gained some needed battle experience - She is now much closer to gaining a level.

jackblaze July 10th, 2012 6:29 PM

Rajay Murdock

"And what now" Rajay enjoyed the sea breezes for as long as he could handle, which was only a couple of minutes before it bored him. As he turned and set his attention on the people boarding the ship and the ones already on board he was soon bored once again, surprise surprise right? He was just fidgety and agitated, like a little boy who just couldn't stay still but was there really anything to do and the ship had just began to move. There wasn't even enough space for Ace, the Arcanine, to run around and show off his wonderfully groomed fur especially with so many people on deck. "What to do? What to do?" Rajay was just stuck their mumbling these words until he spotted the winged beauty flying about just hovering around the ship. Being the showman he was Rajay saw no better opportunity to introduce and make his name known around this ship hopefully for the better. Snatching at a pokeball from his belt Rajay flung the ball containing Hercules, his Heracross, unto what was now his battlefield. Yes Rajay was smart enough to know that a bug/fighting type would have 0 chance against a flying type but that was something his ego had no clue about.

Already some people began to watch and take interest in the Heracross v Pidgeotto battle, exactly what Jay wanted, some attention and all eyes on him. It wasn't all eyes but it was more than enough to make him a happy camper and even Hercules was soaking up all the eyes in his direction, flexing his muscles and striking poses almost ignoring the flying type.

"Alrighty then lets go with a Horn Attack" Rajay finally sent out an order and Hercules finally took notice of the Pidgeotto and went charging forward horn primed and ready to strike. The Pidgeotto was hit and by Rajay's reaction anyone would have believed that he had just knocked out the flying type but it was nothing like that and the bird was already ready to retaliate with a Wing Attack which would have obviously been a knock out hit. If it wasn't for Hercules using endure, Rajay was brash but he was no idiot and neither were his pokemon.

"Oh yea!!!" The gloating just would not stop and Herucles and the Pidgeotto traded some none lethal blows for a while with Rajay watching intently waiting for his "Time to strike" or so he was thinking. The Pidgeotto was no slacker though and every Focus Punch thrown was match with an equally strong Quick Attack or Tackle but not enough to knock out the determined bug. The little crowd was determination enough for Rajay and Hercules wanting to win the fight but even Rajay knew that continued fighting would eventually leave his pokemon tired and vulnerable to an effective attack.

"Ok Lets finish this one for the fans" Hercules looked at his trainer and gave a nod "Use Aerial Ace" A hype move to choose in an attempt to beat a flying type pokemon with a flying type move typical of Rajay to try something like that. Do you really think the Pidgeotto would take the attack just lying down? Well no it had also had its wings glowing bright white heading towards Hercules hoping to finish the fight with a Wing Attack. Hercules and the Pidgeotto were on a crash course for each other and when the impact finally took place it was Hercules who was out on top.

Jay was so engulfed in his victory that he just stared and stared as the Pidgeotto was falling towards the ocean. Thankfully though he snapped out of his almost trance in time to remember to throw one of his pokeballs at it before it crashed into the water. Jay through the pokeball and watched as the red light sucked in the flying type, Jay had to just wait as the pokeball shuck.......All Jay could think about now was how stupid he would look if the Pidgeotto wasn't captured......

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