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Meganium July 7th, 2012 11:23 PM

The P O K E M O N Hunger Games [Revived] (SU + OOC + Rated M)
may the odds be ever in your favour...

A Pokemon-Hunger Games Crossover
Rated M for violence

This is the OOC Thread. IC Thread Here (Link Soon)
All SU's go in the OOC thread

Game Masters: Meganium90 and RyanRoksXD
Roleplay Originally Written By: RyanRoksXD
IC Thread , CSS & Additional Details By: Meganium90

About The [Original] Hunger Games

The Hunger Games  takes place in a nation known as Panem, established on the continent of North America after the destruction of the continent's civilization by an unknown apocalyptic event. The nation consists of a wealthy Capitol and twelve surrounding, poorer districts united under the Capitol's hegemony. District 12, where the book begins, is located in the coal-rich region that was formerly known as Appalachia.

As punishment for a previous rebellion against the Capitol in which a 13th district was destroyed, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district are selected by annual lottery to participate in the Hunger Games, an event in which the participants (or "tributes") must fight in an outdoor arena controlled by the Capitol, until only one individual remains. 

How is it different from this roleplay?

All five regions of the Pokemon world (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova) as well as the Kanto Orange Islands will be used. Each region, as well as the islands will be cut up in half to depict each of the 12 districts, as indicated below.

The "Capitol" will be referred as the Headquarters, explained below.

The Pokemon League arena, located between Districts 1 and 4, will be used for the Pokemon Hunger Games competition, as said being used for 66 years.

Instead of child tributes participating in the Games, Pokemon will be used to participate. They will have their own movesets, levels, as well as items to put in good use. Like the Original Hunger Games, Pokemon can expect to be killed by other Pokemon instead of fainting. Gender does not matter in these games, so anyone regardless may be chosen to compete.

Pokemon pre-selected in this roleplay have type-disadvantages between each other. Example: Fire – Grass, Water – Electric, Dark – Psychic, etc.


70 years ago, the regions were in peace. Humans and Pokemon got along together. Some were used as pets, others used as battles. Even some were used as bodyguards. As one day changed the regions forever, Team Rocket became as stronger as ever, taking away the freedom of all Pokemon, wild or not. War broke out between Team Rocket and the trainers with their Pokemon, trying to fight to death with their strongest Pokemon possible but the group was too strong enough to defeat. As a result of Team Rocket's rebellion to take over the world, five regions, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, the Orange Islands, and even faraway Unova were all struck in Poverty, forcing humans to take refuge somewhere else in the world, rumored that many humans are living in unknown regions like Almia and the Sevii Islands. Team Rocket also took control of all of the Pokemon, forcing the humans to abandon them for their own gain.

Only Pokemon reside in all of the Poverty-Stricken regions. They all have a job. They all have a purpose. They all are fighting for hunger, and they have been for years on out. It is very uncommon for Pokemon to be starved to death. Some Pokemon hunt, either for themselves or for their families. Some Pokemon are orphaned, and were previously trained by a different owner. Some Pokemon are also in favor of Team Rocket, especially in Kanto.

The only humans alive are Team Rocket, whom they completed their goal of taking over the world with Pokemon. The Pokemon who are alive and currently reside in these poor lands are forced to act like humans, and they are forced to obey every single command given.

The Regions

The regions, once being mass and filled with people and Pokemon, are now desolate wastelands in most parts. There are no cities or towns. Pokemon in each district are dressed differently, they eat differently, and have the same job. The regions have now become specialized to cater to what Team Rocket needs.


Headquarters (The Capitol) – The Rocket Headquarters are located north of District 1 and 2 in Kanto. This is where most of the Rocket Grunts, Executives, and even the masters are resided and where they work. You may see a few grunts in many of the districts, but the majority are at HQ. The majority of the Pokemon trained by the Grunts were previous winners of The Pokemon Hunger Games.

Kanto (Districts 1 and 2) - Kanto is used for power. The majority of the tributes in these districts have won the Pokemon Hunger Games. District 1 is richer than District 2, but they both do not have severe levels of poverty. Both districts support Team Rocket as they have some respect due to the majority of the winnings. Team Rocket normally recruits citizens of Districts 1 and 2 to become guards. Not only they protect each District's borders, but they also act as strict police-Pokemon to enforce the strict law.

Johto (Districts 3 and 4) - Johto is used for Textiles. Working Pokemon in these districts are responsible for sewing and constructing Team Rocket uniforms, and send them to Headquarters. Both districts have no living things whatsoever, and water and electricity are scarce. So it was urged to use a small amount of both utilities every week. As Johto is a region that creates clothing, the Pokemon of these two districts are well-clothed.

Hoenn (Districts 5 and 6) - Hoenn is used for masonry and agriculture. The houses there were constructed in blocks instead of wood, adobe and/or hay. Though on the edges of the ocean, you'll find some citizens in palm tree houses.. mostly in District 6 where the majority of the area is the watershore. Sometimes, the mason workers have to rely a ton on Sinnoh for mining help, or else the houses constructed in masonry wouldn't last in severe weather. Growing crops is major in District 5. You can expect beach shoreline to be used as farmland to grow produce and wheat. All crops grown in this area are ships to the other districts, including the Headquarters.

Sinnoh (Districts 7 and 8) - Sinnoh is used for mining and construction. Miners work with Hoenn for construction of homes as well as any construction needed by Team Rocket, such as new buildings and fences. Weather in Sinnoh is very brutal, especially in the wintertime. Most of District 8 can face these conditions seven months a year, in which heat is lack thereof. Both districts in Sinnoh have the same levels of poverty, and is considered the region with less victors of The Pokemon Hunger Games. Each year, the citizens expect their two tributes to die in the first uprising.

Unova (Districts 9 and 10) - Unova is used for Technology. The majority of the technology built for Team Rocket headquarters were manufactured in this region. Many of the citizens here are technologically advanced, and you can expect many homes with the latest gadgets, such as laptops, televisions, cellphones, and many more. Ferrothorn and Klang, the two Tributes from the 44th Annual Hunger Games won by teamwork.

Orange Islands (Districts 11 and 12) Used for sea and fishing. Due to this region having scattered islands, the two districts are divided by an underwater fence in which is heavily guarded by specially trained Chinchou and Lanturn. Both districts mainly focus on fishing and boating, as well as shipment of goods to other districts such as textiles, crops and their specialty, fish and seafood, shipped by many Lapras, Gyarados, and Milotic. 11 and 12 are considered very, very poor, but they do have had a few victors in the Hunger Games, including a winner hailing from District 11 this past year.

How did they began? How do they work?

Right after the rebellion between trainers and Team Rocket ended, clearing the area from trainers and humans, Rocket Executives went ahead and divided up the regions into districts. As killing and torturing Pokemon wasn't enough to keep them away from their Human trainers, Giovanni, the previous master of Team Rocket, created a new competition to determine who is the strongest Pokemon to survive: The Pokemon Hunger Games.

The competition began 67 years ago with the Games taking place at what used to be the Pokemon League Arena. District 4's tribute, a Feraligatr, won the first Pokemon Hunger Games. The winner of the Pokemon Hunger Games receives free food supply for one complete year, as well as improvement of the District. The winning Tribute also has access to Rocket Headquarters, as well a choice to become a grunt's Pokemon. As the years went by, Kanto, both Districts 1 and 2, have the most winning tributes in all of the world, while Sinnoh, both Districts 7 and 8, have the least winning. During the 44th Pokemon Hunger Games, the pair from District 9 & 10 (Unova), a Ferrothorn and a Klang won the Games due to a tie, and the ability to beat every Pokemon from different districts.

Last year, at the 66th annual Pokemon Hunger Games was won by District 11, Venusaur.

1 Pokemon Tribute from each region, of each typing, are chosen from their region to go compete. Each typing must be of a disadvantage. Which means, the competition must not have two of the same type unless the type is a secondary type (example: Water & Ground/Water is fine). This makes the competition simpler to determine which Pokemon is the strongest of them all.

The Tributes train for 1 week with their chosen Pokemon using combat, competitive skills, and tactical skills. They are also paraded through the Capitol, evaluated, interviewed, and then compete. This competition sounds simple enough, but it isn't in the slightest. During the games, you will be given items for you to survive. This includes Potions, Super Potions, Berries, Medicinal Herbs, and even evasion items such as Spell Tag, Smoke Balls, and bags of spore.

You as a Tribute to the Games

You are a Pokemon selected by the Headquarters to participate in the 67th Annual Pokemon Hunger Games. You and your family (if you have one), stay close together because you'd be leaving and they may not see you again. You will notice many families crying, you may even find yourself crying, because the reaping is “like a death sentence”.

For the Pokemon you chose, you decide your personality, history, as well as state of poverty. You can be rich, poor, hungry. You can be a hunter, a worker of the Black Market, maybe you can be an orphan and you raise yourself in the poor regions. You think, speak, and act like a human...but physically, you are a Pokemon. The main thing in common: you are ALL tributes to the 67th Annual Pokemon Hunger Games. What would you feel about the Games? What are your plans to defeat all 11 tributes? What would you do to make it to the final round? The most important question: What would you do to survive?

The main objective? Kill everyone until you are the last one standing. If you team up with your fellow district partner of the same region (example: District 3 partnered with District 4), you might have a chance of surviving the games together, and ending up having a tie. You have the option to be a bigger person in the games and stand up for what you think is right. As Team Rocket has their own faults, you can either plot to take them down, or do nothing at all, but be careful though... they are stronger than ever, and nothing can ever stop them.

The possibilities are endless. The consequences, eternal.

Basic Roleplay Rules

1. Megan (Meganium90) and Ryan (RyanRoksXD) are the Game Masters of this roleplay. We both have full control of the roleplay, and our words and commands are final. If you have a problem with the roleplay or with another roleplayer, feel free to post at the OOC thread or VM/PM.

2. No God-Modding, we're sure everyone knows this...right?

3. Bunnying is only permitted if you obtained permission by the roleplayer for certain reasons. Otherwise, it is not allowed.

4. This is a chaptered roleplay, and at times...depending on the activity of the players, can go quicker than anticipated. We may not move forward until all players have submitted their posts.

5. In addition to the previous rule, your activity in this roleplay is strongly encouraged. If you go inactive after after a week, you will be dropped...and your Pokemon/Character may be considered dead (depending on the setting and chapter, you may also be replaced).

6. The Roleplay Corner rules, as well as the Global PokeCommunity rules apply in this roleplay. If your posts are caught breaking any rules (off-topic posting, one-line posts, intentional double posting, etc) they will be referred to Skymin.

7. As this roleplay is rated M, please don't write your murders or romances as if you are playing in an R-Rated Film. Keep them as forum-appropriate as possible (don't go too far!)

Things to know!

1. All Pokemon offered in this roleplay are as-is. This means they do not level up, learn any moves (unless when given a TM while out on the field) or evolve.

2. This is like a Nuzlocke Challenge. If your Pokemon faints, it dies. Simple.

3. Megan or Ryan will reward items (potions, super potions, boost items, etc) either for outstanding posts, surviving a brutal fight against another tribute, or sometimes out of random. The more items you obtain, the more chances you may survive this roleplay.

4. DECISION OF DEATH - Megan and/or Ryan will make the decisions of death for each tribute. This will depend on your activity, posts, and how you attempt to kill the tribute. Decisions will be notified at the OOC thread.

5. Always use your surroundings. You'll never know what will come next. Use moves in the most creative way possible. If your Pokemon/Character is hurt and you have no items, look around your setting and see what you can do to heal them. You may get rewarded with special items if you be creative.


Here are the Pokemon pre-selected by each district. All Pokemon have more than one type disadvantage, and you must choose this Pokemon before you head off to Headquarters to train and Participate in the games. All Pokemon are Level 50, and some Pokemon have one egg move.

District 1
Type: Electric
Level: 50
Ability: Static
Moveset: Double Team, Electro Ball, Discharge, Mega Kick

District 2
Type: Bug/Flying
Level: 50
Ability: Swarm
Moveset: Swords Dance, X-Scissor, Fury Cutter, Wing Attack

District 3
Type: Grass
Level: 50
Ability: Overgrow
Moveset: Leaf Storm, Magical Leaf, Body Slam, PoisonPowder

District 4
Type: Dark
Level: 50
Ability: Synchronize
Moveset: Last Resort, Faint Attack, Pursuit, Sand-Attack

District 5
Type: Normal
Level: 50
Ability: Toxic Boost
Moveset: Crush Claw, Slash, Detect, Double Kick

District 6
Type: Poison
Level: 50
Ability: Infiltrator
Moveset: Night Slash, Poison Fang, Glare, Poison Tail

District 7
Type: Water
Level: 50
Ability: Swift Swim
Moveset: Aqua Tail, Aqua Jet, Swift, Agility

District 8
Type: Ice
Level: 50
Ability: Ice Body
Moveset: Hail, Ice Fang, Ice Beam, Sand Attack

District 9
Type: Psychic
Level: 50
Ability: Shadow Tag
Moveset: Future Sight, Psychic, Confusion, Embargo

District 10
Type: Fighting
Level: 50
Ability: Inner Focus
Moveset: Drain Punch, Force Palm, Wide Guard, Jump Kick

District 11
Type: Dragon
Level: 50
Ability: Shed Skin
Moveset: Twister, Dragon Rush, Safeguard, Thunder Wave

District 12
Type: Fire/Fighting
Level: 50
Ability: Blaze
Moveset: Mach Punch, Fire Spin, Flame Wheel, Calm Mind

Sign Up Sheet


Gender: (Any gender you desire, doesn't matter if the games has "more girls than guys" or vice versa!)
Region: (As cities do not exist in this time, you must put the region you chose (Kanto, Johto, etc)
Pokemon/District: (as you choose the Pokemon, keep in mind that you are "from" the District provided)
Appearance: (Please provide BOTH a picture of the Pokemon, as well as one large paragraph (~13-15 sentences) of what your character looks like)
Personality: (2 Paragraphs)
History (Where did your character grew up? How does he/she adjust to live through the tough conditions in the region he/she lives in? You can also add any family members/friends related to your Pokemon who participated in the Pokemon Hunger Games, whether alive or deceased. 2 paragraphs)
Roleplay Sample (Provide a sample from a previous RP to determine your style of writing. If you are a new member or new to roleplaying, Provide a 2 Paragraph sample of your character's life in the region you chose.)[/font]

Accepted Roleplayers

NO reservations, please. First come, first served.
District 1 (Raichu) - Mystical Mermaid as "Richter Surge"
District 2 (Scyther) - Jacinth as "Naganelle 'Regret' Feist"
District 3 (Meganium) - Meganium90 as "Kacie Schroeder"
District 4 (Umbreon) - Curious. as "Kurami"
District 5 (Zangoose) - silverexorcist as "Gilles"
District 6 (Seviper) - 1ninjadude1701 as "Seth"
District 7 (Floatzel) - krazzikk as "Roger"
District 8 (Glaceon) - Starsprite as "Isis"
District 9 (Gothitelle) -
District 10 (Mienshao) - CrumbledCandyWrapper as "Zhengzhou Luanda"
District 11 (Dragonair) -
District 12 (Infernape) - TurkishDelight as "Alexis Gilardino"

Krazzikk July 10th, 2012 6:16 PM

This is my first RP on PC and my second anywhere =P so please give me feed back I WOULD REALLY LOVE TIPS because I am kinda sorta not really semi struggling with this, and i'm nervous that I will not do good and embarrass my self. So all support and help is gladly welcome.

Name: Roger
Gender: Male
Region: Sinnoh
Pokemon/District: Floatzel from 7
Appearance: Roger is mid sized at 6'04" and is fit from all his swimming. He has two pointed blue fins on its arms and two tails. Roger has a inflatable boat around his neck. It gives the impression of a swimmer with a towel draped around its shoulders. If Roger laid on its back, the boat round its neck could also be interpreted as a sort of inflatable dinghy using its tails as a propeller and its fins as oars. The small fins under his arms are used to glide through water smoothly and quick. Its forelimbs and tails are tipped with cream coloration, and there is a teardrop-shaped orange pattern voided in Floatzel’s cream lower belly. Roger also has a circular cream spot in the center of its head, cream-colored eyelids and a pattern of two black triangles on the edges of its cream muzzle. He is
Personality: Roger has a good sense of humor and tries to stay positive. He tries to follow in the footsteps of his little brother and be bright and positive to keep his father happy. He has picked up things from his mother and helps pokemon who are in need, and heals their wounds. He occasionally swims around the local rivers and makes sure people don't drown. If in the case of someone drowning he uses his flotation sac to save them. Even in spite of her mother being persecuted for helping pokemon that are being tortured by Team Rocket, he helps all in need. He is semi-timid most of the time but he has quite a temper. Even though he tries to keep his attitude up, he only holds in his anger and lets it build up inside of him and has a sometimes has a burst of anger at anyone who angers him in the slightest bit. To calm himself he goes to the river for a swim, and catches some fish. Swimming and hunting fish are the only joys he has in his life, except for his friend, and his brother.
History: I was raised in the Northern part of Sinnoh with my father, Empoleon, my little brother, Buizel, and my mother who was killed by Team Rocket for taking in "Criminals" before I was born, and my friend, Eve who was a Glacieon that died in the hunger games from a sandstorm in the Hunger Games, I resent Team Rocket for these reasons! My brother is a light hearted happy Buizel never with a frown. He is always getting into trouble and I have to keep him under control. Over the years we have survived off of Goldeens that me and my brother caught together daily. We also have loved Goldeens actually, but it is a crime in our district, so we have to be discrete about it. None of team rocket's grunts have ever come to stop us, but in the case of that happening we would have to try to swim away because if was caught poaching they would kill me without a doubt, and my dad is in no condition to be working in construction and catch fish all himself. Our family always was poor, and we barely get enough for a measly little shellos at the black market.
Sample: Roger let out a sigh as he stretched out from a good nights rest in the ice cave. He wrapped a blanket around him and walked out to the mouth of the cave and watched as the sun rose. Out of no where Buizel came running over to give me a hug, the way he does every morning. "Hey! I didn't know you were up," I said surprised. to see him so early. "How did you sleep?"
"Good, are you going to go catch some Goldeen or something soon?"
"Later," I replied. I can't stop thinking about my mother, Eve, what Team Rocket has done to so many people. Reaping day is nearing and I feel angry and nervous, a combination of emotions that isn't very pretty. I try to calm myself by going to the river to get some breakfast. I catch 2 Shellos, a Goldeen, and a Frillish. The water is icy cold today, so i'm not surprised I couldn't find many fish around. Can't stay in this water too long or i'll get frostbite. Wish I was like Dad, then I could stay in for as long as I wanted. I start thinking about reaping day again as I walk back to the cave. I haven't been picked throughout the last 5 years, the chances are that i'll be picked this year. I can't think about that! I have to focus on taking care of Dad, and Buizel. I push the negative thoughts out of my head and continue home.

2 weeks later...

I sleep in extra late this morning, not wanting to go to the reaping. I lie in the cave, dreading having to go the reaping, almost knowing I will get picked. Eventually Buizel comes and pulls me up. "Come on Roger! We have to go to the reaping today," Buizel says. He is even enthused when it comes to the Hunger Games, oh brother.
"Yes son, I know you don't want to go but it is the law," my dad says in the deep authoritativeness voice that he tends to have.
"Ok, ok, i'm going," I reply
When we arrive at Vellstone City, we take our seats and wait for the reaping to begin. I think of Eve. Killed in a sandstorm put there by the game makers. I think of the way she taught me to slide down the snow. We used to have races to see who could get down the fastest. My thoughts are interrupted by the voice of Giovanni the creator of the Hunger Games. "Welcome to the 67th Hunger Games!" Giovanni exclaims. It is silent. The crowd isn't rowdy or cheering. It's just silent, because no one is excited. Some are afraid, some nervous, and like me, infuriated! He begins reading the list of past victors from our district. "Charizard, Kyorgre, and Tyranitar! Congratulations to all 3 of you!" Yes, in 67 years, we have only 3 victors, to us the Hunger Games is basically a death sentence! The Pokemon take their seats on the stage and take a few seconds to settle in. "Now it is time for me to pick the names of the tributes who will be representing District 7!" I roll my eyes annoyed at Giovanni's excitement. "The lucky girl to represent District 7 in the hunger games is... Isis, the Glaceon!"
"Yeah she sure is lucky!" I say sarcastically under my breath. I have never meet Isis before yet I feel a pain in my heart because she looks so much like Eve thats it almost unreal! She trots down to the podium, once getting there, whipping back her left ear out of her face.
"Now for the boy tribute to be sacr-" Giovanni, cut himself off. "I mean to represent district 7!'
"Smooth..." Roger says under his breath. Giovanni reaches around a while inside the crystal ball that holds thousands of slips of paper 50 of them with my name on them, the odds are not in my favor.
"Roger, the Floatzel!

My heart beats faster and faster. I stumble to the stage holding back tears...i'm dead.

Mystical Mermaid July 10th, 2012 10:25 PM

I hope this will do. :) This is a bit of a different direction from how my characters usually are, but I had a ton of fun creating him. xD The above-average physical and mental capabilities are meant to justify Richter's knowledge of the move he wouldn't normally learn.

Name: Richter Surge, a.k.a Experiment 632-9-B (FAILURE)
Gender: Male
Region: Kanto
Pokemon/District: Raichu from Region 1

Richter stands at a towering (for his species) three feet, two inches, a result of the genetic experiments performed on him. Also in deviation from the apperance of a normal Raichu, his eyes are blue, though this is natural. Otherwise, Richter's coloration his normal, though his pelt conceals several scars from his troubled past. This raichu's fur is overgrown and scruffy in some places, as he cares little for his appearance. His chest and limbs contain more muscle than usual for his species, but he is still far from being on par with a Fighting type. Richter does not normally wear clothes, save for a crimson scarf around his neck. This scarf is occasionally placed over his mouth and nose to conceal his identity, and is also a Surge family heirloom. It was given to him by a Rocket executive as a 'peace offering.' Richter only wears it so that he can feign loyalty while accomplishing his own goals.
Personality: Richter is a Pokemon of few words, not wanting much to do with anyone weak. He harbors an extreme hatred for Team Rocket due to the experiments they performed on him, but has little tolerance for humans in general, be they with the syndicate or not. To Pokemon, he is more willing to listen, but is still very much all business, and shows little signs of actual emotion. Though outwardly cold and aloof, Richter dreams of an age when Team Rocket is just a memory, not just for himself but all of Pokemonkind.

With the intelligence of a supercomputer, Richter is calculating, and can solve complex puzzles with ease. Despite this, he is severely lacking in social skills, and has no desire to become "friends" with anyone, unless they can assist him with his goal of toppling Team Rocket. Though alwys acting harsh, Richter does possess a softer side despite rarely showing it. When someone important to him is in danger, he will do anything in his power to protect them.
History Richter descends from a long, proud line of Pikachu and Raichu. In a bygone age, his great grandfather was in the ownership of a famed Gym Leader from Kanto, and to this day they still carry his name: Surge. Richter was born into one of the wealthiest families in Kanto's District One, though that's really not saying much. Since Team Rocket's takeover, the Surge family has held a reputation of disloyalty to their oppresive rulers, and because of this are often at odds with other Pokemon in a distritct largely supportive of the syndicate. Richter was taken from his family by Team Rocket when he was but a little Pichu, as punishment for his father's attempt to steal secret documents from their headquarters.

Spending his childhood in a steel cage, Richter evolved into his next stage from a desire for power rather than bonding with someone. As he grew, the Rockets performed various experiments on him, including injecting him with the DNA of humans and other Pokemon. This caused certain mutations in Richter, the most noticable result being his large size. His brain also developed exponentially, and he became far more intelligent than any human, though still below that of Psychic-type Pokemon.

As a teenager, Richter was forcibly evolved again with a Thunderstone, and as his mind developed, he became harder for the Rocket scientists to control. After completely destroying a laboratory in a fit of rage, he was determined a failure and was to be disposed of. A Rocket executive took notice in the Raichu's abilities, however, and became quite interested. It was then determined that Richter was to take part in the upcoming Hunger Games, and should he suceed he would be allowed to return to his family. Though he had no trust for the executive, Richter agreed, knowing he could use this opportunity for his own end. He could care less for the other Tributes, and planned to use them as a distraction while he trained even more in secret. If he could convince any other competitors to work with him, he would allow it, but he was just as willing to work alone to exact his revenge on Team Rocket and free all Pokemon from their grasp. If nothing else, he desires to use the Hunger Games as a means to get close to Team Rocket's high-ranking officers.
Roleplay Sample Not even two hours old. =P

Meganium July 11th, 2012 10:54 AM

I'll be doing my own SU in a bit. But for now...

I'll accept Krazzik once he gets his RP sample up. Mystical Mermaid is now officially accepted as the first tribute to the Pokemon Hunger Games as Raichu!

Starsprite July 11th, 2012 12:50 PM

Okay, so do tell me if you'd like me to change anything or everything. I really hope this is up to par. x3

Name: Isis
Gender: Female
Region: Northern Sinnoh
Pokemon/District: Glaceon from District 8

Isis has long legs and a muscular build (from hunting), accompanied by an aura of pensiveness. She often has a neutral expression, her eyes giving away very little about her inner dwellings. At other times she appears kind, a caring expression gracing her features, making her appear very approachable.

On the outside she has light blue fur that glimmers with frost. She has slight scars all over her body, though none very prominent. She has a very fluid and graceful way of walking, light on her feet. She tries to carry herself with that amount of grace, believing it to show off skill, with perfectly timed jumps and smooth swings of her paws.

Personality: Calm and composed, you'd be hard pressed to find a moment when Isis has lashed out or started to panic. From her years of hunting alone, she had become very quiet, rarely makind small talk, or any kind of conversation. She had a particular liking for children, however, a motherly instinct passed down from her mother, and she feels the need to protect those weaker than her.

Isis is intelligent enough, keeping her moth closed, even if she had a strong opinion. Although she has become resigned to the rules of society under Team Rocket, she has a particular loathing for it. She isn't actively rebellious though, more inclined to make sly comments about her opinions, rather that to speak them.

She is generous and well, giving to those in need, despite being poor as she is. That said, Isis is bitter and cold to those who hurt or take care of others. She has very strong morals.

History: Isis was born in the northernmost part of District 8, on one of those rare days when the snow clouds didn't block out the sun. To her mother, a poor, impoverished Glaceon it was like a beacon of hope. The birth of her daughter was the only thing that brought her joy in such a terrible state of life, and in all of the world Isis was the one thing most dear to her.

Though it was a miserable existence, Isis's mother tried her hardest to bring her child comfort, and the priceless chance at an actual childhood. She sacrificed what little she had, becoming a hunter, selling to the black market., a practice not tolerated in her district. Yet it was utter bliss, the relationship between mother and child, as if nothing was wrong in the world. But to them, the world was cruel, and though they spent many years together they were quickly torn apart. Isis's mother went out to hunt one morning and never returned.

Isis waited patiently for many days, living on the small stash of food they had stored. She was naive, still believing with every passing day that her mother was coming back as she always had. Instinct was the only thing that kept her alive, the need for food and clean water. She had to become strong and fight for herself, because nobody was willing to take in another mouth to feed.

She didn't understand it at the time, the laughs and jeers from the people of the black market, when she barged into the place where they held their dealings, insisting to take over for her mother. She did exactly as she said though, starting as a clumsy hunter, on a good day bringing back small, messy kills, and on a bad day coming back with nothing but an empty stomach.

Within a few years Isis's innocence was gone completely. Though she was still so young, she had evolved into a Glaceon, and the majority of her days were spent on hunting. She found a small purpose in her life, though.

She had gone out to hunt, the usual motion of her day, and on her way back found a dead Mamoswine with her two baby Swinub, so young they couldn't yet speak, poking and prodding at her, trying to wake her up. Isis, overwhelmed with sympathy, forgot all about delivering the day's kill and curled around them, keeping them warm for the rest of the night, and coming back each day to feed them.

She soon became known to share her kill with orphan Pokemon, and those truly impoverished. It meant much more work for her, but she couldn't imagine leaving a single Pokemon to starve. Many cruel Pokemon took advantage of that, putting on a show to get food, but Isis continued anyways, against her better judgment.

She was like a mother to the people of the northern District 8, even though she was still a young teenager.

That was why it was such a surprise that she was called forth for the Hunger Games. History had repeated itself, tearing her away from those she loved. Then and there her fate was decided. District 8 never one, and even a seasoned hunter would be no different. But Isis made a resolve, to come back as her own mother never could.

Roleplay Sample: I hope this'll do. xP

silverexorcist July 11th, 2012 2:48 PM

Name: Gilles

Gender: Male

Region: Central Hoenn, on east side of dividing line

Pokémon/district: Zangoose from District 6

Appearance: Gilles has a fierce appearance with his wicked sharp claws and scars that line over his entire body beneath his fur. As such, several patches of fur on his body are missing and expose his bare skin, which is covered in scars. Beneath his fur and scars, powerful muscles are hidden that were the result of his tree climbing and hunting. Gilles has bloodshot eyes from the hours he’s spent awake. Gilles' claws are slightly shorter than the average Zangoose, but are thicker and tougher as well, allowing him to crush even the hardest of skulls and rocks with his devastating crush claw attack. Gilles has keen senses, utilizing his sharp nose to catch hints of the faintest smells and even use his ears to catch the highest frequencies of sounds. Every hair follicle on Gilles' body that hasn't been ripped out from an attack stands on end when he's nervous and feels the air, acting as one large feeler that allows him to feel and evade attacks before they manage to harm him with a near perfect detect technique. As a hunter and prey, Gilles' body is built perfectly.

Personality: Gilles is a bluntly straightforward Pokémon who refuses to mince words and always states his opinion clearly. When asked questions, he doesn’t hesitate to answer, nor does he hesitate to call others on their lies. Gilles tends to do the latter mentioned quite often, as he has grown paranoid through his life span. He has stayed up for whole days before in order to keep a watch on his surroundings and he has an excellent grasp over personalities, able to judge movements, words, expressions, and actions accurately enough before deciding whether to be wary of pokemon/person or not. Despite his paranoia, Gilles doesn’t typically act hostile to others, preferring to remain silent and observe carefully with the expanded senses he’s honed throughout his life in District 6. Those who knew him and still live say that he ‘is liable insane, but not always in a bad way’. If Gilles had to explain it, he’s say that he got so tired of being afraid, he abandoned sanity along with his dying parents. While outside of battle, he may be quite and brooding, he uses shameless tactics during combat and is impossible to provoke, accepting the titles of 'coward' and other incriminating terms with an amused grin.

History: Gilles was born in the trees of district seven, in the area that had once been the route just east of the area formally known as “Mauville City”. He was raised by his parents just long enough to know how to hunt properly before he witnessed their deaths at the hands a former ally whom they had worked with throughout the years. Rather than trying to fight back, Gilles simply turned his back and ran for days, using all his hunting skill to make sure he did not become the prey. Gilles never returned to seek revenge or even bother to remember the killer’s name or face. He never wanted to see a traitor again for as long as he lived. In the years following, Gilles developed his warped perspective where he was suspicious of everyone and yet was friendly with them all the same. He never hesitated to end the life of others when they began to act suspiciously without explanation, while at the same time he never tolerated it when he sawo thers being mistreated by whom they would call ‘friends’, taking the lives of the offenders as well. Some began to call him some sort of ‘avenger’. Others called him ‘insane’. He didn’t care what he was called, so long as he was alive. Ironically, he believes that he is helping those he kills by sending them to a ‘place better than here’.

Roleplay sample:

Ugly. Old. Lost. Useless. Funny.

The sound of berries hitting the side of a tree echoed through the forest as Gilles tossed one after another after examining it carefully in his claws. He picked up a Sitrus berry, snorted, and tossed it into the growing pile. That one had been lackluster.

“Come out, Uriel, I know you’re there.”

The Swellow landed on a tree bough high above Gilles with a coy smile as he watched the Zangoose continue to examine and throw berries. “Hey, Gilles, buddy, how’s it going?”

“Cut the bull and tell me what you want.” Gilles said with an inflectionless tone. Uriel sighed.

“Come on now, Gilles, don’t be so cold. You’re representing us in this year’s Games, aren’t you? I just wanted to make sure you weren’t nervous, or nothing.”

“Why would I be nervous?” Gilles asked suspiciously. “They haven’t even begun yet. And even when they do, how could I be the least bit scared? I already know what’s going to happen. It’s been the same for the past sixty-six years.”

“Oh? You’re not afraid? That’s a shocker.”

“Kill or be killed…that’s the life I’ve been living for all these years.”

“That’s whyI’m confident you’re gonna win, bud. No one know how to survive like you do!”

“Don’t be ridiculous…” Gilles snapped. “Survive? Taking the lives of eleven others who you would not otherwise even meet is called surviving?You know, as well as I, that what happens during the Games is nothing but murder for the sake of pleasure.”

“But you’ll still win, right?"

Gilles shifted to glare up at Uriel and the bird Pokémon yelped in surprise, looking completely flustered.

“Alright, alright!” Uriel sighed. “I’m going. Good luck, man!”

Gilles continued to toss the berries as Uriel flapped off into the cover of trees. This one was too empty. This one was too perfect.

“Ridiculous.”Gilles muttered once again as he observed the Pecha berry in his claw now. This one was too flawed. “Win? You can only do that when everyone else loses. In these games, there are exactly twelve of us, each and every time.”

[For another reference, click here]

CrumbledCandyWrapper July 11th, 2012 4:42 PM

(District 10 Sacrifice) Zhengzhou Luanda the Meinshao -Sign-Up
Name: Zhengzhou Luanda

Gender: Female

Region: In the snowy mountaintops of District 10

Pokemon: Mienshao

District: 10th


Zhengzhou stands at about 5'11", nearly towering over other Mienshao of her kind. Through processes unknown, her body slowly began to adapt and became much more dexterous and nimble. Her chest, having caved in and structurized itself further up her torso, now breaths short and rapid, but smooth. This new apparatus enables her to make extremely long strides and attack for hours without breaks. The loose skin and fur that form the whips on her arms have grown long and sleek, allowing for further reach and dead-on effectiveness in-battle.

As for her legs, she has trained herself to stand upright and posterous, unlike the sloppy weasel-like stance found in the weaker, lesser versions of Mienshao kind. Her knees and calves, while small and brittle in appearance, can deliver powerful and destructive blows. The power concentrated from her core and focused into the joints of her legs grant her the strength to separate chunks of earth from ground, and break apart rock from boulders as well.

Personality: Zhengzhou is blunt and short, speaking only when spoken to, and keeping conversation as little as she can manage when she does. When she's not speaking, her mind always looks at peace. Thinking, scheming. There is no surefire way of determining just what really is going on in the mind of the elusive Fighting-Type Pokemon.

She is exceptionally cunning, using her nimble movements and disciplined eyes to decipher opponents and their motions, all without batting an eyelash to blink in between. Using her inner sense of focus, she meditates to recollect and assess any inner conflicts she may be facing. This form of being tends to relieve her of much built-up angst and anxiety, what little she may feel of it, that is.

While always ever so calm, this does not betray her ability to keep a close guard at all times, and to always watch out for her surroundings. However, while she does try her hardest to maintain her composure and mannerisms whilst in unknown territory, her distant sense of direction almost always seems to fail her. She can never cease to feel like the "odd woman out" when things begin to change and she's not used to any new happenings. That physical flaw on her part is what prompted Zhengzhou to find solice in training alone atop the chilled hilltops of Twist Mountain.

History: Zhengzhou's learned to accept it. The Hunger Games, the loss of love and respect she used to have from a loving Trainer ... all of it, she's come to accept. None of which came easily; it almost took her nearly 5 long years to have finally meditated enough to suppress her pains and forgive any and all responsible for her Trainer's death.

While under the care of another human, Zhengzhou was treated fairly. She was allowed her peaceful hours alone with her meditation, she'd been granted her regiment of training that could only have been regulated under the watchful eyes of someone who would only want to look out for her.

It didn't take long for Giovanni to spread his cold dictatorial influence across the world. Reaching out so far that not even the organizations filled into their own regions were powerful enough to stop their facade. It'd been too late to stop them ... once they came to Unova. Zhengzhou regretfully cannot remember the name of her late Trainer, which she'd already established long ago was only for the best; she had suppressed it all.

No longer could she remember the demeanor her Trainer may have used, their face, voice, eye color. Not even so much as a breath of Zhengzhou's master came through the psychological barriers she'd built around them. The pain of remembering such a time would only make her weaker, more vulnerable. That's something she couldn't stand for.

If it's one thing Zhengzhou would remember, it was that she would get her chance to fight. Do what her Trainer never got the chance to finish. She at least knew that the dying wish of someone who had fought so hard to protect something so special to them couldn't be to see it all go in vain. She didn't even need to hear their voice to know that.

When word reached her eyes of the next Pokemon Hunger Games, during one of her routine reconnaissance runs, she readily jumped up in representation of her district. People gave her confused and all the more frightened glares. Was she crazy? Had a death wish? Was someone she knew in the Games this year?

No. Her reason was her own, she didn't need the recognition of the lowly Pignite that bawled her thanks for taking her place. Why would you thank her? She merely prolonged the inevitable. Sure, she saved you this year. But what happens to you in the next when word gets back that you were the original sacrifice? Would they just let that all go and find a replacement? Not very likely.

Despite that, Zhengzhou trained and practiced day and night for the event, even going as far as two fuse sleep with meditation, as to make proper use of every waking moment to its entirety.

She knew she was ready to go in, and her opponents needed to watch out.

Roleplay Sample:
From 'Hyrus':

It was late afternoon one Sunday morning. Ladamer has been awake for what seemed like days now, yet it had only been six or seven hours to count. Whatever it was about today that made everything appear to move so slowly, he didn't like it. Probably a means of sorcery, no doubt. the young elf thought to himself, the words stooling around in his head as he tried to place happenings with fact. Still, despite all that'd been happening so far today, or the lack thereof rather, Ladamer found himself stuck alone in the study of Raelan Palace. There he sat, just himself a candlelight and an old Bredonian encyclopedia. Why he'd ever bothered to grab such a horrid and distasteful piece of literature, he'll never hope to reason. Still, with nothing better to do, why not have a little history lesson all to himself? Ladamer knew all to well why he'd chosen this book, however. And from the way the pages so effortlessly flew open towards the back of the hardcover, so did the book itself. Staring back at him, in tints of yellow paper and worn black ink, was his great-grandfather. Leviase Traener Vanhaussen. Militia leader and the greatest warhero of Lamapourean kind. The title fit that man better the glistening iron armor he had owned, which you could tell looked simply magnificent-even in the low-light and worn pages he was being admired under. "You were quite the man amongst men, grandfather ..." Ladamer said to himself as his fingers traced the penmanship of his late relatives posthumous naming. Why was this slowly becoming his favorite thing to do? Why was heading down to a local eatery and rambling through stories of old with his kinsmen such a wonderous and calming pastime for the young elf? Well, being the heir to an empire of loyal and loving Lamapourean kind definitely counted as a reason, and hearing about the man behind it all was the tiebreaker for another. Ladamer had heard the story about a thousand times. Had it been through the nasally passage of a human, it definitely would've had some misconceptions and many more lies than truth; something Ladamer would have definitely repayed with great punishment. If anybody, the story would've had to been told through the pride of a Lamapourean. Hearing it then, you'd have every last detail painted so perfectly in your mind, there'd be no need for any sort of reanactment or charade; although that would most certainly be an amusing touch. Ladamer gave a small muffled laugh at the thought. He'd have even allowed a human the privilege of mocking his grandfather then. I am Leviase Traener Vanhaussen, rightful aide to Raelusian Throne! In my hand is the face of true oppression! Look on with awe as I remove it from this land by the flames brewed by his injustices! Thinking of how it might have looked and sounded, what was once a small chuckle grew into an enormous chortling fit. Ladamer began laughing so hard his gasps for breath seemed like pleads of life from anyone merely listening in. Which was probably what started his guards on the outside into commotion. After slamming the library doors open, two gaurds came rushing in, swords and bows respectfully armed and in the ready. The room was silent, each and every corner of it. Surely what the guards heard weren't the makings of an attack on their Lamapourean vanguard? What would King Calason do should he hear of this? He'd have their heads on staves for it, worse yet fo the whole capital to observe in shock. They'd have to face their punishment, though. Ladamer was missing, and all the guards could hope for in the end was that Calason showed mercy on their--"...May I assist you two, gentleman?" a voice called as they'd emerged from behind a long bookcase. "L-Lord Vanhaussen!" the first of the two armoured humans called out in relief. Showing no sign of understanding, Ladamer simply tilted his head in confusion as the guards both removed their head visors to observe the King's Aide. "...Yes? Was something ailing you, my friends?" he asked after a moment. "We...we thought we heard screams ... Sounded as if someone was in pain..." the second man explained. Ladamer, while not conveying it, had much disdain towards the two daunting figures in front of him. My laughter is similar to pained screams? Ladamer thought concealing his scowl with zeal. He moved his arms into the outside sleeves of his ceremonial robe and headed towards the door, gesturing his companions out of it. "Well I assure you there's nothing of the sort going on in here, gentlemen. Now, if you have no further business..." The guards passed each other confused looks at Ladamer's calm tone, but without any other word, exited the room and heard the door click shut behind them. Ladamer simply walked back over to his grandfather's visage, and sat back down in front of it. My laughter doesn't sound like dying does it?...

Meganium July 11th, 2012 5:48 PM

Starsprite, silverexorcist, and CrumbledCandyWrapper are all accepted! Starsprite will represent District 8 as Glaceon, silverexorcist will represent District 6 as Zangoose, and CCW will be Mienshao from District 10.

All SUs submitted so far are absolutely wonderful!

curiousnathan July 11th, 2012 10:56 PM
Name: Kurami "Dark Beauty"
Gender: Female
Region: Johto
Pokemon/District: 4

Kurami, like her name suggests, is literally a dark beauty. She's always known she's been good looking and has always prided herself on this aspect. She takes extreme care of her dark black furr, resembling the eternal blackness of the night sky of which she was born under. Although it looks quite tight, flat and smooth, her furr is rather fluffy and soft. The colour of her furr also enables her to perfectly camouflage and fit seamlessly into her surroundings when it's dark. (Night) Unfortunately for her it's not the same scenario when in a light environment, especially when the sun's up, as her dark furr makes a bold statement to any eye that crosses her path.

Her slender legs, rounded paws and slim body allow her to run at high speeds, jump and bounce swiftly across, over and off her surroundings. Her radiant glow illuminates even the darkest of places, and even though one might think that this gives enemies the edge in finding her location whilst immersed in darkness, they're wrong. She's able to convenitently control such glow at will. However, this glow also may change without her control, depending on her mental and physical conditions.

As Kurami prides herself on her beauty, her personality follows the same. Although this usually isn't the case when interacting with others. Kurami takes extreme care of how she is percieved by others, and will often, if not always, put herself before others to upkeep her social status, or enhance her reputation. For the most part she's seen as the naive and vulnerable type.

What many fail to realise however, is that beneath her self-centred, 'naive' exterior, lay a very intelligent and quick witted individual. She is the queen of deception and persuasion. Her superb manipulation of words accompaynied by her beautful physique allows Kurami to control and heavily influence the actions and thoughts of others. As a result of this, many find it hard to distinguish what she speaks, is true or a cunning cluster of lies.

Kurami was raised as an egg, hatched and lived with a clan of murkrow and honchkrow. After many years elapsed, Kurami grew and matured, coming the realisation of what was happening around her. Team Rocket soon began to dominate the world, her home, her family and any attempt to find the reason she never knew her real parents all came crashing down. Her hopes, dreams and desires vanished.

Not long before her entry into the Pokemon Hunger Games, Kurami was living somewhat peacfully with her murkrow family. Terribly, many of the honchkrow who raised her, were kidnapped; used as tools by Team Rocket grunts to further extend their control and inflict pain and suffering on pokemon to whom they believed were inferior. Kurami lived on the brink of poverty. Every day felt like a constant battle with sanity and death. She never felt free, always surrounded by danger, she never found a place to feel completey safe, completely invinsible, completely happy. Although having this dwelling, gloomy sense of vulnerability looming over her on a daily basis, Kurami was enjoy the best life under poverty one could have. She had the basics, the necessities, such as food and water, and would often sneak a few more bellyfulls of food and water rations if she could when the local guard was too busy dealing with the pesky smeargle who'd paint their food over the Team Rocket guardposts. Kurami actually enjoyed their food art, they even drew her once; it was quite accurate, except for the fact that her left leg was where her right ear should've been.

After finishing her final pair of team rocket boots one evening, Kurami decided to indugle in her usualy sneaky snippet of extra food in the outside meadows. To her horror however she was caught by a grunt who just happened to be slacking off their job too, and was captured and help captive until it was decided she were to participate in the 67th anual Pokemon Hunger Games as punishement. Now, with one thing in her sight, to survive, Kurami will do everything she can to ensure she'll be the last Pokemon standing.

Roleplay Sample: Undiscovered Legends
James Riverstone
#1 - The Offer

"Now Aggron, lets finish things off!" I yelled to Aggron.

Aggron's steely claws extended rapidly, scythes of pure, sharp metal now protruding from it's stumpy hands. The heavy giant thumped quickly toward its opponent, until finally slicing the challenger's Marowak. At the corner of my eye I could see an unfamilar figure enter the viewing box high above the side of the battlefield where normal trainers would usually observe my battles. Turning my head slightly to obtain clear view, I came to realise that this unknown person was a beefy, tall man wearing a suit. He must be here on business, dressed like that, I thought. I don't usually get individuals in such attire in here, I mostly see trainers dressed in the new and hip clothes of today, more than one of them wearing clothes that reveal to much flesh for my tastes.

With a quick twist of my head, I returned my attention to the battle at hand. The Marowak fell to the ground, exhausted and in pain before falling unconcious.

The referee's montonous voice echoed through my vast battle facility, "The battle between Frontier Leader James and the Challenger Mindy has concluded. Marowak, is unable to battle! Therefore, Aggron wins, and Frontier Leader James is declared the winner!"

A flood of relief stormed throughout my body, my spine chilled from hearing such words. I glanced up at Mindy, my opponent, her facial expression exemplifying a devastated state. I slowly approached her, Aggron thumping slowly behind me.

"Nice work there," I said softly, "You nearly had me there with your bone rush deflection."

She looked up slowly. Trying to hide her tears she swiped her eye quickly, and raised her head to speak, "Well, it wasn't enough, I better get back to training." She replied, almost choking on her sadness.

I extended by hand, it was only out of good sportsmanship that I should do so. Her soft silk like skin of her hand grasped mine firmly, our eyes met for a breif couple of seconds before nodding out heads.

Subtracting her arm from mine, she dashed off toward the exit, snatching up her pokeballs and her bag. Her shining brown hair swinging to and fro, from left to right like a horses tail as she made her way out.

"Hmmmph." I sigh out of exhaustionm before turning to Aggron, as beefy and strong as ever.

"Nice work, that Marowak was no match for you was it?
I asked, proceeding to pat it's sleek steel head.

Aggron groaned in relief, he always liked me rubbing there, you could say that was his weak spot.

"Now, time to take a rest." I said quietly and out of breath.

I reached for Aggron's pokeball, clicking it out of it's place and returning Aggron to it's ball in a flash of red light.

I reattach Aggron to my belt and begin to walk into the changing rooms to take a shower. I've gotten more sweaty than I've realised, not to mention how stinky. Before I do however, I'm interrupted by Mason my referee and best friend.

"James, James," he puffed, running up to me, nearly tripping over his own two feet.

"Woah, haha, careful, you'll trip." I say, giggling.

"There is someone here to see you," he said. "He's not in the most casual attire, but he's nice nonetheless."

"Aaah, I see." I say, "I'll just have a shower and I'll be right over!"

My dreams of imersing myself into the warm and cleansing water of the changeroom showers was thwarted as Mason replied.

"Oh no, he said it's quite urgent, and that he's got an offer to make."

"An offer?" I ask curious.

Intruiged by this sudden visit and this mystery offer I deicded to take mason's words and visit the man in the viewing box. I twist the doorknob slowly and somewhat hesitantly. Even in my own domain, I'm a little nervous at this new visitor. As I open the door, the man turns around quickly, his gaze centered on me and no longer on the battle between two my regulars. I focussed my eyes into his, waiting anxiously for his first words.

"Well, well, well," he repeated. "You're quite the battler aren't you?" His musky, deep voice the only sound that I can seem to hear besides my busy-beating heart.

Taken aback by this compliment, I stutter back, "Uh w-well thanks, I suppose."

"You suppose?" he chuckles, "You're brilliant, your technique is superb, your strategies are complex and the unison between you and your pokemon is near perfection. I'm not surprised you're on my boss' list."

Ignoring the extra compliments, I ponder on his words. "Boss' list?"

"What list?" I ask sharply.

"A list I was given by my boss of the top trainers around the globe, a list of trainers who are crucial to his plans, a list of trainers who are offered the chance to catch legendary Pokemon."

"What!" I raise my voice in disbelief.

"Don't be stupid, legendary pokemon are just that; that of legends!" I now somewhat yell.

I'm angered by his statement.

"You sure? Have you even seen a Legendary Pokemon?"

Feeling defeated I whisper, "Well no..."

"Then how can you say such things? How can you deny what you do not know?" The man's voice now adopting the tone of mine only several minutes ago.

Increasingly angered I snap, "Well have you seen a legendary Pokemon? Why are you believing things that you do not know yourself?"

"That's not entriely true." The man said slowly, his voice now returning to a moderate volume. "Have you ever been told stories of these legendary Pokemon when you were young? Were you told of their amazing powers, their dumfounding abilities? I'm sure if you have, you will be able to see that everything we interact with in life, everything that exists as life, is due to these Pokemon. Questions that even the most advanced technology and scientific brains cannot determine the cause for.

"Well yes.." I begin to think. "My Grandpa used to tell me stories of such legendary Pokemon, their amazing powers of healing and destruction, their crucial presence into keeping the world of Pokemon and humans in peace and balanced. When grandpa passed, I never heard those tales again, I'd ask my father but he'd always punish me for mentioning the topic."

"Why did you think your father punished you? Why would he deny his own father's 'tales'? Don't you see, these Pokemon do exists, it's just that over the decades society's recognition of these brilliant pokemon has tarnished, and these legends now, just known as tales and folklore." The man explained.

"Well if what you're saying is true, what will this offer include? What will it entail, what will I gain from this?" I ask. "You do know I do have responsibitlites, such as running the place we're standing in right now, my battle facility."

"I understand." He replied concisely. "Some of those questions I cannot answer, but perhaps a downpayment of $600,000 will help ease your eagerness for an answer."

"Humph, fine." I say, somewhat irritated by his ambiguousness.

"When do I start?"

"As soon as possible."


"You've got one hour, one hour to organise your clothing and your responsibilities."

"Only one hour?" I reply, shocked by such little time.

"Yes, one hour." he says. He then proceeds to gaze into my eyes, his body now one inch away from mine, his face crouched down in front of mine. "Trust me," he says, his musky voice penatraiting my skull, bouncing within the insides of my brain, "This mission, is a mission you will never forget."

"I'm in." I reply, hypnotised by his intense stare.

About and hour later, just like the secretive man asked, I was packed and organised. I wiggle uncomfortably, knowing that my family don't know of my current travel plans.

"Look after this place for me, Mason. I trust you'll do this place proud." I say turning around to face a best-friend I won't see for who knows how long.

"I will James! I'll be the best here and I'll do you proud!" he replied, his voice croaking.

I hug him and thump his back before picking up my suitcase and my coat, and entering the limousine and shooting off toward, what I was suspecting of an airport. My guess proves correct. I arrive at a bustling airport, but the limousine doesn't halt. It instead seems to take a back route around the airport, until we finally stop at my true destination.

"Here you go sir, the private jet lane." a gentlemanly voice eminated from the front of the vechile.

"Thankyou." I reply concisely, before hopping out.

The wind is vicious. With my hair ruffling I quickly make it onto what seems to be my intended jet. "I never knew I'd be flying privately, with attractive flight attendants, attending to yuor every need. I can picture the wine right now.. mmm.. I'm definitely not arguing." I think to myself, smiling. Toward the entrance of the jet, sits a groovy bar; even with it's first customer. A girl, a girl who looks already horribly wasted.

"Oh great," I sigh, "If this is the sort of people I'll be travelling with, help me."

I snap out of my split-second judgement and realise that I barely know her, in fact, I don't know anything about her, so it isn't and it never will be my place to judge her. I continue to walk, through the isles I slowly wander, until I find a seat that I like, right next to the heater.

"Aaaah" I sigh with relief, letting the warmth of the heater dispell the chill of outside's wind.

TurkishDelight July 12th, 2012 5:06 PM

Name: Alexis Gilardino

Gender: Male

Region: Orange Islands

Pokemon/District: Infernape, of District 12


Alexis is a slight above average sized Infernape, standing at 5'11" and weighing in at just over 124 pounds. Infernape is slightly more muscular than a majority of his species, however, it is hardly noticeable other than his legs. As a result, Alexis has always been seen as good looking to the rest of his kind, a fact he takes great pleasure in. Alexis' expression is usually sour, which matches his personality. His eyes are a brilliant blue, however joy rarely brightens them to their full potential. The Pokémon's mouth contains two dozen razor sharp teeth, which can be used as lethal weapons. The flame atop the male's head burns somewhat brighter than those of his peers.

The fur of Alexis is mainly a reddish-brown colour, the Infernape also has patches of white fur on its torso, arms, legs and head. The fire type has swirl-patterned, gold shoulder pads, chest plate, bracelets and knee pads. Alexis also wears a red scarf around its neck that matches the colour of the flames it can produce at will. The hands, feet and inner ear of the Infernape are all a navy-blue colour. Alexis is a very nimble Pokémon, who also packs a punch with its speed and strength being its most impressive attributes.

Personality: Alexis is as his type would let on, he has a fiery personality and is very hot headed. The Infernape is extremely reckless and is driven by his passion. The male's parents and grandparents often put others before themselves, however, as Alexis has seen what this leads to, has rid himself of the family trait. He now puts himself first, other than his Grandfather of course. The Pokémon has always had a hatred against the Capitol after he found out what they put his family through. As a result, he has often voiced his opinions of them to his friends, something that may not have been so wise in hindsight.

Due to his impressive physical appearance, Alexis has always been approached by females of his species and envied by other males. As a result of this, the Infernape has built up an air of superiority over the years and his ego has inflated greatly. Despite District 12 being extremely poor, Infernape comes from one of the better off families, which doesn't help his over confidence. The Pokémon is often seen as cocky, and many elders in the District have a fairly poor opinion of the fire type, who doesn't much care for their opinions.

History: Alexis was born and raised in the upper class area of District 12. Despite this, the male's family barely scraped by and the young fire type had to work, fishing and transporting goods from a young age. The boy immediately showcased a talent for these professions, however when his father passed away the child took over his job in the Black Market, where he helped transporting illegal goods around the island for a large paycheck in return. Despite his reluctance of doing the job at first, he became skilled at it and as a result, began enjoying it. As a result of avoiding the guards on the island while transporting the goods, the male has became a very stealthy character.

Alexis was brought up for a majority of his life by his grandfather and father. His grandmother died of starvation before Alexis was born, and his mother passed away not too long after the boy was born from the same cause. The male's father was reaped for the Hunger Games just as Alexis became an Infernape. His father fought valiantly finishing a respectable fourth, but Alexis fell depressed after his death. The Infernape realized that he was now the main earner for the family now, and after realizing how fishing and transporting goods was not enough to support both him and his grandfather, so took his fathers job at the Black Market, where he excelled. His grandfather once participated in the Hunger Games, and emerged victor in the 9th Annual Games. Alexis' grandfather told him what the world was like before the Rockets took over, and Alexis has sworn to do his best to get the world back to how it once was.

Roleplay Sample:
From Pokémon: Desperate Measures

Kelvin Jones
Mission One
Part three

'Who are you?' I managed to demand despite the searing pain that was burning through my shoulder-blade. I kept my face composed as I sat upwards, carefully avoiding putting any weight on my injured arm. I scanned each of the three men, the one that was bleeding fell unconscious, to the dismay of the others. They didn't seem like Division members, but who knew? Division were a despicable and highly intelligent group. For all I knew, this was a ruse to give me a false sense of security.

'You're Jones right?' one of the men replied quietly, ignoring my question wholly. The man completely ignored me as he was staring at the other man who was currently unconscious, watching seemed to cause him a great deal of pain. The third man just muttered unintelligibly to his unconscious comrade, I assumed he was assuring him that he'd be okay. I wasn't enjoying this, my suspicions were beginning to ebb.

'That's me..' I responded, attempting to make my voice sound neutral. A failed attempt I might add. The worry in my voice was audibly clear. 'What happened to him?' I added reluctantly, I already knew subconsciously but didn't want to give myself away if these weren't the Rebels.

'I hope your happy at causing us all this trouble,' he growled angrily. At this point I was sure that they were Division members. I took a stem back and raised my fists defensively. 'Don't mind him,' the other man said. His voice cracked and I glanced over at him, he was crying. 'We need to get back to HQ,' he continued. I then let my arms drop back to my sides, drawing a laugh from the first man. I responded to this by shooting him a dirty look, to which he was all to happy to return.

Now that I knew these were my allies, I gave each of them a closer look. The first, angrier man was average height and very stocky. He was in either his late 20's, or his early thirties. His features were rather round, his eyes were a muddy brown colour that matched his medium length messy hair. He looked like a physical attacker. The second man, who was currently crying, was very tall and thin. He was somewhat older than the first man, in his late thirties to perhaps his mid forties. His black hair was receding back onto the top of his head and his eyes were a green colour. Each of his features were squared off and he appeared to be very agile. He emitted an aura of knowledge, despite his current emotional state. The third and final male was the last I analyzed, and as soon as I did, I regretted it. He was no older than sixteen, he was as tall as the first man and his black hair was average length, his eyes were a striking green- at that moment I realized how much he looked like the second man, they must have been father and son.

At that moment a surge of pity flooded my body. I couldn't help but gape at the father and his son. The other man caught my attention then and shook his head at me, immediately snapping me out of it. 'We- we need to bring Brooklyn to the hospital in Azaelea..' the teenagers father stuttered.

Both the first man and I exchanged a glance of uncertainty. We both knew that there was a much higher chance of being caught with Brooklyn than without him. 'Theo..' the first man began.

'Don't you dare Peter,' Theo growled angrily taking both me and Peter aback. Apparently this wasn't normal behavior for Theo. Peter seemed to want to avoid the argument, so just nodded. Both Theo and Peter lifted Brooklyn and began to carry him the direction I wasn't going, apparently, I was going the wrong way. I was directed to keep a look out, and cover them to which I obliged. On the journey Peter told me about how they were ambushed by Division members and a majority of them were killed, including the leader. This astonished me, what was I getting myself into?

We didn't come across any other Division members and eventually made it to Azaelea. We entered the city, which was much larger to the tiny island that I was so used to. We made our way to a small home on the outskirts of the town and Peter knocked on the door with a unique rhythm. Moments later the door was opened by a beautiful woman in her mid 20's. She was average height, had chestnut brown hair and eyes the colour of the ocean. She looked beyond us before Theo forced his way inside carrying Brooklyn on his own leaving me and Peter standing there awkwardly. 'Oh you must be Kelvin,' she said politely, 'Where's John?' she asked, a tone of panic in her voice.

I could hear Peter's heart begin to beat faster. 'That's me m'am, nice to meet you,' I said before I turned to Peter quickly waiting for his answer. He opened his mouth only to close it again. After another few seconds of composing himself he began to talk. 'He was killed, along with the rest of the Rebels,' he whispered in a solemn tone. The pain the woman was feeling was clearly evident on her face and she immediately began to burst out in tears before gesturing for us to come inside.

Meganium July 12th, 2012 8:46 PM

Both Curious and TurkishDelight have been accepted! Curious will represent District 4 as Umbreon, while TurkishDelight will represent District 12 as Infernape!

CURSE YOU PC FOR EATING MY POST. Anyways, I wanted to give you guys an idea of what the first chapter will be. It's going to take place right *after* the reaping, so you'll be surrounded by other Pokemon who will react to your departure. You can create any NPCs in your first post such as any family members, friends, or anyone the character might now that have won the previous Pokemon Hunger Games. More info will be on the first post of the IC I'm writing up at this moment. :)

5 spots are still open right now if anyone reading this and is interested in signing up! The spots open are: Scyther, Seviper, Floatzel, Gothitelle, and Dragonair. Floatzel is still open unless Krazzik submits another RP sample. :( My activity will be lowered this weekend so I'll be a bit slow on accepting more SUs. Ryan should take a peek at this thread sometime this weekend. :)

Edit: I'll be submitting my SU for Meganium later today. :)

Jacinth July 19th, 2012 6:45 AM

Name: Naganelle "Regret" Feist
Gender: Female
Region: Kanto
Pokemon/District: Scyther/District 2

Regret has fierce green eyes, catlike pupils staying narrowed in battle. Her scaly hide is host to many various marks and scars from hardships over the years, as well as a dark colored birthmark on the left side of her abdomen. She stands at about 6’3, a normal height for female Scyther, and is around 120 lbs. Regret does not often wear any kind of clothing besides her cloak that she wears during her assassin work, unless needed to feel comfortable in her environment (A scarf in the winter, a hat on sunny days, etc.) She tries to keep her blades sharp, sometimes even going to the point of obsessing over their quality. For unknown reasons, she hates being dirty, and is very hygienic and tries her best to keep up her appearance and health, so she is most often seen in a clean state. Regret has a dog tag like necklace that she wears as a good luck charm. On it are inscribed in footprint runes “Per Oculus Miles” (Which means “Through the eyes of a soldier”), a token that was handed down through her family. A high believer in superstitions, she normally carries a sprig of white heather with her, an herb said to bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. She does not fly very often due to her rather odd fear of heights, so she keeps her wings folded neatly on her back, nearly invisible.

Personality: Regret is typically what one would describe as sassy. She hates taking orders and is very rebellious, liking to cause arguments and disagree. She doesn’t have much friends and tends to stay away from groups and do things on her own. Regret is a bit overconfident and narcissistic, feeling that she can do anything without help from anyone and still be successful.
Regret is deathly scared of heights, a strange phobia for a flying species. She tends to be very selfish and unempathetic, only caring for her own well-being and rarely helping the more unfortunate. When she does help others, however, she isn’t generous at all. Regret does have a conscience,… She just doesn’t like to help others without rewards. As she believes in superstitions, she tries to do things for good luck (knocking on wood, having white heather, etc.)
She is a very hard worker overall, and isn’t very inclined to give up on things. She is a great fighter with her scythes, having been training for many years.
Regret isn’t very opinionated when it comes to stating her thoughts on a matter. Rather, she usually prefers rude comments on other’s opinions, feeling that by saying what she thinks on another’s thoughts she can get her point through.
She has a strong hate for humans that comes from their control of all the regions. With that, she hopes to one day end their reign by training kind and merciful Peacekeepers to oppose them.

History: Regret grew up in a large home with her rather abusive father and brother. Compared to other Pokemon in District 2, they were pretty well off, even having enough money to have a decent meal every night. Her brother didn’t stay with them very long, leaving once he found a wife. Regret never really became attached to him. Without family to protect her, as the years passed, her father became more and more abusive. When Regret was only around nine years old, she killed him in his sleep, wanting to be rid of his insane and violent actions. She was able to cover up his death fairly well, the Peacekeepers unable to recover who was the killer. Regret went to live with her brother and his wife until she was old enough to survive on her own.
Only weeks after her father’s murder, she began to feel regret for her actions, guilt plaguing her once innocent and kind soul. Before long, she found herself becoming an assassin, killing other’s enemies and rivals for large sums of money. She began to go by the alias of Regret by night, killing many Pokemon without much more guilt. Her skills grew, and she was able to make a good living without having too much suspicion out of the Peacekeepers.
At the age of about 13, she was nearly discovered after murdering a Pinsir in a rather messy fight. Scared for her life, she quit her nightjob as an assassin for a short amount of time, and worked for the next few years as a normal Pokemon in District 2. However, when her brother’s son was killed in his training to become a peacekeeper when a cruel trainer pushed him too far, she wanted to avenge her nephew. And so she set out on the path of an assassin once more. Beginning to like the feeling of being a sort of vigilante for Pokemon in despair, she started to only provide her services for righteous reasons. Regret felt she was becoming a better person.
At age 15, she began to work in the training of Peacekeepers, hoping to sprout a rebellion in Panem by training the Pokemon in more righteous ways. However, her plans were stopped when she was chosen for the Hunger Games. Her only motivation to win is to continue training Peacekeepers so she may thwart the Capitol. (Or it’s headquarters in this, right?)

Roleplay Sample:

“No, Hunter!” The Scyther growled to her apprentice. “You must be faster! Think if a Pokemon was just running off; they would have been out of sight by now!”

“I-I’m sorry, Naganelle…” The riolu stammered, looking down. “I-I’ve just been… Really tired lately…”

“No excuses!” She hissed. “Now try it again!” Hunter winced at her harsh words, before turning to try the exercise she had set up for him again. If I were not his mentor, she thought, he would have came out of that with more than just a tongue lashing.

She watched, disappointed with his quality of training. It was true, he did seem rather sluggish and unmotivated lately, uncommon for one as young as him. Perhaps there is something wrong with his quality of life at home? She remembered with disdain how difficult her training had been, not just with her rude and unforgiving mentor, but the abuse she had suffered through at the hands of her father.

“Hunter!” Regret called the Riolu over as he was his by a moving block, blood beginning to pour out of his nose. He stood up slowly before walking over to her slowly; it was obvious he thought he was in for some kind of punishment.

“Child, what is wrong with you? You have not been giving your best as expected.”

“I’m v-very sorry…” He looked down.

“You haven’t answered me. What is wrong with you? Has something been disrupting your training beyond my notice?”

Hunter glanced up at her, pawing at his bleeding nose before answering. “My older sister… She takes care of me…” He stopped for a moment, trying to staunch the flow of his lifeblood. “She has been very sick lately… And not able to work… I haven’t eaten in days… And I’ve been spending most of my time trying to take care of her.”

A stab of pity hit her unexpectedly. She thought he had been lazy, perhaps staying up to play with his friends, not this. Regret shook the soft and unwelcome feelings away before responding.

“Tomorrow, you are off training.” She stated. “You will come to my home with me tonight. I will see what I can do about your sister tomorrow.”

“…But… She will worry…”

“We will visit her before we go.”

“Thank you, Naganelle…”

“Now, enough of this! I expect you will not fail this exercise again.” She nodded for him to proceed, watching him closely as he avoided the moving obstacles. Truly, this young Pokemon had a good heart, and she knew he would be a good Peacekeeper one day. She could only hope that he would not be chosen in the reaping in a few days time…


“And our District 2 Tribute is… Hunter Mori!”

Regret was stunned. Her hopes of Hunter’s future were just ruined in one unfortunate moment. He knew of her plans for the future, her plans to train good, merciful peacekeepers to watch over innocent Pokemon… Those plans could not be crushed.

In District 2, volunteers were not odd or unexpected… She pondered her decision as she watched Hunter walk somberly towards the steps leading to the announcer… And then looked over at his still sick sister, tears welling up in her eyes… Surely, with her skill as an assassin, she could win the games and continue training her precious apprentice.

“If I may,” Regret announced, “I would like to volunteer as a tribute.”

All eyes turned on her. Hope and astonishment filled Hunter’s eyes as he ran back towards his sister and Regret took his place.

“Well, this is certainly going to be an exciting Hunger Games!” The announcer, a Spinda noted. “Now, what is your name?”

“My name…” Regret said confidently, “Is Naganelle Feist. And I am going to win these games.”

Whew! I've been working on this for three long days! I hope my SU is okay! :)

Meganium July 19th, 2012 7:03 AM

I think those three days are worth it. :D You are now accepted. :) You will be representing District 2 as a Scyther in the Pokemon Hunger Games! :)

Kay now... 3 spots remaining! I haven't even done my SU yet, so I should be able to get it up by today.

Edit: Just accepted krazzik, representing District 7 as Floatzel! :)

Squirrel July 23rd, 2012 7:38 PM

Krazzikk kinda broke me down... I'll be signing up with Seviper soon if it's not already taken by then. Expect a SU by tomorrow c:

Meganium July 23rd, 2012 8:04 PM

Yeah...I'm still accepting people. :D I look forward to that SU, Ozcake!

Hooh July 24th, 2012 2:53 PM

I made an entire SU for the Floatzel... And then I lost it.

I'l post it later.

Squirrel July 24th, 2012 2:59 PM


Originally Posted by Hooh54 (Post 7269147)
I made an entire SU for the Floatzel... And then I lost it.

I'l post it later.

Floatzel's already taken D: I wanted that one too x]

Hooh July 24th, 2012 3:02 PM

Aww okay XD Guess it was good I lost it.

Why isn't Floatzel's name on the taken tributes list?

Krazzikk July 24th, 2012 4:18 PM


Originally Posted by Hooh54 (Post 7269155)
Aww okay XD Guess it was good I lost it.

Why isn't Floatzel's name on the taken tributes list?

Because Megan is a lazy little mod Because Megan hasn't updated the list yet ;)

Meganium July 24th, 2012 4:21 PM

Haven't updated it yet. I'll get to it right now. Whoops!

The Pokemon that aren't taken are Dragonair, Gothitelle, and Seviper. I'm willing to open an extra spot for Meganium if demand arises, though!

silverexorcist July 25th, 2012 6:39 AM

I'm looking forward to whoever decides on Seviper. A relationship between Seviper and my Gilles will be most bloody interesting. >:D

Krazzikk July 25th, 2012 7:06 AM

AlexOzzyCakes is going to be seviper. AND DON'T SPOIL THE RP WE DON'T WANT TO KNOW HOW IT WILL TURN OUT. Sorry for my sticky caps, I just had to.

Meganium July 25th, 2012 1:36 PM

^Uh, I can't confirm if OzCake is going to be Seviper. If someone else is interested in Seviper, then they can take it. As of now, I can't confirm just yet. will I spoil the RP if it hasn't started yet? :/

I...did pick Seviper and Zangoose for *that* reason. :P

Krazzikk July 26th, 2012 1:47 PM


Originally Posted by Meganium90 (Post 7270486)
^Uh, I can't confirm if OzCake is going to be Seviper. If someone else is interested in Seviper, then they can take it. As of now, I can't confirm just yet. will I spoil the RP if it hasn't started yet? :/

I...did pick Seviper and Zangoose for *that* reason. :P

Well if he said that the relationship will be interesting then i'm guessing he is going to team up with seviper, SPOILER ALERT!

Starsprite July 26th, 2012 1:59 PM


Originally Posted by krazzikk (Post 7271953)
Well if he said that the relationship will be interesting then i'm guessing he is going to team up with seviper, SPOILER ALERT!

Not necessarily, though. Interesting could mean all number of things, like a rivalry as well, or something much more intricate. I think he was playing on the fact that Seviper and Zangoose have a natural rivalry anyways.

Your character and mine are from the same region, for example, but that doesn't imply we're going to be teaming up. xD

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