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Vato July 10th, 2012 4:57 PM

IC Thread
OOC Thread found HERE
The Gang... Sort of... Kind of
From left to right: Regal Gemimi (Starly), Dominic Anthony Jones (Pikachu), Jack Hanon (Turtwig), Salias Grey (Eevee), Dante Powers (Zarachi), Patrick McCallion (Phanpy), Marty Towns (Teddiursa), Malik Grizz (Totodile), James Vendet (Cyndaqui), Ginny Dustellar (Minccino) and Chaos Ariek (Bulbasaur).
Bold means the user playing this character decided to drop out...

We shall be surrounded by darkness, only to return to a temporal peace. After a while, we'll be back into the shadows..., and only the chosen one shall bring peace back for eternity...

-Mysterious Engaving Found In Mt. Coronet

In the peaceful region of Sinnoh, there was a man… his name… Cyrus. He was the head of an organization known as Team Galactic. He wanted to create a new world, a world he would rule.

After creating a Red Chain from the crystals in Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, he and his commanders headed into Mt Coronet. Once there, at the peak, named Spear Pillar, he managed to summon both Dialga and Palkia, rulers of time and space, respectively.

But something went wrong. A Pokémon known as Giratina appeared from a portal, joining both the human world with the hometown of Giratina… the Distortion World.

The story begins here…

It was here when it all went wrong. Cyrus, blind by the powers that the Red Chain had granted him, tried to take control of this third dragon… nothing good happened, instead, the rageful dragon broke the chain. Giratina convinced his brothers that they had to punish humanity for what Cyrus did.

And so, the three dragons took flight and started wreaking havoc across the land of Sinnoh. After a few hours, the region as it was known had already vanished. But the dragons were still angry, and so they headed towards the lands of Hoenn. Once again they bought destruction; only know, with another thing.

While they were spreading chaos, they managed to wake up both Groudon and Kyogre. With anger as they had just return to their slumber, the two titans shaked the lands and spread the seas with such strength that the whole world drastically changed.

Most of cities sunk underwater or were destroyed by the quakes. Of all the gyms, only a handful remained. And the same goes for the Pokémon League HQ of every region, as only one of them remained.

No one knows what happened to Team Galactic, as each and every member, including Cyrus, suddenly disappeared within the Sinnoh region.

The titans were still angry, and so, Rayquaza, the sky dragon, finally appeared to stop them once again. But he was stopped by the three dragons of Sinnoh. All hope was lost…

Or that is what everyone who survived thought…

Deep under the ground, on a place that was somehow uninflected by the quakes, a castle belonging to a group that was called Team Plasma dwelled. Their leader, lord Ghetsis, was waiting for the day the organization would finally come from beneath the ground to achieve their goals.

But they were surprised when they did…

A doomed land was what they saw, and they knew they could not accomplish their goals… unless they ended the fight. If N was really the chosen one, then he would be able to awake Reshiram. Both Ghetsis and N headed towards Dragonspiral Tower, a place that had barely been affected, remaining almost the same as it was.

Once in the top, Ghetsis handed N a small, white stone. To his surprise, the stone became Reshiram in the moment he grabbed it. Both of them rode over Reshiram. And headed towards the three dragons.

A fierce fight took place over the remains of the world. Rayquaza recognized Reshiram as an ally, and so, they fought together against the three dragons. With Reshiram and its powers, victory soon showed itself for N, Reshiram and Rayquaza.

The three dragons tried to retreat to another place. But the creator showed himself, mad for what his three sons did to humanity. He banished the three dragons into the Distortion World, locking the portal that opened in Spear Pillar after that.

Arceus retreated to the destroyed Hall of Origin, and once again, took a slumber. With help of the grunts and survivors, Team Plasma re-built all the cities that remained. And now those who collect at least eight badges of the remaining gym will have the privilege of entering a Pokemon Tournament that will determine who’ll be part of the new elite four, and the new champion.

Team Plasma became everyone’s heroes. But they’ve been acting a bit awkward lately. They are now even stealing Pokémon from others.

Because of this, a group of Pokémon Professors, some well-known such as Professor Juniper, and other whose names no one seems to remember, have started to recruit prodigies at Pokémon battling that will take down Team Plasma, and also because they recently discovered an engraving inside Mt Coronet. The professors believe that among these prodigies is the one the engraving refers to.

And this is where you guys come in…

In this role-play, you’ll play as one of those trainers chosen by the professors. A trainer that will travel around the world trying to prove himself/herself (who knows, maybe the engraving was wrong or something) as the one that the text refers to. You will face tough challenges, such as Team Plasma, and other trainers that have the same goal as you (like other role-players, or people who had the rank of leader, elite four, or maybe even champion).

The world has changed. And so did the Pokemon..., a few places remain the same, but most of places are now diferent.

Some Pokemon changed their physiology, others changed of color due to their new environments, and some even 'evolved' in some way (some acquired the ability to use attacks of other types, or became of another type). And some species became more intelligent, learning things they would never be able to. Serve this Pokemon as an example of the changes that happened:

World Map

1- Pallet Town
17- Petalburgh City
27- Sandgem Town
30- Eterna City
34- Nuvema Town
37- Mistralton City

Off Map Places
-Violet City

1) All PC and Role-play Corner rules apply.
2) Plot twists are welcome, but discuss them with me first.
3) As GM, I am the one who decides how to portray the Legendary Pokemon and the stories written about them.
4) Write "holy burrito" in your sign up to prove you read the rules.
5) Have fun!
6) No god-modding!
7) Inform us if you'll be inactive.
8) make your reply as long as you possibly can.
5) If you want to catch a Pokémon, then leave the ball rocking at the end of your comment. I will decide if you catch it or not.
8) This role-play will take place in chapters. Try to keep up as much as possible as you might miss important events if you don’t.
9) This role-play is not based on levels, therefore you can let your Pokémon learn moves at any time, since the world has changed, Pokémon have done the same, as such, they are able to learn moves they normally wouldn’t, just be reasonable about this, because we don’t want any Magikarp with Volt Tackle. I will also inform you when your Pokémon is able to evolve, then it is your decision if your Pokémon will evolve or not. Once I've let you know your Pokémon can evolve, you can do so at any time.
10) You may carry around as many Pokémon as you wish to. If you decide you don't want to carry around certain Pokémon, you can store them in the 'box' which is accessible at every Pokémon Center.
11) Reservations last 48 hours.
12) Please, do not specify the moveset of your starter, as I'll give it to you after you're accepted, along with its ability (who said they would all have overgrow, blaze or torrent?).
13) the Role-Play is intended to start once 6-10 people are accepted, that unless there's more people willing to join.
14) I will add a map as soon as possible so you can keep track of your journey!

Name: Self Explanatory
Age: From 10 to 16 years
Gender: Guy or Girl
Appearance: Nuff said
Personality: Same as above
Backstory: How did he/she or his/her family managed to survive? Be creative with this one. Just do not mention where your character is actually at. Just say that he/she went to a town/city or something like that.
Which Professor gave you your Starter Pokémon? : Can be either Oak, Elm, Birch, Rowan or Juniper (They all managed to survive thanks to other trainers who saved them.). Just like the previous, do not mention any names of places.
And finally,
Which was your starter Pokémon?:
Check the OOC Thread to see the Pokemon that haven't been taken, and chose one that corresponds to the Professor you've chosen.
Below is a list of the current teams of the Role-Players:
Cingens "Ginny" Dustellar (Vato)

Jack Hanon

Sand Tomb
Tail Whip

Dominic Anthony Jones (The Red Eagle)

James Vendet (Zapdos926)

Chaos Ariek (chaoticlapras)

Salias Gray (ytfeL)

Marty Towns (-Sam)

Fake Tears
Metal Claw
Aqua Jet
Water Gun


Malik Grizz (heretostay123)

Water Gun
Chip Away
Thunder Fang
Poison Sting
String Shot

Patrick McCallion (pat20cool)

Defense Curl
Ice Shard
Volt Switch

Regal Gemini (machomuu)

Dante Powers (Zarachi)

In case you want to Sign-Up, you'll have to fill this form and post it in the IC Thread (but if the RP has already started then it goes here)

Name: Self Explanatory
Age: From 10 to 16 years
Gender: Guy or Girl
Appearance: Nuff said
Personality: Same as above
Backstory: How did he/she or his/her family managed to survive? Be creative with this one. Just do not mention where your character is actually at. Just say that he/she went to a town/city or something like that.
Which Professor gave you your Starter Pokémon? : Can be either Oak, Elm, Birch, Rowan or Juniper (They all managed to survive thanks to other trainers who saved them.). Just like the previous, do not mention any names of places.
And finally,
Which was your starter Pokémon?: You'll choose between the five options that the professor you've chosen has, except for those Pokemon already taken.

All questions go in this thread, as well as any comments on things that are related to the RP (except for chapers you write, those go in the IC Thread).

Current Chapter:
Below is a list with all previous chapters, with the most recent ones in top of the list, and the first chapter at the end of it:


Jacinth July 21st, 2012 1:27 PM

I would love to be a part of this RP! I'm suprised no one else has signed up yet... But I'm also happy! More Pokemon choices, hurrah!

BTW, do you have to choose one of the pokemon from the professors, or could you have gotten it from other means, perhaps as a gift from family or just making friends with a pokemon? I'm assuming you have to go with the proffessor's pokemon, (But imma wait for an answer) so just in case I'd like to make a reservation for Skitty. (Lol, suprising, because Hoenn is my least favorite region.) Anywhoes, I will work on my character immediatley!

I also forgot to mention holy burrito. Just in case you can't reserve me without holy burritos. XD

(LOL, 4th edit.)

Also, will we be travelling together in this RP, or in seperate groups, or by ourselves? Just curious.


Shouldn't there be a thing in the sign up sheet for each pokemon's unique personality and appearance? Also their names, gender, etc? Cuz I can't have a cuddly skitty if it is an emotionless being.

Vato July 22nd, 2012 8:43 AM

@Jacinth Okay, I'll answer each of your questions, well, you will go with the professors Pokemon, buuuut, if your SU is somehow amazing, I guess I can make an exception, so, if you want to recieve your Pokemon from someone else (like your character's father or something like that), I suggest you work hard on your SU.

You don't necessarily need to say 'holy burrito' for reservations, but you can still say it if you want to.

The way you travel depends heavily on your actions at the beggining, be the regular good guy, and you'll be in a group, don't follow the professors orders, and it'll be just you against the world (like Scott Pilgrim..., just without the super powers).

But those aren't the only ways of traveling, as I said, it all depends on your actions.

And finally, I thought about the Pokemon's appereance and stuff, but remember, you just got it, you don't know what it's behavior is like. But once the RP starts, you'll be able to develop your Pokemon in any way you like, better said, you'll decide how it looks like, how it acts like and all that stuff.

BTW, your reservation will last for 48 hours.

Jacinth July 22nd, 2012 3:14 PM


Originally Posted by Vato (Post 7265533)
@Jacinth Okay, I'll answer each of your questions, well, you will go with the professors Pokemon, buuuut, if your SU is somehow amazing, I guess I can make an exception, so, if you want to recieve your Pokemon from someone else (like your character's father or something like that), I suggest you work hard on your SU.

You don't necessarily need to say 'holy burrito' for reservations, but you can still say it if you want to.

The way you travel depends heavily on your actions at the beggining, be the regular good guy, and you'll be in a group, don't follow the professors orders, and it'll be just you against the world (like Scott Pilgrim..., just without the super powers).

But those aren't the only ways of traveling, as I said, it all depends on your actions.

And finally, I thought about the Pokemon's appereance and stuff, but remember, you just got it, you don't know what it's behavior is like. But once the RP starts, you'll be able to develop your Pokemon in any way you like, better said, you'll decide how it looks like, how it acts like and all that stuff.

BTW, your reservation will last for 48 hours.

Thanks so much for answering all my questions! I really appreciate it!I'm almost done, so my su should be up later today! Huzzah!

And yay for exclamation points! YAY!

Vato July 22nd, 2012 5:33 PM

No problemo! If you have any other questions, I'll be more than glad to answer them!
I'll be looking forward for your SU!

Jacinth July 22nd, 2012 5:56 PM

Well, here it is... Nearing 3 pages on microsoft word. Hope it's fine! I worked really hard on her, and I plan to develop her character alot as the RP goes on.

Name: Marion “Rion” Detta
Age: 13
Gender: Girl.
Appearance: Short, boyish chocolate hair with pink highlights she gave herself. She has rather dark features, with brown eyes that seem almost black if she’s in the right position, and relatively tanned skin. She is thin and lanky; being a recovering anorexic, at 5’5 and 93 lbs. Rion has a mass of light colored freckles all over her face, back, arms, and legs, as well as some scars from her mother’s abuse. She has long nails that she likes to paint vivid colors often, and bright teeth that are roofed in braces to her disappointment.
Rion often wears rather gothic themed makeup and clothing, such as dark eye shadow and violent graphic t-shirts. Having a saavy for modern trends, she also wears bright colored clothing, skinny jeans, and baseball caps. She is almost never seen without her army like boots, converse, or DC skateboarding shoes. (Sandals aren’t for her.) She has a neat jacket with earbuds installed in them, and in cold weather she is mostly seen with that. On the opposite end, she carries around a pair of giant high-quality headphones to listen to her music with. Also, Rion isn’t very modest with her clothing, sometimes wearing awfully showy clothing and lingerie in public. But, to her, if you don’t like it, just look away.

Personality: If one thing could sum up Rion’s personality, it would be quirky. She’s quite petty and always wants to be on the cutting edge of fashion and buy new things. As so, she is really true to her emotions, and follows her desires. She's not anything like prissy, though; in fact, she enjoys strenuous and somewhat dirty activities, as long as no damages to her clothes are permanent. To her, it seems like people have a hard time keeping up with her because she changes so quickly, especially her father. She rarely thinks about how her words and actions affect others, and even when she does consider her behavior, she rarely cares.
Rion does have a compassionate side in her, but it takes a lot to get it out. Even though she is in a public school made for troubled students, she has very few friends due to her somewhat ‘antisocial’ nature. Well, not really antisocial, more like, “I’m too good for you,” kind of thing. As noted, she does have an over inflated ego, and if it pops she is just an emotional wreck. Another thing to mention about her relationship problems with her peers is a nasty rumor that has been floating around. The contents of it are unknown, but she’s fairly sure it has something to do with her hair and a Skitty.
As mentioned, she has an obsession with music and the latest trends. She usually cranks up her music very loud, so she tends to speak a bit loud due to the small amount of ear damage from having the volume up too high. She is a fairly good singer, and she’s not afraid to show it in public, either. Sometimes, Rion is even a bit apt to sing without noticing. She was also obsessed with freestyle dancing when she was a bit younger, so after a few neck cramps and a lot of peppy music, she learned how to break dance. She also knows other forms of modern dancing, as well as a few traditional. (Overall, she’s one hell of a dancer! XD) As so, she’s very athletic and physically fit. She knows how to skateboard reasonably well, although bike riding and body boarding are her strong suits.

Backstory: Rion grew up in Goldenrod City, capitol of the Johto region. Her father worked as a newspaper editor and her mother was constantly struggling to find work, having drug problems and dropping out of high school. Eventually, they became so low on money her mother chose to get laid behind her husband’s back for extra cash. Rion was about 6 at the time he found out, and they quickly divorced.
Surprisingly, Rion and her father were better off financially without her mother constantly buying cigarettes, alcohol, and other various drugs. As so, they quickly began to build up extra money, so Rion became quite spoiled. She got into things like fashion and music, and grew less and less attached to her father. Now, of course, she still loves him; she just has her own ways of showing it.
Her father got a promotion when she was 11, so they moved to Petalburg City in Hoenn so he could write for the local newspaper there instead of editing drafts. Again, Rion was spoiled rotten by her father; he felt that was the best way of showing his love, since she rarely got anything in her childhood years.
So, as Rion grew, she became rebellious and stubborn as many teenagers are known to do. Her father finally began to realize his mistakes when she started to do more violent and reckless things to get her way, such as lying and stealing money from her father. She was also lazy and disobedient, not caring about much other than her own personal matters and well being. Rion’s father started to get worried about her, so he asked Professor Birch to give her a Pokemon to teach her responsibility and compassion. After meeting her and studying her and battling skills with a series of tests, taking note of her hidden skills, he accepted, but under one condition. She would have to travel the regions with a group of other trainers chosen by additional Professors around the Pokeworld. Really, she was very unhappy about having to leave, but she didn’t have much of a choice. In commemoration, her father gave her an updated pokedex; it already contained numerous information about many Pokemon she would meet, as well as a map, radio, telephone, and Pokemon status checker included in its features. And with that, she made her way to Professor Birch’s to choose her partner and start her journey.

Which Professor gave you your Starter Pokémon? Professor Birch, who also happens to be Rion’s least favorite person in Hoenn thus far.
Which was your starter Pokémon? Skitty

Vato July 22nd, 2012 6:16 PM

@Jacinth. Wow..., I can't find any words to describe the awesomeness of your character. You worked hard, and it shows! I'm pretty sure it'll be awesome to read about Rion's adventures! You are definitively accepted!

Rion recieved a Skitty (you'll be able to nickname it later if you want to)!
Skitty, the kitten Pokemon!
Ability: Normalize

Jacinth July 22nd, 2012 7:29 PM

Thanks, Vato! Have to think up a good nickname now. :P

Ha, at first, I thought Normalize would be a bit useless, since no moves would be supereffective, but now every move gets STAB! Lol, guess it's equal! Thankies much! :D

Godzil July 22nd, 2012 9:24 PM

Hey there, everyone. For such a fascinating sounding RP, there sure aren't many SU's.

Name: Jack Hanon
Age: 16
Gender: Guy

Appearance: Jack is short and slim, standing 5' 1" and weighing 101 lbs. He appears wiry but frail, with pale skin and dark hair. He keeps his hair cut short, buzzed nearly to his scalp, but hasn't cut it in a while, so it has grown out a bit and usually sticks out at all angles. His eyes are a dull green, like freshly cut grass, with perpetual dark circles underneath them, giving him a constantly tired look. His skin is noticably free of any blemishes, freckles, or other marks, even scrapes or cuts.

He dresses conservatively, with an odd mix of bright and dark colors. He prefers bright shirts, usually wearing a bright orange pocket t-shirt, occasionally wearing a purple shirt if he's going to a formal occasion. Seemingly to counter this, he wears brown slacks, even though jeans would be more in style. He also has a similar-colored brown jacket, worn open to show his colorful shirts. In colder or windy weather, he wears a heavier coat, a tan canvas duster. He prefers comfortable, practical shoes, and most often wears a pair of red pumps (running shoes). He almost always wears gloves, specifically a black leather glove on his left hand and a white cotton glove on his right. Literally topping off his ensemble is an old, slightly dirty gray flat cap.

Personality: Jack is a quiet sort, but that's mainly because he doesn't want to bother anyone. If people try talking to him, he doesn't mind talking, and could carry on a conversation for quite a while. He's friendly and open, but is always worried about saying the wrong thing. Despite this, he's very honest, even bluntly and brutally so at times. He's very curious, even adventurous and fun-loving, but is often held back by his own insecurites. He follows a set of personal rules he has set for himself, and is more prone to base his decisions on logic and forethought than emotions and whims.
Due to his quiet nature, he's not very social, and tends to be a little awkward in groups. Though he is fine with people, he just doesn't get them half the time, and is prone to embarrassing social blunders. He tries to be nice to others, and is always willing to talk to someone or lend a hand. He is often out of touch with trends and fashions, often out of place in both appearance and culturally. Due to this, he tends to be awkward and self-conscious. True to his quiet nature, he has quiet hobbies, being an avid reader and runner.

Holy Burritos.

Backstory: Growing up in Sandgem Town, Jack had a quiet, peaceful childhood. His father was a janitor, his mother was studying to be a doctor. This lead to him living a comfortable, if uneventful life. He had little ambition, and would have been content to work in the local shop. His parents had other ideas, and moved to a larger city when he was 10, so his mother could find work and he could get a proper chance to make something of himself.
He eventually found an interest in Pokemon, when he befriended an old man who owned several Oddish. The old man taught Jack about the Pokemon, and how they could be used to help others. When the old man sold an Oddish to a bakery, Jack auditioned for a job at said bakery.
Being 12, he was of course denied. But this was the push he needed, and began to take an active interest in his own life and Pokemon. His parents were pleasantly surprised by the direction his life was taking. So much so that they decided to personally thank the old man, who accepted their thanks by offering them a job with Team Galactic, who he was a member of.
After years of learning and growing, Jack was ready to accept a Pokemon of his own. His parents had grown distant over the years, as they were very busy with the Team they had joined. So, he went to the one person who he knew would have Pokemon: the Professor who lived nearby. The Professor was impressed with Jack's enthusiasm to work with Pokemon, and intrigued by the actions of his mostly missing parents. As such, he gave Jack a Grass-type Pokemon in exchange for travelling on a journey, a prospect that Jack found simply fascinating.

Which Professor gave you your Starter Pokémon? : Rowan

Which was your starter Pokémon?: Turtwig

Felis July 22nd, 2012 10:42 PM

Holy Burritos. I like the plot that set up. This should be pretty interesting. So here is my SU. Sorry if I should have made a reservation, I was just able to get this done at the time I read it.

Name: Felis Vesper

Gender: Guy

Age: Sixteen

Appearance: Felis looks somewhat feminine for being a male. His hair is naturally a light blonde coloring, but after moving, he decided to dye it a crimson color. His eyes are a light violet coloring. His hair falls to roughly the length of the bottom of his jaw. He is usually dressed in a black blazer jacket. Matching pants and loafers go with it. Underneath the coat he wears a dark purple dress shirt, and a silver wrist watch. He is roughly five foot eleven in height, with a slimmer build.

Personality: Felis, as described by the people closest to him, is an odd person. From a young age he was quite independent, and did not cling to his parents for so long like the other children did. Growing up for him was quite taxing. He was constantly picked on by the other kids for being so shy and quiet. Hardly ever interacting with any of the other children, he spent most of his time alone. As he hit puberty, his shyness only grew. He began to go what seemed weeks without speaking, and blushing when a girl even looked in his direction. Although he is quiet shy, Felis is kind and gentle. He enjoys helping others to the fullest of his ability.

Back Story: Felis grew up in a wealthy family. His parents were almost always out at parties, charity events, or something else that was sure to get the family business a better name. His father was a well known developer of Technical Machines. TM's for short. And even though it was his family that had created these devices for trainers to use on their Pokemon, his family lacked them. From a young age Felis learned to be on his own, enjoying the quiet confines of his room, rather than the lavish parties his parents attended nonstop. Felis' life was dull, every day seemed exactly the same until one day.. What can only be described as a near apocalyptic event took course. A battle between Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia. The three dragons clashed, setting off a chain of events with other Legendary Pokemon in neighboring regions, and destroying the lands that the people and Pokemon alike lived in. Most of the people in Felis' town were killed. The only reason his family survived was because his father was paranoid that some sort of doomsday event would happen in his lifetime, and fortified the basement into a bunker. Just in case. Unfortunately, Felis was the only member of his family to survive. His parents were out at an event, trying to get better publicity while the battle took place. Having no family left, and no friends even to begin with, Felis and the only other survivor in his town, his family butler, Isaac, moved to another region. Using Isaac's Dragonite to take them their. After arriving, Felis settled in a small quiet town. As the town's around the world were rebuilt, Felis got a stranger visitor one day. It was a day like any other, when suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and after Rex answered it, in came Professor Juniper of the Unova region. She explained the situation to Felis, and after kind words of advice from Rex, he gladly agreed.

Professor that gave him a starter: Professor Juniper

Starter Chosen: Axew

Vato July 23rd, 2012 7:02 AM

@Godzill. Parents in Team Galactic? Wow, didn't expect that..., I'm sure it'll be great to follow Jack's journey. Anyways, you are accepted!

@Felis. Son of the creators of the TM? Just like I previously said (twice), wow! You guys are quite creative! You are accepted!

Jack received a Turtwig!
Turtwig, the tiny leaf Pokemon
Ability: Adaptability
-Sand Tomb

Felis received an Axew!
Axew, the..., whatever kind of Pokemon it is (I can't seem to remember which one it was, oh well...)
Ability: Filter

And while I'm at it, it's finally time for my character for recieve her Minccino, so:

Ginny received a Minccino!
Minccino, the chinchilla Pokemon
Ability: Skill Link
-Thunder Wave
-Tail Slap

You'll be able to nickname your Pokemon once the RP starts.

Vato August 4th, 2012 10:22 AM

I'm finally done with the first chapter! Hooray!
Anyways, whithout further ado, let's begin role-playing!
Spots are still open for those who want to join! Just remember to post your SUs in the OOC thread.



A Short Prologue

“The ship is ready to set sail, Captain.” A young nurse in a pink dress says as she walks inside the cabin.
“Let’s go then.” The captain immediately replies.
“You heard that Pecko?” a man with a white scarf and a seemingly older look than the captain asks.
“Wingull!” His faithful companion cried with joy.

As the ship slowly begins to move, Captain Stern stares at the deep sea blue ocean at night, which almost blends in with the night sky, he’s sitting behind the helm, slowly stirring it to his right. To his right is Mr. Briney, a well experienced traveler who knew the seas of Hoenn like the back of his hand in the olden days, also staring at the blue sea.

Behind both of them is Genevieve, the most experienced nurse of the ship, who is an expert healer and also an expert trainer; she always wears a pinks dress with a hat of the same color, and is always carrying a black case around.

“So, where are we going?” Mr. Briney asks.
“Well…,” Genevieve opens her case, and starts looking around for a certain paper, pulling many out with her speedy hands in the process. At last, she pulls out a yellow folder and let’s a ‘sigh’ of relief as she opens it, “First, it’s…,” Genevieve starts reading with a loud voice at a gigantic pace, “Petalburgh City, followed by Rustboro City, both of them in the Hoenn region.”
“Then we go to Sandgem Town and Snowpoint City in Sinnoh.” Cpt. Stern adds.
“And finally, Nuvema Town and Nimbasa City in N.R.U.” Genevieve ends.
“N.R.U.?” Mr. Briney asks.
“New Republic of Unova.” Cpt. Stern answers, “Alrighty then,” he adds, “Get comfortable you two, it’s a long way from Orre to Hoenn!”

As For the Chapter

After giving Prof. Oak what she thought was a well deserved punch, two of the three Pokemon the Professor still had (Charmander and Eevee) will run away from Chaos, but Bulbasaur seems to have a huge interest for her, ao the small Pokemon approaches her.

After a conversation with the Professor, Oak will give Chaos a Bulbasaur, along with a Pokedex and fifteen Pokeballs, which she will quickly take so she can finally leave the lab.

Soon she'll be in ROUTE 1.

Very Common Pokemon

Common Pokemon

Uncommon Pokemon

Rare Pokemon

Very Rare Pokemon

Before venturing in the tall grass, she'll spot an item in the ground, it's a Libra Ticket, in the back it says: "Flash and you'll be able to board the luxury liner S.S. Libra II". She wonders who could have discarded it. And she then decides to keep it, and ventures in the tall grass, where she may or may not catch Pokemon.

In case you want to catch a Pokemon, end your post in the moment the Pokeball's rocking in the floor: I'll decide if you catch your Pokemon or not.

You and Pikachu will be just wandering around PALLET TOWN, after a while, they will find the remains of what used to be the home of the greatest Trainer there's ever been: Red.

The house collapsed as soon as the chain of earthquakes reached Kanto, luckily, Red's Mother managed to survive, and she's currently living with Daisy Oak, another survivor.

After admiring the collapsed house for a while, Dominic will head to Route 1, he will first stop and look at what Professor Oak gave to him: The Libra Ticket, which will let him ride the luxury liner known as the Seven Seas Libra The Second, S.S. Libra II for short.

Dominic will resume his journey, and he will venture into Route 1.

James will begin in VIOLET CITY. After admiring the Sprout Tower for a while, he'll decide to take on the local gym, but it seems that there's a note on the door that says 'gone for lunch'.

After this, he'll attempt to go to Route 32, but an aide from Professor Elm will arrive, gasping all around, saying he forgot to give James something: The Libra Ticket, which is going to let him board a luxury liner that will take him to what the aide calls 'a safer place', but he also says that the ship will depart in half an hour.

After this, he'll leave, and James will rush towards Route 31, hoping to arrive at the port in Cherrygrove, where the aide told him the ship will be at, in time.

Marion will begin in the middle of a BATTLE against Norman, leader of the Petalburgh Gym, but Norman easily wins against Marion’s one Pokémon team.
Leader Norman
Vigoroth knows Giga Impact, Superpower, Quick Attack and Agility. His ability is Speed Boost

After the battle is over; Marion exits the gym, a little bit frustrated, and heads to the Pokémon Center to heal her Skitty.

Once inside the building, an aide from Professor Birch’s lab will come inside in a rush, and hardly breathing due to fatigue. He apparently forgot to give Marion the Libra Ticket, which is her pass for a luxury liner, the Seven Seas Libra the Second, which will soon arrive at Petalburgh City, and then at Rustboro City before departing to Sinnoh. He won’t tell anything about the ship, just that it will take her to a ‘safer place’.

Jack will start outside the ETERNA Gym, which was recently closed, as Gardenia is nowhere to be found, Jack will walk disappointed back to the Pokémon Center, but right before entering it, an aide from Professor Rowan’s lab will come in a rush, and hardly breathing due to fatigue. He apparently forgot to give Jack the Libra Ticket, which is his pass for a luxury liner, the Seven Seas Libra the Second, which will soon arrive at Sandgem Town, and then at Snowpoint City before departing to the New Republic of Unova. He won’t tell anything about the ship, just that it will take him to a ‘safer place’.

After the aide leaves, Jack will walk towards Team Galactic’s Eterna Building, and observe it for a while. After this, he’ll go admire the now destroyed statue in honor to the three dragons.

You’ll begin in either Nuvema Town or Mistralton City since you haven’t chosen one of those yet. If you chose Mistralton, go to the part that says ‘Cingens Dustellar’, and do what’s listed there.

In case you choose NUVEMA TOWN, then keep reading.

Nuvema Town is now located in front of a small beach, and the town is now considerably bigger, having a huge amount of houses scattered around, and Professor Juniper’s lab is in the center of the town. The town is surrounded by regular sized trees, and it connects to the New Route 1 to the north, while it connects to the sea in the south.

You’ll begin in the beach, staring at the blue sea, wandering about all the things that could be behind the horizon, when an aide from the professor’s lab will arrive calmly and tell you he almost forgot to give you your Libra Ticket for the S.S. Libra the Second, he doesn’t tell you where the liner will take you, but he ensures it’ll be a ‘safer place’.

After this, Felis will head into NEW ROUTE 1, where Professor Juniper will be waiting, she’ll say she’ll give you something useful if you can defeat her in battle, a battle will then begin, and her team will be as follow:
Note: Minccino knows Quick Attack and Iron Tail.
Professor Juniper will not give any prize money when defeated.

After the battle’s over, the Professor will give Felis ten Pokéballs and a TM with Return, she’ll leave afterwards.

MISTRALTON CITY, despite having the same name as its predecessor, is no longer like it in many aspects, it’s now smaller, and there’s now a small airport (wich is still for cargo), a Pokemon Center, a PokeMart (they’re no longer merged), and a couple of houses. There’s no longer a spot where vegetables were planted, and the stage for airplanes is now considerably smaller, Skyla’s Gym, however, still remains the same.

Despite all these changes, the city still preserves the vibrant energy of its predecessor.

Cingens will find herself in front of the Mistralton City Gym, where there’s a note in front of the door that says ‘gone for lunch <3 Skyla .

This chapter is for you to introduce and develop your characters, how they got to the place where they started, how they feel for going on a journey and all that stuff.


Ginny Dustellar

"Okay, Epsilon!" Ginny tells her Minccino with joy, "Let's go get our first badge!"

As the duo comes closer to the gym, they spot a small note in the front door that quickly changes their mood.

To whoever is reading this:
Gone for lunch!
Back in 5 (maybe) :D


"Well," Says Ginny, "Guess we won't be getting our first badge yet..."

Upon hearing this, Epsilon stopped smiling, and the cheerful Pokemon was soon sad and almost crying.

"Aw," Said Ginny, "don't worry, little guy! We can train while Skyla comes back!"

The chinchilla Pokemon soon began smiling again after giving a cheerful cry to his trainer.

"Let's go, Epsilon!"

The duo began walking around a huge cargo plane that was right in front of the gym. How irresponsible! She thought, those things could kill the ears of those who come to challenge Skyla!

After exiting the stage where the plane was, Ginny and Epsilon found themselves in front of the Airport. If only they didn't only take cargo, she thought.

The moment she saw the airport for the first time, she was hoping to get a ride to another region, but that won't happen, the planes are for cargo only, and Skyla would never allow anything other than that in her planes.

They both resumed their tracks and headed south of town, where there was nothing but a rocky wall, the only way out of the town is north of it, but she decided to go south because that's where she saw the Rangers that saved her for the last time...

After she was finally able to leave from Chroma Highlands when the earthquakes ceased, the Rangers agreed to take her somewhere else, but since Ginny didn't knew any place other than Oreburgh City and Jubilife City, which were destroyed, she just pointed at the first city she saw when she was on the back of a Ranger's Pidgeot.

That city just turned out to be the newly rebuilt Mistralton City, where they left her. She was planning on getting a job at the airport, and that's when a passerby with lab coat saw her.

It was Professor Juniper, which somehow managed to convince her to travel across the Pokemon world with apparently no reason at all. Are all Pokemon Professors like this? she thought at that time. But she has no answer yet, as she hasn't even left Mistralton City ever since she met the Professor and received her Minccino three days before.

She felt a strange sensation in her left leg, it was Minccino, trying to call her attention by trying to shake her with his paws.

"Sorry," She told the furry Pokemon, "I just drifted off for a while. Let's go!"

The duo resumed their track towards the north of Mistralton, wandering for the very first time into the wild...

In case you can't get inspired, I added several links to videos so that you can get some inspiration :)

One last thing, just because I already told you what you have to do doesn't mean that you can't make it more interesting :)

Any ideas/suggestions/questions are more than welcome... as long as they're in the OOC thread.

Lucifer-san August 4th, 2012 3:11 PM

Holy Burrito, and I believe this would be my sign-up. Hope that I make the cut and my bad if I messed up anything.

Name: Akio Pharos
Gender: Guy
Age: Fifteen
Appearance: Akio has a height of 5 foot 7 inches, and weighs in at about 150 lbs. Akio’s hair color is a dark blue which was surprisingly natural for him. His eye color is a dark copper color which can easily be seen as brown by most people at first glance. Akio’s skin tone is slightly tanned from the time of his youth with a long scar running down his back. Akio’s body type is an athletic build but is not stacked with muscle showing that his build is a lightweight frame. Akio can be seen wearing a long sleeve black shirt along with dark blue jeans, and to finish off his look he sports a pair of white Nikes. In his ears are wireless earphones that were specially made by him which allow the songs from the MP3 Player he carries to be played on them without having the MP3 player on by pressing a button on it which allows it play any song available at the time. An oddity about him is the sword that he carries with him. It has a dark blue hilt along with a dark blue thread on the handle, the blade is made from stainless steel and has an engraving etched in to it in Romanian which says “Vitejie este aproape” which translates to ”Bravery is near.”
Personality: Akio is a very confident person and is a genius by most peoples standards but doesn’t brag to others about it and would rather. Akio is interested in the many things that the world has and likes to try new things including things such as foods, devices, cultures etc; He is lone wolf by nature but prefers to be with others as it allows him to enjoy the many things in life but still equally enjoys being by . Any friends that Akio has ever had have been people that have caught his interest and have gained his respect. Akio is a very loyal person but is able to read people to figure out their motives if they talk to him this allows him to stop people from playing him for a fool.
Backstory: Akio was born and raised in Viridian City by his mother Cecelia Pharos who worked at the nearby Poke-Mart as a manager and was a book writer who made a generous amount of money from the two books she published. The books she wrote were known as “The Gradual Darkness” and “The Ascent of the Trainer” which were read by many people and could be seen around town in most people’s homes. Even with the money that his mom had Akio never became arrogant like other however and was hailed as a prodigy and a genius by many. When he was younger Akio tinkered with many things and always liked to create inventions but did not have many friends really as he rather would create more inventions. As he grew up Akio learned that even with great talent, hard work was more important and could beat talent. Allowing this saying to guide his life Akio worked hard and managed to create the wireless earphones he wears in his ears. On his twelfth birthday, while his mom was at work, their home was attacked by a group of thugs. Trying to protect his home Akio foolishly attacked the two thugs but was stabbed in his back by one of the thugs injuring him severely. After the thugs left he managed to stop his bleeding somewhat by using his t-shirt to hold in the blood and stopping it from bleeding as much. After his mom returned home they hurriedly rushed young Akio over to the hospital. What should’ve taken many months to recover from Akio managed to recover in 2 months. The doctors at the hospital called it a miracle that he managed to heal this quickly, they said it had never been seen before. After Akio went through rehabilitation he asked him mom if he could take kendo classes so he could protect himself along with taking some karate. Akio’s reluctantly accepted this but made him promise to take it easy as he had pleaded for this for weeks. As soon as Akio started his classes he quickly took to both skills becoming a prodigy in both and was able to master the skills in three years. On his fifteenth birthday Akio decided he wanted to see new site and so with much pleading his mom bought a new bike along with a travel pack and Akio set off on his travels around Kanto. On his journey Akio honed his physical ability by training with Pokémon in the wild which for some would be a crazy idea. After a year of traveling and finishing up his adventuring for now he began to head for Pallet Town to get a Pokémon and see where Pokémon would take him in this world. As Akio neared Viridian City a local News Broadcast on his customized Pokégear brought to his attention that earthquakes were plaguing the land. At that exact moment an earthquake struck the route he was on and forced him to take evasive maneuvers to get to safety and pedaled as fast as he possibly could towards the place that he knew would possibly be the safest place for him, Victory Road. Kicking it into overdrive Akio drives straight through the forest around the gate to Victory Road watching the guards panic over the quakes. As soon as he managed to get around he rushed past the guards and rushed into Victory Road and went to a cave he made in there when he was younger. The quakes and tremors began to become more and more severe over time and soon the entrance to the cave was caved in. As Akio ducked and dodged the falling rocks a larger than normal rock hit him in his leg very hard. Akio sharply fell to the ground and crawled over to a corner in the mini cave he made as he tried to see what had happened. After inspection, that he barely was able to do due to falling rocks, it seemed he had broken his ankle and that it was bleeding somewhat. Akio thinking rationally made sure to stay calm as he pulled out a cloth from his pack and tied it around his ankle to stop the bleeding. After about 30 minutes or so as he could not really tell how long it had been the blood lost began to get to him. After about 10 minutes or so Akio dozed off and fell asleep hoping that someone would come to get him. Akio’s eyes fluttered open after a long time of being unconscious and saw white tiles and he figured he was in what appeared to be a hospital bed. A doctor soon came in after he woke up and told him that they had found him in the remains of a cave in Victory Road. Akio naturally curious asked the doctor what happened and what he found out made him speechless his hometown was completely destroyed all of his friends were dead. Akio was released from the hospital after a month and decided on a new course of life. This was because after being released he found out that the professors managed to survive. So once again he decided instead of moping around, as he already had did that for the time he was in the hospital that and mourning any way, he would continue to journey the world with a Pokémon partner by his side to live his friends dreams of being Pokémon trainer. This however was not his main goal as somewhere in his heart he still believed that his mom was alive because of one piece of evidence, her body was never found. So with his two goals set Akio set out to go and get his Pokémon and start his journey.
Which Professor gave you your Starter Pokémon? : Professor Oak
Which was your starter Pokémon? : Squirtle is an accurate depiction of what my guy looks like.

Vato August 4th, 2012 5:38 PM

@TheGameBringer42 Well, that was a very Japanese character :P
Anyways, you're accepted!


Anyways, Akio recieved a Squirtle!
Squirtle, the tiny turtle Pokemon!
Ability: Rain Dish
-Iron Tail

Anyways, I now have to figure out a way to add you...
Oh well.

Godzil August 4th, 2012 10:29 PM

Somewhere! In Eterna City...

Jack looks up at Eterna Gym, the building a proud testament to the city's strength and age. Or it was once, but now it's just an old, empty building. He looks at the door, which he suspects would be locked if it hadn't been broken down at some point. The door lays on the floor of the building, letting in the sunlight. "Well, so much for meeting Gardenia. And a gym specialising in Grass Pokemon would have been just what I needed to start my training." He sighs, turning back and walking to the Pokemon Center, where he can come up with a new plan. He grabs the door handle, when he hears rapid footsteps and labored breathing.

"H-hey! *pant, gasp* Wait a second!"

Jack turns, seeing a man in a white lab coat rushing toward him. He looks behind himself, checking to see if the man is refering to someone else. "Who, me?" Then realization strikes as the man reaches the door, bending over and desperately trying to cath his breath. "Wait, I remember you now! I saw you at the lab, but we didn't talk to each other."

The man, having finally recovered enough to stand up, reaches into his coat pocket. "Yeah, I know. We were supposed to, though. I forgot to give you this." He hands Jack an envolope. "This is a ticket for a boat, known as the Seven Seas Libra the Second. It'll reach Sandgem Town in a few days, and leave the evening it arrives. You need to be on that boat. If you miss it, it'll make it's next stop at Snowpoint City. I doubt you'd make it there in time, so you have to get on at Sandgem. After Snowpoint, it'll be going to the N.R.U. Just get on, and it'll take you to a safer place."

"A 'safer place'? Where?" Jack takes the envolope, tearing it open to look at the ticket inside.

The aide grabs Jack's arm, startling Jack and forcing him to meet the aide's eyes. "A safer. Place. Just get on at Sandgem." The aide lets Jack go, walking backwards as he heads back the way he came from. "Just be there, alright?" After a few more steps, he turns and walks away, soon getting out of sight.

Jack stares after the man, sliding the half-opened envolope into an inside pocket of his jacket. He turns away, wandering back toward his home. On the way, he stops in front of the Galactic Building, looking up and scanning the building with his eyes. "I wonder..." he mutters to himself. "Are Mom and Dad inside right now? Or are they off on some job? I haven't seen them all week, and they won't even know I'm gone. Espescially not if I have to get on that boat. It'll take me a couple days just to get to Sandgem on foot..." After a few minutes, he turns away from the building, headed back to his house.

By now it's early evening, and he leaves a note for his parents on the kitchen table. A simple note, simply saying "I've gone on a bit of a journey, don't know when I'll be back. Sorry I left before you got back." Resolving to leave tonight, he grabs his backpack and his overcoat, he decides to make one last stop before he goes, to say goodbye to his friends.

He stands in front of the old statue in town, once dedicated to the three great dragons of Sinnoh. The statue had been made of bronze, with precious metals and gems for accent pieces on the dragons. Those had long since been stolen and sold off, leaving the three bronze bodies bare of decoration. Recently, even those had been knocked down and melted into slag. All that remians is the marble base, engraved with the legend of the three. He walks over to it, placing a hand on one of the few remaining bits of bronze, one of Palkia's feet.

"Well, this is goodbye, old friends. I'll be going on an adventure of my own soon. Hopefully I'm not melted down like you were." He grins at his little joke, patting Palkia's foot warmly. He buttons his jacket shut, pulling the envolope out as he does. He opens it up, looking over the simple ticket as he thinks about the aide's words. "No point in waiting around then. The boat will take me somewhere safe. That means here isn't safe. Wish me luck, Palkia. Maybe I'll meet the real you someday. Wouldn't that be something?" He gives the statue one last look as the sun starts going down, turning and walking off toward the forest, and from there, Sandgem.

The Red Eagle August 6th, 2012 12:37 PM

"Alright Dominic best of luck with your journey" Professor Oak said as he stepped out of the house with the Pokemon Professor. Dominic turned around and shook hands with the Professor.

"Are you sure going to be alright, Professor", Dominic said, "You know since I will not be here to help around the office".

"Don't you worry about me just make sure you stay safe. Yet before you leave, I want to give you something", the Professor said digging in his pocket. He then pulled out a bright golden ticket. "This is The Libra Ticket, it will allow you to ride a luxury liner known as the S.S. Libra II, count it as a going away gift". He handed Dominic the ticket.

"Thank you sir, you take care now", Dominic said. The electric mouse probably sensed that this would be the last time he would see his previous owner so he jumped off Dominic's shoulder and onto the Professor's shoulder and started rubbing his cheek against the Professor's cheek. "Wait, Pikachu don't do that", Dominic tried to say but it was too late, the Pokemon released volts of electricity all across the Professor and even across Dominic. Soon the electric Pokemon realized what he was doing and stopped. "Professor are you alright", Dominic asked.

"Oh yes, I'm used to it by now", Professor Oak said, "Just make sure you help Pikachu control that.

"Pika Pika", Pikachu said apologetically.

"Well you should get going before you linger any longer", Professor Oak said.

Dominic didn't say anything but looked at Professor Oak and nodded and started walking. After a minute of walking Dominic looked over his shoulder and saw the lab that was almost done being rebuilt. Because of a series of earthquakes that the legendaries had caused a lot of rebuilding had to be done. Dominic was apart of it as well as everyone els, yet it could take perhaps almost five more years for everything to be rebuilt to its former glory. Dominic reached in his pocket and felt his money that he was saving and was now carrying it. This was perhaps the most money he had ever carried at one time, and it was a good thing since the natural disasters practically destroyed all banks and stock exchanges.

"So Pikachu it looks like we are all on our own now", Dominic asked his Pokemon friend.

"Pika Pika Pikachu", Pikachu replied.

"I'm pretty sure we are the chosen one's and we will do our best", Dominic said.

Pikachu leaped from Dominic's shoulder and started making motions ask if he was boxing. Dominic laughed when all of a sudden his stomach started to growl. He had packed a lunch and he was planning on eating it later. Yet as he thought about he didn't eat last night and couldn't go to sleep. He reached in his bag and decided to take a bite out of his sandwich in his bag. He then went and grabbed a bag of chips and started to eat that. Dominic decided to walk around Pallet town one more before he was on his journey.

It was in a middle of the day and everyone was busy. Most people now were rebuilding their homes and offices. Dominic remembered that day, he and Professor Oak went underground with the help of one of Oak's Pokemon. He soon passed a famous house that everyone knew about. It was the house of the greatest trainer ever: Red. Dominic remembered that Red had a Pikachu as well. He just stood hp there as the house looked like it would need more time to be completed, when the door opened. It was Professor Oak's granddaughter, Daisy Oak.

"Hey Dominic", she said, "All set for your journey"?

"Yes mam", Dominic said, "I'm all ready going".

"Best of luck to you and your new partner", she said as she reached for Pikachu's cheeks.

"No don't do that", Dominic started but again it was too late. The Pokemon had already released volts of Electricity and shocked Dominic and Daisy. Pikachu soon stopped.

"Pika Pikachu", Pikachu said as he looked sad.

"Yeah Daisy, we are still working on that", Dominic said.

"Yeah good luck with that", Daisy said with a smile on herself, "Anyway I just had stepped out for some fresh air from all those chemicals in there".

"Hopefully the house will be done soon", Dominic said, "Well I better get going".

"Stay safe", Daisy called as Dominic started walking again. Soon he passed a sign that had said Route 1. He was to start going this way. He looked at the city he had called home for the pass three years now, he was now on his own...again. He looked at his ticket that Professor Oak gave him one more time. The Seven Seas Libra the Second or the S.S. Libra II for short.

Professor Oak was like a father to him. Dominic didn't even know Professor Oak and Professor Oak didn't know him before he actually went to Pallet Town. Dominic had read an article while his foster parents was on a trip and he decided to go over there and work for Professor Oak. As soon as he showed up on the Professor's step, Oak accepted him without question. For that Dominic was eternally grateful and he would not let his eternal friend down.

Jacinth August 6th, 2012 5:38 PM

Rion Detta
Petalburg City

"No, no! Dodge it-"

Before the young trainer could even finish her sentence, the tiny skitty was sent flying by the Vigoroth's slash, skidding in the dirt-covered gym floor. "...Damnit..." She muttered, jogging over to where her companion was lying.

"You'd better get him to a Pokemon Center." Norman says, trying to be friendly. Rion shoots a nasty glare at him before carrying her skitty out of the room, smoothing his ruffled fur.

"...kit...Skit?" He asked, curling up in her arms and hugging his tail.

"I'm sorry, Ushio. We'll heal you soon." Rion muttered, rare compassion and guilt in her voice. "I shouldn't have challenged him. You're too weak."

"...Kit!" Ushio protested, trying to move out of her arms to prove his strength.

"Yeah, I don't think so." She held him tighter, keeping his tiny paws pressed against her palm to prevent him from struggling.

"Skit..." Ushio then closed his eyes as they exited the gym building, relaxing in her arms. Rion had to admit, she had never felt this way before. She had never liked pokemon before, but she could get used to this little guy...

Rion cradled the kitten close to her chest as she entered the Pokemon Center, jogging to the service counter. Noticing her prescence, the Nurse turned around greeting her customarily.

"Hello, and welcome to the Pokemon Center! Would you like me to..." Her voice trailed off as the nurse looked worriedly at Ushio. "Your Skitty's not in the best shape."

"Oh, thank you for letting me know, captain obvious." Rion replied snarkly, placing his limp body on the counter.

The nurse ignored her comment, picking her Pokemon up. "...I'll call you back when you can see him." Rion now realized that she genuinely looked worried, as if Ushio's life might be in danger.

"Wait, what's-"

"Chansey, come!" The nurse called to her assistant, taking her Pokemon down a hallway. Rion slammed her head against the counter, groaning.

Wonderful. My first pokemon and I've already almost killed it. She sighed, walking away and taking a seat on a sofa near the Pokemart. Oh, I hope he's not really hurt that bad...

"Marion!" Hearing her name, she looked around, seeing an older man with an envelope panting in the entryway. "Miss Marion?"

Rolling her eyes, she stood and made her way to him. "That would be me, sir."

"O-oh!" He paused for a bit, catching his breath. "I forgot to give you this! A ticket for the SS Libra II!"

"Huh?" Rion took the envelope from him, opening it and looking at the ticket. S.S. LIbra II, departing at 12:30 PM...

"What?!" Rion yelled. "It's already noon! How could you forget something this important?!"

"I'm sorry, Miss Marion! It was not intentional!..."

"Whatever. Stupid old man." She said under her breath. And now I only have a half hour to get to the port...

Kieran August 7th, 2012 12:26 PM

Can I still join?

If I can, here is my sign up form.

Name: Chaos Ariek
Gender: Female
Age: 16, but she doen't know.
Appearance: Tall, but not huge. Slim, but not too slim. She has dark purple hair, dyed and originally blonde. She always wears the same black t-shirt, which is now way too small for her. She wears a tight miniskirt, that is three sizes too small. She wears the faintest amount of lipstick, to make her lips normal colour, simce they are naturally black. She has very pale white skin.
Personality: She is generally cold towards humans, since all of them that she has met despise her. She doesn't give a wet slap what other people think about her, or about friends. She wants to prove that she is better than everyone else, that is why she chose a pokemon.
Backstory: Her earliest memory is of lying deserted on the ground, alone. A man in black walked in, holding a gun. Chaos ran, chased by the man, finally escaping. She was in Saffron. She saw people there, but they all hated her, so she ran and ran. Years later, still running, she collapses, seeing a sign sayin "Pallet Town" Later that day, she awakes in a lab. She sees an old kind face looking at her, an instintively punches it.
Which Professor gave you your starter pokemon: Prof. Oak
Whhich starter pokemon did you choose: Bulbasaur

Holy Burritos this is a lot shorter than everyone else's. I hope I make it.

Kieran August 8th, 2012 11:48 AM

Just letting you know, in the list of taken pokemon, Squirtle is there twice, but no Bulbasaur...

Chaos punched Professor Oak in the nose. He stumbled back, hurt. There were some pokemon behind Professor Oak, a Charmander, an Eevee and a Bulbasaur. Eevee jumped onto Professor Oak's shoulder, licking his nose, while Charmander snuggled into his feet. Bulbasaur, on the other hand, seemed interested in Chaos, running towards her. Annoyed, Chao took a swipe at the Bulbasaur, which it dodged, playfully headbutting Chaos

By this time, Oak had recovered, pulling Bulbsaur back, but collapsing again when the Bulbasaur use absorb to drain his energy.
"Troublesome little tyrant..." muttered Oak "Would you like him?" Chaos contemplated this for a second, then decided
"I'll take it." Professor Oak handed her fifteen pokeballs and a pokedex, for looking up pokemon. Chaos was eager to get out of the lab, so she clicked a button on Bulbasaur's pokeball, returning it to the strange device. She then ran out of the lab, onto Route One.

She trudged down Route One, wondering what to do. Suddenly, she tripped in an Oddish hole, disturbing the creature. Bending down, she saw a strange ticket on the ground for a boat. She picked it up, making a mental note to look at it later, for now, she would look at the Oddish. She stared at it for a moment, then sent out her Bulbasaur.
"Bulbasaur, absorb on that Oddish." Bulbasaur looked blankly at her for a moment, eyes glazed. Chaos kicked Bulbasaur, then it attacked the Oddish. The Oddish headbutt Bulbasaur, Bulbasaur, now provoked, used absorb on the Oddish, making it fall to the floor.
"Maybe I'll catch an obedient pokemon this time..."thought Chaos aloud "Go pokeball!" as she threw the small spherical device. The pokeball starting rocking. Left, right, left, right. Chaos stared intently, waiting to catch it.

Is that chapter OK? Oh, make sure Oddish knows headbutt, xd. This BUlbasaur has some serious stuff planned for it.

zapdos926 August 8th, 2012 11:32 PM

"Well damn," James sighed and looked down at Gracie, his cyndaquil as he read the note on the gym door, "Well that's disappointing to say the least."
"Cynda, cyndaquil," Gracie muzzled into his chest.
"Well, at least we got to see Sprout Tower, right?" he scratched her head and looked around, "Well, we're off to route 32," he smiled and started walking. There were a few wild pokemon, but nothing Gracie couldn't handle since they were mostly grass and bugs.
"E-excuse me!" a very out of breath voice called, "James Vendet?"
James turned around to see one of Elm's aides, "Hello. May I help you?"
"Actually, the professor forgot to give you something," he caught his breath and stood straight, pulling a ticket out of his lab coat and handing it to James, "It'll take you to a safer place," he said as James read the ticket.
"The S.S. Libra? Sounds fancy," James smiled.
"It is, but you need to go now! It leaves in a half an hour from Cherry Grove."
"What?! That's pretty soon..." he mumbled, "And a safer place? Oh well, I'll go," he gave an exasperated sigh, "Thank you. Good bye," he waved to the aid and called Gracie back into her pokeball before taking off at a run towards Cherrygrove, arriving in 20 minutes and nearly collapsed as he entered the city.

Vato August 9th, 2012 9:43 AM

@Godzil I must say I'm impressed by how you portrayed Eterna City :)

@TheRedEagle Great post! Too bad Dom has to leave the Professor :(

@Jacinth Hilarious post! Marion is one of my favorite characters! :P

@chaoticlapras Clever way of finding the ticket!

Oddish was caught!
Oddish, the... whatever, I guess I'll just stop sayin' what kind of Pokemon they are...
Ability: Run Away
- Headbutt
- Absorb

Apart of the level-up/egg moves you can make Bulbasaur learn at any time (just like everyone else's Pokemon can), Bulbasaur is now able to learn Glare!

Would you like to give Oddish a nickname?

@Zapdos926 Great post! Can't wait to read more!

Chapter II will soon be around here, so, if you haven't posted, hurry up!

Kieran August 9th, 2012 10:31 AM

Can I nickname Bulbasaur Bulby and Oddish Odd in th next chapter? Anyways, methinks that I am dead if anyone with a fire type comes along. Anyway, Bulbasaur learned Glare! I wande where the SS. Libra will go?

Vato August 9th, 2012 11:03 AM

Yes you can! Just remember, whenever you want to talk of something about the RP, you can do that in the OOC Thead :)

And the place where S.S. Libra II will go..., well, I don't wanna spoil the fun, so you must find out by yourselves!

Vato August 13th, 2012 12:47 PM


This Day…
You may post as much as you want during this chapter.
Places that can be explored during this chapter






Chaos may battle/catch wild Pokemon before proceeding with the story; she can also fight against NPCs or other RPers.

After she’s done with the previous, she will take a glance at the Libra Ticket, among all the places where the ship will dock, the closest place from where she is seems to be Pallet Town, she will decide to go back and ride the ship, as she’s got nothing to lose.

Once in Pallet Town, she may battle any NPCs as well as other RPers before proceeding.

After Chaos is done with the previous, she will see a ship slowly approaching the small river in Pallet Town, it will quickly dock, and a lot of people will start boarding, after biding a farewell to the town, Chaos will join the crowd and board the ship, ending the chapter.

Dominic will be in Route 1, where he will take a look at the Pokeballs and Pokedex he received from Professor Oak a while before.

He will then be able to fight/catch Pokemon, he will also be able to fight NPCs and other RPers before proceeding with the story.

He will take a glance at the Libra Ticket, among all the places where the ship will dock; the closest seems to be Pallet Town. He will go back to Pallet Town, where a ship will already be docked, he will board the ship ending the chapter, but he may fight other RPers, as well as NPCs before this.

Getting to choose between Charmander and Eevee is what you get for being late, Salias! :P

Anyways, after receiving 15 Pokeballs, a Pokedex and a Libra Ticket, the last one for riding a luxury liner that will take you to ‘a safer place’, you’ll wander around Pallet Town.

You may battle NPCs, as well as other RPers before proceeding with the story.

Once in Route 1, Salias will be able to fight/catch wild Pokemon, he may also fight against NPCs or other RPers.

Once done, Salias will take a look at the Libra Ticket, which says that the closest place where the ship will dock is Pallet Town.

Salias may resume what he was doing before heading back to Pallet Town.

Once back, Salias will see a huge ship docked, and will board it along with a huge crowd, ending the chapter.

The aide who gave James the Libra Ticket will arrive once more, saying he forgot to give James 15 Pokeballs, as well as his Pokedex. The aide will quickly depart.

Seeing that the ship is not in the city yet, James will head into Route 29.

Once here, he may fight/catch Pokemon, he may also fight against NPCs and other RPers before proceeding with the story.

After he’s done, he’ll go back to Cherrygrove City, where a huge ship will slowly be approaching.

The ship will quickly dock, and a lot of people will begin boarding, James will soon join the crowd and board the ship, ending the chapter

Malik will begin Route 29, where he will take a look at the Libra Ticket, which he received from Professor Elm along with 15 Pokeballs and a Pokedex. The closest (and only) place where the ship will arrive is Cherrygrove City

He will then fight/catch Pokemon, and he may also fight NPCs as well as other RPers before proceeding with the story.

Once he arrives at Cherrygrove City, a ship will already be docked, and a lot of people will be boarding, he will board the ship, ending the chapter.

Marty will begin Route 29, where he will take a look at the Libra Ticket, which he received from Professor Elm along with 15 Pokeballs and a Pokedex. The closest (and only) place where the ship will arrive is Cherrygrove City

He will then fight/catch Pokemon, and he may also fight NPCs as well as other RPers before proceeding with the story.

Once he arrives at Cherrygrove City, a ship will already be docked, and a lot of people will be boarding, he will board the ship, ending the chapter.

After receiving 15 Pokeballs, a Pokedex, and a Libra Ticket for riding the luxury liner known as the S.S. Libra II, Patrick will depart New Bark Town, and head to Route 29 after Jasmine's Skarmory departs.

He'll then proceed to catch/fight any wild Pokemon, NPC and RPers before proceeding to Cherrygrove City.

Once there, he'll see that the S.S. Libra is making its last call for those to board it, Patrick will then quickly join the slowly decreasing crowd of people around the ship and board it, ending the chapter...

After receiving Skitty from the nurse, Marion will be told to be more cautious with Pokemon.

Marion will leave the, and she’ll take a look at the Libra Ticket, it says the ship will dock in Petalburgh… but there’s no ship. Might as well go and do some training in Route 103. Once there, the aide she talked with earlier will arrive again, saying he forgot to give her 15 Pokeballs and a Pokedex. The aide will soon leave.

Once here she may fight/catch Pokemon, she may also fight NPCs before proceding with the story.

After she’s done, she’ll decide to go back to Petalburgh and see if the ship is there.

The ship arrived while she was in Route 103, and there’s a lot of people boarding it, Marion will bid a farewell to Hoenn and board the ship, ending the chapter.

Jack will be at Route 2here's here he will se the aide once again, who forgot to give him his 15 Pokeballs and Pokedex. The aide will then leave, and Jack may fight/catch Pokemon before proceeding, he may as well fight NPCs.

Jack will enter Eterna Forest, a forest filled with dusk even under the brightest sunshine.

He will wander around, fighting/catching wild Pokemon if so he wishes.

After a while, he will find Roark, the gym leader from Oreburgh City. Roark will tell him that he got lost trying to find rock Pokemon, which he foolishly thought would also live in forests.

Jack will tell him that he’s lost, and Roark will offer to take him wherever he needs with an Aerodactyl he recently revived from a fossil.

After leaving the forest, Jack will tell Roark that he needs to go to Sandgem Town.

Once they land in Sandgem Town, Jack will see the ship hasn’t arrived yet, and he asks Roark if they can have a battle in order to kill some time.

Roark will accept
Note: Aerodactyl’s only move is Fly.

The battle will be left unconcluded since the ship will arrive in the middle of it. Jack will board the ship after promising Roark that someday they will finish their battle.

All right, you'll begin in Sandgem Town, and after receiving 15 Pokeballs, a Pokedex, and a Libra Ticket for the S.S. Libra II (which is already docked in the beach) from Prof. Rowan, you may head to either of the routes before boarding the ship, or just immediately board.

I'm updating from a phone, and thus, I can't really add images, so here's the wild Pokemon in the routes:

Very Common: Bidoof
Common: Starly, Pidgey, Pidove
Uncommon: Nidoran (both genders), Roggenrola
Rare: Buizel, Shinx, Caterpie, Weddle
Very Rare: Wurmple, Silcoon, Cascoon

Boarding the ship will result in the chapter ending...

Thomas will be leaving Professor Juniper’s lab after he receives 15 Pokeballs, a Pokedex, and a Libra Ticket, which will apparently take him to ‘a safer place’.

The ship will arrive at New Route 1 in a while, so Thomas decides to go there and do some training for a while.

Thomas may fight/catch as much wild Pokemon as he wants before proceding with the story.

Once he’s done, a huge ship will arrive and dock at the river in New Route 1, but only a few people will be boarding, Thomas will then board the ship, ending the chapter.

Cingens will be in New Route Seven, an aide of Professor Juniper will soon arrive and tell her that the Professor forgot to give her something, the aide will then give Ginny a Libra Ticket, 10 Pokeballs and a Pokedex, the aide will then leave.

She may catch/fight Pokemon, and she may also fight against NPCs and other RPers.

She’ll take a look at the ticket, which says the last stop for the ship will be at Nimbasa City.

She’ll eventually reach Nimbasa City, where she’ll wander lost for a while until she finds a small pier by the side of the city, where a huge ship will be docked, and a lot of people will be boarding, Ginny will board the S.S. Libra II, ending the chapter.

If you chose Mistralton City, do what Ginny has to do.

If you chose Nuvema Town, Felis may catch/fight Pokemon, and she may also fight against NPCs, as well as other RPers before proceeding.

After a while, a huge ship will dock in the small river in New Route One, but only a few people will be boarding it. Felis will join these people and board the ship, ending the chapter.

zapdos926 August 13th, 2012 2:00 PM

James heard more heavy breathing, breathing that wasn't his own and looked up after catching his breath to see the aide.
"James! James, sorry, but I forgot to give you these," he panted and handed they teen 15 pokeballs and the little red, technological booklet that was the pokedex.
"Thanks," he gave an exasperated sigh and let Gracie out of her ball and picked her up as he headed towards the dock, hoping to see the ship ready to depart, but when he flashed his ticket to the guard, he was rejected and told the ship wasn't ready.
"Cynda, cyndaquil," Gracie said quietly and nuzzled James comfortingly, generating a warm heat. James smiled and scratched the cyndaquils back.
"Well, let's head to route 29, see if we can't get any new team mates," James said with a tired grin and made his way towards the route.

Once there, he quickly saw a lot of bugs, which were pokemon he dint particularly want on his team.
"I've heard there are sentret here, can you snuff any out?" he asked his cyndaquil who nodded and jumped out of his arms, sniffing and searching before after about 10 minutes of James idly watching, she ran into a striped tail and tugged on it.

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