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thenickel09 July 13th, 2012 2:13 PM

The Duo-Species Challenge II
*cue lights and fancy music and sexy dancers*

Eventually I will get fancy formatting, until then, deal with it!

What is this challenge you ask? Well sit right down, over-energetic PokeCommunity member, and I'll tell you!

To play through an entire Pokemon game using not 1, not 3, not 865733.4, but
TWO, count 'em, TWO Pokemon, which must should be entirely different species.

1. You may only use the two Pokemon you sign up to use. You can't say: "O, im gonna yewz Grodon 2 set up da sun eech turn, but im only yewzing my 2 pkmn". That's not the point of the challenge. Stick with the two you sign up with. NFEs are allowed! HM Slaves are also allowed, but they cannot be used in battle! if you do, you're horrible and you should feel horrible
2. Hacking and trading are expressly forbidden, except in the following cases:
a) You are using Pokemon not native to that region. (e.g. Nidoking in Ruby, Kingdra in White, etc.)
b) One or both of your Pokemon cannot be obtained reasonably quickly (i.e prior to 1st/2nd gym).
c) You want egg moves.
If one of these cases apply, then: you are allowed to hack the most basic form of the Pokemon in @ level 5, or trade over an egg.
3) The object is:
-GRBYFRLG- Obtain 8 Badges, Defeat [insert rival's name here].
-GSCHGSS- Obtain 16 Badges, Defeat the Elite Four and Red.
-RSE- Obtain 8 Badges, Defeat Steven.
-DPPt- Obtain 8 Badges, Defeat Cynthia.
-BWB2W2- Obtain 8 Badges, Defeat Alder/Iris. (Not too sure about B2W2, idk if you can defeat Iris right away)
4) You may sign up for either a single or ultimate challenge! A single challenge is one region and one game. The ultimate challenge requires using the same two pokemon in all five regions! (You may substitute remakes like FRLGHGSS for their original counterparts, if you'd like more selection.)
5) No legendaries. Cause then there would be no challenge, amirite?
6) Have fun.
7) Optional: Post screenshots of your progress if you are able! Text updates are no big deal, but it's always fun to see your pics. PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN !!!1!!1
8) You may play a hack. However, it can't be anything more than a generic 151/251/386/493/649 hack, because then it will be out of control.

Now if you're really paying attention, put the word "shucks" in your entry, and you'll get a gold star next to your name and acceptance into the challenge.

So you've read through all that jargon and you're still here? GOOD FOR YOU! You'll finally find out how to sign up!

Name: (Username on PC)/(Username In-Game)
Version: (Version of Choice) If this is a hack, please say both the hack name and the ROM base, it will save me tons of trouble.
Pokemon: (Pokemon 1)/(Pokemon 2) Hey there, Nickel again. POST THE FINAL EVOLUTION OF THE POKEMON OF CHOICE HERE PLEASE. If you don't I'll think you're doing your run with an NFE, which would be incorrect.

Here's mine:
Name: thenickel09/Devo
Version: Ruby
Pokemon: Tentacruel/Solrock

Single Challengers:






Ultimate Challengers:

Single Champions:


thenickel09-[Gardevoir/Nidoking], [Kabutops/Ninetales], [Venusaur/Banette]-Ruby



Ultimate Champions:

And now its time for Challenge-ception!
This section is where I'm gonna post specific Duo-Species runs. Take them on if you wish! They are entirely optional. But you will (eventually) get a special userbar, once I figure out how to make them/get someone to do them for me because I'm lazy!

#1) Nickel's Historic Challenge
Game: Ruby
Pokemon: and
This run is "historic" because it was the first ever DSC (and challenge in general, that I ever completed) and I want some of you to share the wealth.


Syddy's Special
Game: Black/White/Black 2/White 2
Pokemon: and
Hey, this is Sydian's Special Challenge, for all you adventurous nubs out there! No evolving Petilil!

Masters of the Seed Bby:

#3)Utterly Useless
Game: Gold/Silver/Crystal/HeartGold/SoulSilver
Pokemon: and
This run is just utterly "corny", but maybe something like this will "sparce" your challenge appetite.

Useless Victors:

Good luck to all of you!

- Zero - July 13th, 2012 3:46 PM

Name: - Zero -
Game: Gold
Pair: Charizard & Feraligatr

Shucks, I forgot this!

jdthebud July 13th, 2012 4:13 PM

Shucks, Ima gonna be the first second signup.

Name: jdthebud/Jay
Version: Ultimate, starting with FireRed
Pokemon: Masquerain and either Sandslash or Donphan

By the way, what is the policy on hacks? I think I may wanna do Storm Silver and/or Bloody Platinum.

thenickel09 July 13th, 2012 4:36 PM


Originally Posted by jdthebud (Post 7252258)

By the way, what is the policy on hacks? I think I may wanna do Storm Silver and/or Bloody Platinum.

As far as I'm concerned, hacks are OK. I'll just list them under the game's base.

(which I'm now going to mention in the rules) curse you, jd!

pkfire0 July 13th, 2012 5:02 PM

Name: Shucks, I think it's Pkfire0
Version: Platinum
Pokemon: Gastrodon and Scizor
Trading a scyther egg in the beginning for night slash

jdthebud July 13th, 2012 5:06 PM


Originally Posted by thenickel09 (Post 7252284)

As far as I'm concerned, hacks are OK. I'll just list them under the game's base.

(which I'm now going to mention in the rules) curse you, jd!

In that case, I'll revise my signup:

Name: jdthebud/Jay
Games: FireRed Omega, Storm Silver, Emerald, Bloody Platinum, Black
Pair: Sandshrew and Masquerain

I may change the Hoenn game, but that's good enough for now. Now I gotta find a FireRed Omega rom.

TRiGa July 14th, 2012 6:35 AM

Name: TRiGa
Version: Sapphire
Pokemon: Stamie & Cradily

MMT July 15th, 2012 8:15 PM

Ah shucks, I do enjoy challenges...
Name: MMT/Swag
Version: Platinum
Pokemon: Because I have a mental problem known as insanity, I will be going with Bibarel and Gyarados. I will however be using other pokemon as HM slaves, mainly because I find it strange not being able to fly.

This should be fairly easy considering I beat my first pokemon game (red version) with only my charizard :)

jdthebud July 15th, 2012 11:31 PM

Start of Ultimate Duo Challenge.
Here's my first update on FireRed Omega.

Name: Jay
Rival: Blue
Starter: Elekid (Rival got Smoochum)
  • After the beginning stuff, I caught Rain the Surskit in Viridian Forest.
  • Beat Blue and got through the forest pretty easily.
  • Brock was really hard. I had to grind a bit and hope for Rock Tomb misses, but Rain finally won.
  • Moved on through Mt. Moon to Cerulean City, and Rain evolved into Masquerain!
  • On Route 4, I caught Spike the Sandshrew, the other half of my duo.
  • Barely beat Blue after a couple lucky crits.
  • After beating Nugget Road, Spike evolved into Sandslash.
  • Saved Bill, then challenged Misty.
  • Lost badly, so I skipped her for now and went south to Vermilion City.
  • Cleared out the SS Anne along with Blue, and got Cut.
  • Went back and defeated Misty with the help of some healing items.
  • Took on Surge and won easily with Spike's Dig.
  • Got the Bike and Went through Rock Tunnel to Lavendar Town.
  • Made my way to Celadon City, where I beat Erika pretty easily.
  • Then I beat up the Rocket Hideout and Giovanni for the Silph Scope. Persian committed suicide with Double-Edge, lol.
  • Saved in Lavender Town.

A note on move changes: Dig is 80 power.

Team Jay:
Spike the Bashful Sandslash, ♀ - L45
Ability: Sand Veil
Moves: Dig, Secret Power, Brick Break, Rock Slide
Rain the Modest Masquerain, ♀ - L45 @ Mystic Water
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Water Pulse, Giga Drain, Aerial Ace, Stun Spore

HM Slaves:
Ch'Ding/Farfetch'd - Cut, Fly

MMT July 16th, 2012 10:51 AM

Hey Nick, I have a little problem. My little brother was using my Nintendo DS, and he broke the cartridge, and I need to fix it, other wise get a new one. So for now, I won't be making many updates.

thenickel09 July 16th, 2012 8:49 PM


Originally Posted by MMT (Post 7256418)
Hey Nick, I have a little problem. My little brother was using my Nintendo DS, and he broke the cartridge, and I need to fix it, other wise get a new one. So for now, I won't be making many updates.

No problem. That's totally fine.

theSyko501 July 16th, 2012 9:46 PM

Name: Thesyko501
Game:heart fire red
Pokemon: Arcanine/Seadra

/sigh my heart gold rom keeps crashing so i am going to switch to firered to keep going on with the challange. Still using the same pokemon but i will make horse a starter and growelith in route 1 some where to be catchable

-Started adventure in Fire Red and got horsea from oak
-Defeated rival green
-Went to Viridian City to get Oaks Parcel
-Returned to pallet town with Oaks Parcel and got pokeballs
-Cought level 5 Growlithe on route 1(had to hack him in)
-Went through Viridian Forest fighting an onslought of Caterpie and weedle eveloutions
-Made it to Pewter city and defeated Brock with bubbles!
-Went through route 3 and now waiting outside of Mt.Moon


jdthebud July 19th, 2012 12:20 AM

Update for Ultimate Duo Challenge.
Update #2 on FireRed Omega.

  • Beat some trainers I skipped earlier, then scaled Pokemon Tower, crushing Blue along the way.
  • Saved Mr. Fuji and got the Poke Flute, then killed both Snorlax.
  • Went into Sliph Co. and beat up the Rockets there. Blue was a tough fight, as was Giovanni, but I defeated them both.
  • Tried to fight Sabrina but she was too tough, so I trained up on the way to Fushia City.
  • Got Surf and Strength, then challenged Koga. He wasn't too difficult to defeat.
  • Then I went back to fight Sabrina and beat her easily thanks to some crits.
  • Surfed down to Cinnabar Island and explored the Pokemon Mansion.
  • Defeated Blaine easily with Spike.
  • After beating a bunch of ocean trainers, I took on the final gym.
  • Giovanni was as easy as ever to defeat.
  • Beat Blue again with difficulty, then made my way through Victory Road.
  • Got my duo to L78, then took on the Elite Four.
  • None of them were too difficult to defeat thanks to Spike's sheer power and Rain's coverage moves.
  • Finally it was time to face Blue for the title of Champion.
  • Here's the video and play-by-play of the battle:



A note on move changes: Giga Drain has 10 base PP.
Also, I am planning on doing the postgame as well.

Team Jay:
Rain the Modest Masquerain, ♀ - L79 @ Sitrus Berry (poof!)
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Water Pulse, Aerial Ace, Ice Beam, Giga Drain
Spike the Bashful Sandslash, ♀ - L80 @ Persim Berry
Ability: Sand Veil
Moves: Earthquake, Return, Rock Slide, Brick Break

HM Slaves:
Ch'Ding/Farfetch'd - Cut, Fly
Mudkip - Strength, Surf, Rock Smash

Seraphimon-sama July 19th, 2012 4:55 AM

Well shucks, I'm gonna go for it.

Name: Seraphimon-sama/Takuya
Version(s): Storm Silver (hack of Soul Silver), Sol Platinum (hack of Platinum), Pitch Black (hack of Black)

Storm Silver - Glaceon/Gardevoir
Sol Platinum - Magmortar/Gardevoir
Pitch Black - Alakazam/Gardevoir

Red99 July 19th, 2012 5:01 AM

I did this long before I started visiting this website! How's Blaziken and Metagross for Sapphire?

Relith July 19th, 2012 5:15 AM

Shucks, I think this will be mighty fun.

Name: Relith/Relith
Version: FireRed
Pokemon: Blissey/Dragonite

Should be a hard challenge.
Can I catch pokemon for getting the pokedex rating up?

Lezza July 19th, 2012 8:47 AM

This Challenge Does not Shuck(s)!
So Shucks to that

Name: Lezza
Version: Diamond

jdthebud July 22nd, 2012 8:56 AM

Update for Ultimate Duo Challenge.
Final Update (#3) on FireRed Omega.

  • Well, first I went over to Cerulean City to grab the Luck Egg I missed earlier.
  • Then I quickly headed back over to the Sevii Islands to complete the postgame arc there.
    Got the Ruby easily enough, then the Scientist foiled my attempt to grab the Sapphire.
  • Beat up the pre-Rockets of Johto fame and got it this time.
  • Headed over to Island 7 to train for the upgraded Elite Four.
  • Got my duo to L98, then challenged the Pokemon League again.
  • The Elite Four wasn't too difficult, though they had some weird team members, lol. Lance probably was the hardest to defeat.
  • Finally it was time to face Blue for the title of Champion...again. He was one tough cookie, especially with Jynx.

Hall of Fame:

A note on move changes: Giga Drain has 10 base PP.

Team Jay:
Rain the Modest Masquerain, ♀ - L100 @ NeverMeltIce
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Water Pulse, Aerial Ace, Ice Beam, Giga Drain
Final Stats: 268/135/177/248/201/171
Elite 4 2 co-MVP, Elite 4 2 co-MVP
Spike the Bashful Sandslash, ♀ - L100 @ Leftovers
Ability: Sand Veil
Moves: Earthquake, Body Slam, Rock Slide, Swords Dance
Final Stats: 289/265/274/129/143/196
Kanto MVP, Elite 4 1 co-MVP, Blue 1 MVP, Elite 4 2 co-MVP, Blue 2 MVP

HM Slaves:
Ch'Ding/Farfetch'd - Cut, Fly [boxed]
Mudkip - Strength, Surf, Rock Smash, Waterfall [boxed]

Hann July 24th, 2012 2:15 PM

Name: Buzz Buzz / Han
Version: Silver
Pokémon: ... Shucks... I'm trying the utterly, utterly useless combination of Dunsparce and Sunkern ... I'm so going to regret it later though :(

Rafael p July 24th, 2012 6:52 PM

Name: Rafael P
Version: Ruby
Pokemon: Sceptile/Raichu
Shucks this is going to be fun n.n

Hann July 25th, 2012 11:59 AM

Episode 1
I got a lot covered already. Dunsparce was fairly easy to catch, it took only about five minutes.
  • Chose Totodile as starter.
  • Caught Cedric the Dunsparce in the Dark Cave.
  • The Sprout Tower wasn't too difficult.
  • Defeated Falkner.
  • I thought the Union Cave would be the first really difficult place, but Rage worked surprisingly well and I got through it reasonably fast.
  • Cleared the Slowpoke Well and sent Team Rocket flying off again.
  • Defeated Bugsy and Silver.
  • Got through Ilex Forest.
  • Caught Sparkweed the Sunkern in the National Park.
  • Defeated Whitney and scared Sudowoodo away.
  • Beat Silver at the Burnt Tower.
  • Defeated Morty.

Sparkweed the Sunkern (M) @ Lv. 25
Mega Drain
Sunny Day
Cedric the Dunsparce (M) @ Lv. 31
HM Slave

Episode 2
This run is a lot easier than I thought. Sunkern is a pain, but Dunsparce is fairly useful.
  • Traveled to Olivine City and went to the Lighthouse.
  • Surfed my way to Cianwood City (the third most boring part).
  • Defeated Chuck.
  • Got Ampharos' medicine and brought it back to the Lighthouse.
  • Defeated Jasmine.
  • Traveled through Ecruteak and went on to Mahogany Town.
  • Defeated the Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage.
  • Met Lance and started the second most boring part: defeating Team Rocket in Mahogany.
  • Team Rocket escaped and I defeated Pryce.
  • Prof. Elm called, went to Goldenrod to do the most boring part: defeating Team Rocket again.
  • Went through the Ice Path after that and arrived in Blackthorn City.
  • I thought Clair would be the most difficult gym leader in this run, but she proved me wrong, she was almost the easiest one.
The only thing left to do is to go to Dragon's Den to get my badge and then it's Victory Road Time!

Sparkweed the Sunkern (M) @ Lv. 46
Sludge Bomb
Giga Drain
Mega Drain
Sunny Day
Cedric the Dunsparce (M) @ Lv. 49
Iron Tail
Rock Smash
HM Slave
HM Slave
HM Slave

jdthebud July 31st, 2012 10:31 PM

Update for Ultimate Duo Challenge.
Okay, here we go, time for Johto.

Update #1 on SoulSilver.

Name: Jay
Starter: Cyndaquil
Rival: Silver
  • After the beginning stuff, I hacked in a Surkit egg, that was shiny, and knew Hydro Pump and Signal Beam as egg moves :).
  • After she hatched I named her Rain.
  • Hydro Pump really helped Rain defeat Falkner despite the type disadvantage.
  • After I reached Union Cave, I realized that Sandshrew is only in HeartGold, so I hacked one in and named him Spike.
  • Made through the cave to Azelea Town and helped Kurt save the Slowpoke.
  • Took on Bugsy and won thanks to Spike's Rock Tomb.
  • Beat Silver and went through Ilex Forest to Goldenrod, where I beat a bunch of trainers.
  • While doing so, Rain and Spike both evolved!
  • Whitney was pretty easy although Spike did faint to Miltank's flinching Stomps.
  • Continued north to Ecruteak City, where I got the Surf and Strength HMs and released the beasts in Burned Tower.
  • Took on the gym. Morty's Gengar was tough, but Rain was able to win mostly with Hydro Pump.
  • Went down to Olivine and scaled the Lighthouse, then Surfed across the sea to Cianwood City.
  • Beat Eusine and Chuck over there, both with relative ease.
  • Flew back to Olivine and healed Amphy, then beat Jasmine easily with Spike's Dig.
  • Right now I am saved in the Goldenrod Game Corner trying to get Coins for Ice Beam.

Team Jay:
Rain the Modest Masquerain, ♀ - L36 @ Sharp Beak
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Gust, Hydro Pump, Signal Beam, Quick Attack
Spike the Bashful Sandslash, ♀ - L37 @ Hard Stone
Ability: Sand Veil
Moves: Strength, Rollout, Dig, Iron Tail

HM Slaves:
Rattata - Cut, Rock Smash
Zubat - Fly
Krabby - Surf

Gulpin August 2nd, 2012 6:37 PM

I've decided to do this challenge on my Black Version, whith two Pokemon I've always been interested in using: Volbeat and Illumise. I can't hack, so I will have to trade over eggs as soon as I can (which is after the first gym).

Name: deku / deku
Version: Pokemon Black Version
Pokemon: Volbeat / Illumise

Right now I'm just rushing through the opening and first badge so I can go ahead and start this challenge!

drunk ¬_¬ August 2nd, 2012 8:08 PM

Sign Up
Name: drunk ¬_¬
Version: Ruby (ROM)
Pokemon: Pinsir / Heracross

I plan on hacking both Pokémon to my game early on, since I'd rather not have to wait until I reach the Safari Zone to get the second one.
If, however, you'd prefer to have me wait, I'll just hack Heracross Pinsir first.

drunk ¬_¬ August 2nd, 2012 9:31 PM

Started new game.

Named character SHINO (as in the Naruto character)

Obtained a Mudkip, named him SURF SLAVE
→ don't look at me like that ¬_¬

Hacked wild Pinsir and a Master Ball; named him KIMURA
→ damn bastards are impossible to catch with Poké Balls! ;~;


The morning sun was bright and vivid. However, I had no idea of it, since my mom somehow convinced me to travel all the way to Littleroot Town in the back of our moving truck…
bad idea. By the time we reached our new home, my back and my ass were killing. Thankfully though, the torture was over.

Never did I expect my life in Hoenn to be turned upside down so quickly, however.

Our home was almost completely furnished when we got home, but the mover Machoke were still (obviously) working on getting our stuff in the house, and my mom knew that she'd have to spend the whole day making sure everything was perfect. Therefore, she decided to send me to our neighbor's house, to offer them some of my mom's home-baked goodies.

I always considered my mom a generous person, but when I walked in our neighbors' house, and the lady asked me to introduce myself to her daughter… in her room! I realized she might be in for some tough competition. Sure enough, her father ended up being Professor Birch, and after I saved him from a rather, embarrassing situation he asked me not to speak of to anyone… EVER!

Well, I guess I became a trainer…

Thus I decided to go and visit my father, accompanied my new Pokémon: Surf Slave. Little did I know that something, somewhere, was directly beginning to influence my path. For when I went back home for a Potion I knew I'd left in my PC, I found something else… something that shouldn't have been there…

Not thinking twice about it, I just grabbed the Master Ball, assuming that my luck must have reversed since I came to Hoenn… and sure enough, as soon as I stepped out of my little town, I stumbled upon something ridiculously out of place for Hoenn: a Pinsir swarm!

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