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Pikachu July 14th, 2012 1:59 AM


Theme songs: Savior & Savior
one is always escaping from above.

Based on: Homestuck
the name was a DISTACTION.

Rated: M
for mIrAcLeS.

IC thread found HERE.

You are a boy or girl living on the planet of Earth. You have lived for 15 years and are special - maybe even peculiar - in your own unique way. But one thing you have in common with your best friends is your knowledge - maybe even love - for the internet. You play video games more or less often, like any sensible person. You have never really met your best friends face to face but you communicate through a chat program called Pesterchum and the four of you are in touch on a daily basis.

One day, someone sends you a curious email. You'd think it was spam or virus, but the text is strangely sincere for something like that. The sender addresses you by your own name and urges you to share the files with your friends and together play the game that the files contain. A game called SBURB. The sender promises you that it's most important that you play. And that you'll die if you don't. Aha, there's the standard spam phrase you knew would come.

Still, there is something tempting about the email and those game files... And it turns out that your three best friends all got a similar email, sincerely addressing them and providing the files. You all plan to install the game on the same day to check out what it's all about. That day is today.

What the kids are about to discover is that SBURB will not only take place inside the computer. Soon, the world around them will start to change and they will have to awake strange powers, dream strange dreams and traverse very strange new lands in order to discover what they have really gotten themselves into...

==> Before we go any further, who are you really? Choose one of the SYMBOLS below. Only one player can pick a certain symbol. First come, first serve.
♥ ♠
♦ ♣
==> Aha, and what is your favorite COLOR? You can pick any, really. As the almighty game master I happen to be, I can allow myself to hint that it will affect what ASPECT you might control later on.

==> Excellent. Now, while you start pondering what PERSONALITY, INTERESTS and other details you want to give your character, we need to settle some basic rules and clarify a few things before we begin...

Most of the time (as I plan, at least) you will control your own character ONLY. I will act as an inbetween narrator and give you some commands which you must fulfill or questions you should answer in your own text. As long as you end up following the command, you can do other things as well and post as many times as you need. BUT remember that if you take any action that might affect a NPC (or a player), you must wait for me (or that player) to post before you continue. Common RP sense. Don't rush through the game and leave others behind.

moved to the IC thread!


- Rating is M because injuries, death and romance might happen. But no too dirty or graphic stuff, please.

- As stated earlier, you will only control your main character and I will be... a kind of narrator.

- Be nice to the other players. Since there are only 4 of you, I expect you to get along well together. At least OOC.

- In all seriousness, you should bring your sense of humor to this RP.

- IC posts have to be around 4 lines long (without formatting like indents and css) at the very least, since those are the general rules of the Roleplay Corner.

- No need to point out if something differs from Homestuck. I'm probably well aware of it, since this will be different on some points.

- Don't be afraid to ask me things that you wonder about, though. I might answer ;)

- One last thing: Homestuck is a difficult thing to turn into a RP. Please bear with me as we might experiment a bit with the playstyle in the beginning.


Name: (first and last.)

Symbol: (♥, ♠, ♦ or ♣? Not the same as another player.)

Color: (any except Black or White. And not the same as another player.)

Sex: (male or female. There can only be 2 of each!)

Home: (where on Earth do your character live? And in what kind of home? They have to have internet and a computer, mind you. And be able to speak English.)

Family: (who do your character live with? Remember, they are 15 years old)

Appearance: (again, you are 15. Other than that, you can look however you want. Include what clothes they wore on the day that the game starts)

Personality: (what is your character generally like?)

Interests: (hobbies and likes, what your character enjoys doing when they have some free time, and if they keep any pets you can state that here too.)

Dislikes: (everyone has got some.)

Theme song: (everyone has one. They just don't know it yet. You can link from youtube or some other playable source) (well ok, this section is optional)


Retro Bug July 14th, 2012 4:01 PM

Genevieve “Vieve” Gostle


Wild Violet


2-Story Townhouse, Southern Florida, United States. The house itself is very nature focused as her mother loves anything that is nature-related. Their couches and beds are even made from real bamboo which isn't as comfortable as one might think. The lower level contains a kitchen, dining room, and living room that are all connected in that order. The upper lower is where all the rooms are located there are six rooms and two bathrooms.

Genevieve lives with her Mother who is 32 and her twin brother Gavin. Her father passed a few years back a fact that Genevieve would rather neglect. Her mother is a professional gardner and does it for a living. She helps start off people with gardens and teaches them how to properly take care of them. Gavin is what one would call a social butterfly which translate to he is never home. As twins most would think that they should have a stronger connection but they don't. This doesn't mean that Genevieve hates Gavin or vice versa but they are just two separate people and prefer to be treated as such.

Appearance: Genevieve is rather tall for her age, 5’7”, she inherits her height from her father’s side which only reminds her of him. Her raven, black hair is tied to the (left) side in a high ponytail with a white hairband keeping it in place. Pale, white skin is what she’s accustomed to despite the fact that she lives in Florida. The paleness only heightens the awareness of how dark her hair actually is. She has two ever-changing hazel eyes, which seems to switch to green without warning. A pair of black-rimmed spectacles sits firmly on her face, she only needs them to read things that are far away. Her dress was just a plain white but that was before she caught into the paint. Splashes of orange, green, and purple cover the strapless dress from back to front. There is a black belt that wraps around her midriff and ties into a ribbon though it often comes undone. For shoes Genevieve wears a pair of white flip-flops because they’re the most comfortable shoes for her. On Genevieve’s right wrist is a white watch that was once her father’s, he had gave it to her right before he passed. The clock had stop telling time a long time ago but it was too sentimental for her to take off.

Personality: A calm in nature girl, Genevieve tends to sit on the computer for hours giggling simply to distract her from everyday pain. Genevieve’s not as intellectual as she would prefer to be but she gets decent grades in school to please her mother. She is able to think on her feet and work extremely well under pressure as she feels she is always under pressure. Much like her father she is stubborn when she thinks she needs to be. Genevieve tends to have a “her way or the highway” attitude though when things don’t go her way it doesn’t upset her. Unfortunately to some Genevieve might not be the most loyal person in the world as she is easily persuaded. If someone were to keep telling her one thing over time she would began to accept it as the truth. Determining what is right or wrong has always been a struggle for her, which is why she looks to others to guide her decisions.

One thing is for certain Genevieve prefers to follow rather than to take on the responsibilities of leading people. The idea itself terrifies her to no end and she will stay as far as she can from it. When she is emotional it is hard to tell because of her ability to stay so calm in a situation. In most situations she is able to separate her feelings from her what she has to do but she can’t always control them. When she is angry she grows silent and bottles everything inside until she unleashes on some poor victim. Also, Genevieve is very apologetic when she felt like she has done something wrong. This makes her go so far as crying because she feels like she has done a great wrong to this person.

Has Two Kittens | Rainbows | Long Dresses | Creating Art Pieces | Marine Life

Loud Noises | Responsibilities | Pigs | Flowers | Interruptions

Theme Song:
Breath of Life

Lt. Col. Fantastic July 14th, 2012 5:24 PM

Hey! This seems familair!

Name: Vinnie Valentine

Symbol: Heart

Color: Red

Sex: Male

Home: Champs-Elysees, Paris, France. He lives in a huge 3 story house, and is probably one of the richest kids in the area. He has two bedrooms, one for himself and one to hold all of his stuff (computer, tv, video games, and anything else his parents buy him). His house is full of expensive vases and paintings. There is a big patio where he and his grandma like to sit and talk. His living room is lavishly furnished, and his kitchen has all of the state of the art kitchenware. There are two bedrooms on each floor, and both Vinnie and his granmother stay upstairs. Vinnie's other room "the batcave" as his grandma teases, is in the basement, along with a guest room, a spare laundry room, and a second living room.
The ground floor has another guest room, Vinnie's parents room, the kitchen, living room, dining room, library, and laundry. There is another library upstairs, but instead of books, the shelves are full of movies, ranging from classic films to the lastest releases. Vinnie and his grandma, along with his various girls, have seen every one of them. (not each girl, but usually one is present when they watch.)

Family: Vinnie lives with his grandmother and parents. His mother is a chef, and his father a real estate agent. On the whole, his family loves him, especially his grandmother. He spends a lot of time with her, and shes tells him stories of when she was young. He gets teased a lot on his girlfriends too...she acts as sort of a wingman on movie dates, sacrificing herself to get popcorn and drink refills, along with setting Vinnie up for jokes. Hos father is a brutally honest man, and Vinnie can testify. His father sets him straight whenever he gets in trouble, and Vinnie has great respect for him. His mother is kind, and usually spoils Vinnie. She gives him all kinds of gifts, and tries to soften some of Vinnies father's blows when he's being punished. (Dad's name is Cannon, the mother Fran, and his gramdmother is Christine)

Appearence: Standing at 5'10, Vinnie isn't particularly tall. (I'm going with the ground up...) Vinnie's shoes are black converse all stars, in almost brand new condition. He wears black jeans and a white belt, which are very form fitting. He wears a white t-shirt with a black and grey plaid button up shirt, which is tailored for him. He has a black leather jacket too, but only wears it in colder weather. He has green eyes, and a warm expression. His hair is jet black, and styled into a slicked back hairdo. He has great posture and is very skinny. His fingers are really long too, if that makes any difference. He doesn't have facial hair or peircings. He is very handsome, and has perfect teeth. He always wears a silver bracelet, a keepsake of his grandfather. A black A is engraved on it, and is enbroardered by a red heart. He usually keeps a rubik's cube with him, as he finds his ability to solve them a good way to pick up girls.

Personality: Your standard "loverboy". He constantly talks to girls, and moves in and out of relationships almost daily. Pratically reeking of pheromones, the girls can't stay off him, and he can't stay with them. His longest streak was also his first girlfriend. He never really got over her, but an outsider wouldn't notice. He is charming, smart, funny, clever, and very convincing. He could sell reading glasses to a blind man, or woman, rather. Deep down he really just wants to find someone better than his first love, who didn't care for him all too much. Nobody really knows that, its hard to see past his womanizing nature. He is quite the movie buff as well. He likes romance books (go figure) but also can enjoy an action story or a comedy. He likes his family, especially his grandmother, and genuinally gets along with everyone. Since he's usually the one getting dumped, any ex girlfriends he may have wouldn't hold a grudge against him. He gets obssessive easily, and that often drives his girlfirends away. Also a pushover when it comes to women, he often gets used for his money as well. (his parents give him a lot of money) He is also pretty spoiled, and would give an attitude if he ever were denied something. (which never happens) He doesn't like to get dirty, and doesn't like fighting or getting hurt. He can be awkward around men as well, not really knowing how to talk to them.

Likes/Interests: girls, love, video games, internet, books, movies, plays, tragedy

Dislikes: competition, children, coffee, jerks

Theme Song: Affection - The All American Rejects

Is this good? I can still add more

drunk ¬_¬ July 14th, 2012 6:02 PM

Name: Ricardo Nieto


Color: Slate Gray

Sex: Male

Home: San Diego, California, USA
Ricardo lives with his family in La Jolla, California; a wealthy suburb in southern California. His house is a large villa, colored completely in white with large windows and a lot of natural light. Despite this, Ricardo's room, the size of a small house in area, is usually dark due to his curtains being permanently closed, so his only real light source is his computer monitor's. The house in itself is large and extravagant, large predatory animals line the driveway (well, they're trees trimmed to look like animals, really), large marble pillars serve as its foundation, a pristine pool is located in the backyard, and can be turned into a wave pool with the touch of a button, and a personal jacuzzi gathers dust on Ricardo's personal balcony. However, despite the grandeur of the house, it has always seemed cold and desolate to Ricardo… like a nice shoe that doesn't quite fit you.

Family: Ricardo lives with his older brother (17), his mom (47), and his dad (51). He also has an older sister (19) who recently left for college. His dad is a chemistry teacher at a local university, and his mom is a stay-at-home mom, although she doesn't do much apart from cooking (sometimes) due to all of the servants around the house. Ricardo doesn't have a very good relationship with his brother, who's always been pretty athletic, unlike him. Furthermore, Ricardo has family in Mexico he doesn't visit much, although his grandmother tends to go to his home, and bring sweets and firecrackers. Ricardo also has family in Northern California where they own a ranch. There are several horses in this ranch, one of which belongs to Ricardo (named Sonriente), and Ricardo has been taught since a young age how to ride on horseback. He is adept at running, jumping, doing "charrerías", and playing Polo, which is a personal favorite of his.

Appearance: With straight brown hair and green eyes, Ricardo isn't the stereotypical Mexican living in the United States. As a matter of fact, people usually don't even believe he's Mexican until he begins speaking Spanish (due to his perfect English accent). He is tall and lanky, although soft and pudgy rather than muscular. His skin is very pale, and he has a small mole on his neck. His eyes are large and pretty rounded, his nose is slightly crooked and he has only the slightest wisp of a mustache, despite the fact that he's already grown a lot of chest and armpit hairs. Ricardo usually wears jeans and polo shirts. Due to the fact that his family is pretty damn well off, these are usually Lacoste or Hollister… store-bought, never from an outlet. He also has several khakis and khaki shorts, as well as light cotton shirts he wears when his family takes trips to the beach.

Personality: Due to his "Richie-rich" upbringing, Ricardo tends to be quite the brat. He is elitist to a fault, extremely pampered, and very dismissive of people from a "lower status". Ricardo dislikes almost any type of sport (barring polo); especially, American football and soccer, where a player is extremely liable to "get dirty". Because of this, he doesn't like playing with the kids from his neighborhood, preferring to sit down and stay at his computer all day playing computer games. Among these computer games, his favorite is Minecraft. Ricardo is considered a "prodigy" of the game and he can sit down twenty-four hours straight in front of his desktop, designing worlds and buildings and castles as a hobby. His family doesn't mind this, since they believe it feeds his "love for architecture and design". Despite the fact that he has difficulty making friends in person, Ricardo frequents several online forums under his username 'Soriente96', and he has a large network of 'friends' there, being a popular user in almost all of the forums he frequents.

Interests: Architecture. Horses. Polo. Watching videos of people getting beat up on the internet.

Dislikes: Sports. Chores. Sports. Dirt.

Theme song: Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi

Otherworld9) July 14th, 2012 6:15 PM

Oh yes...a Homestuck one. Finally. FINALLY. I love Hometsuck. Glad to take the other female spot~

Name: Candice Greyson


Color: Sky Blue

Sex: Female

Home: She lives in a one-story Bungalow, very small but comfy. It's able to house two people. Contains: two bathrooms, two bedrooms, one kitchen, a living room, and the porch. When you enter the house, you see the small living room. There is only two cream sofas, wooden floor, and a plasma tv on the wall. Then you see a hallway to your left and one to your right. The one to the right sends you to Tulio's room. Her father's room is fairly boring. It's neat, half the size of Candice's room, and he has posters of cars, books on cars, and collects cars. There's another door in his room that leads to his bathroom. Now if you take the left hallway instead, you are sent to the kitchen. The kitchen is average-sized, and Candice keeps it clean simply because she doesn't want insects roaming around the family's food. Another hallway leads to two doors. The brown door leads to the bathroom. The grey door reveals Candice's room. She was given a queen sized bed that actually hangs from the wall, a ladder placed there so Candice can climb up to bed. Underneath lies her metal desk, which carries her grey laptop and a few books on the paranormal. She has a huge window that nearly covers an entire wall. She found it useless, but her father wanted Candice to get a few rays of sun. Her silver-colored curtains block the light, but the fabric still lets a decent amount to soak in. Despite this, her room is fairly empty, but a mess full of dirty clothes, papers everywhere, and old plushies and toys. The room's walls are sky blue in color, the floor a strange wood color of grey.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

Family: Candice only lives with her 30 year old father. He was a very wild one when he was young, and her mother left her for another man when she was only 5. He works as a famous mechanic, fixing cars and even electronics. He is gone for most of the day, leaving Candice to do the house cleaning and chores. Unlike Candice, her father is very energetic and can't stand still without building or doing something creative. He has very short black hair that's spiked, and wears a white shirt with dirty spots dotting it. He always wears the same pants, and sometimes Candice even wonders if he washes his clothes. He's TOO fond of cars though. His room is full of small collectible cars he always wanted as a kid. The weapon he carries is a steel bat, which he made himself. Her dad always tells Candice that in case anything goes wrong, the bat is there. Another fact: His name is Tulio Greyson.

Appearance: Unlike her father, she inherits her appearance from her father's grandmother. Having tan skin makes her grey eyes stand out. Her hair was black at first, but as she grew up, it started to turn very dark brown. Her bangs were colored dark purple, and frame her face. Now, for the rest of her's too short, you could confuse her as a guy from the back if it weren't for the chin-length bangs. This is why she wears a jacket, making the hood cover her head. The back of her jacket has a white positive sign on the back, and she always leaves it zipped halfway up. Underneath the jacket she wears a pale purple shirt. Unlike other girls, she wears denim shorts. Candice's shoes are white. Despite the cold in the North, she always rolls up her jacket's sleeves, since the sleeves bothers her. Despite this, she refuses to take her jacket off, and rarely puts her hood down.

Personality: Candice is a very boring tomboy. She prefers boys over girls, and doesn't get along with girls, except for your friend Vieve. She likes to skateboard, play video games, draw, and practices parkour when ever she has the chance. She is very laid back and calm, and rarely gets mad. Candice is a very patient girl, and doesn't really consider other's feelings unless it's a very close friend. When it comes to fights, she tends to avoid them unless the situation calls for it. She never smiles, and when she does, it must be very sacred. Raised with no siblings, she doesn't like to talk and is very quiet. She isn't shy, it's just that she's a girl of a few words. She's the opposite of talkative. She's very intelligent, and a genius at math and video games. Despite this, she's very sloppy and never organizes. She hates organization. Grudges weren't meant for her either. If she loses a fight, game, or bet, she doesn't whine and just goes for it. Only flaw she has is how she is too honest. If the truth hurts, she still says it. Candice is also one of the laziest people you've met.

Interests: Drawing/Music/skateboarding/italian/video games/sleeping/purple/rain/paranormal/spanish

Dislikes: Pink/dresses/skirts/make up/organization/heat/bodies of water/french/awful smells

Theme song: Written in the Stars - Tinie Tempah

Pikachu July 15th, 2012 6:39 AM

Sign-ups already! Awesome!

First I want to remind everyone that the four of you will be good friends over the internet already when the RP starts. It's a premise. If your SU gets accepted, you should talk with the other players about the relationships between your characters, so that it won't seem like they are talking to each other for the first time when the RP starts.

Also, I scratched the smartphone part of the OP. I'll let the server player have a PDA to distribute in the inventory when SBURB begins, instead. You'll understand eventually :]

And another thing that I realized, I'd be happy if you wrote your choice of color in that color, because I might want to use that hex color code later on :3
Example: Cerise or Red etc.

@ Retro Bug - Can you expand on the Family part? Please explain what Vieve's mother works with and a little about what Gavin is like. Otherwise, your SU looks great! You could explain a bit more about the house in the Home section though, more like Otherworld9) has done.

@ Evan - I'd like you to expand on your Home section to say what kind of house Vinnie lives in. It'll be pretty important :3
The Appearance section doesn't tell me nearly enough. Picture the character in front of you and what clothes they are wearing on the day the RP starts, and try to be rather detailed, like the other SUs here.
Also, Vinnie's Personality seems a bit... too good to be true. I like the idea - a womanizer - and Vinnie would be a nice contrast to drunk's character. But you should make him a bit more well thought out instead of just saying that he's "charming, smart, funny, clever, and very convincing". Doesn't he have any flaws?

@ drunk ¬_¬ - looks good, as long as he's not too bratty to be able to be near-best friends with the other players' characters. Because the fact that they are good friends plays a major part :3
Also, please expand on the Home section to say a bit about what kind of house/home Ricardo lives in.

@ Otherworld9) - awesome Appearance section, I could really picture her in front of me. Please just expand a little on the Family section to tell me what Candice's father does for a living, at least.

Retro Bug July 15th, 2012 7:49 AM

Alright, I think I've done all the changes.

Pikachu July 15th, 2012 8:01 AM

@ Retro Bug, your SU now is amazing! You are accepted for the spot. By the way, have you read Homestuck? It's not necessary, I'm just wondering so I'll know how descriptive I'll have to be with some things when we start.

To the other applying people - look at Retro Bug's Family and Home sections to see what I'd like :3 a tiny bit of personality/interests for the family members (since I will be playing them a little, actually. You only play your main character, remember) and something about what the house is like would be appreciated.

drunk ¬_¬ July 15th, 2012 8:05 AM

Should we have usernames for our characters? (I'm assuming they wouldn't use their real names with each other if they're only internet friends).

Pikachu July 15th, 2012 8:14 AM

@ drunk - Well, I call my good PC friends by their real names when I talk to them ;) But yeah, in Pesterchum (the chat program) they can have screen names. Each player can do as they like. Maybe Ricardo will see the others as "beneath" him even if he admits being friends with them, and therefore think they don't deserve to call him by his real name? :p

drunk ¬_¬ July 15th, 2012 8:17 AM

@RHCP: Meh, I have no name :P

But anyways, I edited my SU… let me know what you think :)

Retro Bug July 15th, 2012 8:23 AM

I haven't read it... In all honesty I just googled it a bit after I signed-up.

Otherworld9) July 15th, 2012 8:29 AM

I fixed up the family section and gave him a personality, looks, job, and what he does as hobbies. Hope it helps~ Also added the hex color. [#87CEEB]

I read Homestuck and am still in Act 4. In all honesty, I LOVE IT. It also explains why I admire both Gamzee and Eridan~

Pikachu July 15th, 2012 8:46 AM


Originally Posted by drunk ¬_¬ (Post 7254840)
@RHCP: Meh, I have no name :P

But anyways, I edited my SU… let me know what you think :)

The Home section is awesome now! Sorry if I'm being annoying, but could you add just a little little about what Ricardo's mother, father and brother are like? One sentence for each, at least. It would make it easier for me in the RP :3 the sister won't matter in that way.


Originally Posted by Retro Bug (Post 7254848)
I haven't read it... In all honesty I just googled it a bit after I signed-up.

Ok, I'll keep that in mind and make sure that you'll understand!


Originally Posted by Otherworld9) (Post 7254855)
I fixed up the family section and gave him a personality, looks, job, and what he does as hobbies. Hope it helps~ Also added the hex color. [#87CEEB]

I read Homestuck and am still in Act 4. In all honesty, I LOVE IT. It also explains why I admire both Gamzee and Eridan~

Ah, a lot of info on the father. That's fine~

Now your Home section looks a bit thin compared to the others xD but it's still fine, a pretty regular house, right?

With that I can accept you with the spot!

Oh, you're only in Act 4? Savor the read :D:D I think I'll re-read the whole thing soon actually. So many details I imagine will mean more the second time you see them~ I don't like Gamzee nor Eridan much, tehehe ;) Terezi and Vriska are my favorites!

drunk ¬_¬ July 15th, 2012 8:56 AM


Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers (Post 7254869)
The Home section is awesome now! Sorry if I'm being annoying, but could you add just a little little about what Ricardo's mother, father and brother are like? One sentence for each, at least. It would make it easier for me in the RP :3 the sister won't matter in that way.

Well, I hope that's better now… :P
And don't worry, if it still needs work, just let me know.

Anyways,, I started reading Homestuck a while ago, but I didn't really get far with it (finals were starting).
I think that I'll start reading it now that I have time with summer and everything though. :)

Otherworld9) July 15th, 2012 8:57 AM

It does look thin D: I'll fix up and add a few more details just to give you a better picture. Yeah, pretty regular actually xD

Yessss, accepted for the win. Vriska is another favorite =P I also like John x3

Everybody says Act 5 is where the good stuff begins...and I'm almost there.

Pikachu July 15th, 2012 9:11 AM

@ drunk - still only tells me that the father likes chemistry and his mother likes cooking, but if that's decent enough representations of them in your eyes, I'll go with that ;)

You are accepted with the spot!

If you can make it through the relatively nonsensical stuff that Act 1 and Act 2 are about, Homestuck then becomes deep :D and somewhat boring when the chatlogs are too long... but that's only sometimes and all good things have their flaws ;)

@Otherworld9) - thanks :3

And Act 3 is where the good stuff begins imo :D but it starts getting epppic in Act 5 sub-act 2... Though you'll love the first part of Act 5, if you love the trolls ;)

drunk ¬_¬ July 15th, 2012 9:16 AM

Yeah, that should be good enough for the parents… unless you want to know how they can afford their house. :P

I didn't write too much about them because Ricardo wouldn't know much about them, but at least for the dad, that's about it.

Pikachu July 15th, 2012 9:27 AM

That's fine then :] now we wait for one more player.

Make sure that the four of you have some general idea of what kind of relationships exist between your characters before you start playing. Obviously they are friends, but do they talk happily with each other or do they mostly tease each other? Do they gossip a lot or even talk about deep stuff or confide in each other for secrets? Who would your character rather turn to when facing a problem and needing help? When they are sad? You don't have to answer all these things in a sheet, but just some things to think about :) It's not very important how you met once upon a time, not to me at least.

We have a "boring tomboy", a rich bratty gamer and a girl in glasses who is determined to do things "her way or the highway" but at the same time can be easily convinced to change opinions. ^^

Otherworld9) July 15th, 2012 9:44 AM

There...I probably added too much detail, but I gave the general idea of their home and where to find the rooms and all. I just love the trolls, so yes, I probably will enjoy Act 5 =P

Lt. Col. Fantastic July 15th, 2012 3:36 PM

Hey! Sorry I'm so late, but I updated the sign up. I feel like it needs more, but my brain is dry today...I need some sleep.

Pikachu July 15th, 2012 4:59 PM

Alright, looking better. Can just you maybe rewrite the Appearance and try to give a, hm, more systematic description of what he looks like? Because I find it hard to picture him in my head now :3 otherwise, the SU is ok.

Lt. Col. Fantastic July 15th, 2012 5:17 PM

Alrighy, I tried to keep his appearence in an order, but my brain is all over the place, as usual. (I filled out the sign up in random order, adding and subtracting from different parts as I progressed on others, so sorry if my thoughts were jumbled)

Pikachu July 15th, 2012 5:31 PM

It's fine now, thanks! You are accepted as the spot.

Now, all there is to do is to chitchat a little, and the IC thread is already up and ready. So when you feel like your characters are friends, I will make the first post and we'll be off!

Lt. Col. Fantastic July 15th, 2012 6:21 PM


Well, if anyone is interested (ladies ^_^) we could have vinnie and either Candice or Veive be internet ex's. On friendly terms of break up, of course.

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