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LightningAlex July 15th, 2012 2:14 PM

Seven gyms completed!

Welcome, and thank you in advance for reading the thread that is about my game, Pokemon Metal. The idea to create this game came to me in early July, 2012. When I looked up on how to create Pokemon games, I was surprised to find out that it can be done by using RPG Maker, a program I've worked in for a couple of years.

This game combines two of my favorite things in the world, Pokemon (duh) and rock & metal music. That's why the name of the game is "Pokemon Metal". All the gym leaders, the E4 and the Champ are based on famous rock & metal musicians (Look at the "Characters section" for more info), some sidequests are based on lyrics of songs, and there are a lot of other references to the music world.

The story of this game isn't too different from other Pokemon games. What makes it much more interesting are the sidequests. There are a lot of things to finish & discover in the Pokemon World. Why don't you take a look at the "Main Story" and "Sidequests" section below to find out more?


- 320 maps;
- Seven gyms completed!
- All cities created (11 of them);
- Download is up-do-date.

So, it's been quite a while since the last update... I'm ashamed to say that I haven't done much since then. Here's what I've done:
- 307 maps,
- 6 gyms complete,
- A battle with one of the rivals (Gary),
- I created a sidequest in the power plant,
- Completed Paradise City, one more route+town left until I finish the overworld,
- Added daycare in Paradise City!


- 270 maps.
- 5 gyms complete!
- Introduced a new sidequest!
- I need to create only 2 more routes and 2 more cities to complete the whole world!
- More screenshots.
- Updated the old sprites of gym leaders, with a huge help of Secret Raven!
- Updated the "Characters" section.
- More references revealed (Major spoilers, though.) in the update post.


Okay, this is a major update for me.
- 235 maps!!!
- I've finished most of the overworld (3 more cities and some minor routes), but I'm mostly satisfied because I finished all the large surf areas, which I was afraid of starting, since I knew it'd be hard. Sure enough, it was - it took me 2 whole days to finish all the maps and connect them properly. But since most of the overworld is done, it means that creating the rest of the game won't be hard, and won't take long! Since college is starting again soon, I won't have as much time as I have right now, but I think I'll finish the game in 2-3 months!
- 4 gyms are finished now.
- The Game Corner is finished.
- There's 1 new screenshot.


- Around 180 maps,
- Almost 4 gyms done,
- Created 2 more cities,
- You can now get a bike,
- You can now play the lottery,
- One more encounter with Team Rocket!


- 130 maps,
- Second encounter with Team Rocket finished,
- 3rd Gym finished
- Updated download link.


- 115 maps,
- Demo is up for download (Check the end of this post)!
- Replaced Team Storm with Team Rocket due the lack of sprites.
- More screenshots :) (Look below)


- The second gym is finally finished!
- Added fourth rival, Randy (Look below for more info).
- 80 maps are completely finished!
- The demo will be up for download tomorrow.


- Finished the fourth city, Renota City.
- Now 66 maps.
- Another encounter with one of the rivals.
- Second gym almost complete.


- Finished the third city, Thrill City.
- 50 maps!
- Added first gym. Leader: Angus, Type: Electric.
- Added first encounter with the evil criminal organisation, Team Rocket.

- Okay, so I really, really need someone who can make/find sprites and characters. If anyone is willing to help, please say so. It'd be really helpful.

- The game starts in the Arala region, 8 years after the Kanto games (So, 8 years after Red became Champ of the Indigo League). The hometown of the main character is called Rainbow, and professor Oak temporarily moved there to help out in a Pokemon research institute.
- While there, professor Oak finds out that you'd like to go on your own adventure with Pokemon, so, big-hearted as he is, he gives you a starter Pokemon, and a Pokedex.

So, the game isn't too different from any other Pokemon game. The main quest is to beat all the gym leaders and Pokemon league. However, there will be a lot of sidequests which will make the game a lot more interesting.

Just to clarify, since the main goal of all the Pokemon games is to beat the Pokemon League, everything that happens after it, I consider a "Sidequest". That's why there isn't almost any information in this section. Look at the section below to see the sidequests. Most of them develop during the main gameplay, but can only be finished after the league, so, in a way, they are a major part of the main storyline, but I just call them "sidequests".

- First of all, while in professor Oak's laboratory, he tells you about his past. How he sent two trainers on their own adventure. The first one was his grandson, Gary Oak, who never completed the Pokedex. He left all of his Pokemon home, and came to the Arala region to have another adventure, with brand new Pokemon. The second trainer is, of course, Red. However, no-one has heard anything about Red in a long, long time. Professor Oak is sure that he is not dead. So one of the side quests will be to find Red.
- Before the invention of the Pokeball, training Pokemon was very hard. One would have to be able to form companionship with Pokemon without actually catching them. Taming, training and loving them was a lot harder without the ability to capture them in a ball. That was all a long time ago. However, there apparently is one trainer alive who trained his Pokemon without any Pokeballs. The life he led with his Pokemon has extended his lifespan, and he is the real Pokemon master. Only beating him will mean that you are the best!
- The Pokemon research institute in Rainbow is having troubles. Even with the help of professor Oak, they're not making a lot of progress. Help them out!
- Team Rocket is using strong Pokemon to change the world. They're hurting the Pokemon, and even people, to get what they want. I won't release much details about them, you'll encounter them a few times through the main storyline, but that won't be enough to stop them!
- Professor Oak gave you a Pokedex. Red and Gary were never able to fulfill his dream. It is on you to complete the Pokedex!
- Completely new Pokemon have been sighted in the region of Arala. Investigate!
- There's an old rumor about the Arala region. The rumor is about gold - apparently, there was a lot of gold in Arala, though there are absolutely no records about that. A lot of important characters are investigating that old rumor. Some think it's a prehistoric prank, others think that "gold" is a reference to something else. So what is it? I won't reveal that :P
- There's a group of people called "The Stargazers". Apparently, they're an evil organization with a yet unknown plan - but they're much more different than Team Rocket, or any other evil team. The most interesting part here is that there are almost none references to them - you have to investigate on your own. Team Rocket (Or any other team, really) isn't really good at hiding their plans and being discovered by a 10 (In this game, 15) year old kid. The Stargazers are. Some characters mention them, but that is far from enough to learn about them.
-There will be more sidequests as the game progresses.

*Note that this game isn't near completion. Currently, I use the sprites provided in Pokemon Essentials, but I'll probably change them once I'm close to finishing the game.

Main character
??? lives in Rainbow all his (her) life. (S)he is 15, and (s)he always wanted to go on a Pokemon adventure. Once professor Oak arrived in Rainbow, he made that dream come true.

Kalifa is a trainer who also lives in Rainbow. However, she moved in recently, and doesn't know a lot of people. She heard about you from professor Oak, who lives in her house, since he moved in just temporarily (She rents the first floor). Once you get your starter Pokemon, she wants to battle you, and a rivalry is made.

Ritchie is a trainer who recently started his adventure. He is on his way to Thrill City to challenge the first gym leader of Arala. On his way, he meets with you, and you two become rivals.

Spoiler: *I still need a good sprite of him. Will add one tomorrow.
Gary Oak is professor Oak's grandson. Once the champ of the Kanto region, then a gym leader, and now he's on a new adventure in Arala. He left all of his Pokemon home in Pallet town and got a new one.

This is Randy. I made the sprite myself by editing the cool trainer sprite, and it's horrible xD But right now I don't have anyone who can make sprites for me, so new sprites will have to wait until later.

Anyway, Randy's appearance (and name) are based on my favorite guitarist, Randy Rhoads. In game, he's a 25 year old adult (Any guesses why 25?), who was introduced to the world of Pokemon by a member of the Elite 4. Along with his friend David (The second gym leader), they were taught how to be great Pokemon trainers by the Elite 4 member. You meet Randy for the first time during his investigation based on an old rumor... Once you defeat him, you two become rivals.

Lita is a former spy, who was undercover investigating Team Rocket. However, once Team Rocket discovered her, she went into hiding. They will find her, but so will you, and you will save her. You made a huge impression on her with your battling, and she decides to become a trainer - first, so she can defend herself, and second, because she wants to be like you. You run into her a couple of times, and she battles you.

This is Angus - he is the first Gym Leader. Angus is based on the lead guitarist for the band AC/DC, Angus Young. Angus Young has a guitar with thunderbolts drawn on it, AC/DC has a lot of songs referencing electricity (Thunderstruck being the most famous) and AC/DC stands for "Ascending current/descending current" (They saw this abbreviation on a vacuum cleaner and decided to name their band after it), so Angus trains Electric Pokemon.

This is David, the second Gym Leader. He is based on David Coverdale, the vocalist of Whitesnake & Deep Purple. In my opinion, David Coverdale is the best hard rock singer (A lot will disagree, but he's still great), so he trains Rock Pokemon.

Shirley is the third Gym Leader. She is based on Shirley Manson, the vocalist for the band Garbage. I, myself, am not a fan of Garbage, but I needed at least one female Gym Leader, so my friend suggested her. She trains Water Pokemon, for actually no particular reason. I just felt like Water-type will suit her.

Bruce is the 4th Gym Leader. He is based on Bruce Dickinson, the vocalist for the band Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden is definitely one of the most successful metal bands out there - steel is metal, so Bruce trains Steel Pokemon.

Jimi is the 5th gym leader. He is based on Jimi Hendrix, one of the best guitarists that ever walked this earth. Jimi trains Grass Pokemon. There is a reason for that, but I'd rather not reveal it.

No photo available yet
Rob is the 6th gym leader. He is based on Rob Halford, the lead singer for the heavy/power metal band Judas Priest. He trains Psychic Pokemon, because his gym is similar to the 6th gym in Kanto, and the 6th gym leader (Sabrina) trains Psychic Pokemon, too.

Till is the seventh gym leader, and he trains Fire-Type Pokemon. Till is based on Till Lindemann, the singer for the German metal band Rammstein. Their most famous song is "Feuer Frei", "Feuer" means "Fire", and the band itself is known for a lot of pyrotechnics on stage. That is why his Pokemon are Fire-type.

Here's a face you all know well - Giovanni has returned. Team Rocket is back, and it is your goal to stop them by stopping him!

- The 3 starters you choose from are not the regular grass, fire and water type, and all of them have only one evolution. Of course, the types still work like rock, papers & scissor.
- The game has a lot of references to the world of rock & metal music, hence the name "Pokemon Metal". For example, most gym leaders share their names with famous musicians.
- All 649 Pokemon will be available.
- Trading won't be necessary for evolving Pokemon like Haunter or Onix. I'll probably create items (stones) that will make them evolve, or just make them evolve once they reach a certain level. Maybe I'll even make some encounter-able.
- Starters can be found as wild Pokemon.
- All legendary Pokemon can be found and caught.
- The healing process is the same as in every other Pokemon game (Nurse Joy asking you if you want your Pokemon healed, balls being set on the healing table, healing music, balls being returned), but it's a bit faster.
-Towns and cities won't be as small as in the regular Pokemon games (Who ever heard of a town with 3 houses?!?!)
- Unlike any other Pokemon game I've played, the starting town has its own Pokemon Center! Of course, you can't heal your Pokemon if you don't have any yet.
- There will be 17 new Pokemon (Fakemon), adding the total number of Pokemon to 666. These will include all eeveelutions (10 new Pokemon), a dragon Pokemon with 2 evolutions (3 in total), and 4 legendaries that are based on mascots of popular heavy metal bands.

Fangking Omega
Saving Raven

-These stones are part of the Pokepark in Rainbow.

This is the second town, Kashmir. Since the picture is taken at night time, there's no vendor under the tent (No-one wants to work at night).



Inside of a cafe in Thrill City. Barman talks about a weird Pokemon he saw.

Route 2 - Police officers blocking the entrance to the Pokemon Farm because Team Rocket broke in.


Battle with the second gym leader.

This is part of the Ancient Gold ruins - many rumors and mysteries are connected to this place.

This is an in-battle screenshot. While it doesn't show anything special, it does reveal another starter.

This is a hidden part of Mt. Priest. There are many rare wild Pokemon here, even some that humans believed were extinct.

This is part of Route 10, which, oddly enough, consists of 10 parts xD Oh yeah, Route 8 is made out of 8 parts... both are accidents xD

Battle against the 5th gym leader, Jimi.

My biggest map so far xD It's the outside (one part) of Mt. Steen, a mountain where mostly fire Pokemon live due to the sunny weather and dryness. What is that pyramid? No spoilers here :P

This is Purlamp Town. The town is all about "Being one with the nature", and that can easily be seen from its design.

This is a part Renota City - it's just a classical town.

A part of Route 8. I know the top of the maps lacks some details and looks bland, but the player won't be able to see most of it.

Worksop City - the biggest City in the game (So far). It has the Game Corner, the Safari Zone, and lots of other interesting places.

Paradise City - Also, like Worksop, a huge city. The map has been edited slightly since this picture was taken. Nothing major, I just added a backyard to the house on the upper-left, since I turned it into the daycare.

Right, so this is the section where I will ask you questions that I can't quite figure out myself. It's basically where I search advice.
- Do you have any features/references to metal, that you would love to see? If yes, just say so!

Download Pokemon Metal (Demo) here!

If anyone actually decides to download and try it out, please ignore the following:
- Black areas (Just a few maps are still unfinished),
- Missing intro & double battles,
- The region map (I need to remake it, and draw it in the style of the other Pokemon maps - the one I have right now just serves as a "mold", so I know how to create actual maps).



Not all trainers on the routes 7, 8 & 20 have been tested! They probably work, but just in case, save before battling them!

Thank you all for reading. Any advice, feedback & critiques are very welcome :D

Catman July 16th, 2012 3:56 AM

Well, for starters it would be wise to use characters that don't have any relation to Oak (including the Hero ones) because it's kinda nonsensical having them all again but only in a different region don't you think?

I do like the idea of a Metal music themed Pokemon though, see if you can get some F-Zero style music!

I can't wait to battle the elite 4: Iron Maiden?

LightningAlex July 16th, 2012 4:14 AM

Well, I don't really know why it's nonsensical to have characters related to Oak. The protagonist is not Red, even though he looks like him right now. It's just that I don't have any other sprites or characters yet, but I'll worry about that once I advance in the game. I mean, it's fairly easy to change the appearance of the main character, isn't it?

EDIT: As for the top 4, you guessed right, one of them will share the same name as a member of Iron Maiden! He'll be the fourth of the top 4. Janick (Gers), Ghost type Pokemon (because of my favorite Iron Maiden song - Ghost of the Navigator. Janick played the solo for that song!).

Catman July 16th, 2012 4:33 AM

Yeah, I meant that the sprites make it look like they are just the same people being re-used.

Also, How about a cameo of Maiden's infamous mascot Eddie the Head?

LightningAlex July 16th, 2012 4:48 AM

That's actually a great idea. But I have no idea how to do that xD I mean, I can't make him a human NPC, since, well... Eddie isn't human at all. Should I make him some creature other than Pokemon? Or should I turn him into a legendary Pokemon of the ghost/dark type? Or steel, as in metal? Hmm...

khkramer July 16th, 2012 4:51 AM

Will there be a champion DIO? :p
Anyways, nice looking game ;)

LightningAlex July 16th, 2012 4:59 AM

Aaah, I knew it wouldn't take long before you figure out who the champ is xD Yes, the champ is Dio. He'll have dragon type Pokemon, mostly because of the album "Killing the Dragon".

Thanks for your comment :)

Catman July 16th, 2012 5:49 AM


Originally Posted by LightningAlex (Post 7256007)
That's actually a great idea. But I have no idea how to do that xD I mean, I can't make him a human NPC, since, well... Eddie isn't human at all. Should I make him some creature other than Pokemon? Or should I turn him into a legendary Pokemon of the ghost/dark type? Or steel, as in metal? Hmm...

In an abandoned concert dome waiting for you, the greatest creature known to rockers everywhere lurks...
Dark type would be better than Steel type, it'd be hard to make a set of moves that make sense. With Dark type you could have him play solos of death at your Pokemon.

I noticed you were aiming for 649 Pokemon, don't you think it'd be cooler to make that 666?

[Edit]: Joe Satriani?

LightningAlex July 16th, 2012 6:10 AM

Hmm... it is a nice idea, really. However, making 17 new Pokemon is going to be a lot of work. But meh, I've got time. Thanks for the idea, Catman :)

And, no, Joe Satriani isn't an Elite 4, nor a gym leader.

Catman July 16th, 2012 6:49 AM

Well, Eddie being one, the other 16 shouldn't be too hard to design. Just make them all big references!

LightningAlex July 16th, 2012 8:20 AM

Yeah, that's probably what I'll do. Thanks for the ideas :)

I should probably add Murray, too (The mascot of Dio)
Of course I'd make him smaller than this xD

LightningAlex July 18th, 2012 5:27 AM

Hey guys, so I posted a small update, with more screenshots and progress. But I could really use some help with the sprites - I currently need sprites for the gym leaders (Only one so far), and for the members of Team Storm. So if anyone is willing to help, please say so (I'll give credit, of course).

Catman July 19th, 2012 4:01 AM

How about:
Paradise City (Obvious reference there...)
San Dimas (Where Wild Stalyns live (Bill & Ted reference and a half))

Uh... I'll try to think of some more

LightningAlex July 19th, 2012 10:14 AM

Thanks for your suggestions, CatMan :) I added them right away, since they're way better than any names I came up with...

I have one more question:
1) What would you like to see more? A new criminal organisation (Team Storm) or a comeback of Team Rocket? Since I currently have horrible sprites for Team Storm (For the overworld sprite, I use one from the RMXP RTP, but they're taller and skinnier than Pokemon characters), and for battles I use a recolored Steven :\

Catman July 19th, 2012 12:07 PM

Well, as you can probably tell. I suggest cramming in as many references to all the major bands.

Other than that, I don't know. I don't really play enough Pokemon to know what is and isn't a Pokemon game's good and bad features but i'm sure someone will help.

LightningAlex July 20th, 2012 3:02 PM

I believe I'm bringing Team Rocket back. Or any other team(s) that appeared in the canon games, since it'll be much easier acquiring sprites.

Other than that, just because of my lack of sprites, my progress has slowed down, and I don't like it. However, I still did some progress. The game now has 66 maps, and once I have the 2nd gym done, I'll put the demo up for download :)

The second gym leader is named David, after him. He uses rock-type Pokemon.

By the way, as you probably figured by now, the first gym leader is based on this guy.

Again, if anyone has any free time to make sprites for these two, I'd really appreciate it. They don't even have to be good, they just have to be... recognizable.

LightningAlex July 22nd, 2012 4:05 PM

Okay, so I made another update. A big one, this time. It took me so long because I had to create some quests the player has to go through before he faces the second gym leader.

The second gym leader, David (Based on David Coverdale from Whitesnake) is really strong. His highest level is 28. The badge you get from him is called the "Hard rock" badge, since he trains rock Pokemon, and, well, he is a great hard rock singer xD

Anyway, tomorrow I have to go through a thorough test play, to see if there are any bugs or something. Once finished, I'll put the demo up for download. But more about that tomorrow.

So, any guesses about the next two gym leaders?

Controversial? July 24th, 2012 6:55 PM

The fact that you managed to cross Pokémon with Metal has already earned you points.

Hahaha, I thought it was Dave Mustaine you were referencing with that screenshot at first tbh XD

Also, you said youw ere gonna replace the original starter triad, and then you revealed a Fighting type...I hope you realise Dark/Psychic/Fighting isn't actually a type triangle? XD

EDIT: Oh, and I do like how the E4 is Iron Maiden, but tbh I did envisage them to be more like the singers from the Big 4 of Thrash Metal, but... actually, that wouldn't work. Who'd you have for Anthrax?

LightningAlex July 25th, 2012 6:49 AM


Originally Posted by Controversial? (Post 7269391)
The fact that you managed to cross Pokémon with Metal has already earned you points.

Hahah, thank you :) It's two of my favorite things in the world :)


Originally Posted by Controversial? (Post 7269391)
Hahaha, I thought it was Dave Mustaine you were referencing with that screenshot at first tbh XD

Well, they don't look alike in the real world, but sprites... combined with my ability to draw horribly, it's an easy mistake to make xD


Originally Posted by Controversial? (Post 7269391)
Also, you said youw ere gonna replace the original starter triad, and then you revealed a Fighting type...I hope you realise Dark/Psychic/Fighting isn't actually a type triangle? XD

Uhm... how isn't it a triangle? Fighting beats Dark, Dark beats Psychic & Psychic beats Fighting :\

Also, the third starter is Ghost type, not Psychic. Ghost attacks maybe aren't super effective against Fighting Pokemon, but Fighting attacks don't have any effect on Ghost Pokemon at all.


Originally Posted by Controversial? (Post 7269391)
EDIT: Oh, and I do like how the E4 is Iron Maiden, but tbh I did envisage them to be more like the singers from the Big 4 of Thrash Metal, but... actually, that wouldn't work. Who'd you have for Anthrax?

Yeaah, I know you'll hate me for this, but the only reference to the Big 4 is the last gym leader, and it is James from Metallica... I don't really like the Big 4...
Also, only one of the E4 is an Iron Maiden member. The others are from other bands.

In other news, I'm sorry that I didn't put the game up for download when I said I would. But I'll put it up tonight if anyone is interested in playing it.

LightningAlex July 27th, 2012 3:02 PM

So, first of all, sorry for the double post xD

The demo is up for download now. If anyone actually tries it out, please report any errors you find. And if you want to see some changes, please say so.

Also, I could use some critiques for the maps. Are they good enough? If not, what needs to be added/removed/changed?

cliu123 August 7th, 2012 4:52 PM

Not to be racist but I know quite a few of my white buddies who would love to play this hack when its finished. Making new Pokemon isn't that hard. You can just mash two Pokemon together out make a few of your own Pokemon based on rock and create evolutions for them. Also you can use the team magma sprites and call them team Metallica or team Aqua for team anthrax or team rocket for well team rock :P plus if you want to use John from Metallica than you can make him the leader of team Metallica like how Giovanni is the leader of team rocket even though he's the eighth gym leader. Sorry for not making this more organized :P

LightningAlex August 10th, 2012 2:57 PM


Originally Posted by cliu123 (Post 7290684)
Not to be racist but I know quite a few of my white buddies who would love to play this hack when its finished. Making new Pokemon isn't that hard. You can just mash two Pokemon together out make a few of your own Pokemon based on rock and create evolutions for them. Also you can use the team magma sprites and call them team Metallica or team Aqua for team anthrax or team rocket for well team rock :P plus if you want to use John from Metallica than you can make him the leader of team Metallica like how Giovanni is the leader of team rocket even though he's the eighth gym leader. Sorry for not making this more organized :P

Okay, first of all, I am so sorry it took me so long to reply. I planned to include the update in this post, too (To avoid double posting), but the testing took longer than I thought xD

Anyway, thank you a lot for your reply and your ideas. Where were you when I just began making the game xD Now I have already 3 huge encounters with Team Rocket, and there's a story to why they've returned (This is happening 5 years after the Johto games, so 8 years after Giovanni disbanded TR. Now he's back), so I can't just edit any of the teams you suggested in. I'd have to change everything.

So, it's been a while since the last update. I've completed around 50 more maps, including one of the biggest cities in the game (Worksop City). The only things I didn't finish are the Game Corner (Don't have a tileset for it yet...) and the Safari Zone (The maps are done, the encounters are there, too, I just have to look up on how to create the Safari Zone event).

Oh, in case anyone is interested about the 3rd gym leader:

It's Shirley Manson from the band Garbage. I'm not really a big fan of Garbage, but I had to add some female gym leaders. I'd add Lita Ford, but she's already taken as a rival that'll appear later in the game.

LightningAlex August 15th, 2012 2:43 PM

Okay, now, here's a major update! The overworld is almost finished! Now, I think there'll be around 400 maps in this game. The only maps that are missing are some routes, 3 cities, the Pokemon League (Which is located on an island far away from the coast), and 3 caves that I plan on making big (And some maps that I don't want to spoil - they're part of a big secret in the Arala region, which is one of the sidequests).

So yeah, I could really use some feedback on the maps (As I asked earlier xD). Do I have to add/remove/edit something? Or are they looking just fine?

Radical Raptr August 17th, 2012 9:19 AM

I like the side-quests, they sound great and could become even better.
The one thing i have a problem with is the story...
While its not that bad that it is like a normal pokemon game, most fan-based games have more...meaning, or great story, its just a thought, but you might want to make some sort of original story >_>

*also, if you want help with randy, I could help you out >_>*

LightningAlex August 17th, 2012 2:12 PM

Thanks for your post, JB. There are even more sidequests which I won't reveal until later, since some of them are just ideas, and others I'm not sure if can be made with RMXP.

As for the main story, I believe that the main goal of every Pokemon game is to beat the Pokemon League. After the League, everything else becomes a sidequest. That's why I didn't write any main story.
There are 2 stories that can be considered to be part of a "main story", but both of them end after the Pokemon League, so I consider them sidequests. It sounds complicated, especially with my bad English, but I hope you understand xD These two stories are:
Team Rocket: The big question is, why is Team Rocket back? This game takes place 8 years after Giovanni disbanded TR. But Giovanni is back. To find out why, we must go back 8 years to figure out what was Giovannis plan in Kanto. First he tried to steal the Silph Scope to identify (and probably catch) ghost Pokemon, which are strong against psychic Pokemon. Then he tried to steal the Master Ball, which can capture any Pokemon. His plan was to capture Mewtwo, and probably use it to easily capture other Pokemon and make huge money by selling them. But he failed. He admitted that Red is a much better trainer than him, disbanded Team Rocket and left without a trace.
But the evil in a person never dies. Combined with the desire to finish his plans, to prove that he wasn't defeated, Giovanni reestablished Team Rocket, and came to the Arala region. He already has an alternative plan to capture Mewtwo, and Arala has the resources needed to put the plan in action. I won't reveal more... this is more than enough, too xD

What is this, that stands before me? Big black shape with eyes of fire... is this the end, my friend? - A member of the Elite 4, who briefly works with you against Team Rocket.

The gold mystery of Arala: All across the Arala region, there are carvings in stones that suggest there was/is gold in Arala. However, there is not a lot of gold at all, and there aren't any records that there ever was gold in Arala. Some carvings even suggest that gold can do much more than just shine. A lot of important characters (Randy, David, Gary & others) are investigating this mystery. Some assume it's a prehistoric prank, others think that the mystery isn't connected to real gold, but that "gold" in all the carvings stands for something else. None of them are really close to the truth, so you help them.
Being struck and striking back, as we get stronger... and gold can do it, until the end of time.... - A message carved on a stone.

See, both of these stories are developed as you play through the game - but they don't end before you beat the Pokemon League. You can finish them only after beating the League, so that's why I consider them sidequests.

Also, thank you a lot for your offer, but I think that Randy looks just fine for now. If you're still willing to help, I really need sprites for Angus Young and Lita Ford.

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