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Collector Elwood July 20th, 2012 6:59 PM

"Community Service" [OOC][M]
rated m for mysterious

*Credits to Spriter's Resource for GSC tiles

Hello! This thread will come to be known for recording the progress of the characters, but since the RP hasn't started yet, this post will be a little empty until we do. There are still spots left if you want to take them, so please, get your SU in ASAP! Don't want someone snagging your spot before you finish.

Accepted Players:

1. Adrain Randal played by iLike2EatPiez
2. Astor Maddox played by Skymin
3. William "Will" Hayes played by Saturated Hue
4. Riku Kimura played by Charizard_Man
5. Kyle Avery played by The Final Watchman
And. Villidan "Vil" Vertigo played by Lt. Col. Fantastic

Please. Use this thread to ask questions, organize yourselves, and discuss this roleplay. And above all, have fun.

Skymin July 20th, 2012 7:22 PM

Geez, Kiyoshi, how can I ever pass by one of your RPs? ;D
Name/Nicknames: Astor Maddox
Gender/Sex: Male
Age: Twenty-two (three months shy of twenty-three)

Appearance: Astor is tall, slightly dark and maybe adorable would be the better word as opposed to handsome. His hair and eyes are a dark brown, leaning on black (though sometimes, one could say his eyes are golden when the light shines on it properly) and skin is olive/tanned, similar to the complexion of a Welshman. He's slightly muscular, quite tall and very doe-eyed. Despite all this, he's too oblivious of flirting to be popular with the ladies.

His hair is usually short, unkept bed hair and his face is usually well shaved. He has three piercings; one in the lobe of his left ear, one in the top of the same ear and a piercing in his eyebrow. His clothes are usually quite lax, consisting mainly of t-shirts and jeans. His wallet stays firmly in his back pocket, connected by chain from the belt, and his PokéGear in his right pocket. Everything else, in the left pocket. His shoes are that of comfort, canvas or volleys are usually his go.

Clothes are usually consistent, even during the alternating seasons. The main difference; long sleeves and hoodies in the Winter, usually accompanied by a beanie or scarf, and shorts in the hottest of Summer.

History: What was his crime? Foolishness.

Okay, but seriously, Astor was born in the the the average of average families. He was never considered rich, but wore clothes that were decent enough to not be labelled as poor. He's the eldest of two, his younger sister Clara is considered the brains of the family. He was never a bad kid, just one with bad luck. Astor's a lover, not a fighter.

For most of his primary school years, Astor was invisible. He did things, yeah, but he was just like any kid. His fingerpaintings were never special enough to be Da Vinci quality and his theories of the world were barely comparable to Einstein (probably something like "imagine if the world... was made of fairy floss?"). He didn't mind it though. He was oblivious, care-free and mostly, a child. All he wanted to do was be himself.

It was maybe when Astor turned fourteen when bad luck turned his way. When his voice started to drop and hair begun to grow in funny places but his mind still stayed as a child. He believed in justice and that he could be anything he wanted to be, even if that included being a superhero. The first time Astor witnessed a fight, he intervened. He shouldn't have, but he did. Long story short, at the end of it, he was the last person standing. He hadn't his anyone, no, but naturally (and because his mother was a health nut and made him do laps all the time), Astor was stronger and had more stamina than the other boys. He was sent to the Principal's office but didn't object to the falsely allocated crimes; he was too polite to say someone else was to blame.

Though this didn't happen a lot all the way through Astor's late years of school, it was enough for teachers to think that he was some kind of bully, despite how polite he was in class. Something must have been wrong with him, right? Not quite right in the head? Who knew.

When Astor graduated, he wasn't the top of his class. In fact, Astor was never good with smarts. He was the athletic man and applied to become a policeman to help against whatever was happening between the regions (though he wasn't sure of the specifics, he knew that somewhere, somebody needed his help). His work as a junior officer did not last long at all; during his first week of real police work, he accidentally punched a man in the face during a bar fight. Astor was there on patrol with a senior officer and the man he punched ended up being some rich philanthropist of some sort who was actually breaking the law by being in the bar (something to do with a restraining order). To cover up some embarrasing tracks, the rich man turned the story around into 'the man who was punched in the face by a policeman'. Astor had next to no idea what was happening and even though he apologised several times and even sent flowers, thanks to his past experiences with fighting, was sent off to the SOUL program.

Personality: Despite being a bear of a man, Astor has a soft and gooey inside. He's lovable and would never turn to violence to solve a situation. He believes in justice, to do what is right and that every person has a good side. Accompanying his innocent thoughts, if asked nicely and with good reason, he'd do almost anything for someone. Even if that someone was a criminal. This makes Astor probably the easiest person to manipulate, but if Astor finds out? Well, you'd get justice'd.

Astor is also very kind, very polite and usually a happy soul. He's the world's best pillow and is always there to listen to your complaints. He'll try to cheer you up and if he can't with his adorable smile, he'll probably buy you ice-cream. Or take you to see some puppies. He's a big brother for the entire world.

When it comes to battling, Astor's never done it before. He has no thoughts on it; he doesn't find it wrong when the Pokémon wants to battle for their trainer. Only when one is being forced to fight is when Astor will stop.

Astor's other hobbies include piano, photography and painting (though he is exceptionally bad at it).

Aspiration: Astor wants his badge back and become the best Police Officer ever. Along the way of proving his worth, he probably would want to give Gyms a shot.
Starter: Joltik
Password 1: Question: Will Everyone Require Tents Yet Under Instruments Over People?
Password 2: ChEstnut FOUR
RP Sample: (Give me an example of how you RP.)

Miss Doronjo July 20th, 2012 7:54 PM

Might I add you have a interesting way with passwords, hehe.

Name/Nicknames: (Hey, I just met you.)
Gender/Sex: (Male, Female, and anything in-between.)
Age: (15-25 bracket.)
Appearance: (Long hair? Snout nose? Bloody fingers? No toenails?)
History: (What got you into the SOUL program in the first place? And did you become the owner of a large shrimp company while you were at it?)
Personality:(Obviously everyone wants to be the dashing aristocrat with a mustache, but you've gotta be identifiable.)
Aspiration: (What does your character want to do? League? Contests? Photographer? Athlete?)
Starter: (It will begin at level five, and at first stage of its evolution line. Pokémon that don’t evolve are not permitted, and of course, neither are legendaries [especially in this RP, where legendaries are considered to be just myths. Maxie resurrecting Groudon was similar to a man proving Zeus actually exists and controlling him somehow.] The moveset it possesses at the start will be dictated by me. It can be of any type.)
Password 1: Quilt Watermelon Elephant Raspberry Telephone Yawn Umbrella Iguana Octopus Penguin
Password 2: oAk four
RP Sample: (Give me an example of how you RP.)

The Last Sentinel July 20th, 2012 9:16 PM

Kiyoshi! Such a fantastic RP and a very politically twisted version of the stories/games we all know and love. I applaud you! But only five characters? Y U DO THIS 2 ME MAN?!

Kyle Avery

Gender/Sex: Male

Age: 18

To say the least, Kyle's build is one wanted by very few. Small and skinny, he stands at only five foot 9 inches and weighs merely a hundred and thirty-three pounds. His hair is a greyish-black color, typically worn in a somewhat messy style, and is in nearly complete contrast with his pale complexion. His skin however, due to the lack of color, tends to make many of his blemishes fairly noticeable, e.g. his multiple scars from fights and the occasional zit or two (most of which are covered by bandages). Moving on, Kyle's most apparent feature is his eyes, a bright red that seems to make him appear quite odd.

On the side of clothes and accessories, he can be seen as both odd or normal, depending on the situation.
First and foremost is Kyle's black V-neck, usually covered by his red zip-up hoodie. Despite both layers, Kyle will still tend to be cold, causing him to add another layer, a somewhat small blazer-like jacket. Usually, he will have his sleeves rolled up to his mid-forearm, exposing the inside of his jacket that possesses a plaid-like design. Next, Kyle will wear a somewhat loose pair of black jeans or even a pair of sweats. With that, he will have either a chain or a length of fabric connected to his wallet.
Well, when you're the owner of a large shrimp factory, you kinda have to have a long history behind you...

To put it at the beginning, Kyle was born in a small town within the Johto Region as the youngest of three children in a rather odd situation. Of course, when your older sister has officially been labeled as mentally deficient and your brother is one of the largest troublemakers in the world, your parents will tend to expect quite a bit out of their newest child. Although, this is what they wanted of Kyle, that isn't exactly what he became, at least in most cases.

Being the youngest of three, Kyle would obviously gain multiple qualities from his siblings. His father, a rather angry sort of man, would always go against this, believing all of the children to be quite impudent and would tend to go to the extremes to deal with this, ultimately beating his children multiple times throughout their lives. They couldn't do much about the abuse, but how could they? They weren't even adolescents yet and who would believe a morally troubled kid, his twin with mental deficits, and their younger brother whom was, to put it simply, imaginative.

Now school wasn't too different from his home life when it came down to it. From the beginning, he was bullied by the multitude of kids for seemingly no reason then who his family is and his somewhat knowledgeable status. Because of this, Kyle really grew up with a somewhat secluded nature, not being able to trust anyone but his sister. It left him with seemingly nothing to talk to or interact with, even to the extent of sitting in seclusion for hours, merely thinking of what it would be like to have friends.

This seemed to carry on as he moved onto Middle School; no friends, tons of bullies, everything. However, it was here where he was able to begin expressing himself. You see, middle school in Johto was when many of the districts introduced their band classes and to put it simply, Kyle was interested. Even though he was somewhat shy, Kyle immediately signed up to begin practicing the piano and from then on, was able to express himself in the littlest way possible. Music.

More years passed and Kyle finally ended up in High School as a senior. His artistic prowess became more pronounced and he learned not only how to play the piano, but also the guitar and drums. Things were finally going better for him with school! He had more friends, less bullies, and the chance to do what he wanted there. Unfortunately, the same didn't go at home. His father was still an abusive drunk and when it finally came down to it, he needed to leave. He needed a new life.

With that said, his brother and himself began planning an escape of sorts. They were going to leave and eventually save their sister some time later. However, his father caught wind of their plans and as they were executing it, he had called the police.

Kyle and his brother were quickly apprehended. Now many would expect that the two told the cops about the reason they left and then arrested the father, this case was completely different. The police didn't trust Kyle's brother as he did have some problems before nor his mentally deficient sister. Not knowing if Kyle was a trustful or not, they eventually went to Kyle's dad and recommended a new program for delinquent teens. The name of it? SOUL!
Well, Kyle is exactly how he looks, a shy, quiet young man. He is nearly completely antisocial, trusting nearly no one and only making friends with those who try to be one. Of course, it was likely brought on by his horrible childhood of being bullied, but the whole ordeal taught him a lot about what life should actually be like.

Nonetheless, Kyle isn't one who will immediately begin to judge someone and will try to talk them, though that doesn't necessarily mean he would succeed in doing that. Of course, despite his shyness, Kyle likes to try new things.

Kyle is also quite unlike his family. Kind to the extreme, he will be the first to help out his friends in their time of need, the problem not even mattering as long as he's helping. It really makes him seem reliable in the eyes of others and is obviously one who deserves it. He is also fairly smart when compared to many average people. Able to strategically design the fine points for plans and battles fairly quickly and accurately, it is probably wise to be on his side.

Despite being antisocial, Kyle does have a somewhat unique way to express himself. What is it? Art, and to be more exact, music and literature. Using his somewhat artistic prowess, Kyle puts his feelings into the many words and notes. Letting them flow from his mind, he finds to think it's easier then actually talking.

Aspiration: Kyle plans on becoming a skilled musician in the future, though he will likely take on some gyms along the way.

Password 1: qwertyuiopoiuytrewq
Password 2: piNe three

RP Sample: As I'm to lazy to make something completely new... :P
Pandora. A region who's unbelievable stories were always regarded as mythical in nature. A sort of Atlantis type mystery that no one would be able to solve. It was a place that was wanted by all, but seen by none, which ultimately gave it it's mythical status. However, those who believed that the region was a mere fairy tale have now been proven wrong. Just six weeks ago, a man who was regarded as one of the world's most aspiring scientists had mysteriously died after nearly thirty years of being gone, the coordinates of the region being the only thing left behind.

Or at least, that's what Alan recently heard. Personally, he didn't know what to make of the whole ordeal. For the longest time, he had known of Pandora as he believed in mermaids, simply stories. Call him cynical, but he was edging towards the more realistic side of things unless proven otherwise. The proof was exactly what he got.

Less than five days before, he had received an email from a man known simply as Jude Laughner. The subject simply read Pandora and the actually message hadn't said much either.
"Hello Alan Destin,
My name is Jude Laughner and while you may have never heard of me, I have heard much of you. Anyways, I'll get straight to the point. I require your useful skills for something I have planned. While I will not disclose everything in an email, I will request a meeting this Friday at the Moo Moo Cafe in Viridian City. I have attached multiple overhead pictures of the newly discovered Pandora region. Hopefully, this will spark your interest at the very least!

Jude Laughner
It would have been an odd message to many other people, but to Alan, it was actually one of his normal requests. You see, Alan was a Tracker. A person who's sole job was to track down his client;s lost possessions and Pokemon with only his own Pokemon and instincts. However, including the idea of Pandora simply made it more mysterious. Was he looking for something there? Or was it some kind of a trick? Either way, Alan agreed to the meeting, after all, what could happen at a place like Moo Moo Cafe.

Obviously though, Alan did need to know a little about the man before actually attending the meeting. Luckily, Alan knew of the all-knowing being known as Google. Through this, he was able to find out exactly what he needed to. Jude Laughner was a world-renown, and successful, treasure hunter as well as one of those eccentric rich people. So he wants me to find a treasure, thought Alan, at Pandora? Jude wanted him to go to the very place he wasn't sure existed, merely for more money.

Now knowing what he needed to know, Alan began on his way Of course, residing in the same neighborhood as the Cafe made the trip quite short and efficient, or so he thought. For some reason, Viridian's many streets seemed to be a bit to crowded. Sighing, he made his way down the street, eventually cutting through one or two alleys before finally spotting the establishment. With that said, Alan walked into the restaurant only a couple minutes later, his eyes set on a middle-aged man who's clothes seemed to be rather casual, his hand waving as he spotted the newcomer. This must be Mr. Laughner, thought Alan. After all, he's one of the only people here I don't recognize. Alan made his way over, sitting down as he stated a polite, "Hello, Mr. Laughner."

"Oh, no need with the formalities, Alan," said the man, a wide smile across his face. "Simply call me Jude. I went ahead and ordered you some Moo Moo Milk just moments ago. But now that we have our short introductions aside, I am requesting your assistance in something of what I believe to be of utmost importance. So, to get more to thepoi-"

"Wait. Just wait a minute. You want me to go to Pandora, don't you?"

"Well, as a matter of fact I do."

"Mr. Laugh-" he began before stopping himself. "Jude. How exactly would I know that Pandora actually exists? I mean, and not to be to rude, but the pictures you sent me and the videos on all of the news channels could all be CGI, am I wrong?"

At first, Jude merely smiled as he looked at the young man, his thoughts hidden before he actually answered. "Unfortunately Alan, I honestly can't prove that the pictures were fake until you see it. I do understand your skepticism, but at the same time I promise on my honor that I am telling you the truth."

But would trusting him be the smartest choice, thought Alan. Obviously, he looks quite trustworthy, but should I really take the chance? "One more question. How do you, a rich treasure hunter, know about a small town tracker who has only traveled through one region?"

"Ah, I expected you to ask that. To be honest, I hadn't known about you until quite recently. You see, I was actually visiting the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion when I began talking to the club's chairperson. For some reason, I told him about my plans and before I knew it, he recommended you for it. I don't exactly remember why, but he had said something about a lost Master Ball in one of the unexplored parts of Diglett Tunnel. Not only did he say you found it, but you actually returned it. Honestly, I know most people would have taken the rare item and ran. It proved to me that you are very skilled in what you do, but also that Alan, you are a trustworthy young man.

"However, I do understand that he seems to exaggerate quite a bit. So just to be sure, I tracked down multiple other clients of yours who all said the same exact things, ranging from a lost Aron deep within the Viridian Forest to an Experience Share that had been dropped in a pond at the Safari Zone. And you know what the most interesting thing about it all was? I had learned that you didn't even use an ItemFinder, only your own knowledge and instinct. It sounded unorthodox at first, but you managed to pull it off every time. I applaud you."

Fortunately, the chairperson didn't exaggerate when he told this story. The emphasis on this. It was all true. However, he was still a bit worrisome, though after the praise, Alan decided he would hear it out. "Please continue Jude."

Smiling, the man did just that. "So, I assume you've heard of Pandora's many stories as all of us have. Fortunately, we only have one story to worry about. It is the tail of the four brothers who ruled the region. It is said that at the end of their reign, they hid their treasures in an unknown place there. Now that Pandora's proven to exist, I believe the same as the treasures. As I stated before, you have found many lost possessions and Pokemon and I have contemplated over a single thought ever since I found this all out. With your skills, I think that you can find the treasure without too much trouble.

"Of course, I will fund the trip as to not harm what expenses you possess, however I have a single requirement. I will receive half of the treasure. I must also state that I have tracked down several other trainers and treasure hunters who have a chance as well, making this trip somewhat of a race. However, even if you fail, I know that you could easily see this as a great vacation and well as an unique adventure.

"If you have any more thoughts or questions, I'd be happy to answer it," said the man, his smile still on his face.

"Just one. Will you always smile like you are now?" It was obviously said in a joking manner, however Alan did feel some sort of creepiness from it.

"Only if you would like me to. Have you found your answer?"

Alan honestly didn't know what to say immediately and let his thoughts start their typical process. On one hand, the trip could be strenuous and useless, while on the other, it could result in an amazing adventure and huge riches. But what to do? The odds were that there was no harm to him and only chances for greatness. Sighing, Alan gave the man his answer.

"Jude. It seems that you have pulled my arm on this, especially with the little complement you gave me. So with that said, as long as you smile a tad less, I'm in."

"That may be a bit hard for me," answered the older man. "But I agree to your terms. Now, what Pokemon would you like to be your new partner?"

Sighing, Alan started up once again. "So you mean that I can't use my own Pokemon? That basically means I'm starting almost completely over."

"Well, several of the other people do not own a Pokemon and in order to make this race a bit more even, I have decided to give you all one Pokemon to accompany you. Are you worried Alan? I'd completely understand if you decided not to go."

"Don't worry. However, if you plan on telling anyone else about your race, maybe start off with that as the first requirement."

"I'll take that under consideration," said Jude with a laugh. "Nonetheless, I'll still waiting on your answer."

iLike2EatPiez July 21st, 2012 10:04 AM

** EDIT: All done!

[name/nicknames:] Adrian Randal
[gender/sex:] Male.
[age:] Nineteen.

Adrian is lanky, very tall, and all angles. Sharp face, pointed nose, bony fingers, triangular shoulders... It's almost like the guy could stab you just by glancing your way, if not for his thick gentle eyebrows and warm amiable gaze. His light greyish-brown eyes are usually behind a pair of glasses; without the glasses the world becomes a blurred, incoherent mess of color to him. One can often note Adrian's dreadful crooked teeth, as he grins and laughs often. His hair is a miserable blonde rat's nest. He has a rather pathetic bit of stubble and does a lousy job of keeping it shaved.

His sharp edges are also offset by his attire. Adrian often wears a big, puffy, weather-resistant yellow coat that he could practically drown in, along with baggy jeans and t-shirts. In fact, most of his clothes look like they're a size or two too big for him (which is the way he likes it, mind you). His bold red tennis shoes, however, are costly, new, and snazzy, an odd juxtaposition to his baggy and scrappy look. His hands are usually covered by an old scruffy pair of dark fingerless gloves. His clothes and food and all that junk go sloppily into a tough camping backpack. He also wears a heavy black monster of a belt, which can hold all of his handheld devices and utilities with plenty of room to spare.

First things first, Adrian's an amateur psychic. You know, like these guys. He's either learned or inherited the skills from his mother (I'll get to her soon), but, in all honesty, he isn't very impressive. He can't do any mind reading or fortune telling; his abilities are limited to telekinesis. Not even the hardcore send-cars-and-unfortunate-bystanders-flying-with-your-mind telekinesis. Just kind of... clumsily levitating small, light objects, like writing utensils or Pokeballs. His abilities may improve with practice over the course of the roleplay... or not. He might just be doomed to never become decent at it by his inherent natural lousiness. We'll see!

So uh, right. Adrian's mom. Helena was born in Saffron City. Lived there most of her life, a good fourty years or so. In that time she met her husband, Gregory. They met in their later teenage years. They were like star-crossed lovers. It was sparkly and romantic. They got married. They had kids. They worked and earned money and supported their family. All that lovely stuff! To be more specific, Adrian came first, followed by his younger sister by six years, Madison. And Helena worked an office job at Silph Co., while Gregory worked at the Magnet Train station. All in all they had a nice little life set up for themselves, if a bit hectic, what with work schedules and the day to day rush of the big city.

But when Hoenn and the USU started trying to get their grubby paws all over Kanto, Helena and her little family made like a leaf and got the hell out of there while they still could. See, she's the sort of psychic that can do all those spiffy things Adrian can't. Or, at least the fortune telling part. Her sixth sense warned her that some shady business was going down. Not that she wasn't suspicious to begin with; she and her husband had no interest in Hoenn's recent affairs, and didn't want to get caught up in any of that junk. Thankfully, peaceful, pleasant Johto was just a quick Magnet Train trip away.

They settled down in Ecruteak and, after a period of adjustment, found that life in a quiet traditional town was a lot easier on everybody's nerves. That is... everybody except Adrian. He was firmly adapted to city life. He enjoyed the activity. Lights and sounds everywhere. Everything was accessible. There were always new places to go, new things to see. And there were plenty of people for him to impress! But here, everything was slow-paced and, dare I say it, boring. Adrian since his childhood had always had a short attention span and a constant hunger for things to do, and he'd never really been deprived of such consistent availability of entertainment. Now, relocated and well into his teenage years, Adrian found himself unsatisfied with his situation.

On top of that, things weren't going too well for him. He was on his way into adulthood, with no plans for a college education (nor any interest in getting one), little if any work experience, and pretty much no idea what to do with his life. He did get himself a job at a local convenience store, but ended up being fired before too very long, much to his mother's displeasure. It kind of went downhill from there. All attempts to start supporting himself faded into increasingly desperate attempts to entertain himself. He ran off to Goldenrod every now and then, taking along his mother's Kadabra (without permission) to ensure his safety along the way.

Now, here's what broke the last straw and got him into the SOUL program. Adrian developed a tendency to perform all sorts of psychic shenanigans. Telekinetic shoplifting, spilling drinks and popcorn in movie theaters without lifting a finger, making peoples' wallets and credit cards dance in the air... all silly stuff, really. But, silly or not, he got caught in the act, and ended up being driven home by a police officer. He wasn't arrested or anything, though a stern warning was enough to send his mother into a frenzied rage. Her was her son, at nineteen, incompetent and irresponsible, running around causing trouble with the age-old powers she had passed down to him in one way or another. She could tolerate his disobedience and his sneaking off, but such use of his psychic abilities was just all kinds of disrespectful.

So she sent him off. Some community service would do him good, right?

Adrian is a rather awkward blend of "relaxed and easygoing" and "ADD spazcase". Nothing much seems to visibly phase him; he's calm and collected, optimistic and carefree, a "take life as it comes" sorta guy. But, at the same time, he's a fast-paced city kid: spontaneous, and in need of constant activity. His mind is always running at a mile a minute. When life doesn't do the same, he starts to lose his casual cool and succumb to the dull drone of boredom.

And Adrian idle rarely ends well. With nothing to occupy his time or attention he tends to lean into shadier activities. Pranking and hassling people, at least. Under the stress of boredom he even becomes something of a kleptomaniac, compulsively taking things, getting a kick out of the risk involved. In a way he's on a boderline between harmless prankster and shady delinquent, because his sense of judgement covers less the more bored he gets. At his best he wouldn't dare, but at his worst, sure, he'd consider going through with plenty of actual crimes if they were suggested to him. Anything to entertain himself, and, hey, if anyone has a problem they can deal with it.

But don't get the wrong idea. Adrian's not a bad guy. Generally he's friendly and outgoing, and willing to do any sort of favor for anyone. He's not the questioning sort. He won't pry into one's affairs or worry himself sick over the details of a statement or request. He'll just kind of go with the flow. He doesn't have time for hard feelings or confrontations. As such, he's easy to get along with, if you can work at his pace, and while he isn't always the best at understanding other peoples' emotions, he will always accept them. Adrian is a loyal companion who values his friends. And, though he doesn't really show it, he gets lonely without anybody to relate to.

This may, in part, be attributed to his vanity. The only thing he likes more than hearing himself talk is having the eyes and ears of others on him, be them close friends or random strangers. As such he loves to tell stories, or to show off, or to perform shameless acts, becoming the center of attention. Is this the result of a secret inferiority complex? Maybe so! But whatever the case it is for the most part harmless, albeit obnoxious to some.

See, the thing is, Adrian doesn't really have an aspiration. That's his big problem. No goals, no dreams, no passions... nothing to really work for. It's why he ended up in this mess. He's a friendly and well-meaning but very aimless individual, prone to causing a ruckus out of idle boredom. His journey, whatever it may entail, will hopefully lead him to a cause he can really pursue. He has always been interested in travelling and battling with Pokemon, and recognizes that there's something of an opportunity for him here.

Okay, random Pokemon generator here I go... Nidoran Female!! Awesome!

[password 1:]
Quit Writing Essays Regarding The Yellow Umbrella; It's Obnoxiously Perplexing

[password 2:]
aSpen two

[RP sample:]
To be quite frank, Adrian was out of his element. Far from civilization, not a speck of pavement in sight, deep in the unforgiving wilderness of… Route 29. Not that he seemed to mind! He trudged clumsily but steadily, his oversized coat shielding him from the scrapes and cuts he’d otherwise suffer as he carved his trail through bushes and undergrowth. It was a bit of an odd sight, really. His companion, his mother’s beloved Kadabra, followed along miserably, casting a tired yet wary glance back and forth. A Sentret crept close, but was quickly frightened off as Kadabra glared and waved his trusty spoon.

“Sure are a lotta Sentrets out here,” Adrian commented simply. Kadabra sighed audibly. “Heh, come on now, buddy, we’re almost there! … At least, I think we are.”

The Psychic Pokémon had not volunteered for the job of escorting this scrappy hooligan. Accompanying him on his childish excursions to Goldenrod was bad enough, but for this he had spent a whole week with the kid (Kadabra would always view Adrian as a child, regardless of how old he got). It wasn’t that Kadabra hated Adrian, of course. Kadabra was actually quite fond of his trainer’s spawnling in short bursts, but accompanying him on long journeys such as this reduced his fondness for the boy to a grudging tolerance. He deeply regretted having never visited New Bark in the past; otherwise this trip could have been settled in a quick use of his Teleport skill. Then again, Adrian’s mother had made it clear that she wanted him to get in some travel experience before beginning his community service session. Even Kadabra had to admit that there was at least a point to this—

“See, what’d I tell you, we made it!”

Kadabra looked up to find the streets and homes of New Bark Town staring him in the face.

Adrian’s enthusiasm was sincere, even a bit eager. He had not only resigned himself to his fate, a summer of organized work, but had come to view it as an opportunity to get out and do something, perhaps even to enjoy himself. He was always quite the optimist, after all, and being stuck in Ecruteak City was all kinds of boring anyways.

Kadabra, on the other hand, would not feel enthusiastic nor relieved until he was rid of Adrian. The boy had taken off running down the sidewalk. “No time to waste!” Kadabra struggled to keep up.

“I wonder if anyone knows where the hell this place is… Hey! Hey, lady, yeah you…! Would you happen t’know where the SOUL summer program headquarters are?”

The poor older woman he’d addressed gave him an odd (and a little bit frightened) look. Then she turned to the side… “O… Oh…! Isn’t that this building here…?”

Adrian paused and adjusted his glasses. Sure enough, right next to him was a big sign that read “SOUL Headquarters”.

“Heheh, oh, right. Err, thanks, ma’am!”

But the woman, who was on her way across the street putting as much distance as she could manage between herself and the loud scruffy teen, didn’t seem to hear him. He shrugged it off and made his way inside…

… and was immediately greeted by a rather harsh voice.

There you are!” A young lady stared him down from the opposite side of a large lobby room. “Do you have any idea how late you are—uh—you’re Adrian, right…?”

“That’s me!” he answered without hesitation.

“Alright, good. Do you have any idea how late you are?!”

“Not really,” he admitted with an apologetic grin. “I didn’t bring a watch or a phone or anything. It is Saturday at least, isn’t it?” Kadabra huffed disapprovingly.

“Well, yes, it is Saturday, but it’s four in the afternoon! You were supposed to be here at eight this morning! Everyone else has already come and gone a long time ago!” The tone of her voice intensified with each with each statement.

“Haha, oops.” Adrian seemed almost oblivious. “So, are you Lillian? … And hey are those the Pokémon?” A table littered with Pokéballs caught his eye. He hurried over to it immediately without waiting for her answer.

“N… No, I’m an assistant counselor. Lillian left about an hour ago, looking for you. And, umm… y-yes, that’s what’s left of our Pokémon selection. We had them set up with labels this morning, but since you showed up so late--”

“I pick this one!”

Adrian selected a ball at random, gently pointed a couple fingers toward it, and motioned upwards. The ball began to rise, albeit shakily. It then twirled around his hand in a dizzy, sluggish little dance. Kadabra huffed again, this time louder. The assistant counselor, who had been informed about Adrian’s “Psychic abilities”, was not impressed.

“Err, why don’t you wait and let me get them labeled again…? This Pokémon is going to be your partner for the whole summer; shouldn’t this be a bit of a thoughtful decision?”

“Nuh…” Adrian lost his concentration and dropped the ball, barely managing to catch it in his hands as it fell. “Naww, any Pokémon’s as good as any other, right?” After a moment of fumbling around for the button, he successfully located it and released the ball’s contents.

“Well, I suppose so, but…”

“Awwh, hi there little guy, err, girl…!” He knelt down and greeted the Nidoran that emerged, gently petting her ears. The creature met the gesture with warm and almost unconditional acceptance. “See, this is perfect!”

“If you say so… And you do know you can’t keep that Kadabra with you, right?”

As if on cue, Kadabra closed his eyes, lowered his head, and vanished in a flash of white light. The Nidoran jumped a little, and gave a startled squeak.

“… He didn’t even say goodbye,” Adrian muttered, still petting his new companion. Oh well. He wasn’t especially surprised anyways; Kadabra had little patience for such formalities.

“Well, I guess that settles it,” the lady said with a sigh. She began heading toward a nearby door. “You wait here. I’ll call Lillian, and when she gets back we can get you all set up, alright?”

SylveonStar July 21st, 2012 4:30 PM

This RP looks soo cool :3 here's my sign up

Name/Nicknames: Viola "Vi" Masters

Gender/Sex: female

Age: 17 (Turns 18 in four days)

Appearance: Viola is short for her age and has extremely pale skin, so pale that people have often compared it to snow. Her eyes are a bright sky blue in color and they really stand out against her skin. Her hair goes down to the middle of her back and is a raven black in color. She normally has her hair down with it curled slightly at the bottom and her bangs are a lime green in color as well as the highlights in her hair. Viola always wears lime green and dark green eye shadow, black eye liner, as well as black lipstick to complete her look. She also as a stud nose piercing in the left side of her nose, her right eye-brow is pierced, and both of her ears have three piercings each.

As for her other clothing, Viola is never seen not wearing two things, her lime green beret with a skull on it in the right side of her hair, the other thing is a black choker with a lime green skull on her neck. Viola normally dresses in a black and lime green stripped top that ends right above her belly button so her bellybutton piercing can be seen. On her arms she wears a pair of finger-less lime green fishnet gloves and on her left arm she has a tattoo of black roses going up the arm. For the bottom half of her clothing Viola wears a knee length black skirt with lime green lace on the bottom. On her legs she has a pair of lime green fishnet stockings and wears a pair of black combat boots.

History: Viola had what she considers a rough childhood. Her father was a prominent business man in Goldenrod City, because of this her family had a lot of money and both her parents gave her everything she could have ever wanted. As a very small child Viola was a sweet kind little girl who's favorite color was pink and she wouldn't dream of doing anything bad. But that all changed when she turned 14. As she became a teenager Viola started to rebel against her parents. She was tired of being spoiled, tired of being treated like glass. So when her parents were on a business trip she got a friend to dye Lime green into her hair and do her piercings and tattoo, then she reorganized her look, getting rid of everything pink and girly. The only thing she didn't get rid of was her love for drawing. But she didn't stop there.

Viola started to shoplift after that gaining quite the record, she also started to smoke. This went on for years, with her parents trying everything they could to stop no avail. Finally after she turned 17 her parents had no choice but to put her in the SOUL program even though her mother didn't want to. Viola and her friends went to shoplift from a store but things turned sour, and her two friends ended up killing someone. Faced with either prison or the SOUL program, her parents sent her to the one she wanted the least.

Personality: Viola is a very headstrong girl but she's not afraid to stand up for who she is and what she believes in. She won't back down from a fight, be it in words or a physical fight. She has only two friends, both of whom chose Prison over the soul program leaving her alone, so if asked about them she will get very bitter about it. If by chance you get her to like you Viola will be extremely protective of you, as well as a bit nicer. She still smokes and can't bring herself to stop that and she loves to draw. Other important things about Viola are that she hates being asked if she plays the Viola due to that being her name (It has happened), her favorite colors are black and lime green, if your too girly she will hate you, and personally she prefers to date girls over guys making her a bigger disappointment in her fathers eyes... she doesn't care what her father thinks. To her she will always be a disappointment, so has plans in place to just cut herself off from her mother and father, it would either be that or getting disowned.

Aspiration: She wants to be an artist.

Starter: Sneasel

Password 1: qwireuqoruqwoutqputruputeqpeur

Password 2: cHerry four

RP Sample:Here's a recent post from the RP Danger on the S.S. Anne

Giselle smiled as she left her room the next morning. The night before she had turned in early deciding she'd have more to do once they reached Fuchsia City she would have more to do. Then she had woken early going up to the deck while everyone else but a few other people that practiced Martial Arts and did her morning workout, following every step her father had drilled into her brain. Now though she was leaving the ship along with a crowd of other people. With a smile Giselle made her way to the Safari Zone her father had told her about. After receiving her three Safari-Balls Giselle made her way through the Zone looking around for something to catch her eye.

After several minutes Giselle spotted a long blue Pokemon that was snake-like in appearance. She didn't say a word just pulled out her Pokedex. "Dragonair the Dragon Pokémon. It is Dragon Type. Dragonair stores an enormous amount of energy inside its body. It is said to alter weather conditions in its vicinity by discharging energy from the crystals on its neck and tail. Dragonair are weak to Ice and Dragon types"

"Alright, Flara you start this" Giselle called out her Tepig who bounced up and down happy to be called out to battle. This action gained the attention of Dragonair who watched the Tepig carefully with what seemed like a smirk on it's face. "Lets let Dragonair go first" Giselle said with a small bow to the wild Pokemon.

Dragonair seemed surprised for a moment before focusing on Flara. It moved forward quickly and grabbed onto Flara with it's tail before slamming the smaller Pokemon against the ground before slithering back some as Flara stood again shaking her head.

"It's okay Flara! use Heat Crash!" Giselle smiled happily. Flara took a breath smoke coming out of her nose before she jumped as high into the air as she could. She seemed to pause for a moment before curling into a ball then straightening out. As she did this a dark red orb of fire formed around her before Flara crashed down on top of Dragonair. Giselle bit her lip as Flara stood up right away and bounced back to being in front of her as the smoke cleared. "h-how" she muttered seeing Dragonair barely injured at the attack and looking smug.

Right after this the orb on Dragonair's neck started to glow and a swirling cyclone was sent right at Flara bringing up dirt as it went. "Flara dodge the attack and use Flame Charge!" Giselle yelled out hoping that Flara would be quick enough to dodge the Dragon Rage attack. It seemed luck wasn't on her side, the attack hit Flara making the small fire pig skid back and wobble slightly before both Pokemon and Trainer glared at Dragonair. Flara charged at Dragonair her body becoming surrounded by flames as she slammed right into Dragonair doing a bit of damage but not as much as it normally would. As Flara stopped running Dragonair's tail glowed blue and it was slammed into Flara making her fly back and land on the ground eyes closed. "Dragon Tail...nice move, but we're not done yet" Giselle said calling back Flara. "You did a great job Flara" she said putting the Pokeball away before she pulled out Rosie's Pokeball.

"Alright Rosie! It's your turn!" Giselle grinned calling out her Servine next. "use Leaf Tornado" Rosie smirked and jumped into the air landing on the top of her head on the ground. To most it would seem as if Rosie had messed up and hurt herself...but that wasn't the case. Suddenly Rosie started to spin in a circle light green, green, and dark green lights glowing around her as leaves formed. Suddenly the tornado moved over to Dragonair and slammed into the wild Pokemon drawing a small cry. Rosie went back to her feet and Dragonair countered right away with Twister. The orbs on Dragonair's tail started to glow and the tail waved toward Rosie a twister forming and slamming into Giselle's Pokemon. "it's okay Rosie! Use Mega Drain followed by Grass Pledge!!" Giselle yelled out after the grass type cried out.

Rosie firmly put her feet on the ground and extended her small arms toward Dragonair, A green beam formed from them and hit Dragonair making it cry out softly as Rosie regained her strength. Right after Rosie raised both of her hands and a large column of grass and leaves slammed into Dragonair. Dragonair glared and sent a blue beam of electricity from it's horn that wrapped around Rosie like a rope paralyzing her.

"Come back Rosie" Giselle said returning her Pokemon. "This is it Dragonair" Giselle called out Jet, her final hope. "Lets start with Water Pledge Jet" Giselle said and the Dewott nodded confidently before raising both of his hands and a large column of Water slammed into Dragonair knocking it over for a second but the Pokemon got back up and used Dragon Rage again. The gem on it's neck glowed and a cyclone formed slamming into Jet. "It's okay Jet use Aqua Jet followed by Razor Shell".

Jet's body became surrounded by a blue glow that faded leaving water surrounding the Dewott. Jet rushed forward and grabbed the shells off his legs as he did. Jet slammed against Dragonair and went to raise his arms when Dragonair's tail wrapped around him and squeezed keeping his arms down.

"Jet!" Giselle called out hearing her first ever Pokemon whimper because of the Wrap attack. Giselle bit her lip after a minute thinking about just calling Jet back and ending it when she spotted it.

Jet was trying to free one of his arms so he could hit Dragonair with a shell. "C'mon Jet" she whispered holding her breath as she watched the struggle. It wasn't looking good. Giselle closed her eyes finally about to call Jet back when she heard it. A cry from Dragonair. Her eyes shot open and she saw Dragonair on the ground Jet over it. "Great job Jet!" Giselle grinned and threw a Safari Ball at Dragonair. It took in the Pokemon and fell onto the ground starting to shake.

Mr. Mammoth July 21st, 2012 4:47 PM

Well, Mr. Polar Bear, this RP seems pretty fun if I do say so myself. And I've been wanting a new RP to participate in, so I'm going to ask you kindly to hit me up with a reservation. The SU will be finished and up sometime tomorrow I believe.

Collector Elwood July 21st, 2012 8:35 PM

I love the participation and eagerness from you guys! :3

However, I would like to point out, like it said in the IC thread, there is no reserving spots. It's first come first serve, so just post the full SU when you can. :3

Can't wait to see some of those unfinished ones so far!

But getting on to one that's was actually finished:

@~Genevieve~ - Dat black and lime green. Her appearance is all fine and dandy as it looks now (quite the consistent color coordination she's got there!), but your detailing lacks quite a bit when it comes to Viola's History and Personality.

Let's start with her history. I don't understand her reasoning. She's not really believable, because why would a kid in their right mind that received everything she could've every desired as a child suddenly shift so dramatically almost overnight simply because she "was tired of being treated like glass." The transition could work, but it needs more logic behind it. These changes don't happen because one day she decides to go from a prim and proper girly rich girl to black-and-green scene queen, it takes time and more factors to become that radically different. I know she was rebellious, but why did she resort to petty thievery as an outlet of all things? Was it because she fell into the wrong crowd? Did it make her feel alive or was she trying to prove a point (she is rich, after all)? Why did she begin to hate her girly past as a reaction to hate from being spoiled? Why did she hate being spoiled? Did it make her feel insecure? Was she made fun of? Did she want to claim a sense of independence and that was getting in the way? There's just not enough substantial reasoning and material to make her believable in the slightest.

Moving onto Personality, I see the same issues here. There are parts that flows together nicely, but you need to explain a lot more. What can someone do to be her friend, especially now her past friends had jilted her? And why were these friends not in her history? Who are they? And holy moly! I don't remember her parents ever being ashamed of her in her history either! And if she doesn't care about them or their thoughts about her, why does she remotely care about being disowned? There needs to also be more depths to her personality, because she's a bit too flat right now.

For now, you're declined. You can fix up your profile and come back, but the spots remain open.

SylveonStar July 21st, 2012 8:41 PM

alright, I'll most likely have to look into this if a spot opens up, I'm gone starting from July 22nd, to August 7th, and have a feeling that by the time I get back the spots will be taken.

Collector Elwood July 21st, 2012 8:54 PM

Well, whatever the case may be, it was a pleasure to read your SU and know you took an interest. :3

Thanks for applying!

iLike2EatPiez July 22nd, 2012 12:42 PM

Oof, finished up my SU! Oh yeah, and I should probably mention, I do have marching band camp coming up in August, which will limit how active I can be for a couple weeks. I'll do my best to keep up during that time.

Collector Elwood July 22nd, 2012 4:09 PM

@iLike2EatPiez - I nearly died when I saw "amateur psychic" in bold. You're very good with creating a voice with your words.

Your RP sample is a bit skimpy, it could use more meat. I found it a tad difficult to really visualize the scene. However, you proved to be competent in writing and it was nice to read.

You found yourself to be on the accepted list. Hopefully keeping up with the RP and your marching band plans mesh up well. Good luck with that, by the way. :3

And, and I've been waiting to say this:


The data about your Pokemon will be given when the first mission is ready to start. :3

@Placeholders - Make sure you get in those SUs! There are no reserves remember, so if someone swoops in with a finished and acceptable SU, a spot can be easily taken from you!

Skymin July 23rd, 2012 4:18 AM

Gyaaah! Sorry I'm taking so long. It is so hard to think up a legitimate storyline for a dumb but kind strong kid and how he could possibly wind up in this kind of situation...

Or I could write about a bad-ass... HMM.

EDIT: You know, the bad-ass is probably easier to incorporate. LET'S DO IT.



The Last Sentinel July 23rd, 2012 10:23 AM

@ Skymin: You can't be such a weird person sometimes. :P

@The Polar Bear: I'll try and work on it as much as I can right now.

Collector Elwood July 23rd, 2012 3:14 PM



Pardon me.

Great SU. Accepted.

And like that, another spot is gone.

and he was bbbbeeeeaaaauuuuttttiiiiffffuuuullll~

Kikpanther July 23rd, 2012 5:10 PM

Name/Nicknames: Laurence Fox
Gender/Sex: Male
Age: 21
: Laurence is an average kind of dude, sorta. He's tall, about 6'2", but looks about five inches higher than that thanks to his luck on acquiring on ectomorphic body at birth. Simply saying he's tall with a narrow body, thin limbs, and drooping shoulders. His attempts at bulking up or at least putting on a little mass have been impossible and since he was maybe twelve has had a noticeably thin body. At first it was funny, but when realizing how meek he looked, it was just a hassle all together.

However, the upside to being naturally thin is that you can pull off the "thin look". Unfortunately dressing "thin" means that his wardrobe can rack up some serious bills. Especially suits. Luckily for him, as nice as suits are, he doesn't particularly enjoy wearing them and, as such, successfully avoids going to places which require them (well except work...). For his casual dress, Laurence wears something either tailored (because he has to) or luckily bought in his size. He isn't really "in the know" when it comes to fashion, so his everyday wear usually consists of straight-leg pants and some kind of shirt or another. He's a fan of dark clothes (though not too dark) so a dark green or a brown or a little bit of black somewhere is kind of his thing. What's more of his trade mark, though, is a jacket he wears. Not a hoodie or anything like that, but a nice, gray sport coat. It had to be his favorite jacket and while he never absolutely had to wear it, he did wear it often over his garb. It was a jacket that he'd taken out of his father's closet after his passing and had kept not really for sentimental value, but because it looked almost criminally nice (at least to him). The years had worn it some, but it still kept a good portion of flare.

A life of crime doesn't really describe Laurence's daily life. The only life of crime he gets is from watching mystery or crime shows on TNT or some other network like that. He'd wish for a life of crime, if it didn't also come with the risk of the death penalty or being on the run or something like that. He really wasn't an on the run type of guy. No, Laurence's life is quite average and it wouldn't be treading into unknown waters to say it was quite dull. His life has always been like this, or at least until the time he was conscious enough to realize how boring his regular day really was. When you stopped having battles with Lugia in your backyard or school didn't keep you so occupied that walking around the neighborhood with friends or going skating constituted for wild nights the whole "my life could be much better" thought starts to come up more often. As a kid, of course, Laurence didn't care about any of that. Fighting Lugia was all he needed to keep himself occupied. The youngest of two, Laurence was behind part of his brother's shadow. He was not completely forgotten, but it was always Bruce & Laurence, never Laurence & Bruce. It wasn't really something that Laurence got mad about, being a no conflict kind of guy, but it didn't stop him from realizing that he wasn't the most notable part of the family. His brother Bruce was most usually smarter than him, there was maybe two things that Laurence could get on Bruce: Height and athletics. Not like lifting weights and punching and kicking kind of athletics, but run a mile or bike up a hill kind of athletics. Bruce was like snails and rabbits when it came to a race, but that wasn't really something you could hang over a person's head. Not only was Bruce smart, but he was an idea guy. Not to say that Laurence was never creative, but Bruce could make ideas that made a lot more sense and were a lot more practical than anything he could come up with. An example of this gift was Bruce's idea for them to start their own business.

Late Fox was the name of their soon-to-be constructed bar. They of course, at the time, didn't know much about making their own bar or business for that matter, but Laurence had a knack for getting to know people, finding important guys that could help out. That's where he came in. The idea was constructed when Bruce was on his way to college. He'd never really known what he wanted to do, but Bruce knew he wanted to own something, not work anywhere and, being a year behind him and thus, still in high school, the idea seemed like the best thing in the world for Laurence, even though he couldn't touch the stuff without cops writing an arrest (not that it would change much). As the years went by Laurence's view on the slowly growing plans became less enthusiastic. The idea was, however, coming together. Bruce was attempting some sort of degree in business and Laurence, like he'd always been able, could find the guys that could help them out on their bar-making-scheme or at least get a cheap lot to set up shop. Before long their plan and goal had expanded, Bruce not only wanting to build a bar, but make their own beer. Naturally the two had no idea what the first part of brewing was, but it was a work and progress and, again, Laurence could find the right people, right? They have made closer steps to the first part of their master plan. While the actual building has not been raised yet, Bruce has his eyes on what he thinks would be a good location and it would only take some rigorous savings to purchase it. They would, of course, they had no doubts against it and Laurence, being so good with people, had a way of securing the spot for them for at least a couple years. And, while business wasn't the most interesting thing in the world for him, Laurence knew Bruce was a dreamer and would assist him on this little journey.

Things, however, can't always go so smoothly. Laurence didn't end up in SOUL on purpose, may not have even deserved it, but he somehow was able to get himself stuck. While Laurence wasn't the type of guy to go out of his way to try a sport, sometimes he would go to the track at the gym of his own accord and run a few laps for a quick workout before his normal (attempts at) body building exercises. He usually did his workouts with a friend and during the run had gotten himself immersed in quite the conversation, to the point where he stopped paying so much attention to where he was going. He ended up running into a fellow gym-goer who, simply speaking, didn't appreciate Laurence's lack of attention. Not wanting conflict, he tried to get out of it, but... Well. The end result was a black eye and an order to go to SOUL on the account that he had at least tried not to engage in fighting.

This isn't exactly a program he wants to be in. Luckily as long as he keeps his laptop with him and the shipping address, he can keep up with his studies.

: Laurence is the sort of guy that goes with life avoiding all the punches. He doesn't like having to deal with tough situations and does his best to keep out of them. He works hard, eats right, and obeys the rules. A good citizen and that's all he needs to be. Unfortunately his life can be quite boring, giving him monotonous mornings, afternoons, and nights. He doesn't complain much, but does wish for something more exciting. His social life, for one could be better. Laurence can feel uncomfortable with the prospect of talking to women, since he's not sure how they'll take him. When he does start talking he does relatively well, though he always makes his next words like a multiple choice test. Laurence doesn't get angry very much, or doesn't try to, because getting angry is taxing on energy. He's not too partial to things that are taxing on energy and feels better doing things the easier way than the hardest way, at least when it comes to physical activity like climbing or something like that. The volunteer work, like his normal job, he does his best on. Like anyone forced into the SOUL project, Laurence isn't happy about being in there, but doesn't complain much about it, mostly because that would be taxing.

Laurence both hates and enjoys being the normal guy or the one that's just there. When he does have the opportunity to be in the spotlight, he usually declines, even though he wishes for something like so. When insulted, he either agrees or tries to make a joke out of it. Getting angry might put him into a conflict and conflicts not only made him uncomfortable, but they were emotionally and physically draining. He tried to stay on a person's good side anyways. It was easier to be nicer to someone when you were on their good side and Laurence was just a naturally nice person. Being mean took up too much energy anyways and he wasn't good at it! Insults weren't really his forte and hating someone was really tiring. If he ever got in a fight, he'd surely fail. He never exactly learned how to fight. Punching, yes, but how hard could he really punch?

Aspiration: Laurence is going into the beer making business with his brother, it seemed. But business was never really his calling or something he found interesting. Laurence always liked the media, and not just the media, but the camera. He didn't necessarily take photos since he was eight, but he always liked the idea of photography, liked the emotions they could display in real life. He realized he'd be interested in the trade his Junior year in high school and focused his studies in college on photographic arts. His brother Bruce tried to convince him to focus on his pictures rather than a bar, but Laurence refused and figured he could use it for at least advertising.

: Togepi!
Password 1: Quincy Wittenburg Entertains Really Tiny Yanma Until Ivan Oscars Poops
Password 2
: syCamore two
RP Sample:
Man it was cold out here... Josie shivered as a breeze blew over him. He stood now at the top of the cave where the makeshift helipad was located. Here, he waited for the helicopter to arrive. Obviously they wouldn't keep them all in the backyard... It was kind of ticking him off that they didn't. The damn pilot was late. With his hands stuffed in his pockets he shivered again, a partial scowl on his face. The rebels were supposed to be made up of ex-military men and women and yet they couldn't get a helicopter to a cave on time. It made it worse that he was the only one out here. If he didn't know better he'd think he was late or ridiculously early. He'd been standing here for ten minutes with his pack on his back and his partner in his pocket. Giorgio's most trusted... Josie scoffed. Obviously not his best.

Tired of complaining to himself, Josie let out a long sigh, keeping his limbs close to his body to generate warmth. He blinked slowly, feeling cold under his eyelids, a cold that just made him sleepy. As he yawned he began to hear the deep wing beats of propellers in the background and when he looked he saw the dark-colored dot of what had better been the damn helicopter. Taking a few steps forward and peering out it turned out to be true. Josie let out a heavy sigh of relief and felt a little frustration come to him. Why so long? Why!?

In three minutes time the intense roar of the helicopter pounded its ears and it stood before him, landed and ready. The pilot of this vehicle, a light-skinned man who's facial features were hidden behind his helmet, stuck his head out of the helicopter's window.

"Well!? Hurry up! Don't make us late!" Josie scowled. Oh yeah, he was making them late. Biting back a reply, Josie marched into the helicopter, taking his seat and strapping himself in. He flinched when he was almost hit by projectile headphones thrown back at him. "You'll need those!" The pilot said, pointing at them casually. Scowl still present, Josie pulled them down over his ears, feeling the helicopter rise into the air.

"So where are we going!?" The pilot yelled back at him a few minutes in.

"Wh-What!?" Josie yelled back in surprise. "You mean you don't know!?" What kind of pilot was this!? In the middle of his panic, the pilot burst out in a deep and hearty laugh.

"Yeah, I know! I just wanted to see if you'd be polite enough to tell me!" Josie's frown deepened while the laughing filled the radio in his headset. Please, please, let this trip be quick! Josie looked out of the door-less side of the helicopter. The ocean was right below them; big, blue, endless. It was kind of amazing looking at the thing and while he did he could remember the old days of jet skiing, boating, and simple swimming in these waters. Of course, you had to be careful with Pokemon and such, but otherwise, it was perfect. Remembering made his heart sink a little, but also his resolve heighten. That's why he was on this mission. So those good times wouldn't just be memories anymore.


They flew for a while, the ride silent save for the times the pilot decided to point out how green he was as a rebel or to make a joke that he found hilarious and Josie found less exciting. By now they were over the land of Johto and on their way to route 38. Even over the helicopter's intense noise, Josie could still hear the fireworks behind them. They blasted and boomed like bombs themselves, though their fire was cheery and colorful. When Josie had seen it he didn't feel like a child at a carnival like he should have. He felt sick, like an innocent watching a madman laugh as he ripped a person to pieces. It was all the same, really. It was a celebration of a hopeless future. When Josie was done the next fireworks would celebrate a better era.

Here they were in no danger of being hit by one of these red-hot missiles of fun. It seemed like, to Josie, that they were in the clear. Well... heh, maybe not. Josie's head shot to the cockpit of the craft when suddenly sirens began to blare and lights flash.

"Sh*t!" The pilot yelled. What, what? Alarms went off in Josie's head, but none of them could tell him what exactly was going on. He jerked as the helicopter suddenly veered to the right. His hands automatically gripped his seat, trying to keep himself grounded.

"What is it!? What's going on!?" His only reply was a frustrated growl, he wasn't sure if the pilot had heard him. Josie heard a high pitched screaming to his left. What was--? His thoughts couldn't be finished. Suddenly the helicopter did a full turn--no, actually... A flip. Josie shut his eyes tight as the copter flipped upside down and back around.

"Missiles!" He heard. Josie opened his eyes, not sure if he'd heard right.


"Missiles! Missiles, dammit! We're in an anti-aircraft zone!" The alarms in Josie's head went haywire then. Missiles!? There were missiles shooting at them!? His heart was already beating fast, but now it seemed like it'd pop out of his chest. Missile! Oh god, missiles! He could die now, right now. Just like that. No kind of warning, nothing. Just an explosion and he was gone. Or he'd just be maimed and suffer. He'd never been on a mission before, he'd never been in anything close to this, unless you count encounters in video games. The helicopter jerked again, dodging past another flying explosive. "You're going to have to jump!"


"Goddammit, can't you hear!? Jump, jump!" J-Jump!? He couldn't jump! Straight out of the helicopter while missiles were flying everywhere!? That was suicide! "You either jump or stay in here and die with me, kid!" Goddammit...! Josie grabbed the straps that held him in and undid them. Head clear, head clear. "Hold on!" What!? Josie felt himself slip as the helicopter flipped itself again. He grabbed onto the closest thing to him, holding on as it sped through a maneuver that seemed to last forever. "You still here!?"

"Y-Yeah..." Letting go of the side, Josie tried to remember his training. Tried to remember to refocus himself. He went over little things in his mind like a list, little insignificant pieces of information, like how to store his knife or how to put on and remove gear. He stood at the edge of the helicopter, world moving in slow motion. He looked below him. Trees covered the land, dark and mysterious. If it weren't for the aerial battle they were having now, they'd be peaceful. The anti-aricraft weapons, wherever they were, were nowhere in sight. Nowhere he could easily spot them. Josie looked to his left as another high pitched screeching came from below him. Right there was a thing, sharp, shiny silver projectile speeding towards them. A missile. All he could see was the nozzle and the smoke behind it. His eyes widened as he realized what was coming to him.

"Jump now!" The pilot's command thrusted him back into reality and without another thought he pushed out with his legs and sent himself into the air. Immediately the free fall sensation hit him and he felt like he was moving faster than any bullet. The missile he'd seen just a second before sped past him, going straight for the helicopter. He felt the heat of its fuel for a split second before a blaze went off behind him. The sound of the explosion was louder than any of the fireworks had been and the screeching from the broken tail of the helicopter was louder than any plane he had stood next to. He imagined carnage as he fell towards the Earth, wind whipping past him at high speeds and the ground getting larger and larger as he stared at it. He closed his eyes, counting aloud as he was told to in this situation.

5... 4... 3... 2... Josie lifted his hand, grabbing the handle of his parachute. 1! He jerked the string, releasing the large parachute and stopping immediately. All at once he felt gravity's force hit him hard as the harnesses jerked against him. He grunted, wincing and gritting his teeth at the pain that came after that and the uncomfortable sensation he was stuck in. Josie looked to his right as the screeching suddenly became louder. The helicopter spun through the air, the tail in flames. It was out of control, doing 360's as it fell towards the Earth faster and faster. In no time it disappeared behind the trees and another explosion sounded off, louder than the first, sending a plume of smoke and fire into the air. Josie stared in horror, the image of the helicopter pieces strewn across the ground coming to his mind. And the pilot... Damn. He never even learned the guy's name.

Hard as it was, Josie forced himself to look back at the ground. He focused on landing, of getting out of this harness and getting as far away as he could as fast as he could. There would be men after him in no time and he could risk getting caught, and most likely killed, after all of this. He floated smoothly towards the ground, moving forward only from the gentle current of air.

He was in Johto now, and for some reason, it never seemed so threatening.

Skymin July 23rd, 2012 6:23 PM


Originally Posted by The Final Watchman (Post 7267287)
@ Skymin: You can't be such a weird person sometimes. :P

Thank you. I take that as a compliment. :)

Collector Elwood July 24th, 2012 4:01 PM

@Kiklion - Well, this is certainly well written! You do a fairly good job at describing him.

There's only one thing, though. Laurence really doesn't have anything special about him.... which isn't like how it sounds. He's just a tad boring. Nothing could really come out of him - sure, we as humans constantly change and grow - but he's, like, bare. I was always waiting for a "but" to come. Like: "he may be such and such in these ways, BUT he's the dovahkiin blahdey blah."

He's kinda plain. I feel like he needs something more about him, more sides to his personality. More juice. People are like boxes, with more than one side. But I feel like Laurence is one, maybe two sides tops? And they aren't that interesting.

Literally everything is fine otherwise. Can you please just.... expand? Make him more interesting?

Also, I noticed an inconsistency.... in his history, it states that he's great at rounding up people for his bar business. But, in his personality, he's more than a little awkward with people? Needs more fluidity.

Just come back to me with your edits if you're still interested. I really, really want to accept you since this was so well written- but my reasons just got in the way. :/

Kikpanther July 24th, 2012 5:17 PM

Well the point of Laurence was to be a boring kind of person. It's kind of his thing. I'll try to think of something, but I don't know really what I can add. I might just end up making an entirely new character.

I don't know, I really want to join this, so if I decide to change the character I'll get it done tomorrow.

Collector Elwood July 24th, 2012 6:45 PM

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Kikpanther July 26th, 2012 2:50 PM

I thought about it for a while and I decided I won't be joining the RP. I can't decide something to add to Laurence and I don't feel like I'll enjoy playing another character.

Sorry about that, but it just won't work out for me and I'm in too many RPs anyways. It's a good idea, so I see a lot of success for this RP. Good luck on it! :)

Saturated Hue July 30th, 2012 4:04 AM

Do I smell angst? I think I smell angst.

A little heads up: because my old RP Sample was decidedly short, I switched it with something longer. I also made a few tweaks to the SU.
Name/Nicknames: William "Will" Hayes

Gender/Sex: Male

Age: 19

: Will is quite the dazzling young man, if he does say so himself; he stands at a fairly common height of five feet five, with a rather scrawny build topped by somewhat broad shoulders. These features, on anyone else, may not exactly scream "look at me!", but Will is...the exception to the rule, shall we say? Being trained from an early age to always keep his posture straight and his presentation pleasing, Will will (aww) often be one to attract attention due to his, as he calls it, debonair visage. It is to be noted, however, that despite what his mannerism suggests, Will is not unwilling to use his "perfect gentleman" image to get his way.

Will was blessed at birth with an attractive countenance. A lucky stroke of fate (and good genes on his parents' part) has endowed him with the bread-and-butter heartthrob combination of clear blue eyes and blond hair. This fact is further accentuated by Will's pale complexion, which adds to him a sort of sophisticated aura. Admittedly, as far as natural appearance goes, little else is worthy of note, though many claims his rather vague features does put emphasis on his apparent gentleness.

As far as wardrobe goes, Will is not as fashion-conscious as one may think; however, being in the social status that he is, it is pretty much a requirement to knowa thing or ten about fashion. Most of his nearest and dearest have noted that he is particularly fond of pastel colors, and will seldom wear dark colors unless used in tandem with the aforementioned pastels. He will rarely wear something for comfort, as he tries to appear as pleasing as possible. However, he has learned through thorough observation that dressing as if one didn't care for fashion has a charm of its own. It's not something he can exactly identify with, but if it'll help fulfill his ambitions...

William Devon Hayes was born to Arthur and Maria Hayes, two successful entrepreneurs whose huge business profits allowed them to live right in the lap of luxury. Being born into such a lavish environment, it is hardly a surprise that young Will received only the finest education, munched only on the most exquisite cuisines, and touched only the most expensive toys. He was accustomed to living a frivolous life, and quite luckily the Hayes Enterprises, a string of PokeBall factories spanning across a good chunk of Kanto, survived through their region's rocky political and economic landscape, thus continuing to provide money to burn on Will's necessities.

However, when the United States of Unova (henceforth USU) absorbed the region into its empire, the Hayes Enterprises saw a great surge in competition for the market that led to its demise. After their company's bankruptcy, Arthur and Maria were reduced to being small business owners, and, as a result, they could no longer support Will's costly upbringing. And thus, for the first time in his life, at fourteen years of age, he received his first formal education. His years of being privately tutored for most of his life came to be a great asset while he was studying at the public school; his grades shot up above all others. When he finally graduated middle school, he found himself invited to an extremely prestigious private high school, surprising nobody.

After graduating from High School with marks as high as his Middle School's, Will chose not to go to college for the time being. He helped out his parents in their chain of businesses, suggesting innovations that helped their company to further flourish. This lifestyle in itself was education to Will and proved to be invaluable experience in recognizing the nooks and crannies of the business field. Finding that this learning environment is far more convenient than that of those needlessly competitive universities, he decided to forsake higher education altogether. After all, where his former classmates were paying exorbitant amounts and working their brains off on their education, Will lived in casual luxury, all the while earning green on the side. Pretty sweet deal, no?

Despite their family's economy shaping up to a respectable state, Arthur still yearned for their former glory and influence. To realize this dream, he decided to better organize his company. He took all of his small businesses and combined them into a single corporate entity, the new Hayes Enterprises. In three swift years, Will, Arthur and Maria had transformed the upstart company into a corporate superpower. As fate would have it, the couple were avid activists in a certain movement that the USU government did not particularly approve of; they saw the Hayes Enterprises's strong influence as a threat, and made up a reason to have both of their owners, Arthur and Maria, arrested. Suspecting Will was also involved in the movement, the government made arrangements to have Arthur sent to a reformatory facility, namely SOUL.

: Well-mannered, articulate and affable, most people meeting Will for the first time would likely agree that he is a true gentleman, his lack of a mustache and top hat nonwithstanding. For good reason, too - his vocabulary practically oozes class, and his intellectual capabilities are nothing to sneeze at either. As is mentioned before, he constantly tries to put up a "perfect gentleman" facade, and most of the time, he succeeds with flying colors.

However, Will is truly a golden apple with a rotten core; on the outside he may appear an entirely agreeable young man, but deep down in the depths of his heart, he's arrogant, cold, calculating, and just plain malicious. He may seem like he's wholeheartedly agreeing with you on the outside, but unless you're telepathic or just that good at reading the signs, you probably won't know that he's plotting your downfall in the short future. On occasions he may slip up and let through some of his heart's thoughts without his brain's consent, but any such occasions is quickly and profusely denied.

Will is ambitious to a fault; he prefers to steer clear of those he deems weak (never shown outwardsly, of course; he's got a reputation to maintain). His battle style is extremely by-the-book. He will use type advantages, terrain effects, weathers and any other effects to his advantage, and he will rarely, if ever, make up new strategies, because he sees them as nothing more than gimmicks. He takes what worked and enacts them in his battles; as far as he's concerned, this method is far more effective than trying to improvise just for the sake of improvising.

Aspiration: ruler of the world Will, after spending three years as an integral part of Hayes Enterprises, has his mind settled firmly on the business field.

: Smoochum

Password 1: you yew ewe I interpreted it wrong didn't I. ._. Queensland Wants Every Retired Tractors You're Using In Operation Plateau
Password 2
: sUgar two

RP Sample:
The tree planted inbetween the sidewalk's stone surface was never one that people paid attention to. Perhaps its broad trunk and its outlandish placement on the sidewalk earned it several fleeting glances, but the fact remains that it is of very little interest to the typical passerby. At that particular moment, however, this tree would have been very eye-catching indeed, for around its roots were the fiery red hair crowning the head of a young woman of some six feet; said woman was in what seemed like a deep slumber, her back rested against the rough surface of the wood. A sudden cold gust passed, rattling the tree leaves and awakening the girl under the protection of their shade.

"Ah..." the girl uttered as a painful headache promptly attacked her brain. The feeling was like waking up in the middle of the night knowing that you had a terrible nightmare, but not knowing what the nightmare was. Fighting against the agonizing headache, the girl struggled to get up, gripping the tree's rough bark as support. She looked at her surroundings, but with the blurry vision and ominous headache she was afflicted with, the girl wasn't able to tell apart the fire hydrant and the pile of bricks laid out on the lawn of a house. She leaned against the tree again, closing her eyes and softly massaging her head. When she opened her eyes again, her vision was much clearer, but the headache was just as painful. Was it one of her symptoms acting up again? She couldn't tell.

The girl decided that the best thing to do at the moment would be to find one of her maids for an aspirin--that was when the realization hit her. She wasn't home. Where was this? It didn't look familiar. The last thing she remembered was taking a shower...and then opening her laptop? That's right, she just logged into a game and put on the VR helmet. Was that what this is? Just an illusion created by the wonders of today's technologies? Unsure what to think or where to go, the girl decided to walk around and see where Lady Luck would lead her. She barely took five steps before a pink rabbit wearing earmuffs, a shawl and a pair of tiny red boots ran up to her, stopping her dead in her tracks.

"Excuse me!" it squeaked. "You're a human, aren't you?"

Recalling it was a Virtual Reality game, the girl didn't immediately respond. She felt her toes, moved her fingers and twitched her nose to make sure that she was, in fact, human. Only when she was positive that her form was indeed that of a human did she reply. "Yeah, that would be my guess. are?" the girl said, raising an eyebrow at the rabbit's attire.

"They call me Cutemon. Do you have any idea where you are?" Cutemon inquired, and the question, after a brief pause, was replied to by the shake of the girl's head. Cutemon smiled. "I was hoping you'd say that. Come with me."

"I don't know if I should. I'm not supposed to talk to strangers," Cutemon heard her say.

"Then I take it you have a better idea?" said the Cutemon, now frowning. When the girl didn't respond for about five seconds, he smiled again. "I thought so. Come on," he said as he jerked his head, motioning for the girl to follow him.

The rabbit hopped along the street, and the girl followed behind him at a distance. Her headache had died down, so now she could get a better look at the town. It looked old and abandoned, with wild shrubberies overtaking people's lawns, cracks on the asphalt streets and roofs with missing pieces.

It felt like a ghost town.

When the word ghost crossed her mind, she immediately felt chills run up her spine. She ran up to Cutemon, hoping to catch up with him as soon as possible.

"Well, here we are," Cutemon said, holding an arm out towards a run-down building which was, similarly to most of the houses the girl had passed earlier, overtaken by shrubberies. Cutemon went on ahead, opening the double oak doors with a creaking sound.

"I really should rethink this," the girl mumbled to herself. Was she really going to go through with this? Enter a building she had no knowledge of just because a stranger she met at the middle of an intersection told her to? Hang on--wasn't this just a game? There would be no consequences whatsoever if she chose to do so, right? This is probably just part of the plot the game is going through, so she wasn't going to get anywhere if she just randomly wandered this ghost town.

Ghost town. The girl shuddered and immediately entered the building.

As she pushed open the double doors, her eyes caught Cutemon chatting with...someone...or something. She wasn't sure which one it was, for he looked very much human, but stood only a couple of feet tall. Although she was trained not to judge people by their appearances, before she knew it she had dubbed this...person "old dwarf".

"Where did you find it?" the old dwarf asked Cutemon. The girl blinked at that statement, trying not to take offense from being called 'it'.

"Oh Jijimon, stop with the questions already! It was on one of them sidewalks," Cutemon replied briefly, getting behind the girl and nudging her to move towards a staircase.

"What street?" the old dwarf, "Jijimon", inquired again, the fact that he was told to keep quiet just moments ago nonwithstanding.

"That's not important, and besides I've got to bring her to Zephyr. Bye!" Cutemon called out to Jijimon. It was now pushing the girl--nudging, more like, since its hands only measured up to her ankles--up the set of stairs.

"Zephyr?" the girl briefly questioned, genuinely interested. Was he perhaps the person who runs the mission control? The big boss that gives out missions for her to accomplish in the game?

"Oh, you'll see," Cutemon replied briefly, which only added to her curiosity. She attempted to visualize this Zephyr person--most likely he's around his forties, or even older, with a beard or mustache and a tuxedo. Oh, and an eyepatch. An eyepatch would be cool.

Cutemon lead her to the room where Zephyr was apparently in, and from the three people in the room, she was able to easily pick out Zephyr, as he was the only male there. The only thing she got right about him was his eyepatch--he was a teenager who was probably as old as herself. He wore a jacket over a hoodie, and he was very cleanly shaved. This was the big boss? Really? The game developers could have done better, she thought to herself.

"Take a seat. The others have yet to arrive," Zephyr told the girl.

Having no other option, she did as she was told and sat down on a chair close to one of the windows decorating the room, which also happened to be its lone source of light. Next to her was someone with white hair and red eyes--and a pair of demon horns. "Oh my," she blurted before she could stop herself. She covered her mouth with her hands and apologized to the white-haired girl. "Terribly sorry. Please ignore that."

Charizard_Man August 2nd, 2012 4:13 PM

Riku Kimura

Gender/Sex| Male
Age| 18

Appearance| >Riku Graham< Standing at six feet flat and weighing in at some one hundred and fifty pounds with the physique of an experienced athlete, not to mention the nonchalant expression forever plastered on his face, appearance alone could mislead people into believing he's older than he actually is. His olive skin is stretched across lean muscles, modest in size, his upper right arm marked with a tattoo of Hawaiian tribal markings. His hazel eyes glitter with clarity and keenness, assessing and examining the world leisurely, not usually focusing on a single aspect of his surroundings. His dark, almost black, hair is kept jagged into a fo-hawk with no real effort to keep it neat.

Usually, Riku's entire person is swathed in clothes that he managed to steal. This being said, he's usually decked out in the most fashionable clothes he liked. Ranging from graphic tees to crewneck sweaters and expensive looking jackets, Riku didn't hesitate in taking what he wanted. He tends to stray from jeans and opts to wear cargo shorts for a quick get-away from his crimes and for a comfortable breeze. Mid-length athletic socks usually cover his feet under a pair of his favorite, and probably only, brand of sneakers - Jordans. Typically, he doesn't wear any head wear, but on occasion he's known to wear a snapback cap or even a beanie.

History: Riku was born into a world that many children experienced, but few dared to acknowledge. He grew up in a very old, poor neighborhood in Rustboro. He lived with both his mother, Irene, and with his father, Joshua, for only a short while. A car accident took his mother from him when he was only six, and stricken with grief his father attempted suicide. After that failed, he left him and his two siblings - a younger brother and sister - to the care of his grandmother who lived on the other side of the city. His memories of his mother are vague, if not almost extinct, those of his father he rather forget. The children lived with his grandmother in a small home that she had worked hard and alone for after the disappearance of her husband. His grandmother taught her grandson to only place his trust in himself and no one else, and to never expect things in life unless you worked and earned them. This meant Riku was force to grow up early in order to try and maintain a stable life while he lived with his grandmother. The word was cold and cruel to all of them, but so long as they had one another's love and support, perhaps things would work out in their favor.

Riku was one of the only child from a poor background at the school he attended. It was otherwise full of wealthy, snotty and spoiled children who would constantly tease him. Unfortunately, life's cruelty didn't stop there. It was no walk in the park; not a single person stood up to defend him or become his friend, no other child came to his side. The young Riku was bullied all throughout elementary and middle school, mostly by the richer kids he was forced to grow up with in school and by the thugs that roamed around the slums he called home. They'd tease him about his hair, his hazel eyes or the way he always dressed in rags. It only grew worse up until the point he was sent home early when the rich kids tossed old, rotten cafeteria food on him, and was confronted by the local thugs and mugged. They left him with deep gashes everywhere on his body, all for five dollars. He was alone. Slowly but surely, he began not only to put up a tough guy act for protection, but also a deep hatred for the human race.

When he was eleven, he decided it was enough, it would all end. He had planned to begin robbing the local shops and convenient stores around his neighborhood so they would be able to move away to a nicer place. A small start, yes, but soon enough he piled on larger stores and even a restaurant once. Eventually he began mugging random people around town, he would never hurt innocent people, but knowing this neighborhood these people he would beat down were sure to be guilty of something. His younger brother, the only other person aware of his misdeeds, would constantly try to talk him out of it. But after explaining he was just one more robbery away from affording them to all move to a wonderful neighborhood in Johto, his brother hesitantly offered his help. After months of planning, the biggest heist Riku would ever pull came to life. With the help of his brother and his uncle, a local gangster and get-away driver, the group hi-jacked a heavily armored truck carrying thousands of dollars heading for the bank of Rustboro. After knocking both guards unconscious and a quick get-away with the truck, they seemed to be in the clear.

But the police had some how caught up to them not ten minutes later, and after hitting a dead end they proceeded to run away on foot - leaving all the money behind. The police had shot their uncle dead, and managing to grab their dead relative's gun, Riku and his younger brother Andre hid behind a dumpster. Mind clouded with adrenaline, Riku talked Andre into shooting blindly to grab the officers attention while he went back for the money. A few seconds after Andre began firing the gun to allow his older brother to complete their mission, the police fire opened fire and managed to hit Andre in the leg. The panicking fourteen year old fired blindly into the crowd of officers and managed to hit two - one in the head. The police swarmed him like lions on a wounded Zebra, Riku had no choice but to agree with his brother's cries to run, and he just kept running. Tears running down his face, he couldn't believe what he had just done to his brother, what had happened. Not paying attention, he was hit by a police car as soon as he turned a corner. Not hard, but with enough force to knock him on the ground which provided the perfect opportunity for his arrest.

A few months passed by, he and his younger brother shared a cell. His younger brother was sentenced to death in exactly one year, killing two officers was enough to drain this young boy from emotion enough to the point the announcement of his death did not phase him. He was so calm those days in prison, like he waited for death, and he wasn't afraid of it - he welcomed it. Those days in prison, Riku cherished them, those were the final moments he would see his brother alive. He was sent to the SOUL program the day after the announcement of his brother's death date, but they promised they would allow his brother to call Riku every day. This was all his fault, to this day Riku thinks of nothing much besides a way to free his brother.

Personality| Though Riku suffered a bad childhood and had to endure many obstacles in life he certainly did not turn down the path of 'loving himself, accepting life and growing for the better'. In other words, he strayed far from the role of the fairy tale Gary Stu. He has come to discover that trusting someone is far too dangerous. While most think it's more morally correct to assume someone is good at first impression, Riku does the exact opposite. Everyone he first meets―or even those he's only heard about―are automatically put under 'deceiver'. Anyone could be a liar, a cheater, a heartbreaker.. And he isn't willing to take the time or risk to figure out which they are.

He is known to make witty comments, and is quick to have his walls up and ready for combat. Love has not been a big thing for him since he was always on the move, and for good reason, too. He isn't exactly lucky in that department. Riku has no friends besides pokemon, and he is quite content that way. He believes he doesn't need friendships with humans, and this has worked well for him so far. However, when it comes to other people, he can be a little hostile, rude, or completely ice cold with them. Nevertheless, deep down, beyond all of these quirks and conflicting ideas, lies a young man who only ever wanted a casual life. He's come to accept that that cannot happen now, and it is an endless, poignant feeling in his heart. All he has in this world are his memories of those happy days he spent with his family playing with Pokemon. And that, he believes, is all he will ever need. Life has been a struggle for him, and the only way he's ever known how to live is through survival. Luxury is taken too lightly by people. Not enough people know the value of hard work and the struggle to stay alive for the next sunrise. But Riku knows this, and no matter how difficult things get, he will always put on a tough, "I don't give a f*ck" attitude.

Aspiration: The League Champion gets money, money solves any problem. His brother going to die in one year, yeah, that's a big problem.

Starter: Larvitar
Password 1: Questioning Will Entail Rings That Yawn Underneath In Our Place [longest part of this sign up -.-]
Password 2: seQuoia four
RP Sample:
Morning had faded and the sun had burned away the last of the lingering mist. Riku had successfully jumped out of the moving vehicle, which wasn't hard given that it was moving at about five miles per hour. He had a general idea of the direction in which he was headed, having traveled through the place before, but that was two years ago. Things change, as evident by a field of corn in which he found himself a tad lost. The younger stalks poked at his legs and the taller ones that slipped from his hand whipped back at into place, striking random areas on his face in the process. His eye received a minor blow from time to time, making it sting and water, but no real damage was done. Carefully, he picked his way through, knowing the expansive field belonged to some one and did not want to trample any stalks to death. Then again, who would notice a few crushed stalks in the midst of hundreds or thousands? Could be just as well a wild Pokémon had gotten to it. However, he wasn’t going to press his luck. He trudged on. In spite of the uncomfortable prodding by the vegetation, the crops at least provided decent shade though the tightly knitted cluster did make him slightly claustrophobic.

'The same feeling you felt the night your mother died.'

Riku began staring absentmindedly at the soil beneath his feet. The voice in his head was right, it was the same overwhelming pressure on his chest. He had trouble breathing, his need for breathing room caused him to sprint in a random direction. It's not like he'd know the difference a midst all these corn stalks. He made it to the dirt road after jumping over a small wooden fence to keep wild pokemon from intruding into the farmer's fields. He shook his head at the nonsense, he shouldn't be feeling like this. He's grown, matured, these feelings were for children. He stopped and lifted his gaze; coming back to his senses, Riku grew slightly surprised at the sight before him. The skies were no longer the crystal blue he'd seen all the way here, but instead a slate gray. It seemed to cast an eerie blanket over the entire route, making every aspect of the area darker. He took a few steps and noticed the crunching sound from his feet walking over the grains of dirt had vanished. There was no sound at all, like he was walking on a cloud. He looked down and saw the dirt covered in patches of white dust, in fact it seemed to be falling from the sky. Like ash from a recently erupted volcano. It was like another world, separated, discarded, prematurely torn away…

Riku backed himself up to a tree, trying to survey the entire area. The once flourishing Route One had cleared out completely, save for a...Riku squinted. There was a single figure standing in the middle of the road, its concealed face turned toward him. He felt himself freeze, all the sounds and movements around him being pushed out of his mind one after another. It became eerily quiet, and he could have sworn even the swaying corn stalks halted for a moment. Its face was shrouded in the darkness of the hood it wore, but as it raised its gaze Riku was, for a fleeting moment, met with the most chilling hazel eyes he had ever seen. Riku blinked, going against his instinct and standing his ground. Just then, he noticed a couple more figures around him. But these figures were different, they were kids-around his age. The looks on their faces gave Riku the impression they were just as confused as he was. The figure proceeded to take a few steps towards the group of puzzled teenagers, Riku opted to stay right where he was and glare back at the figure. The figure came within speaking range, a few feet away from the group and surveyed them. Its head coming to a halt and Riku could manage to make out a kind of disappointing sight from the figure.

"Looks like you are all here." Riku raised an eyebrow, he could immediately tell it was a woman. But not like any woman he's ever heard; the voice was cold, demanding, and impatient. He kind of liked it. Her pale hand was raised before the group, palm upwards waiting for something. If she wanted the envelope, she surely wasn't getting it. Bastion is a man's name, and if she truly is this Bastion character he would need some proof. The figure shifted a bit and sighed, "The envelope please." It was that same cold, demanding feminine voice. Riku stood there, giving the same cold and demanding eyes she was giving them. It only took a few moments for the other to hand her the letters, so finally Riku dug in his pocket and slapped it onto her palm. His expression didn't change, neither did his stance-in fact he hardly moved at all. She ripped an envelope open and scanned it over, Riku noticing the large briefcase in her hand. Most likely the supplies she is to give them to start their journeys. The figure raised her free hand and lifted its hood, revealing the innocent face of a rather short woman. It didn't fool Riku, her eyes were still as cold as ever. Riku crossed his arms out of boredom as the woman gave the teenagers a thorough inspection.

"Listen, I have no idea what He was thinking. If it was up to me I would have never chosen you lot. Who needs a bunch of foolish kids getting in our way?" Riku leaned back onto the tree he was standing by and closed his eyes, his eyebrow twitched. '' He thought, who was she to talk down to him like that? "Whatever. He's the boss so I guess I am stuck with you." Riku couldn't help but chuckle just a bit, Bastion was this woman's boss. She was probably just some lowly grunt, and she think she could talk to him like that? She lifted her arm out, letting the case dangle from her fingers until she let it drop to the ground and pop open. The glimmering red and white capsules wobbled a bit from the impact, but didn't go rolling around everywhere. They were being held in place by the wax seals of the envelopes they laid on. Those were, pokeballs. He would soon have one, inside he could see the tiny creatures shifting. The semi-transparent red tops giving him the sight of their silhouettes. One of those would soon be his, and he would finally get his chance to make something out of himself. Make his city proud, like his sister. "Now pay attention," the woman said abruptly, causing some of the kids to snap their heads up in attention. Riku slowly moved his gaze over towards her, "My name is Seven. That's a code name - no questions, you will receive no answers. You will always address me as such. I will be the one who will watch over you on your journey. You will never see me. You will soon doubt that I am even there. My mission is simple: protect you and help you on your journey. You may think this is some fun trip to candyland and you can just take it easy and quit if it gets too hard. You're wrong."

Her cold hazel eyes narrowed as she looked over the expression of the teenagers. When her eyes met his, he scoffed. She ignored it, for the best, he wouldn't want big ol' mean Seven to get angry. 'After all, six must be afraid of seven for a reason right?' Oh, how Riku cracked himself up. "The moment you got here your whole life changed. No more carefree teenage days, you hear me? This is serious. The future of the Balance depends on your success. If you move on from here there is no turning back. You cannot quit. You cannot go home. Never forget that, or you will face the consequences. I am sure He explained that in the letter." Riku shifted a bit, he was actually interested in what this woman had to say. It sounded...interesting. She handed a pokeball to one of the other boys int he group and looked at the capsule as it lay there in the boy's palm. "This is the most valuable thing in your life starting now. Never lose, forget, or mistreat your Pokémon. I don't except much from any of you. You could never understand." After a few moments, Riku held the red and white sphere in his palm that he had been yearning for since he was younger.

"Get to know your partner. Battle a simple Wild Pokémon. If you lose badly, this is where your Journey ends. If you somehow manage to win or at least do well enough I will give you too-curious-for-your-own-good children a few answers as to why you are here. Good Luck - you'll need it." Riku tightened his grip on the pokeball and looked over the grass besides them. He smirked, he could do this. He looked down at the ball, past the semi-transparent red glass top there was a pokemon looking back at him. Yellow, red cheeks, long ears, lighting bolt tail. He nodded his head in approval, not a bad starting option. Pikachu, female, not too strong at this point, from the looks of her around level five. At this point, it most likely knows one damaging attack and one status attack. He looked down again, she was a mouse alright. Remembering the old Mickey and Minnie Mouse character he heard about. "Minney mouse, you will become the strongest and most reliable on my team. You and I will face this together, are you ready?" Riku didn't bother to wait fora response, his face was intense and concentrated now. He took a few steps towards the grass and looked into the depths of grass blades. His cold eyes looked down at Minney, she wasn't only a pokemon, she was the chance to make a name for himself, to make sure everyone in the land knew who he was. Maybe then...his father would return.

Lt. Col. Fantastic August 3rd, 2012 6:55 AM

Heres hoping there are still spots...Only two accepted but a lot of Sign ups in here, so I'm posting a sign up just in case a spot is open. Edit: I think I'm done, but I will add more if needed.

Name/Nicknames: Margot (pronounced "Margo" just in case you don't already know) Nathan
Gender/Sex: Female
Age: 19
Appearance: 5'4", very skinny and very attractive. She wears clothes that show off her....features, and she likes to tease. She has a plethora of dresses and skirts, but also casual clothes such as ironic tee shirts and the latest trendy jeans. She is also fond of short shorts. She has auburn hair, straight and long enough to reach halfway down her back. She parts it down the side. She has perfect teeth and all that jazz. Her eyes are hazel. She usually wears regualr shoes (like converses...only pokemon brand?) and lots of jewelry. She has peirced ears, and usually wears diamond studs. A variety of bracelets adorn her arms, and she wears thick frame black classes, and a few various rings. Though, she only wears one at a time, and never on her ring fingers. picture of face. Imagine a younger version.

History: She was born into an average family, in Sootopolis City. She went to school and did normal things. Like take acting and singing lessons. And getting everything she asks for. Yeah. She made good grades, but never anything outstanding. She played football (soccer) and was team captain on the junier team. Her parents loved her, but wrre young and never thought to teach her morals. She soon came to manipulating them and getting her way all of the time. Cell phones, clothes, shoes, anything she wanted. Her parents had a hard time keeping up with her taste, and worked very hard. She didn't really appreciate them. She didn't have any brothers or sisters, or any other family for that matter. Her parents were all she had. They both literally worked themselves to exhaustion, and this exhaustion led them to ill driving, which led to a car accident, and two deaths. Guess who?

Her parents spoiled her, until they died when she was 16. She was put into foster care families for a few months, but usually found her new parents "cheap" and "worthless". She ran away searching for fame and fortune in the form of Lilycove Glamour Magazine. Her self riteous mannor kept her from getting a job. So, she made her money by conning rich men. She got romantically involved, then whisked away with their fortunes. She bought a big house, in the middle of nowhere, hired servants, and bought pretty much whatever she wanted. She tangod with the cops, but got out clean after flirting with one of the officers, and then got him fired. She got caught on her 10th or so con, when she boasted about it too loudly on the internet. They sent a female cop to bust her, as her manipulating ways were unaffective on women. She was taken to jail, where she refused to go back into foster care. She shared a cell with a theif, who taught her how to pick locks, and other crafty skills. Margot waited for the shift change in the guards, and then broke out through the same door they left. She quickly hid in the bathroom, where she took out a guard and stole her uniform. With this disguise, she walked out the front door, pretending to have a family emergency. Her run didn't last long, and the cops found her a few weeks later.

She was put in the SOUL program by her foster family, who she conned into beLIEving she was still 17. She got a magikarp as her starter, for ironic effect. She pretty much hates the universe right now, because all of her money and possessions were returned to those she conned. Even worse, she hates that she got a pretty useless pokemon to start with. She doesn't know anything about pokemon really, except that good trainers get money and fame. She decides to agree to join this program, hoping she can con people in the Johto region. New region, new clients, new money. Plan B is to become the very best, like no one ever was.

Personality: Think "That overly Sarcastic guy in horror movies that always dies to the audiences pleasure (except she has girl parts)" in short, she's a dick. Ba dum tsss. She has extreme NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) and acts like a tough girl all the time. She likes to think she's the smartest girly girl in the world, but really she's about average. She doesn't like anyone, believing to be better than most, and hating anyone who threatens her. She gets a hig from conning people, and usually likes to throw it in their face when she does. (which lead to her capture) Heres a bit of her personality speaking,"With this...disgusting, wothless pokemon, I will be able to give a good sob story, and make Bank. Lots of bank......ugh. Stupid pokemon. "
Aspiration: Actress, model, er....famous actractive woman.
Starter: Magikarp

Password 1: Quite Worthlessly, Ehan Ross Tells You "Underwear Is Over Powered"
Password 2: wiLlow fourty-two

RP Sample: This is in two parts, because Vinnie is a bit hard to follow at that point, as this is where he starts loosing his mind. You can read the rest of the IC if it still confuses you. Its interesting!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Collector Elwood August 14th, 2012 4:22 PM

So sorry I haven't returned in a while! Got tied up with life. But there's no time like the present, so let's review:

@The Final Watchman - It's a very decent SU, but I feel you need a bit more meat and substance in your personality section. Also, am I going crazy or you don't have a starter picked out? I can't seem to find it. If you can just adjust it in these areas you'll be a-okay to go. :3

@Saturated Hue - Very nice SU, it'll be interesting to see this guy function in the RP. Accepted.

@Charizard_Man - Beautiful! You and Saturated Hue should meet up and cause chaos. :D


@Lt. Col. Fantastic - (Great username BTW) It's just, um, well, the character is unbelievable in a lot of ways. She's just 19, conning several rich men out of money and buying a bloody house on top of that, and she gets.... SOUL? That's more acquainted to the rich men ruining her life and placing her in a cell forever. And she just "escapes?" There are one too many things that this apparently unintelligent girl does that isn't really believable. There are also several spelling mistakes. Declined for now.

I'm not saying make her boring, just a bit more.... real. And interesting.

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