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Oryx July 22nd, 2012 8:23 AM

IRC Chat Logs
This has been something that has been kicked around as an idea a few times recently but no one seemed to want to be the OP so I'm stepping up to the plate! I figured this would belong here but it might also fit in OVP so Netto/Tara feel free to move it there if you think it fits better there :3

Seeing this quote and wanting to share it made me finally make this thread:

[12:15] [Forever] i feel weird sorta
[12:16] [Forever] my username only looks good with a herdier avatar
[12:16] [Forever] because it's small-ish
[12:16] [Forever] and it makes requility flow better
[12:16] [Forever] and R and H are the same to me
[12:16] [Forever] sorta
[12:16] [Forever] h for herdier, r for requility
[12:16] [Forever] and i dislike those letters
[12:16] [Forever] because those are like.. 7
[12:16] [Forever] it just feels so much like sugar
[12:16] [Forever] but too much sugar
[12:16] [Forever] if you know what i mean

Anna July 24th, 2012 10:17 PM

06:11:53: <Forever> it’s clear vrai desires me
06:12:29: <anna> yes this is true
06:12:43: <anna> everybody wants you though nica
06:12:53: <Forever> but especially vrai

Anna July 24th, 2012 11:01 PM

02:06:22: <Xelarator> This is yoour girlfriend isnt it Alex?
02:06:31: <Asuna> Umm
02:06:31: <Asuna> idr
02:06:35: <Asuna> I have loads of girlfriends
02:06:38: <Asuna> Anna are we together?
02:06:43: <anna> We're in love I think
02:06:48: <anna> idk if we're actually together
02:06:52: <Asuna> Oh cool :D
02:06:56: <Asuna> Do you want to be?
02:06:59: <anna> sure~
02:07:09: <Asuna> woop woop ♥
02:07:11: <Xelarator> your welcome
02:07:12: <Asuna> BE JEALOUS *****ES
02:07:15: <anna> :3
02:07:24: <Xelarator> wait i thought you were Gay Alex
02:07:31: <Asuna> I am
02:07:33: <Asuna> o3o
02:07:36: <Xelarator> ok.........

Harley Quinn July 27th, 2012 12:01 AM

<johnny18> Harley is a guy?

Anna July 27th, 2012 12:02 AM

09:53:18: <Juicy> I vote Tom gets banned
09:53:42: <Forever> no
09:53:48: <Juicy> and Nica
09:54:17: *** Juicy was kicked by Forever (DISRESPECT TO YOUR MASTER)

Sector August 4th, 2012 11:15 PM

03:11 <curiousnathan> Hey, I am shining
03:11 <curiousnathan> and this is crazy
03:11 <curiousnathan> I am a raichu
03:11 <curiousnathan> I'm Andy maybe?

Anna August 4th, 2012 11:27 PM

07:16:28: <Pretzel> there is a forum
07:16:38: <Pretzel> where there are lots of tools
07:16:48: <Forever> yes, it's called other chats and discussions

Spectrum August 7th, 2012 7:48 PM

[01:44:10] * SpeQzz sets mode: +b *!*@*
[01:44:24] <+Livewire> ?
[01:44:35] <+Bela> lolol
[01:44:36] <%Forever> you dont have access wut
[01:44:37] <+Toujours> oh that was a /me wasn't it
[01:44:40] <+Toujours> I was like WTF
[01:44:41] <%Forever> oh
[01:44:42] <+Bela> mmmmhm
[01:44:42] <%Forever> lmao
[01:44:48] <%Forever> smartjours
[01:44:50] <+Livewire> SpeQzz sets mode: +b *!*@*
[01:44:50] <+Bela> n00bs, all of you
[01:44:58] <+Livewire> wat
[01:44:59] <+Toujours> that looks identical on my irc bela don't judge me :(
[01:45:03] <%Forever> NOT NOOBS
[01:45:07] <+Bela> haha
[01:45:29] <+Livewire> what just happened
[01:45:34] <+Livewire> lol
[01:45:36] <+Bela> wtf are you talking about Nick
[01:45:45] <+Livewire> SpeQzz sets mode: +b *!*@* < THAT
[01:45:51] <+Bela> looooooool....
[01:46:00] * +Bela sets mode: +b Livewire!*@*
[01:46:06] <+Livewire> o.O
[01:46:17] <+Livewire> what is this witchcraft
[01:46:30] * +Bela sets mode: +hIv Livewire Livewire!*@* Livewire
[01:46:35] <+Bela> lololol
[01:46:50] <+Bela> are you <censored> kidding me dude
[01:46:58] <+Livewire> what
[01:46:59] <+Bela> it's a /me command that spoofs a mode command
[01:47:20] <+Livewire> You know I don't know <censored> about irc commands

droomph August 7th, 2012 9:05 PM

[9:19pm] SpeQzz:
time to
[9:19pm] shubshub:
[9:19pm] SpeQzz:
wank furiously
[9:19pm] shubshub:
[9:19pm] droomph:
uh right
[9:20pm] droomph:
[9:20pm] droomph:
[9:20pm] shubshub:
My Flashcard works
[9:21pm] SpeQzz:
does it contain
[9:21pm] SpeQzz:
wankable material?
[9:21pm] droomph:
it's called the Internet my good sir.
[9:22pm] droomph:
There's terabytes upon terabytes of wank material

sorry but I don't know how to take chat logs.


Forever August 8th, 2012 1:23 AM

[17:21:45] <%Forever> ;___;
[17:21:47] <%Forever> nobody is definite
[17:21:50] <%Forever> I AM TOO UGLY FOR THE WORLD
[17:21:52] <%Forever> APPARENTLY
[17:21:53] <~Sotomura> nica-selfie-naked.jpg
[17:21:55] <~Sotomura> Ooo la la
[17:22:01] <%Forever> ...except jake
[17:22:07] <CarefulWetPaint> lmao
[17:22:10] <%Forever> but i didn't show nudes anyway :((((
[17:22:13] <@bobandbill> no wonder people are scared of tpc
[17:22:16] <%Forever> LMAO

Harley Quinn August 8th, 2012 2:17 AM

[22:11] <Sotomura>: [8:10pm] • harley sticks tongue down nica's throat
[22:11] <Sotomura>: Um, I just realised you were Harlequin

Anna August 8th, 2012 12:36 PM

05:32:01: <Forever> ARE WE GOING TO BE LESBIAN, ANNA?

05:35:41: <bloo> Jake is the queen of pc

05:37:28: <bloo> tvtropes is the new bible

05:55:09: <anna> facebook can go suck some nasty balls and die

Honest August 8th, 2012 12:59 PM

16:48 [Dipu] Which reminds me
16:48 [Dipu] Real Madrids in my place today =D
16:49 [RazorLeaf] do not talk about real madrid.
16:49 [RazorLeaf] ever.
16:49 [Dipu] Ronaldo <3
16:49 [RazorLeaf] !k Dipu
*** Dipu was kicked by PoliticalyCorrectServ (Requested (RazorLeaf))
!!! You have been kicked from #OCD
*** Dipu joined #ocd

Welcome to OC&D/The Batcave

16:50 [Dipu] Ass
16:50 [Dipu] >>
16:50 [RazorLeaf] i hope you learned your lesson.
16:50 [RazorLeaf] let's not speak of this again.
16:50 [Dipu] Ronaldo <3
16:50 [RazorLeaf] !k Dipu
*** Dipu was kicked by PoliticalyCorrectServ (Requested (RazorLeaf))
!!! You have been kicked from #OCD
*** Dipu joined #ocd

Welcome to OC&D/The Batcave

16:51 [Dipu] His abs are amazing
16:51 [David] gayyyy
16:51 [RazorLeaf] …ok
16:51 [Dipu] =P
16:51 [RazorLeaf] i can deal with people talking about his abs
16:51 [Dipu] He's got skill, too
16:51 [RazorLeaf] !k Dipu
*** Dipu was kicked by PoliticalyCorrectServ (Requested (RazorLeaf))
!!! You have been kicked from #OCD
*** Dipu joined #ocd

Welcome to OC&D/The Batcave

16:51 [Dipu] I love messing with you RL <3
16:51 [RazorLeaf] too far man
16:52 [RazorLeaf] too far
16:52 [Dipu] <3

Forever August 16th, 2012 7:40 AM


[23:18:10] <@Sector> I'm going, I want to fall asleep before the boss gets out of shower. Later
[23:18:23] <~Olli> lol
[23:25:45] * ShiningRaichu is now known as GrumpyRaichu
[23:29:26] <~Olli> I'm bored
[23:37:03] <+skyfullof[lighters]> ummm am i just a annoying to him?
[23:37:04] <+skyfullof[lighters]> :(
[23:37:31] <~Olli> No, I don't think he meant it like that
[23:37:56] <+GrumpyRaichu> Sector is sleeping with his boss?
[23:37:59] <+GrumpyRaichu> What in the world...
[23:38:14] <+skyfullof[lighters]> well he means me
[23:38:19] <+skyfullof[lighters]> but i don'tthink...he's sleeping with me
[23:38:30] <+GrumpyRaichu> OH
[23:38:38] <+GrumpyRaichu> I thought like, his boss was in the shower at his house
[23:38:57] <~Olli> lolol
[23:39:08] <+skyfullof[lighters]> XD

Anna August 31st, 2012 10:58 AM

18:53:49: <chaoticlapras> I only play on no$gba coz I'm broke
18:54:22: <Olli> :(
18:54:28: <chaoticlapras> :D
18:54:45: <Olli> Go steal some money from homeless people
18:54:52: <Ozzy> ^
18:54:54: <Olli> And go buy a real copy of it
18:55:00: <chaoticlapras> :(
18:55:05: <Ozzy> It's the responsible thing to do
18:55:17: <Olli> Yes

droomph September 12th, 2012 4:15 PM

17:02 droomph ozzy
17:02 droomph you're silly
17:02 droomph real men don't pee
17:02 droomph they simply absorb the urea and waste back in
17:02 droomph like a many man
17:02 droomph *manly
17:02 droomph and suck it up
17:02 droomph like a man
17:03 droomph jk that'll probably kill you
17:08 --- Ozzy is back
17:08 Ozzy why do you want me to die? ;;
17:08 droomph I didn't say that
17:08 droomph I just said holding your pee in
17:08 droomph will probably kill you
17:09 Ozzy Oh
17:09 droomph :D
17:09 Ozzy So you don't want me to die? ;o
17:09 droomph no
17:09 Ozzy aw you <3
17:09 droomph I want you to pee as much as possible
17:09 droomph so you don't die
17:09 droomph from kidney failure
17:09 Ozzy i don't want you to die either <3
17:09 droomph <3
17:09 droomph ≤3
17:10 droomph all real numbers
17:10 droomph that should be the new <3
17:10 droomph smilie
17:10 droomph because that has more values than
17:10 Ozzy Woah, less than OR equal to three?
17:10 droomph <3
17:10 droomph yeah
17:10 Ozzy Wow, you're serious about this
17:11 droomph yep
17:11 Ozzy I... I don't know if I'm ready for that kind of commitment...

Bela September 24th, 2012 11:00 PM

<Spherical_Ice> hai
<shnen> <censored> people who say hai
<Spherical_Ice> <censored> the police

Team Fail September 24th, 2012 11:01 PM

[22:21] <Guest8305> I am a secret person
[22:21] <Guest8305> nobody knows who I am
[22:21] <Guest8305> They call me super secret man
[22:21] <Guest8305> or woman
[22:21] <Zet> you are the juice
[22:21] <Guest8305> cuz they don't know
[22:21] <rawr_im_a_dinosaur> I know who are ;D
[22:22] <Guest8305> You're all just guessing
[22:22] <Guest8305> you have no way of actually knowing
[22:22] <rawr_im_a_dinosaur> suuuuuuure lol
[22:22] <Zet> but I do know!
[22:22] <Zet> I whois'd you!
[22:22] <Guest8305> Well
[22:22] <Guest8305> umm
[22:22] <Guest8305> crap

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