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nuzamaki90 August 12th, 2012 6:59 PM

Pokémon True Gale


* 130 Legitimate Maps Completed
* PWT Added
* Random MAtchup Added
* Random Trading Added
* Full Story Completed (Updated)
* Region Map WIP
* Episode Wave, Episode Earth, & Episode Darkness Complete
* New HUD and New Menu
* New Pokemon/Fakemon Added
* New -Obtained Badge- Sequence
* Who's That Pokemon Completed
* 8 Side Quests Completed
* Bubble Messaging Added
* Mystery Gist Added
* Credits List WIP
* A LOT of Move Animations Added

Welcome everyone to my FanGame thread for Pokemon True Gale. A few weeks back, I started following a bunch of Deviantart users who were making their own games and the amount of work they put into the projects astounded me. I'v always tried to make a rom hack but the limitations annoyed me and I never got the chance to finish projects. After getting introduced to RPG Maker XP, I restarted an old rom hack that I called Pokemon Gale and integrated most of the stuff I finished into XP. Now that I'v restarted the project, I gave the game a new name, Pokemon True Gale.


You play as "PlayerName" Knight and on your 17th birthday, you start your first Pokemon journey. Before you can even officially start traveling, you run into a Zekrom by the name of Neos, who claims that he was sent by your dead grandfather in order to train you to become a Knight, a trainer of justice embedded with special powers based on elements, in order to stop an oncoming threat to mankind. Once your training is complete, you finally start your journey but during the course of your travel, Neos is kidnapped by the evil Team Zexal, you meet special friends who also are in the process of becoming Knights, and you learn about the collapse of the Gate of Time & Space. Now, it's up to you to fully unlock your Knight potential, help your grandfather in stopping the Distortion World and the new Pokemon within from colliding with the real world, save Neos and the rest of the world from the mysterious Team Zexal & Team Z0ne, and achieve your dream of surpassing your older brother and becoming a Pokemon Master.


*You play as the B/W Hero - *insertname* Knight is a outgoing, courageous 17 year old boy who learns to always stand up for his friends and what he believes in. He is the Knight of The Wind

*Your 1st Rival is Kaito, a calm and intelligent boy from Metal Harbor on Cyntyle Island. His mother and father were killed in a boat raid by Team Zexal and he lives with his older sister. He has made it his duty to take revenge on Trainer C of Team Zexal, who carried out the raid. He is the Knight of The Wave

*Your 3rd Rival is Crash, an energetic and simple-minded boy from the Sinnoh region. His mother died in a car crash by Team Zexal so he has nicknamed himself after it. His father is a sea captain and they traveled to the Rasen region in order to help with cargo. He is the Knight of The Earth

*Your 4th Rival is Vance, a star athlete, known around the world as the 5-time Pokeathlon Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, and part-time Frontier Brain in the Sinnoh region. He isn't an official Knight but holds the amount of potential to be one in the future.

* Your 5th Rival is Sophia, a cowgirl that is known all around the world to being completely one with nature. She has connected with many Pokemon of the forest and her Guardian is the majestic Virizion. She is the Knight of The Forest.

* Your 6th Rival is Axel, an extremely cautious and doom-ridden boy. His Grandfather is Steven Stone, and after he was murdered by Team Zexal, he became a member of the International Police and is one of their top agents. He was taught by his uncle, Captain Z, the code of life that he currently stands by. His codename is SK and he joined Team Zexal in order to destroy them from the inside. He is the Knight of The Force

*Your older brother is Jaden Knight, and he is the current Champion of the Rasen and Hoenn League (since they share their Champion League). He is the Knight of The Blaze and helps you out from time to time.

* New region: Rasen
* Dual and Original-styled Battles
* HGSS, Pt, BW, and BW2 Graphics
* New Menu Interface
* Animated Sprites
* Some Originally Composed Music and actual Game Music
* Travel between half of Hoenn and full Rasen
* A lot more to come


Game Freak
Please tell me if I'm using one of your resources and you aren't on the list, I want to make sure everyone get's their due credit.



* Nuzamaki90 - Creator and everything else :D


* Some text bubbles might not appear on the character because of some kind of bug on my part. This isn't game changing but may get annoying for some players.

*The dual screen and my custom menu script don't always work right, which is a problem I'm trying to fix. If it doesn't work, it's fine, it wont change the game in any way besides being something different.



Q: How do I catch Darmanitan?
A: You see those Sand holes on Route 2? Step on them and they will transport you to another part of the Route where you can catch Darmanitan and other Wild PkMn.

Q: Why so many rivals?
A: Why not? The main games always strand you with one or two rivals that you only meet a few times in the entire game. In my game, you'll have a bunch of rivals that each will have a proper amount of development and be memorable even if this is a fangame.

Q: The mean Pignite said something about International Island..How do I reach International Island?
A: You have to defeat N, he will agree to help you find Neos and so he takes you to one of his friend's who sails you both to International Island.

Q: I wanna go back home!
A: You can't until you save Neos which is in a later version.

Q: How do I defeat Red?
A: You can't.

Q: Why are there only 9 Random Matchup battles?
A: Because I didn't want to include a lot just for the sake of good testing. If I shoved in all 52 (Which are completely finished now) battles, then there would be nothing to look forward to for them in the next release.

Q: The bubble message sometimes appears on the wrong character!
A: Read the BUGZ section.

Q: Are you a Sonic and Yu-Gi-Oh fan? There is a lot of music from YGO and Sonic in the game!!
A: Of course! I don't wanna brag but I could call myself one of the best fans, been praising both series since I turned 2, and I'm 19. I only picked SOME tracks from the 2 series because they matched the mood in certain events and routes/towns in the game. Good job to those who catch and name some of the tracks :D

Q: Will the Card Shop in Neo City have tournaments?
A: OF COURSE! That's a feature that will definitely appear in Beta 3. The Card Shop will be a fun kind of side-mission for those who love Triple Triad.

Q: Why are there Fakemon and Pokemon from X and Y in this game?
A: Fakemon are in there to be a part of the story of the game. Giratina has created his own generation of Pokemon in the Distortion World that somehow got out into the real world, which is where the X and Y and Fakemon come in. You'll know more once you play the demo :D

Q: There aren't a lot, but there are a few tile errors, why not fix them?
A: Since there's only one guy working on this, it's easy to run past things like this. IF you play the demo and find any errors, could you please write them down in like Notepad and send it to me? I appreciate it because it helps me make the game better.

Q: How come SK and Yveltal are so strong?
A: Those events occur later on in the game, which is why it's called "Pignite's Previews". You could always get some Pokemon off the Mystery Gift or Random Trading to counter the strength.

Q: There are A LOT of credits :O
A: Haha yeah, a lot of people really want this game to be completed so they've allowed me to use some of their resources, done free commisions, and other things, so it's only natural that I'd include in the end-game's credit list, and in other places, if you can find them ;)


Thanks for taking time to check this thread out - Nuza

nuzamaki90 August 14th, 2012 7:54 AM

Added a video link, just so you know, the Cress sprites and Pokemon are placeholders for Chili (I lost my Chili sprites).

Nimphious August 14th, 2012 2:38 PM

Good progress. A few thoughts:

You should use a pixel font rather than the smooth one you have now. Also, don't use emoticons in your game, it's terribly tacky and completely ruins the immersion if any.

Cursing is also best avoided unless absolutely necessary for the character, and even then alternatives would be preferable.

You seem to have a large number of entities in most places. While in some cases this can be good, but try to limit it to places that are actually supposed to be crowded like a market or festival, otherwise you just end up making the player feel cramped and the game feel cluttered.

nuzamaki90 August 14th, 2012 7:15 PM

Thanks for the criticism, much is needed to make this fangame good.

Since this is only the beta version I'm working on, the emoticons are present, but in the full game, or betas after the 1st, they will be gone.

The swearing by Mama Z was just to show she is one of the characters in the game with a continuous bad attitude every time you meet her (yeah she's a recurring character). What she says is the only form of cursing you will ever see in the game (Burgh will be fixed as well), this is just the 1st beta so I'm just trying to have the characters have a bit of freedom before things get serious.

The cities and the main home town are the only places that will have large numbers of characters. Sapphire City and Esentlia Town as examples.

The first beta is going to be released by the end of the week, so I would like as much criticism (good or bad) as possible.

Nimphious August 15th, 2012 4:27 AM

Sounds good.

I understand this is all part of the early dev process, having rough things thrown in to fill the gaps. Just figured not mentioning them was the same as implying they were worthy of being in the final release. Good to know you're working through them regardless.

I'm looking forward to giving the first beta a try! Looks like it will be good fun.

LightningAlex August 15th, 2012 6:52 AM

You've got a nice story there. This game has some potential, so don't stop working on it.

I just have a few remarks:
- First, you don't need any in-battle or title screenshots. Post more overworld screenshots, people are mostly interested in those;
- Pokemon can talk?
- I noticed that the inside maps are in R/S/E/FR/LG style, and the outside is BW style (Or D/P/P, I haven't played any of them so I wouldn't know). I just think that it would look better if you didn't mix styles, but it's up to you.

Also, one more question: How did you manage to create already 3 gyms with only 20 maps? I mean, I have 200 maps and only 4 gyms xD

Rayquaza. August 15th, 2012 7:30 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Not to put a bummer on anything but I noticed that Rafael-Animal was in the credits. But two of the maps look like the have just been edited from rafa's Pokemon essentials BW, especially the one with Pignite on it.

nuzamaki90 August 16th, 2012 3:45 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Oh yeah, that was only because this was originally supposed to be made using his BW Essentials, but the task of translating all the spanish became too much so I switched it over to Poccil's Essentials.

Edit: Another demo postpone .___. I'm having major computer problems, trying to add the finishing touches to this beta before releasing as well.

A quick preview of one area players can visit in the demo but isn't fully complete is at the bottom.

Area is huge and incomplete and is where the PkMn League Conference (yeah, anime style) will be held.
This place is called International Island (anyone from any region can join this League tournament as long as they have 8 badges).
The area to the left is Trainer's Village 1 and the house at the top is your house. The battlefields are where trainers can have sparring matches while they wait for their round.
Area to the right is Trainer's Village 2, same as village 1 but holds the Mess Hall (food area), and the 2 big houses are where your rivals stay.
The area in the middle is an incomplete International City, holding Rasen's biggest shopping mall.
The area at the top is the main League area, more will be explained in-game.

nuzamaki90 September 5th, 2012 9:01 PM


Please leave as much feedback as possible, harsh or not.

A few updates, bug section added, and I finally have new team members.

TheAgentBrandon September 13th, 2012 7:41 PM

Wow! This looks quite epic! I will make sure to download and play it myself to tell you what I think! :) Best of luck!

I'm having trouble with downloading the game. It freezes at the same point every time. I would like to try it out, but I'm not sure where I go from here. Have you had this issue yet?

nuzamaki90 September 14th, 2012 4:28 PM

Actually I haven't if any kind of notice/message comes up, can you pm what it says or looks like?

I'm going to be re-uploading an updated Beta version with some bug fixes that some people messaged me about.

TheAgentBrandon September 14th, 2012 9:31 PM

The download freezes at BGM vs KYUROMU.mp3 and then it says the download has stopped responding and closes out of the program.

nuzamaki90 October 16th, 2012 12:56 PM

Wanted to make a quick update for True Gale

Beta 2 is not far away, it's honestly pretty close. Beta 2 will go from the 1st Town all the way up to the 3rd Gym (maybe 4th, I'm still trying to decide which since both are complete). True Gale now has a new menu created by xAlien95 and a map made by Rubylucario.

New things included in Beta 2 is the Quest System, Random Matchup System, Who's That Pokemon, the menu, the map, Sage Tournaments, and proper introduction to the new evil team: Team ??? (you'll find out when you play it), new battle backgrounds provided by LostImpact, and new battle animations.

Edit: Forgot to mention, friend on youtube, X-Ray98 is working on a Mystery Gift system for True Gale. Don't expect it to be finished by time Beta 2 is released.

Nilaul October 17th, 2012 6:42 PM


Originally Posted by nuzamaki90 (Post 7297391)

You cracked me up. I could totally imagine Oak saying this. 10/10 :-)

Yuzuki October 18th, 2012 5:16 AM

A sugguestion: make the maps better, you´re mapping too symetrically/diagonal that looks bad.

kind regards

nuzamaki90 October 20th, 2012 11:27 AM

Another Quick Update!!

I'v been doing closed-beta tests for 20 different trusted members and 17 out of the 20 have asked me to try to create not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 4 different versions of True Gale!

At first, I thought something like this would be too time consuming and a lot of work for just one person but now I have even more people willing to help with the game(s).

So now, I'm introducing, the 3 new "episodes" of True Gale.

Pokemon True Gale: Episode Sea
This episode/version of True Gale is based on Kaito's story in the game.
In this episode, you will play as the BW2 Rival: Hugh who in my game is named Kaito. Kaito's father died 14 years before the game begins but he left Kaito a special necklace.
Little did Kaito know, this necklace is embedded with the Knight family seal, giving Kaito the title "Knight of The Wave" and giving him the ability to start his Pokemon Master Quest.

Dive into Pokemon True Gale: Episode Sea in order to reveal the power of the Knight of The Wave.

Pokemon True Gale: Episode Earth
This episode/version of Pokemon True Gale is based on Crash's story in the game. In this episode you will play as the Black Skyscraper/White Treehollow Champ: Bengi who is named Crash in my game. Crash's real name is Zane but once he witnessed his mother die in a car crash, he changed it to Crash.
7 years later, when the game officially starts, Crash and his father celebrate his mother's birthday by visiting her grave but they are attacked by a group of Team Zexal Grunts. Crash's rage is unleashed and he is revealed to be the Knight of The Earth, not knowing how though. His father orders him to travel to International Island in order to be trained by Red, the current Pokemon Master.

Crash into Pokemon True Gale: Episode Earth in order to reveal the power of the Knight of The Earth.

Pokemon True Gale: Episode Z0ne
This episode/version of Pokemon True Gale is based on SK(Axel)'s story in the game. In this episode, you will play as a custom-made character just for True Gale. SK's real name is Axel and he is the Grandson of Steven Stone. Steven acted as an old teacher for Axel and taught him about the universe. It was Axel's dream to become a Champion like Steven but it all changed when Steven died from old age and embedded Axel with the Knight seal that he obtained from Ruby Knight. Axel's father Zero subsequently went missing right after Steven's death and left a note for Axel, telling him that they will meet again the day Axel's soul is filled with darkness.
Axel changed his name to SK and went in search for darkness, where he met the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza, who became his teacher in the art of battling.

Force your way into Pokemon True Gale: Episode Z0ne and travel Axel's path to darknes.

Individual threads will be made for each game and betas for each will be released the day Beta 2 for True Gale is released.

pbood2 November 2nd, 2012 11:16 AM

Hello. I tried to download your demo but it says the mediafire file is set to private and I can't download it. Is there something you could do to make it public so I could try out the demo. :D

nuzamaki90 November 8th, 2012 1:52 PM

The demo has been discontinued to make way for beta 2.

Beta 2 is much better so I hope you can wait just a few more days until it's released.

nuzamaki90 January 19th, 2013 5:15 PM

Update that is long overdue....

Just wanted people to know this project isn't dead, and I'm planning on Demo 2.0's release to be sometime in a few days, really looking forward to the feedback.

To show how much progress has come so far, here's some screens and map progress

I update frequently on my DA if you want to keep up to date
And you can catch videos on Youtube

Dradier234 January 19th, 2013 5:18 PM

Very good! I'll download Beta 2 for sure! Good you changed the font. You should so use Carmaniacs Load screen. Its in Tutorials\Resources. Makes it look more BW ish. Take a look.

nuzamaki90 January 19th, 2013 5:21 PM

I have actually, I'm also going to be using the Bubbles Script he made, since I found a way to make the bubbles appear above and below the character.

I'm glad you're excited for Beta 2, and yeah, the font was needing a change xD

Fire Flyy January 19th, 2013 6:17 PM

No offense man, but this game could be a lot better.

The graphics are pretty bad [and take your screenshots sized down] since you're mixing FRLG interiors with BW exterior tiles. I reccomend looking for a BW interior tileset on deviantart somewhere. The story doesn't seem like it would be in a Pokemon game either, contrary to what you said, the knights thing doesn't really ring any Pokemon bells to me and it's a bit unorthodox for the player to be experiencing a major plot event in Zekrom on route one.

Another thing is this scene

It really doesn't make sense at all that you have FRLG and BW ows [and the dialogue doesn't seem to be contributing to anything] and then you just have random Pokemon running around. I really think you should hold this game to a higher standard and observe how Nintendo's games are or some of the other fangames on this board. Everything you want to communicate and acheive story and gameplay-wise can be accomplished if you put more effort into betas and screenshots before you release them.

Radical Raptr January 19th, 2013 6:36 PM
continuing what Fire Fly said, here you can see bad tilesetting, with the game station (wii) there is a line that does not belong there
Not to mention the layout is mixed with FRLG+BW tiles

nuzamaki90 January 19th, 2013 6:50 PM

Glad you guys are checking out the thread, sorry to disappoint, but those screenshots are outdated.

The screenshots that're currently in the OP are all not present at all in the actual game, I can confirm that.

The game now only has BW, BW2, and a little bit of HGSS/PT tiles. Only reason some FRLG tiles were present because I were missing some things so I put those there as placeholders for the time being. The thread is going to have a complete overhaul either tomorrow or Monday, so I hope you will be here to witness the game's current progress.

nuzamaki90 January 20th, 2013 10:42 AM

Update: Another screenshot from a battle in the Distortion World. Background kindly made for the game by LostImpact. Also, battle GUI is changing.

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