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Vato August 22nd, 2012 8:53 PM

Hoenn RéBURST [M] [OOC + SU]
Hoenn based upon the Pokémon RéBURST manga
IC Thread found HERE
Team Update Etherpad: OUTDATED AS OF LATE

There was a time when men were kind
When their voices were soft
And their words inviting

There was a time when love was blind
And the world was a song
And the song was exciting

There was a time
Then it all went wrong...


It’s been a while ever since Team Aqua & Team Magma disbanded after they woke Groudon and Kyogre from their eternal slumber. And life in the region of Hoenn is just as peaceful as can be... or rather... was.

A new organization has appeared, and they call themselves Team Gaia, their origins are unknown, but their goal is to get Rayquaza in their hands, and after that, Groudon and Kyogre, the reason for this is not known, but many think that they plan to rebuild the world to their very image.

The interesting thing is, they rarely use Pokemon, instead, they fuse with their Pokemon via a process called Burst, but only a few members have been seen using this method.


Welcome to the region of Hoenn! This tropical island may seem small, but there's more that meets the eye! There's a wide ecosystem in here, varying from deserts to volcanoes and forests. The Pokemon here are very diverse too! From Abra to Zubat, you shall find a huge amount of them here!

But not only that! You may find several gyms scattered across the land, as well as contest halls in case battles are not your thing!


Each and every year, Professor Birch calls twelve persons from all around the region who he believes have great potential to become a successful Pokémon trainer. He gives these young people a Pokemon to care for and raise, as well as a Pokedex which they may fill and ten Pokeballs to catch wild Pokemon with.

You are one of the twelve trainers selected by Professor Birch, and have made your way to Littleroot Town to thank the Professor as well as receive your very own partner Pokémon along with a state of the art Pokédex! You then begin your journey around the region of Hoenn, visiting all areas within the region on your way to obtaining all eight badges and competing in the anual Pokemon League! On your journey you may meet up with, and even travel with your fellow players, encounter some very powerful trainers, and also fight against some Team Gaia Grunts. But be careful when facing them, they rarely use Pokemon, instead, they use some powerful weapons that may take your precious partner's lives if you're not careful! They've taken enough Pokemon lives already, someone's got to put a stop on them!

Burst is a special technique that allows a human to combine with a Pokémon, gaining its powers and immunities while increasing the user's physical and defensive strengths. Those who can use Burst are known as Burst Warriors.

In order for one to perform Burst, they will need a special item known as a Burst Heart. The Burst Heart is a small, pocket sized jewel that actually holds a Pokémon inside of it, sealed so that its power can be used by anyone wishing to fuse with it. The Burst Heart can be compared to a Pokéball in that it holds a Pokémon inside, but is also different due to the fact that it doesn't store a Pokémon to be released for later use. If a Burst Heart is broken, the Pokémon inside will be freed. It is not known how a Burst Heart is made, but Artificial Burst Hearts have been created by Team Gaia, despite this, a few members have genuine Burst Hearts, which is the reason the team was able to create more based of these.

Once Burst is activated, the user will have their physical traits increased greatly. Whatever abilities the user will get depends on the type of Pokémon used to combine; for example, a Ground-type Pokémon will make the user immune to Electric attacks. In order to use Burst, one must go through rigorous training or else their life will be in danger if they attempt it.
A person can actually be sent inside of their Burst Heart in order to better connect with the Pokémon inside. A Burst Heart—like the Pokémon they contain—can become stronger as they get involved in more battles. This allows the Burst itself to become stronger at the same time as the Burst Warrior.

Across your journey, you'll have the chance of earning a Burst Heart, doing so will grant you an important role within the RP, but the choice is up to you...


They rarely use any Pokemon, instead, they use Plasma Cannons that can hurt severely either Pokemon or humans. They also use some hi-tech Pokemon stealing devices that look like regular Pokeballs, only darker, but these last ones are rarely used

These seven members of Team Gaia are capable of performing Burst, their identities remain unknown, but the Pokemon they fuse with are very well know across the region:


Unlike any other grunts, these members are capable of using Burst with Legendary Pokemon. Who they are, or which Pokemon they can fuse with, is something that remains a mystery..


Who these two are, or what their intentions are, is something we can only speculate about, their identities shall only be revealed as time goes by...


-No godmodding, bunnying, all that fun stuff. Ya'll know not to do that crap in other RPs, so don't do it here.
-This RP will be a bit violent, but don't go too far. Deaths/injuries are okay, as long as it's not descriptive.
-Put 'There are cat videos on the Internet!' in your su if you read these!
-If a Team Gaia Grunt attacks your Pokemon while they're still unevolved using their weapons, they will hardly get any chance to survive, so be careful!
-If you're having conflicts, come to me. Also, if you want to make a sudden plot twist, have any ideas, etc, just PM me. In fact, it would be really nice if you would get some ideas for me. (I can't come up with all this on my own, you know!)
-Be realistic. Your pokemon can't dodge everything, nor can it hit everything.
-This RP will be based upon levels, but Pokemon may already know any egg moves/ TM moves before being caught, and a different ability than normal in some cases.
-As for the level up mechanics regarding Pokemon:
• I decide the level of the Pokemon you catch based upon the quality of your post
• When a pokemon participates in a trainer battle it gains 2 levels per pokemon it fights.
• When a pokemon participates in a battle against a catchable wild pokemon it gains 1 level, but only up to level 45. After level 45, they gain nothing.
• On the other hand, when a pokemon participates in a battle against a wild pokemon that is higher level, it can gain one level without any further restrictions.
• If a pokemon faints during a battle, that merits one extra level on top of whatever else it earned.
• Any post about training your pokemon merits 1 level to the pokemon that were training.
• Trade evolution no longer require trading. Trade evolutions evolve at level 40. (Porygon's first trade evolution is at 20)
• Happiness related evolution can be done as you will.
• If your character faces a large group of wild pokemon, I will decide how many levels they gain, ranging between 1 and 5. This is dependent on the content of the post and how hard the pokemon had to fight against the large group. (For a large group of trainer pokemon the scale is 2-10)
• If your character takes on a challenge that is significantly, abnormally high in difficulty you may be given the option of accepting extra levels at the discretion of the GM (which is me, by the way, hello! :D )
• If you want to have your pokemon learn a move that is not normally learnable in the games, you must ask permission of me
• You may decide not to have your pokemon level up at your own leisure.

-If you're planning on having your character to die, discuss it with me first via VM or PM
-Finally, reservations. They last 24 hours. I'll have a list at the bottom of open spots.


Name: (Self-explanatory)
Age: (13-18)
Gender: (Male/Female)
Appearance: (What your character looks like)
Personality: (How your character acts)
History: (Your character’s back story, tell us about how they grew up and where, things they’ve experienced etc.)


TornZero as Eli Andersson
Bleacer as Jupe Collins
Khawill as Sara Lain
deathbymanga as Rick Cache
Scyke as Scyke Ick
WolfOfEve as Project Eris
heretostay123 as Gio Luca

[Links to SU sheets to be added soon]



[CENTER][title="Join Vato's RP, ReBURST!"][URL=""][IMG][/IMG][/URL][/title][/CENTER]

PsychoJigglypuff August 24th, 2012 5:34 PM

I would like to reserve a slot, please.

<Challenger> August 24th, 2012 5:37 PM

Reserve me as well please. :D Sounds great:)

Vato August 24th, 2012 5:39 PM

Holly gee, less than fifteen minutes since this RP was approved and it already has a reply :D

PsychoJigglypuff, you are now reserved!


heretostay123 you're also reserved for what seems to be your millionth RP :P

<Challenger> August 24th, 2012 5:44 PM

Thanks :D I've counted, and I think the total is either 9 or 10! :D


Fuyu August 24th, 2012 7:12 PM

I wish to join! But I will not play my jerk. I think I've had enough jerks lol. Also, do we need to request our starters or are we getting random Pokemon?

Name: Naren Warren
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Hometown: Azalea Town, Johto


You shouldn't ask her that; she never gives a positive response. Naren thinks she looks plain, unappealing, or even downright disgusting. She's not but shh. Her hair is long and wavy, a golden brown that shines more in the sunlight. It falls down her body rather neatly when left alone but due to her parent's insistence, she reluctantly puts it up in a braid most of the time, with her bangs covering her forehead and sometimes one of her eyes. There is a red rose pinned in her hair.

Her eyes are big, grey and usually directed toward the floor. She has a healthy skin tone and she is small in stature, looking three years younger than the other children, except her chest gives that away. As far as she's concerned, the only thing that makes her worse is the oval-shaped goggles she keeps strapped to her head, on Mama's orders of course, to counteract the issues that she doesn't have with her vision.

Naren doesn't wear nail polish or any makeup really, another smothering technique. It could make her sick... or something. She does have a bracelet on her right hand, black with white beads, and two silver loop earrings. It seems like something a rich jewelry store made but it was something her father had given her, something she never lets leave her presence. It makes up for the fact that she can't wear a flower crown.

She wears a woolen black turtleneck almost all of the time, occasionally changing it for a grey tank top with a black jean jacket. Her pants are consistently grey jeans, except for the summer, where she sheds the jeans and long sleeves for blue shorts, much to the horror of her mother. Her shoes are either black sneakers or closed-toe sandals. She doesn't let anybody see her back, which has a long, ugly X-shaped scar over it.


Naren is pretty much bland. She does nothing exciting, never has. Telling herself that helps her sleep at night okay? She likes the idea of being ordinary, even though she's clearly not. She's a shy, modest girl with a soft voice Pokemon have to strain to hear when she's at her lowest emotional point. Naren is the resident wallflower, someone you know is there but soon forget about. She is terrible with interaction, except if they're younger. Yes she babysits. Call now.

Is she bullied? Possibly, but no one can prove it and she doesn't notice. Naren is highly intelligent and bookish but she prefers drawing to writing. Plus she doesn't volunteer information. Yes, she's quite lonely, and it is worse when she's openly honest. It's more obvious in the presence of her well-to-do, overprotective mother, where she looks like a mouse.

By herself, or if she thinks she is, she's a little more confident, a bit more outspoken but with no one around, it doesn't quite go anywhere. With Pokemon, most of them anyway, she's downright excited, talking and playing, actually out of her shell. Don't be surprised if she forgets you're there when that happens. She will, inevitably. When it comes to bad situations or battling, she usually panics for a moment. Naren dislikes fighting. Then she gets her head in the game because, like her father told her, you do what you gotta do right? Not that she understands it or thinks she's going to do well, a particular fumble in her life.


Naren was originally born in the bustling Goldenrod. However, the excitement and never-ceasing life was overwhelming to her as a toddler, so the family moved to Azalea, which was instantly quieter. The daughter did not flourish but she at least would smile at others there. Her father was a quiet retired Trainer, his old Pokemon building the house they lived in. He joined Bugsy in his archaeological digs, not liking sitting around the house all day. Her mother was a model and usually spent her time in Goldenrod.

Naren did not mind her mother’s absence as much as her father’s. The woman did not seem to like her very much. Naren thought it was due to her personality: it never occurred to her that she was seeing things out of the ordinary, at least not for many years. She did miss her father because he was the involved parent. But even then, it wasn’t as much as she should have. Kurt’s granddaughter and the woman’s son were enough family for her.

Naren’s sixth year of life was both her happiest and most depressing of her life. Having started school, she needed a Pokemon. She got her Cyndaquil as an egg, a feral baby. She wanted to please her parents so she worked hard and carefully with Elisha, being kind yet firm. Her teachers and peers did not understand the change but welcomed it when she spoke aloud. Yet soon it all went wrong.

Naren’s father returned home to help the girl get wood for charcoal from Ilex Forest. It had all seemed fine until they reached the shrine. Taking the wood prompted an ambush from a pack of Scyther. Her father could hold them off but he couldn’t beat them all. Naren was attacked while protecting Elisha and her back was torn up. The morning after, the Scyther were gone and there was a dead body. It took three days for them to find Naren and it was almost too late to fix up her open wound. Naren slept for a week, dreaming of the odd lights she had seen in the sky as her father died.

Her mother returned home two days before her daughter awoke. Naren’s whole life had changed in that instant. Unable to get out more than the simple testimony, her voice was promptly quieted by the forceful woman.The woman still did not stay home for very long but regardless had immediately been given her goggles, her mother claiming both mental illness and sight impairment affected her daughter. The woman claimed her husband had hidden it, not wanting to believe his child was crazy. She was assigned a therapist and medication, also aiming to cure the possible effects of the trauma. Elisha was also taken from her presence, believing the Pokemon would harm the recovery process

Naren never took it and her doctors kept it a secret. Whenever her mother was home, the woman emotionally beat down the self-confidence and shine her daughter had begun to show, blaming her for the death of the man she loved. Naren was smothered with a mixture of overprotectiveness and hate, imagining the woman there even when she wasn’t. So she took a bus ride to Olivine and left the region, leaving only a note for the woman and going to Hoenn.

Also she has never watched much Youtube, so she doesn't know there are cat vids on the internet.

Other: She can see the emotional aura of living creatures and can tell when there is a shadow Pokemon around. She can also see the dead and hear other odd things, which her mother is trying to fix. Also, Naren can redraw anything, mostly pictures and signs after seeing them a few times. Neither of these abilities is particularly useful in her opinion.

<Challenger> August 24th, 2012 7:33 PM

Name: Forrest Top
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has slender form, about 110 pounds and 5'6. He has long, brown hair the color of tree bark. He always wears a dark green long sleeved shirt with dark blue jeans. He has next to no upper body strength, but his leg muscles are powerful from his climbing trees and other such things. His eyes are a deep green. He always wears a pendant with a tall tree on it.
Personality: He's a shady young man. He never talks unless he's spoken to, and he avoids conflict whenever possible. He can run twice as fast as a normal person, and climbs like a pro. He's really smart, but people think he's as dumb as a log due to the fact he doesn't talk much. He's an outcast type of person.
History: He never really knew his parents, but he grew up in Fortree City, where the tree climbing was great. He lived with his grandfather who taught him the meaning of being reserved. He also taught him to never give up your dreams, and keep fighting for everything you believe in. He took these words to heart, and trained in the forest to follow his dream of being a ninja-like pokemon trainer. At the age of seven, he was already climbing trees swiftly and progressing in skill level. He finally reached the point of leaping from tree branch to tree branch. This pleased his grandfather greatly, and he gave him something: a pendant with a tree on it, so that he might never forget where he came from and what he accomplished. He lived with his grandfather until the age of fourteen, where he passed away. Forrest cried for days and days, but finally pulled himself together. A week later he turned fifteen, and he decided to set out on a journey.

Vato August 24th, 2012 7:46 PM

@ Fuyu How could I ever say no to a SU or yours? It made me laugh so hard :P
You are accepted!

@ heretostay Nice character, you're accepted!

By the way, answering Fuyu's question, you can choose your Poke once your character is accepted...
And since you're the first couple of persons accepted, then you're the first ones able to choose!
Much happiness for you two!
So, who will it be?

Pikachu: Pick me!
Phanpy: No! Pick me!
Pikachu: He's gonna kill you with Rollout!
Phanpy: He's gonna kill you with Thunder!
Skitty: MIAU!
Pikachu & Phanpy: Shut up, Skitty!

Fuyu August 24th, 2012 7:52 PM

Yay acceptance time... Hmm... I want you Pikachu... you're so cute... but... I see Naren hugging a Torchic... ah forget it! I choose you Pikachu! Prepare to be hugged often!

Stingray August 24th, 2012 8:00 PM

Ok I'll take the Torchic... should have the SU up soon

<Challenger> August 24th, 2012 8:03 PM

Woohoo! I choose Treeko! I was basing my character to get him anyways.Lol

Vato August 24th, 2012 8:39 PM

The fact that your character is named Forrest and comes from Fortree made it kind of obvious for me, but if you had chose Mudkip I would have flipped tables because of the surprise :P

Anyways, I was thinking about playing as one of the people chosen by Birch, but I'll just stick to Role-Playing as Team Gaia... For now...

<Challenger> August 24th, 2012 8:41 PM

Sweet. Lol. "My name is Forrest, I'm from Fortree City, I climb trees, and I want...a Mudkip."

Vato August 24th, 2012 8:44 PM


Originally Posted by heretostay123 (Post 7314671)
Sweet. Lol. "My name is Forrest, I'm from Fortree City, I climb trees, and I want...a Mudkip."

The universe as we know it would have ceased to exist if that would have happened...

<Challenger> August 24th, 2012 8:45 PM

But it didn't! We have that fact. So yeah. How many people should we get before we launch?

Vato August 24th, 2012 8:50 PM

I'm thinking about four... Six is obviously the limit, unless there's more people interested.
So yeah, we still need two more people in order to begin.
To be honest, I didn't thought this RP would get some replies too quick, as my Time & Space RP spent more than a week it the Corner before getting its first reply :P

Stingray August 24th, 2012 8:52 PM

New Character!


Name: Jerome Kerensky

Age: 18

Gender: Male


Jerome has brown eyes and a good solid build. He has no fat on the body, and has a moderate amount of muscle mass. His hair is usually in disarray so he ties it back in a crude pony tail to keep it out of his face.

He wears a worn and faded blue trench coat that has seen plenty of wear made clear by the various patches, tears, and stains (pictured). Under his usually unbuttoned coat he wears a cheap plain black t-shirt, and a pair of old camouflage pants with worn out knees. Shoe wise he wears old running shoes that were once white with blue highlights but now looks more brown than white.

Lastly he has a large green military style backpack that he keeps all his belongings in. Most of which is camping and survival supplies since he can't afford a hotel. He will also keep extra training items here if he can't fit them in his pocket. The back pack has several areas with patches, and is covered in dirt stains. It has the strong odor of smoke from sitting next to camp fires.


Jerome is usually calm and respect to others when he first meets them. He enjoys laughing and having a good time with others. Also he loves a good challenge, a chance to push himself to his limits.

He has a strong sense of honor and is very brave to the point of recklessness. He lives life to the edge most of the time because he wants to enjoy it to its fullest. His form of honor drives how he usually interacts with others and he avoids lying to others. He is also a man who will keep his promises and will not exploit others for his own good.

One of his pet peeves is for “stuck up rich/famous snobs who were born into such privilege and have done nothing to truly earn it.” He also dislikes people who brag about something, but can’t or will not back up their claims. He will make it a point to try in embarrass these people. He will avoid and show distain for perpetual liars. Also never try to get him to tell you about his childhood or his sister as it is a very touchy subject for him.

Jerome has a deep hatred for those criminals who exploit others for their own benefit or worse amusement. These type people (especially those who brag about it afterword) will soon see Jerome’s other side. Jerome is heartless against such evil people.


Not much is known about Jerome’s childhood other than his mother was a single mother with countless drug and prostitution charges. He grew up in the shadiest parts of black city where police would not enter without back up and body armor. The streets were ruled by gangs, often remains of groups like Team Rocket, and the weaker people were dominated and exploited by the strong.

Both his mother and his sister were emitted to a local hospital when Jerome was eight years old. His mother died within the first few hours of being emitted from multiple wounds along with enough drugs in her system to kill a Rapidash. Jerome’s twin sister had many wounds as well as evidence of being raped several times. Jerome apparently had been absent from their home when the event occurred and appeared in the hospital after his mother had already died. However he didn’t seem to care about her as he didn’t even glance at his mother’s body. He tried to be there for his sister and help her pull through, but her wounds were bad and she had given up on life by this point. Despite his best efforts, Jerome couldn’t get his sister’s will to live to return, and she died three hours after his arrival.

He wouldn’t show up on any records other than being at his sister’s funeral until he entered himself to the Black City Orphanage three years later. There he stayed for two years until he just took off and left Unova behind him for Hoenn. In Hoenn he was able to escape his past and forge a new life. He travelled the region often surviving off the land, mountain climbing, and all sorts of extreme activities.

He happened to meet Professor Birch in Littleroot town 4 months before the invitations were sent out and had the pleasure of eating lunch with the man. Birch was intrigued by Jerome’s lifestyle and Jerome was very interested in much of Birch’s studies, since he thought it was useful to an adventurer like himself. Little did he know Birch would invite him 4 months later to his lab to get a Pokemon, which Jerome accepted out of respect for the Professor.

FYI there are cat videos on the internet and I'm surprised you didn't ding me for not posting this before now...

Name: None (for now)

<Challenger> August 24th, 2012 8:53 PM

Alrighty.So far its just me and Fuyu?

Vato August 24th, 2012 9:01 PM

@ Stingray Amazing job, dude! Edit your SU if you feel like you need to but you're already accepted!

TornZero August 24th, 2012 9:46 PM

Name: Elizabeth "Eli" Anderson

Age: 15 1/2

Gender: Female

Appearance: With long brown hair that curls a little bit inward just at her midsection, this 5'4 girl keeps it mostly tucked up under a scarlet cabbie hat that matches her eyes and bright white skin tone. Whatever sticks out only sits just past her ears and on her forehead. Couple that with the big black sweater that she almost always wears over the "girly" shirts her mother gets her, and since her dainty-looking yet conditioned hands are typically concealed by it, many people would mistake her for a guy if she didn't keep getting told to wear skirts. (And under those she always wears a pair of sturdy cargo pants so she could take off the skirt whenever Mom wasn't around.)

Finally, and last but not least, Eli has her two-year-old climbing sneakers. Living in Fortree City all your life, you kind of need a solid way to get around in the case of the bridges being out of order. This was the only thing her mother didn't object to. Although her mother's tried to make her wear makeup after 14, the woman eventually gave up, to Eli's delight and her own dismay.

Personality: Ever courageous, although respectful, Eli the ambiguous young lady has no problems speaking up when something unpleasant's been said about her family, her hometown, her hometown's surrounding Pokémon, and especially her father. She will talk the offender's ears off telling them about her dad's feats. (Or at least they'd want them to have been cut off.) Eli learned just about everything she knew from her parents; her mother taught her the things the Trainer School teaches its students, and her father taught her things she would've learned after obtaining a Pokémon. Because of this, she was actually pretty sheltered, and admittedly pretty innocent in terms of life experience since it revolved quite a bit around her dad.

She likes trying to learn things from others to benefit her experience, and teach others a few tricks, like climbing trees without getting scraped, or just how to sit and calm down once in a while. That said, she rarely calms down outside the company of her own family, where her mother makes her act more ladylike so she'd be at least a decent candidate for a wife instead of a hardy tomboy. She's even up for a fight if talking isn't immediately available.

History: Born and raised in Fortree City, Elizabeth's biggest hero was her own father, Quinn. The only Burst Warrior from Fortree, he'd definitely made a name for himself for being capable of fusing with various Pokémon; some even considered that he could synchronize with a legendary Pokémon if he had the chance. With all the affection in the world for her dad, Eli tried to model her life after his. She joined him in his meditations, took a clothing style reminiscent to Quinn's (though her mother continued to make her wear more gender-appropriate clothes), even begged him for a Burst Heart when she turned ten so she could train alongside him. Alas, it was never given to her (as she was told she wasn't ready), but she persisted for the next four years. Aside from her begging/persuasion attempts, she was only able to cheer him on from the sidelines, whether it was about him performing stylistic Bursts for Lilycove contests, or battling trainers and Burst Warriors alike across the League, and she was oddly okay with that.

Then, for some reason, six months after Eli's fourteenth birthday, Quinn left without a word. Disheartened and pretty damn heartbroken that he didn't take the daughter who admired him to the ends of the world with him, even her favorite Linoone face cake another six months later couldn't brighten her up. She hadn't heard from him; even Hoenn's regional news source assumed Quinn went missing without an answer as to how or why. It was only the next day another smile got stuck on her face: she received a parcel. There wasn't a known sender, but from the message that was in it she had a pretty good clue.

Happy birthday.

Along with the letter, the package contained a Burst Heart that she'd wanted so much. It felt hollow, however, in that Eli hoped her dad would be there to see her Burst for the first time after meditating with him for years. That said, though, she wasn't able to anyways. She was clearly able to see the Pokémon inside, yet completely unable to communicate with it. After a few days of failed attempts, she simply gave up trying to fuse with it. Regardless, she was still more joyful a few months later when she received a letter from Hoenn's Pokémon Professor. Elizabeth's mother helped her pack a few essential supplies (alongside what seemed to be a defective Burst Heart) and put the fifteen-year-old on a safe and quick route to Littleroot Town, letting her start off with other trainers.

Since Torchic was taken, I guess I'll go with Skitty; I don't feel like liek-ing Mudkipz.

Vato August 25th, 2012 7:35 AM

@ TornZero Amazing SU! accepted!

Which means only Mudkip and Phanpy are available now.

@ hereto Stingray and TornZero are also in now! Which means I need to begin writing the IC!

TornZero August 25th, 2012 3:20 PM

I love RéBURST-based roleplays, so I can't wait for this to start.

<Challenger> August 25th, 2012 3:26 PM

Woohoo! Let's get this party started right!

Vato August 25th, 2012 4:24 PM


Originally Posted by TornZero (Post 7315563)
I love RéBURST-based roleplays, so I can't wait for this to start.

Wait, there are more RéBURST based RPs?
I thought I was being creative :(
Well, let's just hope there aren't many Journey RéBURST RPs out there :)

TornZero August 25th, 2012 4:28 PM

Well, the only other one right now is Pokémon Fallout. That's really just in fusing with Pokémon, but it still uses the fusion concept from RéBURST.

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