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Vato August 25th, 2012 5:21 PM

Hoenn RéBURST [M] [IC]
based upon the Pokémon RéBURST manga
OOC + SU Thread found HERE
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Chapter 1

Littleroot Town

A small, quiet town at the south of Hoenn. Nothing special happens here most of the time. Only a couple of things are to be noted: There's a house where the Pokemon Trainer Brendan, son of the Petalburgh City Gym Leader lives, or used to live at least, no one's sure of his whereabouts right now. There's also Professor Birch's home, where his daughter, May, lives along with her mother and brother. And, of course, there's Professor Birch's lab, where every year people from all around Hoenn are called in order to get a Pokemon.

Available Pokemon:

Only your starter.

What you may, may not and must do

- You must travel in Littleroot Town.
- You must receive your starter Pokémon.
- You may have as many posts as you wish in Littleroot Town.
- You may not interact with other roleplayers here, you all arrive at different times.

Route 101

Heading north from Littleroot Town Trainers will have to cross a small yet beautiful Route. This will become their very first route they will explore on their journey. The route contains tall grass where Pokemon lurk, but they sometimes leave the grass and walk around the Route, attacking whoever disturbs them.

Available Pokemon:




What you may, may not and must do:

- You must go into Route 1.
- You may catch the Pokémon you battled.
- You may interact/fight any NPCs or RPers
- You must end an attempt to catch a Pokémon with the throwing the Pokéball, I will decide whether you catch it or not.



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Baloth August 31st, 2012 3:27 PM

The sun was high in the sky, and Geoff Bates was darn happy to be alive. Today's the day I get a Pokemon! This is going to be AWESOME. He took a deep breath as he headed towards Littleroot Town, through Route 1, and exhaled. The fresh smell of the trees and the grass was heavenly, and much different from the salty, smoky air of Slateport City, so near the sea, and many ships leaving and entering port. He came up to a ledge, where he could see down the route, towards Littleroot. HOP! He jumped down. Even closer. I can TASTE that Pokemon! ...Okay, that sounded weird. Geoff came up to another ledge. HOP! So close!

Geoff arrived in Littleroot Town, and headed towards the largest, most sterile looking building. That must be the lab! He walked inside, quivering with excitement. The journey from Slateport was long, but it was finally coming to fruition!

TornZero August 31st, 2012 3:54 PM

Elizabeth "Eli" Anderson

"Thanks, Professor," she said, preparing to leave Birch's lab with a new PokéDex and six Pokéballs, one containing her starter Pokémon.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, young man." She didn't correct him. He already thought her strange enough as a boy who was given a Skitty as their first Pokémon; what'd happen if he found out she was a girl dressing like a boy? The Skitty was an annoying little thing, but Elizabeth kind of liked that part about it. Leaving the lab, she immediately let Skitty out of his Pokéball and treaded out towards Route 101. Meanwhile, she took a few sights in from Littleroot Town. So serene, relaxing... and boring. An excited young man was practically skipping past them to the lab as they left... but still boring.

"You know, I should give you a name."


"No, not Miau. How about Annoying Little Ball of Fluff?"

"Miau!" Angry.

"Yeah, too long." Trying to make an acronym out of it didn't do any good, but it did give her an idea for a name. "How's Albion sound?"

The annoying ball of fur's tail perked up at the name, though it was still followed by an inquisitive meow.

"That'll work, won't it?"

"Miau!" He seemed to enjoy it this time.

"Albion it is." The newly-named Skitty quickly found himself chasing his own tail, circling around Eli like flies around rotting meat as they walked. "You could probably irritate a Pokémon into submission." At this, Albion scurried up Eli's legs and back, stopping to sit on her head. "That's a yes."

It didn't take too long to hit Route 101, and there was a nice variety of Pokémon, some more abundant than others.

"What say we grab up one of the less plentiful first?"

"Miau." He was probably happy he could have friends. Soon enough, they spotted a defenseless-looking Vulpix hiding in the grasses. Its orange tails stood out amongst all the green, and it definitely looked smaller than the Vulpix Eli'd seen at Mount Pyre.

"Alright, Albion, Scratch. Let's get this--" and the Skitty flew off Eli's head, pushing her hat down against the top half of her face. Albion ran around the Vulpix wildly before closing in with its claws, only to be blown back by a light flame. "Okay, not defenseless, but that makes it even better. Scratch again!" The Skitty obeyed a second time, getting the Vulpix on the ground. Though the Fire-type tried to use Ember again, it couldn't keep up with Skitty's frantic running, getting dizzy and falling over even though it only had a few scars from the attacks. Did Albion use Swagger without her telling him to, or was that just him being extremely hyper?

"Whatever," she said, pulling a Pokéball from her belt loop and throwing it at the Vulpix. "Let's go."

Baloth August 31st, 2012 4:19 PM

Geoff gratefully accepted his Slugma, Pokedex, and pokeballs from Professor Birch. "Thank you so much! I'll take good care of her, I promise!" The Slugma blew flames from her mouth, excited at having a partner. "Let's go, Slugma!" The Lava Pokemon smiled and followed Geoff out of the lab, back to Route 101.

Looking down at his new partner, Geoff snapped his fingers. "Scarlett. Your name can be Scarlett! Do you like it?" "Slugma slug." she replied with a grin. "Well, I guess I'll take that as a yes. It's great to meet you, Scarlett! I'm Geoff. We're going to be good friends, I already know it!" Scarlett just smiled and continued blobbing along. "Quiet type, eh? That's alright!"

The first Pokemon Geoff saw on Route 101, he was nearly jumping up and down with joy and excitement--a Poochyena was sniffing at a wrinkled Oran berry, and wasn't showing any sign that it noticed Geoff or Scarlett. "Scarlett, this is it! Our first battle! Use Ember on that Poochyena!"

When Scarlett saw the other Pokemon, her eyes grew wide and fearful, and she darted behind Geoff's leg, which immediately set aflame from the Slugma's Flame Body. "OW! OW OW OW OW OW! NO, GET BACK! OW! YOU'RE BURNING ME!" Geoff frantically slapped at the leg of his pants, trying to smother the flames.

The Poochyena perked up, growled, and darted for the pair. "No, no, no, no!!" A sharp set of teeth closed around Geoff's other leg in a bite attack. "ARRRRRRGHHH!!" Geoff yelled out, and was now trying to combat threats to both of his legs. His Slugma watched quietly as he smothered the flames on his singed pantleg, and tried to shake the Poochyena off of the other.

Eventually, the Poochyena was shaken off, and landed on its feet, a meter back. "Scarlett, before he bites me again, use Ember!" The Slugma hurried over to Geoff, and blew a gout of flame towards the wild Pokemon, resulting in a pained yelp. "Good job, S--Look out, he's coming back!"

The Poochyena leapt at Scarlett, and bit down on the Lava Pokemon--resulting in more pained yelping, from both Pokemon. The Poochyena ran in circles, flapping its tongue all over its face, trying to ease the pain of its burn. Geoff hastily pulled an empty pokeball out of his bag, and threw it at Poochyena. "You're mine, now!"

Vato August 31st, 2012 4:35 PM

Eli Anderson - Attempt at Catching a Vulpix


After throwing a Pokeball against the fox Pokemon, Vulpix was quickly swallowed by a red beam of light. The Pokeball fell in the ground, and began shaking constantly.

After a couple of seconds, the Pokeball stopped... and Vulpix broke free out of the capsule. However, Vulpix is still willing to fight against Skitty with the rest of its energy, and thus, Eli might be able to catch it by throwing another Pokeball...

Geoff Bates - Attempt at Catching a Poochyena


After running around slapping its tongue everywhere, Poochyena was sealed by the Pokeball's beam of light. The capsule feel at the floor and began shaking all around. Eventually, the ball stopped, and gave a sound that almost sounded like a click.
Poochyena was caught!
Quick Feet

<Challenger> August 31st, 2012 4:47 PM

Forrest arrived in Littleroot Town and looked around. Not a big place...or a modern place. He looked around some more and saw a building that looked some what like a laboratory. There had to be something good there. He pulled out the letter he had received in the mail and looked it over. This must be the place. He walked in and observed the room and saw multiple whirring machines and men in white lab coats. Forrest saw a large man in a lab coat and approached him. He didn't want to bother, but he had to know what was going on. "Excuse me sir, what do you do here?"

The professor spun around and barely noticed the slim, muscular boy. "Pardon me?"

"What are you studying?"

"We study Pokemon here. We are also looking for trainers whom I mailed letters too"

Forrest silently gasped, then quickly said,"I have one of those!"

The professor laughed even more. "Ah yes, Mr. Topp. You seem to be a likeable fellow. What would you consider your personality be?"

Forrest stuttered a little. "I guess I'm a bit of a ninja...people have told me that before."

"I have the perfect Pokemon for you." He disappeared for a minute, but came back with a pokeball. "Here try it out." The boy accepted the pokeball then tossed it out to the ground. A red light came out of the ball, and when it cleared away, a green gecko type thing appeared. "It's a Treeko. It's also a bit of a ninja." he chuckled softly.

Forrest needed to test this out...he leapt up into the rafters, and the impressed Treeko leapt up with him. "I love it! Thank you so much professor..."


"Thank you so much Professor Birch!"

"No problem. Just one the world and record data on this." He tossed a Pokedex up to the boy, and he caught it. He nodded happily. He saw a sunlight, then clambered up to it. He pushed the window open and climbed out onto the roof. The Treeko followed him."You need a name...Sasuke!" the Treeko nodded furiously at the idea. "Well,let's go Sasuke!" they began to leap across the rooftops to Route 101.

Baloth August 31st, 2012 5:11 PM

"WooooooHOOOOOO!" Geoff cried out triumphantly. "SluuuuuugMAAAAAAA!" Scarlett mimicked, punctuating her call with a skyward gout of flame. Grinning ear to ear, Geoff clipped the filled pokeball to his belt, and continued on towards the other end of Route 101. They trudged through some tall grass, and a flock of Pidgey scattered, taking flight. Something caught Geoff's eye as he admired the bird Pokemon--a little purple glimmer. He turned right, past a tree stump, and a perfectly good Potion was just laying in the dirt. "Huh! That's weird. But it has a darn good application right now..."

Geoff released his newly captured Poochyena, who immediately ran to Geoff and gave him a good nip on the shin. "OW! Hahaha, naughty little guy, aren't you?" The Poochyena whined a bit, as its mouth was still burning. "Still hurting, isn't it? Well, guess that teaches you to go biting a Fire Pokemon. Open your mouth, please." The Poochyena shot Geoff a look, but complied, opening its burnt mouth. With a light squeeze, Geoff applied the potion to his new Pokemon. "I think I'll call you Bandit." Geoff said with a chuckle.

Bandit coughed and sneezed when sprayed in the mouth with the Potion. Geoff chuckled and gave him a good scratch behind the ears. "We'll get that burn treated when we get to the next town." The trainer, with his two Pokemon in tow, continued along Route 101.

<Challenger> August 31st, 2012 5:44 PM

Forrest leapt off the roof and landed smoothly at the entrance of Route 101 with Sasuke in tow. The pair looked at each other and nodded simultaneously. They began to walk side by side until something leapt out at them. A Lotad attached itself to Sasuke's face, forcing it to the ground. Before he could clearly think, Forrest grabbed the pokemon and flung it away. "This is our first battle, Sasuke." He remembered the attacks the professor told him. "Use Absorb!" The Treeko leapt forward and shot a vine at the Lotad. It wrapped around it's body and began to drain it's energy. It started to move forward, but was going incredibly slow due to the vines wrapped around it. It was right next to Sasuke when Forrest called out, "Alright, fall back." The Treeko complied and drew it's vines back. Forrest tossed one of the pokeballs the professor had given him at the Lotad, and it disappeared with a red flash into the metal capsule, and it began to shake.

Vato August 31st, 2012 6:09 PM

Forrest Top - Attempt at catching a Lotad


Lotad was quickly sealed inside the capsule, which began to shake on the floor. It immediately broke, however, as Sasuke's absorb didn't so much damage. Offended, Lotad used Astonish on Treecko, and slowly walked away in a gentle way, eventually disappearing behind a pair of trees...

Baloth August 31st, 2012 6:09 PM

Geoff heard some ruckus from around the corner, but shrugged, and continued walking down Route 101. Scarlett and Bandit were walking alongside him. He took a deep breath, and exhaled. "I love this place! All these trees, and Pokemon...Can't wait to see the REST of Hoenn!" As he walked along, he heard a panicked cry; "Wuurrrrrmple!" A Wurmple had seen him, and was running away as fast as he could. "You're going to be my next Pokemon, buddy! --Scarlet, use Ember!"

The Slugma sprayed flames across the grass, and they struck the Wurmple. The Pokemon tumbled, and landed flat on its back, defeated. A few more Wurmple hurried into the clearing, and dragged their fallen friend away to nurse it back to health. "Woops..." Geoff scratched his head, embarrassed. "You're too strong, Scarlett! Hahah."

TornZero August 31st, 2012 6:17 PM

Elizabeth "Eli" Anderson, Route 101

"No dice, huh? I like you already. Albion--" it was already flying in to scratch at the Vulpix again, the Pokéball flying back to Eli's hand before losing its ability to function. Waste of a Pokéball, but at least her mother gave her some extra cash before she left. She could pick up a few more in Oldale Town.

While Albion was scratching away, Eli was thinking of names for the Vulpix. It was feisty, she wasn't just /not/ gonna catch it! "How about Aila? Looks like a girl." Then again, Eli herself doesn't at the moment. "Maybe Vex." While she was thinking of names, she saw a Lotad trodding off between trees in a satisfactory posture. "Hey, Albi, you done there?" When she looked up at the pair of Pokémon, she noticed one unconscious Skitty and one very tired Vulpix with hearts in its eyes, and both of them had scratch marks. Did the Vulpix give up on using Ember and just randomly attack?

That was probably the answer. Albion's Cute Charm took effect a little bit back, and that only proved the Vulpix was a girl further. "Let's try this again; I'll go with Vex." She threw her second Pokéball and watched it fly.

<Challenger> August 31st, 2012 6:23 PM

Forrest got away. He looked at Sasuke, who in turn was slightly appalled at it's first failure. The pair started to walk again, ashamed and low. Oh well, time to climb some trees. Forrest leapt up into the first tree he saw with the Treeko close behind. He noticed a Zigzagoon on the forest floor and silently thanked Arceus. He wasn't going to fail this time! He looked over to Sasuke, who had also noticed the unaware pokemon. He whispered to it, "Jump down there and surprise it with Absorb." The gecko nodded and leapt down silently and approached it from behind, then wrapped the vines around it, draining it's energy. The Zigzagoon quickly broke free and used a powerful tackle on Sasuke. "Zig!" It began to repeatedly tackle the Treeko before Forrest shouted out, "Use Endeavor!" Sasuke slapped the Zigzagoon, knocking it down to a lower power level. He used Absorb again, wrapping the vines around it. He grew stronger, and pinned the Zigzagoon on the ground by leaping on top of it. "I have you now!" Forrest threw his fourth pokeball down. He watched the Zigzagoon disappear with a red flash and crossed his fingers.

ytfeL August 31st, 2012 6:36 PM

Isla V.T.
Littleroot Town

Isla stumbled out of the pokemon lab in Littleroot Town, still somewhat poised, though it was obvious she was still in a daze from being star-stuck. In her arms was her shiny new pokedex, a handful of pokeballs (one of which contained her very own pokemon), and the copy of her favorite textbook now sporting a signature of its author. Isla let out a quick shrill of excitement and placed her things into her small shoulder bag as she raced out towards Route 1. Upon arrival it was almost to much to look at all at once, there were pokemon rustling in the grass, sunning in the branches of trees, and splashing in small puddles left from the rain the night before. It was as if the book she revered almost as her bible was coming to life right in front of her eyes. Isla reached into her bag and scanned anything that moved with her pokedex, loading it with information she planned to compile into a journal of sorts to catalog her journey. She wandered through the grass and into a few small clearing chasing every pokemon as if she was a little girl running through her fathers museum again asking questions about each and every exhibit. She sat down near a small pool of water and released her prized pokemon from its pokeball for a quick swim to cool off.


"My very own pokemon. I still can't believe it! I almost want to kiss you!"

Fee? replied the fish with an inquisitive tone.

"I said almost. At least buy me dinner first."

Isla sat with her feet dipped in the cool water, the pool was only a few feet deep, just a run-off spot for all of the rain that washed down the road. Feebas splashed about enjoying its freedom. Isla layed back and sighed deep with happiness, if this is what it meant to be a trainer and get to encounter pokemon all over Hoenn then she was in for the time of her life. She felt a tickle at her toes and giggled, "Stop it Feebas that tickles" she looked down to smile at her pokemon, only feebas was swimming in a circle around a small lilypad that Isla was sure wasn't there a second ago...the tickle happened again, only this time she pulled her feet out of the water and the lilypad looked up at her. "Ack! what are you little fella?" Isla scanned the pokemon and learned it was a lotad. "Seems you needed a swim just as much as feebas huh?" she smiled at the pokemon. "Hey feebas, wanna get some practice in with this guy? You could probably use it." she said in a joking tone. The lotad flipped back into the water with a grin on his face and floated out into the center of the pool. Feebas lept out of the water with a battle cry and the battle was on!

The lotad was much more agile in the water and it made the first move, a rushing tackle attack. "Lotad are slow on land but are at home in the water like you feebas, double-team, GO!" Feebas darted back and forth under the water quicker than the eye could follow, and suddenly it looked like there were 3 or 4 of the fish swimming around. The lotad plowed into them one after another, but the tackle went right through the copies. "Keep it up feebas, you're doing great." The lotad slowly sank to the bottom of the pool and raised its head. "Wonder what its doing...keep your guard up!" Isla called out. Lotad had used absorb and the water shifted towards the center of the pool where it was resting. Feebas took the hit pretty hard due to its weakness but it wasn't out of the fight yet. "Let's show him what we can do, use Brine!" Feebas reared back and let loose a rush of water at the center of the pool hitting the lotad and sending him barrel rolling through the water. "Again, brine!" Another jet of water pounded the lotad, knocking it against the bank of the small pool. Isla plucked a pokeball from her belt clip and smiled, she was actually doing all the things she had only ever read about growing up. "Ok pokeball, lets go!" She tossed the ball at the lotad and it bounced off of its big leafy head before grabbing it with a red beam, the ball hit the surface of the pool with a sploosh and rolled underwater, the small red light still visable as the ball began to shake. Feebas swam in circles around the pokeball in anticipation, ready to continue the fight if need be.

Baloth August 31st, 2012 6:55 PM

Geoff was shuffling around in the tall grass, when he noticed Elizabeth. Hey, I saw him already. He was the one who rushed ahead of me in the lab, and rushed out before I could even talk to Professor Birch. ...He looks cute. "Hi there!" he called to Eli as he waved and smiled.

A large object fell out of the tree above him and cracked him on the back of the head. His vision swam with lights and shapes. "OW!! WHY THE HELL IS ALL OF THIS HAPPENING TO ME TODAY?!?" He looked down, at the Seedot that had fallen on his head. The Acorn Pokemon glared at him, and stiffened as it used Harden. "You want to battle, then? Alright! Scarlett, use Ember!" The Slugma blew flames at the Seedot, which jumped up and down in pain, but it held its ground. The Seedot stiffened again, though it looked like it was building strength, using Bide.

"That's not a very smart move, buddy...Scarlett, hit 'im again!" Another Ember attack sent the Seedot spinning away, stars in its eyes. "Woo! Nice work, hon'!" The Slugma bobbed up and down happily.

Vato August 31st, 2012 7:15 PM

Eli Anderson - Attempt at Catching a Vulpix


Once again, Vulpix was sealed by a Pokeball, which at the moment was currently shaking in the floor. The Pokeballs was taking its time... A little bit too much, actually, as if Vulpix was struggling to get out once more... At the end, Vulpix seemingly gave up, as the capsule stopped, emitting a sound that seemed to be like a click
Vulpix was caught!
Lv. 7
Flash Fire

Forrest Top - Attempt at Catching a Zigzagoon


A gentle and joyful Zigzagoon was taking his daily stroll in Route 101, and it all seemed to be nice, as always. And then, in less than a minute, he was entangled by some weird vines and sealed inside a small capsule... The Pokeball was rocking from one said to another, eventually stopping, emitting a click in signal that Zigzagoon was caught. This Zigzagoon doesn't know who this person is, but he will certainly regret interrupting his daily stroll...
Zigzagoon was caught!

Isla Van Tricht - Attempt at Catching a Lotad


After a fierce battle against a Feebas, Lotad was finally sealed inside of a Pokeball, which began rocking around for a while... After struggling to get out, Lotad surrendered and let the ball stop, which emitted a slight click afterwards...
Lotad was caught!

<Challenger> August 31st, 2012 7:49 PM

Sasuke picked up the pokeball the Zigzagoon was contained in, jumped into the bushes, then handed it to Forrest. "Good job buddy!" He held up his hand for a high five, but recieved a tail five instead. It almost knocked him off his precarious perch, but he caught himself.

He didn't have any potions to heal the Zigzagoon, so he would have to grin and bear it until he reached the nearest Pokemon Center. He swifty clambered to the ground and released his new found partner. "Hi there." The Zigzagoon blinked once, then tackled Forrest's legs, making him fall to the ground. "Ow! Your new name is Benedict!" He shouted. The Zigzagoon seemed to like the name, as it grinned and it's tail wagged. "Yeah, that's a good name..."He grimaced. This was going to be a handful...He returned Benedict to it's pokeball then jumped back into the trees with Sasuke. Might as well move on. He started to make his way to the end of Route 1.

Baloth August 31st, 2012 8:18 PM

Revenge of the Wurmple!

Geoff was going to walk over to Eli to talk to him/her, when something wrapped around his ankles, and he tripped. Fortunately, he broke his fall with his arms, which were now a bit bruised. "What the?! Ow!" He looked down at his legs, and they were tied up with string. A string shot. The two Wurmples who helped their fallen comrade earlier swung down from the trees to battle, anger burning in their beady little eyes. Geoff tore the string off of his legs, and stood up, ready to fight.

"Scarlett, use Ember on one of them! Bandit, Bite the other!" Geoff ordered his Pokemon. The pair leapt into action. Bandit dashed towards the Wurmples, easily covering the distance, and bit down hard on one of the Wurmples--he cried out in pain, though, because of his burn. The other prepared to Tackle Bandit, but Scarlett blew flames upon him, and the attacking Wurmple fell, defeated.

The second Wurmple shook itself free of Bandit's Bite, and proceeded to Tackle.

"Bandit, look out!" The Poochyena was struck by the Tackle, but remained on his feet. "Tackle it back!" Bandit struck the Wurmple, and it was sent hurtling back into the woods. A string shot came out of the trees, and the other defeated Wurmple was taken home. The battle was over.

"Great job, guys!" Bandit puffed out his chest and grinned. Scarlett shot flames into the air triumphantly.

TornZero August 31st, 2012 8:31 PM

"Sweet. Alright," she continued as she pulled out her Skitty's Pokéball, "c'mon back Albion." He sat himself up, licking his burns and scratch wounds clean before he was zapped back into his digital home. Eli noticed the young man from before greeting her. He was finishing up a battle and about to walk over to her, only to get swarmed by a pair of Wurmple. She couldn't help but chuckle at this.

Elizabeth watched Geoff command his Pokémon, but both seemed pretty injured already from the previous battles. When they finished up, she approached him instead of making him do it.

"Impressive, Bug Squasher." When she finished her sentence, Albion came flying out of his Pokéball again, running around Geoff and his pair of Pokémon like his battle with Vex didn't faze him. He really was annoying, but that seemed to benefit him more than hurt Eli.

Baloth August 31st, 2012 8:37 PM

"Be careful around Scarlett, she might burn you!" Geoff warned Albion. He showed Elizabeth his burnt pantleg, and the burns on the back of his leg. He was looking a bit ragged. The bottom of his pantlegs were torn, burnt, and blackened, and there was a swollen lump on the back of his head.

Geoff blushed a bit at Eli's comment. "Aww, that was nothing, man. So, hi! I saw you at Birch's lab. He gave you a Pokemon, too?" He bent down to look at Albion. "Cute little guy!" He looked back to Eli. "You saw that, eh? Yeah, I fought a Wurmple earlier...I guess those were its buddies."

He extended his hand to Eli for a handshake. "I'm Geoff! What's your name?"

TornZero August 31st, 2012 8:57 PM

Showing off his damaged pants and bruised scalp, Geoff asked about Elizabeth's Pokémon. "Yeah, that's him. He needs to calm down, though; he's gonna give me a headache with how fast he runs." Though that's kind of where his species gets its name, it's still irritating to a degree.

"You saw that, eh? Yeah, I fought a Wurmple earlier... I guess those were its buddies."

"Didn't think Wurmples were able to gang up on people like that without something telling 'em to." Then, for an obligatory handshake, Geoff extended his hand to her. Elizabeth slipped her hand out from under the sleeve hiding it and obligatorily grasped Geoff's hand in return. When the handshake was thoroughly reciprocated and she introduced herself as Eli, she returned her hand to its polyester cave and commanded, "Albion, come."

At his master's command, he rushed up Eli's side and onto her head only to curl up into a fuzzy pink ball, mewing while it went to sleep. Instead of putting the Skitty away again, since he would probably pop out, she just left him there as she started walking to Oldale Town's Pokémon Center. "So Geoff, where ya from?"

ytfeL August 31st, 2012 9:21 PM

Isla V.T
Route 101

"Way to go feeby!...hey! That's a perfect name for you, Phoebe! What do you think?" Feebas bobbed up and down happy at the sound of its new name. Isla reached into the pool and grabbed the pokeball from the water and released the newly caught lotad. He had a few scrapes and bruises, but didn't seem too injured. "Here you go mister." she said as she fed him a few oran berries from her hand. Isla had studied berries and their effect on pokemon quiet thoroughly and she made sure to pack some for her adventure. Lotad ate happily from her palm and went back into the water with Phoebe feeling refreshed. Isla tossed a few berries into the water for Phoebe as well. "I guess you're going to need a name too little Lotad bro...tad...lobrotad...BROTAD!♥" "Lolotad!" he said happily in response. "Well you two are just perfect. Two water types already, this is great!"

After a bit Isla returned her pokemon to their respective pokeballs and headed out to explore more. She chose to wander into the more forested area to see what kind of pokemon were there. A few small wurmple crawled along the trees and group of pidgey filled a nearby tree, though as she tried to get a closer look they were spooked and flew away. Isla found a nice spot beneath a tree and sat down. She pulled out her small leather journal and pen and placed them beside her as she looked in her bag for her sketch book and charcoal just in case, but as she turned to take her journal and begin to write in it a small pokemon sat on its tail and was gnawing on her pen. "Oh, well you are as curious of me as I am of you, huh?" Isla reached for the pen, but the sentret hopped back and almost barked at her still clutching the pen in his paws. "That's my pen, but I'll make you a deal, if you can beat one of my pokemon, you can keep it." The sentret just frowned at her and held onto the pen, but it sat up on its tail again at the ready, signaling it wanted to battle.

"Give it to 'em Brotad!♥" The sentret bounced over towards lotad and tried to land a tailwhip, "Try and dodge it!" Isla called, but he wasn't as fast out of the water and the blow landed clean. He was able to shake off the hit and ran in for a tackle. Sentret was knocked back a bit but recovered rather well. "Seems like you two are an even level. Don't let up though Brotad, Tackle!" Sentret lunged forward with a tackle of its own and the two foes met head on trading blow for blow. Both pokemon were tiring, but neither was willing to give in. A few more tail whips connected and Brotad was showing that he was weak, "Hang in there, you can do this! Tackle one more time, but aim for my pen!" Brotad hadn't noticed the pen that the sentret was somehow still holding onto and he charged in and dove for a hard tackle right at sentrets paws. The sentret tackled back, but when the two collided the pen flew into the air. Surprised and desperate to retrieve his treasure, the sentret ran after the pen trying to catch it as it fell back to the earth, "There's your chance, Tackle attack!" Brotad mustered up his remaining strength and hit with a final tackle that sent the sentret tumbling forward and landing face first into a tree, a critical hit. The sentret sat dazed for a bit and pouted at Isla in his defeat. "Here you go, you earned it." Isla handed the pokemon her pen and watched as the sentret staggered back into the forest with his prize held high.

Baloth August 31st, 2012 9:31 PM

"Ahhh, Skittys are like that!" Geoff laughed. "Nice to meet you, Eli!"

When Geoff felt Eli's smooth, pale hand against his own, he was a bit confused. He thought it seemed a bit strange for a boy to have such dainty hands, but ultimately he thought him even cuter.

Bandit was nipping at his tail, and chasing it around in a circle. Scarlett was content watching his silliness, and laughed at the Poochyena a bit. The Poochyena noted this, looked at Scarlett, furrowed his brow a bit, and continued his task of nibbling on his tail.

"Slateport City, actually! Nice enough place. You?" Geoff replied with a smile.

PsychoJigglypuff August 31st, 2012 10:53 PM

Chapter 1 - Littleroot Town

Becky slowly stepped forward into Littleroot Town. She was fully taking in all the new sights and smells of the mainland. It seemed appropriate that her journey started here. The town was small, but had the fresh scent of new beginnings. She could barely contain her excitement once she spotted the laboratory. "This is it," she thought. "After all this time, I'm finally getting a Pokemon."

Walking through the doors, she saw a large man in a lab coat. He noticed her as well, and began to greet her enthusiastically. "Ah yes, another trainer! My name is Professor Birch, and you must be Rebecca, correct?"

"I prefer Becky," she corrected. "But yes, nice to meet you Professor." She grinned cheerfully. "So, where's my Pokemon?"

"Eager, aren't you?" He smiled. "Well the Pokemon are right over this way." He walked over to a counter with several Poke Balls sitting in a tray. There were a few gaps, meaning she wasn't the first to come along this way. Perhaps she passed them on her way into town. "You said you wanted the Mudkip, correct?"

"Yep!" She chimed.

"Just making sure," he said, handing Becky one of the Poke Balls from the tray. "I believe this little guy is yours."

"Thanks!" She beamed, staring at the ball in wonder. "It's okay if I let him out now, right?"

"Of course, go right ahead."

"Alright. Come on out, Mudkip!" She tossed the Poke Ball into the air, releasing a red beam of energy to the ground that quickly formed the shape of a Mudkip. He looked up at his trainer with a big goofy grin on his face. "Mud!"

"Wow, so cool!" She picked up the Mudkip to get a better look at him. "Now what should I call you, buddy?" She briefly pondered over names before settling on one. "Bayou. How does that sound?" He nodded his head in agreement. "Then Bayou it is."

After receiving her Poke Balls and Pokedex, she bid the professor farewell, thanking him once again. She marched her way over to Route 101, with Bayou following faithfully beside her.

danaxe August 31st, 2012 11:09 PM

''hey so this is littleroot town , alright. wonder who my starter will be''

when he approached the lab proffesor birch was outside ready to welcome him in.
''hey so here's your starter pokemon a spheal, i found it rather fitting.''prof. birch told chillacy.

'' hey i've got the perfect nickname for you already, walrashap''chillacy smiled to himself

'' now i reccomend going to my daughter may's house'' the proffeser almost threatend him to go

''hmmph fine'' chillacy left the building with walrashap close behind.

PsychoJigglypuff August 31st, 2012 11:35 PM

Chapter 1 - Route 101

"Now, who shall we battle first." Becky scanned the route for wild Pokemon. "Or should we catch something first? You want a friend, don't you?"

"Mud mud!" Bayou called out to her, having wandered off into the tall grass.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing going ahead of me like that?" She followed him into the grass. "I'm excited too, but no need to wander off."

Just as she was saying that, Mudkip was tackled to the ground by a Wurmple. Becky was no stranger to Wurmples, as they were quite a common Pokemon, but this one seemed more eager to battle than the others. "Looks like we have a fighter here." She grinned. "Bayou, use Water Gun!"

"Kip!" Bayou got up and shot his Water Gun at the Wurmple who had just attacked him. The Wurmple jumped out of the way, managing to doge the attack. It quickly countered by firing it's String Shot back at the Mudkip. "Mud?" He tired shaking off the string shot, but he was still tangled up. "Let's try something else. What were your moves again?" Becky asked to herself. "Rain Dance was one of them, right?"

"Mudkip!" Bayou took that as a command and began to hopp around, which admittedly looked rather silly. As if out of nowhere, dark clouds formed in the sky and began raining over that area of the route. Becky quickly dodged under a tree, trying to escape the rain. "I should have thought of that."

The Wurple once again charged at Bayou with a Tackle attack. This time however, he was able to slip past it, and untangle himself from a bit of the string. "That's it!" Becky shouted from her temporary shelter. "Now try another Water Gun!"

This time the attack hit directly, and the Wurmple took the full force of the attack. It looked winded from the Water Gun, boosted in power from the rain. "Now's my chance." She thought to herself. "Go, Poke Ball!" Becky tossed the ball at the damaged Wurmple. She stared at the shaking ball, waiting in anticipation for a capture.

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