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The warden August 31st, 2012 3:09 PM

Pokemon:Blazing Sun/Tranquil Moon[T](OOC)
The following may not be suitable to all ages.
The following is suitable for ages 13 and over. Rated T.

Blazing Sun/Tranquil Moon

Please read the IC thread first, all the plot is there.

The nature of the world

This world of five parts.
Composed from eight sets of three.
Was made from just two.”
Shaiming Fang on the nature of the world.

The first thing you must know about this world is that it is born form opposites. From nothingness came the Yin and the Yang. Light and darkness. Day and night. Sun and Moon. Man and woman. Human and Pokemon. The Yin and the Yang compliment each other perfectly as they are perfect opposites. Together they represent unity. They compose eight triagrams which represent the fundamentals of the world. Each of the trigram has a guardian spirit which is a Pokemon of legendary strength. These eight triagrams are split between five elements. Earth is made from the trigram earth and mountain, metal from heaven and lake and wood from wind and lightning. Fire and water contain only the matching trigram. At this time Pokemon were split between these five elements, rather than the seventeen now known.
Each of the five elements is strong against two others, weak against two others and normal against it's self. These two weaknesses and resistances form two cycles around the diagram above. The two cycles are know as the greater cycle and the lesser cycle.
Greater Cycle
Fire >> Wood >> Water >> Metal >> Earth >> Fire
Lesser Cycle
Fire > Metal > Wood > Earth > Water > Fire
The greater cycle show which elements are very effective against each other while the lesser cycle show which are only slightly more effective. So for example fir is most effective against wood. Slightly less effective but still at an advantage against metal. Neither at an advantage nor disadvantage against it's self. Slightly disadvantaged against water and at a large disadvantage against earth.

The empires

Blazing Sun is a highly military nation, most men start training as soldiers or in either martial arts from a very young age. It is also a highly spiritual nation, those that don't join the army often become monks. Though it is rare female soldiers and martial-artists have been known. The people of the empire are known for their strong sense of honour, especially in family issues. Often they're considered a hot headed people.

Tranquil Moon is an enlightened nation, it has a vast number of scholars and alchemists. It's people shun anything to do with the military so martial arts are rarely practised. The nation on a whole is also not spiritual. The people have a much more lenient sense of honour in Tranquil Moon. They are known for being calm and collected and very often passive to the point of inaction.

Brilliant Star is an empire where honour comes first. The governed by Shoguns who report to the emperor himself. It has many schools of sword ship where the nobles train but also there are reports of underground schools teaching weapons to peasants. The people of Brilliant Star are aspiring for greatness in service of the emperor. They are warm hearted but should not be insulted for fear of offending their honour.

Unyielding Earth is a large collection of nomadic clans. Normally a peaceful people there are times when a ruler has united the clans as a warrior nation. Their mounted archers are the best and most numerous in the land. The people have no sense of honour but should not be trifled with. They are stubborn and like an angry Taruos once they get going they cannot be stopped. This goes for individually as well as for the empire.

Refined Heaven is a deeply spiritual nation, it is also very enlightened. Monks and scholars learn there where often martial arts are taught alongside meditation or calligraphy. They keep largely to themselves rarely straying from their monasteries and cities. They are honourable but prefer not to hurt people so are less volatile that the people of Blazing Sun and Brilliant Star. Other than that not much is know about them as they are so rarely seen throughout the lands.

Sign Ups

Accepted Characters:
Chan-juan Wei

Larvesta (Fire)
Ember, String Shot, Leech Life

Meixiang Ling

Snorunt (Metal)
Powder Snow, Leer, Double Team, Bite

Mizu to daichi


Eevee (Earth)
Tackle, Tail Whip, Growl, Sand Attack

Bataar Batkhuyag

Swablu (Wood)
Peck, Growl, Astonish, Sing



SU sheet
Name: (Please make it at least in fitting with your nation.)
Age: (Between fifteen and twenty.)
Nationality: (Pick which nation you come from.)
Role: (A one word description of your “class”. Are you a martial-artist, a monk, warrior, ninja, samurai or anything else you can think of.)
Skills: (Pick three skills. These can be in armed combat, martial arts, elemental control, healing, Pokemon related skills or just about anything else you can think of. If your struggling just ask. Give details of each skill.)
Weapons: (Pick up to two weapons, if you have a weapon skill you must pick a weapon of that type.)
Pokemon: (You get one Pokemon of your choice, not too powerful.)

Example 1
Name: Noriyuki Oshiro
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: Brilliant Star
Role: Samurai
Swordsmanship: Noriyuki is trained as all young nobles of the Brilliant Star are in swordsmanship. He follows the twin blade Scyther style, which uses two swords for all out attack, creating a near continuous stream of attacks.
Wood Element Specialist: As Brilliant Star contains a large number of Pokemon from the Wood element being knowledgeable in their strengths and weaknesses is a strong advantage. Wood Pokemon trained by Noriyuki learn faster.
Herbal Teas (Healing): Noriyuki has a vast knowledge of herbs and is able to brew teas form them capable of curing a range of ailments and restoring chi.
Weapons: Twin Katanas.
Pokemon: Emolga (WOOD)

Example 2
Name: Cai Shen
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Nationality: Blazing Sun
Role: Martial-artist
Raging Infernape Style: The raging Infernape style is an aggressive form of martial arts, based mainly around striking. Attacks are launched quickly and seemingly at random to disorientate the opponent. Mixing distracting techniques such as slaps and sweeps between high powered strikes wears the opponent down. The problem with this style is that the user quickly becomes tired.
Staff based combat: Cai is skilled in staff based combat.
Pokemon breeder: Cai has experience breeding Pokemon, as such he is able to best choose which Pokemon to breed for certain traits. He is also skilled at hatching eggs, having bred and hatched his first Pokemon himself.
Weapons: Staff
Pokemon: Magby (FIRE + 1 egg move)

Example 3
Name: Song Wu
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: Refined Heaven
Role: Monk
Hariyama Wrestling Style: A martial art focused around hand to hand wrestling. It is know for it's powerful throws but lack of striking techniques.
Water Control: With practice it is possible to learn to manipulate the elements that make up this world. Song has taken the first step by learning to manipulate water. He can use water and ice both to attack and defend.
Single Pokemon Master: Song has managed to attain a strong bond with his only Pokemon, as such he is able to train it far faster than normal. While Song is carrying only one Pokemon with him it learns faster or if he is carrying more than one his starter Pokemon learns faster.

Pokemon: Dratini (METAL)

Example 4
Name: Zhi Chang
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Nationality: Refined Heaven
Role: Channeller
Metal Manipulation: Zhi is able to control metal.
Fire Manipulation: Zhi can create and manipulate fire.
Channelling: Zhi can commune with the spirits of the dead. They can give her advice and help her along her way. She is able to bestow blessings and curses upon people. She has a strong connection to the heaven trigram.
Weapons: Dagger
Pokemon: Ghastly (METAL)

Example 5
Name: Tamoshishikiku (Huan Yue Chu)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Nationality: Tranquil Moon
Role: Ninja
Stealth mastery: Huan has learnt the arts of the ninja. The first of which is concealment. She is able to hide and move around whilst staying virtually undetected.
Pressure Points: Huan knows about the bodies pressure points and Chi. As a result she can disable opponents with carefully aimed strikes. She is also able to perform minor self healing by manipulating her own pressure point to block pain.
Swordsmanship: Huan is trained in sword fighting.
Weapons: Ninjato and shurikens
Pokemon: Seviper (WATER)



I don't want to have too many rules and hope that the few I have put don't need mentioning.
  • Follow all PC and RP section rules.
  • My decision is final on any matter regarding this RP.
  • No god modding or bunnying without permission.
  • Be active.
  • Try to promote a fun and friendly atmosphere in the RP. (That doesn't mean you can't be competitive.)


I would like to thank Kiklion for helping me name all of the towns and cities in this RP. Also I would like to thank everyone from the Skype chat who contributed their ideas, you know who you are.

Lt. Col. Fantastic September 3rd, 2012 8:06 AM

Can I reserve an Unyielding Earth spot?

This looks cool

<Challenger> September 3rd, 2012 8:23 AM

I would also like an Unyeilding Earth spot reserved if it's possible.

The warden September 3rd, 2012 10:07 AM


Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic (Post 7327254)
Can I reserve an Unyielding Earth spot?

This looks cool


Originally Posted by heretostay123 (Post 7327278)
I would also like an Unyeilding Earth spot reserved if it's possible.

I'm not making any reservations but your interest will be noted.

Baloth September 3rd, 2012 4:13 PM

Name: Amane Yamauchi (Amane is Japanese, meaning "sound of the heavens". Yamauchi is Japanese, meaning "within the mountains".)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Nationality: Refined Heaven
Role: Songstress
Inspiring Song: Amane's beautiful voice motivates her allies to fight harder and stronger, and can soothe Pokémon (making them easier to catch, easing their pains) and people (easing their pain).
Graceful Drifblim Style: A style of martial arts that focuses on fluid, elegant movements. It is swift and largely unpredictable, and seems more like a dance than anything else, but it is deadly when practiced by a master. It focuses on lots of dodging and weaving, with light but precise punches and kicks. Graceful Drifblim is great for being unpredictable, difficult for opponents to hit and block, but it is very physically demanding, and does not have efficient blocking strategies. Amane is an adept practitioner of this style.
Water Manipulation: Amane can manipulate water and ice, capable of even drawing the moisture from the air--she mostly uses it for defensive purposes, creating barriers, blocking blows, and parrying.
Weapons: Twin Sai
Pokemon: Chingling (Metal)
Appearance: Amane has long, flowing black hair that she usually keeps tied up in a ribbon. She is pale and soft, with deep, dark brown eyes. Her Chingling is usually fastened to the front of her kimono, where she aids Amane's performances. Amane is slim, but has some muscle mass from regular exercise and her practice of the Graceful Drifblim martial arts style. She has long legs and somewhat dainty, delicate hands and feet. She usually dresses in blues and whites, but is known to wear more colourful clothing when she is going to perform for a crowd of people.

Personality: Sweet and gentle, Amane would never wish harm upon anyone--however, she is perfectly willing and capable to defend the innocent, be they friend, family, or stranger. Amane loves art, and above all, music; she is a highly talented singer. Despite her kind nature, Amane gets furious, and downright violent when people behave improperly--being perverted or rude in that sense. She has taken on some traits of her late guardian--Amane likes to drink tea, to rest, and to read poetry and other literature. She still mourns for her late Grandmother figure, but her resolve has also been strengthened, and she seeks to honour her memory.
History: Amane was discovered as a baby, seemingly abandoned in the mountains. Her beautiful, mournful cries awoke "Grandmother", who took her in and raised her as if Amane was her own granddaughter. Grandmother often told her that it was as if Amane had fallen from the heavens, a gift for her family and community--she also claimed that Amane was found on the same day and time that the great Shaiming Fang was born, centuries earlier. From a very early age, it was discovered that she had natural musical talent, and she became a songstress of much renown, attracting audiences in the thousands from neighboring communities. Everybody wanted to hear her sing, and she was happy to share her talent. It had a mystical property to it; listeners would claim that they felt decades younger, and that they felt their wounds and troubles leaving them, that they believed that they could achieve anything they set their minds to. Indeed, Amane's singing voice is healing and inspiring for all who hear it. In times of conflict, she would sing for her nation's troops, leading them to victory. The soldiers felt as though they could conquer any enemy while they heard her beautiful voice. When Grandmother passed, Amane sought to do her proud by conquering the trial set out by Shaiming, so long ago.

Lt. Col. Fantastic September 3rd, 2012 4:20 PM

Alrighty then, thats okay with me. I do have a quick question though, it says to keep our names with the theme of our Nation, but what is the real world equivilent of Unyeilding Earth Nation (if there is one)? All of the others have Asian themes (at least thats what it looks like to me, but I am no expert) but the nomads remind me of the middle east more than Asia, so I just wanted to be sure before I named him something unfitting.

The warden September 4th, 2012 11:31 AM

@Baloth: I like Amane Yamauchi, I didn't think of a songstress when I was trying to think of ideas of characters. There are a few things I would like you to work on or change.

Firstly can you change her inspiring song, for a start I don't want it to be able to heal wounds. I would rather it sooth a person or Pokemon to reduce pain. Later on you can get better at healing with it if you want. Also you may if you want use your songs to help capture Pokemon, soothing them to stop them fighting for example but this won't work all the time.

Secondly can you add a bit more about the Graceful Drifblim Style, I would like to know what style of attacks it involves? Does it use kicks, punches or throws? How do you attack and block? Also what are it's strengths and weaknesses. If your struggling with this PM me.

P.S. A Chingling would be metal, with the moves Wrap, Grow and Astonish.


Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic (Post 7327732)
Alrighty then, thats okay with me. I do have a quick question though, it says to keep our names with the theme of our Nation, but what is the real world equivilent of Unyeilding Earth Nation (if there is one)? All of the others have Asian themes (at least thats what it looks like to me, but I am no expert) but the nomads remind me of the middle east more than Asia, so I just wanted to be sure before I named him something unfitting.

For clarity Blazing Sun and Tranquil Moon are both based on China and so people should have Chinese names. Brilliant Star is based on Japan. Unyielding Earth is themed around the Mongol hordes. Refined Heaven is based around Tibet. If you find Mongolian and Tibetan names hard to come by I don't mind you using other names, so long as they don't stand out.

juniebug910 September 4th, 2012 11:56 AM

This seems nice...I want a Brilliant Star spot, but I have a question.

Can I make a character who doesn't agree with her area's code and doesn't care about honor?

<Challenger> September 4th, 2012 12:56 PM


Name: Bataar (Hero) Batkhuyag (Strong warrior)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Nationality: Unyielding Earth

Role: Scout/Trap Setter. He is determined to be a Mounted Archer when his Swablu evolves. A Flying Mounted Archer.

Ranging: He has extreme talent with a bow like most members of Unyielding Earth. He has special barbed arrows made for him. He also has talented eyes and works for his tribe as a scout, or trap setter.

Song Communications: Having a Swablu has taught him to communicate with it using a specific whistle for things like "enemies approaching" or "reinforcements incoming".

Beedrill Style: Bataar has developed great skill at wielding a spear mounted or otherwise. He can rapidly jab his spear, and often keeps it poisoned with Ekans poison just like the pokemon he named his style after. He can also throw it with a good amount of skill at throwing like a javelin as well.

Weapons: Bataar has a recurve bow and a poisoned long spear he keeps if the enemy gets too close. He has a quiver filled with barbed arrows.

Pokemon: Swablu-Bat (Strong)

Appearance: Bataar has tanned skin due to the fact that he ranges with Bat for the majority of every day. His hair is jet black and hangs down to his waist. He keeps it tied together at the shoulders, and at the small of the back which keeps it straight and in a pony tail fashion. His eyes are deep brown, much like chocolate. The only thing he wears is a full set of fur armor that is made from Tauros hide, making it more like leather armor that you can harvest multiple times every season. It looks exactly like the Fur Armor from Oblivion. He has stubble, not quite a full beard, but stubble. He had a moustache, but it was shorn off when he lost an archery match to his brother, as his clan's custom declares he had to.

Personality: Bataar is not a humble man, and views most people as underlings with the exception of his clan's leader, whom he idolizes. He treats women as if they should GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN AND MAKE HIM A SAMICH. (Sorry. I had to say that on the internet somewhere. Point is he's really disrespectful to women.) He honors his parents, but most other adults get no respect.

History: Bataar was raised in his clan like any other Unyielding Earth member...being trained to shoot the bow and ride a pokemon at an early age. His clan had a specific specialty in Tauros and Milktanks, seeing as they prowl the plains. He was taught to shoot a bow at age seven, the minimum age of his clan. They are known as 'The Raging Horde' due to their mount's ferocity. Bataar met Bat at the age of fourteen. He named him for the pokemon he would become in due time, as he found out about it when the elder told him what great luck he had. A Swablu was rare to come across indeed, but to the Unyeilding Earth, it was like finding gold. Now they could scout ahead without risking their men, and Bat was a blessing to them all. Anyways, he disrespects everyone but those who best him in an archery competition, which he mastered with his ranging skills, and that's how he came to meet his companion, who had no name. He wasn't even a member of the tribe, he just showed up one day in the village riding an Arcanine. The strange mount gained question, but he offered to help, and help from an Arcanine would be an amazing asset. The pair quickly became friends and scouting partners. After years of roaming the plains, his father decided to let him use a Tauros from his herd in battle. He does not have a name for this Tauros. (Is it ok if he has a second one for battles?)

Almost done. I'm also not sure how the Element thing works. Can you assign one for me?

Baloth September 4th, 2012 1:35 PM

Edited the name (just funfacts 'bout the name's origins), and the two skills you wanted me to alter/elaborate on. Lemme know if you wish for further elaboration or editing.

The warden September 4th, 2012 1:40 PM


Originally Posted by juniebug910 (Post 7328537)
This seems nice...I want a Brilliant Star spot, but I have a question.

Can I make a character who doesn't agree with her area's code and doesn't care about honor?

Yes, you may. The descriptions given are of each empires general attitude. Individuals within an empire may not hold the same feelings as the majority do.

@heretostay123: I would like you to add a last name. Also is Bat a Swampert or a Tauros. A Swampert would be too strong for the early RP, your Pokemon should really be either basic or baby stage. Why did you put "(Strong)" after Bat?

@Baloth: Nice name very fitting for your character. Add a little more detail to your appearance and personality sections and I will be happy with your SU. They should be a short paragraph about four to five lines long.

Baloth September 4th, 2012 2:09 PM

Added a wee bit more. >_< Dunno if it's enough. I think I fixed the picture, in the appearance section. My computer was being stupid last night, and it wasn't showing the image I pulled out of google.

<Challenger> September 4th, 2012 2:14 PM

Woops. Sorry. He's a Tauros. I was flipping between the two and forgot. I put (Strong) after bat cuz that's what it means. Same with (Hero) and Bataar. I'll add a last name.

juniebug910 September 4th, 2012 2:24 PM

Okay. Here it is! ^^
Name: Mizu to daichi

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Nationality: Brilliant Star

Role: Magic user, I guess.


Ocean's Fury- Mizu uses the Balance Scepter to lift water up into the air and shoot it at the opponent

Earth's Rage- Using the Balance Scepter to break the ground, Mizu shoot chunks of rock at the enemy.

Night's Anger: Mizu only uses this in desperate times. She draws a star shape with the Balance Scepter, making a void of the same shape and shooting fire-surrounded stars the chase the opponent.

Weapons: Mizu uses the Balance Scepter, a large staff-like stick that has a fancy golden handle and a claw at one end that holds a pure white sphere that powers the scepter.

Pokemon: An female Eevee named Densetsu. She also has a few Dragonair friends that wait for her back at her home, and she has used everstones on them to make them their beautiful selves forever, so that they are the same when she returns.


Normal outfit-

Mizu has black eyes, a normal skin tone, and black hair that is tied into a ponytail by a pink ribbon. She wears a purple kimono with a inside red cloth, the kimono itself has light yellow flowers for a pattern. On her kimono's back is a thick magenta ribbon with white and dark magenta stripes tied in a bow. Also, even though you normally can't see them, Mizu has traditional sandles on her feet.

Battle/magic outfit-

In battle, Mizu can warp into her magic outfit. The pink ribbon in her hair gets thinner and longer, trailing behind her when she walks. Her hair is also tied into two mini-ponytails in the front with bell hairpieces. Mizu changes into a priestess robe of a different color-the white top is pink and the red bottom is a dark cyan color. She still keeps the sandles, though.

Personality: Mizu is a caring woman who does not care about honor like the rest of Brilliant Star. She doesn't see the point in wanting to be important, and only wants to make others happy. She loves her Eevee, and her Dragonair friends as well, though they are back at her home. But Mizu isn't someone you want to provoke. She is a tough girl who will protect herself if it is needed. So don't try to mess with her Dragonair buddies, even when she isn't around...

Anyway, Mizu has a very strong heart, and wielding the sacred Balance Scepter, she can be pretty tough to beat. But she will still help her friends and family if required.

History: As a young girl, Mizu was exploring in the forest with her Eevee, when she got lost. Scared and nervous, Mizu hid in a tree and decided to wait until daylight. Soon, however, she noticed a light far away, a pure light. Getting out of the tree and walking over, she saw five Dragonairs dancing in the moonlight and glowing. One noticed Mizu, and guided her and Eevee out of the forest. However, a Houndoom blocked their path. Trying to attack Mizu, the sun rised, and Densetsu (her Eevee) suddenly attacked the Houndoom with her first physical attacks (she only knew Helping Hand at first, and still knows it) and saved her owner. Happy her pokemon had learned a battle move, Mizu went home and introduced her new friends to her parents, who thanked them for finding their daughter.

Once she became 10, Mizu was exploring in the forest again with her Espeon and Dragonair friends, when she found a small cave. A few swordsmen were in there, surrounding a strange stick with a jewel inside a small container. The Balance Scepter. Apparently, none of the men could pick it up. Feeling something pull it towards her, Mizu walked towards it, despite the protests from the swordsmen.

She picked up the scepter.

Everyone was surprised she did it, especially Mizu. Realizing that the Dragonair were the protecters of the scepter and must have chosen her for her bravery to go out of her hiding place to see them, the men allowed her to keep the Balance Scepter and train with it.

Once she became 15, Mizu's parents allowed her to leave home. Deciding to leave the Dragonairs at home, Mizu swore to them she would return someday, and used the everstones to keep them as Dragonairs forever. She is now a loner, simply wandering where she can with her Eevee. Hearing about the festival and the compotition, however, Mizu decided to enter with Eevee and the Balance Scepter.

Claire* September 4th, 2012 3:38 PM

I'll be working on a SU soon, hopefully have it up by tonight.

Edit: Here it is.

Hope my SU is acceptable, I tried to hit every point as well as I could. If any form of clarification is needed, or adjustments made, please let me know. :D

Name: Chan-juan Wei (Pseudonym of just “Chan”)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Nationality: Blazing Sun

Role: Martial Artist

Balletic Blaziken Style: A style similar to that of Capoeira in today’s society. The form incorporates a more graceful style, focusing more on speed and evasive maneuvers of acrobatics. The main attacking style of BBS, is to focus more on moments of opportunity. Leg sweeps, swirling kicks and a tendency to rely on leverage. The style of BBS is also reliant on constant movement, the ability to keep the target confused and never presented with a stationary target. It is very much like a well choreographed dance. It is weak to a predictive opponent, one who is not easily flustered or has great defense against leg strikes.

Concealed / Small Weaponry: Expertise with weapons not perceivable immediately to the naked eye. Such things include hidden blades and other forms of small weaponry.

Grifter: An expert deceiver and manipulator. Her lies are almost impossible to separate from truth and as a result can become “all things to all people.”

Weapons: Hidden blades on her wrists, concealed by her sleeves. Small, but effective with precise strikes.

Pokemon: Larvesta (A female by the name of Mei Li.)

Appearance: Solid, lithe built young woman. Her body is compact and dense from many years of training, yet retained its graceful shape on her 5’6” frame. Her most unusual bright red hair is cut in the short Pixie style. Her large green eyes sit upon a slender nose, average size mouth, and pale skin tone. She wears no makeup and does not try to accentuate or try to draw notice to her gender at all, in fact she tries to hide it. Her garb is a black traditional male Chinese robe, white shirt, and gray pants underneath, accented with a red sash around the waist. Her chest is suppressed by heavy duty medical bandage, wound so tightly that she is perceived as flat when dressed and shoulders filled out with sewn in padding on her outfits. Much to her chagrin, the genetic lottery decided to play a cruel joke on her. Her hair and eyes have a way of making her stand out in a most uncomfortable way among her people. She was often ridiculed for the exceedingly rare colors of her body.

Personality: Fiery and determined. Stubborn beyond belief and curt to the point of rudeness. Chan has become fiercely independent and abhors being told what to do. A lot of this behavior is part of an act however, but underneath rests an exposed nerve. One that has suffered a life time of tragedy and persecution in a fraction of the time. If ever her facade is broken, people would see the person she truly is and was meant to be. Sweet and caring, natural sensitivity that has been repressed and pushed by the wayside, never to be seen by strangers or public. Her mental conditioning has pushed her to act very masculine when in character, her mannerisms, voice, everything. Only her Pokemon see her for what she is, and only in privacy.

Her passion for what she does is second to none, an unwavering perseverance to better herself and her Pokemon. She has a keen sense of justice, even if, ironically, she has to lie and cheat to make right. Those who pick on the weak are dead to her, those people have no place in her world. She will never hesitate to let them know it either.

History: Chan was born into a family of seven, one of three girls, the others boys. Her mother was very controlling and insistent upon her learning and perfecting matronly duties. It grated on Chan to no end during her developmental years. She found such compulsory behavior sexist and archaic. The whole establishment seemed unjust and ridiculous. She had heard whispers of female soldiers and martial artists in the ranks of Blazing Sun throughout the land. It was allegedly rare however, and if she had to assume, a rather rough existence and pariah inducing.

She practiced day in and day out with her brothers when she was young. They ridiculed her to no end, and in many cases, severely injured her. She never told her mother where such an injury came from, there was always some other alternative story. A broken arm was a bad slip into a river or a broken leg was from falling out of a tree. Her brothers, probably for fear of repercussions, never told on her to mother. It wasn’t long until she was good, very good. Upon reaching her teenage years, she was routinely able to beat her brothers with a combination of grace and athleticism. She would wear them down with evasion, then go in for the pin.

Her father had never been a loving one, always keeping his family at arms length. He was a drinker and a gambler. In fact, the only time Chan got to hear some of her father’s stories, was when he was plastered. His death wasn’t exactly a surprising or depressing death for those who knew him. He stumbled out of the gambling den one night, drunk out of his skull as he wandered into a nearby Tauros ranch. A short stampede later and Chan was permanently as fatherless as she always was.

The time came for her to make a major life decision. She enlisted in the warrior ranks of her nation, not as a woman but as a man. She tried her best to conceal her appearance. Cutting the once long and beautiful mane of hair to a shadow of its former self. (Another excuse was thought of to explain the sudden disappearance of hair.) She worked for months to master the deception in secret. She didn’t want to be known as the best “female” warrior. She wanted to be known as the best warrior, regardless of prejudice.

The day arrived when she had to leave home, the lie to her mother being that she was going to master some form of herbal healing. She enlisted at her earliest convenience, fake name and disguise firmly in place. Even dressed as a boy, her appearance was at best androgynous. It was enough to get by however, even if it did cause her to suffer ridicule at the hands of the true males. It wasn’t long before she was commissioned her first Pokemon, a remarkably mild mannered and reserved Larvesta. She privately named her Mei Li, which contrary to her current appearance meant beautiful. It was more for her benefit, a subtle nod to hidden beauty, wherever it may reside.

The warden September 5th, 2012 11:33 AM

@Baloth: Accepted.

@juniebug910: So you want to be a magic user, king of like a mage. That's fine however you should consider changing your skills to elemental manipulations, such as Earth and Water. Then maybe make your third skill magic, what type of magic you want to do I'll leave up to you.

@Claire*: Also accepted.

juniebug910 September 5th, 2012 1:10 PM


BTW, can I use a picture for my character's appearence?

Lt. Col. Fantastic September 5th, 2012 2:47 PM

Sign Up!

Name: Meixiang (Mei) Ling
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Nationality: Blazing Sun
Role: Pyromancer


Pyromancy: Can control flame. This can be as basic as combustion or as chaotic as a firestorm. She is still learning, however, and is basically a rookie (she can only use simple skills at the start of the rp, but has potential to grow). It works by her storing fire within her body, then releasing it in some way. She can replenish her fire with natural fire, whether it be a campfire or a tiny smoldering leaf, as well as gain support from spirits. Life energy is required for pyromancy, so it is stronger in areas with abundant wildlife (such as a swamp) and weak in desolate areas (tundra or desert). Living creatures' life energy can augment puromancy, but it is not "used up", so this cannot be used to suck up someone's life. Heres a list of some of the different abilities (bolded for what she starts with) that can be used.
Ignite - Can light things on fire, such as starting campfires or melting wax. Can be expanded upon, but requires more skill.

Combust - Exactly as it sounds. Can combust air as an attack. Right now it would only give a few burns, but can be expanded on with more skill.

Fireball/orb - creates a ball or orb of fire, then throws it. Range limited to throwing distance, as it is not fired, but lobbed. Orbs explode on impact but require more fire

Flame Surge - shoots fire from hand, like a flamethrower. Range is around 5 meters, power may increase but standard is very weak

Firestorm - Towers of flame erupt from ground. Fully exringuishes stored fire, and leaves user drained of energy. Max skill required (so she may never even get to this point by the time the rp ends)
Clawed Lucario Style Martial Arts - Developed by Mei herself (with the help of her instructor), the Clawed Lucario Style revolves around the standard Lucario Style, only with swings instead of strikes, and different positions to make claws flow better. Also, a variety of kicks and other blows can be used. It is a very flowing and continuous style, which is not easy to stop (though guarding against it is not impossible) She can use normal Lucario style as well, but with her claws on it becomes much harder (hence why she made this one) It is not an official style, but is used by her and a few others at her martial arts school.

Channeling: Can talk to spirits, but not manipulate or fight using them. She can gain power from them, however faint it may be, and use that as a way to refuel or increase her pyromancy. She mainly tries to ignore this gift, as usually the lost souls make her even more depressed.

Claws: Two gauntlets with Wolverine (X-men)looking claws protruding off the back of her hand. They are made of durable steel and can withstand most flame and metal. Uses them with Martial Arts and even Pyromancy (heated claws)

Sickle: A standard, iron sickle. Very sharp, but has low range and is akwardly shaped. Mei has just begun learning to use it

Pokemon: Snorunt, Female.

Appearance: Mei is tall for a girl of her nation, standing at 5'7". She is very beatiful, and has long, strait flowing black hair. It reaches halfway down her back, and she cuts her bangs just on her eyebrows. She ties it up when practicing martial arts, but prefers to keep it down otherwise. Her eyes are dark red, a side effect of pyromancy. They light up when she has more fire stored within her, and also when she uses her fire. Her skin is a little on the lighter side, and sometimes has an ashy look to it when she is running low on fire. Otherwise, it is lighly tanned brown and healthy. She is fairly skinny, but her martial arts training has built her muscles to the point where she is the average weight for her age. (Maybe even a bit heavier)

She wears a black kung fu uniform with red accents and her school's emblem (emblem on her back, but is covered up by hair when its not tied up). She doesn't wear shoes or jewelry. She has red gloves to wear when not having her claws on, to protect her hands better when practicing the sickle.

Personality: Mei is an extremely depressed individual, having been abandoned by her family. She is quiet, and doesn't like talking to others for fear of sounding too sad, and othen has dark, dismal thoughts. She gets angered quickly, but just as easily breaks down into tears. She might feign a smile or force a laugh, but she is rarely truly happy. She is very polite, but only talks when spoken too, or if it is neccessary. Mei's self esteem is very low, borderline nonexistant, which obviously causes her to doubt herself often and be extemely cautious. In a fight, however, a more ferocious side of her comes out, and she does whatever she can to win, short of cheating (Honor!). Her mastery of the Lucario Claw style is one thing she is proud of, but she can be self conscience of how others judge her proficiency of the art.

History: Mei's mother and father were very young when she was born, at only 17 and 19. Both of her parents were immature and irresponsible people, who didn't care much for her. Needless to say, she had trouble growing up. She always wanted her parents and herself to be a happy family, but all they ever did was neglect her and go out with their friends. Mei's grandmother looked after her until she died when Mei was 6. By then, Mei could feed herself off scraps and survive at least. Two years later, her parents dissapeared, leaving a note saying whoever found Mei could have her. This was obviously very demoralizing, and Mei was struck by her parent's lack of love for their child. She cried for days, almost nonstop, before her stomach forced her to find food.

Her aunt and uncle found her on their doorstep, teary-eyed and starving. But they would not take her in either, adding insult to injury. Mei fled, crying even more, and stayed in an alley for the night. Over the hours, she thought of how she could live. She first thought of an orphanage, but then remembered watching the other kids practice Martial Arts. She always wanted to learn, but her parents never let her. But who could stop her now?

Mei wandered the streets for a month, before finding a Martial Arts School. She walked in, and said she wanted to learn martial arts. At first, the Master refused to withput seeing her parents, but after a while he gave in and believed her story. She began learning soon after, already older than the other kids starting to learn. She slept in the school and ate what the other kids didn't eat for lunch. The master allowed her to use the facilities, and she basically lived in the school. At first, she was as clumsy as any other kid just starting, But she practiced and practiced, until she had surpassed the others in her class, and moved on to higher ranks. She had become proficient in the most basic form of the Lucario Form, and wanted to learn more. By the time she was sixteen, she had practically mastered the style, and could beat anyone except the master in a one on one fight.

You would think this accomplishment would make someone very proud, but she only felt empty. She had accomplished her dream....but now what? She felt like she had no purpose, and began doing dangerous things. She participated in fight clubs for one. When her master found out, he was furious, and almpst expelled her from the school, even though technically she had nothing left to learn, Mei was afraid of being expelled, and quit the figt clubs. She was walking back to the school from a tournament one day, and saw a burning building. She was still in her reckless phase and rushed in to help. She was knocked out by a falling chunk of ceiling, and woke up covered in ashes. Her ability had saved her life, and she didn't even know she had it. Her skin felt more alive, and her head more clear. It was like she woke up from a deep sleep.

After the fire incident, she discovered her ability to not only withstand flame, but even control it. She practiced making sparks and such on her own. Along with pyromancy, as she dubbed it, she began learning to fight with claws, made by her master himself. Together, they adapted the Lucario martial arts to accomodate for the claws, and Mei has been working on that since. More recently, she has also tried incorperating the sickle into martial arts, but so far she has only managed to look clumsy and injure herself. With the claws however, she has become very proficcient at fighting with them. Another "side effect" of pyromancy is her ability to detect and communicate with souls. Soul power is the driving force behind pyromancy, even if she does not know it. A dead person's soul may be spoken to, even though they will mostly only grope and sob about their lives. Their energy can be synergized with pyromancy as well, but living things such as plants and pokemon are much stronger then the faint remains of energy of the dead.

She was given a pokemon by her master for her outstanding work in martial arts. A Snorunt, almost as shy as she was. She was named Ke'ai, "Deserving to be loved" (at least thats what google says xD) This probably relects on how Mei herself wishes she were loved, or even a personal stab at herself. (saying that she isnt deserving of love. She does have pretty low self esteem.)

Baloth September 5th, 2012 5:08 PM

Well, at least there won't be a shortage of female player characters. ...Or people of the Blazing Sun :P

The warden September 6th, 2012 5:48 AM


Originally Posted by juniebug910 (Post 7329763)

BTW, can I use a picture for my character's appearence?

Yes, alongside a written description.

@Lt. Col. Fantastic: Accepted.


Originally Posted by Baloth (Post 7330008)
Well, at least there won't be a shortage of female player characters. ...Or people of the Blazing Sun :P

We do don't we.

To everyone who has been accepted you may post in the IC thread if you wish. If you choose to do so post about leaving home and your journey to Huoshan, the capital of Blazing Sun. The journey will take at most two weeks to complete depending on where you start and how quickly you travel. Consider this a prologue to the events of the story, I'll get Huoshan up soon and you can start your adventure shortly.

ShinyDiamond September 6th, 2012 6:14 PM

This seems very confusing to understand, but I'll join anyway.

Of course, I have questions. My Pokemon can have any element? What elements are there in Brilliant Star? Also, I tried to load the map, but it's too big on my phone that it doesn't show me the whole thing. Don't ask me to look it through my laptop. Could you send me a smaller pic of the map?

The warden September 6th, 2012 11:47 PM


Originally Posted by ShinyDiamond (Post 7331177)
This seems very confusing to understand, but I'll join anyway.

Of course, I have questions. My Pokemon can have any element? What elements are there in Brilliant Star? Also, I tried to load the map, but it's too big on my phone that it doesn't show me the whole thing. Don't ask me to look it through my laptop. Could you send me a smaller pic of the map?

No your Pokemon's element is based upon it's type and other things and each species of Pokemon has a set element.

Brilliant Star has a good mix of elements like all the nations but due to the fact that it is covered in heavy forests there is a slight excess of Pokemon that are of the Wood element.

As for the map, no I don't have a smaller copy but I will go about arranging something to help you.

@Baloth: The union is between Blazing Sun and Brilliant Star not Blazing Sun and Tranquil Moon. Would you please correct that, otherwise a good first post.

juniebug910 September 7th, 2012 8:22 AM

I'm done. ^^

It was fun to write the history for Mizu.

Lt. Col. Fantastic September 7th, 2012 12:10 PM

Hey, what element would Snorunt be? I guess water, but Ice could really be metal too...they are kinda similar. I'll probably write a post up tomorrow, as I have band untill 11 tonight.

Baloth September 7th, 2012 1:07 PM

Edited. It felt like something was wrong with it, when I posted it... :P

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