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SylveonStar September 1st, 2012 2:06 PM

Pokemon: Rise of the Titans [M] (IC)
Pokemon: Rise of the Titans (M for blood and Violence)

Spots Left: 3

OOC Thread(Sign Ups MUST go in the OOC thread)

1. Follow All PC rules
2. Posts must be AT LEAST 8 Lines
3. This RP is rated M for Blood and Violence.
4. Swearing will be alowed just keep it to a minimum.
5. Romance will be okay but it must be kept at a kid friendly level.
6. No one can have the Same Pokemon Link, and no one can have a Legendary Pokemon.
7. No Godmodding or Bunnying
8. If you have a Problem with another rper bring it up in private with me.
9. Post AT LEAST twice a week
10. If you go two weeks without posting, you will get a 24 hour warning before you are removed from the rp
11. If you drop out or get removed from the Rp your character will die, someone else can make a sign up and will be magically transported to the others location through the powers of the gods.
12. We will be staying in a group the majority of the rp.
13. Pokemon are understandable in this.
14. No Guns, only weapons like swords, spears, bows an arrows etc.
15. DO not over power yourself, no one person will be more powerful than another.
16. I will control the NPCS, like the Gods/Goddesses, the Titans, and the monsters, you can control these NPCS if you PM and ask for permission to
16a. The only exception to this rule is with the monsters, if we are facing a large group of them you may control them without asking first
16b. If you want to wander off on your own to fight a monster PM me first, though after (If you Survive) you must return to the group.

Son of Zeus - Electric: Joshua Darren and Ralax (Luxray) | IceFyr1928

Daughter of Poseidon - Water: Kiara Wilson and Alisha (Floatzel) | ~Genevieve~

Son of Hades - Ghost: Marcus Jones Hayden and Brutus (Golurk) | Baloth

Child of Ares - Fighting:

Son of Apollo - Dragon: Gordon Freeman and Drakos (Dragonite) | heretostay123

Child of Hermes - Flying:

Son of Hephaestus - Steel: Nero Ginson and Phanlanx (Escavalier) | PkmnRangerJ

Son of Dionysus - Bug: Brown Matthews and Demetrius (Ledian) | -Sam

Daughter of Demeter - Grass: Noa Liula and Tia (Cacturne) | Starsprite

Son of Athena - Ice: Eren Ritter and Pallas (Glaceon) | TornZero

Huntress of Artemis - Ground: Tera T Tiran and Flygon | Khawill

Child of Hestia - Fire:

Sexually Ambiguous Son of Aphrodite - Psychic: Aphrodi Narcys and Pandemos (Espeon) | machomuu

The Gods(Appearances/Pokemon Links):

Titans (The Titans will not have Pokemon Links, neither will any other enemy):
  1. Cronus
  2. Oceanus
  3. Tethys
  4. Hyperion
  5. Mnemosyne
  6. Themis
  7. Iapetus
  8. Coeus
  9. Crius
  10. Phoebe
  11. Thea
  12. Atlas
  13. Gaea

Other Enemies:
  1. Empousa
  2. Gorgons
  3. Harpies
  4. Hydra
  5. Chimera
  6. Manticore
  7. Minotaur
  8. Ophiotaurus
  9. Sirens
  10. Nemean Lion
  11. Cyclopes
  12. Giants

First Posts

To start off we will be posting through a normal day at Camp Half-Blood. Wake up in the morning, eat breakfast being sure to give your offering of a small part of your meal to the your mother or father, then do as normal. We can interact with each other. For the purpose of the beginning of this rp it's all about fun, and getting to know each others characters/how you write as the character. I'm going to say if all the spots aren't filled by the end of September (The 30th) We will start our quest with the 8 characters we have, anyone else who joins will be magically Teleported to our location by currently unknown means.

Just remember to have fun right now, we might even have a game of capture the flag at some point. Feel free to make your own NPCS to interact with, but only I will control the main NPCS (Unless you pm me for special circumstances) though no main NPCS will show up until we start the quest.


The sun was rising in the sky, not fully up yet just starting to rise and in a cabin with a Trident symbol above the door, an 18 year old blonde girl slept curled up under her warm covers, a Floatzel sleeping at her feet. This girl was Kiara Wilson, oldest daughter of Poseidon, Counselor of the Poseidon Cabin, and the girl who had been at Camp Half-Blood the longest among her brothers and sisters. In fact there weren't many kids who had been at Camp Half-Blood as long as she had been. As if by instinct the girl rolled over her eyes opening and she sat up stretching with a yawn waking up the Floatzel at her feet. "Good Morning Alisha" she whispered so as not to wake the other children.

"Good Morning Kiara Sleep Well?" Alisha replied quietly hopping off the bed before Kiara stood and stretched her arms above her head.

"I did, what about you?" she said softly before grabbing her things as the Floatzel nodded a yes, a few minutes later she was in her normal outfit, her sleeveless black shirt with a red bow, her black and red pleated plaid skirt, her black finger-less gloves that end at her wrist, as well as her punk jewelry and thigh high socks red and black obviously, and her boots. Straitening out her long blonde hair making sure her white and black hair ties shaped like wings where at the bottom of her ponytails, and the red crosses were in her bangs she slipped on her orange Camp t-shirt over her outfit, cringing at the color before looking at the campers sleeping in their beds and clapped her hands "Up and at em!" she called out hearing groans in response but the five other children all got up. There were the Callen Twins, Rebecca and Emily both 14 years old, Matt Davis who was 13, and Gina Thompson and Roger Myers, both 15 and 16 respectively each had their links, all water types as well, the Callen Twins with a Squirtle and Piplup, Matt with a Shellos, and Gina and Roger with a Mudkip and Oshawott. "Good morning guys, get ready for the day, make your beds and then get in line youngest at the front oldest at the back"

Kiara smiled and ten minutes later the Cabin was clean and the five kids where in line, Matt at the front and Roger at the back. "Alright, all ready to go" she smiled leading her cabin to the Dining Pavilion.

doge September 3rd, 2012 6:56 AM

Brown Matthews

The light shone through the broken cabin windows', disrupting a young man's sleep. Having not gotten much the previous night, he reluctantly crawled out of bed and staggered into the men's room. There were no doors but as Brown entered the restroom, grapevines fell from the ceiling and closed it off. Grapevines in a building? Strange, you might say, but not for Cabin 12, aka the cabin of Dionysus. The whole wooden structure was enveloped by vines of all kinds, they ran down the roof in a shape that resembled maybe a star, but it was more likely a humongous green starfish... The windows in the cabin were situated in such a way that the vines would eventually grow into the building, breaking the windows if need be. This of course happened long before Brown had even arrived at Camp Half-blood, and the vines had since stopped growing.

Several vines fell down from the ceiling of the bathroom, in their grasps were several cups, toothbrushes, and whatever else we seemed to care about when it came to oral hygiene. Reaching over to group of vines towards the left, he grabbed his utensils from their holders and began his daily morning routine. After finishing the monotonous task of brushing his teeth, he returned to the main competent of the cabin, the bed(s) room. From his view he could see the entirety of the room and realized how empty it looked. Three beds, only. And all three were empty and well tucked, except for Brown's. Boy, this felt lonely and to add insult to injury, he just gotten back from a solo mission yesterday and now his brothers were on a quest of their own..

By his messy bed, a Pokemon hung upside down, with it's back faced to him. The spots on its red back indicated some sort of imagery, but after so many years of trying to find out, Brown had given up on it. The Pokemon sleeping was known as Demetrius. Brown's link and a loyal friend to him. He was sleeping, and if Brown dug deep enough, he could've entered his dreams, as Demetrius most likely does with his. The reason why Demetrius was sleeping? He's nocturnal, meaning he sleeps through the day, causing Brown to stay up late if they were to ever spend proper quality time together. They had missed a lot, being separated for a decade and more does that to you.

He walked over to a cabinet near the bed and pulled out his standard clothes camp clothes, he really needed to get dressed. One of the benefits to being alone? He could sleep in the nude, and whatever else he could think of in the nude, if it was within the cabin of course. He slipped into his clothes quickly and grabbed his iPod from the top of his cabinet. Plugging the buds into his ears, he flipped through the electronic until he stumbled upon one of his newer album acquisitions, Channel Orange. He stumbled over to the door, the only thing keeping him up at this moment was the constant re-utterance of Crack Rock.

Opening the door, sunlight now unrestricted by the windows, shined right in his face. God dammit... It would take some time to readjust to the brightness of the Sun; where he had spent the last few months, it was far from sunny. Taking in a fresh breath of air, Brown made his way towards the pavilion.

<Challenger> September 3rd, 2012 7:56 AM

Gordon awoke with his father's creation shining down on him. All of his siblings were off on some mission right now. All of them...except for Gordon. That gave him the time and peace to practice playing his instruments. He got out of bed, wearing nothing but boxers. Gordon walked over to his suitcase and pulled out clothes for the morning...of course it was the same thing as usual. He had dozens of pairs of the same thing. He slipped on the dark blue jeans and put the white tee shirt with a sun image on. He walked outside of Cabin 7 and used a specific call that no one knew but one other. A second later, a large, yellow dragon came flying down and landed in front of him. "Hey Drakos. How is my big buddy this morning?" The Dragonite was so close with the boy that they could telepathically communicate. I am fine, Gordon. I have slept like a baby. How have you rested? Gordon laughed at the dragons haiku. He was definitley a son of Apollo. "I have slept greatly. The son shines down on his kids. We should get ready." He countered with his own clever haiku. He looked at the seemingly golden cabin and sighed. It had been five years since he arrived, and now it seemed like home.

He walked inside, but Drakos could not come because he was huge. The door was built for humans, not dragons. He took a quick fifteen minute shower, then spent about ten minutes on his hair, and got dressed again. He dried off using his photokinesis, which was really useful with tasks like drying your hair. He walked over to the stage in the middle of the cabin that contained everyone's specialty instruments and picked up his Ibanez Iceman electric guitar. "Hey Drakos, give me a beat." The Dragonite began to stomp. Boom. Boom Boom. He strummed a C chord, and quickly picked up his speed and began to play insanely fast. His hands moved up and down the neck like a master. His music could be heard throughout the camp. He began to sing in a melodious voice.
"Time after time, as we march side by side,
Through the valleys of evil and torturing souls,
Night after night, for the glory we fight,
In the kingdom of madness and tales from the olde."
(Note that I did not write this song. It is in my signature if you want to hear what it sounds like.)
He stopped playing and put his guitar on the stand. "Well, that was a good jam session." He waltzed out the door and started towards the pavilion.

Starsprite September 3rd, 2012 8:20 AM

Though there was still a lingering thought that she ought to be waking up much much later, seven years of waking up in the Demeter Cabin had given Noa to wake up with very few complications. Seven years ago might have been tough, especially when summer ended and the cold months showed up, but now she could wake up during any time of year. The time of year only determined how blindly the demigod stumbled around to get to the bathroom. Today, Noa made it to brush her teeth and get dressed without falling on her face. She considered this to be an achievement.

"Alright! Come on children! Let's go!" she called as she sauntered back out into the main cabin. Waking up the other campers wasn't really Noa's job, but she was always the one to wake up the earliest, so she took it upon herself. And her cabin-mates were resigned to this fact. Tia, of course, woke up before any camper. She was Noa's Cacturne, and ever the silent creature. The two could have communicated with each other, but that was kind of an emergencies only thing.

In any case, the rest of the cabin took a few moments to stir, and Noa decided it was about time to take her leave. One last sweep of the cabin showed that she hadn't forgotten anything. Or at least she hadn't forgotten anything she would know she had forgotten before she needed it. With that, Noa headed out the door. She had to admit, she infinitely preferred the outdoors to the inside of the cabin, even though there was no lack of plant life indoors. Maybe she was just claustrophobic. Noa took in a deep breath, taking it all in.

Correction. She would have taken it all in if she could have taken in anything but the smell of cooked meat. It made her stomach churn a little. Noa wasn't much of a meat eater these days, and she wasn't sure if that was being true to her origin or directly against them. On one hand, she was living solely on plants, but she also happened to be mercilessly devouring them. The thought made her laugh a little. Probably because she still held a grudge against her mother.

Pulling herself away from her thoughts, Noa waved her Pokemon forward. "Come on. Food."

machomuu September 3rd, 2012 9:38 AM

Aphrodi Narcys

A ray of light shot through the window onto the face of a child with majestically blonde hair, making his hair shine a glorious gold color. It was a truly divine sight, and an everyday experience Aphrodi, who scorned the experience as the window magnified the sun's heat and made him sweat. He sat up and rubbed his eyes with a rather annoyed look on his face. He jumped off of his bunk onto the floor, almost hitting Pandemos, who was awoken by Aphrodi's impact on the floor. He walked solemnly to the shower, which was unoccupied. Actually, the entire cabin was empty. Aphrodi decided not to question it; in fact, he ignored it completely.

After taking a shower he made his way to the Dining Pavillion. There was a line of people to get food, and he didn't like waiting in lines, so he sat down at a nearby bench. Then, a loud, mousy voice yelled from across the room, "Big brother Aphrodi!" No one actually talks like that in real life, but this particular person was young enough that it was okay for her to be influenced by media. A little girl bolted towards him and then jumped at him. She hugged him as hard as she could. Aphrodi never knew if she was doing this to piss him off or cheer him up, but he was definitely not a morning person- at least, not at Camp Half-Blood. This little girl was Ina, and she was Aphrodi's aunt, though the two aren't actually blood related- as far as they knew, anyway. She was indeed a demigod...but her true parents were unknown, so Zeus took her in and sent her to the camp, where she's been for the past couple months. She had no known link, and blood tests were inconclusive, but when she met Aphrodi she clung to him like a parasite. She loved him unconditionally, and saw him as more of a big brother than a nephew, and as such she called him "big brother" and variations of that more than she called him his own name.

Aphrodi couldn't help but break his morning mood and smile at her cuteness, she always brightened up his days. "Hey, sis, how was training yesterday?" He asked her with a grin.

"It was so great! We jumped rope and went on the jungle gym, and then we used the slingshots!" She said vigorously. "I'm the best in my group!"

"I bet you are," he said with a chuckle. Ina was about 7 years old, and as such, she was given easier, more frivolous training sessions. After all, if she did what the older attendees did, she'd probably break. "Well," he said, standing up. "I'm hungry, and you're hungry, let's go get some food."

"Yeah!" Ina said happily. Aphrodi picked Ina and put her around his neck, walking to the line.

TornZero September 3rd, 2012 12:42 PM

Eren & Pallas

Hey. Prod.

Hey. Prod.

Wake up. Prod.

Eren. Prod.

Breakfast. Prod.

Food. Prod.

Shower. Prod.

Hey-- He caught Pallas' paw this time, pushing himself to sit up on his bed. Hey, you're awake.

"You're gonna give me frostbite doin' that."

It wakes you up, doesn't it?

"Yeah, yeah." At one end of the Athena cabin Eren always slept, and he always slept just a little later than everyone else unless his Glaceon woke him up. This was one of those days. Waking up later than the rest of the cabin had its benefits, like less people in the showers to bother him. Then there was the line in the dining pavilion. While he wasn't totally the last in line, he thankfully only had to deal with his cabinmates; namely Dominique, about Eren's age (give or take a couple months) and considered the cabin head of sorts since she was there the longest, which was only four years. With a Weavile at her side, she wasn't just the central strategist for Athena's cabin; she was cunning and respectable in her own right. Of course, Eren'd never say THAT to her face. Probably wouldn't at all, actually.

"Ritter, you're ready for training, right?"

"As I'll ever be."

"That's an oddly reassuring understatement." She was right. Eren enjoyed the sight of an Ares or Poseidon camper attacking him, and was always prepared for it. While he never did admit it, Dominique's strategic intuition rubbed off on him, so she's helped him further avoid any more cuts than necessary in more ways than even she knows. After the pair'd made an offering to their mother, they took a seat near the rest of their cabin. One had some toast with cream cheese, but they both ended up taking a chicken salad. Everyone else -- even the Pokémon -- enjoyed a similar breakfast, except for Zane the Protein Junkie, who'd taken (and already started attempting to wolf down) a large steak, medium rare. The only thing that kept people from wondering about Zane's actual parent was his link to a Beartic.

"Listen guys," Dominique started, "we'll need to redouble our efforts for the next CtF." All four of their other cabinmates were just a year or so younger than Dominique, with the exception of Jimmy, who was a new arrival at thirteen and linked to a Vanillish. "If an Ares kid was almost able to win, how do you think someone from Zeus' cabin would do?" Of course, in the cabin's defense, the Ares kid in question was able to power through any injuries like they were scrapes, and his Sawk didn't help. If it weren't for Zane and Eren holding them back, there's a good chance they would've lost. Dominique shuddered at the thought of Ares' cabin actually beating Athena's, and Athena herself would've had trouble processing the information.

Baloth September 3rd, 2012 2:02 PM

Already up and at it, Marcus was outside Hades Cabin, training with Brutus--of course, it could hardly be called a cabin; a windowless structure of obsidian, torches of some ever-burning green flame, and a skull above the door is hardly what the average person considers to be a "cabin". Of course, nobody here was average.

Marcus was throwing punches, as his Golurk blocked them in turn. Most would be breaking their knuckles and crying out in pain, striking such a solid Link with bare hands, but Marcus was well conditioned. His hands were toughened and calloused, and he showed no expression on his face whatsoever as he pounded away at the hulking figure.

"Time for breakfast." Marcus dried himself of perspiration with the towel around his shoulders. His face was clean shaven, and his head only had an inch or two of hair. He wore his usual Camp attire--white sneakers, black jeans, a black sleeveless hoodie, with the bright orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt underneath, its sleeves poking out from beneath the hoodie. "Sounds good." Brutus boomed, as he slowly followed Marcus to the Dining Pavilion.

"I dreamed of her last night. "Again?" "Yes. Mom told me she was proud of me, that she...Loves me...And then I saw her cut down again, by that same Harpy." Marcus closed his eyes for a minute, letting his other senses guide him to his destination, as he thought back on his mother, and everything that happened after her death, up until this point in time.

Marcus entered the Pavilion, and sat down at the Hades table. Brutus squeezed inbetween the columns, and stood by his partner's table. "Water." Marcus ordered as he held a goblet, and the drinking vessel was immediately filled with cold, clear water. He filled his plate with fresh bread and fruit, and cast a small handful of it into the fire burning in the center of the Pavilion. He sat back down at his table and began to eat, tossing a few apples up to Brutus, who swallowed them whole, effortlessly.

PkmnRangerJ September 4th, 2012 2:46 PM

N.Gin- Just another day

"Bah! Kids these days, always needing "breaks" and "water"! Back in my day we didn't get breaks until the enemy was dead!" Phanlanx is always such a slave driver, ironic since he actually owned slaves during his time as a human Spartan. But boy did N.Gin need a rest, he's been fighting all day, and while his armor wasn't damaged, he would need a lot more stamina before he could use the armor at its fullest. However he could usually just sit still and rest, the armor has taken hundreds of Megahorns and doesn't even get scratched. Not today it seems, breaks over as soon as it begins. "Fight like a man damnit, the last time someone fought like you I threw him over a cliff, why? He was a defective baby!" A few punches, a kick, and a well placed elbow managed to make the Bug/Steel type stagger back, he wasn't impressed. "My mother could've hit harder than that, and I'm talking about my Karrablast mother this time! Do it again except grow a pair and hit me!"

And hit he did, with gusto this time. Alittle rage and frustration was good for fighting he guessed. An uppercut and body slam were all it took to get a shout of pain from him, but not after he let lose a Megahorn to TitanBuster's knee. Which cause N.Gin to lose balance and fall, like a beached whale. "Note to self." thought N.Gin, "Add layers to the knees, wouldn't want to stop my quest because of an arrow going through it." He shivered at the thought of ending up as a mere guard or something. While he was pondering improvements, Phanlanx was going on about how kids these days have it easy.
"Back in Sparta someone your age was already bloodstained, and would have had a decent head collection. Why when I was your age I have 6 heads to my name!"

Just another day indeed.

SylveonStar September 4th, 2012 3:03 PM

Kiara smiled as she sat down at the Poseidon Table with her brothers and sisters. It was the same as every morning. She put bacon and eggs on her plate and then followed by her siblings they went to the fire and gave their offering to their father before sitting down and eating. As she sat down again Alisha sitting at her feet a brown haired satyr sat next to her with a plate that held only a couple cans. Unlike the demigods the satyr's could sit where they pleased though most sat at the table the children of Dionysus as well as Mr. D (Dionysus himself) sat at. A few like Maron sat with others. "Good morning Maron" Kiara smiled taking a bite of a piece of bacon.

"Morning Kiara, did you sleep well?" Maron said picking up a can and chewing on it before he spoke again. "and what's your plan for today?"

Kiara smiled at her best friend. "I slept great thanks, as for today, it is our free day at camp we choose what to do. But first it's my day for to do the cabin inspection, but then I'm going to practice with riptide, and teach anyone who wants to learn how to fight." she smiled finishing her breakfast quickly. "What about you Maron?"

Maron smiled finishing his breakfast as well. "big meeting today with the other satyrs, I'll catch up with you at lunch, see you Kiara, Alisha" he said before getting up nodding to the other kids at her table before leaving.

Kiara shook her head and smiled before standing up calling out loudly her voice carrying through the camp and dining pavilion. "Alright everyone! It's free day today you choose what you do, remember the rules. No Leaving the Camp at all. Also it's my day for cabin inspections, hope everyone picked up before coming to breakfast. Cleanest Cabin gets out of their after dinner chore! After I do the inspection if anyone wants to learn or practice their fighting skills meet me at the armory in thirty minutes! That's all!"

Baloth September 4th, 2012 3:44 PM

Looking down at his plate, Marcus popped a couple grapes into his mouth. He tossed a piece of bread up to Brutus, who ate it wordlessly and thanklessly. The two had a deep understanding of one another, so conversation was rarely needed.

Hades Cabin was already spotless. Marcus kept himself disciplined like a trainee in the armed forces--wake up, clean up, train, eat. Wake up, clean up, train, eat. It helped that he was the only member of Hades Cabin, not counting his Link. There was also a large shack-like structure beside Hades Cabin, for Brutus to be sheltered from the elements. It was unfurnished, and totally spotless.

"We need to work on our blocking--both of us." "Yes. You landed a solid punch on me yesterday--as did I, you." Marcus took a generous gulp of his water and wiped his mouth with his wrist. He looked around, observing everybody in the Pavilion for signs of fatigue, weakness, stress. His eyes settled on one of the satyrs. "Use that wrist more. Don't baby it. It will heal soon." The satyr in question smiled and nodded to Marcus. Marcus nodded back and returned to his food, and his inspection of the other campers.

Kiara. Bold and bright as always. The little ones seem well enough. The Nymphs and Satyrs are fine, apart from minor stresses and strain and fatigue, but they'll be fine. Mr. D, fine as always. And there are more yet to come to breakfast. Lazy fools.

<Challenger> September 4th, 2012 4:02 PM

Gordon arrived at the pavilion to find a bunch of random campers, a bunch of naiads and other such magical creatures. "Hey all. Top of the morning." He flashed his handsome smile. He seemed happy on the outside, but on the inside, he was dying. On his way to the pavilion he had gotten a letter from Sarah...she had left him. She left him for some guy she met while at a summer camp. He couldn't cry...demigods don't cry.

Benjamin ran up to him. "Hey there Gordo. What's up?"

Gordo was Benjamin's nickname for him. "Benny, you know that girl I talk about all the time, Sarah?"

He nodded. "Yeah. You never stop talking about her."

Gordon took a deep breath. "She left me." He broke down and started to cry. He knew that he would be given nasty looks, but he couldn't help it. He had told most everyone at camp about Sarah. He had loved her like no other...

"I'm so sorry man." Ben had an understanding of the handsome teen. "You know what? You're don't need her. She's not good enough for you." This made him cry even harder.

"You don't understand...I'm sorry." He wiped the tears off his face. After seconds it looked like normal. The sun always made it look normal when it shined on him. "Let's go eat." He and Benjamin got in line. By then, all signs of him crying disappeared. He got a huge steak while Ben got a few tin cans. He cut off half of his steak and poured it into the fire. "For Apollo." The satyr did the same with his cans. They sat down and silently ate their breakfast. After they finished, Gordon silently moved towards the archery range. He had to take some of his anger out, and there was no better way than shooting a bow for a son of Apollo. "I wanna be alone, Benny. See you later."

Starsprite September 4th, 2012 4:35 PM

Noa arrived at her table with only minimal discomfort. She had almost tripped over something on the way to the pavilion, but she almost tripped over something every day it seemed. Of course, Tia was always there to catch her if, by chance, she almost fell, but there was still a lingering sense of shame for almost falling in front of less experienced campers.

That was why Noa always arrived at the Demeter table with a scowl on her face. Well, plus the fact that she scowled a lot. Still, she went through the motions. She gave her offerings and ate her meal, and then she just watched the other campers for a bit. Some might say that she did this because she wanted others to notice her, and others would say that she did it because she was a total creep. Noa just did it because she was mildly bored.

She surveyed the tables around her for the third time that morning, drawing no real interest from the action, especially as Demeter campers started to fill in the table. Noa spent only a few more moments after that at the table before getting up. Maybe something interesting would be going on elsewhere.

"So Tia," mused Noa, "what sort of wonderful surprise do you think we'll find today?" She was all too enthusiastic to be melodramatic, it seemed. Not that the Cacturne particularly cared.

Baloth September 4th, 2012 4:47 PM

Some demigod he is. Crying and snotting all over the place, over a petty romance with a mortal girl. Brutus grunted in acknowledgement and agreement with Marcus' thoughts. The two finished their breakfast and got up to leave.

Brutus squeezed between the nearest pillars to leave, and with some effort, succeeded. Marcus paused a moment to flash Noa a cool smile, very uncharacteristically, some would say, and left the Dining Pavilion.

The two put some distance between them and the Dining Pavilion, and looked around, observing Camp Half-Blood and all within sight. Campers were coming and going, nothing unusual there. The landscape didn't seem any different, and all was peaceful.

Marcus and Brutus headed straight for the armory, eager to spar and perfect their form. The former donned his Cesti, while the latter stretched and flexed his massive arms and legs. "Come to think of it, I could use some strong wrist guards to deflect blades, and arrows." "Sounds like a good idea to me. You could ask that N. Gin--" "No. I don't want to be indebted to anyone. We rely on ourselves, we survive. We count on others to help us, we die."

<Challenger> September 4th, 2012 5:18 PM

(OOC: I see what you did there Ranger. Clever.)

Gordon was lost in his training. All that he noticed was the target and the moving targets that would test his reaction speed when enemies closed in. He fired off five arrows in one second, all striking home on the head and the four limbs. He saw the figure approaching from behind and swiftly drew his Celestial Bronze short sword and slashed it across its guts. Sarah was the last thing on his mind.

Drakos was out and about scouting other people's training. That Marcus kid from Hades was a bit of a loner, always hanging out with his Golurk...always alone. Gordon didn't know how he stood it. Most everyone else is at breakfast, and N. Gin was practicing with his slave driver Excadrill. Nothing had changed.

He finally finished his routine and set off for his cabin. "Drakos, come on back. I need a ride." The Dragonite swooped in and picked him up. I'm sorry. "I know. I'll be fine. Drop me off at the cabin. I don't wanna clean everyone's stuff up." Seconds later he was dropped off, then walked into the cabin. It was already clean because his siblings always cleaned up before they went on a mission. He packed his stuff into a small chest he always kept under his bed. He put all the chords and other things on the stage in a neat fashion.

He entered the bathroom, which was kinda clean. He spent about ten minutes cleaning it, then grabbed his backpack. Inside of it was his bow, his bronze armor, some random food items including seven packs of M&M's, and his water. The bow had been a gift from his father. It could retract into a pen. (Just gonna borrow Riptide in bow form) He named it 'SolarEclipse'. His armor was a regular bronze breastplate, his helmet with a golden plume, boots that came up to his knees, and gauntlets that acted more like bracers.

"Drakos, pick me up and take me to the armory." He stepped outside and whistled Seconds later, the Dragonite picked him up and carried him there. "It seems like I'm fashionably early." He smiled to himself. He loved being early. That's when the sun shined the brightest.

SylveonStar September 4th, 2012 5:21 PM

Kiara smiled nodding to her brothers and sisters before walking out of the Dining Pavilion with Alisha following at her heels. "What else are we gonna do other than train?" Alisha asked as Kiara collected her clip board and went to the first cabin looking around she nodded to herself and marked down on the paper what she thought it earned.

"Well after training I'm gonna go to the Stables. I do have to visit Aetolos today, I might go for a short ride too" she smiled thinking of her Pegasus. "Then I might go to the lake, and I heard Mr. D talking about a possible Capture the Flag game today" she smiled and Alisha nodded in response before Kiara quietly went through with her task. At dinner that night she would announce which cabin won the inspection for the day.

"Alright lets go to the armory" Kiara said turning in the clipboard she ran down to the armory followed by Alisha. She grabbed her sword Riptide from her cubby where it was stored and went out to the sparing dummies. They were useful, and couldn't be destroyed no matter how hard you hit them. They were great and kept people from getting hurt unless you wanted to spar someone else. Today though she was just gonna use the dummy. With a breath she slashed at the dummy with riptide in practiced ease, she'd been doing it for nine years now it came naturally. Spotting Marcus son of Hades and Gordon Son of Apollo she smiled and nodded to the boys. "Hey Marcus, Gordon" she said slashing at the Dummy again as Alisha ran at another slashing it with her tails.

Baloth September 4th, 2012 5:40 PM

(OOC; Onomatopoeia time!)

Marcus waved a gauntleted hand to Kiara before returning to hammering away at Brutus. The blows were solid and made a CRUNCH sound, audible from some distance away. The Golurk blocked the punches, nodded to Marcus, and they switched roles.

The young demigod deflected restrained punches from the massive Pokémon, its huge fists battered away with CLANGS and TWANGS. "Give me one--full power!" The Golurk obliged, and swung a heavy blow. CRACK! It was intercepted by a powerful haymaker from Marcus. Marcus paused for a moment, twisting his arm back into shape, and they switched again.

Marcus wore no armour. He preferred to avoid getting struck, but when on quests or assignments, he might wear pauldrons and/or a light chestplate. His Cesti served as both sword and shield, hammer and armour. In case of open combat, he could easily conceal himself in the shadows, and strike without even being seen.

A wild swing from Marcus saw the Golurk stagger back a fair distance. "Good one!" The two continued sparring for awhile, before taking a quick break. Marcus dabbed at his head with his towel. Brutus rotated his arms to degrees that would mean snapping bones for other Pokémon, or even demigods.

<Challenger> September 4th, 2012 5:57 PM

Gordon waved at Kiara and flashed his winning smile. "Hey there Kiara."

He pulled SolarEclipse from his bag and clicked it. It immediatley sprung into a bow. He pulled a quiver from the racks and slung it around his back. He began to fire off arrows at the targets, striking home every time. He started his 'Fire then slash" drill, firing off five arrows then slashing the quickly moving target. So far his best time was two seconds for the entire thing.

Somehow Drakos managed to squeeze in. Time for target practice. He began to fly around in the air, providing him the perfect target practice. He started to fire arrows at him at rapid speeds. He had grabbed training arrows and they were dulled for safety, so when he hit Drakos, it wouldn't be dangerous.

After a few volleys of five arrows, he clicked the bow away. He pulled out a short sword. He didn't have a special sword, but he would ask N. Gin if he would be so gracious as to make him one one day. He would have to think about an incentive...maybe while he was hacking at the dummy. He started to slash away while Drakok wailed on another one. The force was great enough to shatter a giant's spine. It was a good thing no one at camp was a giant...

Starsprite September 4th, 2012 6:31 PM

A small bout of wandering aimlessly brought Noa around in a circle. She was unsure of her destination, really, and so ambling around the camp seemed like a perfectly good idea. It must have looked strange, she thought, a girl holding on to the arm of her Pokemon being led around in some sort of ellipse. Tia diverged from the path when they completed the circle, pushing towards the armory.

Noa saw the direction and she inferred that the Cacturne wanted to train. Or something. Her link with Tia helped, but even Noa didn't always know what the Pokemon wanted from her. Tia could speak, but she never did. The Cacturne sped up as she pulled her partner towards the armory, a little too much. Noa tugged back on Tia's arm, but a few moments too late. Smack. She hit the ground. Tia hovered over her with a distinct concern in her eyes, even that Noa could see.

Quickly, Noa scrambled to her feet, embarrassed. "Tia," the girl hissed, "calm down. You're supposed to lead me, right?" Even though her voice held scorn, Noa's facial expressions were soft. She never could hold a grudge against Tia.

"Come on," she sighed, "In to the armory." And in they went.

doge September 4th, 2012 6:34 PM

Brown Matthews

Brown stumbled into the pavilion, late as ever, music still the source of his life force. The smell of food soon entranced him, heightening his senses. Food meant the goblet. And the goblet meant... infinite wine... Oh just the thought of it, he couldn't explain. Brown was an addict when it came to wine, and it helped that he was immune to its negative effects. He pulled out the buds, now fully awake, and left them dangling on his ears. One of the great benefits to being so late that it was punishable was that there was absolutely no line whatsoever. He quickly grabbed a goblet and a tray, piling it up with a steak and some eggs. Approaching the grand fire, he tossed his steak into it, saving the eggs for himself.

Table 12 was situated far away from the pavilion fire, so far in fact that the eggs from before were already being digested in Brown's stomach. He lowered the tray down in front of a satyr, a tasty meal for the man-goat. Like always, the Dionysus table consisted of satyrs and nymphs and, his father. As he approached a wood nymph scooted herself over to the next seat, giving him a face to face view with dad.

"What's up Pops," Brown took a quick look at his goblet, realizing he hadn't yet chosen his obvious drink. "Wi-" He quickly recalled his request, catching his father's scowl.

"Good." Dionysus cracked a teeny smile, a rare sight indeed. "What the hell is up with you, have you gone insane or is this one of those "hipster" things I've been hearing about?" The god indicated at his son's feet, which unaware to him, were bare and naked.

Brown glanced down, chuckling. "Oh wow, that must've slipped my mind." The first day back at camp and he had already forgotten a piece of his attire. Man was he out of it. Suddenly, he felt the touch of a soft pair of hands caress his back and shoulders before an arm wrapped around his neck.

"I think it's actually pretty cute..." The nymph to his left whispered into his ear. Brown shot a look at his father, to which the god merely shrugged. Slowly, but assertively, he grabbed her arm and dispatched it from his body. Without changing his facial expressions, he abruptly got up from the table and walked away. Whispering the drink of his choice into his goblet, he took a long, hard sip as he headed out of the pavilion.

The wood nymph, perplexed, looked at Dionysus. "What was that?"

Dionysus smiled once more, twice in one day. He took a long sip from his goblet of diet-coke, "He's learning from his father's errors."

She scoffed, "It's not like he's disobeying his father."

With a chuckle, Dionysus simply snapped his fingers, turning the nymph into a bowl of grapes. His face returned to it's normal features before getting up himself and walking off the opposite direction in which Brown headed.

Baloth September 4th, 2012 6:49 PM

A giant fist slugged Marcus right in the face when he looked away for a second. He fell flat on his back. "Uh-oh." Brutus helped his partner back up, and the demigod dusted himself off. "You okay?" Marcus cracked his nose back into place and wiped some blood off of his face. "Good as new. Continue."

The two continued sparring for awhile before Brutus spoke up again. "So what wa--" "She fell." Brutus dropped his guard for a second. "Who fe--?" The Golurk was felled by a powerful punch from Marcus. "Uh-oh." Marcus said with a smirk on his face, and helped the colossus back up on his feet. Brutus dusted himself off, and they went back to practice.

"So...?" "Drop it." The two finished their combat training, Marcus returned his Cesti to the armory, and they began to run laps around the track. Marcus kept a good pace the whole way, while Brutus struggled behind, his huge feet creating a loud BOOM every time they hit the dirt. "DAMN it, Marcus, I can FLY, I don't need this!" Marcus didn't reply--he just kept running. The towel around his shoulders was considerably damp, with both sweat and blood. A decent morning of training. Marcus demanded perfection, both from himself and his Link. They couldn't afford to be sloppy or complacent. Practice makes perfect. One slip, one misstep, one dragged heel and we're dead. Have to keep moving, have to work harder, have to stay on top.

PkmnRangerJ September 4th, 2012 8:17 PM

N.Gin- Comparisons

"Bah!!!! Why can't you be like that Marcus fellow? He wouldv'e made for a semi-almost-sort-of-barely competent spartan warrior!" Once again the Escavalier was on a rant comparing today to yesteryear. At least he always meant well. However, N.Gin didn't care for the dark, broody teen. After dodging an Iron Head and retaliating with a left cross, he gave his opinion. "Bah!" He started, mimicking his Link, then dishing out a right hook. "Marcus wouldn't understand accepting help from others if it bit him in the ass! His lone wolf mentality will get him and whomever he is with killed!"

After some dodging and weaving, N.Gin was curious. "Why even bring him up?" The former general smirked. "I just think he could best you in single combat, in fact, he could pierce your armor." N.Gin stopped in his tracks, inadvertedly tanking a Megahorn to the faceplate, not even causing a dent. "You're kidding right? No demigod by themselves could take me on in this armor! Even with my lack of pure stamina, TitanBuster has the defenses to take anything his weapons could dish out!" This made N.Gin redouble his efforts to hurt his general. Hooks, crosses, uppercuts, jabs, even a roundhouse kick thrown in, Phanlanx was taking an all out assault.

The blacksmith and tinkerer extrodinair decided to taunt his mentor. "I bet that Golurk Brutus could kick your steel behind." It worked oh so well. "Bah!!! No way some....some..... wannabe ghost Automaton straight out of an Athens workshop could defeat a Spartan! My spears will go right up his ghost exhaust port......thingy!!!" Block, knee, elbow, backhand, caught a spear, body slam. The match was won by N.Gin.

machomuu September 5th, 2012 4:23 PM

Aphrodi Narcys

After having gotten his food, he set some aside for Aphrodite, his mother, and left the pavilion with his food and Ina. Aphrodi suggested that they eat on a bench outside, but Ina was insistent on eating elsewhere. Aphrodi let out a heavy sigh and did as she said, after all, she was probably the most person he'd ever met, and she was too darn cute to be turned down. The two wandered for quite a few minutes, and Aphrodi was getting tired of her vague suggestions, mainly because he could tell that she didn't even know where she was going. Then, she started to cringe. Aphrodi looked to meet where her eyes were looking, and he saw another camper, Eren, he believed his name was, who was getting his...Naginata? That's what Aphrodi thought it was, anyway. He didn't know too much about Japanese culture, but he'd seen weapons similar to those in his devoted playthroughs of Warriors Orochi, and it looked rather similar.

Then, in a high pitched squeaky voice, Ina pointed to Eren and shouted, "Hey, bad man! Put away that weapon right now!" Ina wasn't too learned when it came to weaponry, and the dual-bladed polearm that the demigod'd pulled from the side of his cabin was rather menacing, at least to Ina it was. Aphrodi was quick to cover her mouth; he wasn't quite so anticipant to fight anyone, and that blade could probably cut through him like sliced bread. Granted, Vrondi, his sword, was strong, but he wasn't too sure how strong Eren was.

TornZero September 5th, 2012 7:45 PM

Eren & Pallas

"Ritter, I need you and Zane for a training session today. I'm planning on a new strategy for Capture the Flag depending on what cabins we're against." Everyone from the Athena cabin was either finishing up their breakfast or loitering thanks to the free day. "Grab your weapons and I'll see you at the grounds." Of course, the hulking Zane already had his weapon. They were boxing gloves covered in steel, hanging around his neck. Eren, however, left his outside their cabin. No one bothered to try stealing it after just a couple months. At first it was just a prank on the new guy (especially one that started late), then some campers just started to hate him. Every time it was stolen, he'd have gotten it back well before any training started, even if... no, /especially/ if it was guarded. He definitely made a name for himself, to say the least.

"I'm goin' ahead, Eren," Zane said, fishing up and chomping down the last of his steak. "Get your glaive and let's see what Dom has up her sleeve today." After Eren finished his breakfast, he went to retrieve the weapon off the side of the Athena cabin. Then came an oddly squeaking voice from nearby; behind him.

"Hey, bad man! Put that weapon away right now!" It was a little girl, not even ten, accompanied by a... girl? No, it was a boy wearing a robe or something, a rapier at his side. His name? Whatever, Eren didn't bother learning too many names. The companion was covering the child's mouth, like he didn't want her to say something stupid. Eren spun the glaive across his body and between his hands, almost intimidatingly to make it seem like he could've cut the girl's mouth off if he needed to (even if he wouldn't have), before carrying both ends over his shoulders and resting his arms along the pole.

"It's mine, kid," he replied as he walked up by Aphrodi and his half-pint aunt, Pallas following along. When he hit Aphrodi's side, you could swear the edge of the polearm's blade was just barely scraping along one of those thin blonde strands of Aphrodi's hair. Just a head or so shorter than Eren, apparently. He asked his own question much more casually than he answered Ina's. "Lookin' for something, pretty boy?"

machomuu September 6th, 2012 12:26 PM

Aphrodi Narcys

Ina hid behind Aphrodi's leg. She needed to learn to pick a side, she was scary when she wanted to be, dependent when she couldn't be. But she was cute that way. Aphrodi looked at her behind his leg, and then he looked at the boy with the rather menacing weapon. "Don't you have something better to do than scare little girls?" He said sarcastically with a smirk. He felt something hit his back, Ina clearly took offense to that. Aphrodi wasn't the offensive type without being coerced, similarly to his mother, and this guy was clearly the relaxed type. "Seriously, though, don't call me pretty boy. It doesn't apply to me..." He turned away and said, "Not anymore, at least."

"Isn't that because papa Zeus took your manhood away?" Again, no one talks like that.

"That's right, now I'm 100% Aphrodi!" He said, puffing is chest out and smiling. He wasn't actually boasting to Eren, in fact, he'd almost forgotten that Eren was there, but he had to act that much more like a proud father/brother when around Ina. Granted, he was a very self-confident person regardless and didn't wear anything but a toga, so he really wasn't worried about what others thought about him and his feminine wiles; after all, he wasn't bound by the chains that of "gender". He turned back to Eren and said, "Er...right, I never did answer your question. My sister and I were just about to go eat, but if you're going to train...mind if I join you? I don't think I've seen quite such a unique weapon in all of my time here at the camp." That was probably a lie, but he was interested in seeing the weapon in action.

SylveonStar September 6th, 2012 12:47 PM

Kiara smiled back at Gordon, at least he was nice enough to respond to her greeting, unlike Marcus who had just waved at her. Though he was busy training with his link. But still she had not made a friend in the Hades Cabin. With Marcus she was familiar with him, but he wasn't a friend yet. After a few minutes she stopped slashing at the dummy and wiped sweat off her forehead.

"How much more training are you gonna do Kiara?" Alisha asked handing her a flask of water.

"not sure" Kiara said taking a drink from the flask. "I've still got to see Aetolos, but we have plenty of time" she said handing the flask back to the Floatzel and smiling. "let's see how good I am at dodging, and using my powers" she said putting riptide away. "ready Alisha?"

"Ready Kiara" Alisha replied "weak at first then gradually get stronger?"

Kiara nodded. "yupp, like always" she said as Alisha started to send weak Water Guns at her. Kiara smiled to herself and rolled to the side dodging some of the water guns, reflecting some away as the attack gradually got stronger, some would hit getting her hair and clothes wet, but she kept going.

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