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Rafael p September 10th, 2012 4:37 AM

Pokemon Unova Masters (IC)
The Unova region has been a peaceful and serene place due to the defeat of N and the separation of Team Plasma 14 years ago. Now they have come back and are after the Legendary Dragons, Victini and the Kami Trio. If they capture all of them it could cause the world destruction. Team Plasma had been seen everywhere in Unova following behind a man in a mask. The masked man is rumored to have extremely strong Pokemon.

Where do you come in?

You are a new trainer going to get your very first Pokemon from professor Juniper when suddenly the lab is attacked by Team Plasma grunts. You take a pokeball and battle the grunts and then you decide to go on your journey alone our with another trainer. Little did you know that the grunts attacking the lab was just the beginning of something much bigger.


Tepig: Gender: Female Moveset: Tackle, Tail whip . +1 egg move Taken

Snivy Gender: Female Moveset: Tackle, Leer . +1 egg move Taken

Oshawott Gender: Male Moveset: Tackle, Tail whip. +1 egg move Taken

Female Zorua: Taken by me
Moveset: Scratch, Leer, Pursuit

All PC rules apply here.
This is a Pg-13 Rp so that means nothing above a kiss anything more and you will be kicked out of the Rp. I don't care if you have a relationship.

Team Plasma starters:
Eevee Tackle, Tail Whip. Open

Riolu: Quick Attack, Endure. Open

Ralts: Growl, Confusion. Open


History ( 1-2 paragraphs )
Appearance ( 1-2 paragraphs )
Starter Pokemon.
Legendary Pokemon: Only one except for Victini

KingKaos September 12th, 2012 1:23 PM

"It has been five days since we last saw him." Leon's mother was speaking to her husband and father. "I know you're worried dear, but I'm sure he's alive or studying. You did see how crushed he was when we told him there were no contest halls in Unova. He's probably just crying and sleeping. He'll be fine as long as we give him some space." Leon's father said as he continued to flip through the newspaper. It was Leon's grandfather that arose from his seat and actually headed towards Leon's room. "That young man has to go and start his Pokemon journey today! He better wipe those tears and go be a man! In my day we didn't have those fancy contest! We would battle gym leaders and try to face the elite four. I'll drag him out if necessary." Leon's grandfather grabbed the doorknob and opened the door to Leon's room. He, along with Leon's mother and father are shocked to find Leon's room in a jumbled mess. Leon is seen drawing on a whiteboard with multiple sticky notes attached to them. Leon turned his head to see their three shocked faces at his room.

"Leon, sweetie, what is all this mess? Why haven't you been out of your room in five days?" Leon's mother asked as she grabbed a chair from the mess to sit down. Leon looked puzzled but then smiled at his mother. "I have left my room to pee, but only at like 3 am when all you guys are asleep. This mess is actually all the data and research that I have been doing on Unova Pokemon and their contest compatibility. You see even though there are no contest halls in Unova, I still need a well developed contest team to use in the other regions once I leave Unova. So to figure out which Unova Pokemon would be suitable for the jobs, I have been online researching all the Pokemon that are native to Unova's attacks, egg moves, stats, abilities, evolutions, strengths and weaknesses. I haven't come up with a perfect team, but I have been able to decide what moves I should and can teach my Pokemon that appeal well in contest. It's better to be safe than sorry." Leon continued to work on his whiteboard as his parents and grandfather stood in shock that he had taken Pokemon contest training to the extreme.

"Leon, do you know what day it is?" Leon's father asked. Leon looked confused. "Today is the day you are supposed to go get your first Pokemon and start your training!" Leon's grandfather yelled. Leon's face turned to shock as he realized he had completely forgotten today was the start of his journey. With haste, he tossed his parents and grandfather out of the room and started to gather his data together into his personal laptop and notebooks. He grabbed his backpack and placed all his essentials inside before he ran out the door. "Ok I'm going off to Juniper's Lab to get my first starter Pokemon! Next time you see me I'll be tearing up the contest track with my contest team. I love you all, goodbye!" Leon shouted as he ran out the door and towards Juniper's Lab.

pat20cool September 15th, 2012 3:39 AM

New Beginnings! To Nuevma Town!
Walking around his house, Lucas got his bag packed for his adventure. He looks at his bag and wonders if the bag he has is too big? Or if people will mock him? Or if he has enough underwear? (You can never have enough underwear.) After changing his bag and some of the contents, he finally came to the conclusion of just a simple bag with his essentials. He was pleased with his packing and smile.

He turned and looked at a family picture. It was him and his parents on the beach with a Leavanny. In the picture the Leavanny was quite close to Lucas and they both looked really happy. Lucas began to get emotional, as he rubbed picture where Leavanny was. Lucas walked around his house until he found a notebook. He picked up his pen and began writing a letter for his parents. They don't be at the house very often, as they do stay in Black City most of the time, but it is for whenever they do get back to let them know where he has gone.

'Dear Mom + Dad, I hope you don't get too worried about me when you read this letter. And please! Don't send the police to look for me again, I promise I'm okay! The bullies haven't done anything. I met someone pretty interesting today. Her name was Cynthia. She had a powerful Pokemon called Garchomp, it was a scary Pokemon but was really friendly. She saved my life today. So she advised me to go to Professor Juniper's lab South of here... So I hope you guys don't miss me too much! I love you! Lucas'. Lucas adds little sketch of Leavanny.

He lifts his bag and he looks in the mirror. Really admiring how unique his hat and goggles combo had looked he walks out the door and locks it. He puts the key underneath a fake Roggenrola statue and walks towards the bus stop. On his way he finds Undella Town's Nurse Joy (she doesn't wear her nurses outfit around this town, due to the fact it's a beach. So she tends to wear a tank top and shorts when she's out and about.) She was sitting at the bus stop.

'Oh hi Lucas! Where are you off to today?' the spunky nurse asked with a smile. 'Hello Joy...I'm off to Nuevma Town... I'm starting my journey today.' he nerviously replied. 'Oh my your Pokemon Journey! That'll be so much fun! You'll get to meet all of my sisters! They are all just so much fun! If your off on a journey you should take this!' Joy reaches into her handbag and pulls out a disc which had 10 written on it. 'Here! This is a Technical Machine, you install this to your Pokemon's Pokeball and they will learn this new move!' Joy hands over the disc to Lucas who is completely shocked by this gesture. 'Thank you! What move is this Joy?' 'Well this is TM 10 - Hidden Power, for some reason, this move isn't what it seems to be. There is no exact typing for this move, but it releases a burst of energy. It's a powerful move, so make sure your wait until your Pokemon can handle this power.' Lucas nods and thanks Joy.

The bus to Nuevma Town pulls in and the doors open. Lucas hugs Joy and she hugs him back. He runs on the bus and pays his fare. He takes his seat by the window and watches the world where his adventure will take place, flash past him.

'Next stop... Nuevma Town!'

<Challenger> September 15th, 2012 6:25 PM

Dunn, who was effing exhausted, walked into Accumula town after a four week long journey to get here. Freaking parents with their freaking 'make yourself a better person' trip. Arceus I'm mad! The handsome young lad was furious by the looks of it, but his exhaustion overpowered his anger. He trudged through the streets of the smallish town, glancing at the various buildings. D.D.D was looking for a Pokemon Center specifically so he could rest for an hour or two. Walking from Milstalton to Accumula could be exhausting. After half an hour of wandering, he found the glowing shrine to healing and rest. "Thank Arceus!" He said aloud. He walked into the building and collapsed on the nearest bench, and drifted off to sleep.

After a couple hours, Dunn woke up. "Time to go." He sighed and trudged towards the new Route 1. He spotted several trainers with pokemon running around them, random old people out for strolls, and children begging their parents for petty things such as lemonade or ice cream. After seeing more people than he wished, he finally arrived at the wild grassland. Time to avoid some wild pokemon. Seeing as he was fast, he had a good chance of making to Nuvema without running into a pokemon. In a split second he was off. In his mind, something echoed in his mind. He was sprinting through the waist high grass as fast as possible, hoping that nothing would attack him...but his hope ran dry. A Purrloin leapt out at his face, but Dunn barely avoided it. It continued to chase him until he tripped and landed face first right in front of Professor Juniper's lab.

pat20cool September 17th, 2012 12:09 AM

Welcome to Nuvema Town
Lucas wakes up and jumps. Not realising how long he had slept, he looks out the window and sees that he is driving past Unova's very own Pokemon training School right next door to a gigantic restruant. He looks around the bus at other passengers and notice that they all seem to be happy to be going through this city. He looks out the window and tries to name all of the window Pokemon that are in the grassy patches beside the road. He sees a Purrlion, a Cottonee. Oh wow! A Deerling! Amazed by all of these Pokemon Lucas's jaw drops as he sees a Black Patrat with blue eyes jump out of the grass. He rubs his eyes and looks back out just to see regular Patrat fighting over food. He sighed and pulled his goggles over his eyes and dosed over again.

He woke up again to notice a young boy being chased by a Purrlion....weird... The bus finally came to a stop in Nuvema town. Lucas thanks the bus man as he's coming off the bus. He runs over to the pier in Nuvema town and admires the view of the ocean. It was so much different from the view in Undella Town. But it reminded him of home and the hard work he has to put in to prove to himself.

'It's all or nothing!'

Rafael p September 17th, 2012 1:29 PM

A large buzzing sound was heard throughout my house and then a large crash. I groaned as I fell off of my bed and face first onto the floor. I slowly stood up still semi groggy and walked into my bathroom showering and brushing my teeth. After a couple of minutes I found my dresser and put on my usual clothes. I looked at the clock and saw the time nearly having a heart attack. I quickly ate breakfast and ran out my house with my bookbag on and all the essentials I needed like my glasses and a couple changes of clothes. I made sure my braces were still straight and I ran towards the lab. I saw a boy about to get attacked by a Purrloin and I jumped into action running at the Purrloin which frightened it and it ran towards the wild once again. I looked at the male the Purrloin was chasing and smiled.

"Hey are you Ok that was some fall you took" I said and chuckled lightly.

pat20cool September 20th, 2012 8:38 AM

Lucas nodded and patted his face. 'Let's go!' he said to himself as he turned to walk through this small town. He calmly walked through looking at the houses. And at how different they look in comparison to the houses in Undella Town. He soon finds himself infront of a laboratory. He spots two guys, one of them laying on the floor, and they appear to be chatting to each other. Lucas pulls his goggles over his eyes and walks past them trying to get to the door of the lab.

<Challenger> September 20th, 2012 5:40 PM

Dunn stood up and blushed. "That was my defensive technique...falling on your face. It works every time." Phew. That was a good excuse. He walked up to the boy who had chased the Purrloin off. "You must be here to see that professor Juniper lady. I'm here for that too. I'm from Milstralton, and I had to walk ALL the way here." He was upset with his parents about that..."Well, anyways, I'm Dunn Dun Dunn, but you can call me Dunn, Double D, Triple D, or Dede, or Deedeedee. Who might you be?" He decided that the nicknames might be better than his previous ones...the thought made him shudder.

Rafael p September 24th, 2012 2:03 AM

"I'm Rafael Pemberton. It was nice meeting you Dunn and that was a better defensive technique than I have who's is running around in circles." I said and slightly chuckled and looked around seeing two other kids. I knew that these kids were also here to get their first Pokemon from Professor Juniper but she wasn't there. All of a sudden I heard a large scream coming from route 1 and I looked at Dunn and the two others.

"Hey guys that sounds like the professor. Lets go check what is wrong." I said and ran to the sound of the scream hoping that Dunn and the two others were following me. I shortly arrived at route 1 and saw a few Team Plasma gruntsand their Pokemon surrounding the professor. In front of us was a bag with 4 Pokeballs in it. I slowly picked up the one with a little fox on the inside of it.

"Hey leave the professor alone" I shouted and the grunts turned their attention towards me.

KingKaos September 24th, 2012 12:16 PM

Leon was lost in his own world waiting for the professor to open the door. He didn't notice that three more people had also made their way to the lab. "It sure is taking the professor a long time to answer the door. I already rang the bell five times. I want to get started on my journey as soon as possible. My contest team, my contest team, my contest team..." Leon continued to think about his contest team until he realized he was no longer alone. Three more soon to be trainers had come to the lab. Though one was on the ground and talking to the other training and another training was just chilling in the corner. Just as Leo was about to introduce himself to the group, the trainers heard screaming. "I think that scream belongs to a woman" Leo said as he got up and followed one of the trainers that had led the charge to the location of the scream.

Once they reached route 1, Leon noticed that there were some strange men with their Pokemon surrounding the professor. "I need a Pokemon to battle with, but who and how?" Leon pondered. However, then he saw that one of the trainers had taken a Pokeball out of the professor's bag that contained a little fox. Leon quickly made his way to the bag and analyzed the Pokemon. He saw a green snake, a orange and black pig, and a blue otter. "I know these guys abilities and traits from my research in my laptop." Leon grabbed his laptop and prepared to choose the right Pokemon according to his style and preference for contest skills. He was interrupted when the other trainers took hold of their own Pokeballs from the bag. This left Leo with the Green Snake, Snivy. "My data said you were my last choice for a contest partner because of your move pool, but I guess you can help me prove my skills as a coordinator." Leon stood beside his fellow trainers and prepared to battle. He threw his Pokeball up in the air, "Now Snivy, put on a show!" Snivy falls to Leon's side.

<Challenger> September 24th, 2012 6:04 PM

These fools won't hurt anyone! Dunn picked up one of the pokeballs and dropped to reveal a strange looking koala bear otter hybrid. "Oshawatt!" It seemed like a strange little creature, but it would have to do. "Alright...Oshawatt?" He earned a nod from the pokemon. "Let's do this!" He looked to the other trainers. He spotted the other trainer's pokemon. The one who was just about to pull out a laptop had a green snake thing named Snivy. It was pretty cool, but not as cool as his gangster koala-otter. The guy who had joked about his defensive manuver got a purplish blue fox thing, also pretty cool.

pat20cool September 25th, 2012 7:59 AM

Still trying to put together what's just happened Lucas is freaking out at this strange man attacking this poor beautiful woman. He saw the other three trainers pull out Pokeballs and releasing different unique Pokemon. He stared at the last one and picked it up. 'Let's show him who's boss!' Lucas said to himself as he tossed the ball as far as he could into the air as a ball of light emerged releasing a small Tepig that puff flames out of it's snout whenever it got released. It turned and looked at Lucas who pulled the goggles off his face to look at Tepig as Tepig looked back at him. 'Wow...this reminds me of Leavanny...' Lucas muttered to himself. He gave a courageous glare at Tepig and smiled.

KingKaos September 29th, 2012 11:59 AM

"What are you kids doing? You shouldn't meddle in our affairs!" the strange man said as he prepared an attack on the Professor. "Now Patrat use Tackle and capture the Professor." Leon smirked as he looked down at Snivy, "Don't be looking down on us kids, old man. Even an ant can move a mountain with enough force. Snivy intercept with a tackle." Snivy nods its head and slams its head into the side of the attacking Patrat. "Children, please don't battle on my behalf. Go get help!" said the Professor in a panic. "No thanks, prof. I want to get my contest journey on the road as soon as possible. So instead of telling us to run why don't you tell us about our 'current' partners attacks." said Leon pulling up data on his laptop on Snivy. "According to what I've seen, the Snivy that you have can use Tackle, Tail Whip, and the egg move Leaf Blade" Professor Juniper explained to Leon.

"Leaf Blade, Snivy!" shouted Leon. Snivy's tail glowed green as it slashed at the Patrat. "That Leaf Blade was really good." said Professor Juniper. Leon's face had a look of disgust. "That Leaf Blade was really ugly. Don't use that move again until I find a contest way to use it." both Professor Juniper and Snivy looked at Leon in shock. While Snivy was distracted, the Patrat recovered and used Tackle again. Snivy was hit, but then jumped in the air and flipped to the ground. "That movement just now was good." said an astonished Leon. "That Snivy is very agile and can do moves like that with ease." said Professor Juniper. "Alright I just thought of a way to make that Leaf Blade less ugly."

"Snivy, jump into the air and come down with a Leaf Blade!" Snivy's eyes shined as she recognized what her trainer's intention. Snivy jumped into the air with a flip and came down with her glowing tail. "That blade is nothing to our force! Patrat use Tackle against that Leaf Blade." Patrat obeyed its owner's commands and jumped into a Tackle attack. However, once the moves collided Patrat was easily defeated by the Leaf Blade as if its Tackle had no power behind it. "How can that be!?" shouted the man looking at his Patrat that could barely stand. "Simple, by having Snivy come down from the air with her Leaf Blade, I added more force and power to her attack. That's why your Tackle looked like it did nothing, because we pushed its effects away with our stronger force. That's what you would call the 'Falling Leaf' and it was our first beautiful contest attack." Leon said as he and Snivy stood proud. "He figured all that out just from seeing Snivy's agile movements? This child must have been studying contest maneuvers and moves for quite a long time to create such a thing in such a small gap of time." Professor Juniper thought as she watched Leon and Snivy stand proudly. "So you still want to battle, old man?"

pat20cool October 1st, 2012 4:53 AM

Lucas watched as the trainer with the Snivy sprang straight into action. In complete awe, Lucas loved the power of the Leaf Blade, the way Snivy moved and and demonstrated it's power for a small Pokemon was amazing. He looked at Tepig who just got scratched by a Purrlion. 'Ahh! Tepig!' called Lucas as Tepig got knocked back quite a bit. It lifted it's head and gave it a shake. It appeared a little impatient with Lucas not giving it a command yet. 'Oh! I see I have to make you fight!' Lucas realised as he pulled his goggles over his eyes. 'Professor! What moves does Tepig know?'

Juniper looked at him and pulled out her little notebook. 'Let's see..Tackle, Tail Whip and a very rare move, Heavy Slam!' Lucas looked over at Juniper in confusion. 'Heavy Slam? What's that?' 'Heavy Slam is a move that inflicts more damage depending on how heavy the user is. Unique move for a Tepig!' Juniper explained with a grin on her face.

'Purrlion use Hone Claws then Scratch!' commanded the strange gunt, as the cat began sharpening it's claws. Lucas's nerves were getting to him, 'Oh God...It's my first's all over nothing...' Lucas thought to himself. 'Tepig! Use Tackle!' Tepig jumped and began running at full speed directly into the Purrlion that was knocked back a great deal. Tepig looked confident as it started puffing embers out of it's snout. Lucas was impressed. 'Purrlion! Use Torment!' Purrlion ran up to Tepig and began tugging it's ears. Tepig was getting pretty annoyed and tried to Tackle again but a black aura prevented it from moving. 'Now Scratch!' the grunt called as Purrlion began getting busy and scratching the poor pig repeatedly. 'Tail Whip Tepig!' Tepig slapped Purrlion with a weak tail whip which brushed her of Tepig.

Breathing heavily Tepig didn't look too good. Lucas began getting worried, that he wouldn't be able to defend the Professor or live up to Tepig's standards. Purrlion ran up to scratch once more as Lucas commanded another Tackle. Once the moves intercepted Purrlion flung it's other paw at Tepig's chin launching it in the air. Lucas hatched a plan while Tepig was air born. 'Tepig! Now Heavy Slam!' Tepig smiled and screamed it's name as it's body began coating over in a metallic armour. Tepig began hurdling towards Purrlion at a fast speed. 'Purrlion dodge it!' before Purrlion could move.


KingKaos October 10th, 2012 9:18 PM

The man looked on in shock as his Patrat fell to the ground after clashing with Leon's Snivy. "Looks like you need to pack up your Pokemon and go home." Leon said as Snivy and him smiled smugly at the man. The man then looked around to see how his fellow members were doing. He saw that his other team mate was being defeated by another kid and his Tepig. "Men, we have to cancel our plan to take the Professor. We are retreating! Put your Pokemon that are unable to battle back in their Pokeballs and run away." the man shouted to his men. The men followed his orders and recalled their Pokemon. Before the man left the scene with his men he turned around and grimmed Leon and his Snivy. "This is far from over! We will meet again and when that happens you and your Snivy will fall to us, Team Plasma!!!!" The man throws down a smoke bomb and in a flash all of the men have disappeared. "Looks like we were able to hold out just for a little bit." Leon puts his laptop away and noticed the Professor and Snivy walking towards him. "That was very brave of you, young man, but please be more careful next time. I know you haven't battled before and you could have gotten Snivy hurt." Professor Juniper said as she brushed off Snivy. "No need to worry about battle experience, professor. You see I've studied the battle stage of multiple Pokemon contest. I knew the basics of battling at least." "Speaking of contest, you do know there are no contest halls in Unova, right? So why are you going on a 'contest journey' without contest halls?" "I plan to travel and train for contest in the Unova region then from there head to Sinnoh to participate in Pokemon Contest. You could call this the prelude to story of becoming a top coordinator."

Snivy moves towards Leon then hits him with a Tackle attack. "What was that all about?" Leon asked recovering from the Tackle. "I believe she is still upset with how you called her Leaf Blade ugly. This Snivy is very proud of its power and doesn't like being disrespected." Professor Juniper said as she picked up the Snivy. "I see, I was attacked because of my statement. Then allow me to justify myself, Snivy!" Leon said as he pulled his laptop out of his backpack again. He opened the laptop and started showing Snivy videos of his favorite contest appeals. "Do you see now, Snivy? I want you to reach the potential of these Pokemon. That's why I want us to have a set of contest skill and executed attacks." Snivy became deeply moved by Leon's videos and jumps into his arms for a hug. "I can't believe it. He closed the distance between him and Snivy then strengthened their bond through his passion and determination for contest. That's quite amazing. He might just be suited for the coordinator role after all." Professor Juniper thought as she looked at Snivy and Leon's embrace.

"That's nice and all, but this Snivy isn't of any use. Let's get a better Pokemon, master." said a mechanical voice coming from Leon's laptop. "What was that?" asked Professor Juniper. "That's just PAM, my Pokemon Analysis Machine, it's a program hybrid from this kid in Johoto with a Scizor and what little programming skills I have. PAM analyzes the Pokemon I come in contact with then decide their contest capabilities through a specific algorithm set up. PAM helps me decide what Pokemon to catch and what moves to teach them so that I can build a strong contest team." "Yeah and all my data says that this Snivy is of no use to us! Let's get rid of her and get a better Pokemon!" Snivy prepared to slash PAM with Leaf Blade, but Leon interjected. "PAM, I think making Snivy into a great contest Pokemon will just prove how awesome you are." "I agree, let me calculate the proper Pokemon partners need to make a strong contest team with this Snivy's data." PAM begins calculating and then opens up a file for Leon to see. "According to the data, we should catch a Lilipup or a Purrlion within the next routes. That's pretty cool. I can't wait to think of some combinations! Professor Juniper, can I please get my Pokeballs and Pokedex so that I can start the building of my team?"

Rafael p January 2nd, 2013 3:16 AM

Juniper nodded and handed everyone a Pokedex and 10 Pokeballs. I smiled and took the Pokeballs and looked at the other three trainers and couldn't help but grin noticing that as of now I have three strong rivals. I slowly looked at Dunn, Lucas and Leon then at their starter Pokemon. By then Zorua was biting my pants trying to get my attention. I slowly looked at her and kneeled next to her and pet her hair softly and she smiled.

"Hey Dunn. What would you say about having a battle?" I asked with a smile on my face. Zorua jumped onto my shoulder and I stood up looking at Dunn awaiting an answer. I was hoping it was yes though I slightly doubted it. Zorua looked at the professor and smiled before climbing on top of my head. It giggled lightly before getting knocked off by a Pidove. I quickly caught Zorua and looked at the Pidove.

"Zorua quickly use tackle attack on the Pidove" I said and Zorua tackled the Pidove to the floor and smiled. Suddenly it was blown off by it's gust attack. Luckily it landed on it's feet in front of me. The Pidove started to fly away and I grinned widely.

"Zorua stop it from running away with Pursuit" I said and Zorua hit the Pidove knocking it out. I smiled and looked at Zorua who climbed up my arm and towards my head.

(Everyone received a Pokedex and 10 Pokeballs)

<Challenger> January 2nd, 2013 2:14 PM

Dunn was about to accept the boy's challenge when a rogue Pidove came in from the sky. His Zorua knocked it out easily and clambered back onto his shoulder. "Not bad." Dunn commented. He was going to ask if the earlier challenge was still on the table when the Purrloin that assaulted him earlier appeared. He looked to Oshawatt. "Well, looks like it's time to test you out." He pulled out his pokedex and listened. It's sharp, metallic voice rang out. "Oshawott, the sea otter pokemon. It fights using the scalchop on its stomach. In response to an attack, it retaliates immediately by slashing." Dunn chewed his lip and looked at him.

"You seem pretty cool, little guy." The Oshawott beamed happily. "What moves do you know?" The pokedex rang in. "This Oshawott know Tackle, Tail Whip, and Brine." Dunn grinned. "Use Brine!" Oshawott launched out a burst of water that washed away the Purrloin. "Good job little buddy!" He looked to Rafael. "Is that battle still up for acception?"

pat20cool January 2nd, 2013 4:10 PM

Lucas McGuire - Route 1

Tepig got up and shook it's head, Tepig had been thinking that it has been down for months. Lucas goes over and picks up his pig companion. 'That was a great battle.' He softly whispered. 'We will be great friends' Lucas smiled. As Tepig grinned back. Both of them turn their head to see that the trainer with the Zorua began attacking a Pidove. And challenged the Oshawott Trainer to a battle. Lucas steps back and watches in awe, as Juniper hands him a Pokédex and a set of balls... No pun intended...

Rafael p January 3rd, 2013 5:54 PM

I watched as Dunn and Oshawott washed away the Purrloin with a Brine attack. I smiled and knew that this was going to be a fun and intense battle. I smiled and Zorua giggled and nodded looking at me. I heard Dunn ask if the battle was still up for him to accept and I nodded slightly signaling that it was.

"Heh of course you can still accept the battle. Even though you were my first friend doesn't mean we're going to hold back. Right Zora?" I asked Zorua and she nodded and I was surprised that it liked it's nickname. Zora jumped off of my head and stood in front of me and slightly growled and got into her battle stance.

<Challenger> January 3rd, 2013 6:41 PM

Dunn grinned when he heard Rafael say that he wouldn't hold back. "I would expect nothing else, now let's let's do this little bro." Oshawott responded positively to the name. "You like that, Little Bro?" Oshawott nodded enthusiastically. "Alright. Little Bro it is." He said with a grin. "Let's do this."

Little Bro took up a defensive position in front of Dunn. This is going to be awesome. He looked to Little Bro, who was hopping from foot to foot energetically. "We're ready when you are. Since you issued the challenge, I believe I have the go ahead." Logically, he should've let Raphael go first....but logic wasn't his strong suit. "Alright Little Bro, use Brine!" The Oshawott let out a raging torrent of water towards the Zorua.

1ninjadude1701 January 5th, 2013 1:16 PM

DeSean woke up with the sun gleaming in his eyes. He groaned before being shook awake by the time. It was already noon and he was about to get his first pokemon! DeSean took a quick shower and threw on just any old clothes he could find. He burst out the door without even eating breakfast! The lab was usually an hours walk from his small apartment in Nuvema. He dashed at a full sprint for nearly half an hour before he could see it over the rolling hills. As he approached the lab at full speed he noticed that a bunch of men were running away from what looked like the lab. DeSean arrived completely out of breath. One look inside the window told him that the other two trainers had already picked leaving him one Pokemon. DeSean walked in to the lab ignoring the two trainers having a battle and went straight to professor Juniper who was organizing her papers.
"Professor may I please have my Pokemon?" DeSean asked winded.

KingKaos January 5th, 2013 3:06 PM

Leon accepted his pokèballs from the professor and his Pokedex. "Thanks Prof and from here I bid you ado." Leon put the Pokèballs away and also his Pokedex. "Aren't you going to return Snivy to its Pokeball?" asked Juniper. "I like the idea of Snivy traveling outside with me at the moment." just as Leon was finishing his statement he tripped over a Pokemon. When he looked up he saw a little dog glaring at him. "Leon, that would be the Lilipup I was talking about earlier. Catch it! Catch it! Catch it!" screamed PAM. Leon nodded at Snivy and Snivy nodded back. "Now show it your contest blade of the Leaf!" Snivy jumped into the air and spun down with its glowing tail to attack. The small dog was smacked hard and fell to the ground. Snivy and Leon though they were done but the dog rose up and rushed at Snivy with a Tackle. Snivy stood its ground but was slightly pushed back. Still tired from Patrat's attacks, Snivy dropped to one knee. Snivy then shot off that leg into a talk attack of its own. The two Pokemon collided and fell to the ground. Leon facepalmed then threw his Pokeball at Lilipup to try and catch the small dog. "This is going to be a long journey to being a top coordinator"

pat20cool January 6th, 2013 1:42 PM

Lucas McGuire - Route 1

Lucas looks around at the trainers. Two of them already engaging in a Pokemon battle and the other attempting his first capture. Lucas felt uneasy. He looked at Tepig that looked back at him. She smiled and then followed up with a yawn. Lucas looked at the Snivy trainer, Zorua trainer and Oshawott trainer. Lucas kneeled down to talk with Tepig. 'Tepig? If I'm correct, a Pokemon trainer battle can involve more than 2 battlers, right?' The swine tilted her head. Thought for a sec and shook in a confirming manor. Lucas smiled then lost it, because he had to face the fear of talking to people he doesn't know. He makes his way over to the 2 trainers ready to kick off.

'Umm, excuse me guys....I....uhh...seeing as we are all starting off...would you like to...tag battle instead? Oh! But I mean if it's not okay that's fine! We could ask the Snivy trainer too.... IF only he is okay with it too...'

KingKaos January 7th, 2013 7:39 AM

"Leon, it would seem you have been called to participate in a tag battle. Will you accept?" PAM asked Leon. "I might as well accept this battle experience could suit me well for contest double battles. This has been quite productive. However, I need my Snivy healed first before anything." As Leon said that Professor Juniper came over and healed his Snivy. "Thanks, prof." Leon turned to the other trainers. "So how about you let me and the Tepig trainer in on this battle too?!"

<Challenger> January 10th, 2013 5:35 PM

(This is the joint post Raph and I were working on. THE BATTLE IS ON!)

"Quickly Zora dodge and use your scratch attack" Zora nods and swiftly dodges the Brine attack by jumping to the sides with grace. Zora then charged at the Oshawott aiming to hit it with a Scratch attack. When Zora got close it's claws started to glow and she swung towards the Oshawott hoping for a damaging hit.

The blow struck Little Bro with surprising force. He was sent reeling, but he quickly recovered. "Alright Little Bro, use Brine again!" Little Bro began to shuffle on its feet and finally released a second flood of water at the Zorua with a large huff in hopes of damaging it.

My eyes widened when I saw a huge amount of water flying towards Zora. Zora got hit full force and stumbled trying to get up. "Zora use your Scratch attack now" I said and Zora huffed loudly and charged at the Oshawott in hopes of hitting it hard.

Dunn grinned. Things were finally getting good. Little Bro took the hit, but Dunn decided to counter his attack. "Little Bro, get things going!" The Oshawott charged the Zorua with a ill-powered tackle.

My eyes quickly widened when Zora was struck with a massive tackle. "Zora quickly use Leer" I say and Zoras eyes turn bright red as she stares atty the Oshawott

Little Bro shrunk away, but he called out. "Hold up a sec." Dunn turned to the two new challengers. "Well, I'm good with it if you are." He looked to Raphael. What say you?"

"A two on two battle?" I asked myself and smiled lightly at my Zorua. I quickly grabbed a Super Potion from my bag and healed Zora.

"I'm ready if you guys are" I said and smiled.

Proffesor Juniper walked up to Little Bro and healed him up. "I'm ready." Dunn said and nodded.

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