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Loki September 14th, 2012 4:08 PM

Loki's Gallery

Hey everyone, Loki here...! I draw and stuff in my free time, just a bit of a hobby for me! Most of my art centers around original characters for Deviantart roleplays, so... yeah, I'm sorry there's no pokemon to be found here!

I've been pretty dissatisfied with my art lately, so I won't be showing off anything but full body character shots in this gallery, but if you want to see my other stuff, it's all on my deviantart at! *A*;;

Chronological order from oldest to newest, full body character shots:

Anastasia.R September 18th, 2012 2:26 PM

Guuurrrl you need a comment.

Well, I have to say, I really like the characters you've designed! Each one have their own personality and expressions that make them so different. I think the colors in the first two pictures look great!

The very last picture has to be my favorite. I love the design and the details. Something about the design makes Megumi look like an outgoing, fun person. Aha, I also love the outfit, it's very cute!

I wish I could see Megumi in a colored drawing, I'd love to see what colors you'd use. ^..^ Anyway, really nice work! =D

Loki September 20th, 2012 12:18 PM


Thank you so much for the comment! You're too kind! (/ v \) I'm so glad you like the characters!

Ahh I'll do a colored version of Megumi if I'm accepted to the group she's app'd to-- I honestly only have a vague idea of the colors, so that'll be an adventure in itself LOL!

And probably my last application for the summer, and my third attempt at digital painting after two rather lackluster bust shots:

an illegible mess. September 22nd, 2012 8:46 PM


ugh your work is gorgeous ;_; i wish i had the skills to draw humans BUT I DON'T.

and that anatomy



you do eyes really well too. everything is just perf aaaa.

Sheep September 26th, 2012 8:32 PM

Loki, these are wonderful! I'm really in love with your expressions, though your lineart is pretty amazing too. Overall, I really like everything but this one is my absolute favorite~! The pose looks beautiful and you colored the suit wonderfully, ahh.

Definitely going to go stalk your deviantART account now n_n

Your recent update was pretty great too; that softer shading really does enhance the look of the character. I especially adore the coloring of the eyes, though! Great job!!

Loki December 12th, 2012 1:57 PM

My updates here are so incredibly slow I'm sorry ;7;;;

I've drawn quite a few things since my last update, so this'll kind of be a really giant dump. vuv`

Drawn in the car during a 12 hour long roadtrip, various characters that belong to my friends!:

A manga page drawn for an event. There's supposed to be 5 pages but I got lazy... ;7; :

Drawn for an event for the dA group Milizia:

An application for ToT, a group on dA:

Another application, this one for an Air Gear based group called Aerobrake:

Commission for my friend-- this is actually quite old...:

Request from a friend:

I hope to work on more dynamic pictures in the future-- perhaps even learn to draw backgrounds properly at last ;7;; Also learning a bit of digital painting rather than just my gross soft-cel-shading style... Hopefully I'll have much better things to show next time I update!

Jinx December 12th, 2012 2:40 PM

wow your artwork is amazing! i love how realistic the characters look. i just love how the poses and the eyes are. the shading is beautiful. cannot wait to see more~

derozio December 15th, 2012 8:10 AM

Really loving your art style. <3;
Especially. I really love how you do the hair. And your coloring in other omg. The shading is almost flawless. Really appealing. :]

I'd really love to see more of your works. And not just artwork. Some banners and icons too. Because I know you're excellent at those too! ^w^;

Loki March 13th, 2013 6:22 PM

I need to stop this habit of only updating this gallery once every blue moon LOL

Anyway-- thanks for the comments you guys! *V* And you know Derozio I actually toyed with the idea of making a tag today, but.... I didn't LOL
(You'll get to see how rusty I am)

I'm just going to dump everything into one massive spoiler, so here we go!
Some of this stuff is so old it dates to last year LOL;;

Genderbend of my Milizia Character
Watercolor of a Vios Terra Character
KAITO Append Lineart
Update on Megumi's App
Casual OTP with Megumi and a friend's character Haruto. Eskimo Kisses ////
Doodle of SHUN, my UTAU
Update to Jarrik's App
New Kamenoko Character, Teruaki
Self-Portrait, first shot at digital realism
Space Fantasy OC, Gawain
Really quick comic for a friend of our OTP ////
My old Vios Terra OC, London
My OC Penelope...
Another OTP, Penelope with one of my good friend's OC Relza
The earlier drawn OC Gawain, but in the Vios Terra Universe
EmpireO OC, kind of a Tiger and Bunny-esque RP? Her name is Juno.
And after about two weeks of not drawing at all, I decided to experiment, and liked how this turned out a lot.
Too bad it takes too much time. This is a friend's friend's UTAU.

This is why I should update more often. *___*;;; Prevent massive dumps like this... This isn't even everything I've drawn LOL o<-<

edit: Oh yeah I forgot, this is a WIP of a comic I'm working on

Kirby March 13th, 2013 7:03 PM

Wow Loki, I'm very impressed.

It's clear that you're a very strong artist. This galley deserves so much more than I have time to write about it now, but even just your latest update as so much substance and says so much about you as an artist. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can also see that you've put more effort into your male faces, haven't you? ;) They look much better than they did when you first posted this gallery.

I think I like this one the most out of your latest. I could easily see this being a wallpaper or something. It's not the most detailed, but I love that minimalistic style. Actually, I like your style in general! xD I love the way you draw faces, but keep traditional anime-ish proportions. I've always been a fan of artists who can seamlessly blend their own style with the western/eastern arts. You're very, very talented Loki.. and I'm almost at a loss for words here.

I do have one... super small critique however..

needs more pokemon!

Pokestick, good times. March 14th, 2013 10:17 PM


You're getting really good at this stuff, and it's showing. Your very smooth colouring, your hair that seems to come naturally, and the sense of style and detail that tells me how much you've been practising and researching. Oh and the character designs, the clothing, gah, that stuff's awesome. It's all up there, like, really high up there. Very pretty stuff!

Now, I really shouldn't be posting this right now because I'm basically in the middle of breakfast and I prrrrrobably ought to be going soon, but you clearly deserve more recognition here (my theory is the modest thread name tbh), and so for now this quick post will suffice. Cheerio!

Loki March 15th, 2013 5:33 PM

Alexial: Oh gosh, thank you! You're too kind haha-- I have indeed been working on male faces! My friends are all sticklers on male characters looking like men and not teenaged metrosexuals, so it's a necessity for me. I'm definitely trying to mix the western anime look though, to achieve that end, so I'm super glad you noticed! ;7;

Ahaha, yeahhhh.... I need to draw something pokemon related, but gosh I think I fell out of pokemon nearly 5 years ago. I'm pretty sure I wasn't even into pokemon for the last 3 years I was really active here! I'll try to put something out though, something related to pokemon.... maybe a gijinka?

Pokestick: WHY HAVEN'T I SEEN YOU EITHER??? Omg give me some time to get off my ass-- I gotta comment on your gallery soon! But oh gosh thank you so much! Hair is definitely my favorite thing to draw-- but coloring it is a whole different story hahaha! And my theory is the lack of pokemon on a... pokemon forum LOL

Ahhh thanks again for the wonderful words of encouragement guys! ////


So for the first time since like, 2010~ish, I decided to dabble a little in Photoshop and make a tag. I'd been idly sifting through Derozio's gallery after getting this lovely icon, and I just felt this itch I needed to scratch.

But.... uh........ yeah, it's been a really long time so cut me some slack. o<-<

My affinity for 100px height tags hasn't gone away over time, it seems. :'P
this is a one time thing though, I probably won't touch gfx for another 3 years LOL o<-< one step forward, two steps back
I have so much gift art to finish /wheeze

moments. March 15th, 2013 10:03 PM

Even if you hadn't been on a 2-3 year hiatus from tags, this is pretty darn delicious! My only gripes are with the quality which overall feels a bit muddy. Particularly the stock, it looks like you've blurred it all slightly then sharpened it up again or something.

i demand more

derozio March 17th, 2013 12:07 PM

okay, lets talk about the tag

lighting - good. works really well.
text - doesn't get in the way. At first, it didn't look all that special. But the more I look at it the more I like the positioning and the font choice.
depth - not an issue. it hazz the essential amountzz.
flow - sexy flow.

...umm, where exactly does the tag go wrong? Apart from what Moo said (I agree to a degree. wait that rhymed!!), the tag is really, really visually appealing and is strong as far as the fundamentals are concerned. The size actually does compliment it and it doesn't feel like the canvas size doesn't do justice to the stock/render. It works really well.

so yes, I second moo.

Loki March 17th, 2013 6:15 PM

moments: Aww thank you! And... ahaha..... that's... exactly what I did...
I was just determined to use that stock! Haha, Tidus is so beautiful in that picture, but it's such a gross and grainy stock-- I shouldn't have sharpened it up again, but I couldn't resist-- though I do still have the unsharpened version? I can see how gross it looks on the fractal too-- GAH maybe I should've started working with a 200px tall tag and then resized later. Darn, old tricks I forgot about! :'( Thanks for your encouragement though!

Derozio: Ohh thank you so much! ;7; I was actually biting my nails over the text- I used to have so many things I'd use to embellish text, but I've since lost all those resources (including fonts in general), so I was just pulling from my ass. o<-< I'm glad it's growing on you though, it's kind of growing on me too! (AND I'M SO GLAD TO HEAR THERE'S AN ACCEPTABLE DEPTH gah depth is the bane of my existence!) In retrospect, I probably could've done better on the placement of the bokeh-- that one white dot is just making my skin crawl! LOL, but aaah thank you again for your lovely comment, critique, and encouragement!

HMMM I dunno if I'll dabble in GFX again-- perhaps not until all my art deadlines and gifts are done and over with. It was a fun foray though, so maybe the hiatus won't be a year+ this time!

Loki March 19th, 2013 5:04 PM

Still playing with my new inking and coloring style-- it's kind of hard to reproduce haha;;

Sketch/100% detail WIP of what I'm working on now.
This is the same character as the second-to-last picture on the first post.
He's come a long way since Fall 2012!

Loki March 28th, 2013 12:36 AM

Finished my WIP!

A friend's OC, who turned out looking really disney princess/ariel LOL;;

Comic 1

Comic 2

Drekavac March 28th, 2013 5:03 AM

Out of all your updates, this one irks me the most. Can't put my finger on it but it seems as if it has something to do with the mouth's positioning. Or maybe the width of the lips. Orrr now that I think about it, it might just be the fact that upper lip's mid portion has been drawn to the left of where it probably should've been. You know, the part which is normally just below the nose? Yeah, I suck at explaining but I hope you get it. Apart from that, the hair to the left - the curl feels a little unnatural too. Don't know if this is just me or not because I don't really see any problems with hair or positioning of mouth/the way it has been drawn in any other pics. The only exception is this one. :x Buuut, moving onto the positives! This was mostly a coloring experiment, right? You've done really well in that regard, imo. Shading is really nice too.

As for your other works, they're just great. Love Comic 1. Though I feel some space between the upper and the lower part of the strip is a little unnecessary. But that's just me nitpicking. All in all, awesome stuff. Really would love to see more of these comic strips again. They're really well done. Screw that, everything's well done. So yeah, don't..don't disappear again, alright?

edit; She really DOES resemble ariel, haha. But she's cute. :]

Kirby March 28th, 2013 10:28 AM

Okay hun, you have absolutely no idea how accurate this comic is. I have to give you my two cents here because I'm like stupid into skill toys like yoyos and rubik's cubes, so let me give you a run down.

You can basically spend your entire life trying to reorganize and reassemble a cube, regardless of it's size, because there's literally an infinite number of turns you can make. But, there's a specific algorithm you can perform (depending on what color squares are present at each respective corner) that allow you to solve a rubik's cube in under a certain amount of turns. So yeah! It's really hard! But you probably already knew all of that going into this drawing, but I just felt like I had to detail it out because that comic pretty much describes my daily routine. xDD

So now, let me give you my two cents about your art. n_n; Once again, everything is stunning. Your still images, although vastly more polished than your comics, are perfectly proportioned and your whimsical-ness is deliberate. Once more, everything is beautiful. Although, maybe it's just me.. but Ariel's hand looks a little big in relation to her face? To be honest though, I think there's more of your artistic skills apparent in your comics rather than your stills. I mean, your comics read really well. They're easy to follow and keep a solid flow from panel to panel. Your good at different dialog stances, and I don't find it difficult at all to keep my eye interested on the subject. So.. I don't know if you've just read a lot of comics/mangas, but you have a natural talent for organization! :D

I guess what I'm trying to say.. is that I see more of you and your skill in your perpetual works. Not to say that your stills aren't freaking incredible.

edit : I spent a few minutes looking at the piece and her hand really isn't off. There was something about it that was irking me... but now I think it was just me. xD

Stormborn March 29th, 2013 10:10 PM

You definitely have talent.

How long does each one take?

Loki March 31st, 2013 7:30 PM

Boy did I pick a day to come back and respond to comments haha! I can't see anybody's usernames since they're all randomized (Excellent April Fools joke this year, though Todoroki will forever stand out in my memory)-- so I will just answer in order from my last update with numbers!

1. Ahhh I definitely see what you mean-- and that's my fault for not conveying the drawing correctly! I actually don't tend to draw the middle of the lips, so that there- the little dip on the far left-- isn't the philtrum, but rather it was my attempt to indicate that the lip wraps around and dips back in from the portrusion of the lips. I do get it though, and I do see how it looks that way-- I'll be more careful about that placement in the future! Also with the hair curl-- hmm perhaps the discrepancy between this piece and the others may be that I wasn't the one who designed this character's hair? This character doesn't belong to me-- but I'm sure if I'd done better it would've translated more naturally anyway! I'll pay more attention to the direction of hair from now on- thanks for your critique-- it was super helpful!

And yeah it was a coloring experiment haha-- trying to use fewer layers when I color. o<-< Thank you again, very much for your kind words! May I ask, on the first comic though-- I left that space between the upper and lower parts to convey the sense of falling- do you think it's unecessary? And hahaha I'll try not to disappear again! *V*d

2. I KNOW THIS IS ALEXIAL EVEN THOUGH YOUR USERNAME SAYS HAUNTER BECAUSE YOU'RE SPARKLING LMFAOOO but yeah! I have a friend who's totally into Rubik's Cubes as well-- he collects them and everything, so I knew it was an algorithm- but correct me if I'm wrong, since this was the concept I was playing on in the comic: I'm pretty sure that even if you know the algorithm, it's still not a walk in the park to solve it right? Because in the comic I was thinking that Royal and Ming, the first two in the comic, know the algorithm, but they just can't solve it as quickly as Zenri can.... IDK if that makes any sense though because I'm TERRIBLE at Rubik's Cubes hahaha!

Ahh thank you so much! I'm really glad to hear that you like my comics- and especially the panel flow, which is what I have the most trouble with since I haven't done much comic'ing in general. I'll do my best to bring more comics to the table from now on then! (And you know, now that I look at the hand, I think the middle finger is a little off... seems a bit too thick at the base, perhaps?)

3. Thank you so much! Hmm the time varies from piece to piece, depending on what technique I'm using. For example, a full body piece would probably take me an hour for the sketch, and 3-5 hours for the lines and colors if I don't do anything else. Full color bust shots tend to clock in around 3 hours on average. I'll time my drawings from now on though, to see if I can get a better estimate for you!

Loki April 13th, 2013 11:50 PM

In the end I've been totally stumped on what to draw a comic for, and so haven't drawn any! ;7; Sorry o)-<...
I'm terrible at storytelling haha
An application for an UTAU RP. Man it's been a long time since I drew JUN! You can see some older versions of him in my old art galleries!
There are issues with the line coloring I know-- but I rushed it to make it on time OTL
I'll fix it... someday LOL o)-< Or just redraw it entirely...


In response to "how long does your art take", here's a drawing I did yesterday, from start to finish. 4 hours, all condensed into 4 minutes!
Here's the finished result~

Cheshireson April 14th, 2013 8:28 PM

Fantastic work here, Loki! A lot of these look really well done, especially the Jasper Hakumei one. The color palette in this picture is ideal for the maniacal tone, and the fine hatching technique you've done really emphasizes the facial features in the character.

Loki April 27th, 2013 3:24 PM

Thanks Error! I love that brush, I should use it more often... *Q*

Just a few updates:

A comic, short and unfinished

A wallpaper I need to paint but am too lazy to do so

An OC,

A self-meme for MZ

A piece that will be included in an artbook to be printed soon!

And a sketch of one of my UTAU's updated designs

Loki May 12th, 2013 2:27 AM

A hamster gijinka- my friends often compare me to a hamster, hahaha

An anime reference sheet parody/meme!

A sketch of a friend's OC (sorry it's really big!;;)

Just a doodle of one of my OC's in a wedding dress!

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