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{Swan} September 17th, 2012 1:23 PM

Game of Luck ; A Nuzlocke Crazy Dice Roleplay
Game of Luck

[ Welcome to the world of Pokémon- ]

-Albeit a slightly different one than you are used to. The biggest difference? Pokémon die.

Welcome to the idyllic region of Hoenn. Mostly a popular vacation destination, it is also known for having a grand Pokémon League and diverse wildlife. While its technology is not as advanced as the other regions, Hoenn gets by just fine on tourists and on trainers.

Pokémon training has always been the world’s eldest sport, and most enjoyed one. Everyone is encouraged to at least give it a try, it is normal for teenagers from age 16 (the minimum age for getting a trainer’s license) and to fill a gap year between finishing high school and starting their further education or career with Pokémon training. A select few continue even afterwards, becoming a professional trainer. Pokémon training is everywhere, they’re huge parts of everyday lives.

Hoenn is especially popular with foreign trainers. Due to excessive capturing as well as fatal training against wild Pokémon there has been a huge decline in wild Pokémon across the grobe. Hoenn has remained largely untouched by this as it’s not been a big trainer destination in the past. In order to keep the same thing from happening in Hoenn the League has put down laws for the preservation of wildlife. For one you are only allowed to catch 2 Pokémon per route, these are recorded on the trainer card and going over your limit will result in the revoking of trainer privileges. Another law prohibits the killing of wild Pokémon. This is not so readily checked and some trainers don’t mind the law and do so anyway. If caught the same penalty applies, trainer privileges shall be revoked.

But there’s trouble rising. Pokémon get hurt in battles, some even die, this has always been an accepted fact. Battling is always risky, even getting knocked out can mean internal damage for the creature. Battles are usually fought by the trainer determining when to give up, if they recall their Pokémon that Pokémon is forfeit. There are even adrenaline injection darts you can give your Pokémon to get them to fight past their breaking point, resulting in the death of the Pokémon, but a chance to win your battle. Pokémon death is an accepted part of battling, even a strategy at times. After all, Pokémon are just tools for a sport, aren’t they?

And that’s where the trouble comes from, to some, they are not. A movement that started in Unova and has seen a steady rise around the world since, Pokémon Rights Activists, fights for more rights for Pokémon. They think it beastly to exploit living creatures like that. They have succeeded in banning adrenaline injections in several regions, namely Unova, Johto and Kanto, as well as more safety restrictions on official battles (mainly gyms) where most casualties occur. Hoenn has been mostly untouched by the activists, mostly because of their old fashioned ways, but even here there has been a rise in anti-battling protests. There has even been word of extremist measures by so-called Pokémon Freedom Fighters, terrorists targeting the League in the name of Pokémon. They’ve caused a lot of trouble in Unova and other regions already, mostly targeting trainers.

[ And what about you? ]

You are an aspiring trainer, either native to Hoenn or coming from another region, who’s serious about Pokémon battling.. Pokémon Professors are the only ones who can give away trainer cards, you shall be getting yours from Professor Cyprus in Lilycove City. From there on you shall travel the region, collecting the 8 badges in order to challenge the Pokémon League.

[ The Dice Mechanics ]

There are two ways the dice will be used. For one, Pokémon encounters. If you want to catch a Pokémon on a route (or two, as is your maximum) you have to first VM me and I will use an internet dice to determine what Pokémon you will encounter. This way, just like an actual Nuzlocke challenge, your team will be quite random.

Then, every time you enter a new area (from the first route onwards) I will roll a die for each of you that will give you something random to put into your story.

1. Kill off one Pokémon of your choice. (void if you have only one Pokémon)
2. Nothing Happens.
3. You may not catch anything in this area.
4. You must battle a trainer in this area.
5. One random Pokémon (by dice) is killed off. (Void if you have only one Pokémon)
6. One random Pokémon (by dice) may never evolve.
7. You must catch a Pokémon in this area.
8. You may catch the evolved form of your first random encounter.
9. You may catch as many Pokémon as you wish.
10. The Pokémon your capture in this area will have an Egg Move.
11. One random Pokémon (by dice) may immediately evolve in this area.
12. Kill off two Pokémon of your choice. (One if you have only two, void if you have only one.)

[ The Rules of the Land ]

- This roleplay is rated M for violence, for obvious reasons. Pokémon get wounded in this roleplay, and they die in this roleplay. However, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to pull the guts and gore everywhere. Keep it tasteful please.
- You must obey the Dice. Catching Pokémon, killing off Pokémon or battling trainers, you may do on your own accord too. Keep in mind that, unless stated otherwise, you may only catch two Pokémon at once. Also keep in mind to VM me before the capture to determine what Pokémon you shall encounter. Besides that you do not need to wait for my approval on the catch though.
- You are only allowed to have 6 Pokémon with you at all times. Your PokéNav has a function that lets you switch team members on the spot though. You may not switch during official battles.
- Interaction with other players can be done at any time, however it will be limited to joined posts.
- Pokémon will have levels according to the games, they will have 8 move slots though, for writing purposes.
- There shall be no reservations, instead I will give it 5 days after acceptance to hand in sign-ups and I will pick the 5 best ones to participate

[ Sign-Up Sheet ]

Age: [16+]
Starter: [You may choose your own started, any basic unevolved Pokémon will do. I will give you their statistics upon your acceptance]
Roleplay Example: [Show me how you roleplay, this can be a post for another roleplay or an intro to your character if you haven’t been in a roleplay before. This is a fairly advanced roleplay so I’d like fairly advanced players.]

Fuyu September 23rd, 2012 7:02 PM

OOH~ OOH! CAN I JOIN? CAN I? I wanna be in this roleplay! Starting SU now!

... I mean... I miss your roleplays Swan.

Edit: I'm sorry I really couldn't help myself.

Name: Luca Keress, formerly known as Diana Lilliane Foster
Gender: Female Male
Age: 17


Luca's a jerk, at least for the most part. He can back up his bark, and believe me he can bark a lot. He's a constant glarer, daring people to come closer. Haughty and rough mannered, with less letters in his words than a stop sign, Luca prefers the solitude and violence of a monstrous brute. He will maintain this image as long as he can. He will interrupt others for fun and snicker when people fail. If he has to speak, he's the smartmouth. Quick-tempered to the point of there being no fuse, there is little to no nice bones in his body. And they're probably in his repeatedly broken fingers. Yes, Luca, you're evil and you love it.

Except... she doesn't.

This is just the role he has to play. He has to completely and utterly contradict who she is. Her life depends on it. Bury Diana. Bury the silly worthless little girl who wasn't meant to be. She cannot be kind and meek. Her purpose in life is to be Luca, no one else. That was what she was born for, what she was made for. Luca was a fool, a wild child with no hope and no purpose. She would make him have one. She would make him win.

But was this the right thing for him to do?

To battle is nothing to her. It's just another clashing of energy. Though Luca has a soft spot for the Pokemon he cares for, ultimately he wants results. And results mean struggling to him. Hard work is never the issue but others themselves are unnecessary. There is no need for friends, they would flee anyway. Even though Diana secretly wonders what having a normal friend would be like, it's best to squash this desire. In the world of competitive battling, no one is immune.

A master of disguise, even as Luca, she can easily become almost anyone else. It doesn't really bother her. After all when you're born not to be you, a new identity is easy to perform. Also a good judge of character for the most part she can read people like their wikipedia entries. He doesn't do it very often due to that bringing attention and... that's just difficult to deal with all right?


Dude, you're scary.

That is the first thing people think when they see Luca walking. Small but dangerous. Everything about him her is pointy. There are so few curves on this fella, preferring straight muscle, sharp body movements. He is catlike and light,good for gymnastics and kicking right where it hurts. Sometimes he even walks with a bit of a hunch, keep people guessing, curious, frightened by his permanent amber-yellow glare. But most of the time he is ramrod straight. You can change your attitude but not your habits I suppose. His hair is short and black, sticking up all over the place and running up and down his face and cheeks with hair gel. His hands have no real nails and there's an odd red scar running diagonally down his left cheek. Half the time at least one hand has a brass knuckle resting gently on it. Paranoid bugger knows little better I would guess.

Surprisingly this intimidating buddy-boy doesn't really dress like a punk. He dresses like a neat bro. Grey dress shirt with a tie thrown haphazardly over a shoulder, he intends to use it smack people in the face and run. His black over shirt is more like a gakuran, but looser and typically on his shoulder with invisible magic sticky tape. Luca even wears jeans and sneakers. He's trying to be normal, inconspicuous. He just looks dangerous. Fail man. Just fail.

Typically his expression is rather deadpan, distant and deep in thought. Don't try stealing from him while he's like that. His bag is special, at least according to him. No one knows what's in there... no one who can tell anyway.


What is my purpose?

That is a question everyone asks once in their lives. At least they are meant to.

Diana never had the chance.

She was born to the Fosters, a family great and powerful that specialized in... replacements. Born to not be herself, she has been training and learning her entire life to be a dying boy. Or to be more specific, the new version of the dying boy.

The request came from a mafia family for the Sinnoh branch, which Diana was born to. Their little boy, their heir, was born ill. And you see, twisted logic aside... they NEED. AN. HEIR. Simply put, the Keress sought a child who could become their dying heir and rise over them all. In Diana they found the face but not the soul. That would change, rather quickly. Day after day, almost without rest, she was taught every aspect of the world until she learned to soak up information, almost like a sponge. Fighting became natural, cruelty merely a tactic to win. Since the age of five, this was her life.

Did no one stand up for her you ask? Did no one love you you ask?

People loved her. Her family loved her deeply. However, this is the tradition. Her brother Damian was raised to be a chef apprentice for a chef on the S.S. Anne. Her sister was a musician, a master at becoming someone else so quickly that she had taken on three identities in her life and was already so well known and strong her name was never spoken out of reverence and fear. There was no time for Diana to admire her... but shouldn't she? Wasn't that was siblings did for each other? Didn't they fight, praise, love each other? She did not know. And not knowing made her a curious young woman. And curiosity is dangerous.

When she was thirteen, her skills were put precariously to the test when the boy died and the Keress had to save face. It was very close but she managed to fool them all. Or rather, she managed to become Luca, rather easily in fact. However, this only served to tie her deeper to this family. Simply put, if she is discovered to not be the heir, he will be killed. If the mafia finds him as the heir, she will be killed. This hanging over her head, Diana continued her work.

Four years later, Luca is sent to Hoenn. Why? To conquer it of course. In any way possible, she is to tear everything apart in her way. There will be no distractions, no mercy. There will only be darkness and death. There will only be pain. But now Diana is starting to wonder. And curiosity is a dangerous thing.

Starter: Deino

Roleplay Example:

Chris Mare

"Ahh... ooh look a Hondew plant!"

Yes, Chris, yes that was a Hondew plant. There are a lot of plants in this area sweetheart. Now pay attention to where you're going before you smack into another tree. "That isn't hard," she complained to the narrator. "There are lots of trees now."


Walking into Gneiss Town was an adventure within itself, what with the constant googly-eyed look every time she saw a leaf and the delighted ten-minute conversation about weather and the cute Seedot in that boy's arms she had with about every passerby she could get away with, Chris was more than sure that she had enough stories to blabber on the payphone until her money ran dry. She wouldn't though; she was kind of mad at her daddy. She kind of didn't want to be here. Sad to say however, she couldn't sit down in protest. Being stuck on the road would be no fun at all.

What? You think it would be fine? Then you sit on a spot of dirt for a long time when there were wild monsters roaming the area. Yeah didn't think so.

The town, at least to Chris, wasn't too big a deal. I mean, if you compared it to pictures of Lilycove she had gotten from passerby flower nerds, than no of course not. It was pretty cool. I mean, Rustboro didn't have a lab. Wish Taillow could see this... she commented in her head, grinning enthusiastically. Well, actually she wished Taillow was here. But he wasn't so she would have to find plenty of stories to entertain him.

"Hmm... what to do... go to the lab..." she singsonged dazedly like the happy little mad botanist-in-training she intended to be. "Wonder what I'm gonna get..." Honestly Chris hadn't thought too hard about this whole scenario. Not that she was given many options on the whole deal of being thrown onto a boat but... details. Hm... maybe she could get a Fire type... nah. Not right now. Maybe a water-type... she had always loved... what were they called? Spheal? Yes Spheal. She had caught a glimpse of someone from Verdanturf that used to frequent their shop with a Spheal. This place probably had no Spheal though. Sad face...

Oh well. Chris would just have to get the next best thing:... a Wingull.

The doors slid open as she drew closer to the large, bright lab. There were so many windows man... just. so. many. Maybe there were movies filmed here when they weren't studying Pokemon in an attempt to cure Poke-Cancer. She kind of wanted to ask but... at the sight of the strange man with the odd shirt, the question died in her throat. He looked... a bit of a mess actually. Very chill. Awesome.

"Are you..." he yawned. "Here for your starter?" The coffee cup in his hand sloshed lukewarm caffeine in the mug as he yawned.

"Uh... yeah?" Chris replied with one of those weird scratches of the head. Clearly they were both horribly confused. "I'm Chris. Chris Mare. Do these Pokemon come in Aprijuice?"

The guy stared at her for a moment. "What are you- you know what never mind. My name is Richard and I'm the professor here. Come on now... let's get you set up while I'm still awake." Chris followed, maneuvering bright red locks out of her face as she followed the sound of the sliding door.

An aide grabbed her, watching Richard amble away dazedly, apparently through the wrong door. "Sorry... let's let him go. Today has been rather strange... I'll set you up now. Here we go." She walked over to a table. "We have four different colors of P*DAs, which are like Pokedexes. They come with certain features so be sure to explore them. We have Jet black, Darumaka red, Turquoise, and Snake Green." Chris picked the Turquoise curiously, having little interest in green, black was lame, and what was a Darumaka?

The aide nodded in approval. "Good, good, now take this." He threw a backpack at her, almost like someone fired something out of a slingshot. Cara of course, caught it easily but she was just awesome so no duh. "Now... here you are." A tray of six Pokeballs was unceremoniously shoved in her face. "These would be the starters. No switches so choose wisely!"

Ookay. Chris stared at them intensely. "Which one of you can beat people up?" she asked the orbs, which just sat there obliviously. "Hmm... FINE!" The florist picked up a random one and cheered. "Whoever you are, we are buddies FOREVER!" She opened the ball and out popped...

A bulb.

Well to be honest it was actually an Oddish. Yay for Oddish! It blinked at her and tilted its head, well, body... "Odd?"

All Chris managed to say was: "You, little dude, are awesome."

It bounced. "Oddish!"

{Swan} September 24th, 2012 1:08 AM

I'm glad you're interested Fuyu, I really love hoetimg rolelays here and I'm glad you ike them!

A hewd's u, I'm currently a bit internetless due to a move, this should be over eithin a few days. So I'm here and active, just gone forma few days.

Nimblethumbs September 26th, 2012 12:50 PM

Seems cool to me. "Reserving" a spot (well not really a reservation, since you don't do that)

Also, are there two types of losing, fainting and dying? So pokemon can faint as well as die?

Will get SU up soon.

EDIT: finished~


Name: Logan Zephrulos
Gender: Male
Age: 16

Personality: Quick to speak his mind, and even quicker to think up of a witty comment, Logan is smart, sly, cunning and witty, along with a sarcastic (and sometimes sadistic) sense of humor. Logan is often underestimated by his opponents an rivals, and while he may not look like much, he can usually think his way out of any situation. His brain is stronger than his brawn; he is not strong physically and is pretty slow due to his small legs.

More on that last sentence; Logan is as weak as a magikarp. He cannot run, he cannot lift anything heavy, he cannot jump, he cannot punch, kick, etc etc. What he lacks in his skimpy arms, he makes up with brains. He is terrifyingly smart, smarter than lots of scientists (Logan is a scientist himself).

Logan is also overtalkative, and though he keeps a few secrets, mostly anything will come out of his mouth. At times, he will randomly spew complex mathematical algorithms. When explaining things, Logan gets unnecessarily detailed, and often leaves the recipient of his explanation in somewhat of a daze. He is usually cheerful, funny, enjoyable, and in general, good company, but on occasion he can snap and really hurt someone's feelings. Built on that, he has somewhat of an alternate personality, which shows up if you piss him off. In this mood, he is arrogant, angry and will piss you off if you say anything to him. Due to being physically incapable, he cannot do much to you, but he does have a mouth, and once he is through with you, you'll have to go through three months wort of therapy to heal the wounds he has inflicted.

Appearance: Logan is extremely short, standing at a meager 4' 3". He hates the fact that he's the shortest person everywhere he goes, and wears clothing to make him look taller; he always wears platform shoes, and is never seen without his dark green and black trench coat. He wears baggy dark-blue jeans, and wears a variety of graphic t-shirts. His skin is a light tan, and his face is unblemished, except for a small red scar on his left cheek. Logan's eye's are a neon green color, and they seem to be looking at everything at once, darting around and observing, taking in everything and making calculations in his mind. However, at the same time, they seem to be full of life and excitement. Below these eyes are a dash of freckles. Emerald green goggles rest on his forehead.

Logan has a small round nose, and small pink lips. The tips of his ears are slightly pointed, and it looks like he has no earlobes. Logan's hair is a dark-coffee color, and hangs around and over his ears, concealing the elvin tips. His hair is straight and shiny, almost matted down on the top of his head, and loose towards the sides. His hair covers his forehead, and partially covers his thin eyebrows. He has short legs, and arms that reach just above his knees. Each finger ends in a sharp nail. At his waist is a belt, partially hidden by the trench coat. The belt carries many gadgets; some creations of Logan himself. A small communication device is at the right of the belt, and mechanical arms hang at the left, concealed by the coat. A variety of other mechanical tools and weapons are on that belt. A large steel buckle sits on the center of the belt.

History: Born in a big city in Kanto, Logan was born to parents who technically lived in their office. His dad was a scientist and inventor hired by a big company to design and create products for them to sell, and his mother worked as a computer engineer at the same company. Both were very smart and earned a lot of money, but they didn't have the time for Logan. Managing to put up with him and his antics and love for machinery for a few years, when Logan started first grade, he was sent off to a boarding school. Those years before the boarding school were happy for Logan; he would always be with his father, helping around the lab and drawing blueprints for his own machines in his notebook (they were complex, very complex, and he was a five-year-old, advanced far beyond his years). The boarding school wasn't bad for him either; he made many friends, and got (very) good grades. His teachers quickly realized the potential in the boy, and he was challenged with curriculum from other grades. Logan barreled through it, getting nearly everything right, and quickly grasping the concepts he didn't get. He spent a lot of time in the lab at the school, and made his own creations from his old blueprint book, including a pair of mechanical arms. Logan never felt the homesickness and longing for parental love some other students felt; Logan was right at home with his friends and machines.


Roleplay Example:
looong, beware

From Cries From the Other Side
Ryan swore under his breath, wrapping his arm around the tree he was climbing and using the other hand to deftly pluck the wooden splinter in his palm. He glanced above him to look up at Shaman, who was already on the top branch. The pokemon looked down sarcastically, and rubbed one claw against the tree in a bored manner. Ryan sighed. The whole afternoon he had been racing Shaman up trees, each one on either side of the trunk. Azuki was in the house, sitting in Ryan's bedroom, probably meditating. Ryan's parents were at an unexpected conference at work.

Ryan slid down the tree, his teeth clenched. As he hit the ground heavily, Shaman jumped nimbly from branch to branch, and landed on his toes. Ryan wiped sweat off his forehead. "Let's go inside."

They walked back in through the back door- Ryan slumped over, his back hunched, mouth agape, eyes half closed and each step a heavy shuffle, while Shaman strode in, chest out, cocky smile plastered on his face. Ryan groaned once, then clumsily grabbed a coke from the fridge, left the door open, and hobbled to his room. Shaman peered inside the fridge, stabbed an apple with a claw, took ti out, and slammed the door shut. He took a bite out of the apple, and followed Ryan.

Azuki was in Ryan's room, hovering over the bed, eyes closed. "Ryan, you've got an email from our friend anonymous." Ryan grunted in acknowledgement and slumped onto the chair. He straightened and looked the email. He clicked the notification bubble, then read the email. Ryan's eyebrows arched slowly upwards. "Says here I have to meet him in Davy's Road..." Noticing the confused look on Azuki and Shaman's face, Ryan continued. "It's an alleyway. Pretty close to the beach." Azuki shook her head. "Don't go. It's a trap. I can feel it." Ryan shrugged. "We can get out of traps. Me and Shaman are going."

And so they went. Azuki wasn't coming along, as Ryan wasn't sure how the public would react to a giant flaming bird. Shaman could fit into a large backpack, and so, strapping that on, they strolled to Davy's Road.

"Here we are," Ryan muttered. Ryan squinted, and at the very back, he could make out a human-like shape. "I think that's who we're meant to meet." Ryan walked forward.

The man in front of them was pale, thin and gaunt. He almost looked like a glass statue; if he was tipped over, he would shatter into a million pieces. His waxy skin looked like saran wrap on a metal frame, and he had milky eyes that seemed to stare into all eternity. A thin brown fuzz- hair-covered his head.

The man gave Ryan a shaky smile. "Hello, Ryan."

Shaman popped his head out of the bag, and narrowed his eyes. He gave a small growl.

The man's smile widened. "And Sneasel. Hello, boys."

Ryan stayed mute.

"Alright," the man said. "Let's get down to things. You were the wrong person. The letter wasn't meant to go to you. Release Sneasel."

A pang of surprise hit Ryan, but he concealed it under his ego. Why wouldn't he be chosen?

Instead, he asked "Are you the one who sent the email?"

"Are you going to release your pokemon?"

Ryan frowned. "No."

The man glared at Ryan. "Boy, I have no time for this. Give me the pokemon!"


"I will do what must be done. No interference! Die, Ryan Gorhoff! Go, Linoone!" At this, he produced a red and white ball. He pressed a button on it, and a red ray shot out, materializing in a sleek weasel shaped creature. Ryan assumed it was a pokemon. It was tan, and brown stripes ran across it's body. Sharp blue eyes stared at Ryan. Almost instinctively, Shaman jumped out of the back pack and landed in front of Ryan. Ryan grinned. "Time to kick weasel."

Paleface smiled. "Good bye, Ryan Gorhoff. I will handle the pokemon, then take care of you. Linoone, use Quick Attack!"

One second, Linoone was there, and the next second it wasn't. Linoone had jumped forward, then turned into a blur, speeding towards Shaman.

"Shaman! Do something! I know... Uh... Ummff... Ah! Spin around like a ballerina, with your arms extended and claws out!!!" Shaman looked at Ryan quizically for a second, then nodded. Shaman gave an icy glare at the speeding pokemon, then stuck his arms and claws out, and started spinning. The linoone, having gained too much momentum, sped straight into the claws. Slash!! Linoone almost flew backward from the force of the blow. A long gash ran across it's belly. "Boo yeah! 1 point for Ryan!" Ryan screamed, doing a little dance.

The man frowned. "Useless creature. Use Iron Tail, and this time actually hit the opponent!"

Ryan raised one eyebrow. "Harsh."

Linoone nodded, then closed it's eyes. When it opened them, it's tail was shiny and looked like iron. Linoone then rushed forward, jumping forward. Linoone stuck it's tail out in front of it, looking almost like a hornet. "Shaman, dodge!" Ryan yelled, feeling helpless. It was too late. Linoone raised it's tail, and slammed it on Shaman. Shaman fell to the floor, whimpering, and rolling in pain. The corners of the man's lip rose to form a grim smile. "Super effective. I'm actually surprised it didn't make Sneasel faint. But enough of these games. Linoone, ThunderPunch!"

Linoone stood up on it's hind legs and reared up, pulling back it's front legs. One 'fist' glowed yellow, electricity crackling and sparking off of it. Then Linoone punched Shaman square on the stomach. Sparks flew and after they cleared, Ryan could make out Shaman sprawled across the floor, fainted. "Crap," muttered Ryan. He scooped up Shaman, and stuffed him in the back pack. The man smiled. "You see? Your efforts were fruitless. Linoone, kill." Ryan didn't answer. Instead, he furiously thought for a way out of this mess. The man had ordered the weasel to kill him. He coukd fight... No, he'd lose. Ryan wished he had listened to Azuki and stayed home. Or, if Azuki was here, he could have pounded that Linoone.

Linoone stalked towards Ryan.

Ryan thought harder. He could knock out the man...

Linoone moved closer.

He had to run. Ryan knew Hawaii better than the man. He would lose him in the backroads, then run home.

Linoone rushed forward. Ryan bolted, running towards the main road.

"Hyper Beam! Kill the boy!" yelled the man, who was far behind, his breath coming in heavy bursts.

A ball of energy appeared in Linoone's mouth, getting bigger by the second. Sparks flew in and out of it.

Ryan ran faster, making a sharp left, then turning into a backroad. He was safe.

A minute later, Davy's Road exploded in a blast of light. Debris flew out from the alley. Ryan heard a shrill scream.

Ryan didn't stop running until he reached his street. Panting, he stumbled to his house, opened the door, went inside and closed it.

A second later, the click of a lock locking and the sound of bolts being drawn into place could be heard.

The Gardevoir Lord September 26th, 2012 7:33 PM

I would like to join this role play please here is my SU

Name: Cole Griffin

Nickname: The Gardevoir Lord

Age: 16

Sex: Male

Appearance: Dark Brown shaggy hair, Dark green eyes, Long brown side burns, Lime green raggy shirt untucked, Blue dirt stained jeans untucked over his black leather work boots, Black wrist length work gloves, And a ring on his ring finger.

Personality: On first glance cole looks like he wants to be left alone with a face that says "Get away from me" obviously is a person that most people would avoid. But actually hes very friendly he will open doors for people, Help pokemon out of traps set by team rocket, And volunteer to help out at the pokecenter...but only when you get to know him for he is terrible at socializing with people becuase for most of his life he lived in a lab with his parents and rarely saw anyone else. But the pokemon his parents or the rare visits made by their boss and head of team rocket giovanni. So becuase
of the rare amount of socializing he is shy and doesnt make direct eye contact with anyone he meets. Usually when anyone talks to him for the first time he will either ignore the person or reply with a simple "Oh..hey" or just wave his hand.

History: Raised by his parents who both worked for team rocket cole saw first hand as to what they have done to the pokemon that left him horrified all of his life. It wasnt until he was 16 years old that he thought that enough was enough one night while his parents were being sculded by their boss giovanni. He let most of the pokemon out of there cages letting them escape. Except for one pokemon which he kept for himself a ralts that was bruised up to it's neck. So he took the ralts with him and escaped from the facility leaving his parents forever. While running he came across the viridian forest where he decided to make camp at for a few months. While camping there many more gardevoir,kirlias and ralts started to visit either because of his ralts or because the eroma of his food cooking. What ever the case was they always visited him frequently and would even sleep in his tent. Because of the little space he got he bought at least 50 tents from the local town just a few miles from the viridian forest. Which he set up for the gardevoirs and kirlias to sleep in. As the gardevoirs came and went quite a few of them followed him into town when he was getting supplies earning him the nickname "The Gardevoir Lord" a name that he personally didn't like because he didn't find himself a lord of anything. As the months passed he started to bond with the gardevoirs, kirlias etc but with the gardevoirs especially as they always seemed to follow him everywhere
. Rumors quickly started to emerge when a trainer who was training his beedrill in the viridian forest saw cole kissing a gardevoir on the cheek. Quickly he was acused of having relations with the gardevoir however no hard evidence can prove this other than the fact that he was wearing what seemed like a wedding ring and occasionaly holding the gardevoirs hand. But cole never let these rumors get to him either because it wasnt true or he just didn't care.

Starter: Ralts

Lunacrest September 26th, 2012 8:15 PM

Well, here's my app. I hope I was pretty original.

Name: Noah Loveride
Gender: Male
Age: [16+] 17
Personality: Noah is quite cynical, and sarcastic. He doesn't express concern for anyone or anything other than himself. He always makes sarcastic remarks, even in serious times. Noah doesn't like to do anything sports-related, and he often is a loner. He makes up for his lack of athletic ability by having a surplus of intelligence. He is rather pessimistic, often thinking about the worst of situations. Noah doesn't have any friends; he only refers to them as acquantances. He uses his sarcastic remarks in order to ward off anyone he doesn't want to see.

Chris, on the other hand, is cheerful, and overly optimistic. He always tries to find the bright side of every situation, even when there seems to be none. Chris is also cheerful in serious situations, which can get on the nerves of some people. In battling, Chris is very hesitant, as he doesn't want his Pokemon to get hurt. He will often switch tactics, and switch Pokemon.

Eric is Noah's least favorite personality. He is cold, and calculating, using every ounce of Noah's intelligence to find and exploit any weakness about the opponent. Eric shows disdain to everyone, even the other personalities in Noah's head. He is rather arrogant, boasting about his intelligence. Eric uses Noah's intelligence in order to figure out people. He will force Noah's Pokemon to train harder, even past their limits. This is only one of the reasons why Eric is Noah's last favorite.

Alex is the athletic side of Noah. Alex is the least intelligent of all five of Noah's personalities. In fact, Alex didn't use his brains much at all, and mostly relies on brute force. Alex has intense gymnast skills, but often shows arrogance at what he does. He doesn't like losing, so he trains Noah's Pokemon until they get tired, only to heal them and train again.

Sol is the personality that Noah likes the most. Sol represents the artistic side of Noah's mind. Because of this artistic side, Sol is rather reserved, and composed; something Noah enjoys when he's around. Sol meditates a lot, in order to calm down. He is also experienced in the art of Tae Kwon Do.

Appearance: Noah has jet-black hair that goes down to the back of his neck. It's spiked up in the front, which goes with his light skin tone. Noah has crystal blue eyes. He has natural muscle, but doesn't use it very often unless Alex is around. Noah is rather scrawny, and short at a height of 5"7. He has a small build.

Noah usually wears a long-sleeved black shirt, with a blueberry-colored sweatshirt on top. He always wears black pants, with white socks, though nobody can see the socks. Noah always wears black sneakers with blueberry-colored laces.

History: Noah was born in the Petalburg City Hospital on March 3rd, 1995. He was crying a lot over the next few weeks, which his parents thought was normal. However, as he began to grow up, he began to experience mood-swings, from becoming snarky, to a sweet little angel. Once again, his parents thought that everything was still normal.

When elementary school started, Noah had the curse of being intelligent without having the muscles. He was a common target for bullies, right up until the last day of school, where someone screamed a word that hurt him. "FREAK!" It stung, because he knew he wasn't one, but he didn't know if people thought he was.

In high school, the bullying continued, and it gradually worsened. The worst year was in Sophmore, when he came out of the closet to his parents, and most of his friends. Many of his friends stuck with him, but some bullies continually began to beat him even more, as they thought they were teaching 'a ***' a lesson. Finally, Noah began to use his sarcastic remarks against the bullies, who left him alone after that. His friends became his acquaintances, while his parents were trying to get him to stop being so defensive.

Then, it happened. After school one day, Noah's parents were talking to him. Suddenly, Noah changed into Chris, asking if they were having the best day ever, since it totally was. His parents glanced at each other, as they had seen him multiple times like this. They finally decided to go to a doctor, and so they went to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed his condition as Multiple Personality Disorder, or MPD for short. His parents were surprisingly okay with it, asking "Chris" if he wanted some tea later on.

One week before leaving, his mother gave Noah a box of special pills, that were to be used when Noah REALLY didn't need one of his personalities messing something up.

Starter: Castform

Roleplay Example:

Noah Loveride really didn't need anyone telling him that it was time to wake up. If things had been his way, sleep would take over, and reality wouldn't exist. As he pushed away the cyan-sheets of his slept-in bed, he began to think for a while. As he stared at the white ceiling, he thought of different memories he had before he was a freak.

"Stop it, Noah, you're not a freak. You're intelligent; you've got the brains to overpower anyone else, and crush the competition! You'll show them all..." Eric's voice echoed in Noah's head. Noah began to have a headache, as he began to close his eyes to concentrate on meeting Eric.

As Noah opened his eyes, he was delighted at what he saw. He was standing on a never-ending grassy field, where there was a rainbow stretching out on the blue sky. It was his happy place, where no one could be considered a "freak,"

"You decided on this place for a meeting? You're such a pansy," Eric snickered, before appearing in front of me. Noah sighed; he hated talking to Eric.

"What do you want, Eric?" Noah asked his alternate personality. Eric chuckled almost sadistically, before answering the question.

"Noah, you have to pi-" Eric was cut off by Alex landing, quite literally, in the middle of the conversation with his feet planted on the ground. Alex had just finished perfecting his triple-flip landing technique, so he was psyched. He was about to tell Noah something before Eric knocked him out with a pressure point. Noah rolled his eyes; Eric just had to ruin the fun.

"You've got to choose Castform as your Pokémon, so you can connect to it on a personal level. Like you, it can change forms. Think of the power you could wield!" Eric grinned widely, like a madman. Noah nodded, in order to get Eric away. As always, Eric nodded back, before disappearing in a flash of smoke.

"For once, he's not bad in considering the options of what Pokémon to get," a voice said behind Noah. He turned around to see Sol, walking towards him. Sol was smiling, and Noah could tell that he was meditating considering he looked calm.

"Honestly Sol, I think he's right. If I get Castform, we could relate on a personal level, giving us a personal bond," Noah explained to the alternate personality. Sol nodded in understanding, before turning to Alex.

"I'll leave that up to you, Noah. For now, I've got to take Mr. Jock to my office for a repair!" Sol grinned, before disappearing with Alex. Noah closed his eyes, and, when he opened them, was back in his room.

Noah sighed, as he heard his mom calling him from downstairs. He quickly changed out of his sleepwear, and packed it up inside of his bag. Then, he put on his black long-sleeved shirt, and blueberry-colored sweatshirt. After that, he put on his black pants, and his black shoes with blue laces. Noah took a look at himself in the mirror in the bathroom to look himself over. He gave a sigh of boredom, before heading downstairs.

It was time, though Noah was too bored to do anything, for a new day.

Fuyu September 30th, 2012 6:39 PM

SU finally complete. Let me know if anything needs to be changed or clarified.

Kranic September 30th, 2012 8:06 PM

Hey there,
Hope my application is good enough, been eyeing this roleplay for a little bit and I finally got around to finishing my character's profile.

Name: Noel Wolfe

Gender: Female

Age: 16


The easiest word to describe Ms. Noel is Rash. Quick to get to action, Noel isn't one to sit and wait for things to happen.

Noel is very curious, generally going out of her way to find answers to her questions, generally not caring about social obstacles that would block her way. This generally causes her to not care too much about space and to ask very personal spontaneously, frankly she isn't very tactful. If someone knows something she wants to know she'll ask right away taking few to no steps to get to the question. If she wants to go somewhere and the way is blocked off to her, she will try her best to get to find her way to where she wants. No has no meaning to her. Tell her not to do something and she wants to do it, she will do it. It tends to be hard to reason with her to get out of something, though if you do resent a good enough reason, she will listen. She's very childlike in this manner.
Noel isn't one to be selfish, but she REFUSES to go out of her way for other people, generally only doing things if it has some kind of benefit to her, even if it’s small. She feels it's wrong for others to do things for free and that people should be able to solve their problems with their own effort, be it money or their strength. Of course she has no problem with working with other people or even helping people, but only if she gains something from it, even if it’s something small, like getting from one place to another.

The main problem Noel deals with is that she finds most people rather boring. After spending so much time with people, she just stops caring about them and drifts away from them. She needs to keep something new in her life to keep her entertained. This tendency causes her problems when it comes time for her to move onto something else, usually due to her confronting those who she is bored about over issues. She usually comes off as tad bit shallow because of this.


Noel is a fair skinned girl with brown eyes and black wavy hair that she holds back in a ponytail. Noel stands at five foot seven with a curvy but still attractively thin frame that she is quite fond of.The most notable aspect of her face is undeniably her zig-zagging blond bang that covers the right side of her face.

The outfit she wore for her trip to Hoenn began with a short-sleeved black crop top shirt with pokeball emblem on it's chest, going past her midriff was a red belt that held up a torn piece of white cloth that may have at one time been a skirt or some type of clothing. Under the cloth is a pair of black shorts which lead down to her black socks and red pair of sneakers. Clearly the combination of Noel's clothing is a bit odd but oddly enough when meshed together to forms an overall acceptable outfit. If there is one thing that can definitely be seen through the girl's sense of fashion, it is that she has a good sense of self.


Noel was born in Castelia City. She rarely left the city and all her world experience comes from the dark alleyways and tall buildings. She was raised by a single mother since she was Seven, after her father left her mother for various reasons. Noel still maintained contact for with her father for a while after the divorce. Noel still came to resent him, which eventually lead to his complete disappearance from her life.

Life went fairly normally for the girl besides the divorce. She went to school made from friends, dealt with the usual drama girls her age dealt with. Really the only thing that stood out in her teenage life was the way she dealt with friends. She always grew tired of them after a few month and would cut ties with them over a big argument. Time and time again, Noel would express her displeasure with her group of friends, everything she didn't like and cause a big storm that always ended her being excluding from the group. Noel never really cared as she knew beginning the argument that this would be the result. This of course meant that she never bothered to patch up the relationships.

As time went on, she grew a larger and larger groups of haters which eventually lead to her giving up on really making any friends in school, as frankly basically everyone disliked her to some degree. Of course this breed a certain strength in her, a confident that nobody could really challenge. She wasn't bothered by what people said about her as she knew all the people that hated her and made her decision to not care about those people long before they decided to dislike her. Words meant nothing to her and that became her strength, her person.

Course having no friends does eventually get to you, though in Noel's case it was just that she was bored. As such, Noel searched for friends in different circles. Unfortunately, history repeated itself and she made more circles of people that disliked her attitude. Course this became an activity that Noel found pretty fun. Find groups of people and learn enough about them until you become bored and end it by letting the group know everything you believe to be wrong with them. It was quite the game for her and is really the only thing that she found to be interesting for her.

Sadly as time kept going, she grew tired of the people in her city. Noel felt there were only so many types of people in the city and only so many unconnected circles. She started to get a name for herself with kids her age, causing people to be less trusting with information with her thus making her game much harder and much less entertaining. This was when she decided that when her 16th birthday came around she would do something new, that she would give up her silly game and do something a little more productive with her life. Noel decided to try out pokemon training.

After doing a little research on the subject, Noel decided to take her journey all the way out to Hoenn. One as a means of getting away from all these circles that she has become familiar with and two to try something completely new. Hoenn seemed so foreign compared to her home and it excited her to see the people of this place. She also read that the rules to be a trainer in the Hoenn region were a little less strict than other regions, which further promoted her interest.

It took a bit of time for her to convince Noel's mother to be okay with this, but eventually she accepted Noel's proposal and the plan was set. It took few month after Noel's birthday to get everything in order, but it eventually came time for her to begin this new chapter of her life.


Roleplay Example:

The two pokemon looked forward at the rhyhorn.

Things really weren't looking good for the pokemon, both the Charmander and Mareep held a weakness to ground type moves, of which are known for having a wide range, and the Charmander in particular had a second weakness to rock moves. Another favorable trait for the Rhyhorn. The two pokemon were also rather young, so they didn't have much of a moveset to counter the frightening rhino creature. Regardless, the fought on.

The two pokemon appropriately began with an attack from their respective elements: Icuru spat an ember and Virva, a thundershock. The thundershock had no effect on the pokemon and the ember barely seemed to dent it. The grunt laughed at their attempts and responded with a simple command:

"Rhyhorn baby~ Why don't chu just use magnitude on these runts, I'll go after the kid after you beat them off."

The rhyhorn nodded and proceeded to stomp the ground and send pulses towards the two pokemon, who instinctively began to run. Through good timing the move flowed passed them into cliff a distance behind them. As an example of the attacks power the clift fell apart, becoming nothing more than a slope of rocks.

The two pokemon looked back freighted, the attack was devastating and they didn't have anything to counter it. Regardless, they both choose to join this adventure and they were going to do all they can to reach their trainer's wishes.

"Guys, your special attacks don't seem to do much damage, do a direct attack now!"
Castor yelled out watching the battle carefully, commanding only off of instincts.

Icuru followed the directions first and Virva soon followed. As quick as the two pokemon possibly could, the only direct contact moves they knew: scratch and tackle. It was totally ineffective. Taking advantage of the nearby pokemon, the rhyhorn took another stomp using magnitude on the two nearby pokemon.

It was super effective!

The two pokemon stumbled a bit and fell down, as the earth began to shake and were eventually bounced high up into the air, before hitting the ground, hard. The rhyhorn then kicked the two pokemon over to the crushed cliff not too far away. Fortunately, it seemed the attack was a low level magnitude and the two pokemon managed to get up, but the attack was still very damaging.

"This isn't good...this isn't good."

Castor chanted to himself, seeing how much harm and just how ineffective the two pokemon were against this monster.

"Icuru, use smokescreen! Virva avoid trying to damage the rhyhorn and just protect Icuru!"

Castor yelled out as he tried to think of a better plan.

The grunt just laughed in response, enjoying the battle thoroughly.

"This is over kid, just give up."


"I'm sorry dude, but I'm not a kid who gives up. "

The boy grinned with confident.

This was all he had left.

Strikit October 1st, 2012 5:45 PM

I for sure want a part in this. I love Nuzlocke challenges, I love your roleplays... It's a no brainer. So give me just a little bit to get an SU tossed out?

Fuyu October 1st, 2012 5:52 PM

I'm pretty sure you can still jump on Strikit. :) Swan hasn't judged the SUs yet.

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This Role Play looks like it could use some more flower power to it...

I'll post a sign up by tomorrow, I believe. Hope you're open-minded towards people who are new to the forum but not to writing. ^_^ I was looking around a couple websites for a good Role Play, and this one was so good I couldn't pass up the chance to be in it.

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As promised...
Name: Mara Henning


Age: 21

Personality: The propaganda of the anti-battling activists has untouched Mara. Her personality has been described as harsh and egocentric in the past, and there is certainly truth to those allegations. She has been known to drive her Pokemon to the point of exhaustion, and she's a big fan of adrenaline injections to get them to work even with crippling injuries. Mara is actually very charismatic and many people like her when they first meet her. However, as they realize her sociopathic tendencies, it drives people who would otherwise be friends away. Pokemon tend to recognize her as a threat immediately and she finds it difficult if not impossible to gain any Pokemon's trust. Even the Pokemon of other trainers show her fear and aggression.

For these reasons Mara seeks out younger, naive individuals for companionship. They're easier to manipulate into following her orders and accepting her ways. At times she even coerces them into giving her Pokemon she wants, their money, or their items. By most authority figures she's considered a bad influence and dangerous. However, she has no reputation in Hoenn, so its a fresh start for her.

Appearance: Tall for a woman, Mara stands at five feet and nine inches. As such she can be a bit intimidating as she towers over those shorter than her. Her left eyebrow is pierced with a simple surgical steel open ball ring. That is actually the extent of her "tough" appearance. Mara is certainly pretty. Her hair is long, reaching down to her shoulder blades, and is an eye-catching shade of red. There isn't much wave to speak of in it. It's styled in a side-part on the left side so that her eyebrow piercing is easily visible. Her face is soft, gentle, and completely opposite her personality. Mara's lips are full and inviting, and often curved into an alluring smirk. Observant brown eyes peer at new people, Pokemon, and places. They are lined lightly to bring out the color and to make them appear softer. Her complexion is strangely fair for the amount of time she spends outside, but a slight pattern of freckles covers her nose and her cheekbones.

Mara is not voluptuous, but she is also not flat. There is the faintest hourglass shape to her body. Her breasts are small but proportionate, her legs are long and toned, and it is clear that she is in good shape. At the tips of her fingers are well manicured sharp nails.

She wears well fitting jeans most of the time, not too tight, not too loose. They allow her to showcase her body and ensnare male attention without getting in her way while she's out on the field. On her feet she wears thick soled boots to protect her soles from rough terrain. They're a bit worn as they're the same ones she wore in Johto, but they're still functional. Generally she wears form-fitting tees under a denim vest, on the inside of which she has her Pokeballs attached. It sports several patches and pins she's earned along her way, many of which are from the street gang she used to run with. She prizes that vest more than anything she owns.

On Mara's right hip, she's tattooed the symbol of her gang: three interlocking Pokeballs in a triangular pattern with a stylized skull in the middle. It's done in intricate color with excellent workmanship, but when questioned about it she changes the subject quickly.

History: Mara was born in Goldenrod, Johto. To say her parents "raised" her is a bit of an exaggeration. They mostly kept her from starving to death as a young child. At the age of seven she started hanging out with a few rough kids who battled Pokemon in the street. Their methods were arguably cruel. Luckily for the Pokemon involved they were all weak and low level, so fatalities and grievous injuries were few and far between. However as the group grew older the Pokemon they caught were stronger, and the fights got rougher. Blood began to coat the pavement of the alley their fighting ring took place in. Mara was one of the best fighters, but also the most brutal. She pushed her Pokemon to their limits and sometimes when the battle was particularly emotional she wasn't afraid to throw herself into the fray. There was no question about it; when Mara turned sixteen she went to New Bark Town for a trainers' license. Beginning there, she captured as many Pokemon as she could. Her hard-headed battling strategy led to many fatalities on both sides. Adrenaline injections filled one of the pockets of her bag and she used them often, mainly during gym leader battles. Often she was criticized for the way she treated her Pokemon. Never did she care.

Mara made it all the way to Blackthorn before anti-battling activists brought her training there to a screeching halt. They barred the way out of the city for trainers. Law enforcement there tried to dissipate the mob but not before they stole all of Mara's Pokemon and set them free. They weren't stupid; they weren't about to go back to their abusive trainer. They escaped into the wild and left Mara to return to Goldenrod, angry at the world. There wasn't much to do but move back in with her neglectful parents. She moped around Goldenrod for a while after that. Her old gang had gone off to do their own things, she didn't care to get a job, and even if she'd wanted to train under crybaby Whitney, which she didn't, she wouldn't allow Mara to join her gym. She remembered how Mara trained and disapproved greatly of it. For a while Mara believed she'd be living with her parents in Goldenrod forever. Pokemon rights legislation was passing in many regions. But she was watching the news one night and in a story that was mean to be pro-Pokemon's rights, they mentioned that Hoenn was one of the few areas of the world where the new ways had yet to be adopted. That just meant that was the perfect place for her. She was older now and a little rusty, but still as good as ever. Mara packed her old gear and supplies, along with the adrenaline injections that were now highly illegal, and boarded a ship over to Hoenn.

Starter: Vulpix

Roleplay Example: Cold stone walls surrounded Calix. They were slick with dampness and filth and he was afraid to lean on them, but at the same time he desperately wanted to feel his back pressed against something. Several pairs of hungry, haunted eyes stared back at him. He didn't think they were truly dangerous to him but he couldn't help but feel terrified. He very much should, considering the situation he found himself in. He could still hear Anstice making the deal with the frightening older man he had taken Calix to. Although he couldn't hear exactly what they were saying he could make out something about money, and that he liked men. Calix chewed his lip and cringed. He didn't know whether that would make a difference in his treatment, even make it worse, but he suspected that he wouldn't get lucky.

Shortly Anstice and the old man stood in front of the cold iron bars enclosing the room -- or rather, cell -- Calix and the others were in. "Make certain that you sell him to an individual of my specifications," Anstice restated. Calix looked up at him desperately, blue eyes spilling over with tears.

"Please," he squeaked one last time. "Do not leave me here. I will change, I promise."

Anstice looked down at the little angel who had once regarded him as a hero with a brand of indifference that most did not possess. He acted as though he hadn't heard Calix at all and instead finished the deal with the slave broker and left, a handsome sum of money now in his possession. With Anstice gone the broker opened the cell door and grabbed Calix by the hair.

"Get over here so I can look at you," he demanded. Calix squeaked in pain but didn't struggle, far too terrified. He allowed the broker to prod his arm muscles, chest, belly, and sides, though he protested when he began to run his hands over Calix's back. He knew that the broker wouldn't be able to tell his wings were safely folded in his back, but he instinctively didn't want anyone touching him there. His instinctive reaction earned him a hard knock in the head.

"Be still!" the broker demanded. Calix whimpered and closed his eyes tightly, simply pretending that this wasn't happening. That was just as well. The broker felt over his back, prodded his rear muscles, squeezed his legs, and without even giving Calix time to protest pulled back the waist of his pants to peer down them.

"You're in good shape," he commented. "Very pretty, healthy looking, and a nicely sized package. You'll sell in no time."

Somehow Calix just couldn't get too excited about that. He allowed himself to be shoved back into the cell and went straight to the nearest corner where he curled up on the floor and kept his eyes closed, wishing he could use his wings as a blanket but he didn't want the broker to see them. That would raise too many questions, and he didn't want to go to someone who would treat him badly because of what he was, or to some society who would want to test him. It wasn't as though he had any rights anymore, after all.

The days passed in a blur. The only concept of time Calix had was that every so often, twice a day he supposed, a few moldy pieces of bread were thrown into the cell onto the floor, along with a single pitcher of water. Every time a pack of starving slaves-to-be would lurch forward, fighting one another for the meager meal, until there was nothing left. Not once did Calix engage himself in the fray. Once one of the others took pity in him and gave him a chunk of the bread. He smiled in thanks and took it, chewing it slowly so as not to upset his tumultuous stomach.

Although he didn't know it, three weeks passed before a well dressed gentleman came. He wore a luxurious black suit, his dark hair was neatly combed, and it was clear that he had never had to work a day in his life. From a distance Calix could easily tell that he was built well, neither fat nor thin, and he was very tall. Although he seemed pleasant enough at first glance he made Calix uneasy. His aura was unclean, and his presence was menacing.

The man stopped in front of the cell Calix was in and folded his hands behind his back. "Have you any of the sort I am partial to?" he asked the broker. The old man cackled darkly and answered "Oh, yes. I have one I got a few weeks ago, and I think he's exactly what you're after."

The broker unlocked the cell and yelled "You! Blondie! Get over here."

There were several blonde individuals in the cell, but he was looking straight at Calix so there was no question who he was talking to. Tentatively he got to his feet and shuffled over, weak from thirst and malnourishment. The man raised an eyebrow interestedly.

"This is the one you meant? He seems... effeminate. Is he? How are his manners?"

The broker pushed Calix forward a little so he could lock the door behind him, leaving him outside of the cell. "I haven't been around him all that much but so far he seems to know the meaning of respect. Don't you?" He shoved Calix to prove his point and Calix only caught himself and looked up at him with sorrowful eyes.

"Quite nice," the man commented. "He will do nicely. Does he have a name?"

The broker elbowed Calix in the ribs. "What's your name? Speak up!"

Calix winced. "C...Calix."

The man then did the same as the broker had before, poking his muscles, squeezing his legs, and checking his physique. Before he sealed the deal he lifted Calix's face up with surprisingly gentle hands and brushed his hair out of his eyes. "You are quite pretty," he told him. "You will be coming home with me."

He pulled out his coin purse and untied the drawstring. "How much do you ask for him?"

"Five thousand and no less," the broker demanded. Without any protest the man handed over exactly that much.

"Come now," he told Calix. He didn't wait long before he grasped him by the upper arm and pulled. "Come, I said. Do not make me wait."

A twinge of fear began in the pit of Calix's stomach as he hurried after the man. What sort of life was he getting into?

The man pushed Calix into the waiting carriage and told the driver to go on. The horses began pulling, leaving Calix at the mercy of his new master.

"You will call me Master Spencer," he informed him. "If you address me, you will remember your manners and call me sir. When we come to my home you will have your own quarters in the east wing, as do all of my slaves. I expect you to remain clean and well groomed with styles that I will choose for you. If you deviate from my instructions you will be punished most severely. I suggest that you do not make this difficult for yourself. Do you understand all I have said?"

Calix swallowed nervously. "Yes... sir."

Spencer nodded appreciatively. "Good boy."

The rest of the ride passed in silence. When the carriage pulled up in front of the estate Spencer made Calix open the door and hold it for him as he stepped down. "Follow me," he ordered. He led Calix into the foyer and pulled a string near the door that was attached to a series of bells throughout the house.

"Eden!" he called loudly. "Come to the foyer immediately."

Despondency October 3rd, 2012 7:05 PM

Well, here's the first couple parts, looking forward to writing the history. Hope you enjoy it so far.

EDIT: History added

Name: Jade Catharine DePois

Gender: Female

Age: 17


Jade is not the most practical person. Easily swayed by her emotions, (which change as often as her clothes) everything is made into a drama production around Jade. Sometimes her inflated actions and reactions blow up to such an extremity that people find it hard to take her seriously. Stomping feet, extreme breakdowns, and boisterous cheers are common indicators of their respective emotions. She has no issue humming or singing in front of others. Of course, this provides easy and clear communication to others; it also has a way of pushing them away. The only ones who misunderstand her are those who are new to her due to her strange, but consistent, techniques.

Jade loves her own Pokémon more than anyone else could imagine. Though the recent anti-battling activists confuse her, Jade doesn’t believe in killing her Pokémon for the point of recreation. Often, Jade would walk through her father’s garden and pet the Skittys that found themselves enchanted by the aroma of the garden. She grew up with Pokémon; they have always understood her more than any human, especially the nanny, her only mother figure. They never told her to “Grow up.”


Jade dresses as loudly as her personality. Standing at a respectable 5’7”, she seems caught up in a very... –modern- way… to say the least. Adults find themselves appalled at the sense of fashion she has chosen, one that often shares taste with Elesa. Tight-skinned designer clothes keep her up-to-date from a cultural standpoint. Separate neon colors and sharp black make up the majority of her outfits (though pink more often than not). She can turn men’s heads, but is not particularly “gorgeous.”

Though, the clothes do prove her figure is envied, her face isn’t exactly model material. Jade’s face has its imperfections, such as freckles and still a little hints of acne around the portrait. Make-up does its best to keep a smooth, symmetric through some unconventional methods. The choice to use any color of the rainbow is common from Jade. Bright green eyeliner takes away the gaze from red blemishes to her deep green eyes. Her hair is short, only clawing towards her chin. A common description of her hairstyle? People say she looks like a modern flapper. She doesn’t mean to come off as one, certainly not from the rebellion standpoint. It just happens to be what she looks like. A streak of green highlight is the main separation from the rest of her naturally jet-black hair. Jade loves her name and admits to being cheesy, but she does, in fact, wear jade earrings.


Throughout her life, Jade has been provided everything she ever really wanted physically. Her father made a considerable amount throughout his career, easily enough to take care of his beloved little girl while he was gone. She had received care from a nanny throughout her young life, but Jade never did appreciate her services, nor did she care. Every week she would just wait for Sunday to come along. That one day when daddy finally came home and they’d have just that one day together. During this time, she was also homeschooled, which would later contribute to her socially awkward personality. One of her earliest memories was of her father reading folklore to her at night. Nothing fascinated her more than the story of Suicune, but dragons came close. Her mother never died, but left her father when Jade was too young to remember.

Later, when Jade grew older and entered more questionable years of her life, she would often get angry with her dad for not being there. What was done was done, though, and she argued her way into public high school. These were rough years for the second generation DePois. She certainly had the etiquette to act civilly around others, just way too much for the other highschoolers. Any time the students had the chance; they would attack her wealth. “Diamond” was her nickname, obviously with quite a bit of sarcasm. One student, Frederick, sacrificed his popularity to be her one friend that year. Though he helped her through it, that summer her wardrobe pushed her proper dresses to the back and replaced with modern fashion (her dad didn’t exactly approve of the change, but he decided to encourage her choice). The boys certainly enjoyed this change, finally accepting her as the person she was. Frederick was still the one she chose to be with the longest that year.



Roleplay Example:


-Take a Bow-

Tonight’s the night of our nation, nation
Don’t take it away or face damnation
We are the people of tomorrow’s world
We are the people of tomorrow’s world.

Jade’s feet slammed the ground intermittently as the music pounded her body and echoed through her ears. No concert even compared to the musical talent of the latest pop sensation (then again, none had compared to the previous pop stars…). Her head was an earthquake; her hair displayed the aftershocks. Tonight was not just any night out, though; this was her 17th birthday present from her parents, verification of her adulthood. Ever since she was a child, she idolized becoming the boss of her life. Unlike most teens, she loved her parents, and couldn’t understand the ideas behind rebellion. None of these thoughts arose to her head; however, the world’s largest smile ensured that. All that was left tonight was Jade and Frederick, her boyfriend of six months. Frederick didn’t particularly enjoy pop, but if it made her happy on her birthday, he would appease anything she wanted.

Forget what they say
Migrate away
This is our world now
Jade’s energy spiked with the crowd’s as the song entered its chorus. She couldn’t quite tell if the headache was from the noise, or a sore neck pleading for rest, but the pain was bliss. Jade was on top of the earth for once, for this moment she owned everything. She knew it couldn’t last forever, nor did she care. Frederick and she caught eyes and both smiled. For a moment, Jade leaned in to kiss him as they had so often. Something unusual took place this time. Frederick turned away? Her bouncing slowed to a halt. The crowd didn’t matter anymore. A separate entity and sole focus on Frederick was all Jade saw. This had never happened before: surely he must not have seen her. All possible validations of her reality rushed her mind. He simply didn’t see… Or, maybe my breath smells bad? I’m sure it’s nothing.

“Look…” Frederick’s voice was hardly audible over the blasting music and the roar of the crowd. Even so, Jade knew this ‘Look.’ Along with the tone and the context, this ‘Look’ could only mean one thing: disappointment. “I can’t take this anymore.” He didn’t even have the decency to look her in the eyes. His own fell to his feet as they toyed with the ground in a nervous habit. “This… Us… I thought this would be ABOUT us… Not just you.” His stoic face represented the seriousness of the nature. “You’re a great girl, and all, just a little… egocentric.”

Jade’s smile had faded some time ago, but tears clawed at her eyes. They were not tears of sadness, per say, but rather her only reaction. Numbness wrapped her body like a straight jacket. Her mouth unhinged, but nothing escaped. Everything was so sudden, but only one function of her body could work: instinct. A palm raised into the air with a second of delay. Frederick acknowledged it, and allowed the slap to come, his payment. Of course, he deserved it in both their eyes, but both felt an emotional tear within themselves. Like the stone she was named after, Jade’s heart went stone cold. She quickly walked behind the crowd, shunning her own face from view. Streaming make-up didn’t exactly make for a beautiful woman.
We simply must wait
‘Till the world takes its bow
The crowd erupted into applaud as the top-of-the-charts song completed.

Nothing can stop us now

Jade ignored the sound from the stadium, and mounted the Dragonite she had hired from the ferrying service, though the Dragonite sensed her despondency, he took her home anyway. It had always been a dream of Jade’s to fly by dragon, but this was similar to a nightmare. Numbness didn’t exactly constitute the “nightmare” status, rather more like a sort of limbo. Tears flew into the night sky, but sadness didn’t cause them. It seemed cruel to ruin a childish person’s birthday; yet, she didn’t care about that. He wasted both their time by waiting to tell her.

As the Dragonite landed in the courtyard of her home, she dismounted and placed all of her pocket change into the pouch. Satisfied, it cried and flew off into the night.

Jade didn’t storm into her house, exactly, more like floated through. She silently closed the door, slithered into her room, and closed the door. Slowly she began removing her earrings. Like a Duskull, she sat on her bed with all of her tears cried out, and a pale white face. No sounds surrounded her, her father on another business trip. There was no way she could sleep; Jade stood up and walked to the computer. She needed to escape, get away, and only one solution would be permanent. Moving the mouse on her computer, she scrolled the cursor over the search bar. “S-U-I-C—“ One of the top searches stopped her from typing the obviously masochistic thought.

A couple people throughout Hoenn claim they have seen the dog told in legends. Yes, people have said Suicune has appeared throughout the region. Though no evidence or scientific theory shows any proof of this, the cases have occurred throughout the region and seem entirely unrelated. Many trainers have left their lives in search of the idyllic dog. Read More….
One phrase popped out to Jade.

Many trainers have left their lives in search of the idyllic dog.
And with that, Jade realized what she must do. She scribbled down a note to her father. Her hand stung with not only memories, but physically from Frederick’s solid face. She grabbed the money her father had left her, packed a traveler’s bag, and left.


Do not be alarmed; I am okay. I am following in your dad’s footsteps. I just need to get out for once.
Love you lots, See you soon.

{Swan} October 4th, 2012 12:58 AM

Achievement unlocked: internet.

Sorry guys, it took me ridiculously long to get internet going at my new appartment. Not fun. But I'vve got wifi going now which means we can finally get this thing on the road!

@Fuyu Man oh man, I love your characters. I cannot wait to see her/him/them in action! You're fully accepted.


Level: 15
Gender: Your Pick
Type: Dark/Dragon
Ability: Hustle

- Dark Pulse
- Tackle
- Dragon Rage
- Focus Energy
- Bite
- Headbutt

@Nimblethumbs That's mmost certainly a very interesting character, and interesting characters are always welcome in my roleplays. You're accepted, I'll look forward to Logan's antics.


Level: 15
Gender: Your Pick
Type: Dark/Steel
Ability: Defiant

- Psycho Cut
- Scratch
- Leer
- Fury Cutter
- Torment

@TheGardevoirLord I'm sorry, I'm going to have to decline your application, on grounds of no roleplay example as well as a lack of comparative quality.

@Lunacrest Another very creative character, I'm loving all the strangeness so far! You're accepted, although I do expect your posts to be a little longer than the example.


Level: 15
Gender: Your Pick
Type: Normal
Ability: Forecast

- Future Sight
- Tackle
- Water Gun
- Ember
- Powder Snow
- Headbutt

@Kranic You're accepted with another quite interesting character. I'd like to caution you that idealy your posts in this roleplay should be a bit longer than your example though.


Level: 15
Gender: Your Pick
Type: Dragon
Ability: Rivalry

- Razor Wind
- Scratch
- Leer
- Assurance
- Dragon Rage
- Dual Chop

@Strikit How nice to see you again! I'm really glad you're joining the roleplay, you're absolutely accepted, I can't wait to see Mara in action, especcially battle-wise.


Level: 15
Gender: Your Pick
Type: Fire
Ability: Flash Fire

- Heat Wave
- Ember
- Tail Whip
- Roar
- Quick Attack
- Fire Spin
- Confuse Ray

@Despondency And now with Meowth:


Level: 15
Gender: Your Pick
Type: Normal
Ability: Pickup

- Iron Tail
- Scratch
- Growl
- Bite
- Fake Out
- Fury Swipes

ALSO here are the Pokémon each of you is allowed to catch:

Level: 12
Type: Electric
Moves: Charge, Tackle, Sonic Boom, Spark

Level: 12
Type: Water
Moves: Tackle, Harden, Water Gun, Rapid Spin, Recover

Level 12
Type: Normal
Moves: Heal Bell, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Tackle Tail Whip, Charm, Bite

Level: 12
Type: Water/Flying
Moves: Twister, Growl, Water Gun, Supersonic, Wing Attack

Nothing, as per order of the dice.

Level: 12
Type: Water/Dark
Moves: Bubble, Harden, Vice Grip

Level: 12
Type: Electric
Moves: Charge, Tackle, Sonic Boom, Spark

Levell: 12
Type: Water
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Water Sport

Level: 12
Type: Water/Flying
Moves: Growl, Water Gun, Supersonic, Wing Attack

Level 12
Type: Normal
Moves: Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Tackle, Scary Face, Tail Whip, Charm, Bite

Level: 12
Type: Normal/Flying
Moves: Peck, Growl, Focus Energy, Quick Attack

Level: 12
Moves: Scratch, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Astonish, Baton Pass

Levell: 12
Type: Water
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Water Gun, Water Sport

Despondency October 4th, 2012 7:49 AM

Thanks for the second chance... I'm afraid the history had to be a little cliché in order to make a believable past... I promise you she will develop well, I have a lot in mind for her.

{Swan} October 4th, 2012 10:53 AM

You are most certainly accepted Despondency, and don't worry, you're still on your first chance C: Welcome to the roleplay.

Strikit October 4th, 2012 5:04 PM

Excellent, I'm really glad I wasn't too late. This sounds really fun. I can't wait to write Mara battling, but I have to admit she's going to be really hard. I'm an animal lover, so writing someone so blatantly abusive and making it convincing will be a challenge. But she'll certainly be interesting.

Kranic October 4th, 2012 6:43 PM

Two things,

When meeting up with the professor is the whole group going to be there or is it a pop in, pick up pokemon, pop out, meet up with people later type of deal?

Second, since I was lucky enough to pick up a early evolution, I was thinking about how I should approach the evolution. It would be a little awkward to just pick up the Axew then a few posts poop Fraxure. I'm assuming levels aren't so important for evolution, but I figured the best option would be to evolve him as close to the end of the area as possible, but I was just wondering what your thoughts on the matter.

{Swan} October 4th, 2012 11:36 PM

@Strikit - I can imagine, still a challenging character is often quite fun to write for, I'll look forward to what you come up with. In any case Mara fits this setting perfectly. (I'm an animal lover too, Pokémon death will be tricky)

@Kranic - Right, I knew I forgot to mention something. Just like the adrenaline shots mentioned in the first post, in this setting there's also an injection you can give your Pokémon for immediate evolution. They're incredibly expensive, but maybe your character could get their hands on one somehow? Same goes for Despondency who was lucky enough to get the same diceroll.

As for meeting with the professor is probably more pop in, pop out. As mentioned in the rules you may meet with other roleplayers at any time in the roleplay doing a joined post and this is no exception. Meeting up with others is really on your own discretion in this roleplay.

Also feel free to play with the setting yourself.

Kranic October 5th, 2012 6:29 AM

What are the negative aspects of the Evolution Adrenaline shots anyways? You mentioned that the normal adrenaline shots kills the pokemon once they wear off, but it wouldn't really be fair if we had to kill off our pokemon after evolving them this early in the roleplay.

Now regarding actual roleplay direction, since both Jade and Noel both have the option to catch an Oshawott and use the shots and Mara is the only character that's really familiar with the shots I think it would be a good idea if we try bring them together at some point, anyone agree?

Strikit October 5th, 2012 7:51 AM

That would be fine with me. Mara would be happy to educate a fellow trainer in something she knows quite well... for a price. She does nothing for free.

{Swan} October 5th, 2012 7:52 AM

Oh no, the adrenaline shot and evolution shot are quite a bit different, the former dealing more with desctructive amounts of energy and adrenaline that tear the body apart from the inside out for a last boost of performance while the former contains a precise dose of growth- and other hormones that stimulate the body for an evolution. The cons might be that the Pokémon, due to a premature evolution, might not be as strong as a naturally evolved Pokémong (at least in the beginning), the price of the shot and maybe even a something-percent failure rate that could result in death.

Despondency October 5th, 2012 2:08 PM

So it looks like I will be following {Swan} into the depths of no internet... It should just be until Sunday, though, so it won't be too bad (I hope >_<). I've already started the post, just need to finish a second half based on interactions I may or may not have with other characters. Also need to proofread, so as long as the IC comes up, I should have it posted around then. Uhm, as for the evolution, I think I've come up with something good that may or may not include the *ahem* drugs. Stay tuned, I guess? If somehow the IC comes up and everyone gets a post in before me, then do whatever needs to be done. Just wanted to give you a heads up on my progress.

EDIT: P.S. To any of those who might want to see a little bit of Jade or anything, the RP sample in my sign-up contains a prologue that contains a lot of the history as to why she came to Hoenn, as well. Just a little side note people may or may not want to read.

Nimblethumbs October 5th, 2012 4:08 PM

... Of course I get the crappy dice roll.

Oh well. I'll work with it.

{Swan} October 6th, 2012 5:25 AM

@Despondency - Thank you for letting me know, I completely understand. (If I didn't I'd be a major hypocrite) Just get your post up when you can, no worries, and I'll look forward to your post C:

@Nimblethumbs - The Dice is unforgiving, better lick next time. So you know, if there's any Pokémon you'd like you can always trade with someone that did get it later on.

And here's my character, since it was about time. This is the first time I participate in a roleplay I'm GM-ing, just to clear things up I will be rolling the Dice for myself too. The Dice is impartial and ruthless, even to me.

Name: Robin Margherita Fisher


Age: 20

Personality: Robin is a surfer girl all the way, she has that aloof and careless personality that seems to come with the territory. Hardly anything is worth stress and worry for her, she's very laid-back all the time, something that can really annoy those around her. She's also very reckless, feeling that whatever happens, she'll be fine. She rushes into situations without thinking about consequences at all. She'll see what it brings her.

Robin is a do-er, definitely ot a thinker. She doesn't think things through and one can hardly call her intelligent. She goes with the flow, and only with that. The whole reason she's doing this Pokemon journey thing is to delay the question of what she's going to do with her life. She wants to enjoy it for as long as she can without having to worry about the future. Robin is also incredibly unpredictable, she does things on a whim whenever she feels like it. She's chaotic and definitely not someone you can depend on. If you ask something of her the real question is if she;d actually do it, more likely she'll forget about it. Oops, sorry.

Robin is also a bit of an adrenaline junky. She likes the rush of doing things that most would consider dangerous, something that drew her to surfing in the first place. She loves taking the big waves up to the point where everyone, including her, thinks she's going to wipe out and then pull out of it right on time. She's never been particularly interested in Pokemon battling, for her it's mostly a means for delay, nothing more. She does admit that she likes the thrill of battle though, it gives a similar effect as if she is in danger herself.

Appearance: Robin has long dirty blonde hair that, when loose, comes about to her waist. She hardly ever wears it loose though, it's most often in a high ponytail or a braid of some sort. The hair is a bit stringy from constant exposure to salty water and sunshine, as well as a bit of neglect from Robin. Robin's eyes are seagreen, standing out against her golden tanned skin, she's a beach girl through and through. Robin is quite tall, 1.90 m, with an athletic build. Her arms and legs especially are quite muscular, she's been using them to surf and swim for as long as she can remember. Her face is full of freckles, another side-effect of the sun, with a pointy, up-turned nose, large eyes and unplucked eyebrows. Her lashes are as blond as her hair and as she doesn't use make-up it looks like she doesn't have any.

Robin always wears a swimsuit underneath her clothes, she has a simple navy bathingsuit of the athletic kind, showing the flat stomach and equally flat chest. Over it she wears a simple white tanktop and red board shorts. She als has a white wind jacket with red details against the rain and colder weather. On her feet she has simple white trainers and for her stuff she has big back-packers backpack with a sleeping bag at the top and all of her supplies inside. She always carries a towel and swim goggles, and now it contains Pokémon gear as well as food and a spare change of clothes.

History:Robin's always led a careless life in Mossdeep city with her family. Her parents, Wayne and Claire Fisher, are both scientists at the space center with her older brother, Cardinal, busy studying to join them. Being the youngest child had its perks, while her parents already had a son to follow them into science, Robin was always left to her own devices. There was still pressure to succeed though, she was always expected to be as smart as her brother and parents, but she simply wann't. Intead, whenever she had any spare time, she didn't know how quickly she should get to the beach.

Robin'd been spending afternoons swimming and playing there sincen she could remember. At age 8 she befriended the people who introduced her to surfing, first starting with bodyboarding and then moving on to the real stuff. That took over her life, every afternoon was spent surfing and not studying. Her parents tried to keep her home with rules and regulations but it simply didn't work, she'd just stare at te sea through the window, imagining riding the waves. She's been in quite a few local competitions, even winning a few.

When she finished school Robin just kept surfing, not doing anything, as if it were a year-round summer vacation. Needless to say her parents weren't too thrilled, it seemed as if she might never move out and find a place for herself in the world. Her parents were adamant that she should continue to study, joining a university. Robin would have nothing of that. She wasn't dumb enough to know that she wasn't smart enough to go to uni, or motivated enough to go to college. She just wanted to surf, to swim, to have fun. With continued pressure from her parents, and even a few moving-out-threats, Robin decided to prolong her sentence to study by becoming a Pokémon trainer for a year. That was the deal, one year and then she'd see what she'd do. Her parents couldn't very well refuse her as it was what they had done themselves in the day. So there Robin went.

Starter: Onix

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